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December 31, 1967
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ACCESSION NR: AT4019036 S/0000/63/000/000/0099/0102 AUTHOR, Marchuk, G. I.; Bel'skaya, Zh- N. TITLEC The application of conjugate equations to the computation of radiation shielding SOURCE: Voprosy* fizlkl zashchity* reaktorov; sbornik statey (Problems In physics of reactor shielding; collection of articles). Moscow, Gosatomlzdat. 1963. 99-102 TOPIC TAGS: nuclear reactor, reactor shielding, radiation shielding, conjugate equation, diffusion approximation, neutron traii,mission ABSTRACT: In the work of 8. B. Kadomtsev (9okl. AN SSSR, 113, 541 (1957)), a con- Jugate equation was constructed with respect to any linear functional of the radl- ation transfer problem. Later on, the results of this work were generalized by G. I. Marchuk and V. V. Orlov (K teorl I sopryazhenny*kh uravneaiy. V sb.: "Ney- tronnaya flzlka". A., Gosatomizdat, 1961). A method was advanced In their paper for the construction of conjugate equations for a large class of linear hetero- geneous equations, and a theory of perturbations was developed. In the present article, the authors attempt to apply the results of the above-mentioned two works to the problem of radl ation shielding cmiputationss' In order that the.essenttal Card 1/3 ACCESSION NR: AT4019036 aspect of the matter not be obscured by Insignificant Interpolations, the solution of the problem Is given In thB simplest diffusion approximation. The extension of the results to Instances of non-diffusion approximation which are of a practical Interest (for example, within the framework of th %approximation) Involves no difficulty and Is effected by the methods descrlb:d n Marchuk's paper (G. I. Marchuk. Metody* rascheta yaderny*kh reaktorov. M., Gosatomlzdat, 1961). A multi- layer system Is considered, occupying a volume G. limited by surfaces S and S2' The physical characteristics of the medium, which determine the Interaction of the neutrons and the substance, are constant within each layer. The group values f! a are given for the neutron current Incident to surf ce S The problem is to com- putate the total stream and dose of neutrons leaving the shielding. The solution Is'given In the PI-approximation by the multi-group method, using the fundamental and conjugate equations of the reactor,. A formulation of the theory of small perturbations Is given which, although It cannot be applied to problems of shield- Ing theory for determining the absolute magnitude of the clu nge In the dosage of i the exciting radiation as the physical properties of the system are varied, still Indicates the tendency of the dosage change. The authors note that among the most Important applications of the perturbation formula, derived In this article, Is the computation of neutron transmission experiments. In which case It Is possible, on the basis of the formula for small perturbations, to make an estimation of Card 2/3 ACCESSION NR: AT4019O36 many factors, Including the various Inherent errors of the experiment. Orig. srt-~ has: 16 formulas. ASSOCIATION: none SUBMITTED-.' MAu963 DATE ACQ: 21,Feb64 ENCU, 00 .SUB CODE: NP NO REF SOV: 003 OTHER: 000, ,.card 3/3 MARCHUK. G. 1. "An equation for importance of information and inverse problems in caze of meteorological satellites." report submitted for 15th Intl Astronautical Cong, Warsaw, 7-12 Sep 64. Computing Center, Novosibirsk 6. i. et al . IlCalculation of low energy neutron spectra." report presented at the 3rd intl Conf, Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, Geneva, 31 Aug-9 Sep 64. :ACCESSION NR: AP4036991 5/0050/64/000/005/0003/0009 :'AUTHOR: Marchuk, G. I. (Corresponding member) 1TITLEt A anew approach to a numerical solution of the problem of forecasting weather; SOURCEs Meteorologiya, i gidrologiya, no- 5, 1964, 3-9 1:TOPIC TAGS: weather forecasting, programming, computer, algorithm :ABSTRACTt The author sets out to show how the general problem of weather fore- ;casting may be represented by a finite number of elementary algorithms which permit i,solution of the total problem. The possibility of a pure4 mechanical approach to. Idifferent kinds of varying mathematical expressions is very,important. It means :ithat complication of the problem mast not be associated with any fundamental ireconstitution of the primary algorithms but must be accounted for by addition of .new series, splitting off within the framework of the general computing program. Alhe basic weather parameters are considered, neglecting at first such factors i as ;adiabatic or turbulent exchange. Series of equations are set up to handle the basic !Problem, then it is shown how the secondaa7 factors can be accoumted for by additicn~ lof new series of equations to the system of split equations. It is concluded that lit appears possible to make a complete split of the basio, equations for weather LCard-1/2 IACCESSION NR AP4036991 Iforecastingo meting ee~h into a sequence of simplified problems, defined by ,standard algorithms. The author admits, however, that his paper merely points out -the basic possibility of setting up an economical and, hopefully, an all-purpose 1proaram for weather forecasting to serve as a basis for more advanced approximation.! :But much more fmdamental research is needed. Orig. art@ haso 23 formulas. iASSOCIATIONs Vy*ohislitel'ny*y tsentr Sibirekogo otdoleniya AN SSSR (Computing !Center, Siberian Division.,AN SM) ':SUBMI=s 00 DATE ACQj 09Jun64 ENCLs 001 iSUB CODES NO ES NO REF SOV% 003 OTKMs 002 Cord 2/2 I MARCRUK, G. I. Theoretical model of short-term weather forecasting. lzv. AN SSSR. Ser. geofiz. no.5z754-764 My 164. (M-Du 17:6) 1. Vychislitellnyy tsentr Sibirskogo otdoleniya AN SSSR. .ts~E 'erx 6 ag W, d~rav ~'the to a Atli E!l coun i, dii f ica ~e! a_i ~aa e:d ~'_ih Wd'. 6.~ccesaivi~-: it~_ _. - i~ iiillh --th- -d 'd- b i~vdetor -0 a-V ity-ii loi--.'40mpbfieht'.,-.of -the-' wlnd,r_velb6itv-. -bry a. f Xuler:.equaft oiear e -so.ut 'on -.,td - a g -a,*_; Theiconstrilet oa~~ot:~- the'-6enticined ACCESSION NR: AP4041569 S/0293/64/002/003/0462/0477 AUTHOR: )AAEchuk G_~L TITLE: Equation for the evaluation of Information from meteorological satellites and formu- lation of inverse problems ,SOURCE: Kosmicheskiye issledovaniyd, v. 2, no. 3, 1964, 462-477 :TOPIC TAGS: meteorology, meteorological satellite, Wng-wave atmospheric radiation, .atmospheric optics .ABSTRACT: 7be author has formulated an equation for evaluatiofi of information obtained from meteorological Batellit8g. It is assumed that the satellite carries an instrument package recording definite characteristics of the radiation field. The Instrument readings are func- tionals of the corresponding problems. The radiation transport process at particular fro- quencies Is considered in the range from ultraviolet to long-wave radiation. The concept of a standard atmosphere Is introduced. This characterizes the given distribution of meteorol- ogical. elements: temperaWre,, humidity, density, aerodols, eta. By use of the transport equations for a standard atmosphere It Is possible to formulate do problem of radiation 1.Card 1/2 _ _. _. __ ____ _ _ _ ----* !ACCESSION NR: AP4041669 itranBport,,.,,a problem which is called the "unperturbed problem". The instruments carried on the meteorological satelUte Will record the true functionals of the problems, which differ from the functionals of unperturbed problems by a definite value which will be called a variation of the functional. The basic problem is determination of variations of atmospheric characteristics on the basis of given variations of the functionals. The author then discusses application to inverse problems associated with interpretation of data from meteorological satellites and gives algorithms for the solution of certain Inverse problems. Orig. art. has: 10-4- formillas. ASSOCIATION: none SUBAUTTED: 28ft*64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: AS NO REP SOV: 009 OTHER: 000 ed -:MOM 4,j601-0.0.410304-f 03Q~7, 4r r c ues46f~-Ahe -totilljR ro tc es e g--not dea 0- on y- at i 4 163K-ihiml 8%6~ scatteringr4l -7 w -7z . aIentaj~.*-value6,. 6zn6, 6b- erTeid:-d b.~;Ihelikdk of SD eri AUMOR- .(Corresponding member) TITLE: Theoretical Scbem-- for Weather Forecasting 'SOURCE: AN SSSR. Dok3-ady*, v. 155, no. 5, 1,964, lo62-io65 !TOPIC TAGS: weather forecast,-theoretical weather scheme,, atmospheric prbeeoo, imeteorological calculation, weather, weather element ABSTRACT: The paper considers a theoretical scheme of atmospheric processes whicli .accounts for a large number of physical factors instrumental in weather formation. i IThe variables are connected by several partial differential equations, the ~IAe- ipendent vaxiables being cartesian coordinates and time; the dependent variables iare the components of velocity vectors, the height of isobaric surfaces, tempera- specific moistures of the gaseous, liquid, and solid phases, and the ,intensity of radiation. The equations contain constants such as latent heats ot phase transitions, coefficients characteristic of precipitation of rain or Bnow., !aad of phase trawitions. Tha equations are solved numerically by substitution of dif ferentAaU by finite differences and by separation of variables. Orig. art. C rd ;IA.CCESSICH NR: AP4034539 ~ihas: no figures,, 14 equations. 'ASSOC=CN,. Vy*chislitellnv,*y tsenter sibirskogo otdelaniya Akademii nauk SSSR I(Computer Ceater of the Siberian Division AN SSSR) SUBMITMO: O3Feb64 D= ACQ: 13Maya EXCL: 00 AIUB COO: HS NO Ru GGV: 013 OMM: 004 Card 2/2 e.-Ilial, I (iris. f'4 MAHHUK, G.i. 14-,jner~cal weazher fortc-asting or, thf! spher.,cal earth. ';rjy , . All SSSR 156 no. 4:Pl',~--813 Je '(;i.. (MIRA 17:~)' 1. Vyr-LisliteilnTZ tsentr -.b`r3kogo otdeleniyzi AN S".-':--; cr,li-n-korrespondent, All -",-SR. ASS MARCIPA, G.I.; KOCHERGIN, V.P.; NEVINITSA, A.I.; UalADZE, 0,P.; ~'---Fii~AVINA, O.M. red. (Critical parameters of homogeneous breeder systems] Kri- ticheskie pararc..etry gomogennykh razmnozhaiushchikh sistem. Moskva, Atomizdat, 1965. 142 p. (MIrfA 18:12) MARCHUK, G.I. Role of research in the physicb of thp atmospher-f- an,! ,:., ocean for weather forecasting. 1zv. AN SSSR. Fiz. aim. I ' okeana 1 no.1:5-7 Ja 165. O-C FL4 18: ~ ; Isses iwk-o'u-si-a-h -t4 -flordeAst4-:'s dbd-.0onsi ,r- :suellceigg IS G. I. ; SU LTAPIG,~,-'TN', 1, Convergence of the fract'llonal sze;~. f--r -.- radiation transport. DokI. AN -61, no.I:r,c-t-,9 I-f.- 165. ( RT ~;-A 1 F : -~ I 1. Vychislitellnri t3entr Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN 3,-ISR. :2. Chlon-korresporident All SSSR' ~ f or .11arcY u-k) . MARC G. A ~~Ul I, T A IRG U~;e of the ul~ttifjolr T-4.ih equatlon. Dokl. AN 1-63 Ao, -5. (MIRA 18:8) lo VYchialitel-Irilry tsentr 'I-bir.,,kooo ottdoJenjya AN S-S-SR. 2. Chien- korrespondent AN SL: -Ft (for MjimhukL T 4j~450_66 gyri ( I GW ACC NR: AP6019727 SOURCE CODE: UR/0050/66/000/006/0012/0020 AUTHOR: ._)jarchuk,._G., 1.-(Corres pond ing member AN SSSR) ORG: Computer Center, Siberian Division,_AN SSSR (Vychislitelinvy tsentr Sibirskogo otdeloniya AN SSSR) TITLE: The present state of numerical methods for weather forequating SOURCE: Meteorologiya i gidrologiya, no. 6, 1966, 12-20 TOPIC TAGS: weather forecasting, long range weather forecasting, atmospheric physics, synoptic meteorology, climate, air mass, atmospheric circulation, computer calculation ABSTRACT: The present state and problems of numerical methods for weather fore- casting are surveyed. Two principal trends have been formulated in the theory of short-range weather forecasting: the improvement of barotropic models by the in- clusion of a balance equation and the creation of baroclinic models for forecasting in a quasi-geostrophic approximation. It is expected that, with the introduction of more complete numerical schemes of forecasting, the average error will be reduced by 5-10%. Relatively untimely weather forecasting is not soon as a central scien- tific problem of forecasting. Of great value in this connection is the problem of the evolution of water vapor in the atmosphere in interaction with a radiation field. In recent years a new direction has been formulated in the theory of long-range Card 1/2 UDC: 551-509-313 L h445o-66 ACC NR: AP60i9727 weather forecasting, based on dynnxLic-statistical approaches to the solution of the hydrothermodynamics equations of atmospheric processes. A great deal of attention has been devoted to the development of theoretical models of the total circulation of the atmosphere and to mathematical experiments with computers. Former methods were insufficient for the effective realization of computer algorithms. The Com- puter Center has developed a set of algorithms for numerical solution of problems of meteorology based on disintegration of the equations of the dynamics of atmos- pheric processes. One algorithm is absolutely stable for any time steps, has second-. order accuracy for all variables, and satisfies the laws of preservation of vector momentum, energy, and mass. Objective analysis of meteorologic fields and atmos- pheric physics research in connection wit_`1 weather forecasting are also treated briefly. SUB CODE: 04/ SUBM DATE: 15Mar66 Card L 0567 B-67. - Wr_(I-) GW ACC NR# AR6023243 SOURCE CODE: AUTHOR: Marchuk,_Gj1=j',.' UR/0044/66/000/0-0-3-/-B-I-0-6--/-B---s--I 1r6 !REF SOURCE: Chislennyye metody resheniya zadach prognoza pogody i teorii klimata. Ch. Novosibirsk-, So AN SSSR, 1965, 101 str. V JITLE: Numerical methods for the solution of weather forecastin problems and the .theory of climate. Part 1 .SOURCE: Ref. zh. Matematika, Abs. 3B558K TOPIC TAGS: weather forecasting, numerical method, climatology cAv(\ MANSLATION: For a system of differential equations of the dynamics of atmospheric ,processes, the author has developed basic principles for the construction of complex computation algorithms on the basis of the simplest of elementary algorithms which are effectively handled by a computer. It is shown how the problem of weather prediction i may, with the use of the method of decomposition, be represented in the form of a fi- i !nite number of simple algorithms. Here the author considers that his results may be I ,used for organizing a system of automatic algorithm construction for the solution of imeteorological pi.)blems. SUB CODE: . 04.*?-[ SUBM DATE: none V-4.1 UDC: 519:517.944/.947 Card 1/1 L 05643-67 EWT(d) /EWT(m) ACC NR.AP6021627 AUTHOR- Marchuk G. I - Penenko V. V. ORG: none TITLE: Numerical methods for calculating two dimensional nuclear reactors SOURCE: Atomnaya energiya, v. 20, no. 3, 1966, 264 TOPIC TAGS: nuclear reactor technology, numeric solution, iteration, finite difference ABSTRACT: This is an abstract of paper no. 69/3435, submitted to the editcr and filed 9 but not published. The article deals with the solution of the problem, in two-dimensional geometry, of physical design of a nuclear reactor of specified volume The calculation is based on the determination of the largest positive eigenvalue and corresponding non-negative eigenfunction of the system of many-group diffusion equa- tions, using the Perron - Frobenius nonnegative matrix theory. The solution is ob- tained by a numerical finite-difference iteration technique. The programming of the cumputer and the solution of the conjugate problem are included. Orig. art. has: 2 formulas SUB CODE: 18/ SUBM DATE: 25Aug65 IJP(c) JR SOURCE CODE: UR/0089/66/020/003/026'i/0264 Card 1/1 uDc: 621.039-51.12-134 ACC NRs I !Marchuk, AM6006274 Monograph Go L; Koohergin, V. P.; Nevinitea, A. I.; Uznadzeo 0. P. URf Critical parameters of homogeneous breeder systems (Kriticheskiye parametry gomogennykh razmnozhayuahchikh sistem) Moscow, Atomizdat, 65- 0142 pe illuso# biblioo, tables. 1070 copies printed. ;TOPIC TAGS: breeder reactor, homogeneous nuclear reactor, nuclear reactor :technology :PURPOSE AND COVERAGEs Critical parameter data for nuclear reactors of various iranges, which were obtained as a result of an extensive set of calculations of ihomogeneous systems, are presented. The presently established principles of ineutron physics calculations and the corresponding methods of calculation on con- temporary electronic computers were taken as a basis. The basic theoretical schemes for physical calculation of nuclear reactors are described and the results are compared with experimental data. Tables of the critical masees and other l physical parameters of homogeneous breeder systems are presented. Although the 1-calculatione were carried out for uniform spherically symmetric reactors, the well i known conversion formulas can be used for reactors of other geometrical forms. New I ideas and cooperative work were contributed by B. Go Dubovsk4 and hie group. LCard 113 um 621. L. "lEk?1.0 o ~%520.22 ACC NR: AM6006274 Development of the maltigroup constants by I. I. Bondarenko (deceased) and his' group was a great help to the authors. Valuable comments and constructive ouggea- tions were made by the theoretical and experimental physiciatst L. N. Usachev, So B. Shikhov, V. A. Kuznetsov, V. Ya. Pupko, V. V. Orlov, G. I. Toohinskiy and other Continued support and help were coAtributed by the mathematioianst Ye. I. Lyashenko, I. P. Markelov, L. I. Kuznetsova, G. A. Ilyasov , V. V. Smelov, T. 1. Zhuravleva and others. The authors also acknowledge the valuable advice and comments of A. I. Leypunakiypacademician,AN UkrSSR, M. P. Rodionov, and M. K. Nikolayev. The book is intended for engineers and graduate and other'students specializing in the field of nuclear power engineering. TABLE OF CONTENTSs Preface - - 3 1.. Basic theoretical schemes for physical calculation of reactors 6 ,2. Moments 7. Neutron moderation length - - 13 3-, Approximation computation of kinetic effects 19 4- -Comparison of the reaults of calculations of the critical maases of 1 homogeneous reactors with experimental data - - 21 15- Methods of calculating the critical masses of nuclear reactors 27 I LCar4_2/3- ACC NR: Am6oo6274 6. Idultigroup system of constants 30 7- Homogeneous reactore'vith graphite moderators 39 8. Homogeneous reactors with beryllium moderators - - 54 9. Homogeneous reactors with aqueous moderators - - 69 I Appendix. Tables of the critical maeoes and some physical parameters of reactors - - 81 I Bibliography - - 142 !SUB CODEs 16/ SUBM DATEo OlOct65/ ORIG REFt 021/ OTH MWI 017 board-3/3 F ACC NR, AP6034749 -,-- SOURCE -- CODE: UR/0020/66/170/005/1006/1008--' AUTHOR: Demidov, G. V.; Marchuk, G. I. (Corresponding member AN SSSR) ORG: Computing Center, Siberian Branch, Academy of Sciences SSSR (Vychislitel'nyy tsentr Sibirskogo otdeleniya Akademii nauk SSSR) I I TITLE: A theorem on the existence of a solution for the problem of short-term weather! forecasting SOURCE: AN SSSR. Doklady, v. 170, no. 5, 1966, 1006-1008 TOPIC TAGS: differential equation solution, weather forecasting, mathematical model.! ehort-mterm-~~r4arecnsd ng- ABSTRACT: The existence of a smooth solution for a mixed problem consisting of a I quasilinear system of differential equations is proven. The problem, in a certain sense, is a mathematical model used for short-term weather forecasting in the x-y region. The existence of a smooth solution for the problem discussed has been pre- vious;y proven by the use of an analytical approximation method. In this paper, the problem is solved by use of a method previously proposed for numerical solution of short-term weather forecasting problems. The problem is reduced to a sequential solution of two relatively simple problems that can be solved by use of Fourier methods; these two solutions can be shown to be equally correct by using the S. L. Sobolev enclosure theorem. The uniqueness of the solution is proven by its conver- I gence. Orig. art. hasi 2 formulas. Card 1/2 UDC: 517.946 ACC NR. AP6034749 1 1 SUB CODE: 04, 12/ SUBH DATE: 27Jun66/ OPLIG REFI- 007/ OTH REF: 001 1 I I I I I I ! I I i I . . I Card 2/2 M~HCHUK I D.J. 2 . h j MARGHUK, I,D. Work and skill. Put' i put. kho-z. 9 n0.11:31 165- (MIRA 18:11) 1. Stantsiya Brest, Beloruaskoy dorogi. H&W mix, K. H. Increasing the operational reliability of tractor shovels. Sakh.prom- 34 no.8:32-34 Ag 16o. (MIRA 13:8) 1. Verkhnyuchakiy sakharnyy zavod. (Loading and umloading) - MARCRUK I L. I Methods of processing whale meat. Mias.ind. SSSR 33 no.3:3.2-13 162. (MIRA 15:7) 1. Ukrainatkiy nauchno-issladovateltskiy institut konservnoy promyshlennosti, (Whales) (Canning and preserving) HUCHUK, L.I.; BOLISHAYA, M.L.; GANDZYA, S.M. [Handzia, S.M.] Use of sodium glutamate for improving the taste of canned whale -Rt. Kbar.prom. no.3:30 T1-S 162. (KERA 15:8) 1. Ukrainskiy nauchno-isaledavateltakiy institut konservnoy promyshlonnosti. (Whale mazt, Canned) KAGAN, I.S.; RARCHUK, L.I. Canning unblanched peppers. Kons.i ov,prom. 17 no.6:17-19 je , - be. 15: 5., 1. Ukrainski.y nauelmo-issledovatelliki- institut korLgervnoy prorayshlennosti. (Canning and preserving,' (Peppers) GUSAI%VA, Nadezhda Aleksandrovna; KAGAN, Isaak Samoylovich; KAMNEVA, Zoya Fetrovna; -MABMRM,-Lynhav!-lys.4Qv-na MARKH, Zoya Aleksandrovna; SIZOVA, Aleksandra Grigorlyevna; SOLOVIYEVA, Yevgeniya Ivanovna; STEPANOVA, E.A., inzh., red.izd-va; STARODUB, T.A., tekhn. red. [Home canning] Domashnee konservirovanie. 4., ispr. i dop. izd. Kiev, Gostekhizdat USSR, 1963. 207 p. (KRA 16:7) 1. Ukrainakiy nauchno-issledovatellekiy institut konserwnoy promyshlennosti. (Canniz* and preserving) MARCHUK, O.Ya. Use of the luminescent method for studying defects of the placenta. Ped., akush. i gin. 23 no.4:4,2-LI.1, 161. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Akushersko-ginekologicheskays k1ird.ka (zav. - prof.A.V.Anisimav) Stanislavskcgo maditsinskogo inatituta (direktor - dotsent G.A. Babenko [Babenko, U.A.]). 0 a 0 0 0 0 010 060*0* *Sege 4t00 0614 wr-- 0 4 If I V r of Q " m is 16 1? is a a a a 9 it x j9: is u V a L is 0 is x a a 4d 41 40 I A-1 W At M OP. H iA- k. -t -A- AL- -k 1. IL L-- 11-09 if -00 00 Skin 9"U. 48d thOlt C=11*41= with Offological phe. numna. 1'. D. Nlarchuk and L. %I. Vai,,dwrg. J. m. 4., Ukraims 84 ,wlcf fewer lpsticnis only 4 gavv a pas. rnwtkm with hmse serion. while 14 devviolwdscrurn %arkrrz%afi,T Aujidiphill"j- tic SCIUM injmtions; of these only one hAd given a horse-semns reaction. It is concluded that semm wknm, is not due to sensitivity to hm-sc -fulti. 11 C. P A. .00 -00 -00 -00 7, a I A fT1LL..Q-C.L Littlattist CLASIWKAtIGOI 444 10" ...... too fk 1'.041 --A i4 c "'?A An L 0 tw 0 1 V1 44 13 d3 q 3 a 6t it 91 09 CS tf It OF KW 41 1- 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 10.9 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0.0 0 0-0 000 k* 0 1P. 4m W-W W a SD i W M a 'STifWwwol woo Wi q ig, ~ ;& C. f. "VTV-41 0 0 * * o 0 * 0 0 0 0 6 * 0 0 *10 WW WT, - 1) 14 Is I _111 14 INIVAPhallu a 14 is 011" anvil Go"G. Q a X_L_V_~L L 4-Ah.. M V a It a tV isdou, apotgatfors and priturvatWill Of CY1141144C, 1AJ AnarmufAr serum. 11. D. 1-00 _!::..D . x~EhRk, J. mM. Ukraine -85(in In. French. -91) 9, 1175 kussitill, 11, M; In 1188 ir 0940).-Cytototic, atifircticular serum is pretild. by tramunizing hor~%-s. issmas. goats or sheep to the spleen *on and mairross, obtained from human twing% 6-10 furs. after death from a n(ailinfectious cause. One to 2 pism of marrow is used to K tn IJ part% rif spleen. A quantity of as 5-t5g. iscomminuked ina Kochcup, washed with physial serum begins to decouip. in About 2 months even If '00 00 soln. and crushed with liand in a porcelain mortar. Aft" solidified or preserved with CHUs. The cytotoxic titer of .00 adding 3-5 vals. by wt. (if 0.850; N&CA soin., hall of the dil. serum (1 10) is stable for 10 days. A stimulating go it xeo suspension is centrifuged 2-4 min. at I million revolution% dose of the serum for an adult is 0.1-0.25 cc. and! in& per min., the clear portion Pouted off Aral injected intra- be raised to U.3 cc. Only the 1 10 soln. in phys". fail y .sly. The utincenirduged [lot clarified hall is injected n intraperiturically. Uhe anintals are immunized 5-4J times is used, 1-2.5 cc. being injected intravenously or sub- goo cutaneously. Three dose, may be given at 2-34,ty with im-tra4ing do-,c~ of antigen at 4 -5-day interval.. intervals, the Last an the Will day or much later. The be 8-9th day After the- lam injection. the cytotoxic 1, ~t It "is det d. by means of t he earn plemen I -fi za t ion react &w. serum is dild. 2 days before use, placed in ampoules. put Coo The serum is golud if its titer is not below 1: 100 and the on ice and verified for sterility. It should be heated to bernalytic titer not above 1. 10. The animal is then bled 37' before injcztion and It iuuna cloudy or contg. a Jr and the semin is placed in ampoules or placed in test tubes sediment, discardrd. Pinchack roe and then verified for sterility and toxicity (survival of rabbits or guiticts pigs after injection of 10 cc. of serunt). coo i A serum for smirnals is prelid. in the same manner. The I i I cylotoxic titer of the scrunn ternalins; unchanged for 4-6 61CC a I ! , "00 months, but then begins to drop; some serums have re- t triamed unchanged for 1-2 yrs. The serum should be i kept at 4* in the dark. In this way it remains stable for -W,9 I - j~1., about 0 months. If kept at lab. temp. in the open, the .1 1, - 60 - 111-SLA MIALLUNGKAL Litt*ATWE CLA111#61CATIC01 9 f- -Z. t$ 00 .80.~ woo C... cat Is. 3U U LV to a a to CIP 4111 IF Is! Is a K 99 It is aKW it 1 11% 1 s a nd 0 a 0 1 V 0 9 a a 31 a I 0 If I 0 0 IN 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 4 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 o ~b:e 90 go 0 0 : 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ~00 T*O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * o 0 0 0 0 14ARCHUK, F.D., prof. Some results of the works on antireticular cytotoxic serum. Medych. zhur. 19 no.2:85-89 149. (MMA 10:12) 1. 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The total cathode current is separated into an ionic and an electronic canponents. The pecullarities char- acterizing the basic thermal electronic portion of the discharge cur- rent are explained, as is the relative influence of the evaporation and Card 1/2 Category : USSR/Electronics - Gas Discharge and Gas-discharge Instruments H-7 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Fizika, No 2, 1957, No 4243 vaporization of the active caesium film on the ctLthode on the establish- ment of dybamic equilibrium in the cathode. The problem of the clis- tribution of the energy in different parts of the gas discharge is considered briefly. Bibliography, 22 titles. Card : 2/2 M ct v ( ~, ,) \~ " . AUTEOR: Marchuk, P. M. 109-12-2/15 TITIE: Evaporation of Barium from the Surface of Certain Metals (Ispareniye bariya s poverkhnosti nekotorykh metallov) PERIODICAL: Radiotekhnika i Elektronika, 1957, Vol. II, No.12, pp. 1479 - 1490 (USSR) ABSTRACT: A detailed investigation of the processes of the evap- oration of barium from polycrystalline surfaces of several metals was carried out. The method of me~~surement was similar to that employed by L.N. Dobretsov (Ref.2), and it was as follows. The surface of a cold metal filament is coated with a layer of barium and the temperature of the filament is then rapidly raised to the required value and the electron emission of the filament is measured as a function of the evaporation time of the barium. by plotting a number of such curves . for various temperatures of the filament, it is possible to calculate the characteristic parameters for the process of the evaporation. It is shown that the process can be described by the followinE equation: + dx) x - lg 4J-2 501011 - 1 g 1 lg are sin x = - , = (3) T 7i Card 1/3