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LCKONOS, G.K., in nr(Yonotwp) Water cooling of electric motere. Elektrich*stvo no-8:77 Ag 156. (Electric motorr-Cooling) (MLRA 9:10) p ---- 0 i0 0 LOKOHOS, G.K., inzhener. Waterproof electric motor. Vest. elektroprom. 27 no.M60-62 0 156. ()(I.RA 10tg) 1. Zavod "Krasnyy -netallist." (Electric motors) LOMONOS, G.K. Standar'd pickups for mechanical remote control of pumps. Priboro'stroenie no-SOZ; 3 of cwer Ag '61. (MI.RA 14:8) (G-il well pumps) (Automatic control ) LOMONS, G.K., inzh. System increasing the safety of spark]proof circuits* Ugoll Ukr. 6 no.2:34-35 F 162. N~FIRA 15:2) 1. Konotopskiy zavod "Krasnyy metallist." (Electricity in mines) HOT# V.I., gomyy in7h., LOMONCr,, rj., p gornyy inzh. Indicators of the level and the consumpti(m of liquids. Gor. zhur, rip 12255-58 D 165, (MIRA 18-.12) 1. Ins t itut-~v Lama' ugN rudpr om, gorod Konwuup. LOMONOS,N. Mechanizing timber deliveries on steep seams. Mast ugl. 4 no.4:18 Ap 155. WaA 8:6) 1. Nachallnik uchaetka shakhty no.19 20 kombinatu Stalinugoll. (Stalino Province-fline timbering) IA)MONOB, P.I.; YZDORGV. V.K. 0 Functional capacity of cortical cells in stimulation of tkger heiai- spheres of the brain. F12iol. Zh. SSSR no#79-586 S~Pt-Oct 51. on 4 (CLRI- 21:4) 1. Physiology Department imeni I.P. Pavlov, Institute of Experimental Modicine, Academy of Medical Sciencos USSR, Leningrad. is 0 LOROMS. P.I. Bummation of conditioned reflexes* Fisiole zh. SM 38 no. 5053-538 Sept-Oct 1952s (C1KL 23:3) 1, Physiological Department imeni Academician 1. P. Pavlov of the Ina titut a -W )k V.SSR. Verimental. Medicine, Academy of Radical Sciences Leningrad. LO-40-gos, P.I. ~ I - -, 11--, . ications of functional level of work of cortical cells. Y!xiol. xh. SSSR 39 no. 1:27-34 Jan-Yeb 1953. (OLML 24:2) 1. Institute of Physiology imaui I. P. Pavlov of the AcademW of Sciences USSR, Leningrad. USSR/Biolcgy - Physiology Card 1/1 Pub 33-5/18 Author Lomonos, P. I. ft~. - FD-2274 Title Effect of varying the amount of unconditional nutriment on the condi- tional reflex activity of dogs Periodical Fiziol, zhur. 40, 566-5711 Sep-Oct 1954 .',bstract Investigated changes in the conditional refle): activity of dogs as a result of variations in the amount of food provided. Studies re- lationship between the strengths of conditional reflexes developed by strong and weak stimuli and the relationship between the proc- esses of stimulation and inhibition. Tables; graphs. Four ref- erences, 3 of them USSR (1 since 1940). Institution: Department of Physiology imeni I. P. Pavlov, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Leningrad 9ubmitted August 25, 1951 USSR/Human and Animal Physiology (Normal wid Pathological). T-12 Nervous System. Higher Nervous Activity. Dehavior. Abs Jour : lief Zhur - Diol.., No 11, 1958., 51311 Author : Lomonos P I Inst : Title : Conditioned Reflex Activity of Dogs after Intravenous Injection of Radioactive Cabalto Orig Pub : V ob.: Tr. Vaes. konforentaii po med. radiol. Eksperim. ried, radiol, Me, Med6iz, 1957, 44-49. Abstract : When Co6o (3-62 mcuric) was intravenously injected into 5 dogs, intensification or tendency to intensification of po- sitive food conditioned reflexes was observed, as well as impedinent of differentiated inhibitions during the first 2 weeks after administration of the preparation. Their relative restoration took place on the 26th-28th day. Changes of energy relationships and some other disturbances of HIU Chigher nervoua activityl were also noted. Card 1/2 - 119 - US.13R/Human and Animal Physiology - (Normal and Pathological). Action of Physical Factors. Ionizing Radiation. Abs Jour Ref Z4:ur Biol., No 4, 1959, 18077 Author Inst Title Orig F Abstrd Card 1/2 nik, In-t eksperim. med. ANN SSSR, 1956, T.2. 7) 579-587 1, T (D) recieved general roentgen irradis'Lon in a IF400 r with a power of 17 r/min. To a third D a "On of p32 in a dose which corresponded to about ims introduced intravenously. In all D, defensive .tioned reflexes Ott; raising of Pau) was prvduced. ,atent period, the number of raisings of the paw JJJGR/fluman and Animal physiology _ (Nornal and Pathological). T Action Of Physical Factors. Ionizing Radiation. Abs Jour Ref Zhur Biol., no 4, 1959, l8o,77 in response to the conditioned stimulus, the number of respiratory movements (luring its duration and the num- ber Of' ilitersignal reactions were registered. The cli- nical Picture of the disease was determined according to morphological cOMPOsition of blood and weight of the animals. In both variations of irradiation phase changes of the values of CR were observed. The periods of rela- tive decrease of the values of CR coincided with the critical periods of the course of radiation sickness. The periods of all of the number of leucocyt.2s ill t1le blood either 4ceeded the periods of relative decre2Le As Of values of CR, cr coincided with them. Normal int _W relations between the values Of C.R in their decreas 10 were preserved which apparently indicates an increa e processes of ir se of jhibition at the expense of induction in. fluences from other regions of the nervous sy M. Card 2/2 134 P.I. tute of Experimental Medicine The Changes of Conditioned Defensive Reflexes in Dogs in Radiation Sickness. "On the State of the Stimulatory Process In the Cerebral Cortex of the Dog Under the Influence of Ionizing Radiation," by 0. A. Bryukhanov and P. I. Loomonos, Physiology Laboratory, Central Roe utgeno -Radiological Institute, Ministry of Health USSR, Len- ingrad~Fiziologig&skiy Zhurnal SSSR imeni 1. M. SecheBova, Vol 43; No 2, Feb 57)WP 101-106 The purpose of the investigation was to study the state of the stim- ulatory process in the cells of the cerebral cortex on internal irradiation rcBulting froin the intravenous injection of radiophosphorus (P 32). It was found that changes in the conditi reflex activity of i- mals, with a general tendency towards decreas e trength of conditionfre- flexes, take place after the action of ionizilradiation on the organismp regardless of the site of irradiation and the nature of the energy. Tests of the strength of cortical excitl on as shown by conditiold reflex eummation and by reoponse to caffein di-nictration have obown that the efficiency of the cortical cells is retained the first few daya, and only with the onset of radiation sickness is decreased capacity of the cortical cells observed. (U) 3 TY LOMIO'NOS, P. I.: Doc Med Sci (diss) -- "rh,2 e ff,~,ct :z ra-- 'zi, thc higher porti.ons of tlw braiii of dogg". Loningrad, 1959. 35 pp (min 11,!aIth USSR, Central Sci Res X-ray Radiological Inst), 250 copi,~s (n, ';o 14, 19-5,), 121) JONONOS, P.I. Cortical regulation of the vomiting reflex following irradiation [with summa27 in Z'nglishl. Flziol,zhur. 45 no*2:.-137-11;2 F r5q. (KIRA 12:3) 1. Yrom the department of ralioloQr., Institute of fterimental Medicine, Leningrad. (RCKWIUM RAYS, effects, on conditioned vomiting reflex in animals (hus)) (REF , CONDITIONED, eff. of radiations, x-rays, on conditioned vomiting reflex in animals (RUBD (VOMITING, physiol. eff. of x-rays on conditioned vomiting reflex in animals (Rua)) 41 I aao AUTHOR: Lomonos, P. 1. 40620 SJ2l9/62i'053I'002.'003',0G3 1015/1215 TITLE: Effect of the preliminary administration of radioactive isotopes on the composition of peripheral blood and the survival of animals subsequently x-irradiated with a lethal dose PERIODICAL: Byulleten' eksperimental'noy biologii i meditsiny, v. 53, no. 2, 1962, 79-82 TEXT: There are few studies known on the phenomenon of acquired radioresistancc. The administration of radioactive isotopes prior to irradiation with lethal doses in order to increase survival rate, has been recently tried. The experiments were carried out on albino rats (180-200 g) and albino mice (20-25 g). The animals received J131, P32 and methionine-S35 prior to %-irradiation. The rats were irradiated with 800 r and the mice with 600r, which corresponded to LD60/30. The time interval between the administration of the radioisotopes and the subsequent irradiation varied according to the greatest functional changes observed in various fun- ctional systems, The administration of the radioisotopes 15, 45, and 55 days prior to a whole-body x-irradia- tion of rats increased their survival rate by 5-23 %. The effect of the administration of methionine was greater the longer the time-interval between its administration and the subsequent irradiation. Administration of mcibioninc in mice 15 days prior to irradiation abolished the radiation injury caused by 600 r. Methionine had also a good effect on the blood picture: the number of WBC, especially of netrophiles aid cosinophiles, increased. There are 4 Figures and 2 tables. Card 112 Effect of the ... S,1219162:'002 003 ~ 003. (W 1015/1215 ASSOCIATION: Laboratoriya radiobiologh Institut-i cksperimcntal'noy medilliny A,%JN SSSR. 1,eningnid (Laborlitoty of Radiobiology, Initittitc of Mc\ficlu. AMS US%SR. Umn- *id) SUBMITTED: December 30, 1960 1 ~ I/ Card 2/2 *ACCESSION NR: AP4003133 S/0241/63/Oo8/oll/0059/0063 AUTHOR: Lomonos, P. I,; Shamaldimudov# A, TITLE: Distribution of p32 In rat or an tissues under the action of 'penetrating radiation and on introduction of ACTH SOURCE: Moditsinskaya radiologiyas v. 69 no. 11, 19639 59-63 TOPIC TAGS:, penetrating radiation, ACTHp histohematio barrier qrmeabilityg leucocytosisp lymphopeftia, eosinopenia, radiation P sicknesss radioactive phosphorus distribut;~onq tissue permeability ABSTRACT: Histohematie barrier permeability for P32 (20 microcuries /kg) was studied in organs of control and irradiated (800 r) rats without and with ACTH (2 units/100 g). Radioactivity ratio of 1 g tissue to I g blood measured by a T-25 BFL and counter served as. permeability index for bloods liver# adrenal gland# hearts spleen# and brain, Blood form elements were investigated before and after ACTH was intgqduoed. Permeability of organ tissues was determined 1 hr after Vlr-was injejoted and 3,9 6,j and 9 hro-after ACTH In control animals and up to 6th day of radiation siakness In Irradiated animals. Ca,d_.V3.. 'ACCESSION ER: AP4003133 F61 -_ 4 71 In cojtrol animals without ACTH, histohematic barrier permeability is higheVb in the J&r tissues, is lower in the kidneyp adrenal gland, and spleen tissue, and is lowest in brain tissue. In irradiated animals without AGT11, permeability sharply rises on the 3d day or radiation sickness in all'organ tissues under study with no signifi- cant changes on the 1 t or 6th days. Within 3-6 hrs after ACTH is introduced into control animalso permeability sharply increases in the adrenal gland tissues and increases only slightly in the other organ tissues. With ACTH introduced on the 3d day of radiation sickness,, tissue parmeabilit7 decreases within the first few hours and in 9 hrs is restored to levels before AGTH with no significant changes in adrenal gland permeability. Increased histohematio barrier permea- bility of irradiated tissues appears to be caused by increased func- tioning of hypohp-Tais-corticondronal system and appears related to higher activity of the investigated organs* Orig, art. has: 8 tablea, 2 figures, ASSOCIATION: Laboratoriya radiobiologii institut6 okaperimentallnoy meditsin ANN SSSR (Radlobiology Laborator7 of tho Experimental. 14adical Catitute AM 333H) Card 2/3 SOKOI.OV, A., otvetstveunyy red.; LOMONOSOV, A.. red. [Program of a course on "Mectrochemistry and anticorrosion coatings, for technical schools of the Kinistry of the Radio Magineering Industry in the subject "Manufacture of radio insulation materials and radio parts"] Programma kursa "glektrokhimiia i antikorroziinye pokrytiia" dlia tekhuikumov HRTP po spetaialluosti OProizvodstvo radioizollatsionufth materialov i radiodetalsi." *--jakra, 1956, 9 p. (MIR& 11:8) 1. Russia (1923-' U.S.S.R.) Hinisterstva radiotakhnicheskoy promyshlennosti. Upravlenlye uchebnymd zavedeuiyami. (Xlectrachemistry-Study and tea4-aiug) LOMOHOSOV, A. Improving the work with radio amateurs. Radio no.8:8-9 Ag '54. (HLRA 7:8) 1. Prednedatell Mookovskogo oblastnogo komiteta Veeeoyuznogo dobrovollnogo obshchestva andaystviya, armii, aviataii i flotu. (Radio clubs) LOMONOSOV, A. Improve the training of construction workers. Prof.-tekh.obr. 11 no.7:27 0 154. (KLRL 7.11) 1. Direktor uchabnogo punkta treat& *ltalinmetallurgetroy." (Building-Study and teaching) " c-'r-'e-s-1/58 AUTHOR: Lomoncsov, A Yember of the Pr~, -.~:i ~ f-. E 7 a.K 7. j 3 A A. Nov P4rords TITLE: Let Us DistingLdeh the Sunmer Sport Season by/ -.Jznamenuyem sportivnoye leto novymi rokordam-0, PEhTODICAL: Radio, 1958, Nr 6, pp 1-2 (U:;3R11 Card 1/2 A resolution passed on the 4th All-Union D05AAF Conj;ress calls for a general increase in the proficiency levc! of DOSAAF members in those sport branones which may find a military application. In these branches, e3pecially in those where international competitions are held, the capali-'lities of Soviet sportmen must be raise(I to meet international standards. The instructions given by the DOSAAF Con-reso apply to all branches of radio sport. Lccal DOSAAF organi- zations and DOSAAF radio clubs are requ-sted to furnish as- sistance to Soviet radio amateurs and ~o 3rCanilze c-mpe- titions on local levels. Ho'ziever, many EOSAAF or~-anizationq of the RSFSR, the Belorussian, Fazakh an,' Ceorgian SSR do not even plan competitions. The author points out that it is still time to correct thi3 situation. So-called "fox- hunts" (detection of hidden radic statiors b.7 radio) ard similar field activities are especially rpccmmenfie,3- The Let Us Diatinguish the 5ammer Sport -'t-~;,,xn b)- New Records 1-07-50-6-i/55 author also lists the wav.-~ ranges in whi-,h these ,ompet~i- tions are to be conducted. Card 212 1. Radio-Applicat-ions 2. Radio-Oporators 3. Radio-Datoction # Op 9 0 LOMONOSOV, A., brigadir Road toward success. Stroitell no.4:8 Ap 160. MIRA 13:6) 1. lompleknnaya brigada SUt-10 tresta Krasnoyarsk-prome troy. Masnorarok-Building) 9 With glycots, -lu 77 033980 LOSURS; 01 ENC -. ..Formula , an a 6t, ghl, r J,:i 3fe t s sts affane hydroxy) ' ' , decamethyl-OCU_ 4c. 7 ano - t' Am 0.0m dirp.9 Its's tetralds- J". I A. Wraicantainethy- '31 H 0-4 Quq IAM 0,0700 179642 097t 49-hydroxy) ithylene- effs 1 gIyOOiy)Sc[azt* ~f(WHOC*40H f3in I'MU 4,50 U'04' eoxyl- Wane TA t.4wj 1.2tR 10 t'M 102 36, 1,2101 10,601 71,0S L 256~o_65 ACCEt9ION Na: A95000709 .'at 175C. -'The: fallowing 6 cross-linked compounds of the dimethylailaxane and lv~onsilahe..-series,,with OR groups at the ends of the branching chains, were synthesized.-'~!etrakis-(octemethyl-tetriksiloxano-9-hydroxy)-sitane CVH10002047; tetrakis-(hex~ideca-.iethyl-octasiloxano-17-hydroxy)-sitane C64,Hh96036Si33; tetrakis- tetrAkir.-(i.thyl'enegly6oxy),-tiilan4i CaU209g5i; tetrakis-(di-.~-thylene lycoxy)-ailane; an~ phenyi--tr. Ci6H36012Si- ValiAes -for the refractive d it ~-te-fractioti,-af-,t~-ft"ynthgctzed compounds are given, an 6--dentIt.j- -:wlecular,weL& i:resg t L9 -~,---Authqr -~:sui ed-. the- candeasation-of --t-dttiiki's-(Odtmeithyt-"tetrasiloxaii6~;I-b~di 46 ilane at 200C for which a reaction scheme is given, as well as.-that-of the- first 3 crosd-linked 'compounds listed above with methylphenyldichlorosilane, resulting in products idAich were viscous at room temperature, readily soluble in xylene and'CC14, and had a low glass teraperature of about -120C. Ths authors also obtained insoluble elastic products with a glass tezperature of about -120C. The r6action of the last 3 cross-linked.glycomysilanes listed above with hexa- Methylen- anijom-toluylene diisocyanat.4 at ZOG leads to the formation of refractory (up to.300C)ftnsoluble productewhich Vo not decompose when heated to 300C -(MTMer`&ffMal thermal atialysis)d V. Tolatoguzov SUB CODE4 E Card 2/2 min MIN M~ :x 2-00-20mi LOMOKCOV, B. Y it- '~Electro-Technique in Pictures and Drawings," Electricity, Publ. by the Printing House of the Govt. Energy (Electrical) Publ. House, in Mbscow, 1952. n USSHM~ectriclty WY 1947 Voltage - Measurements "urrents, 31actric - Measurements "One Generalization Of Heavyside's Formula,- Prof B. Yu. Lomonosov, Dr of Technical Sciences, Moscow Fner- getica Institute imeni Molotov, 1 p *'31ektrichestve No 5 Author takes HeaTyride's formula VhIch is used to determine the current and voltage vhen a circuit Is hooked into a DC circuit, U). Author, however, submits a variation to this formula mbich ID 40T13 USSR/Electricity (Contd) Ykkv 1947 would perr I.' a similar solution in the case of a sinuooldal and exponential voltage. Discusses the basis for his modification and arrives at the follow- ing for=ula: _t r =;ID 40W >4 ARNDT, Yu., arkhitektor; LOMONOSOV, D,, inzh. What standard plans of hotels should be like. Zhil. stroi, no.12:7-1-1 162. (MIRA 16:1) (Hotels, tavermsp etc.--Standards) SOV-127-58-10-12/29 AUTHCRSs Zver1kov, S.M. and Lomonosov, G.G., Mining Engineers TITLE: Which Explosive Does the "Medvezhiy Ruchey" Mine Feed ? (Kakiye vzryvchatyye veshchoatva nuzhny rudniku "Medvezhiy Ruchey" ?) PLRIODICAL: Gornyy zhurnal, 1958, Nr 10, PP 41-43 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The mine "Medvezhiy Ruchey" of the Norillsk Metallurgical Mining Trust is exploited by the open-pit method. Blasting works are hampered bys 1) a high fracturing of rocks; 2) waterlogged conditions in spring and summer, and 3) build- ings and living quarters. Thus the explosives should pos- sess the following characteristics: high "brisance", water and frost resistance, maximal loading density and minimal throwing capacity. Different makes of ammonite and trotyl are being used at present. The author experiment(?d with all available varieties of these explosives and found that new explosives of better quality must be produced, since those available are unsatisfactory. Card 1/2 SOV-127-56-10-12/29 Iihich ExploBive Doe3 the "Medvezhiy Ruchey" Mine fleed ? There is 1 photo, 1 graph and 1 table. ASSOCIATIORt Norillskiy gorno-motallurgicheskiy kombinat (The Horillsk Metallurgical Mining Combine ) 1. Mining industry--USSR 2. Explosives--Effectiveness Card 2/2 GORDWW, V.P., gorW insh.; LOKONOSOV, G.G., gornyy insh. Multiple-rov short-delay blasting in open-pit mines of the Norillsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine. Gor. zhur. no. 1:46- 48 A 161. (MIRA 14:1) 1. Norillskiy gorno-metallurgicheakiy kombinat. (Norillsk--Strip mining) (Blasting) 110MONOSOV, G.G., gorzwy inzh. ; ZVERIKOVp S.N. Watez blasting method of breaking averoJind, rocks in open pits. Gar. zhup. no.405-37 Ap 163. 1 (MIRA 1634) 1. Moskovskly institut radioelektroniki i (for LoioApsov). 2. Glavnyy inzh. rudnika (Blasting) gornoy elektromekhaniki *Yusnyyu (for Zverikov). 10 0 I* RZHEVSKIY, Vladimir Vasillyevichp prof., doktor tekhn. nauk; V BAKHTIN, Gennadiy Antonovich; ILMONOSOVO Geralld Georgiyevich; FOVIK, Gotfrid Yanovich [Technology and overall mechanization of coal, ore, and rock products strip mining] Tekhnologiia i kompleksnaia mekhaniza- tBiia otkryto'A. dolj~chi uglial rud I nerudnykh irkopaeuWkh. Moskva Monk. in-t radioelektroniki i iornoi elektromekhvriki. Ho.3. tPreparation of rocks for mining Podh-otovka gornykh po- brod k vyemke. Pt.l. [Technological processesl Tekhnologicheskie protsessy. 1963. 112 p. (MIRA 17;9) inzh. LOMDNOSOV)_P!~~ Studying the water infuslon blasting method of cruab!ng oversize rocks. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; gor. zhur. 7 no.5t69-73 164. (MA 17:12) 1. Moskovskly institut radioelektroniki i gornoy elektromekhaniki. Rekomendovana Vnfedroy tekhnologii i kompleksnoy mekhanizatsii otkrytoy dobychi uglya, rud i nerudnykh iskopayemykh. f ... LOMDNDSOV, I.G. W, Effective designs for logging dams. Les.prom. 35 no.4: 20-22 Ap 157- (MLRA 10:5) 1. TSentralInyy nauchno-isoledovatellskiy institut loooplava. (Dame) KHRUSTALEV, ~;erFvy Semplonov.1-1h; D.Yn., irizh.2 retsenzerit; MANZ),;9"~j,G.2 st. nauchm. retsinzent; SATIN, M.S.) St. nauchn. sntr., r,tv. vA.; BIUC~)Y)VA., 1..V., red. [DuI1dIr4--,. Buildinq materials; a textbook for students of the faculties of Forestry Fn,-~neorJng, the Mechmaical Ter+,noIoM_, of Wood, Fores-i Ch,,mi.,ml Technology, and Engineer- ing Ezonomd,--al Stroitellpye raterialy; uchebnao posoblo dlia fij~jjlvtoto- leaoiwhenemog.,~, mekhan-'Lcheskoi tekhriol-~.g,1:1 dir(--vesivy, lerokhoziaistvonnogo, itiz'lic~nei-ii,;.-okonorr-4che.-k~)fo. Lenin- grad.. 'Jses. zac-ihilyi loscAelrIhri. In-t,. 196114. 71 p. (MIRA 18:7) LOKONOSOV, Ivan Grigorlyevich, starshiy nanchnyy ootrudnik; ARYKIN, Ivan Grigorlyevich; VASILIKOVA, Regina Tevgenlyevich; ZEUEMOT, Tevganiy Aleksandrovich; LERIM. Mikhail Petrovich; OTCRIM- KOVA. Dina Mikhaylovna; YUZTUK, Vladimir Yefimovich. Prinimali uchaBtiye: ARYKIN, I.G., starahiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; YUZVUK. V.Ye., starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; LIBEM, M.P., stsrshiy nauchnyy sotrrdnik; OYCHINNIKOVA, D.M., m1adehly nauchnyy sotrudnik; VASILIKOVA. R.Ts.. mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; ZHURYNKOV, Ts.A.. mladshiy nauchnyy sotrud- nik. ZHURAVIRV, B.A., red.izd-va; PATIAIMINA, N.L., [Album of designs of dame to be built on timber floating rivers] Allbom konstraktaii lesosplavnykh plotin. Moskva, Goolesbumirdnt, 1959. 212 p. (HIM 13:7) 1. TSentrallnyy nauchno-iBeledovateliskiy institut lesooplava (for all, except Zharavlev, Parakhina). (Liumbar-Transportation) (Dame) # t , rk~ I - 1 1 \, k ~ ~, , -- , : P, - , . - - - - -, L-,- V I; -i OVBHIN191KOV, V.M.; MMILOV. yu.A.; ALEMANDROVA, M.L.; LOHOHOSOV, I.I. Decay scheme of N023. Izv.Aff SSSR.Ser.fiz. 20 no.12:1417-1418 D 156 (KLRA 10:D (Neon--Igotopea) I -'C~, ) Aknd-!.- rmuk Z&;R. Radly-7y irstitift Tmt-, t. 111 (Transacti- t~o Ftsdi= lrstlt~W. Acad-y of I. : ~. WbI. 9) No ... w. I:d V. MS q5q. 1959. "Ir P. Errata slip I rt I .-= -pi.s printed. Ed. - NA. Parrilov, Doctor of Piyziral and Math-t!cal SCIen.93; Ed. of NtIlstil'i., ki.-t G.H. L-1 T..h. Ed., A.V. Beii-e.. Th. -1- is for rhysicists. t.t. CO'.-::RA=: The bk r.;n as..- ~ -1- 9 of Me Tr ... a-ti.- or the R.Ai- and conts.,4z.o Lhe results of ttA... .-do-ted at t- institute ch-.eflj, f-i 1955 to 19-o. -he- - & -bar of -till.. d.mlirg with 0. btL~,y of, - s'r n -ourri.g ith or diffe-t anotties r-Cing fr,a sovers-I r f L.. ~ V UP to hundreds of McV. Omer treat differ-t r-blens o Lm-. Results of ~=Ilvv of v,arl-us nout-n -cos, -utrnn --ty distril Ion I. a ~dsrator (w,ster) . arA otk~tr p-t-1- connaTted with t~-s tt.-~y f t-,t r,eut.~- Irterection wltl~ nat-or ars p-e-t.d. the xajcrit.Y of the artic." t do vitri P-blers -r aot.-~d. TL, muther, provide a ~q,l : : acriptian of the -str-tion of o,julpmant -1 of Lhe results of to t 2~ P-3-11ti- or. mart.1-4. o-4itio- , lod-d-' arti~'. ' Zh--v, V.P. flxal~m d- to High Ex-itation Lnera 45 s-, L-- . V.P. of d-- t. Ligh E-itst!- F-,.,.a W C'". Z3-tkn YU.A. Slit.k!Y. 'rd 1.24. f iy -z-n of Y-A...nd I.S. Pi-A! Y- !tw~ -f C-Itel- 61 Nbar-sk!4.. StiLly of Ca-a Ray 5poltr'~ ~r Pz-!" St'd, ~f Prot:,,-, -d B-Pit -~r . 7 J_ C.:!o!- ~W- ftr Ac'~'7 -A - ~ - 4 ..... -j )-lyti. of k !-t-. 71.1'. ~f to. ~r~ ; . t 'f Sm 7-- SOV/12J-59-41-14/50 AUTHORZ~~~~~~isarevskiy, A~ 11., Soshin, L. D. TITLE: The Conversion Efficiency of NaJ(Tl) Crystals PERIODICAL: Pribory i tekhnika eksperimenta, 1959, Nr 4, pp 70-71 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Crystals grown by the Kyropoulos and Stockbarger methods are used with y-rays of energy up to 1330 keV (the table lists the values, where % is given by the second formula on P 70), Figs I and 2 show respectively the relation of' A2 and &4 to VE . It is concluded that the resolving power Ls overestimated unless proper allowance is made for the quantity b (the inherent resolving power) in the first formula on p 70. The paper contains 2 figures, 1 table and 7 references, 3 of which are Eng."Llish and 4 Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Radiyevyy institut AN SSSR (Radium Institute, Academy of Sciences,, USSR) SUBMITTED.- June 23, 1953. Card 1/1 LDMONOSOV, I.I.; NF141LOV, Yu.A.~ PISARLVSKIY, A.N.; TETERIN, YO.D. Photomatipliera designed for scintillation spectroscopy. Trudy RadievainsteAN SSSR 9;164-180 159. (KrRA 14:6) (Photoelectric multipliers) 210) SOV/48-23-2-19/20 AUTHORS: Nemilov, Yu A.p Lomonosov I. I. Pisarevskiy, A. N., T hi L ; ri So Y D s e e e. . . n, n, .1 TITLE: Some Problems on the Linearity of the Scintillation Spectrometer (Nekotoryye voprosy lineynoeti pri staintillyatsionnoy spektrometrii) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR. Scriya fizicheskaya, 1959, Vol 23, Ur 2, pp 257-262 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In a more accurate investigation of the scintillation reaction of NaJ(Tl) in the case uf'y excitation the authors found deviations from the reaction linearity up to 20% within the range of E (, 100-150 kev (Ref 6). This prAlem was investi- 7 gated according to a method already applied in previous papers. The measurements wern carried out by means of crystals produced at the InBtitut kristallografii AN SSSR (Crystallographical Institute of the AS USSR) and in the Kharl-kov Works. The crystals were bred according to methods devised by Kiropulos and Stokbarger. The measurement results of various crystals I11aJ(Tl)q CeJ(Tl), KJ(Tl) on deviation of the scintillation Card 1/3 reaction from linearity within the range 10-1500 kev are SOV/48-23-2-19/2o Some Problems on the Linearity of the Scintillation Spectrometer listed in a table. Perceptible deviations were found within the range 50-100 kev. It represented a minimum which attained different valuai in the Individual crystals (Pig 1); the least value was found with KJ(Tl). Besides, the delandence of re- solving power on the energy of the measured radiation and the effectiveness of conversion of the crystals were investigated. In the case of ideal crystals there is a linear de endence of the square half width of spectrometer lines A c on -1 E In the case of small E Values this dependence is ex- Y 2- + A 2'y pressed by A 0 K 0 , where A K denotes crystal resolution and that of FEU. In the case of high energies the effectiveness of conversion x is to be determined according to formula (6) (Ref 14)- For a number of E values the cor- respondi-g x values are given in cllo. A duplication of lines of the total endrgy by NaJ(Tl) crystals was found, the presence of which possibly may be attributed to crystal water. There are 4 figures, 1 table, and 15 references, 4 of which are Card 2/3 Soviet. SOV/48-23-2-19/20 Some Ppoblems on the Linearity of the Scintillation Spectrometer ASSOCIATION: Radiyevyy inatitut im. V. G. Khlopina Akademii, nauk SSSR (Radium Institute imeni, V. G. Kh1opin of the Academy of Sciences, USSR) Card 3/3 AUTHORS: Lomonosovp I. I., Nemilov, Yu. A. TITLE: The Effect of an Electric FielAh the Scintillation Process in CsI(Tl) PERIODICAL: Fizika tverdogo tela, 1960, Vol. 2, No- 7, PP- 1629-1631 41 TEXT: The problem of the mechanism of the energy transfer to the luminep- oence centers is still in the discussion stage. For the phosphoresoence~bf alkali halide crystal, two migration mechanisms are regarded as possib e: the exoiton- and the eleotion-hole mechanism. If the latter is correct the luminescence intensity must be suseeptible to influence an outer electric field. In order to study this, the authors conducted investigations on a CsI(Tl) crystal (diameter 20 mm, thickness 150 P) with a setup shown schematically in Fig. 1.The crystal was placed between a transparent electrode (Sno 2film on glass) and a 5 P thick aluminum foil, in the case of an excitation by a particle, and a semitransparent platinum layer on a quartz disk in thq case of a photoexcitation. The sources of the exciting radiation were Y91(p)p Pu239(a)q and a Bpectraphotometer of the type 82554 B/lal/60/002/007/037/042 B006/BO60 Card 1/2 8255h The Effect of an Electric Field on the Scintil- S/181/60/002/007/037/042 lation Process in CsI(Tl) Boo6/Bo6o C~ -11 (SF-11); the crystal emission was recorded with a photomultiplier. The pulse height speotrum was taken with a 128-channal analy%er of the type AVA-K (AMA-38)- .The investigations yielded the following results: 1) The total radiation of the phosphor (fluorescence + phosphorescence), excited by fast electrons, decreases with growing field strength, as can be deen from Fig. 2. 2) A study of the pulse height spectrum showed that, within the limits of statistic error, no influence of the f ield can be observed. 3) On the excitation of phosphor by ultraviolet light, the emission intensi- ty does not depend on the field applied in the whole range of waves between 200 - 330 mR. 4) On the excitation of phosphor by alpha particles neither the total radiation nor the pulse amplitude depend on the field applied. These results support the exciton mechanism. There are 2 figures and 6 referenoes: 4 Soviet and 1 Swiss. SUBMITTED: November 28, 1959 Card 2/2 VYAZIZISKIY9 PISAREVSKIY, A.N.; PROTOPOPOV9 Kh.V.; RUZIN9, V.A.; T=Iff, Ye.D.. Prinimal ucbastiye KMCMKOV, V.N.; RIBAKOV9 B.V., r,6d.; SROIYAN, G.L., red.; POPOVA, SX.j tekhn. red. [Scintillation method in radiometry] Stsintilliatsionnyi metod v radiometrii. By V.O.Viazemskii i dr. Moskva# Gos. izd-To lit-ry v oblasti atomnoi nauki i tekhnikig 1961. 1+29 p. (KUU 14:9) (Scintillation counters) L 32631-66 ACC R ~.~03 ____ -- 1 SOURCE COM UR/0109/66/011/006/1145/1147 AUMIORs Volina, V. V.1 Lomonoaov, 1. 1. ORO: none TITLE: Noise and stability of photomultipliers SOURCE: Radiotekhnika i elektronika, v. Ii, no. 6, 1966, 1145-1147 TOPIC TAM photomiltiplier, multiplier phototube ABSTRACT: The results are reported of an experimental investigation of static and dynamic noise ch6racteristics of 400 specimens of FEU-13, -379 And -43 Soviet-made photomLltipliera. Their suitability for operating in tritl= scintillation counters wa,3 determined. At voltages co.,responding to a dynamic m1tiplication factor of 106, the following character isticts were measured: (a) munber of single-electron pulses, (b) dark current, (c) noise-characteristic plateau (anode pulse mniber Vs. supply I voltage at a constant discrimination threshold). Numerical values of the above characteristics are reported. It is found that the photomdtiplier stability can be quickly evaluated by comparing the thermionic emission of its'photocathode with Its dark current. HIn conclusiong the authors wish to thank Tu. A. Neallov for discussing,i the results and N. A.- Surov for his help in the experimental work.11,0rig. art. has: 3 figures, [031t_ SUB CODE: 09 / SM DATE: 24Jul65 / aM REFt 002 / OTH PJW's 002/ ATD PRESS: 67 2 LOMONOSOV I S ) Cand Geol-Min Soi -- (dias) "Subterranean waters of the / 'i. I -11 L ( " ~!'j iz ~* /l. - northl~steinjdeipression of the Irkutsk ooal-bearing basin~&nd the adjaoent I Sayana"""U area." Len, 19599 14 pp (Min of Higher FAioation USSR. Len Order of Lenin and labor Red banner Mining Inat im G. V. Plekhanov), 150 oopies. (KLO 50-59, 125) -10- LOITOROBOV, I.S. Formation o' urder:.rc~urv~ wr-~r--,s in U-~.o-,ician and ridile JtLrnssic qediments in ',he northw-stern prirt of the Irl-.ut,:k Coal 3a.91n. Tr-.:~7 Vont.-3ib.fil.All SSSTI no.10:117-110 1")c). (MURA 11:4 ) (IrkutBk Riflin-Vitogr, Undorl-rotind) TKACHUK, V.G., doktor geol.-rdner. nauk, otv. red.; LOMONOSOV, I.S., kand. geol.-miner. nauk, red.; FIRIEKII, Ye.V., kcand. geol.-miner. nauk, red.; YATf'IT-IKAYA, N.V., red.; FILIPPOVA, B.S., red.; SHOKIFE, B.S., red.izd-va; GUSIKOVA, O.M., tekhn. rod. [mineral waters of E-Pstern Siberia] Minerallrye vody Vostochmi Sibiri. Moskva, Izd-vo AN S&qR 1963. 148 P. IMIRA 17:1) 1. Akademiya nauk SSSR. Sibirskoye otdeleniye. Institut zemnoy kory. PINITHER, Ye.V.; MMONOSOV, I-S- Concentrated brines of the Siberian Platform and their ealalogaes in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America. !zv. All ZS-'-'. Ser. gecl. 29 no.10:30-44 0 164. (MIF41 17:11~ 1. Institut zainnoy kory Sibirokogo otdolenlya A14 358R, Irkutak. -- LOMONOSOV, I.S.; MURAVIYEVA, L-V. Underground waters of traps in the southwerterm part of the Siberian Platform. Mat. Kom. po izuch. podzem. vod. Sib. i Dal' Vost. no.2:116-124 162,j (MIRA 17:8) 4 _1 T-- \ . I t I- ~-- ~-l Q-, T,~! (-- E3 UI ALITSHULER, S.Z., inzhenei; inzhener; ROZENTALI, A.Ya., inzhener; RYABW, N. ., inzhener. Damage to turbogenerator rotora produced by the Britlish firm IIBTH." 'llek.sta. 28 no.9:86-87 S 157. (MIRA 10:11) (Turbogenerators) GMW. V.L.-, LOMONOSOV. M.I. Origin of cavitation near the vibrating parts of hydraulic ?--ach!.rzr7, Dop. AN URSR no.2:111-114 154. (MMU 8:4) 1. Fiziko-tekhnichniy institut AN URSR. Predstavleno deystvitall- nym chlenom AN USSR K.D.Sineltnikovym. (Cavitation) SUBJECT USSR/MATHEL'L.TICS/PurLcti.otirI analysis CARD 1/1 PG - 170 AUTHOR LOMONOSOV M.I. TITLE -On the decompo3ition of the operator - + q(Y) in dy U1 A terms of eigenfunctions. [Tdy [P (Y) I PERIODICAL Doklady Akad. Nauk 105, 412-415 (1955) 1 reviewed 7/1956 The author conaiders the oelfaajoint differential operator of second order L fill d [p(X) -L U] + q(y)U dy dy given on the semi~interval 04 y4c< oo where p(y) >0 is continuous, q(y) is real and summable on every segment tOld) I d