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PIATKOV, M.A.; ILLARIONOV, V.I.,,.-LONONOV, V.A!; KUNINY V.S.; EVENCHIK, S.D. Separation of sulfur from selenium in packed and plate towers, and their efficiency. Zhur.prikl.khim. 35 no.12:2620-2624 D 162. - (MIRA 16:5) (Sulfur) (Packed towers) (Plate towers) BUIIMISTROV, P.I.; MIOYLOVICH, S.D.; DEKICHEV, G.M.; N PV,,, , .; '~qp ~ yj'A EVENCHIK, S.D.; 13RODOVSKIY, N.R.; PAVLMI, S.M.; BOBROV, A.A.; BASKINp A.I.; SHKOLINIKOVj S.A.; VASILIYEVO B.K.; DRANNIKOV9 A.B.; RIWAN, M.A.; BURAKOV, V.A.; VIADIMIROVp A.P.; NIKOLAYEVSKIY, G.M.; PETRUSHEV, I.M., red.; CERASIMOVA, Ye.S., tekhn. red. (Mechanization of loading, unloading and storing opera- tions in industrial enterprises] Mekhanizatsiia pogruzochno- razgruzochnykh i skladskikh rabot na promyshlenmykh pred- priiatiiakh. Moskva, Ekonomizdat, 1963. 276 p. (MIRA 17:2) j'Cj,lCtTe.V, V. A. w I , Kononov., V. A._ "Peat pits as sites for f1sh breedinr," Trudy Nnuch.-issle!(l. irl-t'a prildovogo i Oze,rno-rcchnogo ryl). khoz-va, No. 5, 1948, P. 105-18 -- l'ibliog: P.118 4 So: U-3566, 15 Minrch 53, (Letopis tZhurnal Inykh Statey, No. 13, 1949) KONGIOV3 V. A. Kononov., V. A. "The ecolo!,-,v of the multiplication of Ileshchl and thei.r life expectancy L g and raising farms", Trudy Hauch.-issled. in-ta prodovo on spavmLn -o i ozerno-rech. ryb. khoz-va, No. 6, 1949, p- 59-79, - Bibliog: 15 items. so- U-4392 19 August 53 (Letopiz tZhurnal Inyk-h Statey, No 21, 19L,00. III - ITOVI V. A 0-0.: Fisher ie s--Ukrai no 'Fishing industi~f of the 1mver Dneiper in connection with Uic construction of tho Kakhovka bydro-electric power devc1opment. I~rb. khoz. 20, no- 4, 1952. zz 19"-2 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, 1953. Unclassified. KONONOV, V. A. Ukraine - Carp Achievements of the reservoir fish industry in the Ukraine. RYb- khoz. 28 No. 5 1952. 2 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, October .1955. Unclassified. K0111ICNOVY V. A. Voscow Canal Moscow Canal is 15 years old, Rech. transp., 12, no. 4, 1952. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, October, 1952. IRICLAOSIFIED. XONONGVv VeAe; EVENCH!Kp S*Do Mdernization of the equipment and the intensification of the production of concentrated phosphorus fertilizerso Zhur.VKHO 6 no.lt2-16 163.. (NIRA 14:3) (Phosphates) (Fertilizers and manures) I!i~ PROSYANYY, Vladimir Stepnnovich [Prosianyi, V.S.); GRINEVICB, Sergey Ivanovich (Hrynevych, S.I.); SHPET, Georgiy Iosi-fovich [Shpet II.I J- KONONOV, Yyaxbazlav-~andr-,Pvichj OIIOPRiTMKOP M opri enko, M.M.], red. [Fishpond cultural Stavove r7brWtstvo. Kyiv, Vyd-vo Ukrainslkoi akademii sillskohospodarslkykh nauk, 1960. 102 p 41IRA .15:5) (Ukraine-Fishponds) KONONOVI V. A. Modernization of nethanol. distillation in the production of orthonitroanisole. Khim. prom.[Ukr.] no.107-88 'Ta-Mr 162. (MMA 15:10) 1. Rubezbanskiy khimicheekly kombinat. (Ketbanol) (Anisole) I -*'~ PONOMAP3V, 41.1., inzh.;-KONONOV, V.A., lnzh. Change of a network for the automatic start of a compresigor. Avtom.,, telem. i sviat' 9 no.11233 N 165. (MIRA 18:12) 1. Laboratoriya signbdizatsii i svyazi Vostochno-Sibirskoy dorogi. L o9167-67 EWT(1)/FCC ACC NRa "7002304 SOURCE CODE: UR/0210/66/000/002/0107/01iO~ AUTHOR: Kq ponov, V, ORG: Administration (Sakhalin3koye geologichoskoye upravlaniye) TITLE: Results of magpLetR~plluric sounding in northern Sakhalin SOURCE: Geologiya i gof izika, no. 2, 1966, io7-110 ITOPIC TAGS: tectonics, magnetometer, oxcillograph ABSTRACT: Magnetotelluric 'sounding was carried out in Northern 5akhalin in areas haAng different tectonic sj~kucture ,,Variations of the four components 'of the electiLomagnetic ii~ld were recordeA (Ex, Ey, Hx and Hy) with a mod- FR-4',,oscillographPand two highly sensitive Bryunelli magnetometers. Recording was on photopaper 20 cm wide with a minimum rate of paper movement of 8 mm/min. Variations with a period of 20-100 sec predominated in the frequency spectrum. Periods of less than ZO sec vere rare. For short- .period pulsations in the range 20-50 sec there was a typical quasi-sinu- soidal form of pulsations; the pulsations of greater periods in most cases .had an-irregular form and were complicated by short-period,pulsations. The mean atfiplitude of the short-period pulsations varied in the range 0.8-4.0 mV/km (telluric field) and from 0.5 to 2.0 gammas (magnetic field). The telluric field was oriented for the most part 'in a direction close to Card 1/2 UDC: L 0916.7-67 ACC N1. AP7002304 meridional, which is particularly characteristic to'r lo'ng-period'pulsations. The meridional orientation of the pplarizat-ioh axis apparently is 'related ;to the general strike of Sakhalin folding. The results of magnetotelluric sounding are compared with data from gravimetric work, refracted waves and i drilling. The geoclectric cross sections clearly show all the principal tec-~ tonic elements of the island. It is shown that on Sakhalin this method is effective for determining the thickness of sedimentary deposits and approxi- mate. evaluation-of their lithological..and hydrogeological characteristics. Orig. art. has: 3 figureso Upfigi , 36,1a6] SUB CODE: 08 SUBH DATE: 25Nar65 ORIG REF: 004 o'/2 n a t KONONKOV, V.F.; CHURLIN, V,V, Method for determining the gravitational anomalies deteimined by an inclined con-tact surface. Neftegaz. geol. i geofiz. no.1t4&-53 165. (MIRA ISs-5) 1. Institut geologii i razrabotki goryuchikh iskopayemykh, Moskva. KONONOV, V.G. Conference on equipment for the over-all mechanization of welding operations. Aftom. avar. 16 no.6:95 Je 163. (KMA 16:7) (Electric weldingf-Congresses) KONONOV, V.G. Noloo otorago in an accumulator with delayed foodback. Hadiotekh. i elektron. 6 no.1.1:1944 N 161. (MIRA- 14: 10) (Radio filters) L 104~!~_55 FFSS_2/0dT(1)/ZZD_2 N._41Pac_4/51 A NR: AP4048875 A -~~'_'R: Kononov, V. G. TITLE: Characteristics of the square-law sumrtdng receiver SOURCE: Radiotekhnika i elektronika, v. 9, no. 11, 1964, 19ZO-19Z5 TOPIC TAGS: fadar, radar detection, radar-receiver ABSTRACT: The functioning of a radar receiver consisting of a square-law detector and a storage device is considered. Distribution of the surn of the squares of the signal -noise -mixture envelope is determined. Density of distribs-ition is found of the probability o4 output signal in a square-law surnmation receiver (formulas 10 and 11), to which a number of packets of cumulatively tluctuzating pulses arrives; individual packets have independent Rayleigh fluctuation and are mixed with Gaussian stationary noise; a formula for estimating the probability of correct detectior (13) is developed. With independent noise in the care I /?, L 10434-65 ACCESSION NR: AP4048875 channels, the optimal processing consists of a summation of the results of optimal prccessing of the individual channels. Hence, the receiver will remain optimal with rnultichannel detection (independent noises in the channels) as it is with single-channel detection. "The author wishes to thank -1. T. Shapovalov for a slaternen' of th,; problem. " Orig. art. has: 28 formulas. AS50CIATION: none SUBMITTED: 19Aug63 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: NG NO REF SOV. 007 OTHER: 001 Card Z/Z K(1740NOV, v,r.,!, WKSTYN'a, L~'.Ya, Ej; SiV6XV, ",S. L v Lrapr-.,)!ring Lhn teshnIcal vm~ cf Ou crushed stom ;Atic., 11 65. (MIRA, 18:12) r Aon. Itrol, mat. no.,11-15-1~ N f p 1. Viesoyuzzlyy nauchno-isalednntellskiy InstlLut zavodskoy ..el 3 tk)rnyhli zhelezobt:'Llonnykh konstrul(Ls ly i izdeliy. KONOVOVp V.I.j MAKARRIKO, F.A., doktor gool.-miner. nauk, otv. ~- I-. red. (Effect of natural and artificial heat focuses on the formation of the chemical composition of underground water] Vliianie estestvennykh i iskusstvemiykh ochagov tepla na formirovanie khimicheskogo sostava podzem- nykh vod. Moskva, Nauka, 1965, 146 p, (MIRA 19:1) KONONOV, V.I. ta on phenol distribution in underground waters of Basovo coal deposits., Podsem. gas, ugl. no* 2:70-72 '58. (MIRA 11M 1. Laboretortys g1drogeologicheekikh'problem AN SSSR. (Tula Provi:nca--Vater Underground) (Phenols5 DOLLEZRALIF N.A.; YEMELOYANOV, I.Ya.; ALESHCHENKOV, F.I.; ZHIRNOV, A.D,; ZVEREVA, G.A.; MDRGUNOV, N.G.; WTYAYEV, Yu.I.; KNYAZEVA, G.Dj KRYUKOV, K.A.; SMOLIN, V.N.; LUNINA, L.I.; PEMOV9 V.A. Development of power reactors typifying those of the Beloyarsk Atomic Power Station using nuclear-superheated steam. Atom. energ. 17 no.5035-344 N 164. (MIRA 17312) SILIN,-DERPURPI, Aleksey Ivanovich; BOGOHODITSYIY, Konstantin ledorovich; KONONOV, V1jdLnjr I ich; BOOOMOLOV, G.V., doktor geol.-mineral. _ LU _no, 11. -ffa-uF_, _,)~v_. red.; FILIPPOVA-t-B-S-i redAzd-va; RYLINA, Yu.V., tekhn. red. [Role of underground water and other natural factors in under- ground coal gasification; from observations In the Moscow and Lisichansk "Podzemgas" stationek0ol'podzemnykh vod I drugikh prirodnyl-h faktorov v protsesse 'p6dzemnoi Fazifikatsil uglel; na imere Podmoskovnoi I Lisichanskoi stdntsii "Podsemgaza." skva, lzd-vo Akad.nauk SSSR, 196o. 125 p. (Akademiia nauk Z SSSR. Laboratoriia Fldroreologicheskikh problem. Trudy vol.23), ?MIRA (Coal Fasifioation, Underground) (Water, Underground) L 20048-65 EpF(c)/-pF(n).2/EFR/EWT(s) Fr-4/Pe-4/Pu-4 SSDIAFWL DM ACCESSION NR: AP4049533 S/0089/64/017/005/0335/0344, AUTHORSs Dollezhallo N. A-1 Yemellyanov,_I. Ya., Aleshchenkov, P. Zhirnov. A. V.; Zvereva, G. A.1 14orgunov, N. G.r Mityayev, Yu. 1.1 Knyazeva, 0. D.; Kryu-!Co-y* K'. A.; SmqjjgL__V-,N---j Lunina, L. I.i ,Ko )nov, Petrov, V. A. TITLEs Development of Power reactors of the type used in the Belo- yarsk Atomic Station with nuclear steam superheat SOURCEs Atomnaya energiya. v. 17, no. S, 1964, 335-344 TOPIC TAGSs reactor feasibility study, reactor fuel element, reac- tor power, reactor coolant ABSTRACTs After stating that a desirable trend in the development of reactor construction is towards larger per unit power ratings, which call for larger turbine steam pressures and temperatures. the authors discuss the feasibility of further development of uranium- Co" L 2oo48-65 ACCESSION NRt AP4049533 graphite reactors of the channel type* such as are used in the Beloyarsk atomic electric station, with nuclear superheating of the steam. The rating has been increased to 200 MW by changing over from two-loop to single-loop operation and by modifying the working channels. The use of trans-critical parameters will improve the heat transfer and hydrodynamics of the coolant flow and, together with the use of single-pass construction will make ratings of 800-- 1000 MW possible. Burnup rates of'40--45 thousand KW-day are pro- jected with 5% enrichment. Other topics discussed are possible interchangeability of fuel islesients, optimal fuel element construc- tion, optimal channel arrangesient, and possible improvements in the neutron balance and distribution. Orig. art. hass 8 figures and 3 tables. ASSOCIATIONe None. Cmd 2/3 ADAWONY Ye.tq.; PALA,,H('V, A.M. Using the electrohydrwil-la effec,v rc.-I Cleaning m9tings. Rul.. teRh.-ekon. infp-,m. Gos.-nauch.-Isel. inst. naur;h. i tekh. Inform. 18 no.7s39-41 Jl 165. (MI-RA 18a9) KONCNOV, -V.M. Precision investment molding in shells without filler. Biul.tekh.-ekon. inform.Gos.-nauch.-issl.inst.n-Alich.i tekh.inform. 17 no.1:36-37 164. (MIRA 17:2) L 3950-66 'ACCESSION Ng: AP5023378 UR/0193/65 621-747-54-523-3~ V. It.; Balasho:b As M. AUTHORS: Adamson, Ye. N.; Kononovj _ TITLE: Experiment on application of the electrohydraulic effect for cleaning of cast arts P SOURCE- Byulleten' tekhniko-ekonomicheskoy infoi~matsiip no. 7P 1965? 39-41 TOPIC TAGS: electrohydraulio effect, electric discharge, caatft 4 cleaning$ electro _ hydraulic cleaning, foundry machinery ABSTRACT: The electrohydraulic effect (electric discharge in a fluid) was used to remove s9nd molds and ceramic inserts from complicated cast aluminum (AL-9)-pid The cis--t-PaOa steel parts in the apparatus shown in Fig. I on the Enclosure. 't l are ,placed in a water bath 2 under the electrodes 3. The discharge is produced by condenser 6 charged by high voltage supply 10, through rectifier 9 and controlled ~y !air gt~P 7. This method for cleaning castings (with subsequent washing and drying). ,was found to have certain advantages over other methodef and it peraits complete .recovery of the mold materials. The specifications and capacity of the installati= ,are presented in detail. Origs arts hass 2 figures and I table. ICard 1/3 d, L 3950-66 ACCESSION HR% AP502OT6 ASSOCIATIOSt none ISUBMIII~ws 00 ENGL: 01 CoUt IS 1 90 REP S07t 000 OME2f 000 'Card 2/3 L 3950-66 AMSION NR: AP5023378---'- Pig. I Blectrohydraulia di..ha~6 cleaning installation I. j I Card 5/3 21M SOV/89-5-5-10/27 -AUTHORS: Konon~~. ~., -Stavis8kiyq Yu. Ya., Tolstikovp V. A. TITLE: Measurement of the Cross Section of the Radiation Capture of Neutrons With an Energy of 25 keV (Izmereniye secheniy radiatsionnogo zakhvata neytronov s energiyey 25 kev) PERIODICAL: Atomnaya energiyav 1958, Vol 5, Nr 5, PP 564-564 (USSR) ABSTRACT: By means of the activation method the cross section for the photoneutrons of a 3b+Be-source was measured (E a- 25 keV). A spherical source of 3 cm diameter was used, which radiates about 10 n/sec. The beryllium layer had a thickness of 1 cm. J 127 was used as standard of reference. Activity was measured by means of the counting tube MCT-17. The follow- ing cross sections were measured: Isotope a Isotope Cr mb mb Na 23 1,72 + 0927 Br79 710 _+ 33 Card 113 Al 27 1190 + 0927 Sr 86 400 SOV/89-5-5-10/27 Measurement of the Cross Section of the Ra diation Capture of Neutrons With -an Energy of 25 keV Isotope Isotope mb mb S13o 2,09 � 0951 Hb87 29,0 + 1,4 C137 3-71 + 0164 Nb93 120 + 12 K41 26 Ito 100 112 + 3 V51 32,5 2,1 AS107 1330 + 91 Mn55 65 3 In115 590 + 20 64 37 138 Ba 8,6 0,4 Cu 65 38,6 + 0,3 W186 285 58 Zn 68 24,0 2,8 Au197 960 + 6 69 Ga 1510 + 1,2 205 Tl 51 + 2 There is fairly good agreeme nt between the measuring roaulto obtained and the data given by reference 4. There are 1 table Card 2/3 and 4 references, 0 of which is Soviet. V. _f, Ov ., y? Oak forest-steppe regoUttion in the "Outhern part of thi Beaaar-abian Upland and its relqt1r.n to the Crimea. Trudy Od. jin. 152. Ser. geol. i geog. nank no.?~.127-133 c62. (MIRA V 6) T -/7' T, 72r~,-.-,-T AUTHOR: Kononov, V,N, A-U Sci Conf. dedicated to "Radio Day," Moscow, 20-25 May 1957. "Application of Nonlinear Feedback to Eliminate Saturation of Junction Transistors in PI*se Circuits," PERIODICAL- Radiotekhnika i Elektronika, Vol. 2, No. 9, pp. 1221-1224, 1957, (USSR) For abatract see L.G. Stolyarov. 69358 S/089/6I/010/002/0013/018 B1021B209 AUTHORS: Stavisskiy, Yu. Ya., Tolstikov., V. A., Kononov, V. N.. TITLE: Measurement of the radiative capture cross section of fast neutrons by 1127 PERIODICA.Lz Atomnaya energiya, v. 10, no. 2, 1961 4 158-160 TEXT: In activation measurements 1127 is suited as a standard; it has an art half-life, sufficiently high radiative capture cross section, and a known thermal neutron capture cross section, Data on fast-neutron capture are not yet available and/or the existing data are erroneous or contradictory, partin,.- ularly in the range of 0.01 - 2.5 Mev. The authors measured (1958 - 1959) the energy dependence of the radiative capture cross sections for O~02 - 2-:D Mev neutrons by means of the activation method. A U235 fission chamber and the 1127 sample were simultaneously irradiated with a fast-neutron beam and the arising P-activity was measured with an end-window counter. The rear;- tion T(p,n)He3 served as a source of fast neutrons. The arrangement of tritium target (1), 1127 sample (2),and fission chamber (3) was as follows: Card 1/4 093519 Measurement of the proton beam Irradiation by neutrons with energies )300 kev S/089/61/010/002/006/018 V~ B1027B209 proton beam Irradiation by neutrons with energies