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26607 S/186/61/003/004/oo6/007 4X o o E037/E119 AUTHOR. Mefodlyeva, M.P. TITLEa Study of neptunium -complexes with Trilon B by the 619c.trophorests method PERIODICAL. Radfckhimi~ra, 1961, Vol-3, No.4, PP. 506-508 TEXT.~ Ep~,rl) m, 1!,jts. Spectrophotometric data (Ref.1, A.D. Gellman, M.P. MefoVyeva, DAN, 124, 4, 815 (1959)) show that below pH 2 n,eptunium(IV) forms one complex [NpH2Y )2+ with stability constant K = (.5.7 t 3-4) x 1o7. on increasing pH the absorption matima are displaced towards the long wavelength region. Above pH 2 Np ' hydrolyses and disproportionates so that spectro- phatemetric da-ra cannot be used to determine the nature of the complex formed in the pH rang, 3-6.5. Accordingly the method of glactrcphoreBis was used. The P-active tracer NpZ39 (obtained from Yu.A. Zolotov) was used together with a 0.05 M Trilon B saluticn. Al~ pH 4.4 tha activity distribution curve from electro- Phore3is on a strip of chromatographic paper has two maxima in the anianxit region and at pH 2.7 there is one maximum in the anionic region. These data show that under these conditions Np(IV) Card 1/2 26607 Study cf naptunium complexes with ... S/186/61/003/004/oo6/oO7 E037/E119 forms anionic ccmplexas with Trilon B. Tha two close maxima are possibly due to addition of an OH group. ~LD(y) CtLaplezas. Spez-1raphotometric data show that with large ex,-tasz of YFI-Icn B Np(V) forms the complex ion I'NpO2y33- with K = (2~26 t 0.36) x W 16. Ele--trophoresis experyments using a Trxlon B solutlon (0.01- M) at pH 7.7 confirm this result. Spestrophotometr,c data also show that in an equimolar solution of Np(V) and Trilon B at pH 3.25-4.4 the binualear comylex C(Npo2)2y,,2- I-a formed with K = (2 24tO-08) X 10 5. .1 Elaztrophoresis of equimolar (5 X 10-4M) solutions at pH 4 yields a split maxtmum in the anionic', regLOn. presumably due to the binvai-Jear :omplex and rNpO2Y"--,. A-kmmaiqledgments are expressed tc. Pr3fesscr A.D. Gel~manj B,A. Zaytsev and T.,S, Shevelkina f--r assful advice and help. Th,ers are 4 figures and 2 Soviet referenz.9s. SUBMITTED.~ Max-ch It-. 196(), Card 2/2 10228 8/844/62/000/000/027/129 D244/D307 AUTHORS Gel'iiian, A. D., Hefod'yeva, M. P., Pikayev, A. K. and Glazunov, P. Ya-.------I TITLE: Hadiolysis of aqueous solutions of tetra- and hexavalent neptunium SOURCE'. Trudy 11 Vsesoyuznogo soveshchaniya po radiatsi'onnoy khi- mii. "d. by L. 6. Polak. Mosoow, Itd-vo AN S63R, 1962, 167-170 TEXT: In connection with the recovery of.Np from atomic reactors, the rddiolytic reduction of NpVI was investigated in perchloric, sulphuric and nitric acid solutions. k1so investigated was the oxi- dation of KpVI in H230 4 solutions. The radiation source was an elec- .tron accelerator, the energy of electrons being up to 1.0 - 1.3 Mev. The dosage was about 4.5 x 1015 ev/ml.see and the initial energy of electrons 0.7 to 0.8 Rev. All solutions were saturated with air. In Card 1/3 . j/844/62/000/000/027/129 Radiolysis of aqueouLi D244/D5O7 solutions of NpVI in HO.10 4 0 H260 4 9and HNO,, the reduction to NpV but not to Np IV took place. In 4 M HNO 3f the reduction of Np VI ceased almost completely. In HC10 49 the formation of Np V was pro- portional to the radiation dose (from -6 to 8 x 1018 ev/'ml). G(NpO +) 2 in M40 3 solutions decreaged with the increasing concentration of HNO In 0.86 N H j0 solutions G(NpO+) increased with the dosage. 3* 2 4 2 IV V VI Np is oxidized to ND without the formation of Np In 0.8 N H2 so4 containing 0.001 DI Np IV , the formation of Np V increased with the dosage. Thus the form of Np which is most stable to the radia- tion is NpV. It ie believed that the reduction of Np VI in 0.86 N H2SO 4 is due to the action of H and H202'and the oxidation of Np IV is caused by the action of OH radicals and H202. There are 2 figures and 2 tables. Card 2/3 Rudiolysis Of aqueous ... A"'CIATION: Inatitut fizicheakoy khirii Physical Chemistry AS USSR) S/84 D244' '2/000/000/027/129 YD307 Al, SSSR (Institute of I-- Card 3/3 t 1111 i ACCESSION HR: kF4020056 8/0186164/006/00110035/0042 AUTHORt Gollman, A* go; I To* of; Gleguawo me Po I KodochLSovs Po No; Veretim int re'-b poll KL6 TrME: Precipitation of Np sup 239 from irradiated uranium by Lou exchange method SOURCEi Radickhimiyet, v. 6, no. lp 1964, 3S-42 TOPIC TAGS: precipitation, Up sup 239, irradiated uranium, Lou exchange method, uranium dioxide$ gamma spectrum, beta spectrum, uranium ABSTRACT: A method was developed for precipitating Kp239 from uranium dioxide, by irradiating it with neutron flux, using a solution of the target in 8H nitric acid with hydrazine &dditLon, sorption in the anion exchanger.AB-17 and de %PtLon of 0.1H EX03. After a single filtration through the columm with AB-17, NO which is practically free from fragment activity is obtained. A high degree of refinement is confirmed by study of the *( and jS spectra of precAq tated Kp2390 "The authors are very grateful to Yus As Zolotow from whom the WJ was obtainad.99 Orig. art* bass 6 figures. Card Awt, ~ - ,I A&A Nil n TIP JT) . : W.- A JO LRPV GELIMAN, A.D.; KISELEVA, Ye.D.; GLAZUNOV, M.P.; KODOCHIGOV, P.N.; PERETRUKHIN, V.F. Isolation of neptunium-239 from irradiated uranium by means of ion exchange. Radiokhimija 6 no. 1:35-42 164. (MIRA 17:6) RUMIIA Cultivated Plants. Fodder Grasses and Edible M Roots. Abe Jour : Ref Zhur - Biologlya, No 6, 1959, No. 24930 Author : Mega, L. Inst : Not given Title i Investigation of Esparcet's State Under Conditions of the Baragan Valley Orig Pub : Probl. agric., 1958, 10, No 6, 36-42 Abstract : Comparative tests of esparcet varieties of miscellaneous orlgln, of the local alfalfa variety and the hybrid esparcet varieties, Baragan 1 and Baragan 2, out of the inter- species hybridization of Onobrychis sativa and 0. antasiatica by Agricultural Experi- mental Station Markulesti. The variety Baragan 2 yielded the greater harvest and Card 1/2 RUMANIA / Cultivated Plants. Fodder Grasses and Edible M Roots. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biologiya, No 6, 1959, No. 24930 0 was more resistant to frost and drought. 0. sativa is richer In protein and is poor in non-nitrogen extractive substances. Card 2/2 95 uyons, O.L.; t,MAL, P.D. Using the E13F,2,m ejectxia dxill for -Jrilling exploration mining holes with diamond bits. Razved. i okh. nedr. 30 no.8-.59-60 Ag 164. (MIRA 17; 10) 1. Zakarpatalmyu okupeditsiya. UM/Forestry - Forest Cultivatione K. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biol.j no 41 1958P 15377 Author : P.N, Megalinskiy Inst : Title : Bvaluating the Make-Up of Mixed Underwood. (0b otsenke sostava smeshannykh molodnrakov). Orig Pub : Nauch. tr. Ukr. a.-Idi. akad.p 1956p 8, 245-249 Abstract : The absolute quantity of undergrowth or trees represen- tative of the min species in mixed underwoodi on the basis ot which the adequacy or insufficiency of these kinds may be determined for cultivating plantings of value, is frequently not specified by the composition formula with the accuracy required by industry. As an example of the methodological procedure used to solve this problem, a scale is proposed, calculated Card 1/2 MEGALINSK71Y, Ye. I., Dic.; RUMS11TEMI, L. G., Dig.; IL'INA, N. I., Div:-O "Improving the Technology of Protective Coatings" P. 552-571 in book , ,, Y Increasing the Quality and Efficiency of MachLiery, Moscow, 1~~:~7 626pp. p & g-jr- n- . 0 New technology of the cleaning and priming of casts. Lakalwas.mat.1 ikh prim. no.5:52-55 160. (KIRL 13-.11) (Cast Iron-paiating) MGALINSKIYX Yeele Mechanization and improvement of tractor painting in the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. Lakokras.mat.i ikh prim. no.5t 74-77 162. (MIRA 16:1) (",helyabinak-Tractors-PELinting) IC-GAUVp A. A. A. A, Megalov, Control of Pests and Jiseases of AC.Eicultural Plants, Saratov Oblast 3tate Publishing Kouse, 3aratov, 1940., 2c~o pp. 4--'4.4 !'~1,72 SO: Sira Si 90-53, 15 Dee 1953 1. NEGALOV, A.A. 2. USSR (600) 7. Kak Borottaya s Vreditelyami i Boleznyami Sel'skokhozyaystvennykh Rastenly (How to Strugele with the Posts and Diseases of Agricultrual Plants), 51PP, Saratov, 1951. 9. YAkrobiolopi-va, Vol XXI, Issue 1, Moscow, Jan-Feb 1952, pp 121-1,22. Unclassified. 1,S0-kMV,--V. A. Agriculture Detecting Insect nests of fiell crops, Sel'knozgiz 1951 Monthly joist qf Russian Accessions. Library of Congress, June -1953, Uncl. ~:7 -7 77, 6~ ~z: -7, Go,- -wti t-olyzu, wh,li, -016v ~-rv 4o~4iag I vtts Mimi -LL r lm _Lifi6. ding, i:, ler6TIV,-itid.u! fee -- " - . I - I I I die- ocb~p 4bilkk b!' ihe lnw'cn;~.wctoboll -I in at'im, Carl I I 6f ifig vau ~n~jpj~,j lit 4 irect itlatiot. ctw,7u~ yt: miss nlwo~l;c~lii a ROOM- ffll~_ lve--ItLod) U-0. USSR/Gonoral and apocial Zoolosy. Insocts. Injurious Insocts.and Ticks. Posts of Coroal Crops Abs Jour : Rof Zhur - Biol., No 11, 1958, No 49595 Author : 1.11oCalov V,A. Inst :'_ Titlo : Chu:iical and AGrotochnical Methods of Protc,3tinc Corn fro:i Wiroworus. Ori3 Pub : Kukuruza, 195.5, No gp 43-45 Abstract : Wohn soods arc sown early in the year In cold soil, capocially in zonos with slov incroaso of tou- poraturo3 In tho sprinr,, and the Y,,oro so whon the soods arc deeply c--ibeddod, they lic for 20- 30 days in tho -,round without ,.,or-aination, then they decay -roatly or aro dana.,,~ed by wiroworns. Bost of"fact ar~ainst the wiroworms in Aoscow Oblast had tho troatziont of the soods at an early soviinr, of corn with 12% hoxachlorocyclohoxane (HCCH) (0.5 kG/0. Mhon soods not dustod with Card 1/2 35 El Lo I 'eA I e 1'.', - JU ;IT Lo t 0 1.;. MRGALOVq V.A., icand.sel'skakhospystvartafth nauk, dotaeat - Dustiag corn with insecticides before planting as a means of coatrolling wireworms Cw1th sumiary in KaglisO. Izv. TSKh-i no.5:64-74 160. (MIR& 13:11) (Wireworms) (Insecticides) MEGALOV, V A kand.sellskokhozyaystvennykh nauk, dotsent; ~N-FEY (?tang Hsiur4*fe$jv kand.sellskokhozyaystvennykh nauk Protecting corn from the frit fly (with suumary in English]. Iz-v. TSKhA no.2:72-84 161. (MIRA 14:8) (Corn (Maize))-Diseases and pests) (Frit flies) NEGALOV, V.A. kand.sellskokhozyaystvennykh nauk Paying more attention to plant protectioa through cultivation practices. Zashch. raut. ot vred. i bol. 7 no.1:15-16 162. NIRA 15:6) 1. Moskovskaya ordena Lenin& sellskok-hozyaystvennaya akademiya im. K.A. Timiryazeva. (Plants, Protection of) BOGAN, F.Te.; LANINA, L.B.; MEGALISKIY, K.O.; SOKOLISKIY, S.M.; TAZAN, Yu.P.; KNORM, Ye-.PI.; SOLOVITEVA, M.Ye., red.; OPLESNIN, I.I., tekhn. red. (Reservation in Pechoraf popular science sketch] Zapo- vednik na Pechore; nauchno-populiarnyi ocherk. [By]-F.E, Bogan i dr. Syktyvkar, Komi kriizhnoe izd-vo, 1963. 114 (MIRA 16:10) (Pechora Valley--National parks and reserves) .-,W MENGAVORYAN, L. 0. Agricultural Vachinenf Universal root-puller assembly developed by the Central Scientific R search Institute of Wood Chemistry, Der. i 105okhim. prom. 1, No. 7, 1952. 9. Month List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, June 1953, Uncl. MIEZAVOP.YAN, L. 6. Forestry Engineering Mechanization and efficient performance of grubbing work., Les. khoz.., 5 No. 3 (42)s 195 2 Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, July 1952. Unclassified. MECAVOMLIVII) L. 0. Troe Felling Mechanizinr the sawinC of rc3in:)~is f'lr Der. I -Lesc~.hLm. ;, .'i-. -', ~ ;-~cnthl-v List of Russian Acceftions, Libran, f Cont-ress a jLl:-.e !'-/,53. Ul 7C L. A U I'HOR Me6avor~,an, L.O. Candidate of Tezhnical _S_,1en-e!F TITLE; Multi-purpose Machine "TsN'IIME-K_Bi1'1 ~Agrega' PERIO,)IC,~Li lAekhanizatsiya Trudoy~mkikh 41 Tyazhglykh Rabo*, _'-,-~8, Nr A., pp 23-24 (U63a) AB6 Zr~ACT; ThE fsential *nyy naucnno- issiedovatellskiy inst-itut mekhani- zatsii i energetiki lesnoy promyshiennosti (The Central 6cien- tific Research Institute for Mechanization and Power Engineer- ing in the Lumber Industry)has developed a multi-purpose ma- chine for the building of wood transportation roads. '.he ma- chine is assembled on the base of a 3-80 tractor. In addition to its permanent equipment, the machine also has a universal uprooting frame, a bulldozer moldboard ' and a trench digger. Under working conditions, the operator and his a:sistiint can set up or take down the uprooting frame or the mc-,Idbeard with- in 10 to 15 minutes. The exchange of' the trench ~.i--rer 20-50 minutes. For winter work, the TsNIIM-KBK shoild be equipped with a snow plow, and with devices for the building of ice roads for wood transportation and their maintenance_-(_,. ~;ard l/ z Tne production of' these multi-purpose machines nas Multi-purpose .~acnine "T3,IjTTY_E-YBK" '_ a F~-_' . - ' ~; z 'There is I figure, and I photograph. AVAILABLEz Library of Congress Card 212 1. Road building equipment 2. Lumber industry-Equipment ?4EGAVORYAM, L.. inzh. --~---VGI~ted equipment for the S-80 tractor. Stroitel' no-9:13 158. (HIRA 13:3) (Tractors--Squipnent and 9upplies) MGAY, Gaza A history of watchmaking in Kiskole. II. Borsod szemle 7 no.1:64--69 1~3. 1. Miskolc'i Herman Otto Muzeum tudcOianyos mmkatarsa. Ots A mistute of tytodskin and =tOwxpv4jtUhVvjI alcohol in nocuous (as Twice witilm deld nl* f a "A R", VACC(us 1'. kmws. K. Wg,.v, -~J No (Umv~ MI. ;1"ripmr-ap. milms JQ, IQ WAI).- SYneirgistic action of tYrothricin (1) and O-phrnoxy- c1hyl A. (U) in ccintral of bacteria in SMAUPOK V.Wtirie A. ,h.-,.. BY mw of 0.5 v.1. U an.1 ().I% I gIvvfin..lftI lymph .a~ merile in 7 dAy% Added F. eM wid MEGAYI~ L. 1948 I'Degign Gastric TumELurs. of Connective "issue." Crvosc-k Lapja, Budapest 1948, 4/30(970-972) Abst: Exe. Yed. V. Vol. 1l,, No. 112 P. P3A MMAY, Laszlo. dr. Possibilities of roentgenological diagnosis of gaatritia, C, and its difficulties. Nagy. radiol. 8 no.1:12-23 Fab 56. 1. A Szovetseg utcai korhaz (igazgato: Fekets. Sandor dr. kandidatus) roentgenoaztalyanak (foarvos: Negay. Laszlo dr.) kozlemorqe. (GASTRTTTS clironic, x-ray diag. (Hun)) ACC i7,\-- ;,?60320411 S 0 Uli C C 0 D i~V U-1 .5166,1 V. (Graduate studen-,) 0 Nono ::,~tei inlnC, ~he true deviaL_'ons c- fr:,... "u ~- I zl-.~ iule -period for a mecLaa_nism, w--"-. lrl-sninostroyen`ye, 1-, 0 c a l er,-,- ince r inl:~ , _-.c ana-yzes Der-od for a a 0 e in t il. e a r, d c, -, I L ...... _-S r 12 C C, 'D C, p e r I y f c Liven ar,6~e _y C a:-. G i d a t e i)-.- S EM, L A T 2 3c L 6" CG -r-Ci I/ I- ZAYTSN, Alakeendr MikolaYevich LzElitsev, 0.1;-JOIQARAL~ ~Yevti~khlyevich LFIsbada, 1.1; MSMIMV. Leonid Danilovich; DTACHKO, I.F., : M)BLIMAR, B.L., LToward our program for 19631 He rubazhi 1965. Xyiv, Ilyivalks obl.kayzhkovo-gazatue vyd-vo, 1960. 16 p. (9IRA 14:1) (Kiev--Railroads--Cars) MWEIA I G.M. Promoting communist labor. Gidroliz. i lesokhim. prom. 14 no.7:28 961. (MIRA 14:11) 1. Perechinskiy lesokhimicheakiy zavod. (Pere chin-Vood-Chemistry) TESAR, J.; NADVORNIK, F~; FANTIS, A.;J~q~A, J. Analysis of the origin of ?atal brain contusions. Cesk. neurol. 26 no.5025-329 S 163. 1. Katedra soudniho lekarstvi fakulty vseobacheho lekEtrstvi KU v Praze, vedouci doc. dr. J. Tesar, CSc. I chirurgicka klinika fakulty vaeobeeneho lekarstvi KU v Praze, prednosta, prof. dr. J. Pavrovsky. (BRAIN INJURTY ACUTE) (HWATOMA,, SUBDURAL) (SKULL FRACTURES) FA NT !3 n ;i 164. ve r 5 a z t-, K "r n r- 9 '. tv F. J .1 s a T; r V 11 C ZEG,--;;OS LGV,~?. IA FANTIS, A.- MMME-ELA J., STAMIDIS T Ist Surgical Clinic (I. Chi- rurgicka Kli_n_M_a-77~ (Prednosta) Prof Dr J. PAVROVSKY; 4th Internal Clinic (IV. Interni Klinika) Head (Prednosta) Prof Dr M. FUCIK, Faculty of General Medicine, Charles University (Fak. Vseob. Lek. KU), Prague. "Surgical Treatment of Apoplectic Hemorrhage." Prague, Ceskoslovenska Neurologie, Vol 29, No 5, Sep 66, pp 317 - 320 Abstract ZKuthors' English summary modified_7: Surgical treatment of N cases of apoplexy is described. Evacuation of the apoplectic hemorrhage was executed in 12 cases. General condition improved in 6 patients, 4 died. Where there are indications that the treat- ment will be successful, the removal of the hemorrhage should be carried out 2 Figures, 1 Table, 13 Western, I Czech referencee Table, 9 viesterriv 4 -z-L., puncture is recommended. 3 2i7ures, OLISHANITSKIY, A.A.; LUTSBNXO, G.S.; HE 094't; R'.-M.-' Usiag plastics in resection of the liver. Rksper.khir. 2 no.6: 54-58 K-D '57--- (MIRA 11:2) 1. Is ekspertmentalluoy laborstorti Zatmrpatakoy oblaetnoy klinichaskoy bollnitoy (glavqyy vrech G.S.Intoanko) - (LLVIR, aurg. resection, hemostasis with plastic cuff in dogs (Rua)) (PUSTICS plastic cuff for hencetasis in liver resection in dog& (Rua)) MEGELISHVILI, T.G.; TOPOSHELIDZE, T.I. Variations Lia sodfur, Jursinance in t-AlIght. B'Aul. 'ibaet. aatrr-.fiz, (-baer. 32 s165-182 165. (MIRE 13,10) GUSEIDIOV, G.A.,- ABDULLAYEV, S.A.; gLI-RftAMQV_,_Sh.A, Effect of growth substances of petroletLm origin on ',h-- regeneraticm CC blood in animals. Uch. zap. AGU. Biol. ser. no.6:57-65 159, 0~~A 15*- 5) (GROWTH PRO14OT12IG SUBSTANCES) (BLOOD) ME/.-.EV, V. SURNAME, Given Fa;;s- Countr7s Bul,,,aria Academic Degreess not given Affiliatim s - not given Sources Sofia, Matematika i Fizika, Vol IV, No 5, SOP/Oct 1961, pp 63-64 Datas "Now Books on Physics." (Book reviews) 00 9~16r.3 S.DSGGYES, Klara. What is the origin of the word Olgyog" the significance of which is warning in our village? Elet tud 17 110-45:1414 11 N .162. 1. Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia Nyelvtudomanyi Intezetenak tudomanyos minkstarsm. S.=GlMt Mars t What le the orlgln of the work vertelek, the now of the trIangular air and Ilghting vents constructed on the and of straw-roofed houses facing the streetl Blot tud 17 no,/+5s3A30 32 N 162. 1. Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia Nyelvtudomarqi Intezatensk tudomanyos munkatana. KOVATSj Ferenci dr;,Jr;, I ~WrrY1,SHAzr. janos dr;;; BALOGH, Paln6 dr:;; VEDRBS,,Saro1ta,,dr-.'~"---" -." -~'-- : `--I Morphology and roentgenology of the round tuberculous shadows in the lung. Tuberk. kerdeset 9 no.1:1-5 Feb 56. 1. Az Orazagos Koranyi TBC Gvogyintezat (igazgato Dessauer Pal dr., tudomanyos vezeto-Sabok Lorand dr.) II. BeloaztalyanELk (foorvos: Kovats Fereac dn. Jr.) kozlemenye. (TUBERCULOSIS. PU114ONARY, radiograpIV round foci. classif. & pathol. corelations (Hun)) KXRZNYI, Imre, dr.; KDVATS, Ferenc, dr., Jun.; MMGYESHAZI, Janos, dr. Surgery of midiastinal lymph node conglomerates In miliary pulmonary tuberculosis. Tuberk. kerdesei 9 no.2:71-74 Apr 56. (TUBERMOSIS, PULMONARY millary, with madiagtinal lymph node tuberc.. surg. (Hun)) (TU-BKRCULOSTS, LTMPH NOD3 mediastinal, with miliary pulm. tubarc., surg. (Hun)) MEGHEA,C.; DACU, Gh.; MISTANTINESCU,M.; GALLAIJI,S.; IVANESCU,V.; NEGOESCU,M. Our experience with the one-stage complex surgical cure of complicated thoracic tuberculous spndylitis. Rumanian med. rev. 7 no.3: 70-73 Ja-Mr'64. _W_ ~!F"GHEA9 C., lector aniv. (Constanta) On differen~Jal and Integral r~a".-,j-IuB In secrndary Gaz ma~ Liz 15 no.12-693-707 D 163. MEGHEA, C. , lector On integral and dif-prential oalciilus in seconda-r-j schools Ft.2. Gaz mat fiz 69 no.l/;2:44-61 Ja-F 16-1.. 1. Pedagogic Institute, Con3tanta. MSHKI3j V.N.., doktor tekhn.nauk,, prof.; MEGIDEY, P.L., kand.tekhn,nauk Corrections for the method for the installation of a thermocouple in measuring the temperature of the heat carrier in pipes with a am" diameters. Energomashinostroanie 7 no.5:33-16 My 161. (Temperature-Mesurement) (NM 14:8) (Water pipes) KOSMODAMUNSKIY, A.S. (Kosmodamiam Iky-i, 0 S: J (SeLratov)) MEGLINSKIY, V.V. [Mehlinslkyi, V:V (Saratov); SH=0'1, IV.A. " (Sdi~atdv) Stretching of an anisotropic plate with an arch-shaped hole. Pr7k1. mekh. 9 no-4:441-"6 163. (MIRA 16:8) 1. Saratovskly gosudarstvennyy,ii6if rei-tet. KOSMODAMIATISKIY, A.S. [Kosmodamians'kYi, O-S-I (Saratov); IEGLINSKIY, _V.V. [M,Ph-1insIkyi, V.V-I; (Saratov); SHVETSOV, V.A. (Saratov) Tension of an anisotropic plate with a trapiezoid hole reinforced with a rigid ring. Pryk1. mekh. 9 no.6:683-685 163. (MIRA 16:12) 1. Saratovskiy gomidarstvennyy universitet. bEGLINSKIYI V.V. (Saratov) Bending of an anisotropic ellilpt-ic p-j ate weakened! -!I Jptic holes. Prikl, mekh, I no.4:49-57 165. (MIRA 18:6) 1. Saratovskiy- gauudars-tvennn -universitet. ACC NRs AP6030173 SOURCE CODE: UR/0430/66/019/003/0014/0025 AUTHOR: Meglinskiy, V.. V.", ORG: Saratov State University (Saratovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet) TITLE: 11exure of an elliptic anisotropic plate with an elliptic hole SOURCE: AN ArmSSR. Izvestiya. Mekhanika, v. 19, no. 3, 1966, 14-25 - AW 4 F - M - TOPIC TAGS: plate, anisotropic plate, elliptic I tre, J CT Ai;iM -. ffA met6_od previously developed by the author (Prik~6naya mekhanika, no. 4, 1 1965) is used to solve the flexural problem of a homogeneous nisotropic elliptic plate of constant thickneWeakened 6y a concentric elliptic hole. The plate is- "Fj-ected to given bending moments uniformly distributed along its outer contour; the su inner contour (the edge of the hole) is rigidly clamped. It is assumed that the plat ei is not orthotropic but has at any point one plane of elastic symmetry parallel to its mtfdle surface. The elastic equilibrium of the plate is lyzed, and the solution o the problem- to find the stress and strain distribution in the pl" - is reduced to determining the deflection function for the given bounds conditions by solving an infinite system ~f linear algebraic equations which are quasi-regular for any distance be tween the outer and inner contours of the plate. The solution obtained is used in 1, numerical calculation of deflections, moments, and shear forces of a plate in order t6. L 40028-4% ACI MR. AP6030173(. man1ifest tht tffect of the anisotropy of its material on the various stress and strain [co. A~ The cal ulations were conducted on a "Ural-2" computer for plates aft plywood Cd of anisotropic fiberglasbX~material. The calculated rigidities of plates. Poisson's ratios of materials, and certain flexure parameters, as well as deflections, bending moments, and shear forces at characteristic points of the contours of both plates are compared in tables and illustrated by diagrams; the essential influence of anisotropy on all these quantities is noticed. The same calculations were conducted for a plywood circular plate weakened by a concen-tTrc hole (with radii R and r, respectively) for various R/r ratios in order to estimate the effect of the relative sizes of the plate and hole. The results obtai-aed show that a plate can be considered as an infinite one when R/r > 10. Orig. art..-has: 4 figures, 30 formulas. and 4 tables. IVK] SUB CODE: ZO/ SUBM DATE: 28Jur.65/ ORIG REF: 008 P-Q ICSS 5-,r 4 7 lei -=.Vow .u Uouq3-67 M ACC NR, AP7001659 SOURCE CODE: UR/0198/66/002/006/0019)OO27 !AUTHOR: IvLeglinsk-_y, V. V. (Saratov) 1 ___ .=. . iORG: Saratov Sta. .. University (Saratovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet) ITITIE: Bending c.' an elliptical anisotropic plate with two elliptical holes jSOURCE: Prikladn,ya mekhanika, v. 2., no. 6, 1966, 19-27 TOPIC TAGS: algebraic equation, solid mechanics jABSTRACT: Using Pis own method reported earlier (Prikladnaya Mekhanika, vol. 1, No 4, 1965), the author pxovides a solution for the case where the elliptical. plate with two identical elliptical holes is subjected to a bending moment ., I equally distributed along the contours of the holes, with the outside edge or. the plate rigidly clamped. The problem is reduced to a solution of an infi- nite system of linear algebraic equations. It is shown that the system is quasi-regular for arbitrary sp~icings between the centers of the holes which. delimit the center surface of the plate, The anisotropy of the material is shown to be particularly influential on the nature and distribution of the l bending moments. Ornig. art. has: 4 figures, 3 formulas and 2 tables. [JPRS: 137,6551 !SUB ODDE: 20, 12 SUBM DATE: 28Jup-65 ORIG REF: 010 me OoA 0A OXI""f ~;,T, tol ,e r-41 pS -f g. c ovo T 0- 0t . 0 %r Oj '11-1. cr e V,~e ~ ~O-f eT t-f e ts -f C . oet t~~ ec e e.T -9a-f lj~',S. ef- 50 e 0) OTJ. te 5ta ",e t 0 te aet' -,re e I ,Ole &at 1 ),01: r 50 Q. 005' ~,r 5) O~ V"e as~~ 0 f, 4r e t~e 'A 4r to,0 -rVA. GOTI 0 01 aV.- Ap S/19 62/008/003/001/008 Straining an anisotropic plate ... D407%301 (c = b/a; a, b are axes). This makes it possible to obtain formulas for the stressed state of a plate with many holes. At infinity, the plate is subjected to uniformly distributed stresses p, which are -oarallel to the x-axis, and to stresses q, parallel to the y-axis. It is assumed that the deformations are small, that body forces are absent and that Hooke's generalized law applies. It is required to determine the stresses state of the plate in the neighborhood of the contour. The plate is assumed as orthotropic. The stresses CIXO C~ , TXY are expressed by the functions I 1(z1 ) and 'D2(z2)1 where z is a complex variable. The functions S are expanded in series in the small parameter E, and terms, up to second-order, are retained. The boundary conditions are set up. After calculations, one obtains working formulas for the stresses. In the case of an isotropic pla- te, the problem under consideration has an exact solution. As an example, a plate with a triangular hole is considered. The mapping function is obtained by means of expansions in terms of the Chris- to.-Lofel-Schwartz integral. The authors calculated the stresses which arise in the neighborhood of such holes. The results of the calcula- tion are given in the form of graphs and tables. Thet-3 lead to the Card 2/3 S/198/62/008/003/001/008 straining an anisotropic plate ... D407/D301 following conclusions: 1) The preseace of a rigid ring reduces sharply the stress concentration near the hole, (as compared to the case where the ring is absent). 2) The stress concentration in an ,-YiisotroDic plate .4ith a hole, reinforced by a ring, is lower than in an isotropic plate. If the hole is not reinforced, then the con- verse is t-ue. 3) in the case of a veneer plate with a reinforced hole, the stress concentration is greater if EY = E max with the strain in the direction of the x-axis, and smaller if E Y = Emax with the strain along the y-axis. If the hole is not reinforced by a ring# then the converse is true. There are 5 figures, 4 tables and 6 Soviet-bloc references. ASSOCIATION: Saratovs 'k y derzhavnyy universytet (Saratov State University~ SUBMITTED: November 17, 1961 Card 3/3 MEGLITS.K.IY, A., inzh. Stabildzat-ion of the slopes of the Mosca.; Canal. Rech.transp. 23 no.9:39-41 S 164. (MIRA 19:1) SHMEKKER, Ya.K. - HEGRINM A.A.; IECUOT, I.V.; TZONOV, P.P. 11 - . Method for winufacturing reagent sulfuric acid from gases of a sulfuric acid system. Prom.energ. 11 no.6:31 Je 156.(MLRA 9:9) (Sulfuric acid) ~0)0, I.I. CZKH061bV"iA No academic degree indicated Department of Xledical Jurisprudence of the Medical Faculty of Comenius University (Katedra audneho lekarstva LFUK), Bratislava; Head of the Department: prof. H. 05M, PID Bratislava., Lekarsky Obzor, No 10, Oct 62, pp 559-561 "On the Problem of Preventing houte Accident Injuries." CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Cultivated Plants. Commercial. M-5 Oil Bearing. Sugar Bearing. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 6, 1958, 25141 Author : Pastyrik, L., Erde lsky, K., Mego, V. Inst : Not given Title : The Effect of Vari ous Forms of Phosphorus Fertilizer on the Content of Other Nut rient Elements in Flax. Orig Pub: Biol. prace, 1957, 3, No 1, 35 a., il. (Slovakian; res. Russ., Eng., Ger.) Abstract: Results of field tests made at the experimental base of the Slovakian Academy of Sciences in Mlynyanakh on the effect of various forms of phos- phorus fertilizer on flax and on its variety used for both linseed oil and spinning fiber. The con- tent of nutrient elements In flax was determined at the time of most Intensive growth and in Card 1/3 n6 1;4"U"113LOVAKIA lr Cultivated Plants. Commercial. Oil Bearing. Sugar Bearing. M-5 CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Cultivated Plants. Commercial. M-5 Oil Bearing. Sugar Bearing. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Diol., No 6, 1958, 25141 Abstract: its ripening stage. Increased dosage of P raised the content of P and K in the plants, although no direct correlation was established between these phencmena. The conGent of N was lowered by all forms of phosphorus fertilizer and in nearly all stages. Lowered N content from the application of P appeared as a positive event, since this improved the quality of the fiber. The iaximum P content was in those plants fertilized by a double dose of phosphorite in combination with granulated superphosphate. All forms and doses of P with the exception of powdered superphosphate raised the K content, which also improved the quality of the fibers. The C content did not depend on the doses and forms of phosphorus fertilizers. The best and Card 2/3 CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Cultivated Plants. Commercial. Oil Bearing. Sugar Bearing. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 6, 1958, 25141 Abstract: most uniform plant aupply of by granulated superphosphate. must be half that of powdered A.M. Smirnov M-5 phosphorus was given The dosage of this superphosphate. -- Card 3/3 117 MEGO, V. Interference of phosphate ions during the process of determining clacium in pland substances by means of flame photometer. p. 363 BIOL40GIA (Slovenska akademia vied) Bratislava Czechoslovakia Vol.14, no. 5, 1959 Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC. VOL. 9, no. 1 January 1960 Uncl. ACC NRt APE025034 SOURCE CODE: CZ/0049)W~Ko-oTo-()g-Fo66j[0670'I AUM0R;,Ls~M,,Vj-adUdx,. (oraduate biologist; Bumv) ORG: Central Specialized Breeding Station tor Developmat of Root Plants from Sooda,, Dlcww (Hlavna spocializovana slachtitelska stanica, pro semnne okDpardiw) TMEs Germination of seeds of the sugar beet (Beta vulgaris Lo) at low temperaturesl, SOURGEM Biologist, no. 9. 1965, 663-670 TOPIC TAGS: plant gro,,rth, plant genetics, heat biologic effect ABSTRACT: Stud~r of gorridnation of 8 strains of comwn sugar beet at 20, 5.6, 6-7 aj 9~1 degrees centigrade., Po2yplold strains had loss gmimting ability under condi- tions of lower teMerature and breeding is_pImned to improve this characteristAo. Orig. art. hast 5 tablese fJ'FRSt 33.5321 SUB CODEt 06 / SM DATEt I?Apr65 / (RIG Mrs 003 / OTH REFt 009 ~ 0 a, biol, ratilk-I Leating, oilwrich aeafte Tt-udy po FrVeL bots# 0 no* lsw4w 965 (,,mm 1901) LOGWOT, Fedor Loginowich; r=SMXOV, Ulkolay ftzOulch; GOGIV, Ulkolay Alsksandrovich; KROORSKIY, Boris Vssill~mylch: NIVASYAR. Ye.A.. redaktor izdatelll"Z -- - ~ redaktor [Organization and methods of operation of government fire inspection agencies) Organizatalla I astodike provedenila raboty organami gosudaretvannogo posharnogo nadLzora. Moskva. lzd-vo Ministerstva kommunallnogo khosialstva RSFSR. 1956o 204 pe (MLRA 10:1) (Fire prevention) MEGORSIly. B. !. N6w :eire prevention research stations. Pozh.delo 4 no.4:14-16 AP 158. (MIRA 11:5) (Fire prevention--Reaearch) KROORSKIT,.:Bo, inzh,, Determining the causes of fires. Pbzh. delo 4 no.5v?-5 Vq 158. Oires) (NIBA 11:5) HEGORSKIT, B., inzh. (Leningrad) Checking the -warming up of insulated brick partitions. Pozh. delo 5 no.5:11 My '59. (MIRA 12:6) (Fireproofing) MEGORSKIY, B. Fire caused by poor refractory mortar. Pozh.delo 8 no.8:15-16 Ag 162. (MIRA 15:8) 1. Rachallnik laningradekoy pozharno-ispytatel'noy stantsii. (fires) LYASHCMSKIY,Vasiliy Petrovich, MEGRABOV.G.A., redaktor; SEMOVA,M.M., redaktor; VOLKOVA.Ye.. takhni*elte-itfk"'i;irdii]Etor [Now methods of manufacturing and renovating bearings] Novye sposeby isgotovlenlia i restavrataii podshipnikov. Moskva, ltd-vo OKorskot transport." 1955. 85 p. (MLRA 9:1) (Bearings (Machinery)) V021ITSKIYI Igor* VitOPYOVich; IVAVOV, Lev Andrianovich. Prinimal uchastiye CRUMB, L.A.; MEGRABOV G.Al-Ajota., retBenzent; MALAKHOV, H.D., makhani -'as avni Dallnevostochnogo pa- rokbodstvag retsenzent, MIDOVA, E.S.0 red.; LAVRENOVA, W.B., tekhn. red. [Breakdown of internal combustion marine eriCines] Avarii sudo- vykh dvigatelei vnutrennego agoraniia. Moskva, Izd-vo "Morskoi transport," 1961. 240 p. (MIRA 15:2) (Marine engines--Maintenance and repair) MEGRABOV, Grayr Artemlyevich: PHUTYAN, L.N.j red.; NELIDOVAI E.S-# "r- . red . I - a; IAVFXNOVA, N.B.,, tekhn. red. (Repair of marine power plants] Remont sudovykh silovykh usta- novok. Moskva, Izd-vo "Morskoi transport,," 1961. 383 p. (MIRA 15:3) (Marine engines-Maixitenance and repair) !~E~ ~Artem!yeykq4; VOROZOV, Mikhail Yakovlevich; SOKOLOV, W. Leonid Ivanovich; BALYAKINp Oleg Konstantinovich; KEPKE, L.M.,, red.; FEWROV,, V.P., red. izd-va; LAVMWOVA, N.B., tekhn. red. [Technology of ship repairs) Tekbnologlia sudoremonta. Moskva,, Izd-vo"Ilorskoi transport,," 1962. "0 p. (MIRA 15:5) (Ships-Maintenance and repairs) KIGWYAN. A.A., prof.; AOAYAN, G., red,; GRANCHAPANTAN, A., (Nature of individual consciousness; in normal and pathological states) 0 prirode individual'nogo sotnaniia; v norme I patologii. Irevan, Armgosisdat, 1959. 245 P. (MM 13:4) (Consciousness) MEGRABYAN., A.A., prof.; AVAKYAN, S.L.; ARUTYUNYAN, R.K. Electroencephalographic characteristics of visual after-images in some mental diseases. Trudy no.ll.-373-381 160. (MIRA 15:11) 1. Iz kafedry poMiatrii (zav. kafedroy - prof. A.A.Megrabyan) Yerevanskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (AFTER-IMAGES) (MENTAL ILLNESS) (ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY) HE BABYANS, AA, ---------- Doctrine of psychic automatism. Voppsikhol. 7 no.3:39-45 My-Jo 161. (MIRA 14:6) 1. Kafedra paikhitr:Li Yerevanakogo maditainakogo institutao ( ejW Ow Ow Ow -0 lop it 0 60. eew 4r 1, o7v w IT Son T-fo-vfs - -it AW hk MMMO ;;40t41, wywbvWA MOM ,kool"_P~ ;% - 4; 14 - tM& fA to cc pt"" 1~4~0 Ow dqv. job.,* OW* OW&W" OU&r tt 41;4A . aVALLUIGKA& WifiATIAS CL, &I*- LA glow G"V got VA141104 OF w ON dftv isr, r 1-0 u ts At 0 as a 4t es 9 ID 0 4 0:0-41 0 0.0 .0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 coo ;too fro 040 004 00 00 *e sea iv A a 0 0 0 0 0 0 111 0 4 11 is is tit Is 16 it two 11 It a a 44 a of lit) ISO 163ts"413 It if 41 ..0 , tlvc~ Mid of smaklik aiuaCnimm compmi" op= ranuatiat; a lecandmus Fkaw. At. 9 Its, of atil"S ad c6*4 , . k 11MIA41tyall alit t A. A %lexititlovan (Atfuctilau Ap. 1o-4 Ff. visit I I;4 (soft/4. tried. nall. its, ( R,A.S. 48, Litt 41 N 11""Chirtkidi(Er" m vka) (11. Soylite"is. In&,. aso [wait, (11homw*3 "doris) Wcfe grown its a two %locy - - i Ti 11 N t l ( -00 - 4N)61 %Atil lt litniFf WA40% IS jKl M AITA111:4711K o . 19~ lee I Ilt'n"I its., lowtt a itir %3"Ag. ll,olotti,i. (III). Uhrr-1, it p(Aul, if. 11 -sitefulrd thconith chmm vilith all(., -00 '4411- in lit. 11 wic, movislAtcAl fuld Atilt st COO south thr fill. atilt wt. u(thr roiw tlo,luk. 4" 11 Wvtv 41cf.l. I'lic plailtsi wric Slippliml Willi '44five l1ritudaudkov flum. t luixtur it' Itoth 11 and Ill will, N& Nth (IV) K MN l - r i , , MilMs, (V). (VI). (W mpamiticif (VIII 460 ill Ill Thc clitirciv Iffriii tile fivulottion 44 coo 1- 1-1,t is, Cliff Caw it I whk-b il.inflotwd 4 ts-W 1 1 1 11 l gee lvs Willi IV And V. VI and V11 t,vm inhdm.~f rolls 1 ~ 1 : u growth its 1111. The devriotiment td the rom-nocluic lkj,*trcj4 was ritit c(milrulkil by lite mint. ill -4. N in fill, giiiiiii -1.1,ttAinill but t* Off IN sticrit-ty tit thr phing fk~nc, 400 00 a9T4LLUQGKAL LITIERATURIF CLAMPKATION oil .'u -o . I r . a , r- I u st &w Is 0 " it to 0 of I C9 14 1111 it to to a 0 0 0 00 lie ; 111111101111' 4111 40 0 0 0 00000 0 !Z * 9 OS 0 : 0 0 000 0 4111 0 0 0 I Z- Is* ltc.~ too An I fW 0 -4 a I W lit if gi- a 3 0 9 itst 4W 0 0 010 0 0 11111 0 tit 000 so 0600 0 0 Z 0 0 * 9 0 0 0 00 000 00 0000 0 0 MEGRABUM. A.A. The influence of nodule bacteria of the French lentil on the growth, crop yield and chemical composition of these plants [in Armenian with summaries In Russian and in English]. 1zv.AV Arm.SM.Est. nauki no.2:29-32 147. (NLHA 9;8) (Lentils) (Soil micro-organisms) 11- 111--, -1.-1., -1., 1-1-- - -- lw~,~.-;,~.~ ~-4 IMIJOY"t- A, .~'-2. :IJSSR (600) The. Influenice ~ot-the -Phase~of DeVelopmenVof a:Plant on the Activity and Virtilen Tubercle Bacteriaw. ce of Mikrobiolog. Sbornik Akad. Nauk Am. SSR (Yderobiology S~mposium of the Acad Sci Armenian SSR), No 5, 1950, pp 166-167. Mikrobiblog!ya~ I XXI, VO issue 1, Ybsoow, Jan-Feb 1952 pp 121-132p Unclassified. . ............. krw-ov~6-n moft V144 chmia b MW;lc~vjop- '?'Gjj prow--- Y- u(mung fil '-~Za e - at'-ffe jw-~ inec j'U'l H Hai an: at - ~ - * - i qw-tr'ld ohi ;:-,I we 17 um; 1 ta 11 l - Cf mpit.-- tirea- - tazc-- - I" -C~ 11 :zrx mum F if, znpni rov and i -i~-,xl mii M Mlew weakly in oe J'-f .-- I - '~' "I I' ~j I aq), t 1. H?CRABYAN# A* A* 2. USSR (600) 4. Alfalfa 7. Effect of module bacteria of *falfa on the growth and yield of the plant Zin Armenian with Russian summarV. Mikrbobiol.abor. No. 6, 1951. 9, Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, March 1953. Unclassified. 1 .11 CHATLAWM, M.Kh.; MIGRABTAN, A.A. On the selective bactericidal property of the root tissues Of legumes in regard to tuber bacteria. Daki. AN Arm. SSE[ 20 no-3:99-104 155. &h I Off2A 8:7) (9~) - 1. Ch-lan-kor spondent AEF Arz7anakoy SSR Z. Sektor mikroblologil Akmemil nauk Armyandwy SSR. (legumes-Diseases and p3sts) (Microorganisms) tSCRABYUI, A.Ae; KkRAMYAN, N~A. j?~L- -. Bactericidal- effect of legume seeds and sprouts on nodule bacteria. jzv. AN Arm.33R. 31o1. i sellkhoz. nauki 11 no,2:57-62 7 158. (MIRA 110) 1. Sektor mikrobiologit AN ArmSM (legumse) (Micro-organiams, Nitrogen-fixing) (Bactericides) CHATLAMAN, M.Kh.; MEGRABTAN, A.A. tL~- Effect of root secretions of leguminous plants on the growth of nodule bacteria. Izv. AN Arm.SSR. Biol. i sellkhoz.nauki 11 no-8:3-12 Ag 158. (MIRA 11:10) 1. Sektor mikrobiologit kN ArmSSR. (141CRO-ORGANISMS, ITITROGF,11-FIXING) (RHIZOSPfMHE MICROBIOLOGY) (LBGU14INOSAE) )XI AA CHATLAKFITAH. M.Kh.; MWRABYAN. A.A. The stimulating affect of leguminous plants on the growth of nodule bacteria peculiar to them. Dokl. AN Arm. SSR 26 no.2:103-111 158. (MIRA 11:5) l.Ohlon-korrespondent AN Armyanskoy SSR (for Regrabyan). 2.Sbktor mikrobiologii Akademii nauk Armyanskoy SSR. (Legumes) (Micro-organismg, Nitrogen-fixing)