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LATTE, L. Fishing and protection of nature. -o. 54. CCIjRA,,,~- pRlRc)D,r. (1.1,inisterstvo Ilultury. Statni pece o ochranu -Drirody) Praha. Vol.11, no. 2, -'ar. 1956 summ EEAL - Lc Vol-5 Ilo. IC, Cet. 1956 LANE, L. Natural monunents in the area of Vodnay. p.8E-. (Ochrana Prirody, Vol. 12, No. 3, Apr. 1,05,7, Praha, Czechoslovakia) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessiors (1"~EAL) LC. Vol. 6, No. 9, Sept. 1957. Uncl. LAHR, M. Z - Ampule for collection of placental. blood. Sovet. wed. no.9:31 Sept. 1950. (CIRL 20:1) 1, Irkutsk. LAN-74 V. Perinatal mortality In protzacted and precipitate labor. Cesk.u/n. 15 no.11:729-744 1950. (un 2o:6) 1. Author is a Assistant to the Head of the Obstetrical and Gyne- cological Clinic in Pilsen. im, V. - ~ Experiences vith Filatov's tissuo therapy in gynecology. Cesk.gyn. 16 no-7:354-364 i951. (CUM 21:5) 1. Of the Obstetric-4ynecological Clinic of Charles University, Branch in Pilsen (Head--Vladimir Mikolas, M.D.). TLANM, V. Effect of physical work (in woman. C6Bk. gyn. 17 no-1:31-57 1952. (CL?4L 22:2) 1. Of the Obstetric-Gynecological Clinic and of the Institute of Industrial Medicine I:a Pilsen. LANE, Vaclav, asistent Mr L'. ~--_ Pregnancy test with male RarA esculanta. Caa.lpttr.e"k. 91 no.42: 1203-1206 17 Oct 52. 1. Porodnicka a g7nalcologicka kliniksL university Karlovy, pobocka v Plzni. Predn.: prof'. MDr Vladimir Mikolas. (PREGITANCY TESTS, frog tests)' LANE, Vaclav, MUDr. Lactation mastitis in the years 1948 - 1952. Cesk. gyn. 19 no.5: 297-302 Oct 54. 1. Por. a g7n. k1.. v P12;ni. PrecInosta: prof. MUDr. V1. Mikolas. (MASTITIS puerperal, incidence in Czeeb.) (PUIRPEMUM, complications mastitis, ir-cidence in Czecb.) LANE, Vaclav, Doc., MUDr. Significancei of colposcopy in screening for cervical cancer. Cesk. gyn. 21 no-3:204-206 Apr 56. 1. Por gyn. kliniUa v Plzni, Prednosta prof. Mr. Vladimir Mikolas. (CRaVIX, UTERINE, neoplasms, diag.; colposcopy. (Cz)) LANB, Vaclav. Doc., HUDr. Primary i1ysmenarrhea. Cask. Syn. 21-35 no.2:87-95 mar 56. 1. Gyn. porod klinika v Plzni, prednosta prof. MUDr. Vladimir Mikolas. (DYSMZNORRHHA primary. Lus~ vacla~v, ~oc. MUDr. Czechoslovakian colposcopic nomenclature. Cesk. g7n. 22137] no.1/2:15'? Jan 58. (3NDWCOPY, colposcopy, nomenclature in Czech. (Oz)) (VAGINA., colposcopy, Czech. nomenclature (Cz)) VESELY, K.;LAHR, V., Spoluprace; J,Antos a S. Vreclova Colposcop ,y-. Cesk. gyn. 24[38] no.7:505-507 S '59. 1. Gyn. por. k1iii. lek. fak. ped. RU v Praze, Drednosta Drof. dr. R. Peter - Gyn. por. klin. KU v Plzni, prednosta prof. dr. V. Mikolas - Gyn. por,, klin. KU v Hradci Kralove, prednoBta prof. dr. J. Pazourek - Ustav pro peci o matka a dite v Praze, red. doe. dr. M. Vojta. (311DOSCOPY) IANE, V. On the significance of therap7 of the cerrix uteri by elec trod lat:--n-mo- coagulation. Cesk. gm. 241381 no.?'.530-532 S '59. 1. Gyn. por. klin. KU v Plzni, prednosta prof. dr. V. Mikolas. (CERVLE UTERINZ neopl.) (B=MIOGOAGUIATION) ,,-LANE, Vaclav, doe. Documentation of findings in diseases of the cervix uteri. Cesk. gyn.251391 no.8:625-626 w6o. 1. Gyn.Dor. klinika v Plzni, prednOBta prof.dr. Vladimir Mikolas. (CENIX UTERI diseases) (FUNCHED CARD SYSTEMS) LANE, V.; DOHNAL, V. Ectopia of tbrivaginal mucosa. Neoplasma 8 no.4:433-,437 161. 1. Gynakologiache Abteilung des Betriebskrankenhauses der Lenin- Werke; GynakologJ.sche Abteilung der I. stadt. Poliklinik, Plzen (P.ilson), Teichoslavakei. (VAGINA abnorm.) W - - KOS, Jaroslav, prof.; LUE, Vaclay, doe. Vessels of the teiminal imscular bad in the cervix uteri. I. Vessels under the normal epithelium. Cask. gynek. 27 no.3:220-223 Ap '62. 1. Katedra anat. :LM v Plzni a gyn. por. odd. nemocnice ZUNZ Zavodu V. I. Lenina v Plani. (CERVIX UTERI blood supply) LANE, V. Suggestions for resolution of problems in emergency team service in the care of women. Cesk. gyn. 28 no.3-.204-206 Ap 163-, 1. Gyn.-por. odd. nemocnice ZUNZ Zavodu V.I. Lenina v Plzni. (GYNECOLOGY) (MATEINAL WFJYARE) (011STETRICS) (EMGENCIES) ~ , doc.; KOS, J,,, prof. Blood vessels of' the terminal bed of the vaginal portion of the cervix uteri. II. Blobd vessels under pathological epithelium. Cesk. gyn. 26 [411 no.6/7:534-538 Ag 162. 1. Gyn.-par. odd. nemocnice ZVIL v Plzni. Katedra normalni &Iatomie LFKU v Pizni. (GERVY1 NEOPLASMS) (BWOD VESSELS) (CERVIX UTMI) LAIMCjfPMAKARUK,, Wieslawav mgr in.,-.; MMIAK, Jeryy, mgr Inz. Flutter problems of W-3plaw, wixigs. Tachn lotn 1.9 no,10/31t25,3- 259 0-11 164. 1. Ter-hrdcal University, Warsaw. LANEK, Frantisek .............. . Production technolrigy in the :.,w).ding 5hop for middle size castings. Sleva-renstvi 12 no, 7:263-264 J1 164. 1. Kovosvit National. Enterprise, Sezimovo Usti. ; a 4 C, () ti%_'l A) 11;" USSR/Chemical Technology Chemical Products and Their 1-29 Application Leather. Fur. Gelatin. Tanning ACents. Technical Proteins. Abs Jour Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 9, 1957, 33120 Author Lendenskiy, D.A., Mironov, F.V., Lanenkin, M-V. Inst Title Impregnation of Pigskin Footwear-Yuft with Acidic Acrylic Emulsion A. Orig Pub Legkaya prom-st', 1956, rio 5, 50-51 Abstract To reduce water-Dermeability of jruft (to the norms speci- fied in the GOST) it is impregnated with acidic acrylic emulsion A. Imprej~nating composition was applied to the flesh side 2-3 times, intt-,rmittently with pressing (after pre-drying) as vel,'. as wi"-,hout pressing. In all instan- ces the water permeability per hour of pigskin yuft, fol- lowing impregnation, was of 0.03-0.04 cm3/cm2, i.e., con- siderably below the: norms of GOST. A procedure has been Card 1/2 USSR~/Chemical Technology - Chemical Products and Their 1-29 Application - Leather. Fur. Gelatin. Tanning Agents. Technical Proteins. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Khimiya, No 9, 1957, 331PO worked out for the impregnation of pigskin footwear-yuft with acidic acrylic emulsion A. The emulsion is brushed in 2-3 times with intermittent partial dxying. Thereaf- ter the leather is pressed, on the flesh side, on s smooth surface press at 80-900 and pressure not excee- ding 100 atmospheres. '1he thus treated leather does not differ in appearamce from the unimpregnated leather. Card 2/2 IMMNSKIT. B.A.; MIROVOT, F.V.; LAIEMIN, X.T.; AMRG, S.L. ---- Impregnating Russian pig leather used in shoe manufacture with "A* brand acid acrylic emulsion. Obm.tekh.opyt. DWJ no.27: 39-41 156. (MIRA 11:11) (Watarproofing) (Tanning) - LAMIKIN, MV.; KRYUCHKOV, A.I., HIRONOV, F.V. TW~W- . ~ . Px"!Mr, Manufacturing glove leather from kidskins and sheepakins. is--. prom* 18 no.2:44-46 F '58. (Tanning) (MIRA 11:Z) LAITENKIN, M.V., inzh.; LEMENSKIY, D.A., inzh.; MIRONOV, F.V., inrh. ... 11 -, Animal fat substitutes. Leg. prom, 18 no.3:48-49 Mr 158. (MIRA U-4) (Oila and fats) 84445 S/057/6C./030/009/'010/021 B019/B054 AUTHORS: Vavilin, Ye. I., Vagner, S. D., Lanenkina, V. K., and Mitrofanova, S. S. TITLE: An Investigation of the Positive DischargeAolumn in a Mercury - Neon Mixture PERIODICAL: Zhurnal tekhnicheskoy fiziki, 1960, Vol. 30, Ro. 9, pp. 1064-1066 TEXT: The authors studied the ion distribution of the mixture components; the measurEpents were made with probes. The methods and the theory of ion currentsyon the probes had been developed previously (Refs. 3,4, and 5). Two formulas are given for the relative ion concentrations of the components of a binary gas mixture. Fig. 1 shows the discharge tube. The results are graphically shown in Fig. 2. It appears that considerable quantities of Ne and Hg ions are present on the cathode side of the positive column. As ionization leads to a decrease in Eg in the anode region, and the relative neon and mercury contents are Card 1/2 84445 An Investigation of the Positive Discharge S/057/60/030/009/101C)/C)21 Column in a Mercury - Neon Mixture B019/BO54 equal on the cathode side of the tube, the ionization of neon is considerable, irrespective of the low ionization potential of Hg. Variations in the discharge current do not change this result. There are 2 figures and 6 references; 2 Soviet, I German, and 2 US. V~' ASSOCIATION: Petrozavodskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet (Petrozavodsk State University) SUBMITTED: November 16, 1959 Card 2/2 BELKVTSEV,.Artem Tikhonovich; LANERDIll, V.I., inzh..' retsenzent; ODEROV, I.A., inzh., red.; ANTUNUVA, D.,, red. izd-va; ROZMI, V.P.., tekhn. red. (Potentiometers] Potentsiometry. Moskva, Oborongiz, 1962. 354 P. NIRA 15:6) (Potentiometer) LA!F_VTIYI G.I. c"korostnaia ohrabotka mietallov rezan--'e,-. :~a~; -Lz, 19LP-. (Tekhnologiia machinoftroeniba: Sttzn!-i i obra":otka rn.-etallov r ezanier-7i) Bibliography: P. (67) High-speed metal cutting. DLC: TJ1230.L3 SO: Manufacutring and Mechanical Engineering in the Soviet Union, Library of Congress, 1953. -1 -12 9ab_-_6h T P(C) ix __i06CE CODE NKI AP600039 UR/0348/65/000/010/0043/0044 (A AUTHOR: LanotsIdys ~~~Asplront) ORG: VIZFI TITLE,.- Fluorencence-spectrum anal-ysis SOURCE: Zashcbita rasteniy ot vreditelay I bolemays no. lot 1965o 43-44 TOPIG TAGS: plant chemistry, plant disease control, fluorescence spectrums spactropbotometerp spectropbotometric analysis ABSTRACT: The Biophysics Laboratory the-All Union Institute of Plant '-?'f4 "btropbotometer with continuou boa developed a fluorescence doe photoelectric recording of The -spectrum which eliminat-es--the limitations of visual spectrophotometers. The instrument is based on a UM-2 univer- sal.monoebromator and includes an FEU-19 pbotomultiplier, a DC amplifier electronic self-recording EPP-09 potentiometer* A PS-)14 water- cooled condenser with s.PRK-2 mercury quartz lamp and a UFS-3 filter serves as an ultraviolet light source* Fluorescenoe spectrum of a sample is recorded for 195 min. Fluoresoenco spectrum analysis techniques are being developed for diagnosis of virus diseases. This LCa,-d_ 112 VDG.*&_63?_.911__ LANSTSKAYA, L.S. (Voronezh) Some problems relating to the pathogenesin and treatment of diabetes insipidus in the light of clinical and experinental, data. 14a Problendok. i gorm. 8 no,20.03-108 Mr-A 162 fm 16 -.7 1. Iz gospitallnoy terapev+vicheskoy klinild Vorop6zhakogo medi- tsinakogo instituta (zav.-prof.V.S.Vasterov) i *fedry fizio- logii cheloveka i zhivotnych (zav,-prof, I.PeZhutavlev) Voro- nezhskogo universiteta. (DIAMTES) LAM, V. Low-freqaeney amplifiera. p. 28. (RADIO Vol. 4, no. 4. 1955, Sofi7a) SO: Monthly List of Bast baropean Accessions, (EM). LC, Vol. 4, 110. 11, Nov. 1955. Unal. LA VSKIY, M.M. %-M-114P - ~-- For cheaper peat fuel. Torf.prom. no.2:17-19 154. (MLRA 7:3) 1. Machallnik planovogo otdela tresta "Beigostorf." (Peat) LUWSEIY. M.M. , Z~-~ Improve cost accounting systems in the peat industry. Torf. prom.32 no.l.,15-16 155. (MIRA 8:3) 1. Nachallnik planovogo otdols, tresta "Belgostorf*. (Peat industry-Accounting) V, A-- . ^1,4 ONIS9CHEN& I.T., inzh.; VISMOMTSKIT, Ye.A., inzh.; GROKHOLISKIT, M.M., i;;h.; LAOVSKIY, V.A., inzh. (Khar1kov) Speeding up locomotive circulation at the Kharkov terminal. Zhel. dor. transp. 40 no.6:80-81 Je '58. (MIRA 11:6) (Kliarkov--Locomotives) ABRIN. S.G.; ZANMV, P.I. [Prosthesis in femoral amputations-, a practical manual] Protezirovanie amputirovannykh s kulltei; prakticheskoe posobie. Moslcva, 1957. 183 P. (HIRA 11:4) (ARTIFICIAL LDEBS) PEOKTISTOV, V.N.; ILANEYEVA, H.S.; MATVEYET, V.V.; HYVKIN, S.B. Recent developments in testing shoe materials for multiple bending. Kozh.-obuv. prom. no.5:24-27 MY '59, (MIRA 12:6) (Boots and shoes--Testing) FEOKTISTOV, V.N.; LANEYEVA, II.S.; RYAZANTSEVA, L.V. Determining waterproofness of raincoat fabrics. Standartiza- tsiia 28 no.2:40-44 F 164. (MA 17:3) KISS, Ferenc, dr.; LANG, Adolf,dr..; BALINT, Hossef, dr. A~a-t'onq'of glomus tympanicuo. Magy. sebeezet 7 no-3:219-227 June 54.. 1. Budaposti OrvoBtudomanyi Zg3retem Anstomlai Intezetenek kozlemenyo. r,-azgato: Dr. Kies Ferene egyet. tanar. (EAR, MIDDIX, anat. & histol. glomus t M anicus) A do, JF KISS, Forenc; LANG, Aclolf Innervation of the collagenous fibers. Ideg. ozemle in gaff. belory. arch. 7 no-5:73-74 Oct- 54. 1. Budaposti OrvoBtudomanyi Rgyatem Anatomiai Inteastabol (Igazgato- Dr. Kiss Ferene egyatemi tamr) (COMMOTIVE TISSUE, innerv. of collagenous fibers) EXCERpTA IWICA See.9 V61.12/2 Surgery Fab 1958 898. (262). A FACTOR OF ASEPTIC NECROSIS OF THE FEMORAL READ SO FAR LEFT OUT OF RECKONING. Ein bisher unberUcksichtigter Faktor der aseptischen Nekrose des Caput femoris. Vorlaufiize 1VUttvihT'!. LfLng_A. Inst.-Inr Anat.. Budiipest'.-'ZBL. CHIR. 1-95G-,-81[39 (20UW-2u0r7rru-zJ.-T- In the distal joint of the femur the author found nerve cello in the arteriolea, and terminal reticula in the capillaries influencing their function. It is almost certain that the conditions of innervation in the proximal end of the femur are similar. On the grounds of his investigations, the author believes that necrosis of the femoral head is due to damage to the vessels and the nervous apparatus regulating. their function. LANG, Adolf, dr.. az orvostudomanyok kandidatusa. wz-Mf A neglected etiological factor In aseptic necrosis of the -proximal end of the femar. Or7. hetil. 97 no-13:345 25 Karch 56. 1. A Budapesti Orvostudomanyi Egyetam Anatomiai Intezeta (igazgato: Kiss, Ferenc dr. egyat. tanar, az orvostudomanyok doktora) kozlemanye. (FEWM HW, dia. aseptic necrosis after femur neck fract. & bip dislocation, atiol. role of ner7e inj. (Hun)) LANG, A. G. PortalInye Icrany L Gantry cranf-J. Mash-iz. 1953. 208 p. SO: Monthly List- of Russian- Accessions. Vol. 6 No - 7 October 195" k&V I, A (4. PAVWV. N.G.. kandidat tekhnicheskikh nauk, dotoent; LOG, A. inzhener, retsenzent; CHILAYEV. G.A., inzhener, redaktofmm~mww NW. L. V., to)-haicheskiy redaktor Nzamples of crane calculations] Primery raschetov kranov. Moskva, Gos. muchno-tekhn. izd-vo mashinostroitellnot lit-ry, 1954. 285 p. (Cranes, derricks, etc.) (MLRA 8:4) 1ANG, A.G., inzhener. Increasing the load capacity of gantry cranes. Hekh.stroi. 11 no.11: 13-17 N 154. (MLHA 7:12) (Cranes, derricks, etc.) LANG, A.G.; MAZOVER. 1.S.; GRIGORUK, Te.S., retoenzent; ANTOKOL"-SKIY, L.S.. -Vnzhoner, nauchnyy sotrudnik, retsenzent; SAMOYLOVICH, P.A., dotselit, nauchW re4aktor; KAPIAN, Me., redaktor izdatellstva; FULIZINA, Je.A., tekhaicheskiy redaktor [Construction gantry cranes; layout. operation and assembly] Stroltell- nye krany; ustroistvo. obaluzhivanie i montazh. Leningrad. GOB. i-zd-vo lit-ry po stroit. i arkhitekture, 1956. 190 p. (HURA 9:12) 1. YAMBtit8l' nachallnika Upravleniya DneproBtroya (for Grigoruk) 2. leningradskiy, filial Voesoyuznogo Hauchno-iseledovatellskogo instituta StroydormashB, (for Antokollskiy). (Cranes, derrickB, etc.) AINDSOV, F.V., inzh.; GAMUS, I.M., inzh.: GARKAVI. Tu.Te., inzb.; GOLISHMAN, G.S., Inzh.; TB7WKINDV, A.A., inzh.; TRUMEM, A.S., inzh.; ZHKJDI, A.Te., Inzh.; KELUUNA, N.N., inzh.; KWCHKOV. A.F.. inzh.; LAIIGP .. ~.,r.Ansh.: WNGELI, I.Ta., inob.; MDROZOV, A.A,, prof;, -d-6V't';r-'t--ekhn.nauk [deceaBedj; SERMRTAKOV, G.M., inzh.; SHIRIUV, I.N., dotsent, knnd.tekhn.nauk; BN-URNDV, M.I., dotnent; SHCHAVELEV, D.S.,.prof., doktor takhn.nauk; SHCHERBITISKATA, N.N., insh.; KOVALET, N.H., red.; M3ZUVIT1113V, A.L.. red.; ZABRODINA, A.A., [Turbine equipment of hydroelectric power stations: handbook on design- ing] Turbinnoe oborudovanie*gidroplekti!6nttCntaii; rul-.ovodntvo dlia proektirovanila. Izd. 2., parer; i dop. Pod ob6h6hei red. A.A. Moro- zova. Moskva, Goa. nnerg. izd-vo, 1958. 519 P. :(MIRk 12:1) 1. Voesov-UZW Instliut "Gidr'q'energop*royekt," Leningradskoye otde- laniye.., O~rdraullc turbines) PAVLOV, Nikolay Georgiyev:Lch, doteent, kand, tekhn. nauk; MAYZFALI I V.S. I inzh.9 retsenzent;--LAF-GA_A.G.q dots.9 red.; VASILIYEVAI V.P., red. izd-va; SPERANSKAYI, O.V.,-f;U-m. red. --- [Examples of crane designs] Primery raschetov kranov. Izd.2., perer. i dop. Moskvap Gos. nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo mashinostroit. 3it-ry, 1961. 301 P. (KIRA 14:7) (Electric cranes) 4 ALEYNER, A.L.; ANANIYEV, A.A.; KOGAN, I.Ya.; NIKOIATEVSKIY, G.M.; PLAVIMKIYj,-V.J.;,SAM0Y VICH . P.A. GORBACHEV, A.I., inzh., retsenzent; DUKELISKIY, A.I., prof., doktor tekhn. nauk, red.; SKOMJROVSKIY, R.V., kand. tekhn. nauk, red.; MITARCHUK, G.A., red.izd-va; VASILIYEVA, V.P., red.izd-va; SPERANSKAYA, O.V., tekhn. red. (Handbook on cranes) Spravochnik Po kran$Lm. Pod red. A.I. Dukellskogo. Moskva, Mashgiz. V61.3. (Cliaracteristies of cranes, maintenance and installation] Kharakteristiki kranov, tekhnicheskaia ekspluatatsiia i montazh.- 1963. 340 p. ()URA 16:8) (Cranes, derricks, etc.) ANANIYEV, A.A.; GOKHBERG, N.M.; DUKELISKIY, A.I.., prof., doktor tekhn. nauk; LANGP A.G.;MAYZELI, V.S.; MEKLERI A.G.; SIROTSKIY, V-F*; KOGAN,'LYa., kando-TiOmi. nauk, retsenzent; REYIIGOLIDT, Yu.A.,, kand. tekhn. nauk, retoenzent; SAMOYLOVICHY P.A., kand. teklm. nauk, red. (Reference book on cranes] Spravochnik po kranam. Pod red. A.I.Dukelf- -skogo. Moskva, Mashgiz. VoLL [General designp materials, drives, metal constructionsl Obshchie raschety, materialy, privody metalliche- skie konstruktsii. By A.A.Ananlev i dr. 1961- 455 P. NIRA 14:31) (Cranes, derricks, etc.) LANG, A,G,, kand. takhn, nbiik Methods for deeigning cr&nes. Vast. mashinoatr. 45 no.7~20-22 Jl 165, OK RA IS - 10 1 LANG, A.G.- MAZOVERY I.S.; 1,WZELI, V.S.;BARANOV,NA6j GPKRBZR,11.M.,dokt. iilZ nauk, prof., retsenzent;; PAVLOV, N.G., kand. tekhn. nauk., red.MITARCOK, G.A., red. izd-va; 5111CHETINIVA, L.V. tekhn, red. (Gantry cranes; design and construction ]Portallnye krany; rascheb i konstrairovenie. lzd.2,t perer. i dop Moskva, Mashgiz, 1962. 283 p. iMIRA 15:10) (Cranes, derricks, etc.) AIW;IYEVj A.A.; LARG,-A-G-;. MAZOVEH~ I.S.; NIKOLAYEVSKIY, G.M.; PYA,SETSKIY, V.V.; DUKELISKIY, A.L., prof., doktor tekhn. nauk, red.; KOGAN, I.Ya., kand. tekhn. nauk, retsenzent; BAZANOV, A.F.9 inzh.2 retsenzent: SAMOYLOVICH, P.A., kand.teklui. nauk2red.; VASILrYEVA,V.P.qred.izd-va3 PETERSON,M.M., [Handbook on cranes]Spravochnik po kranam. Pod red, A.I.Dukell- skogo. Vosleva, I-lashgiz. Vol.2.[Crane mechanisms, their units and parts]Kranovye makhanizmy, ikh uzly i detali. (By] A.A.Ananlev i dr. 1.962. 351 P. (MIRA 15:8) (Cranes, derricks, etc.) SMI, A. Hh. (saml A.]; Prinimali uchastiye: Myamik, -A. [Mmik, A); SAAM, L.; KOVAK, Kh.; LANG, A.L.; SATGHOK, Kh. I Effect of rutin on blood composittion in gaiwa pigs and anemic rabbits. Vit. res. i ikh isp. no.4:77-84 159. (MRA 14:12) 1. Estonskaya sel'skokhozyaystvennaya akademiya. (RUIDT) (F.RYTHROPOIESIS) MIUSKOV, V.F.; LIJIG, A.R. Topographic X-ray study of IMgO crystals. KristaUografiia 8 no.4: 652-656 Jl-Ag 163. - (MBIA 16:9) 1. Institut lristallografii AN SSSR i Bristollskiy universitet, Argliya. (Magnesia) (X-ray diffraction examination) LANG, B. A statistical study on the normal value of albumin fractions in blood serum. 1n German. P. 173. CHIMIA ANALITYCZNA. Warszawa, Poland. No. 8, August 1959. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EFAI) LC, Vol. 8, No. 11 November 1959. Uncl. Cornpuison between the biologic and iodometric deter - mination of penicillin. ZoItAn Alroldy and WN 1-m& IASIttv llyg. In't.. Ilultalest. llullit.l. l,fff-rvT"W 11J."g. 23. 'Irtil. Arellinj l" 14, 111"It 1011114441)' 1119MI't The t9q,.h.61.01ty A,( t lie r"oll, - tile 4.1 defil"I IWIlicillill plel.11%, call I,r ill- clr~l fly I'Smim-1 *A, ".1"lills the hiAlilluti'm tilurof I'lank tv~ts. Tile results of i(Riolnetric dans. call tle MCCCIBIM Ali rruble. evell ill exallig. yClio. kNAIMO IIWT%icilli,l if thr. tum1werikillin valtie olitaitted ii IWIIIW RIP;- All lotal I~iflvillin mitent or when the deviation of sim3wisicillm vAur% tif blank tests Wiml for 0 -it) min. do not excmi 4-5A:;'. NvAn Finily I Substances telated to colchicine. A.-'fh* antimitotic action and toxicity of substaum from Cotchicuna autuntuale. F. Santayt, U. , LauSt and J. Malinsky (Univ. Pal- ackt a Umnow. Prague-bulawica.). Arth. inkro. Pxrt nus"dynamic 54, 257-MIM.-Substances Isolated honL ;vu of the plant of Cokkkam astansale by S. (C.A. 44, 5180 were studied. The ability to inhibit mitosis and the toxicity to rats decreased in order, substance B, colchicines G,C,F.E,aadD&nclI. Death was caused by violent hemor- thasic diarthea. M. L. C. Bernhcirn LANG, B.; ALFOLDT, Z. Analytical problems of antibiotics-, iodomatric method for the quan- titative det~!rmlnwtion of penicillin containing preparations. 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C ;i;a- snit~% (filathutakin"Is) mouldnit from the ectinn of col. clucifir wam detd. Iffeds of takhkbe. 16oW4hk1u*. and arnlootolchkins an milomb Ibid. 813-16-Antiancul. adjacent to the ke.' chirine (col6kine with the hiro " tone group of ring C replaced by W the sarne torct as cmichicine on initosis In rtlentrating rat liver. 100- colcitkinr (adjacent WO and ketone Smpq of rint C or. ~vermftl in maltion) had no eltrct. L. It. C.11-n L&W, B. Zzamination of pharmacological products vith antibiotic contents,. Kiaerletes orvostud. 4 no. 4:297-298 Aug 1952. (CLML 23:5) 1. Doctor. 2. Chemistry Division of National Institute of Public Hygiene. L,,~NGY-B. 4 1 , 9 ) T Jniv. Pr~ la- 10 1 : iadc: z, a i -eno~,tl v leoub-c- de tsk-.- C).)rrrf v h Klin. . nouncl" :-nerience -'-,n tli.--- L.-cut-ment uf policmyoli i~~ J."I Losinach za rok 19 igr-O T,:.I-. Lists- 125L YA (110-11-31) Of 67 cascs 20 haA sli,~-Ilt, 3h moderatc; an,". 3evere sequelae. lz'ooci was obtained vrith KCnn--rlq ricthcd, ,N-,it tI,,c lack cu traimci p~,,rson:lrul, nossilde to real--h the --xpectod level. Prochai~ka SO: ILDICA j01. 5 Nu. 1'l 30,;. VIII t.ovt..~.-,ber 11952 "C6tributiom - to Ivaluation to Cons "=ption Ykctors pf Steam * Turbin From -tbe 'Point.of Vifiw of Facto Power supply. p. 262. (MMETM, Vol. 3, No. 8p August 1953, r-rah&,, 90% Wnthly List of East Maropean Accessions, L.C., Vol. 3~, Ito- 5t %Y 1954, UnOU53ified LANG, Balm., &r. 23road-speatrumO antibiotics. Gyogynzaress 10 no.9:173-174 1 Sept 55- 1. 111. reozlet Lang Bela dr.. Ujabb antibiotikumok eimu. eloadaLsobol. I (ANTIBIOTICS, wide spectrum) ~ _4 ~,-,,V -4PAMpositim- -c4 ib**,-*niWc, enw ;'Budm:- lvsl:~ Hyt . AM-3rJw 3 ,2W-WlM)J c=r , aba'awtive WkAm~ MUM6~vrdek sub- - Stancesan group pre= 01 _pm coutiniolthiiisguixto sub -t"Ak. tmtalvitis con ~i tb,tm:N cori~' le sldm~bly. highd, thin 0 wt iiud 'wle-j- aintsAonthaii I'Aand at inosU tiwti this 4 A du 'thif Cpart of -the:Ac..ittleast I It and -WN -atyiM. Al PRO ji0i: Urt tr bdu6d h l , brkiiwii6cci (at Itlisi 2090, fih4-4 m 401%) , ' g fisisti of A cely 6 t.* iid-Ai4rce stnkture, lirob~ y c0bow y e ~djitei;:-ne jhoiobate pi~rtofihe fmme-woriciukistalic tMeat ckaved -on trea UP, -waters but h:completely , ' ' KOH ~ --Tio6 this; It is ififerred thatthe Ph -bound.. W th bot * ' - th - s. of thi *,bohydrates its HO groujis phosphati estei ' l1ruk-er -Willinal 91CERPTA MMICA See 2 Vol 12/7 PhYsiologY July 59 2737. GLYCOPROTEINS OF CSF. III.CEREBROSPINAL FLUID GLYCOPROTEINS IN EPILEPSY " Glykoproteide des Liquors. 111. Die Glykoproteide Im Liquor beiEpileptlkern-LanjLja,,SteideI L. and Trnecka J. Neurol. Klin. u. Mem. A-nA-., Med. Pak., Palacky Univ.. Olomouc, Tachechool.- CTA BIOI,.MED.GERMANICA 1958, 1/3 (237-244) Graphs.2 Tables 3 A The prolein-bound -hexose content of the CSF is normal in patients with genuine epilepsy but In Increased in poattraumatic epilepsy. Nikkili - Helsinki (11, B. 19*) LANG, B.; UNG, K, 1~ Glycoprotoins in the cerebrospinal fluid. V. Relation of whole proteins In the cerebrospinal fluid to bound sugarso Cas.lek. ceck. 99 "0o3/4:95-98 22 Ja 160o 1. Chemic*ky UBtav, prednosta prof.dr. Yr. Santavy, a neurolDgicka klinika, prednosta prof.dr. J. Urbek, lekarske fakulty Palackeho university v Olomouci a Prirodovelecka fs3culta university v Brne. (GLYCOPROTEINS cerebroapinal fluid.) LANG, B.A. Chemistry Institute (Chemicky ustav), Paculty of D7e- fakulta)," Falacky university, Olomouc, profL. P. SAi~TATI, 1-0), Dr of Sciences, director. "Josef Jan Nepomuk TIUWiICEK,and the Pirst AttBmpt at a Medical Magazine in the Czech lands and the Discovery of a Therapeutical BA'~11 Prague, Cas-aLs "i ~'ekaru Ceslsx2t, Vol CIII 140 36, 6 September 063, PP 003-0 ~./ 97. Abstract: Biography and work of Josef Jan Nepomuk Travnicel- -M--Fa-r--c~h 1779 26 11-Tovember lo60), a physician and native from Z-jjov,,'L,Iora:via. Ee.was a surgeon, ophthalmologist, and gynecologist. Pourteen references, including d Czech. LANG) B.A.; BoHgy&, V.; STEIDLL.; TBNECKA, J- Gj-~.coprot~-jins in the cerebrosPinal fluid and blood senm in degenerative diseases of the CNS and disseminated spinal cord SC.I.erosiss Cas. leke cesk. 3D3 no.27:732-736 26 je'64 1. ChemijWcy ustav lekarske fakultY FU [ralackeho universitYl v 010mouci (prednosta: prof. dr. F.SantavYP DrSIJ a Neuro- 101,icka klinika lekarske fakulty PU [Palaokeho -university] V ()l0mouci (prednosta: prof* dr*J*1Trbekq'DrSc.)- POIAND/ Te^.hnology - Cellulose and Its Derivatives. H-33 Paper. Abs Jour Ref Zbur - Khimiya, No 24, 1958, 83799 Author Krac~a, H., Lang, C. Inst Title A Study of the Utilization of Melitotus Officinalis in the Paper Industry. Orig Pub Przegl. papiern., 1958, 14, no 5, 129-134 Abstract The sulfate pulping from a mixture of Mo officinalis (D) stems mid rey straw was conducted under laboratory condi- tions as well, as that from a -,uxture of D stems and reed for the Preparation of cellulose and semicellulose. The mechanical properties of the prepared cellulose and cardboards from semicellulose were determined. The possi- bility for the utilization of D as a fibrous material in the paper industry was establis'neds Card 1/1 70 - LANG) D. Gerrard Winstanlay; a profile. p.107 Tass-port problems for !`, Nobel FrA-e winning, scJ-3nt;st. p. ill. The worldts greatest Diant is beine, built on thle Angara R-Lver in Easterr Siberis. p, 112. 1. Vol. 115, no. 2, Feb. 1.956 TI TI-Ii~SZET !~S TARiADAL01". Budapest, -%npary- Source: East Euro!,e-m Accession List. Library of' Ccngren-s Vol. 5, No. 8. 147Dst 1956 GMERMEK, L.; SZTANYIK, L,; LARG, E.; FATAKT, G. Blood pressure experiments with carbachol. Acta physiol. hung. 2 no-1:33-40 1951. (CIA1 2 0: 9) 1. Of the Pharmacological Institute of Budapest University. KALBOR, A., Dr.; iauG, The use of fructose-containing Helianthus tuberoous honey to supplemeat the diet of diabetics. Ther. hung. 6 no.1:24-25 1958. 1. Third Department of Medicine (Director: Prof. P. Gomori), Medical University of Budapest ME1LITUS, ther. (DIAB373S Tructose-containing artichoke honey as dietary supplemeat) (DIRTS, in various dis. elinbetea mellitus, fructooe-containing artichoke honey as dietary supT)Iement) (HOTTRY, ther. use fructone-containing artichoke honey as dietary supplemeat ~rL diabetes mellitua) (F-RUGTOSX, ther. use name) KALDOR, Antn1, Dr.; IANG, FAit, Dr. Fructose-containing Jerusalem artichoke honey for the supplementatioa of the diet of diabetic natients. Orv. hetil. 99 no.26:890-891 29 June 58. 1. A Bu.dapest-L Orvostudomanyi ]~Uetem III. sz. Belklinikajanak (igazgato: Gomori Pal dr., egyet. tana ) kozlemenye. (DIARMS IGILLITUS, ther. :Cructose extract from Jerusalem artichoke as dietary 13upplement (Hun)) (FRUCT063, ther. use diabetes mellitus, fructose extract from Jerusalem artichoke as dietary supplement (Hun)) (VFGNrABI35 Jerusalem artichoke fructose extract as dietary supplement in diabetes mellitus (Hun)) IANG, Rdit; VARGA, Iotvan Carbonic anhycbuse activity of denervated kidiiey. Kiserletes Or7o- studomagr 11 nc,.1:67-69 Feb 59. 1,'Budapesti OrvoBtudomanyi Egyetem III. oz. Belklinikaja. (KIDNEYS, metab. eff. of denervation on tubular carbonic anhydraso activity in exper. animals (HLm)) (CARBON IC AM DHASB of kidney tubules. eff. of denervation on activity in exper. animals (Hun)) FISCHER,A.; IAN E.; szgmy'j. Tubular :unctioa in chronie'renal insufficiency, Acts. med, hun. 14 no.4'379-396 '59. 1. 111. Medizinische Klinik der Medizinischan Universitat,BudapeBt. 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(]MIN INJURY, ACUTE) (HYPOKALE14IA) (DIENCEPHALON) UNG, Elemer, tervezinernok Constiuctioni3 peimeable to water situated or, silvicultural roads. Erdo 12 no.12:537-541 W63. 1. Brebgazdai3agi en Faipari Tervezo Iroda, Badapest. LANG, Eszter.. dr. Me origin of consciousness" by A. Spirkinp Reviewed by Eazter Lang. Magy pozichol szemle 20 nool:149-151 163, :-77 -66 -bw( UNT( )A-PF-`,'c)A L SOURCE CODE: G1,qff0W6.5j000-/00Z-j ACC NRs AP6060404 qy,0~' AUTHOR: Lapp,~. (Doctor)(Djesden) 11tatig _r Low-Temperatbuire ORGI. Scientific Research Grotv. Experimental Sta %_to as ru fur der Dou cher~ AlFxaemie iier Wiciinschaften zu Berlin, Wiss a. Forschungagems TITIR: Simple coordinxte recorder with rapid-oscillation galvanometer SOURCE: Experimentelle TechnAk der Physik, no. 2, 1965, 118-121 TOPIC TAGS: magnetic fleld, superconductivity, laboratory optic instrument, optiq equipment component, galvanometer, plWaics laboratory Instrument. --'dte recorder, lu=Actt The design 611 bA optical compone f r a coordin ... suitable for studies of A!~perconducto v,~glse-magnetic fields,' was -discussed. The basic principles of the design include an aperture,diag- rain the image of whi.chlis-sharply rendered onto a photographic plate; two galvanometers, the mirror of the first of which being directed onto mirror of the secoi;d at all positions; and an optical means for trans-~ forming the.oscillatici, of the first mirror in the horizontal plane to oscillation iwthe verticaL plane for the second mirror. Some co c ns ruc L; 0 i~r le tional details 'were also discAks~;kqd.- The,- ALUthOr thAnkS Pior-t Dr. 31iguregi, 4 fornaa, onepurap on thii work, 0,,rig**- arte hasi CODS: OP, EM. sm DATnt. o6mar6k ORIG REF: 002-L Card Ili C, OC701 ORZO~~ BELTEKY, Lajo.3,- ILULLkl, Agneig; IJANG, The No.2 hot-wateer weU at Csepoi. kozlcny 42 ~.L no.3-.246-254 JI 162. WGI G. "Rentarque sur llarticee d'Adl(!r.11 La-ag, G.o (P. 577) SO- Journal of General Chemistry (Zhurnal Obshchei Kbimli) 1940, volune 18, No. 1. HUNG,'2CI/Cultiv,-.t,z:(! Plants, Grains. Abs Jow-., Rof Zllur-Biol. 9 No 15, 1953, 68114 Author LanEj Goza Last Scionccs Branc1h. Titlo Problons of Corn Cultivation. Ori- Pub Hagyar tud. alvad. agrartud. oszt. kozl., 1956 9 No 45 345-"60,-. hozzaszolaso],: [fur?,ter, zellarks], j60-'364 Abstract IL mimbor of recot-11-iond'atiom for incroasing tho productivity of corn ar-- given. The ni~ti,itivo area-~of one plant should conD2ise an avorage of 0,36 square i'i,.)tors dry rc- gions, and 0.45 sqnaro noters in vot Togions. Depcnftn,: upon tho corn variety, th~,; inutritivo aren. o~--" o.'no plnjyu' may wary fron 0,5 to 0,2 or CarC. 1/2 27 IANG) G WIC, G. Some problers related to the cultivatlon of hoed plants. P. 5 Vol. il, No. io, Nay 1.956 MAGYAR MEXAGAZDASAG AGRICULTURE Budapest 6 SOL 'EAST EUROFW ACCESSIUS, Vol./No. 3, "'arcb 1957 LA IZ, . G. Chemical sediments in the SarmatDin strata of Egereseh. p. 197 A -14AGYAR ALWII FOWrAN`I iNrEZET EVI JELEWESE. Budapest, Hungary, 1955/56 (Published 1959. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EREAI) LCj Vol. 9, No. 2., Feb. 11060 U11cl. LANG, Geza -Z.- -... Topics of "Gepgyartastechnologia." Gepgyartastpchn 1 no.l.,10-11 Ap 161. 1. "Gepgyartastechnologia" felelos gzerkesztoje. LANG, Geza How do the Small Motor and Machine Factory as well as the "Dinamo" Electric Machine FRctory make preparations for raising.the level of technologic organization and discipline and for passing over their relevant experiences to other factories? Gepgyartastechn 1 no-3:92- 95 Je 161. 1. "Gepuartastachnologia" felelos qzerkesztoje. LANG, Geza, a mezogazdasagi tudomanyok doktora, egyatemi tanar Guiding principles for'developing fodder economy. Magy tud 69 no.10:641-648 0 162. 1. Agrartudomanyi Poiskola, Keazthely, LWG,, Gaza Conferance on co3A pressing. G5pgy&rtastechn 3 no.6.1201 Jelo3. 1. "Gep&artastec~hnologia"'felelos Smerkesatoje. IIANG~ Gez~,~ ; t. ~. 4, '4 - -!~ . lu~,z !,-i Without the raicts r, 1, : - L'.I 3 D 164. I . - I - 1, .. I , . I , I : Tl,-. 1 ~ GoT-orO , _'i, - (~~' Ow jnd',!5r,-~Y, LANG, Gaza Association news. Gep 117 no.2-.80-3 of cover F 165. 1. Secretary General, Scientific Association of the Machine Industry, Budapest. LANG, Gyorgy The Rhine goose. Elot tud 17 no.49:1559-1560 9 D 162. 1. Elelmezesugyi Mi-aiszterium Baromfiipari Igazgatosag vezetoje. IANG,, Gyorgyna *Significance of household statistical data in cons=ption invbstigation and In-econometric ijwome analysis*,Py Helga Scl#wlwr (from "Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Volkswirtschaft und'Statiatik,," no.4., ~962). Reviewed by Mrs. Gyzrgy Lang. Stat szemle 41 no,,5:540-541 My t63.