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December 31, 1967
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77777777777777 L 32251-65 EWT(M)/F.~IP(W)/FdA(d)/T/EWP(t)/FWP(b) WF(c) ?fJW/JD ACCESSION NR: AP5005107: S/0129/65/m/oo2/oO50/0059 AUTHOR.- Khoren-A. I.*. Glazunov. S. G. Toegkodukhf A. M. TITLE: Strengthening treAtment SOURCE: f4etallovedeniye i termiche6kaya obrabotka metallov, no. 2, 1965# 50-m-52 TOPIC TAGS., t~ joy$ alloy.heitt treatment, optimum heat treatment alloy strength, alloy ductility, VT15 e4loy ABSTRACT: To detemine the ~optimuaheiat treatment -for VT15 titanium allor (7-06%~Mo, 11-10 Cr, 3.15% Al), all6y . bars forged from 40-kg ingots were quenchedf-- from 800C (the 0-region)or-from 680C.(the a + 8 region)and then aged at tempera- tures ranging from 350 to 6coC for,25 hr. The alloy quenched from the a + 0 re.gioh:.~'- reached a maximum strength of-160,kg/mmz.with aging at 450C' the maximum tensile was obtained with strength of the alloy quenched from-the 0-region, 153 kg/=2 aging at 500C (see-Fig. I of the Enclosure), The decomposition of the a + 0 alloy occurs at lower aging temberature because of the presence of the a-phase formed during pre-quench beating.. At maximum strength the elongation of the alloy quenched from a + 0 region was 4 times,higher than that of the $-alloy. This is explained by a more uniform al3iAn4 Aging at higher temperatures lowers the strength-.:.: -aid fT- -,Inech.ani e- oir al 55955z65---_VT d_)/]~ J; 4~~JP(V)/EWA(d)/T EIP(t) T.V A P 1EM ( h Pf4 6 UP ACCESSION NR- AP56142o6 URY6122/65/000/005/0028/0030 621.642:546.821 AUTHOR: Khorev. A. I.- (Engineer); Gruzdevaj L. A. (Engineer); Manuylov, ff. N. (Engineer) i__Loskuto_;_v_I 14. Eligineer)l Vikhrov, G. S. TITLE: Hig Ih-strengthAveIIded cIy1indrical shellAollf m0alloy j i SOURCE: Yestnik-mashino.stroyeni a, no 5%-1965, 28-30 Topic TAGS:: vT14 alloy, titanium, alloy, titanium.alloy welding, 'titanium alloy heat treatment,titaniumalloy property ,~TRACT: The effect,of heat'~treatment-on the mechanical-pro rti s o -f welded pe e "Joint in N'T14 alloy sheets (4% Al, 3f-Mo, 1% V_,__b_a1__._T_i_T -hasbeen studied. Test I plates 2.5 mm-thick w6remilled to a-thickness of 1.5 mm, except for a narrow strip along.the edges-to be-felded. The plates were welded, annealed,at 870C for 151nin, aged for 16 hr dither at.480.or-520C, and then h-f annealed at 750C or 850C for 5 min. Tensile and bend teota showed that welded Joints in the as-agedi condition (without h-f annealifig) failed it a strength of 94.9-IM.4 kg/=2 in either the weld (in a brittle manner) or the base metal. H-F annealed specimens always failed ~n the base metal -at a strength of 107-125 kg/mm2. The bend due-, .41 Sard-j/ A" C) 669.295:620.10:539.37:621470 AM'HOR: Gla-Lunov, S~. a.; Khorev, A. Polyak, E. V. TITLE- Them., orriechanic al treatment -4-f. NTIS Iloy SOURCE: Me+ allovedeniye I termicheskaya obrabotica metallov, no. 5, 1965, 45-48, an uOr" n L facing p. 40 i TOPIC TAGS: ausformipg thermor~ echanical treatment, metal. Mechanical j2rover!X, atLnou---txtani~ allov - --- j , - ' --7 lays.-are-ma UP-6 "a"two q+$ - Wi t ts, - of - th-_-Ma er-amoun f -quenching is --constituted gle-phasJ"-- 0- while-VT15, aft~r-ann Atid wholly -of 16 711.~. -0-301:~dsoiution).- After appropriateheat treatments, the:samples were-cold-r-ollea- to a 0-50% reduction. The.sheets *ve then annealed; each alloy following a sepa- irate treatment schedule. Rechanical, properties of the treated sheets were determinod,' and the results plotted graphically. Strength and ductility were plotted against tj deformation for isochronous conditions and varying temperatures. It was found thatl* 7.- 77 771,_ __L 5474~~!5 p 14 JD L 2121-66 EWT(M)/EWP(i)/EWA(d)/EWP(t)/M(Z)/D%Ib/l. IjP c M 000ifdo9i00,75/00791 ACCE77MI NR: APS022381 0136 669.2.95~:621.78 AUTHOR: KKhorev_,,A$_ Is. Glazunov,'S Gj,~Lg G Mova, T. K.; NovosilltsevaV.... erai ova, L. V. ot cladding on the strength VT141 TITLE: Effect.of heat tre NT15, and,VT 16 titanium alloys in biaxial ten ion ~SOURCE: Tsvetnyye metally,-,no,.9 19650 75-79 J ~TOPIC TAGS: titanium alloy, titanium clad alloy, dllvy burst strength,_-- y#.VT16 alloy alloy property, VT14 alloy, VT15 allo ABSTRACT: 5pecimens of vario IU a 1y h eat treaded VT14, VT15~ and.. 16 some of them clad with Mlitit-anium, were tested under--'-' .titanium alloys, conditions of biaxial tension, Sheet specimens 210 x 210 x 0.8 Mm were fully annealed,.formed into spherical segments 9-20 mm higho-.heit~_~_' (annealed or annealed, water quenched, and aged), and subjected.'-,:.~ ,to burst tests. It was found that the burst strength of all theallo, Ys, :tested is.higher than the tensile strength. The highest burst a t r en g th,'--:11 kg/MM2, was exhibited by titanium-clad VT15 alloy annealed-at 800-4-, :Card 1/2 L 2121-66 ACCESSION NR: AP5022381 water quenched, and aged 25 hr at 480C and 15 min at 560C. Cladding had no offect.on the a trang til- 6f VT14 alloy, but increased ~ the st r an R t~h.~,_ of VT15 and VT16 alloys. ' In 'all alloy s, however, cladding greatly L M.* '; proved ductility. Orig. -art, has; .2., figures and 2 tables. [AZ] 'ASSOCIATION: none SUBMITTED: 00 ENCLa 00 SUB CO MM DE NO REF SOV: 001 OTHER: 000 ATD PR ESS, r Card ~/2(A,)_ KHOREV1 A.I.; MOISHYEV, V.N. Investigation of alloys of the system titanium-aluminum- molybdenum-iron. TSvet. met. 38 no.104 Ja 165 (MIRA 18t2) P EWP(z)/BWA(C) Pf-~ Ii C XiJW-/:. 47744-65 STW/01AM/ (t0*,P(k)AwP(b)/ N -AP5009743_::~- UR/0l36/65/oon/oo4/0q6T/oo6q iAUTHOR:- norev :A.; I. MTLE~ Obtaini !~hNT15 alloy-tubes by means of thermomechanical,trear.-- !SOURCE: Tsvetriyye.,metallyl no' 4 i965,,~ 6T49 iTOPIC TAGS: titanium, titanium alloy, titanium alloy tube, thermomechanical treat-' iment, tube thermomechanical treatment high temperature thermomechanical treatment, Ilow temperature thermomechanical-treatment, combined treatment/VT15 t; itanium -aUoy- wl iABSTRACT: The effect of themomechanilcal treatment on the strength 0 f VT 15 containing 11% Cr, 7% Mo, 3% Alhas -1 M6 an beAp studied. VT15 al oy tube [_110 mm 'in diameter with1walls 10 mm'-thick:were extrude'dl'tith 85% reduction at 1100C and quenched, or air cooled (high-temperature thermomechanical. treatmeaf-TITTIV). they were then rolled with 50% reduction at room temperature (lo,,r-temperature:tbermo- neebarical treatment-LMIT) aM subjected to burst tosts. A combination of R"IMIT .and L'19-14T rolloveo, by aging alt 4-W for JG'hr,and at ~60C for 15 ruin produced the,:. :best reau-LL-s* a burst strength of 1. .1 6'r kg/vtm2. The fracture was dudtiI6. The Vehsile ~5trQngth And eloAgati6n of ilpe-dimeris cut frpm Aher3e tubes were lJq,8 kg/MM2 and ! Card 1/2 7_= KHORE,V,,:A..I,.j YESAULOV, A.T.; VIL'YAX9, O.S.; PRUDKOVA, R.A. Hot rolling of VT14 alloy pipe at temperatures in the Alpha and Beta region. TSvet. met. 38 no.6t63-65 Je 165. ()URA 18%10) K I I,') Fi-- A., I.; G1,P2,UNOV, S.G~ ; Z I LOV A, 'i'.F . ; NOVOST L 'TiLEV A, N. 1. ; GERAS IF OVA, L.V. Effoct of thermal treatment and cladding an ntrength of VT14, VT15, and VT16 titanium alloys under biaxial tension. TSvet. met. 38 no.9:75 S 165. (MIRA 18,12) KHOREV A.I. inzh.; GRUZDEVA, L.A., inzh.; 14ANUYLOV, N.N., inzh.; '~~~NV, V.M., lnzh.; VIMOV, G.S. High-strength weldid cylindrical shells made of BTIJ, alloy. Vest. mashinostr. 45 no.5:28-30 My 165. (MIRA 18:6) KHCRR, A.I.; GLAZUNGV, S.G.; LEGKODUKH, A.M. Hardening of tile VT15 alloy by heat treating, Metalloved. i term. obr. met. no, 2:50-52 F 165.- (WIRA 18:12) 9 -6~b ,J~ ACC NR: AP6023619 SOURCE CODE: UR/0136/66/0001007/008610 AUTHOR: Kh jazunov, S. G.; Mukhina, L. G. ORG: nong TITLE: Effect of modifying additions on properties of titanium alloy SOURCE: Tsvetnyye metally, no. 7, 1966, 86-88 durability, ductility weld evaluation, TOPIC TAGS: Atitanium, titanium alloy, aluminum containing alloy, molybdenum containing alloy, chromium containing alloy, zirconium containing alloy, rhenium containing alloy, allo ro ert alloy weld, weld property/VT14 titanium alloy, VT15 titanium alloy, ;U t =Ulm alloy 411 3 ABSTRACT: The effect of small additi f.ryheium (0.001-0.2%) or zirconium 0 (0.01-1.0%) on the structure and pro;lZe o VT14, VT15 Xand VT16,,Fitani alloys was investigated with alloy sheet specimens 1. mm thick. It was foAfid that for th VT14 alloy the optimal zirconium content is 0.02-0.1%. At this content the strengit increased by 5-10 kg/mm2, ductility remained unchanged and the weld ductility In--- creased by 30-50%. The effect of rhenium was roughly the same as that of zirconium. In the VT16 alloy, 0.01-0.022 zirconium slightly Increased ductility without. affecting strength; 0.1% Zr considerably Increased weld ductility (from 45' bend angle to 100*), but lowered the weld strength. At 0.05% zirconium the weld had a higher ductility than the base metal. 0.01 Re increased ductility but lowered the :g[d 1/2 UDC: 669-295.018.298 ACC NR. AP6023619 eD strength of the VT16 alloy from 92 to 88 kg/mm2. Re at contents from 0. 02 to 0.05% improved weld ductility, i.e., increased the bend angle from 45'.to 65% The weld ductility increased with the increase of rhenium content up to 0.1%. In the VT15 alloy, 0.5% zirconium increased ductility, especially of an aged alloy. At 0.5-1.0% zirconium, the VT15 alloy weld had the highest ductility, a bend angle of 100-120% The addition of up to 0.2% Re had little or no effect on tits properties of VT15 alloy, only elongation of the annealed alloy increased from 17 to 19.52 at 0.05% Re. Orig. art. hast 3 figures. [ND) SUB CODE: ll/ SUBM DATE: none/ ORIG REF: 0011 ATD PRESS: 38909-616 EWT(m)/T/FeY1"% 0/ETI/%WPW I J2A (o D. ". `:W ACC NRt AP6019769 SOURCE 03DE: UR/0370/66/000/003/0125/0129 AUTHOR: Kishkin, S. T. (Moscow); Glazunov S. G. (Moscow); Khorev, A. 1. (Moscow); Rubin, Yu. L. (Moscow); Shilina, E'.' -MU~M'.'s-c-ow-T. ORG: none TITLE: The use of high-temperature thermomechanical treatment i 'n the manufacture of extruded BT-151 titanium alloy_~ubes SOURCE: AN SSSR. Izvestiya. Metally, no. 3, 1966, 125-129 TOPIC TAGS: titanium alloy, alloy tube, tube heat treatment, thermomechanical treat- ment, high temperature treatment, aluminum containing alloy, chromium containing alloy/VT15 alloy J~ ABSTRACT: 'Vacuum-arc melted ingots of VT15 titanium-base alloy (2-99-3.05% 10.7-11.12 Cr) were conditioned by nkichining and extrudedlinto bars 187 mm in diam- eter. The bars were cut into tube billets which were pierced, conditioned and extruded at 950-1150C into tubes with an outside diameter of 110 mm and a wall thickness of 10 mm. Part of the extruded tubes were air cooled and then subjected to conventional heat treatment (annealing at 800C followed by water quenching); another part was subjected to high temperature thermomechanical treatment (HTHT), i.e., were water quenched immediately after extrusion. Both tube lots were then L 3 -~9 0 9 -6 U__ ACC NR. AP6019769 double aged at 450C for 25 or 50 hr and at 560C for 15 min. Vie tubes which under- went IMIT had considerably better meclianical properties, tensile strength of 136-148 kg/um~, elongation of 6-12%, and reduction of area of 12- 24% than the con- ventionally heat treated tubes, tensile strength of 116-132 kg/mm~, elongation of 1-62 and reduction of area 2-12%. The beneficial effect of HTMT is believed to be associated with improved properties of grain boundaries, the rapid cooling imrwdiatel after extrusion prevents the diffusion of impurities to grain boundaries. Also the a-phase particles precipitated during aging in alloy subjected to HTMT are much finer and more uniformly distributed than those in conventionally heat treated alloy. Orig. art. has: 2 figures and 1 table. -[DV] SUB CODE; 13, l1/ SUBM DAM none Card 212.*:~/,t, L 42820-66 EWT(m)/EVIP(w)ZIZBYP(ti!I/EWP(k) IJP(c) JDAII --T-Mr--AP-6028720 I AC SOURCE CODE: UR/0122/66/000/008/0064/0065 AUTHOR: 'Aorev, A. I. (Candidate of technical sciences); Livanov, A. A. (Engineer) ORG: none TITLE: Increasing the strength of VT15 titanium alloy containers by low temperature thermomechanical,treatment SOURCE: Vestnik \mashinostroyeniya, no. 8, 1966, 64-65 TOPIC TAGS: durability, cold rolling, metal tube, mechanical heat treatment, titanium alloy, aluminum containing alloy, molybdenum containing alloy, chromiu containing alloy, titanium alloy tube/VT15 titanium alloy ABSTRACT: The eifect of low temperature thermomechanical treatment (LTMT) on the t mechanical propeities of VT15 titanium alloy (3.02% aluminum, 7.58% molybdenum, 10.8% chromium) has been investigated. Alloy billets were extruded into tubes 110 mm in diameter with 10 mm wall thickness, which were water quenched or air cooled, i machined to a wall thickness of 1.8-4.0 mm, and subjected to LTMT, i.e., cross rolledi at room Lemperature with 30-70% reduction to a wall thickness of 1.2 mm, and aged at' 480C for-5 hr + 560C for 15 min. It was found that cold rolling alone (without aging)1! increased considerably the alloy strength. For instance, cold rolling with 60% i ,reduction increased the respective strength of air-cooled and water-quenched specimensi-- from 84 and 87 kg/mm2 to 132 and 149 kg/mm2, but at the same time lowered ductility Card 1/2 ACC NRi AP6028720 13 10 lerom 24 and 26% to 6.5 and 7%. Subsequent Tng IKn reased the strength of air-cooled klubes rolled wit4 60% reduction to 141 %g/mm at elongation ~_f 4.0%. These tubes failed in hydrosfatic tests in a partially brittle anner under a pressure of 380 atm. which corresponds to a burst strength of 165 kg/mm compared to 115 for "as-air cooled" tubes. Optimal strength and ductility are obtained by cold rolling with 30-50% reduction followed by aging. This treatment yielded tubes which failed in a ductile manner at a burst strength of 147-158 kg/mm2. Aging also eliminated the residual stresses. Strips cut from the aged tubes remained straight, while strips cut from unaged tubes were distorted to a considerable degree. Orig. art. has: 1 figure. [TDI SUB CODE: 11, 13/ SUBM DATE: non~xr j-d 6 2 L 44399~,66 6- !EWT(w.-)/T/F't;P(t _r __ EP e~ NC 023642 SOURCE CODE: UR/0149/66/000/002/0142/0146 AUTHOR: Malltsev, M. V.; Horozov. L. N.; Moiseyev, V. H.; Yefremov, Yu. N Khorev, A. I. ORG: none TITLE: Comparative oxidizability of various types of 'titanium alloys upon heating in air 5_1 SOURCE: IVUZ. Tsvetnaya metallurgiya, no. 2, 1966, 142-146 TOPIC TAGS: titanium alloy, oxidation kinetics, phasc compositiop, metallographic examination, temperature dependence, diffraction analysis, microhardening / VT14 ti- tanium alloy, VT15 titanium alloy, VT16 titanium alloy I 4 I ABSTIACT: A study was made of the oxidizability of titai~ium alloys VT14, VT15 and 'contained 4.45% E_,2.7% Mo VT1~~, containing various amounts of 0-phase. Alloy,Y'q_W'_ and 0.91% V; alloy VT15--3.113% tU, 7.6% Mo ard 10.16% Cr; alloy VT16--3.08% Al and 6.396 Mo. Samples (8 x 20 x 20 mm) were heated in air at temperatures ranging from 7QO to 11000C for 10 to 240 min. Oxidizability was deternined by the increase in weight* 't surface. The weight curves followed a parabolic law. While the oxid per unI ~L ation rate was low for all alloys up to 9000C, above 10000C it became intense. In compari- I son w1th VTJA and VT16 (a+O-ntructure) -the J~-phaso ailoy VT15, boginning at 10000C, UDC: 620.193:669.295.5 2 ACC NR: AP6023642 oxidiz?d twice as fast due to the presence of the denser Cr203, absent in VT14 and' VT16.i'.Electron diffraction was used to analyze the scales. Chemical compositions of i the scale formed at 11000C for 4 hrs are given. In all alloys, the basic oxide com position was rutile-type titanium dioxide, having a tetragonal lattice with the para I meters a=4.58 A and c=2.95 A. All the oxides had a texture in which the [0011 dired-" tion lay in the plane of thp sample. A texture formed at 7000C in VT15, at 8000C in'! %Microhardnesses of the surface layers are given as func VT14 and at 9000C in VT16. L_ tions of distance from the surface for all temperatures. Micrographs of the oxidized surfaces are shown. For all alloys, the microhardness dropped sharply up to about 0.02 ram from the surface where the slope became more gradual; this indicated the depth of gas diffusion at the surface. The single phased alloy VT15 had a large-grained structure and the gas diffusion was more selective, as was similarly observed in the .other alloys upon heating in the $-region ~ This selective attack increased the crack sensitivity and a fine network of crackstwas observed upon deforming VT15 at high tem- peratures. Below 9000C, VT14 and VT16 had two-phased a+O structures and the oxida- tion attack was more uniform. Orig. art. has: 3 figvres, 2 tables. SUB CODE: 11 P7/ SUBM DATE: 200ct64 Card 2/2 -P- L 46770-66 EWT(m) WP(k)AZEWP(t)ATI IJP(c) JD/HN ACC NRs AP 31730 SOURCE CODE: UR1013619910001009100921009~3 AUTHOR: Khorev, A. I.; Glazunov.,'S. G.; Gruzdevaq L. A. ORG': none TITLE: Effect of lov-temperature thermomechanical treatment on the structure and properties of titanium 8 OY I 4, SOURCE: Tovetnyye metal , no. 9, 1966, 92-93 it TOPIC TAGS: titanium alloy, alloythermomechanical tow temperature allon thermomechanical treatment alloy structure,_!ttj mechanical property/VT14 VT15 alloy ABSTRACT: VT14 and VT15 titanium alloy sheets 1.5 and 2.0 mm thick were solution annealed at -860-Cquenched, and co ess of 1.2 mm with a Id rolled to a thickn reduction of 20 and 40%,'respectively. All sheets were then aged at 420-56oC. Th4q dependence of the mechanical projerties on low-tempprature thermomechanical-treat- ment (LTMO) of VT14 and VT15 alloys Is ahown in Fig. 1. The total strengthening of VT14 alloy was the combined result of strain hatdening and phase transformation.. Straining VT14 alloy prior to aging also decreased the alloy grain size. A 20A I reduction before aging did not change the VT15 alloy grain shape, but 40% reductions! almost obliterated the grain boundaries. By applying LTMO, high-strength sheets, well as finished articles con readily vire or cold-dravn and cold-rolled tubes. Cord 1/2 669-293.-620.1 ACC NRi AP 700 S-0-06-Cf-) 54~_j~_u_Hc E CODE: UR/0413/66/000/024/015 4/0154 INVENTOR: Poplavko-Mikhaylov, M.V.; Khore'V,9_.A~I.; Glazunov, S.O.; Gruzdeva, L.A.; Moiseyev, V~Nq ORO: none TITLE: Titanium-base filler material for fielding martensite-type he& treatable titanium alloys. Class 21, No. 152372 SOURCE: Izobreteniyab pronyahlennyye obra~tsyt tovarnyye tnaki , noo 240 1966, 154 TOPIC TAGS: titanium alloy, AM -,_ i-I _21 i M140 *++Ccjc;; alloy welding, filler =ztm=:L%ct , titanium base alloy, mart,ensite, weld heat treatment ABSTRACT: This Author Cirtificate introduces a titanium-base filler metal for welding martensite-type heat-treatable titanium alloys. To increase the weld metal 'strength and ductility i~ the beat-treated condition, 2-1-5%'Al is intro- duced into the filler metal. IMS I SUB CODE: lls 13/ SUBM DATE: 16oct6l/ ATD PRESS: 5114 f Card 1/1 UDC a none SERMBOVA, M.; KHORU, B. Conference on the study of small and medium-size cities of the Central Economic Region. Izv. AN SSSR Ser. geog. no.4& 165-166 164 (MIRA 17:8) ROSTOVTSEV., M.; HIIOREV, B. Conference of geographers and economists in Tallinny Noveirber 26-309 1963. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. geog. no. 2:169-171 Mr-Ap 164. (MIRA 17: 5) KHORRY, B.S*;. VARUMOV, V.S. In the central Angara Valley. Geog.:v shkole 19 no.6:7-18 I-D 156, (MIBA 10:1) (Angara Talley--Description ani'travel) IR, KHDRW. B. S. - Some remarks an L.L. Trubs's book "Our citles.0 Reviewed by B.S. Kharev. Top.geog. no.38:265-266 156. (MLRA 9:9) (Gorlkly Province-CItles and towns) (Trube. L.L.) XHOBIT, B.S. ..-wmw~~~ In the Commission on the Geography of Population and Cities of the Koscow bTanch of the Goegraphical Society of the U.S.S.R. 1sT. Vses.giog.ob-va 09 no.4:384-386 JI-Ag '57. (MIRA 10:10) (Population) (Cities and towns) KHOREV, B. S., and I~UNTS, A. A. frQuestions Concerning Economic -Geographical Typology of Socialist Cities Exemplified by Central Industrial Regions of the European Part of the USSR." paper presented at the 4th Conference of Young Scientists of the Institute of Geography of the USSR Academy of Sciences, 1957 (Izv. AN SSSR, Ser Geog, 1958, No. 2, P 151-53, GORBUNOVA, M. N.) X SOV/10-59-4--25/29 71 ADTI.Mazz VelichIm. A.A., and Mats, 1.1. TTTM The Sixth -conference or Y..% rici-ctifi- Tork. -of"tj Go, the Inattut GeoCrafjj AN US R CInstitute of Zraphy LS USSR) P=t1C3M%L: Isvesti Alcmde=11. mauk 3MR, Ser geo3rarlches- ga .?Fr 4. VP I- kaya 59 v ABZ"R!--T: ?be article covers the Sixth ~Ioaferencs of Young Scientific 7orkers of the Institute of Goorraphy - 19~9 S5 dZZ e . 13 US= which took place in zi - ;~I*MtifiC WOr- i ftll = U~ repo a were -cad by the kerarI.S.01W-h re tad an *Some Genetic Regulari- ties I= the 'istrNution. of Atmospheric Precipita- tIom*. Y.=_Fotly&kov and S. %. T&vtjZav co=mented an .truciawi! ~FeE4 z ~m anor =3 Ice resaa~.a in. the a its cpoks an the c0= c- A.ntarctic re3 tion. between 0 rrelLof and n7-='OCra.'hic&l ze=ork g Card 1,*, =1 the latest tectonic movements In the rorthern -Troms-uVal ires, 4 a 0 u3to the evaporation &c*O a wit r balance method from the African continent, mra. Mrono a dis. Soared T&VOration problems in the Sulf Of Mara-Bo- sax-0,31 U and v'.7- U-n-VO-va repaxted ' on the Ot of Sol red a its I tf rAltiZZ iZ the Trana-Volga regionj 4.y. rg ~ ,oka _lAttL S. On sno's radiation near the Elbrus 7eather Station, 'a lectured on amov conditions in the mountains of Central Cauoasual i7.g. orlov reported On bib now =4thod to nwasure an= ied by winds, whereby snow-flakes are recorded y b7 a PhO'041*0trie device Yu.L, RAHMr, _T_ ~,=. -Zan. andjj.L_jh-Azev spolm On the beat b 2lance cbser- vatLcus they co=p=e aithe Z&Sorskaya Scienti:ic ti 3ts Ion near L:osco~j a X~ lectured on aprizU water d-Luebaree and so vachouFalso studiel herej t Card 2/5 X.ff. DT h or and I.N.StexhentIL-kya ec-.Are4 on ow to re. calculate ibb nazi-l sprinC vater discharge In the Temisey and Z*n& rivers according to tzbe method of Gv1M le~turvd an sea levels 1k vjF ibc7T 19ff L 2,Zr- t%%NX O '3 _ _ _ _ _ ~ _ the Ca-z~`TYn sea duxlm&-tEn V-XIX centuries and an the 1.%ke levels in the Turgay de ; pr*sdioa dartna 1849-1958; L.I. IL!~- reported 0 __ - VrEr he river& and 1 ken of tfie = plateaul t a .Y~V discussed Pliocene forms of relief in the river valle.7s of the rama basinj I-A. Velicrign elucidated on loess deposits :in the central areas of the F=ssian lainj n_1_jAUXWLb= lectured an "Torrent-like &LY* 'g on "Closet- waomen3 In DaSheatanft and W ~ _ a au uc&;;S fization nf Torrents in Can G bay atanic survey of the Contra KaTO AL sob _ lecturad on the division of the Trans- 4~~ Card-3/5 Yrol wood-oal-ateppe area Into aLnGle relief typal, 4 J& 0 .4 PE: q3-2 "a 0;A .1.0-agOGS . . , 4 0 PHON - licit 41, t ~O -o- fa t4n t. 9 o's w o A .0 1-4 > zs~o, W! P o:9o.ff,Rvp A-ruDeq luos g a. , A-M or/ r -a .3 HE oQ o 3j US. A INNS .0,00 Os Paz .6ghle to in V 14 6-t A 01; EZ 0. .4 P.~j ~gsmrlamm~ pa~~WM~ XtER KHOREV, B.S. outh-Siberian Railroad. Geog. v shkole 21 no. 1:60-62 Js-F 158- (KIRA 11:7) (Sibaria-Railroads) KWREV. B. S. ___ Survey of the work of the Committee on the Geography of Popu- lation ani Cities of the Moscow Branch of the Geographic So- clety of tho U-S-S-R-, 1945-1957 '590 (HIRA 12:5) (Bibliography--Cities and towns) (Bibliograpby-Land settlement) ~ -_-_ _~ HIRTS. A.A.; KHOR?,Vj B.S. - Attempt at an economic and geographic typology of Soviet cities; based an data for the central industrial district. Vop.geog. no.45:77-88 '59. (HIRk 1i:5) (Cities and towns) VARLLM.V, V. ;-MANY, B-S 1,-SHATS1LO, Ye. 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(doceased];POK- SUSHEVSKIT V.V. #prof #red p;AEMOV, L.S... red.; KONOVALYUK,, I'K., mladshiy red.; KISELIVA, Z.A., red.kartj BWAKA., W.P.p t *~~. red. e [Tbs.Volga-Vyatka Region; economic and geographical features] Volgo-Viatskii raion; e6nomiko-geograficheskaia kbarakteri- stika. Moskva., Gos. izd-vo geogr. lit-ry., 1961 533 P. WRA 15:2) 1. Otdel geografii SSSR Instituta. geografii Akademii nauk SSSR (for Matveyev,, PrivalovskAWa,, Khorev). 2. Zaveduqushchiy Otdelom geografii SSSR Instituta geografii Akademii nauk SSSR (for Pokshishevskiy). (Volga Valley-Economic geograp1q) (Vyatka Valley-Economic geograpb;y) 41, DAVIDOVICH, V.G.,; KHMN, B.S.,; RODOMAX, B.B., red.; KONOVALTUX, KALICMUSKIT, G.N., red.kart; GLIM, D.A., [Satellite cities] Gor*oda - sputniki; aborulk statei. Nookwa. Gou.izd-vo geogr.lit-ry, 1961. 193 p. (MIRA 15:2) (Cities and towns) ffil KHOREV) B.S. -------- Some characteristics of rural distribution of population in Gorki:7 Province. Vast. Hook. un. 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Inst Title : The I Ach,ievezentsIof Poppy Growers in Priissykbullre. Orig Pub : S. kht kirgipA, 1557 3 No 10 29. Abstract : This article enumerates the measures which permitted pop- py growers of Priissykbullre to fulfill the plan for raw- opium deliveries to the extent of 160.5% in the face of unfavorable weather codditions in the spring and a-ummer of 1951. For the first time in Priissykbullre the poppy sovings vere.irrigated through furrows on a large scale. Three side-dressings with organic mineral fertilizers were made. Prior to stem formation the fields were tilled twice mechanically. The poppies were sown on high ground along a narrow space of 45-60 em(between the rows compased to the former 69-70 cm). The sowing of seeds of the quick Card 1/2 KHORF,V, M. I., Zootekhnik Swine Kalikino brood of hogB. Sov. zootekh. 7, No. 8, 1952 Dobrovskiy Gosudaretvennyy Plemennoy Eassadnik S03 Mont List of Russian Accessional# Librar7 of Congress, September 1952 Wp,, uncl. KHOREV, M. I., Cand of Agric Sci (dieG) "Ways and lklleanB of Improvirg the Kalikinok Breed of $wine," Moscow, 1959, 18 pp (Moscow Aerie Acad im K. A. Timiryazov) (KL, 1-6o, 124) Us,.Q.R/ Geolo gy -Tectonics Card 1/1 Pub.~46 - 7/~,. Authore e KhorevvN. A. _-d Title ~,Rjtta Ae4 er-Proterozoic folding of the earth's crust ro-U Peculiarities ofthe ' , p pp 'Periodical t Izv. AN SSSR, Ser.-geol.:20/2p 72 -,81j, W-Apr 1955 Abstract*. o A' preaentsd-'of the earth's,folds.with traces of material discributed in them in layers -flow folds. The conclusion is reached that they are basically inherent in the pre-Upper-Proterozoia deposits, -with In the Mesozoic. The dif- the-418ozolo-and never met seldom in , - fere4ce in the degree of~stratified distribution of materials reflects ' the folding period. Six- the dogree of viscosity of the rocks during teen.referencest, 2 Indian and 14 Soviet (1932-1952). Illustrations; diagrams; table.. 'Institution 1 .Submitted April 190 '1954 15-57-4-4346 Translation from: Referativnvy zhurnal, Geologiya; 1957f Nr 4, P 45 (USSR) AUTHOR: Khorev, N. A. TITLE: Flow Folds in Metamorphic 6trata of Southwestern Pamir (0 skladkakh techeniya v metamorficheskikh tolshchakh Yugo-Zapadnogo Pamira) PERIODICAL: Materir;ly Vses. n.-i. geol. in-ta, 1956, ~r 8, pp 311-321 ABSTRACT: Some small drag folds and isoclinal folds are examined in this work. The author thinks that these folds which occur in definite horizons and which are characterized by marked increase of strata thickness at their crests are flow folds. In spite of the presence of folded formations of this typeg the regional folding remains simple. The eastern part Card 113 of the Shakhdarinskiy range represents a flat Flow Folds in Metamorphic Strata (Cont.) 15-57-1~,-IP30 anticline 35 km to 45 km in width, with limbs dipping at 100 to 150 (up to 300) and with almost horizontal areas located along the crest. It has been noted by Flunnikov ZK-lunnikov, S. I., Popov, A. I., Metamorficheskiye Tolshchi Yugo-Zapdnego Pamira, Leningrad, Izd-vo TPE, 1936 (Klunnikov S. I., Popov, A. I,, Pletamorphic Strata of the Southwestern Pamir. Leningrad, Tadzhikst n-Pamir Expedition Publication, 1936)7 that the rotary dislocation of one limb of this anticline is actually related to the limb of a smaller drag fold. The nonconformity between the complex flow folds and the simple regional structure is explained by the dissipation of pressures mainly in the process of developing plastic deformations in separate strata or horizons. Thus, too, is explained the absence in the meta- morphic series in the southwestern Pamir of any appreciable numl)er of large faults. The latter appear as characteristic tectonic ele- ments associated with simple folding only in the Paleozoic and Meso- zoic of the more northerly parts of the ramir. The cause of such struct ral variations between the southwestern and the northern Card 25 Flow Folds in Metamorphic Strata (Cont.) Pamir lies, according to the author, the zones subjected to folding, and, of the compressed layers, which are, older in the southwest. Card 313 15-57-4-4346 in the difference of depth of possibly, in the different ages in his opinion, considerably A. 1. S. KHOREV, N.A. Discovery of upper Triassic shales and post-Triassic granites in the southwestern Pamirs. 14at.VSBUI no.8:322-325 '56. (MLRA 1012) (Pamir--Geology, Stratigraphic) IWIVIV, N.A. Pre-Cambrian folds of the Pamirs. Geotektonika no.6:79-90 N-D 65. (MIRA 19:1) SHKOLINIKOV, M*B.; inzho,,, ZUBAREVt NeAep inzheq, KHOREV9 P.P., inzhe Fatigue testing of motortruck wheel disks. Vest,mash. 41 no.1:42-46 ja 161. (,MIRA 14:3) (motortrucka-Whee-1-Testing) FHOR, -,!, jr,p bodien of watdr of southern r:; j~/,-tnir of mallard in the nonfron7v , . , I ls,-~niiutrsd Provinc5e Acnitclogila no.71495-496 165o (Mlw. :L6310) KHOREV, V.A., gorrsyy inzhoner Efficiency of using various industrial explosives in horizontal workings. Gor.zhur. no.2143-46 F 164. (KRA 17W 1. TSentrallnyy nauchno-isoledovatellskiy gornoraziedochny'y instItut tsvetnykh, redkikh i blagorodnykh metallov, Moskva. PAVLOVSKIYV L.G., inzh.; KHOMP V.A.$ in2h. Concerning the article IV S.A. Petrov. and V.G. Zilibershmidt. Shakht. stroi. 8 no.8t29 Ag 164. (KMA 1719) 1. 7Sentraltnyy nauchno-issledovateltakiy gornorazvedochnyy institut tavetnykh, redkikh i blagorodnykh metallov. 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Petrologiyaj. l.roo EKZ- 3 P. 25K.--Bibliogr: V Kontse Knigi.-(54-150862H) 55-04 + 552) (57-12)-t (016-3) SO: Knizhnaya, Letopis, Vol. 1, 195~,~ 40,.; KUREK, N.M., redaktor; STKPAHOVA, L.S., redaktor; POF07, N.D., RHORETA .W-, tekhnicheskiy redaktor. (Geological and petrological analysis of the southeastern section of the Irtysh zone of contortion) Geologe-petrologicheakii analiz tugo-yestochnsi chasti Irtyshekei sony smiatila.(Leningrad. Vaessiurnyi geologicheskii institut. Haterisly)-moscow. no.1, 1954. 96 p. WRA 9:4) Ortysh Valley-Folds (Geology)) (Irtysh Vallejr--Petralogy) KHOREVA, B.Ya. . Now data on the geological structure of the Irtyab zone of warping In the Osinovk&-Malo-Krannoyarka sector. Inform. abor. VSEGII no.1:41-45 t55. (MLRA 9-1a) (Irtyab Valley-Geology, Structural) KHORETA,B.Ta. parsggrlotic &"Iysis of aln~r&l associations of a lazurite deposit. Hat..VSJDBI. Pstr. min. nol:154-17 155. (MLRA 8:6) (Lasurite; KHORSTA, B.Ya. x"aww"2009W Geology and petrology of the Irtysh son@ of warping in the Altai Mountains and regularities of occurrence of poly"tallic deposits. BIul.MDIP. Otd.geol. 31 no.4:i04-i05 Ji-Ag 656. (MIAA 9212) (Altai Mountains-Ore depoelts) (Altai Nounilaine-Goology, Structural) KHOREVAP Concerning S.P.Gavrilova's article wFaragenetic analysis of metamorphic formtions in the northwAtern, part of the Irtysh shear zone." I vys. ucheb. sav.; 4ool, i razv. no-11:131-1,34 N 160, I-V 0 (MM 14:2) (Irtyoh Valley-Rockep Crystalline and metamorphic) (Gavrilova, S.P.) KHOREVA -.-- - .................. ~rese"q of the Pre-Cambrian Ip the Irtysh sheer zone of the . Altai. Izv,vvs.ucheb,zav*;geoI*i razv, 4 no.10:30-42 0 l6l. - (MIRA 14:12) L Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-iseledovatellskiy geologorazvedochnyy institut (ISEGEI). (Altai Mountains--Geology, Stratigraphic) I -9QW-A,-B.YA.- Significance of polymetamorphiom in the solution of age problem of metamorphio complexes in fold areas. Trudy VSEGEI 73:81-V 162. (MIRA 15:9) (Rocks., Crystallime and metamorphic) (Geological time) KHOREVA, B.Ya. Irtysh shear zone and its association with deep faults. Sov. geol. 5 no.9:45-60 S 162. (MIRA 15:11) 1. Vaesoyazrryy nauchno-iseledovatellskiy geologicheskiy institut. (Siberia, Western-Geology, Structural) KHOREVA, B.Ya.; MURINA, G.A. Preliminary data on the absolute age of granitaids and metamorphic rocks in the Irtysh shear sow of the Altai. Inform.sbor. VSEGEI no. 54:69-81 162. (MIRA 17:1) IKMHORMEVVAO B.1a. I- wla~ Characteristics and types of shear zones. Trudy VSEGEI 18503- 61 163, (Mnd 1601) KHOREVA, Bella Yakovlevna; PAFFENGOLITS, K.N., nauchn. red.; I "..- ~ -- I _' MAMMr7-0=7,r~d. izd-va; SWAKOVA, T.11%, tekhn. red. (Geology, intrusive igneous activity and metamorphism in the Irtysh shoar zone) Geologichaskoe stroenie, intruziv- nyi magmatizm i metamorfizm Irtyahskoi zorq smiatiia. Mo- skva, Gosgeoltekhizdat., 1963. 206 p. (MIRA 17-.1) MARKOVA, N.G.;.KHOREVA, B.Ya. T~qxs of structures associated with faults (shear zone) and their genesis as revealed by a study in Kazakhstan and the Altai. Trudy GIN no.92:64-89 163o (MIRA 17:10) 1585-66 VWT (.1)/EWA(h) GW AM5015051 BOOK XUWMATIM UR/ A. K. 2 IMbln_ n' Orivow al VARIV12WFA. Yalontifit-kaflPLAt !tMb-*U4 Zhd&nLSZ '1~- --- ch1k. zNinTSAR.; - xP xZZAADVA 01 Uazgvo- 0 1 _Jn~ImV ~Ts. I "'Olhoreva. a. To.; fihslDiLIL-R& "Ical properties or rocks and mineral resomes or the USM (FISIcheskiyo ev" stva gornykh porod i pel"Ofth lskopayonvkh SM) Moscow, bd-vo Oftdra% 1964. 325 p. Illux., biblIse (At head of titleg GomWlantvwwWy~ pologtehqskly kcal tat SSW. voss"usmy Iseleffichookly institut).40 3000 Copies printede Under the Oltorsh R 0. V. uspoyews and P. V. wbrtual Prinalpal editors L A. Wwoval ToobnScal Witerv A* me ftleslom; Prearead Tereptseve TWIC TAGS% * magmatic reek, motamerole rock, Woonleff, petralea, volamolect PURPCES AND CO"MMs This be* to the nnlt of the poorallution or materfile a primarfly by Isoogsloal truste w4 &wslogla &gpoicles, as vell as by the iuWVAst 6o ussed ( Q* Principal attention Is paid U the b"Ic Use governing variations In the Vkplwa preparkles of recice, verlas pwUwnphft papers,said useful slowalm of divers aluftlogle *sqWItla6 IM ftslal paremeten to 77, 7 L 1585-66 ...... A9501"5i which special attention Is given include the density, the mrwtic NUSCO001,11WO the specific electrical resistance, and the rate or propagation of longitudinal and transverse waves. The compilers of the book ars colloolUes of the laborater- Iya fisichookIM evoystv gornykh pored and the Mal petrVWLI of They r express theAr gratitude to !0. A. AndrqrNm L OW ..-Uoskvsl*vm --i"I'l-S.-SemonorAf. ~Nq~jaiwnko,4,r 0 a _Dyb~4w;!!B. Y. Mygrz.1j.-I, f4ft-iia-wa-.170, kor TABIS Or CONTIMUs Introduction Port L F[Waical properties of wSpatic and imatmorole rodw Ch. L "Ical proertles of rooketwel" m1mrs)z - 9 Ch.'M Domity of recige 33 Cb. IM Magnetic properties at reWm 93 Ch. V. "Ifla olactriml resistsmot of rock@ 172- Ch. V. as%* of Propaptim at 1"Ift"Iftl sustfA. In ndo 193 Ch* TL Change Is PA"Ima Pworuse at ftpods" ft MUOU POWM. Cg 213 L 1585-66 AOM5052 and temperature 204 Part IL PhpU*l popes too of metaUle ad Sommateuio mineral remearmom Ch. VII. "Usil proportlee of am - - 240 .ch. vnL fWalc4lpropatles at ams*UUU 1111011011 romou"S - - 2" Literature )33 Appottim 3W SUB CMBI U ~nlft. 2U~p" U Or Mrs 20 mim 0" NEKHOROSIEV, V.P.; KHOHEVA, B.Ya.; HISAIMITDINOV, M.G.; BOGIDANOV, K.G.; SHILIN, D.M., LYA-KHTTITSKAYA, I.V.; SOKOLOV, R.N. Nikolai Nikolaevich Kiwak,-1963; -n obitiiary. 7Ap. Vskis. min. ob-va 93 no. 2:2-146-2-47 If4. (14TIRA 17:6)