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i~XCBRPTA .',L:,D1GA Sec.12 Vol.9/9 Ophthallnolory -1ept55 1458. KITRZ .1. 11.06m Klin. Karlovy, Univ. , Praha. *PF1sptvck ke klinickftnu ljopim tuberkulosy oka. Contribution to clinical definition of eye tube re u I ~s is NL. OFTI I AL. 1955, 11/1 (2-14) The importance of tb as well as the importance or focal infection as a cause of ocular inflammations are as yet overestimated. The greatest difficulty arises in the actiological diagnosis of uveal inflammations. It is necessary to differentiate between acute forms and chronic recurrent progressive processes, as both groups have only very few signs in common and it is necessary to differentiate both as separate, almost independent pathological entities. It is necessary to suppose that they cannot be caused by the same aetiological factor. In a grown-up patient it is necessary to think of, for example. toxoplasma infection, leptospirosis or an as yet unknown virus. This applies to chronic iridocyclitis as well as to vari- i ous forms of choroiditis. While there exists no reliable clinical criterion en- abling with certainty to prove or to exclude tuberculous actiology of these diseases, (lie author attaches very little importance to it and thinks (evaluating the findings in patients of the 11nd Eye Clinic in Pragrue) the percentage given usually in the literature (3-50,16) as too high. If a diagnosis of eye tb Is made, although based on approximate signs only - us Is usually the case - the patient is often seriously psychically traumatized, which may result in an unfavourable influence on his general health, It is nlHo wrong to label climatic resorts Io r the treatment of chronic and recurrent uveal inflammations as 'Sanatorium for Eye Tuberculosis' Such a name to contradictory to the truth and does the patient a great deal of harm. Zahn - Prague (X11. 15) KM, Jaromir,,A~ademik The eyesight of Jan Evangelista Purkyne. Cesk. oftb. 11-no.2: 110-118 Apr 55. (BIOGRAPHIES Purkyne, Jan I.) XTM, Jaromir - Considerations on certain unfavorable effects in the troatment with new antibiotics. Cesk. ofth. 11 no.6:377-388 Doc 55. (LYE, diseases, tber., antibiotics, compl.) (ANTIBIOTICS. injurious effects. In ophth. ther.) - ,, IbT *-. (, ~ Corneal suture. Klin. oczna 25 no.4:225-234 1955. 1. Z II niniki Okulietyasuej Untwersytetu Xarola w Pradze Ozeeklej. Kierownik: prof. dr. J.1rurs. (CCRIZA. surgwy suture) (SUPURES, corneal) EXC---,iGJ',A "-:EDlCA Sec.12 Vol.9/10 0-~Mhalnology Oct55 4 1691. KURZ J. 2. Odni Klin., Praha. ~Pouliti penicil'n-.i v otnim T n C --u-s-e --- 5T penicillin in ophthalmology ~RAKT.LEK. V-55. 35 3(58- 62) Tables I Penicillin is very often misused in ophthali-nic treatinert. The use of pen.cillin in ophLhalmology has the following indications: vital - acute and subac,-11V purulent uiflarn- mations of the orbit with imminent thrombophlebit,"s i:,. I further propigation inu.) the cavernous sinus; danger to vision - ir. corneal a!fioctions such as% serpiginclua uicer, secondarv infected corr,?al ulcers and blenorrhoea in some uveal inflamma- tions and s)-mpaihetic ophthalciia: in some retinal ano uptic nerve in'.11a m mat ions - in periostitis of the orbit; in perforating injury and intra-ocular foreign bodv.%Vhen indicated penicillin should be given in high. effective doses. Zaan - Prague KURZO Jaromir, Akademik -.- - I- ~-- . .- - , ~ ., ~ - Causes of congenital blindneso. Caselsk.cesk. 94 no-17:445-452 22 Apr 55- (BLIMMSS' congen.: etiol.) u rN EXCEMA MICA 3so.12 V01.10/9 ophthaimaocy sept56 146B, It. otni Klin., Univ. Karlovy, Praha. *Operativnf therapie me- ch poranerif rohovky. Surgical treatment of mechiAnical injuries to the cornea CSL,OFTHAL. 1956, 12/1 (44-52) litus. 7 Experiences from corneal grafting are a great help in the surgical management of perforating injuries to the cornea. We know that cornea Is not as delicate as it is often asserted. The result of every perforating Injury depends principally on the reaction of the surrounding tissues. In large wounds, eupecially when also other tissues of the anterior segment of the eye (lens, iris) are severed, special care must be given to meticulous adaptation of the deep layers of the cornea near Deacemet's membrane. The initial operating method is therefore a suture of the cornea. This must be performed in such a way, that the maximum of traction must really lie in the deepest layers of the corneal stroma. This can be performed & &17- only by a triple armed suture: this Is Introduced 2 mm. laterally from the anterior lip of the wound. to directed ebliquely just to the endothelium, returns to the other bordEr of the wound (also near Descemet's membrane) and la carried out about 2 mm. laterally front the other tip of the wound: These are In reality two mattress autures performed at once. In complicated Injuries only this procedure "n pre- vent the formation of retrocorneal membrane or other fatal sequelae caused by pro It ferating connective tissue which might invade other ocular structures. When the lens is not severed the course of Injury is considerably more favGurable. In less severe injuries the following procedure is recommended: the suture to inserted In the corneal limbus. traverses freely on the corneal surface perpendicularly to the corneal wound and in notured contralaterally in an identical place in the 11111- buo or epitictera. Conjonvilval (Iola (by Kuhnt'a method) does not uevie6lly meet Ih* requirements (it niodern ourgical managetuent of perforating corneal wounds. Seven Illustrations show the course of corneal sutures as recuminended above. Zahn - Prague KURZ, Jaromir I - Profesoor Dr. Vaclav Tojdovsky. Cook. ofth. 12 no.2:81-87 Apr 56. (BIOGRAPHIZS, Vejdovsky, Vaclav. blobibliog. Fj.CK-t?n REDICA Sec.12 Vol.11/5 Ophthalzrology May 57 850.1- KURZ J., VOTOC'KOVA J. and ZICIIA J. It. OW Klin., Univ. Karlov -P-ra-TFa--*I1etransplan(ace. Ritransplantation of the cornea &L. OFTHAL. 1956, 12/2 (139-148) Tables 3 600 keratoplasties including 115 retransplantations In 91 patients were performed within 10 yr. at the Und Eye Clinic in Prague. In 18 patients 3 grafts and in 6 patients 4 grafts were exchanged In the same eye. In 18 patients lamellar, in 83 partial perforating and in 2 subtotal grafting was performed as the first operation. The average time interval from the first operation was 2 - 3 yr., sometimes even more. It is important to operate at much longer Intervals than was usual at the time of the first keratoplastles performed by the authors. Intervals between the 2nd and 3rd grafting were also different. from one half to 5 yr. An interval of several years was most usual. In 1/3 of patients the retransplanted graft was greater than the original one and in 1/2 it was smaller. Many complications occurred and it was often necessary to eliminate or try to eliminate these before reoperation was possible. Sometimes it was necessary to operate in order to re- move complications after ret rans plantation. Terminal results: out of the total of 91 patients 14 grafts are clear, 6 semitransparent and 71 are opaque. Out of 14 clear grafts the observation time is too short in 3 patients, 8 out of the remaining 11 patients have a completely satisfactory visual acuity of 6/18 - 1/2, in 3 patients the visual acuity is 6/60 - 6/36 with a very complicated correction. In 11 out of 71 opaque grafts the results are very bad: in 3 cases loss of originally certain light perception, in I case a complete amaurosis. In 7 cases retransplantation was followed by atrophy of the eye and in I case excision of the eye was necessary. In all these patients there was a very low visual faculty before the operation, and there were various complications especially foll,)wing chemical burns to the eyes. Chronic uveitis, especially late exacerbation of the inflammation was the principal cause of unfavourable results. Zahn - Prague Jaromir Clinical concept of so-cilled retrobulbar neuritfs. Cesk. ofth-12 no-5:313-324 Oct 56. 1. H. ocni klinika Karlovy university v Praze, prednosta akademik Jaromir Kurz. (MVES. OPTIC. diosases. neuriiis, retrobulbar (Cz)) (NDMITIS, retrobulbar (Cz)) Enz, J. Report on the activities of the Research Institute of Beer end In 1956. p. 64. (Kvasny Pmmysl, Voa. 3, No. 3, "'@r 195'17. Praha, Czechoslovakia) -'G: Montbly List of East European Accessions (WEAL) LC, V,)). 6, N, . P, iug 195'. n . 10 1 ( 11 C2 XMIZ Aromir Observationn on vnrioun aDhthalriologicni nignn of intracrantal diseaw-s. Gesk. ofth. 11 no.4:241-251 Aw, 57. 1. Il. ocni klinikm university Knrlofy v !'raze, nrednosta akRdemik J. Kurt. (BRATII, dis. ophthalmol. ni;mn (C-3)) in vprious Mi. brain din. (Cz)) UVtZ, Jarcnir - (1,iAribution to the Czech nomenclature of papilledema. Cesk. ofth. 14 no-3;174-180 June 58. L. H. ocni klinilm Forlovy univerBity v Praze, prednosta. akademik Jnromir Kurt* (NMvRs' OPTIC, die 0 papilleaema, Clech. nomenclature) hTRZ. J. Sanitary shortcomings In the processing of fruits and vegetables and their effect on the quality of final products. p. 295. PRUMYSL POTRAVIN. (Ministerstvo potravinarskeho prumyslii) Praha, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 10. no. 6. June 1959. Monthly list of East European Accecsions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 8, No. 11, November 1959. uncl. KURZ, Jaromir (Praha 2, U nemocnice 2. ) Erperiences in surgical treatment of retinal detachment. Cas. oft. 15 n0-2:186-192 June 59. 1. 11. Ocni klinika Karlovy univernity v Prase. prednosta akademik J. Khrz 03TINAL UMGHMW, surg. technic (Cs)) XM#JaroM-ir__ Surgical therapy of congenital cataracts. Cask. ofth. 16 no.61 333-336 S 160. 1. 11. ocni klinika ZU v Praze, prednosta akademik Jaromir Mum. (CATAnCT ATRACTION in inf. & child) . I KURZ, Jaromir E~re symptoms causing diagnostic errora. Cesk. ofth. 17 no.3:164-169 MY '61. 1. 11 ocni klinika Karlovy university v Praze, prednosta akademik J. Kurz. (OPHTHALMOLOGY diagnosis) I= , if leademidan Frantisek Burian. Cask. ofth. 17 no.6:479-4W S 161. (BIOGWHM) KURZ, J. 100th anniversary of the founding of the Association of Czech Physicians and the Journal of Czech Physicians. Cesk. oftal. 19 no.1:1-8 Ja 163. ' (SOCIETIES MEDICAL) (OPHTHALMOLOGY) J u 7,3 inz.; hURZ04, Anna, dn:t, of hyglnn~c fyp(!:"t' lije 1r. EL dc?~.,,rrorat,lon of tv nd ~e ford prCdu.!i; quolity. prt-zzvin I ': ': 0 . I I - 5'1 - 5 '1 -*' N 164. 3 . Rep? i onal Health uid Fp4 iomlcll -N:y ~'*, -,a nn, vu. --trid 0 1 o - v ft 1;!~ qua t~ 9 s; I r 'I n 1 59 ~~!i 1~ T', I! KIJRZ, J. [deceaved] FJxation of large conical grafts. Gesk. oftal. 22 no.l: 24-27 Ja 0 66. 1. 11. ocni klinika fakulty vaeobeeneho lokar-stvi Karlovy University v Praze. 0 11 R a 31 a a v a p a it a a a I C 9 U 6 4 X L A If 0 PU I I I uv '", ' u 0. AV IS ~A-ff 6 1 1 A It A-A- . ---- _I IT kc wDyt-l-vto 4.0 41. clot*$ I. Otrouts -'P Pon - - - J boa arlivoWl IwNunllvLjo I Is, I FI pos Pot Pon of 002 00.1 Poo it, Oo POO 2,00 60oa-tTvir 121-1 &ON r 00 Idl- o5ft- Any -zoA 00 -'1100 --DygvazyDvl =VIM j? Of 0o Iroo I r'V 9 a - ." - 4.;l ,i.. so 0'0 0 :;TL~ r 71, 1 1 1 1 1 a TV a It a of all r9 TV 61 0 0 0 0,000000000000 0 0 0 0 0 0000 00 0 0 0 0 00 09000 0 8 0 0 Moz, ~-% OAdaptation of Soviet Experiences in Planning Hungarian Long-Distance Heating 3ystems.11 p. 372t (MAGIAA LNERGIAGAZDASAG, Vol. 6, no. 2-2, Dee, 1953, Budappe3t, Ihin-,Ury) I SO: Monthly List oV East Europea Accessions, LG, Vol. 3, No. 5, Yay 1954/Unclassified ~r 'Imz, "', The technique of pasturinr. P- 547. (ZA SCCIALISTIM Vol- 3, +5, MaY 1953, Czechoslovr~kir-,) SO: Monthly List of Eart Europein Accossionp, Vol. 2 #3, Library of Con,~;rasa, Au,-,u5t 1951, Incl. KIJI~Zl ". Zaklady .-inoznalstvi pro slechtit-le r vci. 1.2 Pral-.7, Statni zcriedelskc nakl. , 1~)'h. 11."(1 p. CEun6arlentals of vool !-vc,in,1-., -y fnr i S'ICCD bree `r~rs. Ist (,('. 2 DA '::ot in DT~P SO: Monthly List of Fast l'uropean Acces.-ions (T" tJ,) jrj Vol. ~ , no. 10, :"c,4,-,ber ll-,,"7. UncL KyrA Gviceni z chovu ovcI, vlnoznalstvi a chovu. koz. ff-vYd..7 Praha, 3tatni pedagogicke nakl., 1956. 140 p. (Uc,-bni texty vysokych skol) jTraining in sheep breedine, testing 3f wool varieties, and goat breeding; a university texttook. lst eqj DA Not In DLC SOURCE: East European Accessions List, (EFAL) Library of Congress, Vol. 6, No. 1, January 1957 CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Farm Animals. Small Horned Stock. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 4, 1958, 16808. Author Kurz V. Inst Title Technique for Determination of the Quality and ChCL.WMCtC- CKf Sh=CF rIVVCC IVY M P;L9MVVrLq MVh94 (Sposob opredeleniya sort& i kharaktera ovechlyego runa biometricheakim metodom) Orig Pub: Sbor. Vysoke/ ovkoly zemk. a Leon. fak. Brns, 1956) A, No 4, 235-247. Abstract: A technique was developed, and is represented in a table, for the determination of the quality and technological properties of wool, according to the admixture of the coarse fibers, the nunber of which is limited by their mean diameter. If the Card 1/2 CZECHOSL.OVAKIA/Fam Animals - Smal 1 Homed Stock. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 40 1958; 16&)8. mean diameters (M) of the coarse fibers are 18.1, 19.1, 21.1, 23 .1, and 25 .1 " , they are allowed to the amount of -'-- 30 percentj correspondingly, if M is 28-1., 31.1, 34.1, 37.1 AV , 4 25 percent; if m is 41.1, 46.1, 52.1/4-1- , k 20 percent; if M is 55 .1, 65.1 75.1 /4 , z- 15 percent; and if M is 105.1 Ak , z- 10 percent. For rapid approx- imate evaluation of the quality of wool, it is re- commended to estimate the percentage of the coarse fibers with the micrometer under the microscope and to evaluate the arithmetic mean at the as time. Card 2/2 GASIOREK, Adam, tachnik; KURZAK, Pawel; JURGAWKA, Stanislaw; SPIKOWSKI, Feliks, technik; SLOMIANOWSKI, Stanislaw More efficient sack filters in the central coal milling plant of the electric power station in Czechnica. Gosp paliw 11 Special issue no. (95)t27-28 Ja 163. 1. Elektrownia, Czachnica-Siechnice, powiat Wroclaw. GASICRETu' Adar., ZAK, Fawel; JUILAIT6A, Stanislaw; technik; KUR2 Feliks, technik; SIP.11ANCLSK!, Stanislaw -- I-lore efficient sack filters in the central coal milling plant of the electric power station in Czechnica. Gosp paliw 11 Special issue no.(95):27-28 Ja 163. 1. Elektrownia Czechnica-Siechnice, powiat Wroclaw. - KURZANOV, A.,pensionor, byvehiy mashinist. Let's inculcate love for work. Sov. profsoiuzy 6 no. 11:53-55 5 158. (MIRA 11:10) (Moscow--Railroada--Stotions) KURaNOV, A.I., inzh. Facperimental investigation of recynebronizatica of a district in an eloctric power system. Blek.sta. 31 no.4:49-53 Ap '6o. (MBA 13--7) (Blectric power distribution) KURY.ANGV, A.,m. Designing spatial systems of rigid pil( grllli,~us. Nauch.dokl. vya.ehkoly; etrol. n6.1:i59.i6g '59. HIM 12.ilo) 1. Rakomendovana Iaft%drcq iqtroitftlnnro prMzvodntvh i. inzhenerrifth konstruktaly OdaR8kago instituta Inzhenrov rjornkneo flata. (Piling (Civil Anginnmring)) 4 , .- of --tatically lrAtiterminat6 -iyntcr,~i I~y tht, of odemantiji-y otateii. Gidrotakhnikii 161. (FIRA 150) (Hydraulic onplneering) KURZANOV, kollf Ulkhaylovich; SKOBELING, L.V., red.; USPJIOVA, N.B., tekhn. red. (Calculating multiple-opan girders and frames in the building of seagoing ships and hydraulic harbor structures] Raschet wibgoproletnykh balok i ram v konstruktsiiakh mor- skikh sudov i portovykh gidrotekhnicheskikh soorushenii. Moskva, Izd-yo "Morskoi tranaport," 1963. 122 p. (MIRA 1W) (Beams and girders, Continuous) (Naval architecture) (Hydraulic engineering) tekhn. na Determination of optimum opel,atir.-g "od-2s of eler--L,:-jc Lower systems. Elektricheotvo no.8:15-87 Ag, 16~4,. 0"'1 T- IMANOV, A,Ns, inth. Automatio reswitching of lines without synchronilAtion testse Alakestas 29 noe8,72-73 Ag 158- (miRA n: li) (Blectrio power distribution,High tension) KURZAINOV, A.H., inzh. - --l- -I--.------- -- ---- Imovering electric power losses in a powor nyoton. Mek.ijtv.. 31 110-1:3,5-18 Ja 160. (MIRA 1325) (Blectric power distribution) KOZF,LISKIY, V.B., inzh.; KURZANOV, A.N., inzh. 11 -, - Automatic increase of the reliability of intersystem connections. Elek. sta. 32 no.12:71-72 D 161. (MIRA 15:1) (Electric power distribution) (Electric protection) AUTHOR: Chief Enj-,ineev of tho 3071'1'~--)8- 1 o- 14/2d Dopartment for the Introduction of New Medical llothodl; and Medicaments of the Ministry of Public Health of the USSR TITLE: Air Ionizers* Ionizatory vozdukha) PERIODICAL; Tekhnika molodezhi, 1956, Ur lo, pp 16 - 19 (USS11) ABSTRACT-. Already for a long time scientists have been dealing with the problem why mountain air is so wh-~lesome and why people living in the mountains reach an old age. The Soviet scientists Professor L.Vasillyev, Professor A.Chizhevsk-iy, the physician A.PinleGin and others made the attempt to investi-eate this problem thorou~,hly. it was found that mountain air near waters in hi';~hly saturated with net;ative ionsa Particularly the light ne,"ative ions are of &rreat importance for hiiman organism. These ions are, however, only short-lived, their duration of life depends on the purity of air. This phenomenon reveals why especially mountain air, which in very pure, is healthy for humans. A lack of air ions, especially of the nei-ative Card 1/3 ones has an effect on condition of health. It is there- Air Ionizers SOV/29-'.X-lo-14/28 fore not surprising that in the case of different diseases artifical mountain air in uGed as both a curing and prophylactic measure in medical science. Artificial air ionization is not only in medicine of great adv--:ta-e but also in other fields as microbiology and physioloE7-j. The scientists are faced by the groat task to construct ionization devices which are suitable for and adaptable to different conditions. After great efforts Professor A.L.Chizhevsk-iy developed an air ionizer which has already been used for quite a long time in the pits of Ka.-~~Canda. This device in already used in numerous places as well as abroad. Similar ionization devices also constritcted by other scientists. They differ insofar that the physical phenomena are exploited according to different princi:,lea. Ya.Yu.Reynet and P.K.Pryuller who hold the Chair of Physics at the University of Tartu in Estoniya con-,tructed a very convenient device. It is transportable. Ye. A. Chernyavskiy constructed a water ionizer in Tashkent. In Pyatigorsk "Healing fountains" were constr,-:cted by I K Card 2/3 Pislegin and A.I.Nikolenko, in Tartu 'by Ya.Yu.Reynet and in Air Ionizers SOV/29-58-lo-14,,28 Ullyanovsk by I.F.Sarychev. Profe.,),-or A.B.Verigo used the a- and P-rays for radioactive substances and d1n,;e1oil-d an air ionizer only for physioloCical investi.--ations. One of the latest radiation devices was suggested by N.N.Shteynbok. Particular counters are neces3ary for the measuring of the concentration of positive and negative ions. The main part of the existing counters shows deficiencies and it would be therefore necessary to devote further studies to this problem. There are 8 figures. Card 313 KABATOV, Tu.F. .,-.K.URZANOV-,__N.-l. Artificial.ionization of the air. Mad.prom. I! no.9:45-50 S158 (MIRA 11:10) 1. Otdel po vnedreniyu iavoy maditninskoy tokhiniki i lekar- stvennykh aredstv Ministerstva zdravookhranenlya SSSR. (MEDICAL INSTRUMEbTS AND APPARATUS) (AIR, IONIZED) W34TOV, Yu.F.; XUAZANOV, 11,1o. lloontganoloig needs new equipment. Hed.pron. 13 no.4:5-11 Ap '59- (MIRA 12:6) (X MYS--APPAMTUS AIM SUPPLINS) h,URZPJ40vp 0.14, ui;istor Method for checking the control circuits of '11;3 diesel locomotives, Elak. i tepl.tiaga no.7:29-30 JI 163, (MMA 16:9) 1. Depo Bender~, C'd-,.,2jko-KisIA=%rskoy dlorogi, (Dicaol locomotive3--Inapec~ion) TVIRDIN, L.N., kand.teichn.nauk (Koskva); (Moskva) Use of transistors for the control of mercury rectifiers. llektrichestvo no. 11:62-84 N 460. (MIRA 13-12) (Electric driving) (Antomatic control) (Zlectric current rectifiers) KURZAWA, Janut, (Szczecin) Fxamples of practical application of the impulse method to the quRlity evaluation of concrete. Przegl budowl i bud mieszk 36 no. 41215-220 Ap 164. '4 W, ~9'e' r 77~1 jajjqda Ic. MM r ~' '~'j Tvv. 274-41a, jigs.. ThE f!ridamp plilGe is bwed chanvs in the q=ULj vinditinneJ b-7 different rr-(fh,IVV,-.Mr tIdItture awl dcp o1 ,trv,g 0:; OA!Wrt 1 0 appard"11! and ('f op"att')", Aixm lq"Isv"~ , pL.o.,j c. AEcuracy Of abtlut 0-15 per cf..nt Of Cpl., Aight 7,5 A~- KURZAWAp Wievlawp mgr Inz,; UMINS?Jp StanialAw, mgr inz. .. ..... z,.F-- - -- - Concrete coated basin serving as catch basin. Goap wocMa 23 no.7:258-259, 260 JI 163. al~~ el al. IL V k Z Nu'za-a , =je- ao-,- di~'!-ol-,cd i:i I~W ~l ,f -i,!t... cjmamin3 4 q of Urt-,ric it, id. I t! ~f 3 mll of mturato:d z;q Ilkt t:l'-Vit~lnt N'tev it t~r- fiol a 1, bad ft 3 1 I Ile li weL'Ixd I. ~ 5j~ i't-;: w4t~-r' the errip t" 01. The Product Lj dl~:i"ived Ir' -~t-' gilt I rill of 110 11 - 2! 1 20 ml of ir .1 s~!~Iion af 5 S,rA Nai,00, &-d i~ g ~GCKCIY ff 00 ml v, %-at--r' to I~Ir of 0-1";~ 1. t(-,xylia anlh~' 4 ml cif ictrtc aidid (t0%). 'Ind -A-.Lte~ to 106 ml aro added, alvA tht c:ijirlrv ml j-i ni-j -urrd 3 y to Ln,- u4tons on'ky. The mialt alTI - I , I film, ar(-, ijiAiolyrd togemer wWx tile hy the KAPITANCZYX, Kazimierz; KUR7,AWAO Zbigniew Determination of calcium in the presence of iron and aluminum In te-*n1cal analysis. Chem anal 5 no.lt6l-64 6o. (EEAI 9sll) 1. Katedra Chemil Ogolnej Politechnikig Poznan. (Calcium) (Aluminum) (iron) KURZAWA, Zbigniew Determination of cystine by means of the sodium azide-iodine reaction. Chem anal 5 no.2:325-326 160. (EEAI 10:3) 1. Katedra ChemU Ogolnej Politechniki, Poznan. (Gyatine) (Sodium azide) (Iodine) I--- KURZAWA, Zbigniew; SUSZKAt Andrzej Determination of.small amountsof cysteine and cysteln in the prefience of each other by mans of sodium-azide-iodine, reaction. Chou anal 5 no.2.-327-329 160. (EEAI 10:3) 1. Katedra Chemii Ogolnej Politechniki, Poznan. (Cystine) (Cysteine) (Sodium azide) (Iodine) KURZAWA, Zbigniew Determination of methionine alone and in the presence of cystine by means of sodium-azide-iodine reaction. Chem anal 5 no.2:331-332 160. 1. ~'atedra Chemii Ogolnej Politechniki, Poznan (EEAI 10:3) (Methionine) (Cystine) (Sodium azide) (Iodine) 4~ ,XURZAWA, Zbigniew; MEYBADM, Zbigniew Determination of carbon disulfide by means of sodium-azide-iodine reaction. Chem anal 5 no.2033-3)4 160. (ELU 10:3) 1. Katedra ChemU Ogolne Politechniki, Poznan (Carbon disulfidei (Sodium azide) (Iodine) KAPITANCZYK, Kazimierz; KURZAWA, Zbigniew; PRYMINSKI, Zygmunt Photocolorimetric determination of iron an ferric axide. Chem anal 5 no.3:417 160. (Em 10:8) 1. Katedra Chemii Ogolnej Politechniki, Poznan. (Colorimetry) (Iron) (Iron azide) KURZAWA, Zbigniew Application of induced sodium azide-iodine reaction in quantitative analysis. I. Determination of traces of sulfides. II~ Determination of traces of thiosulfates. Chem anal 5 no.4:551-574 160. (EEAI 10:9) 1. Department of General Chemistry, Politechnic, Poznan. (Sodium azides) (Iodine) (Sulfides) (Thiosulfates) KURZAWA, Zbigniew Application of induced sodium azide-iodine reaction In quantitative analysis. III.Determination of traces of thioeyanateo. IV.Simul- taneous determination of trace amounts of sulfides and thioc7anated and trace amounts of thiooulfates and thiocyanates. Chem anal no-5: 731-745 160. (EM 10:9~ 1. Department of General Chemistry, Politechnica, Poznan. (Sodium aside) (Iodine) (Thiocynnates) (Sulfides) (Thiosulfates) KURZAWA, ZbIgniev; SOLECKI, Roman Determination of traces of silver as a r-atalvat In the reaction of Mn2f-to Yc"'midation. Chem anal 5 no.6:893-896 160. (EFAI 10:9) 1. DapdrtTwnt of C6neral Chemintry, Politechnika, Poznan. (Silver) (Catalysts) (manganese) KURZAWA, Zbigniew; SUSZKA, Andrzej - .. - - I... ... ...... Application of induced sodium azide-iodine reaction for the determina- tion of microgram amounts of penicillin. Chem anal 5 no.6:897-902 160o (Ew 10: 9) 1, Department of General Chemistryp Politechnika, Poznan. (Sodium azide) (Iodine) (Penicillin) P/035/61/000/00Z/00Z/003 AO76/A126 AUTHORS: 01owacki, Zbigniew, Master of Engineering; Kurzawa, Zbigniew, Doctor T=-, The influence of heat treatment upon the corrosion resistance and some mechani6al properties of 3H13 steel PMIODICAL: PrzeglgLd Mechaniczny, no* 2. 19611 55 - 58 TEXTt Among the various types of corrosion-proof chromium steel the 3H13 and the 4H13 types, produced according to PN-54/H-86020 standard, in some cases present a number of problems. Both types showed a lower resistance against cor- rosion than was required. In order to ascertAin and remedy the fault.. 500 sam- ples made of 3H13 steel were investigated. The 3H13 steel contained 0.33% of C; 0.48% of Mn; 0.21% of Si; 0.022% of S; 0.017% of P, 13-60% of Cr and 0.15% of Ni. The steel supplied by a steel plant was softened by annealing. The dimen- sions of the samples were 10 x 10 x 55 mm, as specified by the PN/H-04370 stand- ard. The samples were milled, polished and numbered from I to 500. They were then hardened and annealed. The hardening temperature was 950, 1,000, 1,050 and 1,1000C. Preheating at 540 - 5600C was made in a salt-bath crucible furnace. The running process at hardening temperature was performed in a salt-bath elec- Card 1/4 P/035/61/000/002./002/003 The influence of heat treatment upon... A076/A126 trode furnace containing BaC12 and lasted for 2, 5, 10, 20 and 30 minutes, re- spectively. Afterwards the.aamples were quenched in oil. Annealing was made suc- cessively at 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 and 7000C.lasting for 30 minutes. In the same succession batches of 3 samples each were heat treated. The hardness impact strength and corrosion resistance were tested aftee hardening and anneal- ing. The corrosion resistance tests were made as follows; samples were de- greased in clear benzene and in an alkaline bath, I.e., 100 g of NaOH; 50 9 of Na CO dissolved in 1 1 of water. All samples were submerged for 36 days in ar- tiiic?al sea water containing NaCl 9909; MgC12; 6H20 - 271 9; MgS04 ' NO - 125 9; CaS04 I 2H20 - 30 g; K2S04 32 g; and H20 - 40 1. Test results showed that heat treatment influences mechanical properties of the 3H13 steel. By in- creasing the hardening temperature, the hardness also Increases, but the impact strength is reduced. At a hardening temperature of 9500C the hartUiess strength is 40-t- 46 HRC, depending on the austenitizing period, and at 1,1odoC it is 56 HRC. Austenitizing time plays an important role in -the hardening process. It was noted that hardness was proportional to austenitizing time. Impact strength of hardened steel was 4 kg,/cm' at 9500C and about 1 kg/em2 at 1,1000C hardening temperature. Annealing at 9500C does not create basic changes in hardness, pro- vided that the temperature range does not exceed 1000C. Annealing temperature of Card 2/4 F/035/61/000/002/002/003 The influence of heat treatment upon... Ao76/A126 2000C Insignifically increases the hardness, drops at 3000C and Increases again at 400 and 5000C. A sudden decrease in hardness was noted at 6w and 7000C. The 3H13 steel has the lowest corrosion resistance when hardened at 9500C and a higher one at 1,000, 1,050 and 1,1000C. Annealing in temperatures up to 5000C does not decrease its corrosion resistance, but higher annealing temperatures do. All changes in mechanical and corrosion-resistant properties oe the 3H13 steel were caused by structural and phase changes during annealing. Considerable changes were noted in carbon found in chromium steel. This process was Investi- gated by K. Kuo; "Iron and steel inst" T 173, 1953, 363 - 375 (Ref. 10). After annealing up to 5000C only (Fe, C03C carbon was found. Annealing at 525 - 6250C had the risult that (Cr, Fe)7C carbon was formed and after tempering at 6504- 6750C (Cr Fe) C6 carbon was lound in addition to(Cr,,Fe)7C3 carbon. Above 7aPC only (Cr 'Fe) 2~ carbon was noted. According to investigation results the heat treatment concUtions for 3H13 steel are as follows: hardening temperature 1,050 4- 1,070OC; pre-heating time for a sample measuring 10 x 10 mm should be 10 min; oil should be used aa coolant and annealing temperatures ranging from 400-0- 4500C should not be exceeded. The 3H13 steel heat treated according to the above pamm- eters will have good corrosion 2resistance, hardness strength of 50 + 53 HRC and impact strength of 54- 6 kg/cM . There are 6 figures, 6 photos and 22 referenc- Card 3/4 P/035/61/000/002,/002/003 The influence of heat treatment upon .... A076/A126 es: 4 Soviet-bloc and 18 nonvSovist-bloo. ASSOCIATION: Politechnika Poznafiska (Poznaft Polytechnic) Card 4/4 KAPITANCZYK, Kazimierz; ~TMAWAL_~~ignkQw;..PWMINSKI,p Zygmunt Photocolorimetric determination of copper as copper aside complex. Chem anal 6 na.It23-27 161. (EKAI 10:7) 1. Department of General Chemistry, Politechnika, Poznan. (copper) (copper asides) KURZAWA, Zbigniew Induced sodium azide-iodine reaction in quantitative analysis VI. Determination of methionine, Chem anal 6 n0.3099-409 161. 1. Department of General Chomintryp Folitechniop Fo3nan, KMAWA,, Zbigniaw Application of Induced Iodine - azide reaction to quantitative analysia. VII. Determination of aysteine. Chem anal 6 no.5:813-.829 161. 1. Department of General Chemistry, Politechnical College, Poznan. KURZAWAj Zbigniow figiiation of induced iodine-azide analysis, VIII. Dotarmination of oystine and oystoine in the indirectly of methionine in 1616 reaction in quantitative of oystins. IX. Dot,-.3rmination presence of each other and proteins. Chem anal 6 no.6;1013-1031 1. Department of General Chemistx7, Polytechnical Collegap Poznan. WOO P/512/62/ooo/oo6/oOl/003 E071/E436 AUTHORS: Bartz Jan, Kurzawa Zbigniew TITLE: The utilization of an induced iodine-azide reaction for the �nvestigation of changes in sulphur aminoacids under the influence of ultraviolet light SOURCE: Poznan. Uniwersytet.. Zeszyty naukowe. no.40. Matematyka, fizyka, chemia. no.6. 1962. 3-11 TEXT: The investigation was carried out in 4rder to study changes in cystine and cysteine in solutions under the influence of ultra- violet light using iodine-azide induced reaction for the determination of the above aminoacids. R-SH + 12 V-1 R-S-I + HI; R-S-S-R +.13 2 R-S-1 + I In acid solutions R-S-I + N3 6 ) R-S-N3 + Ie , the R-S-N3 formed reacts with I-N3 (formed in acid solution): R-S-N3 + I-N3 ) R-S-I + 3N2, the reaction continues until, due to side reactions, the mercaptan is irreversibly oxidized, e.g. to sulphonic acid which does not induce this reaction. Card 1/3 P/512/62/000/006/001/003 The utilization of an induced ... E071/E436 Irradiated solutions of cystine at pli 8 become yellow. Samples analysed in the course of irradiation indicated that the amount of cystine decreases while the amount of cysteine increases, attaining in time (3 to 5 hours) a constant value of about 30','Q. Simultaneous decrease in cystine was higher than the amount of cysteine formed. The latter indicated the formation of another Vill' substance, probably cysteic acid which does not induce iodine- azide reaction. Beginning from the 5th hour of the irradiation, an equilibrium between the sum of cysteic acid and cystine and cysteine became established. During the reaction some decrease in pH (0.2 to 0.4 units) was observed, indicating the appearance of a stronger, probably .5ulphonic, acid. The results obtained on irradiation of a solution of the mixture of cysteine and cystine in the ratio of 1:3 indicated that the original level of cysteine is maintained, while that of cystine decreased. On irradiation of a solution containing only eysteine, the forniation of cystine and a decrease in cystaine was observed, whereupon the level of cysteine stabilizes at a value of 28*Pi of the original concentration. On irradiation of cystine in acid solutions (pH 2 to 5) the Card 2/3 The utilization of an induced ... 'P/512/62/000/006/001/003 9071/E436 precipitation of colloidal sulphur takes place. The formation Of 112S as an intermediate product was observed. The precipitation of sulphur can be prevented by the addition of formaline. There are 4 figures. ASSOCIATIONS: Katedra chemii A. Mickiewicza the University Katedra. chemii (Department of Polytechnic Institute) or*ganicznej uniwersytetu im., (Department of Organic Chemistry of imeni A. ~fickiewicz) ogAlnej politechniki PoznaAskiej General Chemistry of the Poznan Card 3/3 KAPITANCZYK, Kn7Airdorz; KIIIIZAVIA, ZbIgn1raw; ""US'Mi, An(lr-;,rjj .. , '. - ~ I - I II Protection of steel containers against the action of amronia solutions. Chemia Poznan no.2:21-25 164- 1. Department of General Chemistry, Tec~mical University, Poznan. G.m., mlads-My nauchnyy sotrudnik; IVAIkV, IIII.G. Trichlorometaphos-' in cortrollinf.,- -warble reindeer. Veterinariia 41 nc.2:45-46 -.-- 1641. (IiIITLA 18:3) 1. Sibirnkiy natichno-issledovatellskiy veterinarny-j inotilut y mjotekhnik kcIk!c)7.a (for gurzayev). 2. Glalmy, Mrw.adanokoy obla-stl (for lvnnov). KOGAN# D.Aw, prof,; KURZATIVA, V.Ta.; TUSUPOV, T.Tu. Water and salt metabollem in patients with fractures of the long bones. Ned.zhur.Uzb. no.11:42-45 N 158. (MMA 13:6) (IRAMMS) (MM IN TEDI 13ODT) SCHIRMER, Helga von; KURZls_Xanfred ......- Stratigraphic position of thesalt sediment in NO-5 bore hole at Prov2dia on the basis of sporomorphologic content. Itv Geol inst BAN 8:29-45 16o. (EW 10: 5) (Bulgaria--Salt) KUIZZEJ, K. A few words about fish production. p. 1h. Vol. By now 4, Apr. 1956 W&rszltw& GOSPODARKA RYBNA SOURCE: East Europ6an-Acession List (EEAL) I&brary of Congress Vol. 5, no. 89 August 1956 KUPZEEJAq E. "Working Faulted Seams With Hydraulic Stowing" p. 2J3- (Przeglad Gorniezy, Vol. 9, no. 4,, Apr. 1953, Katowice) East European Vol, 3p No, 21 SO$ Month~z List of /RQGSM Accessions, /Library of Congress, Fpbruag, 1954, 10604 Uncl. PODUZ/Optics - Optical Media K- Abs Jour : Ref Zhur Fizlm, 110 3, 1960, 6948 Author : Kurzeja Helena Inst Title Procedure for Measuring -.;he Level and the Spectrun of Industrial Noise by Means of 1/3 Octave Filters. Cirir, Pub Pordary, autonat., kontrola, 1953, 4, tio 11, 483-488 Abstract The use of filters with a bandwidth of 1/3 of an Qctave rokes it possible to obtain a nore accurate spectral characteristic of the noise, sufficient for the choice of effective sound absorber. If it is necessary to sup- press noise in the source itself, a highly selective spectrun. analyzer must be used. The measurements descri- bed were caried out by ricans of a imgnetic tape recorder and the recording was investi~pted by means of a spectro- meter and a high speed level recorder. The errors are calculated, introduced by the apparatus used; the total Card 1/2 - 122 - POUMD/Acoustics - Noise. Abs Jour : Ref Mur Fizika, 1-10 10, 1959, 23460 Author : Kurxcjav&, Helel'a Inst : Title : Use of Building 1,1aterials in the Struggle Against Com- mercial Noise Orig No : Ochrom pracy, 1959, 14, No 2, 5-11 Abstract : Description of porous materials and resonant systems, used in industry for sound absorption, and the nacha- nisti of their absorption. Also deactibed are ao,!nd-in- sulating properties of principal structural materials and',5ysterz having good soond insUatioy, ability. Card 1/1 - 87 - KW,ZJA, Ka21 r OLES, Andrzej Carriage of Salmonella typhosa and its relation to parasitic invasions. Wiadomosci Darazyt, Warsz. 3 no.6:593-595 1957. (INTISTERS, microbiologyp Salmonella typhoon, relation to Amoeba & 2. coli (Pal)) (SAIXOMMA TYPHOSA, carriage, relation to Amoeba & 3. coli (Pal)) (AMOIKHA ' relation to Salmonella tyDhosa cArrWe (Pal)) ('1SCHIRIGHrA COLI, same) -j T- _7 OLES, Andrzej; KMWA kazimiers; SULINSKI. Stanislaw First canoe of Q favor in Poland. Polski tygod. lek. 11 no.46: 1950-1955 12 Nov 56. 1. (Z Wojewodzkiej Stacji Sanitarno-Epidemiologicznej w Rzeezowie: Dyr"ktor: dr. ZMunt Mazurek) adres: Rzesow. u1. Dabrowskiego 87, Wojew. Stacja Sanit.-Ipidomiolog. FVZR, epidemiology,, in Poland, first cases (Pol)) OLES, Andrzej; KMEJA, 1,azimier;_ Human morbidity daring an epidemic of q fever in the Rseszow region. Fr?tegl. epidem., Wares. 11 no.1:81-84 1957. 1. Z WoJewodzkiej Stacjl Sanitarno-Epidemiologlouej w Rxeezowie. (q FEM, epidemiology. in Polancl (Pol)) -W ~' r 4 :a EX*FKA YBMCA See 4Vol 12/8 Med. Micro. Aug .59 2402. SEROLOGICA L INVESTIGATIONS IN THE FIRST RECOGNIZED Q FEVER FOCUS IN PO1.A%M - Die serologischen Untersuchungen bei dem ersten Q-Ficberfokus in Polen - K u r z ej a K. Epidemlol. Abt., Epidemiol.- Sanit. Station. Distrikt Rz-e-s-z`6-w-----J-,-"G. EPIDEM. MICROBIOL. IMMUNOL. (Prague) 1958, 2/2 (148-154) Tables 4 Illus. I In 1956 the first focus of Q fever in Poland was discovered in a mountainous area of the Rzesz6wsky district. The Infection was brought to Poland by a flock of sheep imported from Roumania; it caused an epidemic among the population. which lasted from March to May, and was closely associated with the lambing time. Infection of the Imported animals with C. burnetii was not discovered until after the disease had developed among the human population, A C FT was carried out in 35 persons, usin the Ilenzerling and Nine Mile antigens, Titres of 1:16 and over were obtained in 3 f persons with the Henzerling antigen and in 23 with the Nine Mile strain. A year earlier, in 4 cases the fitre had fallen to zero, in 3 to 1:5 and in 5 the Utre ranged from 1:10 to 1-40. The infected flock of sheep was examined twice in 1956. At the first examination the CFT was positive In 67%, while at the second it was positive In 76%. The CFTs in domestic animalt; were all negative. A- --. - ~ I . ~ ~.. 1 -.1 ~ ~ -- -- - - - I -.- - -- - -.- I~ - -- I -- CLIZ, Andrzej; DABROWSKI, Jan; DZIOK, Antonl; KURZEJA, Kazimierz A case of anthrax of the skin. Polski tygod. lek. 16 no.52:2023-2024 25 D 161. 1. Z Oddzialu Zakaznego Szpitala Powiatoyego w Jaroslawiu; ordynator Oddzialu: dr med. Jan Dabrowski i z Dzialu Epidemiologii Wojewodzkiej Stacji Sanatarno-F-pidemiologicznej v Rzes-.owiel kierownik Dzialu*. lek. mod. Andrzej Oles, dyrektor Stacji: lek. med. Zygmunt Mazurek. (SKIN dis) (ANTHRAX case reports) POIXID/Virolorff - Rickettsias. E-5 Abs Jour : Ref Mur - Biol., No 15, 1958, 67026 Author : Kurzcja, K., Oles, A. Inst : W'~Xvf- Title ; Rickettsia Blarneti in Aninals and Ihn. Orig Pub : M(xl. weteryn., 1957, 13, 110 3, 135-138 Ab3tract : No abstract. Card 1/1 POLAND/Virology - Rickettsino. E-5 Abs Jour : Re:C Mur - Biol., 1-10 15, 1958, 67015 Author : Kurzo 1, A. Inst Title : Wever - a New Zoonosis in Pbland. OriG Pub : McO. weteryn.) 1.9571 13~ NO 51 261-263 Abstract : Results of a serolo,~;ical investiGation of 563 hwds of cattle are furnisherl. Card 1/1 KUR7,3JA, Yazimierz Serological studies on the first epidemic of 0, fever in Poland. J. Hyg. Xpidem., Praha 2 no.2:148-154 1958. 1. Wojewodzkn ntncja Sanitarno-epidemiologiczaa. u1. Dnbrow,3kiego 87, TLzenrow, Poland. (q. new 1, epidemiology first epidemic in Poland, nerol. studies (Ger)) OLES, Andrzej; KURZ&TA, Kazimiarz; BMIL9WSKI, Jozef Clinical and serological survey-of convalescents following Q fever. Przegl. epidem.. Warez. 12 no.2:171-176 1958. 1. Z WoJewndzkieJ StacJu San.-Hpidemiologicznej w Rzeszowie Wrektor: dr Z. Hasurek. (Q rim, convalescence, clin. A serol. aspects (Pol)) HiERZ OLES, Andrzej; KURZZJA, Kasimierz; IVINSKA, Zofia Serological survey of domestic animals in the Mrst focus of epidemic of q favor in Poland. Przegl. epidem., Wares. 11 85-89 1957. 1. Z Wbjewodskiej Stacji Sanitarno-SpIdemiologicznej w Rxessovis i prajowni riketsjowej Panstwowago Zakladu Higieny w Wares&wle. (q rRv3lR, immmology. serol. reactions in domestic animals in Poland (Pol)) KURZEJA, Kazimierz Studies on brucallools In the Rzeszov region. Przagl. spidem.. Warez. 10 no.3:209-210 1956. 1. Z Wojewodzktej Stacji San.-Epid. w Rzeszowie, Dyrektor: dr. Zygmunt Mazurek. (BRUGEMOSIS, epidemiology. in Poland In farm workers (Pol)) (OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES, apidemi brucelloais In farm workersoliong%land (Pol)) ~- KURZF.JA, Kazimierz (Rzeszow) Brucellosin fatmd in the veterinary 'service personnel in Rzepsow Voivodeship. Roca nauk roln wet 70 n0.1/4:204 160. (EEAI 10:9) (Bracelloeis) KURZEJA, K. (Rae'asov) Epixootiological importance of the first focus of Q-fever in Pol=d. .Rocz nauk roln wet 70 no.1/4s283-284 160. (MAI 10: 9) (Q fever) .12(2) AUTHOR: Kurzell, I.A. SOV/113-59-51-2/21 TITLE: The Calculation of the Fual Consumption of an Auto- mobile With a Hydraulic Transmission at Steady-State Motion PERIODICAL: Avtomobillnaya promyshlennoot', 1959, Nr 5, pp 4-6 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The following data are required. for the graphical- analytical calculation of the fuel consumption of an automobile with a hydraulic transmission during stea- dy-state motion: external and load cnar,33teristil-s of the engine, as shown by -fte graphs in Figures 1 and 2; the dimensionless characteristic of the by- draulic torque converte:~. showl nr the dependence of d- 2 the transformation factor k -an the momert at the impeller shaft on thc tc;.que con-erte:.-,- or, the transmission ratio i and the active dia-meter of the circulation circle D. tf3ing tile external and load characteristics data, the universal character- istic of the engine is plottod, showing the depen- Card 1/3 dence of the torque N1 e on the Pngine rpm at con- SOV/1 13-5 ?9-5-2/21 The Calculation of the Fuel Consumption. of an Automobile With a Hydraulic Transmission at Steady-State t1otion stant fuel consumption values per hou,~ Q,.,. It is necessary to deduct the power required for driving the fan and the generato.r, as well as the power wasted in the muffler, i.,_ tl-,e en.ine is tested without these. The author then cxplains the Plotting of the universal en~rine chara3teriSt.4-3 -and the universal traction - fuel consumption characteristi_-. The other calculations are plirformed using 'the data of the universal traction - fue.-IL consumption character- istic; the latter is snovin i% Figure 5. For determ- ining the fuel consumptioa of an auto- mobile, the curves of -che total resistances to motion are added to the universal traction -- fuel consump- tion characteristic. In Figures 6 and 7 the author presents the universai tractlon -- fuel consumption characteristic and the fuel _-~nsumption character- Card 2/3 istic, calculated for the "Volga" automobile. Using SOV/113-59-5-2/21 The Calculation of the Fuel Consumption of an Automobile With a Hydraulic Transmission at Steady-State Motion the universal traction - fuel consumption character- istic, the most suitable moments of transmission shifts may be determined, even without any additional plotting. The aforementioned method of determining the most suitable characteriatics of transmission shift is somewhat simnler than the one described by V.A. Petrov CRef 1 There are 7 graphs and 3 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Yaroslavskiy motornyy zavod (Yaroslavl' Engine Plant) Card 3/3 GTTURIUMISE, B.; VANAG, G.; KMZDUT&'S. A.; GRAMS, Z. ___ Reaction between sulfuryl chloride and beta-diketones. Izv-v73. ucheb.zav.; khim I khim.tekh. 3 no.1:119-121 160. 041RA 13:6) 1. Xafedra organichaskoy khimil Rizhdkogo politekhnichookogo instituta. (Sulfur7l chloride) (Ketones)