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MARKMCH9 S.V.j PALICHI4 M.V. Effect of the energy of quanta of x-irradlation on the oxidation of iron in solution and the optical activity of glucose. Dokl. AN BSSR 5 no. 2:65-69 ~ 161. (KMA 14:2) Is Institut fiz:iko-organicheskoy kbi-ii AN BSSR. Predstavleno akademikam,AX BSSR B.I. Stepanovym. (I rays) (Glucose-Xptical properties) (Iron) 00 AUTHOR; M--kevich, S. V. 28 -V~ 8 S/ 152/6 i/ooo/ol o/oon/oo- B126/B101 TITLE; Belorussian crudes PERIODICAL; Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy, Neft' 1 L1,1Z, nc 1961, 6o TEXT. In Southern Belorussia petroleum deposits were found in 1953 at Narovlya and Yel's k and in 1955 at Kopat kevichi~ The analytical data cf the first samples tested are as follows, Analytical data Narovlya Yel'sk Kopatkevichi Specific dravity 0,925 0.913 0.920 Viscosity, 0E 050 14.6 2~5 7.0 Flash point, C 78 45.0 55 Pour point, 0C - -18 - Paraffin content, Holde /D - 0.41 qualitative reaction positive Tar, 70 52.2 49~2 Card 1'12 Belorust;iazi crudes Analytical data Sulfur, Fractions. ,zS of crude I.B.P. 200 0C 200-3000C 300-3250C Residue, lo Depth of layer. m 2t 388 S/1 52/6 1 1/000/01, O/GO6// U-j B'261BI01 Narov1ya Yel'sk Kopatkevichi 2.89 3.63 8.9e 5.86 16,12 9~4 16,46 29~65 18,4 47-82 1110.06 36.0 21.20 11~,95 34~4 740 2400 2000 It can be assumed that the three wells 2ocated at a distance of 25 to 75 km from one another form one commcr) deposit, The analytdoal data. tll.e depth of layer, and the presence of anhydrite rock formations in tni_; Urea support this assumption; the lat-,er fact also expleins the ,igh sulfur content. Thus, the basic indications show that Be1oruL;siai_ crudes are heavy, rich in tar and sulfur, non-paraffinic. and poor in liEnt There are 1 table and 4 Soviet references, SUBMITTED. April 18, 19b, aK Card 2/2 MAHIVICH, S V,,, AlYlKSANPI~(VICH, KhJ1.0 L-IrVINENIC. IE,il. i L - reneral cH.Rracte-I !~,,Ics of the ncirsoluble rec'--q 3~ - 1~ . 1 4 -, '.. oro In , ~ie Stnrchir. depooit. Vestsi AN BSSIR. Ser. f 17, tr-kh. nr~v, no,.-':44-q 162. (MIRA 18~4) MUIEEVIGHP S.V~. New table of atomic - sea (weiqhts). Vestsi AN BSSR. Ser. f12.-tekh. nav. no.3tl35-137 162. (MIM 1833) MAMVICH v S.V. Exchange reaction between ethylene and deuteroethylene on an aluminosilicate catalyst for cracking. Zhur.fix.khis. 36 no.lOs2307-2308 0 162. (MIRA 1734) 1. Inatitut fisiko-orgardaheakoy khimii AN BSSR. MARKEVICH SeEg2X Vasillyevich; 13EZ.RUKOVA, N.., red.; TEMIOLENKO,V., ~ - w =i= ("Big chemistry'll "Dollshaia khimiia.0 Minsk, Gos.izd-vo BSSRO 1963. 93 P. (MIRA 16:12) (Macror,olecular compounds) (Synthetic products) Conversions of ethylene on aluminosilicate catalysts. KinJ kat. 4 no.5:753-759 S-0 163. (MIRA 16s12) 1. Institut fiziko-organieheskoy khimii AN BSSR. 4LMJZULHO.-~.V.; IGIAMIOPIMIKO, S.S. [Kharamonenka, S.S.); GORIVIOV, P.T. (Harhmau, P. TS.]; MUMMY, Ye.V. [Stakhouski., IA.V.]; VOLOKHANOIFICH, A.I. (Vialakhanovich, A.I.]; BOIJDATOIKO, N.T. (Bandarenka, M.TS.l Radiolysis of polyglukin solution. Vestsi AN BSSR Ser. biial. nav. no.31lD7-113 164 (~FM 18:1) TROXHIMTSV A,I.,,- MUNICH, S.V. Determination of the order of H - D exchange reaction between athylene end douteriim onrtoxide of alusinum. Zhur, ris, khim, 58 nos5e1295-15W 14Y 164. (MIRA 18,12) 1, Institut fisiko-organiaheskoy khImU AN BOR, &ubmitted MAY let 1965, MARKEVICHP S.V.; ELITEKOV, Yu.A. Effect of the chemical composition of aluminosilicates on deuterium-hydrogen exchange. Zhur. fiz. khim. 39 no.5-10541- 1060 Itr 165. (MIRA 18:8) 1. institut fizichoskoy khimii AN SSSR i Institut fiziko- organicheskoy khimii AN BSSR. TPUMUMET'if k-.kK.~YvP-, i. . I- - . ~ . V. 11 .. J~ -1 j~- v~ I) r. 4. 11--- ll! 'I !I M(It. ')-ur. f,-Z. khlm. 39 no.P-,Il)b.-200--, ~P 165* lprgl) I - . -1 1. Inn'.1tuL obstichey ' k~.Lnml ' 'J1 7-Yr,:3R. --xAW3vIM,,SpYA.j,--Ovt sent DwyComy surgical care In the Idthawdan S.S,R* Zdmv.Bolor. 3 no.10.-51-52 0 157. (MM 13:6) 1. M&vzWy kbirmV Iftodadravs, LitarakDy SSL (LRWAXIA-SMMU) XLMVICH, S.74.. doteent ~11 eli~ Sprgical fixation of clavicle fractures witb 11rachner nallso Ortop.travm. i protez. 20 no.3:72 Nr '59. . (MIR& 12:6) 1, Is kliniki gospital'noy khirargii (zav.kafedroy - prof. X.V.Danilorv) Kalininskogo maditsinskogo inetituta. (CIAVICLI-FROTURS) I Ke - - VIC sill *,c e>~~ lennoi3tt Ott b 0 ~bT ~CVIO 7s- TkI eOLO 1 -net 1101 SIA -rt% A9515 9 ~OD ti.3 j 0 r'0 roa-ao sta ntyke tic cti,10 09V V 6i.0-Y16 r tbi.6 go SYMIND - IftcT %ent 0' en te t-V:Y~P- elf-0 OU13 on, tyle 63,to. etc. jeIOV ven VA -q ell Ihe $i9 S ins aatae re GOnt3- OnOTIA-0 S:rol tb ti. one ano 0 'PeT Only ec etyl -~S aeTI e t*n Yind ~.-n f or, Aesi 0eti.0 tyle the 0. cjt~ 'ase ea-rS ne ~bill .. cave. tyle O'st tjoll 9 J.S do ;-ra% On ell OatI?xjv . ,a oil t1ae Od'ao , ~-n -1 aAal e. 'a tal arj:0G Tof VT 0ta. A951 t'q'e se d e a ?806T tion do, 04~ng Ij:n4 qtTj tve toe 0- jj.T3 T'es tae 13 a tyw rodv a . 1300 ~ 'PT be -I.Sea jT% the at ej:n one 'a a t s -as 01 ti. foT JAOT .ion'- .30se taa Dts c-r ec jaen 0.9 SO I tio'n ect k-1 cy~n~.Cs- ti. One TOIP60 COrIn a, Of avc -ble -te C-re. lei, tn. of Tthe 'EAb tb3. etbo D.Cla ti OA I r, 0, 0-~n 4,11 TI j.0 -rod"" TO'S. -tne 13 '1101 -401% tne 11 UT V OIA%e in etila ~-q ell O~ Sla c -~Ges 0.1 -re Ttec.",~G Ii.0 -0%011)-s VLe V-4,0 TOI)e ;351%1 en 0. *,he deTa d'ac ?e tnaa r,e-rsaa oat a not tea voin at-OU an Nil d T Synthetic Ethanol Industry Abroad 64-58-2-16/16 hydration is used. Economic hints are mentioned with respect to the production of ethanol, the fermentative as well as the synthetic one, mainly in the USA, statistical data and dia- Grams of the raw material consumption being given. There are 4 fizurias, 2 tables, and 32 references, 0 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Hauchno-issledovateliskiy institut ainteticheskikh spirtov i organicheskikh produktov (Scientific Research Institute for Synthetic Alcohols and Organic Products) AVAILABLEt Library of Congress 1. Ethanol--Synthesis Card 2/2 0-:53 96 7 v / L- /J; 1", 11 - Do S&P*; SB=INO YO.P.; KARMICED To&. Wbatle etbyl &Uohol Industry abroad, Mda, prom. m'2t]22-227 mr 0580 !on no) le' Nwachno-Imelodovatellekly institut eintetichemidth spirkov I orcmdchem"w% ~rodmktov, Okbyl alcohol) SOV!/63-3-6-23/43 AUTHORS: Markevich, V,A., Krent'sel', B.A., Candidates of Chemica: Scien- ces, Okhlobystin, O.Yu. TITLE: Conference on Metal-Organic Syntheses (Soveshchaniye po netal- loorganioheakim sintezam) PERIODICAL: Khimichookaya nauka i promysh'Lennost', 1958, Vol III, Mr 6, p 821 (USSR, ABSTRACT: In june 1950 a scientific-technical conference took place in Moscow dealing with metal-organic syntheses of alcohols, _-ono- mers, acids, etc. The conference was attended by 50 special- ists from 16 different organizations. The followine pnpers .-4-rc presented: O.Yu. Okhlobystin, L.I. Zakharkin, Institute of Element-Organic Compounds, "The Use of Aluminum-Org-,Lnic pounds for the Synthesis of Other Element-Organic M)mpounds"; V.V. Gavrilenko, L.I. Zakharkin, Institute of Element-Oreanic Compounds, "Synthesis of Carbonic Acids and Alkylhal on the Basis of Aluminumtrialkyls"; I.M. Khorlina, L.T. Zakharkin, Institute of Element-Organic Compounds, "Prorluction of Aldehydes From Nitryls and Double-Decomposed Amides by D1-- isobutyl-Aluninu,mhydride Reduction"; V,M. Li3it,,;in, State r 3/2 Committee for Ch,~.-:.J of .he USSR Council of Ministera, on Met~.,I-OrCanic Syntheses SOV/~ 3 -'-6 "Study of the Poncibilit~r of Ind-,:strial Prodaction of :etr- ethyl-Lead by t-e Electrclysio of Comllex Cempounds of --ri- ethyl -Aluminum"; I.V. CE_.rL1CnOV, lr,.K. Chevych--iova, All-Urion Scientific Research Institute of Synthetic Rubber, "Synti-e-zis of 2-Llethyl-butylen-1 and 2-Ethylbutor-l on the Basis of Pro- pylen, (X -Butylen and Ethyleri Tlith the Application of Tr-1- ethyl-Aluminum"; .7,%1. Parberov, S.I. Kryukov, AX. Kut'in, "Selective Dimerization of Propylen and Its Uze in Techi.jca2 Synthenes"; A.1... Slaffirov, V.A. Marl~evich, Scientific Reac arch Institute of S~-nthetic Alcohols ari Or..-,-anic Products. "Pro- duction of Higher Alcohols From Or,-~anic Compounds of It has been recommended to install an experimentul-industrial plant for the production of simple alh~-Is and pure aluminum which are nooded for metal-or~;anic z-,nthesis an(' are not available in the necessary qu~.ntltics. CoilloqiiiL C~J.-d 2/2 3ho"ld be arranCed at intervals of 3 - 4 months. 2o-119-6-29156 Kaftevs, A. N.v Nkrkovieks V. A.g Tavichp L Aep Lullevat L.I., Chornove To No "Is Production of Son* Primary Alcohols by Neans of Organo- Aluminum Coppounds (Poluchanlys nokotorykh erviohziykh spirtov GbOPOS alYuslaiYorcanithesklys mayedimemiyal MIODIUM D*1ady Akadoull mauk BBUO 1958p Vol. 119# Ir 6p PP-1159-1161 (9582) ABITIMs In connection with reference@ in publications (Ref 1) concern- Its the Possibility mentioned In the title the authors in- vostigated a compleX ot robotions which Tender possible the conversion ot a-eleflas Into primory sloobols according to the following Schemes 1) a - an a ffl~ + &I * N ---# a - OR2- ON2&1 (1) 2) (1) + OR --.* Ot2CR2 ' 0a' (11) 3) (11) + ~20 ----P RONCE20B &2(011) Card i where oa a 1 /3 Al. 2o-119-6-29/56 The Production of Saw ]Priwu7 Alcohols by Memo of Organosluminus Compounds This reaction was portom9d, by examples of 2-nothylpontone-1 sad 2-othylboxons-19 which were produced by stsane of dimeri- satioa of propylons and a-butylono, The aluminum-trialkyle produced of theme olofiamp an well am trialkyl-aluninum synthesised by another method were oxydisod into alcoholatoo by mmans of air; which Oon we" hydrolysod Into the cor- responding alcoholse By some of specially performed experi- most* with oxidation of tridecylaluninum at low temperature It me proved that the reaction passes a stage of forming a peroxide compeandp whichp accordIM to a molecular rogroupingt apparoat3y to Irsonfented Into alwdzus alcoholatoo It has Use* proved that the production mentioned in the title is relatively sumle and that It Is possible In sufficiently good yields (6-0 - 65 %), lWation products of clefifts always are produced as secondary products, According to the f inely disperse Iron$ which to present In the active slunix= and which plays the put of a specific oatelymor of the type of the skeleton metals of the eighth group of the periodic system of olonextel hydration takes place* the iron content amounted to up to It - 15 09. ?hl temperature necessary for the Wonyl Card 8/~ dinerlestion to by Iss, 0 higher than in the came of propylono. 2o-119-6-29/56 The Production of Some Primary Alcohols by Means of Organoaluminum Compounds Preliminary analysis-results of the waste gases after the di- merization showed that butene-2 practically does not enter reaction. Besides the 2-ethylhexene hexene-1 always (from butylene and triethylaluminum) and 2-mothylpentene-I forms (from the propylene contained in the technical butylene frao- tion). in spite of these secondary products the yield of butene-1 dimer is very high (go % of that theoretically pos- sible). Then follows an experimental part with usil Al data. There are 9 references, 2 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Nauchno-isoledovatellskiy institut sinteticheskikh spirtov i organicheskikh produktov (Scientific Research Institute of Synthetic kloohols and Organic Products) ]PRESENT10: December 27, 1957, by B. A. Kazanskiy, Member, Academy of Sciences, USSR SUNITTZD: December 249 1957 Card 3/3 SOV/133-58-12-19/19 AWMMI Fridland A. I. and Markovich TIM. TITLB: 0 oration of Tube'Velftm WNW Fired with Natural Gas Mbota trubosvarocWkh peahey na prlrodnm gaze) MIODICALs Btal, 1958, Nr 12, pp 1142-1144 (UM) j AD82UCT: A description of the tube welding furnaces at the VOfts U82M is given (Figs 1-3). ?he firing of furnaces was transferred from oil to natural gas (methane) using a two stage burner (Fig 2). Neither air nor gas are pro- heated. It vas found that natural gas can replace oil in tube velding furnace beating metal to 1330 - 136o0c vithout application of the carburisation of flame with oil, providing a long lualuous flame Is maintained. With the transfer to natural gas firing the output of Card 1/2 BOT/113-56-12-19/19 Operation of Tube Welding Furnaces tired with natural Oas the mills Increased by SS but the specific coumption of fuel Increased by 15-18%. This problem should be further investigated. There are 3 figures. ASMIATIONs Dnepropetrovskiy truboprokatnyy sevod Im. Lenim (Dnepropetrovsk Tube Works imeni Lenin) Card 2/2 Uw=-V0 60.7% SHAK, M.L., inzh.; MAROVICH, V.M., inzh. ~ -')4' Operation of needle-element recuperators. Prom. energ. 13 no. 6:8- 9 Je 958. (MDU 11:8) 1. Duepropetrovakiy truboprokst-avy rnvod imeni Lenina. (Farnaceu, Hosting) MARKEVICH, V.M., inzh.i IY)V, V.B., inzh. Heat engineering conditions for stabilizing the temperature along the length of a sectional furnace for heat treating pipe. Stall 25 no.2:176-179 F 165. (MIRA 18:3) 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy i konstruktorsko- tekhnologicheskiy institut trubnoy promyshlennosti. KMUETS,, G.N... kend.tekhn.nauk; TOV, V.B. p insh.; JQMVICH, V.M._, inzh.; FIVAR, U.N. . inzh. Operations of a test chamber in a compartment furnace for rapid beating on natural gas. Stall 22 no.2%170-173 F 162. (MIRA 15:2) I* Mcrainskly nauchno-ieBledova4-el'skly trubnyv institut. (Ru,naces., Heating-Testing) l,'LkRKEVICII ~nzh. Automat I c con tvo~ of" E~f-( t' onal , hea !-tr P--P. 4,rig ?:--- * r. . Lrub no. 12:68-72 164. ( 1A I -, . L I ! MCUNKO, I*X., dek-tor tokhnichookikh nauk, prefeseor; rMUSALIHOV. Me., kandidat tokhnichookikh nauk, dotment; ANMRIYASHW, X.Ya., inihoner; MARWICK, V.P., In2hener. X ray examination of high-voltage insulators. Blektrichostvo no.8: 78-79 Ag 156. (KLTLA 9: 10) lAlyevskiy ordens Lonins. polit0dininhPakty institut (for Fodehenke. Iyerusaltmov. 2.Kiyevonerge (for Andriyashov, Markevich). (Blectric insulators and insulation) (I rays--Industrial applications) KAMVICH, V.P.; SANKISYAN, S.G., otvatstvennyy rodaktor-, IOSOT. G.I., NSMUVA. N.A., tokhnichaskly redaktor. [Geological structure of Iketern Georgia) Geologichookoe stroenis Vostochnol Grusli. Kooky&. Izd-vo Akad. nouk SSSR. 1954. 231 p. (Kakhotle-Geology) (MLRA 7:102 MARMICH.T.F. Disloostlons of lake Paskunchak and its surrourAing region. Trml~v Inst. neftl 3:14-27 154. (KM 8:6) (Baskunchak region-Earth movaiments) P-M 100 C AID P - 1137 Subject USSR/Mining Card 1/1 Pub. 78 - 15/25 Author : Markevich., V. P. Title : Determination of orientation of core samples at pros- pecting drilling Periodical Neft. khoz., v. 32, #11, 53-55, N 1954 Abstract The author describes a method for orientation of the core sample at survey drilling with marking and recording with special protractor of the angularity of each pipe section lowered to the bottom of the well. Seven drawings. Institution : None Submitted : No date /Y/ 15-57-4 -5448 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geologiya, 1957, & 4, p 191 (USSR) AUTHOR* Markevich, V. P. TITLE: Faulting in the Region of Chapehachl Mountain (0 dis- lokatsiyakh v rayone gory Chapchachi) PERIODICAL: Tr. In-ta nefti AN =R, 1955, Vol 5, pp 3-16. ABSTRACT: Chapchachi Mountain (central part of the Volga-Ural Interstream area) is composed of early Caspian, Apsheron, and Permian rocks. The author describes a number of outcrops of all these rocks. The central part of the structure consists of rock salt of Lower Permian age. The cap rock over the salt is gypsum up to several dozen meters thick, exposed at the south- eastern and northwestern ends of the mountain. The Kazansklyseries is represented by dolomitized limestones, cropping out on the southwestern ridge of the uplift. The ridge, surrounding the Ghapchachi uplift, is com- Card 1/2 posed of fault breccia, of which there are three Flaulting in the Region of Chapchachi Mountain (Cont. ) 15-57 -4 -5448 principal types : gypsum, limestone, and bituminous marl. The thickness of the breccia ranges from several centimeters to 22 m and more. The Apsheron deposits are mostly green clays. They dip at angles up to 600 (at the southeastern end of the uplift) and are apparently over 100 m thick. Early Caspian sediments, resting on various older rocks, consist of sandy material that contains pebbles and cobbles (up to 30 cm) of gypsum, dolomite, and limestone. The Chapchachi uplift is an exposed salt anticline, elongated from southwest to northeast, and is oval in plan. The rocks from which the fault breccia was formed were carbonate rocks of theKazanekiy series. The breccia was formed before Apsheron time, but after the beginning of Neogene time. It was produced by horizontal faulting along the axis of the anticline. Card 2/2 R. G. G. P 15-57-4 -544 9 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geologiya, 1957, Nr 4, p 191 (USSR) AUTTIOR: Markevich, V. P. TITLE: Duta on the Geology of Bis-Chokho Hill ahd Its Environs (Materialy k geologii gory Bis-chokho i yeye okre s tnos ti ) PERIODICAL: Tr. In-ta nefti AN SSSR, 1955, Vol 5, pp 155-163. ABSTRACT: The author describes the exposures on the Bis-chokho salt-dome uplift (in the Volga-Ural Interstream area). Bis-chokho Hill is composed of various rocks. Gypsum is most abundant. Brown, yellowishp yellowish brown, and gray marls are also rather widespread, locally interbedded with gypsum, clay and clay shale, sandstone, and limestone. The gypsum, sandstone, limestone, and shale belong to the Kuniprakly series. Some of the varieties of bituminous marl may be referred to the Kazanskiyseries because of their similarity to rocks Card 1/2 at Chapchachi Mountain. It is possible that some of 15-57-4-5449 Data on the Geology of Bis-Chokho Hill (Cont.) . the coarse-grained sandstones belong to the Permian. Limestones have been found with Upper Cretaceous fossils. The widespread occurrence of gypsum indicates that the salt mass lies at shallow depth. Tho uplift is suggestive of the Baskunchak structure. The Khuday-Bergen uplift (15 km northwest of Bis-chokho), with the uplift of Bis-chokho and Lake Bis-uba, is similar to the structure of Bol'shoi Bogdo-- Baskunchak--Malyy Bogdo. The crest of the dome is apparently located at the Khuday-Bergen uplift, and Lake Bis-uba and Bis-chokho Hill are on the flank. Card 2/2 R. G. G. r N'e V I I it/ V I r, USSB/Costoeberntstry. Geochemistry. Hydrodhenistry. D Abs4our Referat. Zhurnal~Khimiya, No 6, 1957, 1896D. AuU.or V.P. Markevich. Inst Title Orig Pub 'Sme -Regularities in Metr1bution -of Mineral O.Ll and Gas Hanifestatione'vith the Tarritoryof Eastern ~Geokgia. In the Symposium Materiyaly Po (.,eol. i Neftenoenosti Gruziyi. m., AN ssm, 1956, 5-33, 16D-i6l. Abstract 7he mineral oil manifestations In Eastern Georgia may be divided into 3 groups: 1) connected with out- crops of rocks originally impregnated with mineral oil,.2) cbmected'with fissures in rocks, and 3) con- nected with #ud volcanism. The studied mineral oil specimens of Eastern Georgia (Kachetiya) do not dis- tinguish themselves by a homogenity of their composi- tion. Mineral oils are characterized chiefly by the proximity of the component composition of oils, as- -72- MARM ICE W- - :~ Definition of the concept 'oil field.* Trudy Inst.nefti 7:207-w216 156, (MIRA 1021) (Petrolevm geology) ULITANDY, A.To, etvatstvenWy rodektor; XOTLYAR T- o 2 9 M as UW TV.. P.. wrl - a MAU, 1~ a, r lsdat*ltatva; POLBSITBUTA, S*X-, t*kbnicboskly rodskftro- ETM term Ofacles"I Ponlatle Ofatella.0 Moskva. lad-wove Aked.nw& SSSR 1957- 87 Po (Gooloa-Ternizology) (Mmu 1015) -ef11-4 RAIRMICH, V.P-.-, GURARI, Y.G. Stratigmpby of lbsozole and Tertiary sedime-ate In the West SIberlan Plain. Trudy Inst-neftl 9136-55 '58, (MIRA 12:4) (Went Siberian Plaln-Goology, St.-at"phic) XAMMVICH, V.P. 12"~- Stratigrap]W or the West Siberian Plain in connection vitb re- marks. Trudy Inst.nefti 9--279 158. (MRA 12:4) (West Siberian Plaln-Geology, Stratigrapb1c) MROIBMIO, S.M.; NARUMI, T.P. Oil and gas potential of Us Nimusinsk Basin. Geol. aeftl I gas& 3 no.9:7-12 5 159. (NDA 13:1) 1,Institut geologIl t rasrabotki goryuohU& Iskofayeorkh AN SSSR- (Nimusinsk Plasiz-Fetrolem geoloa) (Ni=sIz*k Usln--Q", Nistuml-ftology) KARXKFIGR,,T,P,p oty,red.; ICOMYARITSKATA. P.S.. red.isd-va; PMTAKOTAO -- .- T,V,, tekhn,red, [Materials on the geology and oil potential of the Kuznetsk Basin] Naterialy po geologli I neftenonnontl guzuetalcogo basselma. Moskva, lad-ve Akad.sauk SM. 1960. 269 p. (NMA 13:6) 1. Akedemiya sauk SM. Institut geologli I ratrabotki go- ryuchikh iskopayemykh. (Kuznetsk Basin-Petroleum geology) KUMICH, V.P. "Active margin! of a platfoxm and its importance AS estimating oil'and gas potentials of platforms. Trudy SNIIGGIM no.17:32-41 161. (KM 15:9) (Petroleum geology) (Gasp Natural-Geology) MARMICH, V.P.; TEODOROVICH, G.I. Characteristics of the distribution of oil and gas fields in the W"t Siberian Plain. Sov. geol. 8 no.8t69-77 Ag 165. (MIRA 18:10) 1. rnatitut geologii i razrabotki goryuchikh iskopayeuykh. .V,S.; KOZLOVA, T.Ie POLYPIISKIY, N.G.; 1~~94,xj Method of purification ofCL-methylstyrene by removing phenol with the aid of anion exchangors. Neftekbimiia 3 no.3;348-351 11~ je,63* (MIRA 16:9 1. Ilauchno-issledovateliskiy institut sintetichoskikh spirtov i or- ganicheskikI, produktov, Novoluybyshevskiy filial. (Styre ne) (Phenols) (Ion exchange) POLYANSKIY, N.G.; MARUVIC-H, V.S.; SHMEL', N.Ye. Determination of crotonylideneacetone and diacetone alcohol when present together. Zlur,anal.khim. 19 no.9:1132-1136 164 jMIRA 17:10) I& Novokuybyahevsk Branch of Scientific-Rinearch Institute of Synthetic Alcohols and Organic Products. ACC NR.- AT6021068 AU7HOR 'ORG: none jTITIX: Ceatral 0d and gas province of the West Siberian lowlands ,SOURCE: AN SSSR. institut geologil i razrabotki goryuchikh iskopa'yemykh. Feftegaz- onosnotslmezozoyskikh otiozheniy Zapadno-Sibirskoy nizmennosti (Oil and gas potential ,of Hosomoic deposito in tho Wait Siborian Lowland). Moscow, Xid-vo Nauka, 1965, 7-26 :TOPIC TAGS: physical geology, petrolewn LSTRACT:' The author discusses the historical geology of the West Siberian lowlands land the results of exploration for oil in that.area. The area, mor;e than 3 million k-.n2,l lis covered by the world's largest plate of Mesozoic-Cenozoic sediments. Still active tectonically, this plate was laid on the block faulted and differentially sinking base-, ment of the ancient, Ural-Siberian Platform. The northern and western peripheral zones, ich bordered on the Ural and Taimyr geosynclines during the Hertsian time (Devonian to Triassic), have been oscillating through the entire Mesozoic and Cenozoic. In gene-'- ial. these zones kept sinking while the eastern and southern zones stopped sinking by ~ e Upper Cretaceous. A transversal profile, constructed on the basis of drilling data, .th Ishows the sinkiig of the peripheral zonesp while the central part became actually up- 1/2 ACC N R: AT6021068 'Ted during the block faulting. The Koltogorsk flexure, corresponding to the line 'o.- crustal breaks, extends north and south from this central part. This line divides ~the uplift into two parts: the eastern Taz-Kolpashev anticline and the western anti- cline in the middle stretch of the ObI River. The stratigraphy of the area is describ- ed in connection'with different stages of tectonic movements. The processes of petro- ,leum formation, which we considered to be typical of the g*osymclinal development, are 'in evidence throughout the West Siberian lowlands. In tum, the g*osynclinal charac- ter of the flexure is borne out by (1) its length, (2) its depth of 7 to 8 km, (3) its active pattern of vertical oscillations, (4) the altemation of incompatible strati- 'graphic facies. The results of oil exploration to date are sunnarized in the follow- i. way: The M horizon has not yet been defined in the Nedvadev district, but the 1~ng i most favm-able interval is at 1705 to 1722 = on the contact of Chulum series with the The Soanin district was prospected saismically and by drilling, the oil !shming at different depths down to 2175 a. A gusher In the &main district has been ~yielding 300 tons of oil every 24 hours. Its production am* Is in fissured prophy- !rftos and the overlying sedluents. Gas abouLzigs were dLaouvemd In the Ermak district A gusher of gas in the BuzZat district has been yieldbg 160 al every 24 hwn. Oil its discovered "S the middle stretch of the Qb1 River favarably CoWare with beat Lu the Soviet UniaD. The pay hwisms are sandy ft~Lea of Leww Cntai-sous. S. art. hu: U figures CODE: 06/ SUBN DATE: lIXovbS/ GRIG UFt OU cord 12 7 IMMIGeneral Problems of Pathology - Tumors. T-5 Abs Jaur : Ref Zhur - Biol., No 3, 1958, 1268B Author : Sizenko, S.P., Mhrkevich, V.V. Inst : Not given Title : Effects of Local and Regional Novocaine Anesthesias on the Growth of Transplanted Tumors. Orig Pab : Vracheb. delo. 1956, No 12, 1271-1274. Abstract : A subcutaneous novocaine block had some inhibiting effect on the growth of the Tarashchauskays sarcona, probably as a result of the novocaine's toxic action upon tumor calls. Regional block caused an increase in growth, probably due to inproved blood supply to the tumor tissue. Card 1/1 py/~ q -k ev, / c h, V. V,~ SIZENEO, S.P.,; ILARINVICH, V.V. . f Growth of transplanted tumors In hypethermin. Yrach.delo no.1:53-55 Ja '58. (MIRA 11:1) 1. laborstoriya ekspertmentallnogo rais (rukoyoditell-starehly neuchuyy sotradnik D.P.Sizenko) Kiyevskogo nauchno-Issledovetel'skogo rentgono-radiologicheakogo I onkologicheakogo Institute. (TUMORS) (HTPOTHEM IA) t ~"J-f SIMKO, S~F.. KARUVICE, V.V. Iffect ravenous Injection of novocalne on the course of radio on sickness [with -summary In Inglish]. Nederad, 3 noo2172-77 *-Ap$58 (MIRA 11:5) 19 Is laboratorli okeperisentallnogo raka (rukovoditall -kand*ued. nauk SePo Bivenkc) Kiyevskogo nauchno-looledovatellskogo rentgeno- radiologicheskogo I onkologichookogo Inst1tuta. (RCWG= RAYS. Inj.eff. Induction of radintion sickness In animals, off. of procaine on course of die. & survival (Rue)) (PROCAIIM. ef f , on course of x-ray & gamom ray Induced radiation sickness In animals (Rua)) (GAM RAYS. off Induction of radiAtion sickn,~qs In animals. off. of procaine on course of die. & survival (Rue)) SIZIM, S.P.,; MARMICE, V,V-, kand,m9d,na-ak X--r&Y therapy of primary tumors In hypctherula; Tr&&.d*jo no.qx&"-9o3 S158 Oan nao) le Laboratorlya eksperimentallucy onkologil (rukoyoditell - starsbly jumchnyy sotrudulk S*P* Slsenko) 11yevokogo unwhuo-looledovatell skogo rentgano-radiologichookago I ankologichookogo Inatituts; v n73-TEZRAPXUTIC USE) (TNCRS) (HYPMMMHU) SIZWKO, S.nv; HARIMCH, V.V. Metastatic spreading In the presence of the combined action of X.raye and bqpotbermla. Vrach.delo no.l.*7-11 060. (xiaA 13:6) 1. Laboratorlya eksperimentalluoy oukologil (rukowoditell - S.P. 81seake) 11yawmkogo sawbuo-lesledovatell- stogo rentgono-radlologlcbeekogo I outDlegIcheskWo lustituta, (MMSTASIS) (I BAYS-TRUAPKRIC MR) (HYPMEMIA) .MUMWICE,J~~dlwir Teronimovich; PAPKILI, S.V.. redaktor; DOTSUKO, A.A., -tem.- ekly re"ktor [Life of hunting guns] Dolgovechnost' okhotnichlego rushlia. Moskva, Goo. Ind-vo OFInkulltura i sport,12 1956. 102 p. (NUA 9: 8) (Firoarm) HARWICH. YeeN.. Inzhener; BRUOYSSiU. M., redaktor; KUMITS, G., '-fWfflffW&kly redaktor [Alokowdra Xlslyshevals experience in operating many machines] Opyt unegoetanochnitay Aleksandry Mmlyshevol. Minsk. Goo. ind-vo BUR, 1956. 31 P. (KM 9:7) (Npchiue-shop practice) KAIMICH, Ye.M., Inshener. A.A. Nalyshava, operator of several machine tools. Ngshino- stroltell no.6:23-24 Je 157. (X[RA 10:?) (Nalysbeva, A.A.) ICHP Yq,N inshemer. #* t. . *at n- w4- qf porous concrete. Mr. strol. 26 no. 5:23-26 MY '37. (KERA IW) (Hydraulic engineering) (DralwWe) 3 67629 w/o SOV/81-59-14-50317 Translation fro;n: Referativnyy zhurnal, Kh1miya, 1959, Nr 14, p 329 (USSR) AUTHORS: R2Lzen, A.I., ftkevich,Ye.p. TITLE: Dense Forsteri Products of Uktusska Dunite PERIODICAL: Byul. nauchno-tekhn. inform. Ukr. n.-i. in-t ogneuporov, 1958, Nr 4, pp 27 - 43 ABSTRACT: The article describesexperiments on the production of dense forsterite refractories. The laboratory Investigations were carried out with the aim of making the effect of the individual factors more precise on using burnt and crude dunite, dunite silt or silt of a mixture of dunite with magnesite for obtaining dense forsterite refractories. The chemical composition of dunite .(in %)-. SiO 34 74 Al 0 0 78 Cr2O-, 0.4, g,3 C * Fe,03 4.35, Peo 4,95, MnO 0.29, M90 42.3 aO ;.32, -ajlkali-, 0.1, p.p.p. 11.6. The dunite was burned at 4-4500C. For binding S102 and the sesquioxides into forsterite and spinelides, 20 - 30% of sintering magnesite powder was introduced. Fine grinding of dunite and magnesite was carried out in a ball mill. The samples were pressed under Card 1/2 a pressure of 4w, 800 and 1,200 kg/cm2 and burnt at 1,500, 1,600, 1,65o 67629 Dense Forsterite Products of Uktusska Dunite SOV/81-59-14-5031'i and 1,7500C. It was established that the application of magnesite with the least quantity of admixtures, the use of burnt dunite, the simultaneous grinding of dunite. with magnesite, an increase of the quantity of the fine fraction in the mass to 40 - 42%, an increase of the burning temperature of the products to 1,600 - 1,7000c, and an increase of the quantity of magnesite in the charge to 45% promote an Increase of the density of forsterite products made of Uktusska dunite. A batch of products of industrial type was obtained under the conditions of a pilot plant with a porosity of 10 - 11% (burning at 1,6500C). G. Gerashchenko Card 2/2 AUTHORs Markevich, Ye. P. 131-23-5-7/16 TITLEs Refractory Forsterite Products MadLe of Serpentinites From ShordAblaskolle D*os:Lt . (Forateritovyye ogneupory iz serpentinitov- Shordzhinskogo mestorozhdeniya) IPERIODICALs Ogneupory, 1958, Vol. 23, Nr 5, pp. 219-223 (USSR) ABSTRACTs In USSR these products are manufactured from dunite from the Uktuskoye deposit. Other kinds of magnesial silicate as serpentinite, olivenite, talc-magnesite, are not used for it. The author investigated the serpentinite from the "Tsen- trallnyy" sections as well as "Glukhaya balka" of the Shor- dabinskoye depositq , which is situated in the lake arua of Sevan in Armeniya, and the possibility of manufacturing re- fractory forsterite products from it. In figure 1 the micro- cut of serpentinite is shown and in figure 2 its properties in dependence on the burning temperature. Its mineralogio com- position at different burning temperatures is mentioned in table 1. Furthermore the course composition and preparation of samples is described in 2detail. The samples were pressed at a pressure of 6oo kg/cm and burnt at a temperature of 16ooO. Card 1/3 The results of these experiments with samples which were pro- Refractory Forsterite Products Made of Serpentinites From 131-23-5-7/16 duced by the method of previous briquetting can be seen in table 3, where data by V. X. Tsinkina were partly used. The experiments were carried out with a batch of forsterite bricks, which were produced in the experimental works of the VNIIO, and the characteristics of which are quoted in table 4. The mineralogical composition of the samples is given according to data of the petrographer N. V. Gullko. Bricks of normal dimensions were produced by three ways, finely ground metallur- gic magnesite powder being used as addition. Course composit- ion and granulation of the initial materials are quoted in table 5. The bricks were pressed on a hydraulic press under a pressure of 8oo kg/om2 or on a 18o t friction press re- spectively, and burnt in an oil kiln at a temperature of up to 16ooO, the halt having been 6 hours. In table 6 the chemical composition is quoted and in table 7 the properties of the burnt bricks which corresponded to the demands of the ChMTU- -3391-53, with the exception of the raised S102 content. Final conclusionss 1) The serpentinite from the Shordshinskoye deposit are suited for the manufacture of refractory forsterite pro- Card 2/3 ducts. The serpentinite has to be burnt at a temperature of Refractory Forsterite froducts Made of Serpentinites From 131-23-5-7/16 Nwrftb,1%WM& Deposits 1300-14ooO beforehand. 2) It is necessary to add 2o-25% sintered magnesite powder to the course. The products have to be burnt at a temperature of 16ooO. Py previous b3iquetting products of a porosity of 7-10% can be obtained. 3) An industrial batch of these products should be manufactur- ed and tested in practise in the regenerators of Martin furnaces. There are 2 figures, 7 tables, and 2 Soviet re so ASSOCIATIONs Vsesoyuznvy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut ogneuporov (All-Union Scientific Research Institute for Refractory AVAILABLE: Library of Congress 1. Refftetory - Products - Production astboda 2. Serpentinitim - Applications Card 3/3 ,.x&Rw1CHP YO.P. Porsterits, refractories made vith olivenite from the Khabozero deposits arA their service characteristics In nozzles of open-hearth furnace repnerators. Ogneupory 25 no-0:363-367 '60. (MIRA 13:9) 1. Ukrainskiy nauchno-iseledovatellskiv institut ogneuporov. (Yoraterite) Wpen-ivarth furnaces) R"Mp V.P.; WMVICHp Ye.P.; VOSOWEIMAYAO S.K. "2, - Tarbonded mwWnesite 'refractory naterials for lining converters with- an w.Won blast . Ognsupory 26 no. 4:185-193 163.0 (MMA 14:5) 1. UkrairAnkly mauchno-isoledontel'skly institut opeuporovo (converters) (Refractory naterials) TM3XMq VA.; WOU., A*V.; MAFXMC)6_leor.; KMSEMv A*Pv Testing of synthetic patching powders in the repair.of op4D- hearth furnace bottme. ftor,nauch, trod, UKnO noo5s202-209 161. (MU 15M) (qwn-hearth farmasm-Domip and ocostruction) (lirebr14-Tooting) DOLGINAp G.Z.; MkRKEV'TqHp_j(qj~. Dolomites from the Kara-Bau deposit. Ogneupory 28 no.11: 498-503 163o (MIRA 16:12) 1. Ukrainskiy nauchno-isoledovatellskly Institut ogneuporov. DDWINAp G.Z.;. MARMICH# YO.P. Stabilized magnesite-do!Lcmite bricks Irm coverter linings. Ogrieupory 28 no.12t553-558 163. (MM 16:12) 1. Ukrainakiy nauchno-isoledovatellskiy institut ogneuporov. 34357 S/203/61/001/006/016/021 D055/11113 J3 AUIHOR: Markeyev, A.K. TITLE: Equipment for observing increased solar radiation in tha 45-90 Mc band PERIODICAL: Geomagnetizm i aeronomiya, v.1, no. 6, 1961, 999-1004 TEXT: A radio-spectrograph with continuous coverage of frequencies b- tween 45 and 90 Mc and sweeping on magnetic variometers is described. Th'~ wide-range co-phasal array used in conjunction is also described. Pre- liminary results of observation of intensified solar radiation are given. Systematic observation of the Sun was begun on the radio-spectrograph in January 1961. There was much interf,~rence from television and ultra-shor4. channels, especially because of the proximity of the sources (30-50 km). On film this interference takes the form of bright bands of fixed frequen,.y observed for several hours at a time, which distinguishes it from solar radiation. Although the range of the radio-spectrograph is limited, thei- are other radio-telescopes working on fixed frequencies which fazilitatc, Card 112 S/"03/61/001/006,018/02! Equipment for observing D055/Dll3 observations of phenomena to a frequency of 545 11c. To simplify the identification of phenomena on all types of records, time readings are given from a common chronometer. A group of type-III fgst-drifting burst:~ d 1~5-10-2 was tracked on 208 Me, where intensity reache W/m hz. Thert~ are 3 photographs, 4 figures and 8 references: 6 Soviet and 2 non-Soviet The English-language references are: J.P. Wild. Austral. J. Scient. Res.A 1950, 3, 387-398; J.P. Wild, J.D. Murray, W.C. Rowe, Austral. J. Phys.; 1954, 7, 439-459- ASSOCIATION: Institut zemnogo magnetizma, ionosfery i rasprostraneniYa radiovoln AN SSSR (Institute of Terrestrial Magnelkism, Ion,~- sphere and Radio Wave Propagation,AS USSR) SUBMITTED: October 10, 1961 Card 2/2 LOTOVA, N.A.; MARKEYEV, A.K. Dependence of the charant--ristics of --ycl(.)trcjri radiation on tile crientation of a magnetic dipole. Gewxg. i aer. 4 no.6:10:U,-1019 N-D 164. (MIRA 18:2) 1. FizLcheskiy imstitut :Lmeni P.N.1-ebedeva A14 SSSR i Institut zemnogo mugnetlzma, ionosfery i rasprotitran(miya radiovoln All SSSH. KOHRLIKOV. A.; H&RUMV, B.. starshiy master Improving educational equipment and facilities. Prof.-tekh.obr. 17 w-3:26 Ur 160. (XII4 13:6) 1. Zemestitell direktora tekhniaheskogo uchilishche No.10. g.Brest. (Brest-Vocational education) AKIYDV, V.S.; AERAMDVICH, S.Sh.; KREYNER, M.L.; YEF"MVA, M.I.; MARKEYEVA, L.I.; FUMINA, 0.1. High-viscosity distillates as an additional resource in the production of motor oils. Trudy BaohNII NP no.6t24-34 163. (MIRA 17:5) XWOMOV. B.V.. kand.1skusetvoved.nauk; KOSHELEV. A.Ye., arkhitaktor; ASMOYA. T.Ye.. arkhitektor; 6MMYEV, Y.N., arkhitektor; VOSICHAWOVA, G.K.. arkhItektor; GORMOVA, V.A., arkhitektor; KOVALIKOV, V.G., arkhitektor; KARKLTNV- Y12-S-- Arkhitaktor; TAV(MOVWATA, M.N., arkhitektor; OGRYZKO, P.T., arkhitektor; TIKHOKOVA. N.V.. arkhitektor; MANANNIKOVA, L.V., arkhitektor; ORADOV, G.A.. red.-. PAVLIWKO, X.V.. red. [Furniture and equipment for public buildings; catalog based on materials from the Exhibition of Furniture and Equipment for Pablic Buildings, 1959-19601 Mabel$ i oborudovanis dlia obshchestvanuykh zdanii; katalog sostavlen po materialam vystevkI meball i oboradovanile dlis obshchestvannykh zdanil, 19396-1960 gge Moskva. Goo.Isd-vo lit-ry po stroit., arkhit. I strolt,noterlalam, 1960. 186 plates. (min 14:2) 1. Akademlys stroitel'stva I arkhltektury SSM. Institut obshchestvennykh zdanly I soorazhaniy, 2. Chlew-korrespondent Akadeall stroltel'stya i arkhItektury SM (for Graday). (Purniture-Catalogs) (Publio buildings-Iquipment and applies) GOLIDBERG, D*Oo; MARKEMA, L*I* Automotive transmission oils from sour crude oils. Neftepero i neftekhim. no.8tl2-14 164. (KIRA 17:10) 1. Bashkirskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut po pererabotke nefti. 4ARKKMICH, Vladimir, tekhnik (g.St.Zagora) %-ft- Asbestos cement casings for coupling rods of sluice gates. Suggested by Vladimir Markeevich. Rats.1 isobr.predl.v strol. no.11:96 159. 04M 13:3) 1. Po naterialam Instituto ratsionalizateil, Bolgariya, (Bulgarla--Sluice gates) T- 7- EVI 1cx--- C, /0(,j I.- /Cc 1.L -71- AUTHORt GoV aberg, D60 114arlmyevap L. L TIT1E- Tractor transm-ission lubricantE, Crom crule oils -ftekhtmivaj, no. SUJRC,,,f- Neftepererabotha i ne C11, 6,9 Lf"i, 12-)ji 1"i br 1 a r! t TDPIC TAG~S: crude Det-roleum , &t~q~rgrt Liihv irkt v and 'CP'Nts inrresqip with thp. acid it Lon aucR~e j of the straight rur rills- -1 Fi k 1 F. g U - h m C L ve i ~ dl) i,tr they are not quitable As ~wjr~raazn duc- to t he Dt,~aenc~- of eaptialtenea atiLch li-.? hgrtoful t,; en,-irm,3 t- e f~ !Z i~N v ~3 r4nom~ 10hricanta Produced E,-r,-, W, t Q ( t on I r tl'?~ e t Ri~ I f; 2 cs r zz n s ~z r t i s L o f vt3 r i o u tt t ov-av- k a 7 Thley ASSWIki ludl i BazhlillhT 3131ITM 1, 010 ENGLi 00 SJB CODE- FP 110 REF MV 1 00 5 001. 11,10PIS 10ard 'A. HAMM9 A*T*; MIDAap A*L& Removing the bitter taste from citrus products. Patent U.S.S.R. 77,160, Dec. 31. 1949. (CA 47 no.19:10150 153) caw of i" bw4teNOM& A-1-Aww1ce"Obw la".. Ih =h". 107-11 wL%r to *a ip*kl - of low a cxpomv to 1*21. a wt '.!.05=74 Ibr caw bnowbi about 14- thr Oun of WADS. d afthoo (gVciw. Auimr, rybOw. tyro4at. ~br ") with = (guirow. Salactow. lwto*. Ak"W). TOOP-- OW neirtwevid mobstanm a I f. 4. Ap* md ampir Jaims tnm ut&b tbr OftAr W bwa loop Coy hillal ta") did not CLVW in Color wbeft beaud whb walfts. ad amino ".. Imh prrvmtt*i nAw taluation in buit juk" arml in arlArkil Millis, ft awiDO arids wilb SINW5. 11. hir-flew CA V I=- MPPW. n ML ad MEMO No US S. duic MOM ow"O.kepow ,ww M- - ledbNom lado a ro M&L. SNOW" 410 imm Gial be almlow AL Psimillow 1.7 1 IN"id, ,;;I- I.- in ri,~ Thi. MCC, 2, 7. -br u.5,,g I- Is- MID f IUW~ th, amt mamlv !ht iac oion ,I, I if th" is o4otol- HAMM, A. T. Dissertation:- "Investigation of the Chemical and Biochemical Changes in Fruit and Veget& During Conning and Storage." Dr Tech Sci,. Moscow Technological Inst of the Food Industry (Odessa Technological Inst of.the Food and Refrigeration Industry)v Odessa, 1953. ~(Referativnyy Zhurnil-Khimiya, Moscow, No 5# Mar 54) SO: SUM 243, 19 Oct 54 -31(cratimi of citius Jukts. ~151 I AN Vdwk. 1eknd. Init. PtAfherpT -LA":Ip P, u-7, 19531: Reffa 7h- ghum I "A U781~ tring famcritatiou of orange juice the anit. of bUtcr sul 4rutcv -crraftes. However, Ow midL W -of thit naringin, i~ hiplxl:-r than in mpm- k1afir, itlhte pt~llll. lmdcr 7iizniw Condimal. Ouring re- pera-d(lase, t'll! an't. (A -J,iJt.3!J - . . 1,., mem"d ~l, or hvil 0 , -11un 0ith'cenz-oliv LIllcrel lIol ~qut-nng, ow jui,-r 6001 111,- frutt" .Idl, 4,ug"i 1-1 14~ 1:15 01V L!Jlf -V4 [Ile NT Ip- 11, GGLOUN, Nikol&7 Aleksayevich. doktor tekhnicheekikh nauk, professor; CHIZHOV, Georgly Borisovich, professor, doktor tekhnicheskikh nauk; MKOLINIKOVA, Yelizavets Yedorovm. kandidat tekhnicheskikh mank; SHCHXEOTOT,P.A., redaktor- NAM A.?., professor, retsenzent; IEWAGW(WA,,7.V., professor, reid2enffen ~-,SWWW,D.A., professor. retsensent; R015,P.P., dotment, r*tmenzent; ILIGHUXO,S.G., doteent, rutseument; CHOGOTA3)ZR,Sh.K., dotsent, retsensent; ROSIoDV,G.I., tekhalcheekLy redaktor [Technoloa of refrigeratimg food products] KholodilInsia tekhno- logila pishchevykh produktaw. Moskva, Goo.izd-vo tor- govol lit-ry, 1955. 375 P. (KIRA 9:3) (Food-APreservation) (Refrigeration and refrigeratirig mochinery) AM fc i I - //' A 47 RAW, A.T.; MMMOVA, R.Y.; OSTWVSKIY, A.I., professor, reteensent; Mmmul. H.W.. professor, retsensentj rodaktor; AXIMOTA, L.D.. reda1dor; CEWSMA. Ye.A.. takhalchookly redektor, [Chemical and technical control In canning Industry) XhImIko- tekhrAcheskil kontroll konmerrnogo prolsvodstva. Isd. 41-os. parer. I dop Nomkwa. Pishchepromisdat, 1955. 418 p. (XLRA 8:12) i0aming Industry) (Pbod-Analyals) 4-6 Klm-z~, 'I "ART CA Changes in the aaxorbic ricid content of preserved toma- - Ytoos. Z.T. Marls-LandU. G. Krotay (Teclinol. Inst. F 'At und Ring. Itia., Odftma)! Ukrain, Biokhim. . Zhur. 28, was, StIldied A the following 23, -111c eff eL factors on lite a!;corbic wId content:91 preserved tumtn 1;rcxb%~ts (juice, purec, ~ pmtO: dry-substance, initial',: Vitmitut C cnncrt, At7tup. and length of stmage, p1l, present- -)j, pb)tt I bcavy 11wtills 211d of t ofickles sud the bW- win. of pruportic:4 of tile V"ittift rjf toluatoes, tic. The conen. the pfmrved tomato product is a factatr of, Trinrary ini- lam It th Ixotance. Tbefuteof0amin- %ozLrsaAlationto e e,,swit. of dry ~ubst:-wcc. The more corcd. tomato product 7 SlIoUlt) lt`~ 51rW!"' a' R)"-rr leMI)SI L Al. and K. rrc=wend that die origiiiat vitamiit C content bt. ly itert" by 3Q-5004~ -Tomato joice rmtins Its original vitzinin C a -it comparatively high best. liea*W tomato products kept ; ternp~ rapidly oxidize the as-corbic acid toa high degree due, to the developed quinonei:,~ Vacuum or replacing the air OlwitliC021srecontmentleRt. It should be noted, however, that Wwrs other than Cij present in the preserved toniato' produet5 can oxidize uwurljic acid. The ()2 present in the settled contitinen rapidly permlates into tbe itceserved tuaterial c mg eonsiderable oxidEition of vitamin C In the early 4,;tagvs ofstorage. 14 KAM, A.T.; MODMAN, A.L.; KROTOV, Ye.G.; KAGAE, I.S. -, HARTH. 2.A. Causes of the darkening of pickled pasteurized cabbage and a method of preserving Its natural color. lons.1 ov.pron. 12 no.8:14-16 Ag 157. (MLIRA 10:10) 1. Odesskiy tokhnologicheekly institut pishchevoy I kholodillnoy prosymblennosti (for Markh, Felldaan, ]Lrotev). 2. Ukralaskty nauchno-Isaledovatel'skiy institut konservnoy promyshlonnoett (for Kagan; Markh. Z.A.) (Cabbage--Preservation) 13 "~; F I ~' 1, /'i , /' ~' NALISKIY, A.N.; NAM, A.?. Training of engineers, Kona. I av. prom. 12 no.10,.20-21 0 057. (KIRA 11:1) 1. Odeaskiy tekhnologichookly institut pishchevoy I kholodillnoy prov7shlemnosti. (Ollessa-Technieal edueation) (Canning Industry) ~ /I ". , ,J"; A-~ /) /11,, i-,~ rr~ i . ; SHCHRUaOVA, Ye.T. Ricronutrients In gmpe juice. gone. I ov. prost. 12 no.12:36-39 D 15% (MM 1111) 1. Odesokly tekhnologichookly Institut pishchavoy I kholodll'MW proiroblennomtI. (Grapes) (?raere elements) KAR A.T.; FAVDMAII, A.L. Debydrogenesse In tomatoes [with sumuAry in Aluglishl. Blokbiviis 22 no.6:929-932 H-D 157. (MIRA 11:2) 1. O&eeskiy tekhnologicheakly inatitut pishchavcW i kholodillnoy promyshlonnosti. (DICHYDROMHASMS, cletermination. in towtoes Otus)) (TOUTONSI dehydrogenaRe determ. (Rus)) MARICH.A.T.;SXORIXOVA, Y11.G. Studying the factors of color change In drying prunes. 1xv. VY29 ucheb. say.; pishch. takh. no. 2:18-23 958. (MIRA 11:10) 1. Odeaskly takhnologlebeekly Institut p1shchavoy I kholodil'noy promiyahlemmosti. Xafedra biokhImII I m1krobiologil. (Prune-Drying)