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BERKMAN, Boris Yefimovich; KOST, A.H., red-; SHPAK. Ye.G., _-1 [Industrial synthesis of chlorobenzens] Promyshlennyi sintez khlorbenzola. Moskva, Gos.nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo khim.lit-ry, 1957. 143 p. (MIRA 10:12) (Benzene) 488 AUTHCHS: Yershov, V. V.; Kost, A. N.; Terent:rev, A. P. TITLE: Reactions of Hydrazine Derivatives. Part 12. Reaction of Beta- Dialkylamino-ketones with hydrazineis (Reaktsii proizvodnykh gidrazina. XIL Vzaimodeystviye betit-dialkilaminoketonov s gidrazinom) MPLIODICAL: Zhurnal Obshchey Khimii, 1957, Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 258-261 (U.S.S.R.) ABSTRACT- The reaction of hydrazirs derivatives was extended to a number of alkyl-aryl ketones for the purpose i)f investigating its rules and to obtain pyrazolones %bich cannot be obtained by any other method. This reaction was found to be easily adaptable for beta-amino- propiophenones which have various subatituents in the nucleus and in the alpha-carbon atom in the sid,q chain. In this case the reaction with bydrazine resulted in the formation of 3-aryl-4- alkylpyrazolines. The presence of alkyl- or alkoXy groups in the nucleus was not seen to affect the reaction processj the *lds were high and decreased somewhat oKLy in -the presence of branching. Card 1/2 The pyrazolines obtained from the hydrazine reaction, when exposed Card 2/2 489 AUTHORS: Terentyev, A. P., and KoBt, A. N. rITLE: Syntheses with the Aid of Acrylonitrile. Part 30. Certain 1-Substitutes of Pyrrolidine and Piperidine (Sintezy s pomo- shchlyu nitrila akrilovoy kisloty. M . Nekotorye 1-zameshchennye pirrolidina i piperidina) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal Obshchey Khimii, 1957, Vol. 27, No. lp pp.262-263 (u.S.s.R.) ABSTRACT: Using secondary amines, acrylonitrile and 1,4- or 1,5-dibromides as a basis, the authors synthesized a number of 1-dialkylamino- propylpyrrolidines or piperidines. Cyanethylation of 2,4-di- methylpyrrole resulted in the formation of beta-(2,4-dimethypyrryl- l)-propionitrile which when reduced over a skeletal Ni did not form the homologoas diamine but propylamine and 2,4-dimethylpyrro- lidine. l-Sub5titutes of pyrrolidinB or piperidine were obtained by reduction of beta-dialkylaminopropionitriles into homologous diamines. There are 6 references., of %hich 4 are Slavic. ASSOCIATION: The Moscow State University (Moskovskiy Gosudarstvennyy Universitet) PRESENTED BI: SMUTTED: February 6, 1956 AVAILABLE- Card 1/1 11-6 5;7-1 "'~' 11fl, AUTHOiIS: Yudin, L. G., Kast, A. N., Bexiin, Yu. A.- 79-11-24/56 Shipoy, A. E. TITLE: Reduction With Formic Acid and its Derivatives (Vostanovleniye muravlinoy kislotoy i y.eye proizyodnymi), VII. On the Reduction of Compou:ads With a Pfridine Nucleus (VII. 0 vostanovIenii soyedinen-4y, soderzhaShchikh piridinovoye yadro). PERIODICAL: Zhurnal Obahchey Khimii, 1957, Vol. 27, Nr 11, pp. 3021-3026 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The authors earlier showed that the process of reduction of the quinoline salts with foi-mic acid (up to I-alkyl-1,2,3,4- tetrahydroquinolines) is ureatly accelerated upon addition of triethylamine. 1n the present work this observation Yas used in the reduction of a numbor of other compounds with pyridine-nucleus. Chloridon and. bromidoo of 11-alkylpyridine in the reduction with formic acid and sodium-formate chiefly formed I-alkylpipe:ridines and cnly 10-1% '--alkylp-iperidines. ln the experiment to reduce in ',his manner the icaides of N-ethyl- or N-butyl-pyridine only labile compounds'viE;re obtained. With triethy'lamine in the place of forniate, how- Card 1/2 ever, the iodides and sulfates of P-alkylpyridine salts, like Reduction With Formic Acid and its Derivatives. -ici-11-24/56 VII. On the Reduction of Compounds With a Pyridine Nucleus the bromides and chlorides, are reduced. The period of reaction is in this connection shortened from 18-20 to 3-4 hours and the yields of 1-alkyl- L3-piperidines increased to 25-35%. Thus the salts of N-alkylpyridine are fairly easily reduced, where a mixture of I-alky-lpiperideines and 1-alkylpiperideines forms. The 1Ette.- are separated over their dibromides with subsequent splittinj; off. In Lhe reduction of isoquinolinu and its quaternary sa'L%s a hydro- genation of the pyridine-ring and the formation of 1,29%4- tetrahydroi8oquirioline takus placo. There are 15 references, 3 of which are Sla--rio. ASSOCIATION: Moscow State University (Moskovskiy gonudarstvennyy urliversitet). SUBMITTED: liovember 1, 19116 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 2/2 1. Fomic acid - Derivatives 2. Pyridines - Derivatives 'AUTHORS: Kost, A. N. Sagitullin, R. S. 79-12-31/43 TITLE: Reactions of the Hydrazine Derivates (Reaktsii proizvodnykh gidrazir7a). XVI. On the Effect of Benzylchloride on Acylbyth-azone (0 deystvii khloristogo benzilEi na atsi1g.Ldrazony). PERIODICAL: Zhurnal Obshchey Khimii 1957, Vol. 27, Hr 12, PP- 3338-3342 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In a previous paper the syntheais of the benzy1hydrazine by means of a reaction of the acety1hydrazone of acetone within sodium enolate with an ensuing action of benzylohloride and of a hydrolysis was described. The synthesis was further develop- ed. Without the hydrolysis an intermediate product is obtain- ed, the acetylbenzylhydrazone, which hydrolysed easily and formed benzy1hydrazine. If a mixture of hydrazone and tri- ethylamine (or pyridine) is astiumed at the benzylisation in- stead of sodium enolate, then no benzylisation takes place in the absence of water. A presence of water leads to a weak re- action and to a compound with a melting point of 1080 C. For the purpose of establishing tho structure of this compound the acety1hydrazone of the cyclohexanone and the berizoylhydrazone Card 1/2 of acetone was benzylisated. In the first instance a substance Reactions of the Hydrazine Derivates. 79-12-31/43 XVI. On the Effect of Benzylchlorido oi, Acy1hyx1razone. with a melting point of 108 0 C,. was obtained, analoguous to the second instance a compound with a melting point of 1650 C. On an action of benzylchloride on acety1hydrazine a product with the same melting point of 1030 C was obtained, which transforms into a hydrochloric unsymmetrical dibenzy1hydrazine at an aoidous hydrolyois. This result finally clarifies the structure of the synthesised compounds. The compound melting at 1080 C is a acetyl derivate of the unsymmetrical dibenzyl- hydrazine, where as the compound melting at 1650 C is a benzoyl derivate of the latter, From this it appears, that the reaction of benzy1chloride with acety1hydrazone may be used as a preparative method for the synthesis of unsymmetrical di- benzy1hydrazine. There are 14 references, 2 of which are Slavic. ASSOCIATION: Moscow State University; Moscov Iblygraphic Institlite (Idoskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet i Moskovskiy poli- graficheskiy institut). SUBMITTED: November 22, 1956 1. 1 lydrz, zinc . deriva tives-ILM in tit-, tive analysis 2. Benzyl chlorides- Chemical re,,,ctions 3. J'tcy3.hydrPzonc-Chemic,--l resctions Card 2/2 AUT-HORS: GrandberC, I, I. , r Terentlyev, At. P, -Ka Q + TITLE: Reactions of the Hydrazine Derivatives L~idrazina). XVII, A New Synthesi,,, of the a-Methyltriptofol sintez a-motiltriptofola). PIRIODICAL: Zhurnal Obshchey Khimii, 1957, Vol. 27, _ 72/43 79-12 , .5 (Reaktsii proizvodn:jkli (XVII, Nov-"."! lir 12, DP. 3342-1i5,15(ussll) 'iBSTH~,ICT: Lipp published in 1889, that on the reaction of the phenyl- hydrazine with acetopropylalcohol 1 - phenyl - 3 - methyl - 1,4;5,6 - tetrahydropyridazine is obtained very easily. Attempting to repeat Lipp's reactions, the authors obtained a product with the constants given by him, it proved, how- ever, to represent not tetrahydropyridazine, but the non- cyclic pheny1hydrazone of the acetopropylalcohol, Subject to the action of hydrochloric acid this pheny1hydr-azone easily splits off pherVlhydrazine. At a heatint,- to 2000C it does not give up any water and does not transform into tetrahydropyridazirie. In the presence of a c-atalytical amoun- of zinc chloride there results the a-methqltriptofol. Its structure is supported by its conversion into the siibstitiitet! C'Ird 1/2 R~-actions of the Hydrazine Derivatives. XV11, A Now Synthe',siri of the a-Methyltriptofol 79-12-32/43 triptamine by way of the bromide, that is to say into the 2- met-hyl - 3 - di-methyl aminoethylindole. The reactions described here do not only prove the structure of the pheny1hydrazonet they also appear to constitute a new way for the synthesis of the a-met;hyltriptofol, which up to now was obtained in a much more complicated way. The a-methyltriptofol easily commutes into the acetate, which was characteriBed as pikrate, if It is subjected to the action of acetic acid anhydride (tee the course of the reaction represented by six formulae). Besides, it was succeded to synthesize the pyradi21ne by a conversion of the phenylhydrazine with me'thyl -r -chloro-propylketone. The pyradizine differing from phenylhydrazone easily furnished a pikrate. There are 2 references, 0 of which are Slavic, ASSOCIATIOh: Moscov State Uhiversity (Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet). SUBMITTED: December 12, 1956 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 2/2 1 Hydrazine derivatives-QuanUtative analysis 2: 4-14ethyltriptofol.-Synthesis Card 1/2 -VUW OF'S 3;W W-a"a-VA - WW- ---- --- producedg which is Identified &s.& sonle4rbazole whereas from PM- Goline meei~ylene oxide w" produiedl which was also transformed into sem'icarbasolev The abilitY of pWraooline to disrupt the CN binding corresponds to the AMA109020 Properties Of its struatural The SPIOUAg Of P&MUCUA6 Rings by Acylation. Pi - 2714 ~Xaloayl a-&MlRoeetOA*. The form'ation of d1beazo.TlhydraziAe was *,also observed on the occasion of the treatment Of 4-ethyl 5-propyllpyra- Colima with bensoylt This effect of'ohlorine benzoyl i:O.Zot Pacific. B*nZOYI PYr&ZOliA* V981stm the WOO of chlorine ben vi (:t various conditions)t but 1-benzoyl.!I#5*5trimethylpyrazoline splito easily and foms N.fitdibenzoy1hydronize. The acid'antydrides acylatd the -pyrazollnes without caucirg -th* ring Open- although it is known that the &sines can be siplit by them. The aforementioned reactions are explained in detail lucluding Initial materials of roducts, f 3 groups of structural formlae, 3 citations from Slav Publications) ASICOMP1018 PJMXVZD BY SUMMMI ATAIWLEs Moscow MOO University wX',V,L0M0N0S-0VN LMESUEYANOVO member of the A6&donqr 24911-1956 Library of Congress QW4 2/2 KOSSUTP, S. New stape oil reFearch on the cuttlnf-T of co-11 in the UF'SR. p. 371- (T-FZEMAD GORNICZY, Vol. 9, No. 11, Nov. 1953, StallnoFrod, Polaryi) SO: Monthly List of Eart European Acces,-zions, (EEAL), LC. Vol. 3, No. 1.2, Dec. 1,054, Uncl. TJTH, S. "Fifty years of Przejlad Gornic .11 p. 2. V01. 10) no. 1., Jan 54, Stalinogrod) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions, Vol 3 No 6 Library of Congress Jun 54 Uncl KOSSInH, E. I~Resolution of the Presidium of the Government Concerning the Development of Special Libraries in Establishments." Alulet z.n Centr. D.I. (PFtZEGV.D TECHITINNY Vol. 75, no. 1, Jan. 1954 Warazawa, Poland) SO: Month List of East RLi~an ~Lccessioijs, LC, 701, 3, no. 5, May 1954/Uncl. KOSSUTH, S. Geographical distribution of coal Basin. p.234 (PRZEr,7-41) GORNICZY, Vol. 12, No - types in antlclinal seams of the Upper Silesian 5, 11W 1957, Stalinogrod, Poland) SO: Monthly List of East European Accesnions (FEAL) LC., Vol. 6, No. 9, Sept. 1957, Uncl. PISTA, Jan, inz.; KOSSUTH, Stanialaw, docent, mgr., inz. Dminage and degasification of carbon strata in the Ostrawa- Karvina district. Prze,-,l gorn 17 no-5:294--2a,9 My 161. 1. Redaktor dzialoury miesiecznika "F~rzeglad gorniczy" (for Kossuth). KOSSUTH, Stanislaw, doe.j mgr,,inz, "Outlinto of the history of minJnc on Polish territory"; c collective work, Roviewed by Stanislaw Kossuth. Przegl gorn 17 no.7/8-0433-431,. Jl-Ag 101. 1. Redektor dzialowy mieniemiku "Przeglao Gorniczy". KOSSUTH, Starislawy doc. mgr inzo Iargo dreinage aO.;t,l in tic Upper Silasian coal basin. PrzogI gorn 1:1, 1 ,- -1.8:46o-.465 Jl-..,Iu 162. KOSSUTH, Stanislaw, doe. mgr inz. From the history of the drilling indastry in Poland up to 1914. Przegl gorn 19 no,1152-56 Ja 163. 1. Glowny Iiistytut Gornietwa, Katowii:e. I KOSSUTH, Stanislaw,doc, mgr inz. ------------- :I_ I Type r, of nower used in coal mining in the Upper Silebian Basin until 1924. Wiadom gorn 13 no.9:322-328 S 162. KOSSUELx Stanislaw Z-1- From the history of combating undergr-,rLu-d fires in collieries in the Upper Silesian Ooal Basin. Wir,-dom gorn 12 no.6:2(Y7-= jh s 61. KOSSUTH, St., doc. mgr inz. "Mining instructions for salt mines In the Krakow region from the 16th to the 18th centuries" by Antonina Keekowa. Reviewed by St. Kossuth. Przegl gorr-19 no. 6:263-265 je 163. KOSSUTFI, Stanislaw.. ,loc. mgr inz.; First coal sorting and washing pla-nt.9 in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin. Przegl gorn 19 no.7/8:32,4.-320 Jl-Ag 163. 1. Glowny instytut, Gornictwa, Katowice. --KOSSUTH, Stanivlaw Outlines of the development of mining engineering in the collieries of the Upper Silesian Coal Ba3in until the middle of the 19th century. Wiadom gorn 11 no. 11:405-409 N 160. KOSSUTII, Stanislaw,- doe. mlzr inz. From the history of the discowry of thEi Lvov-Vol3n coal basin. Wiadom gorn 16 no.4-117-119 Ap 165. PATSCH, Ferenc, okleveles banyamernok.. fomerno1c, Kossuth-dijan; MOTTAR, Jena,, okleveles vanreszmernok; RACZ, D~felj oklevele~; olajmernok Criticism of drilling fluids used In Hungary from the point of view of drilling technique and production. Bany lap 96 no.10MO-716 0163 1. Orazagos Koo3.aj - es Gazipari Troazt DLmantuli Koolajfurani Uzerti, Vagykanizns. (for Patsch). 2. Orszagos Koolaj - es Gazi- pari Troazt, osztalyvezetoje, Vagykanizaa, (for Racz). US Category : Chenicnj Technology. Chemical Pricessinr of solid 1108til Fuels Abs. Jour ! Ref Zhur-Khimiya,No 114p 1959, 110 "1017 Author : ~51odi I A. t Vegedus, B.; Ko:ssnthTio_Svj.&rczek,S. Institute : Title Differential Thermal Analysis of Coals Orig. Pub. Kobasz. larok, 1956, 13, No 9, 438-442 .4bstract P-escription of the constrneted avtomatic tvipparatus thnt was -itsod in conducting differ tial thermal Pna)ys,qs of the Borshodskiy's brown coals. Results of these analyses ~re reviewed. -- S. Rosenfelld. Card: 5 5 Y U R /3, 43 BrMOVIGH, I.M.; SHUKUT, A.P.: KOSSMU, M.B. Studies on motor-and reflexogenic functio-as of the colon, in normal state, in children. Pediatrila, Mo!Dlcva no.2:49-57 Mr-Ap '50. (cua 19: 2 ) 1. Of the Therapeutic Clinic and of the RDentgenalogical Division of the Institute of Pediatrics of the Academy of Medical Sciences (Director -- Prof. G.N.Speranskiy, A,-.tive Member of the Academy of Medical Sciencea). 1. 085YURA, M. 2. USSR (600) 4. SolovIev, A. V. 7. "Blood transfusion in children." B. A. Polianslt:Ly, A. V. Solov'yev. Reviewed by M. Kossyura, Pediatriia, No. 5, 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, February -1953. Unclassified KOSSYLIRA, H.B., kardidat meditsinskikh nauk (Moskva) ,- Diagnosis and treatment of dysentez7 in children. Felld. i akush. 21 no.6:7-10 Je 156. (MIRA 9:9) (DYSENTART) KOSSTURA, M., kandidat meditsinskikh nauk Characteristics of functional conditions of the nervous system in children with gastrointestinal dtseaeos. Podiatrita 39 no-5:28-35 S-0 156. (MLRA 10:1) 1. Iz 1-go klinichealcogo otdaleniya (vav. - prof. I.V.TSimbler) Inatitutapediatrit (dir. - chler.-korreispondent AMN SSSR prof. O.D.Sokolova-Ponomareva) AMN SSSR. (GASTROINTESTINAL DISIUSES. in infant and child. higher nervous funct. (Rue)) (CENTRAL NNRVCIUS SYSTEM, in various diaessea. gastrointestinal die. in child., higher nervous funct. (Rma)) KOSSYUR&.M.B. Examination of gastric secretion and the interoceptive connection of the strmach with the salivary glands in gastrointestinal diseases in children. Report no.l: Bykov-Xurtsin's method of investigation of gastric secretion. Pediatriia 39 no.6:3--10 N-D '56. (HLRA 10:2) 1. Is 1-go klinicheakogo otdeleniya (zav. - prof. I.V.TSimbler) Institute pediatril AMN SSSR (dir. - cUen-korrnspondant AMN SSSR prof. O.D.Sokolova-Ponomareva) (GASTRIC JUICE, secretion ih gastrointeBtina:L dis. in child.. Bykov- Kurtsin's method of determ. (Rus)) (GASTRO-IMSTINAL DISEASES, In infant and. child, gastric secretion in, Bykov-11urtsin's method of determ. (Rue)) ARUTYUNOV. V.Ya., prof.; BERKOVICH, I.H., do~ftor med.rauk; BUIIIII, K.V., prof. VELIKORSTSKIY, A.Y., prof.; G.AMBURG, R.L., doktor med.nauk; GIASKO, N.M. ; ZVYAGIlJTSl9VA, S.G., doktor med.nauk; IVENISKAYA. A.M., nauk; KALUG111A. A.K,; YAMUZUYA-~PAVLOVA, Z.A., prof. I-VATiM, Ye.l., prof.; KOLUNIKO, A.B., prof.; kand. mod.nauk; KRAVNTSO N.H., doktor med.riauk; KRISTHAN, V.I., nauk; KRIJZHKOV, V.A., a-loteent; LIKHAU11W, A.G., prof.; LUXOMSKIY, I.G., prof:; HASHKOVSKIY, M.D.. prof.; R021111TALI, A.S,,, prof.; SMNYSKIY, M.Ya [deceased], prof.; TURNTSKIY, X.Ya.,; KHESIF,. Ye.Yo., dotBent; EMDIUA, Kh.L., kand,med.nnuk; SHABA14OV, A.U., prof.; red.; B014DAR', Z.A., red.; ZAKHAROVA, A.L. [Medical handbook for feldshers] Meditsinakii spravochnik dlis folldsherov. Izd. 6-oe, perer. i dop. HoEikva, Goa. -Alfl-vo mod. lit-ry. 1957. 899 P. (MIRA 10:12) (HOICINN-HANDBOUS, MAIIIJALS, ETC.) ILI y; nj! 4~avrrlkt~ --I oc-,- i nI the tnt or occeptive rel r, 'uetwee a -.3?Ils ch find i -j r~ nf~,3 i n d s ca r a3 c, -it a ry c a ro r oj a er ch I '.I ri~.*.. a no .5:T -46 My It?. oliu 1~:Io) I t Bata DIU; "i t I.; 7:i C. D 'T I ILS KOSSYURA, H.B., Glycogenosis. VOP-okh-mat. i det. 1. Iz 1-go klinicheakogo otdeleniya Instituta pediatrii AMN SSSR (dir. - SSSR prof. O.D.Sokolova-Ponomareva). (GLYCOGENOSIS) 4 no.2:68-71 Mr-Ap 159. (MIRL 1215) (zav. - prof. I.7.TSimbler) chlen-korrespondent ANN KOSSYURA, H.,B, Mechanism -f interoceptive, influences from the stomch on the salivary glands. Vap.okh.mat. i dot. 4 no-5146-50 S-0 159. (MIRA 13:1) 1. Iz 1-go klinicheskogo otdoleniya Instituta pediatrii AHN SSSR (dir. prof. 0.D. Soko lova-Pbnomar Elva). (STOMACH-SECRICTIONS) Uav. - prof. 1.V. TSimbler) - chlen-korrespondent AMN SSSR (SALIVARY GLANDS) MWYURAp M,,B* p kand-omed.nauk Ourrent status of the problem of celiac disease and eystia fibrosis of the pancreas. Pediatriia 35 no.9t82-88 S 160. (MnA 13:12) 1. Iz 1-go klinicbeskogo otdoleniya (za7, - prof. I.V. TSimbler) Listituta pediatrii AMN SSSR (dir. - chlen-korrespondent AHN SSSR prof. O.D. Sokolova-Ponomareva). (PANMM-DISHASES) Oqw) KOSSYIJRA, M.B., Case of cystic fibrosis of the pancreas. Vop. okh. mat. i det. 6 no-4:90-93 2p 161. KRA .14: 6) 1. Iz kliniki rannego detskogo vozrasta (zav. - prof. I.IF.TSimbler) Instituta pediatri'i AM SSSR (dir. - deys-uviteltnyy chlen M SSSR Prof. O.D.Sokolova-Ponomareva). (PANCREAS--DISFASIS) KOSSITIRAY -M.P.,, Mechanism of the dovelopment of persistent anore-xia in ellilzLren. Pediatriia 41 no-5:58-61+ My 162. (MIRA 15:5) 1. Iz klinjJci patologii rarmcgo detslcoim vozrastp (zav. - prof. I.V. TSimbler) Instituta pedintrii 9M, SSSR (dir. - dotsent M.Ya. Studenikin). (AVORMA) BERKOVICH, I.M., doktor med. nauk (deceased]; VOLOTOV, A.N., dots.; VALENTINOVICH, A.A., dots.; DOMBROVSKAYA, Yu.F., prof.j- XOSSYURA. M.B , kand. med.nauk; KIFER, Ye.L., kand, `m`eiT.-3a-t~5~-RASLOV, M.S., prof. [deceased]; POD'IYAPOLISKAYA, V.N., prof.; SF-MENOVA, N.Ye., zaal. vrach RSFSR; KHOKHOL, Ye.N., prof.; ZHUKOVSKIY, M.A., red.; KOROLFEV, A.V.) tekhn. red. (Multivolume manual on pediatrics) Mnogotomnoe rukovod.~;tvo po pediatrii. Moskva, Medgiz. Vol-4. [Diseases of thD digestive tract. Diseases of the liver and skin. Vitamins and vitamin deficiency diseases] ZabolevLniia pishchevari- tellnogo trak"ta. Bolezni pochek i kozhi. Vitamiry i bolez- ni vitaminnoi nedostatochnosti. Red. toma E.N.Khokhol. 1963. 721 p. (MLRA 17:2) 1. Deystvitellnyy chlen AM SSSR (for Dombrovskaya, Maslov). 2. Chlen-korrespondent AMN SSSR (for PodIyapollskaya, Khokhol). KOSSYURA M B k9nd. med. nauk Method of exami-ning gastriz, seer.31vion in very young chl4ljron,, T.rady Tadzh, med. in,3t, '50,133...'138 61. (MIRA 17:8) 0,V, '1~3imble~-) I c, gosuda - Z. Lvanmclgo med i tsl 7:g.,) -I no 4. 1 MATUSKOV, dotsent; KWSYURA-POLEVAYAj N.S. Dispensary care for patients with skin diseases at the October Revolution Machine Construction Plant in Odessa. Sov. med. 25 no.9:82-85 S 161. (MI,~-I 15: 1) 1. 1z kafedry kozhno-venerielieskikh bolemey (zav. - prof. M.B. Borzov) Odesskogo meditsinskogo instituta imeni N.I.Pirogova (dir.- zasluzhermyy deyatell nauki prof. I.Ya.Deyneka). (ODESSA-MACHINERY INDUSTAY WO]OVAL-MEDICAL GikiU~) (SKIN-DISEaES) ACC NRt AP7007069 AUTHORt Kovalevskiy, V.; Kossyy, G, 'ORG: none SOURCE CODEs 'I]R/OU/66/000/011/0001/0001 TITLEt Water as a calculator thydrointegratort SOURCE: Znaniye-sila, no, l1,, 1966t 1 TOPIC TAOSI thormodynami,,)op temperature instrument SUB GODE: 14, 20 ABSTRACT: The article describes a so-called "hyd-rointegrator" represented by. an array of glass tubes In which the water level rists or falls depending on tempe- rature. Such a device makes It possible to similate within a few minutes the hours-long process of the setting of concrete and, thus, to determine In advance whether it Is feasible to lay concrete In cases where the weather bulletin fore- casts a sharp drop In temperature on the following day, so as to avoid any possible "freezing" of concrete. The hydrointegrator can also be used for such opurposes as the design and calculation of blast-furnace linings and the proces- I :sea of rubber vulcanization, the laying of foundations in permafrost regions, and'the construction of Irrigation channels in desert regions. This device was .conceived by Vladimir Sergeyevich Luktyanov on the theory that the flow of heat ACC NR, AJ?7007069' is something like the flow of water. The process of the cooling of a glass of hot tea Is as follows: the heat is removed by air from the walls of the glass so that they cook, but at the some"time they receive new heat from the central layers of water; if this glass of tea to aivided linto 10 layers, it Is condi- tionally possible to analyze the flow of heat froik the Inner to the outer layers; each-layer of this kind corresponds to a separate water tube In the hydrointe- grator. These tubes are linked by rubber hose. Thusp the intricate process of heat transfer can be quite satisfactorily simulated in the hydrointegratort even as regards heat transfer in nuclear p.ower reactorij. This type of viaual model- simulator is even better than a" motion picture caneras Orige art. hasi 1 figure. 1JFRS: 39,6581 KIJZUB, L.G.1 KVZUB, V.S.; KOSSYY) G.G. Corrosion of ateels in nitric acid of various concentration in the presence of hologen ions. Zhur. prikl. khim. 38 no.10i 2217-2222 0 965, (MIRA l8sl2) I* Submitted April 27, 1963o ~ACCESSICK NR. AP4038563 AMMHOR: Kuzub) Ve 69; Konsy*yp G. G. 7L-TXZ-. . Intax-granular corrosion of stainless steel in concentrat,- rAtric Cc==aication 11. SOU CE: ZhurzAal prikladnoy khimtit Y, Sr, no- 5, 1964, W3-io66 TOPIC TAGS: stainless steel corrosioa., 2orrozion., 1Xb1eN.9T,, XhI7., double layer capancity, intergramular corrosion, truo surface exea., surface ama xovasurement t was shown that the rate of corrositin of chromi= vzd c1-Ar=ft*=-z0cke! AMTRWT: I stainleas steels In concentrated nitric acid increases with time en', thl~.~ -r- i destruction is intergranular in nature. It was thought~,thatt such e. :.-clatioa3aip of the rate of corrosion may rerault from the increase of the suzfacet P-rea due to the ~ntergranulsx corros'm or dua to the accumulation of bexivo'. n; 4 -i ~ ichrcmium traces of ubich in the nitric acid accele:mto the corrosi=. 'ac Of the preceat article wa3 to verify tbin through the tan-'reati-ation of -.--c -=--face X7 steals, Tr4a was dcza by tllre dUrfer- axe& of electrodes =ado of MIEZ-19T mid h ential measurements of the car.Avaity of tho double lVzrs Cord ,;ACCESSION NR: AP4038563 The capacity or the doable layer wrL3 rietu-:ften" i,~ by means of an a.c. bridge 0.1 N K2SO4 solution. The oxygen was remo%Td from the solution b.,,- nitrogen through it- of imters'on into tt, The callaoity was;taken after 10 min. ..solution. All measurements were Tand at MOM teMperatUre at 400 CPS :07eqvency. 4' It wan found that the capacitance of annealed steel electrodes inax&aj~os, Eyaall upon 48 hour etching in 90o9 0 nitric acid. Under these conditiona a dl~f:~nita intergraaular corrosion hau been detected. The increase of the true curtace exca in the intergranular corrouion process of steel lKh18KqT is appro.--4-matoly 2.1; times that of Kh1T steel. This fact is apparently associated with tbt, Frnlu. size of the latter steel* Experimental measurements of the caWlty of "U'l-able ..layers were conducted with the participation of A.N. Zhukov. Ori--. art. bas: 3 '!tables and 2 figures* IdLsichanskiy fillal goaudarstvennogo anuchnoissledo%-etellrOn-~go ;proyektzaogo Institute. azotnoy promynblennosti i proiluktov organicheakocr. vinteza (Lisichansk Branch of the'State Scientific -Research Pla=lng Inotituto of tha ''Nitrogen Industry and Products of Organic Syatheaio) Card AdCESSICN 0'. AP4038563 sumaTrot 24jui62 EVCL-. W No MW sov.. C07 azamz w2 SUB CODE: MM ~,, :~': " j - -. : . : ; jf~ ~*, ~ -I ~ 7- - I ~-: . :., It- ~ ~ ~ -- -- , ISIS I IAN! kr,-I 0656--,&- twr (M)/W W/ M? i~(b, "(0) 07 ACC NRs APS025654 SOURCE CODE: UR/0080/65/038/010/2211/2222 AUTHOR: );uZub, L. G.; Kuzub, V.- S.; Koss G' _VY, G. r e/Y ORG: ~Severodonetskiy hfflliate~of- the-state Institute of the Nitrggen (Severodonetskiy filial Gosudar3tvennogo Instituta azotnvy promyshlennosti) TITLE; Steel coYT65 'ioi0,in nitric aciel various concentrations in the.presence of halide ions EPaper presented at a republic conference on:the use of acid corrosion inhibitors hold-in Kiev on 18 September.19683,, .SOURCE: Zhurnal prikladnoy khimii, v. 36, no. 10, 1965,~ -2222 TOPIC TAGS: nitric acid,carbon steel, corrosion rate.':chloride, flu*24de corrosion iTkhibitor,, corTosion resistance ABSTRACT: The effect of chloride-and fluoride ions on the corrosion rchte of lKhl8N9T steel was studied over a wide HN03 concentrationvange 44-100t), with 0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 19 20 and 3 wt % ci7 (added-as NaCl) and 0.05,,O.l,.O.5, and 1 wt VC (ad- ded as.NaF). The corrosion-rate,was determined gravimetrically, and the steady stato potentials of -the steel 'were measured. The change in the degree of pAssivation of ~the steel was measured as a function of MCI and Nar cancentration aad was found to beconsistent with the change in the corrosion rate.- In all HN03 coricentrations,, the Ipresence of Cl shifted the steady state potential toward the negative side; this UDC: 620.193 1/2 L_SErd .1 "Z, Y'"WASPF (a )/DIP (0/DIF(b). --I4P(c-)--JDA)B ),kt 6 6 NRf APSOW31 UR/01365/65/001/003/0272/0276 620,193.2 pq &A UTHOR&. Kolotyrkin, Ya. M#; Kosm, Go G. iTITLE: Influence of water on the anodic behavior of chromium in methanol soliitionsl of hydrochloric acid SOURCE: Zasbcbita metallov, V. 1, no.3, 19651, 272-21716, and inbert facing p, 274 -TOPIC TAGS. solution concentration, electric potenticl, potentiometer, anodic re- 'fining ~ABSTKACT: The anodic behavior of 99.9% Crsheets was studied in methanol solutions' 10if HCl with additions bf water. Measurements of the electrode potential were made :by means of a- potentioi3tat Lwp to 50 mv; at room temperatu:te, and the potential was ~measurcd relative to a.saturated aqueous calomel electrode, Data were presented in- jilie form of anodic polarization curves (potential as a function of-Ig i-a/cm2) for Cr in 0.1, 0.5 wid 1.0 N Hel in methanol with varying additions of water, i. e., 0,! 'l, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10%, Special experiments were run on 0.1 N HM + 0.9 N LiCl so-i 'tlutions in which the acidity/Cll-ion concentration was varied; this did not appre- Card 1/3 -L 4204-66 ~IACCESSION NR: APS014131 ou_iciably influence the kinetics.of active solubility. Although adding water did not the regions of active solubility, adding it to the solution up to saturatioti! -.-~changed the potentiostatic curves in the direction of more-positive potentials. Thai oncentration, for 0.1, O'St iactivati6n potential was plotted as a function of H20 4. 1 N HCl solutions. In all cases the:potential increased with increase in H20 ;concentration, the sl ec igher acidity of solution. ope of the curve d reasing with h iThe activation of-Ahe Cr surface sometimes resulted in pitting, which vanished,whani !the H20 concentration was increased beyond'a critical.liOlit-3.5% for 0.1 N,.HC1 and-i !9%'for I N HU solutions, In these,cases-the-,acti4atioin,potentiaI was displaced -of the -overp I 'to the more positive side assiv*zation potentials, Comparisons were made .~~-1etwedn cast and rolled tlectrodes;-the anodic polarization curves in both cases -.iwere similar, while the-form of-the-pitting attack.was essentially different. Thusi ~Jfor low H 0 concentrations,.there were differences,uhile at higher H20 concentra- 2 Itions pitting did not, depend on the * structure. Based on the experimental data, the of Cr in acid to its interaction with H20 mole- cules. The first stage of this'interaction is hypothesized to be the absorption W_-.- i the H20 molecule at the passivization potential-leaeting td the displacement of CP ions from the surface. -Using.this.ap~roech, e~shiips of the polm4zation curves th !4rd, 2/3 K UZUBY V.S.; K9,-M, G.G. StIlcly of the passivity n-f stainlz-,s steal An n1tri2v acid by tho measurement (,f differential c-spacifl. Zuhur.prikl,kh" 38 no.6--1404- 1407 J'a 10'5~ (MRA 18~10) 1, Li,3i--hanrj'kiy filial Gosudar-rtvi-mncgo tnst!tUL!i ELZOt.noy proWshlenncsti. wtitier on ,~he- nn-,--'lf:l 01' A I '65. 1 . Na uch nc. is s 1 ov a t el 9',(! y c- i,,Iri 'i- F; v n zs -i t u rre. n~ Yb. Karpovji, Mos),va. ib A46 ~l ..... ..... 13W;0 - EW(l) f)/EPF(.n-)---2L%-VGUM 1JP(Q) - GGAT ACC NRs APS002412 SOURCE CODE: UP,/005*,?/65/035/03L2/2189/2193 AWMOR: Kosory, LAS ORG: none TITLE: Radial charged particle flux In a discharge encited by high-frequency traveling 19 waves SOURCE: Zhurnal tekhntcheakoy f1z1k1._-v. 35, no. 12, 2905, 2189-2193 71OPIC TAGS: plasin confinement, plasma diffusion, traveling wave, electromagnetic C'14A '~' tt. Wave, A ABSTRACt: In.connectlon with the proposo1of S.M.Oso,sets (Fizikstplasay I problemy upravlyayemykb termoyadernykh reaktsly, 4, 3. lzd. AN SSSR, M. 1958) to confine a VVI bet plasma by mans of Ithe field ota high-frequency traveling electromagnetic wave,,.j the author has solved the dif fusfon equations to determino-the radial- flux and density distribution of charged particles In a weakly Ionized,plasma In the presence of traveling H waves It was assumed that the frequency of the waves exceeds the ion Larmor frequency iso that the effect of the high-freqAency field on the Ion motions can be neglected), that the-wavelength la,much longer than the radius of the plasma filament, that the only radial force on tbe plasma due to the traveling wave is that arising from the radial gradient'of the average magnetic pressure, and that the - electron temperature to much higher then the Ion temperature. Numerical solutions Card .1/2 __UDC.z___537.523.7 L 12446-66 C WRt are presented graphically for a hydrogen plasma with an electron temperature of 10 eV and traveling; wave fieldstrengths from 70-to 200 Oe. These solutions are in agree- ment with eaperimental date of R.A.Demirkhanov let'al~ ltZhTF, 32, 1248, 1962). At a gas pressure Of 0.1 om Bg the radial flux of charged p1krticles to the wall of it 2 cm radius chamber increases with Increasing strength of the high frequency field up to a field-strength of 200 Oo and decreases with further Increase of the field strength. Contraction of the plasma can be expected in traveling H waves with field strengths exceeding 500 Oe. 7be presented solutions,.of the diffission equations together with results obtained by R.A.Demirkhtmov et al. (ZhTF, 35, 413, 1905) can be employed to estimate the effectiveness of traveling H vravos as a =Bans for confining hot plasmas Orig. art. has: 20 formulas and 2 figures, SUB CODE: 20 SUBM DAM 09Dct641 ORIG. REF: 010 OM REP: 001 Card 2/2 ~~W ~ , ~ - -, .:, ~ - ~': ... . '"'" ,..- -. '' - ~ : ", - :, , - I - I -,- - : ~-- -- I - ! I -, ,- .-- - . - - , .I I ...: I I - -, ,, "", -: -~, 1 , ", .. ,. . , '.I I i - I ~l I'tir I .:: ~~.: .,: - - - - ~ , .11- - . . '2759 7 . 7_ .... 5 .. 'A 560~34 9N - - ASS- D- CIAT" im s ODI t Mc 001 oiligm , A L 33387-66 mm k'1 Mw=f SOUICH CODE: Un/0057/66/036/005/0881/0891 AM101t: Nossyy, I.A.; Shpigell, I.S.; Dorofeyev, Yo-V- ODG. Physics Institute im. P.N.Mbodev, Moscow (Fizichoskiy institut) TITLE: Investigation of a conical induction plasma source SOURCE: Zhurnal tolchnichesicoy fiziki, v. 3G, no. 5, 1966, 891-891 TOPIC TAGS: plasma gun, plasma source, plasma jet ABSTRACT: A two-stage clectrodeless conical plasma gun was investigated in an effort to achieve a more efficient induction plasma source and to learn something about the operating mechanism of conical plasma guns. A diagram of the apparatus is shown in the figure. The capacity Of C and C was 0.6 and 2.8 pF, respectively, and both cnpaci- tors were charged to a maximum,poiential of 22 W. The auxiliary cone was 7 cm long with base diameters of 2.4 and I cm; the main cone was 20 cm long with base diameters of 4.7 and 11.4 cm. The distribution of both the longitudinal and radial components of the magnetic field in the main cone was mea3ured with a 4 2 mm diameter magnetic probe, and the distribution of neutral gas on the axis of the system was determined with an ionization manometer. The properties of Liie plasmas were determined with a double electrostatic probe. The plasma source operated most efficiently wben dis- charge through the main cone was delayed until plasma from the auxiliary cone had Card L 33387-66 ACC NRv AP6015310 f ZXZ= V Diagram of the apparatus. I quickLacting valve; 2 - auxiliary conti; 3 - main cone; 4 - winding for compensating magni)tio field; 5 - Vacuum chamber; Ct C z; c r, - probe; 7,8 - :pumps; 9,10 3 vacuum gaps; 98P; 12 control block. fZ KOST, A., doktor khimicheskikh nauk; TEREITTfYEV, P., kand. khimicheskikh nauk Treasures of the methane family. flauka i zhiznl 30 no.928-9 32 b-c S 163. (MM 162101 GRANDBMG., I. I NAUMOV, Yu.; KOST,' A--- Mechaniam of the Robev, amidil2e rearrangament. Doklady BAN .17 no.1-Is 1025-1026 164. 1., The M.V, Lomonosav State University, Moscow. Submitted July 15, 1964. ZOLOTAREV, YCOM10, KOST, A.N., MDFIR, M.L., M111. L.G., URMNSON, I.A. Meaoures for human protection against rnt flen attackx. Nauch.dokl. vy9.9hkoly;biol.naukl no,1:44-45 '58 (MIn 11:8) 1. Predstavlana knfedrnmi entomologii I orpnnicheakoy ),himli Moskovskogo gosudaretvannogo univernitetR im. N.V. Lomonosova i TSentrnllnym nnuchno-lanledovntellakim -lazinfektaionnym inntitutom Hinisterstva zdravookhraneniya SSSR. (INSECT BAITS AND REPELIMITS) (FLIRAS) AUTHOR: Kost, A. N. so,056- c L - TITLE: On the Synthesis of Amines According to the Method Devcio,o~111 by Leukart (0 sinteze aminov po :metodu Leykarta.) PERIODICAL: Nauchnyye doklady vysshey shkoly, Khimiya i khimic~ie.,"1-!,--,-. tekhnologiya, 1958, Nr 1, pp. 125 - 129 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The tests carried out by the author (Ref 1) ai-ikl ot~,,er Jnvc.- ti(,ators hayo ahown that the Leukart (Leykar-t)-reactioit 12 accelerated by an addition of ar excc,,,o of' neid. Pril-:Iii-.1--ft (as a formic derivative) is formed for the noct p~.-rt in tz_~~ reaction. A presumptive scheme of the process is Civen. an addition of sodium-formate or urea, the reaction al!~-) il; somerhat accelerated, but leads for the most part tc, 11'~iO: secondary amine. The reduction of the for-med takes different courses. The fact that the Leii!-art-re, in many cases accelerated by the aadition of dehydrrit-l"..'e-, stances, made presumable the formation of tnter-ediite t,rod, viz. of imines, or, if impossible, of enamines. Both Of 1L`.C- can be easily reduced by formic acid (Ref 12). For:-.zmido c,-:r1_%i. is possibly converted into ether by i,,teans of for7.-,ic acid. The Card 1/3 developing formate splits off C02 when bein,~, he%sedl On the Synthesis of Amines According to thn Method SOV1156 - 58-1- Developed by Leukart readily in the presence of a catalyst). in this Very 71,*V (accordin.- to the Civen schemP) the process tal~es With the reduction of di- and triaryl carbinols by formic acid (Ref 3). The r*o**le of the dehydratin.- substance is liriited tO facilitate the conversion into ether. In the present rewrt the author has carried out- the Leukart -react ion by skeleton nickel-.- Skeleton cob,,.Ll4; which acts sOM011111,1t r,0r() e1jergetically vias used-for coiip:~,rison- Indications (110~, are f a steric tendency of the Leu),art(4eY!-.c,rt-) roaction OU- 1 in literature. In connection with this,"the anthor carriefl :)i the hydramination of 3-methyi-cyclohexanon and of 1-r,,iot,11Y1- cyclohexene-l-on-3. In the presence of catalysts(if the proceeds rapidly)a marked preve.lence of either a cis- or a t ran s-met hyl- cycl ohexyl-amine could not be found-Dicyclo-h-7' amine is often contaminated by the admixture of fc!1:".1*C_'.'--' hexyl amine in spite of a several hours' boili-.,i-:, with centrated hydrochloric acid. The cause for this mi.,`It se reversibility of the reaction. R.S.Sngitullin assisted in Card 2/3 experiments. There are 12 refcrencest 5 of ~rc s0viE't- 1 7 r On the Synthesis of Amines AccordinG to the Ilethod S0V/l56-~-;1'--'- Developed by Leukart ASSOCIATION: Kafedra orGanicheskoy khinii Moolcovsko,,,o gusivi:~.,stve:!no -o universiteta im. M.V.Lomonosova (Chair of Orj,--.nic Chc-i!ltry at the Moscow State University ineril 11,V.Lomonosov) 5 U B 1.1 IT'I'H DSeptember 30, 1957 Card 3/3 DVORETSKAYA. Ye.I.; KOST A.N.- FYMNA, I.L. Effeqt of some hydrazine derivatives on the causative agents of tomato-leaf mold (Cladooporium fu-lvum Cooke). Nauch. dokl. vra. shkoly; biol. nauki no.2:115-124 '58. (MIRA 11:10) l.Predstavlona kafedrami fiziologli, rastenly i organicheekoy khimii Moskovskogo gosudarstTennogo universiteits, im. M.V. Lononosova. (Tomatoos--Diseases and pests) (Acetone) (Pyridazone) 5(3) AUTHORS: Yudin, L.G.,~~ ~.lotarev,lre,Kh., SOV/55-58-2-22/35 and Mirza, A.H. TITLEs Some Derivatives of the Tetrahydroquinoline and Their Effect on Plant-Lice (Nekotoryye proizvodnyye tetrogidrokhinolina i ikh deystviye na tley) PERIODICAL: Vestnik Universitetp, Seriya matematikil mekhanikil astronomii, fiiiki, khiinli,1958,~,:r 2, pp 169-176 (USSOR) ABSTRACTi Several combinations from the series of the 1,2,3,4 - tetra- hydroquinoline were synthetically obtained. In a con- centration of 0,5% in an emulsion most of them are toxis for plant-lice and show a high mortality. Some preparations have a highly caustic effect on plants. There are 12 references, 5 of which are Soviet, 4 American, and 3 German. ASSOCIATIONs Kafedra organicheskoy khimii i kafedra entomologii (Chair of Organic Chemistry and Chair of Entomology) [14oscow Univ. SUBMITTED: April 39 1957 Card 1/1 AUTHORS: Busev, A. I,~, SOV/156-58-2-37/48 Grandberg, I. I., By-r1ko, V. H. TITLE: The Dithiocarbamates of the Pyrazoline Series (Ditiokarbamaty pirazolinovogo ryada) Their Synthesis and Investigation as Analytic Reagents (Sintez i i..,ucheniye ikh kak analiticheskikh reagentov) PERIODICAL: Nauchnyye doklady vysshey shkoly,. lChimiya i khimicheskaya tekhnologiya, 1958, Nr 2, pp. 349 - 353 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The first mentuloned salts are widely used in analytic chemistry (Refs 1-3). The acids from pyrolidine and piperidine synthetized are stable in acid media and in the case of heating and have a somewhat higher selectivity than others. The comparatively simple new production methods of the pyrazolines (Refs 4-7) enabled the authors to carry out the synthesis of the dithio-carbamic acids of the pyrazoline series (1--dithio-carboxy-pyrazoline). These acids were isolated as sodium salts. They crystallize well, are stable in dry state and well soluble in water as well as in alcohol. The Card 1/3 aqueous solutions of these salts give an alkaline reaction; in The Dithiocarbamates of the Pyrazoline Series. Their SOV/156-58-2-37/48 Synthesis and Investigation as Analytic Rear:ents the case of an acidification, however, a decomposition takes place, since the corresponding dithio carbamic acids are not stable,, A new method due to Fedoseyev (Ref 9) was used here, since an elementary analysis of the sodium salts by means of usual methods does not yield good results (e.g.Ref 8). The products of the ethylation of cyanogen have a distinct melting temperature and may therefore serve for the identification of the substances. 10 (1 - X) compounds were synthetized and investigated as analytic :Peagents. Absorption spectra taken for the sodium salts und the stability in aqueous solutions were investigated. Vie solubility of some cadmium derivatives was determined by means of the method of tracer Atoms. Tt was proved that pyrazoline dithio-carbamates separate certain groups of metal cations at different pE-values, There are 2 figures, 1 table, and 13 references, 9 of which are Soviet, Card 2/3 The Dithiocarbamates.of.the Pyrazoline Series. Their SOV/156-58-2-37/48 Synthesis and Investigation as Analytic Reagents ASSOCIATION: Wafedry organicheBkoy i analiticheskoy khimii MoE,'coys,k-~gG gosudarstvennogo universiteta im.M.V.Lomonosova of Organic and Analytical Chemistry of the Moscow st'~'te University imeni M.V.Lomonosov) SUBMITTED: November 29, 1957 Card 3/3 50), 17(12) AUTHORS: Terentlyev, A. A. N., Zolot~lrev, SOV/153-~C-4-9/22 :(!n-lori9 Ye.Kh, Vinoi~radova, Ye. T. V., Yur ~ I. A. TITLE: I.The Es-~ers of Yetrahytlro-Pht~-,:ilic Acid and Its Hom,,10~;s aS Tn~,~CCt Repelle-tS (I.Efiry te'ragidroftalevay kislDty i yoye k;omologov lzak innol-torepellenty) PERIODICAT Izvostiya vysshil:11 uch(,bryT-.h zavcdeniy. Knimiya i i-ya tekhnologila, 1950, 11-r Z., pp 5- - 060 (USSR~ ABSTRACT: Although the insect repellerito have been more and more applied so far and thou!-,ands of individual prej~arations have been tested, neither the relation between tl---ir structure and efficiency nor their mech~:nisin of efficiency have been definitely clarified. For those reasons the search for now moans was often unsuccoonful, hardly a few of the Lhounandj of tested ollb- stances were. practically used. Dinethyl phthalate is the most carefully invc-,qtiC-,ted and practicailly most applied repellent. Yet it is not efficient in any caze, Card 1/4 -and lar_,e-scale use of it is limited by raw riaterial f.The Est~-rs of Tetrahydro-Phthnlic Acid and Its 3011/153-5;3-14-9/22 Homolo~~s as Insect Repeil(,nta scarcity. The ,~-uthors synthetizzed othor proo.~ective repellents: "Ind- lon" , "Rudzlic r,9-612" (i,~ tl,o USSR RP -52) r and "Diilelon" (EP-50), which had the same effeolasor .-,- we:'ker -, ct t1wr di-mothyl plith,,Llate on v~.viniii-, MO~ i'o ff c ."qu L e Flore active tlian ot'lier.,;. T.,,ere- I)Ccies-RP,-50 was a lj~tle fore the authora investit7ate(~., to tile Otructilral alialoa a of collevo of' the tctra- L-V ~ -IT-2 , RP -20, RP -23, h,,,dro plithalic acid ~tp.-1, -5,RP~ -17,RP ,51). Dimethyl, diethyl and dibuty.L pit'-.1Lte kP - 3 3 a n d jjPr .1 - viere used for comparison. The coinpoun,!s investiZated are related in structure to dimethyl phth~-lato, but differ by their lack of aronatic bonds in the 6-inen-,br-red ring. Diene hydrocarbons and maleic anhydride, which are easily obtained by benzene or furfural-oxidation, viere the raw materials used :,.or that nurnose. in swnmer of 1954, Ye.Kb.Zolotarev and N.A. Tariarina investl&.ted at the Belomorskaya biologic'.;eskaya stantsiy-n MGU (White Sea Biological Station of the iniversity mentioned in the title) the effect of individunl prepir--tions. Card 2/ 4 On mosquitoes Agdes coinnuni8 and A~6.dorsalis and cer,-~to- 1. The Esters of Te.rah,-dro Phtndic AC4 d L.,-,d its- S 2 Homolo~--s as In-r-ect Repell,--pts po-onides of the c~,:,-C-,Cr- C--,!-*.Co`jt~~;. ;.,t t--- ,.lCl,~it.,li-,.-'-.-',; i-:-,t--ltut i-l-ni I t i t 4 T. ,I Cotic C-fi'00t b:~ VIc libnL5-1 ii,.)on oc~ile tc~-+s in t'.-,.-t a, c; t i C) S RP -1 andRP -50 prot----ct t*-e T-os-,,dtoes: A'~,des vexans, A.-ancuir-Lus, A.Co-prius, A. - C., 1, -1 u 0ll. ~! C) c:..taphylla, A.punctor, n d A n o I e s b i c a t u s . A L I , -, t efficiency of i~;Iividual r~ n"0- it 1, fro--. RP -I, e tld-, t'.il-t the repollent:i RP- I RP - ! -I - 1, wea.,e invl-- ct iL:-, t ed f or the _--i i- st t L-e -,,,-:al t o d -i:-~ et olatlal ---- 'f e vd th -rcc t to _i r ef-fic 4_1 en C- Tl-- o e f f i c i e n c y 0 c zr e c o f v r --' o-c c r c f 0 compounds lot F,,, -rt',,er I.-ions be nece2sary onlY Of -AP-44 (di--.ct"-.Yl with (the 17 RP-4 4 !-1 ~7A oe". I. Th e E C t,~- rz; r) I t Re ;)C- II r, I t were inncoti,--ted to t,,.r ~r aciflity, ..Ion 1t V 0 1 c t 0 !1 f-) f a --i tl-.yl or u j- of t,-.c~ LC, 4C c oz-~ 2 o i i f! ct I or A d I. 1J 1). 0 10 U-5 SR ::d V.I.L,-ulcondlov, C 3,~ 4 C- C T',. c:, y c2 -re L.,-d 161 rcr~--t2 So-;-",L. A3 S-Dr- L'i'll ! 0", gosud,~rstvennyy tot State TUn-.*Ve_-"j'. C7~ !-hi::iii- i `Pfcln- entomolo.,--ii (Chair of OrU~nic C--cmi~Ary C---4-r of E,-,'uonolo,-,y) SU 3'* T ; :!'ITP. D Ilove-::ber 2, 1957 d 4 / 4 AUTHORS: Kost, A.N,,, lershov, V.V. (1103cow) 74- 27- L. -3/8 TITLE: Sig Zd 3~, roperties of Pyrm olines (Sintez svoystva pirazolinov) PERIODICAL: Uspekhi Khimii, 1958, Vol. '27, Nr 4, pp. 431-458 (USSR) ABSTRACT: During recent yeam cyal4c hydxazine derivatives have been sub- jeoted to a particularly intense investigation. This includes also the A 1--pyrazolines with binary binding between the nitroaart atcms as viell as the not substituted A 2-pyrazolines vath bi-M-7 binding between nitrogen- and carbon atom, and 1--substituled 6 2_pyrazoline3. The present reeport deals especially with r,.-,- trogen-a-dbstitu-teatj 2-pyrazolines: The methoda of syntheiizatior the reaction of hydmzines vrith unsatarated O~, ~ P -aldelwdes and ketones , as P ~ r , - or ~_, 6 -unsaturated aldehydes and ketone, under the infl-aence of hydrazine produo!5 only hydrazones and azines. The report further deal-3 with the reaLotion of 'hydra-zine.~, with A -subs tita4ea ketones, with the maction of 1-ky'razines with P -haldde kttones, the reaction of hyarazines with ~ -aminoke- tones (in which oonneoti.or. i~ rxist be pointed out that reoen-0,y Card 1/3 various owing -to the further development of thi Synthesis and Properties of Pyrazolines 74-27-4-3/8 Mannioh reaction ( reaktsiya Mannikha) have been counted among the easily accessible compounds). Mention is irade of the works by Nisbets (Ref 92), Babayan and Gaidbaryan (Ref 99) ,, as well a-4 by Kost and Yershorir. There follows a description of a compound of aliphatic diazooompounds with py:mzolines which are formed (by a binary carbon-carbon linkage); Pirthermore, a description. is gi--~r of the reduction of nitrogen- containing compounds. The following chapter deals with the production of pyrazolines from nitryla (action of aryl hydrazines upon -m-isaturated nitryls). There fol- lows a description oil the properties of pyrazolines: of their ox~- dation, reduction, alkylation, azylation and arylation. Moreover, the decomposition of pyrazolinps is discussed (reaction according to Kizhner). In conclusion the report deals with pyraz o line -sub- stituted compounds: 4--bromopyrazoline easily separates the hydrogen moleoule (during boj1iDg of the sodiwn acetate aolut:on)~ so that pyrazoles wiih a gooa yield are obtained. Further poss:1T'_.1- ities are mentioned as e.g. -that 5--nitropyrazolines separate nl_ trogenoms acid, on vdiich occasion pyrazoles are formed under ihe effect of byaroohlorici acid; it is further said that in 5-broukin~- 5-nitropyrazolines nitropyrazol and in acid media bromopyra!zol are Card 213 formed unae-: alkaline action. Further methods of obtaining S.ynthesis and Properties of Pyrazolines 74-27-4-3/8 pyrazoline derivatives are desaribed as e.g. from 3-nitropyrazo- lines, 5-oxypy--azolines, 4-aminopyrazol:Lnes in cis form, 3-pyra- zoline carboxylic acids. In conolusion a short survey in given of the physiological effect producod by pymolines: A number of I 5-diaryl-*iallwlaminoethyl-p3,razolines have analgesic proper- ties; I-phenyl-3-aminopyrazoline, retards the growth of tubercleB (in dilution 1 : I million). The application of pyrazolines and their derivatives in practice has hitherto not had the attention it deserves. There are 227 references, 50 of which are Soviet., 1.* Hydrazine.--Synthesis Card 3/3 AUTHORS: Kost, A. W., Grandborg, I. I., Yevreinova, E. B. 79-2-51/64 TITLE: On the Reaction of Hydrazine Deriiratives (Reaktsii proizvodnykh gidrazina). XVIII. On the Effect of the Acid Ag~fnt on Azines (XVIII. 0 doyotvAi kinlotnykh tq.~ontov na aziny). PERIODICAL: Zhurnal Obshchey Khimii, 1958, Vol. 28, Nr 2, PP. 512-516 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The descriptions of the effect of the acyl halides on azines are very contradictory. The results obtained by Minunni et al. (ref. 5), Lochte et al. (ref. 6) and Benary (ref. 7) can- not be brought in line. Benary's observation of the trans- formation of cyclohexane azine into octahydrocarbazole was confirmed, however, it was not pcssible to use the reaction for other azines. A compound with the melting point 2360C was obtained from acetone azine with benzoyl chloride equal to that obtained by Lochte which, however, was no benzoylp~::,azoline but was symmetrical to dibenzoyll~ydrasine. In the case of complete elimination of humidity the same reaction hcn7ever, actually produces benzoylpyrazoline which, however, shows Card 1/3 completely different properties i'melting point 930C) and was On the Reaction of Hydrazine Derivatives. 79-2-51/64 XVIII. On the Effect of the Acid Agent on Azines characterized first by the authoinof the present work. The cleavage of the azines under formation of the symmetry of the diacy1hydrazines was observed also on the occasior of the action of benzoy! chloride on azines 3f the methylisopropyl- ketone or of the cyclopentanone. Besids the usual determinations of configuration N. B. Kupletakaya (ref. 9) also put down the corresponding absorption spectra. It is stated that the occurrence of a c'L,:?avaee or a cyclization depends not so much on the nature of azine and the acylating agent but on the reaction conditions. If humidity is in the reaction mass, mainly a cleavage of the azine takes place. On the occasion of cyclization of cyclopentanone azine with an- hydrous -formio acid the compound (.,,H22i2 was obtained. According to V. A. Koptsik (Physital Faculty of Moscow State University it shows, among other, a strong piezoelectric effect. It was observed that cyclohexanoneazine reacts energetically to phosphorous tribromide and that 0, 01-dibromodiethylether (due to the dioxane ring cleavage) is formed in dioxane with octohydrocarbazole. Card 2/3 AUTHORS: Kost, A. N., Gents, F. SGV/79-2~1-1o-29/6o TITLE: Reactions of the Hydrazine Derivatives (Reaktsii prcliz- vodnykh gidrazina) XIX. Condensations of 4-Amino (1,2,4)- Triazole With Esters (XIX. Kondensatsil 4--rlino-(l e',4)- triazola so slozhnymi efirami) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal obshchey Ichimii, 1958, 'fol 28, Nr lo, pp 2773 - 2779 (USSR) ABSTRACT: As the oxytriazole pyridazines -Nith the cations of some metals can yield complex compounds the authors of this paper synthesized a number of these compounds (Refs 5,6). Thqr mixed the correspondin[; keto- ester rith the 4-amino triazole and heated the mixture at 180-2001 for 20-30 minutes, with the alcohol and the water being driven off. In a too energetic process, as is the with the 2-carbethoxy cyclopentarone (under the formation of compound (III)) xylene, toluene or ben2ene were added and the aceotropic mixture was slowly drdven off. It is interesting to learr, that the yield deperds Uard 1/3 on the velocity of heating. In the case of a slow hEating Reactions of the Hydrazine Derivatives. XIX. SOV/79-28--io-29/6o Condensations of 4-Amino-(1,2,4)-Triazole With Esters a resinifioation (Ileaction Scheme 2) occurs. In the case of the 2-carbethoxy cyclohexanone no condensatior: products are obtained. The condensation of the amino triazole with the a-formyl phenyl acetate also failed. Based on the results obtained the condensation of amino triazole was carried out with malonic ester. A.s it was not expected, also an excess malonic ester with two molecules amino triazole enters reaction and forms the N,Ni-di-(1,2,4-triazolYl-4)-malonamide (X). Cyclization products at the expanse of the hydrogen atoms of the triazole nucleus cDuld not be found. The structure of the diamide (X) was proved by the infrared absorption spectrum. The acetic solution of this diamide precipitWs the ions U2+, Nj2+ and C02+, butinot A13+, Cd +, Bi3 and TJ+ from the aqueous solution in the presence of sodium acetate. No precipitation takes place in alkalinqraedium. This reaction does not take place so easily with ethyl malonic ester under the formation of compound (XIX15,21~o yield) and almost nct Card 2/3 at all with butyl malonic ester. In the reaction of Reactions of the Hydrazine Derivatives. XIX. Condenoationo of 4-Amino-(1,2,4)-Tririzole With Esters amino)tridljole with diethyl oxa-late the compound (XII) was obtained. This diamide precipitates the ions Cu2+, Mg2+ and Cd2+ in alkaline medium in the presence of sodium tartrate and in acetate nedium the ions Cu2+ however, not A13+ and Fe3+ . The byanethylation of 4-amino triazole in alkaline medium is d~~scribed. There are 14 references, 2 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet (1102c')# State University) SUBIMITTED: September .11 , 1957 Card 5/13 AUTRORS: Grandberg,I.I., Kost,A.N. SOV/79-28-11-2-- ' ~ 1/ 55 TITLE; Reactions of Hydrazine Derivatives (Reektsii nroizvodnykh Bidrazina) M.Dehydration of Pyrazolines (Degidrirovaniye pirazolinov) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal obshchey khii,-iii,1(?58, Vol ~-S,Nr 11,PP 3071-3075 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Experiments of the sathors to oxidize the 4-ethyl-5-PrOPYl- and 4-isoPrOPY1-5-isobutyl pyrazoline failed. Various types of oxidizing a6ents, as selenium dioxide, nitric acid, permanganate otc.destroy- ed the pyrazoline cycle under the formation of many oxidation pro- ducts. The N-formyl- , N-acetyl and N-benzoyl pyra-zoline Ie~riv~tives were not attacked by %yeak cxidizine a6ents, and by strong o:-idizing agents -were subjeoted. to a sim--'lar destructdon under the formation of nitrogen. In the bromination besides the oxidation (Also a lbromi- nation took place. The authors succeeded in 32,oothlly rea-lizirig the transition of the pyrazol-irles into the pyrazoles. They used selenium, and with a still better result gulfur as r1phydra-tion 7he roaction took place at 150-2500 without siite pro.-.!eav.0:,. .1t. is finished as soon as no more hydrogen sulfide is formed. Ar. excess sulfur is of no importance. in the pyrazoles there are, contrary to the pyrazolines, two conjugated d~;)uble bonds -.,,;ith a -free pair Card 1/ 3 of electrons of the nitrogen atom. In the case of' su3h a structur-t, C, ,//. -19 3 , -26-1:-W55 Reactions of flydrazinO Derivativeu. XX-Dohydraticn of Pyrazolinen with an electron sixtet in the nucleu.s compounds with a substi- tuent in the pcsition 3 prove to be 4 'dentical with compounis having a subatituent In tho position 5. J~or this reason, lfclr In- stance, the 3-phenyl-5--methyl pyrazole (90 ~) io outuined i-n the hydration of the 3-methyl-5-phenyl p.yrazoline. In thF-. :-,ame ~,-,-ay as from 5--methYl- also frMl 1-ii,ethyl pyra,.,.oline one and 3,(5)-methyl pyrazole was obtained (75 and '~)O CH 3f -1 -H CE 311 N H ----CH CH3 3 H H Card 213 SGVj79-2a-11-1-'7/5/5 Reaction of Hydrazine Derivatives. ~X.Dehydration cf Pyrazolines Four of the synthesized pyrazoles (yield: 65-90 ~-O") have hitherto not 'been described. The propoged method can be easily employed and may serve as preparatory -synthesis of alkyl and aryl pyrs.--,oles. There are 24 references, 9 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: 11,oskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet (A-loscow State Univer ~:,4 SUBMITTED; Rovember 2, 1957 Card 3/3