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.30'1/56-35-5-42/56 AUTHORS: Ko _'Kul'kovj V. D.9 Nikitin, L. P., Reynov'p it. mot okolov, 1i A*,@. Stellmakht MO F& TITLE: Measurement of --the 0-y-Correlation of- Orientated Nuclei (lemereniye'o-y-korrelyataii oriyentirovannykh yader) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal.eksperimentallnoy i tooreticheekoy fiziki, 1958, Vol 35, Nr 5,.PP 1295-1296,(ussR) -ABSTRACT., Reference is. first made to moms earlier papers dealing with this subject. When investigating correlation, the aut hors ' constructed a device for the orientation of nuclei'and took several measures for the purpose of extending the,duration of measurements and improving their statistical accuracy. The main source of heat supply is thermal radiation, which passes througha light pipet.mbich ioused for transmitting the flashes of light produced in a plastic sointillator during the recording of P-particlea. The P-34iation asymmetry 6o of Cc -nuclei was measured. These cobalt nuclei were intro- duced into a thin superficial layer of a cesium-magne,eium- Card 1/2 nitrate crystale The authors carried out their measurements S07/56-@35-5-42/56 Measurement of the P-y,-Correlation of Orientated Nuclei of the 0-y-angular correlation on orientated Cc 6o-nuolsia The provisional data obtained by these measurements tire not in contradibtion to theoretical ealculationa which were car- ried out on The basis of the conservation of combined parity4 Further, the'inveatigaiion of P.-y-angular correlation for 52 48 Yn and V is.planned. The authors thank A. I . Alikhanov, . Academician, and Profeenor S. Ya. Nikitin for placingthe 56 'Co attheir dibp6sal (this elemeni is, by the wa s- less well ,, suited forlmeasuremonto of the here described kind they 5 further express their gratitude to A. Z. Dolginov for many .useful discussiogg, and to 0. V. Larionov for the chemical ' aeparation of Co . There are 2 figures and 6 referenoest I of which is Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Leningradakiy fiziko-tekhniaheakiy inBtitUt Akademii naukSSSR (Leningrad Physico-Te'bhnical Institute of ilia Academy,of Sciences, USSR) SUBMITTED: July 9t i958 Card 2/2 S/056/60/039/01/06/029 It. 010 B006/BO70 AUTHORSs Kogan j _AA_,@44 Kullkov, V, Dj Nikitin,-LA-P,, Reynov, N. U., -Sbkolovg,-@ Is Av jStellmakht-- M. P. TITLEs 1he Polarization@of So Nuclei in Iron 71 PERIODICALs Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy I -teoreticheskoy fizikiq@1960. 'Vol. 399 No.@ -1 (7), pp. 47-52 TEM B. WA Samoylovq V. Ve Sklyareyekiy' and Yeo P. Stepanov (Refs. 8-10) succeeded in polarizing'th4 nu'614i of-a number of weakly magnetic-., elements alloyed with.ferromagnetics. They discovered-the possibility of 01rienting the nuclei of many elements including soandium. In the present paperg the first results found by tho authors on the orientation of 46 so introduced into iron are published. Fig. I shows a schematic cross section of the apparatus employed for the purpose. Its description.le given in the introduction. To-cheo'k the'Working of the apparatus, experi- 60 ments were first made on the orientation of Co in iron (:-' 0.02% Co) which are described in detailo Fig, 2 shows the asymmetry of the gamma Card 1/3 82598 46 The Polarization of so Nuclei in Iron 8/056160/039/01/06/029 D000070 60 radiation of Co . as a funoti6n.of temperature. The asymmetry is oharao- terioed by a Next,- the experiments carried out on scandium are described. The neutron irradiated scandium was introduced as a metal intopure iron (So concentration & 0.5%). A-large number of asymmetry measurements of the.gamma radiation from S0.46 were mude in the temperature range of from*O#03 to 0.0150K. At the lowest temperatures E w2.5%. The.sign ofthe asymmetry agreed with the known dipole charac- 46 ter of the.caseade gamma transitions in.T:L Fig. 3 shows the asymmetry of gamma radiation fortemperatures of the cooling salt between 0.025-0-030K. was also measured for other temperatures. It 0.04-'0.050K, t was 1%, at 1.2oKp however# it was 1.8%, showing that the temperature dependence of the asymmetry of gamma radiation for small values of 1/T cannot,be determined with sufficient accuracy. The magnetic moment of Sc46 was not measured. Btillj it can be estimated with sufficient accuracy to be 3-5 nuclear magnetonso from which the effective magnetic field on 14,46 nucleus In iron forl/T - 25 is found to-be Reff 105 oerst eds. The Card 2/3 82598 The Polarization of So46,Nuclsi,. in Iron 51056J6010391011661029 B006/BO70 possible errors in.this-daterainat'ion are*then discussed. They are related to--the errors Inthedetermination of nuolear-magnetio-moments, E, and T? and the error resulting.from.imperfoot domain orientation. Taking these into Iaccount R lies within the limits 3X-105,* ]g 6 off 5r. 11 5 46 off 16 0.1-05 @ 09, for Co 60 and .0 to, TIO* 10 Wf' 1.50-10 00 for So . Finallyp the possible investigatione,of-pr~~dorrslttion for oriented So416 nuclei are very briefly discussed. The authors thank Professor K. P. 3athin for making available metallio scandium, and Professor A.Z. Dolginov for the derivation-of--tbeasymmetry formula. G* R. Khutsishvili and L. M. Shestopalov of Fiziko-iekhniobeekiy Institut AN_SSSR (P_hy_P1va1&chnia&L.- T."a t4 fjj to_o.L ttLe, A-0-SS-BRL are mentioned. There are 3 figures and 21 reter- encest 7 Soviet, 8 American, I Canadian, 3 Dutch, and 2 British. ASSOCIATIONs L;ningradakiy,fiziko-t4khnioheskiy institut Akademii nauk 8 SR (Leningrad Physicotechnical Institute of the Academy of -Sciences of the USSR) SUBMITTEDt -February 20, 1960 Card 3/3 20500 500 D45 1 L4 _S t) /02 61/000/003/012/012 A.1 66yii 27 C@26. Ca 9 40 AUTHORSt Lakh V. Is,.Eoganj A. Y.t Engineers (LIvov) TITL& Vanisbing-@ilament pyrometere PERIODICAM Naukai zhizn' no. 3PA961t 43 TEXTs The article describes operating principles and. functions of pyrometere and mi ogo pyrometers. intended for the measurment of tem- peratures above 29000 0. The Soviet vanishing-filament rometer'OnnOP-017' HOPPIR-017") is capable of measuring temperatures up to 6100000. The filament-o'f a.special incandescent pyrometer lamp vanishes when its brightnese'reaches the@same value that is emitted by the heated body. The value is measured by an am-meter whose current has been predetermined and gauged for,the filament of the lamp. By measuring the amperage of t 'he lamp thetemperature of the heated body can be de- termined. To keep up with modern precision requirements special absorp- tion glass and diaphragms have been used. For the measurement of tam peratures, of thin wirest incandescent.filaments of electric lamps eta, Card@1/2 5/0 S1056 6210431OOV91 63 B102YB104 Kogan, A.- VL@Kullkov,- V. D. Nikitin, L. P., Reynov, N. U. AUTHOR 4:@; @emiakj M. F., Bhott, M. J1 I TI 71-4. Asy=etry@ in'. P-radfation from some nuclei polarized in an iron-d ontaining alloy .PERIODICAL: n iteorsticheskoy fi ikil v 4@0 rp, Zhurnal eksperimental oy j no. 3(9)j' 1962o,828.830 166 192 TEXT: The- authors measured-the P-emission asymmetry of Re Ir and,' 114 In nuclei polarized at 0.1-0.030K in an iron alloy,. using an apparatuej..' described in ZhTF, 29, 1039,195.9-or ZhBTF, 35, 295, 1958. The values ofl. jjhH -@nuclear magnetic mometntl - H effective field acting on the eff n eff nucleus) we're' determined 1 rom the asymmetry given as $(T@ a [W(OO) W(n)1/[W(o0) + W(-x)l - A(v/o)flt when, or allowed P-tra@hsitions, I + A(v/o)f 0084. W(Oo) is-the, P-radi4ti.on recording.probability if the magnetic field is applied in the Card 1/3 3/05 62/043/003/015/063 diation from"aome.#* B102 104 Asymmetry in -ra@' YB direction of the d(tector, #(R) is' the same if.i?has th 0 posite direction; A is a factor de@erding only on the -spine I, @Lnd 1.0 (1 I@I I of final and 0 in Iitial states, f nuol ear polarization' coefficient, V@- angle between. the direction,of niclear p.plarizat ion and that of particle emission. For, Re and Ir the @ quantity.. 1018 PUH ef was "termined, from the slope of tile straight line E (ift) giving 8tl.for Re and 00-5 for Ir. These values do not agree with the results of V-4nisotroyy measurements (2-5tO-5 and 12t 1 - 5) 1 1 - e. the@ @el ati on t.0 (T)'_- :A(v/o).f cannot be us ed. Sine a for these that .H 144 nuclei AO,is free of tensions while on r - R, x.