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LUITS, Leonid Borisovich. The green construction; textbobk for forestry technical colleges Moskva Gosbeijbumizdat, 1952. 441 p. maps. (53-19179) SB466. ME5 1. Landscape mirdening- Russia S141BOV) V. YA., LUNTS, L. B. Landscape Gardening - Moscow Results and perspectives of landscaping in Moscow. Gor.Khoz. Mosk. 26 No. 7, 1952. Monthly List of Russian Accessions. Library of Congress October 1952, Unclassified. - I:Wf"S) Leonid Borisovich LUNTS, Leonid Borisovich. Flanning municipal lrindscnping; textbook. Leningrad. Izd-vo Viinisterstva korrunallnogo khozialstva FSFSF, 1953. 216 F. (f,11-1940,7)' SB466.RSL83 LUNTSP L. B. Prookitrovanis gorodskikh zelenykh nasazhdonii (Planning municipal landscape architec- ture). Moskva, Izd-vo M~n-stvo kommunall-.Hogo khoziaistva RSFSR, 1954. 212 p. SO: Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Vol. 7, No. 6,, Sep. 1954 FEDrNSKIY. V.I.; RYABOY, V.N.; LUNTS, L.B. [E~rgiems of a collective farm village] Giglena kokhoznogo sela. 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Av.i kosm. 45 no.10:31-33 162. (MIRA 15:10) 1, Direktor Frantsuzskogo obahchestva kibernotiki (for Dyuker). 2, Vitae-prezident Obshchestva mezhplmetnykh soobshcheniy, Angliya (for Geltend), 3. Generaltnyy sekratart nauchno- issledavatellskogo tsentra Ob"yedinennoy Arabskoy Respubliki (for Khafez). /+. Chlen gosudarstvennogo komiteta po atomnoy energii., Gana (foxy Lindsey). 5. Tokiyskiy universitet (for Khatanaka). 6. Direktor radioastronomicheakoy obsekva~orii Dzhodrell-benk, Velikobritaniya (for Lovell). (Continued on next card) DYUKER, Allberp prof.astronomii-(continued) Card 2. 7. Predeedatall astronarticheskogo obshchestva, Pollsha (,for IvOs). S. Sekretarl yugoslavskogo astronomicheskogo i raketnogo obshchestv4 (for Matovich). 9. Zamostitell direktora Natsionallnoy fizicheskoy laboratorii., Indiya (for Tavd1yu). 10. Predstavitell Khlyustonskogo tsenta po sozdaniyu kosmicheskogo korablya a ekipazhem., SShA (for Chemberlen). 3-1. Direktor Instituta geofiziki Kitayskaya Narodb*ya Reopublika (for CHZRAO TSZYU- CHZHAN). 12. Direktor Instituta. radiovo:Ln. Yaponiya (for Nagata). (Space flight) 05223-67 -- WP(P)- WHAY ~027425 SOURCE CODE. P01009516CICi~l~06i&5b~~-i6i9-?5-- AUTHOR: Wolpe, M. Vollpe, M.; Lunc, M - Lunts, M. ORG: Department of Plasma Physics and Technique, Institute of Nuclear Research, Warsaw-Swierk (Zaklad Fizyki i Techniki Plazmy, Inst~tut Baaan Jadrowych) TITLE: Analysis of the motion of a ring-core system compressed by detonation. I. Theoretical bases SOURCE: Polska akademia nauk. Bulletin. Serie des sciences techniques, v. 14, no. 6, 1966, 587-595 TOPIC TAGS: detonation wave, compressive stress, pressure effect APSMACT: The authors consider a new method for producing dynamic pressures of tens of millions of atmospheres. The method consists of ccmpression by imploding a thick-1 valled pipe with a core having an outside diameter less than the inside diameter of the pipe. During the first compression phase before the inside diameter of the pipe equals that of the core, the work done by external pressure is transformed into kinetic energy In the second phase the whole system is compressed and the ace"Plu- latcd kinetic ener is simultaneously traiioformed into internal energy. The gredific score in an incompressible pipe is studied. It is assumed that co5c of a graphitey both are n-on-vTs-cous liquids. Expressions are derived for the radial motion of this L 05 2 23 - -6 7 ACC NR: AP6027425 system under the effect of a ocnstant external pressur( po. The density of tile pipe mat-erial is assumed to be constant -,Chile th~it of the internal core depends only on time (is independent of position). It is further assumed that pressure pe is co great (of the order of pressures in a detonation wave front) that the motion of tile material in both elements conforms to the hydrodynamic laws for a nonviscous liquid. The density, internal pressure and -:elocity of the pipe and core elements are deter- mined. The results indicate that the assumptions are not realistic since velocity is independent of time and the moment when motion ceases cannot be determined. The solution indicates that the radius of the core may reach zero so that the whole mass is concentrated at the axis. Actually the shockwave is reflected when it reaches the axis and the following rarefaction wave may fracture the core material as is frequent],y observed in experiments. The concept of homogeneous density must be given up -to bring the results into agreement with experimental data. Orig. art. has: 4 figures, 36 formulas. SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: None Card 2/2 L 05222-67 Lup(o) ).j j i/ ACC NRj Ai'6027426 SOURCE CODE: PO/~C~5/66/oWoo6/0597/0601 AUTHOR: Wolpe, M. Vollpe, M.; Lunc, M. -- Lunta' M. ORG: Department of Plasma Physics and Technique, Institute of Nuclear Research, Warsav-Swierk (Zaklad Fizyki i Techniki Plazmy, In3VYVu-t-Ua-d-dn--J-a-aro-wycli) TITLE: Analysis of the motion of a ring-core system compressed by detonation. II. The case of a graphite core SOURCE: Polska akademia nauk;'Bulletin. Serie des sciences techniques, v. 14, no. 6, 1966, 597-601 TOPIC TAGS: superhigh irressure, detonation, graphite %9#'6'ZZ_ 5rpoerve~r 15M451161ry ABSTRACT: The authors consider implosion of a thick- ~i re. The experi- walled pipe surrounding a graph tellco~ mental relationship between pressure and density is shown in'the diagram where W--l/p. This diagram gives the approximate expressions p = A, - Blip, for Ivj > IV > ;Vj+j . Experimental values for the coeffi- cients are given in Table I. No experimental data.are available for w < ws = 0.21 Formulas are derived for determining the moment when the motion stops, i. e. Table 1 ._1 As 1 -Bo I wo 1 0.963 2.14 0.450 4.775 16.0 0.275 3 0.6 0 0.261 4 JA 21.33 0.22S L-05222-67 Table 2 e In gjcm.), p -in m cgabar3 _n w.j. pout 1 0.362 2.759 0.187 0.1 J.2 0.300 3.333 0.321 1.5 0.235 3,92i 0,600 2.0 0,215 4,651 0,814 0.261 3.831 0,000 0.2 1.2 0.227 4.393 0,600 1.5 0.190 5.263 1.347 2.0 0.155 6.451 2.094 0.232 4.301 0,600 0.23 1.2 0.195 5.128 1.241 1.5 0.170 5.882 1.774 when the derivative of the radius of the graphite core with respect to time is zero. It is shown that maximum pressure is independent of wall thickness. When internal pressure is.held constant, maximum pressure increases with the difference L-05222-67 Cc w1 AP6027426 between the initial internal radius of the pipe and the radius of the core. Results are shown in Table II where po is the internal pressure and n is the ratio of the cross sectional"area of the volume enclosed by the pipe to the crosa sectional area of the core. Orig. art. h" :. 4 figures, 4 tables, 7 formulas. SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM'DATE: Non'e/ PRIG REF: 001/ OTH REF: 001 SOV REF: 001 G igorlevich; KIRIN, Sergey Vasillovich [deceased]; Tow: G.A., rodaktor; KIUUYLOYA, Y.T., teklinichookly redaktor 06 R (Brief harAbook on metallurgical plant equipment lubrication] Kratkii spravoohnik po smazko oboradovantia metallurgichookly savodov. Hosk7a. Goo. nauohno-takhu. izd-vo lit-ry po ahernoi 1. tevetnot metallurgii, 1954. 304 P. (KIRA 8:3) (Lubrication and lubricants) AY=HTM, NOVIKOVA, R.S.; SHAPM., V.S. Combination of adenmatosis and tuberculosis of the lungs* Probil tub. 38 no.7:43-48 160. (min 1411) la Iz Moskovskoy klinicheskoy infektsionnoy bollnitay No.1 (glavnyy vrach - zasluahennyy vrach RSFSR N.G. Zaleskver) i Hoskovskoy gorodskoy klinicheskoy teentrallnoy tuberkulez- noy bollnitsy (glavnyy vrach - t,,asluzhemy deyatell natki prof. V.L. Eynis). (TUBMMU)SIS) (LTJNGS-TUMORS) Li. lli 3 JA. -L. Izgib Kliiinykh zashcherdentiykh , lastin. Frikl. . aterr.. I ii.elkh, 7 (1,71-43), 167-178. SO: -I athematicc in ti-c-, UbSfi, 1917-1~1-47 edited b-. hursoh, A. U. i-arkushevich, A. 1. Rashevskiy, P. F. !--oscov.,-Lenigard, 194E 49 Mecbanics *ne Propagation of Spherical Va-ves in an sticoplastto Medium," Ya. L. lunts, T.Oningracl, 25 pp, *Prikla& Matemat I Mekh" Vol XIII, No 1 01 ul~ ,L E-4 of spherical vmves-arising C11 Studies propagation In an infinite space containing an elastico- plastic mwdium vith application of a centrall--' 67=8trialload to the surface of a spherical oavity ont -out of, tble *pace;. Co Insiaers-the Can$ -of -active lead' ana dAltmMKInes the dist OrVen ic ~ an& pj&8tjo&jZy 01,Aod of.the space. 'Tinda propagation r&4jixq-of the shmzT &lam Ption of the Plastic vaVe as a function of initial pressure. Considers simplest problem on Propagation of unloading vaver .4. Gives met,10c, for aNrwimate solution for regions of.residual djef T=O_ "On- Submittel 12 Doc 48. 30AM9 M LUNTS, Ya.L., dotsent, )mnd.f1z.-mat.nauk Inertia motion of a gyroscope hung in gimbals. Izv.vyR.uchob. zav.; prib. no.3:25-28 159, (MIRA 13:4) 1. Leningradskays, Krasnasnam"nnsys voyanno-vosdushnaya inshenernaya akademiya im. A.F.Mozhayokogo, Rekomendavana kafedroy toorotichs- skoy mekhaniki. (Gyrosc4e) 67468 SOV/146-2-4-8/19 AUTHOR: aunts, Ya.L., Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Science"s TITLE: The Motion of an Unbalanced Gyroscope Taking Into Account the Frame Friction PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Priborostroye- iye, 1959, Nr 4, pp 63-72 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In previous works on gyroscopes /Reference 3,5,6 7, the motion in the case of various local out-of-balance states was treated. The present article deals with the mathematical determination of the motion of a complete- ly unbalanced gyroscope when the static and dynamic disequilibrium as well as the friction moments of the wheel and rotor bearings are faily small. The dif- ferential equations for the motion of a gyroscope mounted in gimbals are giveni the coordinate system Card 1/3 of the latter is shown in a diagram (Figure 1). e 67468 SOV/146-2-4-8/19 The Motion of an Unbalanced Gyroscope Taking Int6 Account the Frame Friction The kinetic and potential energies of the gyroscope are determined, and the differential equations are solved by means of the first and second approxima- tions. The parameters of the following gyroscopes are compared in a table: Siemens, Anschutz, "GPK- _4S"vgyroscope, and the "IQZ!Ikstabilizer of the zavod- i_'Aapribor" ("Aviapribor" Plant). This article was recommended by the Kafedra teoreticheskoy mekhaniki (Chair*of Theoretical Mechanics). There are 1 graph, 1 table, 1 diagram, and 8 references, 1 of which is German, 1 English, and 6 Soviet. ASSOCIATION:Leningradskskaya Krasnoznamennaya voyenno-vozdush- naya inzhenernaya akademiya imeni A.F. Mozhayskogo Card 213 (The Leningrad Red Banner Military Aircraft Engineer- 67468 SOV/146-2-4-8/19 The Motion of an Unbalanced Gyroscope Taking Into Account the Frame Friction ing Academy imeni A.F. Mozhayskiy). SUBMITTED: May 30, 1959. Card 3/3 SN6/0/083004/004/010 3, 0 B004/BO56 AUTHOR: Lunts, Ya. L. TITLE: Th~ Motion of a Gyroscope in Cardanic Suspension Located on a Mobile Plane PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Priborostroyeniye, 1960, Vol. 3, No. 4, PP. 37-42 TEXT: The author proceeds from the following assumptions: Oxyz (Fig. 1) is an inertial system, Ox 1-vi'l the coordinate system connected with the outer frame, where Oz 1 coincides with the axis of the outer frame and Oy, with the axis of rotation of the casing; the coordinate system Ox2y2z2 is firmly connected with the casing, and Ox is the axis of rotation of 2 the rotor. The position of the rotor is then determined by the following angles: ir (between the positive line of the Oy-axis and the nodal line OK); 4r (between the Oz- and Oz,-axis); -+ (angle of precession between Card 1/4 8~464 1 The Motion of a Gyroscope in Cardanic S/146/( 003/004/004/010 Suspension Located on a Mobile Plane B004/BO56 outer frame and OK); %% (between Ox1and OxJ; (angle of natural rotation of the rotor in the coordinate system Ox 272Z2 Further, the time functions if (t) and %(t) are given. For the projections p, q, r of the absolute angular velocity of the outer frame onto the axes xJ, Y1, and z 1 the equa- tions (1), for.the projections 60 x2 ' ")y2 and,&) z2 of the absolute angular velocity of the rotor onto the axes x , and the equations (2) are 2' Y2 Z2 written down and herefrom the following Lagr nge equations are obtained: JB(b! + JQ(r cos-O' - p sin,(~) - (Jd /2 T(p2- r2)sin2-$ - 2pr cos2-Eq.0 (3); Jcf + (,6. + q)(JE~cos,$- pJ B) - (id 12)b sin2l$ - Jd 4(r sin2i% + p cos2'O' ) + (ie Jext.y )pq - (Jd/2)qr sin24 -.0 (4). The following is defined: J, Jo axial and equatorial moments of inertia of the rotor; icas.x, Jcas.y' J~as.z - central moments of inertia of the casing; Card 2/4 83h64 Tho Motion of a Gyroscope in Cardanio S11461601003100410041010 Suipension Located on a Mobile Plane B004/BO56 Jext.x" Jext.y' Jext.z ' central moments of inertia of the outer frame. 2A d ~o + Jext.z - Jext.x; Jo ' id cos $ + jcas6x + jext.z; Je = id sin2 -a- + icas.x + j ext.x; JB - Jo + From equations (3) and (4) equation (9) is obtained in first approximation and equations (11), (12), are ob- tained in second approximation,-by means of which the deviation of the figure axis from the given direction in the inertial space may be calculat- ed. A vibrating motion of the surface is assumed for the solution of, these equations: m M A' isin(6a,t + Ei) ; Ir Bi sin(Vit + 61) (13), and by substi.tut- ing these equations into (9) the system of equations (14) is obtained, which shows that harmonic oscillations of the same frequencies as those of the suIrface are induced onto the figure axis, and that, besides, nuta_ tion oscillations of the frequ4ney k occur. From the equations (11), (12) of second approximationg equations (17), (18) are obtained, which'show Card 3/4 8346.14 The Motion of a Gyroscope in cardanic S/146/60/003/004/004/010 Suspension Located on a Mobile Plane B004/BO56 that the oscillations of the nodal line caused by the function *,(t) exert no influence upon the systematic deviation of the figure axis as long as they are not in resonance with the frequency of the oscillations around the nodal line, 3which are causid by the function -L% (t). A'paper by D. S. r Pel"por (Ref. 1) is mentioned by the author. The present paper was recom- mended by.the kafedra teoreticheskoy mekhaniki (Chair of Theoretical Mechanics). There are 1 figure and 2 references: I Soviet and 1 German, ASSOCIATION-: Leningradskaya Krasnoznamennaya voyenno-vozdushnaya inzhenernaya-akhdemiya im.'A. F. Mozhayskogo (Leningrad "Red Banner" Military Aviation Engineers' Academy imeni A. P. Mozhayskiy) SUBMITTED: March 12,*1960 Card 4/4 S/040/60/024/04/21/023 C 111/ C 333 AUTHOR: Lunts, Ya. L. (Leningrad) TITLE-~ entice 'instability of the Fij,-ure Axis of a Gyroscope PERIODICAL: Prikladnaya matematika i mekhanika, 1960, Vol. 24, No. 4, pp. 763-765 TEXT: The author considers a gyroscope in Cardan suspension and with the aid of the quadratures given by N. G~ Chetayev Oflkef,q) and V. N. Skimell (Ref.10) he proves rigorously that the figure axis is unstable, i. e. he shows that for an arbitrarily small shock of the internal frame the external frame performs a precession motion which leads the rotor axis of the gyroscope away from its initial position. There are 10 references: 8 Soviet, 1 German and I American. SUBMITTED: February 20, 1960 Card 1/1 S/14 61/004/006/011/020 )3, D235YU301 AU_-ORS: Budnyatskiy, I. M. and Lunts., Ya. L. TITLE: On the motion of a gyroscope situated on a vibrating platform whose rotor is not accurately fixed on its shaft PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Priborostro- yeniye, v. 4, no, 6, 1961, 78-86 TEXT: It is supposed that the center of gravity of the rotor, the external and the internal frame are situated in the center of the Cardan suspension and there is no friction in the bearings. The angle which determines the inaccuracy of the position of the roto r on its shaft is considered as a small quantity. The authors deduce the equations of motion and determine successively the correction terms of the first and second order in the solution; from the lat- ter a formula for the deviation of the axis of the gyroscope with respect to the angle I is obtained which is stated to be different from that obtained by D. M. Klimov (Ref. 5: 0 dvizhenii giroskopa Card 1/2 S/14 61/004/006/0!1/020 On the motion of a ... D235YD301 v kardanovom podvese s neaksiallno nazazhennym rotorom. Doklady AN SSSR, v. 124, no. 3, 1959). Two numerical examples are given. This article was recommended by the Academy. There are 3 figures and 9 references: 8 Soviet-bloc and 1 non-Soviet-bloc. ASSOCIATION: Leningradskaya krasnoznamennaya voyenno-vozdushnaya inzhenernaya akademiya im. A. P. Mozhayskogo (Le- ningrad, Red Banner Military Aviation Engineering Academy im. A. P. Mozhayskiy) SUBMITTED: March 10, 1961 Card 212 BUTENIN, N.V.; LUNTS, YA.L. Motion of a free g7roscope in case of a uniform rotation of the bass. Isv. vys. ucheb. zav.; prib. 6 no-5:75-83 163. (KMA 16: 11) 1. Leningradekaya voyemo-inzhenernaya krasnoznamennaya akademiya imeni A.F. Mozhayskogo. Rekomendovana kafedroy teoretichaskoy mekhaniki. LUTITS, YA.L. (Leningrad) I . "An estimate of the error of an approyimate method used in applied gyroscopy". report presented at the 2nd All-Union Congress on Ibeoretical and Applied Mechanics., Moscow,, 29 Jan - 5 Feb 64. BUTENIN, N.V.; LUNTS Ya.L. (Leningrad) "Nonlinear Problem of the free g7roscope theory* rePOrt Presented atIthe 2nd All-Union Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics., Moscow., 29 January - 5 February 1964 LUI!IS,,,__YA.L- -(Leningrad) "On deflections of a triaxial gyrostabilized platform due to oscillations of the bar,e". report presented at the 2nd All-Union Congress on ibeoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1-10SCOW, 29 dan - 5 Feb 64. LUNTSp Ya.L. -_11.11-_:~17 -~. - -- Systematic deflection of the platform of a triaxial gyroscopic stabilizer caused by the vibration of the foundation, Izv; vys. ucheb. zar.j rib, 7 nc.4sI03-107 164 (MIRA 18 1) 1. Voyenno-inzhenernays. akademiya ime Mozhayakago. Rekomendovena kafedroy teoreticheskoy mekhaniki. TOPIG-7 _p vsc~qpe --ABSTRACT.,- _~The~: -of a' o-gimbal gyroscope mounted on a vibratir r Motion -tW i& base is eore c rid;'-the rotor is assiamed to have a small dynamic unbalance;t h tically~ onside e the gyro case, air essential dynamic unbalance. Other assumptions are: the eent,ertf bUg*avity' -frames! coincide with the center-,of the gimbals 'i -the_-r',otdr- and-fia-mi`e' bea''iinas Equations describing the .jiCtion~LiVaSta:. Ii suitable for calculating systematic gyro motind -are set up# SolVed) and formulas gyro wandering are developed. Orig art. has., 3 figures and Z3 formulas. CO rd 1/2 L th - XCC NR. AP60~6316_ SOUkE-`CODE; UR/0040766-/030/004/0617/0624 t7'AUTHOR: Lunts, Ya. L (Leningrad); Smolitskiy, M. L. (Leningrad) JORG: none iTITLE: A class of motions of conservative systems with one non-cyclic coordinate SOURCE: Prikladnaya matematika i mekhanika, v. 30, no. 4, 1966, 617-624 TOPIC TAGS: gyroscope system, gyroscope stability, S709&417'~' ABSTRACT: Generalized motions analogous to precession and nutation motion in a gyro- scopic system are studied in order to find the conditions for stability at all 'speeds on a non-cyclic coordinate. A particular case of the necessary and sufficient condi- tions described is that of the stability of a gyroscope with a vertical outer axis. The instability of the system is determined by estimates on cyclical coordinates. The vector of average deviation of the system from unperturbed precession during the time of nearest nutation oscillation is defined. Several examples are offered to show the application of the formulas for stability conditions to specific gyroscope systems. Orig. art.. has: 62 formulas. I~A SUB CODE: 12,20/ SUBM DATE: IBJan66/ ORIG REF: 004 Card 1/1 YAIMVLD,V, P.A., inzh.; LUNj Te.B.' inzb. Building crossings on small rivers for the Stavropol - Moscow gas pipeline. Stroi.truboprov. 3 no.12:20-23 D 158, (MIRA 12:1) (Gas, Utural--Pipelines) A m IMUS, Te.B.,inzh. The GS soil mixer. Stroi. truboprov. 5 no.10:29 0160. (MIRA 13:10) (Mixing machinery) rll_m s inzh. Improved method for attaching weights to and the coating of pipes. Stroi.truboprov. 5 no.11:19-20 N 160. (MIRA 13:11) (Gas, Natural--Pipelines) LUNTS,je..B. (Lunts, IU.B.] (Odessa); HUDNITSKIY, A.V. [Budnyts'kyi, il- O.V.] (Odessa); ANATOLIYEV, A.V. [Anatolliev, O.V.1 (Odessa) Determining the frequencies of natural vibrations of the columns of boring machines. Prykl. makh. 9 no.4*.426-435 163. (MIRA 16:8) 1. Odesskiy tekhnologicheskiy institut. auk [~ier""qstA Oul)INITSKly, A.V.~ LUNTS, Prof kand. tekhn. nauk dotve. p nt; ANATOL Y-TV, A.V. kand. teklin. nauk, dotsent Approximate evaluation of the static and dynamic rigidity of the bridges of diamond boring machines. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; mashinostr. no.12:153-160 164. (MIRA 18:3) 1. Odesskiy tekhnologiclleskiy institut. 0 LUNTS, Ye.B. Introducing the M3M boring machine. Biul.tekh.-ekon.inform. Gos.nauch.-issl.inst.nauch.i tekh.inform. no.8:5-6 Ag 165. 18: 12 ) LUNTS, Ye.B. inzh.; RUDIK, Ye.P., inzh. MEM drilling machine. Stroi. i dor.mash. 10 no.120-7 D f65. (MIRA l9sl) LUNTSOV~ D. LUNTSOV , - We disseminate innovatorel.practices. Strol. mt. 3 no.5:39 Vq '57. (HLRA 10:6) 1. Redaktor gassi'y";'I'skra'*'v-ag'ranki". (for Luntsov). (Moscow--Newspapers) LUNITAK, I.A. (Kuybyshevskaya. oblast') oz -ft"the Samara Bend. Uch.zap.Kaz.un. 115 no.10:98-99 '55. MTV (MLRA 10:5) (Sa a Bend--Geology, Stratigraphic) 4 LUNI YAK, I. A. 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(MIRA 14:8) (Stability of airplanes,, Longitudinal), (Airplanes, Military-Handling characteristics) WNIMM . T.T. Quality raw materials for the ent.errrises producLng annylase. Ferm. i spirt. prom. 30 no-1:35-36 164. 1. Serebryano-Prudskiy spirtovoy zavod. 0 nTHPOA9 CZrA- N A30TlDlPrAffRqwxNx COCANUMN age= r. Aft*. eM ILILG.#G-ffv- IL IL gap a 9L r. A........ Holl"Is."T Cma-" fw "barol aM AnIL44 CbmUUT a 540140 of chmutry ad cbms"I fbdmlaa It JWU, re" .wl #A". "I. wom, *00" 1"9 aboremou at npwu 44bobam u bo at Glorme simallawmad *snare". umw, 3,5 aw" Im. LUITYATSKAS, A.M. (Luneckas, A.]; PROKOPCHIK, A.Yu. [Prokopcjklas, A.] Formation of anion compounds of cobalt (111) and nickel (III) in the catalytic decomposition of barium hypohalides and halides. Trudy AN Lit. SS-t~. Ser. D rio.2:1,5-59 '6-2- (,MIHJi 18:3) 1. Institut khimii i Irdiirrdcheskoy tekhnologii AN Litovskoy SSR. MIYATSKAS, A.,M. [Lune5,~as,_A.] Iodometrtc determination of cobalt. Tnidy PIN Lit. SSR Ser. B no.3:39-45 162. (MUZA 18:3) 1. Institut khimii i klimicheskoy tekhnologii AN Litovskoy SSR. ACCESSION NR: A24017962 S/0236/63/000/004/0003/0010 :AUTHIOR: Lunyatska's.,,,(Luneokas), A.M. ,TITLE: Cobalt and nickel interaction with certain oxidizers SOURCE: AN LitSSR. Trudy*. Seriya B, no.4, 1963, 3-10 ~?TOFIC TAGS: cobalt separation, nickel separation, cobalt oxidation, inickel oxidation, cobalt, nickel oxidizingiseparation, oblorite oxidl- 'zer, peroxide oxidizer 1ABSTRACT: The purpose of the study is to!find a method of cobalt- inickel separation utilizing their different catalytic behavior in de- 1composing sodium hypochloritet sodium chlorite and hydrogen peroxide ,'in an acidic medium and using a selective adjustment of the pH of the t1solution. Weighed samples Of COS04 and NIS04 were dissolved in pre~- Icisely measured volumes of water, adjusted to the desired pH by the addition of H2SO4 or XaOH and a solution of an oxidizer ( XaClO, KaC102, H202) was added in excess. The reaction mass was brought to 'boiling and immediately passed through a glass filter. Hydroxides :were washed with a hot solution of the same yH-as was the filtrate. C-ard,1/2 ACCESSION NR: AP4017962 'To determine the rate of oxidation, the washed precipitate was care- ,;fully stirred into a 10% solution of KI, the mixture acidified with .2 N H2SO4 and the iodine precipitate titrated with sodium thiosulphate. It was found that the separation of nickel from cobalt at 90-1000 using sodium hypoohlorite as oxidizer is achieved at pH 4 1 , and usIng sodium chlorite at a pH of from 2.5 to 3.5. Only hydrogen.peroxide, can be used for quantitative determination of cobalt. There are data: on the properties of cobalt and nickel compounds of higher valency which can be used for detailed studies of catalytic decomposition of ohlorites, hypochlorites and hydrogen peroxide. Orig. art. has 3 figures, 1 formula, no tables. .ASSOCIATION: Institut khimii i khimicheskoy tekhnologii AN Litovskoy. SSR (Institue of Chemistry and,Chemical Technology,, !N Lithuanian SSR) 3UBMITTED: 14MaY63 DATE ACQ: 131fiar64 EXCL: 00 3UB CODE: CH NR REF SOV: 012 OTHER: 006 Card-?/:Z U ",'Y A 7", K PS A. 0'rilen' x Cat lyLlc decoi~poilt.ion of Rernrt Vo.11 riecompcs- ition in the presence of hydrcxylions. Trudy AN fit. S,)r. B. no.1:135-1-1.1 164 (1,11RA 17:7) 1. InstituL kbiuili 1. khImin-hp-Acy tel~hnologii '-.N 'Jtovskoy f ;U-N y A T:-, E p ~: ~Jf. I '. I 16 -- --_2 J.- - - --- 4 (:;~A ytf,-- -'n-, c,~f Repril '. t i -jrt in the pre-o L-n ce of T, i al Z~r.- it ~ Anal '~ . -1 ~21 Lit. "-"R. B n~,*1:143-10 16~'. Min 3-1 t?) 1. institut 1 ~-Iesk-y -n ldt,~w5koy SSR. MNYATSKAS, A.M. [Luneckas, A.] Catalytic decomposition of hypophosphites. Part 3: Effect of catalytically inactive additions. Trudy All Lit. SSR. Ser. B no.3:73-80 164. (14IRA 18:5) 1. Institut khimii i khimicheskoy tekhnol.ogii AN Litovskoy SSR. LUNYATSK&S, A.M. [Luneckas, A.) I - Electrolytic oxidati-cn of phosphites. Tr-jdy AN Lit.Sp... Ser. B no.3:3-8 165. (Mll~l 19: 1 ) 1. Institut khimii i khimichoskoy tekhnologii All Litovskoy SSR. Submitted March 26, 1965. I LbT,YATSF,AS, A.1-4. [Luneckas, A. ] ;-t- 1-1 -- Nickel and cobalt phosphiteo. Trudy All' Lit. SSR. 3er. B. no. 4tc/7-103 165 ('-fT7:-' 19:2) 1. Institut khimii i khimicheskoy tekhmologii All Litovskoy SSR. Suhnitted June 10, 1965. Noll KUS 2 P.K. ; W NYATSF-4,`~ A Rapid icdo-mr-trif., 0!, 20 no.6:753-755 '(~ 5. -1. Institut khimii i AIN SSP, Villnyus. LUNZ M- L. , 9ALINT P. , FEKEVE A. and L?,'-ZLO K. Physiol. Inst., med. Univ., BudFpest. -96ber die Inulinspelcherung der ffier,!. Inulin storage by the kidney ACTA PHYSIOL. ACAD. SCIEUT. IRING. (Budapest) 1954, 5/suppl. (67-68) SO: EXC,.M~TA MEDICA% - Section II, Vol. 7, N'o- 10 -WPA. A. A"ID OTH-7t. Experimental study on ileocystopiasty. P. 1151 (Academia Republicii Populare Romine, Comunicarile. 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Infom.biulo mat.moloch. no63-,lO-I5 t62* (MIRA 16t2) 1. Kafedra goopitallnoy terapii (zavo prof*N*Ao Troitakiy) L kafedra farmakologii (zav. dotsent A.A. Nikulin) R3razanskogo maditainakogo inatituta imeni akademika I.P. Pavlova. (PDYAL JELLY-PHYSIOLOGICAL MPYWT) (ELOOD VESSMS) LUPACHEV, V.F. Phamacology of apilac. Farmakol. 'toksik. 26 no.39333--338 MY-Je163 WrRA 17:2) 1. Kafedra famakologii ( zav. - dotsent A.A. Nikulin) i ka- fedra gospitallnoy terapii ( zav. - prof. N.A. Troitskiy) Ryazanskogo moditsinskogo instituta imeni. I.P.Pavlova. M WHET, V.P. Effect of variow dooes of royal jelly preparation on uhite mice. Inform*biul.o matemoloch. no.3s20-26 162. (MIRA 16:2) 1. rafedta goopitaltnoy terlsaii Uavo prof, S*Aa Troitskiy) kafedfra-farmakologii Gav. dotsent A.A- Nikdlln~' i kafedra patologicheskoy anatouii (zav. prof. V*K* Baletskiy) Fqaxanskogo meditsinskogo instituta imeni akademilca I.P. Pavlova. (ROYAL JELLY-PHYSIOMCICAL VMT) (LABORATORY ANRUIS) NIZOT, A.A.; LUPACHKV,, V.F. Dynamics of the electrophoretic blood protein formula during treatment with royal jolly preparation. Inform.biuloo mat.moloch. no,3:8649 162, (MIRA 1W) 1. Klinika gospitallno7 terapii (zavt prof. NA- Troitskiy) Ryazanskogo meditsinskogo instituta imeni.akademika I.P. Pavlova. (ROYAL JELGY-THERAPEUTIC USE) (BLOOD PROITIM ) (PAPER ELECTROPHORESIS) I,UPACREVy V.F& Some experimental data and clinical observations on 'the effect of apilacum. Nauch. trudy Riaz. med. inst. 18 no.2:138-148 164. (MIRA 19:1) 1. Kafedra gospitallnoy terapii (zav. - prof. N.A. Troitskiy) i kafedra farmakologii (zav. - dotsent A.A. Nikulin) Ryazanskoge meditsinskogo instituta. bh3h--66 RR(m)jRWP(t)jWP(b) UP(e.) M ACC RMAP5011903 UR/0051/65/019/001/0132/01:2 621- a ~75,rooqz 11W AUTHOIR;', B*umenko~ V. LO-9 Kozinag G.S.,~ Kostinakaya, T. A.; Lup-achdV Ye. P,; /Rvacheva, Ye~. S. it. 10 TITLE: (-Stimulated am-tasion of praseodymium in calcium tungstate. SOURCE: Optike-i spektroskopiya, v. 19,.no. if 1965, 132p and both aides of insert facing P., 132 TOPIC TAGS:' stimulated emission, praseodymium, calcium compound, solid state laser AEMPACTl The authors report that.laser oscillation has been obtained in calcium iiufigstit~ crystals grown by the Czochralski method end activated with trivalent praseo. dymium (CaW04-Pr3'1'). The oscillations were studied in cylindrical samples about 5 in diameter gad 40 mm,long,' with plane-parmllel silvered ends. The transmissivity of the semitransparent end was 0.5%. The pump source was a pulsed xenon lamp with maximum flash intens .i.ty 6 kJ). The stimulated emission was observed at a wavelength of 1.04T 0, correspondivg to the k4 + t4 transition and the temperature of liquid nitrogen, The threshold pump er&erMr for this Iline vas 12.8 J. The cristal output emission was recorded with a photomultiplier (FEU-28). feeding a. pulse Oscilloscope'. (0K-11,14). The oscill~grama exhibit a spike-21ke structure, with ipesk enerfi7 of 30 corresponding to the maximum sDikea~iplitudei. The emitted energy was 2 W Orig, has: 3 figures. e6rd in 1,WACHEVAt Anastr.Biya Ivanovna; MESHKOVSKEAt M., red.; SHLYK, M.t (Everyone chooses his own path] Kazbdyi vybirast sobs doro Moskvap Moak. rabochiiq 1961. 26 p. (MIRA 14: r * 1. Brigade stancohnikov Lyuberetokogo zavoda sellskokhozyaystven- mashin im. Ukhtomakogg (for 1~ppacheva). (;qubertsy-AgYricultural machinery industry) I-Socialist competition) -- LUFAKOV, 1. A. KATSMAII, I. A., Inzh. i LUPAKOV, I. A., Inzh., -:-IU&IiO, A. Ya., Inzh. Inzhonery Vsesoyuznaya Kontora Tipovogo Proyektirovaniya i Telchnichaskikh Issledovany (KTIS) blintyazhstroya. Otopleniye 1 Ventilyatsiya Kohsovogo Bloka Koksokhimicheskikh Zavodov (instraktsiya Proyektirovaniyu) Page 54 SO: Collection of Annotations of Scientific Research Work or, Construction, canoleted in 1950. lloscmr, 1951 BIAGURZOV, N.P.1 arkhitektor) LANDAU, L.G,p arkhitektor; M~TSM&N,, D.S., inzh.; LUFAKOV I.A. inzh. Range for using industrial buildings without montors. Prom. stroi. 40 no,4:21-27 162. (MM 15:5) (Fa,-tories-Design and construction) ratum gan cgrB~Atow I a4tbl: c- M. !itlsl, ' i frei'drWill Ideld9omf A ranc Quit 1 . . . , L W ll~* 1966, go. 6. --Z-W(Brut,~her trw~,Jatit-~L No. 38W),z-A Wt A~ pe, tl.uMv-lt= allm. tuirract! 7W vaii An:d;arr;,*&nd IOGO wim- dLcp wail uvd wlth ligrainc ~~t; tli~ - , L in b d Th d i b "' a cat - cotupia. ur ur e av, ga- ng cAr a =; - - - wrre, ivsp,- CC 1i 0.7, 0-1, 0.5, 930 070. lkMaivi 10M 4 2 F 4U 0 0 0 ~0 CO 34 O 34 5 02 0 - . - , ~ , ; , , , C babncc' If Six types of ste,-l wtre studift-A 4nd tLay 4~havttd LOW OpEll C11 CaSe W.= PitittO mg-alTzst dr-C fit c4r- tAtrfziug fac tim of 1-9 Inns. gnci f~r 4 Afi~-r I arul S b-m- them deptbs vvcm~ FZO', OZ, !.-, ma~-; iii- *, 1.7. 2.0; 3 2 -f0 .4; -rW, !k, -3. C-r-~n-tratian curve, -A- -ded. (cr spedirwir in whtch a dpth of I re IS r--u. haA Th,~ Wf fjC* C C-01' 'teat--, -z-, v~ and -ml , wiTt dmt t(i a -C-4 n.Aim ~dutiyc to, diffii--k~q ra~v ra the higher Tilz sasic: gr-ahl vaze wtu,~t~t-abzd 6-tflk thAl C71:,:e and th, s-peciim,~- murhur;v~d to af 2 3 tum. (ealps. or ,K, S/129/61/000/011/006/010 E193/E383 AUTHORS: Lupakov, I.S Candidate of Technical Sciences and -Stolyarova, L.S., Engineer TITLE: Relaxation stability of cylindrical helical springs of steel IX18149T (lKhl8N9T) PERIODICAL: Metallovedeniye i term:Lcheskaya obrabotka metallov, no. 11, 1961, 34 - 36 T&',V: Owing to its high resistance to corrosion in water or water-steam mixtures, the steel IKhl3N9T mi-ght be a more suitable material for springs operating at high temperatures than the steels 3A13 (3Khl3) or V13 (4Khl3) normally used for this purpose. The object of the present invest-igatlon was to study the effect of high service temperatures on the characteristics of springs made of this steel. Hot-rolled rods, 8 and 10 mm in diameter, were cold-drawn to 4-5 mm diameter wire, whose UTS was 145 and 160 kg/mm 2, respectively. These wires were coiled into cylindrical springs, 29 mm internal diameter, 59 mm high I with a pitch of 10 mm. After coiling, the springs were held at 450 OC for 30/~Ln, cooled to room temperature, compressed to complete Card S/129/6i/ooo/on/oWolo Relaxation stability of .... 19193/E383 closure and held for 24 hours at room temperature. After preliminary relaxation, the sprIngs were compressed again in jigs and held at 450 OC for 30 min. After this treatment the load required to produce a certain predetermined compression was measured. The springs were then compressed in jjigs to a height of 32 mm, placed in a furnace at 385 - 420 or 450 OC and heid at the temperature for I to 2 000 hours. The springs were removed from the furnace at regular intervals and the load required to produce compression equal to that obtained in the initial test was determined again. Some of the results are reproduced graphically in a figure, where the compression stress (0~ kg/mm2) is plotted against the duration (hours) of treatment at 385, 420 and 450 OC (graphs a, 6 and B, respectively), Curves 1 and 2 relating to springs made from wire obtained, respectively, from 8 and 10 mm rods. Since there was a possi- bility that these results had been affected by repeated loading and unloading of the springs during the treatment, the tests were repeated on specimens which, after being held at the test temperature for a given time, were tested and not used again. Card 20, S/12q/6i/ooo/oil/oo6/oio Relaxation stability of ... E193/E383 No difference in the relaxation stability was observed. The effect of time and temperature on hardness of the steel lKhl8NqT is illustrated in Table 2. It is concluded that springs of hardened steel'lXhl8NqT0have sufficient relaxation stability at temperatures up to 385 C, the decrease in o- after 2 500 hours at this temperature ainountinS to 411.51"'l, the corresponding decrease at 450 0C being 88.5910 after 750 hours. only. The relaxation stability is not affected by the degree of vrork- hardening during drawing of the spring wire. A slight increase ci -0 in hardness of the spring material during the first 100 hours of treatment was attributed to the effect of ageing. Engineer D.A4 Teymer of TsNIIChk1 is mentioned in the article. There are 1 figure, 2 tables and 2 Soviet-bloc references. ,Card 3/b S/03i)0?027/005/009/017 oil" 2 B130/B220 1UTHORSs Lupakov# I.S. and Kuzlmiohev, Yu. S. TITLEi Methods for testing the fatigue strength of heat resistant ropes at elevated temperature PERIODICALt Zavodskaya laboratoriya, v. 27, no. 5, 1961, 589 - 591 TEXTi A method and a device of simple design are described, which permit an estimate of the fatigue strength of a steel rope till it is destroyed partly or completely, based on the number of bendings over a pulley, for a rated stress and at elevated temperature. In these tests, the number of bendings is recorded by a counter and the temperature of the rope is measured. These tests enable not only the statement of the bendings, but also the investigation of several further factors having a neg'ktive in- fluence upon the fatigue strength of the rope, such as oxidation. A rope was manufactured and tested for 10,000 hours at a temperature of 70000- A load being continuously in a shaft of 70000 is fixed to one end of the rope. The other and of the rope io fixed on a drum. The ropes were manu- faotured of pure molybdonum-ohrome-nickel-tungeten-stoo1 of the type ~W726 i(EI726) and of an alloy on -nickel basis aH893 (EI893) in the Teentrallnyy Card 174 24163 S/032/61/027/005/009/017 Methods for testing the ... B130/B220 nauchno-issledovatel'skiy Institut ohernoy metallur ii (Central Scientific Research Instituteof Iron Metallurgy). The device 7Pig. 1) consists of a frame 1 on which a motor 2 and a reductor 3 with pulley 4 are mounted. A returning rotary motion is transmitted from the pulley of the reduotor to the drum 6 by means of a push rod 5. The rope 7 passes an oven, a pulley 8, and a second oven. k load is fixed to the other &nd, of the rope. The heating of the rope is effected by 2 tube furnaces 10 situated in the neighborhood of the pulley 8. T *he temperature of the oven is measured by a chromel-alumel thermocouple and controlled by means of an hPUP-54 (MRShohPr-54) instrument. The number of bendings of the rope over the pulley is recorded by a Cb-1M/100(SB-1M/100) counter. Since that part of the rcpe which runs over the pulley is not always in the oven, a differ- ence developes between the temperature of the oven and that of this point. The temperature of the rope next to the pulley is measured by means of a thermocouple and via a vibrator recorded by a 30 -4 (E0-4) oscilloscope in a special test under small load, in order to ascertain this difference. There are 4 figures. Card 2/4 314682 S/129/62/000/002/oll/ol4 E193/E383 AUTHORS~ Lupakov. I.S~, Candidate of Technical Sciences and Voyeykov, V.P., Engineer TITLE,- Application of steel3"692 (E1692) for service at 800 OC PERIODICALz. Metallovedeniye 1 termicheskaya obrabotka metallov, no. 2, 1962, 49 - 51 TEXT-, The object of the present investigation was to check whether the steel E1692 (0-05% C, 0.7% Mn, 0-19% Si, 15.290% Cr. 36-5% Ni, 2-5% W, 2.49% mo, 1.48% Ti, 0-008% S, 0-023% P, 0.02% B (calculated), 0 025% Ce (calculated)$ developed originally for service at 600 - 75; 0C, could be used at 800 OC. To this end, various properties of this steel were studied on specimens which, after a preliminary austenizing treatment (air-cooling from 900 0C) followed by 10 hours ageing at 850 0C, were held at 800 OC for periods of lip to 2 130 hours. Theresults of these experiments are given in Table 1. The variation of the mechanical properties was reflected in the structural changes Carc~ 41/5: