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33917 310661621000100110041004 D041/D113 L115-0 0 AUTHORS: Lagutkin, O.D., and Verkhivker, G.P.,Engineers, TITLE. Thermodynamic characteristics of SF6 in a wide pressure and temperature range PERIODICAL: Kholodilfnaya tekhnika, no. 1, 1962, 24-29 TEXT: The authors plotted the entropy diagrams s,t, and s,_J, and the dia- gram p, pv for SF 6 within the 12-240 At and 0-750 0 ranges, using the +he~~xy of thermodynamic similarity. Up to now, only the experimental values or P,V,t, up to 50 At and 2500C obtained by W.G. Schneider for SF6' as well as the thermal and calorific values of SF6 up to 30 At and 1000C obtained by experiments carried out at VNIMI, were known. The theory of thermodynami-- s-J.mi.7-rity developed by ProfPsisor I.S. Badyllkes (Ref-5: Ra~lochiye veshchs- stva -holodillnykh mashin [Working media of refrigeratorq Pishche- V41 prowizdat, 1952; Ref.6t Term(;-dinamicheakoye podobiye rabooMikh veshuhe3tv i protsessov kholodil'nYkh maahin. 1~ hermodynamic similarities of working "'ard Q~~2 33917 S/066/62/000/001/004/'004 D041/Di'L'z L"'Fo 0 AUTHORS: Lagutkin, O.D., and Verkhivker, G.P. )Engineers, TIME! Thermodynamic characteristics of SF6 in a wide pressure and temperature range PERIODICAL: Kholodiltnaya tekhnika, no. 1, 1962, 24-29 TEM The authors plotted the entropy diagrams s 6t, and s,i, and the dia- gram p, pv for.Sr,6.within the 12-240 At and 0-750 G ranges, using the Ehe~-,ry of thermodynamic similarity. Up to now, only the experimental values t~f P7v,t, up to 50 At and 250o0 obtained by W.G. Schneider for SF61 as well as th e 4hermal and calorific values of SF6 UP to 30 At and 100'C obtained by experiments carried out at VNIKhI, were known. The theory of thermodynami.; -i.Tnil-rity developed by Profpsgor I.S. Badyltkes (Ref.5: Ra~ochiye veshchs- V41 stva -holodillnykh mashin Lworking media of refrigerator Pishche- promizdat, 1952i Ref.6: "'ermodinamicheskoye podobiye rabonoikh vesht!heStv i protsessov kholodilinykh mashin E~ hermodynamic similarities of viorkinug ~~arrl0 33917 . S/066/62/OOO/OO'-/O-v4/OO1- Thermodynamic characteristics D0417D113 media and processe-- of refrigerators, Gostorgizdat, 1960), permit!; appr-~zi- ma~aly determining the thermodynamic charac teris tics of substances al- cording to a base (standard) substance. Since C02 gas and SF6 belong t.-) th- ~1-me group of inorgaric substances with the triple point above the atmcP-- pheric pressure, CO 2 gas was used as base substance. The initial dai-a on CO, gas were taken from a previous paper with corrections made at thp de-- 2 partment of thermodynamics of the Oaesskiy institut inzhenerov morsko-o ficia (Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers)tak-en into consideration, The ina3curacy of the plotted diagrams does not exceed 1%. There are 3 figures..~/ 2 tables, and 10 references: 6 and 4 non.-Scviet-bloc. The English-language references are:KRMac "ormack, W.G. Schneider. "Joti-rnal of Cheminal Physics", vol. 19, no. 7, 845, JulY, 1951, David L. Pi-ske, "Refrigerating Engineering", Vol. 57, 1949, no. -4. ASSOCIATTO11f Odesskiy tekhnologicheski3, institul~ im. 11A.V. Lomic-ricsova (Odes.-7a Institute of Technologjr izr,. M.V. Lomorosv) "aTj. 2 /2 V I VERKHIVKER, G.F., inzh. IAGUTKIN., O.D.., inzh. Problem concerning the use of binary cycles in large gas tur~ir~-- systems. Izv.vys.u,-,heb.zav.; energ. 5 no-5:64-70 It' 162. (IMA 15-51) 1. Odesskiy tekhnologicheskiy inatitut. Predstavlana kafedroy teplatekhniki. (GaB turbines) (Turbogenerators) LAGUTKIN.O.D., inzh. Themodynamic data on a wide rmige, of temperatures and pressurear of octafluorocyclobutene. Izv. lrys. ucheb. zav.;energ, 7 no.7s 60-65 16/+ (MIRA 17:8) 1. Odesskiy teklmiologicheskiy iristitut imeni Lcmmosova. Predstaviena kafedroy obshchey teplotekhniki. VERKHIVKER, G.P.Jv kand. tekhn. nauk; SMIRNOV, G.F., inzh.; LAGUML, . inz-;. i!n~~ Determination of optimum thermodynw3ic parameters of regenerat-lve thermal power cycles in substances with low-melting points. lzv. vys. ucheb. zav.; energ. 8 no.1:46-!i3 Ja 165. (MURA 18:2) 1. Odesskiy tekhnologicheskiy institut imeni M.V. Lomonoscva. Predstavlena, kafedroy teplotekhniki. ILAA A44W.- I- Prodwtion of wooden parts on portable sawmills. Leg. prom. '-,? nn-5:6,9 Kv 157. (Woodworking industries) (KIaA 10:6) LAGUTKIN,,--V.S., kFjplvlW! *MIMMIM- Protecting metal surfaces against splasbes during o3lectric welding. Mashinnstroitell no.2:30 7 '57. (MLRA-10:5) (Electric welding) LAGUTMA, Yokaterina Ivayovna;. NIKOLAYEVA, Nadezhda Vasillyevna; ofv. re7.z PETROVSKAYA, T.L., red. [Countries of Africa; a regional economic and geographical survey] Strany Afriki; regional'ryi ekonomiko-geografiche- skii obzor. Leningrad, Izd-vo Leningr. univ., 1965. 93 p. (MIRA 18-.8) "V": /" ., 1 1-3-7-58-1-861 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 1, p 124 (USSR) AUTHOR: Lagutkin, V. S. TITLE: Protection of Mt-a-l-Surfaces From Splash in Welding (Zashchita poverkhnosti metalla ot bryzg pri svarke) PERIODICAL: Tekhnol. transp. mashinostroyeniya, 1957, Nr 2, pp 62-63 ABSTRACT: A solution of water glass, water, and chalk, composed of 1 kg water glass, 4 kg water, and 1 kg chalk, is employed at the Kolomna Die sel- locomotive Plant to protect metal surfaces against splash during welding. The water glass acts as the binder. A cushion of chalk is formed between the drops of-diffused metal and the surface of the parent metal. The splash is readily removed by means of metal brushes or sandblasting equipment. Use of this solution reduces the time required for cleaning the surface of articles from splash to one-third or one-fourth. V.P. 1. Welding 2. Surfaces-Protectice 3, Water-Application Card 1/1 LAGME Specialized dressmaking and tailoring establishment. Prom koop. .I " 13 no-6:19 Te '59. (XIRA 12:93 1. Zavedu7ushcha7a atel'7e arteli "Paqrati X.GorIkogo". (Kuyb7obev--Clotbing industr7) ef; , I ~,( LAGUTKINA R - GOLUBEVP N. For a scientific organization of work. Tekst, prc=. -2~- no.9.- 1 88-89 S 165, (KIRA 18:10) CO, So 0 0-W-W low a 01"4041 tie "DOW", .0" 00 A 04 NAP& predplisdoom Ina eds&ss dwi~sgstitemmdm at the mimt. M. _'q. F. Rmool"ato, M. N. Trurnyantpeva and S. Ronmom gee CAm. (U. IL S. R.) 10. 1565-70940); cf. C. A. 33.114734. Periodic tn. of a cc. 0.014% P". of PbCOSII. 0~ WON' i i6MMA and C,JI. 1. water HtOll 0 0 , . , PrOH. nuoll MA CA10" (on a watch Skm) was In- * . . vestigateof at tmps. 1U bdow the b. pa. of ft mks.. at 60' (for PhMlf and CJfJ and at 00' (for 0.001% 110C X A 1l I Th f f v- rts. o " e nut. o o ). periodic rinp of X V A 0 am. compols. sem. increased with datmemose In tbe sudwe tomition (w) of the aks.. which in turn. olvervastoi with in. * 0 hvamintbecb&Wkagtbinak-s.byoaeCff#. 11mviom. the org. wids derressed the surfact temosim of the sic. molm., but the concu. being the a . this doermse was propor. for all solms. used. the no. of ppla. r1op wpd. OOW was greater the mialltr was a of the pum ouc. Howeves. the abs. moo. of ppts. rings for the N#sB.%.IOHsO and org. acids were diffemut. mins to tbdf d t Urface W- dyllies and some other factors. In the caw of old. &k. solos. of PhCO#H and oo-)l0CJ14MH, the no. of pptg. duo -W. locreawd In propordom to the oradin of the watch lass on which the cv& wn ca duct d Thi 6 n e . s g M attributed to a drop In v of an ak. molm, of cog. add with i in The coma. of acid during orvapa. of the solvent. The no. of dup formed durins evapn. of the Colle solnot. was greater then that during . v . oil the PbCO~Jl molm.; this agrees with the soloration and wettim pmxnks of tise2compofs.(forexam pleinEtOll). A.A.Fbftmy - WISM" LM041LOE CLAUNFICATMON -00 -00 see =O* .ioeo coo coo ZOO 'coo coo* Pie &,;p 0 It 4 It It a 19 14 Ojo Or* 0 00 0 ok 0 O'o 0 *to 0 0 0 0-0 We 0 0 We 0 Wo Itl 0.00 o'-s' 0 *-A Wcco we'o-O4 01, GLUSHAKOVA, fi.yo.; GUTO- M.: MEWHINSIly, N.Y. A,". Ascorbic acid level in wells of the gastrointestinal tract and in the testes of burn patients. Xhirurgila 33 no.2:103-107 F '57. (MMI 10:7) 1. Iz kzifedry biokbimii Minskogo meditsinskogo institute (GASTROINTISTINAL SYSTXK, metab. vitamin 0 in bums (Rua)) (TESTAS, metab. same) (VITAKIN C, metab. gastrointestinal system & tests in burns (Rue)) (BURNS, metab. vitamin C in gastrointestinal system & testes Olus)) P,.P,M,t LUCHENOK, O.S. GLUSHAKOVAl N.Ye.; jAgg Vitamin G in the liver and the wall of the mnall intestine'In radiation sickness in gnimals syntfietizing ascorbic acid. Med. rad. 5 no.4: 86-87 Ap 160. (MIPA L-1:12) (ASCORBIC ACID) (LIVER) (INTESTINES) (RADIATION SICKNESS) GLUSHAKOVA, N.Ye. (Blushakova, N.E.1; AG -Is- - ._jLabuta, F.M.]; IVAMVAt V.Si; MEREZHINSKIY, M.F. [Merazhyziski, M F ). TARA]NDVICH, G.L. [Taranavicb, H.L.]; SHIMLN, A.S.,IShyfzan, z~fj Biosynthesis and metabolism of ascorbic acid in white rats during fractional ionizing irradiation in small doses. Vestsi P11 B3SR. Ser.biial.nav, no.2:96-101 162. (MIRA 1518) (RADIATION-PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECT) (ASCORBIC ACID) GLUSHAKOVA, N.Ye.; TARANOVICH, G.L. F.M. Lim Some.indices of tissue metabolism in reduced function of the thyroid gland. Probl. andok. i gorm. 10 no.6s24-27 N-D 164. (WRA IS: 7) 1. Kafedra biolchimii Minskogo meditainskogo institute; rukovoditell prof. M.F.Merezhinskiy. AKSENOV) Yedl., glav. red; LAGUTO, L.D., red.; ;hiUKJJMAll, D.I., red.; LYUDCHIR., K.F., red.; OS-ICHY, Ye.A.,, red. [Production of' peat brilquc-tc and semi b,I-quets; exchiange of technical-production experiancc F'roizvodstvo torf'ia- --l-b )~vil(P.Knv i v-'l-briketwi; obmen proizvodstverrao- tekhnicheskim opytom. Minsk, Izd. red.-izd. otdela In-ta nauchno-tekhn. informatnii i 1,ropagandy Goskoriteta Soveta ?44nistrov B3SR po koordinal.sii nailchno-issi. rabot, 1962. 79 p. (M-1-11,1, 1-7:11) 1. Vaesoyuzno~e nauchno-tekhnicheskoye obshchestv:) energe- ticbeskoy promyshlennosti. Bplorusskoye respublikanskoye otdeleniye. SADMNICHIT. V.V.; BUDKIT, The FFFH milling. processing, and forgling machine for obtaining granulated peat. Vestai All BSSR Ser.f is.-takh.nav. no.1:131-133 156s (Peat machinory) (KERA 9: 10) IAGUTO,--L.D.,., inzh. New equipment for the peat-winning industry. Mekh. i avtom. proizv,, 16 no.6:39-41 Je 162. (MIRA 15:6) (White RuEsia-Peat machinery) LAGU.T-O-) L-.-D,, Inzh. Results of the operation of BW machines in the peat enter- prises of the-eeonomic council of White Russia S.S.R. Sorf. Pr=. 1+0 no.2:7-10 163. (MM 16-.4) 1. Sovet narodnogo knozyavstva Beloruaskoy SSR. (White Hussia-Peat maebiner7) 1. LAGUTOMIN., P. 2. USSR (600) 4. Aeronautics in Agriculture 7. Experiment 6n artificial defoliati-n of cotton plants by use of the airplane. Xhlopkovodstvo. no 0: 1952 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, Januar!r, -1953. Unclassified. SOV84-56-3-5/92 AUTHOR: Konovalov., S.,, and IBgutochkin., P., Engineers (Kherczor) T1TLE: Loader for the Ar_-2 Aircraft (Zagrazi-,hik dlya samoleta An-2) PERIObICAL: Grazhdanskaya aviatsiya., 1958, Nr .3., p 3 (USSR) I ABSTRACT: The short note reports on a scoop c3nveyer -type dry chemical loader for the An-2 aircraft created in one of the operatit-ional units, The conveyer is driven by an aircooled 4.5-M? engine, loads 400 kg of chemicals per minute, -weighs 300 kg, is said to be easily built. locally from tractor spare, parts, and can be assembled and di-E-mantled -t;mder field conditions. It can be carried in diEmarcbled form to the place of vork by the AL-2. Attended by six vorkers, the conveyer fills the tanks of the aircraft in 3 minutes. The tests of the assembly carried out, in the Novomayachkovskiy eovkhoz in IC:;erson Oblast have been successful. Over 200 toris of chhemical fertilizers, with normal and !.ncreased moisture z;ontent- vere spread from the An-.2 in a short time. The loaded operated vithout, failure. Me idling time of the aircraft vas cut to a fraction. The ncyte is accompanied by a photograph shoving the loader at work. 1. Aircraft--Equipment 2. Storage tanks--Loading 3. Chemicals--Handling Card 1/1 4. industrial equipment--Design 5. Industrial eqU4prPent--PerfcrjPzacP_ 0 ~U WAjXwJL, starshi)r inzbener (Zherson) LAGY.T Lessons of our experience. Grazbd. av. 17 no. 11:27 N 160. (HrU 13:32) (Zeraon-Aeronautice in agriculture) POIEDLZIN, P.S.. kand. i;ekhn.nauk; -LAGUTW#-. A.R., :Lnzh.; EkSOBOV, A-ya-, inzh.: SHPIIMrSLff, V.A., in2h. Mechanized timber drawing in roof control in Donets Basin mines. Bezop..trada v prom. 4 no-3:5-7 160. (MIRK 13:6) (Donets 3asin-Coal mines and mining) 'LAGUTSKAYA, L.I.; DANIU)VA, V.I. Method of Molecular Orbitals and Linear Combination -of Molecular Orbitals for-calaulating the molecules containing two phenyl rings separated 1rj a group of atoms. Repost 1. Zhur. strukt. khim. 6 no. I+t591-595 JI-Ag 165 (MIRA 19:1) 1. Sibirskiy fiziko-tekbnicheskiy institut, g. Tomsk. Submitted HaY 4, 1964. SUVOROV) N.A., kand. tekhn. nauk; BOMTOV, B.11*,., kand. teklin. nauk; I,AGUTTSEV, ~84,.,-inzh. Studying the effect of the wall advancenent rate on the mani-fes- tation of rock pressure -sing models of equivalent materials. Izv. vys. ucheb.. zav.; gor. zhur. 8 no.1:15-19 165. 28:3) 1. KharIkovskiy institut gornogo mashinostroyeniya, avtomatiki i vychislitellnoy tek-hniki. Rekomendovana kafedroy teklinologii gornogo proizvodstva. IMMAYM, A. I. [Zhortcomings in the work of midwives in rural areas) Yedostatki v rabote sellskoj akusherki. 7eldsher & altush. no.3:16-19 Mr '50. kGLKL 19:1) LAOTTAYEVA, A.I. Activities at collective farm maternity homes and feldsher-midwife centers in Kalinin Province. Akush.i gin. no.2:15-19 Mr-Ap 1,45. (OBSTNTRICSI MRA 8:7) rural maternity homes in Ruania) (POLIC HUMS, rural foldsher-midwife centers in Russia) (RMAL GOOVICRIS, maternity homes & foldsher-midwife centers) LAGUTYAYEVA. A.N. Rakhmanov, 1ODth amivereary of his birth. Akush.i gin, no-5:123-la 161. (KM 15:1) '~RAi4MVOV, ALEKSANDR MOLAEVICH, 1861-) L&GUMIEVA, -L A.leksandr Ilikolaerich Rakhmanov. Med. sestra 21 no,,4:54-55 Mr 962* (14IFLA 15:3) (RAMMOV, AIZKSAMR FL-KOLAEVICH, 286j--1926) AUTHORS: Sorokin, M. F., Laguzina, A. M. SOV/156-58-1-26/46 TITLE: Interaction of Some Aryl-Glycide Ethers With the Alcohols of the Aliphatic Series (Vzaimodeystviye nekotorykh arilglitsidnykh efirov so spirtami alifaticheskogo ryada) PERIODICAL: Hauchnyye doklady vysshey shkoly, Khimiya i khimicheskaya tekhnologiya, 1958, Nr 1, pp. 110 - 114 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The epoxy-resins obtaiend from compounds with an a-oxide- group exhibit a number of valuable properties (Refs 1,2). The authors tried to synthetize epoxy resins of a new type froin resorcin-diglycide ether and from 2,2-di4p-oxyphenyl)-propane, and from polyatomic alcohols of the aliphatic series. For the purpose of explaining the production mechanism of these resins, the authors investigated the reaction kinetics between phenyl- glycide-ether and resorcin-diglycide ether, as well as a number of I- and 2-atomic alcohols. Amongst a great number of reports available, there:bm one dealing systematically with the influence exerciged by the concentration of the catal3rSt and other factors on the kinetics of the reaction. For the purpose of Card 1/4 determining the constants of the reaction-velocity the authors Interaction of Some Aryl-Glycide Ethers With the SOV,156-58-1-26/46 Alcohols of the Aliphatic Series introduced the experimentally obtained data in the kinetic equations. The reaction of the glycide ethers with alcohols shows some peculiarities. As results from the scheme, a secondary hydroxyl-group appears in the developed ether instead of the primary hydroxyl group which had entered the reaction. The secondary hydroxyl group is capable, on its turn. (it & lower velocity, however,) to react with another molecule of the glycide ether. The reaction thus takes place at any ratio whatever of the glycide ether and of the alcohol under a constant concentration of the hydroxyl groups. Consequently, it must be a pseudo-monomolecular reaction. Calculations have shown' a satisfactory conformity of the constants. The constant is independent of the concentration of the catalyst. Table 1 shows the constants for different concentrations. AnalOgDUB result3 were obtained by a similar investigation with n-butyl alcohol. Furthermore, the influence of the molecular weight, the structure and the number of atoms of the alcohols on the reaction concerned was investigated. Methyl, ethyl, ri-butyl, Card 2/4 primary octyl, isopropyl alcohol and octanol-2 were iised, and Interaction of Some Axyl-Glycide Ethers With the sov/156-58-1-26/46 Alcohols of the Aliphatic Series ethylene glycolf diethylene glycol and triethylone glycol. The results obtained from these tests are shown in table 2. These dat& show that with a relation of 1:1 of the phenyl-glycide-ether and of a monoatomic alcohol the increase of the molecular weight of -the alcohol has no influence on the constant of the reaction velocity for methyl, ethyl and n-butyl alcohol. In the case of a ratio of ether and the monoatomic alcohols of 1:10, the constant of methylalcohol with respect to primary octyl alcohol decreases. Secondary alcohols are less reactive than the primary ones. The reactivity of,the poly atomic alcohols (except ethylene glycol with a.ratio of phenyl-glycide ether: ethylene glycol - 1:1) is greater than that of the monoatoinic alcohols. Within the series of glycols the reactivity of ethylene glycol with respect to triethylene glycol increases. 8 new, undescribed compounds were isolated in the course of the work. Their constants are showr in table 4. There are 4 tables and 5 references, Card 3/4 Interaction'of Some Aryl-Glycide Ethers With the SCV/156-58-1-26/46 Alcohols of the Aliphatic Series ASSOCIATION: Kafedra tekhnologii lakov i krasok Moskovskogo khimiko-tekhno- logicheskogo instituta im.D.I.Mendeleyeva (Chair of Varnishes and Colors of the Moscow Chemical and Technological Institute imeni D.I.Mendeleyev) SUBMITTED: September 30, 1958 Card 4/4 LAG'UZMA., A. M.,, Candidate Tech Sri. (diss) - "Investigation of the reactions and synthesis of tars from aryl-glycide-esters and aliphatic alcohols". Moscow., 1959. 13 pp (Min Higher Edue USSR, Moscow Order of Lenin Chem-Tech Inst im D. I. Mendeleyev), 150 copies (KL,, No 22, 1959, 11.6) rn. Sr f- 5(3), 15(8) j I AUT:1011S: Soro"in, 711. F., L--ruzina- A. I ~--- TITLE: The Synthesis and Invosti,:ation cf -Rtesi-s From Cc~rtacir. A2yl- diglycide Et".ers and Bi-ialent. Al--t-lic,ls (Sintez i i.;zIcdo- vaniye smol iz ncl:otorykh arildiglitsidx~~rhh efirov i dina'Al- atom nylfli spirtov) PERIODICAL: Uauc'--11-yde doklady vyssh-ey shkol.l, . -T:,Ii-Lmiy-- i 'himi-c- Ueh-hnoloffiya, 10'~-^, Fr 1, IjP 154 -- 158 (US~--) A13 S T-7UC T: In order to obtain new soluble epoxide varni,~Kin~; resins, an attempt was made to resinify diglycide of rozorcin and of diphenylol,-Iro.,ane wit- ethyle.-ne glycol and glycol. Posins of this ty--)e have not yet been ~eccri'~Dd- ir 11. , ion ~,a.-, ...ace L. 6- scientific publications. 'n influ---Y..ce on res-inification ;f the reaction t~n,-.e-ralCure, component ratio, the stri:,ctures of the alculicl ~-f t',e diglYcide ether. D-Lethyleneglycol react-s- more readily ethyle-e glycol' doas. A high glycide ether share accclcrat--os resinification. The temperature dopo;.dence of t~-.e glyci2lo values is graphically rej:rcccnted (2i- 1). Witt; a glycio'e Card 1/2 C, U ) - The Synthesis and Investi_ation of Resinz From- Cartain r Aryl-di-lycide B'thers and Bivalc-nt Alcohols content of less than 10~,, insoluble, solid resins arL formed~ The diglycide ether of dioxy-diphenylo 1- pro - larv, is less react-1ve than the analriCous ether of resorcin (Diagram, FiE 11.). The hardening of the resin films was effected by means of hexamethylene-diamine, as cthy!-4~~r-c- dia.mine hardQncd films had tv.rned out to be less resista.-A to vrater and chemical rea,-ents. The most favorable --)ru.ei~ties of th-2 ie3ins obtained (hardness, flexibility, to H,O, -.aO!l arA HC1) are listed in a table. Tl-e--e are 2 L figures, 1 tubLe, and 10 re-forences, 2 o-I which. are -`L)vdtt. ASSOClATION: Kafedra tekhnoInL-.ii lal:ov i krasok Moskov.-Icoao khimiko-t-~I'kh- nologichcskoE;o in,, ti '.1-Ita im. D. I. Mendeleyeva (Cha-i-1- af the TwI=2qgy cf Vxmcdi c - aad Paints of the Moscov Institute of Chemicall Technoloj~y, imeni D~ 1. ~7,'vi-Ldcleyev) SUBMIT*~IED: October 27, 1958 Card 2/2 SORCKIN, M.74; lt2YEXA*, A*M. Symthesis and study, of resins derived from aryldiglyciclyl ethers and dicarbo37lic acilds. Trudy MWI noo29:88-92 159. (KIRA 13M) Oepoxy resins) 39838 s/o8l/62/000/011/052/057 19202/E192 AUTHORS: Sorokin, M.7., ~~zi~na, A.M.-, and Korkishko,.Zh.T.. TITLE: Synthetic resins derived from arylglycide esters. 2nd bulletin. Resin synthesis from diglycide esters and polyatomic alcohols of the aliphatic series. PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Khimiya, nio.11, 1962, 61g, abstract 11 P 259. (Lakokrasochn. materialy i*ikh primenertiye, no.6, 196o, 1-4). TEXT: Based on die;lycide esters (DE), resorelne (I) and also dioxydiphenyl propane (II), ethylene glycol (III) and diethylene glycol (IV),.,, soluble varnish epoxy resins (ES) were prepared. The synthesis was earried out (in a 3-neck flask with reflux condenser and-'stirrer placed in a thermostat) with molecular ratios of alcohols to esters 1:1, 1-5:1 and 2:1, at 50, 60 and 70 OC in the presence of 0.6% catalyst (on the basis Pf the weight of the components) - solid N&OH. The latter was dissolved in diol at the synthesis temperature of ES, adding the required quantity of arylglydide ester heated to the same temperature. The process was controlled by the changing of glycide group content in the Card 1/3 Synthe Itic resins derived from ... S/081/62/000/011/052/057 E202/E192 reaction mediuin (small samples were taken periodically and analysed using the Nicolette and Poulter method). After reaching the given glycide number, the procesis is terminated. The obtained viscous ES was dissolved in a mixture of butanol and / HC1 in toluene (1:1), neutralisled (to phenol.-phthalein) with 0.5,o butanol, filtered, and the solvent distilled off in vacuo. Physical and chemical indices of the ES obtained (including their molecular weights and qualitative characterisation of the polydispersivity) 'and the varnish properties of the films made from these ES are given. In particular the following were found; DE I is more reactive than 11 and IV is more reactive than III; films made from these ES have good mechanical properties, good water and chemical stabilityl with regard to water and acid stability the ES film.s prepared from glycide esters of III aro. slightly worse than those based on the Slycide esters of IV6 ThA IN PP~9AF~d AGGOINUBJ1 *eQ *Rh~ AWWO M00044 MAY '00 recommended as binders (or impregnating media), as additives of the hardening type to other binders, or for the preparation of ES without solvents. Card 2/3 Synthetic resins derived from ... S/081/62/000/011/052/057 E202/E192 (Bulletin no.1, see R.zh. Khim., 18, 1961, 18P174). FAbstractor'*s note. Complete translation U .Card 3/3 BUM., N,V.; IAGUZINAp I.M.; FOGELI, V.0, Experimental heat measuring apparatus for Investigating the baking process.of bearth baked products. Trudy TSNIIKHF no.8:37-50 160. (MIRA 15:8) (Heat.-Transmission) (Baking) I, ~ -_ % . . ~: -:,~ ::: ~~ 'i -- , , :-:tran Verse- com re si n.: W76/42/pO/025/005/625 HNLA"(79NIvfA),V80HXC (80NKbs), also -Iiis 6 5mp): c a rec Q61Y u')- Th'e-* S', y----,6C.-,(6S).,.'~` Re" Vde-te', peat number otcase a rep itial-test, ithatis P~riol .~_p'eat: te-sts,'are. tabulate d ti si jol ~,a tic:propq~r e .Wre~of deal oys unde: Di ,w 1; -one~:=,Russ LAGWINSKI, W. Parameters of magnetic recording heads. Przem inst telekom praoe 13 no.40337-46--163. 1. Zaklad Koni)trak--Ji Tel9koiwanj.kacyjnyeh i Radiofonii,, Politechnika, Warszawa. LA,GWINSKI..Y. . - Influence of the registering head and the magnetic carrier on the binary information recording and reproducing process in utilizing the staU) of saturation of the magnetic medium. Przem inst telekom prace 14 no. 44:45-55 164. 1. Institute of Telocommunication Systems and Hadiophonyt Technical Univeraity, Warsaw. h 'Wo;-66 0 Nx, :AP6011did SOURCE CODE: P010019166101510 1/007j/0080 UTHOR: daki~ W. Z. r.Computer Detai (Katedra Budowy Chair fo gn,, WarsaW Polytechnic Maszyn Matematy -qznych,, Poli,;bechnika Warszawska) Dependence of the magnetic head resolving power on the shape of pole tips ;-SOURCE:. Archiwum elektrotechniki 73-80 v. 15s no. l., 1966 "TOPIC. TA'S ic recording, recording density, rea rding method G v magnet 0 r-ABSTRACT; The paper contains a discussion of some problems concerning the-inere'ase.of magnetic recording density. The author demonstrates ...two.different-methods of solving these problems. The first consists J.-th- decreasing: simultaneouijly the head to,coating distance and record- "ing-gap, length; the second employs the choice of pole-tip contour. ."The computed:results presented in the paper make it possible to compare -efflciendy of both methods and can be considered as a basis for an ,the,. of their suitability in respect to different kinds of magpetlef memories. _Ori t has; 8 figures. tBased on author,s abstrac I gi ar Rs~ 'SUB CODE:- _20/ SUBM DATE: l6jul65/ ORId REF:1002/ OTH REF: 00 LAGYGIR, D.F., lnzh. .. - - - - -' 4 ~ - I ~ Ozaphic analy-tic method of detexmining the place for laying the trench and the direction of the movement of the opera- tion front during, the working of a deposit of heterogeneous carbonate rock. Sbor. trud. 14IIZHelezobstona no.8:115-123 163 (MIRA 180) IAGYI, Istvan I~w Data on the history of Hungarian photogrametry. Geod kart 15 no-3:223-225 163. IAGYI . Istvan Marginal notes an the history of photogrammetry. 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Y- ORG: none TITLE: Preparation of emulsion of organosilicon resinJ Class 39, No. 181298 SOURCE: Izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki, no. 9, 1966, 77 TOPIC TAGS: emulsion, organosilicon resin A13STRACT: This Author Certificate introduces a method of preparing emulsions of organosilicon resins by hydrolysis of alkyl(ar-Ochlorosilanes ith a mixture of water and solvents. To enhance water resistance and antiadhesive properties, both polar and nonpolar organic solvenis are suggested. The polar organic solvents include acetone, acetonitrile, and alcohol, while the nonpolar solvents include tolueng carbon tetrachloride, and 1, 2-dichloroethane. [Translation) [LD] SU13 CODE: 1l/ SUBM DATE: lOJun64/ Card 1/1 d-]Yri UDC: 678. 84. 02:66. 093. 8:547. 11 113' LAH France Detecting vacuuja leaks by the emission of positive ions. (To be contd.) Elektr irest 27 no.11/12:413-416 N-D 159. (SW 10:1) 1. Institut za eilektroniko, Ljubljana. (vacuum) (Ions) S/194/62/000/007/0612/10'0 D295/D308 AUTHOR: Lah, Franct, TITL: Leak detection in vacuum systems by means of positive ion emission. Part I! PERIODICAL: Referativnyy.zhurnal. Avtomatika i radioelektronika, no. 7, 1962,-abstract 7-3-30 n (Electrotehn.-vestns, 28, no. 6-7, 1960, 137 - 139 [sloven.]) TEXT: The circuit af a halogen-ion leak detector is described, the sensitive element o4;which is a platinum diode. The ion current of the latter is a function. of pressure, of the anode temperature and' of the diode voltaged' In the interval 850'- 9000C the current de-'- Dends little on temperature, and therefore the working tempera-ture. -ions the should be chosen in this interval. Under practical condit ion current amounts to 0.5 - 1.5 IiA; experiments have shown that, to obtain maximum sensitivity, the above value of current is opti':- mum. The sensitivity is determined by means of leak standards, nam9ly calibrated cylinders of 0.8 mm diameter providing up to 5 A 10-0 mr. Hg x 1/sec. leak rate. Experiments with methyl chloride Card 1/2 S/194/62/000/007/062/160- Leak detectioniin vacuum systems D295/D308 have shovin that the leak detector can reveal up to 10 mm Hg x l/sec. leak rates. With freon 12, 10-6 mm Hg x l/sec. and in cer- tain cases' up to 10-8 mm Hg x 1/see. leak rates could be detected. 9 references. [Abstracter's note:Complete translation.] ASSOCIATION: InItitut za elektronikot Yugoslavia Card 2/2 IAHS France., inzo Vacuum technice in modern producticn. Automatika, 3 no.3.:19-21 F 162. LAH, France State of the production of vacruum components in our c=try,, and suggestions for-its improvement. Nova prozv 13 no.1:13-14 '62. JERIC, Smiljan,- LAH, France Our experiences with ultravacuum. Nova prozv 13 no.1:30-32 162. LA.H, France Vacuum ieasurement with the Ionization gauge. flova prozv 13 no.ls46-47 162. IAH, Jertna, dr Blood transfusion services in various countries and in Yug")SIavia. . I Voj.sanjpregl., keogre 17 no*10:1032-1039 0 16o. 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"Metr'bolivin C11 in rrague, T.&YC"hiarri'a, All 58, Nn 6, 196,21 A L~ S t r;, C CE P 'Q' 1 i !Arl '; Lmylt: r;, T,--. ~i d f t i e,. d] - St v 6 J aah v d ro r y ----t a, acid cycretirn In 32 p2tienkuil arid 5C coro-rols. 1~4 12 pativnt~~ o.- neblzrphrenic and was -J.~e-micanl. with Umit I.- !-c!ntrolt. and' e 1 e c t -11 c -i ~ , a cl, tl.4~rqy changed the excredoni the farvii-.-r ~~t 'Coth divettionit, tM 13tter incrLusing it. Serot,~-Ain admtniptratintl decreasead excretion in 111) schiamphrenicst. Fleti -achema of rryrk,o;har, isidole metabc.11tos; ?+ grnphN; 4 Czarb and 18 Western references. L 1/1 GHUDAGEK, Z.; LAHN i.-Technicka spoluprace: VELISKOVA, L. MENOWW-- Debydrochol and biligraphy. CeBk. rentgen. 17 no-4.-261-263 J-1 163. 1. Ustredni rentgenove oddeleni Statni fakultni nemocnice v Plzrxi., vedouci MUDr. Z. Chudacek., CSc. Ustredni biochemicka laborator Statni fakultni nemocnice v Plzni., vedouci MUDr. et RNDr. V. Iahn,. (CHOLANGIOGRAPHY) (CHCLECYSTOGRAPHY) (BILE ACIDS AND SALTS) Cardiology 0~~ CZECHOSLOVAKIA SOVA, J.; PAIC!IL, P-; _Y1N44_,.T4_?OKORlTYO N.; HULA, J.; JAIIII-ij A.; CA JZL CZY13LAX, V.; PETEROVA E.; SIGNUNDP :'R.; OH_ NIK, 1 'a Ch"arFe---l-t;~ , G inio of Internal Dise ses, Ned. Pac,p s Un (Klinilca Chorob Vnitrnioh Lek. Fak. KU), Plzen, Prednosta (Koad) Prof Dr J. SOVA; Internal Department Local Institute of National Hen1th, Fact-.)ry !!capital (Interni Oddeleni 1,1M Zavodni Nemocnice Odborovoho Podniku) Skoda, Plzen, "ead (Prodnoota) Docent Dr MI. PO1,-.OR'1%11Y; Psychiatric Clinic Med. Pao. Chnrles University (Psychi- atricica Klinika Lek. Fak. 1W), Plzen, Head (Prednosta) Prof Dr E. V-1111COVSKY; Sikl Pathological and Anatoi-.-,ical Institute Ned. ?ac. Charles University (Silcluv Patologickoanatonicky Ustav Lek. Pak. ICU), Plzen; Head (Prednosta) Prof Dr J. VANEIC; Groun for the Dev- olop;nent of Pror~ramrring Methods (Skupina Rozvoje Programovaoich Metod v*Odborovem Podniku) Skoda, Plzen, Head (Vedouei) A. KATOEIC- ky;.Chair of YlathemaUics, K.--otrotechnical Faculty College of Mechanical Ilngineering (Katedra Matematiky Elektrotechnicke Fakul- ty VSSE), Plzen, Head (Vedouoi) Docent J. 19ATIL; Central Biochem- ical Laboratory (Ustredni Biochemicke Laboratore.) FN, Plzen, Head (Prednosta) Dr V. LAMT. "Use of Digital Computers in the EValuation of Pathogenesis, Diag- nosis, and Prognosis of Myocardial Infarotion." - . M ~. ! . Y -1- ~ ^ - -VI-.! A -- IAT- '~I. nrf 1 -7 T,,, AA CZECHOSLOVAKIA Prague, Canovis Lekaru CeskTch, Vol 105, No 24-25, 17 Jun 60, pp 683- 6841 Abstract: Computer 6valuation of data obtained in the study of acute i aret of thp myoeardium is described. 280 indicators were used which allowed the use of 2200 chdracteristia codes. A 50 page code was prepared. All 280 indicators use numbers 1 to 9, and data on one patient are contained on 4 cards. The first problem is the doternination of the frequency oZ oprrelation com- plexes of the most important signs of an acute myocardial infaret. 2 Western references 9/2 CZECHOSLOVAKIA BAUDIS, P.; LAHh . ...... V_.; Psychiatric Clinic. Medical Faculty,Charles University t7s-yeh. Klin. Lek. Fak. KU), Plzen. "Excretion of 5-Hydroxyindolylacetic Acid After Administration of Nialamide Infusions." Prague, Activitas Kervosa Superior, Vol 8, No 4, Nov 60'. DID- 369- 370 Abstract: Application of Niamide did not Influence the amount of 5-hydroxyindolylacetic acid In the urine. In depressive patients where Nialamide did not achieve an improvement, an oscillation of these values around normal was found. No cor- relation between improvement of the psychic condition and MAO inhibition was found. The patients in whom Nialamide treatment was successful showed higher base-line values of excretion of the 5-hydroxyindolylacetic acid than patients who were thera- peutically resistant to Niamide. No references. Submitted at the 8th Annual Psychopbarmacological Meeting at Jesenik, 18 - 22 Jan 66. 1/1 SUVA) J.; LAHN, V.; MATERA, M. Effect of oratic acid on liver lesions and its re2ation to the enzymatic activity. Acta univ. carol. [i4ed] Suppl. 15:131-138 '61. 1. Farmakologicky ustav (prednosta prof. 14UDr. Z. Kocher), klinika chorob vnitrnieb (prednosta prof. MUDr. K. Bobek), histologicko- embryologicky ustav (prednosta prof. MUDr. a PJIDr. 0. Slaby) lekarske fakulty University Karlovy se sidlem v Plzni. (OHMIC ACID pharmaeol) (LMR DISEASES exper) (TRANSAMINASES blood) LARM,O., Inz. Tunnel furnace trucks of refractory concrete. Staviva 42 no.2.- 69-ql F'64- 1. Teplotacbna Rational Enterprise.. Momouc. ,* P~ LAHOJ, L. 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Polnohbspodarstvc, lc5c,, (-, No 1, 15-28 ABSTRACT Description of LL --hrom,atogriaphic li,rzt-1.0d of' inv(:stigation of the fermen-ta-tion of sugars usea .Ln LhE; idr-ntification tests, by bmwer's p-ast, which in con- .iunction wiTh thE known vislial methocis makes, it possible to determ-ine More reauily and with greatrc;r 1--recision tl;e fermentability of,sugars, particularly of -raffinose- ana ~galactlose. -- Yu.-Chelltsova. CAaD: Y k I LAHO, Ladislav, C.Sc.Inz. I 2d Internationa3 Wine Competitim in Budapest. Vestnik CSAZV 7 no.12: 659-660 160. (Ew 10:4) 1. Vyskumny ustav pre vinohradnistvo a vinarstvo Pobocky Ceskoslovenskej akademie polnohospodarskych ved, Bratislava. (Wine and wine making) *ws A is$* A J~~~ ' to q enuuml Mull it a 0 1 a - t Al-A-r- -1 J.- V )I V a x IS a V x b -7- x It V n3dampsamn 40 a a mince - 00 A 1!1 jtkp imp P14416116 AND P00181111 moor 00 V 0o 0 00 Asplialts in Polish Detrolv'-- ZTQMVXr--1AUQCLiSK1 Prm'"Y" Saft" 7- - 34-4&5% In l" 12 h d 7 7 3 l iM 00 . a , 4 . % asp . i de s yie W-4KIM).-lVisit Petso"m front 5 t 10 7-21 asphalt tar 2H 5,39% il t 46 i il 402 9% 00 - - . a nto o , o these were frac-tionated mW mhaltcnes 0.0-11.4%. 1. WIENTRAK 00 S !s: 00 -00 -00 met 00 see so .00 so & em ;we --40 too A a L A 4 01TALLUKICAL LITERATURE CLASSIFICATION t-z- ED" VI'm It" 1 Iwo Islas* "it amw Got -- 4181181 CEC 0.1 is, , IBM& u 9 U go ;;all;x its its it It -RXTL.Y~~ - ;w An A S 4 1W 0 0 P. 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The resin fradion is the carrier of all buk -00 P-P-ti- Of the AsPhAlt- while the oil fnaction exhibits no characteristic properties 400 The ab- isruilys's shows that 8 division Of a'PWtJ into Paraffin avWts and -06 PAMffin-ft" asPhalts is meaningless and should be Nuidoned. J. WIS&TELAN 166 E a zoo &S&-SLA INETALLUAGICAL LITUATURE CLASSAFKATION 11490 W-11JIV. so 0 20.1 so since* -1 11130111 kip 0.- Get vasill ad a-- III at K a X a It An I S I Od 0 PI 6 1 N Of 9 A 0 2 1 AT ixm an* V: o o o 0 0 a 0; 10 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 94 0000 00 0 i rio. k oland o. 10 SO. vul. 5 i'l Ll~#OC I N-SW I) ~-7- y FOLAND/Chemical Technology. Chemical Products and Meir AlMlication. Treatment of Natural Gues and Petroleum. Motor and Rocket Faels. Lubricants. H-23 Abs Tour: Referat Zhur-Khimiya) No 5, 1958, 15747. Author Jaahqqjn~4 Zy T.Ust Title New Technologcial Processes at Petroleum Wineries. Orig Pub: Wisdom, naft., 1957, 3, No 7, 10-19. Abstract: Description of the process of carbonization of heavy petroleum residues in a fluidized layer which in used in the United States. Card 1/1