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(Also //y 0) AUTHORt TITLE-, High-speed combined camera tube 28579 S/187/61/000/010/005/007 D053/Dll3 PERIODICALt Tekhnika kino i televideniya@ no. 10, 1961t 51-56 TEXT: The author considers the design of a high-speed camera tube with pro- perties approaching those of an ideal camera tube xhich was described by A. M. Khalfin (Ref. 6: Elektronnoye usileniye izobrazheniy [Electronic Am- plification of Images], Tekhnika televideniya, vYP- 9, 1958). The formula, for the threshold illuminance of the ideal camera tube is (Ref. 6): e 2 P7.2 %112 E hzT If = -Cb 7T__ T lx I where El is the threshold iliuminance, e is the electron charge; 9. is the photocathode sensitivitP; h is the unit area of the photocathode; T is the storage time; and is the signal-to-noise ratio [Abstracter's note:z and b not defined]- There are several ways of producing real camera tubes VW Card 1/3 28579 S/187/61/000/010/005/007 High-speed combined camera tubes D053/Dll3 with properties approaching those of the ideal tube, including (1) combining an image translator with a real camera tube and (2) designing a new camera tube of the ebicon type. The author suggests a combination of an image translator with an image orthicon and calculates the performance character- Istics for the new tube thus produced. The obtained final formula for the threshold illuminance of the combined camera tube is: Y2 loz 2 loz (23) K bZt T -_K F where K is the current gain factor of the image translator. A comparison of the Eq. (1) with the Eq. (23) show!s that-they differ by the factor 'LOz only. Consequently, the proposed combined camera tube has a sensiti- 7- loz vity, approaching that of the ideal camera tube and differs from it by K times. The above calculations are confirmed by experimental data published in non-Soviet literature. An image orthicon with an image amplifier permits the operational illumination to be reduced by 100 to 1,000 times as compared Card 2/3 KHORYAKf M.V. Mechanization of the operations of car servicing before trips. Zhel. dor, transp. 45-no.5t75-76 It 163. (MIRA 16tlO) 1. GlayW inzh. sluzhby vagonnogo khozyaystva Yuzhnoy dorogi Kharlkov. MORYUSHINY 1,G. . I - --.- @.- -- Using the j@t bit effect in drilling with bits of sm,11 diaraotere. at Ramd. i jkh,, nadr, 30 no.6t47-48 Ja 164. (MIRA 17: 10) I Is Trost '1Ya-pme11egazrazvedka". 41"", IWOV, A.; SAGARADZR* To; JaRKMAe So; YOSTRIKOVOY. YO. e i Diagrams of Isothermal decomposition of sastenite In steel alloys used for dies. Appendix. Metalloved.1 obr.met. no.4: 61-64 0 033. (KM 9:3) (Austanite) CHUKHANOV, Z.F.; KONDAKOV, V.V.; KALYUZHNYY, MI.; RYMMIKOV, D.I.; SPEKTORp A*N.; STROKOVSKIY, L. Kh.-.KHORZHEMWj_,IL.; YARKHO, Ye.N. KUNAKOV, N. Ye. Pilot plant for the study and application of the hear regenerating direct process of cast iron and steel production. Ispoll. tverd. topl., ser. maz. I gaza no. 5a182-192 164 (MIRA 19:2) 30(6) SOV/30-59-3-44/61 AUTHOR: Khorzhevskaya, L. P. TITLE: Valuable Acquisitions of the Archive A. M. Gorlkiy (Tsennyye priobreteniya irkhiva A. M. Gor1kogo) PERIODICAL: Ve stnik Akademii' nauk SSSR, 1959, Nr,3, pp 118 - 119 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The archive contains 1600 manuscripts of Gor'kiy's works, more than 800 literary and critical articles and apeechesp as well as about 8000,of his letters and 40000 letters by persons with whom he was in correspondence. In the years 1957 - 1958 further 856 documents were acquiredt among them the letters Gor'kiy exchanged with his biographer I. A. Gruz- dev. A considerable number of letters by Gor1kiy's relatives and acquaintances was given to the archives by A. M. Putyata, student at the Moscow Institute.of Archives of Literature, which had been stored in a safe place by his father during the last world war. The archive is on the look-out for docu- ments in foreign countries relating to the life and work of Gor'kiy. In this way a collection of letters addressed by Card 1/2 Gor'kiy to M.Khilkvit (USA), the first publisher of his KHUDOKORMOV, D.N.; YERSHOVICH, A.N.; Prinimali uchastiye: FEDCHENKO# A.M.; SHURUPOV, V.I.; BOLOTSKIY, V.D.; KaWOV, O.S.; ANDROSIX9 Ye.L; KUDIp V.I*; GALUSHKOO A.M.; KLEM, A.N.; KHOSEN, R.I.; MURASHKOJ, O.Ae Technology of the production of gray cast iron in the manu- facture of tractor trucks. Lit. proizv. no.7:37-38 J1 163. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Nauchno-isaledovatellskiy takhnologichookiy institut avtomobillnoy promyohlennooti (for all except Khudokomov). KHOSHMARIA. T. (Tbilisi) In %he Aconomics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian S.S.I. Top. skon. no.2:139-160 160. MIA 13:1) ("Orgia-41conomice-Study and teaching) MALYSHEV, S.I... inzh.; KHOSHTARIYA Sh.F., inzh.; GLADKOSKOK, P.P., inzh.; RADCHEIIKO, F. i uchastiye: BOYOLISHVILI, Sh.s.; G., RUKHAD22) R.I.; SHARASHIDZE, S.Sh.; BEREZHNOY, N.; GGEDEZELLVI X.N,; RUKWZE,,V.k4.; TATARADZEp Z. Mastering the sintering of Dashkeoan ores as acceptable charge for open-hearth furnaces.. Stall 20 no. 716*M U1 160. (MIRA 14:5) 1-o Zakavkazo.kiy metallurgicheakiy zavod,, (Dashkesan-Iron ores) (Sintering) (Open-hearth furnaces-:.-Equipment and supplies) SHARADZENIDZE, S.A.; KASHAKASHVILI, N.V.; GLADKOSKOK, P.P.; WNDELI, M.Sh.; PARASTASHVILI, V.V.;.RUKHADZE, D.A.; KHOSHTARIYA, Sh.F.; SHARASHIDZE, S.Sh. Operation of blast furnaces with injection of natural gas. Metallurg 7 no-90-7 S 162. (MIRA 15:9) 1. Rustavskiy wtallurgicheskiy zavod i Gruzinskiy politekhnicheakiy institut. (Blast furnaces) (Gas, Natural) C KASHAKASHVILI, N.V.; SHARADZENIDZE., S.A.; MALYSHEV,,S.I.; CHKHUM, Z.A. GIBRADZEj Sh.So; KROORTA , -,jUYA*, Sh.P,,;, RUKHADZE, D,A,; SHARASHIM, S. Sh. Prinimali uohastiyet SHENGELAYA,V.; 6KRUCHEDLISHVILI, She; POPIASHVILI, Sh.; LOLUA,.K.; MINDELI, M.; TSKHELISHVILI, D.; GORDEZIANI, N..; ODIKADZE, Ch.; TATARADZE, Z.; KHUTSISHVII.T., A. Production and use of highly basic,,Open-hearth furnace sinters from Dashkesan iron ore. Trudy GPI Cruz.] no-4-.25-32 262, (MIRA 17:8) KAYSHAURI, V.G.; KHOSHTARIYA.,,44.F. Regulating the working of a blast furnace from "on top.0 Metallurg 9 no.20-5 F '64* (KM 17:3) 1. Tsi-lisskiy nauchno-isaledovatel'skiy institut priborostroyeniya i sredstv avtomatizatsiio KASHAKASHVTLI,, N.V.; GLADKOSKOK, p.p,; KAMC-AAUAS,@,P ,A; MINDEU,, M.Sh. .tF Prinimali uohastiyes PARASTASHYTLI, V.V.; KOBSMZE., V.3.; CHKHEIDZE, Z.A.; RUKHAX39 EA.; KENXRBASHV , D.A.; SAAMHIDZE, S. Sh.; GOGISHVILI, A.Go; MELKADSS, N.V.; DZOWHVILI, A.T.; GORDMIANI, NJ.; ARtAMHVIU,, -R.N. Performance of Transcaucasia Metallurgical Plant blast fur- naces operating on natural gas. Trudy GPI [Grus.jMno*4sI1-23 962 IRA 17t8) AMIRANASHVILI, Sh.Ya.; LOMAURI, N.Yu.: KHOSHTARIYA, T.S.; "I,F- 0 NATMELADZEp M.V.; KHARAIDZEp , ; lrmffti p GeV.# red.; SONGULASHVILI, M.I., red.izd-va; DZHAPARIDZE, N.A., tekhn, red, (The Georgian S.S.R.; a brief accoUnt] Gruzinskaia SSR- kratkie svedeniia. Tbilisi, 1963. 108 P. (MIRA 17:21 1, Akademiya nauk Gruzinskoy Me GAMELIDZE, S.P.; GUGUSHVILI, P.V., prof.,-_ KHOSHTARIYA,_ T.S.; BAS121OV) A... tekhn. red. (The Georgian S.S.R.; concise historical and economic study] Gruzinskaia SSR; kratkii istoriko-ekonomicheskii ocherk. Pod red. P.Mufuahvili, Tbilisiq Izd-vo Soiuza pisatelei Gruzii "Zaria Vostoka," 1961. 133 p. (MIRA 15:9) 1. Akademlya nauk Gruziwkcy SSR, Tiflis. Institut ekonomiki. (Georgia-Hiatory) (Georgia-Economic conditions) I 1': (2) S/I 3116011000/0210021 1014 .",,'_'T q oft S , Yil'.shenkoq..R@..�_,,, Khosid. Go MO BOI 5/BO08 Production of Ladle- and Regenerator Bricks From Raw Yaterial of the Arkalyk Deposit T-""`@!"DICAL@ Ogneupory, 1960, Nr 2, PP 53-57 (US3111) A"@""MACT. The authors describe the two variants used for the experi.-O@_,iotb, ore with high qlypina@;)content and a basic one The chemical . I composition and refractorinesd@of the raw materiala are ;:@i;n- ' tioned in table 1, an'd 'thWchemical composition of thr in table 2@ The production of the chamotte with hign ccritent for the experimental batches as voll as the Investi6ations of the raw masses are described nexto parison purposes, the masses A3 and A14 were Producod high chamotte content, the grain of which can be seen frcii.; table 3. The composition and properties of the sampler, frc;@: these batches are mentioned in table 4. The produc.@j'on of 1,rick-a from the variant with high alumina content 5." -i next. The products complied with GOST 5341-50 ancl T13C.6"" Card 1/3 standards for ladle bricks with high alumina content, Th@-i Production of Ladle- and Regenerator Bricks From Ruw Maferial of the Arkalyk Deposit Card 2/3 S/1 31/60/000/02/00"i"314 B015/BOOO characteristic of the experimental ladle bricks in mentioned in table 5. The properties of the regenerator brIcks W.@th lhll-t alumina content, whioh surpassed those of Coe apecificAtAons, of the 01-AITU 5235-55, are mentioned in tabl? 0,@ Chavotti@ Indle bricks from the basic Arkalyk variant were -oressed mentally on the press of type SM-143, A wei7ht by volurr,13 of vp to 2.28-2.30 g/cm3 was obtained (Diagram). Tt Is @atcO in c-r.,n- clu3ion that ladle bricks having a much greater qtab11*it-,,r the customary chamotte ladle bricks) can be manufacti-,@L! the Arkalyk variant with high alumina content lithlont additives. The regenerator bricks from chamotte of the, with high alumina eontent and Latnaya clay can be sitoco-softilly used in regenerators. They are less soiled by the dep-csit.-I :-ir smelting dust than chromium magnesite bricks@ Chamotte IL-Ale bricks-with the same stability au the customary lad1r, of the Borovichskiy kombinat (Borovichi Kombinat) can 1),2 factured from the basic Arkalyk variant without @13j- aodl- tives; By increasing the amount of pressure applied, the stability of the brick can still be increased. There ar@_ Production of Ladle- and Regenerator Bricks From S/13 60/000/02/002/014 Raw Material of the Arkalyk De'posit B015YBOO8 I figure, 6 tables, and 2 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Semilukekiy ogneupornyy zavod (Svolluki Works for Refraotorisal /' Vseeoyuzny@ institut ogneuporov (111-Union-Tn-stitute-of Re- . -fractories, Card 3/3 BORISOVSKIYO Ye.S.; KHOSID.. G.M.; SPIVAK, G.I.; IVANOV, S.S.; REINGARDT, T.A. Production and testing of alumina-carberundus inserts for steel casting nozzles, Ognsupory 27 no.7001-305 162. NM 15:8) 1. Vaesoyuznyy institut ogneuporov (for Borisovskiy, Khosid). 2. Vnukovskiy ogm - '. (for Spivak, Ivanov, Reyngardt). (Refractory materi 9) (Continuous casting-Equipment and supplies) KAZAKEVICII, S.S.;-jqfOSID, MIMIAnOVA, L.I.; OIL."ISIM, 1-a-LISMINKO, R.S. TI1,110MU-7. A.F.; KAAASI, G.Yo. Burned fireclay blocks for largo capacity blast furnace stacks. Trudy Inst. ogneup. no-34:3-27 163. (IMA 17:10) Io Vsesoyuzriyy instittit ognou orov (for '11ilchaylova). 2. Semiluk-skiy ogneupornyy zavod (for Karas'@, BORISOVSKIY, Ye.S.; KHOSID, G.M. Manufacture of zircon-inserts without preliminary calcination of th@ raw matbrials. Ogneupory 29 no.2:59-62 164. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Vsesoyuznyy institdt ogneuporov. (I- KHOSIDt M.G. I Selecting the capacity of a heat and electric power plant on the basis of its participation in covering the peak section of the electric load graph of the power system, Izv. P11 Kazakh. SSR. Ser. energe no#2:102-108 160, (@aRA 140) (Blectric power plants) KHOSID, M.G. Increaou of the economic efficiency of stations with consideration of the use power plants in the electric power sys SSR. Sor. e'nerg. n'o.1:3-10 261. (Heating from central stations) (Interconnected electric utility systems) heating from central of heat and electric ems. Izv. AN Kazakh. (MIRLA 14:12) KHOSIDj M*G* Choice of the power of a heat and electric power plant in a consolidated electric power system. Izv. AN Kazakh. SSR. Ser. energ. no.2:15-21 161. (MIRA 14:12', (Heating from central stations) (Electric power plants) t "y -757 E;F n.. J-Dur. 1-1 c.. -r 7. I-ar _14 to, ,,,o 2 r inatitilt. Tj,-tit-Itu. T it lz; 'P',19 Effects Of a J-Diat on Ascorbic Pub. '7'r. Tb-Lli---sk,, !...ed. Abs t rac t, Ls a-,,t.; v-e re .00-. or or r,.4;ior-.s (A.5 ppi'c'l'at C@-.10-4-c vIL"I'Luell 4u h e (JUWAtcy of ascorbic p_C'@j 4rl f-,--pir Sl:,I)rq (-. @ @ji . rL, _j. a'@oumt --d percer..-;) t.0 rl i 0 as .1 :lCr Cor@4@roj aninIhIS. 7- to 10,9 015 Com'), u @ @! rC Ci -0 7,7 @n @011- trol ','n' wh inh - .-C, elved. e in.. p,.-; o r z @"' b' f., S ( r@ . 0 .", . 1, 1 'at-:Wns fol - 'r I Ck ;@rco-t. of c L.10- ric w@lue), a decre-ase o" @,Fcorbic 1/2 ZHQGITASHVI40,_@@.; GABOVICHI, R.D., prof. meeting of hygienists regarding the work of wGigiena i sanitarliseff Gig, t son# 23 no*4:87-88 Ap 1588 (MIRA 11:6) (MBLE MUWH--FMIODIGALS) It KHOSITASHVILI, B.R,; DEMETRASHVILI, K.P. Eloventh Congress of Hygienists and Sanitary Physicians of the Georgian S.S.R. 01 1 can. 26 n@-4:103-104 Ap 161. (MIRA 15:4) to PUBLIC HEALTH-@-CONGRESSES) 23954 S/096/61/000/008/005/005 C2 6, Sc2 0 0 E194/EJL55 _;1W_ W - - - - AUTHOR: Khosson, L.R., Engineer TITLE: differential method of checking the thermal calculation of convective surfaces PERIODICAL: Teploener-getika,'196lfNo.8, pp. 88-91 A TEXT. When making check calculations of a convective surface by the method of VTI-TsKTI the final temperature of one of the media is assumed and the heat balance equation is used to determine the heat take-up of the surface Q and the final temperature of the other medium. If the result is not suff�clently accurate a repeat calculation is made with a better selected value of final temperature of the medium and, if necessary, still further recalculations are made. This article describes a differential method of making a check thermal calculation which gives an accurate value of the required temperature of one of the media after the first trial calculation has failed to give the required heat transfer rates. if the first calculated value of ( LT 100 - 100 % CavA--1/-7- Qb 239514 S/096/61/000/00 /005/005 E194/EIL55 A differential method of checking the thermal calculation of convective surfaces exceeds the permissible difference for the given surface, and the true final temperature differs from that assumed by not more than 50 OCo there is no need to recalculate the heat transfer coefficient. The final gas temperature is then considered to be an independent variable of which the other main parameters are functions. A series of differential equations is then drawn up for heat transfer rates and temperatures. Tables of the formulae to be used in the different cases mentioned at the head of the tables are then given, as follows. In these formulae the following notation is used. The initial gas and steam parameters before the convective surface are: -@L' gas temperature; It gas enthalpy; t' steam temperaturel if steam enthalpy. Results obtained by the first calculation are denoted I'll t1f, if', with a pre-selected gas temperature 0.11. k is the heat transfer coefficient. The suffix P&CU means true final calculated value. y is the heat retention factor. Card 2/ 7 . 23954 s/o96/61/000/008/005/005 cl94/E,155 A differential method of checking the thermal calculation of .convective surfaces B f'( p I Df' (t") 2 where B p I is the calculated fuel consumption corrected for mechanical incomplete combustion in kg/hour; D is the boiler steam output, kg/hour; t,t is the mean temperature head, OC. f V- dI 11 /d*; it is the true total specific heat of the flue gases at the temperature f'(t") di"/dt" is the true specific heat of steam at the 2 initial tenperature t' A worked example illustrating the use of the formulae is given. The results are in good agreement with those obtained by the formulae of VTI - TsKTI, but the calculations are much simpler. There are 6 tables. Card 3/7 //-S3.00 AUTHOR: Khosson, L.R., Engineer 37562 s/o96/62/000/005/009/009 E194/E454 TITLE: A method of calculating the theoretical combustion temperature PERIODICAL: Toplocnergetilca, no.5, 1962, 89-92 TEXT: A general equation is written down for the heat evolved Q(t) in the combustion of fuel ex]@ressed in terms of the amounts of the different combustion*products, their temperatures and degree of dissociation. The equation is then differentiated'. with respect to temperature. Values of di/dt (i - gas enthalpy, t - temperature) are tabulated for various combustion products in the temperature range 900 to 25000C. It is then shown that the theoretical combustion temperature tT Must lie within a certain band of values. The degree of dissociation Of C02 W and of' H20 (y) are then determined approximately as lying within-certain bands of values. Provided that coordinates of two points are Icno%4n (tl, Xl, Y1) (t2, X2, Y2) the following approximate expressions can be written Card 1/2 A method of calculating ... t t +' Q, - Q(tl) (t t T 1 Q(t2) - Q Tt-1T 2 1 tT - ti x x + T 1 t2 - tl (X2 - xl) tT - tl YT Y, -@ v2 - tl (Y2 - yi) s/o96/62/000/005/009/009 E194/E454 This approximate method is nearly as accurate as the strict method of determination and much easier to work out, it is useful for calculations of the,calorimetric combustion temperature of fuel. Worked examples are given. There are 2 figures and 2 tables'. Card 2/2 c-_- 'KHOSSON, L.R. rmproved system at &&wing-off wasts pass frm driers for the drying mold enrfaces. TAteproiw. nollt42 N 162. (NM 15M) I (Drying appoiratm-4Wundry sand) (fthaust system) KHOSSON _. L I: : , IR Analytical method of temperattwe determination of radiating slot recuperator walls. Izv. vys. ucheb. zavo; chern. met. 6 no.6: 188-194 163. (MIRA 16:8) 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issladovatellskiy I proyektnyy institut po teplotekhnichesk$.mIaoorusheniyam. (Heat regenerators) (Heat-Radiation and absorption) i., - , @ VDavjCFMKO, Serly-ly Gif)rglyevinh; KIJOSTI 11,Ye , red.; /'Alaq.ITSKH , Ya,V. , red. [surveyorls guide] Sputnik I.-;yskAtaha- Moskva, Energila, 1965. 548 P. (MIRA 18:12) L 19423-65 WrW/900). 0@4 ACCESSION NR: AR4048162 8/0081/64/000/011/S074/SO74 SOURCE: Ref. zh, Khimlyv, Abs, ILS474 AUTHOR: Lyubmqn, N. Ya Rhostatc _.F' ImanizaZI.V05mil G. _K yde res Report 1. The synth6sis, of- TITLE: Membran a based on-_atyrene-fornuadeh styrene-forxnaldphyde resins CITED-SOURCE: Izv. AN,KazSSR, ger.1ekim.A-khtnt. n.'. vy*p. 3, 1964, 9-1C TOPIC TAGS:% change r6@ si-ni styreheiormiiiii@ insin, copolymer composition styiene copolymer, formaldehyde, cop@tyme`r 7.- TRANSLATION: , The-authors syqthesizedhighly selective ion exchange membranes based on styrene-formaldehyde resins; 30% formalin, H3SQ4 (specific gravity 1. 84) and redistil- led styrene were placed in a flask in that order (with a broad rauge of ratios b"ween the components). The react-ion continued for 6 hours at 95-96C, after which the organic layer was separated, dissolved in an equal volume of toluene, and washed with hot water, then with 1% NH OH and finally again with hot water to EL neutral reaction. The product was dried for 2t hours over CaC12, after which the traces of water were distilled off in the Card 1/2, KHOSTIKYAN,V.N. Distribution of the mean annual total of spring flood discharges on the territory of the Armenian SSR. Isv. AN Arm SSR. Ser FM nauk 8 no-3:113-119 MY-Je 055. (KLRA 8:11) 1. AroWanakly sel'skokhosysystyennyy Institut (Armenia--Floods) , -Ift Y.WMLIYANOVA, N.D.; KHOSTOVSKAYA, Ye.I. Behavior of leas after the death of the host. Izv. Irk. gos. protivochum. inst. 12:275-278 154. (MIRA 10:12) (TRAUSBA IKALIA--YLAAS) (PARAS ITES-RODINT IA) (ANIMALS, HABITS AND BXHAVIOiR OF) .KHOSTYANOV, L.K., prof. (Moskva) ... A.A. Chertov; on the 100th anniversary of his birthday. Glg.i san. 24 no.llt4O-41 1 059. (MM 13:4) (BIOGRAMINS) ACC NR-. AP7008895 S-OURC_E-COD@:_'_ UA/0425/66/009/009/00'L2/0016 AUTHOR: Lobanov, Ye. M-;,@ Kist) A. A. ORG: Physics-Engineering Institute'fin. S. U. Umarov, AN TadzhSSR (Fiziko-tekhnicheskiy. institut AN TadzhSSR); Nuclear Physics Institute, AN UzSSR (Inatitut yadernoy viziki AN UzSSR) TITLE: Determination of certain rare-earth elements in the ash of plants and soil. by the method of neutron activation 1SOURCE: AN TadzhSSR. Doklady, v. 9, no. 9, 19660 12-16 TOPIC TAGS: gamma spectrum, neutron irradiation, rare earth element, radioisotope, botany SUB CODE: 06, 18, 20 ABSTRACT: Radiation of Artemisfa terrae albae wormwbod ash ina stream of 1 8xj0 13 neutrons/cm2 , with-40-hour holding period, is sufficient for determina- [tion.. 'Prolonged "cooling" prevents determination of short-lived isotopes. A complete @ -ray spectrum of the sampli was used and decay curves were plotted for accurate identification of individual @ -emitters and separation of indivi- dual photopeak llowed by graphical anplysis. From the Compton distribution @4 46 fo 24 of Na and Sc the contribution @rom Na was determined by comparison with a standard. Results were compared with those from radiochemical separation of La "Ce, S;n, and Lu. Accuracy is 5-1@ percent. This paper was presented by '.A. A. Adkiliamov, Corresponding Member *Tadzbik Academy of Sciences, 10 March 1966. Orig, art. has: 2 figures afid 2 tabies- LJPHS: 39,6-581 Card 1 UDC: none KMCHIIISKIY, S., insh. Xfficlent and economIcal construction elements for apartment houses, Na stroi. Hook. 1 no.2:5-6 F 158. (MIRA n:g) (Moscov-Precast concrete construction) @ T-1- -1 y DUBROVA, V.S. ; KURGAITOVA, G-@l 'MALAhfOVA, M.P.; KHOTEMLYAV. , YA Y V, Effect of intravenous infusions of hypertonic solutions of magnesium sulfate on the course of pmrAlytic forms of poliomyelitis during the acute period. Vap.okh.mnt.i det. 3 lo.2:22-26 Kr-Ap '58. (MIRA 11:3) 1. Is knfedry detskikh iufokteionnykh bolezney (znv.-prof. V.S.Dubrovs) Sverdlovskogo meditainskogo instituta (dir.-prof. A.F.Zverev) i 4-y infektsionnoy bol'nitay (glnvnyy vrqch k.N.Romananko) (POLIOMYELITIS) (MAGNESIUM SULFATE-THERAPEUTIC USE) GUDKOV, A.S.; KIYEVLENKO, Ye.Ya.; XONDRASHEV, S.N.; YUWAKOV@ NoP&j, retfienzont; IAZIKO, Ye.M., retsenzent; PETROV, V.P., retsenzent; TATARINOV, P.R., retsenzent; KHOTENK,-.K.M-y-retsenzent; MAKSIMOV, A.A.p nauchn. red.; '@@MYTK_j V.1.0 nauchn, red, [Fundamentals of prospecting for piezo-optic mineral de- posits] Osnovy poiskov i razvedki mestorozlidenii plezo- optieheakikh mineralov; metodichesRoe rukovodatvo. Mo- skva, Gosgeoltekhizdat, 1963. 217 p. (MIRA 17:6) j STAROMMKO, V.Y., golovW red.; LOMYSIKIT, O.P., red.; RUDNITSIKIY,P.T. red.; LUTSENKO, F.G.. red.; BILOZUB, V.G., red.; FAYLUKO. K.K., red.; SVISTELINIX, A.N., red.; XHO_TtWKq,,M,P.. red.; ZADONTSEV, A.P., red.; POPOV, F.A.. red.; DAN1iYVf_,_6.T',',-@ed'.; TRITINCHINKO, A.P.. red.; AKSIONOV, G.G., [Agricultural manual for administrative personnel of province and district organizations, directors of machine-tractor stations, chairmen of collective farms and agricultural specialists] Posibnik po sel'alkomu hospodarstvu dlia kerivnykh pratgivnykiv oblasn.vkh i ralonnykh organizately, dyrektoriv MTS, holiv kolhospiv I fakhivtsiv sillslkoho hospodarstva. SkIndenyl za red.: V.F.Starchenka [and others] Holovryi red.V.F.Starchenko. Kyiv, Dersh.vyd-vo sillolkohospodaralkoi lit-ry URSR. Book 1. 1946. 1269.p. (MIRA 11:1) 1. Chlen-korrespondent akademii-neuk URSR (for Starchenko). (Agriculture) KWTMIKO, 14.P atarshiy nauchnyy rabotnik: PRISTAPCHUX, L.S. (Prystapchuk, . . . atarshiy nauchW rabotnIk Lowering costs oftmctor operations. Mekb. nil'. bosp. 9 no.10: 8-10 0 158. (MIRA 11:10) 1. Ukrainskly michnn-Issladmitellskiy Institut elektrifikataii sellskogo khozyaystva. (Tractors) starshi naughnyy.rabotnik; PRIOTAPGM, L.S., (Prystapchuk, L.S.] starshiy nauchW rabotnik Use of tractors on a leading collective sugar beet,,farm. Mokho oil' hosp..10 no.4:14-16 Ap 159. (min 12:6) l0krainskly nauchno-Isoledovatellskly institut ek9nomild i organizateli sollokDgo khozyaystva. (Tractors) (Sugar beets) FRISTAPCHUK, L.S. (Prystapehuk, L.S.); KHOTENKO, M.P.; LUPKO, A.7a.,, red.; NEKCHENKO, I.Yusp tekhn. red, - (Organization of the use of machines and tractors in collective farms] Organizataiia, iftorystannia masbymo-traktornoho parku v kolhospakh, 11@rivj, Dersh. vyd-vo miltalkohospodaralkoi lit-ry URSR, 1960. 226 p. (Farm mechanization) (MIRA 14:3.0) ALIPERN, L.L., promyshlenno-san.Ltarnvy vrach; W)TENKO. V.G. Y promyshlenno- sanitarnyy vrach; GUIWICH, O.M., vrachZ@@rant Periodic medical examinations of workers engaged in hand setting in typography. Gig. i san. 26 no','5:66@69 My 161. (MIRA 1514) 1. Iz sanitarno-epidemiologicheakoy stantsii Kirovskogo rayona Moskvy. - (PRINTING 114DUSTRI-HYGIENIC ASPECTS) (LEAD POISONING) KHOTENKOV,, V., mayor Prize named for a frontline sorgoant. Starshe-Ser2h. no.6:18-19 Je 164, (MM 17:7) PUGACHEV, Aleksandr Sergeyevich; GAKKEL', A.G., retsenzent; KHOTEMOVA, O.S., rotsenzent; KORZFOKO, V.M., retsenzent; SKI@S1�K--1y-'' - -- 1+;-D,@@,--nauchn. red.; SOSIPATROV, O.A., red. (Technical drawing) Tekhnicheskoe risovariie. Leningrad) Izd-vo "Sudostroenie," 1964. 143 P. (MIRA 17:6) 3/032/62/028/012/002/023 B124/B1O1 AUTHORS: Popil'skiy, M. Ya., and Khotenovichg Z. N. TITLEt Determination of molybdenum in wastes from ammonium molybdate production PERIODICAL: Zavodskaya laboratoriya, v. 28, no. 12, 1962, 1442 TEXT: To determine the total molybdenum content in wastes resulting from the extraction of calcined molybdenite by a solution of ammonia and other reagents, the authors suggest fusion of the weighed portion with NaOH. The efficiency of this method was proved in experiments with "poor" refuse ore (0-95@' h1o), "rich" refuse ore (10.85/6@, and mixtures of "poor" refuse ore with molybdenite concentrate. To separate silicon and aluminum oxides from the aqueous solution of the melt* ammonium chloride was used for precipitation. The resulting deposit contains a maximum of 0.04% molyb- denum calculated with respect to the weight of the wastes to be analyzed. To determine the molybdenum content in the filtrate, the usual method of precipitating and weighing lead molybdate is suited, but the latter has to bo procipitnted over again to remove traces of sodilim compounds. If lead Card 112 S/0 5 2/6 210 261012100 210 2 Determination of molybdenum B124/B101 molybdate is precipitated only once the average error of determination is +22@- as compared to -1.3 to + o.&% following reprecipitation. I-Abstracter's note: COMDlete translation. I ASSOCIATIONs Urallskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy khimicheskiy institut (Ural Scientific Research Chemical Institute); Pervouralucij khrompikovyy zavod (First Ural Bichromate Plant) Card 2/2 IGIOTENOV-SKIY, I.A. - Fam. Cryptotropidae fam. nov. (Trematoda). Trudy Zool. inst. 35; 192-207 165. (MIRA 19;1) 1. Zoologicheskiy institut AN SSSR. BYMOVSUYA-PAMOVSKATA, I.Ye.; GIIINTSINSKAYA, T.A.; RYZHIKOV, K.M.; KWnWVSKIT, I.A. SylteRatic position, morphology'aid development of the little-imovn t'rematodo Xstom arenula Creplin, 1825 Uterotream arenula (Crepl-,, 1825) Dolifupg,iq56 LvIth summary In French). Plarms* ebore 10:321-330 '58, (MIRA 120) leFoologichankly lnmtItulk AN SSSR, GellmintologAchaskays. laboratorlya AN SSSR I laningradekly gosudaratyannyruniveraltat. (Trevatoda) ' ' KHOTENOVSKIY I.A. -1-- Trematodes of birds in Leningrad Province. Paraz. sbor. 21: 203-208 163. (MM 17A) 1. Zoologicheskiy institut AN SSSR. KHOTENOVSKlT, I,A. Morphology and systematic position of trematodes of the genus Cortrema Tang, 1951 (Lecithodendriidas Odhner,, 1911). Paraz. abor. 20024-338 161. (HIRL 140) I 1i Zoologicheski]r institut AN SM. (TfMTCOA) (PARASITES-PASSERIFORM) 191UaU'tE!V1'kj-v I.A. Plenura of two scientific councils, S 162. (BIOLOGICAL REMURCH) Vest, AN SSSR 32 no.9:127-128 (14IR-4 .15:9) DYMOVSKAYA-PAVLOVSKAYA., I.Ya.; KIIOTFIIUVSKIY, I*A* Morphology of the trematode Collyriclum faba (Bremser, 1831). Paruz. sbor. 221207-219 t64. (MIRA 18:2) 1. Zoologfcheskly institutt-, AN SSSR. ANDROIKO, O.F.; fq!97@!Iq@@KIY, I.A. Morphology and taxonomic position of the trematode Posterocirrus clethrionomi gel,. et sp. nov. (Lecitbodendridae Odhner' 1911; Trematoda). Paraz. abor. 22t220-223 164. NIRA 18:2) 1. Institut z(ologii AN Moldavskoy SSQR i Zoologicheskiy institut AN SSSR. ftwmatlw wathritioo* Vastedmi4i v=* 34 nool2s6g-69 160siAliv, (K[*A' @ U83.) " @: -11 ,*,,,-.,,V@@;:IY n.. A. Experience With Prophylaxis of 6pidermophytesis. V0Y-,14?4O-kZD--,TSINSKIY ZIIUR14AL (RIL11ARY viLDICAL JOUIRNAL), NO 12, 1954. -@i"( VLASOVp V.V.., (Novosibirsk); _@40TPIOVSKIT,,K.A. (Novosibirsk) Skin diseases in burned patients. Vest. derm. i veno 36 no.1001-34 0162 (MIRA 16:11) KHOTETOVSKAYAq L. Individual training of new workers. Prof.-tekh.obr. 20 no.10t 26 0 163, (KM 16:12) 1. Starshiy lnzh. otdela tekhnicheakogo obucheniya zavoda "Krasnyy kotellshchik". g. Taganrog, Rostovskaya obl. IHOMMOVSKIT, S. @ Lot us Improve control over disbursements from wage fund@. Don. I kred. 13 no.9.-36-39 9155. (ULNA 8:12) (Banks and banking) (Wages) KHOWOVSKIY, S. lot us fulfill the money 4o-42 11 156. (Poltava Province--Banks clrculati@n plan. Den.i kred. 14 no.7: (NLRA 9:9) and banking) h-HOTETOVSKIYL S,,-, Give more attention to the management of currency circulation. Den. i kred. 19 no.11:5$-.61 N 261. (MIRA 14:12) 1. Nachallnii ODO Poltavskoy oblastnoy kontory Gosbanka. (Poltava Province-Banks and banking) KIIiII-III.VICH) V. i. Deformations (Mechanics) Structure of metals that have underllone plastic deformation at low -temperature. Zhur. tekh. fiz. 22 no. 3, 1952. Ronthly List of Russian Accessions, Librar, of Congress, August 1952. Unclassified. D'YAKOVOY. Nikolay Nikolayevich. kandidat skonomichaskikh nauk; KHOTRYIV. ,.A.A._,_ redkktor; GtMINO M.L. tekhaichaskiy redaktor (From-a backward possontr7 to a oountr7 of large-scale socialist farming] Is otstalot wilkok:Testlianskoi - Y stranu krupnogo sotsiallatichookogo sel'skogo khosisistva. Moskva, Isd-vo *Znsnie,@ 1957. 45 P. (Yessotuanoe obsbaheotvo po remprostranenitu Politichs- skikh i nauchnykh snanile r5ere 3, no-14) (MLIA 10:9) (Agriculture) PHASE I B001r, EXPLUTATTON 505 Mioteyev, Alsksmdr Alekseyevich., Candidate of %bcbnical Sciences Tekbriiebeskly progress v promyshlemosti i rost proizvoditellnosti trOar (TachnIM1 Progress in Industry and Growth of Lebor Productivity) Moscow., I7A-vo "7heniye",, 1958. 47 p. (Series: Vsesoyuznoye obahchestvo po raeprostraneniyu. politicbeskikh i nau bnykh mmniy. Seriya 111., 1958, No. 4o) 86*,,000 copies printed. Ed.: M2-1 , Ye. A.; 23ch. Ed.: Oubin, M. I. PUMSE: This booklet, published by the All-Uhion Society for the Dissemination ..4litical and Scientific Knowledge, is intended for the General Feader. of 9 COVMUM: The author describes those features of technical progress which an play- ing an important role In increasing labor productivity In leading bruches of Soviet beavy Industry. He also reviews general problems associated with the economic effectiveness of new equdpmnt. According to the author., X., S. Mwwh- chev outlined on 6 November 1957 some industrial goals which the Soviet Uhlon vill attempt to attain by 1972. According to Khrushchev..-'.the Soviet azinual product- ion of industrial and consumer goods by 1972- vill be as follows: P-50 to 300 mill.ion tons of iron ore; 75 to 85 million tons of pig iron; 100 to 3.20 million Chid 1/2 505 Tsebuical Progress in Thdustry and Grairth of Iabor (coat.) tons of steel; 650 to 750 I'd1lion tons of coal; 350 to 4W million tons of 011; 270 to 320 billion cubic meters of fps; SW to 900 billion kv. of elect-.1c ener$y; 90 to 310 xMi n tons of cem*4, 9'. to 10 mi 111 on tons of sugar; 550 to 6 50 =tan--s of vool cloth; and 60o to 700 million pairs of shoes. There are no references. TAM2 OF Cm7nom 8 Nature of tecbxdcal progress and Its Importance as a factor in the rnpid growth of labor productivity under socialism Basic trends In the technical progress of present-day Industi-y 18 Economic Justification for the introduction of modern teallmiques 39 AVAnAME: Library of Congress Card 2/2 VKJ:C@l 12 August 1958 ONAROVSKIY. Aleksandr Grigorlyevich; ORLOV, N.A., prof., reteenzent; BZWv L,Ya., prof., doktor skon.nauk, retsenzent; JZOTZM, A.A.. kand.ekon.nauk, red,; SALYANSKIY, A.A., red.izd-va; UVAROY' tekhn.reds [Production specialization and the distribution of machinery manufacture In the U.S.S.R.] Spetsializataiia proisvodstva I razueshchanie sashinostroitellnoi prowqshlennosti S66R. Aoskva, Gos.nauchno-tekhnAsd-vo mashinostroltallt-ryt 1959. 178 P. (Machinery industry) (KIRA 12:4) KHOTSYXV, A.A.; GAZALITZV, H.V.-@@KAKSIKOV, I.S., red.; GMSIMOVA, [Improvement of machinery and technological re-equipment are important tasks of the seven-year plan) BovershenBtvovanie takhniki i takhnichaskoe perevoorushente - vazhnsishaia %ads- cha somiletki. Moskva, Gosplanisdat. 1960. 98 p. (MIRA 13:6) (Technological innovations) JEOTEYEV, Aleksandr Alekseyevich; M-MIMOV, I.S. p red.; POVOKAMA, A.A.,, [The bconomic bases of the development of toobniques and techoology in industrial production] Mconomicheakis oxnavy razvitiia tekbn1ki i tekhnologii proxyohle=ogo proizvodBtya. @,14os]map Gon.ixd-vo planovo-ekon.3it-ry, 1961. 130 p. I'' OURA 10 6) (Costs, Industrial) (Machi@ery in industry) KHOTEYEV, L. V. The ESD-200-30-T/400 mobile electric power station. Mul tekh.- ekon. irform. Goa. nauch.-issl. inst. nauch. i tel:h. inform. 18 no. 12:43-1,/+ D 165 (,@fm 19: 1) ACC NR: -AP6013097.:- 8 330 mm while its height a 3 245 mm. A drawing in the text shows . , units are placed,in the side*view of the trailer, 1he generating the- front. compartment of the trailer. while . the-rear compartment is'-.. -equipped with switchboard,,cdntrol panel, voltage regulator, And other devices. ' The essential; data on.the main and auxiliary generat. art has ing unit are tabulated* Origi one figures.-, , SUBCODE:.: .10 SUBM DATE X 'rZ- Ca d 2JP IlT r . S@t of elec@.,,Jf: ccnverter un.1U. SLO i tekh. KHQ -insh.; NEWPIN, A.M., inzh., vedushchiy rod.; SIZOT, Ms.. red.; POWMARN, V.A., [organization of technical Information and exchange of Ilifornation on advanced practices; collection of reviews] Organizatella. takhnichaskot Informatsil i obv"na persdovym opytom; referf4tv"I sborntk. Moskva. 1958. 11 p. (Paredovol nauebno-tekhulcheskil i prolsvodstvannyl opyt. Team 51.:no.19/1) (MIRA 12:1) 1. Moscow. Voes6yuxrqy Institut nauchuoy I takhutcbeekoy Infor- "atoll. (Technoloff--Informatton services) GITMAN, F.Ye.; KHOT31TIV. L.V. 1-i-i @--WQMWA& - @ 0 1 000-- .1 - The M!@ mobile mohine for reeling up reinforcements. Biul, takhe- ekon. inform. uoo'4t45J+6 158. (XIM IWO (Reinforced concrete constraction) KHOTEIEV Y.S.,_kwuUveterin.muk 'Calcium, phosphorus and carotene content in the hay and concentrates used an the collective farms of Brest Province. Trudy NIVI 1:249-253 160** (MIRA 15'10) (Brest Province-Hay) KHOTEYEV., VtS.-,-@.veterin.nauk -Poiooningo of agricultural animele from lupine and the prevention of theas dioeasso. Trudy NIVI 1:254-259 160. (MIU 15:10) (Lupine-Toxicologj) (Veterinary medicine) . 'I-, KHOTEYEV V.S kand.veterin.nauk; CIIEVGUZ., F.K... veterimrnyy vrach. Case of mass poisoning of horses from the marsh horsetail. Trudy NIVI 1:260-263 160. (MIRA 15.-:LO) (Horsetail-Toxicology) (Horses-Diseaoes and pests) 1A C) -r 1:- Y r- v 11 V@' PEASE I BOOK M(PLOITATION sov/4ogo Minsk. BelorusOkly politekhnicheskly Institut Sbornik naachnykh trudov, TYP- T9 (Collected Scientific Papers of the Belorussian Polytechnical Institute, no. 79) Minsk, Red.-izd. otdel BPI imeni I.V. Stalina, 1959. 94 P. 1,200 copies printed. Aaditional Sponsoring Agency: Minsk. Belorueskiy polltekhnicheakiy institut. Kafedrs. "Detali nmhin." Editorial Board: V.N. Trey"r (Reap. Ed.),Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor; V.I. Butrimovich, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent; L.M. Rubenchik., Candidate of Technical Sciences., Docent; and A.I. Zheltonoga, Candidate of Tech- nical Sciences, Docent; Ede.: A.G. Blym,, and N.V. Kapranova; Tech. Ed.: Ye.P. Konchits. PURPon: This collection of articles is intended for scientific and technical per- sonnel in the aschine industry. COVEME: The book contains articles on the design, operaticoml properties, and causes of failure of ball bearings. Also discussed is the design of frume-and. Card 1/@ Collected Scientific Papers (Cant.) SOV/4090 housing-type parts for machinery. No personalities am mentioned. References accompany several of the articles. TABLE OF C Treyyer, V.N. Methods of Designing Ban Bearings 3 The author discusses determination of design stresses, distribution Of radial load among balls, determination of carrying capacity of single-rov bearings under static radial load, an& design of single-row bearings for long life. Khoteyeva, R.D. Investigation of Changes in Roughness and Kicrohardness of 7n-ne-r-Tffn-g-7Gr-O-Oves of Ball Bearings During Running-in 18 The author describes the methods and instruments used in this investi- gation. Diagram of changes in roughness and microbardness and micro- slides of ball-bearing races am presmted. The results of the tests are sumarized at the end of the article. B%um, Ye.O. Analysis of Causes of Ball-Bearing Failure 30 The author discusses defects resulting from the inappropriate choice of ball bearings for a given type of work, from improper construction and mounting,fift nonuniform load distribution among running elements, from improper lubrication, and from materials used, temperature, and manufacture. Card 2/3 Collected Scientific papers (Cant.) SOV/4090 Kruahevskiy, Aje. Desip of rrgm_ mad Houslng_T@pe Parts The author discusses the sPP3-icmtiOft Of the theory of elasticity to the 39 design of basic machine parts. The determination of the riaidity of machine Parts is SISO discussed. IrIformgtion is given on the use of Vlasov1s variation Method for designing thick_ and thin-valled three- dimensional constructions. A omple design of the frame of a horizontal broaching machine 15 Presented. AVAILABLE.- Library of Congress Card 3/3 VK/Pw/gmP 10-27-6D I< 1-10 Tt@_ A PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOW/4580 Minsk. Belorusskiy politekhnicheskiy institut Detali mashin (Machine Parts) Kinsk,, Red.-izd. otdel BPI imni I.V. Stalina, 1959. 69 p. (Series: Its: Sbornik nawhnykh trudovp TYP. 75) 1,500 copies printed. Sponsoring Agencies: Ministerstvo vysshego,, arednego spetsiallnogo i professional,- nogo obrazovaniya BSSR; Belorusskiy politekhnicheskiy institut imeni I.V. Stalina. Editorial Board: V.I. Treyyer (Resp. Ed.).,Doctor of Teckmical Sciences, Professor; V.I. Butrisiovich., Candidate of Technical Sciences., Docent, L.M. Rubenchik, Candidate of Technical Sciencesp Docent, and A.I. Zheltonoga, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent; Resp. Ed. for this vol.: A.A. MmM1n2 Engineer; Ed.: N. Kapranova; Tech. Ed.: Ye. Konchits. PURPOSE: This collection of articles is intended for technical personnel and scientific workers. COVERAGE: This in the T5th loom of a series published by the Belorussian Poly- technic Institute imeni I.V, Stalin. The collection contains eleven articles,, -Z&Pd-14- Machine Parts SOV/4580 ten of which are devoted to studies and work related to the life of certain machine parts. The remaining article deals with the power of the lighting -installation in a cinematographic apparatus. No personalities are mentioned. References accompmy most of the articles. There are 32 references: 30 Soviet, 1 English and 1 German. A short appendix is also included. TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. TTeyyer,, V.N. Short-Tim Testing Methods for Determining the Life of Machine Parts 3 2. Krushevskiy,, A. Ye. On the Problem of the Calculation of Fraze-Type Machine Parts 10 3 .- Khoteyeva, R.D. The Investigation of Changes in the Smoothness of Surfaces of Ball-Bearing Grams During Operation 15 4. Blyum, Ye. 0. On the Problem or calculating the Balancing of Piston Engin a and on the Prevention of Dangerous Vibrations of Foundations and Shafts With Adjoining Elements 26 APOSTOLOVp B6Q.9 kdnd.me4.naukj MAKMNGVSKIY9 L.I.p kand,med.nauk; MOM, Z.S.; GOLUBEVAP Ye.Ye.,-, KHOTEMAp-R.O,_ CIJIr,ica2 and laboratory characteristics of coli enteritisj from data of the Children's Clinical Hospital in Starvopol. 24 no*1106-100 N 160, (MIRA 14:3) 1. Iz kafedry,detskikh bolezney (zav, - dotsent B.G.Apostolov) StavroVol-Iskogo meditsinskogo institutag StravropoWskogo inatituta, Vaktsih i ayworotok (dir. - kandidat medits-inBkilch mi, V.M.Kruglikov). (ESCH M CHIL COLI) (SUVROPOL-INTESTINES-.DISEASES) A ILLYUTOVICH,, A.Yu.; APOSTOLOV, B.G.; MROVA, Z,S.; RAKHMOVSKIY, L.I.; GOLUBEVAP Ye.Ye.j-,,UOT=VAj_R.S- Diagnostic significance of 1==ological reactions in the iso- lation of go coli in young children. Pediatriia no.5:47-51 161. (MIR& 34s5) le Is Stavropollskogo instituta vaktain i x1vorotok (dire - dotsent, VoKe Iruglikon) i detskoy kliniki Stavropollskogo moditainakogo inatituta (dire -- prof* V.G. Badylin, zavo kafedroy - B.G. Apostolov). (ESCHERICHIA COLI) 1. KHOTIKOVA, S. A. 2. USSR (600) 4. Ulcers 7. Condition of the stomach in peptic ulcer treated with prolonged sleep induced pharma- ceutically; clinical and roentgenologic study. (First communication). Klinomed. 30 no. 9 11952. qO -15' 9. Monthly Lists of Russian AcoessiMg., Library of Congress, March 1953, Undlassifiede ILLYUTOVICH, A.Yu.; IIETROVA, Z.S.; POTEIEVA, ReSe; MAKHLINGVSKIY, L.I.; GOLUBEVAP Ye.Ye.; RAUISp B.11. Experimutal biological moipl of colienteritis and some problems in the pathogenesis of this infection. Zhur. mikrobiol.l epid. i immun- 33 no.1:83-.81) A 162. (MIRA 15:3) 1. Iz Stavropollskogo iwtituta vaktain i syvorotok. (ESCHERMETA COLI) (INTESTINF.S-DISEUES) 1. KHOTIKOVA, S. A. 2. uSSR (60o) 4. Sleep 7. Condition of the stomach in peptic ulcer treated with prolonged sleep induced ph.-r- maceutically; clinical and roentgenoloc-le study. (First communicatinn). ,-,in-. med. 30, no. 9, 19' .52. 9. MonthLy List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, March 1953. Unclassified. AUTHOR; Khoti nr@. SOV/115-58-1-9/50 TITLE: A Device for the Complex Checking of External Threads (Pribor dlya komplekenogo kontrolya naruzhnykh rez:b) PERIODICALt Izmeritellnaya tekhnika, 1958, Nr 1, pp 20 (USSR) ABSTRACTt The article describes and illustrates a special device for checking simultaneously the pitch diameter of rolled ,lMl6x 1,5d" thread on tractor piston rod bolts and the non-perpen- dicularity of the bolt head's face. The novelty, or improve- ment, of the device as compared with existing devices of this kind consists in the new design of the 3 thread-measur- ing rollers, which provides a high stability of reading. There are 2 diagrams. 1. Thread gages--Design Card 1/1 t PIW. EAPUI SqT(d)/Wr(M)/SIP(f YEPF(n)-2/EYiP(v)/r-2/tWP( I/EP(W& ACC .NRj 6006W (A, W soURGH CODEs WR701@3316 ETC(m)-6 IJP(c) JD/WW Airmmst xhotilin, A OM none L -ji TITMt: ndle Machine of ka -for- P 67, :No, 176284 MURGEt Isobrateniyal 'Pronwahlem to wye obrastqrp varnVe anaki,, nos 2. 1966j 155 VOPIG TAGS I turbine 'disk-$- matial p6-liBhIng.,, vad:,-a- 4vat ABSTRAM This Author Gertificate"'presents 'a multi-spindle machine far. gas turbine !disk polishing@ To increase, produotivity.17 providing simaitaneous machining of the'' %sk diaphragm and rounding of the:bUde 616,tsp the polishing spindles are mounted., :On @ sepirate.heade located radially; around U.'a rotating disk. The heado have' ,of t:he machinsd sectdons for Control ot 'templates corresponding to the profiles 'the polishers during machU" of.the diaphr(go neir,the rim., hubp and this central, 1portion of the disk (aep Fi#.. .1) j 1@@,--Td -simplU,@ this sot-,qp procedure vhJ2e machining disks of various shapes and sizes$' a.,.-'8000nd fqtUre permits mounting of a whole I set of templates on. the 'spindle. guidese,-,@Ihead "a plaod an needed under the copying. -4-24falw66 ACC. NAo -j'AP6006412 P7, 3o-4 ronor AWing qA But :@id' 2h A.I. Semiautomatic two-spincile copyiiig milling machine. D-Jul. te-kh.- akon. Inform. Gos. naiLoh.-issl. inst. tiauch. i tekh. inform. 17 no.4t27-29 Ap 164. (MM!, :L?.- 6) OBNOVLENSKIY, Petr Avenirovich; MUSYAKOV, Leonid Abramovich; SHTEYNTSAYG, Matvey Abramovich;,KWTUIN, kleksandr-lopifovicht PAYAZOV, - Nikelay Fedorovichj TUCHKOVI,'L.K-.- insh., ved. red.; SOROKINA, T.M., tekhn. red. [Automatic control of a double micraso"o., Automatic device for checking rolleralAvtomptizataiia dvoinogo mikroakopa. 1vtomat Olia kontrolia valikoV. MoskTa, Filial Vass. in-ta nauchn. i tokhn. informatsii,, 1958. 13 P- (Peredovoi nauchno-tekhnichookly i'proizvodstvennyi opyt. Tema 21. No.N-58-140/5) (MIRA 16:3) (Microscope) (Electronic instruments) KHOTILI9, A.I. Machine-tool unit for machining center holes in billets. Biul. tekh.-ekon.infom.Goo.nauch.-isal.inst.nauch.i*tekh.inform.' no.12: 45-48 163. (MIRA 17:3) -- A. I. Control of internal ho--, !,owa of shpfils. "ZT-. CF;Kh. n(i,4: (?.I Tj@ 53-54 Ap 165. . a8-7')