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107-57-4-23/54 AUTHOR: Kuritsyn, N. TITLE: Khabarovsk Ultrashort-wave Amateurs on the Air (V efire ul'trakorotkovolnoviki Khabarovska) PERIODICAL: Radio, 1957, Nr 4, p 27 (USSR) ABSTRACT: An ultrashort-wave amateur section has been organized at the Khabarovsk 'Institute of Railroad Engineers (Khabarovskiy institut inzhenerov zheleznodorozhnogo transporta). On October 7, 1956, Valeriy Kobzev estab- lished contact with Novosibirsk (065507), using his 10-watt transmitter, a ver- tical radiator, and a super regenerative 1-V-1 receiver. Kuritsyn, Kobzev, Labko, Lyskov, and Lesovoy, receive regularly with RSM 585-565 radio sta- tions of Kemerovo (059510), K.,rov (UA4NE, 060001), Shuya, Ivanovo Gblabt (057016), Taganrog (068065), Gor'kiy (056013). Dzerzhinsk, Gor'kiy Oblast (UA3KAF), Krasnoyarsk (050001), and Barnaul (049001, 049009). The above stations are received from 9 to 11-a.m., . Moscow time. Unavailability of tube and radio parts in local stores is noted. Card 1 1 KURITSYN, 11. 7at ion of fusarlum-infected grain. Muk. -al ay. prom. 25 no-3:20 Hr '59. 04MI 12:6) 1. Glavnoye upravlenlye khlebofurazhnogo onabzheniya Ministerstva khIsboproduktov RSFSR. (%'frain-Disnasna and pustu) (Iruenriun) GRUDEV, D., doktor sellskokhoz. nauk; KLJRITSYN, N.; PANOVA, N. Modification of the system for the receiving of cattle by the meat combines and pyaments for cattle based on the weight and quality of meat. Mias. ind. SSSR 3/,, no.4:37-39 163. (MIRA 16:10) 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-isaledovatellskiy institut myasnoy promyshlonnosti. M,lll,OLYUbOV) I.N. ; kLEAMETOV, F.Z. ; ~'. . I--- I I.. .. . .; . , YALHINA, L.V.; Kc,,%oaFj:i, Effect of specific pres.-,uro nild "' - C,rl viecliatilcal propertie.,:, of K-18-4,~ 1 ! 1- - - no.12:29-31 164- ;,).3) KURITSYN, N.A. (g.Vinnitria) . 1. -h.obue - Constructing matbomatical apparatus# Politnk h. no.5:61-63 yo 159. OAMA 12 -.7) (14athematlqal inotnivionts) MITSYN, N.A. (Vinnitea) Plotting the curve of a quadratic function. Mat. v shkole no.6: 68-70 H-D 159, (MIRA 13:3) (Graphic methods) MIROLYUBOV, Igor' Nikolayevich; YENGALICHEV, Sergey Aleksondrovich; SERGIYEVSKIY, Nikolay Dmitriyevich; A114MTOV, Fotyakh Zaynulovich; ORITSIUr-Uik4lay-AleksandrQxichf SmIRNCV- VASILIYEV, Konstantin Gennadlyevich; YASHINA, Lyudmila VaBillyevna; KHRUSTALEVA, N.I., red.; GOROKHOVA, S.S., tekhn. red. (Textbook for the solution of problems concerning the strength of materials] Posobie k resheniiu zadach po so- protivleniiu matertalov. Moskva, Vysshala shkola, 1962. 487 p. (xiRA 16-5) (Strength of materials) MIROLYUBOV, I.N.; ALMAMETOV, F.Z.,- YENGALYCHEV, S.A.; KURITSYN,- N.A.; YASHINA, L.V. Effect of the nature of deformation and of the state of the surface of the sample on the elastic constants of the plastic monolith No.l. Plast. massy no.6t4O-43 163. (MIRA 16:10) KURITSYN, N.I., starshiy nauchnyy Botrudnik Effect of molasses atillage on the meat (jun1Jf.Y of b0ef cattin. Trudy VNIIMP no.15:7-13 16). (MFRA 17;5) c--" At~',o-* t i,, n c, '-.;l re C', t Ca I, Tr :;(I ic, a: i - 7f- at "s A llor I (n t I o I I TT 1t s KURITSYN,N.B., inzhener New circuit for connecting municipal dial telephone exchange lines to small capacity institutional dial exchanges. Trudy Khab. IIT no-8:102-107 155. (Hw 9:1) (Telephone. Automatic) KU#-ITSYN, N.S.9dotg3ent Graduation of communication engineers by the Khabarovsk Railroad Transportation Institute. Avtom.,, telem. i sviaz' 7 no.1:40-41 Ja 163. (MIRA 16c2) 1. Zaveduyushchiy ~afedroy "Avtomatika,.telemekhanika i svyazJ*1 Khavarovskogo instituta inzhenerov zheleznodorozhnogo transpqrta. (Khabarovsk-Railroad engineekng) 0 o o0 ego** 0 0 0 0 1 1 to (C M t1 no I' x x I IV~ A 0 -.00 butermus and ?-V-. Plastics, 1939). -A .Ind. 11- Syjj.~"j . so* see Os a** 500 40* '10 tie 0 it L11184701 CLAWFKATIOM A 0 8 U vt AV -0 Ls' it 00 a 0 0 0 0 9 9 ; 0 ; ; 0 on 0 o All So Od a o' Ow 9 41 4 of 0 0 0 0 0 g 0 0 a 0 0 0:10 0 0 0 6 0 a KURITSYN P V "The Glavkhimanab," Khimicheskaya PronWahl-innost, April, 1947. Abstrated in TI 1051-7. KURITSYII,P.V. Timely tasks in the consumsee's goods industry in 1947. Khim.prom. no-3:70-71 Mr,47. (MLRA 8:12) 1. Nachallnik otdela shirpotreba Ministerstva khimicheakoy pro- myshlennosti SSSR. (Russia--Manufactures) (Chemical industries) "'I. , I. .EMITSTN,P.V., inzhener - More attention to packaging and containers. Khim.prom. no.4:112 AP 147. (KMA 8:12) 1. Otdel shirpotreba. MinisterstvA khimicheskoy promyshlennoott SSSR. (Container industry) USSH/Chemistry - Chemical Industry APr 1947 Chemistry - Tar, Derivatives "It Is Important to Pay Attention to the Tar Ecm(xkv,' P. V. Kuritsyn, Engr, Commodities Seo, MMiP, SW, 1 "Khim Prom~ No 4 Brief description of general organizatian of work dealing with tar derivativeo. Most organizing in plants under juriodletian of Main Administration of GlavKhim Plast, Author recommends even better organi- zation of woric to cut down waste. rM :~T,'--llSOV S..F. kand. teklin. na;.k; NOSVI "U. 1-.--inimmali uchastiye: 1`146DIll, V.11. , inzh.; Sl1r:AK, 1'.A. Mnd. ti~klln. nauk; CHINAREV, S.S., inzh. ; PUT011) V. 1. ; YAKIWN , to-I. it. ; VAVIlf)V, G.S. , otarohly mckhanik; OMITIMIKOV, Yu.11., stwiruhiy meklianik; DEVICHRISKIY, Yu.ll., starshiy laborant; GOLIDENIML, A.B. , irzh.; p , 3tarshiy tekhnik Prransportation of' Ifoodo subject to freezing; problem in the theory of freezing and the mechanization of loosem ?ng crycrations. ) Perevozkl omerzaiushchiksia Fruzov; voprovy teorii smerzaniia 4L mekhaniLatsii rykliler.iia. Vloskva, Transport, 1964, 13" p. (Moncow. Voesoiuznyi naizchno-isoledovatellakli institut ii.e-'aznodorozhnogo tramsporta. Trudy, no.273). (MIRA 17:9) Boo6ym64 AUTHOR: Kuritsyng V. N~ TITLE: The Arbitrary Incident of a Plane Electromagnetic Wavellon a Conductive Disk PERIODICAL; Zhurnal tekhnicheakoy fiziki, 1960p Vol~ 30, No. 7~ pp. 790 - 798 TEXT: The diffractLon of electromagnetic waves from a conductive cir-- cular disk has been investigated several times, but the complexity of the method suggested for solving this problem allows only the treatment of the most simple fields, mainly the case of perpendicular incident. Here? a method for investigating the diffraction of electromagnetic plane waves on a conductive circular disk is developed for the case in which the waves (with the wave vector k-G)/c) hit the disk obliquelyi the disk be conductive, its zadius equal to a. The method is based on another by G. A. Grinberg for the quick expansions in power series of (ka) of the current density induced in the disk by electromagnetio radia- tion. This method can be practically applied to the range (ka)41. In a S/05 60/030/007/015/018/XX Card 1/2 The Arbitrary Incident of a Plane Electro- S,/057/60/030/007/015/018/Xx magnetic Wave on a Conductive Disk BOo6/Bo64 cylindrical system of coordinates, whose origin lies in the center of the conductive disk, the expansions of the external field, of the scalar and vector potential are deduced~ and finally; the expansion coeffici- ents of the resulting current density in the disk are obtained. The quite comprehensive equations are all explicitly given. Finallyq the au- thor gives expression (22) for the diffraction cross section. He thanks Professor G. A. Grinbe for having suggested the subject and for ad- vice given. There are 1 table and 3 references: 2 Soviet and 1 US, ASSOCIATION: Fiziko-tekhnicheskiy institut AN SSSR Leningrad (Physi,,otechnical Institute of the AS USSR, LeninKrad) SUBMITTED: December 14, 1959 Card 2/2 27161 S/057/61/031/009/001/019 q, B109/B138 AUTHORS: Grinberg, G. A., Kuritsyn, V. N. TITLE: Diffraction of a plane electromagnetic wave on an ideally conducting plane ring, ane, the electrostatic problem for such a ring PERIODICAL: Zhurnal tekhnicheskoy fiziki, v. 31, no. 9, 1961, 1017-1025 TEXT: The authora give approximate solutionsfor the diffraction of a plane clectroma&netic wave when the wavelength is appreciably larger than ring dimensions. They first solve the electrostatic problem, and then the diffraction problem from the former. (1) Solution of the electrostatic problem: Assum tions: (a) r- . h/R small (R mean radius of the ring, h half ring width5; (b) the external field can be expanded in a Fourier series in cylindrical coordinates. Determination of the Fourier coeffi- cients gives the-integral equation cos m 0 A -4- -12 2r7i cos Oyh, (1) L_ , L = (r2 LA,-' (r) c(-) R -4- h > r h Card 1/8 Diffraction of a plane ... 27161 5/057/61/031/009/001/019 B109/B138 where C(M)(~) in the required coefficient of the series expansion of V. (M) charj:e dermity distribution, U v (r) is the coefficient, knovin for the ring surface, of the series expansion of tho scalar potential of induced charges; if r - 11(i + ecosa) and R(l + fcosp), (1) is transformed to U(d)=ju(P)dPR2* cos m OdO 0 L (a. (2), where a (a) U (a) Rg(l-+-SCO$C[)Sln4 1 (3). 27161 0 810~71611`031/00~/C,6 1/ 19 Diffraction of a plane 1 _8 and. one restricta himself to terms up to the ord,-,r in the uou,~'! trigonometric series expansion for U(C,"), then (7) totuti,er ;.ith J U(O) 1 10 .u 0 0. t 2 -4- 5) LA Q) 16 u2 2 x 12 U.P) -1- 4 U,(,)) L4- U2 -4- 1- (4m'-I)U,(01-l-24UJ')-i-64?)-f- 4m2-3 0) -YS -(.) cos22 (13) 2r. 256 --(20ml-g)LI(oo)-4(4m'-5)Uil)-#-64UV)-#-192UV)-f-256U,)-,- 2 (40 - 3) Y-R) cOsa-'-[(4m'-I)(3U(O)-4U('))-f- 0 -4- 320U( l) 768W) 2 (40 - 3) Y(0J cos 3a (13) Card 3/8 27161 S/057/61 /03 1 /OUIII/00 1 /0 19 Diffraction of a plane ... B 109/ti 1 "8 1,ives tile solution of Eq. (2) for the electrostatic problem. (2) Solu- tion of tile diffraction problem: Assumptions: The wave Co . -1;0 Fl.Iiikz x Y is normal to the ring. For the compon(~nts of the nurface, currents the authors give in cylindrical coordinates and by way of the vector potential and the scalar potential of induced currents, for which analogous equations hold as for the potential ill the electrostatic caso, they obtain the expressions Card 4/8 Diffraction of a plane ... 27161 S/057/61/031/009/001/019 B109/B138 = I -2W 12, -4- Cox a 4- 0 Cox a 4- In 16_2 2 In L6-2 4 8 6 cos2(i + L6 L6 52- In L6-2 In a -2 (in 2) Card 5/8 1[84 (In 2) 4- 87 63 32 X 128 6 In L-2 a (I. 2y X Cox a - 29 Cox 3a -1- 0 (28) (29), 27161 3/057/61,"031/009/001/019 Diffraction of a plane ... B109/B138 Jrc3 ' 0(-) (30), 3 Co's CL -f- 0 (0) (31) In L.6 -2 which describe the radial and tangential components of current dens'-ty up to orders of (kR)3 (0 denotes terms of the order ... ). For the scattering cross section of the plane wave, the authors give the expression Card 6/8 27161 S/057/61/031,/009/001/019 Diffraction of a plane B109/13138 1%1 (kR)4 1 9 16 6, 1 2 1~16 9 -2 2 -4- 4 40 0 (33). _L6 1 6 _L_ I In -2 _L _ 2), 0 [(kR:141 (33) N. V. Lebedev (Techn. Phys. USSR, A, 1,3, 1937) is mentioned. There are 6 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: F1ziko-tekhnicheBkiy institut im. A. F. Ioffe AN SSSR Leningrad (Physicotechnical Institute ineni A. F. loffe AS USSR, Leningrad) Card 7/8 ~31-2- S/057/61/031VOel>2/012/013 -31 11to B104/BI12 Ps; ~UTIJORs Kuritsyn, V. N. TITLEt Solution of the problem of the "key" diffraction on an ideally conductive band PERIODICALt Zhurnal tekhnioheskoy fiziki, v. 31, no. 12, 1961, 1485 - 1490 TEXT: G. A. Grinberg (DAN, SSSR, 129, no. 2, 1959) reduced the "key" integral equ~ati on to the integral functional equation I Oc, A P (X. Y) I. (I -#- 1, y) I (I x, 1) dl, O