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S/l29/62/ooo/oo4/oO2/0l0 Relaxation stability .... E193/E383 C) If time-to-rupture under conditions of stress relaxation (at a certain initial stress O~ is calculated from the formula + o, n 4-4 er e -^t2 . .. - -L denote periods of time during which the n specimen was under stresses a', and '11 '312 n -~W7 denote times-to-rupture in creep under ZO-1 C1,2 n stresses oll, W2, ... then the result obtained is approximately equal to the time-to-rupture in creep under stress cr There are 6 figures and 3 tables. Card 3/4 LIBERMAN, L.Ya., kand.tekhn.nauk nHandbook on turbine and combustion engine metals" by P.B. Mikhailov-Mikheev. Reviewed-by L.IA.Liberman. Energomashino- stroenie 8,42 N 162. .f (KIRA 16t1) '(Metals.-Handbooks, *Anuals, ate.) (Materials-Handbooks, manuals, sta.) (Xikhailov-Mikbeev, P.B.) ACCESSION NR: AT4013938 S/2659/63/010/000/0130/0137 AUTHOR: Liberman, L. Ya. TITLE: Prolonged creep of h gh temperature steel SOURCE: AN SSSR. Institut metallurgii. Issledovaniya po zharoprochny*m. splavam, v. 10, 1963, 130-137 TOPIC TAGS: creep, steel failure, high temperature steel, steel creep, steel prolonged cre-:!n, steel, prolonged creep ABSTllik~.,T: Prolonged creep is very difficult to test since stable conditions must bo ma,intained constant over many years. In the present work, five grades of El high tem- perature steel were tested for prolonged creep at temperatures of 550-700 C and stresses of 8-17 kg/mm2; some of these tests had a duration of 113, 000 hours. The purposes of these tests were 1) to compare creep resistance found by existing methods with the results of prolonged tests, 2) to determine the duration of the period of developing creep and the permissibility of extrapolation using the results of tests of normal duration (2, 000 hours), and 3) to develop laws and analytical formulas based on prolonged creep tests. Somo of the creep.curves and creep rato variation curves obtained during prolonged tests are shown in the Enclosure. On the basis of the Maxwell-Boltzmann equation, the author derives Card ACCESSION'NR: AT4013938 the following equation ecrecp = (16.7o-- 30) (.-e-50 00O)eRT)0.3 . for EI-802 steel. Other types of steel have different coefficients and factors. On the basis of prolonged creep tests the author concludes that the conditional creep limit should not be determined on the basis of 'the given creep rate. At low stresses, developing creep terminates at a limited deformation (0. 2 - 0.45), after which the creep rate increases. The creep curve prior to the beginning of the final creep period and the set creel) rate are satisfactorily described by the proposed equatigns. Orig. art. has: 4 figures, 2 tables and 7 equations. ASSOCIATION; Institut metallurgii AN SSSR (Institute of Metallurgy) SUBMITTED. 00 DATE ACQ. 27Feb64 ENCL: 02 'SUB CODE: ML NO REF SOV: 000 OTHER: 000 2/4 Card - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ACCESSION NR: Ap4oioo66 S/0129/64/000/001/0005/0011 AUTHOR: Liberman, L. Ya. TITLE: Long time creep strength of heat resistant steels SOURCE: Metallovedeniye i termicheskaya obrabotka metallovs no. 1. 1964s 5-11 TOPIC TAGS: heat resistant steel, creep strength, lKhl2VNMF steel, E1395 steel, KhN35VT steel, E1612K steel, KhNbOTBYu steel, KhIlLB steel, secondary creep, creep set, rate of creep ABSTRACT: The creep strength of lKhl2VNMF, E1395, KhN35VT, E1612K,- KhN80TBYu and KhllLB steels over a period of 25,000-114,000 hours was Investigated using stresses equal to or somewhat greater than the limiting creep stress. (figs. 1 & 2) Since creep set takes'place at different rates, secondary creep can characterize only certain average values of creep rate. The rate of creep 11setif and duration of the secondary period are determined by the characteristics of the Card 3./# ACCESSION NR: Ap4oloo66 structural processes in the metal. In heat resistant steel at low stresses, regardless of the minimum rate of creeps the magnitude of plastic deformation accumulated at the start of the third stage is 0.2-0.5%.., The time required to attain this value determines the length of the secondary creep period. The stress which gives an assigned deformation value at a given temperature in a determined time must be considered for the creep strength. The apppirent dreep strengths determined by the set rate of creep of I x 10-:~ /11111/hour, does not sufficiently characterize the creep strength of the ma- terials for the time of service of the article. Orig. art. has: 4 figures and 3 tables. i.ASSOCIATION: TsKTI im Polzunova (TsK=) SUBMITTED: 00 DATE ACQ: 07Feb64 ENCL: 04 SUB CODE: ML NO REP SOVt. 000 Card 2/f V-- OTHER: 000 ;11~ PMOV, V.; LIBEMN, M. Professional and technical training of workers. Sots.trud. 5 no.3:29-33 Mr 160. (MIRA 13:6) (Technical education) KAGANOV, G.; LIB 0M,_M,, Training and increase in the qualifications of workers and the now wage conditions. Sots. trud 7 no.8:61-66 A 162. fmIRA 15:10) (Sver&1ovsk Province-Evening and continuation schools) (wages) IF" - LIBERMIJ, M.; ZHURAVLEV, 1. Achievements of progressive workers should be shared by all. Prof.-tekh. obr. 21 no.9:27-28 S 164. (KERA 17:11) 1. NaaMlInik otdela podgotovki kadrov Sredne-Ural'skogo soveta '' khozyaystva (for Liberman). 2. Starshiy inzh. otdela narodnbgo podgotovki kadrov Sredne-Urallskogo soveta narodnogo khozyaystva (for Zhuravlev). LIBFRMANO M. Training of workers in economics. Metallurg 1-0 rm-.2!3-E-3-7 F 165. MRA 18%3) 1. Nachallnik otdela Upravleniya truda i zarabotnoy platy Sredne-Urallskogo soveta narodnogo khozyaystva. LIBEWANIP 1% 9 Itmicl. ekonom. nauk Special goal groups at the enterprises of the Central Urals. Prof.-tekh, obr. 22 no.7t26-27 Jl 165. (KMA 180) FESTA, N.Ya., kand.tekhn.nauk; LIBERM-AN.-M.D., inzh.; LINEENBAUM, M.D., inzh. Providing the reliability of automatic control systems. Yekh.i. avtom.proizv. 17 no.7-.35-38 J1 163. (MIRA 16:8) (Automatic control) LIBEIMAXj, M.D.; - LINDENRAUM, M.D.; FESTA, N.Ya. .. .... L- - ~ Some problems in the reservation in,automatic control systems ty means of technological processes. Priborostroenie no.6:' 3-6 Je 163. (KMA 16 18) (Automatic control) LIEERMAN. M.D.; FESTA, N.Ya* Reliability of the systems of automatic control in the chemical industry. Khim. prom. no.6t4ol-406 Je 163. (MIRk 16:8) (Chemical industries-Equipment and supplies) (Automatic control) _1A474_66 IJP(c) BC- ACC . NRs AR5020507 uR/6271/65/boo/w/kow/Wom 62-5o.ool.24 SOUM.: -Ref zho Aytomatika., telemekhanika I vychislitellneys tekhnika., Abe. 'AUTHOR:. Lindenbaum,.M.D.; Festa, N.Yai TIM:,- Estimation of , the dynamic propertles.of,maneuverable dbjects In designing emergency systems of automatic controls CITM SOMM: 'Sb. Avtomatiz. khim. proiz-v. VYP- 3-4, M., 1964, 8-11 TOPIC TAOS: automatic oontrol,;automatic control equipment, automatic control R and D TRMIATION: A method is offered which aLlows the estimation of dynamic properties of-maneuverable objects in designing devices for detecting failures and switching, a choice of system of reserve elements and solutions to orther~ problems in the tech- nical realization of reserves foran automatic control system. 2 figures,, 1 table., and 1 reference# SUB 'CODE Card Determination of optimum reliability of automatic contiol systems during their designing. prL.4 "I rI-I--- 1-3 Ja 165. 18-3) /'~I, b TO- Pufifying m- D- 0q, au Y4 -1171t-1~10-"-Tdtl . - I _kti L sllaw;sj, si, 'IT o. a systemiq ar urilllc'd of 3 n, I ! 1.430, and V,1r,0r3 13Y in thcm an app. fillicit with ccru~uie rinp a;jd ath With 1111per P.Irt of tilt- n) tilt', p~-6q 13 -neh LIBERMAN, M.D. Experience in rendering harmless the exhaust gases of tower acid plants. Sbor. mat. ~o obm. opyt. NIUIF no.12:32-42 159. (MIRA 16:12) 1. Konstantinovskiy khimicheskiy zavod. - LIBERM, M.Eh. ''. Training in second and allied professions. Me-t&Um* 9 no.7: 35-36 J1 164. (MIRA 17:8) 1. Nachallnik otdela podgotovki kadrov Sredne-Urallskogo ekonomicheskogo, rayona. LIBERMANP Mono Metalworkers are learning. Metallurg 8 no-1231-32 Ja 163. (MIRA 16A) 1. Starshiy inzhener Otdala truda i zarabotnoy platy Sverdlovskogo, soveta narodnogo khozyaystva. (Iron and steel workers). (Technical education) LIBEMILAN. M.Kh.; BARKAS, V.M..,, red.; EPIYAKGVA, G.M.2 tekhn,red. [Work and live in the corwunist way) Rabotat' i zhit' po- kommisticheski. ~Ioskva~ Metanurgizdat 1963. 26 P. WRA 16:12) (Sverdlovsk Province-Nonferrous metals industries) (Sverdlovsk Province-Socialist competition) OSINTSEV, A.S.; POPOV) V.M.; LIBERMAN, M.M. Economic work In industrial ent,3rprlaes should be In the center of public attention. izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; chern. met. 8 no.2: 199-202 f65. NIRA 18:2) VINOKUROV, I.N., kand. med. nauk; jL-jW, MAN9 M.I. Group incidence of alopecia areata. Vent. derm. i ven. no.': 82-83 165. (MIRA 18-.10) 1. Klinlka kozhno-venericheskikh bolezney (zav. kafedroy - prof. Y.M. Zheltakov) Il Moskovskogo meditainskogo instituta imeni Pirogova i Moskovskiy gorodskoy kozhno-venerologicheekly dispanser (glavnyy vrach A.S. Obukhova). KANEVSKIYj V.P.j LEVIN, S.T.; LIBMAN, M.L.; LIVSHITS, G.L.j RAYVICR, I.D.; MITINO V.I. Concentrat-ion of slurries in a centrifugal force field. Koko. i kbime no. 3:15-18 -1611. (min 14W 1. Dnepropetrovskiy gornyy institut (for Kanevskiy. Levin, Liberman). 2. Nikitovskaya TSentraltnaya ugleobogatitellna7a fabrika (for Livehitoj, Rayvichp Shkitin), (Coal preparation) IZEAVITELEV, F.V.; OVSHOUKOVA, L.A.; LIBERMAN, M.L.1 NISNEVICH.. TS.M.; GRUSHA, A.M. Hygienic evaluation of accupational training in a shoe factory. Zdrav. Bel. 9 no.308-40 PIr'63 (MIRA 16:12) 1. Iz belorusakogo naucbno-issledovatellskogo sanitarno-gigiye- nicheskogo instituta (dlr. - kand. mod. nauk A.P.Rusyayer,) i 2-go klinicheskogo ob"yedineniya, g. Minska (glavnyy vrach B.V. Drivotinov). IZBLVITEM, P.V., vrach-gigiyenist; GRUSHA, A.M., vrach-gigiyenist; ,-LIN~JMx M.L.- vrach-terspevt; KUVSHONTKOVA, L.A., vrach- gigiyenist. Hygienic evaluation of the conditions in the industr~lal train- ing shop of a shoe factorys Gig. sanite 28 no.2:163-106 163 (MIRA 17:2) 1. Iz Belorusskogo sanitarno-gigiyenicheskogo instituta KATEVSKIYO V.P.; LTUERKAN,, M.L.; ZHOVTYU-rC, G.V. 0 Tnereasing -410he productivity and efficiency cf the omraticn of Jigging machines withcrut pistons as praaticed at the Dzerzhinakil. ore dressing plant. Izv. DOT 42.-295-29F 164. (MIRA 18:1-1) AUTHOR: Liberman, M. V. 32-2-6/60 TITLE: The Determination of Magnesium in the Presence of Aluminum (Opredeleniye magniya v prisutstvii alyuminiya) PERIODICAL: Zavodskaya Laboratoriya, 1958, Vol 24, Nr 2, pp. 147-147 (USSR) ABSTRACT: k useful method for the determination of aluminum in Al- alloys with 10-70 % of Al is represented by the reaction of aluminum with triethanolamine and a subsequent titration with trilene B. The author found that a bright triethanolamine must be used which,is distilled at 20 mm with only the fraction from 1700 to 2250 being collected gathered. The temperature of the solution to be titra-ted plays an important part insofer as at + 4 to + 50C the difference of color of the indicator becomes clearer than at room temperature. Corresponding to the conditions of analysis also the titer of the trilene 3 solution must be fixed. The exactness of this method of determination is between -0,4 % and +0.1 Card 1/2 The course,of analysis is mentioned. The Determination of Magnesium in the Presence of Aluminum 32-2-8/60 There are 1 table, and 1 reference AVAILABLE: Library of Congress 1 1. )%gnesium-Determination 2. Triethanolamine-Applications 3. Trilene B-AppUcations 4, Titration Card 2/2 a 9 S S 0 0 sees 99909" VVIDIFFINF-WO, 0 Va -1 .A K L A..X-t Or. Aftri.1 he. plot as POOMSIS ANG Floptallfs-1401. IS 0 00 00 40 0 a a 600000 -P is 30--Y A IF W 47 a it ar Op -a I A V ~ A. - k- m- A A.D 4'. C40#01 *00 "00 lee YA. Lansammi A -00 00"t 1 A ",W Aliri~3~0 19411: abstracted In Ckem. Zextr.. 10410, 1 - retarder Is added in the form of a adulkin ~W goo . In the kiln In which IN g m Is calcined, A y r goo , in, ,, solution or any other tetar ins substance which =Iul does not lose Its effectiveness at the calcining t Coo may beused. too LITINATIONE CLASSAFKATM coo see Zoo MOO 400 wee !10 0 too* aid.. 10.01, W&A A. A, G"V Got a I 17i T -ftia- V -A iT, a v TA a A* 30 &%1; PC An A 1 0 OW 0 N 9 1 N 91 1 a 4 3 9 T 0 0096 000 01 0 0 0 of goo*** 0 6 0 0 0 SHARONOV, Gennadiy Prokoflyevich; KAZARTSEV, V.I., zasl. deyatell nauki i tekhni i prof., red.; LIBERMAN, N.R., red. (Using oil additives for accelerating the running-in of engines) Primenenie prisadok k maolam dlia uskoreniia prirabotki dvigatelei. Moskvaj Khimiia, 1965- 222 p. (MIRA 18:7) ALE,KSEYEV, A.G.; VARGIN, V.V.; VERT&ER, V.N.; KIND, N.Ye.; KONDRATIYEV, Yu.N.j FODUSHKO, Ye.V.; SEREBRYAKOVA, M.V.; TIKHOMIROV, G.P.; TUDOROVSKAYA, Ji.A.; FLORINISYMA, V.A.; LIEERW . N.R., red. (Controlled catalyzed crystallization of glasses of the lithium aluminosilicate system] Katalizircrvarmaia regu- liruemaia kristallizatsiia, stekol litievoaliumosilikatnoi sistemy. Leningrad, Khimiia. Pt.l. 1964. 119 p. (MIRA 18:4) VDOVE.NKO, V.M,,, red.; LIBMIM, N.R., red. ~ - - - [Spectroscopic methods in the chemistry of complex compounds) Spektroskopicheskie metody v khimii komp- leksnykh soedinenii. Moskva., Khimiia 1964. 267 p. IMIRA 18.-2) 1. Chlen-korrespondent AN SSSR (for Vdovenko). LIBERMAN, P.G., inzh.; TSATSKIS, P.N., inzh. - New designs of overhead push conveyors. Mekh. i avtom. proizv. 18 no.700-32 Jl 164. (MIRA 17:9) - ~.; GINZBURG, A.I., nauchnyy red.; YERSHOV, KALENOV, A.D.; LP A.D., glavuyy red.; NEERASOVA, N.B., red.jzd-va; IVANOVA, A.G., [Industry's demands in the quality of mineral raw materials; handbook for geologists] Trebovanila promyshlonnosti k kachestvu mineralinogo syrlia; spravochnik dlia geologov. Kaskva, Goa. nauchno-takhn.izd-va lit-ry po geol. i okhrane nedr. No.68. (Scandiuml Skandii. Izd.2., perer. 1959. 17 P. (MIRA 12:8) 1. Moscow. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-isaledovatellskiy inatitut mine- rallnogo syrIya. (Ores--Sampling and estimation) MASHKOVA, L.K.; LIBHRKAN, R.Tu. IN, 0.1. Gharaoteristios of the spreading of influenza among a group of children. 21mr. mikrobiol. epid. i immun. no.10:98 0 154. (MLRA 8:1) 1. Is I)nepropetrovskogo institute, opidemiologit. mikrobiologii 1. gigiyeny i Detskoy klinicheekoy bollnitay Oktyabriskogo rayona (CHILMEN-DISZA 8) (INFLUINZA) VIRITIK, D.; GORBATOV, V.; LIBERMAN, S. Resources of the gelatin industry. Mias. ind. SSSR 32 no-4: 25 '61. (KERA 14:9) (Gelatin) (Foods) SE:lTi-YUP K.; Ifethods for enhancix'r- th,. prc--71.etion of dry feeft. '.'ias. ind. 333.2, -12 ILI. y -]:-~ititut I OY 1. VacsoyuznT myan I promyslilenoosti.. (VCat industry-By.-products) GCHBATOV, V.; LIBERAAN- Sq- POZIMRI-MUYA-,I;.-,--aYONOV. -S~-..-SXRYPNIK- Continuous action apparatus for drying steamed bones. Mias.ind. WSR 33 no.2:18-20 162. (KUM 15:5) 1. Vaesoyuznyy nauchno-isoledovatellakiy inatitut m;yasnoy promyshlennosti (for Gorbatovp Liberme% Pozhariokaya). 2. Lenin adakiy myasokombinat, (for Skrypnik). jDrying apparatus) (Meat industry-By-products) LUBNIN, A, I. t LIBEMAO, S- A. What's new in designing metallurgical plants. Prom. strol. 38 no.8:39-41 160- (MIRA 13:8) 1. Constructing a precast reinforced concrete sintering plant. (Steelworks) STRELINIKOV, N.P., inzh.; LIZAREV, A.D., inzh.- LIBEM-tN S A inzh. i Construction of the "102" rolling mill for continuous rolling of pipe. Prom. stroi. 39 no.10:38-42 0 '61. (MIM 14:10) (Pervoural'sk--Pipe mills) 02 10 11 11 11 14 1, it it i;ljj A &--C- AL- X f 0 A 1 -7 it 14.2 -A -I- -k 40 OR (A W U's vdftWft Of $"-mUp=-JAX AND A. K4)*MACU. Mgd*Wxo 17MIM DAII 19", N. 0. 21 GIMP kh aftw Ow mating out of Ow mp 00 a bow. cmt&W about 12% N&OH MA 0.5% Na#M L and r- rvcaauwnd thek rr. 1-00 wi*- ffft fatty Od& mw rm"L zoo 00 zoo Sow r, :00 00 fee co 0 L F,644r, see vlTA&LbMCAL LITERATURE CLASSOKAD" 9-Z cto 0 $30w til'.41194 C.. 4&t aw 4.1 1$, log, it, ft 0 .6 1 w 14 .3 A a 3 1 U if 10 IN a it .1. r. Kurt HIC40" 0 : : see 0090 0 0 0 0 * * 0 0 4 0.6 0 0 4p 0 0 0 ~TS4 0:0 :1:,@O o *000 goo goo 0 04 a* 4:0 4 4 Go $9460600046606, :0006 0*006 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 6 ~. -1 1 ~. % a, is a "' isU i,8Is a It IF Is As Is 16 If 4 0 4 41 a a040 . . . . . . . . I I Is a I IR a ~ , k-A-L- . . of 4 104! ~,!M-tam. I -0 0 FOF--Ac- A- 0 s .00 so c 002 w AX 0 JL Sftcwv. md~ ZA&AM *so - ~Vdthlii-wwch mou am filtnitim 61 tbg .00 0- 9"p lye O"twe ed& & PM4. km tu, .00 seat so P" d =theyetral n1taw slid 1W an saw t, =tbt FA-Ift trestumL. Equal x VA the am. ammt of .00 or X40H whL (314* OL) is 44ed in pa" 174 thus 'Imm The amp eattwicewithl2mWO IMLA- TlwW*d-thuW&k,,,tW 40 77w fatty. mutmU"tfw nuvilw of 204.1 to 00 000 400 see COO goo 001 ooz 400 goo L hCTALLURSICAL WINATIO CLASWICAIMN Moot law 614411 ONK O-V7-aF 11~1 ~644 IF U I I 1*0 1 S a Od 0 0 v I w m S a4 3SI 5 AV0 Aw At J a KID A Ass 0 40 0 * :Is 0 0 o o o 0 0 0 o 0 o o 0 4 0 Ole 0 0 0 a 0 4 0 0 0 4 4 * 0 007,44 sees 614904464046006ON *0 : :i *0000*1000*0 of 00 so 0 0 6 -- zr a S S 0 i q S 1 t S ti i t . . . . . . V, . . . . A IA V I 4 III-A 01 tL W U 1 4 A -01,119#4 00 amma of amm" Aveom LD=KM Am IL DW. It", No. 10, 24- 3; chis$4 zi isjuja* 23. I= l f 00 00 r (two).-T1W mmm whicb ur fortn ter manu ed dunng the drawing off of the liquor a ./ cou-~ how that the l h i 4 UN map bave hitherto beta consi as s n s y Ys dered valueless. Ana h d -00 00 taim a 1m7 large exat. *( asponifia &r ble fatty o". Tests on their convtrskm into -00 00 soap bovi even d rmuts. The K-- is &at pccuW. then dissolved to water to , ut with N.Cl or U.9 and allowed t. stand 1. 2-3 h.. ha Mlvd 0 00 o a suspy postiI. 11 The sump. obtained in 97-6% rield. 6 9A 1&t" wlL A. P.-C. -00 00 1. U00 0o-. 00 --Ii W; -7 'vju~j ;boo tjoe 0-'l v 114 u "a"130; w wia n 0000900 0 u 16 17 0 Or 00 010 F r Degmsela so m. ~S_ rish o o. 3 14(I Ig rewm W 12 all * water is ad& s ; lowing to at layer). fatty go p = t 00 do . *so is malted out of 13 00 0 0cobtas g Lllmrnmn. M) W d " an bcoperstiouitstprated. In 41TALLMMAL LITNIATUM CLAIWKATIO~_- T : : _ _ O If 4 A 9 effe All ]a it W a 14a v Is 41 43 _1 a 6.0 08~1414$ "0 00 dw maids" ob6da" in flkt.r~sc. AIyQJAd)U lad. S. 1 OF induarit 41, 762-17h.- with 10% N&IM04 solu. for 2-3 hm. and boiling is continued fur I hr. On al- f al (Ittis the 11 stpa. Wto 4 c": d s i% %h t I d l l l d di '00 p r o sYr casu 'm am u t gt, an, 6 i ff t L h b h l A d . s vine rr # r w o , w& t e p T[w fatty ensulsAw a amantatitm &pp. A. P.-C. see '00 do* see I jam somanT a I a A I I ~'I I f 'I '18 A &f a I 4V 1 8 4 A ;. i - - - - - ; - - - . 0 g If 0 0 0 9 0 00o40 1 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 * 0 -it To -4 1 I a I a if U it w it is ft a :,A- A-f-IL t f-2 -#CC$ CSIS 44 14 -- - - �r, 0 so IF a M 9 9 61 8 ft 9 a a a 41 a a do 0 J. MIT M, _w.M a --- A A.- IS-1-k a 4 &. A a I-A 4.0 0. 00 M whkb ttloci dw Tubly Of pre"WO-rendfred S LgwrmAtn and V. emvikil. Myttimaya I*d. 90 a r "00 tfadmari, 41. 32?t-9.- 00 A The acid values of pressurc-rend-cd lards depend -00 (I j time of melting. (2) pressure of cookin; the raw rn-&- 00 terial and (3) time o( prelintinarY coaling of the malt-tial. -00 Itictcwsc in the time of melting, in the Free=. and in the 6e0 time a( cdd stomte all act to increaseh value. A. Papineau-Couture =00 &Sm.$LA ATALLO"AL LffI#4FWW CLAIWICATION bw coo goo ::0 0 goo 00 NWIAT goo E; U in AV to it ,I;:Ant %Iwo 007 w in a A 4 0 0 41 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 V 0 0 0 a 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 a * o 00 00 a 0 a] 13 a- 06* jr~ low 004 Tie ~i i I F: ~-i Ut 1 0 4 14 U 1) W 13 * U ;A It a a A a .& 1, s, Ll b4 U A iij~ 0 I -A-L-j-A 1-2 A I f JI.. A I In Ai ii-1, A A-1- J~ A A t F i I --t oo OPSOCM11 Ape Orrol"for4f --ago of Id from Oa bei". S.- Vmumn P.W V. YS jai. RUM. ' drry turthud -( Meral. ZbIMV. No. 12, 109~Tba awitiag. as modifird by Live All-U-n;m Sci. Resesitch Inst. i -416 of Mest Ind. (drying of ground buttes in vacua and Iscalm x 1 under =), increases the yield of horse (At. impgov" I'S q nd produces a residue that r" be raWy pressed il 1 y '00 t 171 t of fat in Itetccutage of the taw bums - The t -00 ls,10.7-14. Pat the common and head ban". tesp.. i .0 30-41 nd 27-31 *- acid no 1 19 2 05 and 148 1 /K it (at and brolh are passed during (he whole process into d d i fi d ifi nto c ed an paiw . clar a fat separstor, the fat is pwi zoo tor. A high-grode bone fat is produmd br this u l to ne d i b i Add f n ar s. eq a ones n. o groun p g 10-1 to wit crude pig lot futtowed by simultancous i d M P h L z 0 Zoo roc. est eat s used with success in t e nva uAt irssing plant. W. R. Henn 1? go 0 see K A',o ILA NOTALLOO&KAL UYINAIM CL&IIWKSTICW 9*0 S.00.~ wit a.. 4.1 U lot AT 00 is It It It is) I Is A 4 W 0 A 4 OT-44 * 0 0 0 0 o o * LLi-31 a a N s N 1 7 2 IN V At 4 il dae "r, 00 Methods of eltinctfou of edible fit M4 Im tmPfOv"- 1% N S R .00 ' - - , 0-1 j1L. Myosmaya lm~i- S-S- illuxtsAt~uns ment 00 , hceu of equip f " the putz in detail. and dcocriPtims afe givtn mukriag pracesm. &fetbod of operatinn. qtWity, and 0 00 a c~A avv dilcusoed. M. PiAkur 00 09 gee * .3 : -08 eed 14 0 lee w 00-4 lee see goo vo 0 I L A ANTALLUMCAL LJIIIIATWI CLASSAFKATIOM kidw 9WONIF08 - flow moittv It b u w Aw po u An A S v rd 0 a , I v It a a a 3 0 T CA Conditions (or viloriM raw and rendered (at. ;r~-tmnil K Mirkin. MyosmaN Wost,tw 20. No. 3, t, 1049), The effmis of temp.. fight. aiid duration of smse on raw Anil renden-d fats are pointril out with h and chanssbowing tbedevelopmat of pemideand add vahwo, Optimum storage Conditions of 3 to a' and rclative hunddily of wta recomownded. For pack- nor luatcrial, the U09 vil parchiment trvaled with a 2.5"j CltriC &CkJ KJU. In a1C. Sat Mentiqued. At. AL Pi.kur f of livestock fate. S. Lilmanan led. S.S.S.R. 22, -No. 1. 2~4 juSt L-The c= d ;of various livestock and guose fats Ire discOsed. nd beef lot were crystd. Into 7 In- tions and the chamterist" of The froctions were dtid. Practionation by crWu. from o"tone, McOlf, and pw. rihm and by rant. distn. are discussed. M. 14. Piskur LUBNIN, Aleksandr Illich, inzh.; LIBERI;44j~ epen, h. inzh.; SKAZHENIK, Georgiy Dmitriyevicho inzh.; MILLER, Viktor Yakovlevicb,, inzh.; PETRAKOV., Andrey Ivanovich.. inzh.; USHAKOVI Nikolay Alekseyevich, kand. tekhn. nauk; VADIYAYEV, Gavriil Mikhaylovich) inzh.; TIMYANSKIY, Samuil Yakovlovich~ arkh.; KIKIN, A.I., doktor tekhn. nauks prof., red.; BEGAK, B.A., red.; SUMNEVA, N.V., tekhn. red. [Designing buildings and structures for metallurgical plants] Proektirovanie zdanii i sooruzhenii metallurgicheskikh za- vodov (By] A.I.Lubnin i dr. Moskva,, Gosstroiizdat, 1963. 321 p. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Gosudarstvennyy institut proyektirovaniya metallurgiche- skikh zavodov (for Timyanski7). 2. Gosudarstvenn~7 institut po proyektirovaniyu, issledovaniyu i islrltaniyu stallrqkh konstruktsiy i mostov (for Petrakov). 3. TSentr4l'rqy nauchno- issledovatel'skiy i proyektno-eksVerimentallnyy institut pro- myshlennykh zdaniy i sooruzheniy tfor Ushakov). 1. LIBEJWN, S.G. 2. USSR (6oo) 4. Technology 7. 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Glavayaso. (Bone products) USSR/Chcr.Acl-l Tcchnolog~,. C'Lcmic,.~I Producto 1-27 and Moir Applic-tion-F.-ts Md oils. ',,Icxc s I I Sonp. Dctcrj--cntu, Flotc~tion rc,-Gcnts. ",bs Jour: Rcf Zhur-Miiniya, No 3, 1057, 10141 I'luthor I!Ihp rrinn, Inst h-O-t--gTv-ciI Title I- Now Fzt-CuttinC I.I.LeMno Orig Pub: Mycsnnyc industri:r.7 3351Z, 1954', 110 3, 25-26 2~bstr:ict: A new fat-cuttin- is described. The nachinc is uscd-in cuttin3 stcmcd or solidified rzw fat into 35-4o mn strips bcforc it is washed ind rcfri 'scrztcd. The d1ricnsions of the tinchinc crc as fo s Ilow (rin): Icn,th 980, width 008, bcIght 6,-:1;5; voight 354 kE. 4'. 2.8 kat clcctric notor is used, rPm 11120. The 1-ft7nt--gos of th.- now ric~chlnc ovcr cxisting =chincs :~vc I-s follows: snnll size, hIgher. prorluctivity, -Iowcr - 1. 1~ povrcr consunption, nnd the -orovision of vindoirs in both sides permitting Card 1/2 U3l')R/Chcmic:al TnclhnoloGy. CIic!riicnl Products 1-27 and Their pplicztJ,on--F,-.ts znd oiI9. lf-nxcs,. Soap. Dctergonts. Flotztion recgmts. 4'.bz Jour: Rof Zhur-Khirdyc, No 3, 1957, 10141 Abstr~-.ct: the mcinton:7nce of the mchinc in :~: better s.-.,.ni- tnry condition, Cnrd 2/2 MAIMUMM, A., professor; LIBIEW, S. kandidat takhnichaskik1h nauk; GRI T., Inxhaner; OCHM, MXAM. I., doteent; SMTM, T. I What should be the nature of the modern seat combine? Statements of Comrades Kanerberger, Liberaw, Grinberg, Ochkin. Tereihchenko, SkokRn, and Shipov.:Kiaq.ind.SSM 26 iio.2:18-26 155. (KM 8:7) lo Gipropyaso (for Manerberger, Grinberg). 2. Glavmyaso (for Liberman). 3. RosglavWaso (for Ochkinja 4. Rossynso-moliroyakt (for Tereshchenko). 5. Noskovskiy takhnologichookiy institut nyasnov i molochnoy promysh- Is- stl (for Siwkan)e 6. Tsesoyusnyy noachno-losledovatellskly inatitut myssuoy promyshlennosti (for Shipay). (Neat indIustry) LIBFMM.S.-. ROeller SSSR 26 PITROVSKIY.V.; ASLLN.OV,V.; ZHIZHIIXV4KIY,V. installat ion for ren&r Ing. fat in operat Ion. Mi" o Ind. no.4:28-31 .155. 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Xharlkovskiy meditainakiy stomatologicheakiy inatibut. (PEPTIC ULCER) LUIRMAN Sh I Protein cosiposition of the blood in peptic ulcer patients. Trach. delo no.4t437-439 Ap, 160. (MIRA 1316) 1. Ufedra terapti (zar. - doktor med,nauk - W.A..Sulimovskaya) Ukrainskogo instituta usovershenotvovanlya vrachey i Vtoraya klinicheskays, gorodskaya bollnitsa 10harIkova. OLOW FROT31m) (PAPHO ULGIR) Condition of the on" systems iloi peptic ulcer patients. rrach.delo no.6s647 JTo 160. (XIBA 13:7) 1. lafedra torapli (sav. - doktor md.uauk 19A* Sallsovotaya) Ukrainskogo instituta, usovershoustvovanlya vrachey I Vtoraya klinichoskeya bollultes. 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