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-RADOV, A.S.,, prof., 4oktor sellskokhozyayptvennykh nauk; KONUROV, S. J# katId.se1'skokhozyaystvennykh nauk How to increase the fertility of soils in the Southeast. Zemledelie 23 no.5:81-81+ My 161. (MIRA 14-4) 1. StallAlgradskiy aellskokhozyaystvenriyy inatitut. (Volga Valley-Soil fertility) KONUROV, S.G., dots.; DEVOCHKIN, N.I., red. [Fertility of ordinary Chernozem soil] Plodorodie obyknoven- nogo, chernozema. Volgograd, Volgogradskii sellkhozinstitut, 1962. 121 p. (MIRA 18:2) KONUSBEKOV, K..K. Some quatprnary quadratic forms. izv. AN Uz. SSR.Ser.fiz.-mat.nauk 8 no.5319-23 164. (MIFIA 18:2) 1. Tashkeniady gosudarstvennyy pedagogicheskiy institut Imeni Nizami. --- KONUSHEKOV K.K. Some quadratic forms with six variables. Dokl. AN Uz. SSR 21 no.9:5-8 164. (RMA 19: 1) 1. Taslikentskiy gosudargtvennyy pedagogichoskiy institut imeni Nizami. KONUSHKIN, A.G. Improve plans for furnishing oil fields with equipment. Stroi. truboprov. 9 no.11%25-26 N 164, (,41RA 18:2) 1. Stroitellno-montazhnoye upravleniye No.3 tresta Yuz1igPzpravod- stroy, Krasnodar. ACC NRt AP6013278 (A) SOURCE CODE: TIR/0413166/000/008/0079/0079 /7 INVENTOR: Zalomayev, Yu. L Lozhkin. V. Ye.; Nikolayeva, I. L; ORG: none TITLE: Preparation of foarn. pobTrethanesl Class 39, No. 180794 SOURCE: Izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki, no. 8, 1966, 79 TOPIC TAGS: polyurethane, foam polyurethane,'m 4""~ &~- ax-~A ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate introduces a method for preparing foam polyurethanes from hydroxyl- containing compounds, polyisocyanates, and water in the presence of a catalyst. The use of copolymers of salts of unsaturat4W discarboxylic acids with methacrylic acid, such as the copolys-n z+f methacrylic acid *ith potassium maleate, is suggested to increase the variety of catalysts. SUB CODE: I lp*UBM DATE: l6Feb65/ ,d 1/1 M19PLI V# I I 001, 00.1 FT m 00 00 100 0 02: 008 00 a OOJ 000 404 tow 00 U mtff Ibmery of dw Madwelml n" W SWWL tin Russian.) V. Zhdanov and V. amausov. Zhumal Ek. arrimentai'moi I TforetirAtakuUMiki (Journal of Experimmental and Thourvtlcsl Physics), Y. 17, Nov. 1947, V. 976-N& Equations of state and modulus of clasticity for single-at= lattices an proposed. The modull aml the criteria of lattice stability are Investigut4ml on' the basis of potential-energy parameters. GOO ISO4 goo, Soo 4:00 slow -A 101440 lot# 4wV 4411 Wo $3"Iftv 3i U5 AV PO it tP V 10 a 4 Is Is .19 9 of C9 IT it x Ko 1;; XT 't 1 4 M4 a 0 11 1w 0wa 4 3 9 q 0 000900 o;4 0 0 0 0 0 Olt 01 0 0 0 0 * -A 0 0 & 000OOO.,Oj _~__o : : : : :110 * 0 0 0 00,0009600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 * 0 0 0 0 1 KONUSOV, F. V. Zhdanov3 V. A. and Konuzov, F. V. "On the theorf of cqaalization of the crystal line state-,7- Trudj Sib. fiz.-teknn. in-ta, issue 26, 15,48, P- 78-88P - Bibliogt 7 iterls SO: U-52XI, 17 Deceml)er 1953, (Letopis, 'Zhurnal I n,,Ikh Statey, No. 26, 190) USSR/Physics Crystal Lattices Jan .50 *Stability of Crystal Lattices During Displace- ments,". V. A. Zhdanov, V. F. Konusov, Siberian Physicotech Inst, Tomsk State U, 13 PP "Zhur Eksper I Teoret Piz" Vol XX, No 1 Discusses displacement deformation of a. mouatomic cubic face centered crystal lattice. Determines "strength of a lattice toward displacement" and work of displacement, or- shifting. Shovs a lat-, tice -resists least of all (and very veak3,y) a d1splacement in the (111) plane of the (112) di- rection, and Internal shift, or distortion, USSR/Physics - Crystal Lattices (Contd) Jau 50 appears during displacement process. Discusses Influence upon stability of lattice for displace- ments of normal (all-sided and one-sided) stresses. 'Submitted 30 May 494.. 3.55T59 KONUSOV, V.F. J USSR/Physics Crystallography Mar 52 "Theory of Mechanical Strength of Crystdlline Lat- tices," V. A. Zhdanov, V. F. Konusov, Siberian Phys Tech Inst Tomsk State U "Zhur Eksper i Tedret Piz" vol =, No 3, pp 339- 349 Analyzes deformation of cubic face-centered lattice, conserving orthorhombic symmetry, equiv to a vol- centered lattice. Establishes that the deformation leads to the destruction or to a reorientation of the lattice. Evaluates activation energy in process of lattice reorientation. Received 21 Apr 51. 21v76 1 -4y Card 1/1 -33- USSR/Physical Chemistry Crystals Abs Jour Reforat Zhur - Mimiya, No 2, 1957, 13590 B-5 Author Zhdanov V.A.) Konusov VF., Andreyeva L.G, Ills t Sibiriin Ph,,sico_-TeTi_no_1o-gica1 Institute at Tomsk University Title Contribution to the Theory of Stabil-itY ancl Mechanical Characteristics of Ionic Lattices of CsCl Type. Orig Pub Tr. Sibirsk. fiz.-tekhn. in-ta pri Twmkom un-te, 1955, No 34, 219-230 Abstract Considered are the stability conditions and nechanical characteristics of Ionic lattices of CsCl typo during different type3 of deformation, Thermal motion is not taken into account, For calculations the effective (.,nur- gy of interaction of ions is approxit-ated by mtn!is of for- ))vhere ek, and e,, are charU,es of ions rk ano. k' I'and' 2' b, and n are paru- L,k I meters. Region of stability of lattices of CsCJ. type W 0 AUTHOR: Konusov, TITIE: PMIODICAL: ABSTRACT: ASSOCUTICK: SWRITTED: AVAIIJIBIZi Card i/I V.F. 76-11-14/35 On the Theory of the Finite Crystal of the NaCl Type (K teorii ogranichennogo kristalla. tips, N*03.) Zhurnal Fizicheekoy Xhimli, 1957, VOL 31, Nr 11, pp. 2469-2476 (USSR) It is shmm here an the basis of the investigations of the level of equilibrium of a finite NaCl-ion Metal that the size and shape of the crystal-electron call do not depend on the crystal measurements. Here a dependence of the owstant lattice for a crystal of cubic shape on the measurements of the crystal is found, which fully ocn- firm the opinion enressed by Nicolson (Ref. 41 on surface stress. Taking aoootmt of the dependexce of the constant lattice upon the crystal measurements leads. when oceputing surface energy of a rinite crystal, to small neglectable corrections. There are I figure and 6 referenoess 2 of wtdch are Slavic. Siberian Pbpioal-Toohnical Institute, Towsk (Sibirskiy fiziko- tekhnioheskiy institut, Tomsk) July 10. 1956 Libma of Consress AUTHORS: Konusov, V. F. and Medvinskiy, A. A. SOV/139-58-4-2/30 TITILE: "'On the ~_n_f_1_u_en__&6- of a Crystal'Boundary on its Structure (0 vliyanii ogranichennosti kristalla na3ego strukturu) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Vysshikh Ucheb kh Zavedeniy, Fizika, 1958, Nr 4, pp 19-28 (USSRF ABSTRACT: The calculation of surface tensions in ion-ic solids involves: (i) calculating the force between opposite quadrants in the crystal; (ii) calculating the interactions arising from surface dipoles. The-dominant forces between atoms can be represented by the following rtentials: (1) Coulomb r- -6 (2) Van der Waals r -9 (3) short-range repulsion or overlap r Surface ftwcas can influence the crystal structure if the crystal is small enough, i.e. contains a relatively small number of unit cells. In general the influence of the surface forces is such as to minimize the quadrupole Cardl/2 moments,, however*there are 'second order' effects SOV/58-59,5-10674 Translation from.- Referativnyy Zhurnal Fizika, 1959, Nr 5, Pp 115 - 116 (USSR) AUTHOR: Konusov, V.P. TITLE-, on the Theory of the Equation of State and Mechanical Properties of Hexagonal Crystals PERIODICAL% Tr. Sibirsk. fiz.-tekhn, in-ta, 1958, Nr 36, pp 89 - 162 ABSTRACT. A study of the properties of the hexagonal close-packed lattice (L) led to some qualitative results pertaining to the temperature dependence of the mechanical properties of L. In particular, it was established that the ratio of the height of the elementary prism to the shortest distance in the plane of the base of this prism practically does not depend on the temperature. In addition, it was shown that the character of the breakdown of L under the influence of external stresses depends sub- stantially on the temperature. However, the results obtained do not Card 1/2 afford the possibility of deciding the question as to the polymorphous SOV/58 59-7-15353 Translation from: Referativnyy Zhurnal Fizika, 1959, Nr 7, P 107 (USSR) AUTHOR: Koriusov, V.F. TITLE: On the Theory of the Stability and Mechanical Properties of Hexagonal Lattices. Iol PERIODICAL: Tr. $ibirsk. fiz.-tekhn. in-ta, 1958, Nr 36, Pp 103 - 117 ABSTRACT: The author studied the mechanical properties of free hexagonal lattices by the methods of crystal-lattice theory. He reports on the research method and provides calculation formulae. He examines the stability of hexagonal lattices. He solves equations of equilibrium for a monatomic close-packed hexagonal lattice. He calculates all the basic quantities that characterize the lattice: the energy, moduli of elasticity, etc. Card 1/1 W- 67185 SOV/58-59-7-15354 On the Theory of the Stability and Mechanical Properties of Hexagonal Lattices. II. natures of the breakdown - in particular the appearance of internal displacements in q1 hexagonal lattices upon breakdown. Such displacements do not occur In the case of cubic.lattices. (Bee.abstr, 15353,for the lst part). The authorts r6s=6 Card 2/2 ZHDANOV. V.A.: KONUSOV, V.F. momm Theory of the structure of binary crystals. Izv.vys.uaheb.zav.; fiz. no.3:45-54 '59. (Milu 12:10) 1. Sibirskly fisiko-takhnicheekly institut pri Tomakom gosuni- veraltete iment V.V.Ku7byabova. (crystals) ;ACCESSION NR: AP4041856 S/0139/64/000/003/OlSl/OIS7 I ~AUTHORS: Zhdanov, V. A.; Konusov, V. F, .:.TITLE: On the theory of binding forces in metals SOURCE: IVUZ. Fizika, no. 3, 1964, 151-157 ;:TOPIC TAGS: binding energy, metal physical property, thermomechani-~ I cal treatment, metallic crystal lattice pression is obtained in the stat ABSTRACT: A general ex istical ap- proximation for the binding energy in a metal. It is necessary to resort to this approximation because strictly rigorous quantitative.1 deduction on the binding forces of metals cannot be obtained by -mechanical meanae The expression obtained has a simple quantunt physical meaning and at the same time describes the features of the forces in-specific metals. Some data on mechanical and thermo- mechanical properties of metals can be derived by making use of ex- ic: ,rd ACCESSION NR: AP4041856 -iperiffiental data in conjunction with this expression. It is shown that the binding energy consists of the following: 1) Electrostatic energy of a system consisting of pointlike positive charges in sites of the crystal lattice, and acompensating negative charge !distributed with constant density; 2) energy dependent on the volume Hof the lattice unit cell; 3) energy of the type of the paired central' 11interaction. Shortcomings of some.other approximations are discussed In the general case the binding energy in the metal cannot be reduced'; to an energy of only paired and central interactions. The features of the metallic bond in concrete metals are determined-both by the !relative value of these individual parts of the binding energy, and by their concrete functional forms. Orig. art. has: 1 figure and !18 formulas. ASSOCIATION: Sibirskiy fiziko-tekhnicheskiy institut pri Tomskom s gosuniversitete imeni V. V. Kuyby*sheva (Siberian Physicotechnical ~Institute at the Tomsk State University) ACCESSION NR: AP4041856 SUBMITTEDs- 1OFeb63 ENCLt 00 SUB CODEs MM, SS NR REP SM 002 OTHERs 004 ,4 31 3 KONUSIOV. VIF Use of Wald's method in calculatlnS ,-ho rk.,alcvib suu,3 of' a body--(- entered orthorhombla laitica. lzv. vy-. tichr-b. P42*,. no-4tll,3-1.18 164 " .: R 1718) 1. Slbl.rskiy fiz!ko-tekbnlches*lkiy irnt'-tut. pri. tcnskom goau- darstvamom universitete ImLT-i Fire rj~- 6a. SOURCE: IVTJZ. Fizika, no. 4, 1964, 133-137 TOPIC TAGS: binding enerogy, alkali metal, alkaline earth metal, crystal lattice construction, quantum statistics ABSTPACT: In order to estimate the relative role of the terms con- stituting the binding energy of metals and al,kal-ine-eazth metals, the-, author, continuing earlier work (with V. A. Zhdancv, Izky. vuzov SSSR, Fizika, no. 3, 151, 1964), calculate-s the binding energy and th~_ 1--tt _i ce constants of: alkali and alkaline-earth ri--.etp_!~; for the S. cal Thomas -Permi-Dirac model with the Wiuner correlation '-o-rE-ection. The Na, K, Rh, Cs _bLndiacj ner are calculated for --e., _q_jiga. and the alkaline-earth metals Mg,'~.qa4 ~Lr~, wrid Ba-1 The results ob- Card 1/2 _L 6?42-65 ACC'ESSIOU NR: AP4043874 italned in the present article a4ree worse with the experimental data-'! .than the results of P. Goirbas (Die statistische Theorie des Atoms und i1ire Anwendungen, Springer, Vienna, 1949). It is concluded that althouah the Gombas calculations are also very urude, the reason for the better accuracy obtained by his method is the fact that he for-merly introduced the Fermi potential, and not because he used a Oetter approximation. The author concludes that his results can be improved by introducing the so-called quantum corrections (D. A. Kirzhnits, ZhETF, v. 32, 115, 1957). Orig. art. has- 21 formulas ,and 1 table. ;ASSOCIATION: Sibirskiy fiziko-tekhnicheskiy institut pri Tomskom gosuniversitete imeni V. V. Kuyby*sheva (Siberian Ph~ ~technical Institute at the Tomak State University) SUBMITTED: 22Mar63 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: NP, bm MR REF SOV: 002 OTHER: 001 Card 2/ XONUSCAg V.F. Bindtng forces in metals. Part 1. Izv. vys. wheb, zav.j fiz, 8 no,,.'.-s23-2t 46. (MIRA 18sl2) Sltirskly rimiko.-takhnicheakiy Institut imeni V.D. Kusnetsova. Submitted January 25, 1964. A L 8580-66 GV1T(m)/2,'JP(t)/E-VJJP(b) IJP(c) JD/JG ACCMSION Iffl: AP502121 UR/0139/65/000/004/0134/ 5- V or AUTHOR: -Konueov, - F.i BogTEMM E, A. 4-j- TITLE: Binding energy and elastic moduli of alk-1 ine metals SOURCE: IM Fizika., no. 4, 1965, 134-139 16 TOPIC TAGS: alkali metal rgy, electron density,, nuclear binding ene crystal lat tice parameterp Hartree Fock method ABSTRACT: The authors present a method of calculating the binding energy in alkaline metals, using a method in which the statistical approximatioli is regarded as a zeroth approximation of the single-electron approximation,, the latter being represented in the form of an expansion in powers of Planckta constant h. Under such an assumption, the enera of the sTst,--" cza te repTesezted u a certuaim f=a- tional of the density of the electrons cox,--mising the rys-tem, to that the bindi:Z energy, the lattice constants., and the elastic moduli of the alk-lin metals can be calculated by using this functional. The single-electron functions used in the calculations are obtained by the Hartree-Fock self-consiatent field method. The results are found to be In good agreement vith experiment. acwp&rison of theory with experiment is given for Nas K8 Rbp and Co. Orig. art. has: 22 formulas and 1 table. C,rd_ _;12 L 8580-66 ACCESSION IMR-. AP502LI81 ABSOCIATIONt Sibirskiy fiziko-tekhnicheakiy institut imni V. D. Nazuetsova :(Siberian ftsicotechacal Institute-L- BUMUTM: 31.Dec64 WE, Oo SUB CODEt GP,, 88 IM Paw SOV: 007 OTHKR: 007 Card S/151/60/000/02/01/018 TIOIWB123 !~ITTHOR: Konumov, V. Assistant TITLE: Dependence of the Accuracy of the Elements of a Traverse on Its Form PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchabnykh zavedeniy. Geodeziya i aerofotos"yemka, ig6o, No. 2, PP- 3-11 TEXT: In the paper under review, the author investigates the influence of the form of a traverse upon the accuracy of its angles and coordinate points. Especially, the accuracy of such traverses is treated, which consists of two rectilinear branches with broken middle section, Fig. 1 shove the possibilities of representing a traverse by means of a straight line, a curve, or a closed line. According 0to Fig. 2 these traverses, which symmetrically enclose an angle of 45 , hold a special position. A number of parameters can be expressed by this symmetry in terms of sin2 a1 and C082 a2- Fig. 3 shows the error distribution for a straight line traverse, where the angle T - 00 , while Fig- 4 renders the error dis- Dependence of the Accuracy of the Elements 9/15 6010001021011018 of a Traverse on Its Form B012YB123 0 tribution for a centrally broken traverse with the angle (I - 90 . Table I gives comparative values for the accuracy of the elements of a traverse with forms shown in Figs. 5, 6, and 7. Table 2 gives comparative values for the accuracy of straight line traverses as well as centrally broken traverses (~ - 4,50) for the form shown in Fig. 8. The author draws the fol- lowing conclusions: 1) The geometric form and the precalculated inaccuracy of traverses do not always determine their quality with respect to the accuracy of the position of a point at their weakest part. 2) A straight line traverse between fixed points is not always the most accurate one as compared, under equal conditions, to broken traverses resting on the same Points. 3) The question of the most suitable points has to be ans- wered on the basis of the formula given in this paper. 4) The middle is not always the weakest point of a single traverse. In some broken tra- verses the middle coordinate points are more accurately determined than those coordinate points located at a distance of 1/3 to 1/4 of the tra- verse length calculated from its end- 5) BY increasing the precision of angular measurements in broken traverses along with accurate ranging it is possible to reduce the influence of systematic errors of linear measure- ments on the accuracy of the position of traverse points. There are' KOWUSOV, V.G., asplrant Effect of systematic errors in linear measurements an the accuracy of adjusted elements of a polygonal triverse. Ivi. vys. ucheb. zav.; geed. i aeref. no.2:57-64 161. (MIRA 14:6) 1. Novosibirsk'Ly inzhenerne-streitellnyy institut imeni V.V. Kuytysheva. (Traverses(ilurveying)) S/035/62./000/008/P83/090 .AOOI/AlOl AUTHOR: Konusov,~ V. 'G. TITLE: Theeffect of errors in initial data on the precision of adjusted elements of a polygonometric traverse PERTODICAL: ReferativAyy zhurnal, Astronomiya i Geodbziya, no-. 8, 1962, 29, abstract 8G2);6 ("Tr. Novosib. in-ta inzh. geod., aerof6tos"Yemki I kartogr.",-,1961, v. 14, 71 - 80) TEXT: The effect bf initial data is investigated on the basis of 1. Ye. Pr6is-Pranevich's'theori ("Sb. no. 5 Tsentr. n.-I. in-ta geod., aerosoyemki i kartogr.", 1939). Formulap are derived for preliminary calculation of longitudi- nal and transverse errors of point k+l, caused by errors in the direction of the. final (relative to the initial) adjacent line and In the position of the final (relative to the initial) adjacent point. The theory considered Is applied to In- vestigati6n- of symmetric traverses consisting of two rectilinear branches with a break in-between. V., B. [Abstracter's note: Complete translation] Card WNUSOVV V.G.J. aspirant Correspondence in the accuracy of angular and linear polygonometric measurements. Izv. vyz.ucheb. zav.;geod* i aerofo no,2:57-& 162o (KM 15:9) 1, Novosibirskiy inzhenerno-stroitellnyy institut imeni V,V* Kvqbyaheva. (Traverses (3m m ying)) (Errores Theory of) KC NUSOVA, G. !. IlFrojections for Flwsicogeoq-raphical I-laps of the USSR." Cand Tech Sci, Moscmi Inst of Engineers of Geodesy, Aerial Photography, and Cartography, 3 Dec 54. (VM, 0 23 11ov 54) Survey of Scientific and Technical Dissertations Defended at USSR Higher Educational Institutions (11) SO: Sm.'. 110. 521, 2 Jun 55 3.5 2 5 1 3/035/62/000/002/035/052 o o o 3 132-7, AOO1/AlO1 AUTHOR: Konusova, 0. 1. TITLE: Notes to the Gauss theory of projections PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Astronomiya i Geodeziya, no. 2, 1962, 20, abstract 20131 ("Tr. Novosib. in-ta Inzh. geod., aerofotost'yemki 1 kartogr.", 1961, v. 14, 119-123) TEXT: The author points out the inaccuracy which is committed when power series are used In the theory of conformal mapping (in particular, in Gausst projection). The Gauss projection Is described by'the equation dX MIX I d4X X+J- X -1� X + ly- lap?L2,- F dq rAe where n X - Jim 'E I #"X- q.. nt dq4 0 The inaccuracy of using (1) consists in discarding the remainder of the series. Thereby the. projection which is actually obtained becomes no more a conformal one. For example, when six terms of series (1) are considered, distortion of Card 1/2 ZNAMENSKY, Ye.B.; KONUSQU,-3[.-L-; KRINBERG, I.A.; POPOLITC1, E.I.; FLKROVA, J.V.; TSYKHMKIY, V.D. Distribution of titanium, niobiump and tantalum in granitoids containing sphenes. Geokhimiia no.9:80MO5 162. (MIRA 15.1-1) 1. Institute of Geochemistry, Siberian Branch of the Acadenry of U.S.S.R., Irkutsk. (Geochemistry) TILTLE'. Possibitiv of defermining-Small. amounti~_ of tanWum in racks by photometric means SOU, RC E: AN SSSR. Sibirskoye otdelenlye. Jzvest~ya. Seriya Uimichesidkh nauk, no. 1, 1965, 133-135 TOPIC TAGS: taataLua_determ1naUon, minoral malysis, photometric ancdysis, dbnethyl- auorone, phenylarsonic acid ABSTRACT: Sm--U amounts of Ltnlxlum were determined in rocks- -in the presence of large -;f tita-ruium (Ti:Ta>>100G) ky Lneans or the dimetbvlf Munroro mi-.thod~ phenylarsonic i s t:(- 1 to s epar j te tan Wum I mm the r o c'- a-, id 1- 01,e11'. 0 11, Ih e c I ie-a - -1 5n V tory I re e-ni I Loy e( he scpar~tion of a is f1d1v ~S m L; d --uLermined wGxe ob-Lahied even at hight Ti contouLs = ncpw~lhie syezute, louco-cratic syeuiLe, as bioutes and zircol)F'. i -) *,' A S.C, 1: i "H,~urrilouE composiUous, The seulsilivity 0 "V eio t 1 UL' 1-3' g. LyowerTu contents- (do~v4--:WZ,x 10-5,)%) 4may be de=y1niaed oy increasing the.-, Fd. Card 1/2 N,-0 P~Ep SOV: 006 OTHER: 001 Card 2~2 XONUSPAYEVA, U. S., 1,1ITHOrANOV., V. N., KAPERNAL-WOVA, N. P., T1--XTKOLYUBOV&, G. B., RUSANOV) R. S.Y11SHU11 1. V., YAKOVLIV, L. k.,2, KUKHARKOVA , T .1 L- L.,3, FRE=LIN, T-Z. M., PE---OVA, P. V., ILIYASHE.-YO, M. A.,4PKRASILNIKOV, R. I., FITINGOF, S. N--,5, (1 Junior Scientific Workers), (2 Professors), 0 Director of the Laboratory of Microbiology and Veterinary Sanitary inspection of V111:111-TCAll-Union Scientific Research Institute of the Meat Industry)., (4 'Candidates of Veterinary Sciences), (5 Senior Scientific Workers.) "Sanitary Appraisal of Mutton from Sheep Infected by Brucellosis.11 Veterinariya Vol. 38., no. 11, November 1961., P. 60 I SHUR, I.V., prof.; YAKOVIXV, L.A., prof*; KUKHARKOVA, L.L.; FREYDLIN, YeeMe. kand. vaterin. nauk; PEROVA, P.V.,, -kand, ve-torin, nauk; IL'YASH21KO,, M.A., kand. vaterin. nauk; KRASILINIKOV, R.I., starshiy nauabnyy sotrudnik; FITINGCF, S.N.; starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; TRUDOLYUBOVA, G.B., mlr'-ihiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; RUSANOV, R.S., mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnil ; ~_ONIUaFA=, IE~& sotrudnik; JVJ., mladshiy nauc MITROFATTC.', idadshiy nFLuclmyy sotrudnik; KAPEIDTAUMOVA.. N.P.p mladshiy naucbnyy sotrudnik~ Sanitary evaluatim of meat from sheep with brucellosis. Vete- rinariia, 38 no.41:60-65 N 161 (MIR& 18:1) 1. Rukovoditell laboratorii mikrobiologii i vaterinarno-sanitarnoy ekspertizy Yeasoyuznogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo instituta myasnoy promyshlennosti (for Kukharkova). KUKHARKOVA, L.L., starshiy nauchnyy- sotrudnik; FREYDLIN, Ye.M., kand.veter. nauk; PEROVA, P.V.; ILIYASHENKO, M.A.; TRUDOLYUBOVA, G.B., mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; PLOTNIKOV, V.I.; KRASILINIEOV, R.I., starshiy nauchnyy sotrudniki FJMGQV*.-~3.N~-,-starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; RUSANOV., R.S., m1adshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; KONUSFAYEVA, U.S., aladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; Prinimali uchastiye: YAKOVLEV, L.A.9 prof.; MITROFANOV, V.N. Sanitary evaluation of the meat of sheep affected with brucellosis. Trudy VNIIHP no.14-.87-95 162. (MIRA 16:8) 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut myasnoy promyshlennosti (for Kukharkova, Freydlin, Perova, Illyasheako, Trudolyubova, Plotnikov). 2. Kazakhskiy filial V-iesoyuznogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo instituta myasnoy promyshlennosti (for Krasillnikov, Fitingov, Rusanov, Konuspayeva). 3. Saratovskiy zooveterinarnyy institut (for Yakovlev). 4. Sara- tovskaya oblastnaya veterinarnaya bakteriologicheskaya laboratoriya (for Mitrofanov). (Meat inspection) (Brucellosis in sheep) vll '.7 HJVIASI[K. ladvik, Prof. Dr.;WMZlK, Miloslav. Dr.*KONVALIML P&Yel Dr Surgloal treatuout of utorino A vaginal proiapse. Gask. gyn. 22[361 no*6:417-428 sept 57s 1. 1. por. a gyn* klialks Nasarykovy university v Brno, predsomts prot, Dr. In4vik HLvlasek. (umus. die. I prolapse. gurg. (Cs)) (VAOIM, dis. prolapse. surg. (Gs)) KOWALINA;, Pavel, ustavni anestesiolog Blocking, local W general anesthesia in gynecological and obpta%rical surget.0 Cask. gyn.,26[401 no.6:473-477 &-861. 1 1. 1.gyn..por. klin. U73vP v Brne, prednonta prof. MUDr. Ludvik Havla sek. (GYNECOLOGY surg.) (ANBSTHMIA OBSTETRICAL) --, 'frins-nortaluio-n n,-!rvict~ in -Ot~,.cks- -,. L.1. CAJ-, -j&-Aa, Vol. I), ,D. 7, ulalY 1 U54, i3por-rad, Y-Lq?,oslaiiia) Sur: "Iontnly liot )f 1~ast Euiropean Accessi,)ns, L-11, Vol. )j, no. 1 &Ln. 1955, Uncl. KOU'VALI"NKA, S,- Dr. Metcd Mikuz I s 3urvey of the Development of the National Liberat.4 on War in Slovenia, I; a book review. p. 292. 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Mutation of cabbage (Brassica olnracea L. var. capitata) without any wax cover (hoariness) and its utilization. Ibid.- 189-194 1. Department of Hadiobiology of the Institute of Experimental Botany of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague-Vokovice, Ul. K9 dvoru 16. Submitted September 6, 1962. 4A F 2 1 - -6:5 Et-, (d)I/ wP(tj/~jfP(V-)/EYIP(b) AC~~iD~N NR: A.P5021405 c-.,/oo-,/,/64,/OOO/C-:.2/0858/0864' ti, Bohumii 'cc t -)r) KonvIcnf, Josef (Engineer, Professor, Engineer, TITIZ, Com-payison of calculation methodz 'j3ed lo, pressures with data obtained by 16looming mill. measurements IMURI dno. ia, 1964, 858-864 CE: Ifutnicke listY, TOPIC TAGS: metal rolling, pressure Measurement, carbon steel -i~bs-raot juttiors' English summary_7: A Systematic moas-urement 1 4 011 roli-ing pressures was made to secitre data a!-,owing evalua- ",on o' various calculation methods and the ies. Pres- ir accurac. 1 7,, 7us were made --asaremients between rolls of a di~anet-ar .1 .-olling of" low carbon steel blooms at- tem;p,~rarures of 2100C; the rolls were revolving -at a r-i-v-~,-I-P-~n speod of 1 cu a t o d t i n n s d e - rrni. Rolling pressures werc ca d. Calikov, Sims, Elcelund, Geloji, and uations 1/2 Pocta Vysoka skola banska, Oatrava (College of Mining); Konvicny- CO MICL: CO 003 OTM :Card AUTFOR: I I d 0_0V/1C7-58-` 1 -111 2/4G TITLE: With Our Friends Abroad (U nashikh zarubezhnykh druzey) The All-Polish Competitions for Radio Operators (Obshchepoll- skiye sorevnovaniya rndistov) PERIODICAL: Radio, 1958, Nr 11, P 14 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author describes the Second All-Polish COMDetitions for High-Speed Radio Operators organized by the League of Soldieis, Friends. Radio operators from various governmental and mili- tary organizations also took part besides members of radio clubs. Card 1/1 T: TT~Vjrl L )~OLX-66 ACC NR: AT6002259 SOURCE CODE: UR/2.r,(34/165/C,06/000/0261/0266 AUTHOR: Bakradze, R.V.; Sysoyev, L.A.; Rayskin, E.K.; Norivistar, L,V. ORG: none TlTLE: Possibility of obtaining homogeneous CdS-type single crystals of predetermined structure and orientation [Paper presented at the Third Conference on Crystal Growing held in Moscow from 18 to 25 November, 19631 SOURCE: AN SSSR. Institut kristallograf if. Rost kristallov, v. 6, 1965, 261- 266 TOPIC TAGS: single crystal growing, cadmium sulfide, zinc sulfide, cadmium selenide, etched crystal 1 ABSTRACT- 'nic paper describes an experimental study of the relationship between a _vpd compounds with a wurtzite lattice the polarity of the structure of AHBVI-t the P-ow1h, of 1' 9tals of a predetermined oi~eritation. The polarity of structul - )ZdS i Cdse';'Itnd~ZnS hexagonal single crystald W'" studied by chernical etching, in vvbfjt~-' difie--rent e0i~,aits w-ere sefe-c-te-FtiFi5i'different crysUdlographic planes. Tbe character- istics oi the dtching process whichwere observed were due to the nature of the c iemic Card 1/2 -7 KOl&TTlVSFR,-L- inzh. Nov developments in beAtihg ep&rtment houaa3, Obil. strol, no.52 23-24 165. (MIRA 180) 0 0 lot *W 1000,000 to 1 43 f?4F A id I a L 004 !Vt MR !-a I -I* "W1__ a j CA 004 06 C 0.0 Oe a *00 00.1 ood Causes 44 at liw An. at 'a as "mact k i WW f k V I h I 0 it 0 u . or sa "Smoa . .Allug L brn ON " o see 004 T,Wy Mwpltv- A K l lait. ips. S. irm 4, 138(IM).--The N1 w fe atu 0013 contain a felotively WSh atut. a( Fe and catalyte the oxi- 30' 1 73D* i d i f NH b i h id Coo - , at 4 at on at on o e ox . at . t . eig rracbes 46 7v,' GwW to this precuntact action, thr Ni L~= d b i h F see wim an urn out. n t e e too 0011 N. Than hanuhd. oo srog so we* A S A. I L a MITAlAb"IC" LITINATURt CLAUNFICAIMM K _r-v I - F ; I u a AV 10 all" of a It a it 01: N Z: 909,80669 0 10 0 0 0 0 a 0 a GO 0 so wipe An I t v FA 0 x W I N 01 0 a a 0 0 0 0 0 6 4 0 a * 0 0 * o W-0 0 e- 0 0 4 0 0 0 KON vlsnl~' PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/5604 Atroshchenko, Vasiliy Ivanovich, Iosif Illich Gellperin, Anatoliv Petrovich Zasorin., Viktor'Ivanovich Konvisar, Antonina Yakovlevna Kraymyaya, Agnessa. Grigorlyowna. Leybush., and Anism-TuRFoDfovich Yastrobenetakiy Matody raschetov po tekhnologii xvyazannogo axota (Computational Methods in the Technology of Gombined Nitrogen) Kharikov, Izd-vo Kharlkovalcogo univ., 1960. 302 p. 5,000 copies printed. Ed.-'(Title page)z V.I. Atroshchanko; Ed.: D.A.Vaynberg; Tech. Ed.t V.S. Zadorozhnyy. PURPOSE: This textbook is intended for graduate students in chemical te6hnology institutes, and may allo be used by engineering and technical personnel of the chemical industry. COVERAGEt The book describes computational methods used in the industrial produc- tion of hydrogen, nitrogen., synthetic ammonia, urea, nitric acid, and methanol. Problems in the refining of natural gas are also reviewed. The computations involve im4terial* and'heat'.'baliknc6s; and, the determination of Card:tV;5- Computational Methods (Cont.) SOV/5604 dimensions of equipment and its designp based on equations of chemical reactions and thermodynamic computations of.possible yields or reaction rates per as, Equations and formulas for determining reaction rates are also given. Plant out- putsp flow sheets, and technical characteristics are included. The supplement includes an equilibrium state (vapor phase) diagram of a nitrogen-oxygen systemi entropy diagrams for ammonia, air, nitrogenp and oxygen; graphs of heat capacity, viscosityp and heat conductance vs. temperature (0 -3500 0 for nitrogen-hydro- gen-.q nia mixtures at P = 300 atm; a viscosity yo.;raph Of CO + H2 mixture at 50 - 4000 C; diagrams Of CH4P C021 C01 Np, and.-H .2 solubility In CE301.1 at 300 stm and 25* C1 a compressibility coefficient vs. temperature (25 - 2500 0 graph of CO + 2 H2 mixtures at 250 and 300 atm; a nomogram of physical constants; enthalpy vs. temperature diagrams for alcoholsp olefins and methanol; and tables of rate constantep partial pressures, heat contents of so- lutions, viscosities of gases, average molecular heat capacities of various gas- es and vapors at different pressures, rate constants of the oxidation of nitric oxide by oxygen at different temperatures., ate. The authors are affili- ated with the M='XoLVAk%Ypolit*khnicheskiy institut imeni V.I. Lenina (Kharlkov Polytechnic Institut imani V.I. Lenin) and the Goaudaratvannyy inatitut azotnoy Car4_?a 7 73 J. 5. 111.0, 5. 21100 soV/80-33-')-6 Atroshchenko, V. I. , Konvisar, V. I. , Kovdysh, Ye. AUTHORS: Concerning the Efficiency of NItvogerl OxJde Absovptlon I TITLE : in Bubble Plate Columns PERIODICAL: Zhurnal pritcladnoy khImii, 1960, Vol 33, Nr 23, pp '289-295 (USSH) ABSTRACT: The rate of formation of diluted nitric acid Is governed chiefly by the reactions of' NO o4ld.ation and the ab- sorption of' NO, thus formed. In dez~,~Igrilnr, btibblu-eap and sieve plate absorption columns, 'Chef oxidation uf NO and the composition of the nitrogen oxides is determined for each successive plate. The rate of N02 absorption and the amount of nitric acid formed is then calculated from the equation of equilibrium and tile experiment-ai value of the plate efficiency. The present study deals with the determination of the plate efficiency which is a function Card 1/4 of several variables: Concerning the Efficiency of Nitrogen Oxide 776-~i Absorption in Bubble Plate Columns 50V/80-__-;~3-2-6/52 C-1('~IINO,? P, t. 10, h), M Card 2/4 where cHN03 is the acid concentration (in % based orl weight); t is the tempevature of the acid (in 0 c); P is the pressuve (it-] atll); 11 is tile distance between the Plates (in m), W Is the gas velocity (In m/sec). The study was made in a column consisting of cylin- drical sections of various lengths from which collimns with various distances between the plates were as- sembled. Plots of the plate efficiencies C against the acid concentration at Various pressures and plates distances, In conjunction with data on C values at various gas velocities and acid concentrations (supplied by the Lisichansk Branch of the State Institute of Nitrogen Industry and tile Central Taboratory of' LKhK) allowed for establishing the empirical equations (5) and (10): K_~0.0071+2-to-4. p_0.01.r:).W. (5) ''oncerning the Efficiency of Nitrogen Oxide 77631 3-2-6/52 Absorption in Bubble Plate Columns SOV/80-33 '::ivd 3/11 where K Is the coefficient expressing the change of C for 1% change of acid concentration: C=0.3+M-cj1ri0,+0-0G4j P'-"+ +0.067h-0.0021-0.43w, (W) where 0.3 Is a constant- -f'or a given plate construction and initial gas composition. Preliminary calculations of the values of C by means of the above equations showed that they can be used successfully in designing absorption columns for the production of weak nitric acid. The fol- lowing workers of the TsZ1 LKhK (Abstracters 's note: Presumably stands for the Central Factory Laboratory of the Lisichansk Chemical Combinate) took part in the study: M. T. Ivakhnenko, A. N. Berezhnaya, N. A. Rassypkina, Z. A. Makarova, A. N. Lyashenko, N. S. Bezperstova, N. N. Nikol- ayeva, and K. A. Dubenko. There are 6 figures; 3 tables; and 10 references, 1 U.S., 2 U.K., .1 Polish, 6 Soviet. The U.S. and U.K. references are: K. G. Denbigh, A. J. Prince, J. Chem. Soc., 6, 79o (19470; P. G. Caundl, K. G. Denbigh, Trans. Faraday Soc., 49, 1, 39 (1953); T. S. Chambevs, T. K. Sherwood, Ind. Eng. Chem., 29, 12, 1515 F- - 'oncerning the Efficiency of Nitrogen Oxide U 'ibsorption in Bubble Plate Columns (1937). ~ UBMITTED: June 23, 1959 776'11 SOV/80-33-2-6/52 :,-L t-d 4/4 A' OSHCHENKOY V.-` IVAMNENKO, M." .; ~!.-SAR~ V.~ ','~,udying ~hq dn,"fl platnts for the ubsorpt'.on -of r~-',rcgen otides. Kli~in. prorm. 42 tio.9i678-680 s 165. (M:RA 18ig) Khar'jtov5k'--v politekhnlrhc!!k'4- --linatitu" imei-ii, Lentna 1 nat. ATROSHCHENKOJ. Vasiliy Ivanovich; ALEKSEYEV, Arkadiy Mefodiyevich; ZASORUT, Anatoliy Petrovich; KIRILLOV, Ivan Petrovich; KONVISAR, Viktor Ivanovich,- YASTREBENETSKIY, Anisim -R~idoillfovich; WEDENSKIY, P.L. prof., retsenzent; VAIUMOV, M.L., prof.., retsenzent; BAZILYANSKAYA, I.L., red.; TROFDIENKO, A.S., tekhn. red. (Technology of combined nitrogen] Tekhnologiia sviazannogo azota (By] V.I.Atroshchanko i dr. Khar1kov, Izd-vo Kharl- kovskogo univ. 1962. 322 p. (MIRA 17:1) K0N,VL:,',AR()V, V., ROJO Of V13ual aids in tne educational process. 8: IA,19 Ag 164. 91 no. Frof.-tekh. cbr. . I (KIII(A 17:9) 1. Lebedinskoye sellskoye professional'no-tekhnicheskoys uchilishche No.4, Sumskaya obl. .CU-:AR0V. TIP GULIDA. M. V., kand. Med. na uk ~ -Lqli' V.jT. Zt_ .9jecifit', d,~sfjnsj ti".zLng t.-herapy b C f T.ili ~5ro -I ti -ii-l luti on,3 ,~f tubHm:ulln. ?rcbl, tub. nc.225~-.-60 164. MI R A 1 -7 --, 12 in:,jtj tut, metjitsinskoy kIlm-itater-apil firx-n! Sp,~heriova (J'r. B.V.B-gutsk.1-y", tab-is-rkii-Le-znyy dispansor (g'xavnyy vrach NALWY, M.N.; TUSHKWICK, M.O., rodalctor; GMVICH. R.N., namchnyy redektor; XCIMSM, TI.I., rodaktor. U~unnel ovens for brickmaking] Tunnellnys pechl klrpichhol pro- aqehlennosti. Moskva. Goo. Isd-vo lit-ry po stroit. materialan, 1933. 150 (MIRA 7:7) Axilns3l A A Jlrl 4 goo 00 ee 4'.00 00 1344. APPLICATION OF IRMAL RTM TWTWNf TO SHMM-MUN I f 00 DDIUMS. lonv4m"r, S. U. (ft Skonomiyu Topliva (Fu#l Soon.), $0 1949, (6)t 3Q. d -00 Descriptlan of 000gement for dosing feed water with tri-sodlims 00 *09 phosphate. (Q. 00, goo AML See- J, Nos moo ~-416-%LA b"ALLURGICAL LIMATURR CLAINFKATOU E-z". vW.*i;-V;i-,-4---:,=-:-z- . --- --- -A ... .. .01111 D.. Ali t' 0 u TZ L f v rw a K 0 1 Ir 0 13 a 4 ~l 0 v t9 * NWO no I 00 10 0 Is *1 0 0 0 - 0 0 41 0 0 0 0 0 4, 4, 9 0 Is 0 *ye 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 KOME NT, H. Some remarks on the asymptotic behavior ofthe electron-photon cascade for large depth of the absorber. p. 191. (ACTA PHYSICA FOLONICA' Vol. 15, no- 3. 1956, Poland) t SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) Lc. vol. 6, no. 6, June 1957, Uncl. JASKIEWICZ, A.; KONWENT, H. Dipole patterns in orthorhombic and trigonal phases of ABO Bubstance. Act& physic& Pol 25 no. 4043-550 Ap 164. 1. Institute of Experimental Physics, University,liroclaw (for Jaskiewicz). 2. Institute of Theoretical PhjFBics, Universityt Wroclaw (for Konwent). ths,l 1"n"i-I IS lilt -111c tj rehx4d encrZy f- 'ht Pbetonl L4 htght, zn~,' ~T ~IecLmfm thelt the no d L% V~ter "har, the rcgi,zc,,d jlt~,:iwni bind m- .TASKIEWICZ, A.;JQ~WT, H. Forroolectrio and antiferroelectrie arrangements in FeroveUte-tvre aubstances. Bul Ac Pol mat 8 no.lOt699-702 160. 1. Department of Experimental Physics, University, Wroelav, and Department of Theoretical Physics, University, Wroclav. Presented by W. Rubinowics. (Blectricity) 23023 P/045/61/020/004/001/004 ~1 33/B"05 AUTHORS.: Jas'kiewicz, A., ~onwent,'H. TITLE: Dipole arrangement in'perovskite-type ferroelectrics P171IODICAL: Acta Physica Polonica, v. 20, ho. 4,' 1061, 281-288 TEXT: The authors were concerned'with the ferroelectric behavior of cry- stals having the chemical composition ABO at low temperatures. In this 3 1 formula, A indicates mono- or divalent metal, and B a tetra- or penta- ,valent one. According io Venevcev and Zhdanov (Veneveev, Yu.. N. and Zhdanov, G. S., Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR, Ser. 'Liz., 20, 178 (1956))i both A and B may give rise to ferroelectricity as a result of~ their displacement in the crystal lattice. The aim of the present paper was to investigate the case where only the B ion is ferroelectrically active. Piekara (Piekara, A., Proc. Conf Phys. in Spa-ra p. 268 (1954)).has shown that in itubic 6lementary, cells (;~ig. 1), there are potential ba;irieirs U between th6 center of the cell.and the O,ions.of type 1, 04" As long as the tempera- ,ture is higher than U/~, th6 B ion oscillates about thk center; at lower Card 1/5 m 23023 P/045/61/020/004/001/004' Di:pole arrangement in B133/B205 aA and a0 deno'te the ionic polarizabilities.of thb ions A and 0, respec-- Al tively, and -p is the x-component of-the di-pole moment induced in ion Al. x The field of the induced*dipoles determines the direction in-which the B ion is displaced in the neighboring elementary cells and, consequently, also the ferroelectric or antiferroelectric behaVior of the crystal. In further considerations, the influence of the field is taken into acc6~znt only for those cells which have a face in common with the initial cell, The total electric field at the center.of-cells I and 2 is given by Ex(l)=E(')=O, Ex= 256'0+2- 512 mA fil, (9), Y 27 3) 0 and the total eledtric field at the center of cells 3, 4, 5, and 6 is V(s) 64 MO I M" (13)- Ex(3).E,(') 0. j x as Card 3/5 6, 230*23 P/045/61/020/004/001/004 Dipole arrangement in ... B133/B205 J. Mazur, F. Inst. P., Head of the Low-temperature Laboratory, Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Science. There are 3 figures and 5 referen- ces: 2 Soviet-bloc and 3 non-Soviet-bloc. The three references to English-language publications read as follows- Kinase, W., Progr. theor. Phys., j1p 529 (1955); Mason, W. P., and Matthias, B. T., Phys. Rev., 1622 (1948); Slater, J. C., Phys. Rev., 18, 748 (1950). ASSOCIATION: Institute of Experimental Physics, Wroclaw University, Wroc!raw,- Institute of Theoretical Physics, Wroclaw University, Wroclaw. SUBMITTED: September 7, 1960. Card 5/5 JASKIIWICZ, A.; E!t Z- H. Dipole array of ferroelectrically at.-tive A-ions in ABOrsubstances. Bul Ac Pol mat $ no.72553-556 161, 1. Institute of Experimental physics, University, Wroclaw, and .. 'i Institute of Theoretical Physics, University , Wroclaw. Presented tF W. Rubinowicz. KOMWERSKA, K.; MARKOWSKI, A. Natural gas in households as a source of saving in the national economy. P, III PRZEGLA,D TECHNICZITY. (Naczelna Organizacja Techniczna) '4arszawa, Poland Vol. 80, no. 17, Apr. 1959 Monthly Idst of East European Acessions Index, (EEAI), W, Vol. 8, no. * June 1959 Uncl. I _7 L 0'1714-6