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December 31, 1967
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.:oncerning the Efficiency of Nitrogen Oxide 7763.1 Aboorption In Bubble Plate Columns sov/8o-33-2-6/52 where K is the coefficient expressing the change of C for 1% change of acid concentration: V=0.3+Jr-c11N0,+()'0G'f P""+ +0.067 h - 0.002 t - 0. 43 w, (10) where 0.3 is a constant'f'or a given plate construction and initial gas composition. Preliminary calculations of the values of C by means of the above equations showed that they can be used successfully in designing absorption columns for the production of weak nitric acid. The fol- lowing workers of the T3Z1 LKhK (AbBtructerl.s note: Presumably stands for the Centval Factory Laboratory of the Lisichansk Chemical Combinate) took part In the study: M. T. Ivaldinenko, A. N. Berezhnaya, N. A. Rassypkina, Z. A. Makarova, A. N. Lyashenko, N. S. Dezperstova, N. N. Nikol- ayeva, and K. A. Dubenko. There are 6 figures; 3 tables; and 10 references, 1 U.S., 2 U.K., .1 PC) lish, 6 Soviet. The U.S. cnd U.K. reforenceo are: K. G. Denbigh, A. J. Prince, J. Chem. Soc., 6, 790 (L947); P. G. Caundl, K. G. Denbigh, Trans. Faraday Soc., 119, 1, 39 (1953); T. S. Chambers T. K. Sherwood, Ind. Eng. Chem. , 29, 12, ,ard 3/11 .1 1515 3oncerning the Efficiency cf Nitrogen oxide T(631 \)).3orption in Bubble Plate Columns SO-V/80-33-2-6/52 (1937). ,UBMITTED: June 23, 1959 :",, r-d 4/4 KORDYSH, Ye. 1. Cand Toch Soi -- "Determination of the optimum relationship 21.1'N", ~12 ~ between processes of oxidation of nitrio oxide and absorption of - - - =&W during the formRtion of nitrio acid in absorption columns." Ivanovo, 1961 (Min of Higher and SeGOLdary Specialized Education RSFSR. Ivanovo Chemicotechno- logical Inst). M, 4-61, 197) Z- TOPIC-TAGS.,---ttcetylene~~p'yri~lyqist~catbidd based acetylene,-propadiene ihethyL acetylenei diacetylene,-dl-,"Yti--,6hrmato~xaphic column, acetylene tylinder, organic -.smlvent L n pyrq TS Ir-ton-I tains. the fol-lowing imptirkties: metfiyl acetyline, propadiens, divinyl, cft- Iacetylene, etc. The authata experinented with filling 40-liter cylinders with acetylene made by pyrolyait in order to determine the nature of the distribution Iof these impurities during_the ~msptying of the cylinders. The acetylene used had the folloving empositLoft id-L C?R 99-99.21 C02 0.1-0.Z- 02 0.05-0.1; 1, propadiene G.2-0.4 llethrlacet~lerae O.Z-0-1; divinyl 0.01-0.03; vinyl acetylene 0.03-(Y.05., diaicetylene 0.01 00056: Pkidr 4-.a the experWentff thia acetylene was Cftrd 1/2 STRIZ4EVSKTY, I.I. ['3tryzhevs'kyi, ord~rnh, [E. I. " ,j. [ K VORONOVA, L.Ya.; MOKHOVA, V.S.; SOBODYRO, S.G. !-Sobodyr, S.11.j-, SHLYAKHOVER, I.V.; ESTRIN, S.M. Balloon filling with pyrolysis acetylene. Rim. prom.(Ukr] no.l: 69-71 Ja-Mr 165. (14IRA 18%4) KORDYSHI Ye.l.) LIM, V.A.; STRUNINA, A.V. Prinimall uchastiyes BOSANYUK, E.V.; SAMOYLEMO, L.N. Contamination of -oxpanslon gaises irrom ammonla production by hydrogen sull'ide an a restilt of.-veftrr: Xhimo prom. 1,1 no* 12?901-m-90Z b 165 - (MIRA 19:1) .11 . - &- .1 :", I . . BEREZHNOYI A.S.; KDRDYUK, R.A. - - -~ , ~ 1 "' Melting diagram of the system MgO - A1203 - Z102. Dop. AN URSR no.4006-508 164. MIRA 170) 1. Ukrainakiy institut ogneuporov. 2. Chlen-korrespondent AN Ukr SSR (for Berezhnoy). KORDYUKJ, R.A.; GULIKO,, N.V. Tetrahedratian of the system MgO - Al20 - Zro - SiO , Dokl, AN SSSR 154 Tio.5tll83-1184 F164. 3 2 (ERA 17:2) 1. UkrainBki3,.nauchno-isaledovatellskiy institut ogneuporov. Predstavleno akademikom N.V. Belovym. BXUZHUOr, A.S.; XOI M"k +I- modificAtioc trawformstions of mgnesium metasilicate. Dop.AN URSR no.10:2417-1420 160. (KRA 13:11) 1. Ukrainskly Institut ogmenparov, g. XharIkov. 2. Chlen-korreepondent AN USSR (for'Bareshnoy). ~(NILgftqqIui silicate) BEREZOOTs A.S.,* KORD=o R.A, Gbaracteri3tics of reactions ur-derlying the mantifacture and use of forsterLte refractories, Dop. AN URSR no. 12%1614-1617 160. (KERA 14:1) 1. Ukrainakiy,in3tIituIt-ognsuporovp Kbarlkov, 2. Oblm- korrespondent Aji USSR (for Berezhnoy), (Foraterite) BEREZHNOY, A.S.; XORDM, R.A. Airwtion of calcium ailicates, ferriteo, aluminate, and titanates in the solid *asse Dop*AN URSR no.7:924-927 161. (KERA 14:8) 1. Ukrain3kiy institut ogneupabv. 2. Chlen-korrespondent AN USSR (.ror Bereahnoy). ACalcium compounds) ACCESSI(If Iffl: AP4030395 S/0021/6~/OOO/OC4/0506/05W AV.M OR Berezhnoy,, A*'8* (Con spending member of AN Ukr$SR) 1Kortly.-A R, A* TITLE: Melting diapam,or the,system MgO -- AIP.03 __ ZrO2 SOURCEz AN UkrRSR* Dopovidi, no. 4.. 1964, 5o6-508 TOPIC TAGS: magnesium oxide,, corundum., alumina., zirconium oxIde, fusibility ABSTRACT: A melting diagrad of the system MgO--Al2O3-ZrO2 (see Pigs 1 of En- closure) is constructed, and the location of the ioundary Unes*tentatively deter- mined (see Fig. 2 oj~ Eno'losure). Contrary to the'report by P. Ya. Sal*'dav and others (Izv. AN SSSE., Ota. kh-Im. nauk, 6., 669 (iqlj5) these writers.found that ZrO2 and MgAlpO.3 foi= a simple paeudobinary system with an eutectic melting at 'I iMooc and cont-oln"rig about 5:$ by weight of ZrO Two ternary eutectics in tas system are foxmed by the CoUv4ng n3ld phases tL~ by the melt) with the.iollow ing melting points and the approximate conpositioa (~ by weight): 1) AlgO3 Z-rO2 - M8U20 ; 181090,; 7~ Wo 430 A12P and 54 ZrO2- 2) M90 Zrog XeAlP_03;-1W* Oj:* XgO, A22Q3 wd U02. The soUd soli Card. AUTHORS: Berozhnoy, A. S., K -/13i/62/'000/002/003/004 ;105/B101 TITLE: The system CaO - MCO - ZrO 2 - Sio2and _tE importance for the produozion of refractories PERIODICAL; Ognauporyj no. 2, 1962p 65-90 TEXT:' The system CaO - ZrO. - Si02 was studied and two ternary compounds with the following -,r-.-:)E;rties have been detected in it; Ca ZrSi 09, 0 3 2 specific gravity 3.46, melts incongruently at -1600 C with formation of Ca2sio 4 and Zr02 arises from oxides (a-quartz, tetragonal Zr021 and CaO) 6 ' increase in volumep linear expans-an coefficient a 11 . -10 with a 2.6~a 9 orthorhomic system, Ng - 1-758, Nm = 1-73~, NP - 1.735, Ng - Np = 0.023t specific refraction: 0.215; Ca2 ZrSi40121 specific gravity: 3.06, melts iAcongruentl~_ at -/14~OOC with formation of ZrSiO 4 arises from oxides with a 7-3~* increase ir, volume, a - 5-9-10-6 , orthorhombic system, Ng - 1.658, Card 1/1 S/1 - 1 '62 '000 ' 02/003/004 ;?/Bue/vu /0 The system CaO - MgO - ZrO 2 - Si02 ... B105 101 Np - 1.653, Ng - lip - 0-005, specific refraction: 0.214- Optical studies show that ZrO and Ca Sio do not form solid solutiorsof noticeable 2 2 4 concentration. In the system CaO - ZrO - Sio the ran-c of refractory 2 2 compositions at 1600 'L~Cis rather small and decreases ra~-A*.ily at 2000 0 C. Melting point, number of existing phases, number of elementary tetrahedrons in which phases occur, the volumes 2V and the existence probability Wi ("vi - Zvi/n, where nis the number of components) are given (Table 2) for the 18 phases of the system CaO - MgO ZrO 2 -sio 2* The lowest melting point of the eutectic CaSio Calig (SiO 0 3' 3)2' Ca2ZrSi40121 and S'021 is 0 1v 1300 C. At 2000 C only binary combinations of CaO, MgO, and ZrO 2 are suited, and some ternary ones with a maximum concentration of the third oxide of -j5c,4- ',,!here are 8 figures, 3 tables, and 5 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION:. Ukrainskiy nauchno-iosleclovateliskiy institut ogneuporov (Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Refractories) Card.2/3 34756 S/020/62/142/003/024/027 B101/B110 0. AUTHORS: dyuk, R. A., and Gullko, N. V. TITLE: Subsolidus structure and ternary compounds in the system CaO - ZrO 2 - sio2 PERIODICAL: Akademiya, nauk SSSR. Doklady, v. 142, no. 3, 1962, 639-641 TEXT: The reactions in solid phase of the combinations (1) Ca 2 Sio4 + CaZrO3 ; (2) Ca2Sio 4 + ZrO2 ; (3) Ca2Sio4 + ZrSio4 ; (4) Ca3Si 207 + ZrO 2; (5) CaSiO 3 + Ca,,rO 3; (6) CaSi03 + Zr02 ; and (7) Ca Si03 + ZrS i04 were subjected to microscopic and X-ray investigations. Mixtures (ratio by weight 1:1) of the substances mentioned (synthesized from pure ZrO 29 quartz, and CaCC)3) were calcined by raisina the temperature from 1200 0C to the melting point at 50 - 100 C intervals. Reactions were found to take place in mixtures (4) and (7), but not in mixtures (1), (2), and (6). Formation of twc. compounds was observed when studying the systems Card 1A S/020/62/142/003/024/027 Subsolidus structure and ternary... B101/B110 Ca2sio 4 -Casio,, - ZrO2and CaSiO 3 -sio 2 -ZrO 2' Ca 3ZrSi209 (1) forms from Casio4 -t Casio3+ ZrO2 or Ca3si 207+ ZrO 2* The beginning of formation is microscopically observed at 12000C. At 14000C, the gield is 90% after 2 hr. The compound is most perfectly formed at 1500 C from Ca3si 207+ ZrO 2" At 16000C, incongruent melting takes place with formation of Cal, sio Zro2 and melt. Optical constants of I are: 1 4' 0 N 9= 1.758; Nm :: 1.737; Np 1.735; N9 - Np = 0.023, 2V = 2 921. The sign of the principal zone is positive, biaxial, with linear extinction. Crystallization in a rhombic system is assumed for I. The specific gravity determined pycnometrically i6 3.46 g/cm3. The formation from oxides occurs with increase in volume (AV = +2.6%). The linear expansion coefficient a io 11.9,10-6. The compound is soluble in concentrated HC1, and hydrolyzes In boiling water. Ca2 ZrSi4 012 (11) forms (after, 15 hr) at 14000C;o the :3ample has to be crushed several times during this process. Above 1430 C, incongruent melting takes place with formation of Zrsio 4 Card 2/4 Subsolidus structure and ternary... S/020/62/142/003/024/027 B101/B110 and melt. Data for 11 are: N .:1.658; N' - 1.6531 N N - 0.005; 39 P 96 P specific gravity ~-_,.3.96 9/cm , jjV - +7.3%; a - 5-9-10 The sign of the principal zone'is positive, biaxial, extinction is linear'. A rhombic system ins therefore assumed. Cc mpound II is unsoluble in concentrated HC1, and does not hydrolyze? X-ray-lata (line+intensitiee and interplana.r spacings) found for I 'and II by A. M.'--Gavrish are tabulated.. No reactions. were observed bf,tween I and ZrO CaSiO Ca Si 0 Ca , and between 2'. 39 3 2 7' 2 Si.04 II and ZrO Zr.';iO and CaS -The subsolidue structure'of the 2' 4' Si.02 '03- system!CaO - ZrO2 Sio 2 (Fig. 1) differs from that of the system SrO - ZrO - Sio G. V. Voronkov and Ye. I. Medvedovskaya are mentioned. 2 2 There are 1 figure, -1 table, and 3 references: I Soviet and 2 non-Soviet. Thexefeivneerthwtho English -language publicatim: reads as follows: P. S. Dear, Bull. of 1he Virginia Polyteahn. Inat.9 51, [8]t 10 (1958); Chem. Abstr., a,'[51,. 3862 (1959). ASSOCIATION: Ukrainskiy nauchno-iseledovatellskiy institut ogneuporov (Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Refractory Card 3/4 Materials').. BEREMNOY, A.S.; KORDYUKI j-.'.A. Characteristics of the system C,,-,O - ~-rO - A1203 -ZrO2 . Dop. All, UR3-R no.12:1617-1620 163. 0%1111A 11:9) 1- Ukl-ainskiy institut ogn8uporov. 2. Chlen-korrespondant All UlaSSII (for Berezhnoy. DUBININ, (Dubinin, V Mj; KORDYUK S.L.; LISICHENKO, V.I. [Lyirychanko, V.1,1; SkOr=Kii, A.N. (Smallovsfk3ri, 0 .N.1 Tevq)erature dependence of the 9c;ssbauar effect in stannic acid. Ukr.fiz.zhur, 10,po.l2tl368-1369 D 165. (KRA lgzl) k 1. Dnepropetrovskiy gos~darstvennyy universitet. JD JG ACC NRt AP7002799 SOURCE CODEt UR/0048/66/030/008/1360/1363; AUTHOR., Kryukova, L, N.; Yardyukovich, V. 0; Sorokin,.A. A. OM: Scientific Research Institute of Nuclear rhysics. Macaw State University Ims If. V. Lomnos-0-1i __~W a y Institut yadernoy fittki Makovskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta) LCO TITLE: Lifetirms of the lower excited states of 1"189 ----------- SOURCE: AN SSSR. Izvostlya. Sarlya fizichaskaya, v. 30, no. 8, 1966, 1360-1363 TOPIC TAGSt deformed nuc leusq Irldium _0 ABSTRACT: To verify the assumption that the lower excited states of Irm may be regardedas levels of a deformed nucleus which represent a system of two rotationdf bands based on single-particle Nilsson states 3/2+/402/ and 1/2+/400/0 the lifetium)s of the first and second excited levels of Irl89 (with energies of 94 and 113 kov) wore measured. The'source used was a Pt fraction chemically isolated from a proton- I rradiated Au target. 7he lifetimes were measured by means of adi'-coincidencl spectrometer. Pulses from the photomultiplior anodes wore transmitted to a time- amplitude converter. Findings: For the 94-kev level it was found that Tl/2(MI) 1.36 10-9 sec and Tl/2(E2) 9.6 10-9 sec. These findings strengthen the theory thal the 94-kev level is chiefly a single-particle (proton) level and the 113-kev level is the second rotational to= of the fundamental rotational band with K - 3/20 ig. arte host 4 figures* CiPESS 399040 r dr IAWJL~SUB (WEs 20 SUBM DATEs no-- ORIG--REFs 003 OM REFt 006 RIJDENKO, N.1'.;_KORDYUKEVICII, V.0. Reaction of gold with 8-mercaptoquinol:Lne and its grarimetria deteimination. Zhur. anal. khim. 21 no.1:18-22 166 WIRA 19:1) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstvannyy universitet imeni Lomonosova. KRYUKOVA, L.'I.; KORDYUKF.VICH,-V.O.; SOROKIN, A.A.; RUDENKO, N.P. -Lifetime of the 55Kev. state in the IrI88 nucleus. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. fiz. 21) no.7slO89-1091 J1 165. (W RA 18 17) 1. Nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut yadernoy fiziki Moskovskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta im. M.V.Lomonosova. MIKOYANP A.; IGNATOV, lqt; KOROVUSHKINO Aq GARBUZOV, V.; KAByo)r Ya.; KUDRYAVTSEV, A.; BOR7CF[EV,, Il VOROBIYEV., V.; SVESHNIKOV,,M.0- USHAKOV, V.; MIROSHNICHENKO, B.; ZENCHENKO, 1l.; BABUSHKIN,, V.; NIKITK121J, N.; PODSHIVAIENKO, P.; ZOTOV., M.; VOSKRESENSKIY, A.; KAZANTSEV, A.; IORDYUKOV,,_A. SHAKOV,, S.; VERSOV, A.; j NOSKO., P.1 PIY ROHASHOVV A. I.N. Kazakov; obituray. Den. i kred. 19 no.3:95 Mr 161. (MIRA 34:j) (Kazakov, Ivan Nikolaevich, 1907-1961) Al.-A 00 00 go 00 A 00 0 ~ A - - posefeeiiis 1 0 7 1 0 0 11 u 11 m Is S_J_A_J" ILI a 1100 moo MOO L& I ~1. u"8416" see Blow fivivilwo too- 60"Ov j Issaw war stv @Algal cw 0" Iti I . 1 6 W it I q AV All; .19 a ad 006-tusessap 1 0 a 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Ole 0 * 0.9 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 Ole 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 4 :0 0 f 9990�~~~ T770 0 0 4 0 0 0 4 : I@ iiiessoieseiiii 0 a Jolt 1223 MIS Jiga a L-I a I a b I - 1 a a. "m m0 9 d diakwu as dw aW wid Ya. SkAxitlysitilt ud V. E. 5, No. 10, do* cNarimation kd to a whilenims W The cemmi in The comAlk" tA an A1111411i" PLIAL -A is Cl 11 go 00 :0 0 Oo' qjv ai(I vullaw anin awom aq% to lal"f- 041 amigmat SRI 911 J1111411 & 0 111141, MAW tiftif Jy*jl "oil) W" *$psss's Insists go".t w0s) PA"ro &I im., SUAW alliq -mmw -V m0 at 00 'pipact AITIMMI 11 WIM $11 _%V'I-l 'F$N" 1100 pMtgu Oo *Ott tum; iLuqrlkp, *1 jalulp jqw4 AIV"~Vm V -w4jolump 00 -iol mil -1 usavvni, 1!1-t) 9 V4 Aunp am 4n mom + 00 1.111IN vulm- Aq P-Mqo #I I- "Nib.) 00 -1, mswn I -witt"AS-1 -V -1 IMP 00 go r 09 it I o -v a it n it n 1 41 if 0 !V .1 ti it 11 It AA*i 0 0 (A 0 0 696906090000000000 Mv ON I 0 C lp W 6 4 X L 0 0 0 PQ I I I W ",*I to '19 f J!'? oft oft atom oft oft sift ow 0#16 0416. $141*036 guy o"I""Jo lk 00 f% 00 i IV 000 Poe ;p so AV 00 100 IF fe 1, r *0 KORDYUKOV,, V.P. Widening of rings and bandages during forging, Kuz,-shtam.proizv. 0 no.1242-44 Ja 164- (MIRA 17:3) LQ SERMOV; kand. tekhn. jlauk,, red. [MaUng large forgings by the hammer forging method] Opyt izgoto-vlenAa krupnykh y-kovok svobodnoi kovkoi. MoBk,ra:, Mashinostroenie., 1965. 191 p. (MIRA 18s12) 21807 T(ORDYMOV, V. YO,. It vopronu komstruirovaniya rundshl'uWcov dlya dymbEtogo kL-picha. Steklo i keramka, 1949, "No. "I s. 12-14, SO: Letopis' Zhurnall.nykh Statay, No. 29, Moskva, 1949 KORIMUKOVP V.Ye., inzh. (Chernigov) We need a method of daterainixg the activity of the binding material. Stroi. wt. 9 no-5:18 My 163* (MIRA 16$7) (No subject headings) ff ACCESSION NR: AR11014430 S/Ol24/64/ooo/ool/vo8o/vMo SOURCE: RZh. MeHhanika,- Abse.lV612 AUTHOR: KoF"". -,L.,.-,N*, TITLE: Supplemental plastic deformation during one load cycle and following rappated loacling CITED SOIACE: Sb. tr. Ullyanovskogo.politekhnf in-ta- no. 2, 1962., 21-39 TOPIC TAGS: plastic deformation, supplemental.deformation, Bauschinger effect, hysteresis loop TRANSIATION-, The author supplies & qualitative explanation of the appearance of plastic deformation per cycle during a pulsed constant amplitude stretching. He utilizes the model of a polycrystalline metal vith grains of differing fluidity limits as proposed by 11. N. Afanaslyev (Statisticheskays. teoriya ustalostnoy proch-* nosti metallov. Kiyev, Izd-vo AN UkrSSR, 1953) assuming a uniform. distribution of the frequency of fluidity limits. The explanation of the Bauschinger effect and the creation of the hysteresis loop without regard to the changes following a number of cycles is based here.on the above-mentioned model. The supplemental plastic de- formation per cycle is tied to various degrees of relaxation of the residual stresses Card 1/2 KORDYUKOVA, L.N., inzh.. Plastic forming by means of a pilsating force. Trudy MVTU no.111; 180-186 164. (WRA 1719) tt ~:777 -Vert, irxbl~ 6,; it- 44S far pf g-11 4 Z t v "!i tilt 114, uss: in c0'! Itl it 3 TS, P.A.; KOVAIZNKO, RAYEV, Z.A.; DROTYANKO, A.S.; WJIDT EMM A,.D.; PARKHOWNW, tmatment of yeast milk with malt wort for the improvement of i:ae quality of compressed yeast. Ferm. i spirt. prom. 31 no.7tlS-22 165. (MIRA 18. 11) 1. Ukrainsky nauchno-iseledovatel skiy institut spirtovoy i likero-vodochnoy prowyahlennosti (for Rayev., Drotyanko, Kordyukova). 2. Andrushevskiy spirtokombinat (for Sezenets, Yovalenko, Parkhomenko). RAYEV, Z.A.; KORDYUKOVAI N.S. Parification of molasses in the manufacture of bakers' yeast. Spirt. prom. 28 no.7:4-7 162. (KIRA 17:2) 1. Ukrainskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut spirtovoy i likero-yodochnoy promyshlennosti. RAYEV, PINYA)EVAO N.A.1 MELINIK, A.N. Improving the matose activity of disti2lery baker's yeast. Ferme i spirte prome 30 no,60-7 164, ( W RA 17: 1-3 ) 1. Ukrainskiy nauchuc~-iesledovatellskiy inatitut spirtovoy i likero-vadechnoy promyshlennosti. KORMMOVA, S. Patrice which did not grow in fields. IUn.takh. 2 no.8:17-23 Ag 159. (MIRA. 12 9 7) (Textile fibers, Synthetic) SHUSTOROVICH~ l-evgeniv Meyerovich- YABACHNIK., H.I.,, akademik., otv. rtid.; BLYMPELID, L.A.j doktor khim. nauk, oty. .4[jjjjA4AjLed.; TARAMMOt V.M., red.i2d-va; red. ; ~KO~RDY7U C SUSHKd . L.A., tekhn. red. Nature of chemical bonds] Priroda khimicheskoi sviazi. Moskvlt,. Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1963. 134 P. (miRA 16:12) (Chemical bonds) KORTYUM.- V.A. [Kordlia, V.A.3; Z.V. [11;7zurke~.-y,2h, Z.V.J., Z~.!IROI!A, 1,G. LZharo"llp 1--H-J Possibility of using a temperature-gradient device for studying cardiral temperature points in the rrowth o'l mic-ro-organism3. Mikrobiol.zhur. 27 noo2*.83~-86 OV. (MIRA 18:5) 1. institut mikrobiologli i. virusologii AN tJkrSSR. 30(1) 8OV/2'L-59-3-20/27 -AUTHOR: K3rdyum, L.Ye. -------------- TITLE: 0:1 Some Peculiarities of'the Ta etum and Antipodes of the Family of Ranunculaceae ~O n,,-R'A-ztorykh osoben- nostyakh tapetuma i antipod semeystva lyutikovykh) PERIODICAL: Dobovidi Akademii nauk Ukrains*koi RSR, 1959, Nr 3, P-? 312-316 (USSR) AB8TRACT: Siunming up data from reference materials and his own experience in the study of the development of the cells of the tapetum and antipodes of a number of Ranunculaceae species, -the author notes some Peculiarities of the cleavage of these cells, lead- ing to the formation of polyploid nuclei. He draws an inference that the antipodes play a definite role ir. the metabolism of the embrio sac, which is con- firmed by the presence in them of ascorbic acid of the SH group, and of some ferments. There are 2 Card 1/2 SOT/21-r-9-3-20/27 On Some Peculiarities of the Tapetum and Antipodes of the Family of Ranunculaceae sets of diagrams and 16 references, 1 of which is Soviet, 4 German, 8 American,., 1 French and 2 un- identified. ASSOCIATIONg Botanicheskiy sad imeni akadem-ika O.V. Pomina (The Botanic Garden imeni Academician O.V. Pomin) PRESENTED: November 28, 1958, by D.K. Zerov, Member of the AS UkrSSR Card 212 XCMD~M. V.A. I-- ~~~ Continuous seleetton of bacteria in preparing phosphorubacterin. Kikcrobiol.xhur. 18 no.4:57-59 156. NLRA 10:2) 1. Z lityalkogo derzhevnogo universitetu Lim. T.G.Shavehanks (BACILLUS NEGATMITO) (BACMIOLOGY-4UMURIS AND GULFURN MRDIA) (MTILIZIMS AND KANMS) KMDYVM, V.A. [rordium, V.A.] Interaction of Axotobacter and phosphoras bReteria. Mikroblole' Shur., 20 no,3:24-28 158 (MIRA 11:11) 1. lz Kiyevskogo gosudaretvennogo univeralteta im. T%a. Sheychenko, kafedra m1krobiologiii (AZOTOBACTER (BACTERIA, PHOSPHORUS) 7R&MBVWH, L.I.; KOR", V.A.; AIDIDV, I.A. A sImp1,q adaptation of the ordinary microscope for use as a polarizing iblarosc,Ve. lob. delo 5 no.3:56-57 Yor-Je 159. (HIM 12:6) Io Is Uyevskogo gosudarstvannogo universitata. (NIORMOOPY) KORDYUM, V. A., Cand Biol Sci -- (diss) "Correlations between nitrogen bacteria and phosphorus bacteria." Kiev, 1960. 12 pp with illustrations; (Ministry of High'e'r and Secondary Specialist Education Ukrainian SSR, Kiev Order of Len-.,.n State Univ im T. G. Shevchenko); 150 copies; free; (KL, 17-60, 147) KORDYUM, V.A. i . ~-i P~~siolog~y-Bacillus m*og'atherim and an its phosphate-mineralizing variants. Mikir;biol. zhur. 22 no.41-57-63 160. (MIRL 13:11) (BACILLUS MATHERIUM) XORDYUMj V.A. Simple method for impulse microphotography. Lab. dolo (71 no.4#- 50-51 Ap 161. (MIR& 140) 1. Ufedra mikrob4logll i ant4biotikoy (zav, - prof. N.N.Rotraistrov) Kiyevakcgo gosudaritvennogo universiteta. (KicRopHoToriPAPHr-EQuipmw AsD suppLiEs) RUBENCHIK, L.Y,(Rdmah~*, L.I.1; KORDMI, V.A.; IAZURKEVICH, B.M. (~azurkevph, Z.M. b'VlADWM=- Ye--.V. - (Viadymyrova, IE.V. Growth of bacteria-fres Chlorella iulturea in a-multi-sta,,e continuous flow system. Mikrobiol. zhur. 23 no-5.:5-8 161." ~MIRA 143 12) 1. Institut mikrobiologli.AN USSR. (AUMS-CULTURES AND CULTURE MEDIA) ---Kofayljmj VeAs 'Multiplication of micro-organisma-from atmospheric and soil dust at the expensa of phytogenic substances under greenhouse conditions. Mikrobiol. zhur. 23 no.5:8-12 161. (MIRA 14s12) (DUST--MICROBIOLOGY) (A=WATHY) KORDYUM V.A. Simple method for cc ntinuous cultivation Of micro-organims mdmr flow2ess ionditions. Mikrobiol. zhur. 23 no.2:73-75 161., (MIR& W7) (B&MRIOLOGY-CULTURES AND CULTURE MEDIA) BOD/jILENKO, YO.S. [Boh,,benko.. U.S.11 KORDYUM, V Multiplication of micro--organisms in the air; preliminary report. Visnyk Kyiv. un. S4r. biol. no,1$173-175 158. (MIRA 15:6) (AIR-4UGROBICLOGY) RUEENCRIK, L. ".. [Rubenchyle, L. 1. 1; KORDYWt V. A. Developmwint of micro-organiew in an atmosphere of volatile substanctin secreted by, pea and vheat shoots. Mikrobiol. zhur. 23 no.3:1-8 161. (MM 15:7) 1. Inatitut mikrobiologii Akademii nauk USSR. .(BBIZOSPHERE MICROBIOLOGY) (WHEAT) (PEAS) RUBENCHIK, L.I. [Rubenchyk, L.I.1; KORDYUM, V.A.; CHERNYKH, S.I. Development of *ddro-organisme in the leaves of some plants under natural conditions. Mikrobiol.zhur. 24 no.2:3-7 162, (MIRA 15:12) 1. Institub mikrobiologii AN Ukr6SR. (MICRO-MGkNISMS) (PLANTS) KORDYUMt V.A.; SKRNOVA, R.M. [Snyrnova, R.M.1 Oligodynamic action of corrosive sublimate and its elimination during the sterilization of seed surfaces. Mikrobiol.zhur. 24 no.3:63-67 162. (MIRA 15:8) 1. Institut mikrobiologii AN UkrSSR. (SEEDS-DISINFECTICN) (MERCURY) KORD7!_, VpA.,)JAZU)MEVICH, Z.V.; ZHAWVA, L.G. [Oharom, L.H.] Simple hiethod'for checking bacteriological purity of cultures of unicelWar alpe and detecting bacterial mutants. Mikrobiol, shur, 24. 61-63 162. (MIRA 1615) (AtGA&-CULTURIS ABD CULTURE MEDIA) '(BAC,TZR10WM-TZCMQUZ) CHERNOBELISKAYAS M.N. [Worwobylls1ka, M.N.]; VR[L ,;-LAND*U, S.M. M,_y4 Role of sozo factors on the spore formation of phosphorus bacteria. Visnjyk Kyiv.un. no.2. Ser.biol. no.1:103-106 159. (MM 16:4) (ELiCTERIA., PHOSPHORUS) (SPORES (BOTANY)) KORDYUM, V.A.; EYNOR, L.O.; LAZURKEVICHY Z.V.; CHERNYKH, S,I. '- CharncteristJcn of renpiration of the thermophilic variant of Chlorella vulgaris, Dop. AN URSR no.5s655-658 163. (MIRA 17:9) 1. Institut rfiikrobiologii AN UkrSSR i Ingtitiit botaniki AN UkrSSR. Predstavleno akademikom AN UkrSSR D.K.Zerovym. WRDYUM. V.A#; IZY07Ap L.I.; . VAYSBAND, S M.; RATUSHNAYA, M.Ya. [Ratushna, PRIMBRAZHERSKATAO L.N . [Proobrazheno'ka, LAI; SMIRMOVA, M.N. [8xVrnova,..M.N.j Effect of i:ho removal of mwtabolites on-the growth of Chlorella vulgarie. Mikrobiol, shur .. 27 no.5s23-26 165. (MIRA 18:10) 1. 1natitut mikrobiologii i virumologii kN UkrSSR. USSR/Weeds and Weed Control N Abs Jour Ref Zhux - Biol., No 10, 1958, No 44416 Author IS2S~ym_&L~ Tnst Kiev Univ. Title Distribution Data for Dodder in Domanevskiy Rayon, Nikolayev- skaya Oblast' Orig Pub :Nauk. eap. ICiivslk. un-t, 1957., A, No 1, 137-1319 Abstract :No abstmet Card : 1/1 KORDYU.M, Ye. L., Cand of BiO Bel -- (diss) "Comparative EmbryoloE~cal Investigation of the Crowfoot Family (Ranunculaceae)," Kietr, 1959, 16 pp (Kiev State Univ im Shevehanko) (KLP 1-601 120) IORDYUM, Ye.L. [Ilordium, IE.L.1 .Embi74ogy of the rgrqaentatives of the tribe Heneboreae. Visnyk Kyiv un. no*2 Ser.biol. no.lt27-33 159. (MIR& 16W NELLEBOk) (BOTANY-ZMYOLOGY) %%o I IORDTUK. Ye.L. [Kc-rdium. 3.L.1- embryological study of the crowfoot family (Ranunculaoeae D.C). 16 no.1:32-43 '59. (NM 12:5) 1. 11yevskly gosudaratvennyy universitet im. T.G.Shevehanko I Botanich3skiy "A in. akad. Pormina. (crowfoot) (Botany-3mbryology), KORDYUM, To. L. processes of endosperm nuclei in Nlgella mativa L. [with summxy In Inglish]. 14 no.4:40-46 '57. (MIRA 11:101 l.Xiiv&;kij,derzh&vmty universitat im. T.G. Shevchenks i Botanichniy and im. akadealka O.V. Yovina. (Plant calls and tissues) (Nigglia) NOUTUM. Te.L. [Kordlum. IN.L.] ~--- z,-, Data on the distribution of dodder in Domnevim District, Nikolamv Province.'Nax* sap. lyiv. un. 16 n0-1:137-139 157. (kyA n:6) (Domnevim District-Bodder) KOEDTUM, To. L. -, Aberrattone In embryological processes in the case of remote h.vbrldisatton of mkhorka. Bot.shur. (Ukr.] 12 no.4:26-34 155. (KLVA 9:3) 1. Botanichaty @ad EM Iment akedemika Yomina. (Tobacco) ' KORDYUM, Ye.L. (Kordiump IE.L.1 The pollination and fertilization process in some species of the crowfoot fami2y. Ukr. bot. zhur. 17 to.6:61-67 160. (MRA 14:3) 1. Institut botaniki AN USSR, otdol tsitologii i embriologii. (Crowfoot) (Fertilization of plants) KMYUM Ye.L. [Koxdium. ILL] Abnormaities in the structure of the flower in garden forms of the larkspur Consolida ajacis (L.) Schur. 18 no.4:59-62 161. (IMU 14:8) 1, Institut botaniki AN USSR, Adel tsitologii i embriologii, (W*spur) (Abnormalities (Plants)) KORDMII Ye.L. Id=. IE. L. I Polyembryony in Vinc6toxic= officinale Moench. zhur. 18 no.3.-48-54 061. (MIM 14:12) 1. Institut botaniki AN US , 0 el taitologii i embriologiis ~ IV ov ma bry o ny Vincetoxicum KORDYUR, Ye.L. (Kordium, IE.L.] Conferen~ze on, the coordination of and vegetat:;.on, their historical regeneration, and i*provement". ,61. (Ukraine,-Botany) work on the problem "Flora development., utilization., Ukr. hot. zhur. 18 no.3-,U3--115 (MIRA 14-12) IXORDIUM, Ye.L. (Kordium, IE.L.]; ZAYETS, V.A. [Zalets', V.0.1 Embryology of the petty ffpurge Euphorbia peplus L. zhur. 19 no.5:42-48 162. (MMA 16a1) 1. Institut botaniki AN UkrSSR otdel tsitologii i embriologii. ( Spurge) tBotany-Embryology) KORDYUM, Ye.L. [Kordium, IE.L.] Microsporogeresis and characteristics of the development.of ta- petum in some species of the genus Vincetoxicum Moench. Ukr. bot. zhur. 18 no-5.-6-14 161. (KRA 17:2) 1. Institut botnniki AN UkrSSR, otclel tsitologii i embliologii. KOROYI W", [Kord!.ump IE.L.1; BC)I'Xrj, A.P. Rnbi7ology of Gerbara anandria Schultz. Dop. AN UR-rR no.,2;!aO9- 1M 162, (MIRA 18:2) ).- Institut bc,taniki AN UkrSSR. KORDYUM, Ye.L. [Kordium, IE.L.) Embryological characteristics of the viviparouB form of Poa bulbosa, L. var. vivipara Koel. Ukr. bot. zhur. 20 no-3143- 53 163. - (14IRA DO) 1. Otdel taltologii i embiologii Instituta botaniki AN UkrSSR. "Comparative cybo-eid)ryological investigation of the Umbelliferae." report submitted for 10th Intl Botanical Cong, Edinburgh, 3-12 Aug 64. AS UkSSR, Kiev. KORDYIIM, Ya.L.; 'IFIEWTSKAYA, D.L. P Characteristics of the development of the anther tapetum and micro- sporogenoijis in some representatives of Umbelliferae. Bot.zhur. 49 no.11:16W-1615 R 164. (MIRA 18,1) 1. Tnstitut botaniki. 91, Kiyev. 4 ZOSIMOVICH, V.P.j, red.otv.; MODILEVSKIY, Ya.S., red.; KOLESNIK, N.N.,, cloktor biol. nauk, red.; HUDYAK, M.I.y kand. biol. itank, red:; KORDYUM, Ye.L.,, knnd. biol. imuk., red.; A.3 KUZNET";OVA, , re rCytology and genetics] TSitologiia i genetik.. Mov Nauk,,.)vt% dumka, 1965. 223 p. (MIRA 19:1~ 1. Akademiya nauk URSR, Kiev. 2. Chlen-korrespondent AN Ukr.SSR i Institut botaniki All Ukr.SSR (for Zosimovich). USSR / GeneraL Biology. Physical and Chemical Biology. B-1 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 18, 1958, 80933. Author Korfljjjmom.,.Q--R-, Neyman, 11,1- B., Frank, G. M. Inst given. Title Utilization of Radioactive Isotopes in USSR. Orig Pub: Atofan. Energiya, 1957, 3, No 11, 465-478. Abstract: No abstract. Card 1/1 5 -6 5/1247 g ACC NR, A000364 s66469 o6i.7-ffi/&~6/6 /168/006/ . KORDZADZr., R.A. Fundamental theorems for singular integral equations with shifts. Dckl. AN SSSR 151* no.6tl250-1253 F 164. (KRA 17:2) 1. Novoiiblrskiy goandarstvennyy universitet. Predstavlano akademikcs I.N.Vokua. TMEi- Z.- TM4~1,V~fi-e-r-lltlbo -u-n-d-i-r- V 1-3-1r-6blihi.-wlth-ghift -far-a6d6ndto rdd r-'-e Ili ptic KORD7ADZE, L.A. Sinplar integral equations with a shift. Dokl. AN SSSR 160 no.6: 1242-1243 F 165. (MIRA 18:2) 1. Eovosibirskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet. Submitted July 7, 1961'. KORDZADZE) T.B.; LOSABERIDZE, An.A. Wculating arches of dams for temperature according to a imilticantilever design. Soob, AN Gruz. SSH 40 no.2:393-399 N 165. (MIRA 19:1) 1. Institut stroitellnoy makhaniki i aeysmostoykosti AN GruzssR, TbJlisi. Submitted Feb. 12, 1965. Devign of thick clrcuj.-~.- arches tilking into the flox~ibllity or the -5upport. Scob. AN Cruz. S-SR 401-~ my 164. (MIRA 18,,2'1 1. rr.E:titut stro~'Ilal Incy ir!ekhp-rik! i selsmoatoyk-.-).--jti IiN Gruzlrsl,~o- lrbiiiissi. Subin"tp- July 10, 196.3. KORL-ZAIA,., III. A. .Histology of the marginal part of the esophagus and stomach In vertebrates (Tectudo greca). Trudy Tbil. GU 88:89-98 163. 1. Kafedra gistologil TbIlls4ogo universIteta. (MIRA 18:8) on aivis -!STT!,ql. 3_ 08-", Tmor-mm-os-ft -10"'Wo as; ftTvmmftm vcc'(*GI -0-c ~Ad "at '1 0 ..Ood&.Vf 1IGNP -aOc q-0-1) -%mn 06 1 I.a. 'g,vt '0ml cn" U Val --cw" "Joem." -%ca '-49 'CS ' L 'Mt -9--" -v%*r I I "tC4 -M-tfq -CZC-n-& -q(~A .~ I q.. Q rm-,w "go-I-rv --,I -cr qv-f 19-2-0.8 ..J.PY.F '6LZ -49.4rea. Z.94.8 ..Q9" -at '91t *1+6t "b-C -at-is 'rAt '" 'Ice Id -rodt --r- 106t , --Ml Lr 'Mt so -9 Is ssev, V.. ... - -~ -"d4"-w "-r.d., OMMOM64~ ftzod~ -d..-H V.*Vdv.L Ar.Aj '9 *cl '"61 en I 1cwt .01.4 ItI-zq6t -C-40 q.1 -(.F" 1*41--K6t ~&" " -92M4.42 -9-j --,QvQi=c T-fmq.EQ, -q-v-Q Q'l,Qq -'LL -cp 4.1 .9*oc ICS61 *16-C Q.r.9 Of"'S" '12L - rt ". in 106 - t Cc *v'-ql 'MT 4kc P61-IT61) ~--v 10-- -(Net 11 *A 'W61 'r a ~% vod.. " I... MA. 'dj) g.L 1.4 Oc .-.V.L - ."masw- -sar."2H -a f-m -01~.U jmld~.j -.m.d.g -#44dQ*j ONX.M ..W.Vdix 'g-Oc ICS&I -m-a -t,gl,mt gn , *14 ct In in 106 .1c6t -(-1 Iml 't .9 '9"T Ic -Q I.YL 061--mi) qc-"Z-.A -%c0e-e qz .Bto -n oc Ira -r-n -P-m "q-c.Qp. .fzm '0' - l'ICY-F 1 ~ V -CF "" '-'e--QLCL 4r-Q"V"M -0, qCZ "P"' 101- VOL 'C't -111-1 -Z-99-101 -LU -9,91 ml -a-m-m-d ... ou vs= RL '1161 '844M W.:-:4 d..j w..dy .,....,sdh .0-V W~ . gosm-. 90 ISS61 A-Z A.A'Od dirvm -qtL -3 06 ."61 -..'dr. -JO' -9w 'Iml --m L --A-, 9, ~Asv I .... asv~--3 -V .dAj v.--.h -CU %--Ifts~dams .00-0-" go -.0. .9,cjc 'If6l Ihm gy. 9 a A h -511 lof 'g w -1-S& '9S61 '*'E '9t61 'd:)3 ~Adj HV *Wtq-3) -- '":)j '#AJJ "'91 "' * ... 199) -3 0 '09 '1961 HV w-m-6 --H - J333 F.Y --r-9 ..... ........... ""' ::v -H *U ... ..".4 .".") .3 t72 *S,61 ---ft ... 4--r ....... r..- r... V "r' ... J-h 'rLL I : Y,. 0. NorduMm Climatle Behavior of dpal of Gmzia kLdaz7 of Sciencez of tho G-.a7An 859p Physical Gooj;raptq Saries Vale 30 No. lj~ 148 Fivmt FAMW list of Rmsml= Accessiow D:cm*dr 1Z1,% T01- 4s go- 9v p- 10 KCRD .;,MeO*~,,~ - 1, -1-, :-Z. Variations of mean monthly temperatures in Georgia and synoptic, processes causing extreme deviatiosm from the norm. Soob.AN Gruz*SSR 9 nool:33-40 148. (MIRA 9:7) Oeorgia-Atmospheric temperature) KORMAKa, 11-1. 0. Kordzalchia, M. 13. "The climate of Inner Cartalinia," (In the heading:: M. G. KordzakJiiya),, Trudy Geogr. o-va gruz. SSR, Vol 1-11, 1949, p. 21-42, (In Georgian, renume in Russian) SC: U-5241, 17 Decembers. 1953, (Letopis 'Zhurnal Iny1di Statcy) ';o. 26, 1949) KIKIIASHVIII, TA.; KORDZAKHIA, M.O. Mudflows in the Alwani Basin. Trudy Geog, ob-va Gruz. SSR no.3:33-,74 158. (Alazaid Valley-Iondslides) (MIRA 12:9) KORMAKHIA, 0 Current studies on SSR no.3:ln-182 the climate of Georgia. Trudy Geog. ob-va Gruz. 138. (MRA 12tq) (Georgia-Climate)' ASTAKHCV, IT.Ye.; VLADIMIROV, L.A.; GOGISHVILI. I.S.; KORDZAKEIIYA, X.O.; mWASHVILI, L.I.-. SOKU=, Ye.V. ,-A~ am.""Wi Phyalcogeographical characterletics of Upper Imeretia. Trwir lasts jeog. AN 3rus. SSR IM155-193 '58. (MIR& 12:8) (Imrstia-4hysical geography~ rnm7RA Distribution of atmopherle precipitation over Georgian territory. Trudy G*og. ob-va Gras* SSR 5:183-197 159. (KIRA 13:11) (Georgia-Precipitation (Kateorology)) KMLAXHLi. X. 0. Clizate of the Rachs-LocWhuni region. Trudy hist. geog. AN Gruz. SIM 12:103-129 159o (MIRA 13:10) (Lecbkbwd Banoe--Climate) (Bacha Rave-ClImate) ASTAKHOV. N-Yee; VLADIMIEDY, L.Ae I DONDUA, G.D. ; KORDUEHIAl MsO~; KARUASHVILI. L, Is;, NXWISHVIL I, S. N. #,, SOKHADd-, Ye . V. D.B., CAMASEVILI, G. Z. Physicogeographical study of the Lechkhumi-Rachinakly mount&'In depression. Trudy Inst. geog. AN Grus. SSR 12:197-220 159. (NIRA 13:10) (Georila-Pbyalcal geography) GOGIBIZOA NVILI, V.G.; USHVLIIIDZE G.A.; KOIU)ZAKIIIYA, M.O. Some in tho climatic clasalfication of health resorts in the critical ccIMwnts-Ofi'L.I*Ch4bdkovIs and F,.MOII.licheva's US d.rtid O*sic principles for the clafg4fiftiion of climactic hoalth esorts in the U.S.S.R." Vop. kar.., fizioter. i loch. fiz. kul It. 24 no.6:547-551 N-D 199. P`iA 15:1) I. Iz Instituta kurc*tologii Gruzinskoy SSH (dir. - prof. V.G. Ciogibedashvili). (HEALTH RESORTS, WATERING PIACLS, ETC.) GOGISMIJ, K.S.; KORDZMIIYA, M.O. - .1.1.1A Atmospheric humidity deficit in Georgia. Trudy Inst geog. AN Gruz. SSR 17:139-152 162. WRA 16 -.7) (Georgia-Huaidity) 441", er, GOGISHVIII,, K.S.; Eroblem of moisture in Georgia. Trudy Inst. geog. AN Gruz. SSR 1-1:153-160 t62. (KMA 16:7) (Georgia-Humidity)