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December 31, 1967
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KJRSNI, L.1 kand.tekhn.nauk; STRUGFEWOV, A.M., inzh. Protecting the brickwork of marine combustion chambera-by andesite-basalt. Sudostroenie 28 no.4:64-65 AP 162. (MIPA 15:4) (Boilers, Marine-Maintenance and repair) (Protective coatings) 7 ALi L /EWT( -,so M.~ 4136;:" Re f-. Zh Khimiya LAb 'a EPP ,' _-- !9 V e manqf turej ot- affi t tdrd par a TI D 8OURCE.-- ~'Sqo[Wich 0 1 tib-*' td. AU s a f,nevosrt..-fiL-- -0 SSRI, 963~-' y p, tt TAGS atfiter-ed-, part-i c'as t coeiavi C CA- IcLt Iim ca rbov ate,.~. 01 T dndesite~ b sintiring, pow. ere'' glass ia, at g as -an at---, pow ered ei~itobaitalt-., TRAMSI~~ON:.: -Brief: hea6ink4f I d lock-like mass~-i,, Lth--a-ra'*6hp-r~re-g~ulai- aritu ['at 'der64 iiiiXZr id ti Xree surface, SinEi _5v pow plate en io :tA cal condit us kes-,,.,- PI-ce t 900C, i.e. about. 40OC--. lover-i AddLtion of 40% glass to tile andesito- ba Vcause& the resulting mixtureto sinter at about 11000, aT 200C lower. The denaLty of the welts obtained from andesit7basalt approaches that of cast stone part5. At the sama time, the heating times and temperatures used during the preparation of the malts. leads wainly to Uquefaetion of the residual glass and inconplete melting of the minei als.-, along with a semicrystalt ina struature, which---; KOMNI# L.I.; STHNOEOV, A.M. ..: " Use of andesite-basalt for protecting the brickw6rk$-,of marine boiler combustion chambers. Soob. DVFAN SSSR no~.i-9483-86 163'#'-- (MIRA 17:9) 1. Dallnevostochnyy filial imeni Komarova Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSIZ. OZHIGOV.v Yee?* 11 On fkts. Dokl. AN SSSR 149 n0.5:1134-3.136 Ap 163. 1 (MIR& 16:5) 1. Dallnevostochnyy filial SibLrokogo otdoloniyu AN SSSRO Predstavlono akademikon SiI.Vollfkoviebom. Mitt) KOM-Mty 11610 Two---omponent low-melting glazes from datolite ores. lzv-. SO AN SSSH no*7 Sar, khim. nauk no.W27-135 164 (MIM 18d) LYUDVINSKIY, A.I.; ROMOOVSKIY, L.B.; L.-N.; MISHCHENKO, V.S.; FROLOVA, A.I.; KOTIK, P.L.; KHI.-~JIKO, M.M.; MOLCMIOVA, M.I.; VINOGRADOV, N.M.; PYLAYEV, S.V..; BEYGUL, Ye.I.; ROK11LIN, N.A.; MASYUKOV, N.T.; BONDARI, V.I. In the country's steelmaking plimts. Metallurg 9 no.9: 16-19 S 164. (MIRA 17:10) 1. Saldinskiy metallurgicheskiy zavod (for Pylayev). 2. Zavod im. Dzerzhinskogo (for Beygul, Rokhlin). 3. Yenakiyevskiy metallurgichesIdy zavod (for Masyukov, Bondarl). LY'UDVINSKIY., A.I.; ROMANOVSKIY, L.B.; KOREN, L.N.; KUKURUZNYAK, I.S.; VITI, Ye.F.; KUDRINA, A.P. Testing spinel bricks in the lining of converters with an oxygen blow. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; chern. met. 6 no.8: 161-163 163. (MM 16:11) 1. Dnepropetrovskiy metallurgic'.1eskiy institut. RHILIKO, M.M.; MOIZHANOVA, M.I.; KOTIK, F.L.; IZUDVINSKIY, A.I.; KO WCHENKO I. G. ~W , " - ~ A. ,- 1 0 Crown firebrick of a-ftne17 ground mixture of magnesite and chromite. Ogneupory 26 no.6:256-258 163. (MIRA 16:6) 1. Makeyevskiy metallurgiches)d.y zavod im. Korova (for Khi:l'ko, Molchanova). 2. Nikitovakiy d6Lomitovyy kombinat (for Kotik). 3. Dnepropetrovskiy metallurgio-heAkiy inatitut (for Lyudvinskiy, Koren, Kharchenko). I (Firebrick) AVTM2 IVIOW, D.D. TZM1 rGUf0r6C4* an Sustained Static Strength of Turbime Comonesta VorklQ at High Tempers tLLres (Sov*sbchan:Lye pa 611tallnoy statichookoy prochaostl detalay tarboanwhiz, Tabotayushchi" pri vyaokoy temperature) PBRMUCALt lavestlya Audeall Nauk SSSR. Otd*le Texhalebeekikb Sauk, 1958. Mr 4, pp 1-49 - 150 (USMVIO AS�MCfs The CoseLission on the Strength of Gas Turbine* fromi the Imatitut saki-1ki As SWR (1zatituze of mechanics of the A-0- "P`(P) (MaIrman - tu.N. Rabotnow) and the Strength Section of the leningrod Tockxlcal C~zslttee on Turbles ftaxtruction (Chairman - T.L. Naumcv) hold a conference deriag AlQxekb*r 20-22~ 1917 an the sustained static eUvWb of furtlza toispon*mts working at high t*wporature. On zonferou~* was opened by am Introductory speech by the chair=" of the lAzingrad Technical co~L~lt*t an farblas Construction S.A. Eamtor The ajor by 0 (Ustitut; of Metallurgy, Ac.Sc. 9 61 ural beary of Creep* contained &A accaQnt at the authar's theory. caran, .a- 1"mas' and AALL~ J"t&IlUrKU AN SM - Institute of RstallAnrgy of the Ac.8c.USM) In SU Lap:r *Jbrpwr1"zt#I X=vestigation of Boa: Aspects of "A ry of Structural Creep* described r* ulte scirratoratizz "Pact% of odizg's theory. (Rovaltir actalli-chetaftly cavod La. IACIZ& - t actary in. lazin) in I's paper 11--obleas in the Field cf 3%stlo StraW.Z of Turbize Components Working a% 110 Tezporslars' dw~Zt on data obtained In leaAgred iMus%rial uzdar%akings indicsting the need for Surtl-r Iftrovosent im afid- procedure. 249 basic problem in the mutt=r':,oVIm1zn in not so MUCA the investl6ition of the *or X*s I= InEvidusl Gonvononts as the InTestigatioz Of the lisiting states or aotmal conatruzlizaa; The Author also noted the need for enarimmutal ia7estlgatlon of =d*1 rotors, disics and frassworke of tczbizom and suggested setting before -,h* Govermeanz the 4usation of orgAmlaing such An asaosb2i in a" of the factories with complete cozz-ralisatirr. and De-ardination Of work In this direction- fte author CrIticised the i=&Izinsible uznplamned work, taking place at the presem- tiz& in extemsor~try, wLem tech undtrtak1r.6 must itself salvo problems rtlal.---~cg to Eauee, cements for them. methods of test~4=t; and appropriate app--!- .A _Al.-Sey (T&I") pr*atnttd A ;APO. a Standarda a., I nxth of Cc=-zoects at High Tocperstures~ _Ire-rt n ZT%11llTMASh) gave a paper an 'Experimental yestigation C~f tte Bearing Capacity of Dialca- Ira I (Le='=rrodxkiy mets,24.he"Iy --avod I=. +fi~- ' nicgrad Watol Factory i=eM;- Stslin) In the pa;tr sAppar&tu4 for TestinC Sustained Strengtt of Some Tartlas Stator Components- dealt with Ittza of 4quIprent construoted at Lis factory for Iviv*stigstlzi tze stracs state In a ember of c=poconts. dimphrigzu. pin at=. T.8. xazestx:k"~ (I!zokovskiy gosutarstvOw;YY UnIvers-Itat - 150cow �Ciste Tave:sIty) gave a p*zer on *Cr--p a! Haat- &;, ifteh Temp4ratUroo. Tt-* s"tor des,:rILed 0 ~icental invest-gation3 on tLe tchsvl-~r of the steel& V25? and V-4C5 uzder conditions of cotplex stress and Card3n high steady t4c;0rature. ZZIBMINANO I.S., kand.tokhn.nauke rede; KOM's 9,14,, inzh,,, redo; RAUKOT, T.K,,. Imnd.teidmnauk* r9C.-,--'!ftIRALOT, I.N., insh.p redi: VISILIYVA, I.P., red.isi-va; SIMONOTSKIT, N.R., red.lsd-vai SPNRANSKATA, O.T., [Study of the elements of steam and gas turbines and axial compressors] Iseladovanita elementov parovykh i gaiovykh turbin'l osevykh kospressorov., !Pod red. A.B.Zillbermana. Moskva, Gov.nauchA.-tekhnA%d-vo sashinostroit.-lit-ry., Toli.69 1960. 487 p. NLU 14:4) 1. Laningradekly metallichaskly zavod. Otdel tekhnichookoy informataii. .(Steam turblues)~ (Gas turbines) (Compressors) So-id solutions In the system InP-Ga?. N. N. Sirota, V. V. Rozov. 71 investigation of solid solutions of InP-GaAs. N. N. Sirota, L. A. makovetskaya. Physical properties of the system ZnTe-CdT*. N. N. Sirota, V. 0. Yanovich. Physical properties of ternary alloys of the system Zn 3 As2-Cd3AS2' N. N. Sirota, E. M. Smolyarenko. Semiconducting propirties of telluride and selenide. N. Sirota, G. 1. Aakovetskiy. V-Vi ilrodu~qion of films of semiconducting compounds of the type A and A' 8V on antimony by reactive diffusion. N. N. Koren', N. N. Sirota. (25 minutes). (Presented by N. N. Sirota). unds, 110port presented at the 3rd Ilational Conference on Semiconductor COMPO J~ishinev, 16-21 Sept 1963 SIROTA, N.N.; KOIU,1,11, N.N. uwavw Kinetics of the formation of films of zinc selenide oil zinc single crystals in the process of geactive diffu5ion. Dokl. A~T WSR 6 no. 12:760-761 D 162. (MILk 16-.*9) 1. Otdel fiziki tverdovp tela 'L poluprovoduikov All EZSR. SIROTA, N.N.; KORENI N.N. p Formation of semiconducting films of zinc telluride on z.,~ha wingle nrystals in rea&tive diffusion. Dokl. AN BSSR 7 fio.6:373-3775 Je I ~i- 163. (KERA 16:10) t. -1 1. Otdel. fiziki tverdogo tele i poluprovodnikov kM BSSR. KORENIP N.N.,- SIROTA, N.N. Formation of Sb2S3,, Sb2Se3,9 and Sb2TG3 films On antimony in the process of reactive diffusion. Dokj. AN BSSR 7 no.10:666-668 0 163. (MIRA 16:11) lo QtdeI fiziki tverdogo tela i poluprovodnikov AN BSSR. FWMRTt UPI* (Brest) History of physical methods in determining the apeed of light@ v0polstoestei tome A0010:59-62 160* (MU 3-4:3) (Light-Speed) S/250/62/oc6/m/001/006 A006/A 101 AUTEORS: Sirota, N. N. TITLE: Investigating kinetics of ZnS film formation during reactive dif- fusion or sulfur into zinc PM-ODICAL: Akademiy~a nauk BSSR. Doklady. v. 6, no. 10, 1962, 626 -628 M9 ,I; The authors studied the rate of Zng film formation on various faces of it Zn single crystal during the interaction with sulfur vapors, as a function of time and temperature. Kinetics of ZnS film formation on liquid metal Sur- faces was also investigated. Zn single crystals were grown by zonal recrystalli- zat'.on. Zn of' 99.99,5; purity was used as initial material. Diffusion annealing was performed in a glass ampoule evacuated to 5 - jo-5 mm Hg. The thickness of the films, as a function of time at temperatLres ranging from 320 - 4500C was determined. The results obtained confirm the theory that the reactive diffusion obe!rs the parabolic law. The coefficient of diffusion as a function of tempera- ture obeys the exponential law. To determine the process of ZnS film formation on ',,n the pre-exponential factor (D - 1.2 - 10-2 cm2/sec) and activation energy Cant 1/2 Investigating Rinctics of ... 0-12501621006101010011006 A006/A101 (Q -- 32 T- 3 kcal/mole) were graphically found. The coefficient of reactive dif- fusion a~ a function of temperature for the process investigated can then be ex- pre!;sed by equation - 32000 -k 30)0 D - 1.2 - 20-2 e RT CM2/sec. The-process of ZnS film formation on molton metal surfaces at 430 - 6000C also obeys the parabolic law. Values of ~.og'arithms of diffusion coefficients lie well on the straight line ln D(1/T), obtained for the reactive diffusion in Zn slngle- crystals. There are 2 figures. ASSOCIATION: Otdel fiziki. tverdogo tela i poluprovodnikov, AN BSSR (Division of Physics of Solids and Semiconductors, AS BSSR) SUBMITTM: June 19, 1962 Cari 2/2 3/250/63/WT/OC'3/004/066 re' diffusion constants and the~..6' The active. A059/A126 condu4i ting compounds mentioned-on the surfaca of single- crystals- of ziric.,-, The - rela- activation energy of diffusion was,found to4epend on the positioii of Ike tive 4ement in the periodic syst4m*: and to,Aqcrease, for the caso giwn, In the order;*ZnO - ZnS We - ZnTe ZnSb, -whic! ft also holds for the heats of forma- tion ~,,nd the, lattice energioa of Ithese oomp6nds. The activation energy depends almosi; linearly on the heat of formatim an~!~ the lattice. energy, idth the &Teat- est d~iviation found for thexelation betweeri Q and AU. The relation:'between the activation energies of dif fusion and thej.:fusion temperatures of tho dom- poundi; forming in.the.reactiver diffusion of:lihe elements of the 6th grbup into also-almost linear~ -Thud,: -the-meetianism.of reactive dif;rusioi 'v I withoiLt fail, 'connected with the diffusion f zinc and the element C1 s of,the 5th ~group:through the semiconductor films formed,-with the limiting factor~being the A diffunion through the compounds formed and ilot the formation. of these compounds. n- 'The pl,!oportionality between the fusion tempgirature of the compounds folmdng I react'.ve diffusion and the activation energ~~, of diffusion shows that the-mean squaro shifts of the Ions in these compounda are Inversely their -i 'fusion temperature. The width'of the forbidden zone of the compounds mentioned I a tho greater, the greater.their heats of formation and the greater Via activa- ~Card 1,01CENI) N.N. [Koran', %~,-i ~, , Ppoc4sses of formation of semiconductin- films due to reactive U (J,ffusion In the systems Zn - S, Zn - Se, and Zn - Te. Vestsi AN BSSR. Ser. fiz.-takh. nav. no./o`:16-61, It')). ~1,,TFJ. 1-j".12) r)N DORI/ 011/ W02/07 04 I'V Ko - c-n', N. N. 9i rota, N. N. il-qPIJ-0 dtff'UJ3t0TvjLf cAdmium fn,)rn Lhe vapur-rhase into Plitimony R.J"F: AN BSSR. Doklady, v. 8, no. 11, 1964. 702-7(1.4 Uffit.,;Iort laver. 91-nZle rr-;~ztll lav(wr :,4 :-Zsin "pqjj!,g of thp dtffusion impre4maL101-1 QI afIL111sullY iyb,, i6 by rn V-haS(3 a17C PT-P-StTtt~.'111 i'f~ot; v the muthorq. n the i o rm a- I J; age 11-4 (!ill el'is I rwfiocrTa Of P0lYCj--V'~q tail ljjt~ I~A;m-ny Cvs~orn -A Tho rwasl;r(xd Lime Pih(. - Y 'i -11- Frf)"Oh. tile. anti KORENIf N.N, [Korant, M.M.]; SIROTA, N.N. (Sirata, M.M.] Kinetics of the grovth of diffusion layers in the spitem niobium-tin. Vestsi AN BSSR.,43-46 165. (MIRA 19s1) L'~18054-66 EWr(m)/EWP(J)/EWP(t)/n-C(m)-6 IJP(c) JDIAINIVIGS1101 ACC HR: AT6006173 SPURCE CODE, UR/0000/6S/000/000/0142/014S AMOR: Xoren', H. N.; Sirotd-, U. H. (Academician AN BSSR) ~ - ~~ ~ ~ ~ - ~ t. ". j I ~ ~..' ~- ~ L) f ~' " i I t.1 12 1 ORG: none 0