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IMONOV, A.L. i_~ Selecting an efficient system for the self-regulation of the tem- perature of the insulation chambers in electrostatic precipitators. Koko i khim. no.12:46-48 160. (MIRA 13:12) 1. InGtJtut "Giprogazooehestka.11 (Coke industry-Equipment and supplies) LEQNOvt --- A.11-- Automation of the prqduction processes in the ethanolamine pur-Iv- fication of fuel gasgs. Khim. prom* no-4:282-286 Ap 161. (MERA 14:4) (004esw.-Purif ication) (Automatic control) S/064/61/000/005/002/003 B110/B229 AUTHOR: Leonov, A. L., Scientific Secretary of th3 Section of Kutomation TITLE- The first steps of the Section of Automation of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Goskhimkomitet (State Committee of Chemistry) PERIODICAL: Khimicheskaya promyshlennost', no. 5, 1961, 71 - 73 TEXT: The Sektsiya avtomatizatsii (section of Automation) of the Nauchno- tekhnicheskiy sovet Gosudarstvennogo komiteta Soveta Ministrov SSSR po khimii (Scientific and Technical Council of the State Committee of Chemis- try of the Council of Ministers USSR) is to deal with the most important scientific and technical problems of automation of the chemical industry. In this task the following persons are engaged: heads and directors of Branch NII (scientific Research Institutes) of the Goskhimkomitet (State Committee of Chemistry), the Ts NIIKA, the holders of chairs of the MKhTI im. Mendeleyev, research engireers, planning engineers, chemists of industry, specialists of the Gosplan of the USSR, of the Gosudarstvennyy komitet Card 1/5 S/06 4/61/000/005/002/003 The first steps of the ... B110 B229 Soveta Ministrov SSSR po koordinatsii nauchno-issledovatellskikh rabot (State Committee of the Council of Ministers USSR for the Coordination of Scientific Research Work) and of the State Committee of Chemistry. Plans for 1961 include discussion on cooperation between chemical engineers and specialists in automation in the elaboration of technological procedures and in the construction of the control system of automatic chemical plants of Stalinogorskiy -khimkombinat (Stalinogorsk Chemical Combine) and Lisichans- kiy khim kombinat (Lisichansk Chemical Combine) and Voronezhskiy zavod sinteticheskogo kautchuka (Voronezh Synthetic Rubber Plant), application of computer techniques, construction of special equipment, etc. N. N. Yelshin spoke about the examination of thematic plans of scientific research work of.the institutes of the State Committee of Chemistry for 1961. Heads and directors of laboratories of the NIUIF, GIAP, NIOPiK, and other insti- tutes spoke about cooperation between chemists and automation specialists. Apart from obtaining technological data required for automation, an engagement of special organizations of automation was considered. Especially the VNIISK dealt with the control of technological processes and their mathematical description. The VNIIG cooperates smoothly with the organizations dealing with the construction of equipment. The work of the Card 2/5 S/064/61/000/005/002/003 The first steps of the ... B110/B229 laboratories VNIIV, NIUIF, NIIOgas, and others did not meet expectations. Some laboratories were charged with the development of continuous analytical methods and continuous testing of the properties of substances. The main organization of the chemical industry, OKBA, is to prepare a 8ystematic coordination of the activities of Branch NII (Scientific Research Institutes) and render them methodical and scientific assistance. An extension of the automation laboratories of Branch NII and their establishment at all inst itutes was suggested. S. 1. Vollfkovich, S. A. Tsurikov, and B. I. Mordkovich (NIUIF) spoke about cooperation between analytical chemists, technologists, designers of equipment, electricians, etc. in the elaboration of new technological procedures. Combined brigades of the NIUIF with specialists of various organizations will be trained to cope with the greatest problems (e. g., removal of fluorine from phosphate fertilizers, calcination of magnesium sulfite in the Magnitogorskiy metallurgicheskiy kombinat (Metal- lurgical Combine of Magnitogorsk). To construct an automatic contact sulfuric-acid plant, cooperation between mathematicians, programing ex- perts, physicists, chemists, thermodynamicists, experts in radio electron- ics, etc. will be required. L. It. Yakimenko spoke about cooperation be- tween automation and technical laboratories of the KT'P, As a result of Card 3/5 S/064/61/000/005/002/003 The first steps of the... Bi1O/B229 preliminary recommendations of the planning engineers, new industries and technological equipment with the assistance of leading industrial techno- logists are planned. V. N. Kraynov of GIAP pointed out the lack of tech- nological knowledge of automation specialists on the one hand, and that of automation knowledge of technologists on the other. The automation laboratory of the GIAP carried out automatization of the nitric acid conc*entration plant in the Chernorechenakiy khimzuvod (Chemical Work of Chernorecherisk), whereby many technological rules were discovered. In the Stalinogorsk Chemical Combine technologists did not consider the opinion of automation specialists and had to reconstruct the plant. ~n research work done by GIAP on ammonia production of the Stalinogorsk Chemical Com- bine, automation specialists did not participate. For the automation of mazout gasification, various optimum control possibilities were suggested by technologists, and equipment was perfected by automation npecialists. According to A. S. Voronov of NIOPiK, the quality of aniline colors was increased by automation, working conditions were improved at the same time, and optimum production was achieved. Technologists of the NII, of the KIP of the plants, and of OKBA branches take part in the automation of several procedures, theoretical foundation of automation levels, etc. In Card 4/5 The first steps of the ... order to develop new equipment, it the KB as soon as possible. Speedy in the Nauchno-tekhnicheskiy sovety of some branches of NII and contact and other socialist countries were S/064/61/000/005/002/003 B110/B229 is necessary for Branch IM to contact establishment of automation sections (scientific and technical councils) with automation institutes of the CSR recommended. Card 5/5 -IEONOV, A.L. First steps of the A~ztozvation Division of the Scientific and Tech4ical Council of the State Chemical Committee, Khim.prom. nc).5:367-369 My 16.1. WIRA 14:6) 1. Uchenyy sekretarl Sektsii avtomatizatsii Neuchnovtelchnicheskogo sovets. Goakhimkomiteta. (Chemical industries) (Automation) MELD ~ Anatoliy Gavrilovich; PLISKIN, Lev Gavrilovich; SHUMILOVSKIY, Nikoleor Nikolayevich; LEONOV, A.L.., red.; SHPAK, Ye.G.,, tekhn. red. - (Principles of the automation of sulfuric acid kaWAoture by the contact process] Osnovy avtomatizatsii proiz'V6dE.tva sernoy kisloty kontaktn~m met-odom. Moskva, Gos. nauchno-tekhn. izd- vo khim. lit-ry, 1961. 313 P. (MIRA 15:2) (Sulfuric acid) (Automatic control.) IZONCIVJ, A.L. Branch Scientific and Technological Conference on the Automation of the Production of Synthetic Rubber and Synthetic Alcohol. ' Khim.pram. no-5:383-384 MY 162* WIRA 15:7) (Rubberp S~nthetic-Congresses) - (Alcohol--Congresses) (Automation) ___IZQLO,V_ A.L. Technological and economic indices for evaluating the -progress of production automation. Khim.prom. no.9:670-674 i 162. (MIRA 15:11) 1. Opvtno-konstruktorskoye byuro avtomatiki. (Automation) (Chemical industries-Equipment and supplies) LEONOV, A.L.; KRABOV, V.N. Problems of automation at the First International Congress on Chemical Engineering Techniques, Chemical Machinery Manufacture, and Automation. Khim.prom. no.10.*777-?78 0 1.62. MIRA 15:12) (Chemical engineering-Equipment and supplies) (Automation-Congresses) L EUT ,7~T-NR,_ AP6007603 SOUME CODE; UR/0256/66/000/002/0059/0065 AUTHOR: Leonov, A. I,, (Engineer; Lt. Col.; Candidate of technical sciences) none ORG: TITLE: New methods of processing.signals SOURCE: Vestnik protivovozdushnoy oborony, no. 2, 1966, 59-65 TOPIC TAGS:. signal processing pulse compression, filter circuit NBSTRACT: This article examines ways of obtaining a high range resolution when using long probing pulses with frequency or phase modulation and subsequent compression of the signal being received, this compression being accomplished by using appropriate methods of signal processing. Defining an optimal filter as a linear filter at whose output the ratio of the-peak signal value to the effective noise value reaches a maxi- mum, the author examines the amplitude-frequency characteristics and phase character- istics of an optimal filter. It is found that as a result of compression of pulses a high range resolution, corresponding to the use of very short probing pulses, is re- tained and the average power of the radar station increases. The author also dis- cusses phase-manipulated signals and presents simplified diagrams of filters for ex- tending pulses and for compressing pulses and a block diagram of a device for produc- ing an optimal processing of a phase-manipulated signal. Orig. art. has: 7 figures. SUB CODE: 09/ SUBH DATE; none Card 1 /1 LQJ 621.391.837.1.002.235:621.376 er C Mae ot" 04, i r In of 7; :,(-~l -Cucr -4 12~" CC") iC-;! AUT HOR Leonov, A. Graduate Student sov /1 '2, - TTTLE: Some Problems in Conotructing Trianr.,-alation ifets. Jn (Ifekotoryye voprosy 6eometricheckogo postroyeniya derskik-li (rudnichnylch) triangpalyatsiy) i PERIODICAL: Izvestiya ,rysshikh ucliebnyl-,h zavedeniy~ au'-0- fotosllyen.ka, 1953, Nr 1, PP 137-155 (USS:0 ABSTRACT: Thin is a study of the simplification of -conetric ormfi tZ-i,Lnoulation in mines by excluding diagonol direct-lon--. The simpl.-Ification of triangulation nets for special -~ir- poses was not dealt with. - It in pointed oull- that t~`ia opinion is unfounded that the existence of d-*L&,,:Toial di,_e,~iions increases the total weight of the triangulation. ~r, sion of these directions does not cau:ie -a decrease in the total weight and the geometric weight of the net. It is use- ful to construct triangulation nets in mines from triangleo of a Ceomotric form without di-a '-onal conneoti or's . It should be avoided to set points into the various coi:',jinati,,,ns of fixed quadrangles and penta.,,,,on,--. The analyo_,j jhowq th,~', Card 1/2 such points do not increase the accuracy of the final S OV ~;9 - '3 1'2.~ Some Problems in Conotructizia Trian,-,ul on, '!,2 t3 in Y.ii-,es '~"Iioro !~re 12 1 rrt'~1,3, cind 20 referencos. 20 of .,,,hich aro Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Moslnovskiy jornyy institut i!;,.. I. V. Staliria (Mloscow In~-titute of Mining Irieni I. V. Stalin) Card 2/2 LEGNOV. A.M.. dateent; LIJ, A,P,,, starshiy prepodavatell - Determining optiom slope angles of rime in strip mines of the Karaganda Economic Region. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.;_gor. zhur. no.22:27-34 t6l. (MIRA 16:7) 1. Karagandinskiy politekhnicheakiy institut. Rekomendovana, kafedray marksheyderskago dela. (Karaganda Economic Region-Strip mining) 1"t NINI A. leonov, "Changes in the resriration and hemod-, namics of the dog in the anemization of the brain 'r-rougf-t L.-hout by the i..ethod of r,,obile 1-4~at,.:res under ,t. conditions of chronic e4lerimentation." Stalingrad State I r,-~l 7, Stalingrad, 1'7jr-16. (D-1--sertat.1"on I~cr tije ~'t3l-ruc of Candidate in !-~-dicul zScience). Knizhnaya iutonisl No 3,1,,, 19*5~-,. IONKIN, G.A.; LIONOV, A.M. Auemization of the brain in vessels supplying the brain 42 no-5:425-429 My 156. dogs by applying movable ligatures to In nonsurgical experiment. liziol,zhurs WRA 9: 11) 1. Kafedra patologicheskoy fisiologii Stalingradskogo meditsinskogo, instituta. (BRAIN, blood supply anemization by applying movable ligatures on vessels supplying brain in dogs) L ROYAIEL V I"rad) Acute blood lose in anirmls during hvpothermia. Pat.fiziol. I akap. terap. 3 no.5:77 S-0 159. (MIRA 13:3) 1. Iz kafedry patologicheskoy fiziologii (zaveduyushchiy - prof. G,A, lonkin) Stalingradakogo meditsinakogo instituta. (HYPOTHERMIA) (HEMOWWGB) CRIGORENKO) N.P.p kand. med. nauk, otv. red.; !LO_NOVj_A_,j~_-), zam. otv. red.; SPERANSKIY, V.S., dots. red.; ZHERDIV, I.V., prof., red.; KARPOVA, L.P., dots., red.; FLII?.Ov, K.M.,, zasl. vrach RSFSR, red.; KARPOVA, P.V., kand. med. nauk, red. (Papers on the anatomy of the circulatory system] Sbornik nauchrjykh rabot po anatomii krovenosnoi sisteqr. Volgo- grad, Nizbne-Volzhskoe knizbnoe izd-vo, 1964. 2 v. (MIRA 18.12) 1. Volgograd. Meditsinskiy institut, 2, GlavW vrach Oblastnogo onkologicheakogo dispansera Volgogradskogo meditsinakogo instituta (for Petrov). 3. Kafedra normal'-- noy anatomii Volgogradskogo meditsinskogo instituta (for Grigorenko, Speranskiy). ussR/chemistry - suirur compounds 21 Sep 51 "Tx%neformation. of Sam Sulrur. Compounds of the Aramtic Series (Dithioresorcinol,, Thiocresol', -Dimethylthianthrene) Ditolrldlsulf ide and 2,6 OV*-e 6a CALtalv~st." 1. N. Tits -Skvortakov, -W A. 1. Leonov, S. Ya. IAvin, Moscow Stite U ni Lawaosov -DOk Ak Nsuk SSSR- Vol LMM, No 3, PP 377-380 Thlophenol reacts with hydrogen in 2 ways to form: (1) Benzene and H2S; (2) thianthrene. Dithiores- Orcinol reacts with hydrogen to form toluene and kS. Di nyldisulfide, when hydrogenated, splits phe 23.Or3Q MR/Chemistry Sulfur Compounds 21 Sep 51 (Contd) to form thiophenal. 2,6-Ditolydisulfide splits to form thiocresol. 2,6-Diwthylthianthrere splits to form 2 molecules of parathiocresol. 0 L-K ~4. OAP-e-n np'-W~Jtg . A, W.V UONUVP A.N.P inzh. R~siilta of poor repairing. P#' i put.khoz. 7 no.4:2X-29 163. (Karl 16:3) 1. Starshiy dorozhnyy master, atantsiya Moskvar-Smolenukaya. (Railroads-Maintenance and repair) GRIGORENKO, N.P., zasl. vrach RSFSR, kand. med. naukj LIPCHENKO, V.Ya.p kand. med. nauk, otv. red.; LEONOV, A.N., dots., red.; KASATKIII, S.N.., prof., sasl.-666M~~!i RSFM, prof., red.; POLYANTSEV, A.A., prof... zasl. doktor nauki RSFSR, red. [Pathopenesis, clinical aspects, treatment and preventiot of the most serious diseases; materials of the 21st sci- entific sessionl Patogenezy klinika; lechenie i profilak- tika vazhneishikh zabolevanii; materialy 21-1 nauchnoi sessii. Volgograd, 1963. 347 p. (MIRA A12) 1. Volgograd. Meditsinskiy irstitut. 2. Zaveduyushchiy kafedroy obshchey khirurgii Volgogradskogo meditsinskogo instituta (for Polyantsev). J. Zaveduyushchiy kafedray norm-allnoy anatomii. Belgogradskogo meditsinskogo instituta (for Kasatkin). 4. Kafedra normallnoy anatoudi Volgogradskogo meditsinskogo instituta (for 6rigorenko, Lipchanko). I /Z V LEONOV, A.P. " ~Co'operation of two enterprises. Izobr.v SSSR 2 no.11:51 H '57. (MIRA 10:10) (Textile industry) (Plastics industry) 1. ISONOV, A.P. 2. USSR (600) 4. Caucasus - Geology, Stratigraphic 7. Result of a natural stratigraphic division of the lower Paleocene deposits of Central Circaucasia. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. geol. no. 3, 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library 2f Congress, APidL 1953, Uncl. LIONOV, A.P. Basic conceptions, on areal 14 no.6:137-139 159. 0~ eanography) and genfiral oceanograph7. Vei3t.LGU (WRA 12:6) LECNOV, A.P. Reconstruction of mi-11 ventilators. Sbor.rats.predl.vnedr.v proizv. n-j.1;44 '61. (MIRA 14:7) 1. Novo-Tul'skiy metallurgicheskiy zavod. (Fans, Electric--Technological innovations) LEONOV, Anatoliy Pavlovich; CHEKAL111111, N.A., red. [Colleezion of problems in electric_el en~-dineerinr7J Za- dachnik po elektrotekhnike. Xoqkva, Fnergiia, 1965. 11-1 P. (14,11"A 1-8:2) 112-1-1664 Translation from: Referativnyy Zhurnal, Elektrotekhnika, 1957, Nr 1, p. 250 (USSR) AUTHOR: L6onov, A.R. TITIM Voltage Stabilizer (Stabilizator napryazheniya) (Proposal of A.A. Petrov, N.V. Finashin,.B.N. Sokolov) PERIODICAL: Sbornik.rats. predlozheniy., M-vo, elektrotekhn. prom-sti SSSRO 1955, Nr 56, pp. 1~-'15 ABSTRACT: A description is given of a voltage stabilizer setup with a feedback used instead.of a storage battery for checking voltmeters and wattmdters of all systbms and of _ 0.1 - 0.5 classes with measurement limits up t6 300 v to be made with d-c potentiometer sets of the TIH72 or ITB-2 types. Specifications of the stabilizer: volt- age. 320 v,, current up to 300 ma, output voltage variation after 1 hr of initial heating is not more than 0.002 v (oxoo6%). A practical circuit diagram of the stabilizer is presented (the following tubes were used: Cr,3(; 6H9C - 2 pieces, 6H5C - 4 pieces, 5 TT 3 C - 3 pieces); transformer and choke coil data are al 'sogiven. Results obtained in testing the setup permit recommending it for Card 1/1 the indicated purpose. V.A.L. 112-1-1192 Translation from: Referativnyy Zhurnal, Elektrotekhnika, 1957, Nr 1, P- 187-(USSR) AUTHOR: Leonov, A. R. TITLE: Improving the Efficiency of the Impregnating Technique in the Production of Magnetic Amplifiers (Propo~s�t#on of K. S. Marchenko). (Ratsionalizatsiya tekhnologicheskogo rot-sessa propitki pri izgotovlenii magnitnykh usiliteley). edlozheniye K.S. Marchenko) M PERIODICAL; Sbornik. rats. predlozh. M-vo elektrotekhn. prom-sti SSSR, 1956, Nr 7 (65), PP-9-10. ABSTRACT: It is proposed to wind up the coils of magnetic amp!-!fiers w1th a conductor preliminarily impregnated ins-15--ad of Card 1/2 having the frame dried,.-impregnated wi-Ith arnish and 7 112-1-1192 Improving the Efficiency of the Impregnating Technique (Cont.) then baked in the drying chamber after the winding up of each coil. With the new method of winding, the pro- duction process at the plant *Elektroapparat" wasx~~ddced more than 3 times. The quality of magnetic amplifiers Card 2/2 was grebLtly improved and their production became cheaper. B.N. Sh. --- .~ LEONOV, A.R. New equipment manufactured by "Elaktroapparat." Vest. elektroprom. 32 no.]+:74,76 Ap 161. .I (14IRJ~ 15: 5) (Electric insulators and insu3atibn) (Electric switchgear) TAYTS. Ye.M. doktor iekbn. nauk; SHVARTS, S.A.p kand. tekhn. naukfdeceasedjg PEYSAKHZON., I.B., inzh.; GELIFER, DIU.p inzh.. DMITRTIYI~IKO, M.T., inzh., DORF14MI, G.A., inzh.z IZRAELIT., Ye.,I-I.,. inzh.3 KULAKOV, IT.K., inzh.; KUSHIYANSKIY, B,S., inzh.-, MEYKSON, L.V... inzh. (deceased]; .,IEONOV., A.S., inzh.~ SIWAiTS, G.A., inzh.,. ShVARTDWI., ., in YATSI&O, II.Ya. , .-nzh. ~ BABh!,, F.P.,, inzh. ~ KHANIII, I.I.I. doktor tekhn, nauk, prof., red.-' KOZYREV, V.P.., inzh., red., KUPERMAN, P.I.2 inzb,, red., LGALOV~ K.I., inzh., red.; LEYTES,, V.A., inzh., red.3 LEF&IM,, B.Z., inzh.,red.3 POTAPOV, A.G., jnzb., red.r ShELKOV, A.K., red. [By-product coke industry worker2s handbook in six volumes] Spravochnik koksokh-Imika v shesti tomakh. Moskva., Metal- lurgiia. Vol.2. 1.965. 288 P. (MIRA 18:8) FRIDNAN2 M.I.; LEONOV, A.S.; HMTBENKO, A.M. Flimirmting the leakages of blast furnace gas through the dividing wall of regenerators. Koks i kh:Lm. no.2.-29-30 162. OUM 15:3) 1. Koksolchl tantsiya (for Fridman, Leonov). 2. Dneprodzer- zhinskiy koksokbimicheskiy zavod (for Maystrenko). (Coke ovens) LEONOV A.S . Ghecker-brickwork of regenerators and grates. Koks i khim. no-4.-29-30 t62. (KIRA 16:8) 1. Dneprodzerzhinskiy koksakhizaicheskiy zavod. (Goke ovens) LEONOV, A.S. Improve the removal of coke-oven gas from the coking chambers. Koko i 1-him. no.1-1:4.1 163. (RIFU 16:12) 1. Kharlkovskiy politekhnicheskiy institut. I-Follov I II.V ~ Orrlov!2-'an stratfggraph~y of 5outhparitern Kazak','5t!-n~ V.,t, All Kazakh. SiSR 19 no.1--l.90-92 11163. (MTIR'-~ 17,5) LFDN.OVj AvV* Manifestation of rc.-.nt volcaniam in southeastern Kazekhstpsn. 1z'r, AN Kazakh, SSR. 31er. gol. 21 no.5~45-56 S-0 164. (MIRA 1815) 1. Institut geoliooch,-skikh nauk im. K.Lsatpayeva AN KazSSSR, Alma-Ata. ABDRAKHMbNOVI K,A.; LEONOVI A.V.; LYAJIN, Yu.1,; MILIER, Ye.Ye. - - T Kaza S . .-~,r.-,;n,i lij,.-Uni-orl Vr,_-!;ino3ogic Cr~nfercnco. Izy, Ali kh . S - R Ser.L?eol. 22 no.42:79-81 14r-Arj 165. (MIRA 118;1't~ 1. Institut geo-logicheskikh nauk imeni Satpayeva, Alma-Ata. LEONOV,A.Ye. "Plant toolroom management". N.I.Poliakov. Reviewed by A.B.Leonov. Vest.maeh.35 no-7:90-92 JI'55- (MLRA 8:10) (Machinists' tools) (Psetory management) LSONOV, A. Ye. -dots. "Atlas of machine parts (transmissions)" by B.P. Dashkevich, S.K. Dliachenko, S.Z. Stolbovoi. Reviewed by A.B. leonov. Vest. mash. 38 no.2-.83-84'IP 158. (MIRA 11:1) (Power transmission) (Dashkavich, B.P.) (Diiachenko, S.K.) (Stolbovoi, S.Z.) 2XAGA, P.I., inzh., red.; VCRCBIYEV, S.A., kand.takhn.nauk, red.; KUZUBOV, V.I., inzh., red.;-130UOV, A.Ye., dotsent, red.; KALYSH, Yu.I., inzh., red.; P UST OVALOV, V.I., inzh., red.; SAVCHSHKOV, V.A., kand. tekhn.nauk, red.; KHKARA, S.M., kand.tekhn.nauk, red.; DONSKOY, Tajo., red.: LYALYUK, I.P., red.: SMCHEIIKO, M.G., [Advanced technology; collection of articles on the introduction of advanced technology in machinery plants of Kharkov] Progres- sivnaia tekhnologiia; abornik statei ob opyte vnedreniia progres- sivnoi tekhnologii na kharlkavskikh mashinostroitellnykh zavodakh,* Khar1kov, Kharlkovskoe knizhnoe izd-vo, 1959. 297 m. (MIRA 13-1) 1. Politekhnicheskiy institut imeni Lenina (for Khmara). (Kharkov--Machinery industry-Technological innovations) LF,ONOV,-,Andr.ey-,.Tevetaflyevich; KHAYMOVICH, Te.M., prof., doktor tekhn.nauk, ,reteenzent; PnIPMO, Ta.P.. red. DNimps for the hydraulic systems of machine tools and machinery] Hasoey gidravlichaskikh sistem stankov i mashin. Moskva, Gos.' nauchno-takhn.izd-vo mashinostroit.lit-ry, 1960. 224 p. . I- -1 (KIRA 13:10) (Pumping machinery) (Machine tools--Hydraulic driving) ZRAGA, P.L. inzh., red.; VOROBInV, S.A., kand.tekhn.nouk, red.; KABLOV, A.A., inzh., red.; K1JZUBOV, V.I., inzh., red.: LEONOV A T dotsent. red.; TUITSYN, A.I., kand.teldin.nauk, i.H., kand.tekhn.nauk, red.; DOUSKOY, red.: KARDASH. G.I., red.: LYALYUK, I.P.. red.; LI14XIOVA. M.I., [Mechanization and automation; collected articles on the introduction of mechanization and automation at machinery plants in Kharkov] Mokhanizatsiin i avtomatizataiia; sbornik statei ob opyte vnedreniia mekhanizntail i avtomatizatail na Kbarlkovskikh mashinostroitelinykh zavodakh. Kharlkov, Kharlkovsk-oe knizhnoe izd-vo, 1960. 373 P. (nRA 14:4) (Kharkov--Machinery industry) (Automation) FOPCHENKOy S.., kand.tekhn.naa,k;, LEONOV, B., inzh. Experience with the use of cold asphalt waterproofing. Zhil. stroi. no. 3:7-9 Mr 161. (14IRA 14:4) (Waterproofing) DOYNIKOV, I.; A mining foreman in the morning, a ballerina-at night. Sov. profsoiuzy 18 no.8:34-35 l62. (MIRA 15:4) (Moacow-Ballet) BOW, AN.; BOGDANOV, G.I.; LEVITSKIY, D.Z.; DROBOT, A.S.; YAKOVENKO, K.F.; MARCKENKO, A.A.; MATVEYEV, I.K.; I~OWV, B.A.; BAEENKO, V.T. Pillar recovery in the Krivoy Rog Basin. Gor. zhur. no.5:22-24 My t65. (MIRA 18-.5) 1. Institut gornogo dela im. A.A.Skochinskogo, Moskva (for BudIko, Bogdanov). 2. Trest Leninruda (for Levitskly). 3. Rudnik imeni R. Lyuksemburg (for all except BudIko, Bog-Janov, Levitskiy). LEONOV, B.g~t,-tnxh#~~, LIBMAN, M.D., inzh. Using cold asphalt plaster in waterproofing. Biul. tekh. inform. po stroi. 5 no.4:18-20 Ap '59. (MIRA 12:8) (Waterproofing) (Asphalt) ~01 -sq.' jr L80MV ~ P, R, "A New Tyre of Draii-in Collect for J,athes and Turnnt" Stanki I Instrument) 14, ilo. 6) 1943 DII-5259019 TIE0110vi 11. 11, Engineer "A Macliine Too! for Use in Pormin'- :Shiors." 3tanki I Tnstrument Vol. 15, No. 1,2 1944 BR-52059019 KUZVETSOV, A.P., otv. red.; MkLIKOV, M.F. 9 zas3-azhenqjy dayatell nauki i tekhnikit prof., red.; BARINOVI V.A., -"oktor tekbno naukp prof-# red.; LEONOV B M., red.; MIKOV- 6.F.p kand. tekbn. nauk, red. KOLICHENK09 G.N., red. (Hundred-years of the state weights and reasures service in the U.S.S.R.] Sto let gosudarst-vennoi sluzhby ner i vesov v SSSR. Moskva, Gos. izd-vo tekhniko-teoret. lit-ry, 19.45. 376 p. (SSSR. GosudarstvenrWe standarty) (MIRA 34:7) 1. Russia(1923- U.S.S.R.) Komitet standartov, iner i izmeritell- pykh pr-*borov. 2. Predsedatell Komiteta po delam rer i izmeritell- r7kh priborov pri Sovete ParodrWkh Komissarov SSSR (for Kuznetsov) 3. Chlen Komiteta, po delan mer i izr.-eritellrgkh priborov pri Sovete Ilarodr,qkh Komissarov SSSR (for Leonov) (Weights and measures) LEONOV) B. M. and K. N. KATSMAN. Gosudarstvennaia sluzhba mer i vesov v SSSR. M08k`VA, Mashgiz) 1951. 119 p. At bead of title: Komitet po delam mer i izmeritelInykh priborov. Public service of weights and measures in the USSSR. DLC: QC100-5-14 SO: Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering in the Soviet Union, Library of Congress, 1953. LHOWN.B.M. Ma- New developmental stage in technical control techniques. lzm. tekh. no.1:6-9 Ja-F 155. (MLRA 8:9) (Quality control) LHONOV, B.M. -0"'*16organization of the checking and inspection operations. lzm. tekh. no.6.,15-21 N-D '57. (MIRA 10:12) (Mensuration) L 4ooo4-66 EWT(m)/EWP(t)/ETj TJP(c M /&V /q','j I.Tell TC-C NR'. AP6008272 SOURCE'COD'E: 'UR/0080/66/039/002/0359/0.1162 AUTHOR: Kuzin, I. A.; Taushkanov, V. P..;,Leonov, B. M.; Boganch, Ya. ORG: none TITLE: Sorptionlof metals from an acetate solution by SKT activated charcoal SOURCE: Zhurnal prikladnoy khimii, v. 39, no. 2, 1966, 359-362 TOPIC TAGS: sorption, chemisorption, acetic acid, ammonium compound )1U"j ~1 11 11 0 p -1,'7 ABSTRACT: The ~ffption o. Zirconium, chromium, cadmium, zinc, lea_, manganese, nickel,i cobalt, uranium, bariud,fand cesium' SKT charcoal from solutions of acuzic acid and ammonium acetate was studied. It was found that uranium is more readily sorb- ed by the charcoal than any of the other metals. The optimum mixture of acetic aui d and ammonium acetate for the sorption of uranium is 0.45 mol acetic acid and 0.05 mol ammoni= acetate. Addition of the latter to the acetic acid solution immediately in- creased the sorption by the charcoal; however, continued increase in the concentration; of am:monitzn acetate beyond 0.05 mol reduced the sorptive capacity of the charcoal expo-, nentially. It was found that NH41403 in a pH solution of,2.4-3.0 slifybtl increased the sorptive capacity of charcoal above a salt concentration of lmol/dm~. Experi- mental data was obtained on a bed of charcoal 60 mm high. Passage of the acetate so- i; UDC: 661.183.2+547.292 r---L--zrOO04-66 ACC NR. AP6008272 lution through the bed occurred at a rate of 1 =3/an2min. Orig. art. has: 2 tables, '.2 figures. SUB CODE:07, SUBM DATE: 19Apr65/ ORIG REF: 006/ GTH REF: 002 Card 2/2 11b LRONOV, IB.N.,-,SUSOV, M.V. Using the aerial photo interpretation method in prospecting for kimber- lite pipes. Iz,r.vys.ucheb.zav.; gaol. i razv. I no.11:59-62 N 158. (MIRA 12:11) 1. Vaesoyuznyy aerogeoloeicheakiy treat. (PhotoRraphic interpretation) (Kimberlite) LEONOVj B.N. Origin of the relief and the geomorphological zonation of the Central Siberien Upland. Trudy VAG~ no,71l67-182 161# (MnU 14:7) (Siberian Platform--Physical geography) BITEIOIAN, I.M.; KUTEYNIKOV,, Ye.S.;- LEONOV, B.N.; NATAPOV, L.M. I,ower Carboniferous sediments in the Kyuyatingdinakiy trough of the northeastern Siberian Platform. Biu.I.MOIP.Otd.geol. 36 no.6:96 N-D 161, (MM 15:7) (Menek Valley--4eologyj Stratigraphic) LTEF14h _, I.M.; KUTE;YNMOV, Ye.S.; LEON)V.. B.N.; NATAPOV, L.M. BI N New data on the lower Carboniferous deposits of the northeastern part of the Siberian Platform. Dokl.AN SSSR 144 no.3.-613-616 Y,v t 62. OCRA 15-5) 1. Vsesoyuznyy aerogeologicheskiy trest. Predstavleno akademikom A.L.Yanshinym. (Siberian Platform-Geology, Stratigraphic) LEONOV, B.N. Basic characteristics of the geolo,,-y of the northeastern part of the Siberian Platform. Trudy VAGT no.8s5-16 162. (SERA 15:11) (Siberian Platform-Geology) r,C)GINA, N.I.; IZRAILE;Vq L.M.; LEONOV9 B.N. New data on the nature of boundary between Middle and Upper Cam.- brian sediments in the northeastern part of the Siberian Platform. Trudy VAGT no.8:16-20 162, (WRA 15:11) (Siberian Platform--Geology, Stratigraphic) mom ,401110Vp B.N.; PROKOPGMJK) B.I. Age of kimberlites in the northeastern part of the Siberian Plat- form. Trudy VAGT no.8:80-84 162. (MA 15:11) (Siberian Platform-Kimberlite) LEONOVY B.N. Practice of using aerial methods in geoloAcal studies in the 0 eastern part of the Siberian Platform. Trudy VAGT no.8;123-130 ,62. NIRA 15:11) (Siberian Platform--Aeronautics in geology) PROKOPCHUK, B.I.; IZRAILEV, L.M.; ILIIN, P.A.; 4~PNOV, B.N.; SUSOV, M.V.; KOSTRYUKOV., M.S. Diamond potential of the Lena Valley; new diamond-bearing area in the northeastern part of the Siberian Platform. Trudy IAFAN AN SSSR Ser. geol. no-9:115-122 163. (MIRA 16:12) BATURET, V.V., glav. red.; BRYUKHANOV, V.11., red.; TSIKYMI , red VO S KIRE"I-IjKlY., Ye.N., red.; IL'INA, I.-S., red.; V red.; LUNG:-:RSW.UZ-.iT, G.F., red.; V.M., red.; MORAL27V, V.'.., red.; R,,.KOVETS, O.A., red. [1,1othods for Lho interp.-otation of tbo matorials of aerial photograpIV in geolo:,rical studies; materials] Metody de- shifrirovaniia aerofotomaterialov pri geologicheskikh is- sledovaniiakh; materialy. Glav. red. V.V.Baturin, V.11. Briukhanov, LJI.T'likkell. Moskva, Izd-vo 1111edra," 1964. 150 P. (INdRil 17:7) 1. V2eso5-uznyy seminar po geoloEicheskomu deohifrirovaniyu pri geologicheokikh i:3sledovaniyakh, Mo.,-,cow, 1961. LFONOV, B.N.; BITERMAN, t4A'PAF'()V, I'm, ...... ~-. -,-Ill -- Characteristics of the tector-ic 6evelopment of the Olenek highland in the Late Pro-Cambrian. Dokl. AN SSSR 161 no.lj:ll?3-1.176 Ap 165. (MIRA 18-5) 1. Submitted February 15, 1964. 7. AUTHOR: 43477 S/205~62/002/OC)6/003/021 E027/E4io Leonov, B.V. TITLE: ~_Ch_aiii_,~_in the antioxidant activity of cultures of the 11ep-2 cell. strain under the influence of external gamma-irradiation PERIODICAL: Radiobiologiya, v.2, no.6, 1962, 819-823 TEXT: The author has used the oxidation of 0-3,4-dioxyphenyl-a- aminopropionic acid (DCP,%) as a system for studying the anti- oxidant properties -,)f Hep-2 cells subjected to gamizia irradiation. Monolayers of the cells grown in Roux bottles by standard methods were irradiated with a cobalt source in a' total dose of 400 r at the rate of 290 r per minute. The eel-Is were removed with vorsene and prepared as a suspension in pH 7.6 phosphate buffer in a concentration of 3 X 106 cells in 4.5 ml. DOPA was added to et final concentration of 3 x 156M, and also a detergent ("sipo") to -hold in solution the pigment 'formed by oxidation. The mixture was incubated at 37*C for 18 hours. The progress of the oxidation of DOPA was followed by determining the optical density of filtered samples removed at intervals. The oxidation of DOPA was also C Card 1/2 Lz~~ do V) PO V. P.d1-1 by irradiation In U,ttF relit M A- it All. 11 V.4 V. N, Bernoleniky, A. 1. Sh-,T", A. A. MISi Tarusm, and S. N.- L~ono The amount of free radicals in organs or rat% and In cells cultured in Yhro during and after Irradiation has b. studied. Radicals were determined uilnj the Aethod Koslov-Taruiov. Intracellulir polyincrisalion vai mcaiurcil b 'v the uso of low toxicity watcr-so!uble rrinortwit of the rolyvinyl [Intl actilo nitrate group,. The rn,, ...... crx co! introduced into cclh at different Invavats before and after irradiation. In addition. peroxide radicals in livinst ccill ven determined for very low '.ntensity radiations (ShurAviev). Both methods have some advantage over the paramagnetic resonance since living cells are used. Itt Was &h wn that coc radiation-induced free mdi,-U in tivins cells aro either "idative or non-oxidative, nd tha radicatoror-,ation contin." -net Irradiation. 'no raths of.oxidative to non-oxidative radicals is reduced with *0 N1 increasing ionit3tion c1cmity. The kinetics or radical forrnation In living cells wcm studied as a function ordme and time, A,_-Jor- / P-A.J~hlt, A,.d,.y arsd-, 4rh, UMN. report rroso-nt-~d at tho 2rA rntl. COG&rVGN of Radiatlon Reseuxth, Ramriato/rorkahire, Gt. Brit. _ ~.jj Avg 1962 L 13330-i63, EWT(lVPq(4)/ Acassica NR: Anoo3926 S/WO5/63/003/004/0518/0522 -mav, B. V.; ILMOVa me, AUTHOR. I- Rudakov, 1. A. A!1 TITIZ: Relation ot radionenhitivity of rate with antioxidation activity of bone marrov content in their blood while in' stress -and noaasterified fatty acid -a condition SOURCE: Radidbioiagiya, v. 3, no. 4j' 1963~ 518-522 TOPIC TAZSc anticoddation, bene marraw., nonesterification, fatty acid., stress reaction, radiosensitivity.- ABSTRAZT: Experiments,were performed to detemine changes in'antioxidation ac- tivity of bone marrow and the NEFA (nonesterified fatty.-acid) content of the !~blood duringa condition of stress and to compare them with changes in radiosen- sitivity of the organism during the same period.- Female white'rats were used for the experiment. Groqp X-vas,exposed to irradiation but not subjected to stress. Groups 11 and III were subjected to stress produced by a 2-mamp electric CUrre nt of 2-sec duration givenat 2-min Intervals. Group 11 animals were ir- radiated immediately after one hr of exposure to electric stress. Group III ani- mals,were subjected to irradiation 24 hr after exposure to electric stress for ';ard 1/2 ACCESSION '11TR: A~4015088 S/0205/64/004/001/0072/0075 AUTHOR: Leonov,~ B. V.; Lomova, M. A. TITIS: Change in total fatty acid level of tissue cultures after gamma-irradiation SOTI.qCF,: Radiobiblogiya, v. 4, no. 1. 19641 72-75 TOPIC TAGS: garLma-irradiation, fatty acid level, tissue culture strain Ner-2, lipid metabolism, nitrogen levels histochemical lipid investigation, lipid-protein ratio ABSTRACT: The effect of gamma-irradiation on lipid metabolism was studied in tissue culture cells (sttain Ner-2) biochemically and histochemically. The cells were gama-irradiated (EGO-2 unit, 270 r/min) with single 400 r doses and investigated 4 days later. Total fatty acids were determined by Dole's method in 10-15 million cells after prelLminary saponification of lipids and were expressed-in nicroequivalonts of palmitic acid for 10 million cells. Total nitro- gen level of cells was determined. Calls were grown in a single layer and then stained with scarlet red for morphological investigation. Findings show that the total fatty acid level is 3.27 microequivalents .,-Card 1/3 ACCESSION NR: AP4015088 for irradiated cells compared to 1.81 microequivalents for control cells and that nitrogen levels are practically equal, with 0.50 mg for irradiated cells and 0.52 rag for control cells. Histochemical inves- tigations revealed the presence of lipids in control and irradiated call protoplasm, but visually no appreciable difference in their number could be found. Possible explanations for the higher lipid level in irradiated cells include increased synthesis of fats'.1ower consumption of fats, and intensified absorption of ready lipids from the nutritive medium. The lipid-protein ratio of 6-3for irradiated cells =d 3.6 for control cells suggests extensive cell degeneration by the 41th day after irradiation. Lack of quantitative difference in lipids between control and irradiated calls determined histochemically does not contradict biochemical findings because the histaochemical method does not reveal finer quantitative changes. The accumulation of lipids in irradiated cells may be a radioprote.ativo reaction as' found for example in irradiated yeast calls* Orig. art. has; I figure,, 1 table. ASSOCIATION: None Card 2/3 40am LFctlovj, P. V. 22435. LEOHOIT, R. V. Opyt iegotoyleniya asfalltovykh armirovannvkh matov na stroitellnykh plosh chadtockh-gidrotekhn, stroit-.;7o, 1949., No 7, S-27-30 SO: LETOIIISt No. 30, 1949 pOPCOWW~-;,S.V..- JMW-~4~n.nauk;40N V, B.V., inzh. .0 Using machinery in cold I-aying of waterproof bitumastic coatings. Mekh. stroi. 15 noe'4:17-19 'Ap '158. (MIRA 11:5) (Bitumen) POPCHENKO, S.N., kand.tekhn.nauk; LZONOV_,B.V.,_~~Zh.; YEFMIOV, S.G., J-nzh. Cold asphalt coatings for reinforced concrete roofs. From. ~stroi. 40 no.5:26-30 162. (MIRA 15:5) A (Asphalt) (Roofing, Concrete) FOPGIIENKO, Sergey Nikolayevich; LEOI'011, Boris Vasil lyevicli; YEFREI,'OV, Stanisla7..r P.G.P red. New developments in the construction of nonrolled roof- ing of cold asphalt mastic] Novoe v stroitel'stve bezru.- lonnykh krovell iz kholodnirkh asfglltovykh rastik. Le- ningrad, 1964. 21 p. (MIRA 18-1) POKROVSKIY, Nikolay Stepanovich; LEONOV,.B.V.p red. (Saturation waterproofing of c(naretel Propitochnaia gidroizoliatsiia betona. Moskvay Energiia, 1964. 68 P. (MIRA 18:4) 7 A6f IN.; AT602-9627 AU7H'ORI: Loonov,_P. V.; Ylikhaylova A, A. ORG: none SOURCE-CODE-.--U,'I/Qooo/66/000/000/0135/0144 TITLE: The tissue culture mothod in radiobiolorical investigations -301n, CE : Vo-prosy oloshchey radiobiologii, (Problems of general radiobiology). Moscow, Atuomizdatu, 1966, 135-1W,' 'FOPIC TAGS: radiobiology, tissue culture, radiabion biologic offect [J~337-,,.'ACT: 'Llic. article i:; ba:;C'd on a literaturo sui-voy and prosents data on ticalue "11 If- 1,0 jnotjjQ,4Z; in r.-Ld-obioloGical t;tudio~~. Thoro iratarials indicato that tissuo cultlitos arc: L~ood moclols for studyin-. various azpoct3 of radiat-ion biolo,,.,Ic offuctsi ci'fnct of irradiation do--o siv) ~.ndl rato or. tho doi;ruo of rLdiation injury, bio*lo~ic raC-iation hctlGn wi".11i d if f e r oi on, I z, i o -a C c. ~ s Ji ty, rostoration processes of ir~-adiatod colls and pronions ol radioprotaction. Gro-,;th of tissuo cultures in tho for-m of a 1:iy,z;r or su~;noniion it po:;i;II.)lo to conduett i~iysicoclhcmnical and hirtological of lipid Vnd carloo"Iyalrato t`~;-,:0 J--nrcsti-ation~ Concur wi, th Lh 0 of to urcovorin~; tho r.0chanizz of, c;c-' s arL~ a4; lo C 0,-- 0'/ SUMI-I DATE: 24Apr66/ 0,'IIG RET: 016/ c'f,-, of,6 LEONOVI, D.,-,inzh. Machanotrons. Izobr.i rats. no.3.-8-9 163. (?UA 16:4) (Electron tubes) 1. KUSHNER, Kh. F.; GANTSHELt, M. A.; LEONOV, D. G. 2. USSR 600 4. Poultry, Breeds 7o Intervarietal crossing of chickens on the "Komunarka" State Farm, Sots. zhiv, 14, No, 12,o 1952, 9. Nonthly List of Russian Accessions., Library of Congress, April 1953, Uncl. YF,VDOKIYOV, V.F.; LEONOV., E.A. Serous meningitis in aautA pan~~r-eatlltlg, irarh. delo no,31 . 6 , j./, -j mr 64. (141RA 17r4)' BABOKIN, ".A., gorW inzhener; ISDNOV, F.A., redaktor; RATNIKOVA, A.P., redaktor; . FI~OZOROVSUYA, redaktor; ALUOVA, Ye,I., tekhnicheskiy redaktor. . [Water in coal mines and methods of,combating it in Moscow Basin] Shakhtnye vody- i sposob7 bor'by 9 nimi v Podmoskovnom basseine. Mosk7a, Uglatekhizdat, 1954, 311 ]~; (MLRL 8:5) (Moscow Basin-Mine drainage) (mine water) -LEONOV, G. Experience in manufacturing elements for large-panel buildir-gs in series 1-335. Na stroi.Ros. 3 no.4:25-26 AD 162. OAIRA 15:9) 1. Glavnyy inzh. Krasnoyarskogo zavoda zhelezobetonnykh izdeliy NO.l. (Precast concrete construction) (Krasnoyarsk-tiuilding-Details) KL-IIENKO, V.G.4 BERE"OVIKOV, A.D~; MONOY~,._Q 9 ---, Change in the compo:31'.1on of profsin3 In ripsn-ing seeds of R-ntil, cowpea and cbick--pea. Biokhimiia 29 n,o.4;59~-601 Jl-Ag 164. (~aRA 18:6) 1. Kafedra bic)kh:Lmii i nalielmo-IssledovateVskaya laboratoriya khimii belka Grosildarstvennogo universiteta, Kishinev. LEONOV, G.B. DetermJAing the specific gravity of biological liquids. Zdravookhranenie 2 no.4:48-50 Jl-Ag 159. (19M 14: 6) 1. Iz kafedry bioldiinii, (zav. - proj% M,S.Mikhlin) Kishinevskogo meditsinako o instituta. NPECIFIC GRAVITY) (LIQUIDS) SOV-016-56-0-10/21 AUTHOR: Ellyasberg, S.Ye. and Leorov, G.I., Engineers TITLE: The Dissipation of Stream Energy in the Lower VVaters of Low Pressure Dams (Gasheriye energii potoka v nizhnem blyefe nizkonapornykh plotin) PERIODICAL: Gidrotekhnicheskoye stroitel'stvo, 19,58, I;r rj, PP 31 - 33 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The authors recommend the construction of overflow sills with their terminal parts working as console water spilll- ways for low pressure dams, instead of installing expens- ive reinforced concrete apron wells. It was observed that overflow sills in the old dams successfully protect them from the erosive action of lower waters. There are 3 dia- grams and 2 Soviet references. 1. Dams--Design Card 1/1 LNOHOV,* G.H Prospects for utilizing underground waters in the water supply of Alm-Ata. Toot. AM Kazakh. SSR 13 no.2:13-18 7 157. (Alm-Ata-Vater supply) (MLRA 10:6) (Vater, Underground) If LEONOV, G.M. - W ~_~ VA 10:1~,", *,j, W_ ~ ~! -i Zonal *nature of imderground waters of the northern slope and piedmont plain of the Trans-Ili Ala-Tau. Vest. AN Kazakh. SSR 13 no.10:81-89 0 157. (MIRA 10:1Z) Mrans-Ili Ala-T-au-Water, Undergroundj~ BOKY I.I.; BARBOT de MARNI, A.,V, UH03TZOVA,, A,,V,~ GALTIYEV9 M~S'3 LI, A.B.4 ILMONOVICH, Y_AY0Vz-1-ffO, 4',Vq ASS11iG, I.I., HURWIGALHE'l., A,, B., SDKOLO~ , S, I, : GRJ. YEVA; Le, P, SERDVV 11 ~ P. - LEONOV. Gm ~JUKHARDV, B. S, ~ 'ZAGATNIOV, V. I.; V 4~ ULT-Mmulik, A.A. POGREBINSKIY, M.A. NASONOVA, O.M., KHAYDAROV, R.M.~ SIPIOROVA, ,R.I., rad.; 9 ALFEROVA, P,F., tektm. rad. (Ili Valley, its natu-_,-'~q and 'fenou.'7Qasj lliiakaia dolina, ee priroda I resursy. Pod obshchel red, M.I.Lomonoiricha. Alma- Ata, Izd-7o AN Kaz,,SSR.,, 1963, 338 p. (MIRA 16:8) 1. Akademiya nauk K,zakhskoy SSR,, Alma-Ata. Institut geolo- gicheskikh naukc. 2. Nauchnfye so"Onadniki. Instituta geologi- cheskikh nauk AN KazSjR (for BLk,, Barbot de Marni, Visloguzova, Galiyev, Li. Lomono,vich, Yakovenko). 3. Institut pochvovedeniya AN KazSSR (for Assihg, Nurinangalivev, Sokolov, Borovskily, Litvinova, Pogreb1ne_kf..y). 4'., Instit.ut botaniki AN KazSSR (for Grigorlyeva, Nasono-Ta)., Tnstitmt zoologii AN KazSSR (for Serov). 6. Kazakhskiy politekhnicheskiy institut (for Leonov). 7. Ministerstvo sellskogo khozyaystva KazSSR (for Zakharov). 8. Kazanskiy filial Instituta "Gidroproyekt" im. S.Ya.Zhuka (for Khaydarov). (Ili Valley--Physical geography) LE43"NOV, G. P. CaTicasus, Northern -Geology, Stratigrapide Phasic variability of the Maikop deposits in the western part of central in conaection with the problem of their stratiEraphic Separation. Vest. Mosk. wn. 5 No. 6, 1950. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress Nov. 1952. Unclassified 1ECIM) G. P. USSR/Geopbysics Central Cis-Caucasus May/Ji3n 52 "Experiment on Natural Stratigraphic Division of Lower Paleogenic Deposits of Central Cis-Caucasus," G.P. Leonov "Iz Ak Nauk, Ser Geolog" No 3, pp 102-106 Briefly describes author's deductions on principles of stratigraphic subdivision of tertiary deposits of Cis-Caucasus. Although author's assumptions were not yet confirmed by specialists, working in the speci- fied region, the article is published for discussion. 22or65 LVIONOV * G. P. -.. ~ r--- P~roblems and methods of regional stratigraphic studies. Vest.Hosk.un. 8 no.6: 33-45 Je '53- (HLRA 6;10) 1. Kafedra istoricheskoy geologii. (Geology, Stratigraph1c) IMONOV, G.P. Correlation of stratigraphic and geochronological gubdivisionse Yest.Hook.un.10 no-8:17-31 Ag. 155. (MLRA 9:1) l.Kefedra istorichaskoy geologii. 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