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KORBUT, A.V., falldeher (nelo Lnkhva Brestskoy oblanti) Therapeutic, hvgienic, and Red Cross work in the school. Felld. i akush. 24 no.6:45-46 Je 159. (MIRA 12:8) (LAIVA (BREST PROVINCB)--PCHOOL HTGIFM) PAIMHOLKOV., V.S.; KORFIJT, A.U. Vanadium sorption from HF - HU oolutlons by anionites. Izi. -170. uchebo zav.1 tsviet, met. 3 rw.5:100-105 162. (KM 15410) 2e Urallskiy politekhmicheakiy institut. (Vanadlum) (Ion exchange) PAKIIOLKOVI V.S.; K01"BUT, A.Ya. Separating vanadium and Mranium in flucrine-bearing solutions with the help of anionites. Izv. rjs. ucheb. zav.; tsvet. met. 6 no,3: n6-121 '1163- OMIFRA 16:9) 1. Urullskiy politeknicheskiy institut, (Vanadium-Metallurgy) (Uranium-11-letallury) (Anions) XCRBUT21i.A., Cand Tech Sci-(fliz:--) cf-rtrtill -)l b1 stronrt, gild ' -,;.rdnour o o n '2, (a,in :)f 1.1i rhor E~ucation. -o--- In~.-,'UAO I C C.) 71 L XOIM, B.A., aspirant. f Proper oscillation fr~qaencles of loom slays. Izv. vys. ucheb. sav.; tekh. tekste provii no* 1:101-112 058. (NM- IUD I*' Mosimeldy tekotlllzqy institut. (Loom) KORHUT, B.A. Strength and rigidity of lay boaam on loomse Izv.vys,uch~b* zav.; tekh.tml~st.prom. no.10168-175 159. (MIRA 12:6) 1. Mofikovskiy tekstil'My inatttuto (Loans-Testing) KORBUT, BeAt Batten designed to withstand the effect of the beating-up process. Izv. v7s. ucheb. zAv.; tekh. takot. prom. n0-3:143-150 '59 (MIRA 121) l.Maskovskiy tekstillayy imstitut. (zoom) KORBUT, B.A., kandtekhn.nauk, dotsent Stability of a thin-walled sphere resting upon an internal elastic support, Izv.vysoucheb.zav.; mashinostr. no.2:105-107 162, (KRA 15:5) 1. Dnepropetrovskiy inzhenerno-stroitellnyy institut. (Elastic plates and shells) KORBUT, B.A. The stability "'in large" of a thin-mwalled sphere resting, with its internal surface., on an elastic f6undation. Izv. vys.uchezav strbi. i arkhit. 5 no-4:24-27 162. WIRA 15:;~ 1. Zaporozhakiy filial Dnepropetrovskogo inzhenerno-stroitellnogo i.,qstituta. (Elastic plates and shells) KORBUT, B.A., kand.tekhn.nauk Clgipping of a flapping Paphragn with flexible support I,zv.vys-uchsb.zav.; mashinootr. no.8:23-26 ~2. (NM50-2) Dnelpropetroveldy. lishemerno-stroitel Ix-T institut. WiNu-sim Obehanical devices)) KGRBUT, B.A. (Zaporozhye) -.-- ....... --- .- "Stability of shells with elastic core subjected to loads and thermal effects". report presented at the 2nd AU-Union Congress on Theoretical and Applied Miechamics., Moscow, 29 Jan - 5 Feb 64. I B.O.j ('Zuporozhlyfil KORBUT, B.A. (Korbutp - ----- Stability of a c~ircular plate or. a flexiUe fril-mciLtdon. I~rjkl. mekh. 10 no.4:443-"6 164. ( 1,11-T ~- - - -ilti I. Zaporozhakiy mashinostroitelinyy inatitut. ACC NRs AT6001079 SOURCE CODE: UR10000165/66570001001710023. AUTHOR: Korbut, B. A.;_Qdnoral,~ L. G. ORG: [Korbut) ZaporoWye tfachine. Design, Institute im. V. Ya. Chubar' (ZaPorGZhskik':: mashinastroitel'nyy J~nst1tuQ;,,EOdnoraIj Kiev Polftechnic Insi_ttu~_e (Kiyovskly .pdlytechnicheakig institut)'' TITLE: Stability of d cylindrical panel on an elastic foundatioa SOURCE: Soprotivlqnlye materialov i teoriya sooruzheniy (Strength of materials the theory of structures), no. 1, Kiev, Izd-vo Budivellnyk., 1965, 1~-23 TOPIC TAGS:,-cylitidrical shell, local shell buckling, sandwich panel,-sandwich shell. buckling ABSTRACT: The localstability:of a cylindrical shell of sandwich construction.with., an elastic core is invest .igated. The shell is reinforced on the inner surface by a system of longitudinal and lateral stiffeners so thal. each rectangle between them reptesents. a panel on an elastic foundation. It. is. asaumed that the panel, (movable in the longitudinal direction), Is"h1hged.on its contour to perfectly rigid supports and that the elastic foundation is of the Winkler type with a 6 pqtan S Wt modulu The panel is under cotipressioa stresses in the direction of its generat ces. The Ritz method is used to determine the uppp Vs related r and lower buckling stressesk ,to the radius of the shelland rigidity e core. An expressio r the total energy of the shell, with regard tomutual approach of its edges, is-derivedby Card 1/2 w t v - -6-386616w 65--- ~-HdT fe -L-- ACCESS1011 ITP: AT5017587 UP,/C)COO/65/WO/000/0273/0279 AUTHOR: Korbut.A. A., Zwoomaht a) _-z, lk, TITLE 4 The. atability.. of inartoil shell witharL elastic filler under the. action!' lof loadr. and-_Ye-mperatbA: 7 ~ISOMGF-;:- -Toes M, o -Rr emam-ustoyojuvo~, -v:~ straitel no --p Mekhanike, Moscov 1963.. Prob-lemy ustoychi-vosti v stroitel-.y xekhanike TP-roblems of stability in st-nictural mechanics); trudy konferentaii. M)scow, Stroyizdat, 1965, _2 I- 2 79 TOPIC TAGSz cylindrical. shell, structural mechanics, strt-otuxal strength, struc- ~hiral property, shell theory ABF M Y: Irne stability of a cylindiical shell of averag~7 -ength is studied-under loads (ex--,ernal pressui 9, e_xial I I wnd h e RA. 1 n17" tbln, and elsit wth tno a,~d aa'iona of i, sloping shell. 'SeCOndary -and* tiono --re: uniform &xiaj. and ~--)adIng. torsion occ -L rs by rue-rins me-MentE3, j.,3 jMiforMj-r distributed alrw4a the body -hol, --d heat expanvion F-7 Tnat~4rlal is Ignored. 1he basir! --)n!a -r ~n,p_nal -zi ~a aaa.t;ng ar~ g.Lven in I;he fur Lard 6 A IR: AT5017587 V, vs V, V, w 4- am v V P, I C, --,3 deflenion, is the perimeter oompr:~ -!g s the yli-nd~ical stiffn-sa, F, i s thc. -FtA i u. a-o the thickness and the 7 3r t of th o f i r : r. .1 ons- I tud na I Fun 7 a a tresR ,3 9re' ~~ecnietry par-cLne---i. pressure. A similax analyflis M i :- ",9 5cm w i tlh I-Le a bind I i: erial Ser-73d tO :Tt--!~al` q JiCrelso of filler stl C fn P 8 8 aioo Inciaased the nwabqr of streri,l 7P, ',~se offect Dn half-wa-,res 4 n t~s aquativna. A- noae c .-,d 2 L'6 ON i k~Ol 7158 0a -Ru Z(ff t wl :003 Card I KO-R.ffljT.V B.A.; OGURTSUV$ B.I. Bubiov-Galerkin method for systems of equations. Prikl. mekh. 1 no.10.-138-140 165. (MIRA 18:12) 1. Zaporozliskiy mashinostroitellnyy Jnstitut. Sutnitted March 1, 1965. KORBUT, B. A:. Stability of a spherical shell with an elastic filler under the action of pressure and temperature. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; av. tokh. 8 no. 4:97-102- "0/5 OTM 19 tl) ~ KUWLIT. D.A.._~ St~tbilitY Of a cylindric-0. shell'. wil.h an elastIc. ftller- Tzv- AN Arm. SSR, f.-,z.-mat. nauk 18 no,4%4/6-54 *65. (MTRA 1829) 1. MashinostroltelIrly imt-itut imeni Chubaryap ZaporoWye. L 4932~,~6 IJP (C I EJM/V."N ACC Nkt- AP6017825 SOURCE COM UR/0147/66/009/002/0038/0043 A'UTHORS- Korbut, B. A.; Saksonov, S. G. ORG; none TITLE: The stability of a cylindrical shell with an elastic filler in the presence of external radial pressure SOURCEE: IVUZ. Aviatsionnaya tekhnika:, no. 2, 1966, 38-43 TOPIC TAGS: cylindric shell structure, critical pressure, potential energyt Laplace operator, elastic modulus ABSTRA.1-'T: The linear and nonlinear problems of the stability of a cylindrical shell with an elastic filler in the presence of an external radial pressure are examined. The linear equations of mildly eloping cylindrical shells 7 D V2V,2W = I - IPO '+ - -A R R. dx! are used. In the case of a radial external pressure, the external pressure q can be expressed as 11 - -:- .* - - 'D Card 1/2 - M)C.- 539-3+629.13-012.2 card 2 2 LCLI-iL 4 1-A 3f P14 L 1--l-111- . .... . .... W T/DJP k- AP6003188 SOURCE CODE: UR/0147/65 000/004/0097/0102 AUTHOR: Korbut) B. A. B ORG; none TITLEt The stability of aspherical shell with an elastic fill,er under the action of pressure and temperature SOURCE: IVUZ. Aviatsionnaya tekbnikep no..~# 1965P 97-102 TOPIC TAGS: stress analysis$ Laplace equation AB~TRACT: The article considers the problem of a tbin'.walled spherical sholl. with an elastic filler, subjected to the action of external pr9ssure and uniform heating (see Pig. lp b) Cvrd 1,1~ UDC: 539,3 'USSR / Cultivated Plants. Potatoes, Vegetables, Melons. M-2 Nos Jour : Ref Zhur - Biologiya, No 2, 1959, No. 6266 Author ; Fallenko, T. S.; Merzhvinskaya, I. M.; Korbut G A. Inst Title : The Effect of Various Methods of Applyine Manure and Mineral Fertilizers on the Yield of Potatoes Orig Pub : Udobreniye i urozhay, 1958, No 5, 19-21 Abstract : The application of N30P45Z60 kg/ha in holes durinS the course of potato sowing In experi- ments carried out In 1955-1956 Increased the yield of tubers by 2.2 and 3.5 t/ha, respect- Ively, In comparison with broadcasting the same fertilizers. The addition to N3OP45K60 kg/ha of 5.t/ha of manure during the same Card 1/3 40 USSR / Cultivated Plants, Potatoes, Vegetables, Melons. M-2 Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Blologlya, No 2, 1959, No. 6266 experiments and of 3 and 6 t/ha In the.experl.- ment,conducted in 1954, when localized fertili- zation was practiced, had no effect on the yield. The addition of 20 t/ha of manure to the mixture N30P4jK60, placed by broadcasting increased th-1, yle d by 20%. The addition of 3 - 6 t/ha of manure had no effect on the yield. Holo placement of the VASKhNIL mix- ture (All-Union Agricultural Institute Im. Lenin) durinS sowing (3 t of manure, 3 cwt of P and 3 Owt of lime) and of a mixture enriched with YCO produced an increase In the yield of potatoes of 2.9 and 11.9 cwt/ha, respectively (control: 158.6 cwt/ha). Mineral fertilizers somewhat d1minished the starch content in the tubers. The experiments were carried out on Card 2/3 Cultivated Plants. Potatoes.. 'legetables, Melons. IM-2 Abs Jour Ref Zhur - BioloSlya, No 2. 1959, No. 6266 leached-out chernOzem containing ]Little humus and turf-padzolle soils in Zhitomirskaya Oblast'- -- V- V. Prokoshev Card 3/3 41 KORRUP -I- - KDK holder for collector vessels. Der.i lesokhim.prom.2 no.6:29-30 JS '33- (KLU 6 -'5 ) 1, MrleqkhIm. (Tree tapping) JIM NoMwd eir deteralslag Ilmos of oWlIbrium petwitlal. ?rAr LPI (KEM lot 1) PXWAVAo Z,; TMOFMA, JIo 9, reA,O- %,. ABABOTO To$. tokhrpd, Ao Cvb~ tit"g,h c6sp yields and low cost of production] Za. vysoki* uroxhal 1 u1skuln sebostolmostl; kolkhoz uPolltotdol" Torkhns- -Ghtrabikskoge rates& Tashkentskol oblastIS Tashkent, Goo.izd-,ro Usbakskol SSR, 1960, 33 p, (NM 14112) (Tashkent Fravince-Crop yields) KORBUTI I.,- SMIRNOVAx Z.; TIKEONOVAy 1.9 red.; ABBASOV2 T., tekbn. red. [For high yields and low costs; the nFolitotdel" Collective Farm in Vorkhne-Chirchik District, Tashkent Province]Za vysokio urozini, i nizkuiu sebestoinost'; kolkhoz "Politotdel" Verkhne- Chirchikskogo raiona Tashkentakoi oblasti. TasUents Gosizdat 1960. 33 P. OMA 150) (Varkhne-Chirchik District-Agriculture) I IT-15 I ROWSK&YA, S.V. (Pulkovo); KORBUT, I.F. (Pulkovo); SAMIARGY, V.I.(Pul- kovo). Iatitude variation of Pulkovo for 1952.5 - 1954.0. Astron.tair. no.146-.14 Ap 154. (HM 7:8) (Pulkovo--Latitude variation) (Latitude variation--PL-1- kovo) I ROMRSUYA, S.Y.; S&KHAROV, V.I*; KOIMUT. I.7. Preliminary values of the variations of the latitude of Pulkovo from 1951.8 to 1954.4. Isv.QLO 20 n0-1:130-131 155. (MBA 13:5) (Fulkovo-~-Latltude variation) j A: SAKKA ROYANSKAYA, S.T.; ZDRBUT,, V, V.I. j Prellainary valucis of the variation of latitude at PUlkDvo (1954.4 .1956.o). Iwv.w 2o no.4:143-144 157. (KIRA 13: 4) (Pulkovo-Latitude variation) mtm I B07X r_U10IV1.TIC'.t SOV/5721 Vsez;oyuzawla r-stromotrichealwaya, 1:cnrcrzntaiya. Trudy 14-y A3trc-zatrichcokoy konfoxentrii SLZ11;, KiYev, 27-30 M!..YCL 1958 g- (Transactions of the 14th A:;trxca-.~;t,.aca1 Cca:-zrrorce of the WZl, Hcld in KiyOV `7-30 'MaY 1956) Mozccv, Izd-vo AN 000'-11, 196D. 440 nL. Errata slip incerted. 1000 cc,-.-1e3 printed. S~-_naorling Arcncy: Akedc-,Aya nauk 63,37t. Glwr.,z-qa "troac.-alchcalmyn dibaervatorlym (Pulkovo). Rezp. Ed,: M. S. Zvcrov, Correrrcnding N_:.b-zr, Accclcz-,f of Scicnccz UZSR; Ed. of Publishing Hounct If. K. Zaychik; Tech. Ed.: R. A. Z=arayova. FU'?Z-3'SZ- The book is intended for cztrcn~_,ara and antrolhysicists, particukrly those Interested In astr=otrical rcavarch. CUMAGE: This public-ation. pren-ants the Transactions of -the 141th Artrc=utrical Conference of the USSR, held in Xiyov 227-A7 May 1953- It includos 27-rcDorts and 55 scientific parcra presented at the plenary mcoting of tho Conference Card - Transactions or the 14th Astranetrical (Cont.) SOV/5721 and at the special sectional wastine . An,*ppetd1x contains the resolutions adopted by the:Conference, the compooition of, the agendaand tht list of participants at the Conference. A brier summary in English is given at the end of each article. References follow individual exticles. The Presidium of the Astrometrical, Committee (Chairman He Be Zverev), which supervised the' preparation of this publication, erpresses thanks to the members of them secretariat: V. Me Vasillyev, I. G. Kollchinskly, A. Be One- giva, and Me 16 Potter. Tarz or coumass' Foreword Aildreas by A. A. Kiktaylov, Chs4iman of the Astronomical Council ,,r the Acadaw of Sciences USSR 7 REPORM OF THE ASTROTMCAL CCKU= A" SUBCC14417NES WODWICK 00 ASTROaMCAL WOU PX9S=W1 BY VARIOUS INSTMUIONS Card 2/*6 Transactions of the 14tb Astrometrical, (cont.) SOV/5721 -Sakhazroy, V. I., and 1. F. Korbuto A New Zenith-Telesco2e of the SCViet Latitude beryl r-CUrIT"est at Pulkovo Amlreyenko, N. R. The Investigation of Talcott IAY$la of the Zenith-Telescope ZTL-180 at Pulkovo Andx--yenko, N. R. The Inver-tigation of the Periodic and Progressive Errors of the Micrometer of Zenith-Wescope ZTL-180 at Pulkovo Prodan, Y~.-T-., T. 1. Oolikoiil an& V. V. Nestero-A. Results of the Preliminary Investigations, of theZenith-Telescope of the Hoacow Oboorvatwy of the 8t&~* Antrampical. InLtitute imeni P. K. Ghtern~ barg Chud--rrichevs, X. A. Zenith-Telescozoe ZTI~180 of the Astronomical ervatory im*-,U Engellgardt and the First Series of Observations laaagin, S. G., Ye. G. Demidovich, and T- D. Kovbanyuk. aboarvaticas of Bright Zenith Stars According to the Four-Group (Poltava-Type] card 3+A6 246 268 270 276 284 S-1/0- 35/61/000/011/()07/028 A001/AlOl AUTHORS- Sakharov, V.I., K rbut I.E._ TITLE- -Determination of fluctuations of Pulkovo latitude from parallel observations with two zenith telescopes PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Astronomiya i Geodeziya ' no. 11, 1961, i3_14, abstract lIA118 (V sb. "Predvarit. rezulltaty issled. kolebaniy shirot i dvizheniya polyusov Zemli", Moscow, AN SSSR, 1960, 34-42, Engl. summary) TEXT- Since July 1, 1957, latitude observations at Pulkovo have been con- ducted with two zenith telescopes: 3T(D-135 (ZTF-1,35) (D--135 mm, F=1,760 mm) and 3TA-18o (zTL-18o) (D--180 mm, F=2,360 mm) manufactured in Leningrad. Ob- servations with ZTF-135 are being; conducted according to an extended program (from dawn to dawn); those wi.h ZTL-180 according to the two-group program. A comparison of the observed latitudes shows that systematic and random errors of both instruments are small. A comparison with latitudes calculated from the data of the International Latitude Service does not practically ieveal the systematic z-term with annual period for both instruments. The mean-square error of one Card 1/2 S/035/61/()00/011/007/028 Determination of fluctuations ... A001/A101 observation (from data of IGY) turned out to be � 0'!14 for ZTL-180 and � 0'!18 for ZTF-135. Hence the conclusion can be drawn that tile new domestic zenith tele- scope ZTL-180 is not inferior in Its quality to ZTF-135 which Is one of the most precise instruments of this type in the whole world. Kh. Potter [Abstracter's note: Complete translation] Card 2/2 Monthly List of Russi Lqc_essions, Library of Congress. December 1952. Unclassified. IMUT LqA * BUTANOV, A.I.; SVDMCHZVSKIT [deceased]; XkTASHNIM, P.A., r=Ntor; KUCHUMOW, P.S.;. NAUMM. V.I., 'redaktor; UDALCV, A.G., takhnicheskiy redaktor. (Organizational and technical specifications for tractor work In r machine-t;s*t r stations] Organizatsionno-44khnicheskie pravila proisvods va roktornykh ra-bot v mashinno-trRkhtornykh stantsitakh, Isd. 2o~, pe er. i dop. Moskva, IzdTvo Ministerstva sel'skogo W,0Z,,i,,v., Lerr!, .95% 336 P. (MMA 9;4) l.Russia (1923- U-S.S.R.) Glavnoye upravleniye mashiAno-trakhternykh stantaii I mekhanizatsii. 2. Zamestitell ministra sellskogo khonyaystva SM (for Kuchumov). (Machine-tractor stations) i(c) fl-~~-13-u -/--. Inshener, otvetstvennyy red.-, DMOVSXIY, V.A., red.; !!n~;VA, A.F., [Keehanization of agriculture in foreign countries] Kekhanizatella sellskogo khosialstva sa rubeshow. Koskya, Gos.isd-vo selikhos.lit-r7, 1957. 220 P. (KIRA 10:12) (Fare sechanisation) KORFUT, Leonid Alekseyevich; CHIRROT, A.A., red.; TILAOIN, A.B., To-k-h n-. -re Wd -. - (Technical progress In agriculture] Takhnichaskii progresa v sel'skom khoziaistve. Moskva, Izd-vo "Sovetsknia Rossiia." ig6o. 74 p. (HBU 13:11) (Farm mechanization) KORBUT L A.; STEPMOV, N*Aej, inzhoq retsenzent; FALIKO, O.S., inzh., red.; UVAROVAI A.F., tekhn. red. (Mechanization of agrictLItur-3 in Great Britain)liekhaniza- tsiia sell-skogo khoziaist-ura Volikobritanii. Moskva, Mashgiz,, 1~,-61. 185 Pe (MIRA 15:10) (Great Britain-Fam mechanization) KORBUT, L. ......... Improtant problems of agricultural mechanization. Vop. ekon. no.8: 89-95 Ag 163. (IURA 16:9) (Farm mechanization) KORBUT, L.A. Decisions of the February Plenum of the OPSU and objectives of the machinery industry. Vest. mashinostr. 44 no 4-3-6 A 164. (;,IRA l7Z 1. Zamestitellpredsedatelya Vsesoy-uznogo ob"yedineniya "Soyuzsell- khoztekhnika". ROZENCAM-1p A.N.; YEVSYUKOV, Yu.14.,- DOKTOROVp A.T.;-KORBUT,.. L.A., red.; YEFRalOVA, M.K., red. [3nglish.-Russian dictionary on agricultural machinery] kaglo-russkli slovarl po sel'skQkhoziai.Avennoi tekhnike. 14-DAva, Sovetskaia entsiklopediia, 1965. 379 p. (MIRA 1839) KOROLEVp Aleksey Nikolayevich, kand.tekhn.nauk; SIIUVALOV, S.I., spetared.; NIKOLUU9 A,M.9 spetorede; KORBUT, L,V.9 red .. ; FEPMERIll B.P.0 --------- [Technology of hard cheeses] Tekhnologiia tverdykh Syrove , Moskva, Pishchopromisdat, 1960. 58 p. (MIU 1416) (Meese ' POZRARIM:ATA, Lyudmila Samonovna; LIBMAN. Simon Grigorlyevichl GOMUTOT# Tasilly Ketvavevich; KORBUTO L.T., red.; SOKOLOVA, I.A., [Blood from slaughtered animals and its processing] Krov' uboinykh shivotnykh I, as parerabotka. Koakva, Pishcheprom- isdat, 1960. 303 P. (KIRA 14:4) (Blood as food or medicine) GUROV,, 1Tyacheslav Alekseyevich;, SHVARTSj M., Opetered.; red.; SATAROVA, A.M.# (Handbook on the eadoctine, en27iMticj aW special raw materials for and the production of organic preparations] Spravochnik po eDdokri=omaq fermentuomus spetsiallnomu syrliu i proizvodstvu organopreparatov. Hoskvaq Pishchapromizdat,, 1961. 307 p. (KMA 15t4) (MATERIA MEDICA, ANIML) (DRUG nWUSTRY) KRASNOPOLOMY, Takov Iosifovich-. KCPJM. L.T.. red.; KISIZA, Te.I., [Production costs of meat industry, and ways for lowering them] Sebestoimost' produktaii miasnoi promiyahlennosti i puti as aniahenila. Izd,2, Moskva. Pishchapromisdat, 1960. 82 P. (MIRA 14:3) (Neat industry--Costs) SOKMOV, Aleksandr Aleksandr'ovich, doteent; PAVLOV, Dmitriy Vasillyevich, dotsent; BOLISUKOT, Aleltsey Sorgeyevich,' dotsent; ZHMVWYA, Hina Konotantinovna, dotsient; SHOPENSKIY, Andre'y Pavlovich, doteent; DYKLOP, Eduard Petrovich, doteent;'MUMMGM, A.A., spetared.; KORBUT, L.Y., red.; WKOWVA, I.A.,, [Technology of meat and meat productal Takhnologiia miass i misso- produktov. Koskva, Pishchapromitdat, 1960. 672 p. (KIRA 14:4) (Meat industry) IOVILUYA, Nina Mkolayevnn; LTASKOVSKilYA, Ytillya Xmirom; KORBUT, L.Y., red.; SOKOLOTA, I.A.s.takhn. red. -- - [ItVelcochamical methoda for studying productis of nniml origin] Fiziko-khImichaskie metody issledoveniis produktov zhivotnogo proiakhoohdanile. Hoakvat Pishchepromizdat, 1961. 233 p. (Food--.e-Anslysis) (HIM 14:5) KONNIKOV, Abram Grigorlyevichp Laureat Stalinakoy premiL,,_~ORBUT, L.V., red.; SOKOIDVA, I.A.p tekhn. red. [Technology of the manufacture of sausage] Tekhnologiia kolbasnogo proizvodstva. 2. izd., ispr. i dop. MosIvia, Pishchepromizdat, 1961. 518 p. (sausages) (MIRA 14:11) CHIRYATNIKOV, Veniamin Ivanovich; KORBUT, L.V., red.; SATAROVA, A.M.,, tekhn. red. [Boning and sineving of meat] Obvalka i zhilovka mlasa. Mo- skvap Pishchepromizdat, 1961 62 (MIRA 15--4) (Meat ;~ttinj* OCHKIN jV.A.p inzh.-mekhanik; LISITSY11) G.K.p konstruktor; GORIJATOV,, V.M., red.; KORBUT, L.V., red.; SATAROVA, A.M., tekhn. red. (Safety guards for machines and apparatua in ment industry ?nterpriseslOgraditellrye ustroistva mashin i apparatov m pred- priiatiiakh miasnoi promyshlennosti. Pod red. V.M.Gorbatova. Moskva, Pishchopromizdat, 1962. 83 p. (MIRA 15;9) 1. Mostow. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut nwasnay promyshlemosti. 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Increasing Crop 11191di of Tobacco In Regions of the Ukrainian 80.0 MM Higher Bducation-MrAAan SSR. Belotserkaw, Agricultural Inst. 116T0 1955. (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate of Agricultural Science3.) SO: 'KnIghriMa jdo2js~, No. 4, Moscow, 1956 USSR/Medicine Antibiotics MaY/Jun 53 "Concentration of Penicillin in the Blood, Its Elimination With Urine, and the Immediate Thera- peutic Effect Resulting From Treatment With Novocillin of Experimental Syphilis in Rabbits," Prof N. M. Ovchinnikov, K. S. Kutukova, Sr Sci Assoc, and S. E. Korbut, Sci Assoc,, Microb ,iol~ Div, Cent Dermato-Veneereological Inst, Min Health.. USSR, Vest Vener i Derm, No 3, pp 43-46 Novocillin (the novocain salt of penicillin) is a new drug which prolongs the time that penicillin 271T30 remains in the organism. Since the therapeutic action of penicillin is thereby increased, pa- tients who have syphilis or other disease re-', quiring prolonged treatment, can be taken care of by outpatient clinics. Therapeutic effect of a total dose of 84,000 units of penicillin in the form of novocillin per kg of patient's weight., administered intramuscularly for a period of 7 days, is higher than the effect of an aqueous solA of the same amt of ordinary penicillin administered in the same manner. 2=30 MBINNIKOV, N.M.,professor;KVMOFA, K.S.,starshty nauchnn motrudniki K B.Te.nwwbMy sotrudnik. Iffect-of synthoWain. streptonVein. levom7cin, bioNrcin and ter- ramycin on SpIrochasta pallIda and the immediate therapeutic results In treating syphilis In rabbits. Test. van. I dera 30 no.1:32-36 Ja,-F 156 (KERA 9 24) 1. Is f8entralinago muchno-Imeledovatel'skojo ko2hnowenerologichaskago Instituts. (dir.-kandIdLat mediteluskikh nauk N.M. Turanov) Mintateretv& 2dravookhranenlysi SSSR. (BYPEWS In rabbit. off. of various antibiotics) (ANTIBIMICS, off. on syphilis In rabbits) 1-17 -Fl -r-- -N-- 77 41 ind the, bamidlato dhmp,,uti-, w:. k ryrhilto -4 rabbitg tredttd vitth tt~4t,~ 14 lrov K. S. K it tu 1wv%, alid S R. K,~' VeqeT14 31, No ! nl,tryl- Aliv LI ~;lag't acullme ~11. ~'nirn4nl itel M-16 JAY, 1 12 1-r~ t'tp." ,n!y witina 24 48 '~4 1 KORBUT, S. Yo. Movocillin and ekmonovocillin in the treatment of experimental syphilis. Vest.derm. i ven. 33 no-3:58-65 My-Je '59. (KIRA 12:9) 1. Iz mikrobiologicheskogo otdela (zav. - prof.H.H.Ovehinnikov) Wentrul'nogo usuchno-IIseledovatellskogo kozhno-venerologicheekogo inetituta (dir. - IT-M-Turanov) Kinisterstva adravo- okhranenlyn RSFSR. (SMILIS. exper. off. of procaine penicillin & procatne penicillin G - ekmolin prep. in rabbits (Rua)) (~RIUCILLIII' off. procaine penicillin & procaine penicillin G ekmolin prep., on exper. syphilis in rabbits (Aug)) (ANTISIPTICS. off. elmolin-procalne penicillin G prep., on eTper, syphilis in rabbits (RU13)) (FISH LIVMR OILS, off. same) T -1 1'roo--r7~AE~s of ',lood Fvib~-Irs in :,"'ela"ion to t'le Jon:,ent of Lirmin." -,and "Lec'.L Sci, For~~jtry Er.,-incerin.- Acadeny, Lenini.-I'ad, 1~53. iisz;ert,-"uiolj Fob 54) SO: 180', 15 Aug 1954 NORBUT, V.A. Special aspects of 1he high-temperature exidation of chrome steel In SO solutions of various concentrations. Trudy LTA no-87: 13-21? ,59. (MIRA 13:4) (Chrome steel--Corrosion) IPATITN, T.T. (deceased]; ZHILMNIN, D.T. D.Ta.~ _ ~,T.A.; Guancs, Reasons for the scaling of shoot steels Trudr L2k no,80 pt.2:57-& 1158. (shoat steel) (NIPA 13:4) I I KORBUT. V.A. -. . ...... - w ~ 1- Ylachinery for preliminary operations In growing vegetables In greenhouses and hotbeds. Blul.takh.-okoneinfors. no.11:64-67 159. . (MIRA 13:4) (Agricultural machinery) KORBUT, V.:A. Autowtimatlon of operations in- cultivating vagetabloB In green houses and hot beds. Blul.tokh.-okon.inform. no.12: 50-53 159. (HERA 13: 4) (Plants--Soilless culture) (Automatic control) 1- --JORBUT. V.A. Systom of machinery for hotbeds. llons.1 ov.prom. 14 no.2-029-32 F.'59- (14IRA 120) 1. Voesoyuzwv,naucbno-insladovatellakly institut sellskokhosysystvannogo masbinostrayonlya. (Agricultural machinery) ALEKSAHMOV; S.V.. kand.sellskokhoz.nouk; BOGUSMSKIT, A.A., kand.tekhn. nauk; VASHCHMMO. S.F.. kand.sellskokMinauk; GXRASIMOV#,B.A., kand.sellskokhoz.nau ; OROKOV. N.G. (deceased);, IT V A KUMISVICH, I.A.; KAKAYXV, N.G., kand.tekhn.nauk: NOVIKOiV4'-A;-.V.-,f- OSNITMAYA, Ye.A.; SINANOVSKIT, A.Yu.; SLEPTSOV. S.A.; SPIRIDONOTA, A.I.; TARAKANOTp G.Iso kand.sellskokhoz.neuk; CH9NUATEVA. 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TraU. i ~,el'kho?ma-,,h. no.).2:1-2 , '64 PASECHNIK, M.S., doktor tekhn. nauk; ZHEL'VIS, A.I. kand. tekhn. nauk;_NRRUT,-VwAw+PLATONOVA, M.N.; SH&4AKINA, T.S.; TSINTSIUS, V.M.; STRELE, L.A., red. [Manual * neral chemistry of analyslilarUchebnoe posobie khimicheskim metodam ana3iza. obahchei red. M.S.Pasechnika Leningrad, 1965. 204 p. and physicochemical methods po obshchei khimii i fiziko- [By] H.S.Pasechnik i dr. Pod i A.I.Zhellvis (chast' 1). (MIRA 19:1) 1. Leningrad. Lesotekhnicheskaya akademiya. .tltiwal machinery. Trakt. (MIRA 18:7) KORBUT, V. M., KARGIN, V. A., TSETLIN, B. L., and ZAYTSEVA, 1-1. G. "Principles of the Disintegration of Vitreous Polymers by Radiation" %yay Tranowtions of the Met Caaer=e Ca FAA10actiOn ChCMIOU~Ts MOSCOW, I7.d-VO AN SM., 1958- 330YP- conference -25-30 March 195T. Kmow 68957 SOV/81-W-2-7085 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, 1960, Nr 2, pp 546 - 547 (UM) AUTHORS-. Tsetlin, B, ., Yanova, L.P,, Sibirskaya, G.K., Korbut, V.M._ T!"=: The Effect of Ionizim Radiation Q the Mechanical Properties of Poly- 0I vinylehloridegand Its Maztinnt-d Yroducts PERIODICAL: V sb.; Deystviye ioniziruyushchik izlucheniy na neorgan. i organ. sistemy. Moscow, AS SSSR, 1958, pp 354 - 361 ABSTRACT; !,he, effeet was,- studied .'of_--'hWys-iM=s1ve X-ray radiation on. the properties of industrial vinyplast (V) sheet and masticated (M) products on the base of polyvinylehloride containing dibutylphthalate in%the quantity of 10 - 60 weight %. A dismountable X-ray tube with a cylindrical anode of the TMs type serves as radiation sourag. Injbe case of the irradiation of V the doese intensity was 6-1( see and the duration of the irradiation from 1 to 50 hours, and in the case of irradiation of M 1.8-1017 ev/cm3 sea and 5 hours, respectively. Samplos for. themomechanical tests were prepared in the form of disks of 7 nmi in diameter and with a thickness of I mm, the Card 1/2 specific load for V was 10.2 kg/=2 and for M 0.8 kg/cm2. The following SOV/58-59~-9-20156 Translated from;- Referativnyy Zhurnal Fizika,,1959, Nr 9, p 99 (USSR) AUTHORS-. Tsetlin, B.L., Zaytseva, N.G.,,Yorbut, V.Mj Kargin, V.A. TITLE: The Effect of Ionizing Radiation on Polymeric Glasses PERIODICALI. In the symposium: The Effect of Ionizing Radiation on Inorganic and Organic Systems. Moscow, AN SSSR, 1958, PP 363 - 375 ABSTRACr- The authors made an experimental study of the processes involved in the radiation destruction of some vitreous polymers. They investigated the changes which the thermomechanical characteristics and.the endurance of the polymers undergo as a result of irradiation. They also studied the gas formation and development of dendritic cracks that irradiation causes in polymeric glasses. On the basis of the results obtained,-the authors discuss some regularities In the influence that the chemical nature of the polymers exerts upon the direction and rate of the radiochemical changes they undergo. A study of the character of the dendritic cracks which develop in various organic glasses under the action of irradiation, permitted the authors to voice some considerations in support of the Card 1/2 hypothesis advanced earlier concerning the adsorption mechanism involved 18M V. ~11. SOV/20-124-1 AUTHOR: r_Kqrb~ -20/69 TITLE: The Influence of the Dosage of a Surface-active Substance on the Surface Plasticization of a Metal in Drawing (Vliyaniye dozirovki poverkhnostno-aktivnogo veshchestva ns, poverkhnost- noye plastifits'irovaniye metalla pri volochenii) PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 1959, Vol 124, Nr 1, pp 72-75 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The data determined by the present paper must be considered to be an estimate of the influence exercised by the number of adsorption layers in plasticization. The influenze exercised by the dosage of the lubricant was investigated In connection with the drawing of copper- and aluminum rods by means of an 8 mm thick draw-plate. The samples were carefully oleaned.6y the removal of oxide films and adsorption layers, and grease was removed from the draw plate by means of pure benzene. Resistance against cutting in the very thin surface layer r, was calculated according to the basic equation for drawing F w Yk + PmAS. PM denotes the resistance of the metal Card-1 3 against changes of volume and shape during drawing. The Influence of the Dosage of a Surface-active SOV/20-124-1-20/69 -Substance on the Surface Plasticization of a Metal in Drawing In the:case of all dosages of the surface-active material, i.e. with an,arbitrary number of layers, r1 decreases with an increasing degree of copper deformation. At the same time, the number of layers of the surface~-active substance exercises A considerable influence upon the value of r, if the degree of d.eformation and the highest possible degree of deformation per passage are given. Also the state of aggregation of the ,lubricant influences the iubricating effect. A diagram shows the variation of drawing-stress as a function of the number of the mono-layers of atearic- and oleio acid at 20 and 1000. At 200 oleic acid is more effective than stearic acid. 'btearic acid and oleic acid reduce drawing stress in the case. of .7 mono-layers by 28% ~ and 65 % reqnWtivelr**'-_A&1n*t. trestwmt without lubricant. At 1000 the lubricating effect, on the whole, in- creases, and,these acide then beiin to act in the same manners each of them reducing drawing stress (in 7 mono-layers) by 75-80 ~4. At room telaperature stearic acid forms a solid film on the surface of the metal to be deformed, and the molecules of stearic acid do not have the necessary mobility for Card 2/0 penetration into the interior of the metal. 3 The Influence of thIe Dosage of a Surface-active SOV/20-124-1-20/69 Substance on the Surface Plasticization of a Metal in Drawing Similar rules apply also to other metals. A table shows the var$ation of V., in the drawing of aluminum in the presence of various numbers of mono-layers of-stearic acia. The second table shows th3 dependence of the drawing stress of aluminum on temperature and on the degree of deformation (for oleic and stearic acid). The same regularities hold also for alcohols at room temperature. According to the re sults -obtained by the present.paper already a small number of adsorptioh layers of a'surface-active'substano* causes considerable plasticization of the surface layer of the metal and therefore also & deorease-of drawing stress. The possibility of ohemioal:rsaotion between the metal to be deformed and the activ.e components of1he external medium increases the effect of',plasticization" which,indioates a considerabli influence of chem'osorption'phonamens in the offset under invostigationt*The author-thanks V. I. Likhtman and S. Tat Vey ler for-their useful advice. There are 2 figures, 2 tables, and 5 references, 4 of which are Soviet. Card 3/k s- 5 IKORBUT,- V. M., Cand action and--tYe role layers in processes 11 pp; (Moscow Orde:c- Gas Industry im (KL, 32-60, 146) Chem Sci -- (diss) "Study of the plasticizing of the mechanical characteristics of lubricating of working metals by pressure." Moscow, 1960. of Labor Red Banner Inst of the Petrochemical I. M. Gubkin); 160 copies; price not given; 67543 45--(Sh IT. 6000 SOV/20-130-2-171169 AUTHORS: Korbut, V. M., Veyler, S. Ya., Likhtman, V. I. TITLE: The Importance of Adsorption Interactions and of the Mechanical Volume Properties oflubricant Layers in Pressure Processing of Metals %% PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR9 1960o Vol 130, Wr 29 PP 307 - 309 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The authors studied the action of solid and liquid lubricant samples by a method earlier developed in their laboratory. This method is based on the separation of the total tangential stress into two parts in consequence of deformation: a) into the stress P AS needed for the volume deformation of the metal M and b) into the stress needed for the elimination of friction - resistance VS k to the shearing. The first component of the total deformation stress depends on the mechanical properties of the metalp and the second component depends on the -mechanical pro- perties of thq surface layer in which friction takes place. Card 1/3 F = P mAS + VS k holds for the total drag stressp whore AS denotes i~~ 6 7 ~z 6 3 The Importance of Adsorption Interactions and of the SOV/20-130-2-17/69 Mechanical Volume Proporties of Lubricant Layers in Pressure Processing of Metals the reduction of the sample cross section in draggingp S k the contact surface between the instrument and the sample. Results of the measurement of V in various media in the dragging of aluminum rods are listed in table 1. For aluminum, water in solid state (-200) has a better lubricity than in the liquid state. Pure hydrocarbons - octane and dodecane at 200 - are in- active lubricants and are squeezed out in dragging. Solidified dodecanev however, has a good lubricity. Paraffin obtains its optimum lubricity at 200. The lubricity of paraPfin is rapidly reduced by melting. Alcohols are active lubricants at +200 and -200 (i.e. in solid and liquid state). This does, however, not apply to fatty acids the lubricity of which increases between 70 and 1000 due to chemical interaction with the metal. At the melting temperature, the lubricity of cetyl alcohol deterio- rates, while those of stearic acid are slightly improved. On solidification, resistance 0 to the shift in the lubricant volume increases andp consequently, also Vrises. In the absence Card 2/3 of chemical interaction 1~ and 9 agree without being identica 67~63 The Importance of Adsorption Interactions and of the SOV/20-130-2-17/69 Mechanical Volume Properties of Lubricant Layers in Pressure Processing of Metals Finally, the authors point out the influence exerted by the concentration of surface-activeladditions at various tempera- 0 tures,-,upon the conditions of dragging. Transformer oil at -1 and the same oil with an addition of oloic acid (20,t) at +20 have the same lubricating action. The oxidation products of paraffin, cation-aetive substances, etc also have similar pro- perties at +200. There are 1 figure,, 2 tables.~ and 5 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Institut fizichookoy khimii Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute of Physical Chemistry of tAe Academy of Sciences of the FS13 PRESENTED: September 19, 1959, by P.'A. Rebindery Academician SUBMITTED: September 17, 1959 Card 3/3 00 29122 S/020/61/140/005/019/022 B1O1/B110 AUTHORS: Veyler, S., Ya., and Petrova. N V, TITLE: Effect of the physic oc hemi cal naturc. or. its efficiency in metalworking urxler ;: , r, PERIC-DICAL: Akadeffliya nauk SSSR- Doklady, v. 140, n,,,, ~, lQtl:l~ 11-18-1-120 TEXT: The authors studied the effect of lubricants on the pressure deformation of metals,, Object of the study was the lubricant film at the interface between metal and instrument., The streas 'r in the cross section of the lubricant film was chosen as characteristic value for the lubricating effect.. Hydrocarbons, alcohols, and organic acids were used as model lubriefints.. Deformation vas ptirformad by drawing of aliwiinuin wiro rods-. F 1 g I ohowl) tho rvaujtu.~ Abovu tho :joffotxlne~ pivint, hydrocarbons, alcohols, and acids behave differently,. Explanationi (1) Hydrucarbonu art, not adsorption-active, 'r attains values of B-10 kg/CM2, Thus, the hydrocarbons are pressed out of the interface between metal and inqtrument.- Doformation occurs in the outer layer of the metal itself. (2) Alcoholo are reversibly adsorbable on metals and, therefore, efficient lubrican'.s,. While with liquid hydrocarbons a deformation was only possible up to 7 %, up to 36 % Card '/p-, 29122 S/020/61/140/005/0'19/022 Effect of the physicochemical B'101/B110 metal deformation was attained with the use of liquid alcohols,. (3) Since alcohols are desorbed. with increasing temperature,Tip.Greases. 01) In acidsA however, soaps are formed with increasing temperaturA. and T drops, (5) In absorption-inactive lubricants, a temperature decrease may improve the lubricating effect. Thus, the drawing force in 7 ~ deformation of aluminum and with the use of 0 transformer oil as a lubricant was 293 kg at 1500C, and only 60 kg at -60 C,, (61) While in liquid lubricants the inter- action with the metal is decisive for the lubricating effect, the latter depends in solid (plastic) substances on their structural avd mechanical properties., The authors thank Professor V.. I, Likhtma-n fo~ advi-ce, There are 1 figure, 2 tables., and 5 So-,riet ASSOCIATION: Institut fizicheskoy kh-imii Akademli nauk SSSR (Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Scieziz;es USSR PRESENTED; May 18, 1961 by P. A, Rebinder, Academician SUBMITTED: May 13, 196! Card 211/ ~2 ACCESSION Us A7401407 8/3072/63/000100010005/0030 0030 AUTH011 behuto V. H6.1 _Ysylero 0. VA.1 Likhtmant V. t.1 114bludere P. A. indere P. A. TITIZ: ftsicoebouLatry of the lubricating effect during wire drawing re drawing SOURCE: rft,-khim, sakanomermatL daystviya smavok prL obrabatke metallov Wtke matall" davlenLyem. Moscow, lad-vo AN SSSRr, 1963,p 5-30 TOPIC TAGS: metal lubrLcation., wire drawing lubrication, wire drawing, lubit'icant ABSTRACT: The physicachemistey of the lubrication process in a very significant problem in -the pressure treatment of metals. This problem was discitsmed and evaluated an the basis of: (1).effect of the media on the process of metal deformation, (2) mechanism of the lubrication affect on pressure treatment (de- formation) of metals, (3) the affect of the temperature during pressure treatment and the physicochemical properties of the lubricant during wire drawing, and (4) the effect of the amount of lubricates used. It van concluded that the stresses of the trzatment and the shearing strength in the thin surface 14er determine the properties of the lubricant. In some cases, the surface properties of the treated metal are also of significance. Sam lubricants react chemically Card 1/2 KORBUTI E. K.; BOCIfVAR, A. A.; SVIDERSKAYA, Z. A. "On the Question of the,Expansion of Some Alloy$ on Solidification," Izvegtiya Akademli Nauk SSSR 0-tdeleniye Tekhnicheskikh Nauk (1947) No. 4, pp 409/417- B-789115, 15 SeP 511 3/028/60/000/010/016/020 B013/B063 AUTHOR: Korbut, Ye. K. 7;;~~ TITLE: Mechanical Test Methods PERIODICAL: Standartizatsiya, 1960, for Metals 7~9 No. 10, PP- 56-57 TEXT: This is a report on new standards referring to mechanical test methods for metals. roCT945o-6o (GOST 9450-60) was worked out by the Inatitut mashinovedeniya Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute of Sciences of Machines of the Academy of Sciences USSR) and enforced on January 1, 190M.- GOST 9450-60 refers to the hardness teat of metals with a square diamond pyramid under a test load of 5 - 500 g. This technique has found wide application in the USSR during the last few are owing to the development of new testing machine8 (types nMT-2 (PMT-2 and nMT-3 (PMT-3)). The new standard differs from that for the Vickers hardness test by speci- fying small test loads and offering many other novelties, such as an auxiliary method for the numerical determination of hardness (note to point 3 of GOST 9450-60)9 standardization of the purity of the pyramid surface (point 5), for tests on dry Riirfaceq (noint 12), for Card 1/2 XORBUT, Ye.K. Improve the quality of steel. Standartizataiia 24 no.4:10-11 Ap 16o. (Steel-Standardo) (KnU 13:9) N