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PLUGIII, I.Ye*; ASSANOT, P.T.; KOIMV, I.A* Honeeparable thermostatic condensate elininator. Pron,energ, 15 no.2:20 7 160. 04IRA 13:5) (Steam) KOMAROV, I.A. Heat transfer accompanied by the condensation of vapor from a vapor-gas mixture. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; khim. ilhim. tekh. 4 no. 2:303-309 161. (MIRA 144-5) 1. Laningradakiy tokhnologicheakiy institut im, Lensoveta, Kafedra protsessov i a atov, (Gaseprr (Water vapor) (Heat-Transmission) 0 KCHIROV$ I.A. Effect of the enthalpy criterion on beat exchange in the condensation of vapor from a ateam-gas mixture, Izvevys, ucheb.zav.;khim,i khim.tekh, 5 no.3:496-501 162. (MIU 15t?) 1. Leningradskiy takhnologicheakiy institut imeni Lensovetap kafedra protsessov i apparatov, (FntWpy) (Heat-Tranomission) (Vapors) FGMHOY I Pear Pear tree with its own roots. Sad i og. no. b, 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, 1953, Unclassified-.,- f MWO Ye. L.; ARQW- T A Treatment of tree and shrub seeds with ultrasonic waves. Biul.Glav. bot. sads, no.17:54-56 154. (KM 8:3) 1. Glavny7 botanicheskiy sad Akademii nauk SSSR. (Ultrasonic waves-Physiolog-leal effect) (Germination) K(X,:AROV) I. A. "The Biological Basis for the Time of Grafting of Cultivated Varieties of Lilacs." Cand Biol Sci, Inst of Forestry, Acad Sci USSR, Moscow, 1955. (IM, No 15, Apr 55) SO: Sm. No. 704j 2 Nov 55 - Survey of Scientific and Technical Dissertationa Defended at USSR Higher Educational Institutions (16). KORAROW.I.A Rooting of lilac cuttings In various substrata as related to meted orological conditions. no.21:53-55 155. (HLRA 8:12) 1. Glavnyy botanicheekly sad Akademil nauk SSSR. (Lilacs) Period for rooting cuttings of the Ill= and certain other shrubs. sada, n6.212:30-38 155. MU 9:5) 1. Glavu" botanicheskly sad Akademil nauk SbUR. (Plant cuttings) (Mumbs) Affaint of certain factors on the rooting capacity of ammmer cuttlng~ of cultivated lilac. no.26:38-44 156. (KEBA 10:2) 1. Glawnyy botanichaskly sad Akademii nauk SM. (Lilacs) (Plant cuttings) KOKAROV, I.A.; FEDOROVA. N.V. Anatomical structure of the shoot as a rooting capacity indicator for lilac cuttings. Biulj9Uvobot.s&d&'no-27:40-45 157. (KIBA 10:5) l.GlavWy botanichasIcLy sad AWemii uauk SSSR. t 0-Man cuttings) (Botany-Anatow) 26-58-7-32/46 AUTHOR: Komarovp I-A.l Candidate of Biological Sciences TITLEt Open-Ground Rhododendrons and Azaleas (Gruntovyyerododendrony i azaiii) - 41 PERIODICAL: Priroda, 1958,f\Nr 7, PP 111-113 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The Main Botanical Garden of the AN USSR planted several rhododendron types in open ground in 1942, where they have stayed since then, grew~ flowered profusely and bore ripe seeds. In winter, the plants are easily protected from cold winds by simple frames of wood and tar paper. There are also many suitable azalea types which yield excellent results when their cultivation is started in green houses. The Rh- Cunninghami, Cunningham's White, Rh. macrophyllum, Rh. kamtschaticum, Rh. Chamaecistus, Rh. catawbiense and Azalea pontica and Az. sinensis types are mentioned. In clayey soils, only Rhodorastrum species can be cultivated. Detailed cultivation instructions are given for rhododen- drons, hints for azaleas. There are 2 photos. Card 1/2 Open-Ground Rhododendrons and Azaleas 26-58-7-32/48 1 ASiOCIATIOWi Glavnyy botanicheskiy sad AN SSSR - Moskva (The Main Botanic- al Garden of the AN USSR - Moscow) 1. Botany--USSR Card 2/2 LAPIN, P.I.; -1111WjVU ILAA *- LHOHOV, A.G.; KAORKEVICH, F.S.; MAXMV, XUM I Mot S.N.; MARMIMO P.B.; KOSUNOVA, D.I. (deceased]; SAKWOTs I.M.; SWUNA, S.T.; TSITSIN. N.V., akademik,; MAKAKOV, S.M.. red.izd-va; GUSRVA, A.P., (Trees and. shrubs; results obtained in the Main Botanical 'Garden of the 4cademy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R.] Dereviia, i kastarniki; kratkie Itogi introauktaii v Glavnom botanicheskom sadu Akadeqii nauk SSSR. Moskva, Izd-vo Akad.nauk SSSR, 1959. 190 P. (MIRA 12:10) 1. Moscow, Glavnyy.botanicheedy sad. (Trees) (Shrubs) KOGAN, B.M. (Moskva# 41. Kachalova, d. 10,, kv. 5); KCMAROVj I.A. Electrocardiographic changes in pulmonar:~ infarets developing after mitral commissurotomy. Grudno khir. 4 noo5252-53 S-0162 (MIRA 17 Z3) 1. Iz laboratorii funktsicnallnoy diagnostiki ( zav.~ - kand. med. nauk G.G. Gellshteyn) i otdeleniya priobretennykh zabo- levaniy serdtsa (zav. - prof. S.A. Kolesnikov) Instituta grud- noy khirurgii AMU SSSR (dir. - prof. S.A. Kolesnikov.. naucbnyy rukovoditell - akademik A.N. Bakulev). SHISHKINS V.P., doktor med.nauk; KOMAROV, I.A., Results of the treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities by Teprover and Nesterov's new method. Trudy KGMI no.10:330--334 163. (MIRA 18:1) 1. Iz Wedry obshchey kbirurgii (zav. kafedroy - prof. V.P. Shishkin) Kalininskogo gosudarstvennogo me*ditsinskogo instituta. K%IAROV I,A,,--X4nd9med.nauk Blood coagulability in obliterating endarteritis and atheroselero- sis of the lower extremities. Trudy KCR4I no.10052-356 163. (MIRA 18-1) 1. Iz kafedry obshchey kh1rurgii (zav. kafedroy-professor V.P. Shishkin) Kalininskogo gosudarstvennogo meditainskogo instituta. ~OWOV, I.G. Mechanized washing of fermentation tanks. Spirt. pron. 24 no.6:34-36 158. (MIRA 11:10) (Fermentation) Chair of Ilicrobiolooy, State Me'dical Inst., SVETDLOVSKt (-1044-) "On the serological diaenosis of gas gangrene," Zhur. Mikrobiol., Epidendol., i Imunobiol., No. 9, 1944. KOKAROV. IoM .-Inzh.; BONDAPMU, N.I., insh.; FOMITSKIT. I.T., mekhanik TKZX-3,5 tractor-&-awn mower for green cropo. 149kh. oil'. hoop. 10 no.3:25-26 Ur 159. (min 12:6) (Nowilag machinso) rzsr, Angineering-Reasuring instruments CSxd 1 1/1 Authors Komarov, I. M., Cand. in Tech. Sc:,ences Title Effect of 4111MI ion of scales of universal measuring instruments on the speed and accuracy of calculalAons Porlodic&I Vest. Mash. 34/5, 67 - 88, May 1954 Ab-;t:7-;szt Experiments wrre made to d6te-m1_-.e t~~e 3=uracv of reading sliding cali-pars and' other Negroes of illuni!-nation. ',raphs and tabie3 wtre :)ased on these measure- menta, wtLich demonstrate,14, thqt t..-e _i-c--Lracy !_-ipr:)ved, when the illum- ination was increase& in workshops. Institution : .... Su-tmAtted : tog. wors P 128-9/33 ub. A-Whora Kwarov, 1. M., Cand. Meolh. Sci. Title Heat phmomena during sharpening Periodical 9 Vest. mash. 34/8; 35-36r Aug 1954 Abe'trnct i The resultr of a study which w--.9 condiicteA- to iefermine the effect --f Shaa-pening on the heat f -toz* , - a rl-ar~ -chin--d, are pro- sented and a method of establishing a balance foa this heat factor, is described. Three Russian refarences: (1915-1~630. Dra-Ang. iaBtltution I Submitted : ..... KWAROV. I.M., kandidat takhnicheakikh nauke Using temperature Indicators for investigating the heat penetration range in turnet workpleces. Vest.mash, 36 no.11:46-47.9 156. (HLRA 10:1) (Mgtal cutting) (Thermometry) - - - KOKAROVV- I - _-- Mechanized conveying of raw materials to the.-production line. Spirt. prom. 25 no.6:31-31 159. (IffTA 12:12) , (Patrovskiy (Ivanovo Provi=a)-;-Distilline industries-Equipment and supplies) I NOW-WSKIYjN.V.; The influence of glauconits on the pbyst"I and industrial properties of rocks. Trud7 KGRI no.28:113-130 '55. (Glaucanite) (MLRA 8;6) XOMOV, I.S. .. Using statistloal methods for studying rocks in engineering geology, Trudy mat 29,169-178 156. (NM 10:4) (Nnginearing geology) (Rocks-Testing) 16 I SOT-132-56.-9-14/18 AUTHORSt Shirokov, A.S. Kupalov Yaropolk, I.K., ain4,'K~omarov,. I.S. TITLE; The XXII Congress of the German Geophysical Society MII S"yezd Germanskogo goofiziclieskogo obshchestya) PERIODICAL: ilazvedka i--okhrana nedr, 1958, r 9, pp 52-54 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The above mentioned conference took place in Leipzig in.May 1958. The authors, who represented the USSR, give a report on the activities of the conference. ASSOCIATIONS: 1) Ministerstvo geologii i okhrany nedr SSSR (Ministry of Geoloey and Conservation of Mineral Resources of the USSR) 2~ Gosplan S3SR (Gosplan of the USSR? 3 VNII-geofizika (VNII - Geophysics). 1. Geophysics-Germany Card 1/1 KOIW,ENSKIY, N.V.;,KOMAROV, i.S.; Prinimali uchastiye: IVANOVA, V7-1'~r~ - ~ - _0 . 'ZAKW.OVA, N.A.., red. I.N.; DROZOD 1 7 [Engineering geology! Inzhenernaia geologiia. IAroslavll Vysshaia shkola, 1964. 480 P. (KIRA 17:6j lenin's Ideas on the electrification of the country and problems of engineering geology related to hydrotechnical power Contructlow. Izv.vys.ucheb.zav.',- geol. i. razv. 3 no-5:3-10 97 160. (MIU 13: 32) 1. Moskovskiy geolo gorazvedochnyy institut imeni S.Ordshonikidze* (lenin, Vladimir Illich, 1870-1924) (Electrification) (vagilleering geology) KOMAROV, I.S.; SADOV, A.V.; TAGUNOVA, L.N. 3: -~St. Role of gacbotanical methods in the general complex of engineering geological surveys. Trudy MOIF 8:108-114 164. (,%URA 17: 12) . 1 0 KOLOMENSKIY, TU.; DUHROVKIN, V.L,. (deceased); KOFMOV, 1.S.' Principles of state mapping from the viewpoint of eng:-neer~n.g geology. Sov. geol. 7 no.306-90 Mr 164. (M RA 17:10) 1. Moskovdkiy geologorazvedochnyy inst-Atut im. S. Orz&bonikidze. KOMA )V,_L.,&, Developing rapid methods for research in engineering geology in the designing of large reservoirs. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; geol. i razv. 7 no.11:86-93 N 164. (14IRA 18:5) 1. Moskovskiy geologorazvedcchnyy institut im. S. Ordzhonikidze. ISWULOV, K.L. (Alma-Ata); POPOV, P-1- (Alma-Ata); KOHAROV, I.To (Alma-Ats) "Zero* runs. Pat' L put. khoz. no.10:23-24 0 157. (KLRA lotil) 1. KwhaVnIk distantaft (for Ismogulov). 2. Zamestitell nachal'-' nika.distantaii (for Popov). 3. Starshly dorozbW meter (for Komarov). (Railroads--Management) X)OHAROT, I.T.. ~Mm- "03 dorozhuyy master (Alma-Ata). Review the tentlug period, Attl I put. khoz, no,1:43 Ja 158, Iroads-Haintenance and repair) (MIRA lltl) -M, -x" KOMOV, I,V,; KALITINO NIT,, insh.; KOGAN* NeGe. insh.; LIMIND, M#Th.. Inzh. (Sverdlovsk). Value of warnitke signalse Put' I put. khoz, no,2:8-10 P 158. (9I?A 110) 1. Starshiy dorozbn.V meter, Alm-Ata (for Komarov). (Railroads--Signaling) AUTHOR: Dezakav, Yu. It., Komaroy 1. V. ILI W X ORG: Leningrad State U.-Liversity (Leningradskiy gosudarst-enrZrf universitet.) TII,T---: Ionization in claw collisions of two atoms SiTURCE.- Zhurnal eksperimentaVnoy i teoreticheskay fiziki, v. 50, no. 1, 1966, 286-2G,4 TOPIC TAGS- ionization potential, excitation energy, continuous spectrum, ground st_n~~12 electron energy, line spectrum, wave function, excited state, particle co-Li~- -ion ABS-IRACT: The authors consider the reaction A + B - A + B~ + e, in which the atoms are in the ground or in the excited states prior to the collision, but the excita- tion energy is smaller than the ionization potential. The simplest spherically s =-netrical model is analyzed by -%uy of an example. It is shown that the problem reduces to an analysis of the interaction of the etate with an infinite number of parallel states and with a continuous spectrum, and the case is considered in which one energy level of the system crosses an iVinite system of parallel levels ad- Jacent to the ground state of the system AB . A general mathematical model is em- plo-yed which yields the wave function, in the form of a contour integral, for the C.,d L 22129-66 ACC NR: A26004948 nonstation&rf problem of the interaction between a system of parallel states and a state that intersects this system. Use is made of a mathematical formalism which ~Is described elsewhere (DAY SSSR, in press), and whose earlier simpler applicationg h:: Ic~--'-bed Iry one of the authors earlier (Demkov, Z P,17 v. 49, 685, 1965 and ot'a~ers~- -ine kinetic energy of the atoms is assumed to be much higher than the ionization potential, so that the motion of the nuclei can be chosen classically ,1-nd the corresponding nonstationary problem can be solved. The method can also be used in a quantum description of the nuclear motion which is required when the nuclear energy is near the threshold, provided the system of parallel levels is horizontal or only slightly inclined. The probabilities of ionization and of the an(I-the. smooth trawltioJn:Itod-the- L-1- discrete spectrum (excitation)-to the continuous spectrum (ionizatioxi) is traced. 'The limits of applicability of the theory are considered. Orig. art. has: figures and 22 formulas. SUB CODE: P.O/ SM RAM 28Au965/ OM REF: 0091 OTH REF: (*2 Cord I"-ACC NRt A1Pr(0O32_1'3'___-___- __S O_UR_ C _EC O-D-E _:W60-5 6T6~765 1/6667f7 51/_17721 AUTHOR: KowArov, 1. V., Yanev, H.~K. (Research associate) ORG: (Komarov] - Leningrad State University (Leningradskiy gosudarstvenny universi- tet); [Yanev) - Institute of Nuclear Sciences "Boris Kidric," Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Institut yadernykh nauk "Boris Kidrich") TITLE: Molecular-term splitting in two-electron exchange SOURCE: Zh eksper i teor My v. 51, no~ 6, 1966, 1712-1721 TOPIC TAGS: term splitting, cb .arge exchange, asymptotic solution, variational methodl ABSTRACT: The purpose of the investigation was to obtain an asymptotic experession for the term splitting produced when two atoms exchange a pair of electrons. It is pointed out that an earlier calculation by a variational method (I. K. Fetisov and 0. B. Firsov,ZhETF v. 37, 95, 1959)' was in error because of a poorly chosentrial .funcaCion. It is shown that to obtainicorre6t results it is necessary to choose for the zeroth approximation either the .wave function of the isolated atom, or at least a function that approaches it asymptotically. When this is done, an asymptotically exact formula.can be obtained for the splitting at large internuclear distances. The influence of th spin of the electrons that do not participate in is taken into account. The cross sections for double charge exchange in inert gases are calculated and are compared with earlier calculations and with the experimental data. While a rough ag'reement is observed, it is pointed out that the available ex- Card 1/2 ACC~ NRt AP7003213 perimentalidata pertain to*velociiies-lying near the limit of applicability of the presented theory. Experiments'at lower velocities are therefore needed for a more ,reliable comparison. The authors thank Yu..N. Demkov for interest and valuable dis- cussions. Orig. art. has: 2 f1gures an&38 forzuLwe SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: .18Apr66/ ORIG MW.* oog/ oTH w: oo6 Card 2/2 BONDARINKO, T.M.; GMOVV V.G. (Horbov. V.H.1; KOKAROT, I Z - VOTTOVICH, O.S. (Voitovych, 0.5j; KAMINSKIT, F.T. -aminalkyi, F.T.1; TAKOWWA, Ye.O. ClAkovlleva, 1S.0j; TAKOYM, S.B. ClAkovliev, S.B.]; TAVONMO, O.Ts. [IAvonanko, O.IA.1; VISFICHUN, L'A, red.; AI,XKSAHMOV, MA., [Our territory: brief guide-reference book] Nash krat; korotkyi putivnyk-dovidnyk. Kykolaiv, Mykolsivalks obl.upr.kulltury, 1958. 94 p. (MM 13:2) 1. Nikolayev. Oblnstnyi kraieznavchyl muzei. Oikolayev Province--Guidebooks) KOHAROV, K. Important factor In solvivg the basic econnmic problen. Sots. tmd no-3:17-23 Mr 158. 0 NIRA 13:3) (Tdchnical education) ~HIRYAMY A.L. inzh., red.; KGWWL K.L., inzh., red,; DUGINAp N.A.'V tekhn. red. (Improving the technology of founding] Sovershonstvovanie tekbnologii litainago proizvodstva. Moskva, Goo. nauchno- tekbn.izd-vo mashinostroit.lit-ryp 1961. 238 p ?MMA 15:2) 1. Uralvagonzavad., flizbnV Tagil. (Founding) KOX&ROV-1 L. Result of taoxwork. Kryl.rod. 7 no.1:16 Ja '56. (MM 9:5) 1. Zamesti"ll prodeedatelya Bryaaskogo oblastaogo komitata DobrovolIndgo obahchastva modaystviya arail, aviataii I flotu. (Kilitary educatioa) KO',M,IRO%Ft SHKIRKT11, G., starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik, KOM~NOV, N., Sta-rsh-Ly rVrtuckmyy sotrudnLk Modernizing the OMK_B sprayer. Zashch. ra3t, ot vred. I bol. 10 n0.10:27-29 165. (14TRI, 18-1-2) 1. Zamri3rluyuslichly laboratoripy PusEkAnA-~y r.~%oh !-uo roy ztantoil (for Kcrarov). 2. Institut oardovodst-va brinni I.V. Michurina (for Shkirkin., Kolganov). RaILAROV ~sZlatoust) "MAlph" Iti tho olra Kryl. rcAs 16 n,,).7.-IS J-L 165. (111TRA ISO) KOMAROV, UV ALEKSE-V-EVICH- Planironvaniye PodgotovkI i Haspredeleniya Spetsialistov v SSSR-. Moskva, Ekonomizdat, 1961, 104 p. Tables. Bibliographical Footnotes. ANDREYEV, V.P.; BUTKOVSKIY, N.J.; KOL -_-I-A..4,,_X.UDINOV V.S.; MASHANSKIT I - Imm f G.S.; MR~X N, R.M.; MERKULOV, V.A.; ZF14LYANIKINO S.A.;.tdtVMIN, V.V.; SHOLOKHOV, Ye.I.; PEREPELITSKAYAv A.G., red.; AVDEYEVA, V.A., takhn. red. (Toward the new achievements; the Russian Federation in 1963, concise handbook] K novym rubezham; Rossiiskaia Federatsiia v 1963. godu. Kratkii spravochnik. Moskval Sovetskaia Rossila, 1963. 284 p. (MIRA 16:10) (Russia--Economic policy-Handbooks, manuals, etc.) ..KOWOV# LeAs System for defectless manufacture of articles in enterprises of Saratov Province. Mashinostroitell no*9t4-6 S 164* (MMA 17slO) 1. Zaveduyushchiy otde,', = p romyshlennosti Saratovskogo pro- myshlennogo oblastnogo komiteta Ko=mnisticheskoy partii Sovetakogo Soyuza. ___VOLODIN___Boritf YakovIevich; 40MROV, jmazw~ Borisovich; SVESHNIKOV, Aram Arut3nmovich, joktor -tekhnnauk.. prof.; S7WWBl]1,, Kalman Berkovicb; GIIIZBWAG, R.L., kand.tekhn.nauk., retsenzent; CMMNICMMKO, N.Ya., kand. tekhn.nauki retsenzent; SHAYKZVICH, I.A., red.; KONTOROVICH,, A.I.2 [manual for engineers on the solving of problems in probability theory; col-lection of basic formulas, typical solutions, and problems for exercises) Rukovodstvo, dlia inzhenerov po resheniiu zadach teorii veroiatnostei-, abornik osnovrqkh formul., tipovykh reshenii i zadach dlia uprazhnenii. [By] B.G.Volodin i dr. Le- ningrad, Sud romgizp 1962. 422 p. MRA 15:7) Grobabilities) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/6203 Volodin, Boris Grigor.1yevich,. Mikhail Pavlovich Ganin, Isay Yakovlevich Diner, Aram Arutyunovich Sveshnikov, Doctor of ~,uar--Jaamsouich-Xowarov. technical Sciences, Professor, and Kalman Berkovich Starobin Rukovodstvo d1ya inzhenerov po resheniyu zadach teorii veroyatnostey; sbornik osnovnykh formul, tipovykh resheniy i zadach dlya uprazheniy (Handbook for Engineers on the Solution of Problems I in the Theory of Probability-, Collection of Basic Formulas, Typical Solutions, and Practice Problems) Leningrad, Sudpromgiz, 1962, 422 p. Errata slip inserted. .14, 300 copies printed. Ed. (Title page)- A. A. Sveshnikov; Reviewers- R. 1. Ginzburg, Candidate of Technical Sciences, and N. Ya. Cherednichenko, Candidate of Technical Sciences; Ed.: 1. A. Shaykevich; Tech. Ed.: A. 1. Kontorovich. PURPOSE: This handbook is intended for engineers, scientific workers, and students at schools of higher education interested in applying formulas of Card 1/4 VOLODIN, B.G.; GfiIIIIII, M.P.; DRIER, I.Ya.;,_W" SVESMIIKOVp A.A.., zasl. deyatell nauki i tekhniki RSFaR, doktor tekhn. nauk, prof.; jTAROBRI, K.B.; DONCHrIKO, V.V., red.; BLAGOVESHCHENSKIY, Yu.N., red. [Problems in probability theory, mathematical statistics, and theory of functions of random variables] Sbornik za- dach po teorii veroiatnostei, matematicheskoi statistike i teorii sluchainykh funktsii. Moskva, Nauka, 1965. 6~32 p. (14IRA 18:10) 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April 1953, uncl. KO rasakor doract). J_ KAMTL L-1-onakhwAk-defektookoplat (stantsiya Brest Belo How to improve the UM~52 defectoscops. PuVA put khas. no.12;22 D '58. RM 12:1) I (RailrwAs laquipment and supplies) LROV # L, I in~~ Investigating a chopping apparatus with a pneumatic throwing device. Mekh. i eleko sots. sellkhoz. 19 no-4:16-19 161. (MM 24: 11) 1* Pushkinskaya mashinoispyt-ateltnaya stants-c Combines (Aricultural rrachine;;T* trn(lfaize)-HaMsting) ACCESSION NR: AP4040373 S/0185/64/()09/004/0349/0354 -AUVOR: Komarov, L. I.; Fieher, 1. Zo TITLE: Neutron and Oplical. Spectra as Sources of Information on the Notion0 Molecules in Liquids Tpaper presented at the Shestoye Soveshchanive po, Mike Zhidkogo Sostoyaniya, Veshchastva, Sixth Conference on the Physics of the Liquid.- State of Matter,, Kiev, 19617 SOURCE; Ukrayins1ky*y fizy*chny*y zhumal, vo 9, no, 4, 1964, 349-354 TOPIC TAGS: liquid state, liquid state physics, liquid molecular motion,, molecular radial density distribution, molecular correlation function, manY.- body problem,, Van Hove time molecular distribution function, Rayleigh scattering,-F neutron scattering, fluctuation theory TRANSLATION: The Van Hove time molecular distribution formalism is introduced and applied to the description of ouch kinetic properties of condensed phases as correlation and autocorrolation functions and fluctuations. The possibilities of obtaining information about these functions from experimental data are studied '.Card 1/2 ACCESSION NR: AP4040373 in detail. It is shown that the-Rayleigh scattering spectrum can be used to determine the asymptotic behavior of the Van Hove functions with respect to distance and time. Low energy neutron scattering by liquids is considered in detail-with a view toward extracting information about nolecular distributions. i The high frequency limit of sound propagation in liquids is considered, and the possibility of the existence of transverse waves in liquids is likewise treatede The phonon approach of solid state usage is modified to treat the neutron scat- tering problem in liquids* Though neutron scattering differential cross-sections e pr0- and the angular distribution of Rayleigh scattering are not expected to b cisely confornal, they are expected to be closely related. Very low energy nau- tron scattering is recommended as a tool for studying the nature of molecular behavior which gives rise to the dispersion of elastic and kinetic coefficient a in.liquids at the high frequency Limit. Origo art, has 17 numbered equations* ASSOCIATION: Belorusskiy Goeuniversitet, Minsk (Byelorussian State University)' SUBMITTED; 00 DATE AGQ*# 13MAY64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: 010 GP No 1W SOV: 006 orm 1 001 Card 2/2 43380 S/056/62/043/005/046/058 0 B125/B104 AUTHORSt Komarov, L. I., Fisher, I. Z. TITU i on the theory of the Rayleigh scattering of light in fluids PERIODICALs Zhurnal eksperimentalinoy i tecre ticheskoy fiziki, v. 43, no. 5(11), 1962, 1927 - 1933 TEXT: 1, molecular theory of,the intensitY and spectrum of the Rayleigh scattering of light in liquids or dense gases is formulated without using the thermodynamical theory of fluctuations. This paper is a transcript of one by L. Van Rove (Phys. Rev., 93, 249# 1954) from the "language" o f scattering of neutrons to the "language" of i3cattering of light. N is the number of molecules contained in the,volume V and Rj(O) (i indicates the position of the particles at a certain initial moment, Hi(t) is their position at a later moment. The spectral density dr di x I Sinly (21) "MeRs -0 (V) k, r Card 1/3 xexpH cR 58 S/056/62/043/005/046/0 On the theory of the Rayleigh... B125/BIO4 of the intensity of the scattered light is a Fourier transform of a space- time molecular Van Hove function G(1?1,t) of the scattering system. C08N, -i~ "I/RX 1; 1 and r, are the intensity and the electrical vector 0 0 0 0 of the incident radiation. G(irl.t) is (with an accuracy up to the coefficient N'1) the density of the relative probability of finding a certain particle, at the instant t, at a distance ir~'from the initial posi- tion of any given particle in the system. kfter scattering through the argle of 00 has been eicluded, G has to be replaced by G-1. The integra- tion over d? can be extended over the entire space. 6q. (21) then leads to the formula "0 00 fj)) 10 sin2T r3 dr dl (G (r, 01) e'01. xr (25) cTR or, with G( 0) = 5(-r,) + ga-41) V, to the formula r a sine 'r6 (W - too) I + g (r) rdr). (27). Xr In contrast to the str~tic theory, the present dynamic theory yields a cer- tain definite spectrum of the frequencies in Scattc-ring. The formulas Card 2/3 S/056j62/043/005/046/058 On the theory of the Raylqigh... B125/B104 (25) and (27).yield equal intensities of the scattered light (aside from corrections of the order of (v/Q) 2)* The polarizability of one molecule in the field of the neighboring molecules is therefore a . V2 (_a Fdav)7/4%, where E is the dielectric constant. Up to no~j the spectrum of scattered light cannot be calculated from formula (25). ASSOCIATIONs Belorusskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet (Belorussian State University) SUBMITTED:- June 19, 1962 Card 3/3 ACCMION NR: AP4009411, S/bO46/63/009/004/0WA9433 ADTHORS: Xacharskayti, L. V.; Komarovi, L. I.; Fisher., 1. Z. TrIMS; I~Orsound and slow neutron scattering in liquids SOUXE. Akustiaheskly.zhurnal, v* 9P po6 ks 19631427-433 TO]PIC 2AGS: hyPersoun4 neutron wave diffraction,,' liquid hyTersound neutron wave l~ diffraiction,,high freqdency;hypersour4 hypersouxid neutron scattering., slow neutron'. scattering,., hyporsound slow neutron sclZing., hypersound neutron scatterirg .1, If s-aectruia, hhersonic radiation, neutron scattering,., neutron,, scatteringp hnorsour4' ABSTIUCT: The conditions leading to neutron wave diffraction on hypersounds ;,I liquids are analyzed, ~nd conditions for building an experimental apparatus s-pecified. Olow neutron scattering is tound to be the most suitable because of It"he requirements of very high frequencies for the determination of hypersounds' I . in fluids, The expr ssion for the noution enera 3 and moawtua p during and rafter the scattering ii re '-presented by, Card 1/~ ---------------------------------------------- On Nil: AP5004388 to ~ie t, V e:, r 5; S I i qui d s 0 lands ~3--'Ovm t~iat by Using it -s largs~ number ;i ---nn that descr~:bcs t-0 at C1 a t r; d by a ----jnpllex x. ~,amp- of the Drr, th-ls 'requency are inve!~tiga'e and the ? Ij?-st i c. i - ~-n a single congplex coe.~*' 'vjjj' C17, rPlatCF j-. -.N kP50C~ Lit --~n of' the trace of the stress 1 on ..)f the dezis I. ty. ,-.Oefficient can be obtained .'rom ~ho r '!-ansfcrm of the cor- T 1,,Lnction of the pressure fluctiia,i-,S em, 1~e me &"I pressure -D, the adiabatAa-Ily isolated 7,~; S11 ~n erms of the isotropic conTreszion at high -esults obtained frcm -~ynar io -10 a differt?nt ex-pres- I- _J c (low frequency) fluctua - n - e I i f ferenc e s between the ~, i 4i i - .2; ions is Coress -e 'or 'Liquid-s with noticeable s -r- r: -j e 3r- c sound, and "he same for low-riscosity ~j 7r--~efv~' to I. Z. 1:, P- critical d-iscussion of the r-saltt; 9jd -az advdce. 3 e lo rus s ki~ go isuday s tv enny i vr. i vq a, s i Ef t 31 e o i-" s .-' sai S t a t e .-Y D 2%ay64 30 CCDE - M., OP SOV: 005 OTIM X6 KOMkROVI L.I., mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik Better organization of cotton fabrici dyeing with sulfide dyes. Tekst. prom. 25 no.407-59 Ap 165. 04IRA 18:5) 1. Vsesc)piznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut netkanykh tekstill.Vkh materialov. v 45 M ljo(c )AETC -20901-66~ MON jACC HR.- AP600595i SOURCE- CODE': 60~~191/66/00*02/0033/0035 V. A.; Kozlov, L. V.- Komarovat L. AMORS.- Korshak, V. V Sergeyevs ~ORG: none .TITLP,.- Thermal and thermooxidative destruction o phenolformaldehyde oligoners of LoXo jaq type ISOURCE: Plasticheskiye massyp-noo 21 1966, 33-35 !TOPIC TAGS: phenolformaldehyde, oligomer, thermal decomposition oxidation I I 1ABSTMCT: Chemical processes occurring in novolac phenolformaldebvde oligomers 1upon heating at 150-900C have been investigated'L by elementaiT analysis, titration !for OH grotips, and ESR and IR spectrni analysis. Oligomers were prepared according 'to the method deGoribed by K. A.. A0rirutov and D. A. F-ardashev (Prakticheskiye raboty po iskusstvermym amolam, i rl.--ztm~,ssaut, ONTI, 19-~6, atr. 198), washed repeatedly with distilled water, and dried at 150-,/l--2 mm. for 15 hours- The product, containing ej* of free phenol, was sifojected to thermal and thermooxidative ,treatment for 3--4 hours. It was establishcd that the primary act in thermooxida- ,tive dentruetion was oxidation of ntethji 6-roups. Cross-linking during thermal UDCt 6T8.6322132121601056. Card 1/2 45 i .Card 2212 - KOMAROV, L. L. Cand Agr Sai "Economic effectiveness of the rqising of young cattle for slaughtering under conditions of the central chernozem zone .(boording to the example of Kostromakaya Oblast)." Mon, 1961 (All,*TJnion Sci Ron Inst of Animal Husbandry. Dept of Economics and Organization of Animal Husbandry). (KL,.4-61, 204) MULLIN, T.A., SHZYNMN, A,Yei; KOKMV, L.P.. redaktor; VORMIN. X.P., takhnichaskly redaktor. [Steam In power anglaserIng] Todianiol par v energetike. Rookwa.4ce. energaticheskoeltd-vo, 1953. 94 p. (lam 748) (Steam enginearine) BSLIKIHD, Inv Davidovich.- ICOMAMRATOT, Ivan Takowlevich: SMYWRG, YijaT Abramovich; Wa ~ "daktor; ANT11. I.T., redektor; TORC9% K.P.. tekhniche9kWlyftrVe'k--tS-F [A history of technology] Istoriin tekhdiki. Koskva. Goo. energ. izd-yo. 1956. 491 p. (HIJ?A 9:12) (Tachnology-History) 6 V FAKSHMS Y.B. (translatorl;KLYACHX0. V.A. (translator); SMOB. M.S., profesoors dokt.or tekbnichaskikh usuk, redaktor; KOMARO L~P.P redaktor; FROKIN, A.M., takhaicheetty redaktor [WaterIprepa-ration and water operatizg conditions in boilers of thermal electric power plenis'; a collection of articles. Traulated frm the Inglish, German andilrenchl Yodopo 4'otovka I, vodayi roxhim.kotlav na teplovy*h slaktrostantallakh; abornik statoi. Parsvod-a angliiskogo,* 6ametakogo i-frant'suzakogo. Pad red. M-S.Shlkidbas Moskva, izd-vo. 11o.4. (Thermo- chemical and,thermal preparation of feed water for steam boilers In tharmal'.iliotric power plants in tboZnitsd Stateall, Tormo!- klAmicheakaiij tormichaskmia obrabotka-pitatallaoi vody parovykh kotlov iih to lovykh elektrostaataiiakh SS - 1957 P bA, (reed'-4a.ter purificatioii) [\J" C, V') 1~; T KOSTOKiROT. V.M.; PMOVSKIT, Yn.K,,, L-aadidat takhaichookikh nauk. retsensent; KO Whener, redaktar; STWIN. A.K., redaktor Isdatelletva; tekhnichaskiy redaktor LActivitlea of the Russian Inginearing Society in ?romoting zachlaM manufactureJ Is delatallnoett Rassko Ago takhalchaskogo obahchostya oblasti sashinostroontia. Moskva, Goo., rauahno-tekhm,lzd-Yo mashino- strott-olit-ry, 1957. 17? p, (KLBA 10.7) Rechanical engineering--Histor7) U EDMAROT. L.P.; RASWAZOT. D.S. Survey of the filator7 of studien of steam heat capacity. Vop. let. amt. I 157. (MIRA lztl) (Steltm-Hi story) il,c)(1, liciv -md Tnch '3ci lie.0 NAltdr ,If A 0, --( 11 1 I~ill vdth the dovalomamt 0l 4bn-- cnciriec---r-ing.11 ll,os, 1953. 24 Dp (Acad Sci U13MR. Iii,.Itl o~-, tho Tlfiotol- of - r I,- LAIn-I Sci 44 m~d IJ KL,46-5',140) BALIFS-KIT, Sawn Takovlevich; VUDWVICH, HOP. 0 red.; KIR IN, V.A* , redo; KCKAROV L.P., red,; KRUM, N.V., red.; TIURU, P.Ta., red.; lxfo-Fitsov. A.A., red,; LARIOMOV, G.Te., -(Hsat and electric power plants and heating from central stations] Teplofikatsila I toploolektrotsentrali. Noskia, Gooenerg.isd-vo, ig6o. .86 p.-(Bibuotakm toplotekhnika, no.4). (HIRA 13:9) (Heating from central stations) (Ilectric power plants) . KOMAROV, L.P. ~ . Development of research on the thermodynamic properties of steam. tekh. no-10:148-150 16o. (KRA 3-/,,:3) (Aeam) MMKLYARt MildmU-Vlmftmh-ovich;-VUKUMCHI--tP.# red.; KMLLIV, V.k.t red,; pw0vt L.P.t red.;.TTURIfft P.Yd.~ red.; TROUNSKIY, Ye.A.j red,; 'BORWOrp-T.T.-p-tekbno red, [Engineering performawo,of the metal of a steam bailer] Kak ra- botaet metall Wovcgo*kdtla Mbskva Gos. energ. izd-vog 1961, 93 P. (Biblioteka teplotekhn;kay uo.Si (14IU 34:8) (Boilers) (Metals) GURVICH, Seran Markovich; MAM,, A.P., doktor teklin. naukq retsenzent- K014AROV -L'P red.; VOROIIIN,, K.P.., tekba, red. (Water treatment] Vodopodgotovka* Vloskvaj Go s, everg, iza- L5:2 vo, 1961. 239 p. 14IRA 15:2) (Feed-water purification) KROL Lazar' Borisovich; KOMIMV, L.P., red.; LARIOWOV, G.Yq.S tekhn. red. - --------------- (Principal features of high-pressure and super-high pressure boiler unital0snovive osobennosti kotellrqkh agregatov vyso- kogo i averkhkriticheskogo davleniia. Mosk7ap Gosenergoizdat, 1962. 239 p. (NIRA 15:12) (Boilers) MEYKLYAR, Mikhail Vladimirovich; _LOMABQZJ~J~.,., red.; BULIDYAYP-.V, N.A., tekhn. red. [High-pressure steam boiler units manu:factured at the Taganrog Boiler Plant) Parovye kotellvje agregaty TKZ vysokogo davleniia. Moskvap Gosenergoizdat, 1963. 168 p. (MIRA 17:2) IMSHKIN, $.I., kand. tekhn. nauk;- tAMMO, S.M., retsenment [deceasedh KARAKMHST. I.A., nauchnyy red.,4- KOMOT, L.S.. red.; MWIDOT, YO.F.. t.akhn,* red. (Precast rainforcid-concrate tanks] Sbornye zholosobatonnye re- zervwry. Moskva, YNXIST Glavgaza OSSR. redaktsionno-izdatellakii otdol, 1960. 149 pe NmA 14:5) (Precast conorete coustruc.tiou) (Tanks) YEVSTROPOV, Vikolay Alekneyevich; KOMIOVA* L,S.9 red.; DEVIDOV, Ya.F.0 tekhn. red. (Theory and practice of blasting operations in mining and constructionfloprosy teorJA i praktiki vzryvnylch rabot v gornoi prorqsblennosti i stroitel'stve. Moskva, MIST Glavgaza SSSR.. Red.-i-.d.otdel 1961. 44 p. (KERA 15:8) (Blastingi u r6 K T N 5r 36i3~0-'." KOMAROV, L. V. Opyt:'~*_ del'nogo okhlazhdenifa' tulovishchal-go-. t3 lovy teplokrovnogo pri bolee. bystro.m snizhenii teniperatury tulovishcha. : (Aka~ demifla nauk SSSR. Doklady. . Novia.. 1 seriR, Sept. 1951. t. 80, no. 2, p. 281--r$31-- table) Title tr.: Experiments on sep~'- rate cooling of the trunk and h6aA in warm-blooded animals with , quicker I lowering of temperature of the trunk. Cantains an account of 22 experiments with cats whose trunks were cooled with, snow, or snow and water while the Jipa& were kept in warm water or air. Respira- tion, heartbeat, rectal and oral tempera- tures were recorded as well as the _- tem- peratures at which respiration. ceased. ' ------ CoPy...,gee,n:..'DLC,__' KOMAROV, L. V. Installation for studying unconditional local defense motor activity ,~,,nooto,r activity in bypothermia. Trudy lust. vys. nerve delat. Ser. fisiol. 3:232-238 1 11 - 232-230 159. (KM 12:3) 3) 1' Iz laboratorii obahchey fiziologil nervuoy sistsmy# save - vest ;~Oinov. V. V.5. (Bxn=) (PHTSIO10GICAL APPA1',%TM) KGLMVO L.T. Age-related c4anges occurring in a localized defensive.unconditioned reaction in white rats* Trudy Inst,vysnervedoiat. Ser.fiziol. 72279-287 162. WU 16:2) (Raw) (AGS) KOMAROV, L. V. Programme of Radicallv Prolonging the Human Life Span Exercise and Human Performance Gerontalogy', 6th International Congress, Copenhagen, Derwrk 11-16 Aukust 1963 KOMXW., L.V. Radical increase of the span of life. Trudy MOIF.Otd.biol.6: 70-78162. (MIRA 16:7) L The Moscow Society of Naturalists, Section of Gerontology. (IIOIIIGEVIYY) - IcHaOT.- L.Ye. Phrk~g ~fo ~'ri dolds b7 means of.pressivC, vibro-pressing and vibration. Lit. proizv. no.11'.*10-15 V 157. (MMA 10:12) (Molding- (Founding)) KOMOVI L. Ye.0 Cand of Toch Sci (diss) "Studying the FTocesses of compacting Casting Mould9j" Moscow.. 1959', 16 pp (Ministry of Higher and secondary special Education, USSR. Moscow Higher Technological School im Bauman) (KL, 7-60, 108) 18(0) AUTHOR: Komarov, L. Ye. SOV/30-59-7-45/50 TITLE: Scientific Basis of Production Methods in Foundries (Nauchnoye oboanovaniye metodov liteynogo proizvodstva) PERIODICAL: Vestnik Akademii nauk SSSR, 1959, Nr 7, pp 119-120 (USSR) ABSTRACT: 'The Institut mashinovedeniya Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute of, Nedhanical Engineering, Academy of Sciences, USSR) held a conference on the theory.of casting in Moscow, April 22-24- It was devoted to-problems of improving the quality of the products and increasing the accuracy of castings. V. I. Dikushin'stated in his inaugural address that the country's Industry each year had to transform more than 20000,000 t of metal from castings into chips. Scientists, engineers, and tddhnologisto ought-therefore to endeavor as quickly as possible to find ways and means of how to approximate the diiensions of raw castings to those'of the finished parts. B"'B. Gulyayev stated that the development in the field of .a; Curacy An foundry production was carried-out too slowly and not to the extent necessary. P. N. Akeenov reported on the main tasks of ac curacy investigations of castings in dependen- Card 1/2 ce.on technological factors and recommended in particular Scientific Basio'df Production Methods in Foundries SOV/30-59-7-45J5() thd methodology developed by V. M.'Shostopalov., P. P. Berg examined the concept of nominal dimensions with reference to"castings. Yu. Ta. Voroblyev furnished data on theoretical and experimental investigations Of the'accuracy of castings. I;---P, Yegoreakor, reported on the"deveilopment of a system of hAdixturee fort the dimensions of the castings. An analysis of the effect.of admixtures on-the dimensions of cast parts was given by Ye. 0. Kopanevich and S. A. Kazennov. G. I. Vikolf- Okiy, L. Te. Komarov, S. S. Zhukovskiyt V. 0. Yakoylevt S. N. Fomchenko, B. B..duly'&7ey reported on the cleanness add accuracy of cast parts. I. F. Kolchin and V. V.'kyzhenkov ft6cribed experiments aiming at an improvement of the clean- p4de and accuracy of large castings in'sand molds, H. P. Iva-. ndO presented the-reaults of investigations in regard of the Influence of the,'chemical composition~of cast Iron on the Adouraoy of pastings. The reports by 9. N. RubtsoV and I. L. Z.611kov, B. B. Gulyayev and H..y. VikWskly, I. I. Goryunov# Fe..N* Hikheyeva were devoted to questions ofthe accuracy df.oastings safeguarded by special methods. The conference outlined the further development program for the comprehensive Card 2/2 study of questions of casting accuracy, PHASS I WOK V-%PLOMATION Sov, LkS"adya nauk Institut maahtnorodenlya Trudy, too 1: Vtoraya nauChno-takhraChes"Ya konrarentsiV& 0 aspirantov I mladshlkh nauchnykh s*trmJAIkoV (Transaction& of the Institute or Machine Science. Academy of Sciences, USSR, Val 11 Second Scientific and Technical Conforance of Aspirants and Z=IOr Aclontifle Work ra) Moscow, 1959. 182 p. Errata allp Inserted. 1,000 copies printed. Rasp. Cd.g ~ A.K. 0-yachkov, Doctor of Technical Sclsvsa~a, Professorl Tools. J01.s O.K. Shorin. PMLP=s TbU book Is intended for technical personnel sagagod In the design or machines and aechaniams. COVMWRI This collection of sclentifla papers. presented at a ocaterenee bald July 2-3, 195a'doala with the thiory of saahLnea and aschaals", strength of machine parts, friction &Ad wear L __ - . . - In machines, and machina-building toch=1057 - / ' shohokov, Dsfijla~ Accuracy a ur-Usarc-Nun-W.L. Novikov Tooth Action 65 M -piarsulev, 3.3, zavestikation or Romonance Properties at NeGbAhloal _ . ~ 75 90= no tbeore .tical and oxy rimental %AveotlS .ktt6m Of t pull'. or I a process of transition through resonAhce lj% mechanical vibrating System& am presented. The results of an lavesti,-;ation of re"AAACe properties of a centrifugal vibrator with non-Masar Dynamics Or the Transition with a of Sharts With Dlfroront Moments of Fr1ralpia Inertia. the Coupling to an Engins Taken Into A4count 89 VIbfttIonX Of Shafts with different princIpma-loortiA =&onto during transition through the zone of static instablUZy axe lovestigat,14. Zauations of motion and asthods far their Sala- tion we presented. Xj6.,AL Investigating the Proosas of Producing Splizes an Delp -VU a by '&China or Planing With Gang Too a 101 Basis theoretical considerations or the as tion Of Methods for out%IM splines In sharts - are developed. Broaching and pl-t. am experimentally Investigated and rocamamnied so the most efficient methods for cutting oplined ab#:.Ss in large- lot AM &"a production. L.T4. investigation of methods of Cospaotln4 Coating 14U Tho offset or vlbratlons on the process or compacting molds b7 Compression Is investigated. Result& IrAlcate tbAt vibratlon& possible -to obtain untfoinity of density' &t740,aprao,lon presbures several tIMS lower than those used In complLatIAX witboat vIbration, __P*t9dA__XJ1~ Zavirst1dation of Contact Are" or Rough Surfaces 131 The relationship totween the actual Contact area (Go"IstIng of slaatlo and plastic contact areas), the surface roughness. mid the material proporites or two ouxtrAzos is investigated. Results Indicate that the size or the actual oontaot area. Is considerably &treated by the geometry of the MrsohohIn. M.D. Investigation of the Accuracy or Determining )y M_Wthod of Crwacent-shapod IndontAtIom . 143 Am ftXP~r1A*Ata2 Investigation WAS Made of'the accuracy. or daternining metal wear try the Indentation method, Involving measurement or the length and calculation of the reduction of depth br a drasoent-shaped recess Gist Into the metal surface. The-notbod of Investigation and the spealal.Instrintents-used ard dstcrlbsd. 1. Invustigation or Lubricant Circulation In & R&tn of a yortical-pivat Thrust BoLrl" Used in tax" ltrdraallo Turbines 155 LAZUrIGAUt flow 14-thd bath And between ADOGS at 4 thrust bearlog (without 6oling) was InvestIgStOd by & tber=- aaamomistrIa mothoA. A to machine, built for thia.pUrPOSS at" In at.tra U74to4ynamlo Motion Lborktaxl. 114tltut mamh Ov&- I- " (InetItUte QfLPAGnIns Sitlonc*. Aaadaa Of =:."UM), is used. The results of the 1AveptUAt1?9k are deserlbod. a ..1h. Investlantion of Stre*&** In Fr4Jft4i With Pl&t*- _RP. PEENWAU~Olv 167 The a0har 41scusses an experlootital AW theoretical InVQ9tI- satica. at &%reason In corr,,.i*Ito and scald frame' etraclures. Ths non-11roar dJ.,t;'1% jtle~!.j or , zmsseo v:,.1 all -,!zA shown In dla~m PH= I BwK 137wrZIAT1011 3OVA199 UnInerfid. ftlitakhnLchaskly Lastitut SavromienoMe 4axtlzho~iya llteyno.-o prolzwodstval t d3F w2-hvuzovskcv7 =Auchno-t4khn4c:heskwr koftfarentall riatecent AchiervataLs in Poundings Transactions or the Scl:ntir 4 end Technics.1 Conference of Schools of Ulgher Zdud tionI Rommov. Xasnalz, 1960. 336 P. Zrrat& allp Inserted. 4,000 copies printed. Rasp. Zd.& Doctor of Technical Sciences Professor; Ms.s N. 0. 0trahavicap Doctor or TeahAlOU Sciences# Prafe"cr& and & P. Lsbsdav~ Docentl Waging Cd. for Uterator4, On Boavy-ftchlas Building (Leningrad Departamat, N&ahglz)s To. P. Xsuaov, X-sinearj Tech. S4*.3 To. A. MugoAommakaya and L. V. ShchatlAl". --11RUUZZf This boui I& Intended for the teaboloal Personnel of foundries. Tt: my be used Vy students or the tIA14. This a4lection or articles disaussea problems in -rouRdIng processes. Zmdiyldu&ll Afticlas treat m4 waiting, astals soca %Iwlr alloys, neangnizatlan and autmatton of Casting Pr'Memses, aspects of the --waracture or steel, a"t Iran, acd tooferrous astal ceatings. no Personalities are Mentioned- Rafarencea &CC 1~11VLIIUAI Animism. VAant Achisronamts In Founding (cont.) Stl4PLtIOM Of the -25.- UperimentAl In" *80 .26. ~Katarlsla for Shall McIAS 2CL 27. Abramam-t-M- caraula core$ for J=vestmant Casting or 11"t-eazzstant Allor Hollow ft-04"tm Of Complex Conrigurst%= 205 ,j. - Temperature Ragine In Production Or --28. RLM=.-x7-P - Shell Kowa amd Strength UZ V. STMM CASTMM3 29. Z44xszay-A-z- Rechaniffm or the rorviation of Out- Ln a Steel Maeot 2131 of-Conter, Z44;&atton . l ization of 30. o*qqj-----M-- --to Pattorra of C., tail C*on~vlon-ftesjstmt =**is With a Lower Content or 27.ckel an Card 6/9 r RAXOG,ONq V.G.; IOMARQIL--~a. ~Ianufacture of foundr7 molds by- hinge and lover, presses. Li i", proizv, no.. 8t27-31 Ag 160. (K= 34:2) (Molding (Founding)) (Foundries-Equipiient and supplies) PUSH I DMC EXPLOITATION SOW$304 3oveshobanlya po tooril llteywkh prot5onoov. 5th, 1959 Tochaostl otUvok; trudy covashchaniya (Accuracy or C34tinga; Trans actions of the Fifth Conference on the Theory or FoundIrZ Frocas;_ on) Moscow. ranbsiz. 1960. 206 V. 3.500 copies printed. Sponsoring Agency: Akadomlya mauk 555-41. Ins'.1tut =ahlnovedoniya. Komlnoly~ft pa tdkhnologii saahluos%royonlya. Zd. (Title page) t B. B. GuXyayor, Doctor or Technical Sciences, ftvfosoor; Ed. of PublichinS gouset 0. U. Soboleva; Tac!x. Ed.$ A. F. Warovai Ranazlrs Pd. for Literature an Hot-Procooned Motalni a. Ya. Golovin, Engineer. I ~J FIMMSEs This book Is Intended for scientific and toohrilcal person- nal at scientific research institutes. factories. and 84hoalA of hWor education. COVERAOS: The book contains 19 reports read at a conference on the A4011MCF. or =otlzan. The conforince %its orcmnizzd by the - , Ccusdttoe on Processing In Rachin.0 ZU1141na and aponsorsd by the Xactitut machinovedmaya All SZZR (Institute of the Science of Machines of thi Acada-V of Sciciieco VS=). Tho reports, pro- *cntod by Undies opecia.11sta, scj"o* vorScorn, and production paroonnal,dincuss the provont state of tho, problc= of tb2 acCU- mer of cantinza and rAtho" of SOITing the PrOblt= In"Iyed. There are 58 roforancon..bontly SaTict. (raginsorl. Distortion of Sand Molds Z,2MrF1;%,N n%E--noorj, and Id To luan-chin E Erizinser) - 310 ra of Coatings Caused by Patterns and PI-1- 125 , 2;,~x '51, jNkrpy0ir4j ~& ~4. In,%gineor). Errect of Thar--al Distortion of the nolding Rixturca on th.- Ace= c7 of C--Z' In-es 131 The work of InvestigatinZ the distortions and th*r=11 GtrC66 In the molding mixtures was carried out under the suporrIs- Ion of P. P. 132rg. Zoftchenko. S_ . (EaSLneer]. end B. B. Oulyarov. Production ."recision Castings In Sholl MolU Proceed From a Wr-teralaza rjztuzv 146 rolohin, 1. F. tracineorl, And 7- F =hon3cov (Enzindarj. n *I Ti.Ing Chemi- -7r-Ud-ucTr0U-0r Large Procinic 1UxturCA__,,__ llubteov, H. tor of Technical Sciences, Professor] and _I_._L._ZdI1kov MEADINonloorl. Diz;;mz1o~--a "Curucy of invaa=t L;&GLInan 160 GOrYunOv. I. I. [Canilidate of Technical Sciences3. Dimon- 'W2=T7A`cdWU'ey and Surface RouEhnoss of Caztinga Obtained by Various Methods 180 0* A, ranter, A. To, lbnllo,, A, I" Bolayv, and Ehgl- noor V. B. Shullmon p&rt1c1p&tc4 in makIng castiften. %qN92jp Formation jUY__ft,P (Engincorl. and D. S. CluIrvev. of the Contours of Castings In Die Cestinc 193 Kolsonlcho;~~A 0. Erhaineer). Accuracy of Castingo Ob- t oldo 203 Card 6/7 KOMAROVA,_L,Te-._ Redeoigning of a chemical feed-water purification oystem. Energetik 10 no.3:18 Mr 162. (MIRA 15 -.2) 1. flachallnik khimicheakogo teekha Bogoslovskoy toploelektro- tsentrali. (Feed-vator purification) KOMAROV. L.Ye- Congress of fmmdrymen ofthe Likhachev Autpmobile Plant In Moscow, Ut,proizv no.7t43-44 A 162. (MIRA 16x2) ng-congresses) KOIMV$ L.Te,, kand.tekhnnauk Research and operations J31foukdries of the TAkhachev Automobile Plant in 1963..,form.Goso#auch*-issl,instanauch., i tekho- inform.06.8:15-a9 f62. (14mi:~1,5 t 7) (Moscow.-Founding) (Moucow-4atakobile, indu-jtz7)