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----------- --------- ---- 0 Poland Aicrobiology. General Microbiology. F-1 Abs Jour: Referat.Zh.-Biol., No. 9, 1957, 3548o Author : Kunicki-Goldfinger, Wl. Title : Changeability of Bacteria Orig Pub: Acta microbiol. polon., 1954, 3, No. 3, 199-347 Abstract: A c!ritical survey. The essence of the problem of changeability of bacteria is discussed In the 1st chapter. In the 2nd chapter the idea of the individual and specie is determined. The 3rd ebapter is devoted to a classification of the types of changeability which the author divides into changeability of development, mod- ification changeability, mutilization and hybrid- ization, Variability of develop-,nent-eytomorphosis Card 1/3 Poland /Mcrobiology. General Microbiology, F-1 Abs Jour: Referat.Zh.-Biol., No. q.. 1957, 3548o and heteromorphosis are analyzed in chapters 4 and 5. Under the latter, the author enumerates dissociation, reactive forms, and filtering and L-forms; he criticizes the opinions of Brown of dissociation as a manifestation of spontaneous mutations. In chapters 6-9, modification change- abill.ty Is described-biochemical changeability, the formation of phago- and drug-resistant forms, variability of antigens, mutilations, The author considers all these forms adaptations. Also given is a criticism of the work of Louis, Ryan, Demerec, Luria, and Delbrook. In chapter 10 the problem of sex, transformation and hybridization in bac- teria is discussed. Chapter 9 is devoted to the process of specie formation, in which, in the opinion of the author, modification changeability, C ard 2/3 Poland Aicrobiology. General Microbiology. F-1 Abs Jour: Referat,,Zh.-Biol., No. 9, 1957, 3548o hybridization and selection plays a fundamental role. Included are 18 drawings and 21 photo- graphs. A bibliography of 784 titles. Card 3/~ C4 f /The bemolya~n of R-scht-ithia j was rw-UL'l irL C-Wtu.- 'I cc 7 hem I tulatr variwus c and it) i 1 dn 74 hr'l TI'I'm S!',nra ~4 I ru -,U -ldfinul Runs,ki-CODI 2nd A. Miirz- Acto mirr.4i--4. P'L. L 127-J29- '111. ~Ifect of cultu:, fill: itrm; cos&"ging tox,iL, 000misum WtIckil, 0 bolujimum typ. i .-- 1 4. and ( .,) r b.wlzribm diphlbriur 'pi parxlmt~Aum a-r- t-b~d :,::~ I &t%= tb. il-~ 11-tixxi of 101`i~ Ik, lun!w pTopcrim to toxln,-OnL,~ ,43 flui&. a. VLNUY. KWIATKOWSKI, Z.; KEMCKI". LDFINGM, W.; IORKIF.WICZ, Z. Certain physiological properties of Proteus vulgaris L form. Acts. microb. polon 5 no.1-2:15-19 1956. 1. Z Zakladu Mlkrobiologii Ogolnej UMCS w Lublinie. (PROTEUS VULGARIS, L form, physiol. (Pol)) LD I 1111R 11.; DTGDALA, K.; LAGOWSKA, M.; VIERCIENSKA, D. Rffect of lithium chloride on Ischeriebla coli and on otber bacteria; preliminary communication. Act& microb. polon 5 ao.1-2:31-40 1956. 1. Z Zakladu Mikrobiologii Ogolnej UMCS w Lublinie. (LITHIUM, effects, chlorides, on 3. coli, Bacillus subtilis & Proteus (Pol)) (CHLORIDES, effects '' 'lithium chloride. on Bacillus subtilis. 3. coli & Proteus (POW (BACILLUS SUBTILIS. effect of drugs on, lithium chloride (Pol)) (ESCHERICHIA COLI, effects of drugs on, same) (Pr OTXJS. effect of drugs on, same)) POLAND/Microbiolocw - General Microbioloao F-1 Abs J:)ur : Rof Zhur - Biol., No 11, 1958, 47854 Author ; KSi:i a ki -Go ~-4f in ger, 'flala, K.) LaGowska, M., DyG Wiercienska, Do Inst Title GoniOial Bacteria. orig Pub Acta Microbiol Polon, 5, no 1-2~ 41-43 (1956) (in Polish witi an English sur=x5) Abstract G,.,nidial bacteria were isolated from the intestinal contents of small rodents and insectivora and cultured by the mathod Df 00.urer LTN-. spellin[; uncertain_7 (Ann Inst 1?astc=, 2~1 395 (1954)~. Thaae bacteria forn microcolonies on a[pr consisting of elementary Wics 0-2-0-3.,-- in diam. and in broth rive a li&A opalescence. The addition of blood, serum, of yeast and liver extracts, and of intestinal con- tents extract from roOwrta O.U. not change the character Card 1/2 POLAIM/Microblolor ~;y - General Microbiolo(Z F-1 Abs jour Ref 21iur - Diol,j No 11, 1958, 47854 Of L-XOvth- On further transplantations the elementary bodies transform into 0-ijAltheraids 0-5-1.5,,o- in size. On aGar the latter fori'.i cOlonica resembling streptococci colonies and in broth they produce turKdity and a residue. The reverse transforimtion Of diplithercids into tjjc Goni- aial forms could not be observcd. The UOnidial bacteria Jescribed are sensitive to penicillin, are very stable on storar;e, and retain their viability on dehydration or in broth for two years. Card 2/2 KTJNICKI,GOLDFINGBR, We, ROVIVSKI, Se Some studies on the structure of bacterial colony. Acta Microbe polono 6 no.4021-330 1957 1. Z' Zakladu Hikrobiologii Palveraytetu Wroclawskiego i Zaklndu Mikrobiologii Ogolney Instytutu Immunologii i Ternpii Doewiadotalnej im. L# Hirsafelda, we Wroclawtu Wplynelo dnia I wrzeenia 1957 r. (BACILLUS. culture growth & colony form (Pol)) KUNICII-GOIX&INGF-R, W. ', DROZANSKI, W. -, BLASZCZAK, D. ;KAZIM, J. ; SKIBINSIA, J. Bacteria as tood for soil amoebae. Acts Hicrob. polon. 6 no-4:331-344 1957- 1. Z Zakladu Mikrobiologii Uniwerartatu. Wroclnwakiego we Wroclnwiu i Zakladu Mtkrobiologii Ogolnej Uniwaroytetu Marii-Curia-Sklodowskiej w Lublinie Wplynelo dnia 20 wrzeanin 1957 r (AMOBBA, metabolism soil bact. qa food source, growth & develop (Pol)) (SOIL, mibrobiology bact, nn food source for amooba, growth & develop. (Pol)) 91: KUNICKI-GOLDFINGER. W. Bronislaw fliklewski (1"-1961) as a zicrobiologist, Acta microbiol. pol. 10 no.2:123-127 161. (MICROBIOLOGY hist) (BIOGWRIES) KUNICKI-GOLDFINGER, Vladyslaw J. H. Adaptive enzywo in the pathway of tr7ptophane synthesis in Escherichia coli. (preliminary note). Aota microbiol. pol. 10 no.2:129-133 '61. 1. From the Department of Microbiology, The University, Wroclaw. (ESCHMCHIA COLI metab) (TRYPTOPHAN metab) (MYVM metab) SKURSKIp Adam; SLOPEK, Stefan; KUNICKI-GOLDFINGER, Wladyslaw; MICHALSKA, Eugenia. Studies on the mechanism of the phagocytic reaction. VII. Phagocytosis and S - R dissociation of Brucella bacilli. Arcfi. immun.ter.dosw. 8 no-3:389-394 160. 1. Department of )tycology, Department of Bacteriology and Department of Microbial Geneticsp Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy, Polish Acadewj of Sciences, Wroclaw. (PHAGOCYTOSIS) (BRUQELLA izaranol) kV)UCKI-GOLDFINGER, Wladyslaw: KUNICKA-GOLDFINGtRj Wladyslawa; My wspolpracy Intestinal microflora of Sorax amnius araneus L. and C16thrionomys glareolus glareolus Schreb. in natural conditions. I. Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the intestinal microflo'r'a. Acta-microbiol. Pol. 11 no.1/2%43-75 162. 1. Z Katedry Mikrobiologii Univeraytetu WarszawBkiego w Wars2AWie i Zakladu Badania Ssakow PAN w Bialowiezy. (INTESTINES microbio-1) (INSECTIVORA microbiol) (RODENTS microbiol) KUNICKI-,GOLDFINGER., Wladyslaw; KUNICKA-GOLDFINGEH, Wladyslawa Intestinal microflora of Sorex araneus araneus L. and Clothriononys glareolus glareolus natural conditions. II. Gawral characteristics of separate strains. Acts. microbiol. Pol. 11 no.1/2: 77-91 '62. 1. Z Katedry Mikrobiologii Uniwersytetu Warsaawskiego w Warazawie. (INTESTINES microbiol) (INSECTIVORA microbiol) (RODENTS microbiol) KUNICKI-GOLDFINGER., Wladyslaw; KUNICKA-GOLDFINGM, Wladyslawa Intestinal microflora of Borax aranaus araneus L. and ClethrionoWn glareolus glareolus Schreb. in natural conditions. III. Seasonal variations. Acts. microbiol. Pol. 12 no.1/2:95-110 '62. 1. Z Katedr7 Mikrobiologii Uniwersytetu Warazavskiego w Warazavie i Zakladu Badania Ssakow PAN w Bialoviazy. (INTESTINES microbiol) (RODENTS microbiol) UNSECTIVORA microbiol) (WEATHER) KUNICKI-WLDFINGER, Wladyslaw J.H.; CZMUINSKA, Katarwjma The environmental control of the conjugation in Rooherichia coli K-12. II. ThA offoot of temperaL-ure on effective pairs formation and on chromosomal transfer. Acts. microbiol. Pol, 13 no.1:13-21 164 1. From the Department of Microbiology, Warsaw-University, Warsaw and the-Microbic-ory Department, Wroclaw University, Wroclaw. Pasteurella-like microorganism in ~Jriall rodents. Acta mic-o- biol. Pol. 13 no-4341-347 26.1, ly~, tInc. War-sssaw 'Unilversity, 1. From the Department of Ificrobiolog W-arsav, Poland. HERDA, M., inz. We.; GESAK, K., inz.; WFBER, B., inz.; VYHNANEEKJ, V.,inz.; RP49KY,-L.,,,inz.; SDEK, J.,, inz.; PROSTREDNIK, K., inz. Maps for area planning and records of the built constructions. Good kart obzor 10 no.9/10j232-235 0 '64 ~TJNIGKY., 4dialar., Inz, Aerial photogrametry and railroads. Iatecky obzor 8 no.39 70-71 W064 - KUNIGKY, Ladislav, inz.; VYHANANEK, Vlastimil, inz. Use of ground photogranmetry for technical documentation. Geod kart obzor 9 no.8:210-213 Ag 163. 1. Ceskosloslovenske statni drahy. I KUNIh`V, S. Preparation of machine-tractor stations for autumn ad winter repairs of a~.ricidtural machirei7~. P. 16 Vol. 6. no. 10) Oct- 1955 IMSHINIZIF,kNO ZE~,IEDELIE Oofiya, Bulgaria Sol Eastern Luropean Accession Vol. 5 No. 1 Jan. 1956 KUNIVICZ, Helena; BROAKAN . Jadviga; JOKAJTIS, Merin. Significance of hmato-carebrospinal orgar index in tuberculous meningitis and encephalitis. Grazlica 23 no-10:701-706 Oct 55. 1. Z I Kliniki Chorob Dzieciecyok A.M. w Gdansku. Kierownik: prof. dr. nod. H.Brokman. Gdansk, I Kliui*a Pediatryesna A.M. ul. Debinki 7a. (TUMCULOSIS, NUINGIAI~. metabolism, carbob ydrates, hemato-encephalic passage) (RUATO-21CWHALIC BARRM, . permeability of sugar in tuberc. meningitis) (CARBORYDRAM, metabolism, hemat o- ene ophalic.,V&13 sage in tubere. meningitis) KMTIAIICZ, Helena Intoxication with antictine in a 3-year-old child. Pediat.polika 30 no.6:575-576 Je '55. 1. Z KlIniki Chorob Dzieclecych A.M. w Gdansku. Kierovnik: prof, dr med. H. Brokman Gdansk, Debinki 7a. (AYTIRISTAMINICS, injurious 01!ects, antasoline, in child) KUNIEWICZ, lielena; SKARZYNSKA, Halina; ZYCHOWICZ) Czealaw Primary pneumonia In the course of varicella in children. Polski tygod. lek. 16 no.28:1071e-1076 lo J1 161. i. Z I Kliniki Chorob Dzieci AMG w Gdanoku; kierownik: prof. dr Med. K. Erecinski. (CHICKENPOX compl) (PNEUMONIA in inf & child) KUNIEVIICZ '..qel-e-na; USIEWSKA, Jadwlg~q ZYCHOWIC3, Gzaglaw Inflamnation of the'larynx qrA lower respiratory tract U measles in cUldren. Podiat, Pol. 37 noll2tl289-1296 D 162. l. Z I Kliniki Chorob Dzieci MI w Gdansku Kiorownik: prof. dr med. K. Erecinski. (MEASLES) (LARYNGITIS) (TRACHEITIS) (BRONCHITIS) C:Z He I 'I a-5Zl'A!'O*,,SKk-D/dlr,0j 'Aar, da; SZICZUROW; 14a- I FST 7117 ~ j? f-TLIK A , A 11 f!,(, a ~ KTIE-7 G 4Y, I la 1 in a A.--,:uf,e ciltarrhen-I syndrome with alcorative and rhan-es --n infants. Padi-at. Po2. 39 Z 1. K L In ik.' "ho rob d~,A roc i a-adie.-ri I! Mled,,,c 7,rv~i -w (Atur, I-.-, I -1 (RierovnAk., pf:)fa dro IIM7.,d. K. PalolngIcne-* kkadenil a Worownilk~ prof. dr. ned. Q . , . . I -- . - , 9 Ftfv 2 621.31121 621 31N f,71.392.2 919--l KunlewO.1 11 The Mittt of P4-wrr Transformers an 11, F. C"Trent Vlow lAn;-:L ,,Wplyv, tran7zfurtnutor6w mocy nt, rozPly%, p-;iJ6v' W101ktel thwDkI w Dn~ach prz--rriy-0ov,,ych .;rys~kiogo n-jpvQcIa-. (Prate Przem !iiar- Tele~tvrn No. 13-14). Worrza-wa. 1054. PINT, 13 pp., 21 figg.. I taL The rvsult2 ,f the rnrazqurements, in a case of .9 sing Ir- -cond uc t;,r V'UPTIng 6y,~',P'Tj. of real -ckd 1-iaginary rnrhpon(-nL% (4 the on Ignte of vAr)(,~A P,,,,-r .--nmf~rmrr ', in !he frequency range from 2V kc"3 tip to 300 krIs. Chararterislics of p-ow-,r trnn5foi-mers were imnl,ysed ir, conne-c- ,Ion with ffivse of tYpIcal double-frequency blocking chokeq with an In- cluctnripe of 0 15 mli There 15 also a dlsru3sioti of the attenomion iritr-y- dured at the ?nrl 0 in if. F. line section by po-xrr tr-nniiformerr withnut hlr~lking vhDke5 A ne-. method of using H. F b~orking devices Li ex- p1nined In ronclu=n, the-paper gives the results of the meaziurements of attenuation caused hy power translctrmers, Inserted between different i,ectiowk -if H F ty-nnsmIsMon lines, The lowest attenu;itllan vnlue-- In the r.-ingf, 20 . 3W kcis are recorded for both star and delta connection. KUNIEWSKI, H. Short-range unbalanced telemetric systems with self-inductive electric power. p. 202 Vol. 28, no. 6, June 1955 PRZEGIAD TEL--PKOMUNIKACYJNY Warszawa SO: Yonthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI,), W. Vol. 5, no. 2 Feb. 1956 KLINImIIKTP H. Self-controlled talemetric systems. (To be contd.) p.272 PRFOLAD TELEKOMIKAMNY. (Stowarzyszenie Blektrykow Polakich. Sekcja Telekomunikacyjna) Warszawa,, Poland Vol.28, no.8, Aug. 1955 Monthly list of East European Acceasione (EEAI) LC, Vol.9, no.1, Jan. 1960 Uncl. KUNIEWSKI, H. Telemetric self-controlling systems. (Conclusion) p. A Vol. 28, no. 9,1 Sept. 1955 PRZEGLAD TELEKOMUNIKACYJNY. Warszawa* SOURCE: East European Accessions Idst 'FEAL), LC, Vol. 5, no. 3, March 1956 7.04 AUTHOR: Kuniewski, H., Docent 22847 P/02 2 6o/ooo/olO/012/012 A222/A126 TITLE: Selective ringing equipment, ITR system PERIODICALs Przegl~d telekomunikacyjny, no. 10, 1960, 326-328 TEXTs The Instytut Tele-i Radiotechniczny (Institute of Telecommu- nication and Radio Engineering) designed a radio intercommunication system with frequency-selective ringing, in which the master station uses 13 audio frequencies and the subordinate stations 2 audio frequencies each. The variation results in 78 combinations; thus, the system comprises 78 remote stations which, in turn, are set up into 13 groups of 6 stations each. Such arrangement permits to call each group of 6 stations by means of only 4 frequencies transmitted at the same time. The 13 frequencies were alloca- ted within the range of 420-3,000 cps with an irregular spacing. A block diagram of the master station comprises: a) 5 variable-tuning, RC audio generators (4basic and I stand-by generator); b) output amplifier; c) cyclic ringing assembly; d) control and test board; e) power supply. It Card 1/4 22847 P/022160/000/010/012/012 Selective ringing equipment, ITR system A222/A126 has 78 push buttons for individual ringing of subordinate stations. The block diagram of a subordinate station "is shown in Fig.3. The ready sub ordinate receiver is shown in Fig.4. Technical data of the transmitter: frequency range 420-3,000 cps; alignment accuracy � 1 cps; frequency sta- bility at a feed-voltage variation of + 10% and temperature variation of + 100C and tube replacement is as good as + 1 cps below 1,180 cps or 2% ';bove 1,400 cps; amplitude stability unde'~ above conditions + 3%; linear distortion under unfavorable conditions is lower than 2cv; output resistance 600+ 10%; maximum power drain 130 va. Technical data of the receiver: ban7dwith is + 20 cps at 420 cps and + 75 cps at 3 000 cps; maximum toler- able tranami-asion level variation fr-om about -0.8; (neper) to about +0.8N as measured against the 1,000 cps level; inpat resistance higher than 0.25 megohms; stand-by power drain 15 ma, on power drain 15 to 20 ma; dimensions 125 x 105 x 75 mm; weight 1-5 kg. There are 4 figures. ASSOCIATION: Instytut Tele-i Radiotechniczny (Institute of Telecommunica- tion and Radio Engineering) Card 2/4 !6,6 0 P/022/61/000/00,3/002/002 A076/AI26 AUTHOR: Kuniewski, Henryk, Docent a TITU- Transmitting sets of non-periodic impulse systems in long-distanco telemetry PERIOMCCAL: Przegl#d Telekomunikacyjny, no. 3, 1961, 78 - 84 TEXT; After generally describing the main characteristics of non-periodi., impulse systems, the author describes transmitting and receiving sets produced by the A.T.M. Strowger; the Bristol; the AEG; the L.M. Ericeson and the Landis Gyr Firms. The MiZ transmitter, produced in the USSR, is also sbown and its main parts described. There are 18 figures. Card 1/1 KUNIEWSKI, Henryk., doe. Instruments for personal paging. Prace Inst teletechn 6 no,3185-90 t62, 1. Instytut Tele-i Radiotechniczny, Warszawa. KUNIEWSKI, _~enryk, _ doe. "Garrier-frequency teletransmission of information over high-voltage networks" by II.K, Podazook. Reviewed by ifenryk Kuniewski. Przegl elektrotech V no.11:478 162. I ~ KUNIEWSKI, Henryk, doe. A set of dquipment for selective calling installations. Prace Inst taletechn 4 no.1:90-93 160. -.1- e~~I ~,e . -.- Use of curved screens in coal preparation plants. Sbor. inform po obog, i brike ugl, no.4:61-63 '57. (miu 11.-6) (Mining)) preparation) (Screens (Ooal KUNIK, V.P., inzh. improving coal properties for briquetting purposes at the Rhine I*iquet plant in Germany. Obog. i brik. ugl. no.6:63-66 '58. (MIRA 12:7) (Germany, West-Briquets (Fuel)) KMTIK, V.P.. inzh. Increasing the efficiency of tubular steam driers by means of preliminary partial drying. Obog. i brik. ugl. n0-7:74-76 '58. (MIRA 12:7) (Coal--Drying) (Drying apparatus) KURKIN, Yn.F.. inzh.; KUNIK, V.P., inzh. Graphic method of determining the results of coal crashing. Obog.i brik.ugI. no.12:48-50 '59. (MM 13:6) (Coal preparation) ISAYEV, Ivan Ilikolayevich; KW,IK, V.P oty. red.; LOMILA.'A, L.L., �--*-s tekbra. red.; S1fKLYAR-,-S-.Yi-.- to-k-b-n-. rod. [Concentrating table ti I Hontse ntratsionnye ctoly. Moukvn, Goo- torgizdato 1962. 100 1.. (MIRA 15:10) (Ore drossing-Equipment and supplien) KLIMANOV, Aleksey Dmitriyovich, kand. tekhr... ns%ik, dots.; HUDYNKO, Konstantin Gerasimovich., kand. tekbn. nauk, dots.; KARPUKHDI, V.D.0 dots., retsenzent; OGLOBLIH, N.D., inzh.p retsenzent; DREMLO, P.G... inzh., retsenzent; KUNIK, V.P., otv. red.; BOLVYREVA, Z.A., tekhn. red. [Safety techniques and fire prevention in ore dreusing and briquetting plants]Tokhnika bazopasnosti i protivopo7liarnaia teklmika na obogatitollrorkh i briketnykh fabrikakh. Moskva, Goagortekhizdnt, 1962, 362 pe (IAIRA 15:10) (Coal preparation planta-Fire, and fire prevention) (Ore dressing-Safety measures) KUNIK, Ya., kand. yurid. nauk A firm asks for the floor. Sov. torg. 37 no.10:16-20 0 163. (MIRA 17:1) KWIIK, -~ , kand. yarid. muk. Accounting by means of checks. Sov. torg. no.3:54-56 Ur 158. (Accounting) (Chooko) (MIRA Ilt2) ONIK, Yakov Abramovich: STARGIMOVA, I.I., red.; BABICHKTA, V.V., ~1:1:111--E--- eV, "" [Legal forms for Intraoity accounts in Soviet state trade) Pravovye formy vnutrigorodskikh rasebstov v 'sovetskoi goBudarBtvannoi torgovle. Moskva, Gos.i2d~-vo torg.lit-r7, 1959. 61 p. (MIRA 12:6) (Banks and banking) K M K, Ya., kand.yurid.nauk Delivery of goods and payment methods. Sov. torg. 33 no. 9:20- 23 S 160. (MRA, 14:2) (Delivery of goods) (Payment) --- KUNIK,,U, lAt's inculcate progresaive fonro of payments. Sov.torg. 35 no./+:26-28 AP 162, WITIA 15 - 40 (Russia-Commerce) (Payment) ANTIMONOV, V.S., prof.; VEDENIN, N.N., kand. yurid. nauk; GENKIN, D. M., prof.; GRAVE,. K.A., prof.; YEPANESFINIKOV, N.V., dot.4%; ZHUKOVA, L.F., dots.; KUNI~, Ya.A., dots.; LIVOVICH, Yu.Ya.; MARGOLIN, M.Z.; 111011OVSKAYA, T.A., dots.; POLENINA, S.V., kand. yurid. nauk; SADIKOV, I.N.; FIALKOV, M,A., kand. yurid. nauk; YAZEV, V.A., knnd. yurid. nauk; YAKHNINA, N.A., kand. yurid. nauk; KIRAKOZOVA, N,Sh., red.; ELIKINA, E.M., tekhn. red. (Government trade regulation] Regulirovanie gosudarstvennoi torgovli. Moskva, Gostorgizdat, 1963. 339 p. (MIRA 16:7) (Commercial law) TYPOVSKY, K., As. Dr; FARGAS, Xd., Dr; KUHIK, Z., MUC Largical treatment of Intra-articular fractures of the condyle of the tibia with the aid of a clip. Acta chir orthop Cz 8-14 F '54. (M" 3 '- 8) 1. Z chirargicke kliniky PU v Olomouci. Prednosta prof. MUDr Vlad, Bapant. (TIBIA. fractures, *intra-articular fract. of condyle, ourg. reduction with metal clip) OMACTUR33, *tibia, intra-articular fract. of cond7le. aurg. reduction with metal.clip) BELIKOVICH, V.V.; KUNIWV, M.V. Mnthod for the quadratic trrinnformation of' PJ.gnal amplitudon. Prib. t tokh. oknp. 9 no.1:115-116 Ja-F 164. (MIRA 17:4) 1. Nauchno-issledovatollskiy radlofizicheskiy In-3titut Gorlkovskogo gosudarst-rennogo universitetn. /0 W(d)1Pa(l)1FS(Y)-3,1?8S-2 TT/AST/GW ACCESSION NRt AP5=55 Ult/0293/65/003/004/0610/062 629.195.21621.39 W, 1 no AMORS t p., Kdj~ 1yko___1_ Ve M~ Halik Ich. V. VIA Bnkhnin.' V. HN Kanto L. - YaVWiK0=Q'-bh"kaL! A. Gjtge-r-ep'MVME~~* Wm~_%_A ir 3 V T 4q 6,qq, TITM The results of an experiment on radio co icatiopR via lEcho 2* and the moon at a frequency of 162.4 megacycles between the observatories of Jodrell Bank. and Zimenki SOURCM Koamichankiye iaeledovaniyal v. 3# no. 41 19651 618-4629 TOPIC TAGSs moon, eltell 'Yiadio telescope, radio tranamiesiono _k&j_qmmicati pj satellite trackingp scientific research coordination / Jodrell Bank radio tele- scope, Zimen1d obaervator7 radio telescope, BESH 2 electronic coWuter ABSTRACM During February-4ktrch 1964 the Acadew of Sciences of the SSSR, NASA of the USAj and the General post office Department of Great Britain conducted an experiment to establish or*-mq radio communication at 162.4 megao7oles via the passive satellite nftho-2v and the moon. Echo-2 van used for 34 oomounication cam ]A L 65295-65 ACCESSION VRt AP5021255 r) toots of 10-15 minutes (the time i6terval permitted by Echols orbit), and the moon woo used for 15 test runs between tho Echo toots. The transmitting equip- ment at Jodrell Bank and the receiving unit of the Zimenki Observatory are do- scribed In detail. Echo orbit information furnished by NASA, visual observations, and radio trucking data from fixed stations were fed to a BESR-2 electronic cal- Puintor which providod prograrmod tracking control. The receivel signal exhibitod strong fluctuations separable into two periodat 1) a 1-2 minuto fluctuation as- vociatod vith Echo-2 distortion from a sphoro and with tracking errora; 2) a 3-10 second period associated with small surface irregularities. The rapid fluctua- tiono varied with each teste Voice signals, slowed by a factor of 8, were barely intelligible. Telegraph, tolotM, one rbotofaceimile transmission, in general, were unsatisfactory, but in periods of high signal-to-noise ration intelligible moonagoo were received. The moon transmissions wore not an clear but did furnish scientific Information. Unexpected transmission losses included 3-5 db for polar- ization losses and 1-2 db for unknown causes. The international cooperation was excellent, with the Soviet submitting a.couplete report. rOffers for further co- operation have been extended. Orig. art. hast 3 tables, Tfigures, and 1. for- mulas. ASSDCIATIONj none SUBHrrMDs 1SApK-65 MICLs 00 SUB ODIXt AA, EG NO MV MY v OOD 1 002 Cc!dj2/2- BDGATYREV, A.S., konstruktor zavoda, g.Irkutsk; MIKHALICHINED, V.; TSUKASOV, 1. (pos.Ili, Alma-Atinskov obl.); KRYLOV, ff.; SKRYABIN, A.;_~~IIWV- 3U_T, K., (Leningrad, Siuopskaya nab., 66, kv-5) Advertisement board. Isobr. i rate. no-11:521-53 v 16o. (KIRA 13:10) 1. Leznikovskoye karlyerotipravleniye, Zhitomirskoy obl, (for Hikhall- chenko). 2. P~redsedatell pervichnoy organizatsii Voesoyusnogo obshchestva izobretateley i ratsionalizatorov, g.Ivanovo (for Skryabin). (Technological innovations) Ili-A t ------- "O1& 04 00 00 It -1 post .1,10 jilt I-Iliv "11113111 1111.1 00 .1 v Pus, -pil, py IwI!fIq I I fixHl P-'P.!o w IWO 411PIM 1 00 it J0111,4111111 Im"1011'.1mil -lip" Jill 01111 milla It twill J~.vmb)%% I mitill v 11114A 11411sl 'Mint ILIP Aill 01141 %III its .1"Alix &tit UI Aspos, .1141 its pU3 all$ ^Imu 00 in 00 All 41tisulp Suisvisid "Ill "jill in aw 041111 o f1lir w.111 P0 JO *1 ot-I 01 *ucmpAquInb 1. 4., I I I lism .111 tll~ -jisr ul to -.%3 MI ,v `~ ppv-,(IR .!.F ;N '0 x .11'0176 0! -Lv 111 4 it -Rum S140=031 000 49RU41611,11 10 4WPw oql Iscs wpollIssilmlea dF 0 lols;)q .. 00 I-wicv -A 00 n as ILI 44 W- 7 -1 ' Ir" VT_A~ _R 5 4 It w .7 - & Ma Riabtsev, N. 1. General fuel technology; a textbook Moskva, Goo. nauch.-tekho. izd-vo neftianoi i gorno-toplivnoi lit-ry, 1949. 326. p. (50-15032) TP318.R5 h-I r - . -N-%'i, A. ~-.. GOYEMM, I.M.; KUNIN, A.M. [Semicoking of coal) Polukoksovanio uglia. Moskva, Goo. nauchno- tekhn. izd-vo neftianoi i gorno-toplivnoi lit-ry, 1953. 193 P. (Coke industry) (HLRA 7:8) I I I i X- t&' -"~ Y/ li~ TURSKIY, Yu.I.; BRIX, A.N.; VNIN, A.M.; GALIPERN, Ye.M. Determination of small quantities of butYl naltate in water. Gas.prom. no.9:11-13 S '57. (MIRA 10:10) (Acetates--Analysis) (Water-Analyois) .A2) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/334o Kunin, Aleksandr Maksimovich, and Mark 1khelevich DerbaremdIker Tekh-no-khimicheakiy kontroll gazovogo proizvodstva (Technical and Chemical Control of Gas Production) Moscow, Gostoptekhizdat,, 1958. 331 P. 3,000 copies printed. Executive Ed.: Ye.S. Lozbyakova, Engineer; Tech..,Ed.: A.S. Polosina. PURPOSE: The book is intended for laboratory personnel in g'as,works and gas,-generating plants. COVERAGE: The book is an attempt at a systematized presentation of the problem of quality control in the produr-tion of gas. 9~he_ following steps of the production process-are treated: control of the quality of coal used for gasificafion; quality control in the processes of.p?~oduction, dehydration and purification of gas from tars and hydrogen sulfide; and control In the dephenolization and repurification of waste waters. D.A. Muravlev collaborated .with the authors in writing Chapter 5. Chapter 4 was written Card-=1/1-3--- Technical and Chemical Control (Cont.) SOV/334o jointly by S.M. Golyand, T.K. Krapivina and M.M. Kuzmak. There are 46 references: 45 Soviet and 1 German. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Foreword Ch. 1. Controlling the Quality of Coal Used for Gasification Coal as an industrial raw material for gasification 5 Methods of analyzing solid fuel 11 Composition of solid fuel 11 An average fuel test sample 11 Sampling and separating a coal test sample 13 Separating initial samples in the laboratory 13 Preparation of analytical samples for general analysis 16 Determining moisture content 17 Determining moisture content (Wa) in an analytical sample for general analysis 19 Rapid methods for determining moisture content in solid fuel 19 Determining ash content in solid fuel 22 Determining the specific gravity Qf solid fuel 25 Card,194,3,- RAKOVSKIY, V.Ya., dol-tor tekhn.nauk; RIVKIIIA, Kh.l., kand.tokhn.muk; K0111, A.M., kand.tekhn.nauk; RAYRUBERG, M.M., inzh. -tiz Peat bakeliten In tho manufacture of sawdust boards. Torf. prom, 36 no.8:8-12 '59. (MIRA UO) 1. Kalininskly torfyanoy inatitut (for Mayzenberg). (Peat) (Phenol condensation products) NUZIMMOV, L.N.; KOIN, A.M. Removal of water from peat and shale tare by the action of ultra- sonic waves. Torf.prome P no*7:19-22 060. (MIRA 13:11) 1. Uningradakiy metrologicheakiy inBtitUt imeal D.I.Mendeleyeva (for luz8memkov). 2. Kalininskiy torfyanoy institut (for Kunin). (Post-Drying) (Ultrasonic waves-Industrial applications) MMNDERG,, M.M.,, inzh.; RAKOVSKIY,, V.Ye.,, doktor tekhn.nauk; RIVKINA, Kh.I,, kand.tokhn.nauk; KU14IN A.M. kand.tekhn.nauk Synthesis of resol resin by the condensation of peat phenols with formaldehyde in an oil medium, Torf. prom, 38 no.8:24,- 25 161, (14IRA 14:12) 1. Kalininskiy torfyanoy institut (for K~zain). (Phenol condensation products) (peat) FEDOROV, N.A.;,BELYANOVA Ye.M.; GRIDNEVA) K.I.; RAKOVSKIY, V.Ye.; KUNIN AM.; YAKdA, 1". S. Composition and ways of using the liquiq products .of under- I ground gwrification, of coals. Nauch. trjdft VNIIPodzemgaza no.8:95-103 162. (MIRA 16:6) 1. Voesoyuznyy nauchno-iseledevatellokiy inatitut podzemnoy gazifikataii ugley, Kalininskiy torfyanoy inatitut i Vasoyuznyy nauchno-ionlodovntal'okiy institut udobrady i Agropoahvo- vedaniya. (Coal gasification., Underground--By-products) --UUU14 A. V. Favorable conditions of production guarantee success* Tranop* strol. 10 n0-5:6-7 Vq 160. (MIRA 13:7) 1. GlavMy inzhener Kontrollno-proverochnogo punkta stroitelistva Pemetroy-put' (for Kunin). (Reinforced concrete) MMIN, B.A. Ixtensivo resection of the humerus with fibular substitution. Ortop. travm. i protez. 20 to.2:59 P 159. (MIRA 12:12) 1. Iz Tul'skogo garnizonnogo voyennogo goapitalya. (HUMERUS, surg, extensive resection, fibular substitution (Ran)) (FIBULA, trarispl. in extensive resection of humerus (Rue)) W WNIN, B.A.v polkovnikmea. eluihby Diagnosis, treatment, and late results of injuries to the meniscus of the Icuee joint. Voeu.-med.zhur. n0-208-40 P 160. (MIRA 13:5) ( 1 11 wds. & inj.) I P TF, 'Y, A ZEXLYANOY, N. G. KOSTOGRY-'/Oi"l .7.S., hand. tehhn. ra,,ik,- ICROF31INICHFIM". ),,.V.~ MwJind for objective control of thc- intensity of carhon dicx`.de em-'s-4ion from a tub. A-vtom. I pi-lb. no.1;9-12 1-1,; 165. (MIRA 1M) KUNIN, B.Z., inzb. Designing walls and slabs fixed on three sides only with the fourth unsupported. Promestroi- 38 no.3:6o-62 16o. (Walls) (Goncrete slabs) (MIRA INO h'J?~'!Nj D.; ANTUNOITA, T. N.; RAKOVSKIY, V. Ye. I - --- "Chemical and heat processing of peat." Reoort submitted for the 2nd International Peat Congress, Leningrad 15-22 Aug 63. PZTROVSKIY, V., in-rh.; KUITIH, F. Improving the filter centrifuge for the removal of fat from a protein-water-fat mixture. Mias. ind. SSSR. 30 no-4:37-38 '59. 1 (MR& 12:12) l.VeasoyuzW nauchno-iseledovatellakly inatitut myasnoy promVshlen- nooti (for Petrovskiy). (Poltava-Packing houses--Equipment and supplies) (Oils and fate) KUNIN, G.L.;_.IJGWV, P.A., takhnik Measurement of capacities b7 means of the MVU-49 bridge. Avtom. telem. i sviaz' 3 no.8:24-25 Ag '59. (MIRA 13.-2) l.S-arshi7 inzhener Isboratorii signalizataii i evyazi Kuybyshevskoy dorogi (for Kunin). 2.Isboratori7a signalizateii i evyazi Kuyby9hevekoy dorogi (for Uglov). (Electric measurements) (Bridge circuits) SOV/124-58-7-7725 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1958, Nr 7, p 58 (USSR) AUTHOR: Kunin, I.A. TITLE: __'__contribution to the Hydrodynamic Theory of the Lubrication of a Thrust-Bearing (K gidrodinamicheskoy teorii smazki pod- pyatnika) PERIODICAL: Izv. %,ost. fil. AN SSSR, 1957, Nr 4 - 5, pp 128-137 ABSTRACT: The solution of the problem of the th ree -dimensional flow of a lubricant with varying viscosity in a thrust bearing is de- scribed concisely. The Reynolds equation and the approximated heat-balance equation are discussed, wherein the heat transfer through the walls of the thrust-plate and the thrust-bearing seg- ment is accounted for approximately by a coefficient. In solving the Reynolds equation the author assumes the viscosity of the lubricant to be dependent upon the flow angle in the direction of the segment rotation. In this case there are two possible meth- ods of solving the Reynolds equation. The first method consists in changing over to new variables, in which the equation does not change_ but the viscosity is little dependent on the angle. By Card 1/2 treating the viscosity as constant, the Poisson equation is SOV/124-58-7-7725 Contribution to the Hydrodynamic Theory (cont.) obtained, the solution of which does not present any difficulties. The newly obtained expression for the pressure distribution is substituted in the heat- balance equation, which serves to determine the value of the parameter entering into the relationship between the viscosity and the angle. The second method assumes that the relationship between the viscosity and the angle is expressed by means of a harmonic function. In this case the pro- duct of this function by the pressure also produces the Poisson equation. This method of solution is simpler (but less general) as compared to the first, and it is recommended for the calculation of the thru st.-bea rings. A description of a calculation method is given with pertinent nomograms for a case when the ratio of the outer and the inner diameters of the thrust--bear- ing is 1.57. A.I. Golubev 1. Thrust bearings--Lubrication 2. Thrust bearings--Hydrodynamic characteristics 3. Harmonic functions--Applications 4. Mathematics--Applications Card 2/2 AUTHOR: Kunin, I. A. (Novosibirsk) 24-10-23/26 TITLE: Solution of the Reynolds equation of the hydrodynamic theory of lubrication in the case of variable viscosity. (Resheniye uravneniya Reynolldsa gidrodinwaicheskoy teorii smazki pri peremennoy vjazkosti). PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Otdeleniye Tekhnicheskikh Nauk-, 1957, No.109 pp. 109-110 (USSR) ABSTRACT: A method is described of solving the basicequation of the hydrodynamic theory of lubrication (Reynolds equation) for the case of variable viscosity, which is based on the following idea: the viscosity is approximated by an appropriate coordinate function which depends also on non-determined parameters, which have to be determined from the thermal balance equation, whereby the approximate function is so chosen that the Reynolds equation can be easily solved. The case of a thrust bearing is considered; the solution will be similar for a radial bearing. There are 2 figures and 1 Slavic reference. SUBMITTED: May 9, 1957. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress. Card 1/1 KUNINI-I...A., Cand phys-Math Sel -- (diss) "Hydrodynamic theory r ~ of lubrication of 00 footstep bearing$." Fvovosibirsk'-', 10158. L_ J 12 pp, (Len Polytechnic Inst im M. I. Kalinin, Acad Sci USSR* West-Siberian Affiliate), 110 copies M, 18-58, 95) 1 -7- KUNIN, I.A. - ~Solvi~ne some classes of problems by analogy in an electrol7tic tank. Izv. Sib. otd. AN. SSSR n0-7:53-61 '58. (MM 11:9) 1.Zapadno-Sibirs iV filial AN SSSR. tilectromechunical analogies) 3OV/24-58-10-29/34 AUTHOR: Kunin, I. A. (Novosibirsk) - - J_ TITLE: An Approximate Method for the Solution of Boundary Problems for Some Equations of Elliptical Type (Priblizhennyy metod resheniya granichnykh zadach dlya nekotorykh uravneniy ellipticheskogo tipa) PERIODICAL% Izvestiye, Akademii nauk SSSR., Otdeleniye tekhnicheskikh nauk, 1958, 11r 1-0, p]? 146-J50 (U&")*R) ABSTRACT: An aceount is given of an approximate method of solving boundary problems for equations of elliptical type to which many field problems may be reduced. Their solution is divided into two stages. In the first stagel, the o-riginal equation with variable coefficients is reduced, using partial solut- ions of a homogeneous equation, to an equation with almost constant coefficients. In the second sta-e the latter equat- ion is solved approximately by solving the corresponding equa- tion with constant coefficients. As an example, the problem of lubrication of a bearing in the form of a sectcr of a circle is considered, the viscosity being variable and obeying a linear Card 1/2 SOV/24-58-10-29/34 An Approximate Method for the Solution of Boundary Problems for SDme Equations of Elliptical Type law. The solution obtained is in agreement with that obtained by Mitchel (Ref,l) in a special case. There are 3 figures and 2 Soviet references. SUBMITTED: June 3., 1957, Card 2/2 SOV/179-59-2-10/40 AUTHOR. Kunin, I, A. (Novosibirsk) TITLE: ~fi~*_etilodynariiic Theory of Flat Film Lubrication with Res- pect to Viscosity and Temperature (Ploskaya zadacha gidrodinam- icheskoy teorii smazki pri ucliete zavisimosti vyazkosti ot temperatury) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akadeinii nauk SSSH OTN.. Mekhunika i mashino- stroyeniye, 1959, Nr 2, pp ?0-?4 031"~R) ABSTRACT: In this article 11--b--ication of the bearings of hydro- generators and ships' turbines is considered. The problem is illustrated in Fig 1, where ab - a segment resting on a po-inL 0 P load, ed - resisting surface moving with velocitty U 0 The hydrod namic equaition is given as Eq (1.1) for the conditions U.N The equation of thermal equilibrium, in the rarige of temperatures between 30 to 700C, is given as Eq (1-3), where It- - viscosity at the initial .L temperature, t -- inere'ase of talliperat'llre, ID -- tomperat- ure characterizing the relationship of It and t . Assum- ing that most of the heat is taken with the grease, the above eauation becomes Eq (1.4) where y specific weight of grease, c - heat conductivity, m the coefficient !~;0.9. Card 1/4 SOV/1 -0/40 On 'the Hydrodynamic Theory of Flat F3_1r-, Lubrination When no t is considered the Eq (1.115.) can be applied. If the expressica cf velocity is substituted in the third equat- ion of the expression (1.1) and in the thermal. equation (1.5), the Eqs (1.6), (1.?) and (1.8) are obtained, from which Eq (1.9) can be found. As Tj is not known, E- (l 6) can be found as follows. The. function ~iQ, a, J3 f~r a con- (0) (4) stant & and -~L and' 11 are defined, then in the region of parameters oL and 4Y the fun;.~tions ~L(~ ) increase from th~_~ value It-0 '- -~).Ta.-nEq (2.1) can be defined. Fig 2 represents ji(o) and ji (4) for 1 and t,~ = 3 which shows that p is not affected by a The function is also given. The viscosity can be calculated from the approximate Eq (2.2) (dotted line) which gives an accuracy of 3%. The characteristic ooetfieient of the minimum film L. tliicl~ness is defined as EqB (2-3) and (2-4), and the eccen- tricity is given by Eq (2.5). The increase of temperature ilt can be found from Eq -(2.6)~ In general, th~e problem Card 2/4 is solved when the relations n , 112 ~ 0 , s , a and ,r are iit jOV1V 9- ~59-2 On the Hydrodynamic Theory of Flat Film Lubrication determined. This can be done, for examnle, as follows. The following axe given: dimension of the segjilentl velocilty, initial. tam'oerature and type of grease; the following are found,., relaiioji of film thickness and increase of tempera- ture at; various loarls and the eccentri,:~ity for their max mum values. Thiis L-9 T and ., are known a_nd p h~_ 2 M 0 and At are proportional to 1-1 if and 6 Therefore, it is sufficient to determine R 2 a-rid J . This is illus- trated in Figs 3 a-rLd 4, where Q cx = 0 corresponds to the limit of possible value. The oui~v,- a -- const in Fig 3 is shown as a dotted line. The relation of H 2 and 0 to n for E - 61 can be determined from Eq (3.1). Similarly, the loss of power due to fric~tion N can be determined from Card 3/4 On the Hydrodynamic Theory of Flat 10i lia, Lubrication Eq (3.2). The effect of grease on the charac-teristics of .U the bearings (with given -o. , *r 1 110and iniuial tempera- ture of the grease) for k ^1 Iii ~ F1 /\./ T.-I can be shown as Eq (3.3) and the initial tampo-rarLire of the grease, with other parameters constant, can be detoi' rqj.ned from Eqs (3.4) or (3.5). The relationship of the characteristic of the bearings to the velooity is def4ned as Eq (3.6). Fig 5 shows the function n (a, 0) for v =-l and /J- = 3 defined by the method of linear visoosity (a), mean viscosity (c) and from the results of this work (b). It shows that the least error is produced by the method des- cribed in this work. There are 5 figurcs and 2 references, of which 1 is Sovieb and I English. SUBMITTED: July 21, 1956. Card 4/4 67590 SOV/179-59-5-9/41 AUTHOR: Kunin, I.A. (Novosibirsk) TITLE: Contribution to the Theory of the PlanetarX-Vibrator in an Infinite Fluid Medium PERIODICAL:Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR, Otdeleniye tekhnicheskikh nauk, Mekhanika i mashinostroyeniye, 1959, Nr 5, pp 48-52 (USSR) ABSTRACT: High frequency mechanical vibrators of the planetary type without bearings are finding increasing favour in Russia. The design of certain types of such vibrators is described by L.P.Petrunlkin (Ref 1). The elementary theory of this type of vibrator for compacting a concrete mixture has been given in the sr~me paper. The problem of the generation by the planetary vibrator of sonic waves in an infinite fluid medium is considered by the present author. The mechanical model investigated has a roller rotating under a constant external torque at a constant angular velocity. Simultaneously, the roller rolls without sliding along the internal surface of a hollow cylinder. The latter is so placed in an infinite, viscous, compressible fluid that it can take part in translational Card 1/3 motion in a plane at right angles to the cylinder axis. 67590 SOV/179-59-5-9/41 Contribution to the Theory of tile Planetary Vibrator in an Infinite Fluid Medium In the steady state, the centres of gravity of the roller and the cylinder rotate at a certain angular velocity about a certain fixed point. This, in general, lies outside the straight line joining the roller and cylinder centres. Hence the oscillations of the roller and cylinder will have a phase difference other than direct opposition. The forces oxerted by the fluid on the cylinder are first found, treating the plane problem only. Under certain conditions, defined by relations between the dimensions of the vibrating bodies, the frequency, speed of sound in the fluid and its kinematic viscosity (conditions which are fulfilled in all cases of practical interests), the fluid outside the vibrating body can be divided into two regions: (a) a thin layer containing vorticity, where the viscous forces are significant and (b) the region of sound waves. In the latter region, a velocity potential exists which satisfies the wave equation. To find this potential, the conditi-~ns of emission at infinity and the equality of the normal Card 2/3 velocities of the fluid and the body at their boundary must be satisfied. In the boundary 67590 SOV/179-59-5-9/fil Contribution to the Theory of the Planotary Vibrator in an Infinite Fluid Medium layer, the tangential component of velocity satisfies an equation of the parabolic type and decays exponentially across the thickness of the layer. Its boundary condition is determined by the step of the tangential compononts of the velocity of Clio potontial t'low. The potential flow is found first. The velocity distribution and the friction force in the boundary layer are then determined. It is noted that the resistance caused by sound radiation is predominant in the range of medium frequency, where the losses caused by friction in the boundary layer are negligible. The power absorption of the vibrator is computed and the conditions for rolling without sliding of the roller in the cylinder are stated. There are 2 figures and 3 Soviet references. SUBMITTED: May 11, 1959 Card 3/3 DYKIM, A.M. ; KUNIN, I.A. Determining the surface area of a convex body from its projections. Izv. Sib. otd. AV SSSR n0-8:3-12 '59. (MIRA 13:2) 1.1natitut radiofiziki t alaktroniki, Institut gornogo dela Sibirskogo otdoleniya AN SSSR. (Surfaces) KUIIIH, I.A. Absolute minimum of one functional. Izv.Sib.olvd.AN SSSR no.11:90-91 159. WIRA 13:4) 1. Institut rnogo dola Sibirakogo otdelenlya AN SSSIR. rFunctional analysis) .'i MME :~Boo.K npwiunon sov/469o Minin, Isaak Abramovich G Ii dro&inamIcheskaya teoriya smazki upornykh podshipnikov (The Hydrodynamic*Theory. of Lubrication of Thrust Bearin6s) Novosibirsk, Izd-vo Sibirskogo otd-niya AN S*3SP), 1960. 129 p. Trrata slip insirtel. 1,000 copies printed. Sp~woring Agency- Akademiya nauk SSSR. Sibirskoye Gtdeleniye. Resp. Ed.: B*Vi. Sudnisbuikc;v, Candidate of Technical Sciences; Ed.: G.L. Ivanova; Tech. Ed.: A.F. Mazourovs,- PURPOSE: This book is intended,for teebideal peraminel of the machine-building industry and vorkeers of scientific research institutes. C'OVERAGE: The bock develops the hydrodynamic theory of lubrication of slider Iih-rLwt bea---ngs for steady operating ecaditions. F14wic equations of this theory are analyzed, and new methoftvhich give qikrtial tcaldetation to the dependence ~d vittt:osity on temperature, are developed for solving these equations. Special att*ention is given to an investigation of the drsy-andence of bearing character- --Lgtics ofi their design parameters.' The auggestea enItulating method makes T-I~e Hy(In.-dynamic Theory (Cont.) SOV/4690 posgible the choice of optimum design parmaters. Some methods for improving bearing characteristics are'elaborated and M&Y be u-seii ir. the develo]pment of the t22zust bearing theory.* It is mentioned in the forevord that hydrogeneXitor, thrust bearings for very high loads are cowtru,~ted by the "Elektrosila" and ""ira:Lelektro,apparat" plants. The book was prepared at the request of the NTGZ (Nc7oeibirsk Turbogenerator Plant),, and computations and graphs necessary for the deteminaticn of characteristic coefficients wre made in the calculation cffice of thia'plaut by E.Gj KaluzbskV&. There axe 74 references: 36 Soviet, 27 English, 10 German and 1 French. T ABTZ OF CONrMM: 3 Ch. 1. Bsaic Problems of the Hyd2vdynsmic Theory of Thrmat Bearing Lubrication 5 1. Generul picture of phenomena occurring in the .1abricant film 5 2. Brief descriptim of thruBt bearing design 6 3. Stating the ptoblein of the hydrodynamic tbeory of lubrication 7 4. Three ccmposite parts of the theory, 10 KUNIN, I.A.; (Novosibirsk); KHON, V.G. (Novosibirsk) Interaction of a vibrator and a bounded liquid medium. PM77 no.2:144-146 Jl-Ag 60. (MIRA 1416) 1. Institut gornogo dela Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR i Novosibirskiy clektrotekhnicbeskiy institut. (Vibrators) (Hydrodynamics) KUNIN# I.A.; KHONv V*F* Theory of interaction of a vibrator with the absorbing fluid. Izv. Sib. otd, AN SSSR no. ll:X36-139 160. (MIRA 14:1) 1. Instiut gornogo dela SibirskQgo otdeleniya AN SSSR i Novosibirskiy elaktrotekhnichesl~iy i4stitut. (Vibrationo) KUNIN,-.!-.A.; MBKO, V.D. Pendulum apparatus for determining the coefficient of rolling friction. Izv.Sib.otd.AN SSSR m.8:116-119 t61. O-MIA 14'. 8) 1. Institut, gornogo dela Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSH, Novosibirsk. (Friction.) (Pendulum) ALABUZHEV, P.M.; KUNIN, I.A.; FETREYV1j A.M.; KHONy V.F. Interaction of a submerged vibrator with an unlimited medium. Izv. Sib. otd. AN SSSR no-3:25-29 162. (MIRA 17:7) 1. Novosibirskiy elektrotekhnicheskiy institut i Institut gornogo dela Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR, Novosibirsk. jr, Le mirid st r--~ I MF~L+ KUNIN, J-.A. Green's tensor for an anisotropic elastic 1110(ill"D with sources of internal stress. Dokl. AN SSIIJR 157 no.6:1319-1320 Ag 164. (MIRA 17:9) 1. Irintitut teplofiziki Siblrakogo otdoDinlyu lki; !Tod:,tavlono akudemikoin NJ.'. liaboLnovyin. _ -JLLV -ULIII, S-*Ic,,., hFirld. teklin. n-lik.. KVJ~~JjlT _ 1&7a~ Kopelovich; 111K 1. . I retson'zent [Ore drawing and haulago in undorground ,rdning] Vypusk i dostavl(a rudy pri poduinmoi dol~vcho. Moskva, Rodl-lit l9u~. 196 p. (tilftA 17:9)