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KRECHETOV, I.V.; TaM. B.S. IV ~ Wood drying in superheated steam. Der.prom. 4 no.12:9-12 D 155. (MLRL 9:3) 1. TSentrallnyy nauchno-isaledovateliskly inatitut mekhanicheskoy obrabotki drevesiny. (Lumber--Drying) KRECHETOY, I.V.; TS M V, B.S. g~chajiization of transportation and stacking in lumber drying plants. Dar.prom. 5 ne.41lo-13 AP '56. WRA 9:7) LTSentrallnyy nauchne-iaaladovatallskir institut makhanichaskey obrabetki drevasiny. (Lumber-Drying) (Conveying machinmrr) KUCHETOV, I.V.; TSARNV, B.S. Transportable wood-drying installations. Der.prom.5 no-7:5-7 J1 156. (MLR& 9:9) LTSautrallnyy nauchno-looledovatallskiy institut makhaniche- sko7 obrabotki drevesiny. (Lumbar--Drying) (Drying apparatus) LEONTITEV. NA.; KRWHHMV, I.V.; TSARIV. B.S.; SUKHOVA. A.V. Sffect of bigh temperature conditions of drying on the physical and mechanical properties of wood. Der. prom. 5 no-10:3-5 0 '56. (MT-RA 9:11) 1. TSentralln" nauchno-tooledovatellskiy institut makhanichookoy obrabotki dreveeirq. (Luisber-Drying) .1 el LF.ONTIYEV, N.L.; MCHETOV, I.V.; TSARZV, B.S.; BOIDENKOV, R.P. Iffect of high temperature drying of pine wood on its physical and mechanical properties. Der.prox. 6 no.6:3-6 Je 157. (MLRA 10:8) l.TSentrallnyy nauchno-inaledoyRtallskiy institut makhanicheekay obrabotki drevasiny. (Lumber--Drying) (Wood--Testing) KRECHRMV, I.V. Improve the handling of lumber Aryling. Los.prom. 35 no.4t 23-24 Ap 157. (WRA 10'-5) 1. TSentralli7y nauchno-iseledovatellakiy Institut makhanicheakoy obrabotki drevesiiW. (Lumber--Drying) KRECHETOV,I-.V., kand.takhn.nauk Wood deformations cauBed by moisture. Der. prom. 7 no.4:10-14 AP 158. (MIRA 11:5) I.TS~ntrallnyy nauchno-looledovatelts)dy inatitut mekhanicheekoy obrabotki dereva. (Wood-Iloisture) 8u315 j/ 1 '0160/00!"100910091020Y 10 BO 19/Bo6o AUTHOR: Krechetov, 1. V., T IT LE: Development of Thermodynamic TS- and 15-Magr-ama-Suited for Beat - Mans Exchange Processes PERIODICAL: Inzhenerno-fizicheskiy zhurnal, 1960, Vol. 3, No. 9, pp. 61-64 TEXT: The concept of relative air humidity p is here extended to pure water and defined as vapor saturation parameter. The author then draws the curves f = const in the TS- and i5-diagrams (Figs. 1, 2), and di3- cusses the diagrams in general, He 8tates among other things that T in the region of overheated vapor denotes the amount of existing vapor versus the maximum possible vapor amount, Fig. 1 shows the lines of equal humidity up = const for 0wood as a typical hygroscopic material in the temperature range of 0 to 1500C~ The curves y = const and u p ' const permit the solution of problems concerning the drying processes of wood and similar hygroscopic materials with overheated vaDor. The Card 1/2 84315 Development of Thermodynamic TS- and iS-Diagrams S/170/60/003/009/009/02OX Suited for Heat - Mas9Exchange Processes B019/BO60 drying process at constant pressure in suitable installations is re- garded as an isobaric-adiabatic mixture of vaporable water with ove heated vapor without taking account of heat emission to material b(:ring extraneous to the drying process, nor of the heat amount required for heating the material are disregarded, There are 2 figures. ASSOCIATION: Gosudar8tvennyy vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut zhelezobetonnykh izdeliy i nerudnykh materialov. g, Moskva (State All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Reinforc- ed Concrete- Elements and Nonmetallic ?,1at~tr_1al.9,__A1_0sqoW_)_ SUBMITTED: May 15, 1959 Card 2/2 KRECHETOV Ivan VaPA-1 Zqj~i~h 14K0, A.D., re4.1 SEDOVA, Z.D., - I _; TARANF red. izd-va; VDOVINA, V.M.p tekhn* red, (Use of flue gases for wood drying] Sushka drovesiny topoch- r7mi ganami. Moskva) Goolesbumizdat, 1961. 269 p. (Lumber-Drying) (MIRA 15:3) SOKOLCV, P.V.; BOGDANCV, Ye.S.1 YJiECHLETOV, J.V.; BAGDATIYEV, Yn.Ye.; 14ARATSUTS, L.S. Results of comparative Lostj.llg of autolratle systems for the drying of wood. Der. prom. 14 no. 12:3-4 D 165. (MIRA 18:12) MCHETOV, K.. polkovnik. Use of mine obstacles by the American Army. Voen.znan. 31 li.e. 321 no.4:27-28 Ap 156. OCLRA 9:8) (MinOR, Military) KRECHETOV, M.F. - Result of the treatment of osteoarticular tuberculosis with antibiotics. Probl. tuberk., Moskva no-3:89-90 May-June 1953. WIXL 25:1) 1. Of Serebrymiyy Bor Municipal Ghildren's Bone-and-Joint Taberculosis Sanatorium No. 7 (Head Physician -- D. F. KDlpakov). KUCHNTOV, M.V. Mechanized diagonal transfer of check wire in corn planting. Dokl.Akad.sellkhez. 21 ne.6:40-44 156. (MLRA 9:9) l.Vsasoyurny7 natichno-isalmdovatel'skly Inatitut mekhanizateli sol'skogo khozyz7styn. Predstavlmna Akadmmikem V.A.Zholigovskim. (corn (matzo)) (sowing) KRECIIETOV, N.A. (g.sochi) 14,)bilo lubricator. Put' put.khoz. no.9:24 S '59. Otutk U, -12) (Railroada-Squipment and supplies) KOTLYAROV , 1. 1. ; KRFr,15;TOV, N. 1. Some problems of natural reproduction In cedar forests. Soob. MAN SSSR no.18:87-92 163. (MIRA 17:11) 1. Dallnevostochnyy nauchno-issledovatel'shy inatitut lesnogo khozyaystva. KRECHETOV, N. S. Surgical treatment of echinococcosio-of the liver. Xhirurpia 37 no.7:74-78 J1 161. (MIRA 15:4) 1. Iz khirurgichookogo otdeleniYa (zav. A. M. PetrovskiY) Rostovskoy oblastnoy bollnitsy (glavnyy vrach M. F. Mokrousov) (LNER--HYDATIDS) KRECHLT(JV,V. Lot ua be more dRring In Introducing machAnivition of steep seam develooment. Mnat.ugl.4 no.8:6 A,,'55, (14LRA 8:10) 1. Gornyy mnster shakhty "BnydayevskAyall kombinata Kuzbnsaugol' (Kuznetsk Bnain-Coal mines nnd mining) KRPCW'TOVI V.; YERMILOV, G. (Simferopol#) Haadqaartern or office? Grazhd. av. 22 no.706-27 J1 165. (MIRA 18:7) 1. Komandir Norillskogo, aviatsionnogo podrazdeleniya (for Krechetov). CHUDIN07A, I.A.; - KRF.CHETOVA, G.D.; SHAPOT, V.S. Some properties of nucleases connected with Ilver BiokhimiJa 30 no.4:759-764 Jl-Ag 165. (MITRA 18-0'i 1. Laborator3ya biokhimA3 InqtItutft eksperimr~ntallnoy ~ kl-inicheskoy onkologil, AMN SSSR, Moskva. KREC!a-:',l`OVAY C- D. , and A. V. IMTEL'Ilill-OVA "Or, SPecial Problems of the patholo,-_,- of carroh-vilrate The Cbemintry and Metaboliem of Carbohydrates in Animl and PlaLt Orgar.Isms, C-ottfarence in Moscow. JanuEu-y 28 to January 30 1956. I ~) ~) ) -- -- -I .", ~ I '. ~~ I,- SHAPOT, V.S.; CJIUDINOVA, I.A.; KRECHETOVA, G.D. Methods of isolating and determining the activity of nucleases. Sovr. metod. v biokhim. 1:267-281 164. (MIRA 18:5) L 00719-66 L~-j7(l)/FJ-rj I&'(c) JD ACCESSION NR: AP5014236 UR10386/65/001/003/0025/0041- !AUTHOR: Gaydukov, Yu. P.; Krechetova, I. P. ITITLE: Variations in resistance and open electron traiectoria 1; in zinc ;SOURCE: Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy i. teoreticheskoy fiziki. Pis1ma v r.edaktsiyu. 'Prilozheniye, v. 1, no. 3, 1965, 25-31 TOPIC TAGS: zinc, single crystal, electric resistance, magnetic field, electron motion, electron trajectory, magnetic effect ABSTRACT: The "magnetic breakdown" effect has been proposed as a theoretical ex- planation for the anomalous phenomena of huge variations in resistance and open ele6- tron trajectories in the (0001) plane in zinc. To check this hypothesis, the auth- ors conducted experiments aimed at detecting a relationship between these two phe- nomena. Galvanic measurements were made at a temperature of 1.30K in fields of up to 24,000 oersteds using zinc single crystal specimens with dimensions of 1 x 1. 5 x 20 mm. The ratio of resistance at room temperature to resistance at 4.20K in these samples was IvI8,000. The axes of the specimens were either parallel to plane (0001) or at a small angle to this plane. The amplitude of variations in re-'. .Card 1/2 isistance was measured as a tunction or the direction of the magnetic tiew and the 4i measuring current with respect to the crystallographic axes. The amplitude of the Ivariations reached a maximum for field directions parallel to plane (1010). The lamplitude fell to 1/10 at deviations of 3-40. It was found that the region of huge~ variations in resistance in zinc coincides with magnetic field directions where open electron trajectories appear on the Fermi surface in the basal plane. The full results of the investigation will be published In a subsequent article. "We lare sincerely grateful to Professor A. I. Shal'nikov for his interest in the iwork and his concern." Orig. art. has: 2 figures. ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet im. M. V. Lomonosova Jtjo~sc~~ IState'University) SUBMITTED! 26Mar65 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: EM, SS NO REF SOV: 002 OTHER: 004 Card.1.2/2 24774-66 MYT(l )./T/v-_VVP'k tNP(c JD ACC NR: Ap6olo441 SOURCE CODE: UR/0386/66/003/005/0227/0231 AUTHOR: Gaydukov, Yu. P.; Krechetova, 1. P. il" ORG: Physics Department of the Moscow State University im. M. V. Lomonosav (Fizi- -Y 0 teta) chesidi Liku!'~_et M skovskogo gosudarstvennago universi TITLE: Quantum oscillations of surface resistance of -.Inc at 1 ~!cs S00CE: Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy i teoreticheshoy fizik?. Plslna v redaktaiyu Prilozheniye, v. 3, no. 5, 1966, 227-233. TOPIC TAGS: q~iantum occillation, surface property, galvanomagnetic effect, zinc, single crystal ABSTILI'tCT: 'Mis is a continuation of earlier work Irj the authors (ZhETF v. 49, 1411 1965), where the large-amplitude low-frequency resistance oscillations in zinc were shoT,m to be due not to the ordinary Shubnikov--de Haas effect but to_pLignutiq break- do,wm of the Fermi surface of zinc. To investigate these unusual oicilla ions',In greater detail, -the authors measured the surface resl,,~tance of zinc single crystals at 1 Mcs, using a ty-pe IMI-2 nuclear magnetic pickup, employingz a procedure. first de- scribed by Ye. P. Vollskiy (ZhETF v. 46, 123, 1964). 'The measurements were made at 1.4K in fields up to 22 koe. The modulation frequency of the external mVnetic field was 20 cm. The zinc samplei3 were the came as used in the (,,arlicr iirici~Ligatlpn. The C,cometry of the samples made it possible to carry out de measurementa simultaneously with the high frequency measurements. The measurements showed oscillations of OR(H)/M, connected with different parts of -the Fermi surface of zinc .(with period Card L 24374-66 AT6=441 up to 1 x 10-'f oe--I). Farticular attention was paid to oscillations due to the needle-like rermi surface, and in this case two types of oscillations having the same period were observed They differed in form and were shifted one half-cycle relative to each other. The Latinguishing features of each cycle of oscillation are listedo' The results are explained from the point of view that there exist in the magnetic field two possible mechanisms for formation of surface resistance: in weak fields the quantum oscillations of the surface resistance considered by M. Ya. Azbell (ZhETF 37, 958, 1958) take place. In this case the electron orbit is only partially in the skin layer, and the case corresponds to the observed oscillations of the first type. In a strong field the entire electron orbit is in the skin layer, and the quantum oscillations are similar to those observed with de. Me difference in phase and shape of the two types of oscillations is due to the fact that the absorption is proportional to the number of effective electrons for the first and inversely pro- portional for the second. The authors thank M. I. Shpiroy for technical help and Professor A. 1. Shallnikov for interest in the work. Orig. art. has: 2 figures. SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATM 27J&1.166/ ORIG REF: 003/ OTH RM 002 L-Card 2/2 L 15366-66 EW(1)A1Yr(m)/*EWP(t)/EWP(b) IJP(c) JD/A-1 ACC NR: AP6000194 SOURCE CODE: UR/0056/65/049/005/1411/1423 AUTHORS: v ---Krechetova, I. P. ORO: Moscow State University (Moskovskly gosudarstvennyy univer3itet) TITLE: Open electron trajectories and resistivity oscillations in zinc Al~ q q~ 5- !;- SOURCE: Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy i teoreticheskoy fiziki, v. 49, no. 5, 1965, 1411-1423 TOPIC TAGS: zinc, resistivity, magnetoresistance, single crystal, .galvanomagnetic effect, magnetic field 'ABSTRACT: The purpose of the investigation was to discover a rela- tionsbip between open sections of the Fermi surface and resistivity ioscillations in zinc. To this end, the resistivity oscillation am- 'plitude (with period 6.2 x 10-5/0e) was measured as a funiti f the 3-0 01 magnetic field direction and of the measuring current in ure&inc _ _~,q single crystals within magnetic fields up to 24kOe at 1.3K. The ~slngle crystals were grown by the Obreimov-Shubnikov method or were Card 1/2 L 15366-66 ACC NR; AP6000194 :cut from large.r crystals by spark erosion. The samples were mounted conventionally for galvanomagnetic measurements at helium tempera- tures. The test procedure in methods of eliminating the monotonic- .increase background of the resistivity oscillations are described. 'The test results obtained were improved values of the dimensions of the projections of preferred magnetic field directions for the..-open 'Fermi surfaces of zinc, the resistivity oscillation amplitude as a ,function of the angle for different field magnetic rotation angles. The results indicate that the region of resistivity oscillations coincides with the region of magnetic field directions for which open .cross sections'of the Fermi surface occur In the basal plane. The oscillation amplitude is determined by the electrons that belong simultaneously tocpen and closed zinc Fermi surfaces. The experimen- tal results suggest that magnetic breakdown'of the Fermi surface occurs in zinc. Authors thank Professor A. I. Shallnikov for interest in the work. Orig. art. has: 7 figures and 13 formulas. SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: 04Jun65/ ORIG REF: 007/ OTH REF: 012 Cord 212,4!~ 7 40 1. 74 NAMETKIN, N.S.; CHERNYSHOVA, T.I.; KRECHETOVA, K.K. Synthesis of triisopropylailane and tri- -naphthylsilane. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. khim. no.12:2219 D 163. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Institut neftekhimicheskogo sinteza AN SSSR. 1 , KREGRETOVA, , t.. , lnzh. Experience in operating pneumatic tables at the Nova-44oskovsk Corn Processing Plant. Muk-elev. prom. 27 no.6:13-14 Je 161. ( MIRA 14:6) 1. Laboratoriya mekhanizatsii uborki, ochistki i sushki zernRvykh kulltur Tsesoyuznogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo instituta m~khani- zatsii sellskogo khozyaystva. (Corn (Maize)--Grading) KRECHETOVA, M.V. Separating ergot from rye on the SSP-1,5 sorting table. Slbor. rab. GOSNITI no.16:121 [161). (~M 16:12) v R!' C , 0 1.,: " "I "i , ; :-, 4 " , . I ., ~.- 1, L P- -1 F i., ~, . ~' r 4:-l ' ': ', , r :1 ~! T" i,.- r -~ r i *, r p e . C~ k1), r . r - -- - . :`t2. ' Ild'. I -) ", . i. ,,, '7 !~ r7 .1 ~ x ,,,. MALIN, A.G.; BAYBURSKIY, L.A.; KRECHETOVA, P.I. Obtaining gas-turbine fuels from high-paraffin crude. Trudy GrozNII no. 15:94-104 163. (MIRA 17:5) ACC Nits -AP6003468 S WE CODE: UR/O319A4/OOO/O12/OO24/ AUTHOR: Marlin, Ao Q.; Nikolaz!va Vo G J/ BaybursKZ. L. ej-'Krechetova, P. I.; Ruday!vt V. Ye.; Bolotoy, L. T.; syannikov. P. V.: Vlasov. F. F. ORG: GrozNII ITO TITLE: Production of as turbine fuel on the basis of products of thermal cracking SOURCE: Neftepererabotka i neftekhimiya , no. 12, 196~, 24-26 TOPIC TAGS: gas turbine fuelo petroleum refining0l z AWTRACT: A fraction with"a boiling range of 200-3500 obtained b thermal 11~ cracL,ing of a mixture of mazut vith a low sulfur content (0.31% S and aolar oil (with 0.15% S) waa found to be a satisfactory fuel for gas tur- bine locomotives. The fuel had a low anh content (0.0007%), a sulfur con- tent of 0.2%, a low vanadium content (traces), and a pour point of minus 170 against minus 120 required by standard specifications. Orig. art. has: 2 table a - Ci PRY SUB CODE: 21 SUEH DATE: none ORIG IW: 002 AJ 1V uDc: 662.7 KRECHETOVICII, N.N., dotvant Composite remote contiol syst,im,. Izj. vy-;. ucheb zav - energ. 7 no.2:88--90 F (Kli~ 17:i~ .1. Belorusskiy pAlt-.!].hn!, ir.:-t.itut. Predstivlam kafedroy elektrichaLilAkh ~~Iq~;hin I ~.," Mroprivoda. ERWqWVA, N.V. Biolog7 of flowering and fertilization in Phellodendron amranse Rupr. Bot. zhur. 45 no.9:1336-1340 S 16o. (MIRA 13:9) 1. DAI'nevostochnyy nauchno-iouladovatellskiy institut lesnogo khosyaystva, g. Mmbarovsk. (Amur cork tree) (Fertilization of plants) KREGRETOVA, N,V,t kand*oellskokhozyaystveanykh nauk, Khabarovsk. -- - --- 1.1--1-- . Korean pine* Priroda 50 no,4slll Ap 161. 0,fM 14 W (PJAO) NAZAU-TOVA, II.B.; BASHILOV, A.A.; AI-S,11K. B.K.; KRECHETOVA, P.I.; OVSYANTITIKOV, F-V-; SUKHOIEBTZIKOV, A.P. Industrial oxperiments on the destructive distillation of fuel oils. Trudy GrozNII no.4:48-59 '59. (MIU 12:9) (Petroleum products) (Distillation, Destructive) 8/081/62/000/006/099/117 B162/BIOI AUTHORS: Dorogoohinakiyp A. Z.j Bashilovq A. A., Chertoryzhakiyp A. V, Arutyunova, 0. L., Krechetoval P. I., Sheetak, 9. P. i TITLE: The problem of the choice of solvent for polymerization of ethylene into polyethylene at low pressure PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no. 6, 1962, 6149 abstract 6P35 (Tr. Groznensk. neft. in-tv v- 3, eb. 25P 1961, 17-29) TEXT: An investigation is made of the possibility of using extraction benzine as a solvent for ethylene when polymerizing it into polyethylene at low pressure. It is shown that the following are suitable: an extrac-: tion benzine fraction evaporating at 65-900C with an aromatic hydrocarbon ; content of 3. Vo before de-aromatization and of 0.7% after do-aromatization, or a fraction evaporating at 75-950C in the case of which do-aromatization is not needed (aromatio hydrocarbon 'concentration,0-7%)- It is shown that! the presence of aromatic hydrocarbons has no effect on the polymerization process, but impairs the regenerability of the solvent. batraoterge note: Complete translation.3 [A Card 1/1 "U17 S/08 V621000100210901107 B157/B110 0 / J C.2 AUTHORSs Malin, A. G., Bayburskiyv L. A.~ Krechetoval P. I. TITLEi The possibility of obtaining gas turbine fuels from products processed at the Groznyy refineries PERIODICALs Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no. 2, 1962. 495, abstract 23129'1 (Tr. Grozrionsk. nLlft. In-(-, no.. 11, 1961, 21.1-38) TEXT4 The results are described of an investigation into the Possibility of obtaining gas turbine fuels from gasoline-free oilsj from various distillates and residual products, by simple distillation and secondary refinery products, or from mixtures of these products. It was established that the production of fuels with low ash content requires the crude oil to be treatpd so that the chloride content amounts to 30 mg/liter and dehydrated so that the water content amounts to,4 0.1 0,216. Groznyy t"If/ mixed paraffin crude oils gasoline-free to 160 - 1700C, Achalukskiy and Karabulakskiy mixed crude oils, and Ozeksuatskiy and Turkmenian crudeoils can be used as fuel for stationary gas turbine plants. Simple distillation fractions, filtrates of paraffin production and kerosenes Card 112 S/08 62/000/002/090/107 The possibility of obtaining... B157XB110 from thermal cracking can be used as gas turbine fuel or a8 constituents. Fuel oils from low sulfur crude oils do not meet requirements for gas turbine fuel as regards the solidification point and viscosity although they can be used as constit ents of gas turbine fuels. ~Abstracterls notet Complete translation) /I Card 2/2 MALIN~ A.G.; NIKOLAYEVA, V.G.; PAYBURSKiY, L,A.; KRECIETOVA, F.I.; RUDAYFV, V.Ye,; BOLOTOV L~T,,: GMANNIKOV, P.V.; VLASOV, F.F. Obtaining gas turbine fun! oil it btifto of thtirmal cmicking producto. Not'tojmr, j rwrto~iiim, 1 . (MIRA 18421) 1. Groznenskiy neftyanoy nauchno-:.--q1edovateIIskiy Institut. BARAXV, A.V.~,,~UXHI;TOVA, T.A. Comparative evaluation of the methods of Irocos3ing nitrogen oxides into nitric acid. Report ho.l: Kinetics of absorption by babbling. Trudy IKHTI no.6:99-109 '58. (MIRA 13:11) (Nitric acid) Nitrogen oxides) (Absorption) VRECiITOVA, T. 1. PHUTienenie metc-da kholodnogo vydavlivanila d1la lzgotovleniia stal'ny'kh Ll polykh Azdelii. (Vestn. Mash., 1950, no. 'S', u. 36-40) (Using cold-stamping method for the manufacture of ho3low stpfl artleles.) DLC.- T'14.V4 SO: Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering In the Soviet Union, Library of Congress, 1953. 4. Clotlhlru,' it"I'lotr-Y 7. More rlot.hin.r-, .'r-.botnIt:-,a 'I.!, no. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, 1953. Unclassified. KREGHY,IrOVA V. Around my home. Wu.tekh. no,7:10-21 Jo 157. 0412A 10:7) No scow--Do a cr lpt ion) KRECHETOVA, V. ; "Man and progrees." IUn, tekh. 2 no.5:6-10 my 158. (MIRA 11:6) (Brussels-Exhibitions) KRF.Gfi~'TOVA, Ye.p. ["rilen in the compound treatment of peptic ulcer of the str,mach an,.A duodenum. Sov. med. 27 no.12:6P-69 0 164. (~u-,~ ip,-.11) 1. Fakulttetskaya terapevticheskaya klJnika (zav.- prof. N.Ye. Kavetskiy) Kuybyshevskogo meditsinskogo Instituta. ;2-CIET-QviCii, L. m. ~~E 317 pp. "Yadovitye rasteniva, ikh pollza i vred, Gos, Sellkhoz. Izd*, Moscow-Leningrady 1931, IRWHSTOVICH L H [author); BOGIIANOV, N.N., imndidat biologicheskAh nauk Ere- - -,* ; I " 0, ~ ~e rt ; 1 4;, Concerning the axial nature of the flower (OProblems of the evolution of the plant world." L.K.Krachetovich. Reviewed by U.N.Bogdanov). Priroda 42 no. 11:121-122 N 153. (KLRA 6:11) (Irechatovich. LA) (Plants-lvolution) tr N --, -, -. _ ~--T I 1 1 ; - j j iA L - j- I I SRCRXRBAKOVA, A.A- Scientific and pedagogical activity of L.M.Krachatovich. Bot.zhur. 39 no.li150-156 Ja-F 154. 1 (MLRA 70) 1 "1 ,, I I .. 1. Inatitut Istorl oteetvoznanlya i tekhniki,Akademii nauk SSSR, Moskva. r(Krechatovich, Lev Melkhisedekovich, 1878- ) KR~CHETOV, L. I. CRnd Tech 4;oi -- (dies) "Selection of a rritional method of oa-le,ul:A" boiler combusbion chambers and its application tn- the 'A&Uir4" of cyclone combustion chambers." Mos, 1959, 14 pp (NFS USSR. Mlos Order of Lenin onlOrder of Labor Red Banner Inst of Engineers of Railroad Transcort im 1. V. Stalin), 150 copies (KL,43-59, 124) -50- " '-' ~ ~ C tj n -f-, -JI 1 7 1~j r -] . Y\ '\ U. I - I - k IJ , - VAGA, A. 'Problem of evolution of the plant world.* L.K.Krachatovich. Reviewed by A.Vaga. Bot.shur. 39 no.3:451-452 My-Je 454. (KLRA- 7:7) 1. Tartuskiy Goeudaretvanny universitet. (Plants-Avolution) (Inchatovich, L.M.) lm;,~141-",VIICH X. , L . Recent theories of the orlpin of anl-losperm Lwith summary in hnglishj. krobl. bot. no.3:10P-124 158. WIRA 11:6) (An,giospermn) 6c Electme Motoro 7. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Corigr,-~ss, AM' IL 1953, Tincl. iv- A t T 'S S it 2398. ,Tlf,k Transmfulod of water levell In reservoirs and ii"esion 4sfi~ Oidnotckk i .11dia,. 7, 1, U-57, 'Jan, 1956. Ite"'A811CO ()I jP-ries Ot ektrod" Iwated at Various &Pths 6 lumiured by a voltmeter. Length and dw of coils am adjusted in overy particular case to the voltmRtr scale, Currento(220V 1wrinits, trwihmLaiun to many soores of n-dies. . Whan tolephone line is used, current it reduced to go V; system can work for (ew miles. S. Holunaila. USA Subject LBSR/Eleotrioity Card 1/1 PUb. 29 - 20/30 Author t Krechetovioh, N. N., Eng. AID P - 3235 Title i Automatic field damping of small generators Periodical : Energetik, 8~ 22-23S Ag 1955 Abstract t The "Rules" for the protection of generators operating directly on the generator bus bars require the use of automatic field damping, This is considered to be possible only with an Independently operating d-c current. The author suggests a different Beheme of connections which makes possible the eli- mination of a separate source of current. A relay of the EF-121 type is uBed. Two connection diagrams. Institution : None Submitted : No date KUCHETOVICH, U.N., doteent, . , ~- t'~'- - -, Electric driving with impulse speed control of aerachronoue motors. Elaktrichostvo no-3:23-29 Rr 156. (HLRA 9:6) I.Belorusskiy institut mokhanizataii i alektrifikstaii sallskogo khozya7stva. (Electric motors) (Electric driving) Dotsent "Scheme of impulse itejulption of Speed of ;iofatlon of As-yrchronous Engine of ~Irenf Power Possrosinif 1-ireat Simplicity and Fconomy," neper read at the Session of the Acad. Sci. USSR, on Scientific Problems of Automatic Production, 15-20 Octo~-Pr 1950. Avtomatika i telemekhanika, No. 2, p. 182-192, 1957. 9015~29 "~Iz Pan .1bZUOJbJW as Jv OJOV4 Tsvq Tv0T2ajoOU2 all fu;vjdrf puv poqlvg uvglrrMjn -UTXVI rnX -Ou 044 JO BUOT'392TZddv tnjotooano o%,2 *&jgTp -UT j 042nv PtU -(#jtMjj *VM watcloid aq% &&Too *.4 gwTj %;,,pan p" U"LISO JO &J'%T%wJ 4141 SUOT-40 PWW A-tignpur 3Uj32vnbjtq TWOO 26TACT Ot12 UT WvTqojd Za. 40 AO&J ,a v ~3t1*v&j4 am *UVAOI1tJVS *a*X AQ Ins PSAJDA PUV uTnvqornl 't-A J0190j, *JJ Aq P*oodoid OVA 44TtIA IPOXI-40O AOU $141 JO U-41nobj TvaTiavid into Ajooyj 042 NuTvtdzf Jotilnv &41 -uoTqoj4 641 90AIGG 'CITNIS602nu ITnD-370 J0'30J 64-4 UT 4049T9" 9 42iA Pou3 go #grnd 443 is 13UWTJIA POUTqmov Avg *Q2 'Woj -bJa`U *21nmJTO J020J 842 UT JOIVTSRJ 9 IU123nd 44 Pav"P sa xjqvjDPT*Uo* ajw fluo4irto 000%Q .*.4u*j.Mv U012T2 -nj=oaXAvo4 is senwo" szo,4o* uoTionpul owlw-lTvwv tj%j. ATUO PG%n Oq UVO JnQ 'f*2V3LtVAPVSTP 09&" JO O&Jj q ol0::TvT* Ott 14DT4^ To6iluo.7 oornd jo poti%vot mom imn qTj P OR -Twluoo J020vaj 3PuT.Qddv Aq j0 -3TnMj* jo2oj aql uT a-zoistcoa gulin Aq x3olivr"ai paode SATJP VTJIDOZO JO 00292 %OTT J042"M etu GJ0,40W UoTlznpul 2bxod-uv;H"1,1P 8 (9c N IT,, 9S.Tic pri-40stj is poodi; 9%12 is Tojluoo -1jnj '40TA ggxz- ~.MmXr_- SciXILMOD do X70-L -A'qdvjloTTRT4 &,Ajjzuj ffzadvd 014% is MODS -IOQU&T*S Tv3lv4*sl is jo'"ca -Aoen%'[K 'A *WX JOWS&, ;o.:,, Aq pGASTAW �W^ OMICA WqZ -wtodwd is uoT.4*0110* #Ttn is uol%vjvdaid st(I UT p,AVdT*j-4jVd VA*J*)jOj -1r-A -20&UlVvl TA- UTA4" *A.' %**UOTOS ISAWS) *TJ-40STO O-W vultlo."4uoo is spotnow 'Cauenb*Aj p,v losTn4 -.1020*04 is U2750P PUT Ajosn OW ftTtugovog ..~UOJOJ~Loa .4noread Ott, 3v UTW'4uoo "JUVS-0 t:2TIOP J9,140 UT ....... 1, WON SOTPn3a asstu Pus 0-4-4 is Uollonj-41U03 jo "'ASTUTW Ott% is 01MISSUT Aq.4 is Tvv&JM UlTwou UpTepa *.4w.4, . %UvTj poAjjdw4316tX. *R2 ,4w qvovjlt "j2u,3 atr% '02fallIC"I 7uTjorjlvu3 JOmo., ^00CM 7*42UTUWI 2%j VIV voQualot j0 jimapmov H= Mn is VOT'jw1toms' ,19Z W. u*T.4vm,4nV is vinSTIfful Oql 2T UOT'*Vuuo* a M UT *Paz "*A WSTMIN 2U.T-,v&Av%uT Duos Oj*1j*p.Uo* Ceuvnb*AJ 30 1, ou SUTd0T4,,P J0 pasu a al ejet" AROU006 go" AT.ZP 0-1 ;-TTWZUO* is .~Tlp CTMI JO t'*T1V*'9Tddw &PTA JOA '* dd, 1043MD Z*uvnb&JJ %MT4 04A, lose otj *q o4 OJOO . 'evouOve puv,uoT3vjoo-o Jo J0.40a, uoT22tiA,_ Ida-is lopaods t(2TM 2VJwVV*7 is A"ll -,jumdol*AOP A.Z.4 "PUT 14 TA is %UaC,d0T*AOP TV2TWODI 7UTPITT"t ~~JUI ptM AjZgnpUl JOTAOR Jt~'*Od To-..Z.4cnpul 2U1.1041 0,Eqvr.XVA 14COM aq cA 14MQJ 016A, szu&JoJu*o _*J JO ~.O-4.4 stn Ut 0 O-p q-41m P"USOU00 9,110 .T" :0 c-Tn1*1: Ottl *gaA_"TP *TJ2001 p~v aco %uvV*zdQW4 "03bq IJV*-C U*'4 uv%;4 VO oA_;.rp ol.140.10 Pa Tco2nv :0 2oarqnv at;2 Us scuw*;L v-.j,4**T* JO T0,!%U0O oT.fas.4r.W rLjC!oI0AO;0 JO 91" ,qZ .,.t.Tap is 2,:I.,,,td QtM =IT C27 CC V94 WV "" -.;.CUT 2u-.JOmxT!tU3 JaAod A00cow 011.4 Ptrw ');= 'SODUOT09 Jo paap.,~v atIl is v*Tuvv*WMojvj Ptrw U012VIC011fty 30 evnImsul stn JO DA13TTIT'" aq.4 us Pa.-Tvv2jo OVA souworuo* Orl, IVJYVLWZ _uTm,zn2 ,,, ps *qo*z !ojyoi -k-a -acncii s.Jsjj 42cluolos 1112WOOZ :040401ass pu-.ww-;Tqnj is *- 1-09 lummor"I 'S'A OPX UrATTItz* -0,1( - 'Us' OTNGPVDY TwTulrz"w*tQ,2 TXT-4WW'4AW 312414OUX '=~ "WU VIT.*VwXy avum2v VLTJOMU*ft P*2zrpd voldoo DW't A00.0M (NDATJC CTJZ*Vrv 'Ns= Nv oA-P1, , ohovwuw~&) -,cPW& V p#lvmolny us **UGJOJU03 941 30 ou gsa n=OUUVAOJIS13VU,,'4AW Od 6 TUVM*"*409 [[kt/A0V Nouyjaoun 'W, I I - KRECHETOVICH, Nikpla Niko wevich; AKALOVICII, U.M., red.; DUBOVIK, A.P.# tekhn. red. [Automatic and remote control)Avtomatika i telemokhanika. Minskp Izd-vo M-va vysshego, srednego spetsiallnogo i pro- fessionallnogo obrazovaniia BM, 1962. 233 P. (Automatic control) (Remote control) (MIRA 15:9) Z C: 77, L ~!,,,.nt, F)ora URSP 3, 1950 1.) mollUtly nr Hilluillill Ac-cousionp, Lilwary of' corigr,.ss, jilly 195;) Uncl. VVEDE!0KIY, A.I.; GRIGORIYEVI YU.S.; KNORRING, I.G.; Y,L+ OVCHINNIKOV, P.N.; FILATOVA, I.F.; CHUNAVINA, A.P.; ZZNDELI, M.Ye., tekhn. red. (Flora of the Tajik S.S.R.lFlora Tadzhikskoi SSR. Glav. red. P.1f.Oichinnikov. Moskva, Izd-vo AN SSSR. Vol.2.(Cyperaceae - Orchidaceae]Osokovye-Orkbidnye. 10,63. 454 P. (MIRA 16:8) (Tajikistan--Monocotyledons) DECHIN) V . A . 6828. Krech~n, V. A. Ovtsevodchoskaya ferma lcolkhoza "Krannyy OktYabrl". ( izlinalomov. Rayonl. Zapisal I ol,,ralhot. I. Sidlin. Penza, Kn- lzd., 1954. 24 s. 20 sm. 3.00') ekz. 27 k. -- (55-2996) p 636.3.083 A (47.398) SO: Knizlinaya Letopls' No. 6, 1955 ~, ': . ~! f, . ,~, I 1. -, . I). .1'. . Building . d ` I )~ k. 27, ~:c, - 2, : ,: ni ~ . I ~ 4 fl, I I.I lj~c or fumls rjI. firush", -.,,)rk on 1):~Ildinw- 1(~ 53 - 9. Monthly List of' Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, - 1953, Uncl. KRYLOVSKIY, S.S.; ZOLOTAREVSKAYA A.S. fdeceasell; 03ri~cv-::Yly, KRECIIIIIA, L.A.; LIVSRITS, R.G.; GAIRBER, B.A. Firing refractory raw materials in a fluidized bed , Ogneupory 30 no.10:43-47 165. WIRA M10) 1. Nauchno-issledovatellskiy i proyektny-y ins"Itut metallurgicheskoy pronVshlennosti. UZGLTZO, Aju,~.IARIN, V., redalctor; STIPANOVA. H-- tskhnicheBkiy redaktor * [Mechanization of potato cultivation In White Russia) Nekhanizateiia vosdelyvanila kartofelia v BSSR. Minsk. Goo. izd-vo BSSR, 1956. 118 p. (White ltussia--Potatoes) (MIRA 10:3) TD/10SHINIII, Valentin Dmitriyevich; KRECHKO Andrey Yustinovich- VAILYPAYEVA, Anna Grigorlyevia -.V , , Mikhail Grigorlyevich; KAZACHENOK, V., red.; KALECHITS, G., tekhn. red. [Flanual on sugar beet cultivation in the B.S.S.R.] Spravochnik po vozdelyvaniiu sakharnoi avekly v BSSR. Minsl,, Gos.izd-vo BSSR. Red.sellkhoz.lit-ry, 1961. 194 p. (MIRA 15:1) (White Russia-Sugar beets-Handbooks, manuals, etc.) KRECHKO, P.Kh.; MURUYEV, I.Ye. Blower for conveying waste from woodworking machines. Der. prom, 12 no.It24 Ja 163. (vu% v-, (Pneumatic convey4 ng) (Woodworking machinery) I I - - - _-- - I-- RUSYAYEV, I.F., inzhener; KBECUO, P.Ya.; ZHUKOVSKIT, K.A., agronom. Experience in growing rice with periodical irrigation without flooding. Gidr.i mel. 6 no.4:9-i4 Ap 154. (MMU 7;5) (Rice) (Irrigation farming) 17 r- USSR Cultivated Plants. Gra i n L; . 3 A J u r : N r-, f '(7,11 Li r -;3 9 3 Author ; P. ya. InsL; station. Title lrrit,atiiig Rice 1r), the ~,:)wlands c,f the :Wbar. River. Orig Pua: V sl).: Kratkiye itogi nauchno-issled. raboty (Kub- ans'.. ris. opyti-i. iA.) za 195o 6. Krasnodar, ASOv. Kuban'", 19W, A*U-stracu: The chemical comocsition of the Kuban River and its Ani-elinskiy Tri*.)titary and aver.%ge ciecim, I con- tours of the water in the da,.i-, checks are cited. In the Kuban river lowlands, a rice harvest of 40 centers/ha. on heavy soils can be o'k)tained with an irrij~ation rate of' 1'-: thousand m3/ha -,Athout accoun- tini, . for water 1css in the carials. It is recommen- Card 1/2 L[Ij USS,-ILI Cultivated Plants. Graln5. IN" - 3 Abs Jour: Ref Miktr-Jiol., "LYA, N(, L6, '(P93(). Abstract: ded to refresh the water in the fiellu by means of periuciically addi'n.-- to it in tho chc.iks, and on .;aline solls by means of runoffs. q1e technique of conveying runoffs of irrizatien %iter is Indica- ted. -- 0. V. Yakushvina. Card 2/2 KRECHKO, Y&.V.; YRGOROV, P.M. ~O-ln Mntibiotlce in the treatment of inflammati)n processes in thA tissues surrounding the jaws. Stomatologiia .5 no.4:39-41 Jl-Ag '56. (MIRA 10:4) 1, Iz kafedry propedavtiki khirurgichaskoy stoma ologii (zav.- doteent G.A.Vasillyev) Moskovskogo meditainakogo stomatologi- cheskogo institute. (dir.-doteent G.N.Beletskiy) - koskovskogo chely-ustno-litBevogo, gospltalya(nAchallnik-kanditat meditsinkikh nauk A.A.Kovner). (Al7TIBIOTICS) (JAWS--DISEASES) SOV/137-58-11 21886 ,rransLation from- Referativnyy zhurnal, Met-alhirgiya, 195 '-, Nr 11, p 7 (USSR) AUTHOR: Krechko Y TITLE: Reduction in Sulfide Contents Upon Con'qitionir g of Scheelite Concen trate at the Tuim Dressing Plant (Snizheniye ioderzhaniya sullfidov pri dovodke sheyelitovogo kontsentrata na Tui.nskoy obogatitel'noy fabrike) PERIODICAL: IZV. VY35h. uchebn. zavedeniy, Tsvetnaya -netallurgiya, 1958, Nr 1, pp 60765 ABSTRACT: The scheelite concentrate at the Tuim plan: had not been meeting specifications as to Cu and S contents. A syslem of conditioning of scheelite concentrate by secondary flotation, !ncluding leaching with 100/o HCl at 60-800C for 12 hours with subseqi ent washing and sul-- fide flotation in acid medium at a pH of 4, wa5 suggested and inves-- tigated. Advance leachin8 is needed to remov ! the calcite which impedes sulfide flotation. The introduction of this system at the plant made it possible to obtain a concentrate neeting Cu and S specifications, cut down the number of conditi )ning operations, Card 1/1 reduced W03 losses, and cut the cost of the c( ncentrate. B. L. MCHKOV. Aleksandr Fedorovich- BBLTKH, I.P.. redaktor; 2 )LTAVA, B.1h., =4 re'"froy-l'ratow Wi ; IRA, A.M., takhnicheikiy redaktor [Work practices of raftsmen at the Pechkl roadete dl Op7t raboty splavahchilcov raida Pechki. Moskva. Gogiesbumizd t, 1957. 21 P. (Fineg River-lAmber-Transportation) (MIRA 10-.?) la-'--CIHKOV~ A.P. 11, o.c. generating system. Lnergetik 9 no.2:17-18 F '(-)I. (IM3A 16:7) (,Frequen~,y mea3urements) (Frequency reF I ulation) LOT, N.I.; EM293KIT.- T.P.; ALISHIIYSXrT., rodaktor; FZTWTA, H.S., tekhniche-Aty-redaktor. [Generalized methods of pipe rolling used by the Chelyabinsk pipe factory] Obobahchounye metody truda traboprokatchikov cheliabinskogo trubnogo savoda. Moskva, Gos.n&uchno-tekhn.izd-vo lit-ry po chernoi i t5TetnOI metallurgii, 1953o3l P. [Microfilm] (Chelyabinsk--Pipe) (KM 9%4) K R Frl: iL-" I . I- -. - Liectrolytic. Ievd, oiir i~(.w opportunity., -;. 81 ( Chemicky ll'runysl. 'Jul. 7, no. 2, Ich. P I'rvh: , I . e0wrlov~,ki:1) I-Ion th -1 -1 - Index ci' East European Accessicns (IF1.7-I.- ) ' ~". 7(J. . ) nr . 2, Fl:lmj~.y IMC111,ER.9 iylz. j remn ** Ior ai' o2octvic power 1- high-tonuion diroct currcn~, lu Zoululid. El ttl(.11 rj'b-,,O" -i- ,0,4:195-196 Ap 162, METELKIN, G.G., inzh.; KRWHMAN, ILK., inzh. Replacing rigt ipelines by flexible rubber-fabric hose. Sudootroenle * P 29 no-4:60-61 Ap 163. (MIRA 104) (Marine pipe fitting) (Hose) KRECIIHAN, V.A. - 1. - .-, Education by labor. Biol. v ahkole no-504-60 3-0 157. NLRA 10:9) 1. Kzyl-Ordinakiy Institut usovershenstvovaniya uchiteley Xazakh- ekoy SSR. (Kzyl-Orda Province-Agriculture-Study and teaching) (Rice) KMCHIAR~ A..I.'. Surgical treatment of progressi've dystrophic coxa vrra ;n childTen. Ortop. trawa. protez. 24 no.7t69--I-.L 31163 1. Iz ort-opedicheskogn otdeleniya ( zav. - pr-f. Z.A. LyLnUI-1-16 D,,nirgradskogo dets~ogo Ins'LAUaf.-I 'U.1. lVinern ( dir. - Izof. M.N. GanehFiroi!a. kilre~! avtora: P-136, Lakhtinskaya ul., d. 1C-.12 Lenjr.L7adskiy dets~17 dicheskiy Institut imeni G.I.Tur-nert.. XR":r, 'I '! ~ ~,, ~ , ~r~ -, V,vc, .7; 'i!g migration of birda cvar the went,3ra Taymyr Peninsula. nc,@7~29-35 '65. (KRA 18'.10) , . I a . o . , -it 11, 1 P-hr'n I) M or " I ri l6ho hl'o, (-,^, _. , . !", '. . -1 ~-. r li~, - 1, *l. I - ~!It ~,.!3 . O~nl tol of,; 4. la n,,~. 6,,, '1~7 - tS , -, -, , ~* i - - ."., KRECHMAR, A.V. Distribution of birds in diffurent landforms of the southwestern Taymyr. Ornitologiia no.4:29-39 162. (MIRA 16:4) (Taymyr Peninsula-Birds) VURICHENKO, A.V.; KIMIZEVA,, V.N.1 ERICEW, S.I. Improvement of the method of registering, hwmn rruscle biocurrents in walking and standing. Vrach. delo no.5: 88-91 My 162. (,'UM 15:6) 1. Ukrainokiy nauchno--isoledovatellskiy institut ortopodii i travmatologii, Nauchnyy rukovoditell instituta - chlen- korrespondantu A1.9-1 SSSR, pW. F.R. Bogdanov. (EIECTROMYOGRA111Y) AUTHOR: 1,'Lrechmar, V. A. -)V/72-56-7-6/19 TITLE: The Takine of Sa_njT)e_s__6f Exhlotot Gases in Glass Melting Furnaces (Otbor prob otkhodyashchikh ~a,;ov v steklovarenn7kh pechakh) PERIODICIL: Steklo I ker=ika, 1958, Nr 7, pp. 24 - 25 P33R) 10P 9 T !1A C TThe samples of Cas are usually taken by 1-4ttle motal-, porcelair-, or quartz tubes respectively and conveyed either into aspirators or directly into the gas analyzers. Little iron-, j:u:,rtz-, and porcelain-tubes, however, may be used unconled only up to 6ooO, or 10000 respectively. An instrument for ta'~ini; samplec deve- loped by the Pyrometric Laboratory of the wll~tss I:ictitute (Fig 1) Is considered to be the most suitable one. The 1.,est results are obtained by a continuous takinC of -as (everY 3 to 5 mi- nutes) by means of a special aspirator (Pi,,, 2) whic', is fully described. This apparatus is electrically o,,,crated %nd m:_~y be adjusted to different operational cyclei,,. Vir: takin6 of jan malot be carried out at a maximum distance from the wial-Is of the canals. According to determinations carried Iout by the Pyrone- Card 112 tric Laboratory of the Glass Institute the ff=l. -1olint c:ian'-co con- V The Taking of Samples of Exhaust Gases in Glaaa j' '/72-5`-7-(,,"1' Melting Furnaces siderably according to the heiCht of the smoke flue. Thus it is advisable to take several samples at different hc4I-ht:.-. T"Iere are 2 figures. 1. GI-ass--Processing 2. Gases--Sampling 3. Ga,,; analyzer.; --Applications 4. Glaqs--Test methods Card 2/2 11,4.) Stepanenko, M. IS. "'ITLE: Influence E~:ertcd by Gao Don-ii-tv of the Brickin,,-, of the Ref,,enerative SYBteLi of Glaus-Meltint, Furnaces Upon Their Efficiency (Vliyaniye -~I-.'01110t'103ti kladk-i ref,enerativnoy ,,eelje, na il 11 kc>effitsiyent poleznozo sif;temy steklovarennykh deyotviya) 1,P,RIO')ICt,L: Steklo i keramika, 1"11-8, Nr lo, pl, 2 3-7o (us:11i) ~'=RACT: Teplotekhnicheskaya laboratoriya Instituta stekla (Thermal Enc-ineerini-, Laboratory of the Glai., Tnstitiite) investigated within the last two ye-in a nuiAbor of ~Jao_-melting tank furnaces for the manufacture of sheet-,,_,1ass. It was foilnl that by premature combustion of gas, by sucking of air of unti.-lit bric'KinG tile heating power of the -as is reduced by 9-17 On the basin of nurierous analyses of the composition of generator gas in tank furnaces of the plants Lisichansk, Gorlkiy, Konstnntinovka ineni 01.tya1br'9;--,,1yi revolylltniya the diagram (Fi,,Y, 1) Ivan o!ituhliahed from which the heatin;-, power of the gas in tile individual caces can be determined. FiL-3ure 2 shows the depenlence of tht- lburnin,-, temperature Card 1/2 upon the quantity of exce,3n air in thr. use of purified gas SOV/72-58-1o-7/18 Influence Exerted by Plas Density of the Brickin;,,, of the lRe,-,mer-ative System of Glass-.1-11elting Furnace.? Upon Their Efficiency in Cor I kovskiy stel:ol I nyy zavod ( Gorlkiy Glass Works ) a3 well an of (-,to not purified in Pyto!ihevn!1i.y ste'r-ollnyy zavod (Bytosh Glass Works). .. In oriller to ol)tain a certain tem,perature level in the lurnace, -ore ~-as must be added, thus increasing the fuel eon,-~-u!:iption (pies 3). These defi-:~ien- cies were observed in all furnaces exa-ined by the Glass institute. In order to elii,,iinate those leficiencies it ~-q necessary to seal ~he Joints in the brick Tjork as described in the papers of Tfokhratyan. At present, D. B. Ginzburg. 14. A. -'Iatveyev (MKIM) ~,rc cari-ying out exT:crii:-ents with a new sealing plaster in the -,Annt imErd ODrlkiy. Me fuel-consump- tion of the furnace i., rc~. !ucod by sealin- of' the walls, thus increasing, the output of' th-e furnace Conoiderably. There are 3 figures. Card 2112) KREGHKAR, V. A. Authors XxvcF-mr I- A- T-L,Vltjz rli*oi)iv-,s u--l Alf-,E-bra, 2 rpl, 141,10 ri.. Date; 1950. llcacmr SW)Jcr,t,.- problfm., &orcim,, Etc, Available z Library of Congreaa, 3a11 Hoi (M3,57.K7 Soiu:cn: 'Ab. -,)f Subjo Catoy 15% KRRCHKAR, Vasiliy Avgustovich; KONOPLTAITKIN, A.A., red.; BRUDNO, K.F., [Problems in algebra] Zadachnik po algebra. Izd.3. Moskva. Goe.izd-vo fiziko-metem.lit-ry, 1959. 428 p. (MMA 12:7) (Algebra--Problems. exercises. etc.) 0 rne 0 0 0 0 0 0 -0 -6 tilt II 111 1) 16 III OF 0 #1 a a At 4jag t 00 -00 0 A: so so go *00 06 Mlalagkg Wv* rd k*W 1114111 10 M4011111 10 Its ftdts*t 40 vit"W" A a" IN. it. it. Km-htmv and S. A. 0A *0 (1.4 Med. so 00 jor,-II.-In & no. of c-Ases the Iriumin A and Bs 200 000' leyeb We" WUhW tht limit$ Of litMIUrt "A. AltbMgb dwv was a ferAeW I lower A levc) t-ilIecially it, CAW111 COS Of PWO&W COF" lons. jfowrv;r, even in thtst 00, canis the carotene N.146 Mther high. In cawtI of I" coo kv,tts of vitamin Ds in the milk. AA Same b"Mvitilmicash '00 00 A -Appcued in the Wood of their idants. The ace of ibe Soo mother of tht 11,101101111 of the ye" WcvV Without wuctbce 0 ~Oillp on the hypo.itainieums. which wtrc cowitioned priAnAggy ire 0 G. M. K06014poff by the food. coo go tie see X60 Off L .1I&LLIJFfKAL LITINAURN CLAISVICAil.0, tie 0 Too;; .0%dinv so still, OK 4ft' it, -i00 AT A to it -lox 9 It VIVIF of( wei a it It *Kom 144-1 to d :10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 es 4 * 00000 0 0 00 0 0 *-#~ * 0 0 o * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 o co. vrap, rof. F-Aatov;t, "..'oscow, 4. 1~0 1.41 ~71 -Z4, 14 UER/Madicine - Pediatrics Nov/)Dec, 48 Medicine - Vitamins - Deficiency "A- an& Bi-En3ovitaidnosis In the Clinical Aspect of Newbox Babies With Septic Diseases, Report No I*" B. B. Krechmer, S. A. Bayandina, Children's Clinic, 51 PP nPediatriya" No 6 Tabulates and Finalyzes the amounts of -Vitamln'A, carotin, thimmin, and pyroracemic acid. in the blood of the Infants, and in the blood and milk of the mother. Dir, Children's Clinic: Prof V~ I. Molchanov, Active Mom, Acad Me& Sci USSR, Hon 61/49T65 UM/Medicine - Pediatrics (Contd) Nov/Doc 48 Warker of Sci. Sci Supervisor, Children's Clinic: Prof Yu. F. Dambrovskaya, Corr Mem, Acad thd Sci c4 61/49T65 KRECHMER, B.B.; VALITHR, X. M.;BAYUMI11A, S.A. Application of albom7cin in pneumonia In infants. Sovat. mod. no.10:10-13 Oct 1951. (U111L 21:1) 1. Of the Children's Clinic, First Moscow Order of Lenin Medical Institute (Head of Staff - Prof. Yu. F. Dombrov- skaya, Corresponding Hember of the Academy of Nedical Sciences USSR). vi:-. -i.n infanL-. Novoolt,~ no. 'Z" In 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, .1953. Unclassified. SFDW1OVA, V.H.;KBZCHMZ11, B.B. - Application of diathermy and paraffin therapy in Botkin's disease In children. Sovet. med. 16 no.12:17-21 Dec 1952. (CIXL 23:4) 1. Of the Department of Children's Diseases (Head -- Prof. Yu. Y. 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