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86245 z/ooq/61/ooo/ool/oOi/Oo6 E112/E153 - Hydrogenation Refining of SUBMITTED: June 23, 1960 Card 4/4 nip Igo ier. F hNi HALA, Slovoj; LANDA, Staj~slav; DOLF,.TSy Pavel Composition of lighter fractions of Hodonin crude oil. Pt.2. ~'I ´┐Żbor pal - v0d VSGhT- -Vol 56 *.-45-100 '61 [Puble - -1,62-1 - 1, Katedra aynthetickych pohonnych latek., Vysoka skola chemicko-technologickay Praha& BARTCJVSKY,, Tomas; SLADF-CE-K., Jiri; LANDA., Staniout Separation of nonhpso by gas chromatography. Sbor pal vod VSGhT Vol. 5%101-148, 161 (publ. 1621. 1. Katedra synthetickych pohormych latek a katedra procesu a aparatu., Vytjoka skola chemicko-teelmologicka,, Praha. MOSTZGKY, Jiri; CFAIADEK, Stanialavi Contribution to the performance of the Dieckmann condensation. Sbor pal vod VSCbT Vol. 5&149-157- 161 (publ. 1621. 1. Katedra synthetickych pohonnych latek, Vysoka skola chomicko- technologicka.. Praha. LANDA, S., profs, dr., ingo, DoSce (Fraha 6, Technicka 1qrj5, csm); WETSSMR, ()Oy i~g*,, Vsando8c, Praha 6, Techni;ka 1905, CSSR); MOSMCKY, J.11 dac., ing.., Cand.Sc, (Praha 6, Technicka 1905, CSSR); SZEMTYI, In-,re, Cand.Sc. (Budapetat Y-I.., Gellert ter 4) Dkta on the properties of sulfide catalysts. XII. Preparation of hydrocarbons 17 hydrogenation of bydroxyeatera. Acta chimica.Hung 29 no.2:23'7-21+4 161. L.Lehrtstuhl.fur cynthatische-3rannstoffef Ghealach-Technologische Hoobschicae, Prague (for Landa, Weisser and Mostecky). 12. Inatitut fur chemiacbe Tecluiologie, Technische Universitat, Budapest (for Szebenyi). (Catalyets) (Sulfides) (Hydrocarbons) (Hydrogenation) LANDA, ~tanislav- The 4th International Conference on Coal in Le Toigust. Vestn,",k CSAV 70 no.5019-724 161. 1. Clen koresponlent Ceskoslovenske akademie ved. LANDA, Stanislav Some comments on tW fuel research in the Soviet Union. Vestnik CSAV 70 no.l.:161-162 -161. 1. Clen korespondent Ceskoslovensl(a akademie ved. I LANDA, Stanislav ------- Gol.loquy on the chemistry of solid and liquid fuels. Vestnik C.SAW 70 no.lil.62-163 161. 1. Glen korespondent Ceskoslovenske akademie ved. I I LANDA., Stanislaw, prof., dr., ing.; (Fraha 6 -Dejrice, Tech- nicka 1905, Czechoslova- kia) Adamantane, its derivAives &nd homologs. Acta chimica Hung 31 no.1-3:123 136. 162. 1. Chemisch-technische Hochschule, Prag. IAIMA, Stanislav; CHUCHLA, Josef Hydrogenation of cccygenic baterocyclic compounds on tungstan sulfide. Sbor pal vod V9GhT Ilol.5:35-" 163, (publ. 2621. 1. Katedra synthetickych-136ho=ych latek, Vysox'a skola chemickotachnol,bgicka, Praha, LANDA, St., prof. inz. dr. Professor A.D. Petrov, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R.; obituary. Ropa a uhlie 6 no.5.-129 My.164- HALA~ S.,- LANDA, S. lira' gin ntane a--dl I 'Is d4-7- riw, tives, P%7. Co2l Cz (,h,:z, 2`1 !1-4119-1322 M~, 'f64. 1. Laboratory or Synthetiu Gasolines, Higher Schoci W Tt~chnclogy, Pragut~. POSPISIL, J.; WEISSER, 0.; LANDA, S., On the properties of sulfide catalysts. Ft. 17. Coll Cz Cii-iem 29 no. 6:1387-1393 Je 164. 1. Institute of Macromolecualr Chemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague, and Institute of Synthetic Fuels and Natural Oil, Higher School of Chemical Technology, Prague. VYAMK~ V.; ;g 256.~-;1-567 Q 164. L I- - ' bs- 3 Laly)roa'or~ xr. fai, synt-ho-ti 9c -1 TrEA ,oft'e an A -1 r E) !M J - 3 C, Hu,:;hschu2-c- fur Crerdle, ;-rague. I ND A !QWKCAT' Lhlf b:-,T~Z~ n i; 'Z-e OL gt) 1 alld PLI Uridl Il DY. C z 312 64- t,lj~, f1jr 5 ti ~-euost.-Tfe ica ',ecrnis-~e Hc,--hsenule fur ~ hams' ny .- r a --ru*:~ BOGYO, Gabrie-311.,a or LANDA Stani c-:TaT~ ;-nd fltu~;=--~ f3c-vel Cze~!hrjslovakia. Kern tud kozi 14TA no.-.1-.2153-258 164 C c, r r e s i i on d~ in a me m be r , C z e c h o s I o vak A c ademy o f Se r. c e .5 kfur Landaj, CZECHDSLOYAKIA MLF,JSEKp_Z.; HALA, S.1 HANUS, V.; 1. Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czechoslovak AceAeW of Sciences (for Dolejaek and ?); 2. laboratory of Synthetic Fuel and Oil, Prague (fo'r Landa? and ?) Prague, Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Commmications, No 2, Feb 1966, pp 435-449 "Adamantans and its derivatives. Part St Have spectra of derivatives of adamantane formed by vubstitution at CMOO CZECH03LOVAKIA XARKOWCO Ll LAUQA",.__~ Institute for Synthatic Fuel and Petroleum, ChemiAl Toohnical College, Prague a (for both)o ,Prafruo,, C211,"ctlon AL CrocI1211ovak C42MIartl go-jjZ1a&t=p po *On the regrouping or double bond3 In some olefino3 in silleQ gal and aluminum oxide chromatography# Part 21 3truoturalvchange In trialkilethylene and 2#401~-trlmathyl- Impentane* CZECHOSLOVAKIA MARKOXW L - LANDA So Institute for Synthetic Fuel and Petroleums Chemiokl Technical CollegOp Prague - (for both)* Prague., - i0a.1 Commiulic"t-1,91=# co4lection &f_ -ftechoslovak Ghem pp 3672-36bb. "On the regrouping of double bonds in some olefines in silica gel and aluminum oxide chromatography* Part 2s Structural change in tvialkilethylene and 2,4,4-trimethyl- 1-pentane," CZEOHOSLOVAKIA LANDA,.S;, MRNKOVA, A Institute for Synthetic Fuels and Petroleum " Technickl College of Chemistry (Institut fUr synthetische Treibstoffe und Erd'O'l, Technische Hochschule fUr Chemie) Prague (for both) Prague, Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communicati.Qns, No 5., May 1966, Fp 2202-2217 "Hydrogenolysis of organic sulfur compounds in the presence of molybdenum disulfide." MMOVETS, L.; GAD'., S.-; UJIDA, S. isolation of the main components of technical diisobutylene and determ-ination of their structure. Neftekhimiia 5 no.6:835-&.4 N-D 165. (MM.. 19:2) 1. Kafedra iskusstvennogo zhidkogo topliva i nefti Khimiko- tek-bnologicheskoro instituta, Praga. Submitted Apr-JI 21, 1965. St dE; -3 e ahile '(E,,d8.rry ,f Chat.- of E~111.rithP~',;----. i"U~~]!~ &:'A En Tec'nx-o-ico, ra f5le CZECHOSLOVAKIA / General and Specialized Zoology. P Insects. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 2, 1958, 6754. Author Novak, K., Skuhravy, V. Inst : Not given. Title : A Contribution to the Problem of Controlling the May Beetle Larvae. (,Melolontha melolontha L.). Orig Pub: Zool. listy, 1958, 5, No 2, 125-134. Abstract: All the larvae of the May beetle perished in the upper surface of the soil when a disc cultivator was used in the treatment of the field. The lar- vae which were lying deeper than 5 am were not hurt by the cultivator. The total mortality rate of the larvae was 37%. Shallow plowing immediate- ly after harvesting the beets greatly damaged by the beetles,'.-led to the destruction in the first Card 1/2 LANDA, V.; GRDY, I.; NOVAK, K.; SKUGRAVY, V. -10'~Results of research on cockehafer control in Gzechoslo-7pkin [with aunrinry in English]. Zool. zhur. 37 no.3:394-402 Mr 159. (HMA 11:41 1. 3ntomologicheskaya Inboratoriyn Chekhoslovntskoy AN, PrngA. (CzechoslovAkia-Coalmhnfers) LANDA, Valdimir ---------- - - International Symposium on the Ontogenetic Development of Insects; a report. Cas entom 57 n0.2:195-198 160. (EEAI 10:1) (Insects) '-UMA, Vladimix Fifteen years of Czechoslovak entomology and its further tasks. Cas entom 57 no-3:201-2o6 6o. (EEAI 10-.1) (Czechoslovakia--Entomology) LWA, Vladimir, dr., C.5c. ExPeriments vith an artificial spermatophore in cockehafer (*Io- lonths. malolontha L.). Cas entom 58 no.4:297-301 161. 1. Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Entomology, Praha 2, Vinicna 7. (Beetles) ,,TAwA-,-Uad-i-mIr Czechoslovak entcmology and its future tasks. Cas entom 60 no.1/2:25-31 163. UNDA, V. New attachments for the NUN-100 hydraulic compost loader. p. 230. (Yiechanisace Zemedelstvi, Vol. 7, No. 10, May 1957, Praha, Czechoslov2kia) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 6, No. 8, Aug 195?. Uncl. .-JiANDA, 71-k4~~r Assembly of the International Union of Biological Sciences in Amsterdam. Vestnik CSAV 70 no.5:733-735 '61. AUTHOM IMSIM-NEK, X.P., ~ WMA V.A. 32-6-19/51, TITLEt The Application o the Electronographic Method of tbo- Trvestigation of Oxide Film on the Surf.-r.- of Hard Allov-. ( PrIneneni7e -1-1.-+ro- nograficheskogo metoda na poverkhnosti tverdykh splavov, Russian) PERIODICAU Zavodskaya Laboratoriya, 1957, Vol 23, Nr 6, pp 699-701 (U.S.S.R.) ABSTRACT: The electronographio method is employed for the investigation of part- ly oxide sulphide films on metal surfaces. BK8, T5K10, T31SK6 ana T6OK6 oxides were determined and treated before and after oxidation on the film of hard alloys. In the case of the hard alloy BK-8 it was confirmed that the diffraction lines correspond both to th2 WG oay- bide tungsten lines as well as to the W03 tungsten oxide. The elea- trogram taken of the T5K10- and TIM6 hard alloy surfaces had & weak carbide-tungsten line. This is explained by the fact that if cazbide titanium is contained in the T60K6 harJ alloy surfaces 9. ha-nd WC is formed in the TiC solution, whioh leads to a dam,(.-&sa of the M of the free phase in the hard alloy. It was pra,7ed by the electro- grams taken from the T6OK6 hard alloy surfaces that they ara titano- oxides Which are in the modification basis of ratile. Titano-oxides are kaovm to be chemically very stable and it is very diffiault to remove themp which explains the bad penetrability of the T3OK4 solaered parts and of T6OK6 titanium hard alloys. The a-leoirogram Card 1/2 32-6-19/54 The Application of the Electronogmphio Method of the Investigatiw- of Oxide Films on the Surface of Hard Alloys. taken from the surface of the T60K6 hard alloy did not confirm -hhe existence of titano-oxide and the eleotrogram l1nes cor;?eaponded to the TiO carbide titanium lines. Therefore tha surfac5 must be cleaned by grinding when titanium hard alloys are soldered. oxides are removed ffith the 04 of the folloTrIng reaction; T102 + 2 K2S202 = Ti(SO4)2 + 2 K2SO4. The titanium Fialt ottainel can easily be washed away with water. Electrogram3 were mad-3 jl---q o-raer to test this theory. The hard alloy was washed with boiling waier and what was left was removed from the paper by grLnding (TIO2 and K232P7). The eleotrograms of T30K4 and T6OK6 pzv;-el the preaw- .z.o,j of T102 of the ratile modification at a temperature of 10000, wi-111st that of T15K6 proved W03-tungsten oxide. Rutile is to be considered as titano-oxide. In order to obtain the radiogram for T60K6, measure- ments according to the formula R = d --L.Q,- are oarxilea out, f which L nim=2W,d = 2,19, and thus the intensity = 30 can be can- putea. ASSOCIATION: Not given PRESENTED BY; 30MITTED: AVAIIABM Library of Congress Card 2,12 25(6) PHASE I BOOK KiPLOITATION 50-1/2555 W gauchno-tokhnicheskoye obahchestvo prtborostroltell noy promyshlen- nosti. Ukrainakoye re5publikanskoye pravlentye flovyye metody kontrolya I defektonkopil v maahinastroyenit I pri. barostroyenit (doklady Respubllkanxkoy konferentall) (New Methods of Inspection anti Flaw Detection In the Machlner7 and manufacturing Industries (Reports or the Conference Held 2t Klyev, 19561 )Klye v, Gostekhizdat USSR, 1958. 264 p. 4t7OO copies printed, Sponsoring Agency- Akadenitya nauk USSR. Zd. : A. Amelln; Tech. Ed.: P. Patsalyuk; Editorial Board: I.I. Oreben', B.D, OrozIn, A,Z. Zhmudskly, 11.11. Savin (Reap. Ea. ), I.D. Paynerman (Dep. Reop. Ed.)# and A.X. Shiahlov3kly. PURPOSE: This book Is intended for engineers, scientific wrkera, end technicians dealing with problems of Inspection and rl&. dtt~ction. covsRAazz This is a collection of scientific papers prevented at a conference sponsored by the Academy or Sciences, UkrSSR, d the Hauchno-teldinicheokoye.obahchestv.,11noy p,_,,dhlen_ nostl IUkrainakoye pra leniye (U;cralnian Branch, sclen6jrIc and Technical Society Or the Instrument -manufac tur,-nr Industrr). The papers deal with modern methods of inspection and fl1w dcection used In the machinery- and ins trument -m=ura- -tu-ing Indu3tr-les. The subjects discussed Include the ad of electr~h th --pen In d investigation of metal Bmrfaces. X-ray, gamma_ra)~, lum. cense, Mavlet1c, and ultrazonic methods of flaw detectlo~ In-,- q: -ado of radioactive Isotopes; X-ray diffraction methods of metal analysis; and the use Of Interferometera far Measuring length and t!"ckne33 and determining the coerfictent of linear thermal expaftrtcn. NO Personalities are mentioned. Refert-nces follcw Deveral or -.he papers. -~~in VAS-, Engineer, Gorlkly -Kra.noyc So, . ovoo pl&.,,. X,ay 'DLfrraction Quantitative Phase Analysis using Standard X-ray Photographs 70 '~~-_La_and L.M. Pakchanin, C' d1date of Physical ani - Mathematical Sciences, 15y-ev s-Ca-~d-inlvners-y Iment Shevchenk-j. Problems of Physical Strength and Crack Pormation In Casc-he-rd.ned Parts 75 ~god Z~ . pEnsineer, and P-X--YZ-La1~&-_M0acc- TnVIITHA.Sh. ment for Luminescent Fla. Detection 78 XJL=~-. Engineer Avtotak-d. e. Grlkty, (Gorlkiy Autc,,o bile Plant). E-1ciicrience 6,11ned at the Laboratory for S:)ectral An~lyzls, Gorlkly Automobile Plant 1Yrer~emin,__E-_1_Ca.ndldate Of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, TVNIITKXSh. New Developments in the Field of Maghet le -part.. c, Flaw Detection and Magnetic Metallor.-aphy 87 Zhigadlo. A.V., Candidate or Technical Sciences, Inntitut, 126, Mj*kva (Institute# Post Office Bix 126, Nvocow). Inmrove,% Methods and Equipment for Magnetic Insptctloh Or Perm-,aoetl- Parts 106 L~A.'n2dAL.,Ehglnecn Moscow VNII. Instrumenta for a Ha~;ntt., ntr~l Mothod or in- Heat Trealmen~ or Tools M3ac r~-% Htj~-specd Steels 114 Intin, 3j', Cnndldate or Tc0,nlcal Sciences, Mon~- T~NIITMAZn. -Kp_p!lcaClon of a Martictle M.!thod rot- InvestiratloF Has-ri.~L~'_Ah, Auatenitle Alloys 121 r1,1.Y1_L-1,_N.V_, Candidate of Technical Sclencer, and V.P. rrlk.-%,,,Vk., Englh"v, Klyev Electric Welldln~4 Inot'Itut,? Te.O. Palon. Ultrasonic Structural Analysis or Mqtals 126 Ca,.dldote or TaChn'leal Sclen"s, inl I.N. Y--,, M-,o. T.t5rr4:;;,*. Ultraa~nic Flew Dc-tection in M~16.alfl 134 Gur'vls~r~, Englneer, Leningrad NII or Brld~;~a. Ulltraa~-41, -C-~~j 5/9 LAND&, V.A.; CMIDNOVSKAYA, L.A. 9=49--, - OMM - Instruments for magnetic testing of the grade of heat treatment of high-speed and cutting tools. Stan. i instr. 29 no.2:16-17 7 158. (Cutting tools) (Magnetic testing) (MM 110) LAMM, V.A. Use of high-temperature radiography for studying the Idnetics of phase transformations in surface layers. Zav.lab. 26 no.l: 71-73 160. (MIU 13:5) 1. Vsesoywny7 nauchi)o-issledovatel'ski7 instrumentallny7 institut. (AuBtenite) (Radiography) LANIDA, V. A., Cand Tech Sci -- "Study of structural trans- I I -t)-N 4~ f ormations,,_~Qr--~ 4,41" polishing Atool steels." Mos, 1961. (Min of Hi6her and Sec Spec Ed RSFSR. 'I%Ios Order of Labor Red Banner Inst of Steel im 1. V. Stalin) (KL, 8-61, 245) - 259 - KUPALOVAY I.K.; ~ANDA.,_V.A. Control of the heat treatment of parts made of hi.-b-s-peed steel by a coercive-force meter of the UFA14 system. Zav.lab. 28 no.11:1347-1349 162. (MIRA 15;:Ll) 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauchm-issledovateliskiy instrumentalInyy institut. (Steel--Heat treatment) ACCESSION NR: AT40336r3 S/0000/63/000/000/015G/OIGG AUTHOR:,kjp~4,~, V. A. (Candidate of technical scien~ces) TITLE: A study of adhesive interaction between maierials of a tool andaa machined piece SOURCE: Moscow. Vsesoyuznyle-y nauchno-issledovatel'skiy instrumental'ny*y ~institut. Laboratoriya fizicheskikh metodpv issledovaniya. Fizicheskiye metody.*issledovaniya i kontrolya struktury* instrumental'ny*kh staley (Physical methods for investigating and quality control of the structure of, tool steels); sbornik rabot. Moscow, Mashgiz, 1963, 156-166.. TOPIC TAGS: high speed steel, heat resistant alloy, hard alloy, steel 45, steel R18, alloy VK8, alloy T30K4, high speed tool steel, hard alloy tool, -dfi~-tool wear, cutting tool, adhesion temperature tool adliesi ABSTRACT A special tester was designed and assembled at the physics.. laboratory of VNIT to~study adhesion of metals heated in a vacuum. The u it is capable of compression forces up to 500 kg and temperatures up n to 1200C at vacuums up to 5-10-5 mm Hg. Adliesion wa's,investigated for.high----. speed steel R18, hard alloys VK8, VK2 and T3OK4 as tool materials and Card 1/3 M_ ALUMSION NR: Ar4O33653 t beat resistant alloys, as well as steel 45, an the machinable waterLals. It vas established that a combination of cotapression force and increased te=perature must be present when adhesion occurs between tested materials. Adhesion temperature decreases to a certain threshold magnitude as the _xpression load -po increases. These temperatures were determined at.1300 kg and 2 min. exposures at 70DC for steel 45 with heat treated R18 (hardness HRC 63 to 65), 760 to..78OC(for the latter and the tested refractory alloys, 69OC(for those alloyii.and tempered RiS (HRC 20; adhesion temperatuie decreases with strength and hardness of the cu ting steel), 675C for the refractory alloys and Armco iron (load 95 kg). ~he temperature ranged between 860 and 890C, at 185 and', 2 min. exposure, for the alloys and the hard alloy VK8, and it was 20C higher for T30K4. The presence of an oxide film in- creased adhesion temperature. It was concluded that loss of strength and hardness, due to'overheating rather than adhesion, is mainly the cause of of steel to6ls used to machine heat resistant alloys. Adhesion can be responsible for tool wear when the 1~tter is of hard alloy material. Orige I art. has: 3 graphs and 3 illustrations. 2/3 Card r ACCESSION NIR: AT4033653 ASSOCIATION: Laboratoriya fizicheskikh metodov issledovaniya, Vsesoyuzny*y nauchno-issledovatel'skiy instrumental'nylty institut, Moscow (Laboratory of Physical Research Methods, All-Union Scientific Research Institute for Instrumentation) SUW1ITTED: 300ot63 DATE ACQ: 06Apr64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: ML NO REF SOV: 004 OTHER: 002 3/3 No BENSWIN! =___11 S/12)/6Vooo/oo3/ooi/ooq E1111B351 AUTHOR: Landa, V.A. TITLE: Secondary martensite transformation in the tempering of tool stools PERIODICAL: Metallovedeniye i termicheskaya .obrabotka metallov, no- 3, 1963, 2 - 6 TEXT: Changes occurring during tempering of high-speed cutting steels (P18 (R18) and ;a transformation. The width of austenite lines during holding at temperature in tempering changes very little. At the same time, considerable line broadening occurs during cooling as a result of the secondary martensite transformation. Thus, no confirmation has been found in the present work for the idea that phase work-hardening is removed during tempering, this being a process stimulating the secondary martensite transformation. There are 4 figures and 2 tables. ASSOCIATION: Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy instrumentallny-y institut (All-Union Scientific Research Institute for Instruments) Card 2/2 LAOA, V.A., kand. toklin. riauk, nauchii. red.; LESNICHENKO, I.1., izd-va; YOU,', B.I.p tekhn. red. [Fbysical methods fmDr the imestigation and control of the structure of tool steels] Fizicheskie metody issledo- vaniia i kontrolia struktury instramentaltnykh stalei; aborni rabot. Pod nauchn. red. V.A.Landa. Moskva, Mashgiz, 1963. 181 p. (MIRA 17:3) 1. Moscow. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy instrumen- tallrjyy institut. LANDA, V.A.; KANTGR, M.M.; RAYK-OV, V.A. X-ray diffraction control of the qualityof aurface, grinding and sharpening of a tool made of high-speed steel. Zav. lab. 30 no.6t731-732. 1064 (MM 17t8) 1. Vsesoyaznyy naucbno-is3ledovatellskiy instramentaltnyy in- stitut i zavod *Frezer*. 11 11TRIYOVIP A.P.; KUP!,-,,~OVA, Metho~!B for and reFulta- of tbe chave analy57i-- cf steels. Zav.lab. 31. no.'r299-318 155. 0 ~. f, :";." --I".) LANDA) V.A. Separate quantitative 7-ray vtructurol arialys-45 of carbidos W1-LhOld, i5OJlGt.-.Tl?, ,bcm from the Zav. lah- Yl no.8i989-9'93 165. (MIRA 1: mu,,~J- CJVU LC. 1~ - Y al I rlyy 1. ljsusu~uzrllry n L j rint itut. 1900460690 000 0 0 0 60 o 6 0 0 all 0 Its 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 a 0 0 Oil tyo o 0 a 03 1 1 1 4 $ 6 1 1 1 v It If is M is 4 1? 4 11 n 34 it h :p a It, an it w it M n it a P. w u go A 4 c -.00 00 .00 r Firin of refractories in 9 Hoffmna kilns by the Z. L. -06 00 a method. %'.I. A. I.widA. 7, 11,15 :1.*, -60 kila 6 6ilipi"I "ilh K'S' 111-111-t,I; 010 Illt, III, lll,%l call 1w Ined III '~'i l 00 00 - 00 -00 00 x e6 0 oo 00 00 0 00 900 00 Q:o 0 09 of tAp tjo a I L A SITALLUNGKI't 1.11f*414,41 ctilloptcalwo too l -I v-V -i & p a' --I V *11 AA A % N CIA 0 W it 4 ai AV 10 ~; g 14 11 1 1. 4 - o IT * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - ~04 0 g 000'9 0 0 0 0 0 0 SO v 0o o go v 0 0 9 0 0 0 1- /9 /V JD /~ / )~j , 12, KUZNETSOV, Leonid Andrerevich; LANDA Ya.A., inzhener, reclaktor; GOYMI, Ye.l. I redaktor izdatel stya;t-TA-R-OZMk-,-Ya`.-7., kandidal; tekhnicheakikh nauk, reteenrent; SYCHEVA, O.Y., tokhnicheakiv radaktor. [Combustion chambers of stationary gas turbinesj Kamery sgoraniia statsionarnykh gazoipwbinnykh uBtanovok. Moskva, Gos.nauchno- tekhn.izd-vo mashinostroit.lit-ry, 1957. 166 pe NLRA 1o:6) (Gas turbines) I, h ~ /I , 1, / " , IVO I ~ A" , IANDA, Ya. A. ,:VIL i'O". I-ey, Utilizing the 89:-63-74 157. heat of hot air blast at water-gas plants. Izv. TPI (MIRA 10:12) (GbLe producers) 391/81 -59-1 5-7819 Mranslation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, 1959, Nr 16, P 304 (USSR) AUTHORS: Vaynrub, L.G., Landa, Ya.A. TIME- The Investigation of Convective Heat Transfer in the Charge of Tunnel Furnaces PERIODICAL: Byul. nwuchno-tekhn. inform. Vses. in-t nauchno-issled. i proyektn. rabot ogneuporn. prom-sti, 1958, Nr 5, pp 28-45 ABSTRACT: For studying the heat. transfer between the gases and the charge in a test furnace, 25 thermocouples were installed by means of which the temperature of the gases (hot air) and also of the surface and the inner part of the bricks was measured. The temperature measurements of the cooling period only were treated in detail. Based on the obtained results a formula has been established for the calculation of local heat transfer coefficients referred to the longitudinal surface of the brinks which are washed by gases in the charge of tunnel furnaces. It is shown that the forrmila is the first raugh approximation and should be made more precise in the future. P. Berenshteyn. Carl 1/1 ,., kDnd.tek KHODOROV, Yevgeniy Iosif ovich;__~~&IDA ~Yp A Im.nauk, nauchnyy red.; 2HMVMIY, N.A., red.izd-va; VORONETSKAYA, L.Y., [Modern technology of making cement clink8ral Sovremennaia tek-hnologiia proizvodstva taementnogo klinkera. Leningrad, Gos. izd-vo lit-ry po stroit., arkhit. i stroit.materialam, 1960. 102 p. (MIRA 14-.1) (Kilns) (Clinker brick) BELOVA, M.I.; LANDA, Ya.A. ---b- 7 ~ Using the chromatographic method for the analysis of mazut combustion products. OgnOUPOT7 28 no.10:1+49-451 163. (MIPJ, 16:11) 1. Voeso5ruznyy Institut ogneuporov, BELOVA, M.I., inzh.;-,~ANDA, Ya.A., kand. tekhn. niuk Mastering the chromatographic method of analyzing combi-9tior pr~rJuc,.B in mazut-fired kilns. Trudy Inst. ogneup. no.35:105-116 163. (MIRA 17:12) 1. Vaesoyuznyy institut ogneuporov. 14NDA, Ya.A., -kand.tekhn.nauk; Prinimali uchastiye: IIANW, Y.A., inzh.; KOBRIII) I.M., laborant; BULKIIM, K,P., laborant Granulation of refractory raw material. Trudy Inst. ogneup. no.29- 10~-152 t6O. ':MIRA 14-:12) (Granular materials) (Refractory materials) LAVDA, )La~dotsent; PISAREVA, T.P., kand,med.naulc Periarteritis nodose; according to data from the V.V. Kui'byshev Hospital. Top,pat.krovi i krovoobr. no.6,.229-235 161. (KIRA 16-3) (PMUnTMTIS NODOSA) LANDA, Ya.Yh., dotsent Relation beti-sn acute pancreatic diseases and diseases of the b4le ducts, Trudy LPI-I-L 11 no.'.244-251 163. (MIRA 1-07 - 'Le, Clinical aspects &rid pathological ana-wnV of Whipple's disea3e. !bid.- 252-264 1. Tz kafedry patologicheskoy anatomii Isningradskogo pediat:richeskogo meditsinakogo instituta. KLIMOV, M.N.; CHELLINI, B.S., inzhener; LANDA, Ye.y., inzhener. New method of joining kersey. Tekst.prom.16 no,1100-51 N 156* (MLRA 9:1Z) 1. Master kombinata "Trakhgornaya manufaktural imeni DzherzhinsIcogo (for Klimov)o 2. Zavod "Xauchuk" (for Chellini and Landa). (Textile printing-Equipment and supplies) AUTHORS Kupe rinan, F. Ye - and Land~-:L, Ye. F. TITLE: The BondlnL of Rubber to Plastlos (Kreplenilre reziny k plastmassam) PERIODICAL.- WaLuchtdc i Rezina, 1958, Nr.9', pp 30- - 34- (DO"311) ABSTRACT-. InvuestiLations o-(L* a method of fix.inU, rubbers to plastics are of ureat interest in mechanical ei-Z.Inoer-in~ and -:)th--!~ branche.s as construction material. Vext 'ous British, AL,.straliap,, 'U.S.A.-and Japanese adhesives are quoted tabiilatad (Refs. 1 - 8 an:_, -able 1). A 20% soiut-lorl C)- n,n*,nl~.-tri.phenylmethane--tri-isocyanate. In dichlorc,~tha,',,-- (the adhesive "Leykonat") wao used. A thin layer of the adhasive.was applied on the clean our-Cace of Textolite, a lamirated plastic. The latter was dried and. then -;u1c.-anised at 135 - 1400C and 25 IcC/C.W P'res-~Vre- Good results were obtained oith adhesives based on buta- diene aorylonitrile and sodium-butadiene rubbers and "Nairit", but the results were not D-wourablo for 11-K. rubbers. The strenLth of b d" Tip tested on a dyna-- mometer and found to reach 20 (Table 2) -for polar grabbers such as SKN-40 and 11 Nalrit". For butadiene- Card 1/2 acrylonitrile rubber (SKII-40) the strerrth of bonflir-,. The Bonding of Rubber to Plastic-s SOV/136-5P--9-?/i-i- wasI in first approximation, irrrersely proportional to the hardness of the rubber This method is used mainly in the car industry. The adhesive It Leykonat'? can also be used for the bonding of polar and. sodium-butadiene rubbers to aldehyde (phenol- formaldehyde) plastibs. There are 2 Tables, 1 FiLure and 8 References: 1 French and 7 Enclish. Zavod "K&tuchuk" It ASSOCIATIONt (Fac't'ory Kauchult Card 2/2 IWI, G. S.; LAIM, To. G. . . ...I...... . ]Blood transfusion into bone marrow in infants. Vopr. pediat. 19 no.2: 20-22 1951. (GIML 20:8) 1. Prof. G.S. Lairi; Assistant B.G. Lmida. 2. Of the Department of Pediatrics, Odesna State Institute for the Advanced Training of Physicians and of' the Department of Pediatrics of Odessa Medical Institute (Head of Departments-Prof. G.S. Levi). -4 ~y ~Y~Pk Geochemical study of oil from the Selli field. Geol. nefti Supplement to no.8:71-78 158. (MIRA 11:10) LTSentral ,na,,ra nauchno-iseledovateliskaya laboratori7a Dagnefti. (1191-has tan -Petroleum--AnalysiB ) LANDAI YO.M. Chemical composition of formation waters in MAsozoic sediments of the Southern Sakhokthisk oil field and characteristics of its changes in the Prilamak oil-and gao-bearing area. Geol. nifti i gaze, 7 no.5247--w!;l Yq 163. (MIRA 16z.r6) 1. 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Vrach.delo no.10:1079-1081 0 159. (MM 13:2) 1. Kafedra. fakulitetakoy khtrurgit (zaveduyusbchiy - prof. Ya.M. Voloshin) Odese"cogo maditsinalcogo iustituta. (LIV3M) Mnic ULCIM) (STO)UGH--SUGERY) ,LUDAj )L9.M,.p dotsent late resiAte of' stomach resection in peptic ulcer. Vrach. delo no. 3:33-36 Mr 161. (MIRA 14:4) 1, Kafed-ra fakulitetskoy khirurgii pediatrichefikogo i sanitarno- gigiyenichasko,;o fakulstetov (zav. - prof* Ya.M. Voloshin) OdesskogD medit.sinakogo instituta. (PEPTIC ULCER) LAWA4 -39,K . doUent (Odessa) Functional state of the pancreas before and after surgical treatment of dideasoo of the biliary tract. no.1:98-104 162. (MIRk 15;-.1) 1. Iz kaf-,-dry fakulitetskoy khirurgii (zav. - prof. 1A.M. Voloshin) pediatricheskogo i sanitarno-gigiyenichoskogo fakull- tetov. (PANCREAS) (BILIARY TRACT-DISEASES) mh-~IZ9 Hexachlorocycloheicane, as a polyploidisation agent. In '~Ussian- P. 151. BIOLOGIA FLANTARUX. (Cegkoslovenska akademie ved. 6iologicky ustav) Fralia, Czechoslovakia. Vol. 1, no. 2, 1959- Monthly list of East "Uropean Accessions (EFAI), LC, Vol. 8, no. 12, December 1959 uncla. LAMA, Z. - SVOBODA, J.; JIRASEK, J. The karological and histological character of induced rat tomour XG producing Rous virus. Folia biol. no.1:12-15 162. 1. Institute 'of Experimental Botany and Institute of Expeximental Biology and.Genetics, Czechoslovak Acadmey of Sciences, and First Institute of Pathologfc~l Anatomy, Faculty of General Medicine, Charles University, Frague, NEOPLASI-13 experimental) LANDA, Z.; SVOBODA, J.; CHME, p. Chromosomal characteristics of tumour XG in vitro. Folia Biol. 8 rLO.2:84-89 162. 1. Itstitute of Experimental Botany and Institute of Experimental Bio1bgy and Genetics, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague.' (NEOPLASIZ expor) (CHROMOSOFYZ) SVOBODA, JT.; LANDA., Z.; CHILE, P. The oncogenic effect of the Rous virus In rats and its caryologic corrolates, Neoplams 9 no.16-25-31 162. 1. De~partnent of Zxperimental Biology *nd Genetics; Departmnt of Plant Pbysiology, Biological Institute of the Czechoslovak Acaderkr of Sciences, Prague, CSSR. (NEOPLASMS virol) (SARCOMA virol) DZHCROGYAN, G.A.., nauchnyy uotrudnik; ZIBELI,,B *Ya., inzh. rtranalator )OWCEPIgA, O;Ye.Pb1bliok:raf. [tranola tor];KOZIM INA, N.P., doktor biol.nauk, otvetstvennyy red.; GRIGCRIYEV, K.P.. inzh., red.; KUPRITS,,Ya..N., doktor tekhn.nauk, prof., red.; KUPRIYANOV, A.7., inzh., reld.; LYUBARSKIY. L.N., doktor sell skokhozyaystvenrVkh nauk, LANDA-DALLY, L.H., starshiy nauchnyy sotmidnik; GERZHOY, A*11.. lmzid.tekli6.naulc--.,"-s-t-a"r,-s,hiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; FKDOSOVA, R.I., red.; GOWBKOVA, L.A., [Dr.ring ard heat processing of grain; translations and abstracts-3 SuBWm i termicheskaia obrabotka zerna; perevody i referaty. Moak-va, Izd-vo tekhn. I ekon.lit-ry po voprosam mukomollno- krupianoi. kombikormovoi promyshl. i elevatorno-skladskogo khoz.. 1957. 90 P.- (MIRA 11:5) 1. Moscow. Vaesoyuznyy nauchno-isaledovetallskiy institut zerna i produktov ego pererabotki. 2. Vsesoyuznyy nsuchno- issledovate'21skiy institut zerna i produktov ego pererabotki (for Dzhorof-7an, Gerzhoy, Heshcherina). 3. Mellkombinat imeni TSyurtq)y (for Zibell) (Gra In-Drying) LANDA-DAIXV L inzh. 4m~~ Grain elevators with roofs made of fiber glass. Muk.-elev.prom. 23 no.9:31 S 157. (MIRA 10:11) (Grain elevators) (Roofing) ARr-[AIGCRODSKIY. LeoWid Alekeandrovich; JIA~OA7kkE irpnRy PISAK, -~.Ya., ispete, red.; VYSOTSKAYA, R.S., red.; GOLUBKOVA, L.A., (Rapid aseembl~, of prefabricated elevators and drier-cleanor toweral Skorostnoi montazh zagotovitelinykh elevatorov i sushillno- ochistitellnykli bashen. Moskva, Izcl-vo tekhn. i ekon. lit-ry po voprosam mukomallno-Itrupianoi, kombikormovoi proqvshl., t alevatorno- skladskogo khoz ., 1958. 266 p. (MIRA 11:5) (Grain elevators) LANDA-DAL'EV,, L., inzb. A complex milling system. Ymk.-elev. prom. 28 no.2:30-31 F - 062. MRA 15:3) (United States--Giain-milling machinery) (Europe, Western-Grain-milling machinery) IANTA-G ZILEa, A. B. USS/Mealcine - Penicillin Microbiology Feb 1947 "The Influence of NitroPqn and Carbohydrate Nutri- tion'of Penicill1in Crustosum upon the Formation of Panicillln--,w -A.B. landa.-Geller, A. V. Markovich, 14 pp "Hikrobiologlya" Vol XVI, No 2 Study of the formation. of penicillin under its primary and secondary conditions of growth. PA 3TV4 8T14 . _)- . - ~ y ; VII u,.- j: rof . , jii, Y'v 'AICAsandr 1,ANDPJI Pqritale ;!~onjeflm, -c, . ". '~y Aleksandrovich, d:,ts, ; FRUSAMI)V, IN A ~ , i ad. - BAIIADD, A. 1. , x P takhun. red- (Swine raising; a tex-tbcok of practical problems] Svinovodstvo; posobie k prakticheskim zanlatliam. Moskva, Sellkhozizdat, .1.963,- 157 p. (MIRA 16:10) (S-3 w A ' I P. ) LANDARI, A.G., agronom po zasheite rasteniy (Orzhitakiy rayon, f*Itavfjkaya , , oblast') Letters to the editor. Zaahch. rast. ot vred. i bol. 7 no.3:19 mr 162. (MIRA 15:11) (Orzh!,.tsa District-Plants, Protecti~n of) LALDARI, Ye. G. "The Role of ti~-,e Rootstock and Nutrition in lncreasixa.~ the Resist~_-ce c.-' Apples to Black Carl~e.-." Cand Agr Sci, Yh--r8Kcv Ar-r-laulture2 T-St. --- - - r- 1953. (RZhBiol, bo 6, Dee '14) Sur"iey of Sci-antific and Technical Dissertations Defended at U.I-SR higher Educational Institutions (1,2) SO: Smi. No. 556, 4-.4 Jun 55 tLAN EA.R Review of Applied. Mycoloiry f6pamini'M mepumm pmom; r1ho r.ble of rnicroelenients in intrea.,ting lil)l)lc troo msistance to leaf f;pot WectiOn-I-CaA ji.0ivpoj [Orchard & Uatde)i], Vol'. 33 Mar- 1954 1953, 8, pp. 19-21, 1953. in studica at the umausk-y Institute of Agriculture, U.S.S.R., in 1951 aplile, leaf fpot [PhysalosIvra oUusa: R-A.M., 17, P- M] waij best, controlled ky alildications ilizers (2 to 4 kg.), which. of magnesium bamta (I to 2 kg.) and munganvie ferm retained tbeir effoctiveness even in the second year. Neither fertili?erhad nny ad' erse effoct on.the trees ind both provc a A outstanding At the higher convAmItra- V tions, reducing canker-wound development four to fivo times compaml willi the COU601 reMiNiUg no fertilizer. LANDAR, Ye.G., '1cand.sal'fikokhozyaystvennykh nauk (Kiyev) Importance of stock and scion In the black rot resistance of a:pple trees. Zashch. rast. ot vred. I bol. 3 no.4:25-26 J1-Ag 1.58. (MIRA 11:9) (Black rot) (Apple-DIsennes and pests) F ____ - - 8 a a a V 0 V W 64-0 0 6 0 0 0 jAdLj_1ff&WWjM 4 S al -4 0 so 4 A. as Cc COD A MARv lavestij~iZI-CWil rociprocal relation inuffsam bowon dw Imetory fUMUM of ft A-sch -4 do chiccise "WIACIUM Md do add-bm metabolism of W 4= so 2 &M IL The influence of the mobilization III tiaga, chic" b7 EOTRMWW and tb- .90 Parm of I" ch%rM* bftM DO PWk BOU11140C A Aly LANDAU AND JKRAV _419 Gt". Mid. Do&-jadad- j Sp*Qx4 12, 31g-W(l _-'TMR4TM`4 2 cc, of ~%&n inmessed secretional C3 intheurine wbkbi%rtjIe~wijjanojICrAble .01 a m%nner on the sectetory function of the Kamach and in the blood. One hr. after a .00 B*W conic. a1c. with a simultaneous in ol novaistrol, the pialma, el omly tails us coulpared with the sent in the blwd= raw with ale. alone. Thp corpulcular 0 0 Cl it. thus " affected. The CA content Of 95strk secretion is i -&turol, Z nertasid after no% 06 j and so is the acidity (ph&IIe 1). There follows then & f&U in Cl cmtgul &,,d in the free and total acidity (phase 2). DurinS a Period Of low Cl intake the jAstric juict is not 6 1 SprNmably altered. Ale. has the same effect as before. After 2 lus. the curve of Cl 0 0 secretion is lowes than the normal. The Cl Ind" in the period D1 low, CI intake is r-I I artgater than normal, The meat In the wine Is also above the notenal Only in Ow 2nd phase does the Cl fall. It is vuSgesW that in a period of low cl intske the utimulation of the ftert ory function of the stomach produces a tonspenimu" nhobitiza. a Lion of tissue Cl. If. 1Y. LucAs ZZ19 sta vfTALLUCK I. L171*4701 CLASSIFICATICO A It Ir IM 5 La JL j a ad 0 d an* U or it of g It a tt if 9 A '7 7 7 W '0' I'D we 00 :UNMU, A.; GAJEWSKA, J. Penicillin in therapy of thyrotoxicosis. PGlski tygod. lek. 6 no. 44:14~6-1458 29 Oct. 1951. (C:1XL 21:3) 1. Of the Internal Department at the Institute of Tuberculosis in Warsaw. IAARDAU, A.;GAJ3kYSKA, 1. J. -, - Clinical observations on penicillin treatment of thyrotoxicosis. Polski tygod. lek. 7 no. 17:503-505 28 Apr 1952. (CLML 22:4) 1.-0f the Internal Department (Head--Prof. Landau, M. D.) of the Institute of Tuberculosis. 2 ~Aerj~U.xedica see 16 camer. Vol mardh 54 i"DAU'A. Inst'. Cruilicy, Warszawa. 0 stosowaniu metylotiouracylu. w bial- empe 32P RVM*hio~racg in the treatment of myelogenous kukattmid Polsk. Tyg- -lCk.jq!;2'4// -7 14) Tables 2 Vol 0 cases of rn~elogenws leukaemia were treated with urethan, X-rays and methyl- 'ouiacil alone did not influence the blood picture, but It enhanced tbiguracil-MethAthi 1, thi- f v, e - a- 6"1e ~:Abflbn of X-rays or urethan. This method of treatment nmds further 'cliniw ipve~dgitlon. Cibin,,;ki Wroclaw Z oddz. Wemr. przy Inst. Gruzi. Wars a-,,,a. 0 patolo:-1-czr..,.-m zespole ym moczricy hipochloremicanej z kwasica i cdwadnieniem ust-oiu Hypochloraer-ic humoraln, ,53, 8/tf (161-169) Clrapts 2 uraemia with acidosis and deh-ciration Polsk. Ty-. lek. 1C) In a case of Salmonella sch'otmulleri infection, severe diarrhoea and vomiting resulted in a hypochlora~mic urabmia with acidosis of an unusual de-ree (serum C02 content 6 ml./100 ml.). The patient wasadmitted in a semicomatose State with mixed Kussmaul and Cheyne-Stokes respiration. The evolution of the huyyoral disturliances was o-served. hy ordinary chemical analyses of or serum to deter-r-. ne ures con- tent, 61kaline reserve and chlorine ir samn. and erythrocytes. The severe uraemia with conconitaht circulator's- and cerebral disturbances disappeared in E da~is, during Cf which time 1 1, of a 5% NaHCO 3 solution a!-d 7 1. of a 5fi glucose solutior, were ad- ministered intravenously. SO: EXCERPTA MEDICA, Vol. ~'. No. 2, Section VI Fel ruar-y 195h LANDAU, Anastezy Paratyphoid diseases. lfiadomosai lek. 7 no.9:482-483 Sept 54. (PARATYPB)M FAURS,) LANDAU, Anastazy ' wi~'~ Septic infections. WWcmoscl lok; 8 no.2:55-61 Yeb 55. (SEPTICEMIA AIM 'BACTERRIGA, pathology) LANDAU, Anastasy, Wars2aw&, Uniwermyteeka 6. . Acute app8ndicitis. Wiadomosel lek. 3 no.7:289-295 July '55. (APPMOICITIS, ) zYCERPTh YEDICA Sec. 6 Vol. 1115 YaY 57 EANDA U A - 3093. LANDAU A. UL Uniwersl,tecka 6, Warszaiva. ~O sta 1""ij g0r;iCZhi 3: Rej. 79n a s e j? I i c f c b i i I e c o n d i t i u ns WIAD. LFK. I ti.56, E''3 (34~`- 5'.) The author of this review article analy~;es various facturs which may indtice asept- ic fever. for example. the tcxic hyperactivity of the thyroid gland. Of other endo- crine factors causing high fever is the acute dy.-iiinctior, of the adrvnals acconipa- nied by gastro-intestinal symptams, tachycar~ia and. finally. conia. Febrile re- actions may follow infarction of the heart and lungs and may also occur in myclogenic and lymphatic leukaemias either spontaneously or under the influence of X-rays. Aseptic fever lasting several days may be due 1~ gout or to administration of certain drugs, such as arsenobL nzo., sulpha, pyramidon, anzipyrin, quinine, thiou- racil, antibiotics, etc. In thesi! cases the formation of the allergenic antigell is dae to a combination ofthe drug with the bod3's protein. Anigstein - Galveston. Tex. 7. 'i. ------------- ----------------------- ----------------- USSR/Thermodynamics. Thermochemistry. Equilibria. Physico-Chemical B-8 Analysis. Phase Tr&nsitions. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Xhimiya, No 8, 1957, 26126. Author : L.S. Palatnik, A.I. Landau. Title t Study of Proce~s-se,3--dc~curring with Change of Degree of Free- dom in MulLicomponent Heterogeneous Systems. 1, 11. Orig Pub : Zh. fiz. P.himii, 1955, 29, No 10, 1784-1803; No 11, 2064-2073 Abstract 1 1. The processes are studied, which occur in multicomponent heterogeneous s3-items and are connected with a change of the degree of freedom (variance) Df these systems, the variance of the system changing during the process with some limita- tions concerning the disappearing and appearing phases. The results are presented in a shape allowing the generalization for a CB.Se without the above mentioned limitations. A system of equations i3 derived, which determines the boundaries be- tween the separation regions on an equilibrium graph of v. multicomponent system. The above mentioned equation system allows numerically to plot the complete equilibrium graph of EL -,'IU1tiGOMDOnE1nt thermodynamic system, if the concrete form Card 1/13 U33R/Yhermodynamios. Thermochemistry. Equilibria. Physico-Chomical B-8 Analysis. Phase Transitions. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Khimiya, No 8, 1957, 26126 of tho functional dependence of the chemical potentialt; on the pressure, temperature and the concentration of components in phases was known. Basing on the derived equation system, the connection between the separation regions and their hyperconnodas (RZhKhim, 1956, 21948) is investigated. Tho rule of contiguous separation regions (known under the namo of the law of contiguous spaces of states in the ap- plication to ternary systems) is proved and generalized in reference to multicomponent systems. An example is given, how to apply the rule of contiguous separation regions to the topological analysis of a concrete equilibrium r-raph. II. Generalization of results obtained in the part I. The general formulation of the rule of contiguous separation reg'ons (RCSR) is given: + > 0 whe.-e R i.,3 the dimensionality of the equilibrium graph of a multicomponent heterogeneous system or of a non-nodal (regular) section of this graph; R, is the dimensionality of the boundary between two adjacent separation regions in the above -raph or Card USSR/7nermo-dynamics. Thermochemistry. Equilibria. Physico-Chemical B08 knalysis. Phase Transitions. Abs Jour Ref Ziilir - ULirdya, 1-To 8, 1957, 26126 section;_o