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PONOMAREV, A. I.; EMBANSKIY, A. L.; [ONOVA Yu. A.; BOOANOVA, V. V. Prepamtion of p.~ze7anophenylmetb3rldiethoxysilane. Zhur. ob. khim. 33 no-1:316 '63. (MIRA 3.6- 1) (Silane) L~-'dfu!OvA., Z. r. ti ";jIltatLve Chan -es in t~e Plasma Protein of Livin- S1 _11~ 4,,CtS Dut-3-n:,- Vario,,,s Poms of -,oiter --.-) :ZC11-ation to T~erapy. 11 C--n--! Sci, Kiriz State :Aedic-q1 Inst, Frunze, 105!- (".L, 1':0 13, Hrr SO: Sum. Jo. 670, 2~, SOP 5r,--S"'-VeY of 3cientific ),-jd Technical Dissertations Defended at TJSS;'~ Hi,-hor '~,ducatin.;,al InstILAInn.,; TKACHENKO, N.O.; ;4TCNOVA, Z.K.; MEMJIDVA, Z.11.2 GORDIYCHUK, I.I.T. [Hordilchuk, M.1.1 .I Dgresination of felt cones. kh, prom. no.2: 29-30,~--,.-Ap-Ja 164. (MIRA 1.7. -7) p ~ 4 ;, , "! ,, ~ 1, , ; fl-, I/- ;, -/- LARIONOVA, Z.M.. Imnd. tekhn. nauk. Properties of concretes with a mixed gypsum base. ?rudv NIIZRB no.l: ~?:-89 157. (MIRA 11:1) (Concrete) LARIONOVA, Z,.14,, kand.tekhn.nauk; TARASOVA, A.P., kand.tekhn.nauk :e_,tn-,:~--,,et~~- . "'. ~--, Microscopic and therrographic testing of heat-resistant coneretes made with water-glass. Trudy HIIZHB no.7:238-254 '59. (MIRA 12:11) (Concrete-Testing) sALw6v. G,D., kand.tekhn.nauk; URIONOVA, Z.M.0 kand.tekhn.nauk Microscopic testing of the combination of portland-cement-base concretes with fine gTaund magnesite and chromite. Trudy YIIZHB no.7:255-260 159. (MIRA 12;11) (Concrete-Testing) SIVIRTSEV,G.N.; IARIONOU,_Z*M* - Effect of calcium sulfate on the hydration of cements. Trudy NIIZHB no.10:4-56 '59. (MIRA 130) (Cement) (Calcium sulfate) LARIONOVA, Z.M. Studying the structure of test pieces several years old made of mixed hydraulic gypsum. Trudy HIIZHB no.10:94-104 '59. (MIRA 130) (Gypsum) LARIONOVA, Z.M. Using the petrographic analysis in atudying the structure of concretes. Trudy MIZHB ro.10:128-146 '59. (MIU 13:3) (Concrete) 7, Ing the h'T' -n ol ment r: c rlirlv DI L'I'M no A. T A Properties of calvilunn ll~l I"IIB no.lC:7C-91 M MIRONOV, A., doktor tekhno nauk, prof.- LARIONOVA, Z.M., kand. tekhn. I - nauk-, '11-SITEULTRI., G.I.., 4-nzh.- KOKETKINA, A.I., inzh. ElectrIc ouring of light concrate with a -ling binding material. Stroi. mat. 10 no.1-33-33 Ja'64. (M1RA 171:5) -LIPKCVICH, Z.; BSTRINj G.; MIROSHNICHENKOj D,; TRUBITSYN, N,; ~TRELKOV, I., master; LARIONTSEV, A.; RMANOVICH, K. Experience of innovators and efficiency promoters. Stroitell 8 no.10:25-26 0 162. (MM& 15:3.1) -1. Predsedatell komiteta professionallnogo, soyazg rabochikb stroitelletva i promyshlennosti stroitellnyl~l materialov stroitellnogo uchastka No.108 tresta Mosstroy No.18 (for Lipkovich). (Building-Teclinological innovations) L&RIONTSEV, A.I. (Kramtorak) Mechanized feeding of pipe'into the pipe cutting mchine. Vod.l. san.tekb. no.2:36 F #6o. (MIRA 13.5) (Pipe cutting) -LARIONTSEV Ye.G.; SHAFRANOV, V.D. ~ - .9, Deceleration by radiation damping of a charge moving in a plasma situated in a magnetic field. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; radiofiz. 6 no.4t850-852 63. (MJRA 16.-12) L 1642-66- DjT(1)/P-,Tc/gir,(m)/EPF~n)-2/EPA(w)-2 IJP(c) AT JACCESSXON NR: AP5'oi4848 53 W66 :,IAUTHOR:- Lariontsev, Ye. G. TITLEt Stabilization of certain instabilities when a plasma moves 74transversely to a magnetic field SOURCE: AN SSSR.. Doklady~ vo 162, no.. 3,, 1965P 536-538 ToPM.TAGS: plasma stability, plasma pinch field, plasma magnetic flute instability ABSTRAM.: it is shown that the boundary of the plasma moving with velocity that varies with the.depth is more stable.tban the bound& of a,plasma at rest. Several types of instability are analyzed and remedies for their elimination are discussed. In the case of flute Instability., it-is shown that the inbomogeneity of the plasma flow velocity exerts a stabilizing influence on such an Instability, and a mathematical formula is'derived for the stability condition. In partioular,.if.the magnetiefields inside and outside the plasma are para.1lelo then maximum Btability.iij attained when the plasma moves 1 ca, rd 1/2 L, 16h2-66 A0CESSION NR: AF5ol4848 transverse to the magnetic field. The stabilization of sausage in- stability in the ease of a cylindrical jet with longitudinal velocity ~~:-,-is,also.investigated and it is shown that a current-carrying cylin- drical,jet is more stable than a corresponding cylinder at rest, The long-wave disturbances are easiest to stabilize In this case. An- alogous results are obtained in the investigation of the stability of a hydrodynamic jet with surface tension. High stability was also observed In the case of current-carrying pinches in accelerated plasme jets, where again the stabilization was due to the inhomogeneity in the jet velocity. Mathematical expressions forLthe stabilization are derived for all cases. This report was presented by M. A. Leontovich. Orig., art. has: 12 formulas ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyyL 4hiVeraitet iM. M. V. Lomonosova, (Moscow State University) 77/_ jSUBMITTED: lqSep64 ENCLO. 00 Cot)F'i ME INR REP SOVI. 002 OTHRRI 002, I Card 2/2 L 01824-67 EWT(m)/EWP(t)/ETI IJP(c) JD/JW/JG ACC NR: AP6030954 SOURCE CODE: UR/0181/66/008/009/257-2TgY'rg-- AUTHOR: Kask, N. Ye.; Korniyenko, L. S.; Lariontsev, Ye. G. ORG: Moscow State University im. M. V. Lomonosov (Moskovskiy gosudar- stvennyy universitet) -est Nd3+ in CaF ions TITLE: Investigation of the interaction between the neat 2 .SOURCE: Fizika tverdogo tela, v. 8, no. 9, 1966, 2572-2578 TOPIC7TAGS: ion interaction, ionization spectrum, magnetic dipole, paramagnetic ion, magnetic field, neodymium ion, calcium fluorite ABSTRACT: Angular relationships of a paired rhombic spectrum of Nd 3+ ions in CaF 2have* been experimentally investigated and semiempirically described by the following two parameters: A + C = 0. 171 cm-1 and B = -0. 024 cm-1. The contribution of magnetic dipole interaction of the Nd3+ ions in the A + C and B parameters is calculated. It is shown that the nondipole interaction predominates over the dipole interaction and that there is a boost to the energy of interaction of the paramagnetic ions, depending on the value of the outer magnetic field. Orig.! art. has: 4 figures, 10 formulas, and 1 table. [Based on authors' abstract] [LN7T1 SUB.CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: 08Jan66/ ORIG REF: 001/ OTH REF: 001 LARIOSHCHENKO, T.-G., starsby7 neuchny7 sotrLdnik Role of general irradiation in the treatment of metastatic cancer of the breasto VeBt, rent. I red, no.4.-43-49 Jl-Ag 154. (ML'RA 7:10) 1. r2 Gosudar8tvennogo onkologicheskogo instituta imeni P.A. Gertsena (i.o. direktors, kardidat-meditsinskikh neuk V.V.Gorodilova) (RADIOTHERAPY. In various diseases. cancer, metastases from breast) (MMAST, neoplasms, ther.., x-ray, M8t&StaBBB to various organs) LARIOSHOHENX0, T,..G. (Moskva, A-8, ~_V Dmitrovskly proy-azd, d,4/lA, kv-50) Result of using a lead grid in roentgenotherapy of radio-resistant tumors [with summary in Xnglloh] Yopeonk, 2 no,4:457-463 156. (MIRA 9:12) 1. Iz Gosudaretvannogo onkologichaskogo Institute imani P.A.Gertsena (dir. - Prof. A.U.Novikov, nauchn. rukov. - chlen-korrespondent AMU SSSR prof. A.I.Savitakiy) (RADIOTHOAPY, in various diseases. cancer. grid technic in resist. forms (RUB)) IZOPLASMS, therapy, x-ray. grid technic in resist. forms (Run)) IARIGSHCHKNXO, T.G. (Hoskva, A-8, 1-y Dmitrovskiy proyezd. d.4/1-A, kv-50) 1. Role of radiation and hormone therapy in the compound treatment of mammary cancer and its metastases [with ou-nary in Sngliebl. Yope'onk. 3 no.2:214-220 157. MaA io:6) 1. Iz Gosudaratvaanogo onkologicheskogo inatituta im. P.A.Gertsens (dir. - prof. A.H.Hovikov; nauchn. rukovod. - chl.-korr. Ikademii meditsinakikh nauk.SSSR prof. A.I.Savitskiy) (BREAST HEOPIASKS. surg. postop. combined hormone & radiother., statist. (Rua)) (HORMCNES. iber. use pogtop., in breast cancer, with radiother., statist. (Rua)) (RADIOTLUM"Y. in various die. cancer of breast, poatop. irradiation with hormones, statist. (RUBD 0 LARIffHCHENKO, Taisiya Gavri3ovna (State oneological InstI*2d* im. Oertsen., ldn Health RSFSRi)' for Doe*PrJR Mediftak ScieWSB On Fi- Q- the basis ofh~iasertation defended 2 )X,59 in tfii Council of r--, qsepx-" Ift Central jnetjj4Ae for tavanced Lwlel~sf Physiciansi entitledt "Radiafion Therapy of Cancer of the Itemary- Clanall.- (MIVJSSO USSFi, 2,61, 19/20) 1(L LARIOSHCHENKO, T..G. (Moskva, A,8j, 1-y Dmitrovskiy proyezdx d.~,, kv-50) Radiotherapy of brest cancer.Vop.onk. 5 no..U:529-535 159. 0-51 RA 14: 7) 1. Iz Gosudarstvennogo onkologicheskogo instituta imeni P.A.Gertsona (dir. - pl4of. A.N.Novikov, nauchnyy rukovoditell - chlen-korrespondent Aldl SSSR zasluzhermyy deyatell nauki prof. A.I.Savitgkiy), Moskva. (BREAST-CANCER) (RADIOTHERAPY) LARIOSHCHIMKO, T.G. - Roentgen therapy of metastases of cancer of the breast into the osseous system* Vop.onks 6 no.1:94-98 160. (BBWT-(;ANCR) (BON43,-MCKH) (KrU 13:10) LARIOSHCHKNKO, T.G.; YANISHEVSKIY, V.I.; ITWMA, A.N. Bxperience in the treatment of cancer of the breast from data of the Gertsen Oneological Institute. Xhlrurglia 36 no.8sil-0 Ag ?60o NIRA 13 all) 19 Iz Goaudarstvannogo onkologicheskogo instituta imeni PaA, Gertsena (dir. - Prof. A.N. Wovikov-, nauchnyy rukovoditell - deyetvitelunyy chlen AMN SSSR zasluzhemy de-yatell nauki prof. A.I. Savitskiy). (BREASST-CANCER) IARIOSHCHENKO Taiaiya Gavrilovna; BLISEYEVA, AN, red.; KUZIMINA, - - [Radiation treatment of cancer of the breast] Luchevoe lechenie raka molochnoi zhelezy. Moskva, Fledgiz, 1961. 161 p. (14M 15.7) (BREAST-CANCER) (X RJ4Y &-THERAPEUTIC USE) LARIOSHCHWO T .; SHCHEMOVA, T.D. Method for -,ambined tberap7 of malignant melanomas. Hed.rad. no.:LlR6-io 61. (KM 34;- 11) 1, larentgenoterap"-ticheskogo Weleniya Gosudarstvennogo onkologicheskogo instituta imeni P.A. Gertsena. (MnOORA) LARIOSHCHENKOI T.G.; AIEKSEYEVA, S.I. Reactions and ccmplications under varying methods of radiotherapy for laryngeal cancer. Med.rad. 7 no.6:55-58 Je 162. (MIRA 15:8) 1. 1z Gosudaratvennogo nauchno-issledovatel'skogo onkologicheshogo instit-ata imeni P.A. Gertsena. (LARRIX.-CAN-CER) (RADIOTHEW~PY) L&RI0SHGlJENKO.,--T.-G.., doktor meditsinskikh nauk -7--, .. Radiotherapy of cancer of the breast. Y-ed.sestra 21 no.7:13-16 Jl 162. (MIRA 15:8) 1. Iz Gosudarstvennogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo onkologicheskogo instituta. imeni P.A.Gertsena, Moskva. (BREAST-CANCER) (RADIOTHERAPY) I -VV LARIOSHCIENKO, T,G.; ALEKSEYEVA, S.I. Reactions and conplications under varying methods of radiotherapy for laryngeal cancers Med.rad. 7 no.6.'55-58 Je (MIRA 15:8) 1. Iz Gosuderstvennogo nauohno-issledovatel'skogo onkologicheskogo instit-aba imeni P.A. Gertsena. (LARYb-Z-GANCER) (RADIOTIERUY) . LAR.I0,SH,CHENK.Oq T.G. Prolonged remissions of lymphogranulomatoois in X-ray therapy with a grid. Med. red. 10 no.11-15-19 N 165. (MIRA 19:1) 1. Gosudarstvennyy onkologicheskiy institut Imeni P.A. Gertsena (direktor - prof. A.N. Novikov). Submitted October 17., 1964. LARIOSHCHENKO T.G.;-CHAYKOV, I.M.; NEMYRYA, A.N. Results of the treatment of breast cancer. Xbirurgiia 41 no.4: 32-36 Ap 165. (1-9 RA 18: 5) 1. Onkologicheskiy institut imeni Gertsena (dir. - prof. A.N. Novikov), Moskv-a. MRIOSHIN, P.R., inzhener. Layer plowing as a measure against the regrowth of alfalfa. Mekh. i elak.sellkhoz. no.4:14-17 AP 153- (KLRA 6:5) 1. Kirgizakiy seltakokhozyaystvennyy inatitut imeni K.I. Skryabina. (Flowing) (Alfalfa) LARISCH, E.; PXTRAUIEA, N.- ------ Theory of vine contours with permeable flaps. p. 689. COMUNI3ARILE. Bucuresti. Vol. 5, No. 4, April 1955. SOURGE: East European Accessions List (EPEAL) Lo, Vol. 5, No. 2, Feb. 1956. -LARISCH, E.; PATRAULEA, N. 1~ The track movement around a permeable bearing plate. p. 1109. ~ Academia Republicii Populare Romine. COMUNICAIIE. Bucuresti. Vol. 5, no. 7, July 1955. SOURCE: East European Accessions List (EEAL) Library of Congress, Vol. 14 No. 12, December 195.~h AR I RMANIA/Nuclear Pbysics Nuclear Reactions C-5 Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Fi7.1 P NO 3P 1958Y No 5537 Author Shechtman I.,, Inat Not Given Title On the Possibility of Applying Thermonuclear Reactions to Rocket Propulsion Orig Pub Publ. Acad. RPR Inst. fiz. atom., 1956., N ET 26. 21pp..' ill. Abstract See Referat Zhur Fizika., 1957., No 7., 16737 Card 1/1 ` : INA- CA PRIDPAGAPUEJ. ARDERU bi T I b-4 E V,ImB 1~~- Aplic, Ort, -D.~r, 1956. S63-873, !a .,Valion t1 ali ialtgmle -om in ep, in di 5. , t2 i v x- or E~nrn~ft4rofilev W3.11i pan le by T,,I,.i for th4 VY. _ forfnul-av ZT13 oh- 44, iOT tha Ch.-IMMI PZZlil-bLI 1.3 l7hil~;% naMO PYO;~A- J A 4 on sanv:mi-13 ~~ dr!-' nile A ='ClethG-4 1-3 *her. fhe Qf thti dizzc% p C, d4c.Avd, f b whcs h -polyg --al~ .a lho-lry ca,-~ !;ic.- us, L-,~ f.- valvot"ing the IA xam. - 1-1 LlRis,~*"3 1"5 If; 4 (!,-, . I -arding the utiliz.-tion of t,ierircnuclc.,r cnerf-y fcr rccket prop .1 Reg Q p. 291 (Acaderda Rcpublicii fopulare R(;ruine. institutul ue ~izica. Studif, -A Cercet-~ri De Fizice. Vol. 7, -. . 2, Aur./June 1P~6. Lucuresti, !Lijmnnia) hontbly Index of East Europe.-n Accessions (E,~!) LC. Vol. 7. no. 2., Febri,ary 1958 7_1 Distr- _AEj a/_4 - - - 71 Ma ... tr.. li ht elemanw l f 161 . e nue P 0 8 8 ty O g Acad. isch and 1. shechtman. Opulart ROMIXe. swo anewris. 7 ZO l ei i lf a -susta n tlotk can be se n rue nuc c 'mefflum composed of 2 Ushtelements. If only I reaction ' et, place, with 2 reaction prodaets. one of which mud be t neu- l ter. itron, Any other charged particle in electromagnetic it "on with other partlcle;~wlll decelerate owlinuously. and transmit q very small portion of its energy only, but neutrons, which decelerate with short-range collisions'. may transmit a great pan 61 their energy to I particle In a medium composed of light nuclei. An equation is derived for the the ener axis l i l f th di e me um a es o ong c , current of the part gy and then a general equation Is derived for the steady state of the system in the presence of external sources of neutrons, which is a linear- Integral equationi The system becomes crit. when the corresponding homogeneous equation has an eigenvalue of 1. This general formula Is applied then to the special case where the medium is D and T in equal at. concn., By Introducing some simplifications and assuming the existence of a discrete spectrum; the highest eigenvalue. is found f& be 1.25 X 10-3. Curves are presented for the i neutron production d., lyhen external sources are present ncluded 1! is~co emitting neutrons at 2, 14, and 40 m.e-v. 1 h diat a steady State CUIL never bL maintaluet in suc a Sys- . I tem, if the external sou are.a Se It. '7,1~ 7'Tcz CII7 1 1.4--, - Blown of' infinite ranre. p. 595 (Academd~~. Republicid Yopulere Rcmine. institutiil de 11,~ccnpi-ca Aplic,--in. Si Cerceteri De I-'.ec=-'icc 18rlicntz- . 7, n(1. 'I, jul-,-/Sen't. lc,!~ , Eonthly Index of East Eurcrenn `.ccessi~~ns (ELP-~71) LC. Vol. 7, no. 2, FebruciT 1958 leAi,Physias 'K.:Nuclear Rtaction C-5 Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Fizika, Ila 1, 1958, 536 Author ~~i Lsch_,_.g_., Shechtman, I. Inst Title Possibility of Chain Reactions with Light Elements. Orig Pub Studii 9i cercetari fiz., 19571 7, No 4. 531-54o Abstract The authors discuss the possibility of self-maintaining nuclear reactions, one of the parts of which would be a neutron, in a medium consisting of two light elements. A general linear integral equation is derived for the par- ticle current for the stationary case in the presence of external sources of neutrons. This formula is then applied, with certain simplifications, to a medium consisting of deuterium and tritium. Curves are given for the genera- tion of neutrons for the cases when the external sources introduce these neutrons with energies of 2, 14, and 40 Mev. Me authors reached the conclusion that it is Card 1/2 Card 2/2 Q- iJ AUTHOR LARISH E., SHEKHTLIAN I. PA - 3049 TITLE t ion of Radiation into the Problems of Gas Dynamics. PERIODICAL Doklady Akademii Nauk SSR 1957, Vol 113, Nr 5, pp 1010-1012 (USSR) Received: 6/1957 Reyiewed: 7/1957 ABSTRACT The author shows that failing to tako tho influonoo axoroitiod by radiation into account often leads to considerable inacouracies. The present paper discusses ayery simple method by means of which it is possible to take the influence of radiation into account without any changes in the equation of adiabatic motion being necessary. It is known that radiation in the oase of thermo- dynamic equilibrium may be treated as a perfect gas with the adiabatic index Z - 4/3. The thermodynamic equations of a per- fect gas with a radiation with which it is in equilibrium are explicitly written down. Equations are considerably simplified in the following two cases: 1~ Z - 4/3 2 if radiation pressure can be approximated by the formula CARD 1/3 Pr ' (Z - 1) 7i T -TAst -1 ) PA - 3049 i.e. if the adiabatic indices of the gas and the radiation are equal. In the cases 1) and 2) the equations of adiabatic motion and the correBponding boundary conditions do not change if radiation is taken into account. Thus, the solutions for P'? and Y (velocity) have the same form as in the case if radiation is disregarded. Differences, howeyer, exist with respect to temperature values. With X - 4/3 radiation exercises no in- fluenoe at all upon mechanical parameters, so that it is even possible to obtain a rather good approximated solution in the case of X / 4/3. The authors then extend these general ideas to the case of a vehement explosion. Because of the high temperatures occurring on such an occasion the light pressure in the initial stage of the propagation of the shock wave must play an important part. The solutions for p,i? and T found by L.I. SEDOV remain valid also in the case of existing radiation. Finally, tempera- ture distribution is determined. Temperature distribution is characterized by an additional constant R4 /a and is automodellike. CA" 2/3 PA - 3049 On the Introduction of Radiation into the Problems of Gas Dynamics, (with 2 illustrations) ASSOCIATION: Institute for Applied Mathematics and Institute for Nuclear Physics of the Academy of the Roumanian Peoplets Republic, Bucarest. PRESENTED BY: L.I. SEDOV, Member of the Academy. SUBMITTED: 12.12. 1956. CARD 3/3 21(9) AUTHORs Lariahp E. 30V/89-5-6- 9/25 TITLE: Cn a Possibility of a Non-Steady Thermonuclear Reactor (Ob odnoy vozmozhnosti nestatsionarnogo termoyadernogo reaktora) PERIODICAL: Atomnaya energiya, 1958, Vol 5, Nr 6, pp 646 - 647 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The energy produced in a steady gas discharge can be trans- ferred only in the shape of heat. It is therefore of interest to investigate non-steady models in which part of the nuclear energy produced in the plasma is tranformed direct into electric energy. The suggested model consists of a straight cylindrical or toroidal plasma column upon which, under the influence of an external axial magnetic alternating field, a radial oscilla- tion is forced. The plasma here reaches a temperature Te at which the energy liberated by nuclear reaction is compensated by radiation. The bases of the conditions necessary for pariodical oscillations are derived theoretically.and it is shown that at these conditions the energy liberated per cycle considerably surpasses the radiation energy. The surplus Card 1/3 energy passes into the external windings which generate the On a Possibility of a Non-Steady Thermonuclear SOV/8 9-5-6- 9 /2 5 Reactor magnetic field. The temperature Te for a thermonuclear reactor with a deuterium plasma amounts to about 10 8 aK, so that the velocity of sound in the plasma will be r%~-108 am/see. Herefrom there follows an eigenfrequenoy of a plasma column with rv10 cm diameter of - 107cycles. By basing on the assumption that the frequency of the external magnetic alternating field is ri 102cycles and that the magnetic field in the interior of the plasma differs only little from the external magnetic field, the energy equation for the plasma column is derived, and, after introducing a number of further conditions and simplifications, it is possible to calculate the surplus energy produced per cycle. It is found that the operation of the plasma with respect to the magnetio-field is, on the average, positive and that, therefore, the energy is transferred from the plasma to the electric conductor. Card 2/3 On a Possibility of a Non-Steady Thermonuclear SOV/89-5L-6-9 /25 Reactor ASSOCIATIONs Institut prikladnoy makhanikil Bukharest (Institute of Applied Mechanics, Bux-jarest) SUBMITTED: June 2, 1958 Card 3/3 AUTHORS: Larish, E., Shekhtman, 1. Sn TITLE; The Propagation of Detonation Waves in the Presence of a ;Jagnetic Field (Rasprostra-neniye detonatsionnykh voln pr~ nalichii magnitnogo polya) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal ek3perimenta"l1noy i teoreticheskoy fiziki, 195B, Vol. 35, Nr 1, pp. 203-207 (USSR) AB3TRACT- For the investigation of the propagation of shock waves in a plasma located in a magnetic field relativistic hydrodynam- ical equations have already been used by several authors (e.g. Ref 1). in the present paper so-called "perpendicular" detonation waves are investigated, viz. such as are pro- pagated in a direction which is transversal to that of the magnetic field. Although it would not be necessary to take relativistic effects into account for such fields and thermo- nuclear fuels as can be produced today, it is nevertheless interesting to investigate the development of the modifica- tion of relativistic quantities and their boundary values (for stronger fuels and fields). It was found in the course of calculations that the properties of relativistic detonation Card 1/2 waves are similar~to those of ordinary waves. Solutions of the The Propagation of Detonation 14avep in the 5011/56-35-1-27/55 J Presence of a Magnetic Field derived system of equations are given in the discontinuity both for the relativistic and for the non-relativistic case There are 7 figures and 3 references, 2 of which are Soviet, ASSOCIATION; Institut prikladnoy mekhaniki Akalemii nauk narodnoy respubliki (Instituto for Appliod Aochariico AS .1 Tademii Rumanian People's Republic) Institut atomnoy fizlkl nauk Rumynskoy narodnoy respubliki (Institute of Nuclear Physics,AS Rumanian PeoDlels Republic) SUBMITTED: February 13, 1958 Card 2/2 24 (3) AUTHORS: Larish, E., Shekhtman, I. SOV/56-35-2-34/60 TITLE: The Generation of Two Temperatures in an Ionized Gas Which is Placed in a Magnetic Field (Obrazovaniye dvukh temperatur v nakhodyashchemsya v magnitnom pole ionizovannom gaze) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy i teoreticheskoy fiziki, 1958, Vol 35,, Nr 2 (8), PP 514-515 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The authors investigqte an ionized gas the ionic temperature of which may be considered as given. A formula is given for the energy of cyclotron radiation. Cyclotron radiation has the frequency pjeH/me - and the gas is assumed to be transparent in this frequency interval. This is rather a rigorous condition and a sufficiently high rarefaction of the gas or high values of the magnetic field strength or of the ionic temperature is nenessary. If the electrons can radiate a noticeable part o-1 their energy, electron temperature will be differ considerably from ionic temperature. A formula is given for the -relaxation time of Card 1/2 the electron component. The electron gas is assumed to have The Generation of Two Temperatures in an Ionized SOV/56-35-2-34/60 Gas Which is Placed in a Magnetic Field a Maxwell (Maksvell) distribution. The energy exchange between the electron gas and the ionic gas may be calculated according to a formula by Spitzer (Shpitser) (Ref 1), Finally, an expression is derived for the ratio T e/Ti = e of the electron and ionic temperatures. The difference between these 2 temperatures can be rather high, There are I fiCure and 1 reference.- 0 of which is Soviet. ASSOCIATIONS. Institut prikladnoy mekhanikii Bukharest (Institute of Applied Mechanics, Bucharest) Institut atomnoy fiziki., Bukharest-Magurele (Institute of Atomic Physics. Bucharest-Magurele) SUB14ITTED: April 12, 1958 Card 2/2 S/179/60/000/03/017/039 E081/E441 AUTHOR8 Larish, E. (Bukharest) TITLE: Aerodynamic Interaction i-ith Free Molecular Flow PERIODICALt Izvestlya Akademii nauk .'.SSR, Otdeleniye tekhnicheskikh na,Ak, Mekhanika i mashinostroyeniye, 196o, Nr 3. PF 117-120 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The free molecular flow around bodies of any shape (not only convex) is considered, assuming that the size of the svstem is less than the mean free path of the molecules. It is shown that the problem leads to the solution of the linear integral equation (2.3). This equation is of the same form as the one describing the illumination in a space with non-absorbing walls which reflect according to Lambert's law, and on the basis of this analogy, the solution of Eq (2.3) can be simulated optically. The direct solution of Eq (2.3) is a very complex problem but as a special example the solution is obtained for the problem of multiple reflections in a hollow spherical cavity (Eq (4.5) and (4.6)) There are 2 figures and I English reference,. C Card 1/2 S/179/60/000/03/017/039 E081/E441 Aerodynamic Interaction with Free Yolecular Flow ASSOCIATIONt Institut prikladnoy mekhaniki, Akademii nauk Rumynskoy Narodnoy Respubliki (Institute of Applied Mechanics .:--Academy of Sciences,, Rumanian Peoples Republic) SUBMITTED; November 20, 1959 Card 2/2 I/C S/179/61/000/002/005/017 Eo8l/El4l AUTHORs Larish, E. (Bucharest) TITLE: --iquations of free-molecular flow PERIODICAL: Izvestlya Akademii nauk SSSR,Otdeleniye tekhnicheskikh nauk, Mekhanika i mashinostroyeniye, 1961, No.2, PP. 70-77 TEXT: The paper is a continuation of previous work of the present author (this journal, No.3, 1960: Ref.1). The equations describing the steady and unsteady flow of a rarefied gas are derived, taking into account repeated reflections of the gas particles from the surface of the body in the gas stream. A method of determining the reflection characteristics of fine- grained surfaces is suggested and illustrated by considering a surface with spherical and cylindrical depressions. The important 15 pecial case is considered of a law of reflection represented by a combination of diffuse and specular reflection. If the motion consists of steady flow with a small unsteady flow superimposed on it, the unsteady state problem is simplified. The flow around a body is also investigated when the current consists of small Card 1/2 S/179/61/000/002/005/017 Equations of free-molecular flow. E081/E141 % harmonic vibrations around a mean value. There are 2 figures and 3 references: 2 Soviet and 1 English. The English language reference reads as follows: Ref.2: G.N..Patterson. Molecular flow of gases. N.Y. - London, 1956. SUBMITTED: September 22, 1960 Card 2/2 LARISH, E. (Bukharest) Equations of free molecular flov around a body* Izv,AN 6WR,W,tekh, nauk.Mekh.i mashinostr. no.2:?G-77 Mr-Ap 161., (NDA 14:4) (Aerodynamics) :PW-#;"O4 ;A~ CO 000000090000*0000 4% 4 1 v w 11 u 11 u it 16 11 is I x it u 13 14 Is 36 v 30 It a 41 1 L "L m Ill M-W a A A_ li A V_ y LLA-1 to RA_J_ I d- _j 1,01.amilim ill the lellittly "w1 ill 1hr jut-l"ll i'l Ill, 1,,%# 1 00 j,w OW. A, A. 1-iii-OwNs- fitrider., *0 0.'3)) 7 (Ill Oil 1~.w t japi 0 1 4 1 hv writs,. a typt"id lonlaw. -4. 0'. I"ll I ill, 1 1 4 0 ,;-u 4- .11 AV driti.. ill "411."walwu. Will If I, 1,11" lon ...... It j~ ex.1.11U. 00 ...... LITENOWIE CLASSIfICATION 00 S, A. 4 6 a I An b UR AV K3 W; tv I* st 19 w 9 t, if to 0 09 0 0 * & 0 0 a 14,0 40 0744 900 0 * 0 & 0 0 0 0 0 0 p 9 40 "t. Vi It tw a I V IN -3 41 4 IS 0 0 a a 44 4.t* it j .00 .00 .00 = 011111 goo so '00 -goo 0 0 0 a 0 0 04 6 0 * q [']l 22 ji aa A z? a rp r, is 12 33MB36 I 1 1 4 6 7 1 9 %a 11 12 13 14 is is itu I A 9 f-, Matime of the Dowonlu Uptotillifites otair Krasnoymak ' ' city. A. A. LArislichev. A Aba. I todolto 1~jWjiv A, -NI - -M-T_iZ~- i IMM- 0 0 - -~ l9 CU1"jkWCd Of (hi- midual s!, tulklrof alit- plant Wy paitiarOf ica- l I i. johrillivr 1)!;anls ul ilia Pirilojokysoo ii-1w. Thr lV.4'lObjVN Ill ill 14,11WISWA 11w IW#^. *11i'll, a. it k kamwis, 1. a valwilable low 11141'.SiAi lot 0ir dirm. imiti.iii. S%,mi trim-mvv A. A 1'. 00 00 at 00 oil 00 & 0 0 0 & 0 0 m m 0 cl It u a a S L aNITALIAIVUKA1. 1.111RAIM CtASSIFICATION 00 k AA 1 11 W 0 It 19 a Pf It it c1 (a 1 1, ; 0 0 * 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 a Mi 0 4 0 09 0 0 0 0 0.0 0 a 9 0 -04 -00 .00 see so zoo Cos P* 0 0 0 0-0,41, 6,0 0000 0 6 #6 0 0 t is u 1) 1) 14 is it it is IV 4 Jolt n 0 A A 11 A tv P 11 )1 P ft N P ft 41 it I I , U Y 4A-A-1 Z All of CA M tr A ljjl~ Is 00 00 00 P*=PhlC COMPOsidga of some coaU of tbq Novo. Gana diposit of Kuzbass. A. A, L4Wsljcbo% Xkim. I'arrdognToplim 8, 1':1 hud coilb lutts It 2 1".70. S 0.444J.-- and 1 -etelormc-d from the midue, .( [Wan- 00 ccH 00 _Ulast fibt-ts, the products of thiir dewmpn. wid ~Iva&d "chwain materW," Ile colth ste of clasain and clarain-fusain type, characterized by a complex ralcro. 00 w%)k structure which Ili 4ue to ime inttimingling Ill a the constituents (clatrain, xylal fit-itin, etc.). A. A. Podgurny 00 00 0 low 0 - 10 1 450 SLA PIEYALLUPWAL 1.1111RA11,111 CLASSIFICAMON 0 to "19 Is C, tv 4, a, -C K a vi a It (r r( q CIE tu is AT 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 ilo-900"Goof see 06 * 0 06 004 177F 1 41 0 41 "J.19 -00 -00 -00 .06 0 a V.4 0 0 -00 Zoo ti jlIo 0 -V -?A An- L a 04 0 M I W 04 A NO It 1 -0 111, 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 q 0 0 0 0 to 0 0 0 *A 0 a 6 0 o 0 o o 0 0 6 0 * 00 so 0 Z-~ zski Larishchev, A. (Tomskiy gos. un-t ii-. Ku~rbys'neva), So! U-'~261, 10 April 53, (Leiopls tZhmma3 St-tey, 1,'0. 17") 1.)4Y) .1 u L U.1 - / I 0: Uchen. 0 5 iter-S. So: U-3261, ltl'~ April 53, (Letopis 'Zhurrial state,", -I~o. 12, 9) the lov, V. thc Larishch-,~v, A. A. am' Ylak~l '11 (On the pro'Lic-! o:' CD;: 'A" oun of S-rea of co'. lit f th 7- y s r'. V L' KU, Value), z a U - SO: u_~,~61, 10 April '3, 'Z,1;U1,11- LUM-4012Y, A. tie PA 33/49T63 UWR/GeOlogy oct 48- Shale, BitumiriouB coals 'Tossible Domanite Deposits on the Eastern Slopqq of the Northern Urals, 11 A. A. larishchev, 4. pp Mok Ak Nauk SSSR" Vol LXII, No 4 Discussion of a deposit of Devonian Vailophite "liptobiolith" discovered by the geologiat 1. 1. -Slmlaban in 1940..Deposit Is a layer of bituminous Shale 15 meters wide in a pit about 2 meters from the surface among black bituminous limestones of the Devonian In the Hallya River right tributary of the YuzhnqTa'Sos,va 3 Im - -almitted by I 'j mouth. S gom it Aca& W A., Gbr`~Ciiev, Jul AM -.--. - 33/49T63 LAM51-101M, A.A. 2. ussR (600) Algae, Fossil 7- Tiew fossil blue-rmen alrae of the Jurassic period, Bot.mat.Otd.spor.rast- 1952. 8 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, APRIL 1953. Unclassified. LARISHCHEV2 A. A. "The Floristic Composition of the Mesozoic Forests of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia " A paper presented on 1 April, The ActJvit-y-of the Moscow Sociaty of Naturalists, Byulleten' Moskovshogo Obshchestva Ispytateley Prirody Vol LX No 6, Moscom, Pov-Dec 1955, pp 80-90, Geology Section Source: U-9235, 29 Nov 1956 LARISBOBEV, A.A. - Botanical composition Of M8002sic forest in the Gobi Desert (bas3d n data of the Paleontological Rxpedition of the Academy of Sciences :f the U.S.S.R.during 1946-194,q). Bjul.M0IP.0td.geol-30 ne.6:97-98 IT-D '55. (Gobi--Trees, Fossil) (MRA 9: 4) LARISHCHEW, A.A.; KUIRBATOVA, A.A. i of studying accessory minarals among terrigenous mineral mixtures of coal. Trudy Lab.gaol.ugl. no.6:202- m 156. (MLRA 10:2) 1. Tomakly Gosudarotvennyy universitet. (Coal--Analysis) (Coal geology) LUISHCOV. A.A. ,Fossil remains of wood from the mottled clays of Amangeldy District, %rgqi Depression. Dokl.AN SSSR 107 no.1:139-140 Mr '56.(MLRA 9:7) l.TomakiV gosudarstvanDyy universitet imeni V.V.Kuybysheva. Predstavleno akademikom V.N.Sukachevym. (Amangeldy District--Trees, Fossil) 15-1957-7-8922 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geologiya, 1957, Nr 7, p 5 (USSR) AUTHOR: Larishchev, A. A., Rodygin, A. E. TITLE: Some Examples of the Use of a Relief Topogeopolygon in Teaching Geological Mapping and Structural Geology. (Nekotoryye primery ippollzovaniya rell yefnogo topo- geopoligona v prepodoVanii geologicheskogo kartiro- vaniya i strukturnoy geologiyi) PERIODICAL: Tr. Tomskogo un-ta, 1956, Nr 135, pp 82-92 ABSTRACT: The use of the relief topogeppolygon in teaching al- lows us to introduce the student to the basic methodo- logy of geological mapping in the field. As an exam- ple the authors present one of the problems which can be solved by using a relief topogeopolygon. Numbers designating outcrops are written upon a topogeopolygon and for each number a student is given a specially selected-'collection of rock samples and paleontologi- Card 1/2 cal remains, and data on the'elements of deposition, 15-1957-7-8922 Soine Examples of the Use of a Relief Topogeopolygon in Teaching Geological Mapping and Structural Geology. (Cont.) the stratigraphical sequence, the thickness of separate strata, etc. The final aim o 'f this problem is to construct a geological map upon the topographical'-base of a given topo- geopolygon, and also to produce a complete description of the geological structure and the history of the geological devel- opment of the region. Card 2/2 A. L. Knipper 15-1957-10-13680 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geologlya, 1957, Nr 10, p 37 (USSR) AUTHOR: Larisheiev, A. A. TITLE: Some Rare Fan i Remains From Tertiary Rocks (A Study in PaleomycologY5 Zo- nekotorykh redkikh ostatkakh gribov iz tretichnykh otlozheniy (Paleomikolog. etyud)7 PERIODICAL: Tr. Tomskogo un-ta, 1956, vol 136, pp 136-142 ABSTRACT: Because it has a five-celled ascospore, a distinctively abjointed and fringed mycelium, and a fruit body of radiating prosenchyma (Thyriotheciam), Edwards referred enica. the ifungas he found in 1922 to Phragmoth~rites eoca . The author, after examining the descriptions In the literature as well as studying similar fossils of fungi from Western Siberia, came to the following conclusions. The placing of all the remains enumerated by Edwards into the single species of Phragmothyrites eocaenica must be considered an error. The assignment Card 1/2 -of-Fffe-la-rge fruit bodies of radiating prosenchyma 15-1957-10-13680 Some Rare Fungi Remains Prom Tertiary Rocks (A Study in Paleomycology) (perittlecium) with diameters from 120 to 160 microns should be changed to Microthyrites podocarpites (Edwards) Lar. Besides the Eocene of the Isle of Mull in Scotland, the locality where Edwards first described the mycelia, these forms are known chiefly from the upper Oligocene and lower Miocene of Germany and Westerr Siberia. The small distinctively abjointed and fringed bod*ies which should still be called.Phragmothyrites eocaenica (Edwardsj, belong to the remains of fossil fungi whose systematic position has not yet been determined. Up to now, all known remains of this kind have been found in Eocene deposits in Scotland, the United States of America, Germany, and Western Siberia. The paper includes one table. Card 2/2 R. A. Vasina LARISHCHEV, A.A. Critical remarks on Konrad Beness article "Paleomycology is a new trend in microscopic studies of coal.,' Izv. AN SSSR. Ser.geol. 26 no.8:110-132 Ag 161. (MIRA 14:9) (Coal--Analysis) BUDNIKOV, V.Lj-__LA&LSHQHQ~t A.A. New find of Devonian liptobioliths in the Kuznetsk Basin in con- nection with the problem of Faleozoic oil in Siberia. Trudy SNIGGIMS no.1404-79 161. (MIRA 15:8) (Kuznetsk Basin-Coal geology) (Siberia-Petroleum geology) LARMHGHEV~ A.A., _~- _7~. ' 'Suberin nature of some Jurassic coals in the Kuznetsk Basin and their-classification. Izv. v7a. ucheb. zav,; gaol. i razv. 6 no.2:84-93 F 163. MIRA 16%6) L Tomskiy goaudaretvannyy universitet im. V.V. Kuybysheva. (Kametsk Basin-Coal-Classification) LARISHCHEV, A.A. Petrographic composition of some coals of the U.S.S.R. Sov~ geol. 8 no.3:100-106 165. (MIRA 18:5) 1. Tomakiy gosudarstvennyy universitet. LARIYONOV, L. F.; DEGTEVA, S. A.; LESNAYA, 141. A. Experimental data on an antineoplastic preparation phenestrin. Vop, onk. 8 no.4:12-14 062. (MIRA 1594) 1. 12 laboratorii eksperimentallnoy khimioterapii Instituta eksperimentallnoy i klinicheakoy onkologii AMN SSSR (dir. - daystv. chl. AMN SSSR, prof. N. N. Blokbin). Adres avtorov: Moskva, D-364, Volokolanskoye shosse, 30, Inatitut eksperi- mentallnoy i klinicheskov onkologii. (CHOLESTEROL) (ACETIC ACID) (CYTOTOXIC DRUGS) JAMN z~;" .,- ~--' "F!m The initiative of efficient vorkere In falling. Sov, profsoiuz;y 4 no.9:4o-41 s 156. (MLRA 9:10) 1 Sles&rl mekhmnicheskM masterskildi Surskoy ankonnoy fnvriki, Pen7en- s~,qy oblasti. (Penza Province--Efficiency, Industrial) LAR I KIN--A.- ....... Auditor's notes. Fin.SSSR 37 no.2t65-66 F 163. (MM 16:2) (Volgograd Province-Ztate farms-Auditing and inspection) LARKIN, A -1 IlThe Antirf--nic. Co::., tnicst ion: Cor..~LrEtivc Anti-enic and =d 'he jrl.. e4 -~,47 21M AUTHORS- Vedenov, L. A~, Larkin, A, I. TITIO; The State Equation of a Plasma (Uravneniye sostoyaniya plazmy) PERIODICALs Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy i teoreticheskoy fiziki, 1959, Vol 36, Nr 4, PP 1133-1142 (USSR) ABSTRACT-. A considerable number of papers has already dealt with the problem of the equation of state of a particle system with Coulomb interaction. A general formula for the virtual coefficients is not applicable in this case. The Coulomb forces are found to be remote action forces, and therefore limitation by pair interactions is impossib-'(, already in the firt3t torm of an expansion in series of thermodynamic quantities according to the gas density n, By employing the method of the selfconsistent field Debye and H-dckel (Ref 1) found the first term of an expansion of free energy according to the density n of the interacting particles, which is proportional 3/2 n . Glauberman and Yukhnovskiy (Ref 2) endeavored to calculate the following terms,,but, as they used Card 1/3 an unsuitable method, they obtained incorrect results. The State Equation of a Plasma SQ'V/56-36-4-27/70 For the purpose of calculating the first terms of the expan5ion according to n the authors of the present paper used a graphical method which is analogous to that used by Feynman in quantum electrodynamics. First, the diagram technique used is discussed for a system of interacting particles in thermodynamic equilibrium for close-range action forces. In the following the technique of summating graphs in the case of Coulomb interaction is discussed. For the free energy F of a completely ionized gas an 'expansion*a'ccording to n is 3/2 2 2 obtained in the form F Fideal + An + Bn ln n + Cn The second term is identical with the Debye-Hiiekel term. Expressions are given for the coefficients of expansion. The authors finally thank L. D. Landau and V. M. Galitskiy for discussions, There are 5 figures and 4 references, 1 of which is Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet (moscow State Card 2/3 University) 24 Mj 21 (7) AUTHOR: LarkUipn,, SOY/56-37-1-39/64 JA - TITLE: The Passage of Particles Through a Plasma (Prokhozhdeniye chastits cherez plazmu) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal okeperimentallnoy i teoreticheskoy fiziki, 1959, Vol 37, Nr IM, pp 264 - 272 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The calculation of the slowing-down power of the plasma by the method of pairwise collisions leads to a logarithmic divergence. This divergence is connected with the remote action of the Coulomb forces. The screening effect of the medium can only be neglected if the distance between the particles is smaller than the Debye radius. For the calculation of the contribution of near collisions, the Coulomb field is cut off on the Debye ra- dius. In the present paper, the slowing-down power is expressed by a correlation function which is a"'special case of the Green function for 2 particles. The latter function is calculated by the diagram method. By estimating the omitted graphs, the ac- curacy of the results found can be easily determined. At first, the transition probability is calculated. The author investi- gates a system of interacting particles being in thermal equi- Card 113 librium. The Hamiltonians of the systeir-and of the interaction The Passage of Particles Through a Plasma SOV/56-37-1-39/64 between particle and medium are written down. The particle flying through the medium has the mass M and the velocity v. This particle flying through is regarded to be sufficiently fast (e2 /JLv