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S/120/60/000/004/ollif,O28 2032/E414. Application of a-Mass-Produ6ed*Manx-Spe6tr6moter to the Sti;'tdy of Evaporation of Higfi-Melting.-Point.Materials chamber 4'- -in surrourided*.by" a. fieries... R, shields ,of tantalum radiati 0v 2 and the substance under investigation 6 is fitted intil.~ the. effusion chamber as -shown. ''The dimensions of the effusion chamber- are an follows: internal diameter 3 mm, external diametel" 5 mm, length of cavity 6 mm, effusion aperture diameter 0.05 mm~(or greater). The temperature is:measu red pyrome-trically to on accuracy of + 50 in the range~900,to.1400*C, and + 10' inIthe range 1400 to 20000C. .'The'-Iow- ion''currenta in the spectrOmeter are measured by the method described by Shutze and Bernhard (Ref.7) and Kuznetsov (Ref.8). Ions entering the entrance slit ol I" the detector are accelerated through a negative potential of 5_t0 10 kV and eject secondary electrons from a metal target. Secon4ary electrons with energies between 5 and 10 kaV give rise to scintillations in a phosphor which are recorded by a photosiultiplier. The sensitivity threshold of the instrument is 2 x 10-17 amp. The apparatus has been used in preliminary experiments to determine the heat of sublimation of silveri This quantity was found to be Card 3/5 1111Z, 1043p 20961 S/19 61/002/002/001/002 B130YB205 AUTHORS: Akishin, P. A., Gorokhovp L. N.9 and Khodeyev, Yu TITLE: Composition of lithium and sodium metaborate vapors PERIODICAL: Zhurnal strukturnoy khimii, ve 29 nos 29 196,,., 202-210 TEXT: The composition of lithium and sodium metaborate vapors was deter- mined by maBS-spectrometric studies. This method has been used by the authors~for an electron-diffraction study of the structure of meta:borates (P. A. Akishin, V. F. Spiridonovq Zh. strukt. khimiipzp it 0 (isi6o)). In preliminary experiments, Na and Li metaborates were evaporated,on a platinum strip which replaced the cathode of the ion source used for the isotope analysis of gases. The mass spectra displayed ions of Me+, B+, B0+' BO+ + + As the spectra of Na and Li metaborates 21 MeB021 and Me2BO2' are similar, further investigations were performed only with Li metaborate. As compared to the intensity of the ion LiBO+ the ritlative 2t intensity of the ion Li B0 increases with a rise in temperature (the 2 2 Card 1/3 20961 S/192j6l/OO2/00:,'-'/001/002 Composition of lithium and B130/B205 ratio I changes from 0-33 at 7000C to 0-56 at 8500C). Isi2BO+2/1IiBOt2 The presence of Li Bot in the mass spectrum is indicative of the 4xi Istence 2 2 of more complex molecules than LiBO2 in metaborate vapor, The cojigruence of the curves (Fig.) obtained by tests with deflecting condenser ond an effusion chamber (nickel chamber) containing both the substance to be tested and an admixture of silver, has s),~own that Li BO+ originatits from 2 2 1 i a molecule LiBO2 and is no frag Iment ion.- The broadening of the ou'xve of L12BO2 ions, however, indicates an additional amount of kinetic emergy, which is a characteristic feature of fragment ions. It, was concluded that saturated vapor of Li and Na metaborates has a complex composition. One component is the molecule of type MeBO ; the other component bao not yet been exactly defined and requires furtger investigations. The:mass spectrum of superheated Li metaborate vapor shows that in this cast) the chiefs component of the vapor is LiBO There are 1 figure, I tablet 'and 2* 8 references: 5 Soviet-bloc'and 3 non-Boviet-bloo. Card 2/3 354~2 B/078/62/007/004/1.',15/016 BIO~/B110 AUTHORS s Akishin$ P. Ast Kh2daegyj -Ju. S. TITLEt Mass-speotrometric study of vapor composition above zirconium$ titaniump and boron nitrides PERIODICALs Zhurnal noorganichookoy khimiij v- 7, no. 4, 1962, 941 - 942 ~TEXT: It was studied whether undissociate& molecules were presiont in the vapor above zirconium or titanium nitride. The subject of this study was also to.oonfirm results obtained by Margrave (see belo-j). An VIC-3 (MS-3) mass-spectrometer was used for measuring. A detailed,descriptiori has been published before (F. A. Akishin, L. N. Gorokhov, 0. T. Nikitin, Yu. S. Rhodoyev, P.ribory i tekhnika eksperimenta,,J, 98 (1960)). -At more thank 200000, ZrO and Zr were observed in zirconium nitride., Their ratio of 20 did not change with temperature. They probably r4sulted from impurities. Above 180000, the ion currents of N1_ and 10* increase, and at 2 the same time the vacuum deteriorates. Hence, ZrN starts to decompose above 18000C. At.169000 and at an ionization potential of 45 YP titanium nitride showed the following mass spectrums Card 1/3- S/076 6210071004/6151016 Mass-spectrometric study of... BIO~/B110 m/e 48 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 i+ 7 T4 0+ 0+ Ti 0 + Ti 0 + 1 0 + ion 48T 46 16 47T'16 48 16 49 16 50T 16 inten- 11-5 0-036 0.025 0-18 0-15 1.o6 0-07 0.06 sity v Ma.ases 60 .and 61 would pertain to 46 Ti 14N +and 47 Ti 14. N+. The'intensity ratio, however, does not correspond to the quantitative ratio of~46 Ti and Ti. It is therefore assumed that the lines 60 and 61 are caused by 47 + impurities. Above 1700 01 the intensities of N 2 and N+ inorease,land the vacuum deteriorates. B + was observed in boron nitride at 1,45000* Inten-. sity increased slightly vith temperature and decreased monotonically at constant temperature. This B + results from impurities. Ab ova 16 oo0c, 3H start# decomposing intensely. The maximum partial pressure of the diatomic nitride molegules for the highest attainable temperaturem visa caloulateds ZrNp 10- atm attv21OOOCj TiN 2-10-8 atm at,rjlaOOOCi BNP 2-10-7 atm atN 1600cC. Previous papers by Ye. N. Smagina, V. S. Nutsev, Card 2/3 S/078/62/007/004/015/016 Mass-spectrometric study of... 3100110 B. F. Ormont are me'ntioned, There are 1 table and 7 referencest 3 Soviet and 4 non-Soviet. The four references to English-language public~ations read as follows: Ref. ls M. Hochp D. P. Dingledyt H. L. Johnston, J. Amer. Chem. Sec., 77, 304 (1955); Ref- 42 P. 0. Schisbel, W. S. Williams. Bull. Amer. Phya. Sao.I !f, 139 (1959); Ref- 5: J.Margrave, J. Phys. -Ghem., a, 1231 (1255); Ref. 7s Proceedings of an International Symposium on High Temperature Technology. M. G. Inghram, J. Drowart. Mass Spectrometry Applied to High Temperature Chemistry, McGraw-Hill Book, 1960. ASSOCIATIONt Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet im. M. V. Lom'.Inosova (Moscow State University imeni M. V. Lomonoeov) SUBMITTEDi September 279 1961 8/076J61/035/01 1 /00*/013 01 BI 1 O/B1 47 AUTHORS: Lebedeval Ye* S.9 and Khodeyevap S. M. TITLE: Phase equilibria and volumeratios in the acetylene'- ammonia system under pressure PERIODICAL: Zhurnal fizicheskoy khimii, v. 35, no. 11, 1961, 2602-2607 TEXT: Phase equilibria and volume ratios in the acetylene - ammonia system were studied at temperatures above OOC and pressures 49 70 tit. The p-V-t-N relationships for liquid-gas systems were studied by techniques developed by I. R. Krichevskiy, G. A. Sorina (Ref. 2: Zh. fiz. kiiiinii, 32p 1151 , 1959) and D. S. Tsiklis, A. N. Kofman (Ref - 3; ibid. , ILS, -11 ~20' 1961). For studying the boundary curve of the acetylene - ammonia system given in V-t-N parameters, the temperature of disappearance of one phase was determined in a thick-walled high-pressure glass flask (Fig. -1) (inside diameter 2 to 4 mm, outside diameter 10 to 12 mm, 150 mm',Iong) sealed at one end. The flange at the open end is clenched by nipple 5 and nut 4. In 11 ert 2 (with an opening of 0.3 mm) made of yF;6opo/&x-T-4 (Ftoroplast-4) ia used as sealant. Ring 3 made of Ftoroplast-4 was fas- Card I 8/07 6J61 /0 3 5/611 /008/013 Phase.equilibria and volume ... B1 1 OIB147 tened below the flange.. Valve spindle 9 has a central duct which',.is used to pass C H and NH The tapered end of 9j along with 2, seals the space 2 2 3 filled with the substanoe to be analyzed. The temperature dependence of the overall pressure above the solutions of certain molar volumes~and of the compositions was determined at several temperatures in the autoclave (6 mm in diameter, 14 mm in diameter in the top, 190 mm long). Tho error in pressure determination was +0-3 at. The temperature dependence'D of the molar volume of the liquid or gaseous solutions at the boundarx curves (Table 1) and the molar volumes of the solutions at the critical p,*.Iints and the maximum-contaot points (Table 2) were determined. Molar vi.)Iumes and compositions are marked by crosses on the lines a-a', b-bl, d-d' in Pig- 4. The dependence of pressure on the composition (Pig.,5) vas obtained by evaluating the experimental values of p-V-t-N. The moLar volumes of the C2H2 solution in liquid NH 3 were calculated by additive treatment. The curves end in the critical points. The authors thank 1. P. Krichevskiy for advice. There are.8 figures, 6 tables, and 6 references: 5 Soviet and 1 non-Soviet. The reference to the English-languageipubli,..;a- tion reads as follows: H. B. Sargent, Chem. Engn., 64y 250P 1957- --ikr Card 2/W_~ 8/07 61 035/011/606/013 Phase equilibri-a and volume BI 1 OXI 4~ ASSOCIATION: GosudarstvennN institut azotnoy promyehlennosti', Otate Institute of the Nitrogen Industry) SUBMITTED: January 25, 1960 Fig. 1. Glass flask provided.with metal valve. legend to Table 1: (1) moar portion of acetylenel (2) liquid rhane; (3 gaseous phasiel ANYL: 1e.. Legend to Table 2: (1) " ar portion of acetylenel (2) maximum contact. Legend to Fig- 4: (1) mcfar portion' of acetylene, N2- Fig. 5. Liquid-tas e uilibrium in the acetylene - ammoni -a system. Legend: (1) 150C4 (2~ 2561 (3) 36001 (4) 45040) 55'Ci (6) 6v,?0C; (A) molar portion of acetylene.' Cara 3,4re USM/ Iwrganic Chemistry. Cm*lex Compounds, C. Abs Jour Referst Zhur KhimiAj So 4J. 1957., U~61 Author Kisel6va YdIV..,-Kh MMV_LLM__ Inst- Wiwi Chesido~-Tochnoldgical-.Institute Title Coisplex Compound of Nickel-Ion vith Chlorine Ion Orig.Pab Tr- Moak. khia.-tekhnol. in-ta, 19361 No 22., 89-96 Abstract As a result of "study of absoj:ption spectra of NiCl solution _on vary- ing the concentrations of'Wr-ind-Cl-P aha-th6 t;6eirature, And also on the.basis of reiulti'6f ~--aldtiiiitric'inve6to6gations'(dtifinite correla- tion betweeA heat of complex foimstl6n and-concehtration ratios of Cl- and Xi2f) it 'has be*n ascertained that there is-pr6sent in NiUl solutions (11.78tabi -2 a complex-ion (Nicl,4)2 lity'6f I-increAies with ti*arature Min the pie'sefi6e of'NO' ion, and'd6crease's sharply in the presence of Ca Heat of *f6rnation 9i 1 is-95oo-26oo cal/mole. Instability constant of I vith an excess of Cl- ac%o 0.3. TSIUIS, D.S.1 KMDIYHVA.4 8.14, Limited mutual solubility of gases at high pressures in eyoteme containing liquid In a eupercritical state. Inzh.-fiv.zhur,, no,ll-.62-66 N 158, (MIRA l2tl) 1. Institut pnotuoy pror7ablenno sti, g, Moskva, (Byetemis (Chemistry)) (Solubility) S/076 61/035/003/0-16/023 3121YB206 AUTHORs Khodeyeva, So Mo TITLEt Phase equillbr~a:_-nd proportions by volume in the6system acetylene -.ammonia at,13w temperatures PERIODICAL: Zhurnal fizicheskoy khimii'# v. 35, no. 3, 1961, 629-634 TEM The phase equilibria and proportions by volume in the system aoetylmie- ammonia are of practical importance, expeoially for the produotion of acetylene from the gases.of oxidative pyrolysis, Theo nolubility of acetylene in liquid ammonia at temperatures from -42.4 to -76.0 C and at su~atmospheric pressure was measured statically. The experiments were made in an apparatus similar to that described by D. S. Tsiklis and G. M. Svetlova (Deceased) in Ref. 1 (Zh. fiz. khimiii 32, 1476, 1958). The total pressure over the solu- tion of acetylene in liquid ammonia was measured. In the temperature inter- val studied, this solution is regular up to a mole fraotion, of N2 n 0-3 of the acetylene. The solubility can therefore be calculated from the equation RT In K RT In f0 + A (2). A coefficient from the equation by I. R. 2 Card 1/3 S/076/61/035/003/01':.6/023 Phase equilibria ... B121/B206 Krichevskiy and A. A. Illinbkaya (Ref. ~lis Zh. fiz. khimiip 19, 6219 1045)- The heat of solution of acetylene in liquid ammonia ca ated for infinite dilution amounts to -3300 cal/mole, while the experimelvone is -3200 n Cal/mole. This good agreement proves the existence of 6 regular iolution. The molar volumes of the solutions of acetylene in 1~quid ammonia tit various concentrations and temperatures of from -42.4 to -76 C are listed in Table 3. The author thanks I. R. Krichevskiy and Ye. S. Lebedeva for valuable advice. There are 3 figures, 4 tables, and 13 references, 7 Soviet-bloc &ad 6 non- Soviet-bloo. The two references,to English-language publications :read as followst, Kenneth, A. Kobe and R. Emerson.Lynn J. R., Chem. Rev., !~2, 117, 1953; J. D. Lambert and 0. A. H. Roberts, J. S. Rowlinson and V. WAlkinson, Proc. Roy. Soo. A., 196, 113, 1949. SUBMITTED: July 10, 1959 ard 2/3 AHPPI~ U810 [HOdi,, Lasalo], inab. State of the machine tool Industry In the Rmprian People'le Republio and basio trends of its development in the secon& five-par plane Stone I Instre 35 no.ZtU-16 PI-64 (MITM 1713) 1. Glavnyy inzh. Upravloni;yu po proizvodstyu metallorezAlwah.chAb stankov Hinloterstva, metallurgii, i mashinontroyaniyup go lklda-- Posht. CIEREMUKKIN., I.K.; KHODICHj, )~.A.j SNESARI, M.P. Developing,,nev types of chemical producto, Gidrolis, i lesokhim, prom. 16-no.4:18-19 063. (MIRA 16:7) 1, Ferganskiy gidroliznyy zavod, (Fergana-Chemistryp Technical) VARGIN, Vladimir Vladimirovich; GUTOROVA, Lyubov' Llvovna,- MAZURIN, Oleg Vsevolodovich; KHODIXELO, Yevgeniya.._ ,Pqy,j-Q30xj-PEVZNER P B. Z. , red. (Stnel enameled electrOlumiiescent panels developed by the Leningrad Technological Institute in 1963) StallrWe emallrovannye elektroliuminestsentnye paneli LTI 1963, goda. Leningradp 1963. 20 p. (Leningradskii dom na'u*chno- tekhnicheskoi propagariy. Obmen peredovym opytom. Seriia:- Zashchita metallov ot korrozii, iznosostoikie antifriktBlon- r7e i dekorativnye pokrytiiap no.8) (MIRA 17:5) KHODILIN, Stepan 13v-evich; GORDOI;) Aleksandr LIvovich; qwj, B.I,., red. [New devela ments in operative planning in industrial enterprises~ Novoe v operativnom planirovanil na pro- DWshlenrWkh prodpriidtiiakh, Moskvaj Ekonomika, 1964. 78 p. (MIRA 18:2) AFANASYUK, I.N.; BOBRYAKOV, G.I.; INTYAKOV, N.G.; KOVDA, S.V.; STETYUKEVICII, A.I. -- I-- .Automatic proportioning and simultaneous apylication in layurs of the facing and backing sand on the pattern. Lit. proizv. no.6: 6-8 is 164. WRA 18:5) I.Uoini;,nets, "takaya oblants), Cooperation Ath departmental br:e;pds* Posht.dolo 3 no*3:15 Nr '57 .(Km 10,.- 4) (Brest Province--Fire prevention) C,- IKHODIN9 I.P boyets pozharnoy komandy (Luninats, Brestakaya oblaet') Letters from Luningta. Pozh. delo 7 no. l128 Ja f6o, (Lunineta-;~Fire departments) (MM .14:2) BOGOLYUMV, B.P., prof.; KHCDINOV, A.S., iz)Xb. Wthods of fLUing in cavities in OpM-pit operation in an area of old underground workings. Izv.vys.ucheb4zav.; gor.zhur, 5 no,2:50,57 162. (MIRA 15:4) 1. Kraanoywakiy institut tovetnykh met&Uov imni- M.I.Kalin:Lna. Rekomndovana kafedroy rasrabotki rudnykh i rossypnykh mesto:rozhdeniy Krasnoyarskogo instituta tsvetnykh metallov. (Strip mining) (Hine filling) (Masting) G BOGOLYUBOV, B. P.,, prof.; YUHATOV, B. P. do teent; IMOn jQ ~A. S gornyy inzhener; GRIGMAINIS, E. A.., inzb.; KORGUN., I. K.$ inzh.; KWOV, P. A., inzb.; YAKIMWO, N. D,. Determination of the thiclmeea of roofs in open-out mining of areas where there are old underground workings. Gor. zhur. no.11:21-23 N 162. (MIRA 15:10) 1. Mos'kovakiy, institut rtali i aplavov (for.Bogolyubov,, Yumtovp Khodinov). 2. Noril'shy gorno-metallurgichaskly kombinat (for Grigaryantep Korgun$ Kurkov, Yakimenko)'. (Nikopoll region-Mining engineering) S,%ITRNQVf V*Aop grornyy irr-h.; ~UODINOV A.S., kand.t khii.nauk, Using roller I)JA boring machines at phosp~,orjtc ,It-,-Ip mines, Gor.zhur. no.30:30-32 0 164. (1,11RA 18:3) I. Gosudarnt,vannyy nauchno-insledovatellskly lnrtltilt rorno- khLmicheshogo syrly-a,, LTibartays KNIAM, Kh.i..; KHODINSKlY, Y.A-t klinicheakiy ordizuktor , ~, I - lw%,~ Intravital diagnosis of pheochromocy'llomm. Zdrav.Belor. 5 no.7:23 JI 059. (mm& 12: 9,) 1. Is fakulltetakoy terapeytichaskoy kliniki Hinskogo meditain- skogo Instituta (say.kafedroy " profjil.Trueevich). (AMIUL Gwms--TUMORS) KHODINSKIY, N.A. Choloaterol plauriay. Zdrav. Bel. 7 no.lot65-66 0 161 itCPA 14,tn) 1. Iz terapevticbeskogo *btdeleniya Rnpublikanokoy boliniter (g'Lavnyy vraoh V.I.Xhim1coval konaul'Wt - prof'. A.D.Adanskiy). (CHOLESTEWL) (PLMIRISY) MTYUGOV. LA, inzhener; KWOVUIY, N.I., professor: KHMITEVO V.K. Plastic surgery for major defects of the large arteries vit1h homo- grafts freeze-dried in vacuiun apparatus. Vest.khir. 75 no.3t46-51 Ap 155. 8 '7) 1. Iz Thatituta khirrrgil im. A.Mishnevskogo ANN SSSR (dir.-prof. A.A.Vishnevskly) 1 12 Instituta vaktain i eyvorotok im. 1.1..Kbch- nikova Kinisterstva zdravookhranentya SSSR (dir.-doktor medonauk x.r.Sokolov). Adres N.I.Krakovskogor Roakva, B 4-A, 4 Dobryninekly per*, d 8/10, kv. 60. iBIM VZSSILS. transplantation, freeze-dried homografte) (TWISIWTATICK, blood vessels, freeze-dried homografts) amury, W,L, HAYSYU, A.P., KHODMT, E.H. Korphologle ch.anges in homo&Tafte of major arteries preser7ed bY freese-drying Lwith summary in Inglish], llxperokhir, I no.3:48-54 my-Je 150 WRA 11:10) 1, Is Instituts. khirurgii imeni A.V* Vichnevskogo (dire chlen korrespondent AMR SSSR prof. A.A. Vishnevskly) AHO SSSR, (ARMIES, transpl. morphole changes of howo rafts of major artitries after freeze-drying (Huai) KHODIYHVs~B. M., Cand Med Sol (diss) -"Plastic Surger'y oiC I __Xe I - - I Major Defects of\Mood Vessels b$ Apterial liomotranspl~nts Preserved by the Method.of Freezing and Drying in a Vaoum Apparatus*" Moss 1957- 11 PR Wad Med Sol USSR,, Inst, Of GAVRIWVA, X.I. Edeceased]; KH401UY, X.Ne; XONIXOTA, A.S. Protein for=tIon In.transplented & fress"ried vascular a7afts [with summary In English], Asperekbir. 2 no-3:40-44 Yq-Js 057. (MIRA 10:10) 1, Is Institute khirurgii iment A.V.Vishnovskogo (dir. -daVetvitell- uyy chlen AMN E6SR prof. A.A.Vishnevskiy) AHN SSSR- (BLOOD VISSELS. transpl. protein synthesis in transplanted freeza-dried grafts) (PROTEINS, motab. synthesis in-transplanted freat"ried vase. gt-afte) IHODIYNV. 1I.M. 16cparimental and 0.1inical use of froxen and dried artericl homotransplants, Sov.mede 22 no.1:95-98 Ja 158. (MIRA 1,1:4) le In Institata khirkirgiiimeni AsT.Vishnevskogo (dir. -,chlen.- korrespondent Akademil weditsinskikh cauk SM prof. A.Ao Vishneiskly. naucbnyy rakayoditall - prof. U.I.Krakovskty-) Abdamii maditsinakikh nauk SSSR. (ARTIMIX8. transpl, dried: & frozen homografte, exper. & clin. evaluation (RUB)) IRANOTSM, N.I., Prof. (Mookya, ploVoestanlyat d.19 ky.194) XATSYUX, A.P.j IMODIM, NA, Clinical and experimental utilization freeze-dried blood -,ressels, [with summary In linglieb], Vast Ahir. 81 no-10115-17 0 158 (KIRA 11M) I* Is Instituta khirurgii iment A.V. Tishuavokogo An SSSIt (diri, - prof ** A.A. TiabLuevekty)*' (BLOOD USSILS, transpli freeze-dried, exper, & olin, evaluation 060) IMODIIEV E.M; BORZFMO A.A. ordinator Case of rentoration-of the vit4LUty of the hand b7 me=s of a vascular suture, Mod. zbw.'Umb. no.1%72-73 Ja 161. (HIM 14:6) 1. Iz kUniki fakul.1tatokoy kbirurgii (sav. - prof. V.K.Ymseirich) oanitarno~-gigiye~Lcheakogo i. pedia~trioheakogo hk~il Itetov, Tash- kentokogo goaudw~otvvnnogo meditsihakoRo inatitUta. YASEVICH, V.K.., r f KHODIMN, E.M. assistent; VAVILIN M K AK&UYEVp EM~ - :0 p 4 a , S.A.; N .M.; Op.A.Avo ordinator; ALIMOV, R.A.; RAB TSENERY kh.Kh.; KOKOSOVAp T.A. Angioeardipgrapby In-the diagnosis of congenital vitia cat-die. Med. zhur. Uzb. no.10tlO-16 .161. MIA 141-10) lo Is-fakulltetskoy khirurgidheskoy kliniki, sanitarnogo Lpediatri- fakul'to.tov (zav. -- Prof. V.K.Yasevich) TsshkontAogo gosudar6tvennogo meditsinskogo instituta. -(ANGIOCARDIOGRAPHY) (HEART-ABNORMITIE.S. AND DEFORKITILS) PO.GOaLKO, I.P. j dotsontj YAO,, I. D. KHODIA-VI E. M. -------------- ------ Case of vascular plastic surgery of the urethral canal. Mod. zhur. Uzb. no.12:80 D 161. 1532) 1. 1z urologichftpgo otdoleniya Tashkentsko~ gorodsk07 bollnitsy No.6 (glavnyy vraw - m.n. ishdnkhodzhay (URETIMA-SURGLAY) YASEVICH., V-K-o prof.; KHODIYEV, E-M-t assistent; T5114ERP KhAh. Severe complications in heart operations. Med. zhur. Uzb. no.11: 25-28 N 163.. MIA 15;2) 1. Im kafedry fakulltetskoy khirurgii sanitarno-pediatrichi~skogo fakullteta zav. karedroy - prof. V.K.Yasovich) Tasllkentski~go gosudarotvennogo modittinskogo institUta. IMRT I --SURG&LY) 'VAVILINp-M*Fop asdistent; KHODIYEV, E,Mo3 assistent VaSOular transplmtation in arterionshmosis obliterans. Med. zhar. Uzb. zhur. Uzb. no.n:28-29 N 161. (MIRA 11142) .I. Iz kafedry fakulltatakoy khirurgii (zav. - prof. V.K.ragavich) Tashkontako o udar tv nnogo moditsinakogo instituta. 03 (ARTMOCLER BIS3 (BLOOD VESSELS-TRAMFLANTATION) -'-MMDIVXIE-X-,assistent; STRUGANOV, A.G., dotsent Congenital arteriovenous aneurysm of the left forearm slimilating a traumatic aneury=. Had. Wnw, Uzb. no.lt87-88 Ja 162. (MIRA 15:3) 1. Iz kafedry fakulitstskoy khirurgii sanitarnogo i pediatricheokogo fakullotov (zavs - prof* V.K. Yasevich') Tashk-entakogo gosudarsi~ennogo meditainakogo instituta, (ANEURYSM) (AIOI-BLOOD SUPPLY) SOKOLOV., Ye.F.; KHODIYEV, E.M. Formation of a stump of the duodenum by an instrument from the Research Institute for Experimental Surgical Apparatus and: Instruments. Med.zhur.Uzb. no.3s46-47 Mr 162, (NnA 1!5z12) 1. Is fakulitetakoy khirurgicheskoy kliniki gigiyenicheakolKo i pediatricheskogo faku.11tetov (sav. - prof. V.K.Yasevich) Tashkentskogo, gosudarstvennogo maditainskogo'instituta. (DUODENUM) (SURGICAL INSTRUMEIM AND APPARATUS) kand. mad. nituk Surgical procedures In injuries of largo blood vessels. Nid. zhur. Uzb. m-4:45-47 Ap 163. (MIRA :).7:.4) 1. Iz fakulltetskoy khirurgichoskoy kliniki (zav. - prof Yasevich) sanitarno-gi66nichaskogo i pediatrichaskogo f&111- tetov Tashkentqkogo gosudarstvennogo meditsinskogo inatituta i serdectmo-at udistogo otdoleniya nit baze Tafftentskoy go:,,odskoy boltnitsy No.6 (glavnyy vrach- M.Kh. Ishankhodzhayeva). Untrasting of the cardiao cavities vith carbon dioxide. (MIRA 18t!2) i. xafedr* imnallt4tilk,py kkird "i (umv. - prof. V.K.1aaevIch) awnitarno-giglyeniobtakogo :1 "dlatrioheokogo fakulltetoT Tashkentakogo meditainskoga im3titutu. KHODEYEVA S.M. Compressibility of gaseous mixtures of acetylene and ammonia. Zhur. fiz. khim. 38 no.5;1276-1280 My 164. (MIRA 18:12) 1. Gosudarstvennyy institut azotnoy pronyahlennosti. Submitted March 7, 1963. KHODEYLVA S. M, Partial molar volumes and volatility of the mixture acetylen(i and ammonia, Xhim prom no. 3:196-19$ Mr 164. (141RA r,?: 5) KIIODI-ZADE M. Kh6 r Pree-iisolcne treatment of patients with hepatitis and cirlhosis under oontrol of intravital morphological studies.of the liver. Trudy Inst. kraev. mad. AN Tadzh. SSR no.ls231-247 162. : (Y-JRA 17: 5) BOGITYRAY, Aleksandr Vasillyevich; NNYMM. Vladimir Adanorich; XHOI)MWICE, jiftoviewh vedushchly, red.; xwr~ ; NOVMVA, N.M.$ [Mechanizing the-cleanii3g, Insulation and laying'6f main p1polines] Nekhanizatelia ochietki, isollateii I ukladki m9gt4tnl'nykh f1rabo- proyodov. Moskva, Goe.muchno-takhn.iod-vo neft.i gorno-toplivnoi lit-ry, 1957. 197 P. (MIRA 10:12) (Pipelines) ARONOVp B. (Taahkent); RYMNp P,I-MKZVICU,, E.,_ starshi7 in7lemer; AIRANIN, V., inzimer-molrban' I UKOIoOV.. N. , motodiati LYAYJiOVETSKIY , M. Al r-acto.. eventi., peopl4o Kryl.rod. 13 no.4t22-23 Ap 162. (MM 11,1: 5) 1, Nach4llnik Moskmkogo aviamodelinogo kluba Dobrovollnogo obehohostva oodoystviya armii., aviataii i flotu (for Ryvkin), -2 Hookmko oblastnaya stantaiyu yunykh takhaikov (for Ukolov). (Aeronautica) 7-_ Countr y Catc8ory Chomida" Oeolinoloa -Xhlenicaj Products ~(Part 4)~ i ' C a6~toh# -t- -11a tura1. ond Syntho tic Hubbur bs Jour, Milk. 1.19.119 A~t _,zhui- r, 0 - 7 2564 3 Autho r Getova, 11r, Modkey T It 1 ImproVement in tho Quality of Colored e porous Rubber Orist Pub,~ Leka promishlonost, 19581 7,, No l.. 15-11 AbstrUt -Int 'Ult roduot ion 6f :,-the --white - ao tive fillexI,," ra-, zil 1.1 improves ~ the equality of , colored M1,0rop 6rous sole rubbors..An approximate formula,of,,themix- .:turo of U-S-30 ~uith, poro-f orming dinitrosopenta- motlWlenotetramina and an acoolorators,:a conbi- nation of Captax-diphenylguanidine (Z-.11), is cited. It is vulcanized at alternativej.-y u6~-, ,,nd low.pressure. 'Me resultant ~ibbtsrlias a .-peoific gravity of 0 4 /0 R iensile * -0 6 g., f strnth of 50 kg.iom,.t., a rolativa elongation of - > 1~0011'jj andaharc of >35.-- hie s s i ban 1. All Gard: 1/1 am= - -7 ---i_ I --_ .. .1 B/007/02/000/002/010/012 D205/D307 _JWTHORS Nikolinski`-P., Mladenov, I. and 1(hodkovich, L. TITLE: 'Preparation and properties of mixed polymers based on butadiene-nitrile and polysulfide rubber PERIODICAL: byulleten' Bolgarskoy naut!hnoy litera- tury, Khimiya i Ithimicheskaya tekhnologiya, no. 2, 1962, 8, abstract 114, Kozhi, obuvlci, kauchult, plastmasi 32 1962, book 1, pp 7-9 (Bul.g., i"Us. summari6s'3. TErY: The authors prepared a mixed polymer from butadiene- nitrile rubber CKH -40 '(SkN-40) and thiolcol A (polycondensation pro- ~duct of dichloroethane ~.4th Na polysulfide) taken in the ratio of 3:1 v4thout pre;purification from anti-ageing compounds and sulfur, by combined pla ticizai~*n,under nitrogen. During rolling for 40 min at roller temDeraiiii,6s of 20-600C, 86% of thiokol combines with nitrile rubber. he ~!.~~d polymer.dissolves to the extent of 98% in acetone at 200C, o .ve.r-24 hours. The adhesiveness of.t.his product )"4nd st6bility w.r.t. solvents are better than; .,Son aurage 3.8oo g/ci ard 5/081/62/000/024/133/052 B106IB186 AUTHORSt --Nikolinskij P.f MaIdenov IVOI Khodkevichp L. of but TITLE: Production and properties of copolymers on the basili. a diene nitrile and polysulfide rubber PERIODICALt Referativnyy zhurnal. Xhimiyal no. 24(II)t 1962, 9',?0, ab- stract 24P756 (Xozhi, obuvki,Aauohuk, plastmasit v,1 not 1962, 7--~~9 LBulg.3) VEXTs When CO-40 -(S~KN-40) rubber and Thiokol A are mastioated 'on rolls J in N2 atmosphere at a ratio of 301 then a copolymer (OF) of SKK-40 and Thiokol arises-from the mechanical and chemical reactions. 98% i~f CP are. .dissolved in acetone, while the mixture of these same two types of rubber produced on the rolls in air dissolves only partially. The insoluble residue is Thiokol A. In the production of OP the rubbers used ifteed not first be purified from the antioxidants and S. The solubility ar CP in acetone enables rubber cement to be produced containing polysulfide rubber. The adhesive power of CP is higher than that of an analogous mixture of SKN-40 and Thiokole Vulcanizates of OP have a higher stability lagainst the action of solvents than vulcanizates of analogous mixtures. After! 30 days J Card -1/2- Ads Tv. Acetylatlon of polyforrialdehyde in it l'-wiflized h-O., Kbim. i Induatriia 36 no.6t207-209 164. 1. Scientific Research Institute for Uh(mAcal IrdLvt..rA,?o,- Sofi a. (Tmolkp ULBOlinskogds Some now data on ihe.bronobopuimon"'y novomine block, Grude khir, 1 n'oe3t75-80 My-je 059. 1* Direktar propedpvtichankoy khirurgicheekov kliniki Tamakogo meditojimkDgO irAgtituta. (NOVOCAIIM) KHODIKIN, M. Bay greater attention to safe 'engineering. PJmm.Arm. 5i no.l: .19-21 Ja 162, (MMA 15j2) 1e Arnyanakoy elektrozavod im, V.I.Ienina. (Armenia-Electric machinery industry--safety measures) -Now MIS KHODIKIN$ X, Device for limiting the lifting capacity.designed by A. DavtIan, Prom.Arm.5 no.9-.38-39 S 162. (MA 15i9) 1. Yerevanskiy e:Lektromashinostroitelinyy zavod imeni Le-nina. (Erivan-Hoisting machinery-Safety applianciDs) _ACC NRI AP_6'0' 3"6_'1-l'1---(-A-) 50~i6ai Ei UR/0365/66/0021006/0671/0677 AUTIIOR*. Kravchenko, T. G-1 Zhuka N . PSI Khodkin,,V. I.; lkql hovansk_a`y_a7_U_. L. _~,-.-.ORG. Moscow Institute of Steel-and Alloys (Mookovskiy inatitut stali :L splavov). TITLEt -Oxidation resistance of chromium and chromium-magnesium oxide alloys SOURCE: Zashchita metallov, v. 2, no. 6, 1966 !1 671-677 TOPIC TAGS: chromium alloys magnesium-owt4e containing alloys ABSTRACT: Specimens of chromium and chromium-base alloys containing 5-9% magnesium oxide were prepared from VTU.-1-54 r d hromium (99.9% pure),and pure magnesium oxide powders by cold compacting anda inctering at 1500C rn-a;%drogen Otmosphere for five hr. Nil-porosity specimen were obtained by additional hot compacting at about 1300C with a reduction of 80%. The specimens were than subjected to oxidation tests in an air atmosphere at 1200-1500C for ten hr. It was found that the scale formed on chromium specimens at 1200-1500C consisted of two layers, a thin, densep inner layer of Cr2N, andan outer layer of Cr2o , which partially peeled off on cooling. Scale formed on chromium-magnesium oxide alloy specimens'also consisted of two.layers. The outer layer, in addition to Cr 30,, contained spinel,MI;Cr20# At 1200C and 1500C, the oxidation rates of chromium and porous chromium-mognes; um Card 1/2 UDC: 669.26:620.193.5 i ..ft I I SOV/1 17 - 59 - Z~- 2816 translation from-, Referativnyy zhurnal. Met.allurgiya, 1959, Nr 2. p 76 (USSR) AUTHOR: ~Khodkin'W. M. TITLI.-,- Production of Pure Metals and Alloys in a Vzscuum. (Rtpori. Made at Sectional Meeting) (Polucheniye chistykh metallov i sitilavot- v va- kuume. (Vystupleniye na sektsii).] PERIODICAL: V sb.- Primeneniye~ vakuuma v metallurgii. Moscc;w, AN SSSR 1958, p 163 ABSTRACT: The author points.out that the TsNIlCherMet (Central ~,Scientific Research Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy) has been cariying out work.- on the decarbonizing of Fe-Cr in vacuum since 1953. The apparatus for decarbonizing Fe-Cr operating at the present t ime has a capacity of 100 kg per,charge. Card 1/1 RPL JD/jw~ oft Ir Ravi abbmnWti .Fi i&a*" U 1 7 KHODKOVo A. YE. Exotectonic Phenomena as a Consequence of Subterranean Lixiviatimi of Halogenic Rocks The banks of the Vil'va,ftverl-the left trlbutar7 of the Yajyn River (in Upper PrIkamly4l: are:made of-~-rocks of various geological agest the- right bank by sandstones and conglometiates of the Artinsk age; and the left bank, by marl sandstone thicknesses relating to the Solikamsk flagstone-like horizon (Kungur). A. Chernov (Yazb,,&ndnjk go mi-nexalmoji Ro3silp 10, 1908) explained this phenomenon by the presence of mAdional tectonic fault. Chernov's viewpoint was emploomd 1~y other investigators, and since similar phenomena were noted also in other parts, the fault line was extended hundreds of kilometers to the south; the fault Is in- dicated on the geological maps of the Urals, 1939 and 1944 editions. The authore bF stud$-Ing the bydrogeology and Trooesses of formation of natural brines of evaporated salt in Upper Kama, proposes another explanation for. these phenomenap by considering that what takes place here Is the settling through of the Upper Kungur deposits as a result of the leaching of the underlyiM easily soluble chemical sedimentary rocks. He carried, out an investigation into the processes governing the leaching of saline:rocks under a natural arrangement. He established that the more lightly saline deposits are dissolved by underground waters circulating direct3y under them and washing them from belair. Sirdlar phenomena of settling--,do~m 1 kv V~ A Translation from: Referativny zhurnal, Geologiya, 195?, Nr 8, P 171 (USM AUTHOR: Khodtkov, A. Ye. TITLE: Origin of Displaced Zones in the Verkhne 11'amensk Formation (0 proiskhozhdenii zameshchennylth zon na, Verkhnekamskom mestorozhdenii) PERIODICAL: Tr. Vass. n.-i. in-ta galurgii, 1956, Nr 120 PP 314- 338 ABSTRACT: The author suggests that in the faulted zi-,,nes. the variegated sylvinites were formed from cainallite, While the rock salt was formed from sylvinite under the action of subterranean waters. This J,s in contrast to the concept of dynamic metamorphism camsed by tec- ,I-lvinitization tonic pressure as being responsible for s, of the carnallites, and t-he concept of thim original- sedimentational origin of the rock of disjplaced zoines. Card 1/3 154', 8 11310 Origin of Displaced Zones in the Verkhne Kamensk (Cont.i_ In compression of the sediments, including the saline strata, the syngenetic waters must also have been squeezed out; here a change of the chemistry of both the waters themselves and of the rock through which they move occurs during elevation 6f the rocks. The presence.of pores filled with brine is observed at the.saline lakes lying at depths up to 100 meters and more in the saline.rock. As a result, the process of discharge of the brines occurred,,both at the time. and after formation.of the potassium levels. The deposited brine was pressed from sections of predominant compress![on into~the then-fbrming brachyanticlinal structures (in this case, into the Solikamsk and Byeryezni structures). The rise of the brines occurrEd slowly. and basically by seepage. The location of the aore soluble potassium rock above the less soluble potassium rock could lead-- during the rise of brines saturated with NaCl through the sylvinite zone-- to the displacement of the sylvite by halite and the formation of impoverished zones in the sylvinite. The brines, hereby satu- rated with KC1, could lead--in their further ascent through the higher carnallite zone--to displacement of the carnallite by Card 2/3 15-57-8-11310 Origin of Displaced Zones in.the,Verkhne Kamen'sk (Cont.) variegated sylvinite. Later the brine, enriched with M012, could be spent in the formation of secondary carnallites, or eould be held by the rock, or it could emerge on the surface. In the marginal. parts of the formation, the penetration of waters into the saline layers could have occurred from the-side, causing a transformation much like the action of rising waters. Card 3/3 S. M. Korenevskiy rp"7 ZRODOMWO A.Te. Role of -und ground water, oil, and gag In the formation of antIolinal, dome-like, and lapir folds in sedimentary strata, Trudy VNXIG 32:394-W 156. (KIRk 11-1) (Petroleum geology) KHOD'KOVp A, Yet., Doc Geolog-f4neralog Soi (diss) -- 'Vhe foxmtion and geologi- oal role of underground waters of salt deposits (on the exemple of the upper Kama., BaMmt., and Cis-Carpathian deposits)". Leningmd, 1959, 37 PP (Leningmd order of Lenin State U im A, A* Zhdanov)., 150 copies (KL, lqo 24, 1959, 129) -- -- ------- - ---- - - -- ---- MODIKOV, A.Ye. Some problems of hydrogoology. Vent. IM 20 no.24:61-71 165. (MIRA 19:1) 1. Submitted April 23, 1963. _-K h t - I A ' 1%, C- V, I- ~ - ~_ ~ '__ - __ - - -1 ~ 1 11 -F____ __ - - - - __ - __ - ___ __ - - - - ___ - __ ___ i ___ __ - - - - - - - - - - - - - __ . (_ - IMOID IKOV,,-Loie. - __ - - -problem in biology, Thst, WU 12 no,21:154-155 i57, (Clover) (Botany-Uriation) (MIDA lotl2) "M -1 9_V45 OIRSEM, V.V., inshener; Mff, %ya., inzhener*. TMR& &V 4p2hener. ;ontrol panels for rural hydroelectric power stations azd substations, Tent.elaktroprome 27 no*2:50-56 F 056. (KMA 9:7) 19TSentrallnore konstruktorskoye byaro *Blektroprivodn. (Ileatric power plants-3kpApment mA supplies)