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AUTHOR: Liberman, G.R., Engineer 9l-'58-6-29/39 TITLE: The Installation of Indicators of Corrosive Agents on Steam Boilers (Ustanovka na parovykh kotlakh indikatorov agressivnosti) PERIODICAL: Energetik, 1958, Pr 6, pp 28-30 (USS10 AB6TRACT; The author discusses various suitable positions for fitting water corroviVeness . indicators on boilers, as well as common faults in making test patterns for a6gresiveness indicators. There are two figures. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 1/1 1. Corrosive irdicators-installation IaHAMN, G,.R.,,-.ipzh. Protecting the metal of boilers from feed water aggressiveness. Zzietgetlk 6 ne.12:25-27 D 158. (MM 11:12) (Boilers) INUMAUX, Veniamin Solomonovich, Inxh.; WEM, Mikhail Vesillyevich, inzh. (deceased]; LIBBRW,.Gr~gqriy.Romanovich, Inzh.; M'_ IW , X_ - .. SMSKIT, Ta.A., i~zh_., TAM, A.A., inzh., red.; SBDffMOV, S.A., red.izd-va; BARANOT, N.V.,, f0peration of small steam turbine electric power plants] Sksplustatsila paroturbinnykh slektrostantsii maloi moshchnosti. .Pod obahchal red. G.R.Libermana. Moskva, Iza-vo X-va komman. khos.'Rqv=, 1959. 483 p. (MMA 13:5) (Ilectric power plants) AUTHOR: Liberman, G.R., Engineer SOV/91-59-1-23/26 TITLE- An Illustrated Atlas of Boiler Sets (Atlas kotellnykh agre- gatov). Responsible Editor: Prof. A.P. Kovalev (Pod obah- ohey redaktsiyey prof. A.P. Kovaleva). PERIODICAL: Energetik, 1959, Nr 1, PP 35 - 37 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This is a review of the above mentioned atlas of boiler systems. Card 1/1 8(6) SOV/91-59-3-16/22 AUTHOR: Lib.erman, G.R. TITLE: On the Design of a Corrosiveness Indicator (0 kon- struktsii indikatora agressivnosti) PERIODICAL: Energetik, 1959, Nr 3, P 36 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This is a reply to a question from V.A. Olerov from Izhevsk, Udmurtskaya ASSR, asking in what spot a 3 mm bore should be drilled into the indicator channel to obtain an easy steaming when switching-in. The author replies that this bore should be drilled 5 mm away from the center axis of the front pair of studs. Fur- ther, he describes the basic design features of the indicator and refers Mr. Olerov to 2 Soviet publica- tions for additional information. There are 3 draw- ings and 2 Soviet references. Card 1/1 25(6) SOV/91-59-3-18/22 AUTHOR: ~-Lib erm an TITLE: An Ultrasonic Defectoscope for Testing the Metal Shells of Steam Boilers and Containers (Ul'trazvuko- voy defektoskop dlya kontrolya metalla parovykh kot- lov i sosudov) PERIODICAL: Energetik, 1959, Nr 3, PP 37-38 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The article is a reply to Mr. V.A. Olerov, living in Izhevsk, Udmurtskaya ASSR, who asks what type of ultra- sonic defectoscope is recommended for testing metal shells of steam boilers and vessels. The author re- commends the use of type UZD-7N defectoscope designed by the TsNIITMASh which is being serially produced. This defectoscope has a penetration depth of about 2m, at a working frequency of -25 megacycles, and a dead zone of 10 mm when applied with flat feelers. With prismatic feelers, having angles of sonic wave inci- dence of 30, 40, and 50 degrees, penetration depth is Card 1/2 about lm and the dead zone 2mm, at a working fre- SOV/91-59-3-18/22 An Ultrasonic Defectoscope for Testing the Metal Shells of Steam Boilers and Containers quency of 25 me. Two other types of defectoscopes: UZD-?N-1 and UZD-?E, have an analogous working prin- ciple but are not in serial production. For further information Mr. Olerov is referred to 2 Soviet pub- lications. There are 2 Soviet re.1"erences. Card 212 8(5) SOV/91-59-6-4/33 AUTHOR: Liberman, G.R., Engineer - TITLE: ------------ A Device' for Preheating the Lower Drums of Steam Boilers PERIODICAL: Energetik, 1959, Nr 6, pp 6-8 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author describes the device specified in the title, designed by him and by Engineer I.I. Bruk, and in- stalled in 1953-55 on a number of 5 to 45 ton/hour boilers of municipal power plants of the RSFSR. It consists of a number of small ejectors mounted on the distributing pipe. The number and the caliber of ejectors may vary depending on the capacity of the boiler and the number of lower drums. One such device serves one lower drum. Figure 1 shows this device for2 one lower drum of an 18 atm NZL-3 boiler having 400 m heating surface. Twelve ejoctors of small overall size are mounted on the 57 x 3 mm distributinU pipe, at an inclination toward the furnace chamber (in this Card 1/2 case the angle of inclination is 300). Figure 2 SOV/91-59-6-4/33 A Device for Preheating the Lower Drums of Steam Boilers shows the structural features of the ejector. It con- sists of a cylindrical nozzle with a 6 mm inner dia- meter, a housing, a 14 mm in diameter neck and a dif fu- sor capable of expanding to a diameter of 50 mm. Ejectors of this type are good for lower drums of various sizes; they viould only call for a slight al- teration of diameters of the nozzle and the neck. The steam feed pipe must be well insulated. The steam preheating of lower drums results in such a flow of steam, oic of a mIxture of steam and water, which facili- tates natural circulation and an even warming-up of all sections of the lower drums. There are 2 sets of diagrams. Card 2/2 SOV/91-59-6-28/33 AUTHOR: Liberman, G.R. TITLE: -&n the 'Admissibility of One Fireman Attending Two DKV-6, 5-13 Boilers with Fh1Z Fire Chambers PERIODICAL: Energetik, 1959, Nr 6, PP 37-38 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This is in reply to a question asked by V.V. Fokeyev, from Sverdlovsk. The reply is in the affirmative and quotes Par. 253 of the "Rules on Organization and Safe Exploitation of Steam Boilers", approved by the Gos- gortekhnadzor of the USSR on 19 March 1957. However, the author stresses the need for careful consideration of all local conditions prior to employing only one fireman, so as to secure 100016 safety of the given boiler house. Card 1/1 MEMO, G.R., inzh. "Atlas of boiler units" by A. P. Kovalev and others. Revieved by G. R. Liberman. Inergetik 7 no-1:35-37 JTa '59. NIRA 12:1) (Boilers) LIBERKAN, G.R. Construction of aggressiveness indicators. Energetlk 7 no*3:36 Mr 159- (MIRA 12:4) (Feed water--Testing) LIBIRRAN, G.R. -.1- - ~ - -'VI defectoscops for testing boller and vessel metals. . as Inergetik 7 no-3:37-38 Mr 159- (MMA 12:4) (Boilera--Testing) 8(6) SOV/cl 591-9-27/33 AUTHOR: Tiberman, G.R. TITLE: Increasing the Steam Output of Boilers PERIODICAL: Fnergetik, 1959, Nr 9, P 37 (USSR) ABSTRACT: I.Kh. Poroshenkova (Teningrad) requested instructions for increasing 'the steam output of 9hukho,.r and Pab- cock-Wilcox boilers, either by reconstruction or by improving individuAl units- The author replied that the steam output of such boilers may be increased by en- larging the stoker volume and by shielding the stoker walls, As a rule, if a steam superheater is installed on a such a boiler, its heater surface should be in- creased for avoiding a reduction of the superheated steam temperature. The functioning of convective heater surfaces may be intensified in certain cases by some modification of the flues, which will also result in increased steam output. Reconstructions of a boiler for increasing the steam output necessitates calcula- tions and planning which must be performed by special Card 112 planning organizations. The author lists two Soviet SOV/91-59-01,97/3' Increasing the Steam Output of Boilers publications on the reconstructions of low-capacity boilers. There are 2 Soviet references. Card 2/2 M , 8(6) SOV/91-59-10-25/29 AUTHOR: Liberman G.R., Engineer TITLE: Books on Thermo-Mechanical Economy of Electric Power Stations PERIODICAL: Energetik, 1959, Nr. 10, Pp 37-39, (USSR) ABSTRACT: Seven Soviet books are listed and briefly described. Card 1/1 PANIN, Vasiliy Ivanovichf LIBHMN, G.R., red.; OTOCHEVA, K-.A.. red.izd-va; KAZAROV.A, A.S.. IiWk~hnm [Small and medium boiler systems] KotelInye ustanovki zsloi L arednei moshchnosti. Moskva, Izd-vo H-va komrmn.khoz.R6rSHp 1960. 278 p. (KIRA 14-.1) (Boilers) BONDARZVSKIY, Dmitriy Ivanovich, dotsent, kand.tekhn.nauk; IERMAKOV, Rikolay Dmitriyevich, inzh.; LIBXRKAN,,Grigoriy Ruvimovich, inzh.; OVICHNIKOV. Tevgeniy Vasillyevich. kand.tAhi.Aatxk;" CHWOKj Mark Semenovich, inzh.; SURGUCHEY, V;D.. dotsent, retsenzent [deceased]; TOLOOMW. V.I..;.G1LCM. TVA.. kand.tekhn.nauk, red.; TROPIMOV, A.N., red.; SHPOLTANSKIT, M.N., red.; MIKCLAUTA, T.A., ied.; LIMYUKHIN, A..A., [Ingineering handbook on city electric railroad transportation in three volumes]. Tekhnichaskii spravochnik po gorodskoma elektro- transportu v trekh tomakh. Moskva, Izd-vo H-va kommun.khos. RSFSR. Yol.2. [Streetcar transportation] Tramvai. 196o. 565 p. (MIRA 13:7) (Street railways) 4"4N&% Improvement in the operation of boiler furnaces with mechanical nonsifting chain grates. Bnergetik 8 no.8:36 Ag 160. (MIRA 13:10) (Farnaces) I - - - -- LIMUtMAN, G. R. Measures to be kaken when boilers are shutdown. Rnergetik 8 no.11:39 N 160. (MIRA 13:12) (Boilers) LIBERMAN2 G.R. Use of fusible safety plugs in DKVR boilers. Energetik 9 no93: 3$-39 Mr 161. (MIU 14:7) (Boilera-Wety plugs) LIBERM" G.R. Concerning the operation of a steam engine. Energetik 9 no.5:36 MY 161. (Portable engines) OURA 14:- 5) -L14MXAN,-L.1L, inzh.)- PAYN, A.G., indi.; FINGER, L.M.., iuzho; PAND. V.I., inzh.p spets. red.; KLOPOTOVp K.K., inzh., red.; TELINOV, N.V... red.izcl-va; LELYUXHIN, A.A.,, tekhn. red. [Supply in electricity and heat, in the cities) Elektrosnab- zhenie i teploonabzhenie gorodov; nauchno-teiimicheskii in- formatsionxVi sbornik. Moskva, Izd-vo M-va kommm.khoz. Rom, ig6l. 141 p. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Russia (1917- R.S.F.S.R.) Ministerstvo kommmallnogo khozyaystva. Tekhnicheskoye upravleniye. (Municipal services) .LIBERMAN, G.R. Improvement of the operation of BTsR grates. Energetik U no.1:35-36 Ja 163. (MIRA 16:1) (Boilers) 1 -7: , ~~ '. ~14~ 7~i CHEPELI, Vladimir Mikhaylovich; VITKIN, Vladimir Mikhaylovich; LIBERMAN, G.,R,p, red.1 AU4AZOV, V.Z., rediizd-val KHENOKH, E.M., tekhn. red. [Aid to the stoker] V pomoshch' kochegaru. Izd,2,, perer. i dop. Moskvap Izd-vo M-va komun.khoz.RSFSR 1963. 220 p. WRA 17:3) MIN, Vasiliy Ivanovich; LIBERKAN, G..,'., red. (Boiler systems with sz-all and medium power ratIngs-I Kc- telInye ustanovki maloi i srednei moshc~mosti. Izd.2., parer. i dop. Moskva, Izd-vo lit ry po, stroit., 1964. 366 p. (MIRA 17:10', TAYTS, A.A.; MIN, V.I.., spets. red.; Y,J1AYEV-TSIKANOVSY,IY,, V.A., red. (Electric power and heat supply of cities; collection of scientific and technical information] Elektrosnabzhenle i teplosnabzhenie gorodovj- nauchno-tekhnicheakii informa- tsionnyi sbornik. Floskva, Izd-vo M-va kommun. khoz. aSFSR, 1963. 162 p. (Novaia tekhnika zhilishchno-kommunallnogo khoziaistva, no-4) (14IRA 18:8) 1. Russia (1917- R.S.F.S.R.) Ministerstvo kommunallnogo khozyaystva. Takhnicheskoye upravleniye. KIBRIK, Petr Samoylovich; ~L VAN, Grigoriy Rowinovich; KOMAROV, A.M., red. Nanual for boiler machinists (firemen)) Pamiatka mashi- nista (kochegara) parovogo kotla. Moskvap Energiiap 1965. 119 P. (MIRA 18: 10") C 7 uS..-,R/Chem!Lstry Synthesis Card 1/1 Pub. 40 - 7/27 Authors I Nesmayanovo A. H.; Bazonova, V. A,; Liberman., G.. 5.j and Yegiallyanova, L. 14 Title t Reactions of organio-magnesium. compounds with potassium and triethyloxoniuu borofluorides Periodical t Izv. 'AN SSSR. Otd. khim. nauk 1, 48-53, Jan-Feb 1955 Abstract t A'conVenient and simple method of synthesizingtrimethyl boron and some tatraryl boric salts through the reaction of organo-magnesitm compounds with potaosium and triethyloxonium borofluroides is described. The reac- tion products obtained and their chemical properties are lieted. Eight reforencest 1 USSRp 5 USA and 2 German (1862-1952). Institution t The MO V. Lomonosov State University, Moscow Submitted i February 12 1954 LIBERMAN, G.V.; KIREYEV, V.A. Interaction of tricalclum aluminate with water in the presewe of sodium and potassium sulfates at'elevated temperatures. Izv,vys. ucheb.zav.; khim. i khim. tekh. 6 no.6:896-900 163. (MIRA 17:4) 1. Moskovskiy inzhenerno-stroitellnyy institut imeni Kuybysheva, kafedra obshchey khimii. LIBERMAN. G.V.; KIREYEV, V.A. Interaction of tricalcium silicate with aqueous solutions of some chlorides and sul-fates at elevated temperatures. Zhur. prikl. khim. 37 no.2s450-453 F 164. (MIRA 17:9) 1. Moskovskiy inzhenemo-stroiteltnyy institut imeni Kuybysheva. LIBERMAN, !~~V.; KIREYEV, V.A. Interaction of tricalcium aluminate with water in the presence of the chlorides of calcium, sodium, and potassium at elevated temperatures. Zhur.prikl.khim. 37 no.1:194-196 Ja 164. (MIRA 17:2) LIBEBMAN. G. Ya.; SERCYVA, T.A., kand. med. nauk Arrest of atonic hemorrhage in three parturients by bilateral ligation of the uterine arteries. Akush. i gin. 39 no-41129-130 Jl-Ag163 (MIRA 16:12) 1. Iz rodillnogo doma Gorodskoy bollnitsy No.23 (glavnyy vrach I.A. Kokovikhin)p Sverdlovsk. ~JBERMIANY inz~. , - I- Choice a I wire sizes fo.- municipal Fc'-'t;:' networks, -"Lrwiy 1JE - 162. A I 'I no.4J-x24&t,5Cj O'BA M6) 1. Goaudarstverinrl infAltu?. przlyr--k'~irovanlya pori~Aov. 11BERM. I.A.. inzh. Deteridnati,on of the cross section of 6 to 10 kv. cables vith aluminum strands using tables and graphs. Knergetik 10 no*3.1:26-27 N 162a (MIRA 15112) (Etectric lines) (Electric cables) LUISIM., IA. , inzh, Graphical determination of the cr-,..5a -eition of steel reinforced YL 3.10 k7. aluminum wires. Energetik 11 no.6:24-25 Je 163. (KM 16:7) (Electric 3-ines) I '.4 I rai-L-L - P:r, a UOIL-5bo a: ;4hc-'~-7 a J rt~ C- la LIEERMAN,, I.G.,, inzh. ------ A univerfial mcgobvzoter. Promenerg. 17 no.7:28 J2 162. OM& 15:7) (ohmmeter) M LIFERMANY I.G. ,xizh. Synthe sis of an effilclent system for the autc;mt-,*:) contro', .4. of va-uum-evaporal r un4ts. Izv. vya. ucheb. zav.-P energ. 8 no.~.'87-95 Ag 1"605. (KIRA 1. Proyektne-konstruktorskiy :~nstlltlut- "Pi.shchepromav~loma-I.-ILkzr-. 34661 s/o96/62/000/002/005/oo8 .9- 4. S_~a 0 0 -EI40/EI35 AUTHORS: UMETLn, I-G., and Taubman, Te.I. TITLE: The, calculation of convection heat exchange on electronic analogue computers PERIODICALi Teploenergetika, no.2, 1962, 67-70 TEXT:, The article describes the solution of an empirical equation for convection heat exchange: y = ex nj x n2 nk 1 2 ... xk whe-re c is a constant, xi are variables defining the heat exchange process (heat transfer factor, rate-6f circulation of heat carrier, geometrical dimensions and form, etc.), and the ni are real numbers. The problem was set up for the Soviet Analogue Computer MH~-7 (MN-7) according to the block diagram of Fig.l. Here the blocks in the extreme left-hand column are the sources of the variables xi, the blocks of the second column are nonlinear elements (function generators) for obtaining the Card 1/3 The calculation of'convection heat ... s/o96/62/000/002/005/008 E140/E135 There are 6 figures, 2 tables and 5 Soviet-bloc references. ASSOCIATION: PKI Pishcheprom - UkrNIIKP IfAj '7 If Xf IOFC F ig. 1 -0t ~11'7'zqxx ty Card 3/3 LIBERMAN, I.G., inzh.; TAUBMAN, Ye.I., inzh. _ - - ---------------- Using electronic calculating machines of continuous action for the analysis of the probesses of convection heat exchange. Teplo- energetika 9 no.2:67-70 F 162. (14IRA 15:2) 1. Proyektno-konstruktorskiy institut Pishcheprom i UkrNIIKP. (Heat--Convection) (Electronic calculating machines) LIBERMAN, I.G.; MOLODETSKIY, I.G.; SPINUL, N.M. Changes in the level of the product in Vacuum evaporation apparatus with continuous action. Kons'i ov.prom. 17 no.10: A 13-16 0 162. (KIRA 150) 1. Proyoktno-konstruktorskiy institut komplekanoy avtomatizataii proizvodstvennykh proteessov v pishchevoy promyshlennosti. (Evaporating appliances) (Level indicators) ROTKOP~ L.L.; UIR j,J~Q~; RIVILIS, A.A. Using the mathematicial statistics wthod for determining the dyhlimic characteristics of a bakery oven. Izv.vys.ucheb.zav.; pishch.tekh. no.1:114-121 163. (MIRA 16:3) 1. Ukrainskiy proyektno-konstruktorskiy institut pishchevoy promyshlennosti,, laboratoriya, dinamiki. (Ovens) (Mathematical statistics) LIBERMAN, I.G., inzh. Analysis of vacuum evaporators as objects of automatic control. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; energ. 7 no.12:84-90 D 164. (MIRA 18:2) 1. Vsesoyuzn3nj proyektno-konstruktorskiy i nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut "Pishchepromavtomatika". Predstavlena kafedroy avtomatizatsii teploenergeticheskikh protsessov Odesskogo politekhnicheskogo insti- tuta. LIBEHMANY Isaak Moiseyevich Krasnoyarsk State Med Inst, Academic degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences, based on his defense, 20 June 55, in the Council of State Sci Res Inst of Roentgenology and Radiology imeni Molotov, of his dissertation entitled: "Roentgenological investigation of the I* small intestine during cases of hernia." Academic degree and/or title: Doctor of Sciences SO: Decisions of VAK., List no. 5, 3 Mar 56, Byulleten' XVO SSSR, No. 2, Jan 57, Moscow, pp 17-20, uncl. JPRS/NY-466 LIBERMAN, I.H., doteent Roentgenological examination in strangulated ventral hernia. Vast. rent. i red. 31 no-5:48-53 S-0 156. (KLRA 10:1) 1. Iz kafedry rentganologii (zav, - zasluzheanyy dayatell nauki prof. S.A.Reynberg) TSentrallnogo instituta usovershonstvovaniya vrachey i kafedry gospitallnoy khirurgii (zav. - zasluzhennyy dayatell nauki profo T.Te.Gnilorybov) Dnepropetrovskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (HERNIA. VEYML, radiography strangulated hernia) LMSRK& N I.K,,; RTJBINSBTLY. M-Ye. Oxygen for treating ascariasis. Pedistriia no.8.76 A,; 157. (MM 10.12) 1. 1z kafedry detskikh bolezney lachebnogg i sanitarno-gigiyanicho- Bkogo fakullteta Dnepropetrovskogo moditainskogo institute I detskov klinicheakoy bollnitey Kirovskogo rayona goroda DnepropetrovBka. (OXYGEN-THRRARCUTIC USE) (ASGARMS AND ASGARIASIS) LIBERMAN. I.M., dotsent ; VOYTHHKO, G.M.. kand.medonauk (Dnepropetrovsk) Ghonges in the alimentary canal in syringooVelia. 35 li,e~341 )2o*l Supple*ent:46 A 157. (MIRA 11:2) 1. 1z Dns3propetrovskoV obelatnoy klinicheskoy bollnitsy imeni Mochnikova (glavrqy vrach I-A-Lobsnova) (ALIKSUrARY CAIIAL-DISUSSS) (MINGOMTELIA) LIHOUN, I.M. (Krasnoyarsk). tomwd" Roentgenological study of small hernias. 36 no.11:140-143 N 158 (min n:12) 1. Iz kafedry rentganologii i radiologii Irasno7arskogo meditsinekogo instituta; (HEMIA, diag~ small, x-re7 diage (Rua)) I.IBEIDIANO I.M. Furnace for the calcination of marshalite. Lit.proizv. no.11:42-43 N 161. 14:1 (14arshalite) LI3ZRMA31, I.N.; PXPMATOVA, M.A. Work practicd in lowering the incidence of tuberculosis at enterprises in the Sverdlovsk Province. Sov.sdrav. 12 no.6:26-33 N-D '33. (HLBA 6:11) 1. Is Sverdlovskogo nauchno-isolodovatellskogo tuberkulasnogo instituta (direktor - professor I.A.Shaklein). (Sverdlovsk Province-Taberculosis) (Tuberculosis-Sverdlovok Province) LIBERMAN, I.N., kandidat meditainskikh nauk methods for the analysis of diseases causing tils'porary ~iwability.-Tradh.delo no.11:1197 N 156. (KLHA 10:3) 1'-P.Bverdlovskiy institut tuberkuless i Sverdlovekiy institut gigiye.'ay truAa i professionallnykh saboloveniy. (AISABILITT 1VALUATION) ADISIASIS-4GAU933 AND THUMAS OF CAUSATION) LIBERMAN. I.N., Dynamics of oilicotuberculosis and tuberculosis in connection with sanitary measures in the copper ore industry in Sverdlovsk Province [irith summary in Yrenchl. Probl.tub. 35 no,8:14-2-1 157. (MIRA 11-4 1. Iz Institute gigiyany truds I proftabolevaniy (dir. - kandidat biologicheskikh nauk V.A.Mikhaylov) I Sverdlovskogo instituta tuberkuleta (dir. - prof. I.A.Sbaklein) (TUBIRCUIOSIS. PUIXONART, prey. & control silicotubere. & tuberc, In copper miners in Russia (Rue)) (INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE prey. of silicotubere. & tuberc. in copper miners in Russia (Rua)) (BILIGOSIS, prey. & control. sillcotuberc. in copper miners in Russia (Rue)) Doo. T'cd Sci ot- 7V C,nd tlire co,,,,)r;r oru in- dustry of -Iverdlovokaya Oblaot. r-lani tary- tntl ft tiical rtlu: ~ cn1lovnic, yj IV 1953. 30 PP ('11'0,101: State l!G(l ll'Lt) 225 copic~:. 111irAl, of author'.--, :;orlc~--., pp 29-30 ("L,24-58, 122) LIBMEM. I.N.t ZAITS, L.P.; SAPOZHNIKOVA, O*V. Decreased tuberculosis disability among the inhabitants of &verdlovsko Froblotube 38 noo4t19-25 160e (MIR& 14%5) (SVE=V3K-TUBERCUWSIS) AUTHOR: Liberman, I.R., Engineer SOV/91-58-12-16/20 TITLE: On Protecting Boiler Metal Again,,:'. the Corrosive Action of Boi-ler Water (0 zashchite metalla kotlov ot agres,8ivnosti koz-,ovoy vody) PERIODICAL: Energetik, 1958, Nr 12, pp 25-27 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author lists the methods applied to make boiler metal immune from the corrosive influence of water. He lists the standard ways in which different boilers can be made car- rosion-resistant, e.g. by adding nitrates. After having cri- ticized some mistakes committed sometimes in this regard, he puts down a list of the cases in which wate2 corrosiveness in dicators should be installed. He also advocates a new method to shorten the corrosiveness test period from 180 to 90 days. Another list is aaced showing the cases in which such resistance of the boilers must be brought about by means of nitrates and by other methods. There is 1 Soviet reference. Card 1/1 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Elektrotekhnika, 1957, Nr 5, p 21 (USSR) AUTHOR*, Libermanp ~ 1. S. TITLE: ~ Combined -Deformation Testing of Flexib16 Cables (Ispytaniya. gibkikh kabeley na stoykost' k kombinirovannym deformatsiyam) PERIODICAL: Inform.-tekhn. ob. M-vo elektrotekhn. prom-sti SSSR, 1956, Nr 4 (8 8), pp 37: 40 ABSTRACT. Some'type:s,of cables intended fo r conne.cting moving power -consuming devices are subjected in actual operation to numerous combined deformations that include simultaneous bending, tension, and alternate torsions about the longitudinal axis (see abstract 9792). Operating conditions of these cables and their deformations'are quite definite and are characterized by the following data (at a constant temperature): (1) the torsion angle in degiees per unit length; (2) the distance between the fixed points of the cable length being deformed and the length of cdble hung between these points; (3) rate of A 66T92 Ajr 1948 IMMIMMO AMIIPqm2go ,*Th e Struggle With Suppurative Infections of the Skin Among Collective ?arm, Workers Diring Tield Agr1oultural Work," I. S. Liberman, Candidate U" Sol, 3 PP ffjbd Sestra* No DMaribes 'role of the medical nurse In the preven- tion and treatment of suppurative skin Infections Anong oolleotive farm workers. Proscribes specific ~zeasures for sanitary conditions and nutrition, and deseribes the synytoms_ an& treatment for lapet4p,' f0vaoisaj and bydradenitle. 6ft92 rA-?5T5' Wy 1948 Miediolne - Children, Diseases *fto~hylaxia of Funglis Diseases in Children," I. a. Liberman, Cand Ned Sol, 2 pp Se~tra" No Doscribes-varlous'fungas diseases comon In children. Werns that due to easy transmission of Infection .atlento must be isolated'. Dlemwees- sanitation :3waffiwos to control spreM of fungus diseases. TM6. RAYTS, M. FABMXANT, G. L.; LIB EEMN, 1. 3 1--o""afte-V Penicillin in the treatment of syphilis in children, Pediatriia, Moskva No.1:35-W Jan-Feb 51. (CM 20:6) 1. PrnfiM.M.Rayte; Candidates Medical Sciences G.1.1abrikant an& I.S.Liberman. 2..Of the Syphilologic&l Clinic of the Institute of Pediatrics of the Academy of Medical Sciences USSR (Read of Clinic- Prof.M.M.Rayte; Director of Institute--Honored Worker in Science' Prof.G.N.Speranakly, Active Member of the Academy of Medical Sci- ences USSR. LIBMAN. LS, (Moskva) Peculiarities of the course and treatment of dvsentery in children. Yelld. i skush. 22 no.B.-16-20 Ag 157. 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Iz nauchno-organizatoionnogo otdela Instituta onkblogii AMN SSSR (ispolnyayushchiy obyazannosti zaveduyushchego otdelom - kand. med. nauk B.D. Kaufman, dir. instituta - deys'vvitellnyy chlen AMP SSSR zasluzhennyy deyatell nauki RSFSR prof. A.!. Serebro%). LIBERMAN K. arkhitektor New talk about an old topic. Ap 162. Hest.prom.i khud.promys. 3 no.4:30 (MIRA 15SO (Service industries) LIBIRKAN, K.D., vrach; SHUYNBER4, S.Ya., professor, doktor maditsinakikh nauk, 7rUUffxTM,- BILOUSOV, V.A., professor doktor maditainakikh nauk, redaktor [Rheumatism; a bibliography of Soviet literature pablished from 1934 to 19531 Revmatizz;' bibliografiia otechostvannoi literatury 1934-1953,gg. KharIkov, 1954. 237 P. (MLRA 10:8) 1. Glavnyy bibliograf Kharikovakqy gosudaretvennoy nauchno-meditaingkoy bibliotaki (for Liberman). 2. Kfiarkov. Gosqdarstvennays nauchno- meditainskeya bibliotake. (BIBLIOGRAPHY-RUNATIC YEVER) SOV/86-59-1-31/39 AUTHORS: Dynnik, N.G., Engr Lt Col, and_LUexMan,_m",j. Engr Maj TITLE: Nm'0.rgafi1iition'of Aircraft Repair (Novaya organizatelya remonts. sa*61etov) ABSTRAM unsuccessful reorganization of aircraft repair .procedurep aniairoraft repair plant, headed by officer V.I. Loginov, has adopted a new method in which a movable repair-station line is i uped. The method (potoohno-standovoy metod) was evolved during a conference of repairmen held in September 1957. The line consists of five stations located in a hangar and two outdoor stations. In the first'stationo-which in outdoors, the removable units are removed from.the airoraft being processed and the elimInation of de:Cgoto Is begun. In the secopd station, the nonremovable equip- 'ment,is repd1red and the elimination of defects is completed. In thethird .station# the removed and repaired units are mounted in the alrPlane again, and the prooessIng is oontinued. In the Card 1/3 ic SOV/86-59-1-31/39 New Organization of Aircraft Repair uniformly through the month. Labor productivity Is higher. There is none of the fitful work which was done previously. Also, overtime work is no longer necessary, there are less defects, less spar6"p4rts are needed, and airplanes are repaired consider- ably faster. When the new method was first introduced, some difficulties were experienced in the Be2ection of personnel for the*'teame of workers needed~.and_ln supplies. The method is being further perfected. There are one diagram, one photograph, and two tables. Card 3/3 LIBELMO, K.L., arkbitaktor. Arebitectural and construction practice in the Czechoslovak People's Republic. Gor. khos. Moak. 30 no.8:36-37 Ag 156. (MLRA 9:10) (Cgechoolovakia--Building) TrActor models. Z& ral. 15 no,4:1nsert-.8 , (Tractor-Kadels) 1 1, ( KUU 10: 6 ) 25(2) SOV/117-550-3-3/37 AUTHORS: Liberman, L.A., and Idlis, Ye.M., Engineers TITLE:- An Automat for Making Contacts (Avtomat dlya izgo- tovleniya kontaktov) PERIODICAL: Mashinostroitell, 1959, Nr 3, pp 4 - 5 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Detailed design and operation information is given on a new special grinding machine for electric con.- tacts on hard metals. It accepts work of 4 mm dia- meter or 0.8 - 5 mm thickness and from 50 MM UP to 4 meter length, working with a 200 mm diameter and 1 mm thick grinding wheel made with vulcanite for a binder. The design includes a photoelectric tracing device on the wheel slide, so mounted that the light beam cannot reacli the photo-resistance behind the grinding wheol until the Crinding wheel Card 1/2 wears down to a certain diameter. The electric SOV/117-59-3-31/37 An Automat for Making Contacts pulse then produced by the photo-resistance, switches- in the compensation-feed mechanism. The machine is illustrated by a diagram (Figure 1). It has been tried out on tungsten rod with satisfactory results. There are two diagrams. Card 2/2 LIXIRW. L.A., inshener. I orm*Mr mawfacturiag precast concrete and reinforced concrete *- elements for' large panel and space-block apartment houses# Strolo prom. 35 no.4125-30 Ap 157*0 (MLRA 10:3) (Concrete construction-Yormwork) (Apartment houses) LIBMIAIT, . ,_R'A~, inzh. 71- Size allowances for molds to be used in making, reinforced concrete products. Biul.t6kh.irform.po stroi. 5 no.12:18-19 t5(). OPrecast concr6te) (MIU 13:4) Selecting the material and types of molds for making precast reinforced concrete conttruction elements. Kat.po stall.konstr. no.5:174-199 159. (MIRA 13:8) (Concrete construction-!-Yormwork) LINEMAN, L.A., inzh,; ZAKMOV, G.A., inzh,