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GREORGHESCU, B., dr.; PAVEL, D., dr.; LILIS, M., dr.; OPROIU, Al., dr.; MERCULIEV, Elena, fizician; POPOVICI, M., ing. Diagnostic value of isotope nephrograms with hippuran-I 131. Mod. intern. (Bucur.) 16 no.8:941-950 Ag 164. 1. Lucrare efectuata in Clinics. a V-a medicala, Institutul medico- farmaceutic, Bucuresti (director: prof. T. Spirchez). - M., dr.; TANASESCIJ , Gh. , dr.; CRTIEANU, A3. , dr.; COMANESCU, Elena, chim.; TANASE*VDGOS, loana, chim.; NICOLAE, V., dr. Hereditary intolerance to fructose. (Considerations on a clinical case). Med. intern. (Bucur.) 17 no-4:453-461 Ap 165. 1. Lucrare efectuata in Clinica medicala din Spitalul unificat de adulti al Raionului "Tudor Vladimirescull, Institutul medico-farma- ceutic, Bucuresti (director: prof. P. TeodDrescu). L. , dr.,- MUIGA, N. , dr.,- LILIS, R. 0 dr.; GEORGESCU., A.M. , dr.,- CRACIUM, 0. , dr, Clinical aspects and prevention of asbestosis in a manufacturing plant. Med. intern. 14 no.2tl67-174 F 862. 1. Lucrare efectuats, in Clinica de boi prefetionale a Institutulul de igiena si.sanatate publica R.P.R. (INDUSTRIAL MEDICINE) JASBESTOSIS) VULCAN, P., dr.; P"ULEGENSCITT, G., dr. LILJ Considerations on & case of argiolverat'r-ma ccr@@or-jo (Fabry disease). Med. intem, (Bacur) 17 no--5-.617-62.2 Is Lucrare efeetuata in Glinlcr@ red-*I.-qja, Spi adulti al raianulul "Tudor VI-fidimircmm". Instituttil. medico-farma- ceuticp Bacureati (directort prof. P. Teodorencu). GHEORGHESCU, B.; PAVEL, D.; LILIS, M.; OPROIU, Al.; MERCULIEV, Elena, POPOVICI, I'l. The diagnostic value of the hippuran 1 131 isotopic nephrogram. Rumanian med. rev. 19 no.105-43 Ap-Je'65. TANAS@,5GU j S. , dr.; PILAT) L. p dr.; GLORGESCU, A.M. , dr.; 4 MOSCOVIGI, B., dri,;,DINISCIIIOTU, G.T., prof. Clinical aspects of occupational serltitization to antibiotics.- Med. intern., Bucur 12 no.11:1665-16* 11 160@ 1. Lucrare efectuata in Clinica de boli profe3ionale LM F., Bucuresti. (ANTIBIOTICS toxicology) (ALIB.ZY qtiology@ (OCCUPATIONAL DISEASiS; case repolhs) PILAT, L., dr.LLILISj R., dr.; CRACIUN, 0., dr. Considerations on occupational pulmonary sideroxis. Mad. intern. 15 no.2:213-220 F 163. 1. Lucrare efectuata in Clinica de boli profesionale I.M.F., Bucuresti. (SIDEROSIS) (OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES) (LUNG DISEASES) DD=HIOTU, G.T.[dpeeasedl, prof.; PILATp L.,,, dr.;--LILIS.. Res dr. Research on fewilial susceptibility to sillcosis. Ned. intern. 15 no.8:963-%5 Ag 163. 1. Luerare efectuata in Clinica de bo-li profesionale a I.M.F.2 Buouresti, oi a Institutului de igiena si protectia =ncii al R,P.R. (SII.TCOSIS) (GENETICS, HUMAN) LILIS,R., dr.; PILAT.L.,dr. Chronic occupational carbon monoxide poisoning. Med. intern. 16 no.2:139-146 F164 1, Clinica de boli profesionale a Institutului de igiena si protectia muncii. al R.P.R., Bucuresti. A GRIBADOV, L.F., irizh.; SOWRIIIII, K.G.) in--h.; LILIT..;'K'IY, K.L.., tekhriolog Electric sla,.7 with a lamellar electrode of forie har-mer heads. Svar. pro-iz-.r. no.2:2@--30 F '65. 18;3) 1. Chelyabinskiy metallurgicheskiy zavod. -,- LILIYENMG, A.S. Regqlations on the discharge of dovestic waste water and sewage, Into nitural waters, Vod.i san. Ja '57. (KLRA 10: 3) (Sawag's disposal) LILMITBERG, A.S. Reducing the construction costs of water-pipe networks In city blneks. Vod.i san.takh. no-7:22-26 J1 159. (WRA 12:9) (Water-supply engineering) DUMITRASHKO, N.V.; LIJENURG, D.A. Use of geomorphological methods in seismotectonic investigations. Trudy Geof.inst. no.25:74-86 154. (MLRA 7:12) (Saismoloa) (Geology, StructiLral) .. ........... LILITJMBBRG.D.A. Mprphology of mud volcanoes in the southeastern Caucasus. Trudy IUBt.ge0g. no.65:173-189 155. (MLRA 8:11) (Caucasus--Mud volcanoes) MINTS. A.A. Scientific conference of young scientists of the Institute of Geography of the Acadeuq of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. Izv.AN SSSR. Ser.geol. )20-1:157 J9,--7 156. N12A 9:7) (Geography) Z@ 71@ov, Aj.; LILIYENEW, D.A. Transcaucasian GeogrAphica erence. IXV.AN SSSR Serogeoge no.1:161-164 -TeHy 157. (MLRA MO (Transcaucasia-Geography-Congresses) (Lilienberg, D.A.) 43'ff f%Z'- C4 AUTHOR: Gorbunova, M.N., Liliyenberg, D.A. 10-58-2-26/30 _ -TITLEt _ nce of Yo,@ing8`ientists of the Institute of The 4th Confere: Geography of the USSR Academy of Sciences (IV Konfe:7entsiya molodykh nauchnykh rabotnikov instituta geografii AN SSSR) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR - Seriya geograficheskaya, 1958, Nr 2, PP 151-153 (USSR) ABSTRAM In 1957, the 4th regular Conference of Young Scientists of the Institute of Geography of the USSR Academy of Sciences was convened. The conference heard the following reports: S.S. Savins, and Yu.I. Spiridonova on the climatology and meteorology of the European part of the USSR; L.I. blukhina on the natural division into districts of the Vitim plateau; B.M. Stupina on the reasons for the destruction of forests in western Siberia; A.A. Velichko on the physical-geographical conditions of the upper paleolithic period in the basin of the central Desna; V.S. Zaletayev on birds of the Mangyahlak peninsula; Z.S. Cher- nysheva on the linear profiles of rivers of the Trans-Volga area in connection with new tectonic movements; D.A. Liliyen- berg on special features in the relief and new tectonics of Kabystan; K.N. Arwasova on the structure of the valley and bed Card 1/3 of the Zhanadarlya A.D. Armand on problems concerning the 10-58-2-26/30 The 4th Conference of Young Scientists of the Institute of '@@eogrzaphy of the USSR Academy of Sciences formation of the relief of thelWbJzrj tundras; L.P. Kunitsyn on characteristic features of perennial frost in the north- west Siberian lowlands; N.S. Blagovolin on the morphology of karst occurences in the Aldan plateau: A.V. Yermakov on erosional waters in the Central Caucasus; A.A. Mints and B.S. Khorev on questions concerning economic-geographical typology of socialist cities exemplified by central industrial regions of the European part of the USSR; V.S. Mikheyeva on the typology of soil organization in the kAkhozes of the T@r=s-Oka region,, Moscow Oblast'; B.S. Khorev on the industrial utilization of forests in connection with the construction of the Bratsk hydro- power plant and the creation of an inundation zone; M.F. Xhis- matov-on the utilization of mineral resources in northern Bashkiriya; K.N. Chernozhukov on t4e Idevelopment of agricultural production and the utilization of tiopic resources in South China; Ya.M. Berger on the industrialization of the Sinltszyan- Uygurs1mr-Autonomoilq Obl,-.qtl (China); Yu.L. Pivovarov on the formation of theOstrava industrial center (Czechoslovakia); Card 2/3 A.A. Zasukhin on basic structural and geographical shifts in 10-58-2-.26/30 The 4th Conference of Young Scientists of the Institute of Geography of the USSR Academy of Sciences machine building of the GDR; N.P. Shtutser on banic geographical features of Baden-Wuerttemberg industry; L.R. Serebryannyy on some historical geographical peculiaritie3 of the Nor%egian po- pulation; V.I. Bulavin on the reasons for the relative backward- ness of the USA in the field of ferrous metallurgy; L.A. Knya- zhinskaya on peculiarities in the formation and develcpment of western Indian territory; P.A. Trinich on the geography of the population and types of rural settlement in eastern Pakistan. There are 2 Soviet references. 1. Geograpby-4onferenae-Z= Card 3/3 AUTHOR SOV-5-58-3-35/39 TITLE: The History of the Formation of the River 3,, atems of the South-Eastern Caucasus (Dibraro-Shomakhn and Yobystnnskiy Rayons)[(Istoriya formirovaniya rochnoy seti yugo-vostoch- nogo Kavkaza (Dibraro - Shemakhinskiv i Kobystanskiy rayony)3 PERIODICAL: Byulleten' Momkovskogo obahchomtva iBpytateloy prirody, Otdal geologicheakiy, 1958, Nr 3, pp 160 - 161 (wlw) ABSTRACT: This is a resume of a lecture given on Feb 23, 1958. The region of recent upheavals in the south-eastern Caucasus, especially the Dibraro-Shemakha and Kobystanskiy districtst contain numerous traces of transformed ancient river sy- stems of the Pliocene Epoch and Quaternary Period. There are a great number of hanging sections of continuous valleys with remains of boulder conglomerates and well preserved systems of ancient terraces. The author cites numerous a-- cient valleys which are clearly discernable. Reconstruc- tion of the hydrographical system shows that during the Neo- gene Period, this systeir, coincided with the general direction Card 1/2 of the Caucasian Mountains and its basic tectonic structure. SOV-5-58-3-35/39 The History of the Formation of the River Systems of the Scuth-Z'astern Caucasus Apparently, the 'Longitudinal valleys already existed during the Maykop and Sarmatian Stage. The basic changes of the hydrographical system resulted from a general anticlinal raising of the south-eastern Caucasus, whereby the longi- tudinal valleys were lifted to different heights. 1. Geology--USSR 2. Inland waterways--USSR Card 2/2 AUTHOR, Liliyenberg, D.A., A.A. SOV-10-58-4-27/28 TITLE: A Conference of Young Scient-'5401's of the Yioskvoretsl:iy Ray- on I Moscow (Konferentsiya. mclodykh nauchnykh rabotni- kov moskvoretskogo rayons, g. 1,`oskvy) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR, Seriya geograficheskaya, 1958, Nr 4, Pp 152 - 154 (USSR) ABSTRACT: From 7 to 11 April 1958, a conference of young scientists was held by the Komsomol organizations of scientif--c re- search institutes and the Moskvoretskiy RK VLKSM in Moscow. A.I, Verchenko, Secretary of the Moscow Gorkom. and Ye.I. Borisov and S.I. Udachina, Secretaries of the Moskvorets- kiy RK KPSS and RK VLKSM participated. Pobel Prize "Viinner, Academician 171.14. Semenov and Academician D.I. Shcherbakov addressed the conference. The following reports were heard: A-.M. Grin and D.A. Liliyenberg on "Young Scientists of the Moscow Region Striving For a Worthy Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Lenin Komsomol"; Yu. P. Veredchenko, I.A. Sokolov, Ya. Ya. 11otuzov and B.A. Zimovets on the origin of the classification and agro-physical character- istics of soils and questions of geo-chemical zoning of Card l/ 3 the south, East Siberia and the Par East; Ye.S. Bazilevs- SOV-10-98-4-27/28 A Conference of Young Scientists of the Moskvoretskiy Rayon ., i.!c.3cow ka, Ye,V. Zamorina and V.A. Molodtsova on chemical and mineral compounds of sediments in the irrigation system, and on questions concerning the improvement of soil in the cases of Central Asia; B.P. Gradusov on electronic microscopic research of soil colloids; R.V. NikolayeVa on the continental discharge system of the Caspian Sea; L.K. Malik on methodical questions of calculating the maximum floods in the baein of the river 09; S.S. Savina, and Ye. N. Minayera on peculiarities in the formation of the hy- dro-meteorological system during the vegetation period in the south-east European part of the USSR; Yu.V. Shvereva, on the influence of local physical and geographical fac- tors on the Kolkhida climate; V.P. Klimova, and N.S. KazaLska- ya on the botanical and geographical profile of the Bar- gruzin syncline and the Amuro-Zeysk lowland; II.S. Blago- volin on the structure and geomorphological peculiarities of thr Kerch'.Taman Oblast'; D.A. Liliyenberg or the form and character of the reflection of the latest tecto- nic movements in the East Caucasian relief; V.P. Chicha- gov on the morphology of the south-east Baikal regicn; T.M. PictrovsktWaonthe formation of the relief of the Patomskoye Card 2/3 highlands and the conditions for gold-bearing nand; 0OV -10-58-4-27/28 A Conference of Young Scientis@s of The 7:'cskvoretsk.4y District, 'Yoscow N.V. Ryabkov on the importance of geo-morphological re- search for planning hydro-electric constructions; K.O. Lange or theoretical questions concerning the formation process of the banks of big water reservoirs; I.P. Sko- rodumova on theore-i::al and methodical questions concern- ing the Problem of e_@onomic zoning; A.A. ,ints and. B.S. Khorev on the results of analyzing the territorial conrec- tion of various mountain types; V.S. Makarov on the inve- gtigation of technical and economic indicators of iron ore deposits in t@e Urals; G.P. Matveyev on the agricultural problem of the Chuvash ASSR: V.L. Gorovoy, D.A. 'Golovkin, and A.V. T4-khonov on the economic and geographical. feat- ures of various regions; G.A. PrivalovskWaonthe economic and geographical zoning of the Kostromaforests in the Vol- ga region; Ya.l.i. Berger on the geographical conditions for the development innd distribution of cotton growinE: in com- munist China, 1. Scientific personnel--USSR Card 3/3 LILIBIMURG, D.A. , Erosion surfaces In the southeaptern Caucasus, principally on the southern slope. Trudy Inst. geog. 74:86-118 '58. (MIRA 11:7) (Caucasus-Brosion) XASHKAY. M.-A.; DUMITRASHKO, N.V.; ANTONOV, B*A.; ABASOV, M.A.; BUDAGOV, B.A.; VOLOBUYAV, V.R.; LILIYMMG P A,- MATZA , A.A.; '_1 RUSTX40V, S.G.; KHAIN, V_79'., I UZZIMI, E.Sh.; SETIC USXIY, E.M.; AGAYEVA, 'Sh., (Goomorphology of the Azerbaijan S.S.R.] Geomorfologiia Azer- baidzhanskoi SSR. Baku, 1959. 368 p. (MIRA 12:12) 1. Akademiya nauk Azarbaidzhanskoy SSR, Baku, Institut geografti. (Azerbaijan--Physical geography) X S07/10-59-4-25/29 AUTIM331 Velichko, A.A., and Mints, A.A. TITLE i The Sixth Conference of T.@N- Sci.=tlfia 7orkers of the Infititut GOOZra.-ii Iff Us 2 @Jnztltuto Of Geo- graphy AS USSR) Izventija Akademii nauk SS311, SeriT& Geoi;rafiches- (USS33 ka7a, 1959.1?r 4. py 152-154 ABSTRACT t The Article covers the Sixth Comfereace of Toung Scientific '7orkers of the Institute of CeNralhy lace in =id_t:ar- h A CZR hich took 19 S _ w . p - - tifi d h ll i or c wor da e fo zj, sc- n reports were - tq t kers .I.S.Glirth reported on *Soma Gametic Rerularl- ties in the jistribution of _1t=O5ph3r'.C Frecipita- tion" @Otl-kov =1 .1.1. Tev-e"v commented on - .tructttral =a-5Zs @7 =4 as -_-,e3eazch I a the To Am. @ L @ - j - Azta.rctic re,@i 0" 1- a spoka, on the cor...- d i _o :ra:,!@Ical network tion between t . he "S le ' *1 .et ef @@ Card and the latest tectza-z movements in the Northern -TrarLB-Ural Axes - P' Or LLI-. ^-hlMn1'X0 a Ovaluated the evaporation acc;rdl-ag to the water balaace method from the African cozzinentj Z_ @S- @n djo_ cuspftd evaporation ;roblems in the Z-_;j_, 0: Caz-Gil;Z '__jjj@-Igra and -a.,- reported r on the impact Of Solar radiat @M @d n xz lnZ its maltinz in the Traza-Volge, rej;iC., spoke an amow radiation cnar t!je Elbrus on; e 1 e C r- " To ..or .."Ilt!" I. 'he 1;Uz!",xCaa :: - , _:!. tr a l Caucasu s; IT.Ir or reported an his Mau method to measure th@@& , U_ _.1. gg carried by winds. whereby grow-flakaz a, recorded by a Photoelectric dtTiCO) JU_T, Rauger, -@M- And -M-1- -1121--ey SPOXV On the heat balance oboor- - - - - vati i ey C 0 M PrIM. a-, the Za-orzkaYa Scientific Station near 1_osco@j Sy@ Tfcr@red on sprinc a ll _2as - ;star diacharE& and so washout alf-0 studied there, C d ar Z/5 X. Dre7aE and I.B.StezhenaLMI ject'l-red an how to - Calculate the 11-1mal sprizZ water discharZe In the Yomisey and Loan rivers accordin- to the method of IbnY7 Za@?-_Ikolayava le@tured On SO& 1OV014 07 the an Be_a_ru_rrn_,,__We V-XIX centuries and @ = the lake levels in the Tlur&ay do- i@ 1849-19581 L.,I. reported on = the rivers and lnke3 of the-7rtT= pla-@eauj N.V. Rra - _Xor discussed Fllocene for--s of roller in tFe river valleys of the r-, ba3inj elucidated an loons deposits In the central areas of the Russian Plain$ Daq6 jtYq @Alecturdd on -:orremt-Llk. j 'e ' Ins n a on "Clasel- Phenomena n a@-- t _ ro.- C.41 ; in fication of Tcr I.G. Ch1X1_ 4hev gave a Coobotanic sur@vey of tre zentrai jrai , S.Z;_ZXjL-_JZa lectnr?d on the division of the Trano- Card 3/5 -Ural wood-an.1-ateppe area into sinZle relief types; SOV/10-59-4-25/219 The 31-th Conferance of TounL1 Z 7orkers Of the Inatitut Geografij ;-,7 uj3R (Inntit.ote or Sraptu, AS USS2) I a explained ho@ the hol-107.3 O= the _hf_t_11c&r-f112z_@-3i1Irtysh river near raylolar oriai- satedi @ak -, gave a sh-irt 7hzic.,l =2 qeoZ;raphical survey Om the Trazz-1rizarat arcftj_L_.Ya. enzher reported on bar aork erperioacto in the @1_ lysis Ox a map of morphoSenatic U_rOuzA for--a main by aerial pho tooraphy in the Bux7atskaya !SSR. _TjagLeyj_v.:dizcusaed relief ori@ln in t!:e zioutthe:-_ part of the 1- stad ""ya rivcra axnal 7 P Q-%s-oy compared molpholo 1cLl a=- =0- ho atric-lEe @= .~.sure rol co!Niciantst C.P ::@Ubml:z@ra =1 T@.% V f -1 - H, "ro-zov etTe Ooceozrap'_@f. 171.1:9,cy . @Irda central part of the Yakutskaya !SSR& Te.S. reported on the develop=e=t of the ir;@- =Ztrili area I AIZLTAYJIOAQ.,v discussed data on the dist=!.'--,u- tion an a eci 0 cat-area in the fiahl=E economy Of the 1".kiy.K7 nstsionstl'nj@_ ok.-.LC (=Te=lri 1"atlcnal 7Ard 4/5 -,Area)&V 2_"@ - B_Z_Z!r_-ev re-orted on the lumber ilk"Rtr; -in J@A_rkh.&m;,o_1'skjya Oblast' and Gor'kavakiy ekano=icheakiy rayon (Gor'kiy Economic District) respectivolu; 7.F. :;htstt and I lectared on the p!;ysical tzotitztj gopulation, and economy of the L=d B@de=-7uor-tem- erg, Vent Ger=amy. The comfere=ce was also attezied by representatives of the L:oskovskiy GosudarstvTmajT7 univernitat (L!osco,.v State University), =sentral aj inatitut progno-ov (Central institute of rro@,=oses@. Institut merzlotovedenija All =52 (Institute of Perna- frost Research 13 LTZ33), and other OrE:acizations. Tho following senior workers of the rmati-ute of Geot;ra- ghy AS 11WIR took part in the discussions. A.F. al'taov, B.L. Dzardzeyevskijy@ L.D. DolZushint A.G. Daskash, N.B. Dumitrashko, N.I. L'vovich, S.N. R@- azantsev, M.P. Bribzj7, B.A. ?edorovich, and others. Card 5/5 J+ BUDAGOV. B.A.;LILIYXNBXRG, D.A.;SHIRINOV, N.Sh. History of the develODMSUt of hydrography waters in the southeastern Caucasus. Izv. AN Azerb. S6R, Ser.-geol.-geog. nauk no-5:89-103 159 (Caucasus-Rivers) (MIRA 13:3) SOV/10-59-7-23/25 AUTHOR: TITLE: An Interdepartmental Conference on the Glaciation of the Caucasus PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR, Seriya geograficheskaya, 19-59, Nr 5, PP 134-136 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The above mentioned interdepartmental conference took place from 23 to 25 April in Moscow. Its object was the study of present-day state of glaciation of the Cauca- sus as compared with the ancient one. The following geologists who studied different parts of the Cauca- sus from this view point read their papers at the con- ference: G.K. Tushinskiy, Ye.Ye. Milanovskiy, Ye.M. Velikovskaya, A.V. Kozhevnikov (all f om the MGU)i G.P. Dubinskiy and P.V. Kovalev (Kha;fkov University); P.A. Ivan1kov (Moskovskiy filial Geograficheskogo Ob- shchestva SSSR) (Moscow Branch of the Geographical So- Card 1/2 ciety of the USSR); S.L. Kushev, D.A. Lilyenberg and SOV/.10-59-7-23/25 An Interdepartmental Conference on the Glaciation of the Caucasus Dumishko (Institut geografii AN SSSR) (Institute of Geography of the AS USSR); B.A. Budagov and B.A. Antonov (Institute of Geography of the AS Azerbaydzhan- skaya SSR); D.V. Tsereteli (Institute of Geo.-raphy of the Gruzinskaya SSR)a P.V. Fedorov (Geologicheskiy Institut AN SSSR) (Geological Institute of the AS USSR)5 S.P. Bal9yan (Yerevanskiy Universitet) (Yt-revan University I.N. Safronov (Severno-Kavkazskoye geologicheskoye upravleniye) (North-Caucasian Geological Directorate); A.Da Kolbutov (Gidroproyekt) and V.P. Lyubinn (Insti- tut istorii material0noy kulltury All SSSR) (Institute of Material Culture of the AS URSS). Those taking part in the ensuing discussion were: K.K. Markov, G.I. Goret- skiyj L.I. Maruashvili , A.V. Geptner, P,V. Kovalev, S.L. Kushev, and P.V. Fedorov. Card 2/2 LILIYMERG, D.A. --------------- Glaciation of the eastern Caucasus. 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(MIRA 14:3) (Caucasus-Geol@as Structural) jumma. ---riy AnatoLLyevicb.;KHAIN, B.Ye.., otv. red.; Lig . VOLYNSKAYAt V.S., red. izd-va; GUSIKOVA, O.M., tek)m. red. (Rellef of the southern slope of the eastern part of the Greater Caucasus) Rellef iuzhnogo sklona vostochnoi chasti Bol'shogo Kavkaza. Moskva, Izd-vo Akad. nauk SSSR, 1962. 2,43 P. (MM 15:3) (Caucame-Landforms) IJLIYENBMG D.A.; FEDOROVj P.V. Oeomorphological azervations in Bulgaria* Izv,. AN SM. Ser, geog iao,1:97-102 ; " 162, (KMA 15:2) 1. Institut geografii AN SSSR i Goologicheskiy institut AN SSSao' (Bulgaria-Geomorphology) BUDAGOV, B.A.; LILIYENEERG, D.A. Conference on the recent and ancient glaciation of the Caucasi;s, Izv.AN Azerb.SSR. Ser.geol.-geog.nauk no.O*-:169-171 '59. (IIJRA 15:4) (Gaucasus-Drift) RICHTER, G.D... doktor geogr. nauk., otv. red.; VELICHKO, A.A.., red.; @BER@j,-@ red.; SEREBRYANINY, L.a.,, red.; .@I;4M CHIKISHEV, A.G., red. 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TOPIC TAGS: geophysic conference, earthquake prediction, crustal deformation, epeirogeny, orogeny, seismology/,5N a . 'IV N-V ()AC_ ABSTRACTi The high seismicity and tectonic features of the Skopje basin are described and analyzed. Relative rates of movement recorded in the 1937-1963 period ran ged between +0.7 and -2 or -3 mm/yr, reaching -7.0 mm/yr in some areas. Maximum rates were recorded during the 23 July 1963 earthquake (10-25 mm/km), with horizontal displace- ments exceeding those of the vertical movements by factors of 5-10. The Skopje region is cited as an important place for establishing a multidiscipline polygon [test area) to study contemporary tectonic movements and possibly enable seismologists to distinguish zones of Ln@NTAL I , G. G. "Rational Arrangement of Clearances in Stem Turbine Bearings," Elek. Stan., No. 81 1949. Ew. T, TT =, @ 77A L t , r, . r'. Tlll@bfrc-s Cent, r*,,w of rollarl.c.0,-, txizi)Jn(,s. Hab. emerr,. 2, lio. P., 19112. 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Use of gas chromatography in the modification of the TSerevitinov method for determining active hydrogen content, lbid.;254-257 (MIRA 18;9) J-3; IfURD9 A.S.; KUNDELI, Kh.A. [Kundel, H.] Com9csition of shale phenols boiling at a temperature up to 300 0 and obtained from the tar of various aggregates of the therml proceseing of oil shalea. Khim, i tekh. gor. slan. i prod. Jkh perAr no.13@,265-276 164. (MIRA !8-9) H1,00ZFELD L. and Inz ;j;"KUaICZ I. Z Zakladu I-Iiikrobiologii Uniwersytetu Wroclawskiego. 0 wspolzyciu. serdTMIcznym maMT-i plodu The serological relationship between mother and foetus Polski T;rgodn-lk Lekarski, Warsaw M7, 2/28-31 (Nt5-853 rabies 7 Fiore than 20 years ago the senior author with Zborowski published under the same title a series of papers dealing W-th the diminished nLuaber of children born from mothers having a different blood group (0) from their own (A). The conclusion of the po3sibility of a serological injury to foetuses by mothers' was not confirmed for many years. Now it is an established fact, the new investigations beinv carr'led out under the Linpetus oLf the new research concernine@- the iH Cacto:, The present investigation summarizes the first results in this field in Poland The authors confim the resoective frequencies of iffli- and Rh- in pregnancies with normal and erythroblastotic children. They stress the observation that in serological incompatibility: moth Rh-, foetus Rh-t-, there are more cases of eryt.hrob-Lastosis, whereas in the opposite combination- mother Rh4w, foetus Rh- there are rather more cases of miscarriages. A programme of compulsory reporting of erythroblastosis foetalis, habitual miscarriages and Poststransfusional shocks in Poland is developed. Flakower - Wroclaw (IV, 6,7.910) SO: Medical Microbiology and Fyaiene, Section IV, Vol. ), No. 1-6 nIRV-@;KD L. and L1JU-S2,Vszkowi&j 1. Z Zakladu Mik-robiolo-ii Lekarskiej UnWersytetu wrocTawstcle o. 1jacumis. nad immunologia, siary Investifationn on tne imrtunoloCy of colostrum medycyna Dosviladczalna i MikrobioioC-ia, Warsrtw 1949, 1/2 tZOO-X16) Tabll'O 13 Therathors found in coio%trum antioocLies active a@,ainst tfie red cells of' P-11 blood groups IncludIng its own and the 0 group. These group antibodies of colontrum are stronger than those of blood serum. 'they are always present in colostru--i the first day after birth, and disap-)ear in three days, so that on the fourtP- day after birth the milk -mostly contains only antibodies against foreign blood grolirs. These observations are a Proof of sor. autonomic immunity mechanism of the mamna-y 71and. Its imaortance in blood grou-) fornation is dicc'Ussed. Hirzfeld Wroclav. So: nediral Microbiology and My- ,giene, Section IV, Vol 3, No. 1-6 HIRSZFMOWA, H.; LILLB-SZYSZKOWICS, 1. wo, n @__ d Developmental defects and serologic conflict. Med.doew.mlkrob. 2 no.2:140 1950. (Cij4L 2o.-6) I- SUMM&I7 Of report given at loth Gongrass of the Polish Microbio- logical and 'Spidemiological Society hold in Gdansk, Sept. 1949, Authors are from Wroclaw and Warsaw. HIRSUELD, L.; LILLY#-SZYSZKOWICS, L; OSINSKA, M. *vIK . , Further i;;8s;igationson t'21'e significance of blood groups in patho- logic states of pregnancy. Med.doew.mikrob. 2 no.2:141-142 1950. (Gus 2o: 6) 1. Summary of report given at 10th Congress of the Polish Microbio- logical and Spidemiological Society held in Gdansk, Sept. 1949. (Wroclaw) JABLONSKI, K.; LILLZ-SZYSZKOWICZ, I.; OSINSKA, M. --Waoft* 1r'?-' , -.. Role of abortion in maternal isoimmunization by the group antigen of the fetus. Med.doew.mikrob. 2 no.2:145-146 1950. (CIML 20:6) 1. Su ry of report given at 10th Congress of the Polish Micro- biological and 3pidemiological Society held in Gdansk, Sept. 1949. (Wroclaw.) LILLN SZYSZXOWICZ, I.; TAYTSCH, Z. Study of the blood factor P. 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Irena (Warssawa, ul. Chocimska 5, Inst7tut Rematologii) Cytological picture of the blood in newbern according to leukergic Investigations. Polski tygod. lek. 9 no.14:417-42i 5 Apr 54. 1. Z Inety-tutu Hematologit, dyr. doc. &r A.Rau (BLOCD. pictnre in neirborn) (INFANT, NMM@ blood in, . picture) LILU-SZ!rSZKOWIGZ. Irena; CHWNAGK&. 1. flemolytio. reaction following transfusion of incompatible blood. Polski tygod. lek. 9 no.43:1375-1379 25 Oct 54. 1. Z Inltytutu Hematologil; dyraktor: (Ir A.Trojanowski. NOW TRANSTUSIONs complications. , hemo3,vtio reaction after incompktible blood) DZIIMZKOVA, Wanda; LIIJJC-SZYSZKOWICZ, Irens, Rare anti-Rh (a) and anti-P antibodies consecutive to isoim-unization. Polski tygod. lek. 9 no-50t1599-1601 13 Doc 54, 1. Ze Stacji Krwiodawstwa we Wroclawiu; dyrektors dr Doroblet i x Inst3rtutu Hemtologli w Warazawie, d3rraktor doe. dr A.Hausman. (RH FACTORS, antibodies, Rh (a) antibodies consecutive to isoimmun.) (HrAM GROUPS, anti-P antibodies consecutive to isoi-mn.) and 1. Ulle-Szysikowlcx Bull. Arad. Polon. Sci., 1935, 8, 137-143 (DCP@@ Mother arid Child Injit., Warsaw).-Rabbits, , lCrUblology, after @:tt Lv. Injection of bacteria, Nhow a leucapenia after 2Q-40 _"k1'GaUd,"kqrgy and le@E2EX_"il ater 3-5 hro In the IOUCO penia stage the no. of granulocytes I One g :ogen and the amount of 81 zcogcn per vell begin to tine. 'rhis in ease continues until th, W ergy- tot becomes positive after which the numbor of granulocytes rOtUTSIS. to nOrM,d wi the leukergy d1minishes. These peculiar, leucocytes, rich in glycogen and thought to be responsible for the positive leQktrgy test, are terwed leukergic granulocytes, F. C. f4.'JrTVktwoRTJ1. LILTY,SZYS'&KOWICZ. Irena; CHOJNACKA, Irmina Studies on experimental hemolytic anemia. Arch. immun. ter. doev. 3:249-267 1955. 1. Inst7tut Hamatologii w Warezawia (Dyrektor: doc. dr. A. Trojanowski). Dzial Sarologii (Kierownik: prof. dr. I. Lille-Szys zkowicz). 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Warszawa. wE lude d-6375-nTI-gMes leucoZ7taires sp6cifiques et essai d'application d'un sdrum spdcifique au cours de la leuc6mie, A studv of leucocytary antigens of specific nature and an attempt to apply a specific serum in the course of leukaemia SANG 1956, 27/5 (382-385) Graphs 2 Previous investigations suggested the diversity of antigens in the leucocytes, that there are antigens for the granulocytes, the myeloblasts and the lymphocytes. It was suggested that the morphological modifications of the blood in the different diseases might be explained by the serological reactions. Th@e injection of rabbit serum containing antilymphocyte antibodies was followed in three patients by a notable fall in the lymphocytes. This antilymphocyte serum gave 'in vitro' a positive agglutination reaction up to 1 x 16 with a suspension of lymphocytes. The modification of the lymphocytes was, at the same time, of short duration and proportional to the quantity of serum injected. In a case of chronic reticulosis anti- serum was obtained in the rabbit which gave in vitro with the cells of the patient a positive complement fixation redction of I x 40, very much higher than that ob- tained with controls (myeloblasts). These facts suggest a special antigen structure of the cells of the reticular system, which is different to the antigens of the neu- trophil leucocytes and the myeloblasts. Larrain - Santiago de Chile (VI, 5, 16) LITZA-MSZKOWICZ, I.; CHOJNACKA, I.; PAIIASEWICZ, J.; WAMSTA, 1. Studies on the role of neural mechanisms in the development of -Qnnpb7- lnctic t3hock and resistance reactions. Acts. physiol. polon. 8 no-3: 415-418 1957- 1. Z Zakladu Serologii Instyhitu Ilematologii Kierownik: prof. dr I, Lille-Szyszkowicz Z Znkladu Fizjopatologii Instytutu Hematologii lierownik: kand. nauk.. med. J. Panasewicz Dyrektor Inatytutu: doc. dr A. Trojanowski. (ALL3RGY, experimental, neural mechanisms (Pol)) (NERVOUS SYSTZM, in vnr. dia. exper. allergy (Pol))