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December 31, 1967
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LUTAT I I. At the head of technological development. NTO 2 no.8:39-40 Ag 160. (MIRA 13:10) 1. Predeedatell soveta nauchno-tekhnicheakogo obahchestya pervich- noy organizataii Tagaurogskogo kombaynovogo zavcda imeni. Stalina. (Taganrog--Combines (Agricultural machinery)) LUTAY, W. Let us be prepared for the 22nd Party Congress. NTO 3 no.3:1-2 Mr 161. (MIU 14:3) 1. Glav"y inzh. Taganrogskogo kombaynoyp savo'da imeni Stalina$ predsedatell soveta perviahnoy organizataii nauchno-tekbnicheskikh obshchestv. t- -Ii %'Taganrog-Combines(Agricult-ural machinery) VYRYPAYEV, Aleksey Mikhaylovich, zhur.- LUTAY2 flikolay Vladimi-rovich; POPOV, A.S., red.; ZAYTSEVAj L. (Primary organization of a scientific and technical society] Pervichnaia organizatsiia nauchno-tekhnichoskogo obshchestva. Izd-vo Profizdat, 1962. 62 p. (Bibliotechka profsoiuzn o aktivista,, no.20(41+)) (KMA 15:1 1. Predsedatell orgenizatsii Wauchno-tekhnicheskop obshche- stva Tagenrogskogo kombaynovogo zavoda (for Lutay). (Efficiency, Indpstrial) LUTAYENKO, V. [:Lutaienko, V.1 Electrom:; isolder metals. Hauka i zhyttia (Electric welding) t I-j 7- 11 no.2:27 F 162. O[IRA 15:3) AUTHORs Lutchenko,A.I., Candidate of Historical Sciences 3-7-8/29 TITLE& The Higher Schools in USSR During the First Five-Year Plan (Vyashaya shkola v SSSR v gody peirvoy pyatiletki) PERIODICAL: Vestnik Vysshey Shkoly, 1957, # 7, PP 33-43 (USSR) ABSTRACTs The article describes the development of a new engineering and technical intelligentsia during the First Five-Year Plan. He also describes the organization of various institutions during this period. In this connection the following figures are mentioned: The Moscow Industrial Academyt the first of its kind, was founded in 1927. In 1931 the number of industri- al academles was increased to six, and in 1933 to eleven. In 1929, there were only 579000 specialists in the national-econo- mic field with a higher education, and 55,000 with a secondary education. These figures increased in 1932 to 216,000 and 288,000 respectively. Consequently tens of thousands of engineers and specialists have been added to the working cadres. At the beginning of 1933 there were 358 industrial, agricul- tural and economic vuzes with a student body of 469,000 against an expected number of but 269,000 students. Card 1/2 The author concludes that no other countxy was able to The Higher Schools in USSR During the First Five-Year Plan 3-7-8/29 produce such an acceleration in the development of higher school education. There are 30 Russian references. AVAILABLEs Library of Congress Card 2/2 _L 2309-66 MM11 WR ACC NRt AT6002848 SOURCE CODE: URIZ754/65/0007004/0166/0181 AUTHOR: Lutchenko, L. N.; Kraaillnikov, V. N. ~2 7 ORG: none TITLE: Transient processes in a thin circular loop SOURCE: Leningrad. Universitet. Problemy difraktaii i rasprostraneniya'voln, no. 4, 1965. Difraktsiya i inlucheniye voln (Wave diffraction and radiation), no. 4. 166-181 TOPIC TAGS: loop antenna, antenna theory ABSTRACT,: Eighteen modern articles on dipole and loop-antenna theory written by Western and Soviet specialists are briefly reviewed. The present article studies transient phenomena in a thin perfect -conduction loop antenna with arbitrarily distributed emf and (in the general case) with several connected loads whose geometrical size to small enough to.permit describing their inside processes in a quasistationary approyAmation. The problem is formulated in terms of the electric scalar potential 4t and the A a component of the magnetic vector potential. A Card 1/2 L 23089a-66_ ACC NR: AT60OZ848 differential eIquation for the tangential component of the electric field strength is set up, and the conditions of Its vanishing on the antenna surface are explored. Equations describing the transient process in an antenna are developed for (a) the general case, (b) transmitting loaded antenna, and (c) transmitting antenn 'with an allowance for radiation. Orig. art. has: 4figures and 53 formulas. SUB CODE.- 09. SUBM DATE-.-. none ORIG REF: 0 14 OTH REF: 004 -66 Pf 4 R~, 'a 849 SOURCE COEE: UR/2754/65/000/004/0182/0191 AUTHORS: InIkov, V. N. Lutchanko, L. N.; Krazi2 3 ORG: none TITLEt wire antennas 'SOURCE: -Loninp-rad, Univergitet. Problemy.difraktaii i rasproatranoniya voln, no* voln (Wave diffraction a no, 4. 4v 1965. Difraktsiya i izluche nd radiation 182-191 TOPIC TAGS: loop antenna, electronic transient radiationt distributiont electric :potentialp electric current, time constant ABSTRACT: A method of studying transients in thin closed (single-turn) and open antennas is proposedq taking into account processes in the transmission lines. The problem is formulated in terms of an electric scaler potential YV and the component As of a magnetic vector potential. It is assumed that the distribution functions of the current and potential on the surface are not functions of the coordinates: -FE-A d1l W7 jj cozz (V - V1 A2(s,Q=T. d C 113 J ard L ?-1847,66 ACC: NR' AT6002849 C The current distribution in the first approximation is determined from Art d2j, I tL"A_2 J gr~- - - ZA ds 7 ds F- t) a (S Sj C2 -X - -X d# L de VEI TS X 0 tog (V - V') X dis From considerations similar to ones made earlier by L. N. Lutchenko and V*- N. Krasillnikov (NestatsionarrWye protsessyvtonkoy Imugloy ramko. Problemy- difraktsii irasprostraneniya voln, no. 4, 1965)j a solution can be constructed for arv time interval, and the transient period can be evaluated ~.t