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December 31, 1967
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LIVOVSKIY. P.G. vtu~a [Principles of repair work In metallurgical shops; manual for 3killed workers and machinists] Osnovy remontnogo dela v metal- lurgicheskikh teekhakh; posobie dlia masterov I slesarei. Sverd- lovsk, Goo. nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo lit-ry po chernoi i tsvetnoi metallurgii, 1953. 430 P. (MT.'RA 7-3) (Machine-shop practice) P14ASE I TREASURE ISLAND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REPORT AID 377 - I BOOK Call No.: AF627390 Author: LIVOVSKIY, P. G. Full Title: HANDBOOK FOR MECHANICS OF METALLURGICAL PLANTS. Third supplemented and corrected edition. Transliterated Title: Spravochnoye rukovodstvo mekhanika metallurgicheskogo zavoda Publishing Data Originating Agency: None Publishing House: State Scientific and Engineering Publishing House for Literature on Ferrous and Nonferrous Metallurgy Date: ~;953 No. pp.: 1112 No. of copies: 22,000 Editorial Staff Editor: None Tech. Ed.: None Editor-in-Chief: None Appraisers: Pallmov, Ye. V., Prof., Dots., Krasnov, K. V., Engineer, Zakrochinskiy, S.V., Engineer, Shklovskiy, M. B. Others: Names of those who cooperated.in publishing this handbook are listed. Text Data Coverage: This handbook contains information on the use and main- tenance of metallurgical machines and their elements, selection of 1/5 Spravochnoye rukovodstvo mekhanika AID 377 - I metallurgicheskogo zavoda materials for their manufacture, machining and thermal treatment of parts, the assembly of mechanisms, engineering requirements in the field of load lifting machines, etc. Each of its 8 sections is a self-contained unit. Bibliography is divided among sections. Diagrams, photos, graphs, tables, etc. A very well compiled handbook. TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGES ?reface 3-4 SECTION I INITIAL DATA FOR THE SELECTION OF MATERIALS FOR MACHINE ELEMENTS 7-64 Ch. 1. Conventional designation of steel types, cast iron in foundings, bronze, and brass; Ch. 2. Basic characteristics of materials determined by test- ing their mechanical properties. Samples for testing; Ch. 3. Technological properties, chemical and structural analysis; Ch. 4. Characteristics and co4ventional designations of physical properties of metals and alloys; Bibliography for Section I. 2/5 Spravochnoye rukovodstvo mekhanika AID 377 - I metallurgicheskogo zavoda PAGES SECTION II STEEL AND CAST IRON AS MATERIALS POR MACHINE ELEMENTS 65-214 Ch. 5. Characteristics of steel and iron types used in machine elements; Ch. 6. Conditions and recommended data determining the use of steel and iron for machine elements; Ch. 7. Influence of the technology of the manufacture of elements on their strength and on the technological bases of construction; Ch. 8. The Influence of temperature changes on mechanical properties of steel and cast iron; Ch. 9. Thermal treatment of steel and cast iron; Bibliography for Section II. SECTION III DETAILS AND JOINTS OF MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT, METHODS OF THEIR ASSEMBLY AND REPAIR 215-56o Ch.10. Allowances, fittings, and the cleaness of the finish; Ch.11. Belt and toothed transmissions; Ch.12. Shafts, axles, joints, couplings; Ch 1~. Sliding bearings; Ch:l . Rolling bearings; Ch.15. Threaded connections; Ch.16. Special repair and assembly work; Bibliography for Section 111. 3/5 Spravochnoye rukovodstvo mekhanika AID 377 - I metallurgicheskogo zavoda Pj"%GES SECTION IV LOAD LIFTING MECHANISMS 561-676 Ch. 17. Supervision of load lifting mechanisms and elements of load lifting machines; Ch. 18. Assembly of equipment; Bibliography for Section IV. SECTION V FORGING AND RIVETING 677-736 Ch. 19. Routines of forging; Ch. 20. Riveting; Bibliography for Section V. SECTION VI ELECTRIC ARC AND GAS WELDING AND GAS CUTTING 737-902 Ch. 21. Electric are and gas welding; Ch. 22. Gas and electric arc cutting; Ch. 23. Welded seam testing and technical regulation in the field of gas-electric welding; Bibliography for Section VI. SECTION VII PIPES, PUMPS, VENTILATORS, PACKING MATERIALS 903-982 Ch. 24. Pipes and pumps; Ch. 25. Ventilators; Ch. 26. Packing and insulating materials; Bibliography for SECTION VII. SECTION VIII MACHINING METALS BY CUTTING, ABRASIVES, TOLERANCES AND ALLOWANCES IN CASTING 983-1046 4/5 Spravochnoye rukovodstvo mekhanika AID 377 - I metallurgicheskogo zavoda PAGES Ch. 27. Machining metals by cutting; Ch. 28. Abrasivea; Ch. 29. Tolerances and allowances in casting; Bibliography for Section VIII. SECTION IX GENERAL INFORMATION DATA 1047-1099 Purpose: Handbook for engineers, technicians and workers in the field of operation and repair of machine elements of the metallurgical industry. Facilities: Names of some institutions connected with the metallur- gical industry appear in the text. No. of Russian and Slavic References: A large number of books and periodical articles is listed at the end of each section. Available: A.I.D., Library of Congress. 5/5 LITTWIM P Wwlch; GRISHOELENKO, M.P.. redaktor; KILIIIII, V.P., or zdatejL-stva; W. U.K., tekhnichookiy redektor LFrinciples of repairing in machine shopej Oonovy remontnogo dela v metallurgicbeekikh tookhakh. Izd.2-os, ispr. I dop. Sverdlovsk, Goo. nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo lit-ry po chernoi i tavetuoi metallurgii, Sverdlovskoe otd-nia, 1957. 535 p. (KLRA 10:8) Nachine-shop, practice--Kaintenance and repair) LIVOVSKIY Pavel Grigor'yeXipb;_PALNOV, Ye.V., prof., doktor tekhn. -na , retsen2ent; SIIKLOVSKIY, M.N.) inzh.) retsenzent; GURVITS, A.I., inzh., retsenzent; NOSIIIKO, S.M.., Inzh., retsenzent; SAKHAKN, N,11,, inob., retsenzent; SOSKRI, M.D., inzh.., red.; BALAZOVSKIY, M.Ya.9 inzh., red.; CRAPAYKINA, F.K. red. izd-va; KRYZHOVA, M.L., red,izd-va; MATLYUK, R.M., tekhn. red.; TURKINA., Ye.D., tekhn. red. [Manual for mechanics in metallurgical plants) Spravochnoe ruko- vodstvo mekhanika inetallurgicheskogo zavoda. Izd.4., ispr. i dop. Sverdlovsk, Ne+,allurgizdat, 1961. 1105 p. (MIRA 15:3) (Mechanical engineering) (Metallurgical plants-Equipment and supplies) LIVOVSKIYO ShD. SynthoWein therapy in tick-borne apirochetosis. Ked,paraz. i paraz bol. 27 no.3059 Hy-Je '58 (MMA 11:7) 1. Iz Irch-K-argAnskoy rayonnoy bollnitay Oshakoy oblnsti. (SPIROCHETOSIS) (OffLOROHYOTIN) LIVOV'5'KIY,, V*inzh.-konstruktor For a widespread introduction of defectoscopy into practicez3 of the operation and repair of ships. Yor. flot 24 no.3; 33-34 Mr 164. (MIRA 117:6) 1. TSentrallnoye proyektno-konstruktorgkoye byuro No.3 Mininterstva morskogo flota. KRUGLIKOV, S.S.; KUDRYAVTSEV, N.T.; VOROBIYEVA, G.F.; L'VOVSKIY, V.M. Effect of ripple current on surface leveling In nickel platinE. DoV1. M 5SSR 140 no.4:877-879 0 '61. (MIRA 14:9) 1. Moskovskiy khimiko-tekhnol-agicheskiy institut im. D.I.14endeleyeva. Predstavleno akademikon A.N.Frumkinym, (Nickel plating) L'VOVS:'!Y, V.I.,. Vibration of beams lying on an elastic block foundation with two elastic characteristics under the action of a driving load. Vop. geotekh. no.6:90-103 163. (MINA 17:9) S/080/62/035/004/009/022 D202/D301 AUTHORS: Kruglikov, S. S., Kudryatsev, N. T., Voroblyt,,va, 6. F. and li'vovskiv, V. M. TITLE. Investigating electrolytes -L"or smooth nickel pluting PERIODICAL: Zhurnal prijkladnoy khimii, v. 35, no. 4, !,-)62, 781-786 "LlEXT: The aim of this study was -to chock tho hypotl~esis of investigators: Watson, Edwards, Poulke and 1