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and St S KrAmal -j% kwitlot!vyl --pf t~k'v re'al'-jr. 017 ILI-IT Lt-ig SOV/137-58-10-721565 Translation from: keferativnyyzhurnal, Metalluraiya, 1958, Nr 10, p 158(USSR) AUTHOR: Kolmako T IT L, E: The Effect of Thermal Smelting Conditions on Nfechanical Properties and Quasi -isotropism of Inoculated Cast Iron, (11li- yaniye termicheskikh usloviy plavki na mekhanicheskiye svoystva i kvaziizotropnost' modifitsirovannogo chuguna) PERIODICAL: Tr. Omskogo mashinostroit. in-ta, 1958, Nr 2, pp 111-125 ABSTRACT: An examination of the effect of overheating (temperature of metal during inoculation), casting temperature, and the dimen- sions of components on the mechanical properties and quasi- isotropism (01) of inoculated cast iron (ICI). It was established that of all theories on ol!erheating the theory of I.N. Bogachev is the most authentic; experimental results on inoculation of cast iron agree closely with it. Overheating of ICI (from 1420 to 16000C) improves its mechanical properties but impairs its quasi-isotropism. A lowering of the casting temperature 13300 improves the mechanical properties and the QI. The Q1 of the ICI is greater than that of gray cast iron. The results of Card 1/2 the investigation provide a picture of the relation between the The Fffect of Thermal Smelting Conditions (cont.) thermal smelting conditions and the mechanical and quasi-isotropic prop- erties, thus facilitating proper selection of materials and engineering pro- cesses, A.S. Cast 4-ron--Production 2. Cast iron--Tenmeratim factc-ns 3. Cast iron _-Dropertles SOV/137-58-10- 2 1565 Card 2/2 004 00 00 00W X. Irs4pelUtdri (Nit. of %Mws 4ad P Ckog. (Uss.k.) - Wi-elatis t 60410M IS A (C 3P) . . . . I As extov&d (WoL -iift f*W- of cQwm. and fmquewics -04 TbediqKvumc*tbc z Ax(topho6ille did the visnity (bc"s affeeft both 4 &~j the dWw. camt. 4. Tlit cartralm for a 1%. r.c.. J01,Tv- fat Cut aV Ka at the hequemy 3XI wc.-I aad Es L-a gue ' f f I U * reqqe3c*A; it. eg., 1% for oAlot N l t #Lt V37 i~41~ 0 gas too S1114*3 Nit amv gliAll GIC GNT L14 0t luunwc I 4 mic saw* icallrotedto3sw 6-1A * 1 13 "1 till lomillPRINFL. ki Efaw IF r t It IwAndm4domin 4" T _ _ _~1 1 ow 1 7 T 4 *bft. Od and PM- uidm at ftktdcd '0 SPOr n04 t & q v= ft COW- km an but aWo to ILM tkc l 0. H. Mdact ot JUL! woo 1114111 44 u ii a a0 is (I IS 0 0 6 a q 0 0 0 0 -0 0 a ON. a U6 NOR lffi? ffi KW-TSaEVICH. TS.R.; KOLKMVA. y.A.; SVIMOMX. V.I. UBIng the chrom-, ammision "thod tanning. ]Cozh. withant Pickling for leather -obuy.prom. 2'no.4:15-17 Ap s60. (MIRA 13:9) ,kOz- M fiKoVI4 /C) Category USSR/Acoustics - Ultrasound J-4 Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Fizika, No 1, 1957,No P16h Author Kolmakova, N.A. Title Temperalure Coefficient of Absorption of Ultrasonic Waves in Acetic-Acid Ethers Orig Pub Primeneniye ulltraakustiki k issled. veshchestim. Vyp. 3. M., MOPI, 1956, 95-103 Abstract Pulse methods are imed to investigate the temperature depe=lence of the coefficient of absorptica (r.4 ) of ultrasonic waves at fnquencies P - 9.6 (9-5) and n.4 (11-75) 14c in acetic methyl ether (in the temperature range from -65.0 to + 51.0P, acetic ethyl ethj:-r (from -68.0 to +92.00). acetic amyl ether (f,rcgi ;-.62.0 to +91.0P) and acetic iso-amyl ether (fr,--Ta -59.0 to+96.o). The. measurement errcr fluctuated 1'--Lm 2 to %. The resultant vaInes ofol/iP- are tabulated. in all the ethers investigated,' the temperature dependence of 0~/Oa is qualitatively the same-. increasing the temperature causes W-02 to drop 9W-ply in tInlow-temperature region,, pass tbrough a minimum, and increase slight3,yvith further increase in temperature. 1hcreasing the molecular veight of the ether shifts the 1yosition of the mirdnum tovard the higher temperature, narTows dova the region of the minimum, and increases the absorption of the sound. Biblio- graphy, 9 titles. e0 Card 1/1 g KOLMAKOVA, N.A.; SVIIIORUK, V.I. Use of ultrasound-for obtaining fat liquors for chrome emulsion ta nning atid stuffinj of leather. Prim. ultraakust. k issl. veshch. no.14:345-348 '6i. (KEM 14-12) (Ultrasonic waves--Industrial applicatiuns) (Leather) ATAYEVA N A.; FOLMAKOVA, N.A. Effect of ultrasound on the adsorption of iodine from the flow of aqlieous and'Alcohol solutions. Zhur.fiz.khim. 37 no.7.-1593-1594~ i1 163, (MIRA M2) ACC NRa AP6022240 AUTHOR: Kolmakova, S. A.; Terpugov, A. F. ORG: none SOURCE CODE: UR/0000/66/000/000/0053/0059 TITLE: The optimum radar pulse shapes in the Bal-es case SOURCE: Vaesoyuznaya nauchnaya, sessiya, posvyashchennaya 22d, 1966. Sektsiya radiotekhniki. Doklady. Moscow, 'A966, 53-59 10PIC TAGS: radar pulse, radar signal analyois, signal noise ratio ABSTRACT: The form of radar pulse is'sought for which the deviation of the Bayes estimate of reflected radar pulse delay time is minimum. The general problem is analyzed in parts, i.e., for small and large SIN ratios. It is assumed that the noise is additive, stationary, has an average value of zero, and its spectrum is flat in the system bandpass. The solutions are worked out using the H-20 digital computer and presented in the form of normalized graphs. The problem in which the radar pulses have pure modulation are also treated analogously. Orig. art. has: 16 formulas and 2 figures. SUB CODE: /7/ SUBM DAV: l6Har66/ OTH REF: 001 Card 71-)1)-X _c T C 14-57-6-12672 Translation from: Referativny zhurnal, Geografiya, 1957, Nr 6, p 128 (USSRT AUTHOR: Kolmakova, V. D. TITLE: Main Insect Species Harmful to the Fruit and Berry Industry in the Trans-MaYkal Area (Osnovnyye vidy nasekomykh, vredyashchikh plodovo-yagodnym kullturam v Zabayka..11ye) PERIODICAL: Sb. rabot.In-ta prikl. zool. i fitopatol., 1956, Nr 4, pp 91-97 ABSTRACT: Collected specimens of full-grown insects and larvae have furnished data on the pests whiO, afflict the fruit and berry industry in the Tran&Baykal area. The most harmful types are: aphid A-phis pomi, beetles of the Phyllobius and Map-dalis species; butterflies Itamas circumflexaria, Larentia fulvata, Abraxas grossulariata; Card 1/2 TMt-eaters of the Grapholitha genus; leaf-curling Main Insect Species Harmful to the Fruit (Cont.) 14-57-6-12,672 aiseana and Gelechia hiELULa-ella. Insects al,e doi, very great da-m-age to a Fie 9 Card 2/2 p in the Buriat-140tigolian ASSR. MIKHAYLOVA, K.K., mladshi7 nauchnyy sotrudnik; KOLMAKOVA, V.M., inzh. New loom. Tekst.prom. 20 no-7:32-34 Jl 160. (MIU 13:7) 1. ]Iksperimentaltna7a laboratoriva Ti3entrallnogo nauchuo- issledovatel'Iskogo Instituta promyshlennosti lubyan7kh volokon (for,Mikhavlo,wa) 2. TSentralluava nauchno-isoledovatellakaya laboratoriya X-ostromskogo lluokombin.ata imeni I&--ulna (for Kolmakova). (Looms) MIKUYLOVA, K.K., rAuohWy aotrudalk; XOUUOTk, T.N*,, inshener W-150 TA real. Toketprow. 20 no-504-36 Ky 160. (MMA 13 s 8) 1. TSentrallzWy nauchno-iosledovatellskiy Institut lubyazwk:h volokon (for Mikhaylova). 2. Wentralluays wachno-iseledovatell- skaya, laboratorlyar 11nokombinats iment, MAsuina (for Kolmkova). (Reale(Textile machinery)) 33277. 11ovyye Gibr4dn-,rye Sor-ba Pshenitsy. Sel. Khoz-vo Tadzhildstaiia., 1949,, Ifo- 5, 0. 20-211. SO: Leto-ist Zhurnal1w tatey Vol 451 Moskva, 191~9 y1ch S v u NEVZOROV, T.; KOMAKOVA z Wheat New high-.vielding %teat. strain - Tzjik Beardlegs 16. Dost. sellkhoz. MO. 9p 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, December -1951,2uncl. 4-,~W.A 77 : USSR : CULT IVAT ED PLANTS. General Problf-'W-S. 2.5 5!i i "J, r ;,lf?ff -ion pi Cur'l;akill o.** 'I P, Jy i~xli St it f. e Se'Arc-Li:)n S t at.,.., or i,,*; ~J h len '~el- Uvi. cf witli th-a to ~Qrtr-ll~ e -, dz.: . 1-a the z4jne pro-. id.;~ei witji pi i 0 TL , wom -L r i: i 3a 11---- (1 -p I f-- ~ s ca -; b f, (~ tz L J. -VL end yiell high harve'-L-V of.' !7,klr'cw%k 5,0'16 a;7A Tadzhiks,'4ava lb wh-oa~s, Klaordzi)oia 18 b.,AvIcy, hybrid N0.1, odilcbkayz~ 25, 1~lnol~Lkaya ar-a Y%rasnodar.3xcys Gigam ond Gi6ant ~y -ULTNAITI) cLAN'To'. th,- ar S. r-tLj v C %- f 1. ?40 j zhelteyis at-d hotho'314e flint K-Lzlik'aaPsk~-kye., aad ctizere f0i. 'P~f> tk5 ) and Liiniv-g. , S ter! 45-ig, Owtj ~1,4%aya nO."OrntlYa etc.' for b L, n co v S Country u6sR 14 Category: OjUivatcd p1wts. GmIns, Abs Jiyur: F02Biol., NO 111 1958, 48852 last AAUUv-v Pno. Inst. -of 'Agriculture. Title Prospectiw Vciietiadlof Hard Wheat. Card 1/2 KOUWlp Arnost akademik ~-' -"' Toohnical scionoona Nova technika noo6t245-21ol 160, I-e-Aeft J___ Z,~.. TEXT: t the exposition of, a, lekture;At-the*~ The article represen s conference on -philosophical problems of 'cosmogony: and. cosmology, %which 'too -p ace, at Tatra Lomnice (Czechoslovakia) on June 6 - 8, 1961. The author discusses brlei-' ly the nature of sciences constituting the basis of cosmology, relation of cosmol.~. Ogy to astronomy, and the problem of cosmological constants. The importance.of establishing the applicability limits of extrapolatioA as a method of cosmologi-a_' cal studies is-*,noted, The:author emphasizesthe unit.of splice, time and matter, the, physical ~Ofl 4hith ~was-'_seeured by the genqra~.- tb,ory of rela-tivityj-.,He--,,,-,,- co 6' _11intihitell -e it# ich n s i d-e rs' t- he' c on- c e- p t s- - -o 'niodels,- f_*-the Univ*it r finitb - - anU 0 make it possible, on the basis of using mathematical schemes, to solve the':-.7..- Card 1/2 t S/269/63/COO/001/001/032: Space, time,7matter and motion In cosmology A0011AI01 problems of fha:tter distributiow'and Its Interaction with fields; bierarft of cosmic systems); energy tran:5ferl %eometrical properti6slof the Universe.~Data' obtained in investigations Of thelobserved part of thd Universe are discx~sted. Difficulties ai-e mentioned which Arise when these data are extrapolated ipithe Universe as*a whole (Seeliger's",griavitational paradox",' 61bers's photometri'de:il paradox "thermal death" of the(Ifniverse)..The-author'stresses the necessity of generalizations in cosmology from the-viewpbint of dialectical materialism. In conclusion he points out tl~at a creative cooperation of naturalists and philos- ophers is necessary. V. Abalakin t er's note: Compl on) [Abstrac, ete translati Card 2/2 H A0 KOZESNIX., Jaroslwvp skAdemik; BLASKOVIC; Dionpi almdamtk; 491kp j alademik; 14ACURA# Jiri, dr.1 VAM,'qosef; GOSIOROVSKr, Milos; BOEM; Jaroslav., alkademik; PROCHAZFA.. Jarcslavp prof.~ dr.; ZUVEJS, Zdanek,, dr.1 BRMC, Frantisek, prof, Ftantisek~ akadwAk; Houxt Josefg &Mdwdkr MUMMig Jaromirp doce, dr,; BALIX., MOW in a,, dr,,; KOUROVSKrp Bohumi2, droi SZANTO Xan., dre; ROZSIVAL,. MIrcbIav, dr.; KASPAIR. Jan, dr.; ~ MUM 'Iddislav,, prof., inz.1 STRMs, Xuldts; WICHTERLE, Otto, akademftj 7ATOPEN, Alois; JAVORNICKY8 Jan,, inzeq VAVn,, Jaroslav,dr.; BIATTIMp Ctiborp akademik; ONDRIS., Karol, dr,; KUKAL,, Vaclavj, inze The 22d Congress of the Communist Party of the Saoist Union and the tasks of Czechoslovak science; discussion. Vestnik CSAV 71 no.1:3-59 162, 1. Mavni vedecky sekretar Ceskoslovenske akademia ved (for Nozeanik). 2. Glen korespondent Ceskoslovenske ekademie ved (for Vana.,, Gosior Kaspar, Strnad.,-Zatopek), 30-- Rektor Karlovy university (for Procha= 4* Rektor Ceskeho vysokeho uceni tachnickeho (for Bmbeo)o 5e Namestak preeidenta Caskoolovenske akademie ved (for Sorm) BRMERGi-S. L.;,KOLIMAN, A. E.j SUOICISOVA, A. P. "The influence of individual cov;ponents of nutritive media on the bio- synthesis of tlorimycin (viomycin). Its dependence on the composition of the medium as a whole." report submitted for Antibiotics Coz*-, Prague, 15-19 Jun 64. Cent Antibiotic Res Inst, Moscow. BRINBMG, S.L.; KOLIMAN, A.E.; SKVORTSOVAJ, A.P. Effect of iron on the formation of florimycin. Antibiotiki 8 no. 11:1002-1005 N 163. (~M 17.9) 1. V.-,esoyuznyy nauchno-iseledovatellskiy institut antibiotikov. NUELOVA, MI.V.1_jQ~1L ;_:A, E-..., I Comparative study of amino acids formed by the aurantin producer. Mkrobiologiia 32 no.4:603-609 O-Ag 163. 17:6) 1. Biologo-pochwanyy fakalltet Moskovskogo gOOLLdarntVennogo universiteta imeni M.V. Lomonosova. BRINDBERG, S.L.; KOLIM, A.E.; SKVORTSO", A.P. Comparative physiological studies on floribycin (viomycin) producing organisms. Antibiotiki 8 no.10:870-877 0 163. (MIRA 17:10) 1. Vsesoyuznyy natichno-issladovatellskiy institut antibiotikov. KULIKOV V.A., kand. telchn. nauk; MARTWIHIVA, N.M., inzh; KOLIMAN PIP inzh, Vacuum gluing of plywood, Ders proms 13 no,3:14-17 Mr'64 (MIRA 17--7) 1. lkiotekhnicheskaya akademl~a imeni S.M. Nirova. TRAPEZIN, I.I., doktor tekhn. nauk, prof.; KOLIYAN, E.R., prepcdavatell. Free vibrations of a thin conical shall in a compressed gas xedium. Izv. vys. uoheb. zav.; mashinostr. no.508-66 165, (MIRA 18ill) 1. Moskovskiy stankoinstrumentalInyy inatitut. :~~r~caxch of the KOLIMAN, O.V. Oceanographic research of Chile and 12rgentina in Antarctica. Meanologiia, 4 no-5:925 164 (MIRA 18:1) RADOVSKIY, M.I.; -KOLIMAN., E.j -KJADO. T.N. [translator) HistOrY Of calculating devices; materials of the Archives of telk,Acadery of Sciences'of the U.S.S.R. Ist. mat. isal. no,14t 551-586 -161. (MIRA 16:10) (Calulating machines) KOLIMAN) E. [Kolman, E.), prof. 1l- 64 M.Athematics in,the.niw.aroas-.df.knoiledge. Priroda.53 no..I: 19 (MMA - 17:2) 1. Daystvitall-yy chlen Chekhoslovatakoy Akadomii nauk. FEKELIS, V.D.; BERG, A., akademik, red.; KOLIMAN. E*,, akademik, red-.. tekhn. --A RYCHKOVAP N.G., red, izd-va; PRUSAKOVA, (The possible and impossible in cybernetics] Vozmozhnoe i nevo=ozhnoe v kibernetike; sbornik statei. Moskva, Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1963. 221 p. VYALITSEV., Anatoliy Nikolayevich; KOLIRAN, E., otv. red. (The discrete space-t imo) Djokretnoe prontranstvo-vremia. Moskvap Nauka, 1965. 397 p. (MIRA 18:6) KOLIMAN, E. Velikiy vqslitell N.I. Lobachevskiy. M., Gospolitizdat (1944), 1-100. Gegell i matematikA. Zh pod znamenem marksizmal 11-12 (1931)t 107-120. Sm. takzhe sbornik statey k 100-letlyu so dnya smertl gagelya gegell I dinlekticheskiy w-terial- lzm. M., partlzdat (1932), 259-275). SO: Viathem -19 atica in the -USSR,,- Y".1947, , Edited Markus~vicb, A.I. Rashevskiy, P.K. Moscov-Leningrad., 1948 Mp A 4.12-9 Ills's A It *0 owgisfo AND 010011tcal O."s A Jac 00 0 $cook waaam 1w mathof. ,or ME 044. Kolman (CM01. rftd, $t4-:-W=A cdddtm of go -themuca "AlY31% of the 4utw" r data PkFfu,!A by J.D. R mo, it, Sew goo. On now- 1 jaw- pavi". 0 I akv &ZI AV so a AA I I I U 6 0 1 1 X 0 0 a 4 3 0 1 or I I. I - 9 tc at to it c r" I go o00000 0 so 00 0 0 0 4p 0 0 0,/ wA 0 0 a 0'0 a 0 00 00000 0 0 0 0 0 9 06 0 000 ;so SUBJECT USSR/ULTHEMICS/History of Uathematics CARI) 1/1 Fr. 313 LUTHOR KOLIVAN Z. TITIR -49-6~* ano. PERIODICAL Uoscows'Publication of the Academy of Sciences of the, USSR (1955) 224 P-. reviewed 10/1956 The author gives &.bibliography" of., Bernhard Bolzaao. After a descriptioa of his descent and his. aLtudies the' mathematical work of Bolzano is repre- sorted and discussed in a clear.maaner, sometimes it is considered critically. The detailed bibliography contains an interesting list of methematioal books of Bolzano's privat library. The book contains some extracts of papers due to Bolzano and some pictures and portraits. 0 -1 - - . . . -- _- -- -M KOLIMA-1f, N. An unpublished letter by K.F. Gauss. Trudy InstAst.eeti takh. 3. 385-394 '55. tKm 9:5) (Gauss, Xmrl Friedrich, 1777-1655) 4L., Card 1/ 1 t Pub 86 32/35 Authors t Kolttaan$ --E. Prpr.,. Title Icrf,:th~:-1~orlijs e eriodical p Priroda, 44/2 123, Feb 1955 . k1, F, trnc t I A review is macle of the French-langniage book, "The Origiia of the Worlds" L ~L by Paul labereme, new and revised erj'tJon, 'stied in Paris in 1953 by L--* Editeixs F,.-mcsiF F,ilrnis ~tnd publ, 2"11 p-%If7-,s. T~i- b~, ',:-,l rd n,7 refutine, the Nictarhc thtory -f t-io i of .1 limit of time as woll. The ~vok 1,,3 bccau of J ~,I -, 3 tra Instit.ution, KOUIII~N E Remarks on the discussions about'the theory of relativity. Tr. from tile Russian, (to be contd.) p. 250 Vol. 61, no. 8,Aug. 1955 YAGUMMUAI FOLYOIRAT Budapest Source: 11%onthly list ofEast European Accessions, (EEAL), LC, Vol. 5. no. 3. March 1956 xomvt2 E. Notes on the discu sions~ about the theory of relativity. II. Tr. from the Russian. (To ~3e contd.) Ps 287. MAGYAR KEKIAI FOLYOIRAT. Budapest. Vol, 61, no. 9. Sept. 1955. SOURCE: East Eurcqmm Accessio~s List (EEAL), LC, Vol. 5, No. 2. Fei). 1956 , I, W-1 Kolm. F. SOURCE: FAw3t European Accessions List (EEAL), LC, Vol. 5j, No. 2, F.eb. 1956 Xlr I !., l-, - - 'WXC~~, ~ . -~ZA ~Ivrl . .v ~ I KOLIMAN E. Kibeimetika fGybernetics7, Znaniye Publishing House, Moscow, 1956, Series 1, No. 23p 40 pages, KOLI W, Bruest, profe3mor. doktor filosoft3kikh nauk; XOTM, Tu.Ye., redaktor; ISLOTIYETA, P.G., takhnicheskiy redaktor (Cybe rnetics; machines performing some mental functions of man] Kibernatika; o mashinakh, vypolniaiuahchikh nekotorye paikhtcheakis funktaii cheloveka. Hoskva, Izd-vo *Zaania,' 1956* 39 P. (Tsesolunce obahchestivo po-ra9prostreueniiu politichaskikh i nauchnvkh snanit. Ser. 3, 40-27) (MM 9:8) (Cybernetics) A?5ol6oil _05 - /CX "58/0G66 534-1.3 1. T, (Doctar off c_ir~"l ai5 cirl _601, man B.- - z, ~_n c illat i o ns o f a th in c onic al sh e 11, o szi lb I e gas no. k: _J tshell, theory, compressible gas, conicil sh-24jl cj_rcujar a- :-dmation method, finite diffIFrei-:a rT, oressure The differentW ecuat ion of' Pot,'c,n f or an orthotropiep nnninml ah&ll rMei* id fmm '-pra -_ lF yu u ntlzi.lla oE `ransverse- 5--= firat. 'the displacematit, and t-np, iDrco IlUnCT--lon are then expressed 4- 0,.t) f s) 4- vs. :1 1) r C? c_lg :L .,q 4p-ro s-,;bs*,�t!lted in tns e.,,uat j-zpd, and 1- low "g f rjartli ordel- ot ~~f fer d3 x 4, The -overn- na L) C presm"e, i &~4,oarocy _'_Tj giwm tyr -1-a1 snell with approxi-pmtion is f ,3 a9 4912 as axpertmentAl r eo u and .95016oli M JAovskiy atanivainstrumentpi, nn- -D.O:L (Do Transactions o? th_e''I(hirid' All-union Mathematical Congress, Trudy 136- V. ly -Sect. Rpts.-, izdatel'stvo All SSSR, MOSCOW.? 1956.1 237 PP. Call Nr: AF 1108825 Mention is made of Romer, P. E., Vashchenko-Zakharchehko, M. G., Yermlakov, V. P., Grave, D. A., Bukreyev, Pokrovskiy, Pfeyffer, Vellmin, V. P., Abramovich, K. F., Delone, B. N., Zhilinskiy,Ye-I., Oatrovakiy, A* Mey Sbmidt, 0. Yxx., and Chebotarrev, N. G. Kiro, S. N.-Odesna). Mathematics at the Congresses of Russian Nature Researchers and Physicians. 231-232 Chebyshev, P. L., Imehenetskiy, V. a., Markov, A. A., Korkin,, A.N., Sonin, N. Ya., Zolotarev., Ye. I,, Voronoy, G. F.., Kovalevskaya, S.V.., Zhukovskiy, N. Ye., Steklov, V. A., Davidov, A. Yu., BugayeV, N. V." Mlodzeyevskiy, B. K., Yegorov, D. F., Yermakov, V. P., Andreyev, K. A*.# Sintsov, D. M., Vasil"yev, A. V., Dolbni, I. P., Chaplygine, S.-A., Sokhotskiy, Yu. V., Bobyninj V. V. Kollman E. Ya, (Moscow). On Certain Unsolved Problenuin R9_WaQ_tF Ancient Mathematics. 232 Mikhaylov, G. K* (Moscow). The Youth of Leonard Euler and his First Scientifie.Works. 232 Card 78/80 SOV/124-57-4-3837 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Mekhanika, 1957, Nr 4, p 4 (USSR) AUTHOR: Kollman, E. TITLE: The Life and Scien tific Activity of Ruggiero Giuseppe Boscovich (17.11 - 1787) [ Zhizn' i nauchnaya deyatelln.ost" Rudzhera Boshkovicha ( 1711 - 1787)] PERIODICAL: Vopr. istorii yestestvozn. i tekhniki, 1956, Nr 2, pp 92-109 ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry Card 1/1 Jr KOL U&N. A. Tmdy takh- Infinity in Oneient Greek sathemstied- (MM 9:12) 1o..299-337 156- (Kati-.ematics, Greek) Aohmai On tht of V,~ 5-6), 6, 7247- ? 26 (i 9- o'1 t1lii ;trisirg f roca sensusi e v I d -~k V, c F They rrawt be transwrended xstracting thought of ~~f sci-fi ofic moduGzi, Of thouvll~. f)f the g~zwucily KOLIMM, E.,.doktor filosofsklkh nauk, professor matainatiki. .. t, Ou cybernetlco. Zww.sila 31 no.7:8-9 Jl 956. (mm 9:9) (Cybernetics) d ktor filosofskikh nauk. professor; 1 0 ,adaktor; GUBIN, K.L. takhnichaskiy redaktor [Philosophical problems in modern physical ~iloeofskie probleaq sovremennoi ftsUd. Koskva, Izd-vo "Zaanta-.0 195?. 38 p. 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Edso (Title page): FQrbkin* G,F, and Yushkevich, A,P,; Ed, (Inside book): Konoplyankin, A,,A.;.Tech, Ed,: Hurashova, N, Yas PURPOSE: This book is interded for mathematicians and others interested in the history of mathematics, and may serve as the basis for a suitable university text on the history of mathematicaj thereby filling the most serious gap in Soviet mathematical literature. COVERAGE: This book contains reports made by members )f the section on the history of mathematics at the Third All-UrO,zin Mathematical Congress which dlwua%d problems of the history of mathematics and various articles on the significanoe of the history of mathematies Research in Mathematical History (Cont.) Sov/1366 for mathematics itself and for the other sciences, There are also four articles on the history of mathematics in Czechoslovakia and.Rumania.,,an article on the investigation of the algebraic roots of differential calculus in connection with a study of the mathematical writings of K..Iklarx, and an article on the work done on negative numbers by the Arabian mathematician,Abu-1-Wafto A series of articles on various texts-and doeuments connected with the history of mathematicaj, including a, trwislation of the treatise De ConfIguratione Qualitatum by N. Oresme and two articles concerning it., concludes the book, KOLIKAR. Z.. prof. Some theoretical problems in the history of natural science and. technology and J. Bernalle,work "Science in the history of the societr.1 UP ist. eat. I takh. no.6:0~-4 159. (miRA i2i-6) iSclence and civilization) KOL M. OStudies on the history of science in Spainn by J.M.Villa97 Vallicrosa. Reviewed by E.Kollman. Vop.19t.est.i takh. no.8:167 67 159. (UTIRA 13:5) Opain-Science) Mi. .9 I P N bf ts a a' 07 "1 4 HOW . J, ' lima isl 'vIt , 1 02 all Ito 0 Igo. hqp 6! Research in Mathematical History (Cont.) SOV/1366 Kiro., S.N. (Odessa), Mathematics at the Congresses of Russian Naturalists and Physicians 133 Kollmanp 3.-(Moscow). On Certain Unsolved Problems in the History of,Aneient Mathematics 159 Raik.. A, Ye,,(Saransk), New Reconstructions of Certain Problems from Ancient Rg"tian. and Babylonian Te-tts 171 LECTUFaS ON THE HISTORY OF MATHEMATICS Program on the History of Mathematics at the Moscow State University 185 Yanovskaya, S.A. (Moscow). Introductory Lecture to the Course "The History of Mathematics" 193 AUTHOR: Koilman'_ Beg Doctor of Philosophical Sciences 30-58-5-19/36 TITLEt Marx. and the Natural Scienoar, (Maiks i yestestyoznaniye) PERIODICAL: Vestnik Akademii Nauk SSSR, 1958, Nr 5, PP, T8-8T (USSR) ABSTRACT: Under the conditions of great achievements in the field of natural -sciences Karl -Yarx worked on the philoaophio&l gener- alizatiod of the discoveries of,natural sciences and together with Friedrich EnVls on the materialistic dialectic of nature. Mirx followed the development of natural sciences and in the last decade of his life he occupied himself with mathematics* In his works he stated the interrelation between manufacture, natural sciences and philosophy. He thought that the natural sciences had practically penetrated into human life by means of industry,.that they had transformed it and prepared the, li- beration of mankindq although in.the begiming they had, led to , a do-humanizati,.on of man. His work "Kapital" contains many ideas on different problems of natural science, enginseringt as well as their history. He utilized their results for the foundation of the revolutionary economic prin6iplas developed., by him. He was interested in problems of the practical tech- Card 1/2 nical use of natural sciences due to their great impxtance for -2 5 - 5P -e - 7/(, AUTHOR: Z~ollman, E., Doctoi of Philosophical 5oienoes TITLE: For Materialism in Science (Za materializm v nauke) Irre- concilable Positions (ffeprimirimyye pozitsii) PERIODICAL: Nauka i zhiznl , 1958, Nr 8, pp 10-15 and 58 (USM) ABSTRACT: All sciences, including natural science, deal with general conceptions and they belong not only to a special, particular science, but also* to philosophy which works out a world out- look and methods of cognition, and studies the general laws of the development of nature, society and human thinking. How- ever, the idealistic- and metaphysical ideology prevailing among the capitalistic society impedes the proper generalization of the facts of natural scipnce. The philosophical conclusions of scient33ts of bourgeois countries are in the majority of _es f,~'.Lladiou' -and nti-scientific. Thi, cap -.3 ';~%ue to the, ideo- logidai., 9-t -:between'materialism and_idealism..~ B eing unable .-to,coItap,rehend n'ew' facts, bourgeois -s-cientists ~-of ten and mystical arrive. at idealistic and sometimes at religious conclusions. In fact, as shown by Lenin, the old mec-anical Card 1/2 world outlook has been succeeded by the world outlook of the Card 2/2 KOL'ITANs E. (Doctor of Philosophical Science) "On the Philosophical and Social Problems of Cybernetics." Filosofski e vopropZ kibemetiki (Philosophical Froblems of Cybernetics),p Publishing House of Socio-Econoatc Literature,, Moscow, 1961392 p. 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