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A 7 Y, 5V901dY Y f-, ri~~ v MAIEYET Ye.F. y c' vc,cL-n,- Principles 3f the geoloi~ical miap,, ing Truiy Lab. pa-lec-rull,-. Kazakh. gos. un. no.Z.:225-2,32 'C-1. (MIRA 171:11) 1. Institut vulkanologii Sibirskogo c".deleniya AN SSSR. HALEYEV, Ye, F. Genetic types of pillow (globular) lavas. Dokl. AN SSSR 159 no.3:556-559 N 164 (MIRA 18:1) 1. Institut vulkanologii Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR. Pred- stavleno akademikom N.M. Strakhovym. GTNTZBURG, I.V.; MALE M!, , Ye.F.; SIDORITTKO, G.A.; TELESHOVA, R.L. New find of pigeonite ir the U.S.S.R. Dokl. 1147 SSSR 159 no.6: 1301-1304 D 164 OMIRA 18:1) 1. Mineralogicheskiy muzey im. A. Ye. Fersmana AN SSSR i Institut vuLkanologii Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR. Predstavleno akade- mikom V.S. Sobolevym. MALEYEV, Ye.F. Volcano-plutonic and ore formations in Transcarpathia. Izv. An SSSR. Ser. geol. 30 no. 10:89-101 0 165. (MIRA 18:12) 1. Inatitut vuLlcanologii Sibirskogo otdoleniya AN SSSR. Petro- pavlcvsk-Kamchatskiy. Submitted August 3,, 1964. ,ilUTHOR: Mal ~Yev, Ye. N. 51-4 -1--25/2C TITIZ,,: An incandescent laap with a LI,.ica Window for Use 'in the Infrared Spectral ReL,-ion. (Ijampa nalmlivaniya sc slyudyanym oknom. dlya infrakrasnoy oblasti spekLra.) PERIODICAL: Optika i Spektroskopiya, 1958, Vol.IV, Nr.1, pp. 121-122. (USDSR)~ ABSTRACT: An incandescent lamp with a tungsten spiral cannot be used conveniently in t-he infrared region because of absorption of i.r. lon-er than 3 p by the glass of the lamp bulb The present author describes an incandescent lamp with a window of muscovite mica which possesses considerable transmission up to 8 ~L. This lamp is of vacuum type with a 20 mm. diameter window at the side or the top of the glass bulb (see Fig. on p.122). The bulb was prepared from glass whose coefficient of thermal Card 113 expansion is close to that of mica. The incandescent 51-4 -1-25/2` An Incandescent Lamp with a blica Window for Use in. the Infrared Spectral Region. element was a tungsten spiral or a thin piece of tungsten or tantalum sheet bent i-nto the form of V. The mica window was fixed to glass using flux nr.6. This flux is dissolved in distilled water and applied to the polished flange of the glass bulb. When this layer was partly dried a mica plate 30 [1 thick was placed on the flange. The surface of the mica plate was covered by another layer of flux and then the whole bulb vras placed in a muffle furnace and heated to 6000C. The bulb was cooled slowly and degassed in vacuum at 350-400 0C. Iamps prepared in this way had a lifetime of several hundred hours. They worked normally at temperatures down to - 60 0C and were not affected by vibrations of 50 c/s frequency of 10 g Card 213 amplitude. There is 1 figure. 31- 4. -!-'3 ;3 / 2 E An Incandescent lamp .,,rith a Mica Window for Use in the Inf rared Spectral Region. ASSOCIATION: State Institute of Optics imeni S.I. Vavilov. (Gos. opticheskiy institut im. S.I. Vavilova.) SUBMITTED: June 24, 1957.~ AVAIIABLE: Library of Gonb_-ress, 1. Lamps-Characteristics 2. Lamps-Infrared spectra- Applications Card 3/3 MAIO-EV, Ye. M. Incandescent lamp with a mica window for the Infrared region of the spectrum. Opt. I spektr. 8 no.2:277-278 P 16o. (MIRA 13:10) (Electric lamps, Incandescent) (Spectrum, Infrared) 111A e IVE V,/ ~fj. v oil ljv still *a' A SLTW, N.; GRACHEY, V.; MAUMA, A.; HMMUNSKIY, G.; NCVOZHILOV. V.; UARAGIN, A.; URVICHEV, P. Over-all mechanization and electrification of the production. VOP. ekon. no-3:100-110 Mr 16o. (MIRA 13:2) (Khomuto-vidL District--Farm mechanization) (Rural electrification) liv- I- ye - -, Ya. F., SORCKOLPAW, A. S. , and MUE711,11A, A. Yet "New Ty-oe of Isomeric Transformations in the Series of Ethers of All-'Fl Arsenic Acid," Dok. All, 56, No. 1, 1947 MALEYEVA, A.Z., mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; NEVOLINA, L.V., miadshiy --~--nauehnyy sotrudnik Technical and economic indices of the manttfacture of women's hosiery from warp-knit cloth. Tekst. prom. 24 no.2:15-17 F 164. (141':1 17: 3) 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskly institUt trikotazlmoy promyshlennosti (-VIIIITP). MALMVA, O.M.. inzhener. 275 Hw turbine for the Eddystone Electric Power Plant. Xnergo- mashinostroenia no.2:29-30 F 156. KRAL 9:6) (PUladelphia--Electric power plants)(United States--Steam tur- bines) PAUTEVA. 0.M., inshener. , Brealdown of turbogenerator rotors in the United States in 1954. Energomashinostroonle no-11:30-31 N 156. (MLHA 9:12) (United States--Electric generators) '~ , - 1~ I, I 7 1-- f_ 34o AUTHOR: Maleeva, O.E., Engineer. T ITLE Rapid startinFL-up of steam turbines. (Bystryy pusk parov-jkb turbin.) PEIRIODICAL: "Enemomashinostroenie 11, (Power Machinery Construction), 1957, No. 4, pp. 29 - 32, (U.S.S.R.) ABSTRACT: Non-Russian pract-*Lce in this field is summarised on the basis of Dublished literature. The author deals with American, British, French, Swiss and Swedish equipment. 1 reference. 4 drawings. AIZKSANDROV F.A.; VlKffLV, 9~% 'MALEYEVA O.F, 0 Rev-iew and bitiliog-,aphy, I no_-` 2)8L=,2F7 '.~>r. (.ml?,~ 1. Obsticheat-v.) K,,rcrc, (for Alak3androv). P. im-,tl tt" Ali S_SSR, '_~~w:7_z_rad (for Ma i -4 -;-e va.)~ MALEYEVA, P. 1. Agriculture For thirty centners of beet seeds to the hectare. Voronezh, Voronezhskoe ablastnoe knigoiad-vo, 1951. Monthly List of 'tussian Accessions, Library of Congress, November - 1952. UNCLA63IFIED. I ~' - 11 ~- I BERKIM.H.; WWWA.R. Increasing the effectiveness of approaching grabs. Korflot 15 no.6:4-6 Je '55. (KTRA 8:8) (Cranes, dwricks, etc.) WaYlVA, R., inzhoner. , Deficiencies in the existing system of norms and of stocktaking in bulk cargo unloading operations. Kor.flot 15 no.12:5-7 D '55. (HLRA 9:3) 1. TSentvallnyy nauchno-italedovatellskiy Institut morskogo flota. (Loading and unloading) (Stow&,ge) 1. FRAYK-MMN-PTSKIY. V.L., MALL,"IPP/ A. T. P, 2. USSR (600) 4. Hydrocarbons - Transcarpathia 7. Gurtisite from Transcar-pathip.. DokI.AN SSS'R No. 1 1953. 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, A-)ril -1953, Uncl. 16d. A K. plkov 'IT)d E. C' E11: M " 01. 4 T-M77".'I TIT-, '4 . rid, , v q 1953). S,4 n. 1,,, 213 11..'5 1,, in 11 a1c. IKOIL wa, vvmid. .,t 2.7,~ tit-, r~ --., tmn fi,4ng f,,[! ... -d bi, )-25- . dctn_ of O-Er" "Ivi. "f the U'v ti'm Iluxt., IIII'ler ld'-Ilfi'al con'lition, N(c ~ i kl~Lok' ; " '1'. '- .1-- ip'md. ' 1"r1riv, ,-nlti given in terin, "f With A. KOH. Tfie . chanp~ A intlivai, Hutt M, O.-lat, q-nin- morc rapidly thatt tit(- (Al.'Atc. of 1he -!vr.' Pt-BaSO, in EtOll how,41 tMt Ow nite oI of tit(! elaidate ti sma U( r t ha it I I~t ,f t fit jlc.i I, hv a I 1 .14 factor; thu frA acili., A-w 4 imfl:a ratio ( I : Ll.')i ( hida- (ion fly arl. KIvlttOl frif!'n-ri - :. Im tim""rically ;11 ... %, 'It-ar both claidic at;,) and it% Me -~t,r oxidizt- signifi-ni1v ,lowly thm tit,- ~'Cid and it, NIC -,t,-r The remili , ,rmfirm th, ~ v ~rru, to- of ol,i, :m,1 bras; nrrijc- tu". "i 'vi'k. (" M. -'v w COVE at" 19 gumtIo= prop Ond:: ZA Ub h KIZ ir ur s f - -Es 48 fik kk~ d& . t. G a te!f o ; ' -Maze thn tb& contspondlur, atem jot eAWfa jdd at th4'okjt4tj Aid -in6ji jipWjk.,hyd"- steditmichildhid : jTh K "Po w; *01custloni ovir -Pt-BaSO~ Id Rtoll, aad tht daticat im jLq. KjfjoQ eactioli~ afid tfi, ~r 4 waifilovied by ~ - , , . 1; -ClIj age, conal..:' ts. etesul are IrSr iai eate dAgol 5mkL nr~ -thrit. reF -twit Pr' . 0 ca I te# bii 220~-20 V dg-O -S4nlWlY wigre ob ed W99. ftf6; b'~7 S&Prol A;j d~. U679 nLL ideat& . , n - k- I *tth':&-j 0e,presetice of ojjr phC ff OK In h d d e n - t e e , , s t Mh xxvin: benz I oteatc, USSO' a brs v oA Ivitcam t d Pit 7'" AUTHOR: Ualeyeva, Ye. G. SOV/' 15&50-3-25/52 TITLE: The Determination of Ethyl Bror-iile by Electric Reduction (0predeleniyo bromistoc-o ctila putem elektrovosstanovleniya) PERIODICAL: Nauchnyye doklady vysshey shkoly, Khimiya i khimicheskaya tekhnologiya, 1958, Nr. 3, pp. 505 - 5o6 (usn) ABSTRACT: A method for the quantitative determination of ethyl bromide by means of electroreduction was devised. The electroreduction was carried out in a specially constructed apparatus with a volume of 30 ml; platinum or nickel electrodes were used. The bromine formed in the electrolysis is determined argenometrically by using an adsorption indicator. The optimum conditions for the electroreduction of ethyl bromide are at a temperature of 370C, an amperage of 400 mA, with ethanol containing 1T,~ alkali as solvent. The duration of the analysis is 20 minutes. There are 1 figure, 1 table, and 4 references, ahich are Soviet. Card 1/2 Th-e Det6rmination of Ethyl Bro,7icle bl! Electric Sov/1 156-58-3-2V52 Reduction ASSOCIATIOTT: Kafedre inaliticheskoy khi-,nii Odessko-o instituta mukomollnoy pro,nyshlennosti (Cliair of Analytical Chemistry at the Odessa Institute of Flour Industry) SUBMITTED: December 2, 1957 Card 2/2 MALBYEV. Glass sample cal.1 with sapphire windows. noola147-148 JI 162. instnMuts) Opt.i spektr. 13 (MA 15:7) (Optical MAIZV.V, U.N.; YERMAKOV, D.S. Single-beam two-frequency pyrometer for measuring flame temperatures. Opt. i spektr. 13 no-4:598-401 0 162. (MIRA 16:3) (Pyromaters) jI .44 MODIKOV, L.Ye.; 14ALLYWA, Z.H. Characteristics of a clover hybrid from the Stalin Collective Farm, Gatchina Dietrict, Leningrad Province. Yest.Len.un.11 no.3:47-53 F ,56. (Clover--Varieties) (MLlu 9: 7) MLYMEVA, Z. P. : Master Biol Sci (diss) -- "rhe f ormation cf th,,~ P-anerative organs and the seed productivity of lucerm ,rith various times and methods of sa-ring". Lenipgrad, 1959. 24 pp (All-Union Order of Lenin Acad AFwic Pal im V. T. Lorrin, All-Union qcl Res Inst of PlBnt rlrcrrinfg), 190 copies (NL, No 17, 1959, 107) SINSKAYA, To.N. -, MAINNA, Z.P. Polyploldy in perennial alfalfa species. Bot.zhur. 44 n0-8:1103-1113 Ag '59. (KM 13:2) 1. VnaooyuzM7 Institut rastonlyevodetva, LontWud. (Alfalfa) (Polyploidy) K4L,MER I - Z. 1. t' NMHAMA, 7. D. Diagnosis Cancerous extinguisher as a diagnostic method., Novosti med., No. 21, 1951. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April -1959. Unclassified. 2 1 PAMIN. A.N.; KALEMA, Z.V. Formation of nicotinic acid from tryptophan in the liver of normal and tumorous animals [with summary in Inglish]. Uk:r.biokh1m.zhur* 30 no.6:831-839 '58- (KIRA 11*12) 1. Biokhimichookaya laboratoriya Instituta onkologii AMN SSSR, Leningrad. (NICOTINIC ACID) (TRYPTOPIAN) (TUMORS) 1. MEMO, A~ TUSIMISKIY, G. K. 2. USSR (600) 4. Geology and Geography 7. Travels in the 14ountains,, A. A. Maleynov, and G. K. Tushinskiy. (Moscow, Geography Press, 1950) Reviev-ed by N. A. Gvozdetsk:Ly, Sov. Kniga, No. 9, 1951. 9. W Report W-3081, 16 Jan. 1953. Unclassified. we Aleksay Alaksandrovichi zasluchannyy master sporta; IURASSN, L.T., spats redaktor- ISOVA, I.S., redaktor; KIRSMVA, H.A., tekhni- chasT~y redakt;r. [Safety measures In m6untain climbing) Mary bazopasnesti v allpintzme. Koskva. lzd-vo VTsSP5 Prefizdat, 1955. 111 P. (HraA 9:6) (Mountaineering--Accidants) f) - 'Z---MALEnLQ-VLL -A~~zasluzhenrqy master sporta, SSSB, IN SkLing on a rainbow. Tekh.mol. 29 no.2:18 16J.. (?JRA 14:3) (Skis and skiing) (snow) 2C / ~ D 2 0001006110112-"2 S 1 qX6 D288 308 AUTHORS: Alatyrtsev., G.A., and Maleyskiy, Yu-N. TITLE: Commutation of thermo-elements based on Pb-Te and Bi2Te 3 - Sb2Te 3 PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Avtomatika i radioelektronika, no. 6, 1962, abstract 6-4-41 i (V --b. TeploenerGetika, no- 3, M., AN SSSRO 1961, 61-67) TEXT: Semiconductor alloys were prepared by alloying components izj evacuated quartz ampoules at 700 - 10000C. Max value of a2cfor Bi2Te 3 - Sb2Te 3is in the region of 70 % Sb 2Te 3- To improve junc- tion properties crystalline iodine was added: presence of 0.1 % I, k results in a2(y = 40-10-6 -,Vdeg.cm2. max. value of Z for an increase .e~,T is Zmax ~ 2.5-10-3 1/deg. For PbTe and increasing AT, Z max = 2.1-1o-3 1/deg. Materials used for commutation: constantan, 'pla- tinum, nickel wires and NiBi alloy. Specimens for measuring the con- tact potential between metal and semiconductor were prepared by com- Card 1/3 5/1 - 4 * - 21000 '006 "16 1 '2 3 2 Commutation of thermo-elements ... D288 D308 pressing powders of corresponding alloys. At the same time 2 twis- ted wires of 0.2 mm dia.-were inserted into the specimen. One wire end introduces current, the other serves as a potential probe. Spe- cimens for the measurement of junction resistances between semi- conductor and commutation alloy were prepared in a pressing mould, the thickness of the commutation alloy being 2 mm. Measurements were performed with a.c. by the potentiometer method 11 2 -U1/1 contact resistance. Junction resistance commutation alloy-sem-4con- ductor and semiconductor-semiconductor was measured by the compen- sation method with a.c. current. One potential probe was fixed at the edge of the specimen; the other was moved by means of a micro- meter along the specimen across the contact edges. Various types of commutation were investigated: by metallic connection, wire, press- ing, pressing-on of the alloy, with or without changing the cross- section of the PbTe electrode from rectangula~r to ellipsoid in or- der to increase the mechanical strength of PbTe. A cylin~lricai thermo-element with concentrically arranged electrodes was prepa- red in order to decrease thermal stresses and transversal temnera- ture gradient in PbTe. Measurements of contact resistances have Card 2/3 Commutation of thermo-elements ... shown that: 1. The lowest resistance oi with a contact of Ni, tinned with an alloy The contact is destroyed at 300 - 3500C junctions only. 2. The PbTe alloy has loor which cannot be improved by cnanges in treatment or choice of electrode shape. - Sb2Te3 premising tance of at 3000C. contact is thermally unstable. 0/194-'62/0'0/" 00611.01112-32 D2887D308 2-10- 5 ohm-cm 2' is obtained of 10 ~/, Sb and 90 % Sn. and can be used for cold mechanical strength, pressing procedure, thermal 3. A direct PoTe and Bi Te- 2 3 4. Commutation achieved by BiNo + Ni powder onto the eiectrodes had a junction resis- under 10-7'ohm.CM2, which remained stable for 100 hours 3 references. [Abstracter's note: Complete translation.] Card 3/3 MALEZ, M. The cave called Medvedica in the vicinity of Cgulin. p. 71. (Geoloski Vjesnik) Vol. 10, 1956. Zagrab, Yugoslovia SO: MONTHLY INVEX OF EAST EUROFEAN ACCESSIONS (REAI) LC, VOL- 7, NO. 1, JAN. lg,)P MALEZ, Mirko Speleological i"vestigatiors of the Karst in 1956. Ljetopis JAZU 63:340-354 '56 (publ. 159). IIAO Z' M. Caves, holes, and underground waters in the Bitelic Karst plateau, p, 101. GEOLOSKI VJESNIIK. (Zavod za geoloska istrazivanja Hrvatske i Hrvatsko geolosko drustvo) &-,greb, Yugoslavia. Vol. 11, 1957 (published 1958) 0 Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 8, no. 8, Aug. 1c59 Uncl. MADEZ, Mirko - - - Speleologicla investigations in Croatia. Ljetopis JAZU 64:239- 307 157 (publ.,60. -MALEZ. Hirko Contribution to the knowledge of cave bears in Cicarija, Istria. Geol vJes, Rrv 12:95-113 158 (published 159) (EBAI 9:6) 1. Geolosko-paleontolosks, zbirka i laboratorij za krs, Jugoolavenska akademija, Zagreb. (Istria~- Bears) MALEZ, Hirko Ottokar Kadic; an obituary. Gaol vjes Hrv 12:280-281 158 (published '59) (EEAI 9:6) (Kadic, Ottokar) (Geologists, Rongarlan) _Z__Mlrko '_MjtE On the rhinoceros from the Pliocene sediments at Klanjec, Hrvatako Zagorje; with 1 illustration, I table, and 1 plate. Geol vjes Hrv 13:175-184 159. (published 6o). (EBAI 10:4) 1. Gooloako-paleontoloska zbIrka i laboratorij za kra JAZU, Zagreb, Demetrova 18. (Croatia--Rhinoceros) MALEZ, M. First fossil mamals in the Tertiary strata of Nedjumurje. Bul sc Jug 5 no.2:40-41 Mr 160. (Ew 9:8) 1. Geologisch-Palaontol~-gische Sammlung und Laboratorium fur Karst, Akadenle, Zagreb. (Croatia-Mamals) cl-~ ~-m ~ First find of the southern elephant Archidiskodon meridionalis Resti in Yugoslavia. Bul se Jug 5 no-3:6-c-67 Jl 6o. (EM 10:5) 1. Geologisch-palaontologische Sammulung urA Laboratorium fur Karstq Akademie, Zagreb. (Elephants) (Yugoslavia--Archidiskodon meridionalis) Mazy He --------------- Diocmmry of the first -paleolithic sites in DajwtJA. In Garmn. Bul so Ag 5 no.4:3.02-104 160. (EM 10:7) 1. Geologisah-paUontologische Sammilung und garstlaboratorium, Akmdenie, Zagreb. (Dalmatia-Paleontology) (Stone Age) MALEZ,Mirko (Zagreb) Find of two Pleistocene mammals near Zagreb and a review of finding places in the vicinity. Geol vjes Hrv 14:63-a8 160 (publ 161). 1. Geolcoko-paleantoloaka zbirka i laboratorij za kra Jugoslaven- ske akademije znanosti i umJetnosti, Zagreb, Demetrova 18. --MALEZ,-~irko--(UFTeb) The cave hyena from 'I'l-dija, near Voca, Croatia. Geol vjes fimr 14:221-242 6o (publ.161). 1. Geolosko-palcontoloska zbirka i laboratorij za krs Jugoslavenske nkademije zranosti i umjetnosti, Zagreb, Demetrova IS/II. MALEZ ._.Mirko--(Zagreb) Megaceros giganteus (Blumenbach) from the deposit of Sava River near Sisak. Geol vjas firv 14:345-354 160 (publ.161). 1. Geoloako-paleontoloaka zbirka I laboratorij za krs Jugoslavenske akademije znanosti i umietnosti, Zagreb, Demetrova 18/11. HALEZ' M. UPper-Pleistocene cave fauna in the Pisana Stina Ca7e, Opor Mountain, Dalmatia. Bal se Jug 6 no.1:2-4 Mr 161. (MAI lo: 9/10) 1. Geologioch-palaontologisches Sammlung und Laboratorium fur Karst, Akademie, Zagreb. (FalsontoloMr) (Fauna) CRNOLATAC, I.;--_MALnM- A new finding place of Pleistocene fauna in South Istria. Bul sc Youg Je 161. 1. Creolooko-paleantolo8ki muzej, Goolosko-palsontoloaka zbirka i laboratorij za kre Zagreb. 2. Redacteur d1extraits, "Bulletin scien- tifique"(for (Yugoelavia-Faleobotany-Plaiatocene) MALEZ, M.; GOOLATAC, I. Stratigraphic and paleontologic relations of the deposit of fauna in Hipparion near Kefraya in the valley of Bekaa, Lebanon. Bul se Youg 6 no.4:97-98 D 161. 1. Gooloako-palsontoloaka zbirka I laboratorij za kra Jugoslavenske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti i Geolosko-paleontoloski muzej,Zagreb, 2. Redacteur d1extraits, "Bulletin scientifique" (for Malez). KVZZ -- Some now results of the paleontologic research in the Veternica Cave. Bul so Youg 7 no. 1/2:22 F-Ap 162. 1. Geolooki laboratorij JAZU, Zagreb. Rddacteur dlextraits, "Bulletin scientique.2 OThe cave surveying with gradmeter ("Klisimeter")* by (Geografski institut i'lloz. fak., Sarajevo] R. Gasparovic. Reviewed by 14. Malez*- Bul Be Youg 7 no-1/2:35 i~-Ag 162. 1. Rddacteur dlextraits, "Bulletin scientifique." t~,,e,x,e -r7,, ~Y 1W.1,k7,qz-CL MALEZ, M. Gulo gulo L. fi-om the Upper Pleistocene of Dalmatia. Bal sc Youg 7 no.3:57-58 Je 162. 1. Geolasko-paleantoloaka abirka i Laboratorij za kra, Jugoolavenska akademIja, Zagreb, Mdacteur dlextraits, "Bulletin scientifique." mAla I M. I--------- The first Guon d1pinua europaeus found in the Upper Plaiat.~Dcena of the Balkan PeUnsula. Bul so Youg 7 no.4/5-.9?-98 Ag~O 162. 1. Geoloska-paleontolosk-a zbirka i laboratorij za krs, Jug. I.- * akademij, Zagreb. ~i~ MATE ) M. Romnaldo Gave, a new Bigni-ficant, Pleistocene site in Istria. Bul se Yaug 7 no.6.159-160 D -762. .L. Geolooko-paleontoloska zbirka i laboratorija za kro Jugoslavenske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti., Zagreb. N RUIZZp M. - - - First finding of Panthers. spelasa (Gold-f.) in the Fleisto~ena of Bosnia and Hercegovina. Rul sc Youg 9 no.1/2s2-3 F--Ap 164 1. Geologic and Paleontological Uollection and Laboratory for X., , -Lrot, Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Art8, ZagruL,. Min) M.; SLISKOVIG, T. I j ~ ~O -~ - ~ ~' ~ ~ ,1 - " V'-' - ~ I. Newly discovered habitata of Tertiary vertebrates 4 Boan-ia sn d Hercegovina. Bul so Youg 9 no.i/2s3-4 F--Ap 161+. 1. Geologic and Paleontological, Collaction and Laboratory for Karst, Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb (for Malez). 2. Regional Museum of Bosnia and Hercegovina (for Sliskovic). MALF-7. W.rko I I ., peleo I ou'leal ob.jects CT E;G,!.hwen!.frn i~m. Acta geol . ffjU 3t107-241 161. 1. Geologin and Pi~lecntologl~!sl Collect'nn anri 'al-oratcry for Karst of the Yu~-,-Irllav Ac~Ldem,r cr Sc~en-es an~i ArtLi, .71W,-2b. MALE Z, M. 3amdaija near jn3la, a new and Important PaIeollthic sourre In Istria. Bul sc Youg 9 no.6~154-155 D 164. 1. Geologic and Paleontologic Colloction and Lnboratcry for Karst of the Yugoslav Academy of Sclances a.-,d Arts, Zagreb. MALEZHIK, I.F.; STABNIKOVp V.N* Hydrodynamics of valve trays. Trudy KTIPP no.22:158-170 160. (KIRA 14:3) (Plate towers) 14AT;F,ZHIK, I.F. Comparative data on the entrainment of liqutd for valve, bubble cap and sieve plates. I.z7. vys. ucheb. zav.; pishch.tekh. no. 2:123- 129 I&L. (MM 140) 1. Kiyevskiy tekhnologgicheskiy institut pishchevoy promyshlennosti. Kafedra protsessa7 i apparatov. (Plate towers) MAIEZHIK, I.F.; STABNIKCV, V.N. Studying the efficiency of valve plates. Trudy KTIPP no.24.- 130-138 161. (MIRA 15:6) (Distillation apparatus) Y"ZHIK, I.F. r, Deriving a generalized criterion equation for the distillation in a plate column. Trudy KTIPP no.24.-13?-144, 161. (MA 15:6) (Distillaticn-Tables, calculations, etc.) 14AUZHIK, I.F.; STABNIKOV, V.N. Distillation of alcohol-water mixture in a colimm with valve plates. ~pirt.prcm. 27 no.3zl4-18 161. (MIRA. 14: /,) (Plate towers) (Alcohol) MALEZHIK, I.F.; STABNIKOV, V.N. Hydraulic resistance of valve trays. 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Kiyev5kiy tekhnologicheskiy institut p1shchevoy promyshlennosti imeni Mikoyana. TULASHVILI, N.D.; SAMUNDZHEVA, E.M.; RACHVELISHVILI, E 'V.; 4TONOVA, V.P., do-went;-.XU4~ SI-IIHNIOV, B.M., doktor seir skokhoz.nauk-; MkTUYENKO, G.A., aspirantka; BALAYTAYEVAY M.R.; GARNAGA, G.K. From the practices of the use of poisonous chemicals. Zashcb.rast. ot vred. i bol. 8 no.12:28-29 D '63. (MIRA 17:3) 1. Gruzinskiy institut zashchity rasterUy (for Tulashvili, Samun-- dzheva, Rachvelishvili). 2. Kishinevskiy sellskokhozyaystvennyy institut (for Antonova). 3. Zaveduyushchiy otdelom zashchity ras- teniy Sumskoy opytnoy stantsii (for Malezhik). 4. Nauchno-issledo- vatel'skiy institut sel'skogo khozyaystva Yugo-Vostoka (for Smirnov, Matveyenko)e 5. Nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut bogarnogo zemle- deliya, Gallya-Aral (for Balantayeva, Garnaga). nf r~~rn' .d tnc PETROV, Yu.L.1 KULMIK, P-.V. Hygienic evaluation of underground drinking water in southern regions of the Ukrainian S.S.R. Gig.i san. 25 no.8z8-13 Ag '60. - (MIRA 13:11) 1. Iz Ukrainskogo nauchno-isaledovatellskogo instituta kommunallnoy gigiyeny. (UKRAIIW,-WATER SUPPLY) M"IFIX, S.Ya.. inzh. ---_7 --. . -;4.- _.- Regulating stnam distribution by turnirqp, ovar can goarn under operating conditions. Reeb.tranap. 18 no.6:29 Jo 159. (MIRk 12-.9) (marino engines) k I KWFIH, S., Inch. e~l %\ Charging storage batteries for FIZ--2 sounding apparatuses. Each. transp. 19 no.10:35-36 o l6o. (MM 13:11) (Storage batteries) (Sounding and soundings) E',GERPTA IMEDICA See 16 Vol 7/5 Cancer Pay 59 i,,Wi. The significance of typological peculiarities of the higher nervous functions in the origin and development of mammary turnours in mice (Russian text) XIMIUMNA I - L, MIRONIA A A. L, I:F.1)()RO%' V_ K. arid S(.IlAbAll L.M. Io% . __ -7cs- -Vr '(74Mcd. Sci.. Leningrad Brit//. 1,-A-jper. Biel. Ofed, t (if Oncor.. . .9 ~.a 1 (1,58, tjj6 (8~) - 8o) Tables i fit a swd% theatithor% hall slmwo the eximcncc in hlack mice of,,irain (:57 ofuct-lain relations bt-twel-n five inotllit\ 4 nervom lwoccssesand tile stabili(%- oftile ortranisin against cancero,rell't- file I)rcasl develOPed it' 47.7",,after 7 t 2 niontim During the exi-icriment t tie anitnals, were gi%-cn a special dirt for 2 .1 mondir (2.5 calories a da%, of which only ifl",, consisted ofproteill).Two rollditiolled rellrXesaccordint, to Pavlov wereforriled and (licit rc%-crsc(i again (a liositIve one oil a bell %ignal avid a negati%-e oatc oil a light Stillitillis). 'rite motility (if tile nct-vt ills I)r;;ccss ~Vas c%,altiated fit% tile basis (of the sliced'ofthis reversal. After the kith nion i ic mice were carcftilly observed and the Iomotirs which (Irveloped were rcgisicred and histologically exatnizied after dcath (chiefly adetiocarcitioinas and small-cril carcinomas). Part (if the mice .%-ere kept sin giv in cages (individiial mice), (lie others togethcr (grotip fit cc). The wiq in whicii tile), were kept had tio itilitience tin the development of fit, itimotirs. ]it tile inclividtial mice, oo the other hand, tile motility (if the nci-votis proccis was sigo-tifi- cand)-greater than in the groial) mice. Analysis of the experiment-; shows the cxisten- cc ordelinite relations between tile inotilit\: (if tile tiervotis process all([ tile stabifit%- of (lie organism against canccrogenic f;tcto*rs; the same holds trite for the formation of Irietallases (more fic(literit in mice with inactive nervous processes). Although ttlinotirs art- obscrved less ofirn in mice wifli increased inotilit%. (if' the itervotis activiq, they occtir earlier and fill- disease takes a more rapid cotirse. l1randt Berlin /x-7,4 L-IL-# ~t . P, GUTIYAR, Ye. M., professor-, KALLIGIN, AA., inzhener; SERGEYET, M.P., professor, retsenzeut--.-7TA-MW.*'-:' * *0 inzhener, retsenzent KARAM, N.V., inzhaner, redakto ; SOKOLOVA, T.F.. takhnichaskly redaktor Nachineryl 14ashinovedenie. Koskva, Gos. nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo mashinostroit. lit-ry. 1954. 408 p. WaA 7:10) (machinery) A La I ok einibratc)vc, y E, no-12.-IL-15 D 1~4 h BALTBERDIN, Grigoriy Yakovlevtch- inzh:; HAWGIN, Androy Dmitr~yevic insh.; PESTRYAKOVA, S.V.: red., 'r'sd. Fl&kThvif A.F.,; GURRVICH, M.N., [mechanization of heavy operations in stockbreedingl-Knihanizatalia trudoankikh protsessov proizvodstva v zhivotnoyodstva. Moskya, Gos. izd-vo sallkhoz.lit-rr, 1958. 495 p. (14IRA 11:12) (Farm mechanization) (Stock and stockbreeding) BATZBERDIN,, Grigoriy Yakovlevichp inzh.;_M4;L'-GRL,-Andrey-- Dmitriyevichf lzmbo; ROZIT, M.A., red.; DRYEVA, V.M., tekhn. red. (Mechanization of production processes on 'Livestock farms] Me- kbanizatsiia proizvodstvenrWkh protsessov v zhivotnovodstve. Moskva, Bellkhozizdat, 1962. 470 p. (MIRA 15:5) (Agricultural machinery) (Stock and stock breeding) 1~-. N-- KA11GIN, D.I. Agricultural accidents according to data from Krasnopoi7anskly District, Sverdlovsk Province. Khirurgiia no.2:60-66 7 155. (HIRA 8:5) 1. Oblastnaya bollnitsa NO-3 (gl&vW vrach zasluzh~mV7 vrach RSFSR D.I.Mallgin) g. rrbita gverdlovakoy oblasti. (ACCIDINTS. statistics, in agricultural workers) AGRICULTURAL, accid. in agricultural workers) USSR Pharmacology and ToxicQlogy--Medicinal Plants V-5 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-B-iol, No 23, 1958, 107348 Author :__Vlallgin, M., Zubova, L. Inst : Gorno-Altayskiy State Pedagogical Institute Title : The Effect of the Juice of the Black Mbuntain Ash and Sea Buckthorn upon the Rate of Healing of Burns Orig Pub-. Uch. zap Gorno--P-ltayskiy Gos., 1957, byp. 2~ ~81-282 Abstract: Experimental burns in six rabbits were treated by wetting with the juice of the black mountain ash (BMA) and of the sea buckthorn (SBT). Besides, -che juices were introduced per os (2 ml per 24 hours). It was demons-rated that the healing of burns in control rabbits occurs after 37 days (rate Card 1/2 21 USSR / Pharmacology and Toxicology--14edicinal Plants V-5 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol, No 23, 19582 107348 of healing 0.12 cm2 per 2. ence of treatment with BM., and under the influence o' 32 days (0,24 cm2 each). is produced only by fresh hours); under " ''-he i-nflu- after 27 days (0.1+ CM2); treatment with SBT, after A good theraDeUtic effect juice. Card 2/2 MAL't",1N., ! A, I i -, ~ .- 1. r i *. 1 ( r. if ava Ill a ~-, lp ruii'lp ~tr.. t : ~ t~ ; , . ~;. n I* t !i,, . , .,r- A i t '! - , - I . i ~, " f ~ : R .1 1 ;; '~ - ".51y F-.i o I, Ins I., -)i In. - ' ` - ~!, ". , , ; . , ". , MAL'GIN, M.A. - -,.,: -,., - Z_.- I ~...- Total manganese in soils of the Gorny- -_ otrl. ., Altai . Izv. Al Geog. ob-va SSSR no.5:123-124, 165. (1141-U 18:1-2) 1. Biologicheskiy institut Sibi:,skogo otoelenlya, AN SSSR. MALIGII,"', Ill. G. Cand. Tech. 'ci. Dissertation: "Cn the Crt-.'cal Precirior of Serrchlirht Glass Reflectors." All-llnior. Order of Lenin Flectrical --nPir-eerirl-, Tnst irrienf V. I. Len4r, 2 Dec 47. SO: Ve3hern vu Moskya, Dec, 1947 (Project !417F36) (Prof.) 1. KARYAKRII, N. A. ; MAL I GDI, M. G. ; ITSTIKOV, 7. 11. ; KUzrqT-.-rSOV, V.V. 2. UISSR (6-00) t. Electric EnEineer5 7. Professor N.A. K-aryakin, Fiftiatl-. birthday anniversary, Vaillin, '!.V. '-'eshkov, V.V. 1"'Umletsov, Elektrichestvo no. 4, 1953. 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, APRIL - 1953, Uncl. KWGM K. . kandidat tekhnicheskikh nauk. Principal aberration of cover glasses of paraboloidal form for searchlights. Svetotekhnika 2 no.6:14-17 N 156. (PaJ?A 9:12) 1. Voaaoyuznyy evatotekhnicheakiy institut. (Searchlights) XkLIGINI,. M.G., kandidat takhnicheskikh nauk. I- Determining aberrAtional errors in parabolic reflectors by means of photographing the mantla. Svototakhnika 3 no.4:16-20 Ap'57 (K[aA 10:4) 1. Voesoyuznyy avetotekhnichaskiy inatitut. (Reflectors) SOROCHVI, Ye.A.; MALIGIIIA, S.M. - Evaluating owel -c--l-ayey soil-s- 09n., fund. I makh grun. 5 no.2:29-30 163* (Glay) (PaRA 16:3) NEKACHALOV, V.Ya.; MARGOLIN, A.M.; NIKITINAp T.A.; LISOVSKAYA, N.D.; KHAREITKO, V.I.; MALIGINA, V.G. Clinical manifestations of candidiasis observed in patients during antibiotic treatment. Eksp. i klin. issl. po antibiot. 2:89-93 16o. 0-IIHA 15:5) (MONILIASIS) (ANTIBIOTICS-TOXICOLOGY) MALIGINAP V.C~. Experience in tj)n u3e of diadynamic currents in dermatological practice. Vest. der7r,. i ven. 39 no.4:52-,r6 Ap lc'-r R-~, 19:2) 1. Leningradskaya dermatologicheskaya bollnitsa 'kgl,-ivny-,T vrach S.P. Brodskiy). Submitted April 27, 1964. ittid ~ ~il ;u-Lit, .1.. Faleobotaily Con tr,'' -,' ti ;.s -I, `-i pa]eo'botj:-,-*c c*naracterizat-"n -)-' the de-js*ts *n tprr-cc~ -' Medveditsa River. Tmidv Inst. geoLr. Ail SSSR, no. 5C, !~'51- llont~ly List of Russian Accessi)ns, Lihrary of Corgrpss , 7, ne '52. as,; - f i ed'. i, I MALI PIM, M.A. Spore-pollen spectra of surface samples from different geographic zones of the Volga region. Trudy InBt.geog. no.52:73-90 '52. (MLHA 7:1 (Volga Valley-Pollen, Irossil) (PolleA, Fossil-Volga Valley) n. a /6 ~"'H OR al , gi SOVI -'o - 54 ITLEi Spore-Pollen Spectra of Quaternary arid Upper , i cc e:ie posits iii Turkmenia (Sporovo-pyl'tsevyy~? iuektry chotvertichnykh. i verkhneplictsenovyKh otlozhen-y Turkmenii) ")D IC AL 1 Doklady Akademai nauk SSSR, 1958, Vol. 12o, Mr ;, rr.633-~.1_16 (USSR) Tki.-CT. In the years ',q~~6 - 1957 the author carried cut an ar--1ys-q of these spectra from sandy-.clayey sediments, which rl--. been uncovered by drilling a) in the Balkhanskiy c 0r:,idor and b) in the vicinity of lakelYaskhan, The material per- taining to heading a) (furnished by V. V~ Buklir., Aer--geo- logical expedition Nr 11) belongs to the stagea- Ap9he;-Dns._,Y, Bakinsk2y, Khazarskiy.; Khvalynskiy and Novokaspiyskiy, "he material pertaining to heading b) (according to data c.' the Turkmenian Geological Administration v Turkmenskcye ger,-o- gicheskoye upravleniy6)' belongs to the Bakinsk:ty and kiy stagez!. ~n the recent spectra from the surface the c..Dllen originfitinj,-. from t:,ec species amounts to about 20 of '~h.e