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I... LINITSKJY, Viktor Georgiy9vich; KTAHTSOV, Lonstantin Ivanovich; KOLOKITTS]ff, I.D., otw.r*d.; IVINIWAYA, G,M.., I ~ -,"Ifte KSTI-20 scraper conveyer] Skrebkovyl konveier KSTI-20. Koakwa, Gos.nauchno-tekhn.isd-vo lit-ry po gornoza delu, 1960. 58 P. (scrapers) (Conveying machinery) (MIRA 13:7) LWITSKIT, Viktor oeorgiyevich; IRAITSDVP Konstantin Ivanovich; -wagnar. A.D.,; SMTAR, S.Ta.,; GALANOvA, T.V., [KsR-i scraper conveyers] SkrebkoVyi konTeier KSR-le Moskva. Gos.nauchno-takhnAzd-vo lit-ry po gornom dalue ig6o. 6zp. (KIRA 13:12) (Conveying machinery) SUMIN, Ivan Pedorovich;_ KOIOUTTSgT,.I.D.,; ILOIRSK:AYA, G.M.,; red, [Safety provision in the operation of electric contact locomotives in mines) Obespechanie bezopasnosti sksplua- tataii radnichnykh kontaktnykh elektrovozov. Moskva. Goo. nauchno-tekhn.isd-vo lit-ry po gornomu delit, 1960. 127 %RA 13:5) (Electric locomotives) (Electricity in mining--Safety measures) TIRABOV, Armenak Arkadlyevich; LIONOT, Y.A,, kand.takhn.nauk, retsonsent; KRAICHMALRY. A.A., retsonsent;-KOIAMIITSZV, A.Doy otyaredo; SABITOT, A., PROZO~&&M;'-T'.L.-; "takhn. red. [Operator of vachinos and mechanisms for underground mine haulage) Nashialst shakhtnykh mashin I mokhanismoy podsomnogo transportae Moskva, Goo.nauchno-takhn.ind-va lit-ry po gornowa dolu, 1960. 219 pe (MIRA 1317) (Mining machinery) 0 SOROXIN, Vladimir Ivanovich; KOLOKIYTSEV, A.D., insh.i; BWj- -SrAVSKAY.A, L.Gh., [Industrial electric locomotives] Promynblennye elektrovosyo Moskva, Goo.nauchno-tekhn.isd-vo lit-ry po gornoma delu. 1960. 318 P. . I (Ilectric locomotives) (MIRA 13:3) GURKOV, Konstantin Step*novich; KOSTYLEV, Aekaandr Dmitriyevich; MMIMOV, Venlawin Aleka&ndrovich; YUSHCHENKO, Aleksey Ivanovich; KOWHIYTSEVj~A.D_, otv. red.; IDMILINA, :,.N., tekhn. red.-- (PPM-4m loader] Pogrutoohnaia mashina PPM-4m. Moskva, Gas- gortekhizdat, 1963. 131 P. (MIRA 16t7) (Loading and unloading--Equipment and supplies) EOLOMMS17, A.r. Changes In the peripheral nervous system of the skin under medicinal cuping. Trach.delo noo4:429 Ap 060. (NM l3s6) 1, Tafedra gistologil I esibrIclogil (%&v, - zaal, dayatell naukI, ablen-torrespondent ANN SSM4 prof. Me Z.azybIn) Xiyovskogo meditsinskogo Institute. (M"ING) (AMT S, WTAMUS) 2. 00 AUTHOR: Kolomiyteevp A.K. 26450 S/021/60/000/004/007/010 D232/D305 TITLE: Reaction of the peripheral nervous system of the skin a local rise in atmospheric pressure PERIODICAL: Akademiya nauk Ukrayinslkoyi RSR. Dopovidi, no. 4, 19609 523 - 528 TEXT: As the skin is an or%sn most susceptible to changes of atmos- pheric pressure, the object of the author's study was its reaction to such changes..Experiments were performed on dogs (21 animals), a change in atmospheric pressure%ping simulated by means of a spe- cially constructed apparatusp consisting of a glass tube of 0.5 cm bore connected with a manometer and a pressure pump, by which the inner surface of the skin of the ear was subjected to an increase of pressure of one atmosphere for 15 mins. The reaction of the peri heral neural system (further abbreviated by the author to po n-s-5 was examined after 15 mins.9 as well as 1, 39 7, 149 30 and Card 1/4 26450 S/021/60/000/004/007/010 Reaction of the peripheral D232/D305; 60 days after the beginning of the experiment*R,~,The fixation of skin samples, subjected to pressure, was obtained by immersing them in a neutral 12 % formalin solutiong except in the first series of experimentey when the same solution was injected into the skin blood veseelB; this method was found unsatisfactory. The panoso was developed by impregnation with AgNO 3 after a modified Bilshov- sky-Gross method, and by further treatment with gold and different dyes, as in Spielmayer and MarkyPs methods. (Abstractor's note: None of these methods are described]. The microscopic examination of the samples showed that after only 15 mino pressure on the skin some irritation effects on the p.n.s. could be observed; local -- _X fiber swellingep generAihickening of sections of axial cylinders and sometimes their spiral twisting with local accumul*tions of neuroplasm; these changes are clearly seen on an inserted micro- photographic picture of a skin sample 40 mikr. thickq treated acop~ cording to Bilshovskiy, with gold-hemalaun-eosin. In the author-Is opinion these reactions are connected with the disturbance of the neuroplasm water-balance and the rise of its hydrophilic proper- Card 2/4 96450 iS/02V60/000/004/007/010 Reaction- of the peripheralooo D232/D305 ties; for that reaction no marked changes were observed in neuro- fibrillae. The examination of the glyal component of soft filers showed that-in some Schwamm cells there was an increase in argon- tophilic grains, in others - disruption in miellic coatings and widening of the,Schmidt-Lanterman notches. The author finds these results quite unexpected and supposes that they cannot be explained by the pressure mechanical effect onlyp but are the results of ac- tive -reaction of neurons which are able to react in a direction opposite to that imposed by external factors. Similar unexpected results were observed by Ye.M. Kimbarovskaya (Ref. 7: Izmoneniya perifericheskikh nerynykh volokon pri ra:tvazhenii (Changes in Peripheric Neural Fibers During Elongati n) Disso, Dnepropetrovsk, 19539 P. 175) and Professor N.I. Z bin (Ref. 88 Tesisy dokladov II konferentaii morfologov,~Theses Tf Reports at the II Ukrainian Conference of Morphologist p 1956t p. 100) who found that during the drying of the skint when its water content was lowered, that of axial cylinders was increased. The author concludes that changes in atmospheric pressure affect predominantly the nervous system of Card 3/4 Reaction of the peripheral ... 26450 B1022 60/000/004/007/010 D232YD305 the skin, sensory conductors being the most vulnerable. There are 2 figures and 9 Soviet-bloo references. ASSOCIATIONt Kyyvalkyy sedychnyy institut (Kiyev Medical Institute) PRESENTED: by Kember of AS VkrSSR, V.G. Kaelyanenko SUBMITTEDi Juen 16p 1959 ~ I Card 4/4 KUAKp K.S. (Kiyev., Bros ~-Ljtovskoye shosse, d.82); KOLOMIYTSEV A.K. (Kiy-ev., n====~ Brest-Litovskoye shoose d.82); OSAULENKO, I--Ya- (KiYevv-ir-est~ Litavskoye shosse, d.82~; CHERNOVO O.V. (Kiyev, Brest-Litovskoye shosse, d.82) Reaction of the peripheral nerve_p of the skin to synthetic suturo material. Nov. khir. arkh, no-5:92-95 S-0 160* (MM 14:12) 1. Kafedra gistologii i embriologii (zav. - zasluzhemyy deyatell nauki, chlen-korrespordent AN SSSR prof. N.I.Zazybin) Kiyevskogo meditsinskogo Instituta. (SKIN-IM-IERVATION) (SuTufo) KABAK, K.S.; K01OM7SEV4.L.,K._,_~ Innervation of initial sectiolis ofthe lymphatic system. Arkh. anate gist. i embr. 46 no.2:70-75 F 164. (MIRA 17:12~ 1. Kafedra gistologii i embriologii (zav. - zasluzhennyy deyatell nauki chlen-korrespondent AMN SSSR prof. N.I.Zazybin) Kiyevskogo meditsinskogo instituta. Adres avtora: Kiyev, Brest-LitobsKye shosse,, 22. Morfologiche- skiy korpus., kafedra gistologii i embriologii Kiyevskogo meditsinskogo instituta, KOIiOKIYTSIIV.A. 0. ~, - Now heating radiators. Vod.1 B'55. (KLRA 9:1) 1. Nachallnik otdola otopitellnogo oborudovanlya Vaesovusnogo nauchno-issledowatellskogo Instituta sanitRrno-tekhnicheakogo oborudovanlya. (Radiators) JUDWKIYTSW, A.O.; BIRTUMOT, A;A. . Opiral coil air heaters. !red. i man. tekh. n0-7:25-27 0 '55. (Hot-air heating) (K&A 9:2) KOLOMIYTMV, A.0. Nore accurate definition of Wicem for evaluating and selecting air heaters. VodA san.takh. no.4127-31 Ap 1~6. (MA 9:8) I. (Hot-air heating) 1010M.ITTSBY, A.O.;-LITCUI, I.?. Current demands for hating eqaipment. Tod. I san.tekh. no,12329- 32 ID 1560, 1 (KIaA lo: 3) (Ralls.tors) KOLOMI'YTSKV, Fedor MitrofesaLC4,; BOWKOLETS, O.A.', red.; 1;umwTTf,-Te-.G., (Lengthening the hwun life span] Bor'ba za dolgoletis chelovsks. Kiev,, UM. 1958. 181 p. (MIRA 12:9) (LONGWITT) EDLOWTSW, P.M.; -10I)KIN. 1.S.; GROSSMAN. G.I. Some actual problems In the operation of rural medical institutions under the new system. Sov.sdrav. 17 no.12:20-25 D '58- (H33A 12:2) 1. Is kafadry orgenizatsii zdravookhraneniya Altayskogo meditsin- skogo instibita Mr. - dots. F,M. Kolomiytsev) I T~nmentoevokoy rayonny bo"nitay (glavnyy vrach G.I. Grossman). 06LIC HKAM In Russia (Rus)) XOMMMSEV, Fedor Mitrofanovich The Struggle For Longevity. New York, U.'-)JPHS, 1960. 152 P. Tables. MRS: 7022) Translated From The Original Russian: Bor'Ba Za Dolgaletiye Cheloveka, Kiev, 1953. KOLOMIYTSEV F.M.; KACHAYEVt V.F. (Bamaul) 1-- Assistance rendered by the Altai Radical Institute to public health agencies and institutions in 1962. Zdrav. Ros.Feder. 7 no.7227-28 J1163. WERA 16:9) (ALTAI TERRITCRY-PUBLIC UALTH) .-KOLOmmau, V-,- F. Mdotsent. KkGHAYEV, V.F.,, Igpolnyj-,-,vushchi,,,r obyamnnosti dotsent-~` tbarnaul)' Connection of teaching ptblic health organization with practice in the Altai MeCical Institute. Sov, zdrwi. 22 no.9.43-,17 163. ("IR~. 17:4) 1. 1z k.-fedr,, organizatsii zdravcok~,raneniya i istorli mediftsiny Altayskogo meditsinskogo inatituta. GOSTST4,-W.,gorny-v inzh.; KOLOMIYTSEV,I.,i%obretateI'-, SMUL&KOVSKIY, B.; GEONDZHIYAN,T. "Junior brother" of inventions. Izobr.i rats. no.10:46-47 o,60. (MERL 13: 10) 1. Predsedatelf pervichnoy orgatizatsil Vessoyuznogo obahchostya izobretateley i ratsionalizatorov shakhty 8-a imeni Stalina. g. Gorlovka (for Goetev). 2. Starshiy inzhoner-konstruktor, predeedatell soveta Vsesoyuznoga obahchestva izabretateley i ratsionali2atoro-f otdela Glavnogo konetruktora Lipetskogo traktornogo zavoda, Lipetsk (for Kolomiytsov). 3. Rabotnik TIN Metallurgicheakogo mavod, g.Cherepovets (for Smulakovskiy). 4. Vagonooye depo, g. Laninakan (for Geondzbiyan). I (Technological innovations) SoV/1?-1-5 8-10-15/25 AUTHOR: Kolomiy-tstv.,., I.S. TITLE: fox Grinding. and Polishing- (Universalinyy itanok Idlya 8blifovaniyaJj--Volirovaniya) PERIODICAL: Stanki i Instrumentf 1958.1 Nr 10P P 36 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The design of a band'polishing machine shown in outline and a photograph is distinguished by the mechanism for ensuring intimate contact between the band and workpiece over irregular surfaces. A carriage-has 36 rollers-individually universally mounted and pressing on the-ba-ek of the band by their own weight. The carriage is made to reciprocate. There are 3 illustrations including I photo. Card 1/1 s/117/6o/ooo/oo8/021/O22/XX AO33/A133 AUTHOR: Kolomiytaev, I.S. TITM Technology of manufacturing bimetallic bushes PERIODICAL: Mashinostroltelt, no. 8, 1960, 34 TEXT: 'In his article the author describes a simplified technology of manu- facturing bimetallic bushes with the aid of simple equipment. The base metal bushes from low-carbon steel are filled with bronze of 10 x 8 x 6 mm pieces or chips and burnt powdered borax - 0.01 g per 1 cm3, the latter being added to pro- tect the metals from oxidation during heating. The author presents a formula to determine the magnitude of the useful bronze layer, viz.. S1 - Sj' + S", where 31 is the useful bronze layer; S, - bronze layer preventing the galling of the shaft journals; S1 - 0.1 + 0.2 mm; S" - operating bronze layer corresponding to the maximum wear. After the blanks have been filled they are heated in thermal fur- naces up to 1,1500C. The heating and holding time at this temperature depend cn 0 the blank dimensions and area determined by the following formula: T - 5W. j7di where T - heating time of the bimetallic blanks from 15 to 1,1500C in hours; o( - coefficient depending on the location of the blanks in the furnace; d -- outer Card 1/2 s/1i7/6q/ooo/oo8/021/022/XX Technology of manufacturing bimetallic bushes A033/A133 diameter of the bimetallic blanks in meters. The author gives a description of the chuck of a special centrifugal machine to rotate the Us% ~e furnace. Oin w The number of revolutions is determined by the formula n here r - ra- dius of the inner casting in cm; I vry 11AII whi X [Abstracter s note: In thd'article it says h Is obviously a misprint.j - specific gravity of the nonferrous metal in g/D. The quality checks of the bimetallic coating are effected by sound, by destruction and metallographic analysis, The number of bimetallic blanks heated simu ltaneously in the furnace is determined by the following formula: N T + t where N - number of bimetallic blanks; T - heating time of Tmain + auxil blanks in the furnace, min; t - holding time~.of blank In the furnace, min; Tmain - main rotation time of the blank, min; Tauxil - auxiliary time for handling during heating and rotation of the blank, min. There are 2 figures and 1 table. Card 2/2 1MLONIMiNt 1.64 Urivarar-I nochive for grinding and polibhdrig ~-,-rts. sio. 2:25 F 161. (,: a F.: - .14 : '. ) (Grindiug machines) XOLOMMM, , M. G. "Endemic Goiter and the Prospect of Preventing It." Sub 26 Feb 51, Second Moscow State Medlcal InAt iment I. V. Stalin. Dissertations presented for science and engineering deggrees in Moscow during 1951. SO: Sum. No. 480, 9 May 55. 1 KOLOHMSEVp N.M.; SHUMYK09 V.Iep otarehly nauolmn sotrudnik Making progress in the expansion of coal mining in the Lvar-Volyn' Basine Vgoll Mrs 5 no*1915-17 A 161, (MBA 1411) 1. NachaVnik upmvleniya toplivnoy proaqohlennosti LIvmkogo savnarkhoza (for 9*1=11tsev). .2. Sotrudnik Donetakop ugollnogo i=tituta (for Shiinefto). . (Lvov-Volyn' Basin-Coal mines and iiii2in ) LC) r6 I UM/ Electronics Feeder lines Card 1/1 Pub. 133 - 14/21 Authors S Svetiogorov, B. HO 1, and Kolondytsev, H. 14. Title c A device for locating shorts in a feeder ine Periodical I Vest. svyazi 3, page-25, Yer 1955 Abstract I A descripti on is pri6sented of a selector device consisting of two insulated Coils for locating shorts in a feeder iine. A drawring and diagrams de- picting the above mentioned device are given, together vdth a brief des- cription of its furction, installation and construction. Drawring; diagram. KOLCMIYTSEV, N.M. We are ready to great the 23rd Congress of the CPSU; the seven-year plan has had an early completion. Ugoll Ukr. 10 no. 1:7-11 Ja 166. (MM 18:12) 3 .L. Upravlyayushchiy trestom. Novovolynskugoll. \,Eoz(*T m5u.-O.R. A year at the 9POMPOtic pole. Mezhdunar. geofiz. god no.8i65-66 160. ' (KIBA 13:6) (Vostok region, Antarctica--Geophysical research) K Tractors Results of a discussion on choicelofa type of tracter for irrigation cotton farming. Khlopkovodstmo no. 6, 1952. 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, November 1954 Uncl. KOW)GYTSLPV, P.A. Technical development In all fields of the national economy. Ixobr. i rate. no.12:1-4 D '58, OURA 11:12) 1. Zamestitel, prodoodatelya Gesudarstvannogo nauchno-tekbnlcheakogo komiteta Soveta Mintstrov SSSR. I (1conomic policy) I ~-A ov, Vladimir NikolByevich; TENIMURLOVI, O.N.. vedushchly red.; PGOSINA, A.S., Ecompleta utilization of organic wastes for the preparation of high-quality fertilizers and of fuel gas (methane)] Komplakenoe ispollsovanis organichaskikh otk:hodov dlia polu- choulla vysokokaohestvannykh udobranii i goriuchago gaze (.matana), Noskvs. Gos.neuchno-tekhn,izd-vo neft. i gorno- toplivnol lit-ry, 1959. 95 p. (NIRA 13:2) (Yertilizers'and mnures) (Kethane) (Animal waste) N ThtmOeACdjtIC-triitdaC a(lownf Is Ira and P. $4. Kofoalii iUu5f:.jvct rci:SmT --,t.,Lenm- 111. 44mr, ("ViOrt Pikfuz- ?S' 171j; Cf.- = was ItcafeA, ritlicir with di~ttq. cf OIL vrilmil" or in cf-,,~I mutocUvn: at ZX)% with L'i pm, , It brin 71~ie pirMucts wem tIm tarile ill hu'll ejlolt the 1, :;ffioin Vieutcd QIrs AM lp~lillly hit _-I-, NcMel'hisf"nod. at 120* in 10 firs. the. mixt. ciantaini 2.3 /a Cifff; (Lit IV M7, Yat 170' 31%. When I is. heated with (~Fft and the ~t ir: a closed autoclave at 17W a i;im;lar equil. tnlxt. re forins with indicatiatt-A flutt the caulyst cmi ir---,Iily cycled Ivithmut 1mg of activity. G M. Ko;(Anpoff Y-1~1 L" .1 -,TTr-- -1 T I T "Neue Interferenz- Mess- und Kontrollmethoden in der 14aschinen- und optischen Industrie" report presented at the Intl. Measurements Conference (DIEKO) Budapest, 24-30 November 1960 SKAC14KOV, Semen AndreTevich; MGEYEV, V.; SUWAKOVs G.; INOZEMTSEV.. N.N., red.; KORIONOVp V.G., red.; KHARL&-GV, M.A., red.; -KQ14KqTSZV,_V,t red.; XONOVALOVA, L., tekhn. red. [Aid and cooperation in the name of peace; Soviet economic co- operation with the countries of Asia,, Africa., and Latin AmericalPomoshchl i sotrudnichestva, vo imia mira; ekonomiche- skoe sotrudnichestvo SSSR so stranami Azii, Afriki i Latin- skoi Ameriki. 14oskva,, Gospolitizdat., 1962. 54 P. (Economic assistance) (HIRA 15:11) KOLOI,q,YT3?,V, V. P. I "the Activity of the Parotid Glnnds in Certnln Pathological Frocesses of the Upper Respiratory Tract and the Ears." Cand Med Sell K,';v Medical Inst imeni A. A. Bogomolets, 23 Dee 54. (PUp 14 Dee 54) Survey of Scientific and Technical Dissertations Defended at USSR Higher Educational Institutions '(12) SO: Sum. No- 556, 24 Jun 55 KOLOKITTSBY, V.P. - Unconditioned salivation in atrophic processes of the upper respiratory tracts Yest.oto-rin. 18 no,5:45-49 S-0 156e (KLRA 9:11) 1. Is kliniki bolesney ukha, gorla I nos& (s&v. - saeluzhennyy deyatels nauki USSR prof. YaoA.Shvortaborg) Kiyevskogo maditainakogo Instituta. (RUPIRATORY TRACT, die. atrophic die. of uoper remp. tract, eff. on salivation due to unaonditioned reflex) (ULIVATION, In various die. unconditioned.reflex-determinated salivation in atrophic dise, of upper rasp, tract.) KOWMrYTSIV., SAPOZHNIKOVA, Ye.K. Problems of surgery in paratonsillitis. Yrach.delo no.4:355-358 A13 158 (KIRA il:6) 1. Kafedra otorinolnringologii (zav. - saal. deyatell nauki, prof. Ya.A. Shrartsbarg) Irtyarskogo meditatnskogo inatituta i otdelentye bolenney ukha, gorla i nosa Kiyevskoy gorodakoy klinicheakoy boll nitsy imeni. Oktyabrlsko3r revolyutaiiv* (THROAT--DIMUMS) KOLOMIYTSEV, V.P.; SVIRYAKINq V.T. I Clinical and morphological changes in the palatine tonsils in para- tonsillar abscesses. Vest. otorin. 22 no.4:66-72 Je-Ag '60. (MA 13:12) (TONSII8 DISEASES) (THRUT--ABSCESS) SHVAFaSBEWs Ya.A.v zwluzhennyy dayatell naukis prof,; KOLO=Sn, V.p, s Report on the vork of the SCi*ntific Society of Otelaryn- gologists of the City of Xialp. for 1962. Zhur.ush.nosA gorl. bol.23 no.2:92-94 Mr-AP'63. - (MIRA 16:8) I*Predoedatell Kiyevskogo gorodakogosaucbacp obahchestm otolaripplogov (for Shvartaborg). 2. Sekx*tarl Kiyovskogc gorodok,ogo melmogo obobolwetva otolaringologov (for Kolomiytwv). ~ . (LIM-OTORIUNOLARYNGOLOGY) KOLOUMETA A*qq,,.(Kolomyitseva,, A.H.] Changiee in the f=ctlonal stato 4C the liver in pregnant .vcmen with fieumatism and their influence on the coures of pregnancy. khhed., akush. i gin. 25 no.la4O-42 163. (MM 160 lo Ukralmolkiy naukovo-doslidnly inotitut okboroni materinstva i ditinst7a (direktor - dotsent OsG.Pap [O.H.ftpl)v naukoviy kerivnik - prof, A.Peliikolayev), (PREGNANGY4 CaMICATIONS OF) (M14U,MATIC HEART DISEASE) (LIVER-DISEASM) FINGERS D.L.; KOLOMMSEVAt G.L; NOVYSH, V.V.; PRIXEZZHEV, G.M* Experimental measurements of the earth's zapetic field made by magnetometers towed behind a ship. GeomagA aer. 1 no.2.*274,-276 Mr-Ap 161, (KIPA 34s7Y 1. Institut zwmogo magnetizma, ionoofery i rasprostraneni]ra radiovoln AN SSSR. (Magnetometer) FINGER) D.L.; -KObDM1YTSSVAp G-1. I- NOVYSH, V.V.; PRIYEEZZIIEV, G.M. Experimental survey of the earth's magnetic field by magnotometors towed by an iron boat. Geomag. i aer. 1 no.3: A21*A25 My-,To 161. (MIRA 14:9) 1. Institut, zemnogc magnetima,, ionoofiry i rasprostranoniya radiovoln AN SSSR. (Magnetic measurements) KOLOMIUSEVA, G.I.; NOVYSH, V.V.; FBIGE1, D.L. 143asuring the geomagnetic field from a moving vessel. Geomag.i aer. 2 no.1:177-179 Ja-F 162. 04IRA 15:11) 1. Institut zemnago magnetizma., ionoafery i rasl:lrostraneniya radiovoln AN SSSR. (Magnetism, Terrestrial) ------ -------- o-66 AR6000460 SOURCE CODE: VRT '31 AUTHORS: Kuzin, A.; Yyukova, L.; Kopylov, V.1 Kolomiyteevag I.; Struchkovo V, _36 TITLE: Some mechanisms-of the effect of ionizing radiation on cell division SOURCE: Ref. zh. Biologiya, Abe. 9R216 _T1 REF SOURCE: Sb. Vopr. biofiz. i mekhanizma deystviya ionizir. radiataii. Kiyev, Zdorovlya, 1964, 163-168 TOPIC TAGS: radiation biologic effect, radiation plant effect, cell physiolo8yjo fkA.4ir OtRowrW mlrrVS ABSTRACT: Tests on the exposure of separate sections of Vicia faba, with the remain- ing part of the plant carefully screened, indicate the formation of a number of metabolites under the influence of such exposure. The metabolites, called radio- inductors (RI), migrate to the unexposed parts and inhibit cell division in them. The inhibiting of mitosis is observed even after wetting the ~-growths in extracts from exposed plants. The quantity of radio-inductors formed during a determined range of doses increases with the dosage. The authors suggest that the products of oxidation of phenol derivatives, in particular those of the oxidizing diaintegrationn of tyrosine,'may be the inhibitors of cell division. Theoretically, the products of the fermentative oxidation of tyrosine include dehydrophenylalanine, various quinones, and high-polymer melanines, some of which possess properties of free radicals and ,powerful oxidizers. The formation of the carb2h~drates mentioned provides experimen Card i "Amt red. J~ T, ACC NR: AR6000469 corroboration for the study of products frog the exposed leaves by the method of chromatography and EPR. Model tests on inhibiting mitosis after the addi -tion of tyrosine, tyrosinasel and melanines indicate that these carbohydrates are radio- inductors. The authors suggest that the intermediate products of the oxidation of .DN~Ad exclude it with_RN tyrosine found in a free tadical state can form complexes from the cycle of changes necessary for the beginning of-mitOSis- A. Alekoakhin IT anslation of abstrac!7 L r SUB CODE: 06 PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/5628 Akademiya nauk SSSR. Institut biologicheskoy fiziki Roll perekisey i kisloroda v nachallnykh stadiyakh radiobiolo- gicheskogo effekta (Role of Peroxides and Oxygen During Prina y Stages of Radiobiological Effects) Moscow, 1960. 157 p. 4,500 copies printed. Responsible Ed':- A. M. Kuzin, Professor; Ed. of Publishing gouse: K. S. Trine~er; Tech. Ed.: P. S. Kashina. PURPOSE : This collection of articles is intended for scientists in radiobiology and biophysics. COVERAGE: Reports in the collection deal with the role of per- oxides and oxygen in the primary stages of a radiobiologleal effect. They were presented and discussed at a symposium held December 25-30, 1958, organized by the Institut biofiziki AN SSSR, (Institute of Biophysioa,AS USSR). Twenty-eight Moscow scientists, radiobiologists, radiochemists, physicists, and Card-1715- Role of Peroxides and Oxygen (cont.) SOV/5628 physical chemists took an active part in the symposium. Between the-time-of its conclusion and the publication of the present book some of the materials were expanded. In addition to the authors the following scientists participated in the discussion: L. A. Tummerman, V. S. Tongur, G..M. Frank, Yu. A. Kriger, E. Ya. Grayevskiyp N. N. Demino p. N. Tarusov, and I. V. Vereshchenskiy. References follow individual articles. TABLE OF CONTENTS: ..Kuzin, A. M. (In6titut biologicheakoy fiziki AN SSSR - Institute of Biophysicas AS USSR]. Role of Formation of Peroxides During the Action of Radiation on Biological Specimens 3 Bakh, N. A. [Institut elektrokhimii AN SSSR - Institute of Electro- chemistry, AS USSR]. Formation of Organic Peroxides Under the Action of Radiation 9 Dolini P. I. (Institute of Electrochemistry, AS USSR]. Lifetime of Intermediate States Arising During the Action of Radiation on 20 a Solutions Role of Peroxides and Oxygen (Cont.) SOV/5628 Kolomi tseva I._K.j and A. M. Kuzin [Institute of Biophysics, ~~dp__id Peroxides in a Normal and in an Irradiated Z Animal O~ganism 26 KuzinI A K L. M. Bronskaya, N. M..Berezina, and V. A. Yazykova(InLt'itute of Biophysics, AS USSR). Formation of Peroxides in Gamma-Irradiated Plant Seeds 33 Zhulanova, Z. I., I. A. Korovina, and Ye. F. Romantsev. Form- ation of Organic Peroxides in an Organism During Irradiation on an X-Ray Apparatus With a Dose Rate of 130 r/see 43 Zhuravlev, A. I. Role of Antioxidants in Primary Radiobiological Effects 55 Mikhlin, D. M. (Deceased) [Institut blokhiml-i im. A. N. Bakha AN SSSR - Institute of Biochemistry imeni A. N. Bakh, AS USSR]. Effect of Ionizing Radiation of Oxidation-Reduction Reactions in a Cell 67 Card:*~- Role of Peroxides and Oxygen (Cont.) SOV/5628 Shallnov, M. I. Branching Chain Reactions of the Radiation Aftereffect in a Warm-Blooded Organism T2 Budnitskaya, Ye. V., and.I. 0. Borisova (Institute of Bio- chemistry imeni A. N. Bakh, AS USSR]. Formation of Peroxides and Activation of Ferment Oxidation of Lipids in Plants Under Radiation Effect 85 Malina, Yu. F.., and M. I. Tseytlin [Institut eksperimentallnoy biologii A14N SS-SR - Institute of Experimental Biology AMN USSR]. Effect of Irradiated Aque~ous NaCl Solutions on the Viscosity of Tissue Nucleoproteids - 91 Blyumenfelld, L. A. [Institut ~himicheskoy fiziki AN SSSR - Institute of Chemical Physics, AS USSR]. Problem of Identi- fication of Free Radicals by the Electron Paramagnetic Reso- nance Method 97 Kuzin, A. M.19 L. P. Kayushin, I. K. Kolomiyteeva., and K. M. L'vov (Institute of Biophys ics _.-Fo-tt-irradiat ion Study of Free Radicals of Certain Organic Peroxides by the C ar1k,_#/5 .i/,C)R-1/62/000/003/022/090 B150/B101 MJWOM;: Fuzin, A. Kayushin, P., Kolomiytseva. 1. K., Ltvov, TITLE: Investigation by the electronic paramagnetic resonance method of fxee Mdicals of some organic peroxides after irradiation PERIODICAL: Tlefe:rativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no. 3, 1Q,U62, 78, abstract 3B541 ('Sb. "Roll perekisey i kisloroda v nach. stadiyakh radii3biol. effektall, -W., AN SSSR, 1960, 99 - 104) TE,XT: Benzoyl peroxide (I), dioxymethyl peroxide (II), and succinic acid peroxide (III) are irradiated (Co 60 ) at a dose rate of 550 r/min with a total dosage of 6-10-25- 10 r. The electronic paramagnetic resonance spectra of .1 and II after irradiation have similar shapes .- ~1~ and represent asymmetrical doublets, the result of superposition of the spectra of various radicals, with the peroxide radical being "he most important one. It is found that unirradiated III is paramagnetic by 'he breaiing of the 0-0 bonds in.a part of the molecules. Its spectrum is a symmetrical quad- ruplet', with a ratio of intensities of 1:3:3:1 and a splitting-of 19 gauss. ~a.rd 1/2 14-/oBi/62/000/005/022/090 Investigation by the electronic ... B1501/BlOl With the irradiation of III and also of succinic acid and its anhydride, sexte"is develop with a width of 120, 100, and 85 gauss, respectively, probably as a result of the superposition of some electronic paramagnetic resonance signals. Abstracter's note: Complete translation.; Card 2/2 KOLOMMSEU, I. K. ~ ForZation of resistant organic peroxides in the animal Oiganism due to the effect of ionizing radiations. Biofizika 5 no.3439-345 160. (Z 13:7) , 1. Institut biologicheskoy fisiki AN SSSR, Moskva. (PEROXIDES) (RADIATION-PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECT) PLOMIUSEVAt I.K.; LIVOVy.K.M.j-, KAYUSHIN, L.P. Determi tion of free radicals in tissues of rats with transplanted sarcoma 0-45, Biofizika 5 no. 5:636-637 160. (MIRA 13:10) 1# Institut biologicheakoy fiziki AN SSSR9 Moskva. (TUMOBS) (RADICALS CMWSTRY) KATUSHIN, L.P.; NOLOMITTSWA, r.K.; LIVOV. X.M. Study of free radicals in surviving animal tissues. Djkl. AN SSSR 134 no.5:1229-1231 0 160. (MIRA 13:10) 1, Institut biologicheakoy fisiki Akademii nauk SSSR. Predstavleno akademikom A.I.Oparinym. (TISSUBS) (RADICALS (CB324ISTRT)) KoLa4sm, I. K., KAYUSHENs L. P. and KUZIN.9 A. M. "Styd,y of Animal Tissue Radicals during Irradiation by Vne EM Technique-0 report presented at the Intl. Biophysics Congress., Stockholm,, Sweden, 31 July 4 August 1961. Inst. of Biapbysics, 10ftAcademy of Sciences, Moscow, USSR KOLOMIYTSEVA, I.K.; KAYUSHIN, L.P.; KUZIN, A.M. Free radicals In rat tissues under ho ' conditions and following 060. Dokl. S9S 140 no.1:230-231 S-0 gamma irradiation by C AN = '61. (MIRA 14:9) 1. Institut biologicheskoy fiziki AN SSSR. 2. Chb9fi-korrespondent AN SSSIR (for Kuzin). (GAMMA RAYS-PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECT) (RADICALS (CHEMSM)) ~J -"' ~')' 62/oW D502 D20 Y, feTeylc OA 0 Olt ID i'-% e B 'J'oao1ors'cC-1-'- b".51C , tvie C t 'arl -jc Tae U ela. acl A:OTTIOR 5cie Oc 5 bOT d 0 P nt1clele OJL Ityle oyl 0 Sic t lie of ra "Jaq 14- 21 not I C'J ",a, 29 9 aiobiojou 0':1 011 1 f 3101061ca "imary 0 p-r-d P.La lie, T'~'o S C atzeltlt dL ro 01 er- 01 . liola I ~'De'p t):Je 9 n a a.-,% V V1110 f e-rence a& ill o -f I's -a- T11e C orl . 1'):J . .', actio*"'~Ier,"ber -'- -,%yr-ibon . r, esXJ' 0 lcc;. 1 6 del d at [si" bio ap7 e biOlo 91 f tpe . "e -,-Po*r hallj'e 0 GOT- dL e tLl*a I taer C r- . acl o -U 1e e -i ev, cest -me c "by Te .1," tio'aS - ,Tote a-acj I 'ided O"Ve clae 5 tne ?roy. p-res C wa A'ary - a '011t c1 e ar'7 d tv 0 0.5 exaOV11% 'tio.1 Vas Y u f orillalate bre radla Jd be ded'ace t 1;Jas -Aot st.rv tel'a orocess "r*L - ty CO'a lction cleopro , tia - diosensitiva- ill ,13. ae was the irli JJ-P ra ste-P literati.1re t-ne -PrIlaary ry to it Vlas card S/205/62/002/001/010/010 Scientific methodological conference ... 1)268/D302 2) Whether change in the macromolecular structure of D can result f rom the direct action Of radiation, what is tile ch, A sucli changes, and the correlation be -iracterisiGlic of tion changes. ellemic'-L! and cOnfigura- les, Ellemontary DITA molecules in the the protein molecu- more complex structure which is connected with nucleus may form a the DNTA-protein linkage in the native nucleus ' existing at a supermolecular level. The dismotion of this superr-olecuiar -D,'J structure is essential to the br-eakdoi-n of DNP.-Ya.L. Shekhtman of the Institut biofiziki IS SSSR (Institute of 13iop.hys4cs, AS USSR) considered tile character of the injury to the protein-DITA linkage in DNP isolated from "Escherichia coli" irradiated in vivo and in vitro. in the former case irradiation seemed 'o act indirectly, while in the latter the DNP structure was subject-ed to tuh-e direct L action o-' the radiation. A.G. Pasynskiy of uhe Inst-;-'ut Biollchlimi'li im. A.N. :bakha 12T SSSR (Institute of Biochemistry, inn. A.1T. Bakh AS USSR) showed that D1,TP breakdoim under irradiatio'n. must be stu- died in model exDerimen-s so as to determine the "echanism involved and discussed various aspects. Ye.V. i.:oiseyenko (Institute of BJo- p~h.ysics AS USSR) presented detailed resuits of the study of Uhe Card 2/5 3/205/62/002/001/010/010 Scientific methodological conference ... D266/JJ302 breakdown of D-NP from 11B. coli" irradiated in vivo a-rid in vitro. Re- sults of in vitro irradiation couid also be attributed to some ex- tent to the subsequent adtivation of DNAase. !decent st).~dies of DNIP .Lrom groundling sperm gave data which would make this impossible, since DITUase was ansent. A.L. Shabadash, of the same Institute, in- dicated that !he solution of theproblem of the radiochemical leve-1 was an essential ste-op 'chough results viould n~ot fuily apply to the cell. N.V. Yermolayeva presented a paper on the study of breakdotmn of DITP isolated from the mucous appendix of rabbit irradiated a-L' 1000 r. Breakdown was thought to ~e due to the activation of an en- zyme system not previously studied which breaks the DNA-p.-otein lin- kaSe. V.P. Paribok of the Irstitlut meditsinskoy)rad-iologii, Lenin- grad (Institute of Medical Radiologyt Leningrad Gave results on the Drotective action of inert gases. M.N. 1'eysel of the Institut rlikrobioiogii AN SSSR (Institute of 1,11icrobiology, AS USS111) reported on the study of a method for luminescent microscopy of -LII-he DNP ccn- dition in the nuclei of ma7malian cells a'-~ different times after ir- radiation. L.Kh. Eydus of the Institute of Biophysics, AS USSH2 dis- cussed the need for proper conditions for experiments in the in vi- Card )/5 S/205/62/002/001/01 01010 Scientilic raethodoiogical conference D268/D302 comparing results in vivo and in vitro, the value of the new stu- dies on phases, and said zhat zhe main direction of research ir.-to the disruption of the structure of DINTA ought to be concerned with investigations at the supermolecular level. Uard 5/5 S/020/62/147/004/026/027 B144/B166 S; AUTHOR Kolomiytseva, I. K., Kayushinj*L. P. Kuzinq A* blot -r6-r-re-6p*M-nWMffMbeT-AS USSR TITLE: Free radicals in the liver lipids of rats under normal conditions and at different intervals after gamma irradiation PERIODICAL: Akademiya nauk SSSR. Dokladyj v- -147; no, 4, 190t 951-953 TEXT: The concentration.of-,free radicals in liver lipids was measured and compared with published data on disturbances of the lipid metabolism in the liver produced by gamma irradiation. The.e.p.r. spectra of the liver lipids of rats we're recorded 5 min, 24, 48 ano 66 lirs after 137 Cs irradiation with a 'total dose of 1060 r. The lipids were extracted from liver homogenates with a 3:1 alcohol-other,mixture. The resulting mixture was filtered and evaporated in a flow of,.N the residue then 21 treated in a vacuum exsiccator on P 0 and cool-ed at 10 mm Hg. Since 2 5 the number of radicals proved highly dependent on the purity of the Card 1/2 r fir -T. 119IR-Al a AP300106 S/0201563/0031003/0359/0363 AUTHORs lbiomiytseva T=s Free radicals in liver, and apleen lipids of _J=mdjatsd_ra4OAI SOMCE: Radiabiologiyaj, vo 3..,noo 3,1 1963p 359-363 TMG TAGS: free radicals, 31pids., E.PR AMTrdOT: -'The study was - data-mine char4es in the namberok ftee radicals -in the liver and spleen'lipids of irradiated rats. Ihe relative number of free radicals in the lipid'was found by electron -paramagnetic resonance (WR)* The experimental animals were irradiated with a cesium unit w; 700 r/m to a. dose of 1000 r, Tests were made 5 min., 21+ hrs., 48 hrs,, and 66 hrs at;er irradiation# and the results are given in table 2. It should be noted that tha EPR spectrum for lipids of irradiated rats does not differ fr= that of the control group* The nun- ber of free radicals in liver Upids increases 5 min after total-bady irradiation of 1000 re Th the spleen lipids the mmbar of free radicals Increases after 49 hra, Coaparing the increase curves (figure 3),, the change in conaeatratLan of radicals cannot be explained by change in the total nuaber of lipids, Change in the syrr-. thesis rate of liver lipids in rats irradiated with a 1200 r dose s~uchronizes with Card .1/2 KOLCMIYTSEVAI.I.K. Free;-radicals in the liver and spleen lipids of irradiated rats, Hadiobiologiia 3 no.3:358-363 163, (MnU l7t2) 1. Institut biolalka'heskoy fiziki AN SSSR, Moskva. - - - - - - ---- -I KOLOMIYTSEVA, I.K. - Mechanism of the regulation of lipid synthesis in the irradiated organism. Radiobiologiia 3 no.5a657-661 t63. (MIRA 17:4) 1. Institut biologicheskoy fiziki AN SSSR, Moskva. KUZIN,,- AOM.; PLYMMSKATAp Ye,.G~; KOPYLOT, V.A.; IVANITSKAYA, Ye.A.; LEESDEVA, N.Ye. TOLOM1YTSLPY&i I.K.; -TOKA=-AYA, -M., WVNIKOVA, S.K. Role of'orthophe-nol-orthoquinone system in the initial mechanisms of Ionizing radiation action on the- organism. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. biol. no.4t5O7-;520' Jl-Ag"65. (MIRA 18:7) 1. Institut biologichookoy fi-zlki- AN SSSR. J, 1398--FA AKE3810-N NR: AP5017763 --' W'0'2Wi 0 7 5 AUTHOR 1 ?o391 V. A. ULA*j Ply. sy Y G Ko o tIvanits Le i~ k ik e eya n TITLE: Role or the "orthophenal-orthoquinone" system In Us Primary machantsms of radiation offea~ on tho.orgod" SOURCEt AN MR. Isvestlys, Serlya b1ologicheskslas no- 49 1965# $07-520 TOPIC TAGSt radiation biologic affect, yh#nol,, quinones ensyms desoxyribonualsia a4ld, tyrosine, oxidation ABSTRACT: A hypothesis stating that the oxidation reactior of orthophenole la response to hi& energy Irradiation Is closely !related to the formation of orthoquimnes (samiquinozzes) has evoly" from the experimental work of the laboratory with which the authors &r associated. In the proment study the Immediate effects of 14 I X- adiation. an eusyos process rates wore Investigated in a :t7romIne+tyro*Insz* model system under strictly controlled con"tic" SwI IZ-3 _L 1398-66 ACCZWION NRs AP5017763 .(210 kv, 15 ma, no niterp 100 to 1000 r doses# 10 rAn Incubation)* Change in enzyme process rate was determined by the concentration of newly formed orthophenols and orthoquinones. With irradiation of the wholsisyatemp the oo-noentration was 5 times hlg~ier than for controls* Irrad ation of only the t7rosine solution led to a lesser concent a- :tion, and the concentration decreased still further with Irradiatim ;of only the t7rosinese. When the irradiated mixture was.inoubated with a suspension of mouse thymus nuclei, the tyrosine oxidation 'products (orthoquinones) were completely absorbed by the nuclei.' 'Fluoreseenos testw with ao-,-Idine-orange on.thymus nuclei of nice limmediately after irradiation and tests on thymus nuclei treated with !t7rosine oxidation products demonstrated the similarity of irradiatiol !effect and orthoquinono effect. The same effect was demonstrated '-i~h ~ui"One extraotm-from gama-irradiated plant tissue (potato). at m t of carbon-lab*1ed plant sprouts with artracts from irra"a- ~tsed plents depressed DNA sInthesis by 50 to 609# the same as after 'gamma -Irradiatione Injection of purified orthoquinones, extracted 4rcia Irradiated plant tissues, Into young nice caused loss of wsl&ts' LgKMAh Inhlbitici4 aid a sharp decrease In leukaorA level of tbe- 11her4a bla"S '%see Stw data d~trab*.L "Is SPPM-l", of t" '42: - TS, Cwd 2A L 1398-66 1,CCMSSXON NRI AP5017763 4ft 4--ha voequavve ~d&aftfm= Of L 25811:t� EWT(I)/EWT(m)/T JK 7-ACC -NR, AP661~_923 SOURCE CODE: UR/0216/65/000/004/03~0 0 WOO 0 F ATHORt Kuzin. A, M.; Plyshevska3m. Yes G.-Plyshovskaya, ,0 Go; Ko ov Ve A91 IvanitskEy-a. Yo. A.-Ivanitzkaya,,E. A** Lebodeva, No Xte-Lebedeva, 9 .1; 46 Kolomiytse]Mdj _ olomiytzava, I. I.; Mellnikova, So K9-41elnikova, So Ke Tokarakaya, V.Io ORG i Institute of Biophysics, AN SSSR. Moscow (Institut biologicheskoy fisiki AN SSSR) TITM: Function of the orthophonol-orthoquinoin system in the early mechanism of action of ionizing radiation on the organism SOURM AN SSSR. Isvestlyd'YSerlys. biologicheskaya, no* 4, 1963, 507-520 TOPIC TAGSt ionizing radiation, radiation biologic effect, radiation plant~sffscto tyrosine, sorption, oxidation, DNA, biosynthesis, radiatiori sickness ABSTpACT.. The au~hori-coiefuided from i iirioty of experiments on' plants .and-animals that the Initial processes in the Irradiated organism develop In the following sequencee (1) During Irradiation the formation of active radicals causes very slight radiochmical oxidation of the phenols present in the cello chiefly tyrosine* (2) 7he resultant oxidation products activate tyrosinaseq which jimmediately after irradiation leads to the formation of large quantities of b1olat cal 1-r- utivAr thoquinanego (3) Th resu t orthoqjInanse are sGtively sirbad by the call nuclele Card 1/2 UDC: 577o39 L 25811-66 ACC NRo AF60159'Z5 -(4)"lhe orthoquinones sorbed by the nucLet- Inhi bi't DNA synthesime block the Incorporation of thyaldine Into newly synthesized ONA#,and alter, itheir fluorescence In the presence of acridine orange. (5) 11he blocking of nuclear JXA by the orthoquinones sharply inhibits XelL divisions giving rise to laukopeniat arrested growths welght%joams chromosomal aberrations# ando in sufficiently high comean tratigns j- delth- Rf the.orWjamis ' Orige wt 9 h" 1 10 figures mmi 4 tables. - LJ-PW M11 C=, 06- 07 1 MM nk-Ma MmAr. / MM REVe 021. / CtM RIEVI 010 DRITVINA, R.A..; GAYGEPOV, S.Sz; KOLOMIYTSEVA, L.M. Data on the thermal wid wind regime of the lower stratosphere over the Moscow region. Trudy TSAO no.59:6-,-73 '61;. (MIRA 19:1) 2841o 8/169/61/000/007/064/104 AOO6/A101 AUTHORS: Zolotarev, M.A., Tarasenko, D.A., Kolomiytseva, L.M. TITLE: Some peculiarities of the atmosphere structure according to materials of the International Geophysical Year PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Geofizika, no. 7, 1961, 55, abstract 7B357 ("Tr. Tsentr. aerol. observ.", 1960, no. 38, 84 - 104) TEXT: The authors present results of analyzing vertical atmosphere sections over the USSR territory composed from materials of the InternationalGeophysical Year (IGY) Synoptic states were selected with zonal and.meridional circulation forms-and-with well defined extratropical jet flows. Contrary to the existing opinion, an analysis of materials of increased frequent sounding has shown that under certain circulation conditions when there are contrasting height fronts, a break of the tropopause in high latitudes is caused by sharper xontrasts of tem- perature and-wind. Breaks of the tropopauae at a meridional circulation form were noted.-in July 1957 on meridians 1400 of eastern longitude (between the Kotell nyy island and the Tiksi Peninsula) and 1000 western longitude (between Cape Che- lyuskin and Khatanga), and in July 1958, on meridian 750 eastern longitude (be- Card 1/2 23410 9/169/6 1/0oo/oo7/o64/lo4 Some peculiarities ... A006/A101 tween the Dixon Island and Cape Zhelaniya). The break of the tropopause at zonal atmosphere circulation was observed in January 1958 between the Tarko-Sale and Aleksandrovskoye stations. Some cases are discussed of tropopause break in sub- tropic latitudes. Vertical sections are given, and characteristios of synoptic states are presented, peculiarities and evolutions of jet flows during the seleo- ted periods are described. 'The authors consider that breaks of the tropopause in high latitudes arise if a warm air mass develops In the upper troposphere with certain critical values of contrast of-temperature (not less than 10 - 120C per 600 km) and wind (over 150 km/hour). The case of a high cold outbreak in West Siberia observed in November 1957 is analyzed and the conclusion Is drawn that an advection of cold may simultaneously occur in both the troposphere and the stratosphere. As a result the cold front does not change itsaign when passing into the stratosphere. The presence of low temperature fields (about -68, -7.30C) is observed. at 10 - 12 km altitudes near the summits of high crests. Arising in,- the zone of strong winds they do not move with the flow. Their origin may-be ex- plained by ascending air movements. M. Sorochinsk-~-r [Abstracter's note: Complete translation] Card 2/2 S/169/61/000/012/072/089 D228/D305 AUTHORS: Tarasenko, D. A., and Kolomiyteeva, L. M. TITLE: Aeroclimatic characteristic of the temperature and wind fiel9s over UgSR territory along ,meridians 110 and 140 E PBRIODICAL; Referativnyy zhurnai, Geofizika, no. 12, 1961, ~69, abstract 12B432 (Tr. Tsentr. aerol. obBerv., 1960, no. 38, 55-77) TEXT: The regime of the~free atmosphere was studied over the USSR eastern distrists. Vertical sections of the atmosphere along meridians 110 and 140 E were constructed from mean monthly data obtained through processing by the calculating-machine sec- tion of the Nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut aerolclimatologii (Scientic Research Institute of Aeroclimatology) of the material-~ of temperature and wind point-probing for 5 years. Analysis ol' Card 112 S/16 61/000/012/072/089 Aeroclimatic characteristic... D22bYD305 the sections permitted the space-time peculiarities of the tem- perature and wind systems of the free atmosphere to be exposed. Z-Abstracter's note: Oomplete translation.2 Card 2/2 GAYGEROV, S.S.; KOLOMTSEVA, L.M.; BRITVINA, R.A. Processes in the troposphere in the central part of the Arctic. Trudy TSAO no. 41:12-37 162. - (MIR& 16:10). 1 ,~. m KOLCMIYTSE;VA,.L,X!,.... - 1--11--, Fronts in the spring period in the Baltic region. Trudy TSAO no.66:100-104 165. (MIRA 19:1) SOURCE CODE: AUTHOR., Tsetskhladzej, T. V.; Fellker., V. M.; Kolomiytsev., M. A. ORG: none TITLE: Activated detector of thermal neutrons SOURCE: Atomnaya energiya., v. 2). no. 3, 1966, 41-273 TOPIC TAGS: thermal neutron., neutron detector,, cobalt,, reactor neutron flux,, reactor moderator ABSTRACT: In view of some difficulties entailed in-the use of the customarily em- ployed cobalt foils and wires for neutron detectionp the authors propose to eliminate these difficulties by mixing the cobalt with phenol-formaldehyde resin,11,~which serves as a vehicle for chemically pure cobalt acetate. They then describe detectors of this type, used for the ITR-2000 reactor of the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR. The preparation of the resin and of the detector material is described. Three ;~je_s of detectors were prepared for radiation expo- sures from several minutes to one hour (at a flux density 1021 neut/cm-sec), up to 10 hours, and for longer exposures. They contain respectively 0.2, 0.08, and 0.04% of cobalt by weight. Tests for the uniformity of the cobalt distribution are de- scribed. The expected error in the determination of thermal-neutron flux by these detectors is 11%, and the self-screening is not expected to exceed fractions of 1%. The error due to moderation of the fast neutrons by the hydrogen, carbon, or mWgen 2 _uDc: 621.38T.46 L 07059-67 KC NRs A136021631 3 In the resin is estimated at 0-1%- The experimental scatter of the values obtained for the flux did not exceed 2-5% when the detectors wore used for relfttivO Me&surO- ments of the thermal-neutron flux. The authors thank I. M. Gredtaiteli and D. I. Ugrekhelidze for advice in preparing the detectoroy and L. _M.Mosulishvili Ing out an ac-tjvatjon ana3ysis of these detectors. Orig. art. has: r7iguze. SUB CODE: .18/ SUM DATE: 06May65/ OTH REF: 002 2 LESHGBENKO, P.D., red.; PARTESHKO, V.G., red.; KOLCVIYTM',A,_.M.G.; BULOSHNIK, P.G., red. [Problems of correct nutrition) Voprosy ratsionallnogo pitaniia. Kiev, Gosmedizdat, 1964. 149 p. (MIRA 17:9) 1. Ukrainskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut pitaniya. i.. Or D Me of q%A ~-. X G x lk Mea Th T"A SM _N0 ~amjiaiative- ln"Zolli. tar 0 fr~ftl tbi, 1h illoh6iiii 91illarm Itoi .lift I" .-'the testz.*:.;. limboi ofl,0'a'sies 460 J. ..... ... N.'A ,i, iz A ID P 3 -9M Subject USSR/Medicine Card 1/1 Pub. 37 10/21 Author ; Kolomiytseva, K. a., Dots~ant Title : Experience In improving the qualifications of the personnel of.a medicpl and epidemiological station Periodical : Gig. I. san., 12, 36-37, D 1955 Abstract : DescrIbes, lectures and conferences (based on modern scientific:liierature and practical work) organized by physicians and their assistants for raising the theoretical level of understanding of the station's personnel. Institution : Medical and Epidemiological Station, Kaganovich District, Kharkov. Submitted : Ag. 19# 1955 ~~OLOMIYTSEVA, M.G. Goiter endemicity in the G.orno-Altay Autonomous Province. .Probl. andbk. i gorm. 6 no, 4:88-95 H-Ag 160. (MIRA 14:1) .1 (PRNO-ALTAI AUTONOMOUS PROVINCE-GOITER) KOL,OMIYTSEV,Aj M,QG. Iodine level in drinking water sources and endemic goiter in the Gorny Altai Autonomous Regione Probl, endck, i gom. 6 no.6.-87- 90 1604 (MIRA 14:2) (GORNO-ALTAI AUTONOMOUS pR(yVINCFWATER SUppLY) (GOITER) (IODINE) -KOLMMMEVAl M.G. Cobalt and copper coutetn of food rations--of boardIM acbool students..Vopo'pit. 19 n0-488041 JI-Ag 160. (KIRA 13911) 1. Iz kafedry-,gigiy=W.twv..---dotsent M.G. KDlcmiytoeft) Altay~- skogo gooydarstvennogo meditainakogo inotituta.. Barnaul. (SGEOOL HYGIMB) (COBALT.) (Ga1m) .~DLOMIITSWA, X.G,,, dotment rodine content In voter sources of the,(;orno-Altal Autonomous Province. Gig.1 can. 25 00,2tW4O IP 160. (mm i3t6) 1. Ix kafedry dbabcbsy giglyany Altaskogo seditainakago instl- tuta. (IODM) Comparative evaluation of methods for determining the iodine content of natural vater and food products. Gig. i san. 25 no. 12:5941 D 160. (MIRA 14:2) 10 Iz kafedry obahchey gigiyeny Altayskogo meditoinakogo instituta, (IODIR-ANALYSIS) (WATO-ANALYSIS) (FOOD-ANALYSIS) KOLOMIYTSEVA, M.G., dotsent; NAG$IBEDA., L.L. Water-borAe toxicolveotion of dysentery etiolobrr. Gig, i sano 25 no-333.0~-104 * 609 (MIRA 140) 1. Iz Kharlkovskoy gorodakoy sanitarno-epidemiologicheskoy stanteii. (WLMO,POLLUTION) (DYSENTERI) KOLOMIYTLSEVAj M. G. Doc Med Sci - (diss) "Content and relationships of several trace elements (iodine, fluorine., copper, and cobalt) in the external medium and human tissues in regions of goiter endemia. (According to materials of the Altayskiy KrM. " Moscow, 1961. 25 PP; (Academy of Medical Sciences USSR 250 copies; price not given; (KL, 7-61 sup, 255) III KOL014IYTSEVA, 1-1. G. Content of some microelements in the water sources of the goiter zone. Zdrav. Kazakh. 21 no.9:56-60 161. (MIRA 3-4: 10) 1. 1z kafedry(obahchey gigiyany Altayskogo meditsinskogo instituta. GOHNO-ALTAI AUTONOMOUS PROVINGE-WATER-ANALYSIS) (TRACE MMENTS) KOLOMIYTSEVA, dotsont Amount of fluorine in the external enviror-r-att, off The Cvrno-Altaii Au'tonomaus Province and its role in the etioloa of endemic goiter. Gig. i san. 26 no.2:101-103 F 161; Mm 14:10) 1. Iz kafed~y obshchey figiyeny Altayskogo maditsinskogo instituta. (GOITER) GORNO-ALTAI AUTOINOMOUS FROVINCE-FLUORINE) KOL0MIYTSEVAj M.G., dotsent Traoe elements in the extorW environmont pf the Gorno-Altay Autonomous Province in rolation to endemic goiter. Gig. i san. 27 no.3:8-24 Mr 162. (MIRA 15'-4) 1. Iz kafedry obshchoy gigiyeny kltaygkogo meditsinskogo instituta. (GORNO-ALTAY AUTONOMOUS PROVINCE-GOITER) (TRACE ELEMWTS) KOLOMIYTSEVA -H.-G.,Aotsent latent anemia in children in relation to nutritional deficiency of 'cobalt and copper. Problgemat.i perel.krovi no.6:38-41 161. (MIRA 10-10) 1. Iz kafedry gigiyery (zav. - dotsent M.G. Kolomiytseva) Alta~- 'eko o meditsinskogo institute. NNEMIA) (COBALT III THE BODY) (COPPER IF TRE BODY) LCMIY-TSFVA-;--M-.,-G;-- (Barnaul) Amount and interrelationship of trace elements (iodine, cobalt and copper) in tissues of norml and goiterous thyroid glands. Probl. endok. i gorm. no.6:63-68 161. (MIRA 14:12) 1. Iz kafedry obahchey gigiyeny (zav. dotsent M. G. Kolcmiytseva) Altayskogo gosudaratvermogo meditsinskogo instituta. (THYROID GLAND-DISEASES) (MINERALS IN THE BODr) '%Mt- WO MIMES, wn, KOIMIYTSEVA, M.G. Amount of saw trace elements (iodine, f;:uorine,, cobalt and copper) in local food products of Gorm-A.1tai Antonomous Province. Vop. pit. 20 no.6:55;-58 Na-D 161. (K[RA 15:6) 1. Is kafedry obahchey gigiyany (zave - dotsent M.G. Kolomiyteava) Altayskor=~Iainjekogo institutap Barnaul. IZA AUTONCKOUS FROVINCE-FOOD-ANALYSIS) (TRACE ELFMNTS) KOLO Cobalt content in the soil, water, food products, pasture plants in a region of endemic goiter. Zdrav.Kazakh. 22 no.6: 55-60 162. (MM 15 ti-1) 1. 1z kafedry obshchey gigiyeny (zav. - dotsent M.G. Kolomiytseva) Altayskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (GORNO-ALTAI AUTONOMUS PROVINCE-COBALT) (GOITER) KOIA:FIIYTSEVA, M. G.-(Barmaill ) liew index for the eValuation of endemic goiter. 14a Probl. endok. i gorm. 8 no.2tU3-117 Mr-Apf62. (MIRA 16:7) 1. Iz kafedry gigiyany (zav.-dotsent M.G*Kolomiytaeva) Altayakogo gosudarst7ennogo meditsinskogo inatituta. (GOITER) IT-A CHIKOV, 38rgey Kikhaylovich; VASIL'Yff, T.N.. red.; KOLWYTSIVA. 0*1.& red*; KLYUCMAO T.D.0 . . .........- [Reducing production costs Is a source for Increasing the national wealth] Snizhenie sebestoinosti produktsii - istochnik rosta, obshchestvennogo bogatstva. Moskva. Isd-vo "Sovettkala Rossliag* 1960. 30 po (Mia slushatelei sel'skikh nachallnykh skonomichaskikh shkol I kruzhkov. Tema 6). (Costs, Industrial) (KIRA 14-02) 14OVIKOVA, Zinaida Leontlyevna.. doyarka; KOLGIITTSEVA 0.1 red.; AVDEYLVA, v.A., tekhn.'red. [New mothoda In dairying] Novyo metody v molochnom khazialstvo. Mo- skva, lzd-vo-!Sovetskaia R-ons:Lia..",1961. 28 p. (MIRA 34: 3-1) 1. Opytnaya sel!skokhozyaystvemaya.stantsiya Vladimirskoy oblasti (for Vovikova). (Dairying) 10 16(1) AUTHOR.-. Kolomiyteeva,T.A. SOV/140-59-3-10/22 TITLE: --dn ~Topc`=o~ic`=lMeMods of the Function Theory and Some Applications to the Reversion of Boundary Talue Problems PERIODICAM Izveatiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Matematika, 1959, Nr 3, PP 97-1111 (USSR) ABSTRACT., The paper contains some generalizations of the results of F.D. Gakhov and Yu.M.Krikunov f-Ref 2_7. It is assumed that beside of poles.and logarithmic ramification points the function has isolated singular points in the neighborhood of which there holds the representation Ps + PM-1- +...+ P, - A i ln(z-a) + F(z), M-1 Z-a where pi, A are complex numbers and F(z) is holomorphic in the neighborhood of z-a ( in fRef 2_7 the case m-1 and A-real is treated). The author establishes relations between the numbers of different isolated singularities for m>1. The definition of the limit index is generalized. Several special cases are Card 1/2