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November 2, 2016
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June 14, 2000
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December 31, 1967
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KOMAN, Andrej, tehn. (Zagreb) Technical consulation of Yugoslav textile workers on the use of polyester fibers in the textile industry. Nova proizv 15 no.5-385-387 0 164. Consultation on the productivity and quali+y of Yugoslav spinning and weaving mills. Nova pro~z-t 114 ncr.5:387-388 0 164. KOMM.,,Andrej The secorA meeting of ootton spinners. Nova proizv no.3/4:236- 240 S 363. ___7MAN"nd~. Conference on chemical fibers in the bxtile industrY of Yugoslavia. Kem. ind 10 nO-3s92 Mr 161. .I FARKAS, Eve; MAN, Elisabeth ... I---------------- 1~ Artificial hibernation and infectious diseases. Acta paediat. acad. sci. Hung. 2 no.2-.99.-108 161. 1. Service do pediatrie No.III do I'llopital Lazlo, Budapest. (HIBERNATIONO ARTIFIGIAL) (COMUNIGABLE DISFASFS therapy) FARKAS, Eva; KOMAN, Elisabeth Electrocardiographic studies in the postinfectious stage of penicillin- treated scarlet fever. Acta pediat. acad. sci. hung. 3 no.4:381-388 162. 1. Second Paediatrio Department (Head; Dr. E. Farkas)., Laszlo Hospital Budapest (Directors Dr. J. Roman). (&=TROCARDIOGRAPHY) (PENICILLIN) (SCARLET FEVER) FARKAS, Eva, dr.; KOMAN, grzoebet, dr. . ..... ........... .... Hibernation and I.nfectious diseaBes. Orv.hatil. 102 no.31:1464-1/+07 30 J. 161. 1. Budapest Fovarosi Idazio Korhaz III. as. Gyarmakoaztalym. (HIBERNATION ARTIFICIA.L) (COMMUNICABLE DISEASES ther) KARPINISHAN, K.j KONSTANTINESKU, K.; BOTA, D. Sighificance of a mechanical suture in preventJng bronabi-I fistulas following lung resections. Grud. khir. 6 no.1.70-78 J&-IP 164. (MIRA 16111) 1. Iliniks. grudnoy khirurgii (save - prof, K, Karpinishan) bollnitsy "Filaret% Bukharest. Adres aytoroys Bukharest, klirtika grudnoy khirurgii bollnitay "Filaret". Submitted March 25, 1963. KARFI1dSHAN, K [C-qrpinisan,,C], prof., doktor; BOGDAN, Tr. (BogdanTraian]., kand.;ed.nauk, doktor; KOMAN.K. (Coman,C), doktor Decortication of the lung* Vesto khir. 90 no-3:30-35 Hr'63. I (MA 16:10) 1. Iz Bukharests~oy kliniki grudnoy khirurgii (dire prof, doktor K.Karpihishan). (LOW-DISEASES) (PLEURA--SURGERY) DefWticn of tbe.Topological K-Linea114 Cr Mllap!,, Bemerkung. zu duer Definitian d chtr~ Oloarchen -Vneale. , Ca!iopis Nst. Mat. 93(l top, 958). -156-159. (Czech; Rui-~an and Gennan summaries) Hk Cta~opis Nst. Mat. 79 (1954). 3-40; MR H3, J. Ma .4921 has defined a normed K-lineal (vector lattice) as a K neal in which and 0;9a~5b impHes'j(qjj5j1bj, Let H be the'linear space of all real functions on [0. 1] of the form t+g, where / is continuous and g vanishes ex- cept on a finite set. Ut H have the usual linear operations and order, and set jV+gjj=ntxxj/(x)j+Eo,5ZsI lg(x)l. Then H is a nonned IC-lineal in which the algebraic and ations continuous, but 0;5a;Sb dNs order oper, are. not implx 4411~~Ilbjj. In factil there is a ficighborhood U of 0 are de- such' that for every neighborhood V of 0 there ments a, b for which 0=5a.