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KIPULOV, M. Cand Chew Sci - (di-sts) "The reactio.-I Betwccn P,wrpliorus P,F~ntachloride ana Complex Faters cf Enolsn," Moscow, 1960, 21 pp, 300 copies (CbRir of Organ) c Chemistry, ChenIcal Faculty, Moscow State U im M. Ve Lomonosov) (KL, 46/60, 123) S/020/60/132/04/30/064 ,57 ? 63 0 BO11/BOO3 AUTHORS: Lutsenko, I. F., Kirilovp M. TITLE: Pb2ghoEXlated Chlorovinylketones. Primary Products of the Reaction of Phosphorus Pentoxide With Enolaoetates PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 1960, Vol. 132, No. 4, py. 842-645 TEXT: In a previous paper (Ref. 1) tho of phosphorylated P-ohlorovinylketones pentachloride with enolaoetates. In the to study this reaction and ascertained reaction can be stopped in the primary addition of phosphorus pontaohloride to unsaturated eater. 2 moles of M are The composition of the addition pLduot the analysis of vinylacetate. Since the hydrolyzed by atmospheric moisture, and authors described the production by the reaction of phosphorus present paper they continued conditions under which this stage, i.e., in the stage of the double bond of the used for one mole of eater M. was proven by the example of products indioated are easily are unstable at room temperature, Card 1/3 Phosphorylated Chlorovinylketones. 3/020/60/132/'04/30/064 Primary Products of the Reaction of B011/BO03 Phosphorus Pentoxide With Enolacetatee they were further treated with sulfur dioxide at low temperature, thus avoiding that they be isolated. Thus, acid chlorides of P-acstoxy-p- -ohloroalkylphosphinic acids were formed. Thuy were sufficiently resistant for isolation in pure state (11). The yields of acid chlorides of the P-acetoxy-p-ohloroethyl- and of the P-acetoxy-o-chloropropyl- phosphinic acids were 65 and 70 per cent, raspeotivelys At a ratio of enolacetate : FClR w I : I the Yield of the acid chloride does not exceed 40% in bot cases. This is another indirect proof that the product added to the vinyl acetate and, apparently, also to the isopropenylacetate possesses a structure as shown in (1). The two latter reactions are to be performed at different temperatures; the former at 7-80, the latter at -250, since the addition products have a different stability. A similar difference in resistance is shown by the acid chlorides (III) obtained from addition products. The cor- responding diethyl eater was obtained by the antion of alcohol on the acid chlor'ie of the P-acetoxy-p-ohloroethylpboalhinic acid in the presence of pyridine. By way of hydrolysief this eater yields Card 2/3 Phosphorylated Chlorovinylketones. S/020/60/132/04/30/064 Primary Products of the Reaction of BO11/BOO3 Phosphorus Fentoxide With Enolacetates phosphonic aoetaldehyde by the action of water and by heating within several hours, or within 3 - 4 days at rQom temperature. The authors failed to obtain the dietbylester of 0-acetoxy.-P-ohloropropylphosphinic acid in the presence or absence of pyridine. In both cases only phosphonic acetone could be obtained. The same process takes place by the action of alcohol on the acid chloride of acetonyl-pboapkinic acid in the presence of pyridine. The above reactions substantiate the indloated structure of the carbon radical of the addition products. They further prove that addition occurs in accordance with Markovnikov's law. There are 2 tables and 2 Soviet referencea. ASSOCIATION: MOBkovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet Im. M. V. Lomonosova (Moscow State University imeni M. V. ,Lomonosov) PRESENTED: January 7, 1960, by A. N. Nesmeyanov, Academician SUBMITTED: January 6, 1960 Card 3/3 LUTSM09 I.F.; KIRMV.-M.j OVCHINNIKOVA, G.A, rhosphorylated chlorovinyl, ketones. Part 3t Reaction of phosphorus pentachlorids with enol asters. Zhur.ob.khim. 31 no.6t202&2033 ;e 161. (MM UtO le Moskovskiy gonudarotvemW universitat imeni M.V.14monosova. (Phosphorus chloride) (Knols) LUTSENKO, Id.) KIRILOV, M.; POSTHIKOVA) G.B. Phosphorylated chlorovinyl ketones* Part 41 Prima'7 products of the motion between phosphorus pentachloride and anol eaters* Zhur.ob.khim. 31 no*WO34-2036 je 161a (MIM 14 t 6) 1e Moukovskiy gomWarstvennyy universitat imeni M.V.Iomonosova,, (rhosphorua pentachloride) (Inols) LUTSENKO, I.F.; KIRILOV, M. - ------- Phoophorylaterl chloroviwjl ketones. Part 5-- Products of addition of phosphorus pentochloride to enol esters and their rearrangement to phosphorylated chloro ketones~ Zhur. ob. khim. 31 no. 1133594- 3601 N 161. (MIRA 14: 11) (Enols) (Phosphorus chloride) (Ketones) LUTSENKO, I.F.; KIRILOVp M.1 POSTNIKOVA., G.B. .L. Phosphorylated chlorovinyl ketones, Part 6;,S -Acyloxyalkenylphos- phinic acid esters. Zhur. ob. khim. 32 no.1:263-266 Ja 162. (MIRA 1512) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet imeni Lomonooova. (Phosphinic acid) LUTSENKO., I.F.j KIRIICV,. M. Roaction of phosphorus penUebloride with enolaceUtes. rftmiya t Primeneniye Foafororganicheakilch loy"dinenly (Uhnedstry and apolication of organoohosohoran connoutv'3) .4. YY, AHl~illl. Lit, ,lubl. by KaAar kffil. Acad, -;ci. U.V~R, Yo3cov 1962, 632 3t). Collection of corinletA oapern pm9entotd at the 1959 Uzuri `--)nft-fvncv or, Cherdstry of rVanonhospWrum Commms. IZMNXO,, I.F. I XMILOV9 M. Interaction of phosphoric pentachloride with enol enters. Pt. 1 and 2* Godishnik khim 55 noja135-187 160/61 (publ.162). I 1., Xate&a po ornaichm khIml ia. pri Moskovsklia durshaven univursitst M40 Lomonosay. KIHILOV, M.; MROVA, Is 1.111trile estorn of phosphormacetic avid-With baiz~tl.leh7de and furfurole. Doklady BAN 17 no.11-15-,1.8 If4 1. Prodstavleno akad. 1). Ivancrym, chlcri Erdaktnimnoy kollegli, "Doklady Bolgurskoy Andomil nauk.' -66 W( ')/W(J) Vw L 156U ACC NR i AP60=107: soun. o= i su/bon/65/016/W00331/0334, AVrHCR: Vpetro'T'J'PA~_ MG i Facul of Chemix Lin S of la TITLM Acylation or diit6&'~~ phosphonlizi acetic said nitrile -of ,us Dcklady~ ve 18j no. 4v 196% ~31-334 SOURCE a :Bulgaiska or organic TOP10 TAGS i :,chaided react ong esters gamic nitrile compound# acetatai phosphorus oo 000und ABSTRACTt Th as 6nd'roscUon"Capabilities of the 'a 'P .,-aster i~f_jhi pli~6h6niu;m scet'ic'-soid he esters-of the nitile of phoonhonjUn-saotio'&A44fure-littlo-rmomi'::,Oonsoquontly-f- the -a-UMOTS-Prosent ~in date ils1the proasas'khd ,rasults-'Of,.the-acylation of the diethyl aster of the nitrile of Phos'phonium acetic aoido The resulting diethyl esters.are J :.Colorless -liquids 'and 4ith.ths''excintion 'of the benzoy~.lLe;:1yett~y?p are., .stable in stor Vas submitted by B.. Kurtayl Corres paper pona"Z Bulgarian Acade of Sdianosep 304aiember 1964. Orig. art. haeu, figures and I table. Z"_1117 aim 0=1 07 SWUM 'now/0- OTH RIF 1 003 3CN FW 3 003 RIG WWI$ 001 KINILCV, ZOTOV, K.G.; URNOV, X.Mv ...... 1.11'.."f"*."Iill""Imi,,,illlolli4m (The organisatIon and operation of the signal central control and block system of a railroad and of Its communications] Xoskm, Tranesholdorisdat, 1954o 300 P, (HLU 8i2D) AZBUXIN0 FoA*, prof o; LUPAL, N*V.,prof.,- KOTLYA]MIKO, N.Y., dote.; NIWGABOYO N.M.. dote.; RYAZAMIYO B.S.01rando totha. twuk,; - KIRILIJOY, N.M., kand. tokhn.nouk Outstanding specialist in the f told of railroad automatic and remote control. Avtom., tolem. i sviaz' 2 no. 8:43 Ag '58. (MIRA 11:8) (Mmishav, Petr Vladimirovich. 1888-) XIRIWV, M.N., kand.tekhi.nauk This will accelerate design work. Avtom.. telem.i wviaz' 3 no.7:39 JI 159. (MM 12:12) 1. DekKn fakulltsta signalizateii, teentralizatsil, blokirovki i Gvy&sI URWIIIT. (Railroads-Signaling) (Railroads-Safety appliances) IURTL07, 1% 1% x1rilov. K. Fl. "The Protection of sl-,,gle-wire rail circuits from the effects of DC electric traction." &Always USSRO Leningrad Order of Lenin Inst of Railroad Tr;insport Engineers Imeni, Academic"n V. 11. Obreztsov. Leningrad, 1956. (Dissertations for the Dagree oAr UI-indidate in Tech- nical Science) So: Knizimaya -etopis', No. 27, 1956- hoscow. Pages -)4-109; 111. xoTLTARjNKO, N.Y., kandIdat takhnicheakikh nauk, dateent; IIRIWT, 91-M-o assistant inshoner; TOLKOT, T.Y., assistant Inshener. Effect of traction current harmonies an the operation of rail track circuits. Sbor.LIIZHT no.151:261-300 156. (MT-RA 10:1) (Electric railroads) TYURMOIIEZOV, Viktor Yevgrafovich, inzh.; KTRTTDV- Mikhail M41ch"Invichl, kand, tekbus nauk; KOZLOV., Lev Nikolayevich, inzh.,.- KUMIN., Ye.A.., kande tekbn, neuk, retsenzentj POZDNYAM, L.G.9 inzb.., retoenze'utj F3LIDMAN; A.B.y insh.8 reteenze'utj KAZAKOVp A.A.; kand. tekhn. nauk, redol MEDVEDEVA, M*Aoj tekbno redo [Electric power supply to railroad commmications, apparatus and automatic controls and remote control systems] Elektropitanie uotroiotv sviazi, avtomatiki i telemekbaniki na zheleznodorozhnom trarisportes Moskva# Yse.oo izdatellsko-poligro ob"edinenie H-va putei aoobshchenliap 19616 215 P. (KIRA 14ill) (Electric power supply to apparatus~ (Railroads-Electric equipment) ZOTCrV9 Konstantin Gavrilovichp inzbo; KIRILOY-1-Iiikhail-Mikbay2ovichs kand, tekhn. naukj KVITKMI~,-T.-I.#-inzh., reteensent; ZIOVIKM, M.N.0 inzh., red.; USENKO, L.A.j, tekhn. red. (Signaling and telecomminication devices and V,eir use] Ustroistva STsB I eviazi i ikh ispoltzovanie. lzd.2., perer. i dop. Moskva, Transzholdorizdat, 1962. 283 p. (Railroado-Signaling) (MIRA 150) (Railroads--Conm.mication systems) (Railroads --- Electric equipment) - K I)t 1 . :-IV 2 V. ---- I.. JT:' . :f J 7VIt t; .1-1 ~ : ,, . -~,; 1, ' -, # -1. I ':"' 'r i -~, e, q -, , - , ,-- '. , ~ r.(1.6; 14 "". KIRILOV, V.14, [Kyrylet'AY-H-1 Use of veinea d fishing. Kharl!%am: ~i with mechanized sea-te-boat fishpump By8tems no.4s7,10 - O-D '63. (MIRA 17s1) P If 4 GLIKMANI L.S.; BWHAROVP I.Y.; VIKIRW, G.L.; ABROSIMOV, B.Z.; KIVILGVp --- ------ -- -- ye_&_~-m'NIKCV, S.M.; IAGAFONOV, A.V.; SOSKIND, D.M. Rebutldine catalytic cracking units with a combined reactor-rogenordtor. Khim. i tekh. topl. i masel 6 no.11:6-,10 N 161. (MIRA 14:12) 1. Gosudarstvannyy nauchno-isolodavatellakiy i proyektnyy institut neftyanogo mashinostroyeniya. (Cracking process) A -66- /Bwp(j ~kO5 .-AC NNs AP600 'SC C )t0ft"Com- ijA61OQ610051006 34 95 Ki riL it'ro, At Larln' N. Mat eyeva,,~'Ye.: N~'l b All -:~ORG: none, VIM: t 4-for~ ab121xat1ow:of~po3Y8tj=6' it Cla 85:39,, h2tos b -'thi a -Salentific'Mesearoh Institu a 'ou: LO fannouno to t ed Polymeriz Plastic . . . . . . &I EWE f GasudaratWnhyy nauonno-77, And '150 ENNUI uski InstItUt-polimerizatelonn plastmass i eksperl- Jnentainyy zavod)T. SOURCE: Izobreteniya oVrazteyp tovarnyye nakis no,,%,.~,J 1966 6 9 TOPIC TAOS: polystyrenei, light stabilization, pliotostabilizations light stabilizer. Z ABSTRACT An Author Icate has been issued describing a method'of Ce riif light stabilizationof polystyrene by introducing a ~Jght stabilixer Into it.. To,ext otabIlIzerg 2-hydro and the variety or 21ght xy-4-v butoxy-41 -ohldroben;~qphenonq .,is suggested for use as the ligh- stabilizer, SUB CODE: '11t UBK DATE t. 10-lun64/ 678. 60 5 1 Z46. 22 LSard KIRII,DU,S..K. I Young builders of communism. Nauka I zhyttla 8 no.10:1-4 158, (MIRA 13:4) 1. Sekratarl TSentrallmogo komitsta Leninskogo kommunisticheskogo so.ruza molodesht Ukrainy. (Comeudet Touth League) S/191/62/000/008/003/013 3124/Bl"-8 I:holodovskaya, R. S., Gosteva, 0. k., Zabyrina, K. I., Spivak , 'N.. 11,11. , Kirilovich V. AT 0 Development of elect roins-ulat in,; ir-preznating ----sses containing no aolvonts. Impregnating masses based on 5h- ON) epoxy resin Plastich6skiye massy, no. 8, 1962, 14-16 IT 5:1 rcain Was developed at the IMP" and synthesized experimentally cordi.-IC to V1, -L:-2c6-6o irom epichlorohydrin and the. condensation ac IU .pro'uct of phenol and formaldehyde with 11C1 as catalyst. It contains up 10 '--3C-;j phenyl glycidine ether and chemically, it consists mainly of bij---lycidine ether of 4,41-dioxy diphenyl methane with a small content of athers of trinuclear compounds. 'Ihe resins were intended fcr innre-natini; coils of electric motors workin., at 130-1550C. Per4 ~e- I U ZX -:- n*s -aith :.,o1yalu:aopheny1 siloxane as /sosidifier in amounts of W'j by weicht sho-aed hat the res4n set at 1500C in 10-15 min with a weight- loss of lvSS t*,an 1;.. Commercial polyester acrylates MPI-9 and *.he pilot plazt. Card 1/6 S/10 62/0-C/038/003A13 .1 Development of electroinsulatinS ... 3124Y3136 sa=ple 7-1 developed by I. G. Sumin could be set with the zaxe solidifier and po3sibly also without. Tests showed high resistance to beat and Cood ",ectr4c nro,;erties (Table 2), low losses of weiSht "able 3), and Cood binding strength (Table 4) of the impregnating masses developed. 'here are 2 fioures and 4 tables. The Englisb-language reference is:. SP-E Journal, 1, 38 (1959). Table 2. ?hysicochemical and electrical properties of the copoly=ersx. -e~n-end: (A) mass, (3) viscosity 0 accordinq to VZ-4, sec, (C) drying time on cor,zer or telephone paper at 150 C, mini (D) setting time in 1 mm thick la"Qrz at 1cGOC, main, (E) waight loas dur;.nZ settinC; (after 2 hrs at 1500r,~ j e c streni-th, kv/ (11) fit 1550C, (J) after lectz~ d rM (G) at 200C, 24 h. rs in viater at 20 C, (K) Volume resistivity, ohm-cm, (L) tan6 at 50 cps, .5~,j solidifier, (N) 7-1 + 5`1 + 5',' solidifier I (?) :",rF-9 i-i IP sted in teat the + 5., + so-- er, ~ ) ' 1. N. 'erozorova aDii dielcct:,ic ;;rofjortius wGre deternined on disks I mm thick, hardened for h.-s at 150-1koC in aluminum molds. ar d ') I 2j6 S/191/62/000/006/003/013 Development of electroinsulating B124/B138 r1able 3. Loss of weight in aging at 1000C (in LeCend: (A) mass, (B) aging time, hra, M 5N + %4 solidifier, (D) 7-1 + 511; + 5~,'j solidifier, M MGF-9 + 5N +5uv' solidifier, (F) note: the 1033 of weight was determined on disks thick. Table 4. Cht,nge in binding strength of impregnating masses during aging at 1800C. Ler,end: (A) mass, (B) test temperature, 0C, (C) binding strenGth* of the maus, k.,,: ~D) in the initial state,(E) after aging, days, (F) 5N + 5% hardener G) 7-1 + 5N + 5% solidifier, (H) * the binding strength is characterized by the force required to tear out the central part of a wire from a bundle of six copper wires impregnated with the compound, investieated. Card 316 Devoiopment of electroins-alating ... /j,J) Cocra a 3/19 62/000/008/003/013 3124Y3138 ?J; 11POA0.1A"7vnL"ocII, CIA."Colus, wcw 24 a 120 1 240 430 1-7.v Table 3 (-,)511+ 5% OT"PAxTem 6.7 8.4 10.2.1 12.4 14 (&-I + SH + 5% mwp- Airmu . . . . . .4,5 6.67 7,6 8.6 195,2 + sti + 51'0 ~)W=PAHMM . . 5,4 9 13,5 17.55, 22 24 Ilpmuovause. noTopu acco onpeArimAm ma 06P&%IAX 8 ImAe AMCKOS Q 'I IUAIIUQA 0.8-1 ^a. Card 5/6 v I S/191/62/OCG/008/C)03/013 Development of electroinsulating ... B124/B138 4U exTupyloukax CDOC06mcm. rucTaffia. ne McnUTS. COCTAS - P4 a sclox"O k~.-;~-c $Mwx. cyrxx " Oulu" 10 1 20 1 40 SO Table 4 (F)511+5% MWPAH- 20 36 3G 14 17.5 10.4 TWIN Iss 8 is 11,5 10.5 9,7 % 7-1+5]1+591 20 33 19.6 9 12 7,8 ~tr) MCPART;~: Iss 18,9 11 a It 1 913 th) - LLCMCMTXPY-U;81 CnOC06110M W"TEPUMIM YCV-49eM BbIPWIWIIIIX qtIIT- Nui.norc oTpcaKjk nposo4outs us ny%Ka s tuicti wtuwx nposoaw, sponmw "*TO "MilycHMM cc"89~", Card 6/6 c e er's oil .:TI the , tr 'Od flcatloWd d A = " W nat p9u, MA g- i-it" - s Y-i(Irp" ims" TOPIC TAGSfl`:~j~6* 164-01" otmloth~i ..po yes, era, 11,Ytrames or star 04 04 0 op'6*ao rit6l,,;' roqu 00 V t4 dm 4~4jr- f the, itionetting -oiox-ow r t -u;ti b- contsahifig po-lytrA es A` o 6 -dis Y1 pho" onati ster.which'ca,nsub :cros _:0hpap nate Aknd hex&A~o- Irom Im. 4176i ahd.s iuih;44 multaneoyC- ;ti pp, e-fl-44"' _,pro, .pb, -po-Y. .;Ivirfid P"pentW~rythritol', A eto i~a OB 0 1 t6 And,. -6xa -"Ae rature'vaN."10--t As 1ha',cmd 0' i~ 'n' -d 9d -'an 'Mol u ht:~ApJq -,.Wo g V. ~::add tives,to"~,jqiriadoi)wm -2/3. h A. Mid a. structure'vif tihi, r"'A' HAI reaction. qmpe lw! ft th A.0 _qsphb"te to 9 o: e edect "OtIk - I"' ti~ailba between lead tr id it the 1w"Wil, on jr wo jqW. th ei~ii tvas4f no caft] hM I *--Ah-o- tit. it 'T'ho polyestera: sire A- sters re- suitable -jis fira-"retird"t~f" _y a be 'Ohlokinated, to form polyesters A SSOCTATIONjk:'jj64"' SMIM 1, TED 00,'~~ 'L: 00 ENO UB'CODS.- s I OVI do?" L4V~` OT OR 00i g'- ITO, T S tt RJ1iT3JVA, I.E.- FIRMOVIC-il V.I. -hydroxy c jjnthr,tils of thn. Pthprs of Flast. mAssy no.4:59-60 TOPIC TAGSs organophosphorus coMound, polyesterp polymer,, firu resistant material ABSTRAM It was the object of,the present investigation to extend sarlier,,01' investigations carried but inthearea of 'synthesis of fiMroof plastics by V. I. Kirilovich, I* Ka' Rubtsovap and Too L. Gefter (Plaato massy No, 7., 20j, 1963)., A munber of unsaturated esters of pol"entamethylenophoaphoric &aid were synthesized by the interaction of polnoaamethylonechlorophosphate with allyl and iurturyl alcohol# .5-mthyl-2-isopropylhezene-3-al-I and 2-ol-I., and JMrd 2-ethylhexone-3-91-1. and -2-othyltica~one-2-ol-cwnootbylen" 01 MstNq~~t The extent of reaction, role JVGLTIBOQ slTpy, and difiethylrormamide w4 the p a content of the.syntheiised eaters was determined* The experimental rostati, phoru Lcard 1/2 ---WC,t.--678.744o4t66i.6A L 2006-66- ~4~ '.1 IJP(C,).-- RW.WW Acc Nas Ap6oo5945 (A) SOME COIX, UR/0191/66/000/002/0010/0011 AUTHORS i ovich V If-I Rubtsovag I. K.1 Fc~Eovskiyv L. I.; 1kiniaby 26 0 Fedorov,' A* Offit none 'TITM Syntbosis of phosphor-oontaining pol"aters and their APPUCation in Preparation of fire polmethane oam SOURM Plasticheskiyi Masays no, 2 P I 10-U -TOPIC TAGSs .polyester plastics polyurethane, foam plastic,, fire resistant material# phosphorous acidi eaterification ABSTRACTs Polytrannestorifioation:of dimethylphoophorous aoid,(I) with poiyolv! (pentaorythritol, trimethylolpropins trimthylolotbane) or of mind polyols and diolis in various ratioss-has been investigatede This work in a continuation of a stud, of polyphosphite synthesis by V, I. Kirilovich, I. K. Rubtsova, aiA ''To, L, Geftor (Flast"P-Mseys,~Nos' 7A 20p 1963),j and-was mWertaken to test ihto suitability of polyester istant properties to polyurethane foaW. MACtion Of the lyols with I yields polysstefdl~"" 9i; Card I/!_ UDOs 08.664-496t678,6M. 65,.- -i. 227ho46 W(JVM(K")1T_ ACC NRs iP66_0_6_359 (A) '~-..SOURCE~-aO-iE-~-OR/0413/66/000/002/0094/0094 AUTHORt Rubtsovai I K61~'Kfrilovich, V. t.1 Andrianovap We V*;' Klapovelcayas Ua, A~j -ZUJLX ,ORGo none TITLEs Stabilization a -terophtlyala Class 390 No. 178103%�Iannounced by ;h4 Scientific Research Institute of PlamtIcs (Pauchno-iseledovoteltakly Institut plestichaskikh mass)) SOURCE: Izobretaniya,,.promyshlannyya obraxtay" tovarnyya znakip no* -Zj 1966, 94 TOPIC TAGS: polyethylene terephthalate,, polymer, chemical stability ABSTRAM The Author Cartificate.describes a method for etabilizing polyethylene terephthalate with polyphosphites, To Invesse the number. of types of phorphorus 'contat.ning polymer stabillxer4 a middle poly- phosphite9such as polydi0hanylolpropanophosphite, is proposed for use as a decyanoethylated.dismines DCt 678.67495240420 U 678,021o122 ;VB CODEt 11, 07/ SUBH DATKI 3Wul64 CnrA In L 4W2;46 n9o/T/Ewp(j) ijp(c) WW/Mq ACC NR: AP6025620 SOURCE CODE: UR104131661000101310076,7o-aW,,.I Wi AUTHORS: Kirilovich, V. I.; Shner,__S. M.: Rubtsova, I. K,; jlabkina.-A. E. Tikhonova;-r.-r.--...:-- ORG: none TITLE: A method for hard opomr resins. Class 39, No. 18337S)',rannounced by Scientific Research Institute of Plastics (Nauchno ledovato Is-ay institut plasticheskikh mass)_/ SOURCE: Izobreteniya, pronyshlonnyye obraztsy, tovarnyyo znakio no. 13, 1966, 76 'TOPIC TAGS: etoxy "Plastic, polyester plastic, fire resistant material,l brganic phosp orus compound j :-7 -'L~ ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate presents a mothod9for hardoninr-opoxy rosins by phosphorus-containing hardonors.4 To increase the fire resistancollf the polpers, phosphorus -containinp-polyestard with a reacti%e hr~rogen atom vzittp phr~n" atom are used as hardeners. These polyesters have the general formula, Card 1/2 13-DC: 678.643.028.294:678.85 L 'I 13'~ 5-' ACC NR, AP6025620 -Cl :k1herc n3-60; X m -CI, -01 P, R-Cl I& -ClHj,. -C,HCl; R'- -(Ctl2)m, where M - 2-10, M1,011 cill fH.OH -cili-c-cil'- 'A formula for determining the amount of hardener needed is given. Orig art. has-. '2 formulas. [041 SUB CODE: 1l/ SUBM DATE: 08Apr65/ ATD PRESS:~~),~~< Card 2/2 llb ACC NRi A?6031-74-7- C./V) SWRCE CODEs UR/olgi/66/000/007/ooi9/0021 AUTHORS Kirilovich. V. 1.1 Rubtsova, 1. X. ORGs none TITLEj Study of the polytransenterifloation of dimet with 1#5-pentansdi 011 - r SOURCES Plasticheskiye massyp no. 7t 1966# 19-21 TOPIC TAGS1 polyester plastiop phosphite, sodiump catalytic polymerization ABSTRACTS Various factors affecting the polytrAnsesterification of dimethyl, phosphi' (M-7) with lp,3-pentanediol,it 1330C HJCO-~-OCHI + It HO(CHJ,OH Hjr-j-0P0(CHJ,-),-OH + (2a IXHOH &A the kinetics of this reaction were studied. The reaction goes to 800 om . pletion in~the presence of 0.35% (of DMP) sodium metal Prolonged heating at 1856C/1 mm Hg r CaUses the "cific viscosity of the_RiLlyesterwo increase.- The average molecular weight of the polypentamothylono phoaphite obtained was 63M. Independently of the catalyst employedg the reaction is second order. With rising temperaturep the rate Card 1/2 1 6Z8 ACC NRi AP6031747 0 constant increases in the presence of metallic sodium oatalysto the temperature coof- ficiont remaining unaffected. This increase obeys the Arrhenius equations from which the activation energy was determined. Sodium metal is the beat catalystIrIthe reaotia can be carried out at lower temperatures than with other catalysts agns'ium chlo- ride, potassium acetate, zinc acetate, phosphoric acid), so that DW is not entrained by methanol# and the yield is 15-20% higher. Orig. art. hasl 5 figureat 3 tables and I formula. SUB CODSt 07/ SUM DATNI none/ ORIG REFj 002/ OTH REF1 003 2/2 1 Cf (13) AWHORS: Nazarov, 1. N., Prostakov, X. S., SOV/79- 29-8-11/81 Mikheyeva, N. H.,-Kirilovich, -- V.-I. TITLE: Synthesis of 1-Oxyalkyl-2,5-dimethyl Piperidines PERIODICAL: Zhurnal obehohey khimii, 1959, Vol 29, Nr 8, pp 2508 - 2512 (USSR) ABSTRACT: For the synthesis of the amino alcohols which serve as inter- mediates in the syntheses of the analgesic-, local anaesthetic-, and spasmolytic pharmaceuticals (which contain a ring-substi- tuted piperidyl radical as an amine residue), the authors used 2,5-dimethyl-4-piparidone (I), which results, according to I. N. Nazarov, from propenyl isopropenyl ketone and ammonia (Refs 1,2). By reduction of hydrazone (II), according to Klzhner, compound (III) wao obtained with a yield of 75% (Scheme 1). The introduction of the alkoxy substituent into the nitrogen of the piperidine ring was carried out in various ways: as in the di- rect reaction of piperidine (III) with ethylene chlorohydrin, compound (V) also resulted by reduction of the ethyl eater of aoid (IV) obtained from (III) and ethyl bromoacetate with lithi- um aluminum hydride. The reduction of hydrazone (VI) of the Card 1/2 I-p-hydroxyethyl-2t5-dimethyl-4-piperidone likewise led to amino Synthesis of 1-oxyalkyl-2,5-dimethyl Pireridinee SOV179-29-8-11161 alcohol (V) (35% yield). The ethyl eaters a-(VII) and 0-(VIII) of 2,5-dimethyl-piperidyl-I propionic acids were obtained by condensation of the eaters of the corresponding bromine-substi- tuted propionic acids with (III). The methyl eaters (IX) and M were synthesized in the same way (Scheme). The amino ke- tone (X) was also reduced by sodium to the amino alcohols (XI) and (XII). The condensation of 2,5-dimethyl piperidine with propylene oxide in an alcoholic dioxane solution at 60-700 leads to a mixture of amino alcohols (XI) and (XII). There are 2 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy institut tonkoy khimicheskoy tekhnologii im. M. V. Lomonosova (Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology imeni M. V. Lomonosov) SUBMITTED: July 10, 1958 Card 2/2 KIRILovle~,g I USSR / Human and Animal Morphology (Normal and S-2 Pathological). The Peripheral Nervous System. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 10, 1958, 45523 Author Kirilovich, Ya. I. Inst Title Correlation Between the Stellate Ganglion and the Azygon Vein. Orig Pub: V. sb.: Zdravookhr. Sov. Latvii. II. Riga, 1954, 119-121. Abstract: Fifteen embryonic and mi3carriage cadavers and two adult cadavers were Investigated during prepara- tions under a binocular loupe. The branches of the stellate ganglion were able to approach the azygos Vein (AV) independently or to unite first with the branches of the second thoracic ganglion. Branches to AV from the plexus, located on the trachea, also were traced. --A.B Kuzlmina-Prigradova Card 1/1 KIRILOVSKIYj G.S. [Kyrylovalkyiv H.S.]; IVANOVp O.F.; KATS, S.A. Standard shoes with leather sole and rubber half heel* Leh.prom. no.4t2&29 O-D 162a (MM 160) 1. Kiyevskaya obuvnaya fabriks. No.6. (Shoo manufaoturs) (Rubber goods) ITJOWOV., II.A.; KIRILOTSEV., B.I.; MTROFANOV., V.A. Effectiveness of composts in grain and raw crop cultivation. Zemledelie 24 no.5:25-27 Hy 162. (MIRA 15:7) 1, Oporno-pokazatellnyy plemennoy sovkhom "Pron'"I Kimmmkogo rayona.. Tullskoy oblasti. 2. Direktor oporno-pokazatellnogo plemennogo sovkhoza, "Pron'llp Kimmkogo rayonap Tullskoy oblasti (for Yermakov). 3. Glavnyy agronom Oporno-pokazatelinogo plemennogo sovkhoza OPron'", Kimovskogo rayona, Tullskoy oblasti (for Kirilltsev). (Field crops-Fortilizoro and manures) (compost) XMILITSET, X. Electric Railroad - Cars How we attained high-productivity. ZhIl.-kom.khoz. 2 no. 3 152 9. Monthl List of Russian Acces.slons, Library of Congri!ss, Jnly - 1953, Uncl. KIRILYCHEV., A.# mayor; DEGONSXIY., P... podpolkovalk -, We aro pisparing a traiAW'bass, Vodn*vosto 43 zio,llil2O-.122 N 163. (KMA 1602) VLASOV# M.F.; VMTEBNYY, V.P.; KIRILYUKy A.L. t4es. Atom. energe 15 no-3:247- Resonance levels of erbduz iso 249 S 163. (MIRA 16:10) (Erbium isotopes) VLASOV# YJ91 KIRIIXUKP A#L. (IMlit*l A.L.] IdenWication and daterm4mation of the parwastern of rtoonanco leve3i in arbium, Ukro fix, shur. 8 no.9t947-953 3 163. (MIRA 17t8) 2. Institut fiaiki AN UkrSSR, Kiyev. 5-66 EOF(n) N7. NR1 APS001900 SO13RON COPE1% UR/0089/65/019/005/0467/04M;l~-:1~l' - _' ~ - - V AUTHO t b V R er s P e Irl soy Fo;, Kiril, nyyj : a juk, A ; - ; s' ORG: Institute of PhIsic' Of,- M,Ukrm (Institut fiziki AN. UirWR) TITIE: Eff6ot-of core arrangement upon" neutr6n spectra obtained from. horizontal channels of VVR-U read SOURC19: Atomnaya energiyag vp no* 50,19659 467-468 TOPXC-TAGS*. researoh:reaotorg neutron spectrum, nuclear reactor ,component/WVR-M nuoliarxektor ' " 6ndu-oted at the Institute of Physics of -the ABSTRACT: Zxperimients were o , noes-in-order-to determine the~best.arrangs .ment Ukrainian.Acedemy-of8o is ro Of core, elements and.thile to':'gdt..a maximum yield of slow neut fts'in gCi, i~~, reactor meat3uring:oh'annel6-:,The.VVR-M nuclear research reactor was,use4i -0 P-pero he r in oonnectio"n-with a.meohanioall'. ho T :neutron spect avere,in- - vestigated. f or three :Arrangements in -the channel proximityA In the' Z -first oasep only"heat.!releasing-elements were used as neutron souroesel- The second arrangement was. composed of elements and a 5*5-cm water,:18,ywi 77~i Be in! The water was' substituted by -a-,~beryllium 1-?~yer of - the same'thickne .the third.versiono' .Th Isee three arrangements were schematically~, iuu_ ~strated by the.raaot6r''oore orose-sootion and their effects on~speotrc: Card UDO: 6214039.519 Ao ACCq" A& JWDUVJL700 tY were graphioally demonstrate'd'#: ment was the verBiOn'With,borylliu waij oonoluded that the best a mmod9rator, A gratitude Was, bxpressm -ed to D6 T.-P bts., Chief Ingin eer.'Of -'the - Institute of iphysio Other Institute --a-8--si6tants" for -thbi 8) and-lo r.hOlP in conduoting experimi has: AtO SUB. 0 010;: 18 StTBjj,DA R- 3Cffo1r64'../,.ORIG MW.I 001 OTH 009 x "T 1~4 4 17, 7 iCafd: it~_Z,N --L 2226-66 EWT(m (11)"-WWAX 693 4' ACCESSION NR:' AP60 764 tWO089/66/019/003/02150/02521 09#172*4:539.170.2 AUTHOR.-, Vartftm, V. I Vigo, F.; 1gritill A. L,,t K612!M1 V. V., I Zh. I.; Trofilho", N-, A. YY0, go, r 185 mid Re BWer 187 TITLE! Totalieutron era- 01 '10, I'SOURCE: no .31: 1965, 260-262 Atonuma eidrgiya, 0s eutron'cross iectiono TOPIC TAGS-., n enium niclear energy level, thermal n Mtn ABSTRACT: 7b9 total nsuir~ cro".ie'd6ons of,the 'separated Isotopes IW185 and R007*,11~,i, loiinci-~ thermal rgy range. The measurei lienta were determined in the rem v 84pold were carried out on the, VVR-M nui~ g**ar reactof 1bf the Institut fizLk1AN USSR t1litA, ipt' t 0 time 87 ~ - - ;t;;~ ~ PhI6106, AN S88 by,U81A h --d-flight technique. 7be cross section of Re' oboys th. the 1/v liw In a rggo~Alow- 0 5 2 ei. 'and that of Re*18 5. 'below 0. 08 e. v rmal-cr'oss sections of Re contribution of positt 6 levels to the the 18 5 arnounts to iliout_ M%, and that of R0187 to Aof the total cross section, Analysis of the -cross sections'show that for ReisT. the energy. of the neptive level closest to ze" is'.~- :Card 1/2 L2226-M r,ACCEMONNR, AP6023764,,, 10 o 6e.v -and I, E0 10, The A eivo > neutron widths giien fbi.: , these levels'areI at eastl"S times greater than the.average widths of the positive levels e total oros -of I + 7 b a section W at 2200 ii/ieo in 116 - 2 ban and that of ROT it is go ' - . g ~'and 1 fbrznulap t 2 barn. hiursi'- -2 tables ~ ASSOCIATIONt None _o SUBAUTTED: ~'16D 0 ,SUB ~ COM . O RE F SOV.: 05 0 OTHE& , - Card 2/2 KIRILYUK, A.P. [Xir-/lIuk, A-P-I Interoceptive influences from the small intestine on gastric nobility in experimental neurosis. Veatsi AN MR.Sor.blial. nitv. no.2:94-107 159. (KIRL 12:9) (MASTIWAS-11COWYATION) (STOMACH) (IUMMAS) KIRILYUK, A. P. Cand Med Sci - (diss) "Interoceptor effects in the intestines on the motor functions of the stomach in neuroses. (Experimental- clinical study)." Minsk, 1960. 16 pp; (Minsk State Medical Inst); 200 copies; price not given; (K1, 5-61sup, 203) TRUSiNICH; b- 1 akadomik; IMILYUK, A. P.-.1- Vascular reactions in corona,;-y irsufficiency. Zdrav. Bel. 7 no.S: 8-13 Ag 161. (F," 15:2) 1. Institut fiziologii All B6SH (dir. - akademik All BSSR I.A.DuUgin) i kafedra fakulltetskoy terapavtichoskoy kainiki (zav. - akademik AN BSSH B.I. Trusevich) Minskogo mditsinskogo instituta. 2. Akademiya nauk Belorusakoy SSR (for Trusevich). (bLOOD ViSSi;IL MSFASm~i) (COkNAit:21 IL-AAT DLIEASC-~) KIRILTUK, Aj, On Icnin's labor-wetah -- brigade of communistic labor. Zlek.i tepl.tiaga 4 no.4:9 '60. (HIM 13:6) 1. Pomoshchnik mastera teekha periodicheskogo remonta depo Kuybyshev. (Kuybyshev--Zlectric locomotives--Maintenauce and repair) KIRILTUK, I.P. %-q- 4;~~vAj4o~ Three weeks in Czechoslovakia. Visnyk AN URSR 27 no.11: 38-0 H 156. (HUA 9:12) (Czechoslovskia--Description and travel) 24782 B/125/61/000/008/010/014 D040/D113 AUTHORS: Yuzvenko, Yu.A., and Kirilyuk, G.A. TITLEs Mechanized open arc surfacing PERIODICALt Avtomaticheskaya ava-rka, no. 89 1961, 63 TEM When surfacing In shielding gases, difficulties are encountered in protecting the gas nozzle from drops of the liquid electrode metal. In this nonnel~tion, a delay in tbo surfacing process for the cleaning of the nozzle is highly undesirable. Consequently, investigations were conducted at the Inatitut elektroavarki im. Ye.O. Patona (Electric Welding Institute Im. Ye.O. Paton) on the composition of a powder wire for the open are surfacing of alloyed metal without a flux or shielding gas. The chemical composition of the metal deposited by the powder wire was as follows% 0-50-0-559~C, 4.0-5.5% Cr, 3.0-4-5% W, 0.3-0.6% V, 0.5-1-04, Mn, 0.15% Ti, 0.5% Sit and 0.4% S. Surfacing is conducted usi'ng d.c. with reversed polarity# Good formation and sound coating metal is obtained using the following systems 200-500 amp, 23-26 v welding current and 15-50 m/hr wire feed. The wire composition includes alloys, slag and gas-shielding components, and elements Card 112 2082 S/125/61/000/008/010/014 Mechanized open arc surfacing D040/Dl13 Abstracterls notes The ele- which combine nitrogen with stable nitrides. [j ments are not specifiedj . This powder wire may be used for surfacing ma- chine parts which operate at increasedtemperatures (rolling mill steel rolls with complex and deep grooveaq pressure bearings for hydraulic presses, etc4 A mathcd has been developed for calculating the powder wire composition for surfacing 3)(2B 8 (3Kh2V8) steel, sormite No. 2, high-speed steel and other alloys containing up to 50%.alloy elements. [Abstracter's notet Essen- tially complete translatio ni. Card ;?/-I GALATCW-;NKO 14 P kand. tekhri, nauk (Kharlkov)j, KIRILYUK, G.G., inzh. KharQ;~ Intensification of the utilization of the rolling st-)ck and operative planning of the transportation operationa. Zhel. dor. transp, 46 no. 10:18-22 0 164. (MIRA 17,11) 1. Zamstitell nachalinika sluzhby dvizhonlya Yu7,hnoy dorogi (for Kirtlyuk). IULSMWAUN, TA.S., insh. 11-1~111LTU~K~ insh. Modernization of Ar-7 Sbukhoy-Borlin boilers. Anergetik 8 no. 10:19- 21 0 160. (XMA 14ti) (Boilers) KIRSHENBAUM, Ya.S., inzh.; KIRILYUK, G.M., inz~.: KOShEVOY, Y.Z., inzh. Modernization of the A-5 and A-7-tYPe Shukhov-Serlin toilers. Energetik 9 no.12:5-12 D 161. (KRA 15:1) (Boilers) Y 85-lo-6/35 AUTHOR: Kirilyuk, I., Sportsman First Class TITLE: The Most Pleasing (Samoye otradnoye) PERIODICAL: Kryllya Rodiny, 1957 ,iNr 10, p. 4 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author of this item describes his flight in the Po-2 airplane for the the establishment of a new record. He flew twice on a triangular course: Tushino Tikhonova Pustyn' - Vyaz1ma, and flew a distance of i,oo6 km. By this flight he established a new record: a closed curve 1,006 km long was flown by a land plane of the 2nd weight category in 7 hours 53 minutes. A photo showing the author in front of his airplane illustrates this item. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 1/1 KIRILYU, Xs1b,t kandidat takhnichookikh nauk, How to prevent veakening of gearing sprirr, packets In electric locomotivec. I;lok.i topl.tiara no.8:19-20 Ag (RLU 10: 0 (Electric locomotives) KULISHIWKOp A,Z "., inzh,; RTBALKO, A.M., inzb.1 KISHTEV, V.P., inzb.; KI-RIL.YUK; L. V. Automatic supply of molding sand with the v3e of radioisotopes. Hasbinostroanis no,6t58-59 N-D 164 (MIRA l8v2) SHMNDRIKO M,W,j BMSKOVp Variation in the activity of a ohrmia-alumina, oatalyst in ths probess of butane dehydroge nation. Xin. i kat. 6 no.2013-319 Mr7AP 165, MIRA 1817) 1. Tnatitut kataliza Sibirskogo otdoleniya AN SSSR. LIVSHITS, Leonid Yakovlevich, Inzh.; Q~~;AQK,, Leonid Vasillyevic;., Inzh.; GERCHIKOV, David Solomonovich I, kand._'1[ekbn_. i~~; 1__ STETsMIKO, V.I., kand. tekhn. nauk, retsenzent LManual on the installation of radio-isotope relay devicea In industry] Posobie po ustanovke radlolzotopnykh relelnvkh priborov v pron7shlenno3ti. Kiev, Tekhnika, 1965. 95 p. (mIRA 16:12) ACC NRs ' AP7003010 SOURCE CMES UR/OW/66)'-660--[62-476-'3fxf!~f INV"NTORSt Raykhmanj Ya. A.I. Golldberg, V. Kal Kirilyuk,, X. lej Lopato,, Go ?.I Buzaikov, Yu. N.j Shilikj K, Ke ORG; none TITLE: Electronic logic unit - Logikons Class 42, No. 150302 SOUFM Izobrateniya, promyshlenWe obraztey, tovarnyye znaki, noo 24, 1966# 157 TOPIC TAGS3 logic element, electron beam, electron accelerator ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate presents an electronic logic unit - logikon, which utilizes the switching properties of the trochoiAal electron beam of a ring trachotror4 To increase the response rate and to widen the logic possibilities, an electrode for ' ' switching the beam according to the input signal is placed in each chamber of the ringi trochotron. To decrease the weight and dimensions, the container is made or magne- tized ferroceramic. SUB CODE3 Oq/ SUBH DATEs 23Nov59 EWT(dwr/Ewp(i) ijp(c) ww NRI AR6031709 SOURCE CODE: UR/0372/66/000/006/VO47/VO47 AUTHOR.; Kirilyuk, N. I.; Bulka, S. No;.Kalinin, V. S. : GaluzjDjjk13e,_M_ TITLE: Modernization of the "Dnep " Control Computer q0 SOURCE: Ref. zh. Kibernetika, AbsM6V317 REF SOURCE: Sb. Upravlyayushchiye mashiny i sistemy, Vyp. 2, Kiyev, 1965, 35-50 TOPIC TAGS: control computer, computer/Dnepr computer, Dnepr control computer ABSTRACT: A report is made on the results of modernization of the "Dneprot Control Computer in 1961-63 by teams of the design offices of a Computer Manufacturing Plant in cooperation with the Institute of Cybernetics, AN UkrSSR. The olitput of modernized computers started in April, 1964. In the modernized machine, welded structure with standard rolled carbon angle-steel was used in all cabinets; for the external design--stamped components of one specific type were used. This made it possible to standardize cabinets of UAU, USO, OZY, and PZU equipment and fabricate them in one shop. Particular attention was given to the Card I / 2 - UDC:~684.142.001.3:5.1_ L 01942-'67 ---- --- ACC NR- AR6031709 cooling system of the machine. In order to develop its operational and technical properties, the memory capacity was increased. and the possibilities of connecting the machine to the controlled object were enlarged, for which several now USO units were developed. The possibility of connecting the machine to outside devices was expandc,; and the development of both standard and nonstandard components was completed. The basic modifications of the machine in the various stages of modernization are described. Orig. art. has: 5 figures. B. Golovitsyn. (Trans- lation of abstract) JFMJ o I SUB CODE: 09/ hs Card 212 ACC NR# AP6035737 SOURCE CODE: UR/Ohl.3166/000/019TO-10-1/0-1C INViBTORS3 Chernyakp R. Yaaj Kirilyuk, Nobj Puahenko, A, Is; Oreshkin, To. 8.1 Strallchonkoj As H,j &alkovp lue 00 ORO: none TITLE: An information storage using magnetic cards. Class 42, No. 186762 Cannounced. by Institute of Cybernetices AN UkrSSR (Inatitut kib.a.rnatiki AN USSRIT SOURCE: Izobreteniya, promvahlonnyye obraztsy,, tovarnyye anaki,, no. 19., 1966p 101 TOPIC TAGS.- information atorage'.and retrieval., magnetic recording., storage device ABSrBACT: This Author Certificate presents an using magnetic cards* The storage unit includes an Input keyboard, a vacuum drum for transferring the cardap and a buffer storage device (see Fig., 1), -The design increase3 the "..Fig* 1* 1 - vacuum drum; 2 - magnetic heads for recording the readout, fran the magnetic cardej 3 - surface of the vacuum drump free LJ ' .;from magnetic carcia; 4 -mgnetic hewW of the buffer storage device 4.1. 4 Card 1/2 UDOi 681.142.07 I' 6. 1031MIXV, T**t ORMWOUT, M.-, UAN* Xhqj, 114ILTULL P.; ITANOV, A,$ SAVEL11MO, 1-; KRUPITSO Ael xbritu, A:; BAMUZOV, V.'f t6"=G, Ai; LMSHDV. A. Our strength resides In collective labor& Kest. ugl. 8 no98:14-15 Ag '59. (MIRA 12:12) l.Pyntyy uchastok shakhty RNovodruzhsska7u' tresta Lisichanskugoll. (Lisichansk-Coal miners) GOROBCHUK, G.P.: KIRIPXfyv. P.r., vnR%"LITSYN, H.S.; SVOBODIN, Te.N.; SKVROTS6v,-N.d., ftknyuluiv, V.A. Model of a system for automating scientific experiments in carrying out technological research. Vych. sist. no.8t27-31 163. (MIRA 17j12) ' L - I M a-o-- Oal EWTM-lip(c) AX 160 'ACC NR: AP7003501 SOURCO CODt-T Uif 76/66/046/006/1262/1~64 :AUT41OR: Gromakov, So Do; La I-Mtk- P- A* tmv, Zo He; /7 ORG: Kazan' State Univorsgz im. V. 1. Ulf ~~nin (Kazanskiy gosudarstvemV7 lin-VVni-si-tat.1- Ponza Podarropric Institute im. V. Go Relinskiy (Penzonskiy podagogichaskJ,* ircalaa&it and Systormtization on the Basis of Do 1. Nondoloyov's Foriod!A System of lamients of.Propertios of Semiconductor CoRvunds of tho 1M A ~bscow, -a- F1z01P51g"%X-1 i. Vol 40, 1,.Io 6, Jun 66, pp 1262-12& /~Ium ABSTIMM A throe dimensional plot of values of the width of the forbidden zone was made for semiconductor compounds A(13:I)-B(V) by usinr, a netviork arrange,rdent of the compounds according to positions of elements A and B in tho periodic system. Experimental values of the width of the for- bidden zone a smootli curved surface. 7ho width of tho forbidden zone of several semiconductor compounds on which no experimental data were available vms determined by Intor. and extrapolation WBI, 0,7 ov; GaDi, 0.23.ov; TlAsraO*15 ov). The method described, which is convenient for tho determination of unknown characteristics and for the chocking of experi-1, montal data, can be applied to semiconductor compounds of other typos and also pro.,A=bly to other p ruse of smi onductors. Orig, art. hab: * I ficuro and 1 tablo. fi'PRSS 389 TO?1C TAGS& semiconducting matoriall forbidden zone width SUB CoNt 20 / SM DATEj 111ULr65 / ORIO REM 004 Card 111 UDCt - 541.20 + 6zi-31i.-5-9-211 USSR/Thermodynamics - Thermcchemistry. Equilibria. B-8 Phycical-Chemical Analysis. Phase Transitions. Abs Jour Referat Zhur - Kh1miya, No 6, 1957, 18525 Author S.P. Miskilzhyan, _~.. S ~.Ki Title Study of Viscosity, Density and Electrical Conductivity of Quinoline - Acetic Acid System. Orig Pub a.. obshch. khimii, 1956, 26, No 5, 1350-1355 Abstract The viscosity and density of the system quinclimc M - acetic acid (II) at 0 and 200 was measured, and the value of the temperature factor of viscosity was computed. The specific electrical conductivity of the system I - II - in~-rt solvent (CH OH free of water) was measured at 20� 0 --,:) at -'Isoconcen~rates 2.0, 1.0, 0.1. anl (~.01 M of I and i,. mathancl. It was found that the i3aterms of visco- i ild rensit~ have maxima correspond-ng to 33 ml. % of I ' temperaturc drop makes the maxim sharper, but does not shift them. The isoterms of the specific Card 1/2 . 205 - USSR/'Pierzody.nLUAC3 - Thermo :h emi stry. Equilibria. B-8 Physical-Chemical Analysis. Phase Transitions. Abs Jour Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 6, 1957, 18525 electrical conductivity at 2.0 and 1.0 M show a iraximum, tht,.t also corresponds to the relation I : II - 1 2; a second maximtr. corresponding to the relation 1 1 appears on thi isoterms of the specific electrical con- ductivity at the transition to isoconcentrates 0.1 and 0.01 M. The existence of compounds of the compositions Cgy-jN.CH,COOH ard C9H3 N,2CH3COOH in the sygtem I - II was deduc:ted. Caad 2/2 - 2o6 - 5W 307/76-33-9-4/37 AtIT11ORS: Kiril -So S-,,._Kiaidzh'yan, S. F. TITLEt Physiao-chemical Analysis of Current Conducting Non-aqueous Systems and Investigation Into the Electrolytic Dissociation Mechanism of the Compounds Formed Therein. 11. The System Allyl-inothiacyanate - Quinoline PERIODICAL: Zhurnal fizicheskoy khimii, 1959, Vcl 33, Nr 9, pp 1918-1921 ,(USSR) ABSTRACT: It could be assumed in connection with experimental results of previous papers (Refs 2-4) that allyl-ch'.nolrodan-4de will fo= during the mixing of allyl-isothiocyanate (1) with quino- jitiell-11), which was proved by the present experiments. To investigate the character of the reaction between M and (11), the density, viscosity, electroconductivity (EC) and the con- centration of the SCN--ions were measured at 20+0.10-before and after heating of the mixtures to 10Ot5c for 24 hcure. The density was measured in a pyonometer and thevl&cosity in the closed viscosimeter. The isothermal lines of the density as well as of the viscosity of the reaction mixture after heating, clearly indicate a reaction of the components. it is assumed Card 112 that thereby a compcund of the composition C 3H5NGS.C9H7N (III) 4 SO'1/76-33-9-4/37 physico-chemical Analysis of Current Conducting Non-aqueous Systems and Investigation Into the Electroly-~io Dinscoiaticn Merhaniam of the Compunds Formed Therein. II. The System Allyl-isothiocyanate - Quinoline forms. According to the common method, the (EC) was measured in a closed container with non-platinized electrodeal and the presenue of (III) which is an electrolyte, was determined by the conaiierable (EC) of the solution. (III) was extracted and the electrolytic dissociation was investigated. An electrolytic dissociation mechanism of (III) is mentioned on the basis of the results obtained. A paper by N. Ke Voskrepenskaya (Ref 1i) in mentioned in the text. There are 3 figures and 6 Soviet reforenoeae ASSOCIATION: Ltvovskiy meditsinskiy inatitut. (L'-.-ov Medical Institute) SUBMITTED: January 24, 1958 Card 2/2 WWIYANp S.P. -L~Isx - PhYffiamhemical analysis of nonaqueove systems conducting the as,** 6urrentp and study of the meohanlom underlying the electrolytic dissociation of compounds famed in then. Part 41 Kinetics of the reaction between allyl mustard oil and tortlikiT smineo. Mar.khin. shur. 27 no,2:180-184 161. O= 240) 1.-L'yovskir.seditsinakiy institute (Isothiye M io acid) (Aminev) KIRILYUK, S.S.; MKIDZHOYAN, S.P. Electrolytic dissociation constants of some thiocyanate salts of substituted annonium in various solvents. Zhur. fiz, khim, 37 no.6:1311-1316 Je 163. (KLRA 16:7) 1. Llvovskiy meditsimkiy InBtiLut. (Amonium, compounds) (Thiocyanates) (Ionization) KAnUVIN, Yu.A.; CHUVILO, I.V.; KIRILOV., S.S.; INKIN, V.D.; GOLUMN, I.A.; NEUSTROYEV, V.D.; STEPANOV, V.D.; TULAYEV, B.P.; KOLESOV, I.V.; ALMAZOV, V.Ya.; P,tOKOFIYEV, Yu.P.; SHINAGL, I0 Device for automatic meanurement of the coordinates of charged particle tracks recorded on bubble ch=ber photographs. Prib, i tekh* eksp. 8 no.5:54,60 s-o 163. (MIRA l6sl2) 1. Ob"yedinannyy institut yadernykh issledovardy. lip 10,14 a n~.,s 7A 16% .1 iaRILYUK, V. D. KIRIIYUK, V. D. -- nInvestigating the Structure, KInmmatici, and Dynamics of Flying 3-'.ears in the Metallurgical Industry." Yin Plvhm~r 'M- cation USSR. Dnepropetrovsk Order of Labor Red Banner Yqta11urj!cA1 Institute, Dnepropetrovsk, 1956. (Dissertation for the Deqree of Candidate of Technical Sciences) SO: Knizhna-va Letopis' No 4z, October 1956, Moscow nRILYUKs V. -3'. KIRILMs V. D. -- "Investigating the Structures KinematicBs and Dynamics of Flying Shears in the Metallurgical Indiritry." RLn Higher Edu- cation USSR, Dnepropetrovsk Order of Labor Red Banner Metallurgical Instp Dnepropetrovsk 1956 (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate in TECH- NICAL SCIENCES5. 0 SO: KNIZ11NAYA m-Topis, (Book Register), No. 10, October 1956, Moscow. KOZHEYNIKOV, S.H.. prof.: KIRILTUK. V.D., inzb.: SIMCH. A.N.. insh. Investigation of rotary flying shears. Izv.vys.ucheb�zav*; chern.mat. 2 W-8:149-155 A9 159- (MRA 13:4) 1. Dnepropetrovokly metallurgichaskiy Institut. Rokomendovano kafedroy avtomatinateil metallurglehookogo oborudovantya Dnepropetrovskogn metallurgicheekogo inotituta. 2. Chlen- korrespondent AN USSR (for Kombevnikov). (Rolling mills-1quipment ard supplies) (Shears (Haebine tools)) 250) SOY/148-59-2-22/24 AUTHORS: Kozheynikov, S.N. , Professor, Corresponding Member )f AS UkrSSR afid Kirilyuk, V.D., Engineer TITLEs Structural Analysim of Moving Shear Mechanisms (Strukturnyy analiz mekhanizmo* lotuchikh noshnits) PERIODICALt Izvestiya vysehikh uchobnykh 2avedeniy, Chernaya metallurgiya, 1959, Nr 2, pp 161-170 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The classification of moving shear mechanisms and their struc- tural investigation is a basis for selecting their most efficient kinematic system. The author undertook the classification oZ three basic mechanisms of moving shears, i.e. the mechanism of cutting, balancing and of the cutting gap. This classification was based on structural characteristics as they helped to determine common computation methods for each type of mechaniba. The kinematic systems of each mechanism are shown in diagrams. There are 6 diagrams and 14 references, 9 of which are Soviet, Card 1/2 2 German and 3 English. Structural Analysis of Moving Phear Mechanisms SOV/148-59-2-22/24 ASSOCIATIONi Dneprop_strovskiy metallurgichookiy institut (Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute) , Kafedry avtomatizateii metallurgicheekogo oborudovaniya i teorii mekhanizmov i mesiin, makhanicheekogo oborudovaniya metaUurgieheskikh zavodov,detaley i poe--yemo transportnykh mashin (Chairs of Automation of Metallurgical Equipment and of the Theory of Mechanisme and Machines, Mechanical Equipment of Metsllurgical Plants., Machine Parts and Lifting and Transporting Machines) REMITTED: Joirwitry 6, 1959 Card 2/2 ESKINO V.S.j, Inah.; V.D., inzh. Efficient operating layout for a continuous haulage and spoil disposal machine unit. Izv. vys. uchebs zav.; gors shure 6 no,,605~-38 163. (MMA 160) 1. Dnepropetrovskiy ordena. Trudovogo Krasnogo Znazeni gornyy institut imeni Artem. Rekomendovana kafedroy otkrytykh gornykh rabot. (Transporter bridges) " 1 "it '1,7 . 1111T.CV, M.G., prof., doktor tekhn. nauk; TO.TAK073KIY, B.N., kand. N tekhn. nauk; KIRILY.7. 11 D inzh.; S!;A.*IARI , A.G., in?.h. ~ -, --- ;--~ - 9 Wnys of creating a new technology for oj~en-pit mining cperations w0li the iis(~ or the principle of control"Ied caving of the benches. Gor. zhur. no.4sl8-20 Ap 165. (,'.!IRA 18:5) 1. Rlla'l Instituta mekhoinlki AN Ukr'>~"', KrRILYUK, V.P. On one of the deep structures in the Shilka-Urium intterfluve (Aldan-Vitim shield). Geol.sbor. (L-,rov] no.9:108-113 165. (MIRA 18112) VOIKC~')HILOV, Yu.L; 7.i~. Ff- le of a c c ~ ~ _~ ~. ." i_-i Li'l v -1 1 ~: 1 r, _I,- i.' I d i ." t" , - , , . ~11 - g~, - 1 - ~ - I_ pfielases in Q., ~A~-j;or 6." tl, A%azar ( u , ; -.- r - Vall,)y). 144 rici.2:232-Z36 '()15. il-~~ lo:r% 2 . i;oo~ oc-! -.I: r ~ -,, C,i L ~ 'It., # T, I" .-, V .: '-~ C ? Q. U I I I ~.. ... j : , ~ ~ . - I . . I . LAYMAN, Ye.M.; SIVORONOV, A.A.; CHENVI-NOV, G.Xh.; ~IAKHUR, G.P.; TSIONI, C).V. New data on the aboolute age determ�nation of cume pologic-al formations in the Amazar--'JhJlka Interfluve !'caFt Transbaikalia). Geokhimila no.12:1241,-1255 D 164, (MIRA 16:8) 1. Goaudarstvennyy orinna Lenlra unlver3itel. iment Iv. Franko, Llvov. KMILYUK. V.P. Preca,ribrian for;.mtlons in the amitthwenten: margin 0' the Aldan-Vitim Shleld. Irest. I,Ivov. un. I;er. geol. 110.2: 63-69 164. (eapA 19: 1) KMILYUKV V. V. mThe Sowing Period for Fodder Melon Crops Under the Conditions Which Wet in the Steppe Zone of the Ukrainian SSR.N Cand Agr Sci Kishinev Agricultural Inst imeni M. V. Rrunze, Kishinev, 1954. (KLP No 3, Jan 551 Survey of Soientifio and TeohnicAl Diasertations Defended at USSR Higher Educational Institutions (13) SOs Sum. No. 598, 29 Jul 55 KIRILYUK_,_~ ~.sellskokhosyaystvennykh nauk Seed production of madow forage grasses in Yaroslavl ~rovlnce. Zhivotnovodetvo 22 no.745 060J (KMA 160) (Yaroslavl Province-Grass"es) (Seed production)