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4043403 ACCESSION NRt AP corlkogo (Kharlkov State University)* Mec6i 1 ENCLs SUB CODE: SSO OP NR'REP SOW.'~ 003 OTHER: .003 3/4 . L O0679-66-.'~-LtF(b)/DjT(in)/-1W U Me) IM -C Y, ACCMSION NR-. AP5012574 UR/0181/65/007/005/15 ~1552 MMORI MiloslavaML -V- s j' Lvashenkof S., P., Aee' t TITLE: Concentration shift 6ff e edge of the intrinsic absorption band in Vh dioxide sOURCE:-qzika tverdogo tela., v. 7 . no. 5, 1965p 1550-1552 TOPIC TAGS: tin compound, absorption edge, refractive index, light transmission IABSMACT: The authors obsery Ied and investigated the shift of the intrinsic absorp-, tion e6~e of Sn02, the red boundary of which is located at 4 eV. The measurements were made on polycrystaUine layers deposited on a quartz substrate. The electron density was varied by introducing antimony atoms. The refractive index (n = 1-93) Vag determined from interferometric transmission curves in the visible region. The -1 width of the forbidden band was 3.9T eVj* in fair agreement with data on temperature! measurements of the conductivity. The experimental points ri.t well the theoretical': formula for the connection between the shift and the electron density. The value I of the reduced effective mass,, p es (0.48 � 0.02)m, necessary to reconcile these data with the theory, is close to the value of p obtained from the spectral varia- tion of the absorption of the samplewith the lowest electron density. On the other hand, the valu e of tt obtained in the present work differs noticeably from Card V t 00679-66 AACCESSION M. AP5012574 1,the ohmic reffective mass obtained from the spectral variation of the real partof the dielectric constant in an earlier investigation by the authors (nT v. 6, 256o1. 11964). The difference is attributed to anisotropy of the dispersion in the con- '~duction band. Orig. art. has: 2 figures and 2 formulas. ASSOCIATION: Khar1kovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet (Khartkov State University) OP sumawn: 05-wov64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: Ss NR IREF SOV., 003 onw: oo4 A, L lew-&- 'ACCESSION NR: AP5017437 UR 0248/ 65/000/ 007/ 0072 0079 612. 017. 014. 6:615. 7 7 1. 1 AUTHOR-: Lyashenko, V. A. TITLE: Effect of cytostatic substances on the immunologic reactivity of the or- ganism SOURCE: AMN SSSR. Vestnik, no. 7, 1965, 72- 79 TOPIC TAGS: cancer drug, alkylation, immunology, nucleic acid, antibody., drug effect ABSTRACT: This is a literature survey on the effect of inhibitors of immunogeneT sis which affect antibody synthesis, that is, alkylating agents and antimetabolites used as anticancer substances, It is concluded that the represent 2 types of y activity- the alkylating agents enter into reactions with nucleic acids while the I antimetabolites disturb nucleic acid synthesis. The alkylating agents injected repeatedly prior to introduction of antigens inhibit proliferation of lymphoid tissue. The antimetabolites, introduced after the antigen, have a selective depressant effect on Immunocompetent cells and are thus of particular Interest In further immunologic studies. Orig. art. has- None Card 1/.2 Ijp(,r' JD/GG (011- L 444E~-66 )/F-ViT(m)/ErjF (c-)iF-Wp T/EVIP- -ACCESSION NR: AP5017899 UR/0051/65/019/001/6108/01-14 535-32 + 535-341 "WORSO A U1, t~ashenko,__S. P._, Miloslavskiy, V. K. Ift-u-NA"` TY 5-9' Tyt Y- 5 TITLE: Study of the optical properties of tin dioxide thin filins in ]the visible and ultraviolet regions 79,, S, 5- SOURCE: Opt:ika i spektroskopiya, v. 19, no-1, 1965, 108-114 TOPIC TAGS: tin compound, optic measurement, optic property, optic Ispeptrum, UV spectrum,, absorption edge ABSTRACT: Iti view of 'the appreciable divergence of the results ob- by different authors, apparently owing to the use of different criteria forestimating the edge of the.fundamental band, the authors Investigatedthe optical constants of.thin Sn02 films with different. carrier densitieg in therange from 1-1 to 0.23 9. Phin layer of SnO 'was deposited on aquartz-plate heated to temperature > 500C by 1 2 a-method. described by-the authors earlier(Opt. i-spektr. 8, 868.9. -1/3 -Cam L 4448-66 ACCESSION NR: AP5017 899 :1960). The transmission and reflection of the samples was measured with a spectrophotometer (SP-4). The optical constant's and the thick- ness of the layer were measured,from the Interference transmi our Ss 0 ves, as described by the authors earlier (Opt. i spektr. v i n 16, 801 1964). A special attachment for the spectrophotometer was used to ~~measure the reflection coefficient at wavelengths shorter than 0.35 ~L, :The results show that for energies greater than 4 eV the absorption As due to.tbe direct allowed interband transitions, and that for .,;lower energies it depends on the lattice imperfections. The frequenc Aependence of the absorption of strongly doped samples was explained de- :on the basis of the theory of distorted bands. The temperature pendence of the absorption edge was also Investig4ted and it was ifound that,the absorption edge.increases linearly with decreasing -4 ,temperature, at.,an average rate of' 6.5 X 1:0 ev/deg. The actual IValue of the'aLbsorption,edge depends on,the carrier density, ranging fr,om approximately 3.:8 to 4.4 ev-atroom temperature., !The authors thank 1. N. Shklyarevskiy and, R. _G.. Yarova~.~-Pbr, valuable discussions. I Drig. art. has:., b :rlgU-r-es and -5 rormulas'p, t~q i(~ `~A 7. 0 W, '77 SOV/147-59-2-7/20 AUTHORS: Galkin, S. I., Kabanoyt V,V, and Lyashe 0 .,_5,,_5.,(VqYosibirsk) TITLE: Experimental Investigation of Bending of a Cantilever (Circular) Cylindrical Shell with a Large Rectangular Cut-Out when Loaded by a Concentrated Force at the Free End (Eksperimetitallnoye issledovaniye karkasirovannoy krugovoy tsilindricheskoy obolochki s bol'shim pryamougollnym vyrezom pri izgibe sosredotochennoy siloy) PERIODICAL:Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy,'Aviatsionnaya tekhnika, 1959, Nr 2, pp 49-61 (USSR): ABSTRACT: The experiments were carried out on of 600 mm diameter, 3800 mm long, plated with D16AT of 0.8 mm thickness. The shell was stiriened or. the outside by longitudinal stringers (pressed dural 2 anglest Pr 100-3, of a cross-sectional area of 0.434 cm and on the inside by ribs spaced at 130 mm. The total length of the cut-out was 1000 mm. The general lay-out of the shell is shown in Fig 1, while Fig 2 shows the cross-Bection of the rib. Along their whole length the longitudinal edges of the cut-out were Card 1/5 reinforced by either channels with flat fillets or SOV/147-59-2-7/20 Experimental Investigation of Bending of a Cantilever (Circular) Cylindrical Shell with a Large Rectangular Cut-Out when Loaded by a Concentrated Force at the Free End simply by flats, as shown in Fig 3. In the plane of symmetry of the shell (i.e. with respect to cut-out) two longitudinal joints were made. one end of the shell was firmly fixed (by means of a fitting attached to a steel plate) and the shell was loaded at the other (free) end, the force being applied with the aid of cables to a short steel cylinder which was fitted into the shell (see Fig 1). The force was measured by a spring dynamometer. Two different directions of loading were used, as shown in Fig 4. In the first case the force vector was in the plane of symmetry of the structure and in the second case, in the axial plane perpendicular to the plane of symmetry. Fig 5 shows the complete rig ready for experiments. The results of experiments are presented in Figures 7 to 14. The graphs also include the theoretical curves obtained from relations developed in Ref 1. All experimental data and the computational values refer Card 2/5 to the same loading, viz 1000 kg. Figures 7 to 10 SOV/147-5 9-2-7/20 Experimental Investigation of Bending of . Cantilever (Circular) Cylindrical Shell with a Large Rectangular Cut-Out when Loaded by a Concentrated Force at the Free End refer to the symmetric loading (case 1) and Figures 11 to -4 refer to the asymmetric leading (case 2) as follows: Fig 7 shows the tangential stresses in the open portion of the shell (at sections I and 4, see Fig 1). It is seen that they do not remain constant and are greatest between the 8th and 9th stringers. It also appears that the strength of the longitudinal reinforcement on the edges of the cut-out has essentially only a local effect on the magnitude of stresses in the panel at the boundary of the cut-out. There is good agreement between the calculated and the experimental results. From Fig 8, which refers to sections 5 and 7, it is seen that in the closed portion of the shell the distribution of tangential stresses is extremely non-uniform, showing even local concentration of stresses. The peaks In the stress Card 3/5 curves become less sharp further away from the cut-out. sov/147-59-2-7/20 Experimental Investigation of Bending of a Cantilever (Circular) Cylindrical Shell with a Large Rectangular Cut-Grut when Loaded by a Concentrated Force at the Free End The strength of the reinforcement on the edges of the cut-out has an insignificant influence on the distribution of the tangential stresses. Fig 9 shows the normal stresses at sections 1. 4 and 5, while in Fig 10 the normal stress along the stringers Nr I and Nr 9 are shown, the last one being the reinforcement of the cut-out edge. Again there is good agreement between the experiment and the theory of Ref 1. For the case of the asymmetric loading the conclusions may be summarised as follows: The distribution of tangential stresses in the open part of the shell (Fig 11 refers to sections 1 and 4) again is not constant. The strength of the reinforcement on the Cut-out edge again has only a local effect, influencing the stresses in the panel between the 8th and 9th stringex-s. Agreement between the experiment and the theory of Ref 1 is much poorer than in the previous case. In the closed part of the shell the distribution of tangential Card 4/5 stresses is also non-uniform (Fig 12, sections 5 and 7). sov/147-59-2-7/20 Experimental Investigation of Bending of a Cantilever (Circular) Cylindrical Shell with a Large Rectangular Cut-Out when Loaded by a Concentrated Force at the Free End The mon-uni-formi-ty becomes. less jaitense further away from the out-out into the closed part of the shell. The strength of the reinforcement has fundamentally a local effect influencing only the maximum stress arising in the panel between the 9th and loth stringers. Agreement between the calculated normal stresses and the experimental values (Fig 13) is good at Section 1 (at the middle of the cut-out) but poor at the boundary of the cut-out (section 4). Fig 14 represents the distribution of normal stresses in the stringers Nr 9 and Nr There are 14 figures and I Soviet reference. SUBMITTED: October 21, 1958 Card 5/5 !w W-W -*-lowl 'SW Ze Wo 9OA 000 oA i ,a oom 0* 4 *04 000 **a *64 :043 .00. .094 c mW tike nt*pftck aft pbgod whii a reftx ODO&DOW, " Frm the ' - docoutOd v*4-ttd -tpwk- .. . . I i ip a it a it di it isa *0*4De:lioGoo4oooo*oeG_e*; 0 0 0 0 0 & 0 0.0 0 0 a 0 0 a 0,0 0 0 OAL-4 is ows"d 1. 10, W17, r4a w pime omw4al ia a IA4. = ~ L. .1 , to a simm oM b pawd a a 3 T 0*000000*00000 0000000000000* -00 -00 -00 *00 of :400 -00 Ot -00 840 COO 400 goo :00 00 WOO 4900 see 000 goo 00 so too J L .J-A~ A._X I_ 0 A " sot bsM u" bak from Route. -$6,S ,.Ilk ul Vo. itya 190. No. 4, (cranbcrry t=) is 4axist klicatical with bar"Aml o Wg The arewh mc k h i bk e ) aw . c , an ( P of r p timtsjus crystab of C*Cv04- Dark from ItAtive (Ruwau) i& W R ti dfi um ms n ca ap*1152 Is tvitir" witb dw iiiie V! L joun 11. Situlth 1 I h . A Arnmwqx P it goo o* a b U fs LIP 10 AS W" CF&IF IF-* all It X x i. a 1 0 0 1 * 0 0 0 o o rns 0 .100 .00 10* -00 are 0 zoo coo coo $&Asti am- Ali V 66 0 1 W a 3 1 v LL * * : * a '01-09, 000 0 0 1* solo 666699*000*00*000*4 MASM00 S.-S., Docent PharrAcy - Odessa Odessa Section of the All-Union Scientific Pharmaceutical 3ociety. Apt. delo no. 4, 1952. Monthly List of Russian Accessions. Library of Congress. November, 1952. UNCLASSIFIED 1. LYASHEITY102 S. S., Docent 2. USSR (600) 4. Chenorodium 7. Marmacognosy of Chenopodium, Apt. delo, No. 6, 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of CongresS, March, 195". Unclassified. LX"t~~ H -5 USSR/Pharmacology. Pharmacognosy. Toxicology - T-5 Medicinal Plants. Abs Jour : Referat Zhur - Biologiya, No 16, 1957, 71739 Author : Lyashenko,-S.S. Inst Title : On the Pharmacognosy of the Seeds of Some Species of Plantago, Major. Orig Pub : Nekotoryye voprosy farmatsii, Kiev, gosmedisdat USSR, 1956, 216-219 Abstract : No abstract. Card 1/1 - 62 - TROTSBEKO, A.G.p; PORTNOV, A.I., prof.9 red.; GORBOV, T.P., reds; YWDOKIMOT, D.Ya.. red.; KNIZHKO, P.O., red.; KORCHINSKIY N*O.# red.; LESHCHINSKIY. A.7.. red.j_hPSB=Q.-JS-:4, red.; RO~~iZv M.A., prof.. red.; SAVITSKIY, I.V., prof.. red.; SHILUDIKO, V.M.. red. CResearch in the field of pharmacy] Iseledoveniis v oblasti far- mataii. PP4 obahchei red. A.I.Portnova. Odessa, H-vo zhdavookhra- neniia USSR, 1959. 314 p. WRA 13:6) 1. Zaporozhakiy gosudarstvennyy farmatsevticheskiy institut. 2. Ka- fedra organichaskoy khimii Odesskogo gosuderstvennogo farmatsevticheeko- go instituta (for Trotsenko). 3. Kafedra farmatsevtichaskoy khimii Odesskogo gosudarBtvennogo farmateevticheakogo institute. (for Portnov). 4. Kafedra neorganicheskoy i sudebnoy khimii Odesekogo gos.farmatsevt. institute (for Yevdokimov). 5. Kafedra analiticheskoy khimii Odeaskogo, gos.farmataevt.inatituta (for Kn12hko). Kafedra marksizma-leninizma i organizatsiya farmdela Odeaskogo gos.farmatsevt.instituta (for Kor- chinskiy). 6 Kafedra biokhimii Odesskogo goa.farmatsevt.instituta (for LeshehinskiyL 7. Kafedrs farmakognozii i takhnologii lekarstvannykh form i galenovykh preparatov Odesakogo gos.farmatsevt.institnta (for Lyashenko). 8. Zaveduyushchiy kafedroy fiziologii i farmakologii Odessko- go goe.farmatsevt.instituta (for Rozenberg); . Zaveduyushchiy kafedroy biokhimii Odesskogo gos.farmateevt.institut 7for Savitskiy). 10. Ka- fedra farmakognozii i botaniki Odeaskogo gosudarstvennogo farmatsevti- chaskogo, instituta (for Sholudiko). (PHARMACY) LYASHENKO, S.S. Pharmacognosy of sow hawth-:~--n species. Report go.l. Trudy Len. khim.-farm. inst. 12141-54 161. (MDV, 1r,: 3) 1. Kafedra tekhnologii lekarstvenrqkh i galenovykh preparatov Uporoz6kogo farmatsavticheskogo inatitlita. (HAWTHORN) (mx.vlr,CwICG,Y) (B(YfAt1Y- -Allna-a) LYASHENKO, S.S., dotsent Review of H.P. Pivnenko's book OPharizacoutical technology of drugs." Farmateev. zhur. 18 no.5:93 163. (MIRA 17:8) SOV/137-59-1-1662 Translation from: Referativnyy zliurnal. Met.-allurgiya, 1959, Nr 1, p 220 (USSR) AUTHOR: Lyashenko, S. V TITLE: Die Design in Trimming Presses Employing Shock Absorbers Consisting of Disc Springs 4.Shtampy obreznykh pressov s amortiza- torami iz tarellchatykh pruzhin.) PERIODICAL: V sb.: Materialy Konferentsii po usoversh. tekhnol, obrabotki metallov davleniyem. Minsk, Belorussk. un-t, 1958, pp 27-37 ABSTRACT: The author examines the design of dies emploved in the following operations: Simultaneous trimming of fins and straightening of forgings IF); simultaneous straighlening and bending of F's; consec- utive trimming -and straightening of F's: forming of the circurnfer- ence and lateral surfaces of Fs for flywheel rims; simultaneous trimming of fins, punching of webs, and straightening of F's. fn all of the designs mentioned, disc springs serve as shock absorbers to protect the presses from overloading and also function as ejectors. M-Ts. Card 1/1 LUSMKO, S.V. Raise the quality of the Belarus'" tractor. Trakt. i sellkhozmah. U9,3:43 Mr '58, (MIRA llt5) 1. Zamestitell glavnogo metallurga, Hinskogo traktornogo zavoda. (Tractors) S. v. mo/Vaginsering Sep 48 Furnaceo Fuel - Conser7ation "Thermal Furnaces Without Bottom Plates but With ~R6circulation of Gases," S. V. Lyashenko, Engr, 2 pp "Vest Mhohinostroy" Vol XXVIII, No 9 PA 37/49T-16 Describes arrangement. in detail, vith two sketches. 37 1. LYASMKOS S. V. 2. usSR (600) h. Briquets 7. Making briquets from metal waste. Lit. proiz. no. 9# 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, January.-1953. Unclassified. LYAS M KO. S.Y.. inzh. Trimming-press dies with disc-spring shock absorbers. Hasb.Bel. no.5:66-76 158. (MIRA 12:11) (Punching machinery) LYASHENKO S.V. inzb. Gas cementation of tractor parts vith use of mandrels. Metalloved. I term. obr. met. no. 5:57-60 W 160. (MIRA 13:12) 1. Minskiy tralctornry zavod. (Cemeatation (Metallurgy)) WASHENKO ( ASHENKO kmen-YU-sovichp inzh.; STELIMAKOV, S.M., inzh., red.; W V.i-.-,UE-red.; GVIRTS, V.L., [Use of-dies with disbed-spring shock absorbers for trimming presses; Minsk Tractor Plant practices] Primenenie shtampov a amortizatoremi iz tarellchatykh pruzhin dlia obrezrvkh pressovi opyt Minskogo traktornogo zavoda. leningradq 1960. 3-1 p. (Ienin- gradskii Dom naucbno-tekbnicheskoi propagandy. Obmen peredovym. opytom. Seriia: Kovk4L i goriachaia shtampovkag no-5)0 (MIRA 24:6) (Forging machinery) (Minsk-Tractor industry) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/5736 Lyashenko, S.emen Vlasovich, Engineer. Primeneniye shtampov s amortizatorami iz tarellehatykh ruzhin dlya obreznykh pressov; opyt Minskogo traktornogo zavoda Mplication of Trimming-Press Dies Having Belleville-Spring Shock Absorbers; Experience of the Minsk Tractor Plant) LeninSrad (Leningradskiy Dom nauchno-tekhnicheskoy propagandy (LDNTP)l 1960. 15 P. (Series: Obmen eredovym opytom. Seriya: Kovka i goryachaya shtampovka, vyp 6 5~ Sponsoring Agency: Obshchestvo po rasprostranenlyu politicheskikh i nauchnykh znaniy RSFSR. Leningradaki-y Dom nauchno-tekhnicheskoy propagandy. Leningradokoye PraVleniye NTO Mashprom. Sektsiya obrabotki metallov davleniyem. Ed.: S. M. Stellmakov, Enginneer; Ed. of Publishing House: V, A. Shilling;.Tech. Ed.: V. L. GvIrts. PURPOSE: This booklet is intended for technical personnel in forging Car~~~ Application of TrimmIng-Press (Cont.) SOV5736 shops and die-design institutes. COVERAGE: Various types of belleville-3pring shock absorbers trimming presses are described, Flash cutoff and combined with bending or piercing Is explained through a. deml,11, tion of several compound dies. An equation for calculating ti-~ forces necessary for straightening is given. No personalitie,5 mentioned. There are 3 references, all Soviet. TABLE OF CONTENTS: [compiled from text headings) Types of Shock Absorbers Flash Trimming Combined With Straightening of a Forging Simultaneous Straightening and Bending of Forgings Progressive Trimming and Straightening of a Camahaft Forging Sizing a Flywheel-Rim Forging in Radial and Axial Directions Card 2/3 -LYASHF,NKOR S.V. f Piercing cylindrical openinge in forging with hubo. Kuz.,sbtam. prc,izvo*'3 no.3s4l-42 Mr 16:b. (14M 14.- 6) (Forging) 32965 S/146/61/004/006/004/020 0 D249/D301 AUTHORS: Barutkin, I. N., Lyashenko, T. I. and Udovenko, V. F. TITLE: An instrument for determining the iron content in en- gine oil PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Priborostro- yeniye, v. 4, no. 6, 1961, 26-30 TEXT: An instrument *M-1 (ZhM-1) has been developed for measur- ing small concentrations of iron particles in internal-combustion engine lubricants. Its operation is based on measurement of the magnetic permeability of oil. The minimum concentration of iron which can be measured is 0.001%. The instrument consists of a sup- ply unit and an induction unit, the former comprising two sole- noids K1, K 2, a voltmeter and a rheostat, the latter two -1-iduct- ance coils K 39 K4 and an indicator. With a perfectly symmetrical arrangement of the coils no current flows through the galvanome- ter. However, if oil containing iron particles is introduced into Card 1/3 32965 S/146/61/004/006/004/020 An instrument for determining D249/-0301 Ki and "pure" oil into K2 the galvanometer current is Io w8mim/Z9 where AM - increment of mutual inductance of the coils K and K 3 due to the presence of iron. I. - peak value of primary current; Z - total impedance of the secondary circuit. The author deduces for the iron content mir = cinoC, where o~,is the deflection of the galvanometer and Cin the constant of the instrument C in = 1/s 9SnI5 S9 being the sensitivity of the galvanometer and Sc that of the circuit; SC = IMIOP 1% irnin3/ZP;/U'ir = iron permeability;/Alp3 - number of turns per unit length cf coils K 1 and K 3; p - iron den- sity. For the actual instrument the constant Cin is 1 mg/mm or 0.001% iron/mm deflection. Since it is impossible to obtain in practice a perfectly symmetrical arrangemont of coile, a compen- eating unit must be used. This consists of a) a movable steel need- le, whose depth of penetration in one pair of coils is controlled Card 2/3 32965 113/14 6/6 1/004 /00 061004 /02 0 An instrument for determining D249/D301 by means of a micrometer,screw and, b) two variable resistors r, and r2' The main source of error with the instrument described the variation of the size of iron particles. Other errors are due to voltage and frequency fluctuations, non-sinusoidal form of the current, and interference. The effect of these errors can be mi-, C, ~I nimized by using strong magnetic fields, e.g. of the order , 10 A/m. This article was recommended by the Kafedra Fiziki (Depart- ment of Physics). There are 3 figures, I table and 1 Soviet-bloc reference. ASSOCIATION: Kharlkovskiy avtomobillno-dorozhnyy institut (Kharl-I kov Automobile-Highway Institute SUBMITTBD: April 19, 1961 Card 3/3 MMAYnVv S.M.; -.LYASW.IIKOp T.V. coladmtric &tczmlmtim of areenic In high.-purity netaMe bimmuth. sbor.trud. vinnsm-m rio.9,34,.36 1650 Detem1nation of load in metaUic bi=uth. rbid.:78-M (mmisin) LYASHENKO, V. A., Cand of Xed Sci -- (diss) "Fulictional Status of the Ueural %luscutlar System of the Body During Scoliocie," Khar'kov, 1959, 15 PP (Khar'kov Medical Institute) (KL, 6-60, 126) LYASHMO, V.A.; IMASNOPROSHINA, L. I. Changea in wound microbial flora during penicillin therap7. AntibiotiM 4 no.3:78-80 M7-Je '59. (MIRL 12:9) 1. Kafedra mikrobiologii (zav. - prof.M.N.Lebedeva) I Moskov- 91cogo ordena LenIna meditsinskogo inatituta. (nifICILLI11, off. on exper. micrococcal wound infect. (Rue)) (MICROCOCCAL IMMON, exper. eff. of penicillin on micrococcal wound infect. kRus)) LYASHW-OV V.A# Antitoxic effect of levomycetin under experimental conditions. A;itibiotiki 5 no.1:212-115 Ja-F 160s (KM .13:7) 1. Laboratori-ya eksperimentallnogo izucheniya lechebnykh avoystv novykh antibiotikov (zav. - Prof. V..A. Shorin) Instituta po izyskaniya novykh antibiotikov AMN SSSR (CHLORCHYCETIN) (SHIGELIA) (TCMINS AND ANTITCXINS) LYASHENKO.-I.A. Effect of cortisone on the therapeutic effects of levomycetin in acute experimental infections, Antibiodki 5 no.3:41-44 My~e 160e (MM 14:6) 1. Laboratoriya eksperimentallnogo izucheniya lechebnykh svoystv novykh antibiotikov Instituts. po izyskaniyu novykh antibiotikov AMN SSSR. (CORTISONE) (CHLOROMYCETIN) (STAPHYLOCOCCAL INFECTIONS) (SHIGEIJA) LYASHENKO, V. A. Cand Med Sci (diss) "Effect of cortisone and levomycetin on the course of experimental dysentery and staphylococci infection." Moscow, 1961- 15 PP; (Academy of Medical Sciences USSR); 250 copies; price not given; (KL, 5-61 sup, 204) LYASHENKO~ V.A.9 doktro kbimichevickh naukq prof.; BYKOVp Y.F.9 kand.tekh.naukt -RUDENP -V.A. ~. inzh. Sigma phase in M.202$2 steel. Metanoved. i tem. obr. met. no.2:22-24 Y 163., (KERIA 24:3) (Chromium~Ackel stee2-Metanography) (Phase mule and equilibrium) LY.ASHENKO., V.A. Effect of levomycetin on the.carboWdrate metabolism in endotoxin poisoning. Antibiotiki 6 no.2:135~-138 F 161. (MIRA 14:5) 1, Laboratoriya eksperimentallnogo izueheniya lechebnykh svoystv novykh antibiotikov (zav. prof. V.A.Shorin) Instituta po izyskaniyu novykh antibiotikov AMN SSSR. (DYSENTERY) (OMYCETIN) (GLYCOGEN) (TOXINS AND ANTITOXINS) LYASHENKO., V.A. Influence of cortisone on the therapeutic effect of levomy--etin at various stages of experimental infection in connection with hormonal influence on phagocytosis. Antibiotiki 6 no.6:504-507 Je 161. (MIRA 15:1) 1. Laboratoriya po izucheniyu lechebnykh svoystv novykh antibiotikov (viv. - Prof. V.A.6horin) Instituta po izyskaniyu novykh antibiotikov At-III SSSR-- (CORTISOIE) (CHLOW4YCETIN) (PIIAGOCYTOSIS) (DISENTEid) SHORIN, V.A.; ROSSOLIMO, O.K.; j~jqNXQ,__jok.; SHAPOVALOVA, S.P. Antibacterial and antineoplastic properties of the antibiotic 6613. --Autft"tW 6 no.11:979-983 N 161. (MIRA 15:3) 1. Institutpo izyskaniyu nMkh antibiotikov M1N SSSR. (ANTIBIOTICS) (-CYTOTOXIC DRUGS) SHOiaN, V.A.; LWHL-14KO, V.A. Results of a primary evaluation [of the effect] of new antit=.or antibiotics on various transplanted tumors in animals. Antibiotiki 7 fib.1:27-31 Ja 162. (14IRA 15:2) 1. Institut 0 izy8kaniYUL novykh antibiotikov AM SSSR. 4TIBIOTICS) (MOBS) -SHORIN, V. A.; LYASHENKO, V. A. "New research data on the therapeutic efficacy of the antibiotic olivo=icin." report submitted for Antibiotics Cong, Prague, 15-19 jun 64. Inst for Search of New Antibiotics, ANS USSR, Moscow. UASHRIKOP V.A. Effect of passage w't'i myellosan on Lhe sensit.-v.,'t7 T.s Gr 4 sarcoma 180 and NK/LY mouse lymphadenosis. Antlbiotikll 9 no.3.22,1,-21) Mr 164, (MIRA !T;12) 1. Laboratoriya eksperimentallnogo izucheniya I.echebnykh svoystv nolrykh antibiotikov (zav. - prof. V.A.Shorin) Instituta p;j izyakaniyu- novykh antibiotikov AMN SSSR, Moskva. - -------- --- -- ACCESSTON',N Rv_ ~ AP. 04~49'9 ENCLOSURSI OI___ : n a ;:-Fig, I. -The relationship between e FmV .~forw&rd and reverse attenuation and a d qagn tic at*two field intensity posi- r of tions a ferrAte Lsolator in a . f orta wav eguidi. A. Ab :,(b) d -3--mm - 6-.~ -4- mm, f9 Card 4/4 7 777.7, 77 77-- . LYASHEIIKO. V.A. kand. mod. nauk -~', -~J, Disorders of the growth of bones in a late period following an electric traimm. Vest. rent. i rad. 39 no.3s68-69 Yjy-je 164. (MIRA 18.-11) 1. Ortopedicheskoye otdeleniye (zav. - kand. med. nauk V.A.Lyashenko) I-y bollnitsy Yuzhnoy zheleznoy dorogi. in the I)OP'.11 tic, 'r nul, thrif- .,th two an urlf~e o) Ag 7r_,,tjtut po 47,ysk~iniyu rio~fyl~h 1-ill, t Ii LYASHENKO, V.A.; KOI,ESNFIIOVf--., L.F. Experimental of anticar-~!-'Inoger-'~! s-cb.,:-;.ancas _n, ~-; 1-.-17~tion of hemolysirm. Antibiotlkl I.C, S 18:9) 1. Institut po lzyskirLyu riolrjkh aritiblotl-kov, Mot!kw- LYASHENK01 V.A. Effect of cy'Lostatic sub-stance3 ('n the body. Vest.m-W SS-IR 2G nc.7~72-79 16,5o 1. MoskovsMiy i-nsLil,ut sy- 'rotak imenL S~': SR, A 36046 S/040/62/026/002/020/025 D299/D301. AUTHOR; Lyashenko, V. F. (roscow) TITLE: on the reducioility of the equations of motion of a gyrocompass and of two-gyroscope verticals PERIODICAL: Prikladnaya matematika i mekhanika# v. 26, no. 2, 1962, 369 - 372 ' TEXT: Some results of Y.N. Koshlyakov are generalized (Ref& 1: 0 privodimosti uravneniy dvizheniya girogorizontkorpasap PIM4, 1961# v. 25, no. 5). The transition to the simplified Geckeler equations is substantiated for ' an arbitrary motion of 1he support point of the Gyrocompass; the proof is based on N-P Yerugin's theorem (Ref. 2: Privodimyye sistemy. L.-1-10 Izd-vo,AS SSh, 1946), The equations of the perturbed motion of a gyrocompass in the absence of damping are /e~ dd du d" + t) - (2y = 0 0 0- .1" dl + ml Y, mgl~ - Q2B sin ea = o dl it dy 2B sin e* 6+,13=0. d (2B sin F'6) - nigIT + mluQcx = 0 di VE VV V = If(Itu cgs cp + &,,S)2 + vNi u sin v + -W- tg cp - a-, a* 1(u cos 9 Card 1/3. Si/0-40/0-2/026/002/U20/025 On the reducibility of the equations ... D299/D301 where B is the kinetic moment of the rotor; E 0 - an equilibrium po- sition of the trackinf.r angle; a - the arA61e of deviation of the Ey- roacope axis; Pt y and 6 - other angles related t-o the rotation of the gyrosphere; 1 - its metacentric height; R - the earth's radius; U - the angular velocity of the earth's rotation;~- - the latitude of the'ship's position: v and v E N - eastern and northern velocity- components of the support point. Assume the ship manoeuvers at the given latitude T. New variables are introduced: a = RU cos ? x sin T x (1.2) v lt P ~- X20 Y = x3l sin~_;O 4* With new variables, system (1.1) is written: -dr, V, dx. + U COS 9X1 - ()xj = 0 .71 - U Cos (P X, tg gae, 0. dt dX3 2D sin tPV2 1 ( dxj PI 1ctg (P(2xl0 (1-3) Wt- + PI X4 +2X2 Til'i"i X3 + 2BV2 By using the substitution formulas of Ref. 1 (Op.cit.) it is possi- Card 2/3 S/040/62/026/002/020/u25 On the reducibility of 1he equattiors ... D299/D301 ble to reduce system (1.5) to the Schuler-Geckeler equations. T-'-.e substitution of Fef. 1 (Op-cit.) is applicable to any type olo func- I for U tion Yet in Ref 1 (On-cit.) it is substantiated On-y r'C `,(t)-being a periodic f o' I ___ U e. The the PPI icular case of L~ un c U.I. -I o , i M author nroves (by means of Yerugin's theorem), th;.-.t -the transition to the ~chuier-ueckceier system can be effected ror any ---,(-u). There- by 2 complex-valued functions are introduced. After transformations, the Schuier-Geckeler system is obtained in the form 2 - = 0 P 3 - .;?71 = 0 2 4 + o.(3.6) 7 Tt 2 _d Tt + J'i dt 14 dt .3 The above considerations can be extended, without any modification, to the equations cf two-gyroscope verticals, given in the referen- ces. There are 4 Soviet-bloc references. ISUBYITTED: November 22, 1961 C "ard 3/3 KOSHLYAKOV 1~. 0 Jva ,, V-N. (14,36kva)j LYA:JMN' 0, II.Y. (14 s - ) On a oartain integral in the gyrocompass theory. Pr:Lk3,. mat. i makh. 27 no.1210-15 Ja-F 163. (MIRA 16:21) KOSHLYAKOVO V.N. (Moskva); LTASiENKO, T.F. (Mc)fjkva) Stability of gyrocompasses. Prikl. mat, i mekh. 27 no-5:885-W s-o 163. (MIRA 161lo) 4, AccEssioN NR: AP4015974 S/0040/63/027/005/0885/0887 AUTHORS: Kosh4akov, V. No (Moscow); Lyashenko,, V. F. (Moscow) TITLE: Gyrocompass stability SOURCEs Prikl. matem. i makhan., v. 27a no. 5s 1963o 885-887 TOPIC TAGS: gyrocompass, stability, two rotor gyrocompass,, motion equation, regenerating moment., gyroscope,, gyrosphere,, sufficient condition, equilibrium,, Gekkeler-Anshyuts spatial gyrocompass ABSTRACT; This is a development of the work of V. No Koshlyakov and V. F. Lyashenko (0b odnom integrale v teorii giroprizont1compasa. P101) 1963,9 to XXVIII, vy*p,, 1), The authors study., in a strict formulation (for the nonlinear case and without recourse to procession theory) the stability of motion of two-rotor as not having the properties of the spatial gyrocompass of Gbkkeler- gyrocompass Ansliyuts, They give the first integral of the equations of motion,, which is used to obtain sufficient conditions for stability of the unperturbed motion of the system. Orig.-arte bass 18 formulas. Card q LYASHENKO, V.F. (Moskva) Stability of the motion of a gyroscopic pendulum. Izv.P-N SSSR. Yekh. i mashinostr. no.4:3-6 Jl-Ag 163. (PIRA 17:4) LYASHENKO, V.F. (Mojkva) - -1 - ----- - - '.. . Sufficient conditions for equilibrium in tbeltheory of gyrocompasses. Prikl. mat. i mekh. 27 no.6:1106-1107 14-D 63. OMIRA 17SI) LYASHENKO, V.F. (Moskva) Integrating equations of the motion of a gyroscopic pendulum in finite angles. Izv. All S11SR. Mekh. i mashinostr. no. 2: 160-161 Mr-AP 164. (MIRA 17:5) LYASTIENKO,l V.F. (lArjskva) .... .. --.- -, Stability of moncgyroFcopic ~-ystem. iz.-v. All Ivelch. I mzsh-4nc3-,-r. no.5,.117-11.9 S-0 964 (m-itpA~ 18.-1.) 00 1 o;is it )l fillbA1001#10.11 Nis too -6 4 v a vo a 41 u #1 a *.g 00 Art 6 _t__1 p a I I .1 9 U. t_1 AA I 't _1 A 1~09 0 .40 : 0 00 a 00 AUXO" CmPmads of dyes. V. D. Lyusb&mkD, Run. 290A, May 3, 1932- -00 :0 Hbuffite doerivs. of the hydro"anthraquinonequinothw4. such olot 1.2-diloyodmiyarothora- .91 qukme-P- or -tor-qWroobar, 1.2-dibrolomozy-, 1.2.0-trihydroxy.. 1.2,5,7.M. anthnupdoone-ol-quirAdi, we papd. by bresting dwir &q. pasw with 600 HSO. at 7G-000. 8, =00 GoV* z 06 wa 00 z Igoe 0 see SOO no 0 tle 0 -ILA MITALLU*GKAL UTCRAT kollt CL 4110 ICATION CIO* "ILL, o- ~ 1-1 i, - -=1 - -_ - -.- - ., - - - - -,- . --_,__ - -, _ slow loit's) 1`0 WO 0 400 11, Q.. Coot NASW MINT ill its 4111sil'164111 to IF 4 T 1 7 1 -- U It AV 10 It 0 it x l- ; a, " 4"'l! A 4 1 a ad 0 4 1 1 w Sol 2 All 4 o9 of acc if 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 e 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 # 0 a 0 9 a Ole e 0 0 0 0 a * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 a 0 0 0 0 Ojo 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 gig 9 0 0 e 0 6 & 0 0 0 0 19 0 0 0 * 0 012 TA ' 0 0 0 0 omarlo. A -OW I I m it u is 64 it a I? a a a v A' a 11 9 w i-- A - v q A H l- I I L a IL-L k A %X 90 jLA- s . A f A-& o 4 r -00 a Aftslylds 0( Mbbw Calm. A. P. Mr,,b.Il,- 1). 1 1a' I .00 sheuko 40 1. V. Grachev. AjsihvvkrajvhAia T--d 14 1~94 .00 -Jn6-'r2(1934).-Tbe strwturaj formula. j lie l"llowirlic trwJc dyes were olitalneil by ansly4ij igt,l Vakamiasimse K&W Dfi (Bis Wq, frwxn tm-tstitylace4 11 scill so* of mind diazatind a-C,JfrNH,, Is Ra 4-twnumido-A-liv. .04 00 .3 droxv-6 -(I -saphthyleso) -2,7 - uApbtflaknelfilluffanstr; I'AtkilIMMAW Nod 6 D (Ba usil) fr,vu diazollited o-anisitime *09 and 2.4-dichlombeno)yl-11 " in alk. nmthum, k He 'W- 00 saivylazo.&.(2.4-dichkwolienzami,to) - 2.7 h I I ' disuUmate V ka (k G f C o x eirp cota, -~ 2-CI ; mm 4,4 .N. - aspi is (3-frC~N.NlIj,- go* 09 CO.CHN;NCJLCJ),. Vukax BlIste GGS, anWywd And 06 usted Wwt" trically. cormponds to Indminthern, ~ Blue 2 GO, 1 .12=311, 9chaitt ParLatoff talimikal and belaugm to the croap of hydruzybulanthm,4 of unknowu 00 strtwtlwv. Clm%, Blanc ' t *0 KII 1 , CLAMPICATIOW $0.5 A NITALUJOICKAL LITCRATION11 4 L- L - *~O u s AV 10 All r W Kr n itK W IIm 9 dM4 0 O 000 00 *1* 0 OF 09 0 0 0 0 1 6 0 41 0 0 0 Gi LIAWM ' A1, -f~ A -1 k-J Vitt 04- V. P. Lialtrilcolka filml 1. V, Grachev. Ru"- A909, (M.'31'.- =;- Vat d S ate PlIfIXI frix" , A% of 3 4 111 10- , , cy. 1-Mmarboxylic acid and arumatk #-dimines by mt. -*o 00 ins In an sq. mediusn under Premure. SOO 0 40 0016 roe a** 00 1j, !1 - 004, A SITALLURCKAL LIMATUAl CLASSIFIC TION j' 41j, 00-1h liflallo .4 f, v 1, a a a a n of 4 1* Is o 0 w o 0 o 0 91 jL j--j ~j- j INIA a ) I , UZI It JA4; 0 0 0 0 0 *1 0 0 9 0 IN a I OU .1 104 11 N R It loot 0 0 0 17 )a a ! 10 U b a A, a L a I a L --AL-M r -9 A -J-1 -- It.. -A, ~.1 4--m M Q lot. 4-I A 1191,9,49~01--- 00 0 3 '110111dow, md IN istmed" in dw Fria"JEWU 49 V. T. A. &* V. 9 , q ' M-T W!S k! 00 I c 1 v ) 11, 100 1 -6 IN 1). frU Whm AICI.: egg -nSpbuiroe. mw CICHXWI ftect in MCI at 00 they at of a mist. of ch6va"iyUmAotheneg. T-his (1). in, 164-4.5', its lwends 64maw.m. 106.6-M 1ho.tsuctureisrue Provcd by 0211146011 to the contWooding ackh. At 0* th i f k * s. e campt orm a cutwt mist. emis, 14% 1. Tile i 4 0 mmem tam an Unst" U101. ompd. which decouips. - 869 about 100. If. M. I.Cic"tff t =00 Coo A.! a L A OCULLUROKAL LITIVOURC CLASSWKAIJOII SL i it it it 4 m A 0 0 0 g coo izoo ( tq* * rJeo r I'll boo ia An L 1 4 fW 4- 4--i 11 .0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 q 0 9 LYAShMZ6,, V.' D~.' Structure of -ilihydroindanthrene and of its disuffate. F vq-sllpllk and N. A. Kiniier Mcifingrrid M77--rcrt uiT(Ti)-11) rhe hill, structure nf i11&I11thw1lk- is 01:1r,leter- iv~,j fly tit'! Prewilize of a result-tilt sv.1"m 1014:11 (call"CL" by 11 bomL;, lite pyrizine ritig kvith it[(- IkNo citriltvilvI, ,f both atithrilquiviorie residues. For dii~ ivii,ou iii vlww. properties, which nre functiotwily disp, mf,~li( mt flw p4l.t- zille and antimaquinolle nuciti, :Ill, Coorl. l4d awl MAY 11 remiled rinly mider railm drxtiv imi-Joilm - In illt, reductina nf tile Colill)(1. tile addli. of 2 If Wzyk sviiieli are in different antimitlitiimm. ilik accomit- for lite undisturll-d itate of J tit(- ; tunre eilergdic hydrogeflatimi ~o forlwitio'l 1-f lli~- (prepd.ronmttinitally bv tul,wiion ofimlkntjtt~ tt, b ,v hydrosuffite in alk. solit.) %V114 1)1)tll, by ilk idi(R-Al itl:t -lith 20% ff?sfit ;md dried by heatbig willi JlhCI iq the dry prtwitiet was sulfated ill pyridine (Cwtimot p.aviii. 424,981) and the distillate %vas PlArl. from ill. )jy addification and purifiell througli tile was oxidized fit alk. solti. according to Get. p-it. 470,.W1 aftcr removal of the exccs3 oxidiziiig -ogctit, the olti. of i the tetrasulfate was acidified, yielding a trd-violet ppt. of Whydrnindanthrenedivilfrte; if, linwevcr, tliv ~tjlii~ i~ itut addirled but coned. and treated witti KCI ((krisan patent -57;,199) tficre arc o6t;iincatl Y'Alow Cry"I'As of felm- K whicli i~ reall it y Colivericil ill to tile :Ito ve dist! I fate fly d it. 1613. 'rite icti-jmiltale k%:is akn nht tincif by adding- 25 g. Fe filiug~ atilt 22 g. di.ilitliciritiiiiaticitzine to 20 g. SO, fit 2N) g.dry pyriditic! ift a N :,titi., Imating 1-2 fits. to 75" foll owell ;,ltd cmlei~. it-, ,,loto after filtration. K tctrasulfittv (20 g~~ it, Iiiii -r. witcr ww; tri-alot with 80 g. 20~,(, K011 md iA c~ 15 mill, al IW, tfirn with 40 g. KCI, mvi if, r,% vi0,1iijg :I lzrtvii ppt. fonstable it) ~iir) whidi - .jq, J:-~'-?,! ["I'. ;1nd it - %vith bil. 'Lirk 1'rl,wil ~Jlvt. I% hich ch-Itigrd to 11 Ivillt As- i b:mitil fogrtcn, fliumi to refi,with Ird,%i,,;, L 1;111. A G. M. -A #3 -gig 0 094 OV camu. wamaum V atidth for ewh (A do a Is radico volstll~ 10-11. ISMAW.Dovsh COOOD46 U - Tfwb, fet" W the offee of t t m atows ytgl=C rd i I em, rwA 4a N b A% 11 S OiCAL UTIMATOU CAA%VfjCAT" t ~U 19 AV Q- al; K ow It A !0 0 f4!' Lp~lp Lp Lot -0 0-- - 0 -0 T!o 0- sm6w. V. D. 0 A- 6=lube- w"ItwW1 Adim Tw 1011OWN tw 1 mix". IAWO an out" of Ab HCL Mmdiw-me Is3nd-aidummflam. A %m to". Opbw the log th" pvs is lift 5, an of dw I=km the e.s 1~ for anAeffie -6 at I * avA the dTm~. .m as, P."Wim. 0.11,430 X 10-9; 0- Nine, 007.3-82 X 10-0; *Aabtidhw. 0.02 7.3 X CmAdpMfult* UdwUleftr r goo Goo goo CV 1 goo Soo to boo boo fee- -s to Oda HVIN8124a Xw 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 *V 0 q'0 0 o Lm 0-0 0 0 0 * * 0 * 0 o 0 q SEMBROV, L.F.; BOL'SITAKOVA, G.A.; LUSHENKO, V.D. Synthesis of new amino and mercapto compounds and their ex- perimental testing in radiation sickness. Vop.radiobiol. 2: 389-393 '57. (MIRA 12:6) 1. Sotrudnik TSentral'nogo nauchno-iseledovatellskogo rentgono- radiblogicheakogo instituta Miniaterstva, zdravookhraneniva SSSR- (RADIATION SICMSS) (UREA) (19TH&NETHIOL) .5.36oo 77372 AUTHORS: Karpinskly, V. S., Lyashek-o, V. D. TITLE: Investigation of Bromination with Dioxane Dibromide. I. Kinetics and Mechanism of Bromination With Dioxane Dibromide PERIODICAL: Zhurnal obshchey khJinli, 1960, Vol 30, Nr 1, PP 154- 159 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The stoichiometric equation of bromination of phenyl ethers with dioxane dibromide (DDB) Is given below: Ito BF2 110 0 0 11"c/ \C112 If \CII, + 11,CI\J11, + If \o/ Card 1/3 Investigation of Bromination with Dioxane Dibromide. I. Kinetics and Mechanism of Bromination With Dioxane Dibromide 77372 SOV//~T9-_3~0-1-33/78 The above bromination is a third-order reaction, and the rate of reaction is proportional to the square of the concentration of DDB and to the concentration of ether. According to modern coticet)u~., the actLv'Lty of -much halogenating agents depend3 on the degree of polariza- titn of bonds Br-X. It-, is known that in DDB the bromine boiid is inore polarized than In the bromine molecule. Therefore, the bromination activity of DDB is higher than that of the bromine molecule. Bromination of phenyl ethers with DDB is an clectrojAiLlic The thermolecular mechan1f3m 6f the veacLion is aupavetlt'iy determined by an insufficient donor activity of the Ir-carbon. Increasing of latter by the protonating influence of the other molecule of DDB makes the reac- tion go through an Intermediate complex (I). This is In agreement with the reaction rate in the presence or dioxane hydrobromide; a large exces3 of the latter riiakes the 1cinetics of the reaction second order because of Card 2/3 the formation an intermediate complex (Ii~. Investigation of Bromination *with Dioxane Dibromide. 1. Kinetic3 and Mechanism of Brominat-11-on W-1th Dioxan--, Dibromide Br- 0 0 R 0 H'C0 cill H,C(0jul, ASSOCIATION: SUBMITTED: Card 3/3 770,72 -0V/7 0, - 30 - 1 -3D "D" /7 P, cli, of, RO If. 'u 8r ... B~ IV( C 14,c C"z There are 2 figures; 8 tables; and 11 references, 8 Soviet, 2 U.S., 1. Danish. The U.S. references are: G. M. Kosolapoff, J. Am. Chem. Soc. ' 75, 3590 (1953); r C. Price, C. Weaker, lbid., 61, 33"o (1939). Leningrad Chemical-Pharmaceutical Instit-,.tte (Leninrrrad- skiy khimilco-far~iTiatsevt'Lchesiciy institut) December 30, 1958 ZAYTS, K.A.; LYASHRIMO, V.D. Reactions of benzeneoulfonyl chloride with alcohols. Zhur. ob. khim. 30 no-11:3750-3755 IV60- (KIRA 13-11) 1. Leningradakiy khimiko-farmatsovtichookiy inetitut. (Benzenesulfonyl chloride) BATTRIERI L.M.;_LYASH~102._Y.D.~; VOVSI, B.A.; VITRIBERG, A.G. Thermokcinetics of the catalytic decomposition of o-methoxyphenyl diazonium sulfate. Trudy Len. khim-farm. inst. no.14:113-122, 162 (MUIA 17:12) ZAYTS, K.A.; LYASHENKO, V.D. Reactions of benzenesulfonyl chloride with alcohols and phenols. Zhur.ob.khim. 32 no,,11:383,3-3838 N 162. (MIRA 15:11) (Benzenesulfonyl chloride) (AI.-oholLtl- (Phenols) KARPIRSM, V. S.; LYA.3 MKOP V. D. - ---- Brcuination by dicmane dibromide. Part 2: Kinetics and mechanism of phenol bromination. Zhar. ob. khim. 32 no.12.1 39�7-4004 D 162. (MMA 16: 1) 1. 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(DIPTOSPIROSIS, epidemiologyg natural foci in Russia, (Ibis)) L 1461-66 EWT(d)/FSS-2/EEG(k)-2/EED-2/&iA(c) Do .ACCESSION NR: AP5021716 UR/0373/65/000/004/0121/0123 AUTHORi Lyashenkot V. F. (Moscow) ----------------- - - TITLE: Stability..of polygyroscopiO syst(IMB ~SOURCE: AN SSSR. Izveatiya. Mekhanika, no. 4P 1905, 121-123 55 TOPIC TAGSt '6yroscopeNtability criterlong gyroscopo system, eyroscope stability :ABSTRACT: The stability of the Lyapunov motion of a heavy solid body, with a single fixed point, moving.on the enrface of the terrestrial sphere is considered. Inside: the body a net of gyroscopes is placed with variable kinetic moments relative to the body. These kinetic moments of the gyroscope If., Hyt H. are assumed to satisfy the equalities de's 11, (XVr. 123) dlfx = i _d I P -48-- -2 Vt (p9r, XVZ, Mi, The ener6y integral of the system is written from which is determined a act of five .stability criteria corresponding to the unperturbed motion of the body. Two special cases are considered; 1) where I1x - H y - Op and2) %-HZ-O~. For 170 (AF ia Ahe distance from the point of support to the center of gTavi-kr) and n2 - MR a (R is Card 1/2 UP-SHEINNO, V.F. (,'.Iorkva) Stability of polygyroscopic systems. Iz,,r. All no.4:121-123 Ji-AL, 165. (VIPA 18: r-)