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HE I !a no 5~', rjun ltv 5. 53 he 3n,- ~:nc "U LY 0 zechoslovallr MRES, F. Block method as used in 1954 and 1955. p. 26o POZE~INI STAVEY. (Ministerstvo stavebnictvi) Praha. Vol- 3, no. 7, JulY 1955 SOURCE: East European Accessions List., (EEAL), Libr*ry of Congress, Vol. 4,, No. 12, Decerber 1955 Abstract: Procedure for lyophilization of cadaver bones; choosing young men who died in accidents, with blood groups compatible with eventml re- cipients; several case reports of author attest to value of such trans- plants, as in cases of bone twors. 9 convincing roentgenograms. "Effect of Different Procedures of Joining on the Consolidation of Osseous Hotaotransplants" Bucharest, Revista Sanitara 1-filitara, Vol 16, Special No., 1965; pp 206-215 Abstract: Experimental studyon do-~s with various types of operative fixation of the lvophilized bone heterotransplant. Radiographic and his- tologic data yielded some rather definite principals of operative proce- dure for optimal result, which are described; consisting primarily of need for relatively large surface of ho!Ft bone left, good molding, no metallic nail fixation. 8 roentgenograms. 52 CZECHOSLOVAKIA MAaS, F; MD; MATOUSEK, M-, MD; PRUSIK, Kj MD_ Internal Medicine Department of the Psychiatric Hospital (In-erni oddeleni psychiatricke lecebny), Dobrany (for all) Praguel Frakticky lekar, No 1, 19639 pp 15-17 '#psychic Disorders in the Long-range Use of Anti-Asthma Cures." Bum Studies RUKMIA MUt,ES,_E., Lieutenant-General, Ifedical Corns, Dr. and Docent in Medical �~iences, Physician Emeritus (General-locotenent medic, doctor docent in stiinte medicalet medic emerit); NESTORESCU, N., Proi. Dr., Correspondent Member at Academy Republic of Socialist Rumania (membru corespondent al Academiei Republicii Socialiste Romania), and BONA, C., Dr. 111=unology of Burns" Bucharest, Revista Sanitara 11-failitara, Vol 16, Special No., 1965; pp 85-92 Abstract: Lmnunology of patients with burns; review ol' aprlicable aspects of autigen formation generally and in burns specifically; sifin, liver, kidney and biochemical events in burned patients; chemical structure of antigens involved; relationship between antigens in burns and their direct toxic effect; formation of antibodies and clinical aspects. Data from authors' studieson dogs and In vitro are presented In the context of these topics. 1/1 Abstract: Discussion of first aid; extinguishing the burn itself and neutralizing the agent involved, such as raphtha or phosphorous; aseptic procedure and antibacterial treatment; prevention of shock, various pre- cautions required in transportation to the hospital stations. Second stage of treatment Centers then on more precise determination of the main lesions and sequential therapy of various aspects as required in each case. RMIANIA HARES, E., Lieutenant-General, Medical Corps, Dr. and Docent in Medical StT*Fc-W,'- Physician Elneritus (Genera I-locotenent medic, doctor docent In stiinte medicale, medic emerit); and VAIDEANU, C., Lieutenant-Colonel, Medical.Corps, (Lt*-Col. medic) "Treatment of Shock During the Time of Transport" Bucharest# Revista Sanitara. Militara, Vol 16, Special No., 1965; pp 28-32 Abstract: Discussion of precautions in evacuating wounded combatants in shock: Operators facilities and staff required to combat acute respiratory Insufficiency; ~;re of the respiratory passageway, artificial respiration, oxy&Ien; circulation functiong Fluids,, electrolytes, blood; monitoring of vital functions during transportation# sedation; treatment of wounds. Auto- mobile ambulance and specific plane or air evacuatiou problems are reviewed in detail, 47 - Military Medicine RU MAN IA MARES, E., Lieutenant-General, Medical Corps, Dr. and Docent in Medical S'ETe_F6is_*A?hysician Emeritus (General-locotenent medic, doctor docent in stiinte medicale, medic emerit) "Principles of the Treatment of Shock in the Evacuation Stage', Bucharest, Revista Sanitara Militara, Vol 16, Special No., 1965; pp 9-28 Abstract: A comprehensive discussion of the alms of treatment: Specific treatment (lesions, hemorrhage, cold, infections); cardiovascular; res- piratory; then long-term purposes of treatment; transportation, surgery -- electrolytes and fluids; protection of the nervous system. function; seda- tives, circulation, respiratory and metabolic functions; resuscitation and reanimation; surgery and anesthesia. Various stages of medical aid are reviewed and discussed. with special attention to classifying wounded into categories as to salvageabi.11ty prior to deciding on sequence of evacua- tion and treatnent. 1/1 ACC NR% AP6025148 SOUIC~' COOO: -0/ow/65/o6i 0523/0534! Am-, ., o zhro ~,Ioctor; Lieutenant general; Doctor of wdical sciences); Sutem. (Doctor; Aonel); Dancioloiu, Al. (Doctor; Irlajor); Vaideanu.-C.-fDoctor; Lieutenant colonel); Ghoorpthe, Ioan j(Doctor; Major); mancan, Q_ (Doctor; Major) ORG: none TITL-',: Our experience in the treatmnt of varicose-afilmnts of the pelvis SOM',Ci3: Revista sanitara militara, v. 61, no. 4, 1965, 523-534 TOPIC TAGS: disease therapeutics, disease incidence, circulatory system disease AWTINCT: A report on the authors' experience during 1952 to 1965 with 576 patients sufferin.- from various clinical forms of varicose afflictions of the pelvis. The differont forms of therapeutic approach used are discussed, the effectiveness of the differont nothods for the separate classes of ailments is compared. and som general conclusions with regard to the incidence and treatment of varicose ailments are pro- senteds 33.5of SUB COUIA c6 suBm DATz: 3MPr65 / ORIG Rs' F: 008 / SOV REF: 003 ON R&F: 005 Card I/]- -HR PM-SOV--~ Card I J. APS 62'~l 2-4 RJ/0012 Go/Ooh/0605/0 inz.; HIGHL, Premysl, PhMro Preparation of s~mthetic fat for pharmaceutical parposeff. Prum potravin 14 no.-Ut603-606 V263. 1. Vyezunny ustar tukoveho prumyslup Usti nad labem (for Mares)& 2w Isciva, n.p., Dolni Recholupy (for Mchl). RUMASI ,,E O."~TCEk Maj-Gen, Dr, and Tr., Col, Dr Laffiliation not givenj "The Treatment of Thoracic and Abdominal Traumatisms in the Case of an agglomeration of the Wounded." Bucharest, Revista Sar-itara Militara, Vol 59, 'No 3, ~Yay-Jun 63, pp 383-396. Abstract: Discusses the physio-pathological complications that might occur in the mass treatment of abdominal and thoracic injuries in war, emphasizing the emergency measures that must be taken during the pre-operational first-aid stage, Describes the characteristics of the possible types of injuries and the appropriate treatment and emergency surgical intervent4ons for each. 1/1 - MARES, E.; POKORNY, J. Various methods of manufacturing pure higher fatty acids. p. 202 PRML, POTRAVIN. Praha, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 10, no. 41 April 1959. Monthly List of East European Accessions (-r-EAI) LC, Vol. 8, No. 7, July 1959. Uncl. POKORM. I..insh.; MARESH,; MAML&MCHEK. A..inzh. Using hydrogenated fate for the preparation of a cacao butter substitute. Haal.-zhir.prom. 24 no.11:17-19 '58. (KEPA 12: 1) 1. Iosledovatel'sk-iy institut rastitel'nykh masel i zhirov Usti-na-Labe, Strekov. ChekhaBlovakiya. (Oils and fate) (Cacao butter) I 'h 2 -Prod _17~ C -mical Tr-,chnulcgy. `~houiccai H-15 anr) o on~,`Lcns. I n. -.~ us - 2bs ~Tour: Fcf Zhur-.Khiz:,iya, No 3, 1959, 92,01. -bstruct: of 200-760 mm Liercury at 2300 and 36%. I'l-OH. Analy- "-.ical control of tLe ccurso of es~.erificaticn Nva-- accol li,31,.ad 1), ot-,agin- the ooiitunt of' w-crad-;,. .~d II) nyt3roxyl nL-uub-I,r, indicos of' reftacttoa Pad v.s- ccsit-:, . Thie outimu-bu conditions wnich can bc ut-'.-- - lzud in ind~~strial prouluctior. of I froja II wor(-; aly ical ,ioth-- si-ipio and rapid ant cd- is su-&jstt~;u for control of th, -., -stsrificotior PrOCUS3 and d,.;tc;rminin~~ tho ii~--ight of 1 by ro,ructive ind,;x. Thu physic--,,--i const--,nts of dj--II and tri-II aicm 3ibl~ 31 refs. -- Card 2/2 CHO- c ZB U V 1, )y f T` --l-, Pro', G, yc cr ii J. Grig Pub: 1~)57, 3, ~~!o -C;. of.' L ev; o 5 Df it :3 U S C.1 -T C,,~~r - (J~ , 3 a o n CO _adl i n d 1D -C C, r w_ a ',-he I n:zrl 'j tures from lk: --)?00 ---d cf l-"O -:C-q a3 rat- ~j - a Lyst '-5t a --ar.7.. o4 o) tn 'kh:-- t, m Ail a Nn- tW llu. NO 12AM j ORA, un _fY- part Ano el't MOMS) D. (Timisoars.) Raticnal. territorial distribution of the industrial production. Probleme econ 17 no.120-18 D 164. RLPJlANIA MAREq,.Dinu, Dr. --------------I--------- A.'S.C.A.R.--Center for Heart Disease Treatment (Centrul pp 903-905 Occuring In MARES, Antonin., nositel radu Rudeho prapora prace, SSSR Results of the development of low oil content circuit breakers for nOkV. 3..500 HVA. El tech obzor 51 no.10:509-513 0 162. I* Ceskomoravska,-Kolben-Dane4 Praha., n.p. MARES A.,, ~r-; G(RISTANTINESCUP Mariana, dr. Poisoning with dichlorethane, with neurological sympto-. Neurologia (Bacur) 10 no.2:123-126 Mr-Ap'65- 1. Lucrare efectuata in Clinica de neurologie a Spitalului "Colentinam, Bucuresti. STOICHITA. S., dr.; BOICESCU, Lidial dr.; STECLACI, A., dr.; DEBAU, M.,dr.; MARINESCU, 92iza, dr.; ALHASANt Eugenia, dr.; CONSTANTINESCU, Monica, dr.; In colaborare cu: BURLUI, D., conf.; RATIU, D., dr.; SIRKIS, A., dr,;-MAR9S, A*, dr, Peutz-Joghers symdrome. (Clinical study of 2 cases completed with the aid of radiocinematography, endophotocinematography and endobiopsy with forceps and aspiration-section. Med. intern. 15 no.10:1193-1206 163. 1. Clinica a V-a medicala "Vasile Roaita" (for Stoichita, Boicescu, Steclaci, Debau, Marinescu, Almasan, Cons tantinescu) 2. Clinica do chirurgie OBernat Andrei" (for Burlui, Ratiu). 3* Sectia, de bol-i interne a Spitalului studentese din Rucuresti. (for Sirkis, Mares). (INTESTINAL NEOPLASMS) (POLYPI) (RADIOGRAPHY) (MOTION PICTURES) (ENDOSCOPY) SAGERS 0., academician; MARES, A. Control by the rhinencephalon of the vascularization of the di- gestive tract* Stud. cerceto endoer. 14 no.4/5/6s4%-603 163. SAGER, 0.; MARES, A. Anatomical, clinical and electroencephalographic peculiarities in circulatory disturbances of the reticular formation. Rumanian med. rev. no.2:49-56 162. (RETICULAR FOWATION) TKODORMGU,P.,Prof~; LILISK.,dr.; H&RES,A.,dr.; CONSTANTIMCU.D.,dr. Acute ceiabral circulatory iusufficieno7. Ked. intern.,Bucur 11 n0-5:691-698 160. 1. Luarare sfactuats In Clinica medicala,Spitslul *Dr. 1. Cantaosinom0 Ducareett. (BRAIN.blood empply) HOIMT, Th.; WOOVICI, Gr.; VODUCO, S.LM-111st ~A- The role of Galen's vg:tns in the pathogenesis of lesions of encephalitis caused by s~Llversan. Rev. sci. med. 5 no.3/4:177-179 1.60. (ARSPHDIAMINES toxicol.) (EIICLTHALITIS etiol.) (BRAIN blood supply) SAGM, 0.; IUM, A- Studies on the diencephalon. The connections of,the dors=--dian nucleus. Rev. sel. mad. 5 no.1/2:89-93 160. 1. Corresponding member of the Academy of the R.P.R, (for Sager) (DIMEPHAWN anat & histol.) ZAGER, 0. (Sager, 0. ]; ILUESH, A. (Mares A.] Optic thalamus syndrome of vascular origin. Mauch. trudd Inst. nevr. AMT SSSR no.1:75-81 '60. OMIRA 157 1. Institut nevrologii imeni L P. Favlova, Akademii Fbamynakoy NarodnoV- Bgspubliki, Bukharest. (OPTIC MALAMM-DISEMES) VAS ITAFS M, 11. Alterations of body picture during the thalamic syndrome. Rawnian M. Rev. 2 no.2:53-55 Apr-June 58. (TfUIAMIC STM ROHN, Manifest.. body Image disord.) (AGITOSTA body image disord. in thalamic,,pud.) IwKrs, /~, HORMSR, Th.; BMCEAM--STOLVICI, G.; MARM , A., Hypertrophic arteritis & the cerebellar form of Schilder's disease. Ruilantan H. Rev. 1 no.206-57 Apri-june 57. (IMICEPULITIS PIRIAXALLS, differ. diag. hypertrophic-cerebral arteritia) (ARMITIS, differ. diago hypertraphic cerebral. differentiation from encephalitis periazalia) GOLIMMOOR, L.,; MARES, A.,; Sager, 0. Studies on the problem of sleep and muscle tonus. Bu! atiint., sect. mod. 7 no.4:1281-1299 Oct-Dee 55. 1. Hembru Corespondent al Academiai R.P.R.( for Sager) (SIMP DISORDIRS insomnia, induced in dogs by diencephalic & mosencephalic lesions) WSOLES. physiology tonus. off. of diencephalic & mesencephalic lesions. in dogs.) (DIRICEMWII. physiology. off. of exper. lesions on sleep & mu9c. tonus) (149 CEPH&LO11. physiology (SA.149) MARES j A. Development of rubber parts of pneumatic spring systems for our cars. p. 290 AUTOMOBIL. (14inister5tvo automobUoveho prumyslu a zemedeliskych stroju) Praha., Czechoslovakia., Vol. 3, No. 9, Sept. 1959. Monthly List of East European Accessions, (EEAI), LC, Vol. 8, No. 12, Dec. 1959 Uncl. OSAPO.J..; MAM,V.; BUIDAI,J.; GIAZ.A.; NYBRGZS,G. Determination,quantity and significance of cerebrospinal fluid oxidizing substances in purulent meningitis. Acts, =ed. han. 15 no.1:79-86 160. 1. IL Kinderabteilung des laozlo-Krankenhause-,, Budapest. (MSNINGITIS cerebrospinAl fluid) PI Iq /fI5- e , v I GLAZ, Agaes, dr.; KARER, Teroalka, dr. Measles `fa-aat. 07areekffograsrat 5 no.10:312-316 o;t 54. 1. A Laazlo-korhaz (Igasgato-fooryos: dr. ferenot Pal) 11. (1yermekoacts.17aaak (foorrost. dr. Ceapo Jozeef) kozlamenys (FNMONIA, CMMI. measles in inf., tbar.) (HEAST38, compl. pneumonia in inf., ther.) K&M, V.;GL&Z, A. SWAM The role of the newer antibiotics in the treatment of pertuasis and its comPliCatiOns. Orv. hetil. 94 no.26:714-716 28 June 1953. (OLML 25:1) 1. Doctors. 2. Sac=4 Children's Dspartment (Haad - HAad Physician -- N Mr. Jozaef Ceapo), Laszlo Metropolitan Hospital (Director - Head Physician Dr. Pal Ferencz), Budapest. .K!CM(ffAN, S.K., kand.takhn.nauki MMOVA, H*H* Using the method of speotrm analysis in evaluating thO wear Of an engine. Avtopromo 31 welOtW-22 0 165* (Him is, 10) AkRENOV V,,F,,-inzh.p red.; GROZOVSKIY, T.S., kand. tekhn.nau-k; KLI140VA, G.D., red. izd-,.,a; GOLIBERG, T.M.., tekhn. red. [Instructions 311 207-62 for carrying out preventive main- tenance of construction equipment]Instruktsiia po provede- niiu planovo-predupreditellnogo remonta stroitelf.-Wkh ma- shin ST 207-62. Hoskva, Gosstroiizdat, 1962. 74 P. (MIR'l 15:11) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.111.)GosudarAvennyy komitet po de- lam stroitel'stva. (Construction equipment-Maintenance and repair) ACCESSION NRs AP4041d418 FU, wu-~ 46 0.4 a q2 IF, 00 88 Kn ENCLOSURE: 03 Fig- 3. Dependence of the relationship of the mean valuea of tho parameter Nud to the limiting value Nudo to the parameter Kn. Card 515 ACCESSION URS AP404b)418 NU, (0 0,6 OA .~.q2 b - do ENCLOSURE: 02 Fig. 2. Dope~-ance of the product of the local parameter NfR-e on the pipe length ratio L/de a - L/d 30; b 10* HudM/ card ACCESSION NRJ AP4044iaB E14CLOSURE: 01 Fig. 1. Experimental section with a pipe L/d 30- 1- supersonic orifice; 2- moving pitot tube; 3- experimental tube; 4- bronze ring for heat transfer measurement; 5- thermocouple for measuring rivg temperature, Card 315 ACCESSION NRs Ap4o"418 .~specific heat flows,, q. versus the pipe length ratio L/de Figures 2 and 3 on the ;Enclosures show the test measurements obtained. In the figures Kn - M/\/He ia the Knudson coefficients Nud is the local Nusselt numbers iRd is the mean liusselt nunber considering the entire pipe length observed, and Nudo is Nusselt's number for continuous flow. It was found that heat transfer from gas to pipe wall is J' considerably 3ower in slip flow than in continuum flow, and that heat transfer coefficients depend upon the rarefaction parameters Orig, art. bass 3 equations 4 figures, ASSOCIATION: Institut mekhanild AN SSSR, Moscow (Institute 4r Mechanics AN SSSR) SUBIWTED a 29Nov63 ENGL a 03 WB CODE s MS NO REP SOV: 008 GTIERs 001 ACCESSION NR3 AAO"IaB s/b17o/64/boo/bo8/ooq3/bo96 AUTH3R: Haronov,, A* Ye. TITLE: Heat exchange in pipes with a slipping laainar flow SOURCEs Inzhonerno-fimicheskiy zhurnal, no. 8. 1964$ 93-96 TOPIC TAGS% laminar flow, pipe flow, fluid pressures heat exchange, Nusselt number, Knudson number, Frandtl number I-. ABSTRACT: Exporimental investigations of heat exchange for rarefied air flow with; slippage through pipes were conducted in order to determine the coefficients of heat, exchange for supersonic flow of rarefied gas in pipes. Two experimental pipes were used in the tests, the first being of steal with a length-to-diamater ratio L/d - 10, and the other of copper with L/d - 30. Figure 1 on the Ehelosures; is a sectional view of the test apparatus for the copper pipe. Local heat flow through the pipe wall was determined by the stationary heat register method and regular heat register method. In the first test case the thermal gradients were determined by thermocouples placed in a special bronze measuring ring soldered to the pipe; in the secorid case the heat exchange coefficients were determined by the rate of heating of the bronze rings. A graph was made showing the distribution of: I- Card_!1/5 MARENOV, A*Yeo Heat- transfer in tubes in a laminar flow vith slip. Inzh.-fiz. zhux. 7 no.8:93-96 Ag "&'+. (';II:r,A 17: 10) 1. Institut melchaniki All SSSH, Moakva. S/124/62/000/001/008/046 Determining heat transfer ... D237/D304 referred to the diameter of the tube. Experimental results are presented graphically. Z--Abstracter's note: Complete transla- tion.-7 V/-/ 19 Card 2/2 S/124/62/000/001/008/046 D237/D304 ? YJ 0 AUTHOR-. Marenov, A. Ye. TITLE: Determining heat transfer coefficients in the supersonic flow of rarefied gas in a tube PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, no. 1, 1962, 19, abstract IB124 (Inzhenernyy sb., 196o, 30, 139-14B) TEXT: A detailed description is given of an aerodynamic tube intended for setting-up slip flows of rarefied gases and of re- cording instruments. The methods of G. M. Kondratlyev (Teplovyye izmereniya (Thermal Measurements). M.-L., Mashgiz, 1957) of steady and regular thermal behavior are used to determine the coefficients of heat transfer. Mean parameters of flow are de- termined only in transverse cross-section. The degree of rare- faction of flow is determined, using theoretical values of Mach No. at.the point of emergence from the nozzle and Reynold's No. Card 112 MARENOV, A.Ye. Heat transfer in a lamina boundary layer in supersonic gas flow a-long a tube. Zhur.tekh.fiz- 31 no-8:1001-1011 Ag 161. (MIM 14-8) 1. Institut mekhaniki hII SSSR, Moskva. (Heat-Transmission) (Boundary layer) (Gas flow) 28009 S/508/60/030/000/012/013 Determining the coefficients ... D234/D306 Nu =0274-J/~R'1-(TOO/TsT), (12) X 0 +k, - t 2 the index x denoting local values of the parameters along the pipe; TSt is the temperature of the wall and T 0 that of the gas at the wall. The experimental values are always lower than those de- termined from the formula. There are 7 figures and 8 Soviet-bloc references. SUBMITTED: June 30, 1959 L11K Card 2/2 28009 S/508/60/030/000/012/013 D234/D306 AUTHOR: Marenov, A-Ye. (Moscow) TITLE: Determining the coefficients of heat loss in super- sonic flow of rarefied gas in pipes PERIODICAL: Akademiya nauk SSSR. Institut mekhaniki. Inzhenernyy sbornik, V. 30, 1960, 139 - 148 TEXT: The experiments were carried out in the domain of flow with sliding, the parameter of rarefaction varying between 0.13 M/ -V(Red ) 2. The interval of b1 was 3.5 to 5.5; the rarefaction of working air flow - 0.02 to 2 mm Hg, Red between 10 and 850. The de- vices used in the experiments are described in detail, and many theoretical formulae are quoted. Graphs of heat flow, velocity distribution and dependence of M on the length of the pipe are gi- ven (each for one or two of the experiments only). The author offers an empirical formula Card 1/2 MARMOT, *.re.'(I4oskva) 11 1 ~ Investigating heat exchange during supersonic air flow in pipes. Inzh. abor. 25:179-187 159. (MIRA 13:2) (Pipe--Hydrodynamics) (Heat-Transmission) KOSTERO, S. L*LM-IRMTO-~- G.; H)TIJ=IGH, V. P., SEFUSM, A. S.; YAKUSHIN, M. 1. "Wind tunnel with a gas heated by a high-frequency discharge." report submitted for 2nd All-Union Conf on Heat & Transfer, Minsk, 4-12 May 1964. Mechanics Inst, AS USSR. "Influence of the TemDerature Factor on the Coefficients of Heat Loss and ibrdraulic Resistance In Turbulent Flow." Thesis for degree of Cand. Technical Sci. Sub 16 Mar 50 Power Engineering Inst imeni G. Krzhizhanovskiy, Acad Sci USSR Sunpary 71, 4 SeP 52, Dissertations Presented for Deprees In Science and Enpineerinf, in Moscow in 1950. From Vecherpyaa~ Moo-kya, Jan-Dec 1950. MO. WITlY, Ya.l.., inzh, Pneumatic transportation of the concrete mix. M'ekh. stroi. 19 no.5.,13-15 MY 162 (14IRA 15:5) (Concrete-Transportation) (Pneum.ti,--tube transportation) K&RMM. T&. I., inzh. Pneumatic units for transporting building mixes. Mekh. strol. 17 no.6:24,95 Je 16D. (MMA 13:6) (Ptsumatie-tube tranabortation) (Kortar-Transporiation) (Concrete-Transportation) MAIMITNTY, Ya,I., inzh. Pneumatic systens for transporting concrete nizes. Prom..stroi. 37 no.10:55-60 0 159. (14IRA 13:2) 1. Vi3esoyiiznyy naxichnn-inaladovatellskiy inatitut transportnogo stroltel'atva Itinisterntva transportnogo stroitel'stva. (Pnnumatic-tubo tranaportation) (Concrete-Tratisportation) MARENNTY,,YA.I., lnzb. Concrete placers to be used in lining tunnels. Tranap.stroi. 9 no-10:27-30 0 859. (ICRA 13:2) (Tunneling) (Mixing machinery) -- MARERM, Ya.T., kand. takhn. nauk Using vacuum grabs In construction. Prom. stroi. 36 no.11:12-15 ff 158. (MIRA 12:1) (Hoisting machiner7) (Vacuum apparatus) "T MAKO Kle VA.. doktor tekhn.nauk; MARENNYT. Ya.I., kand.tokhn.nauk: ZAKAHMIN, B.G., inzh. Using vacuum apparatus in tunneling. Transp. stroi. 8 no.2:19-21 F '58. (MIRA 11:2) (Vacuum apparatus) (Tunneling) 1/4,/ 4 ~t lr~ A~ ,%,, / Y V Iq ~. ~1- MAREN M , Ta.l., inthener 1: 1 -... Calculating the engine output of the main drive of concrete pumps. Stroi.1 dor.mashinostr.2 no.9:10-14 S '57. (MIRA 10:11) (Electric drivihg) (Pumping machinery) (Concrete) MARVITIVY, Ya. I. ?4arerirWj, Ya. I. "Investigation of i)roblem-- of the structure of concrete tunnel facings using concrete pumps." Min Transport 'Machine Building USSR. All-Union Sci Res Inst of Transport Construction. Moscow, 1956. (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate in Techniral Sciences). Knizhnaya, letopisl No. 21, 1956. Moscow. ACC NR, AT6036599 energy of the incident ion. A mylar film 5 P tllic!t wilicil div4clcd vzc*.;,.:n part of the chamber from atmospheric air was used for electron absor-ption. Calculations showed that the contribution of seccndary radiadion to t1he dose absorbed by the biological object did not exceed 10/6. Since the biological objects were not more than 5 -10 th-A*c'A%-, their absorbed dose was calculated by ionization losses in polyethylene, a substance with braldna ability similar to moist tissue. A. No. 22; ATD Report: 66-116.7 SUB CODE: 06,20 / suB~j DAIZ: OOMay66 L~ard 3/3 ACC NR: AT6036599 Experimems were conducted on the U-150 cyclotron at Juona, wnicn produces beams of accelerated carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen atoms with energies around 7 Mev per nucleon with currents up to 10,pamp. irradi- ation of biological objects in these direct beams is impossible, since the aose power would be measured in megarads. In order to decrease the dose power to 2-5 rad/sec, the required level for irradiation of biolorfical objects, a special device was used. The ion flux was decreased 10' tilaes :by the process of scattering heavy ions on gold foil (1-2 M thick) fixed in um chamber. The angle between beams of primary and scattered ,,;a vacu ions reached 90% This arrangement ensurec' convenience of operation and the necessary uniformity of the radiation field with respect to intensity and ion energy. A special collimator (consisting of a system of concentric sleeves) was 11used to further equalize the radiation field. The collimator produces some !;decrease in the dose power received by the biological object, which can !'ibe compensated bY increasing ion currents. Irradiation monitoring was accomplished w1th a special ion current integrator. Durincr ion tcatterincr on uold foil secondary electrons are generated, which have a spectrum with a maximum in the region of 3 kev for a 60MLev Ca.-d NR: AT6036599' SOUME CODE: UR/0000/66/0001000/0234/0236 AUTHOR: Kudryanhov, "to. I.; Marenny A.. I.I.: Popov, V. L; Portman, A. 1.; Solyanov, 0. 1.; Sychkov, M. ORG: none TIIV-': A mot1jod of irradiating biological objects on a multicharge ion accaler.ktor JPaper Presented at t1jo C-onforence on Problems 02 Space Nedicino hold in ~;oscow from 24-27 ~jay 1966,7 SOUiCZ: Nonforentsiya po problemam kosmichoskoy nieditsiny, 1966. Problemy kosr matorialy konferentsli, I nichoskoy moditsiny. (Problems of spaco modicine); Moscow, 1966, 234-236 16 TOPIC TAGS: ion accelerator, synchrooyclotron, ionizing radiation biologic effect, radiation tissue effect ABSTRACT: .RBE values for neavy ions can De cietermined from experiments w.ith ;.irradiation of tissue and plant cultures. RBE determinations are necessary .for calculations of the total dose received by cosmonaut and li'fe-support ,system on a long spaceflight. At present the RBE values for heavy ions ~Iare set at 20-30, indicating the great radiation hazard pr~~�~nted by cralactic. ray's-. card 1/3-- GURVICH, E.B.; MARENNIKOVA, S.S. Laboratory diagnosis of smallpox and similar viral diseases by means of tissue culture methods, III. additional modes of differentiating viruses of the pox group in tissue culture. Acta virol. 8 no.5t435-442 S 164. 1. Scientific Research Institute of Viral Preparations, Moscow, U.S.S.R. MARENNIKOVA S.S.- SOLOVITEV, V.D. 9 Current state of the prevention of Zhur.=~ik7-cbiol., spid. i immun. 42 no.9:15~21 S 165. (MIRA 18:12) 1. Moskovskiy institut virusnykh preparatov i TSentrallnyy Institut usovershenstvovaniya vrachey. Submitted July 7, 1964. MAREITETKOVA, S.S.; MALITSEMI., N.N.; YUMASHEITA, t-T.A. Orie-n of vaccnnia virus. Vop. Virus. 10 no. -'A - 1-1-D f 1 '05 ( ~%! -1-4 --- ") t 'I ) 1. Moskovskiy na-urhno-issle-lovatqlIskly inotitut vlrlsny~~h prepa- ratov. Suhni tted Apri 1 12, 1964. RARENN I KOV A, S S ~ , A , -:-K "IT ':7'(' ' 'Mr~ ''7""' - - ~ ~ '~" -a , -'~ -` ' r - -T 439-4 47 JI-Ag 16~. , Moskcv5k.-i , F, E, ~ 11, . p rept rar ov . , )I- .~ , .-, !'D-7 i. . -R~ ',' : - )E , 7r, p , '; 4 ru-- . - ns,4; .- (XT-I~ -., v :, , , i 1 ~-, ~, ~ -,. ~~. , F, 1, ~ ut *. 1 j-,; ,;; n v 1, Y I KOV A It s EVA, Selection and tlhe Of t~la sriallpox vaccine vi,us. IIC,!,. 1. Moskavshiy nauchno-is~;jadovat-e MAMINIKOVA, S.S.; KAPTSOVA, T.I. :-, Age-dependLmce of susceptibility of ~ihite mice to variola vlruis. Acta virol. (Praha) [Eng] 9 no.3.-230,234 My'65. 1. The Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Viral Preparations, Moscow,U.S.S.R. MARENNIKOVk, S.S.; MALITSEVA, N.N. Comparative study of some strains of vaccine virus. Report Nc.2: Pathogenicity for laboratory animals. Vop. virus. 9 no.3:287-291 My-je 164. (MIRA 18:1) 1. Moskovskiy nauchno-isslpdovatellskiy institut virusnykh pre- paratov. MARENNIKOVA, S.S.; MALITSEVA, N.N. Comparative study of some strains of vaccine virus. Report No.l: Characteristics in chick embryos, hemagglutinating activity and thermoresistance. Vop. virus. 9 no.3:280-286 My-Je 164. (MIRA 18:1) 1. 14oskovskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut virusnykh prepa- ratov. . MARMIKOVA.S.S.; GURVIGHE.B.; YM4ASZEVA,M.A. taborator7 diagnosis of smallpox and similar viral diseases by means of tissue culture methods. II.Ditferentiation of smallpox virus from varicella Ve(,cinia,, cowpox and herpes viruses. Acta virol. (Praha) tEng.'] 8 no.2&135-142 Mr'64. 1. Research Institute of Viral Preparation,-, Hoscow,, USS& -I.- MARENNIKOVA, S.S.; GURVICH, E.B.; YU1,WHEVA, M.A. Laboratory diagnosis of smallpox and similar viral diseases by means of tissue culture methods. Acta virol. 7 no.2:124.-130 Mr 163. 1. The Mechnikov Scientific Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera, Moscow, U.S.S.R. I (SMALLPOX) (SMjU.1PO-A VIRUS) (VIRUS CULTIVATION) (TISSUE CULTURE) (DIAGNOSIS, LABORATORY) MARENNINDVAR S.S.; AKATOVA, E.M. Study of blomycin mction in experimental smallpox bifection. Vop.virus. 7 no.6043 N-D 162. (MM 16.-4) 1. Moskovskiy institut vaktsin i syvorotok imeni I.I.Hecbtikova. (SHALLLPOX) (AMEOMYCIN) T- MARENNIKOVA S.S - GURVICH, E~B.; OGORODNIKOVA, Z.I. Comparative study of Soviet and foreign smallpox vaccines. Vop. virus 7 no.1:62--68 JA-F 162. (I-VA 15:3) 1. Moskovskiy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut vaktsin i syvorotok imeni I.L, Mechnikova. . (SMALLPa) (VACCIVES) MARENNIKOVA 5 S YEREMYAN, A.V.; OGORODNIKOVA, M. Treatment of petients with gmallpouc with antismaUpcw.. globuUin. Zhur.mikrobJol. epid. i irmm)n. 32 no.4:84,.87 Ap 161, WRA 14:6) 1. Iz Moskavskogo instituta vaictsin i syvorotok imbai Mechnikova, 2-y klinicheskoy infektsionnoy bollnitsy i kliniki Instituta virusologii imeni lvanovskogo 91N SSSR. (SMLLPox) (GAMA GLOBULIN) MARENNIKOVAq S.S. Isolation and study of the properties of the --11pox virus. Report No. 2: Susceptibility of laboratory animals to the smallbox virus. Vop. virus* 7 no. 1:75-78 Ja-F 161, (KIRA 14:4) 1. Moskovskiy instittt vaktsin i syvorotok imeni I.I. Mechnikova. (SMALLPOX) MARENNIKOVA, S.S.; MITSEVA, K.N. Use of the slide agar precipitation reaction in the diaknosis of smallpox, Vop,virus, 6 no,2:204-207 *-Ap 162. (MIRA 14:6) 1. Institut vaktain i syvorotok imeni I.I.Mechnikova.- Moskva. (SMALT.POX) (AGAR) 14MNNIK(WAp S.S. Smallpox ovamocine and specific ga=. globul-in. Rauch. oan. pro.4zv. bakto prop. 10.*24-32 161. (MIRA 18:7) 1. Moskovskiy itatitut vaktain i m7vorotok im. Mechnikova. Q14ARENNIKOVAt SOSO --------------- -- Isolation of smallpox virus on chick embryos. Zhur. mikrobiol. epid i immun. 31 no.6:102-106 Je 160. (' HIPA 13:8) 1. Iz 14oskovskoeo institute. vaktsin i syvorotok im. Mechnikova. (Stwi,pa) (BACTFMOLOGY, MEDICAL) HARMIKOTA, S.S.; GURVICH, N.B.; YUMASHETA, H.A. Isolation and studies on the properties of the smallpox virtLe. Report go.l: Isolation of the smallpox virus in tissue culture. Top.virus. 4 no.6:703-710 N-D 159. (MIRA 13:3) 1. Hoskovskiy institut vaktsin I s7vorotok imeui Machnikova. (SMALLPOX virol.) KkRMIKOVA, S.S.; MINIM. L.1 New strains of influenza virus. Top.virus. 4 no.4:411-416 JI-Ag '59. (KM 12:12) 1. Mbskovski7 nauchno-iiialedovatellskiy institut vaktain i sy7orotok Imeni I*Ie Machnikova. (nUWMZA MUSES) IwMwIKOVA, S. Conference on meeting the international demand for smallpox vaccine. Vop.virus. 4 no-3:381-382 Hy-Je '59. (MM 12:8) (SIVJIJIOX) I-WMINIKOVA, S. S., MASTYUKOVA, 7U. N., SOLOVIYEV, V. D. "Virus vaccines and problems of smallpox vaccination.91 report submitted at the 13th All-Union Congress of ltrgienists, Epidemiologists and Infectionists, 1959. KARMIKOVA, S.S.. _AKATOTA, B.H. The hemagg2utinating activity of the smallpox virus [with sum- mar7 In English]. Bjul.eksp.biol. i med. 45 no.4:88-91 Ap 158 (KIRA 11:5) 1, Is Hoskovskogo nauchno-iasiodovatellskogo instituta vaktain L syvorotok imeni. 1.I. Machnikovs, (dir. A.P. Huzychanko). Predstavlena deystvitellnym chlanom AIG SSSR LD. Tillberom. (SRALMOX, virus hemagglutinating activity with blood from various animal species (RUB)) (MWGGLM IMAT ION, activity of smallpox virus on blood from various animal species (Rua)) MARENHINOVA.-S-S-; POIFOWM7A. N.A.; OGORODNIKOVA, Z-I.; DURASOVA, M.N. Experimental preparation and studies Of antismallpox gamma globulin [with summary in English]@ VOPovirua,3 noe6:338-341 9-D 158* (MIRA 12.1) 1. Institut vaktain i svorotok imeni Mechnikova, Moskva. (SMALIPOX, immunolog7, anti-smallpox globulin (Rus)) (GAMMA GLOBULIN, anti-smallpox (Rus)) See 4 Vol 12/5 Med. Micro. May 1379. USE OF THE HAEMAGGLUTINATION -INHIBITION TEST FOR DIAGNOSIS OF SMALLPOX (VARIOLA VERA) (Russian text) - M.arennikova--S_S___ VOPR. VIRUSOL. 1958, 2 (74-78) Tables 3 The titres of haernagglutination -inhibition tests in patients Increase in the course of illness. reach their peak by the 12-26th day from the onset and then gradually decline. Especially high titres are noted between the 12th and 15th day of Illness. (IV.. 171 .,I.wUSSR / General Problems of Pathology. Immunity. U Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 22# 1958o 102399. Abstract: streptomycin were added. In all cases, a decrease of antibody production was noted. In introduction of penicillin in the course of 7 days, 24 hours after vaccination, the decrease of the Intensity of antibody production was also obsevved. Card 2/2 WUSSR / General Problems of Pathology. Immunity. U Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 22, 1958, 102399. Author : Marennikova, S. S.; Akatova, E. M. Inst : T16-s_c_o_w_5_c1_e_ntTr1_c_ Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera. Title : On the Problem of the Influence of Antibiotics on the Production of Antibodies in Animals (Prelim- inary Report). Orig Pub: Tr. Mosk. n.-i. in-ta baktsin i syvorotok, 1957, 9, 208-213. Abstract! Rabbits were immunized subcutaneously and intra- venously with the virus of smallpox vaccine, which was adapted to chicken embryos. 10-30 min. beflQre introduction, per 1 ml of smallpox vaccine, 250- 1000 units of penicillin, and up to 1000 units of Card 1/2 17 USSR / V:Lrolcgy. Human and Animal Viruses. Viruses of the Pox E-3 Group. ,',bs Jour Ref Zhur- Biol., No 20, 1958, No 90648 Authors :_Jjar ikova, So 34; Mastyukova, Yu. N.; Ogorodnikova, Z. I. Inst : Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera Title :A Study of Tnoculability of the Smallpox Vaccine Virus Cultivated in Developing Chicken Embryos. Ori67 Pub :Tr. Mosk. n.-i. in-ta vaktain i syvorotok, 9, 144-147. ,'Lbstract :The smallpox vaccine virus ims cultivated in chicken umbryos in the course of 319 conseoutive passages. The virus ro- tained its high inoculability., for children. The vaccina- tion process proceeded as in immunization with dernomccine. Card 1/1 USSR / Virology. Human and Animal Viruses. Viruses of the Pox E-3 Group. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biol., No 20j, 1958, No go662 Authors : 1%1W-en1!;UnviAj-..q. S.; Uspenskiy, F. N.; Maksimoju, ff. A. Inst : Moscow Scientific Research Institute for Vac(iines and Serums. Title : An Experiment in tho Mass Application of a New Smallpox Vaccine (Egg Vaccine) in the City of Yaroslav. Jrig Pub : Tr. Mosk. n.-i. in-ta vaktain i syvorotok, 1957, 9, 141-143. Abstract : No abstract. Card 1/1 22 USSR / Virology. Human and Ani-I Viruses. Viruses of the Fox E-3 Group. Abs Jour :Ref Zhur - Biol., No 20, 1958, N,~ 90654 Author :Maremikova, S. S. Inst :Moscow S-crb1rt*fic Research Institute for Vaccines and Sura. Title :Theoretical Foundations for Smallpox Ovovaccinia Production. Orig Pub :Tr. Mosk. n.-1. in-ta. vaktsin i syvorotok, 1957, 91 129-140. Abstract :Ovovuccinia (0V) was obtained from chick embryos (CE) infec- ted with high concentration vaccine virus on the chorioall=- tole membrane (CAM) or in the allantoic cavity* OV was no less active than d,,nwvaccine. In drying OV horse serum was used as a stabilizing agent. As a preserving agent penicillin, streptcmycin or their combination (300 and 250 units per one milliliter respectively) were used, OV retained its activity during 12~ - 1LP,*- months of storage at 4-200. At 370, the Card 1/2 19 MARRYUKOVA. S.3.; MASTTUKOVA, Yu.N. Methods for a laboratory diagnosis of smallpox. Top.virms. 2 ao.2:115-117 Kr-Ap 157. (KLRA 10:6) 1. Koskvoskiy institut imeni I,I.Kechnikova i kafedra virusologit TSentrallnogo Institute t6overshenstvovaaiya vrachey, Koakwa. (SMALLPOX, diago laboratory methods (Rua)) EXCERPTA XMIGA Soc.4 '761.11/4 1,1':dL.1:1crob. ate. Ap.-U518 950. CULTURE OF SNIALLPOX VIRUS AND VACCINE IN DEVELOPDNG CHICK EMBRYO (Russian text) - Marennikova S. S. , Mastiukova Yu. N. , Akatova E . M. and 0gorodnikova Z. I. I. M. 14echnikova Vaccine and Serum Inst. and Dept. of Virology of the Centr. Inst. for the Advancement of Med. , Moscow - VOP. VIRUS. 1956, 6 (36-40) Tables 2 Illus. 2 Culture was carried out on 12-day-old chick embryo by placing the material on the chorio-allantoic membrane. During culture a difference in the patho-enicity of the 2 viruses to the chick embryo was detected. At a time when the vaccine viruz starting from the first passage caused death in 100916 of embryos, the smallpox virus was pathogenic to them only after the 3rd-6th passage. The lesions in the chorio-allantoic membrane varied during the first passage. Whereas the vaccine virus induced scattered whitish flat formations with irregular margins, the small- pox virus produced regularly distributed, dense, raised, clearly defined formations. In the further passages these differences were not observed. After a number of passages the smallpox virus, in contradistinction to the vaccine virus, showed complete or almost complete loss of ability to agglutinate chick erythrocytes. The infectivity of Ihe smallpox virus in rabbits (Grot's intracutaneous test) was consid- erably less marked than that of the vaccine virus. The stated differences in the action of the 2 viruses can be of help in the differential diagnosis. Kaulen - Moscow (S) Kit t'A I 1~",(~v AI~, 5 -) KABMMEDVA, S.S.; 14ASTYMVA, Yu.N. Methods of deterniaiV virulence of-wallpox vaccine. Zhur. a1krobiol.spid. I 1-un. no.8:66-91 Ag 155. (MA 8:11) 1. Is otdola virunov (sav.-prof. V.D.Soloviyev) Gasudarst nnogo ova kontrallnogo instituta eyvareitak i vaktain( dir.-S.I.Didanko) (SMLPOX. Imminologyr, vaccine, determ. of virulence) (VACCINES AND VACCINATION. smallpox vaccine. determ. of virulence) I-W-EDIVIKOVA. S. S. Culture of vaccinia virus in chick Zhizr.mikrobiol. apid. i imrmn. no.6:99-102 Je '55. (HLRA 8: 9) 1. 1z 1-foakovskogo inatituta vaktain i Vvorotok imeni I. I. 14echni- kova (dir.-A.P. "chonko) (VACCINIA, viruses, cultnre In chick embryo) (VIRUSES vaccinia virus. culture in chick embr7o) VAr,7NXIKOVA, S. S. KHA Y,AVOV, MARMIKOVA, S.S. Iffeat of influenza on activities of mxcleotidase and acid phosphatate in mouse organs. Biulokap.biol. i mad. 37 no.4: 43-47 AP '54. (HLRA 7:7) 1, Iz laboratorii blokhImii (zav. prof. V.I.Tovarniteldy) Inatituta virumologil (dir. prof. M.F.Chumakov)AMY SSSR I otdola virasov (saw. prof. V.D.Solov'yev) Xontrol'nago institute, avvoro- tok I vaktain (dir. S.'I.Didanko) (INFLUMU, experimental. *matab.of nuclaotidaea & acid phoophatass in) (MOSMATASES, *acid phos~hatase & nualaotidase, metab. in exper. influenza)