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KASAMILOT, B.S. "-A~ ___ powlemmumomm"-- - .. - SaInfoin as a fallow crop in districts of tLe central Mernosem zone. Zewaodgile 5 no.4:20-23 Ap ~57. (mukA 10:6) 1. Institut sel'skogo khoZYR"tva T3entrallno-chernosesnoy polo- sy Iment T.T. Bokuchayeva. (Bainfoin) -' I LC "' , -;- . - . - -* A, r - c 1 - - " ; i .- :; " . . - I " ' ,- r t t -* , - ~, i -, I o,-- i - ~I ' , : -, : - .1 :- '-- ! - ;.- 1 - engirieerj-~C, :~eculiaritles of esparsetl-e -in,.t,,r con:-.itions of' sc!;-.Z~! r-r-. ce-trml-chernozem 19. .-i. I -. - 'Al' -*~-.i-,-. :,*(-i ?--r I- - (-,*' F- i ~u-r. i m V . R . V i I I y ) , I I u c o . i , s % ?'L, 14 - 11 , I I -' .- _8 - - USSR / Cultivated Plants. Fodder Orasses and Edible M Roots. Abs jour Ref Zhur Biologlya, No 6, 1959, No. 24929 Author E. S. Inst Not given--'- Title Characteristics of the 7-sparcet Root-System Developmert In the Southeast of the Central Chernozem Belt Orig Pub Agrobiologia, 1958, No 2, 81-B7 Abstract According to data of the Scientific-Research Agricultural Institute of the Central Chernozem Belt, sandy e8parcet develops the most ramified root system. Its root Is distinguished by a dense solid consistency, and Its root collar p-~!netrates deeper than the collar of other species. These Card 1/3 93 USSR / Cultivated Plants. Fodder Grasses and Edible Roots. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Bialoglya, No 6, 1959, No. 24929 characteristics exhibit a strong capabilit'T of fastenine, the soil, of resistance to winter and of a high yield of the sandy esparcet and hybrid varieties by crossing, them with the Transcaucasian esparcet. Together with sandy esparcet, great selection value is possessed by the rocky esparcet (0. petrae) wh-'ch has a strongly ramified root system. The common esparcet, a widely distributed culture, ha,2 a weakly ramified humid root system with a shallow embedded collar. This species yields a small harvest. Transcaucasian esparcot, accordlr4~ to morpho- logical characteristics of the root gyst(,-m, occupies an Intermediate position between the Card 2/3 USSR / Cultivated Plants. Fodder "Yrasses and Edible M Roots. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biologlya, No 6, 1959, No. 24929 sandy and common esparcet. the latter, it Is distingulshed resistance to winter, as a which It Is unrellable for G. N. Chernov Card 3/3 Together with by low consequence of cultivation. - 94 VOROB'YEV, S.A., prof.; KRUPENINA, A.P., kand. sellskokhoz. nauk; LOSHAKOV, V.G., kand. sellskokhoz. nauk; VOZNESENSKIY, K.N.; KUDIN, V.I.; KOBLEV, Yu.M.; YEFIMOV, I.T., kand. sellskoUcz. nauk; MA I 11nirg 1 0 . kand. sellskokhoz. nauk; 11-AFTALIYEV, Sh.P., aspirant; PANASYUK, B.A., aspirant Concentration of crop rotations. Zemledelie 27 no.7:55-70 il 165. (MIRA 18:7) 1. Moakcrvskaya sellskokhozyaystvennaya akademiya imeni K.A. Timiryazeva (for Voroblyevv Krupenina, Lo5hakov). 2. Glavnyy agronom po kormam Ministerstva sellskogo kho- zyaystva Tadzhikokoy SSR (for Voznesenskiy). 3. Brest8kaya oblastnaya sellskokhozyaystvennaya opytnaya stantsiya (for Kudin). 4. Adygeysimya oblastnaya sellskokhozyaystvennaya opytnaya stantsiya (for Koblev). 5. Krasnodarskiy nauchno- iseledovatellskiy inatitut sell *skogo khozyaystva (for Yefimov). 6. Dagestanskiy nauchno-isoledovatellskiy institut sellskogo khozyaystva (for Naftaliyev). 7. Ukrainskaya sellskokhozyayst- venna3m akademiya (for Panasyuk). s/ 196/63/00()/0041/03 3/03 5 E194/9155 AUT11OHSt bokolov, M.M., Shinyonskiy, A.V., and Masandilov, L.B. TITLE. A pick-up for measuring the acceleration of rotating shafts PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Elektrotekhnika i energetika, no.1, 19b3, 5-6, abstract I K 29. (Tr. Mo8k. energ. in-ta, no-38, 1962, 87-96) TLXT; The construction and theory of a strain-gauge accelerometer for measuring angular acceleration and dynamic torques on motor shafts is described. There are two measuring wafers each with a resistance strain gauge attached. one end of each is firmly fixed to a sleeve mounted on the motor shaft ~or to a lay-shaft). The other end of each wafer is connected through a holder to an inertia disc mounted on a rolling bearing. The resistance change of the strain gauge is, within certain limits, directly proportional to the strain of the wafer. The fo?lowing equation is derived for the relative change in resistance of the strain gauge: d~c./dt') - .'c,, = H M (t) Card 1/2 0 AB A pick-up for measuring the ... S/196/63/000/001/033/035 LOVE155 where: E is the relative strain of the wafer; W is the natural angular frequency of oscillation of the accelerometer; H is a triagnitude which depends on the dimensions and modulus of elasticity of the wafer material; and M r (t) is the dynamic torque of the motor. The instrument measures the relative change in resistance of the pick-up caused by the sum of the oscillations, and each compoiient of the oscillation has its own phase error and amplitude distortion. The accelerometer can be used to record the dynamic torque curve on the shaft during both rapid and gradual challges in torque. The natural frequency of the accelerometer should exceed the frequency of forced oscillation by at least a factor of 10. ~Abstractorls note: Complete tranalation.1 Card 2/2 SOKOLOV, M.M60 doktor tekhn, nauk (NDskya)l SHIMANSIM, I.V., insh. Obskva) I ~. B. 8. insh, (Mbakwa) Technoligiftl mW economic baBis for the application of induction motor drives with saturable reactor control in various fields. Zlektrichost" no.11:31-35 N 163. (KIRA, 16: 11) or ;i,f . . , I . I p ; . . . . 0 ., . 1, 1 ; . I , . & . -1 - .. . . ,. - , : :. - , . . I . . -. - - r SOKGLGV, M.M., do'Atcj: "IeKilD.mauk, prof.; MASAN!)-:LOV, I.B., irah.; SHiNIANSKIY, A.I;.,, laah. Sf,wdy cf the electromagnetic --*nstente of rr~-- -m. r-lerktriehostwo LIO.V840-45 D 14~5. ~M-.R.A -"?il-Z' i ` i Mookovskiy onorget'--ho3sKiy ~rjj3','t ~ . MASANOV, E. A. repcr,t s-lomitted t'c;r 'l.r. lrit~ Mos--ow, MVANOV, Nikolay Fedorovich; LEBEDEV, N.N., red.; IARIONOV, G.Ye., tekhn. red. [Stranded cable wiringj Trosovye elektroprovodki. Mo- skva, Gosenergoizdat, 1963. 30 p. (Biblioteka elektro- montera., no.90) (MIRA 16:8) (Electric wiring) FOLTAKOV, Georgiy Yev~-enl-.evich; KOVARSKIY, Aleksandr Illich; ~.ASAVOV, N.F. , nauchn. red.; SHUMILOVA, Ye.M., red. [installation anil operation of incustrial eiectricad equipment] Muntazh i ekspluat,,t.:iia promyshlennogo elek- trooborudovaniia. Izd.3., perer. i dop. Moskva, Vys- shaia shkola, 19~,4. 331) p. (PI;,A 17:6) MASANOV, Nikolay Fedorovieh; UUVOV, M.S., red. L . ;~jppBj Kektrnprovodk! v [Electrical viring 4r I vodakh. Mosk-va, Energ'-ia, '1965. 92- V. (Blo-'inreka elektromontera, no.154) ~VIPA 18.4) POLYAKOV, Georgiy Yevgen'yevich;,MASANOV,_N.Fv nauchn. red.; YhUPKlNA, V.G., red. [Construction of electric power plants, substations# and electric power transmission lines] UstrvietvO elektrichm- skikh stantsii, podstantaii i Unit elektroperedachi, Mo- skva, VyssWa shkola, 1965. 315 p. (M.UU 18:7) MASANOV, ff. 1. Nitration Moskva, dos. nauchno-tekhn. isd-vo khim. lit-ry, 1943. 46 p. (51-52118) TP156.15% 000 000 oew "ll-sts ons"MrAll, U""Tooll c"IWICA"m "Saw -At am ING J it J VsT"G ~64 dWW "Pat owb9mod me" 60 as seem 4"Aaw 9 a a I v a 00000000 00000066 USSR/Chemical Tecimology Chemical Products and Their Application. General Questions., 1-1 Abst Jouzmal: Referat Zhur Khimiya, No 19, I'Y56, 62054 Author: Masamov, N. Institution: None Title: Italian Chemical Industry Original Periodical: Kaim. nauka i prom-st'. 1956, 1, No 1, 6~/-94 Abstract: -Review. Raw material resourceo, development, present state and production range of chemical industry and synthetic fibers in- ~.ustry in Italy. Data are presented concerning increase in pro- auction of basic chemical products, N-fertilizers, inorganic -.)esticides and pigments and also some organic synthetic chemicals ind dyes. Card 1/1 M~~OR: Mas~.nov, 11. 1. 7- 4, 12 VI PLE: 3ome Reqilltn -jrd the TPL3ka to h,~ Solved N- x '. ir, Connection .: th the Development of tht- -i!Alin- D Indu.9try ir the TJ-)-R %ekotor,,z,_- itoj,i i ZlLdachi r-isvitij_ _nokrasoci;noy SSSR) . i- .1i[ A :CAL: Dimicheskaya Promyshlennost', 1957, lir 7, PP.(40.") '9 - (41u);?6 (Us-)R) A -urvej i~i ,-iv~in iur..- of the mt o: (1.,e ~ riduatr~ cre.-(ted hf ter t~! - V -17 r;,voi,iti n. A lart-J. numnb-r of' neo tlantm hag ')eeri ;~t-*-11a*.-..'.1t~11 1945 ` r, ;. I !i tion to the old oneq it D~~ro, o,:iil-v, U.!r1jen~,,v, Kinenlunk, e..-, Bu ty r i~- .It. 1'!~6, imount,_-.1. t,. -7.5 t. ", --, ti'li ., I. :. 2. 3 .,.q ;..uch Ls in I 94U. 1 r i -.1 ci t *..h,_- rit,cipt-1 bu~-er of fi~ '-*.3, t.-,xt--' le i,.du.-.'_rO 9 st ill pr~-fers the -iore 7i:.-. 1- x ~ .1 .,- t -ore st:~Icl- : i t"i i u e e9 to he r 1. t i C Ll 0 f 9 u I p h u r dy e a :tm o u z i t s t o 5 u r o d u c t.1 0: i r, U - 3 15 t h i t c, *~ k: - rc t 2 ;,'0 CAb 1,'2 j.I. r Uzijr 0'. 1 CL; 1 9, Ur 2. P;~v 57-~7 title -ahich exist3 at the Pcr,:i~-zient 7.'F, C 2 '.he L;---ou-j ..ientioned in thu ~o:ami3-71on for Lconomic a,,;L! Scientific-.'echnic-il Collaboration ',,'ithin the Field of Chemical Industry of the 41;V o-' -~oc; ant Countries held a conference in Moscow f rom Fcbrua-,,-- 7, 1~58- Delcgl-,tioris from th~ BulCarian Peol.le's t-,e (DDR), the Rou:i~iniar. People'3 ,erman Deuocratic R,public Rcpublic, the USjR, the Ozachoslovaki---n r-epublic too- .,art :-a well as observers and .3;,eciali3ts of t'.,~ inuse 3 .tepublic. 21he z~orress dealt with pro'olemz 01, t'-e eloprien't C- .or 2et-up of prospective pl.~,ns on the dev irdustr,f for --ynthctic dyes a.--.d intermediate !~---O,!Ucts until 1),J5- "ie neuber countries were recommendcd to r~f!~~.ere t following directionst '-'he development of 21--e 3tr" be carried out in accordance to the correspondin.- pll-tn-~ `,r d 1 /2 the development of the necessary branch in !ustrit~s, ;3 Z.11 'r,I:~.3,c,ion of a 3unference o:' j-1V - --es Wor~in as in coordination wit'i the other n,:-iber ~,-.zn-ries I-evi capital invel,tment3 in ;-..'V co!in,.rie3 shoulk~ Ji.--itified '.-Y technical and economic --onsi~.Ierati)ns ;)crformed in inutual u"reemtont. '.`he or "ion o- '.'.e dLction of new d.,es .3nouli be !irc-cted to (`;~-rc- -ivu;i) Group3. "pecial atte! tion hu3 to ")L :).ill to t~.~ p--o-ftction of finely disperse dyes -u.d pi,ments. Iut;:ri- plans should be in accordance aith tlie recommenda t ion 3 Of t',ig conference. 2h-L:3 conference also ,,torked c-u-. a for the confer~:nce to take part ir. jul., o wc;r.:inC 'eaia on thc Industrial Distribution o: -EnLer-pria,--~ for the eroduction of vat dyes ~ir.d antira-Linone d~,es in tl-.e nember COLIntriEs of the SEV. V:,.. I LE, Library o: Conj;ress Chemical indusllry--;,SL-,R Dye3--' lard --112 1 . USANOF. N. I - ~.! Meeting of the working groul dyes of the Council for Natu&l lbonoula Aid. Xhim, prom. m ii mr 158, (MIRA 11:5) (Dyes a - jaing-Congresses) 50) 15(7) AUTHOR: Masanov, N. I. SOV/64-59-2-2/23 TITLE: Some kroblens of the Accelerated Development of the Industry of Synthetic Dy** and Textile Auxiliary PreWations (Nokotoryye voprosy uskorennogo razvitiya promyshlennosti sinteticheskikh krasiteley i tokstillno-vaponogatel'nykh preparatov) PERIODICAL: K"himicheskaya. prosymblennost', 1959, Nr 2, PP 97 - 99 kUSSR) ABSTRACT: For 1965, the last year of the new Seven-year Plan,& considerable raise of the production of synthetic dyes is provided,as well as an extension of the assortments to a collec$lon of "2 41fferent "Ypes. For this parpose the following measures will be takerms 1) production of new dyes for chemical fibers, 2) ixerea,so of the productiox of acid so, 3) production of a number of new types of direct dyes, 41 production of dyes reacting with the fiber during the dyeing process, 5) dove-lopment of productiou c~' -31,,.-cial types of dyes for pigment- and pressure dyeing, 6) _'ndustrial production of dyes of the diazo aninol group, 7 duplication of the number of Card 1/2 vat dyes, 8) development of large-scale production of new Some Problems of the Accelerated Develupment of the SOV/64-59-2-2/23 Industry of Synthetic Dyes and Textile Auxiliary Preparations pigments for rubber plastics etc., 9) ixorease of the industrial production and the assortment of leather pigments. The production of vat dyes will be increased by the 6-fold, that of vat- and indigo brines by the 11-fold, of vaxmishes and pigments by the 4-fold, and of acid dyes by the 3-fold. By 1965 101 types of vat dyes, 164 of synthetic fiber pigments, and 154'tYPes of acid dyes,etc,will be available kinstead of 46 presently). The corresponding development in the production and applioation of textile auxiliary means is also of great importance. Adequate measures are taken to guarantee a satisfactory supply of the corresponding industrial branches with t"oe auxiliary &"&s such an karbamol, alkamone OS-2, water-repellent preparations 246 and 101 quintalone/as well as other preparationse For the production of aniline dyes a da,velopaent of 400 now dyes with 200 intermediate products is provided for the period from 1959-65,as well as 400 works on a mechanization and elaboration of technological methods. Uard 2/2 PLANOVSKIY, Aleksandr Nikolayevich; GUREVICH, Daniil Abramovich; MASANOV N.I..~L_reteenxent; RCUMOV, P.G., doktor takhn. nauk, proi.-7~-rel-, teenzent; FAVLUSEMO, I.S.,, kand. kYim. nauk, dots., rets~nzent; PASSETv B.V., kand. khim. nauk, reteenzent; AZBELI, D.S., red.; SHIPAK, Ye.G., tekhn. red. (Apparatus for the industry of orgazic intermediate products and dyes] Apparaturs, promyshlezxnoati organichemkikh poluproduktov i krasitelei. Moskva, Gookhimizdat, 1961. 5Q4 p. (MIRA 15:6) (Dyes and dyeing-AppeLratus) (Chemical apparatus) TTT--E; ISO to, ic v ,eER !,,~D-' 'AL D -oI A'-: 2- K- 0 B CT H,f.- t t. Al 2 0 activity (reit~tk:,,,. :.o u. t .;..i-f ---e)" w,-','. t o t h (2 t f h i v twice 1, o e ore act4ve C I T..e _Ctl va t i.'. C, e e t f K 0 wi-:~ r e :n,. t Al 2 2 The publif~..c.~d vle-m r u- r 1 i r! K t. e o~ f . c- c t f t.. ad d ;, t j o:, s pre:-::-i. e :~re Card 1/4 vari-Lr:ce (Refs T:: ---r: a d JL t i 0 '-,; Ll , MOre Is ot oj lc Excri,-.r; :e 2 2 Catalyzts Used ir t:..,-- Synt..e.:'~; -.f co.-.lpre'v,c:..-;ive ' :f i on o f t ~: e ~.-) b' r:,) L~:. e r review with v ri-)~ic conl.- ',:: -)f al- t i v- t -;r be-,.L:-ie necess:..-y . T:.c. - et A -. C t u t? x c. e w -, s 0. y previously dei;cj-:~ in I lp 641ves the values -)f t*.- reaction :,n -.f t % t a K(P,t; at c o r r e s o, for the T sampies lnvf,~;ti.- it te ~c-! t:iiq t t t t E' it C t i V- -". ed r 8 pe c if Ii c activit-,, is t.-.e Ar:-.IKO iron (witl~~ut -tr)rj i,. ---r u 1 1 t r f c., , e T..(--re is -i,,i i t a I r-.~ c c r -',: r p ~ f e c t -- " t'.,-, r, ~ , PrOrC!'S'O' --,I' t f t !t * t ro l.; n i e x,:. T, t r - s t t -t t li t gv i lki to t -.e hy J r I c.- n f-,~ J. n r f i t i S a3:.:uned t.--*. t:.o -,t-.;,.c J Card 2/4 o f a m. .-er- r I,; ot,,pic Exc',Iar.,-e in Lo. r ...... o:. ~6 Uoed in t .(, S-,::t fl- "J the rates of bot,. r~ actiozni~ may be quantitatively compared w-,*t'-. ea c ~, o t *.-. e r. Heti I I I.-. t~ c f te ol-rface Of t..e C;-'LLI -1tby t-e nitro,-en !-.e cosi-!,~v~:-d csilc?~l,,t"on ohows t at t'.c absr-lute r, t ruft:-Lio~; of t,.c- and of t'.c i c ex- -e vtA to ~,C, 31,:~l ~.Iir' ;.s once ac- t i v--tc. !'I- Ar--:.-~)-i ron , - 11 e.:-.-I I covefi..,- "cy -;d~;,)-: ed :,itr-jl-(---,. (t-e 1 t% of N.--.~:.)rozov from t':.e 1-.1bDrfstory of we:-e uti- li-:~?d). T-:LI3, t-.,p ex,:Ac.-ce pr--sc- ted in thl~l fir--ed t'.e --,f Tc,-m":-ir.-?yz'-.ev 'RefI k ,11 t'-e icntoiic exc::---:.-e c.- T..erc are --nd 10 7 -.)f Q S, --)v~ e,l ASS.IC7.1"."TIGN: 'u' ski., r-;va :.YS I CD- C*:C.:-.ical I.-Stit -112 i. lll~-i khi.mi'l-o-te*-'nnolo,.--ic--.e--':--'~y -i-.--titut im. D.I.Mendele-yeva (:Iof-.-ow Irstitl;-.(-, of Ca---d 15/ 4'!----ev' "ASA"f V, V. F. Radiost.antsiia korrAhcvolncvlKa. Z-Sflrri .av- r- ar5fe.rls rz..ual(. r'%~-.~reno dila radlo-~IuLov -* ra-HokruAyov. Moskva, Cos. -ner 23 1-. illus. (Massovale radic-bibllotF-ka, vyy. DLC: TK6;.53.,k31 SO: 3,oviet TrangEortatior. and Comn.unication~, A Piblioyrar.E . LAt,rary Df C _Lor.Z4h is, Pference Department, Washington, 1952, Unclassified. j_ ;,, : " r.)OR 1, 1-, * K. I- .'-' i. . , ", , , , -I.. Y".. ,,, , f .ark '~- -, rj7 gas ;- .*,,,,~ --' - 11 I.30 tmicK. - - -. ? - . I,- . *. ~,-2) 164. v., -'. . 'JI A A,4 , " IT -I, .: ALIKSI"V. P.P.; BISTADOVSKIY. Te.A.; GOLTSREV. G.I.; IZAKOV, M.N.; KASATKIN, A.M.; KOKII, G.A.; LZVSIfCHZTS. N.S.; KASAKOVA, N.D.: SHVIDEOV31HY, To . CF. Rocket exploration of the atmosphere. Meteor. i gidrol. no.8-3-13 Ag '57. (KMA 10:8) (Atmosphere, Upper) (Rockets in meteorology) -- ---- - 7 , . . .. . '.* - . a , , - . - - , 1 - 1~ ~ - . -w -, - w~ ~ . - . . .- . . . . - . - T I .i1::, -, - - ';- -~, a ~- - 2 - ~ - ! x, ~:,: - , - ~ . I .. . I f a -1.1 - - , , , ~~Z. - . a* I -I, I V , - . - T - - - - c)- ~ ~ - 7,:- If l -~~77 , 1 . ~ ? Z- 4"-` L. G! ~, ~' 1 1; ~ , ~,* I- mummia = I ,.* 0 *,! ; - ; , lgm~- -~4m. - MAU . . - . .: . ~ . ; . I- .. . CKRUNKA, J.; -MASAR,_I. EpIdeWological problem of infectious hepatitis in Slovakia. Bratial. lek. listy. 42 no.2:65-74 062. 1. Z Ustayu ep:Ldemiologie v Bratislave, veduci MUDr. J. Karolcek, a s hyg. spid. oddelenia Q$boru SNR pre zdravotnietvo, veduci MDr. F. Strmen. MPATITIS iNACTIOUS epide-,aiol) -7 MASAR, I. Hygienic-Protiepidemic Department of S"'IE for Sanitation (Hy~,,.ienicko-l,rotie--idemicke oddelenie odboru S.-l'. pre zdravotnictvo), Bratisiava Bratisla-va, Lekarsky obzor, No 3, l)'-3, 1,c !Ll-~ 17 "Some Problems Fac'LnI-r the Re~riorial --octor in Ariti- epidemi.c Service in SloVakia."" MASAR, I.; )GLOSOVICOVA, A.; FUCZKOVA, G.; RODA, J. Characteristim of the outbreak of Infectious hepatitis is Slovakia in 1961. Cook. epides. 12 no-3:145-152 Ny 163. 1. Odbor SNR pro zdravotnictva, Bratislava, Krajoke hygionicko- spideniol icke stanics Kosice, Bratislava, Bansks Bystrica. 1HRPATITIS, INMTIOUS) ~GAMMA GLOBULIN) FEREM91, M.; MASARY I.; PAIAMOVA, A.; PUCKKOVA, G.; SONAK, R. 0 U" of the hemagglutinatim test for the determination of the diphtheria antitoxin level and the Schick test in epidemio- logical practice. Cesk. epidem. 12 no.5:276-281 S 163. 1. Watska byg1enick--epidemiologicka Btanica v Bratislave - Odbor SHR pro zdravotnictvo, Krajoka hygierticko-epideniologicks. stanics, v Ban5kaj Bystrici a v Bratislava. (FEEMAGGLUTINATION) (DIPHTHERIA ANTITOXIN) (DIPHTHERIA TCMIN) (IWUNI7!f) BARDOS, A.; MALSAR,- I.; TEREN, L.; S(-,CHC.,R, J. Does an influenza epidemic increase the '~nz~'aence :;f fetal death? Lesk.gynek. 28 no.8:545-547 0 '63. 1. 1. gyn.-por, Klin. Lek. fak, UK T Bratislave (prednosta prof, dr. S. Stefanik); Zdravot. kouisia SNH v bratislaveo; II. gyn.-por. Kl,.'n. Leko fako UK v Bratislave (prednosta --oc. dr. A. Hudcovic); Gyn.-por odd. OUNZ Bratislava-oKolie (veducl MUDr. J. Sochor). f- MASAR,L; PVMOYA,G. Contribution to the problem of the ep'-deriology of Lnfluenza in Slovakia. Cesk. epidem.13 no.lZ12-9 JaI64 1. Odbor pre zdravotnictwo 374R, Bratislava a KHES Zapadep.- slovenskeho KVV, Bratislava. MASAR, J. Spidemiological evaluation of the incidence of tetanam in Slovakia. (part x. 1945-1956). Cook. opidem. m1krob I mm. 9 no-3:156-162 Ap 16o. 1. F~rglenlcko-eoldemlologlcky odbor poverenictvR sdrRvotnietva v Bratislave. (TETAMJS opidemlol.) - - - ~ v - -0- y - I - - . - - . - . . . I .. . . . j 7 ~ . :' 1. - : . . ~. I . . . - - . . . -,- "., -W~ - -, - - -: .. . ;-:;G 1, -- ~ 1. ~ - ~ ~ , - z4m:7 F, -~t , ; . . - ~7&~o --, -,:~ ;~ m . - - - '17- . - ., --- -I.. . I 11- -, - .-r- la --. MWAP JozOfV C' 30, Structural sorption properties of bentonita from Fint' Ce. r1n., Zveati 18 no.7:533-541 164. 1. Chair of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sclences, Comenlas UnAversity, Bratislava, Sasiarova 2. MASAR, J. Sorption properties of processed Fintice L-ntc-'-'P!3. Ac ta r nat Univ Com 9 no.5:249-P54 'i)5. 1. ChRir o~' Inorganic Chemistry of the Fa-ult/ .I!' Nqturnl Scler-es of Comen'.--is liniveralty, Bratislava Subm4L:e~, -.7,i1v 10, 1':)63. MASAR" S. Tasks of agriculturists in preparation for the spring $owing. p. 12. MECHA:.-'ISACE ZEMEMLSTVI. Vol. 5, No. 1, Jan. 1955 SOi Monthly Last European Accession, (EFAL), LG, Vol. 4, No. 19, Sept. L955 Uncl. GUMBIRGIR. Bruest; GROSS. Jan; MURIK, Josef Directed electroshock therapy. Cesk. psychiat. 54 no.2:116-121 Apr 58. 1. Psychintricks. klinika v Bratislave a Psychiatrick* odd. OUM Y Levoci. 3. G. Psychiatricka klinika, Bratislava, (SHOCK MOM". I limmic nr -shock barbiturate narcosis (Gs)) (PA ther. use subnarcosim in el"troshock ther. (0s)) ,Br4t4sl4va. "~mrslzy Otzor Val 0. No 11, 1- 1 -rt S. OCO n1tal revslolpmq~.tal Aro--j' las in -h-'IcLho-odl A. chief (76duct) I 9PN-411:tiW'1cx* ka:-f,~-rm) On, 9. 11~pi14 y In the Case histories of a ~;e~ro:.OEY ',)%it- 1~s ZUM*~..Nko im ra) SUDL, TT~nclnTu-ri-7z,-;~?, VP 067-7u. 10. *App"r"04 of Depresil" CaMitlons :)~.rln-, Apo-rpALna treatmant of mante suttss L. prof Weator (PrednostA) ike UlInIlITIT) Brat,'*t ?sjftI tri U. flers of 7njuria., of the ne-W F. Crls' oart~:-.C qf -4 =04~ Ncent .1M r NUDL ~,Lrtlz~, Director (~Ytdzoz-L C. MD W~orstor) QUK vartln; ;j"%)-71;:. IS. *Plaaft Protein L*-*! and jonoCran aftir G,.7.accloglc Suriery- E. -X -', 11r6ctcr CYU*ko *#! Ces kA L,-1 J. )----~Joncj PP 7u-T2C. 30. OPrecancerosis In Otolxr-/ng~l.-y- xm (Tedual JD,,AxA;Aai--qL kstedvs~ SQL ftat.9lava; 14. 015or4poutic Protlems of Csn*~r of tre :,ral 14vity- 14,gg tor (Preln~sts) : ^,: ~f imtodre) S"L 7 8. 15. vX-Ray Aspects of P4rlostorls Correlated with the Iftlignazt or bonign mlerlyizi ilone nseaw A. t~:ixl nqO .010- CtLief (74(well tvz-A~ent -; q!:. tct --ax (ranteel flake katedre) SUDLj pp 7,1E-%1. 3A. evrobloss of Psoriasis As Fe~erled bT Th-lee Ye&rl ftlervatiom Perl'od" L. tirector (Prainost~) MD, Np4rimat of ;tr~., 2/3 KLIMENT, Vojtech; KASARIK, Josef An &ttewpt at evaluation of the effect of fatigue on the menstrual cycle. Cest.gyn.26(401 no.1/2:40-41 F 161. 1. Gyn.por.odd. UNZ Bratislava - Nivy, prednosta primar dr.91iment Psych.klinika UK T Bratislave. prednosta prof.dr. E.Guensberger. (FATIGUE) (KENSTIMVION physiol) KLIKINT, BAUM. A.; HATVANY, T. A note on the differential diagnosis and therapy of vegetative p9lipathy. Cook.gyn.26[401 no-1/2:102-106 7 161. 1. 11. gyn.porAlIniba, prednosta doo.dr. Rudcovic: Psychiatriaka kliniks. prednosta prof. dr. Gueneberger; 1. gyn.por.klinlka v Bratislaws, prednosta prof.dr. Stefanik-, Gyn.por.odd. OM Levice. prednosta dr.Ratvany. (A'UTONONIC MMMS STSTEK die) MASARIK. J. SCHMIDT , P. ~___ - Effect of psycholeptic drugs on fatigue stijdied by the met!;o(I of intaining fixation by means of optokinetic nystagm-s. bratisl. Lek. Listy 42 no.5:245-262 162. 1. Z Psychiatric;kej kliniky Lek. fak. Univ. Kameaskeho v Bratislav,,, veduci prof. M"Dr. E. ~;_iensberger. (FATIGTI'~-,*) (NYSTAGMUS) (P'HEllMFT:AZI,':F) (GENTt,AL NERVOUS SYSTEM) BARTKO,D.; MASARIK,J. -- - .1 0- .. - -- An attempt of a concr*te analyaia of some tasks nf Psycho- hygiene. Activ. nerv. sup. 6 no.111-14-115 264. KLUVAIEK, P.; DU , K,~ KASARU. S.; KINARIK, F.; z& tech.spoluprace UMMA. L.; ;o7u~~~ Iffect of technical shorticomings of roontgeno-diagnostic equipment on spreading of secondary radiations. Cask.rentg. 15 no.1:30-16 7 61. 1. Ustav byglany prace a chorob s povolania v Bratislave, ria4itel NOW. I. Klucik. (UDIATION PRMCTIOJO g --g-ugg-ig 4N ~,c, ps"VERM-4 A M a s It 4M~- -60 R OF VW 11,16N w;n, ow lai 9 P", - KARNIKOVA, Eva; HOLNKA, Miroslav; HASARYK, Vladimir CompatibIlity of uranium and beryllium. Jaderna. erergie 9 no*99ZM-2W S963. 1. Statni vyzku=y ustav ochrany materialu G.V.Akimova, Praha. MASARIK, Vladiolav; BERANEK, Miroslay; QUADRAT, Otakar Bt. Contribution to the decomposition of ores by diffusivo annealln . Sbor chem tech 4 no.2:171-177 160. (VAI 10:9/101 1. Katedra chemickis technologle kovu, Vy9oka skola chealako-techno- logicita, Praha. (Ores) (Annealing of metals) 2,MS9 Amanull Oenrikhavioh. kandtekhn.nanki TSMLIN, Sholom Thdovich, kaud-'9Gkbu-n&8k; AMMANWIL-A&A-b-10POnOT18h; SHC=11. Viktor amnorrIO.', starshly ISA.; MMA SCRITE, ILIL, insh., red. rj"ge prestressed concrete 8ftuble To slabs for roofs of balldings] 16 Predvaritellso Sapriashenn" shelesobetommVe krupny* *m1l mdvoluos TO &1l& pokrytll xdanll; Is opyta NIMelesobstona. I save" 116,22 Glaveosprovistroluaterialow. Moskva, Gos.isd-vo lit-ry pe strolt., arkhtt. I strolt.materWas, 1960. 27 p. (Ni" 12 1, Amdemlya strottelletva I &richitektury SSSR. Institut argmal- satell, nekbanizatell I tekhnicheskoy pmoshohl stroitallstvu. Pruro tekbalcheakoy Informateli. 2. Zoweduyushchiy Uborztoriyey wbormykh sholesobetonaTI& koustrWdsly Aknobne-Isslodovatellskogo lustltuts. shelezobstounytch isdelly I norudnykh waterialow (for Satte). 3. Zaveduyushchly sektorom lushenerafth konstruktoiy Nauchno-Iseledo. w&t*1'sb%p lassituta shelesobotonufth Isdolly I nerudifft U060. rialov (for ?Seytlln). 4. GIavW lash. sawod& No.2201armospr stroymaterWev (for lks&rskly). 5. Mmuchno-lesledoystel6skly lustitut shtlesobetounyth isdoliy I nerudiWkh saterialow (for Shchuklu), (Precast concrete aoustruction) (Roaflug, Concrete) 0:0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 4 0 0 0 let 6 to fiffiriflusl6ri W L-1- 4-1 -L A-A--&-.A a a v 00 : : A, o0 'i 0o o0 00600040000*0 0 & a .40 --1-A.1 6CC W U,. -,* 0 *0 -.00 -00 00 .00 .00 -00 ;.0o Soo -.00 coo ;".00 zoo 9*0 zoo A 0 woo 0o a - as. O*wAr ftempnfts oft adwam wavft. t. magueft oo M; S. USMORM CAM#W APWW IbAWWV) AP r ANd. 0104 SMININPIS. V.".A. & & Vj% WS-11W 19" to Gw~.-I% a dwm 46" 00 00 4p! wmdmd 4d wedused w~ is V~wWly wmW Im s~WWgW pu*wft& 00 ev" im pa"d way dmbmk ftm 00 PWWOW pdm d viow. W. IL 00 all, 000- 00 008 J!. ou o oio o o o 0' 0" 10 0 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 roo '00 AO too 0" 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ol* 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 MASARSKY9.s. 10 tj N23&EL~h 30- is L,Acwrsu-vmI sme of rqW&IWd qiskes of Ad*bdMd earth IskO 3 _ Re')Orts'Lod. at Scum, em Vol. 74" 19500 P.Mm From: Ball* of 00 a. tram* Sezvlc*,, ToU 2j, Oat- IMs P-3 The Eartiquakas vrkernen -a:- --:e 1-1 A . L -; rd(,~ n lind 31 Pla arEi I,; c "Iz A k SS)-,~!~, r 'laci*:z" ..c, aeport the results of a 0:.f~ w Ashkha;-,-ad eartnauake. Tne-3c the ~:e twork -~,f se lr. r: t'l n r PA 241T29 USSR/Geophysics Earthquakes of Turkmenia Card 1/1 YD 349 Author : Andreyev, S. S., Masarskiy, S. I., Rustanovich, D. N., and Knarin, Lj A Title : Investigation of the weak earthquakes of southwestern Turkawnis. Periodical : Izv. AD SSSR, Ser. geofiz. 2, 143-1.52, Mar/Apr 1954 Abstract Describe data based on a study of the chart showing the distri-b-,.it2on of t,he epicenters of the weak local earthquakes observed in 19',l-1912 in south western Turkmenia. Give an interpretation of this chart- Refer to the article "The earthquakes of Central Asia," Trudy Seysmologicheskogo insl~41- tuta (Works of the Seismological Institute), No 123, 1947, Ye. A. Rozo--a Also to "Geometric seismics of laminar media," Trudy In-ta teoretich 99-c- fiziki (Works of the Institute of Theoretical Geophysics), Vol 11, No 1946, by Yu. V. Riznichenko. Institution Geophysics Institute, Acad Sci USSR Submitted January 6, 1954 'k- -- - ---. )VA SA R S A" Y, S, -Z - IHARIB, D.A.; KASARSKIT. 3.I. investigation of apicentral sonse by mans of regional seismic stations. Trudy Geof.inst. no.25:97-112 154. (KLRA 7:12) (seismology) Translation from: Referativny p 168 (USSR~ AUTHORS: Masarskiy, 5. 1., TITLE: Interpretatinn of Waves in Cases of ob interpretatsii neprodollnykh prorileyT 15-5 7- _~,399 zhurnal, Geologiya, 1957, Nr Grichuk, L. A. Odographs Produced by Refracted Nonlongitudinal Profiles (K voprosu godo rafov r:relomlennykh voln PERIODICAL: 5b. nauch. tr. Kazakhsk. gorno-metallurg. in-t, 1956, Nr 13, pp 169-173 ABSTRACT: The authors set forth graphic methods for dealing with odographs of refracted waves along nonlongitudinal profiles; the starting point is the simplest concept of a flat boundary and a homogeneous covering m,~dium. Nomographs are given to facilitate intermediate calcu- lations of apparent velocities. beismic drift is not taken into account. Card 1/1 N. N. Puzyrev .0 On the activities of the northern 'rien Shan geophysical station. Blul. Sov. PO saism. no-3:97-105 '57. (MIIkA 11:5) (Tlen Shan--Geophysical observatorlem) SOV/49--59--6- li/21 1 AUTHORS-.Gynkina, N. M.14 Ma k' 2ITLE: The hdicroseisms of tde lssyk-Kul' Like PERIODICAL: Izves"iya Akadezmii uaux S63H, 3eriyi, i 4 z c at 1959, Nr 6., pp 884-8190 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The work is treated as a-ri ia~r~~ductijn I,.:) a I'uii 1:,- vestigation of tne subject wi-lici, is to be publi.3,,.ed. A general description of trie phenomena is de~zcriL~~,i an,_~ illustrated by diagrams and inaps. Fir, I give-_- of storms causing ttie microseisms, Kg- of the area, Fi- Mustrates tLe di3tribuc.,)n of w-nd pressure (B) in reiati-.n to that of tiie microseims (INLS) 1 1 mm = 0.3 -,L, 2 and 3 - directi3n and w-.Lrd for3e 4 air oressure, I mn- = 3 mb. FzL--l 4 sn~)ws '.,c, micro- e stat;,)ns- 1 isms recorded by the following s 2 - Alma-Ata, 3 - Frunze.. 4 - r'irar~m 7, 7 Card 112 30V/49-5-9-6-1 The Microseisms of the lss-rk-Klil' Lake illustrate the synoptic siLuaz;ions ions. These showed thaL tne the storms associated with a tensity depended on ttie wina There are 7 figures, i table is Soviet and 1 is English. durin,. var. );I.; microseisms w...r,e cold froro, and t..~jt t;ic-1, streno-th and i-,.i and 2' references, of wi,ic., I kiSOCIATION: kkadermiya. nau-Lc 66.~R, In,3tlitz.,L fiziki ze-flj, cheskaya stantsiya "Alma-Ala" (Ac-a0e;i!,'i of Inrititute of Pll~yL~,Ics o.,,' tiie Zart~i Geo.'aysi-cal Station, 'lAlma-Ata" SUBMITTED: April 16, 195,~i, Card 2/2 t JUZAj1OV, I.A.; RASNoROVA, V.A., LNOWY, N.N.; Prinimali uchastiye: A~DXW_V, S.S.; GALIMIN, Te.I.; DUUABXWV, A.T.; KATS, A.Z.; KOSMINSWA, I.F.; LADAN, M. H. - HAS" IT S. T K"Waff, S. V. - Pimu ~ilwa IY, B. A-TUCHLOV, S~Y.; RAST701MIrA, JkiLOV, I.-A.; SJLVAMia1*Y, Ye.F.; LHARIN. !).A.; Red icarty: GAMBURTMff. G.A. Betablishaeut of(btailed seismic regions as exemplified by a region of western Turkmenistan. Biul. Sov. poseism. no.8: 131-141 -to., (MIRA 13:10) 1. Inatitut f~.Ziki Zemll AN SSSR. Muimenistan-Seismology) S/169/62/000/011/007/077 D228/D307 XJTHORS: Nasarskiy, 3.1. and Treskov, ;~..A. TITIZ: Ilethods of processing instrumental seismic observa- tions PE'RIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal , Geofizilca, no. Il, 1962, 21-25, abstract ll.d47 (In collection: " mletryaseniya v 4e ..';i 1961, 67-82) TZXT: Before 1910 individual earthquakes were studied' from instrumental recordings. The systematic processing of ol)servations was only begun after reorganiz-tion of the seismic service, whi 'Ch was carried out by 3.3. Golitsyn. :epicenters were determine(, by Golitsyn's azimuthal method. 'Zdpritz-Zeissing hodoo-raphs were usp,'. Hodographs, based on domestic data, were only co'astructeo nuch lat-.,Z. After 1929 special attention was paid to close earthquakes. Aegion- al hodographs were constructed for Central .%sia Otozova), the Crimea (Levitskaya), the Caucasus (Levitskaya, Lebedeva), etc. 'Jince 1949 special attention has been paid to the exposure of the wave I)attern. Card 1/2 Methods of processing ... j/169/62/000/011/007/077 D228/D307 When revising instrumental o~)servftio-,is for the '.atlas o-j- carth- quakes in the U.;3IR.", remote carthqIia.-cs were proceSsou ..rInc1.))al'Ly ~jy the globe and .;ol-i--n(,t notch method. :~Iosc e;irthquakcs were p'_-o- cessed by the notch-hyperbola method of Vadati and Isikav. 1'.ethods taking into account the velocity section were used. to a lesser ex- tent. The focal depths of remote earthquakes were d--termined from the lag of scisnic ~.aves, reflected from the ground surf~,ce ;-Lear the epicei-,tcr. Hypoccnters of closc earthquakes were ascertained by the notch method, by selecting the hodo-raph criviag the least intersection scatter, and by Vadati's method. The last method is more preFerable, since it requircs no preliminary hodograph defini- tion. Z-Abstracter's note: Complete translation-7 Card 2/2 ot -je - C,.s 'NO "d 0,9 'Clo ,0 0t to, tI.% ' eto' 011 s 01 v6 ; Ceq -e-cc ~gk~ -,,oc 9'. SO j ot ot. ec' te t-cl . ov~ 9 V-jo c 19 .-..Cst txNe tec jes tea O~ e C, r ac Ito - ,V,.e 0,0p co 61 r_ 0 c CO ol~ vt~, - r_. _J~ ji)jc, -10 - gVN ; C'I. , rev, e-i-t LI J) gel OP -CC 0~ . -G.Cl JeVD, vv~c -ie6 01 -.I VI V Nt COO r_ evtt t OVL I r%5-1 OX va-' 1,0,t - . , NDe :cvr- C, VL O's CO 'Cite V%.e 0 ov~~ gC of- ~j O)Dt st'C iltve s dII , -,- J). I ak 01.0 tc 0t rit eri-I VI'l xp ~.q 0~ c0, :cc%x a 0)1- VI-01-40-CIL seiso~ io- e' 01 ,Xe i:t% se o'- OVL G t -ocO" ed,, t AOJ%I,~ 0 -C'3~ CS -Co- ,te '- olot toxo- a, jtc. 1; so Ox DO Na. dot, Ocy-S c A ti.0 0 3,0 %4 D,; Ot 3/169/G2/000/011/006/'077 Trial study of weal. local earthqual~es ... i)228/j3O7 patterns of the multipl(- shocks of the --%,shkhabad earthqua:-.e of 19,48 and problems of the seismic microzoning of the city of isIlkliabad were studied; in -;est Turkmoniya, vr~th the aim of the 6ctaile(I sc.Js- mic zoning of the territory; and in other regions. The method of using mobile Reismic stations, Which W.AS first aPplied in the *-.hcmak- hinskaya zone in 1953 and in the widest volume in the Tadzhik corip- lex seismologic expedition, was specially practised. here tiiis- ques- tions of quantitntively studying the parameters of the seisnic re- gime and the energy of. weak earthquakes are being investigated, )ar- ticularly carefully. !;Iectromagnetic B~iFAK (VZGIK) seismo-"'r-.)hs are being used in the work, as are methods unrelated to the supposition that the crust is homogeneous, [or detcxmining the position of an epicenter; the accuracy of such determinations thereby reaches 1-2 lan. The method of mobile stations with their locational profile is also being employed to study the depth structure of the crust. 9 references. Z-ioustracter's note: Complete translation-7 Card 2/2 MASARSKIY) S.I. HodoiTaphs f)l' jeismic wo,ves in thb Altsil uased on rotcord-Ir.,,s of seisT-.Ac prospecting bla3ta. Izv. AN SSSR. 3-tr. ceol'tz. ni~. ?: ~87- J! (PIRA 15:7) 1. Instj ! - L ! 1--iki '(.ml i , AN (Ailtai Moup-l-tins-S~!ismic, 002/052/127 Wl points (t*h6j'.~ he Altay ele- Aflm,i -0l earthquake w 444, Op" iow" ic, too 090 -ascribed -qi O_wi `,abdociated wit it ributed t Aiet M241 d 6" h':Ln.,- -A 'fell - 1; ,,2 am, MM, r &io~, at I .8 note I Ab mwlj_l~ N ~IIM MASARSKY, S.I.; MOISEYENKO, F.S. Thickness of the earth's crust in the Altai and its relation to the tectonics of the region. Trudy Inst. fix. Zem. no.25039-359 '62. (MIRA 15ill) (Altai Mountains-Earth-Surface) (Geology, Structural) ' T MA.SAi,~:K;Y, 3 13 SOJAK,L.; MASARIK,S.; GALFY,K.; MOZOUA. Separation of Q.P crac~'Lrg products of higher lirear by gas chromatog-qphy with programmed temperature. Ropa a -A-Jf,- 5 no.7-.195-.201 J1163. 1. Slov-naft, TI.P., Vyzkumny ustav pre ropu a uhlovod~-zovE- ; lyry, Bratislava. KASAUIDF. I. (g.Barnaul) . - ~- Creative work. Takhmol. 23 no.3:16-17 Wr 155. (19TRA 8:4) (AlUd Territory-Yschine-tractor stations) (KL=*ov, Vasilif)(Piatulte&. Semen Bfinovich) 's I. V, i 1,t1 /I ~~-A / / ~ (' XAMBAIDV. U.; MASAUWV. I.; RASTEGAYXV. K.. red.; GRINI. Ye.. [come settle in the Altai Territory] Pereseliaites' k nos. no Altai. Barnsul. 1957. 62 p. (NIRA 11:6) 1. Altayakiy kray. Impolnitell"y komitet. (Altai Territory) NASA . --I. On virgin lands of the Altal,Nauka I pared. op. v sel'khos. 8 no.4-58-61 Ap '58. (KIRA 11:5) (Altai Territory-Agriculture) CHERITEV, I.N.; :4AL:AYEV, Yu.A. -afe*y (,f uslng cr-amber cnarg--s for mak-Lng -~-sr.--Cns over 1 L .n Kuznetsk Bas'n m-ines. Vop.bezoD.v ugo''.shakh. 4:20'-~13 1E... (MIRA 19-:) NLUTTIS. T.L. Now data an the occurrenee of Jurassic deposits wltkda the bowd- art*@ of the Tlly%W~4Wrn Memosole depression. Mat. V~l no.?: 141-147 155. (Kok 10-.4) (TUM Ta13L4W--"oloCy. ftrattgraphle) (A"wa Vial ley-Geol ogy. Stratigraphle) RMYTIS, T.L. Differeatiated latrusioa of tra" ta the alldle TIlYvw Valley. Nat. 1 1 ao,7:213-216 155. (mm 10-4) (Vilyu7 Talley-Swks. Igneous) KRASNOT. I.I.; WASAYTIS. T.L. 'reetonles of the Oleask-TUM watershed in relation to the structure of imarginal zones of the gumasks, D"In. Nat. TSIM no.7:217-233 155. (KIJA 10:4) (Tunausks Basim-Geolow, Structural) AUT .HCR: 20-2-36/50 Masaytis, V.-L Cryst-illization :n -.:ne --f Jiberi~,n Traps V :j- noy iz intruzi~- r - '[r Drklady AN j.-JSR, 1 V(;l. 11f) , AB"2RACZ: 2~-e questions cc:--nect:,J with #~:ls ,only te. a sm"Ll- e4te~ or t-e t:;e.f -.-i; ever. denied. 2his is ap:,arently .1lue tn tlie 11---ck c-7 --ew~loric:Ll data which itres-1 "lie n-les ~overninC the r-:-ic2 lhe-uuen 111hr- rocks of different cry-3tallization jt-:-es. Fr3n: pf;int the Alamdzhakh-trf.p-intrusion is interestirl in the d rain, :e - -i of C.l - -- a re. " e Akh t % r.~Lr d a ri ve r 1 e f *1 V i ly u y , r i - butary). It is dif.Lrent with respect t,~ tts -le:.-ree of jif- ferentiation from the other trap intr-usionzi OCCL.rrir.F. in this reEion which are not differentiated in 'heir main :7ass. The mentioned intrU3iGn i-.3 of Tijas rii-e --ind is imbedled in tne car- bonaceous ro--ks of the Crdovirien, Perm.,:jr, rrj-ks ind Trias tllffiJ W~irh 4','Ll-lier were l,y tr-ij !i. rd 1 Their tot:-l extension ;i,.,iourii,:i to .,i rc:L '?.") k,,-'-. .'w , liffervr:- 20-2-36/50 Cr, il'.iz-:ti on Dif feren Liati on in Cne of t ~ In t ru 3 1 on s -T S i be r i -in . r--! s i ate d complexes c--,,n di 3t n~-,-_-i 3e-4 ir. '71 youn--er eastern c(,::::.lex. .'ht! e iste rn ex .3tr ti f -1 ~~d i S sof t ly wa vy 1-ird :3 ~~em _-3c f t 1y t r) w:-. r-1.3 "Phe cont-.dnin.- rocks ar, c',.:tn.-e-i on'j t,~ exlent ~t t~e contact. 1he western 1-1-ver-n-- Arca 3i'4 D" ''-e en'Jre area) hz s a cc-i:;licuted intrusion form, on *.e w~.c',Ie !~13C 3tr,itified. There are, 'iowever, -Llso r-j kneeli.~-c .;en4- inEs. Among the roclij c~ the we.3tern intr.i3ion ?r:il lex tviu- .-enetic .-roui)q c in be 3e:;,r~-ted: A) 2he nor::~-!, !~ f 'erentiatior. 3e rie s o f t roc to 1 i th -d o le ri te -a bb 1 e r i te 3 a J es), ferro.-abbro, ba-3ic -.-n--: s (rrc.,:s I . .. e of the main series). -9) 'he `):ijic hranc~. -,f . _'ifferentia- tion: subbi3ic dolerties, tesc`ienite-loierttes, 2i ab ~ r o - teschenites. The b-sic branch lacKs in the u-_-sterr 'he .3er series o!* the trectolith-dole.-i te:i for-.-i,3 -i o t' the cry0t;L1 . izit ion di f Cerv-n t i.i L ion. c ryz; L Z:,t i on of the rocks of both luxe:.3 ok :, I a c Li t , r) .- e r _i. t e r.-i t i o r, o f the rocic-formin,' ::i:Lin :iin~r~,_J: ti.e pjr(jx#-:!np_j, ;,liiocluse- and olivines which aru 3,,Iid phases of a varia.-)Ie c(--i,--,;s:t~r~n. 2he compo3ition ;irj,; the r:LtiO Of the rocxs in '~.e vertic-'I crods section cl-f Lhe inLri_3ion in tte western ir:~icate Card 2/", Joubtlessly relationj in -cries 1)etweer. till! jlri(,.,e lex 20-2-.36/ 50 i ti,~n L-i f"fe-renti at ion in On,~ r~ f t:.e In tr-u3ion-, r-.' Sibe.-~ %n '-r - -, menber3 and the no-, SiMU 1.7 rrin7 r'en In latter took place in the r---CK3 -,f t*.e tiation Feries froti the troctolit:--:!u.'eri1.e.j to tl.c -rano- -.~iyres. The main tr-n-lie-cy of t1he differcr-iation -,,' tIA-.e ~,a- s.altic maE;-.ia ur,.--er fr;L,--tion conditions is ~he enr'ch:nEnt z;f the rest melt with ir(.n ..-t the middle and I.-Iter St~--,--e3; -2-r. enrichment with alkalis tr,,ce!3 place at the fin,,;l In present case rocks :ire formed cit the middle ind later harden- ing stages which to a ~rre-t ext,?rt are enriched with iron (ferrorabbro anu ferro--ort(,nalit~i-(,rp,noi.,Iiyres)~, not in the relative, but als-, in the i:;:3c,1ute 1y alkaline quartz--abbros ;in.1 -r-iroph-.-rez final st-L-es. The ma;-,ma of the 12,-,3tern cr.::i,-.Iex w-.3, :-.uch -,:c)cr- or in volatilt) romj~)nentij. *h,: JiCf'er~-nce in tion de,-,ree ar,d in the contact :,ietamorphiorr, ir. ',)(,th thus provei3 the occtirrence of two ma;,ma types: a) ~ne rich In volutile comionents and aikali:3 an-A b) a re.-LtiVC-~--' ",!ry" magma. The Alanarl -.-.h-t%h-ir. trus ion differs ac 7 -, rd i r. t , i t 3 jifferentialtion t --pe crnsiderI~ly fmm the Jiff-rentiate--' C_ rd 7 ~ /4 tr&p intrusior -.-:' t-.e north. Yve-;!., Df- .:ince .-e -20-2-36/5o Cryst~l I iz a ti on Dif ferenti at ion in One cf t-.e Irtrusi or s r,;f Si be ri']X. '--r:~7's ~-niti~.~l composition :Iif!-err,-nt %ere --ind there. '21-~ere- are 3 references, 1 Of W;dCh is '-'IUViC. PR'ZSEN*2ED: May 3. 10,57, by D.S. Kor:~Iiinsr-,iy, STjB. I T'"TE D : -'anuary 16, 10'7 ..L - - - J , AV A I L't 'i L-'-' : Library of C-,,n;:re8., Carl -V4 3(5) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/1886 Ob"yedinennaya nauchnaya sessiya po metallogenicheakim i prognoznym kartam, Alma-Ata, 1958 Materialy nauchnoy sessil po metallogenicheskim i prognoznym kartam; doklady. (Materials Presented at the Scientific Session on Metal- logenetic and Postulated Ore Occurrence Maps; Reports) Alma-Ata, Izd-vo AN Kazakhokoy SSR, 1958. 318 P. Errata slip inserted. 3,850 copies printed. Ed.s A.S. Pogozhev; Tech. Ed.: P.F. Alferovat Sponsoring Agencies: (1) Akademiya nauk SSSR, (2) Akademiya nauk Kazakhakoy SSR, Alma-Ata, (3) USSR. Ministerstvo geologli i okhrany nedr, (4) Kazakh SSR. Kinisterstvo geologil i okhrany nedr. PURPOSE: This book in intended for exploration geologists, mining engineers, and cartographers. Card 1/6 Materials Presented (Cont.) SOV/1886 COVERAGEs This collection of reports was presented at the United Scientific Session on Metallogeny and Postulated Ore Occurrence Maps convoked by the Academy of Sciences in Alma-Ata, December, 1958. The reports deal with various aspects of compiling metal- logenetic and ore occurrence maps an well as the methodology and techniques of correlating geophysical exploration data. These reports deal only with non-ferrous metals. Three other reports delivered at the conference but not included in this work were read by Ye.Ye. Zakharov, N.S. Shatsklys and YU.K. Goretakly. References accompany each article. TART OF CONTENTS: Tatarinov, P.M. [Vaegel]. Principles and Techniques of Compil- ing Metallogenetic Maps in the USSR Satpayev, K.I. [AN Kaz.SSR]. Integrated Hetallogenetic Postu- lated Occurrence Maps of Central Kazakhstan Staritakly Yu 0 V.L. Manaytin V.I. Dragunov, and N.S. Malich [Veogell. iriAciol-es-o-f Compiling Metallogenetic Platform maps Card 2A 3 12 27 Materials Presented (Cont.) sov/1886 Orlova, A.V,, Ye.T. Shatalov [JOEM]. Methodological Principles in Compiling Metallogenetic and Postulated Occurrence Maps for Mineral Regions 36 Tvalchrelidze,, O.A. IKIMS). Principles of Compiling the ls 500,,000 Metallogenet;.ic Map of the Caucasus 43 Kashkay,, N.A. [AN AzerbSSR]. Basic Ketallogenetic Lineaments and the Metallogenetic Map of Azerbaydzhan 55 Karpova,, Ye.D. Metallogenetic Maps of the Eastern Part of Cen- tral Asia (scale 1:1,000,000) 59 Matveyenko, V.T. [VNII-1), Ye.T. Shatalov. [IGEN). Metallogene- tic Map of Northeast 'USSR 67 Semenenko, N.P. [AN UkrSSR] Metallogenetic Eras and a Map of Postulated Occurrences of Ore Deposits in the UkrSSR 74 Card 3/6 Materials Presented (Cont.) SOV/1886 Kuklin, N.V. (Urallskoye GU MOON]. Principles of Compiling Metallogenetic Maps for the Magmatic Deposits of the Urals 80 kleshin, M.M., V.0. Pervov. (Urallskoye GU MGON]. Technique of Compiling of Copper and Iron Metallogenetic and Postulated Occurrence Maps for the Urals 88 Lazarev, P.V., I.V. Lennykh [OU MOON). Copper and Nickel Postulated Occurrence Maps for Certain Districts of the Southern Urals 100 Ivankin. P.F., A.K. Kayupov, and G.N. Shcherba. (AN KazSSR). Metallogenetic Postulated Occurrence Maps of Rudnyy Altay 110 Shcherba, G.N. Postulated Occurrence Maps for Rare Minerals in Central Kazakhstan 119 Bok, I.I., and L.A. Miroshnichenko [I(IN AN KazSSR1. Poll- metallic Deposits of Central Kasakhsj~= and Ouldes for Predicting Their Occurrence and Exploration 131 Card 4/6 Materials Presented (Cont.) SOV/1886 Zhilinakiy, G.B. [ION AN KazSSR). Pvinciple3 of Compiling the Postulated Occurrence Napo for Tin in Centra Kazakhstan 118 Tyurin, B.A. (Kaz INS and Kaz GMI]. Technique of Compiling a Metallogenetic and Postulated Occurrence Nap for the Meso- zoic Bauxites of Central Kazakhstan 165 Gimmellfarb, B.M. (GIGXhS1. Basic Principles for Compiling Postulated Occurrence Maps for Phosphates 183 Godlevskly, M.N. [VSEGEII, Problem of Compiling the Metal- logenetic Postulated Occurrence Map for the Northwest Part of Siberia Platform 199 Ivanov, A.A. [VSEGEI]. Halogen Formations of the USSR and the Regularity of Distribution of the Principal Ore Deposits Related to Them 203 Radkevich, Ye.A., I.N. Tomeon. [IGEM]. Large Scale Metallo- genetic Mapping 212 Card 5/6 Materials Presented (Cont.) SOV/1886 Novokhatakiys I.P. (ION AN KazSSR]. Metallogeny of Iron and Manganese and the Technique of Compiling the Metallogenetic and Postulated Occurrence Maps for the Iron and Maganese Ores in Central Kazakhstan 224 Kazanli, D.N. [ION AN KazSSR). Geophysical Data In Metallo- genetic Analysis and the Shaping of Forecasts in Kazakhstan 242 Rusakov, M.P., and X.I. Satpayev (ION AN Ka?..qSRI, Metallo- genetic Characteristics and Regularities in the Manifesta- tion and Endogenic Concentration of Copper In the Soil of Central Kazakhstan 268 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Mvsfm 6-18-59 Card 6/6 KASAYTISO'V.L. Differentiation of the trappean magma in the valley of the vilyuy RIvor. BIul~VSEGEI no.1:152-157 158. (KIRA 14:5) (Vilyuy Valloy--G*olo_ry,, Structural) LURt". H.L.;-&SATTI4 ..-L-L Traps In the Siberian Platform. Sov.geol. 2 no.4:5G-66 kip *59. NrRA 12:7) 1. Voesoy"rWy nauchno-Issledovatel'sidy goologichookly institut. (Siberian Platform--Jlocks, Igneous) MASAYTIS, V.L. Titanium ores in traps of the Vilyuy -jalley. I',- t. 'Lj-- -- - m.31:101-1-10 160. ~. [!'-A 14 - -1 (Vilyuy Vidley-'i1tt,nium ore~t)