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Kinetics of the High Pressure Polymerization of 76-32-5-6/47 Methylmethacrylate ASSOCIATIONs Politekhnicheakiy institut im. M.,I. Kalininal.,eningrad (Leningrad Polytechnical Institute imeni M.I. Kalinin) SUBL'ITTEDt November 9, 1956 i~ Acrylic resins--Polymerization 'L~.Po__Lymerization Analysis 3 Mathematics-.-Applications Card 3/3 fW f-'- L L-- < f ( (- N C) V A9TT PROSMSIN, N.A. ; IMITMIY, WaKHOSOVA, 1. 1. Influence of gamm-rVe 112 no.5:686-889 F '57. YU.L.; RARIM. YO.T.; SLEWVA, A.T. on the oxidation of estane. Doki. AN S-QM (NT-VA 1014) 1. Samchno-Issladovatel'skly fisiko-khtnicheekty institut, in. L.Ta. Karpova. Predstavlano akadmikon A.M. Prumkinym. (Gema rays) (Hexadecane) KHMINITSUY, Yu.L.; M"MA, A.T.; MMIRONOVA. I.1. O~ddation of industrial paraffin under gaams, radiation. MIJM. i tekh.topl. i maael 4 no.1:25-27 Ja '59. (KOA 12: 1) 1. VsesqyuzW nauchno-iseledovatellakiy institut neftyanoy promyshleimosti. (Paraffins) (aams rays) 3/844/62/000/000/06 1/129 D204/D307 k U'.'L' i 10 H3 Ktimel'nitskiy, Yu. ii. , Melekhonova, 1. 1,-, Ne-,3tei'ov-,':"_IY' V. V. and ;Iikitina, V.-T.I-. IL' I T LE Radiational oxidation of paraffin and other hviroc~irbons !~O '11r-udy 11 Vuesoyuznogo soveshchaniya po radL;LtE,,l mii. Ed. by ij. S. Polak. Moscow, Izd-vo AN jI)'._')R, 1,1,,21 562-366 T',-"XT The aerial oxidation of ~" irradiated technical para"I i!-, ;:is ,,;tudied iii continuation of earli._~r work. At 1300C, with ir'radi!ition of () - -550 r/sec (over 3-hr periods) , it was found that thin re-,Action increased with increasing doue of r rays. The ov-r:_tI ' tiori time was 11 hours. The extent of oxidation (aS a0l,"G~;C~i by the acid number) rose with increasing temperature to a gentle maximum ~it 1500C for paraffin through which air was bubbled, anci V111,1113 irradiated at Z15 - 455 r/sec; above 1500C other oxidition p-r-Diuct;3 formed in preference to acids. A similar phenomenon was observed -for the alcohols. The extent of oxidation was greatly iTicr, t,;t.,d 4'l bard 1/2 j/':3414/ 61 OjJ.. o. ox;dation of ... J, J4 / :J5,)7 r - f 0:,,: 'Ud f 1* in V; I 1U 'U,-- mp t~r; t U- ft,r)-m I )o to I bUO(,' . T lie ..- lelds of carbixyLlc antl t, iii--ier ill !,h-2 c--)moin~jJ1 ,reL~--nce G'L' (Ki-InO 4 ) th-,~m wheii %-iese agents were ised ri, 1 -ixid~ir,ion occurred at 15(J 0 C when vao,~um-degasuerl q L q T, f~, d-ind ~.eid in the abounce of -oxyl,en, or when I r)ut vias not irradiatcd. j-1ow reaction w,.i~; `11)61.,rv~, X 11 1 s in lroduced af ter -rad' ati )n had c,~ on p-xylene,' diethylbenzene ari(i an I ) showed tha t I )nger sid(-,,-c ~ia iris i !;c t b -L i ty ;~).f tae c o vi, e s ond i n organic compoundl., the ~Lrom trJL,-,s oxidized iargely to carbonyis Wi.-i -0,t t.fli t." on gcjVe r i,,3e to hydroxylic ,)roduc ts . The ra i ij'i t J.,)il ~i~:,h. Thc ;i~,L~iSLLIIICC- of graduate students of 1J%,2 ~m-tekhni-,,heski institut im. D. 1. Mendeleyeva (M,),qrnW y ;ind Technoij;--Ac~il Institute im. D. 1. Mendeleyev), N. V. ji,~- T. ;tri:i --'. V. i~aiinin, working under tvic, tor of Ct~emical 3ciencea A. I. Kamneva, is ac know f1,7UV,1' 0141 2 t:ibies. VNII NP KHZ-IEL'NITSKIY,, Yu.L.; MLEKHONOVA, I.I.; NESTEROVSKIY, V.V. Oxidation of technical paraffin by oxygen with the aid of gamna rays. Neftekhimiia 2 no.3:36&371 My-Je '62. (KRA 15:8) 1. Veesoyuznyy nauchno-isaledovatellskiy institut po pererabotke neftl i gaza. (Paraffins) (Oxygen) (Gamma rays) mz.I.amwv'- A. ... Practical ikills are the min thing, Veen. znan. 34 no.8:22 Ag '58- (MIRA 11:22) 1.Fredeodatoll komiteta pervichnoy organizataii Dobrovollnoge ob3haheetwa sodeyetvi7a armit. aviataii i flotu zavoda iveni G.I. Petrovskage. (Air defenses) Ma&HOV, D.)k Central Instituu~ oi Psychiatry, Moscow Renabi a-t-1-on of psychoneurotic World War II patient in USSR ITY Occupatio:ial Therapy and Rehabilitation, Baltimore, 1947, 26/5 (386-393) The author describes the organization, in being and projected for tne treatment and after care of the wounded veterans in the USSR. An I unaerstana it, no separate pro- vision is made for the treatment an! rahAbilitation of the psychoneurotic. The title of this article is thus soviewhat misleading:. Rees-Horsham SO: Elcerpts. Modica, ffeurolo~7 and Payhiatry, Section VIII Vol I No 8 MBMHOVI D. Yo. Ifelekhov, D. Ye. - "Fundamental stages and persMetives in the development of work- rehabilitation psychiatric consnaltations in the USSR." Trudy Tsentr. in-ta psikh:Latrii, Vol. IV, 1949, p. 450-60 SO: U-4934, 29 ~Oct 53, (letopis 'Zhuranl Inykh Statey, No. 16, 1949). KELIKHOV, D.Ye.;KAMENSKAYA, V.K. Clinico-pathologic studies on remote sequelae in closed cerebrocrani,-1 injuries. 7-h. navropat. paikiiiat., Moskva 53 no.B.*595-606 Aug 1953. (GIML 25 '-4) 1. Iaboratory of the Pathophysiology of Higher Nervous Activity and Border Forms of Mauro-Psychic Diseases and Medical Work Certification of the State Institute of Psychiatry of the Ministry of Public Health RSIPSR. VWT, OV, D.Ye. Fifth out-of-to-arn scientific session of the Scientific Research Institute of Psychiatry of the Kinistry of Public Health of the R.S.F.S.R. and the inter-Province Conference of Psychoneurologists of Eastern Siberia and the Par East. Zhur.nevr.i psikh. 54 no.2:206- 207 F 154. MRA ?:3) (Neuropathology) faLEXHOV. Current problems in the fiell of improvement of the quality of therapeutic &ad propb7l&ctie services for psychical patients in rural-areas. Shur. nerr. I psikh. 54 no.8:627-633 Ag '54, W-PA 7:9) 1. Nanchno-losladovatellskiy institut psikhiatrit Kin1sterstva sdravookhranentya R5FSR. (PSYCHIATRT, in Russia. improvement (RURAL CONDITIONS, in Russia, poychlattric of psychiatric serv. in rural areas) eery. for rural population) USSR/Medicine Pharmacology FD-2815 Card 1/1 17, 17A9 Author Tsivillko, V. S. Title Pathohistological changes in the cerebrum of dogs during sodium amytal sleep. Periodical Byul. eksp. biol. i med. 6, 64-67, June 1955 Abstract To clarify the phases of toxicity of various soporific preparations, author investigated the effect of sodium amytal on the higher nervous activity of two dogs. Samples taken from different parts of the brain revealed pathohistological changes. Some were reversible (swelling edema of the nerve cells) others permanent and serious (karyo- cytolysis, breakdown foci, hemorrhages) revealing the toxic effect of the preparation. 3 references, 3 USSR, 3 since 1940, microphotographs. Institution Histopathological and Pathophysiological Laboratory, State Institute of Psychiatry (Dir: Docent D. Ye. Melekhov) Ministry of Health RSFSR, Moscow Submitted 25 June 1954 HMMIOV. D.Te.,; KAMIMSKHA, V.M. Clinicophathoph7stologic study of late sequelao of closed car@- brocranial injuries. Report no.2:Various forms of traumatic denentia. Zhur.nevr. i psikh. 55 no.9:641-649 '55041-RA 8-11) 1, Klinichasko7e otdoleniye pogr%ch1kh form paikhichaskikh A, ( T.A.Geyer) zab4tevaniy i va~~"~Atudovqy eMp"e'r r i patofiziologicheskaya laboratoriya ( S.D. Kaminakiy) Gosudaretvennogo nauchno-tooledovatellskogo Instituta paikhtatrit 141nisterstva zdravookhranenlya RSYSR, Moskva. (%UWAL DISORDIRS. etiology and pathogenesis. head Inj.) (READ, wounds and injuries, causing dementia) (WOUNDS AND I&TURI19S. head, causing dementia) KNUKHOV, D.Ye., dotsent (Koskva) ",- -- ~ The rural district physician and therapeutic and prophylactic care of mental patients. Sov.zdrav. 15 no-5 supplement:25-26 0 156. (HIRA 10:1) (HANTAL DISCRDIMS, prev. and control in rural districts in Russia) (NMUL CONDITIOM prev. & control of ment. daisord. in Russia) ARKHLNGELISKIT. T.; KILEKHOV. D. -'." Leonid Iosifovich Sairnov; obitua-r7o Zhur. neyr. L t)siirh. 56 no.5: 438-439 156. (miRA 9-.8) (SMIUOV, LMSID IOSIFOVICH. 1889-1955) ~Q C1 9*140 10. IQ - MUKHOV, D.Ye. KAMPOWAYA, V.M. Clinical and pethophysiological studies in closed cerebrospinal Injuries. Report NO-3: Subacute stage [with summer7 in French]. Zhur.nevr. i paikh.57 no.10:1185-1194 '57. (MIRA 10.12) 1.40sudaratirennyy nauchno-ioaledovatel'skiy inatitut poikhistrit Hiniateratva zdrevookhreneniya RUM (dir. - prof. Y.M.Banshchikov) (HENAL DISORDFM. etiology and pathogenesis, cerebrocranial closed inj. (Rus)) (BRAIN. wounds and injuries, closed cerebrocranial inj. causing ment. disord. Oius)) MMKHOV,, D.Ye.; KOROBKOVA,, E.A. Clinical,pLtudy of mental patients during work activity as a method of functional diagnosis. Trudy Go,3. nauch.-.Jsal. paikhodevr. inst. no.20ii3l-138 f59. (HIRA 14:1) 1. Institut paikhiatrii Hiaisteratva-zdravookhraneniya RSFSR (direktor - prof. V.M. lawhohikovyi TSentraltnyy institut ekspertizy -ola-dosposobatrati i organizs~tsii truda invalidov (direktor - prof. 0.1. Sokollniko~). (MMITAL ILLNM) (WORK) v -r-Jz ~ II'd ~L :4- VnEKHOV _ ) Doc lbd Sci -- "Prognosis and restorqtion of bi -k4mS .-P -4-1.- ___& Do Yo~o in schizophrenia*" Ilbs, 1960 (1st Mos Order of JAnin UwA Inst im I. M. Sechenov). (KL, 1-61, 205) -346- Q- HFUMHOV D Ye =LL-M~~ "Social readaptation' of psychiatric patients in capitalistic countries. Zhur. now. i psikh. 61 no.5:772-776 161. (MIRA'14:7) (14ENTALLY ILL-REHABILITATION) KONSTROU14, S.I.[deceased]; IVATIOV, N.V., prof., red.;_tIELEKHOV, D_.Ye., doktor med. naak, red. (Practical psychotherapy] Opty praktichookoi paikhoterapii. Pod red. W.V.Ivanova i D.E.Melekhova. Izd.2. Moskva, Gos. in-t psikhiatrii, 1962. 222 p. (MIRA 15:6) 1. Gortkovskiy meditsinskiy institut (for Ivanov). 2. Zaveduyu- shchiy klinikoy pogranichnykh form psikhicheskikh zabolevaniy Instituta im. Gannushkina Ministerstva zdravookhraneniya RSFSR (for Melekhav). (PSYCHOTHERAPY) MELEKHOV,,,Dmitriy Yevgenlyevich; KISEIEV, A.S., redj; MATVEYEVA, M.M.9 Te - wpm~.--Mw [Clinical foundations for the prognosis of working ability in schizophrenia] Klinicheskle osnovy prognoza trudospomob- nosti pri shizofrenii. Moskva, Medgiz, 1963. 197 p. (MIRA 16:10) (SCHIZOPHRENIA) (DISABILITY EVALUTATION) Ir FEDOTOV, D.D.., prof., otv. red.GRITSMIICH, D.I., prof., zam. Otv. red.;,,MW B.S., red.; 4gRV, P.Ye., prof., red.; BAMDAS, ROZOVA, M.S., red.; GROSMAN, A.V.,, red. [Social readaptation of mental patients] Sotsiallnaia re- adaptatsiia psikhicheski bollwjkh. Moskva 1965. 347 p. ?MIRA 18:12) 1. Direktor TSentrallnogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo insti- tuta ekspertizy trudosposobnosti i organizatsii truda inva- lidov (for Gritskevich). 2. Nauchxqy rukovoditell Psikhiatri- cheskogo otdeleniya TSentrallnogo nauchno-issledovateltskogo instituta ekspertizy trudosposobnosti i organizatsii truda invalidov (for Melekhov). ~- Otdeleniye vosstannvleniva i ekspertizy trudosposohnosti Naucbm-issledavaltemeXogo iuBti- tuta pBikhiatrii, Moskva (for Grosman). - Conditions of compensation of some mmmiifestations cf the defect in schizophrenics. Trudy ]-go MI 34-150-161 164. (MLRA 18-,1l) 1. Gosudarstvenn7y nauchno--iss-ledovatellskty im9titut rriikhl-atrIl Ministerstva zdravookhTaner.,iya (dir, - Prof, D D. Fedc,,(,v!. SUMORUK, A.M., insh.; TISHMICH, N.Ya.; IVANOVSKIY. N.Y., tnzh.; KMMOV. F.P., inzh.; ABDURAKHRANOV. K.A.; ITANOT, I.I., red. [Hydrological yearbook; 19551 Gidrologichaskii ashagodnik, 1955 g. Tom 00. vyp. 0.,r9, Pod red. I.I.Ivanova. Leningrad, Gidromteor. izd-vo, 1958. 5$ p. (KIRA 12:5) -~77c"~ 1. Russia (1W3- U.S.S.R.). Glavnoye upravlaniye gidrometearologi- phaskoy slu;jpby. 2. Zhukovskaya gidrologicheskaya stantsiya (for Sukhoruk. Tishkovich). 3. Krasnosellskaya gidrologichaskaya stantsiya (for Ivanovskly). 4. Podgornaya gidrologichaskaya stantsiya (for Kelakhov, Abdurakhmanov). (Hydrowtoorology) A \'110v, 0 UoqMmvM= Exomi awe oesepual Tom abil"Was W (On the injury to spruce in the Narth Sibuka by tke rud (Ums Ohrm" wi-~-Sm &~. pavror. rain. Ind. Ardsvqd, vfiL pp. WIS, 19A 10 19" the Nola SiberiGn qNUM fOcmft were serieudy damagW by Mr, wpm tdi [R.A.M., xvi. p. 491; ix, p. 1j, the inddeace be* closdy oonasaW with the wide distribution o( the alternate had LeAm pdugft im thm ftekmmWymva*doas showed that the mad ftrtqu Wedm comaW Ckariap am tape of the crowns, the Wat in tka undergrowth. it is owdww, theWare, that the fungus mqmlres *t for Ito development. The aothor euvWgu grftt PoOdbilities in saro(fias dmdmg for the control of the disesse. Tharago burning o(L. pdudm is slao recommended. NELMOV, Iva4'.At*PAAQ.T~94,L-jABAKOT, INTO.. otvatstvanvy rodaktort DROBOT T.F., redaktor izdatel'stys-, KISELEVA, A.A.. takhni- cheakir redaktor, LSketch of the development of forestry In Russiaj Ochork ragvitil& nauki o lose v Roseii. Moskva, Izd-vo Akad.nauk SSSR, 1957. 206 p, MRA lo:6) (Yorests and forestry) IV -!7y F2hBi':1 3 95"', -jr s uc c' s ODO u cij r1 074 I t ri r j c "i Ii r whi L r) r e t-~ L i~ e aj W 1. ci, 7 - t i r; 1L I' c P t 'G ~Oj- 7- TY 11-71 i r r inii ~e -cc e of qe a ia,j t #7 subsr!aljent re3t r i: p t E: a on si.-~ni f ic ,i-C: e e e s e r. r, rb e 5 .1 e S t 4 S t don oi P e c- 1, -1 n~lle tlaf- I if~ ~)Verincr irl rel%L ion e L i Of 3 -11,1 -rTl 1) e IC, a c t 26 HEUWHOV. I.S. Development of forest science in connection with problems of forest manSgement in the taiga. Izv. AN SSSR - Ser.biol. no-5:578-589 S-0 '57. (MIRA 10:10) 1. Severnoye otdaleniye Institute less AN SSSR, Arkhangeltak. (TAIGAS) (IMSTRY RESSARCH) Country : USSR K Category: Forestry. Forest :iology and Typolocy. Abs Jour: FZhDiol., No LI., 1558, No 48715 ,'.ut'^Dr ',11clekhov.- I.S. Inst Eastern 'Xfj.!-.-.ate '.C,*-D. Sci. USSR Title Studies of the Northern Dase nzd of the Archangel Station of the '-caderW of Sciences USSR -.n the Field of Foresti-( and Forest Cultivation Or'G l-ub: Izv. vost. f--.].. 'JI SSSR, 1957, No 8, 16j-).67 es a surmmry of the research activi- .bstract: This article ties of the Itorthem, base and )f the ',rcianCe1 Station for the past 20 years in studies on the nature of the Northern forests ' forest types, of the pine tree stands, the forest renewal on clear cuttings, Card 1/3 Counti-y : USSR CateLory: Forestry. Forest -,joloa and T:p,)olol_,Y. aol '715 _bs jour: RZhD ., No 11, 1958 No 46 etc. etc. T.,c typological studies _n t:~c basins of North Dviria, and of Zi,,myaya Zelotitsa ver:fied the conformUty of V.N. Sukachev's scheme of forest types to the peculiarities of the taiga fores-I.-s, and brought a Greater degree of precision to sone defi- nitions in this classification. Observatons an the renewal of the clear cuttings established the fact thg'6 the latter are renewed successfully, but chiefly by birch, aspen, and speckled alder. ReiZeneration of pine (preiirm-.nary and subsequent) proceeds success- fully in the forests of foxberx-f , lic'nens, moss- lichen, and tl-.e '--ieath varieties. In the ~,ine, pine- spruce, and s-..-.ruce-true moss forests on fresh and Card 2/3 Country : USSR Category: Forestry. Forest Biology and Typolo6T. Abs Jour. MDIol-, NO 1-1., 1958, rin 48715 moist soils and on grassland fellings, svbsequent renewal is haiipered, and the prelirdnarj reCenern- tion is represented by the spruce. The f*-,-r is cha- racteristic of preliminary renewal in the highly prcductive humiocl~ and ocalid spruce woods. Tn the club-moss a.-id sphagium forests subsequent regene- ration owes still more to deciduous sI)ec-_'es. The following -predominate in prelininary re-leva-1: a) in the club-noss type of forest - spruce or spruce and pine, someti.-.ies with birch; b) in the sphagnum peat pine forests - pine and birch, and in the sphagnum spruce forests - the spruce. -- L-V. Nesuelov Card 3/3 ABS, JOUR. I RZt,91-01-, T-T T ORIGr- PUB- I - of ACT AB3TP L crt~ern n zcne ' - che hem) tn . W , thr- r, s r- r v~ rove rp , i mc r-, ccrser,, ~ne Par 'cr -qr( C t 3 e h as 3,,-s ur., -,r :-re, -`.ru.o r , I t f . e ca rr y - 1, vo,)~r ah i c c'.3 n t, 1! , v i r -31, le tro loctic-ii c-' a f, i (NXI n j r 1-/2 ~-F -1771Z r C!i t, RC c r n r -a c-c -19 1 f 'r T r-,- s Lle -in ! pr,.Iiict L',.r r,e c,~ n, sr v t Lo r~ t t hc q, r ir. r v 1 - -1 e.v -w ilk. y i~ 1c 1 c,,r me t.- f,. P nr. P.~ - Cr,r;p, it ci.~' Ir- r,-:~ -P ods .0 C n Cc T-o'l va 1 -:1 Or. j r#-. - ra L nvce~;~Lty 1,7, rore --r i F,~- n T r. L:A~ ri:,.; n3 of !~w mntigen-w A K. j 11,f Bi-L. , 1;--, 21, 1)~)A, USSR/Forestry - Forest Biology and Typology., K-2 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biol., No 5, 1958, 20113 Author : Melekhovp I.Se Inst : Arkhangellsk Technical Forestry Institute. Title : Forest Litter Accunullation in Relation to Forest Type. Orig Pub Tr. Arkhang. lesotekhn. in-ta, 1957, 17, 124-137 Abstract Systematic observations were made at. fixed sites durinG 1957-1948 on the accumulation of forest fall off in the Isakogorsk lot of the experimental training wood (near Arkhangellsk) in pine forests (with lichens, red bilberry bushes, whortleberries, whortleberries and sphaGnum moss., long-mosses, cassandra and sphagnum), in spruce forest (with oxalidaceae and those with riverlets) and birch woods having diverse grasses* It was established that the amount of falling matter in the 100-120 year old tree Card 1/2 - 29 - ,our- t t., SOVeT'll ntiV burningo t:31 n be a K&LEXHOV, Relation of the type of clearing to the t7pe of forest. Bot. zhur. 44 no-3:349-352 Mr '59. (MIRA 12:7) l.Severno7a otdoleniye Instituta lesa AN SSSR, Arkhangellsk. (Forest ecolog7) MELEMOV9 Ivan Steparovich, akademik; SEKAKOV, A.N.p red.f BOLISHAKOVA, ------- vx-~V~~ .9 [Improvement cuttings and forest regeneration in the North] Rubki I vozobnovlenie lesa na Severe. Arkhangellakp Arkhangeltskoe knizbnoe izd-vo, 1960. 198 p. (KMA 34:7) 1. Vaesoyuznaya kkademiya sell skokhozys:ystvem-Wkh nauk im. V.I.Le- nina (for Melekhov) (Russia, Northern-Forests and7orestry) MELEKHOV, I..S. Classification of vegetation with regard to concentrated fellings. Trudy Inst. biol. UF AN SSSR no.27:139-146 161. (MIRA 17:2) M2LEKHOVI I.S. [Principal cutting) RubkI glavnogo pollzovanila. Moskva, Goslesbumizdat, 1962. 328 p. (MIRA 16:8) (Forest management) kILLL-KhUV, ivan 6Lepanovica "The Nature Of The Taiga Forests and Cutover Areas." report to be submitted for the Fifth World Forestry Congress, Seattle, Washington, 29-10 Sep 60 Active Mbr., A-U Acad. of Agricultural Sciences im V.I.Lenin; Director,Inst. of Forestry & Wood Chemistry, Acad. of Sciences, USSR, Arkhangellsk. BURSOVA, Alisa IvatovIa, dots., kand. biol. nauk; MF.LEXHOv, I.s., akademik, retsenzent; MARCMRM, A.I., dok-t-o-r-`se-ITEfi5-ff-.-- nauk,, pjt;f., retsenzent; ABILIN, Ye,.V., doktor sallkhoz. nauk, prof., otv. red.; HkTVMVA, M., red.; URITSKAYA, A.D.0 tekha. red. (Field soil research]Issladovanis pochv v prirode; posobie dlia studentov lesokhoziaistvennogo fakallteta. Leningrad, Vase.zaocbnyi lesotekhn. in-t,, 1961. 142 p. (MIn 16:2) (Soil research) MARCHENKOO A.I.; NEKRASOVA, T.P.; 1~~ ~,, akademiks, otv. red.; DROBOT, V.F., red. izd-va; MAKUNI, Ye.V.o tekhn. red. [Forests of Kola Peninsula andtheir restoration) Lesa Koll- skogo poluostrova i ikh vozobnovlenie. Moskyal Izd-vo Akad. nank WxS, 1961. 186 p. (KRA 15:1) 1. Akademiya nauk SSSR. Institut less. i lesokhimii. 2. Vseso- yuznaya akademiya, sellskokhazyaystvennykh nauk im. V.I.Lenina (for Melekhov). (Kole Peninsula-Forests and forestry) MELUROV, I.S. M.V. 14monooov and the problems of botany. Bot. zhur. 46 no.1-1:1570-1573 N 161. (YIMA 15:2) 1. Institut less, i lesokhimii Aff SSSR, g. Arkhangel'sk. (Lomonosov,, Mikhail Vasillevich, 1711-1765) (Botanical research) MELEIMOVp I.S.p prof. Achievements in forestry; Fifth World Forestry Congress in Seattle. Priroda, 50 no. 2:84-87 F 161. (MRA 11,:2) 1. Institut less, i lesokhimii AV SSSRP Arkhangellsk. (Forests and forestry-Congresses) MELMOV , Ivan Stepancjj2~j KORKONOSOVA,, Lidiya I'vanovi3a; CHERTOVSKII, Vyaches:Lav Gavrilovich; DROBOT, V.F., red, Jzd-va; RYLnUj, Yu.Veg, tekhn* red. [Manual on the study of the tMs of clearcut areas]Rukovodstvo po izucheniiu tipov kontseu'.rirovanqrkh vyrubok. Moskva, Izd- vo Akad. nauk SSSR,, 1962 1-12 P. (IGRA 15:9) iCutover lands) TYSHKEVICH, Galim Lconidovna; 1,'E;LEKIIOV I S ,jolmdenik, otv. red.; MIDELIMMI, G.N., red. VOLKOVA, V.G., tekhn. red. (Spruce forests of the Soviet CarpathianslElovye lena Sovetskikh Karpat. Moskva, Izd-vo Akad.nauk SSSR, 1962. 172 p. (MULA 15: 10) 1. Vaeso),uznaya akademiya sellskokhozyaystvennykh nauk imeni V.I.Lenina (for Melekhov). (Carpathian Mountain region-Spruce) MELEXHO1,-1=L,Jte,pAggvich._ akademik; CHUGUNOVA, Z.S., red.ind-va; BRILEVA, V.F., red.izd-va; GRECHISHCHEVA, V.I., tekhn. red. [Principal yield cuttings]Rubki glavnogo polizovaniia. Mo- sk7a, Goslesbumizdat, 1962. 328 p. (MIRA 16:4) 1. Vsesoyuznaya akademiya sellskokhozyaystvennykh nauk im. V.I.Lenina (for Melekhov). (Forest management) TVERDOVSKAYA, N.N.; MELEKHOV, I.S.2 akademik; ISAYENKO, Ye.M., red. 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Ka- linovskiy) Nauahno-iseledovatel'skogo instituta klinicheskoy i eksperimentalIncy khirurgii Ministerstva mdravcokhraneniya RS'FSK (direktor - deystvitel'Inyy chlen AMN SSSR, prof. B.V. Petrovskiy). ME-LEKHOVA. A.M. Study of the bioelectrical activity of individual neurons of the cerebral cortex in rabbits. Zhur.vys.nerv.deiat. 11 no.3:536-544 My-Je 161. (MIRA 14:7) 1. institute of Higher Nervous Activity, U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences, 1403cow. (CEREBRAL CORTEX) MELEKEIOVA, A.M. SimPle method for filling glass microelectrodes with electrolyte. FizioLzhur. 47 no.2:273-275 F 161. (YJRA 14:5) 1. From the Laboratory of Electroencephalography of the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity, U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences Moscow. 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Goe.uchabno-pedagog.izd-vo H-va prosv.RSFSR. No.l. 1960. 148 p. (KIRA 13:12) 1. Moscow. Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy pedagogicheakiy institut. (Speech, Disorders of) ZAMANSKAYA, R.I.; MELEKHOVA, N.A.; MIKHEYEVA, G.F. Xylitan as a heat carrier in the manufacture of rubber tuber, with the continuous method. Kauch. i rez. 24 no.2:24-25 F 165. (MIRA 18:4) 1. Vsesoy-uznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut biosinteza belkovykh veshchestv i Nauchno-isaledovatellskiy institut rezinovoy promyshlennosti. POROYKOVA, V.S.i.NU"KHOVA~ N,I.; ZAKHAROV, A.S. Possibility of using polystyrene In niekel bacon of alkaline batteries. Izv.vys.ucheb.zav.;khim. i khim.tekh. 6 no.2: 286-293 163. (KRA 16:9) 1. Ivanovskiy khimiko-tekhnologicheskiy institut, kafedra tekhnologii e1ektrokhimichesk proizvodstv. MStorage batteries) .01 ALIP.&RIN. P.H" doktor med.nauk; ANSHEVITS. M.Ya.; GUR.&VIGH, I.B.; KRUPYAIZKO. V.Ye.; MHLMOVA, O.P.; RODIUA, R.I. (Koskva) Gompound treatment of suppurative diseases of the lungs. Vrach.dalo no.1-9:1343 1) '57. (MIRA 11:2) 1. TSentrallrqy ordena Ienina Institut gematologii i perelivaniya krovi. (LUNGS--DISJ~AS.WS) MZL9KHOVA Use of an alcohol-glucose solution of albumin in suppurative lung diseases. Probl. gemat. i perel. krovi 5 no. 10:44-46 160. (MIRA 14: 1) (LUNGS-ABSCESS) (ALBM11IN) (BLOOD PLASMA SUBSTITUTES) ALIPKMI,, P.H.,, prof.; ANSHEVITS, H.Ya.; GURELVICH, I.B.; KRUPYAMIKO, Me.; HKE P ; RODIVA, R.I. JZEPYA,O, Treating bron6hieetasis and abscess of the lungs with antibiotics in combination with hemotherapy. Sov,med. 24 no.9t5l--56 3 960. (MIRA 13:11) 1. ImMantrallnogo ordena lanina instituta gematologii i pereli- vaniya kroTi (dir. - daystvitelinyy chlen AME SSSR prof. A.A. BEtgdasarov) Ydnisterstva zdravookhraneniya SSSR. (BZUWCMCTASIS-) (WNGS-ABSCESS) (ANTIBIOTICS) (BLOOD-MANSF9SIM) ALIFERIN, P. M... prof.; MELEKHOVA 0 P Use of protein hydrolysate from the Central Institute of Henatolog3r and Blood Transfusion in chronic pulmonar7 vapp rations and in con- ditions of protein deficiency. Frobl. gemat. i perel. krovi no.10: 48-54 161. (MIRA 14:12) 1. Iz TSentrallnogo ordena Lenina instituta gematologii i pereli- vaniv.a krovi (dir. - daystvitellnyy chlen AMN SSSR prof. A. A. Bogdasarov (deceased]) Ministerstva zdravookhraneniya SSSR. (LUNGS-DISEASES) (PROTEIN METABOLIM) HWKM, P.S.; HM OVA, T.F. Tale as raw material in the production of forsterite refractories. ltv.Sib.otd. AN SSSR no-9:75-87 '58. (KRA 11:11) 1. Zspadno-Sibirskiy filial AN SSSR. (Foraterite) (Uderevskiy District-Talc) MANEUVA0 F.A.; MLEKHOVA,_ T.F. High alumina content clays of the Barzas deposit. Report No.2: Obtaining high alumina'content refractories. Trudy KlLtm.-met. inst.Sib.otd.All SSSR no%17:27-38 161. (MM 15:8) (Barzas region-Clay-Analysis) (Refractory materials) MATVEYEVA, F.A., kand. tekhn. nauk, otv. red..111-1ELEKHOVA) T.F.? nauchn, sotr., zam. otv. red.; K%YATK S kand. tekhn. nauk, red.i KOSHLYAK, L.L., kand. tek-hn. nauk, red.; PLEKHANOVA, Ye.A., nauchn. sotr., red.; SNITSA.MIKO, A.A., red. [Prospects of the development of the ceramic industries of Siberia and of the Far East; materials] Perspektivy razvitiia keramicheskoi promyshlennosti Sibiri i Dallnego Vostoka; materialy. Novosibirsk, Red.-Izd. otdel Sibirsko- go otd-niia 1.1-i SSSR, 1964. 183 F. (MI.`U 17: 11) i. Soveshchaniye po khimii i takhnologii keramiki i per- spektivam razvitiya keramicheskoy promyshlennosti Sibiri i Dallnego Vostoka. Novosibirsk, 1962. 2. Khimiko- metallurgicheskiy institut Sibirskogo otdeleniya P11, S73SR (for Matveyeva). 3. Gosudarstvermyy nauchno-issledovatell- skiy institut s~lroitellnoy keramiki (for Kvyatdrovskaya, Koshlyak). 137-:58-6-11341 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 6, p 12 (USSR) AUTHORS: Rundkvist, V.A.,.-Metekhova, Ye.L , Lakota, B.M. TITLE: The "Mckhanobr-7" Flotation Machine (Flotatsionnaya mashina "Mckhanobr-7") PERIODICAL: Obogashcheniye rud, 1957, Nr 3, pp 34-41 ABSTRACT: The results of shop tests of the "Mekhanobr-7" flotation machine, designed for large flotation plants having capacities of >2000 t/day, are presented. The volume of the chamber is 5.8 M3, the impeller diameter is 750 mm, the rpm is ?.30. The impeller-and-stator unit is designed along the same lines as earlier Mekhanobr flotation machines. A (ieneral view, a cross section of the outlet, and a section through the impeller-stator assembly of the "Mekhanobr-7" machine are given. A. Sh. 2. Mactiine~--Fe.;L,,r Card 1/1 11'r, z Z- Z 111~_- /171 ( 4, -, /~/C-, /-' . AUTHOR: Melekhova, Ye.L. 68-12-6/25 TITLE: On tYp DesiLn of a '.-i.~--h-output Flot ation Machine (0 sozd nii vybokoprotzvodi't.el'noy flotat-sionnoy mashiny) PERIODICAL: Koks i Khimiya, 19,5'~, vo. 12, p~;. 1'/ - 1E- (USSR) ABSTRACT: This is a contributiuit to a pieviously -ublished --aper by V.A. Kulyasov and V.Ya. Toporkov, Koks i Khimiya, 195?, k1o.4. The present author a6rees the proposal of the ori6inal authors on designinL-- a hi,.,,-!--.-output Llctttior, machine for coals on the basis of the existin,- ---achine Mekhanobr-7, but considers that the -.mrk shol.zld be s4-- arted from industrial testing of the Nckhanobr-/ machine without any modifications. There is 1 figure. ASSOCIATION: I-ekhanobr AVAILABLE: Libr-ary of Conr-ress Card 1/1 MUMMA, Ye.L. Adoption of the flotation awhine Mekhanow-70. 'Trog.rud 5 no-4:4-45 160o .1 . (NMA 1/,: 8) (Flotation-Equipwnt and ftplies) . ~. F~;,r ~.. MELEKHOVA, Ye.L.; KULIKOV, L.D.; POPOV, S.I.; KHOIMULLO, N.K. Comparative testing of "Hekhanobr" and "Sikha-li" flotation machines at the Kirovgrad plant. TSvet. met. 36 no.9:14-116 S 163. (NIRA 16:10) MELMMVA, Te.T. (g. Chernikovsk). '4~ Machine for cleaning rust from exterior surface of pipes. Stroi.pred.neft.prom. 1 no.8:20 0 '56. MRA 9:12) (Pipe, Steel--Cleaning) ~1/,/ / / I/- !) ~-f 1~IyI ///Y,,- ./ KELAHOVA, Te.T., inzh. (Ufa) k- --- Paint preparation shop. Stroi.pred.neft.prom. 2 no.7:24-25 Jl 157. (MIRA 10:10) (Paint shops) Country : USSR Catogoz7: Cultivated Pl=ts. Fodders. Abs Jour: F=iol., No 11, 1958, No 48997 Author Melekhova Yu. K. '-f - Inst 17E;X_3~_i_veterinc.~ Inst. Title Vernalization of the Seeds of Yellow Fved Lupine. Orig Pub: Uch. Zap. Vitabsko(,,o vet. in-ta, 1956, 14, No 1, 222-226 ,",batract: Experimunts conducted during 1952-1954 under pro- duction condi-,;--ons shaded the positive role of .ntensified aeration of the seeds durinL.- their ve-malization. Soaked to 80-95A of moisturv capacity but not sproutinG, the seeds of yellow feed lupine arc vernalized at the tempo=-tum of Card 1/2 M-92 !.,!. , ~ , , ! , . " -,fi ~ I e.~ 1: o I , !.., . r ' ~ '. 1 .1 1 1 , y I . . I - I I . I . .r .. . I I -I ~ I I - . . . ,,, , . , - : .. . .-. . - : ! I 1 .1 . - i : :" , " . -, : r , I M . I . ! r; : - - , , ! ,, - . I . ~ I-, I . . .. N I KARASEVA, Ye.V.; SOLOSHENKO, I.Z.; MELEKSETOV, M.A. Interrelationship of the epizootic process in cattle and vild rodents in a leptospirosis focus. Zhur.mikrobiol.,epid. I immun. 41 no-5:63-66 My 164. (MIRA 18:2) 1. Institut epidemiologii i mikrobiologit imeni Gamlei AMN SSSR i veterinarnaya laboratorJ-ya Ylozdokskogo rayona. Severo-Osetinskoy ASSR. MELENAS, !.A. Therapdutio action of aamphonium. Yop.pat.krovi J krcrvoobr. no.62216-219 "61. (Mln 1613) CHYMTENSION) (AZABICYCLOOCT.4n) MF:TFNAS, !.A. ---oerimental comVirlsons of the effect -f ir.*-ravenous aro~ irfUq-,'Cn ar,! injection by sy-ri.-ige of ganglion-r- blocking agents. TrudY ITMIT 31 no.~: 434-443 163. (MIRA 17-10) 1. 1z kafedry fakulltetskc--- terapii Lenlngradskop pedia tri chef kogo ma-ditsinskogo instituta i k&fedry farmakologii .1 Leningradskogo medit- sinskogo instituta imeni akademika Favlova. MELENAS, I.A. Dynamics f venouB pressure in intravenous drop Infunion of the gang- lionic h ocking agents c&mphone, pentamin and novocaine In arterial hypertension. Trudy LPMI 31 no.2t444-4/.9 163. (MIRA 17-10) Psychosomatics. lbid.:450-454 1. 1z kafedry fakulltetakoy terapii Leningradskogo pediatricheskogo meditsinskago instituta. VELENCHUK, I.P. Use of P12 in the diagnosis of diseases of the brelist. Died. rad. Q no.8:81-87 Ag 164. (14TRA 18:4) 1. Kafedr, rentgenologii i radlologii (zav. - prof. L.,-. Lindenbrateny I Moskovskago ordena Lenina med-Itsinskogo instituta imni Sechenova. I T', ~7 r r. Mo s kcv s kog 2 r! 1 1 f-I r. C.- -(,al eva~,.Fi n r--' T."e:- -- tlhcd of ra! 1 d:b~i~-r,--s ,f th& usIng F32, W-d. rad, 10, n--.9-hP-75 S 1. Kafe-dra rentgeni-,Irlgii t radiologl'i (zav~ - prof. 1.!),'~'ndenhraten) i 7llcsk,,7,13kcgo -r&ina ',enina ~ns~ituta ixen4 ".,M. ,.',),:hp. nciv-a . I.P.; USKOV. 1.A. KONNOV, B.A.;,!ELEN Significance of the radloindication methr-A using p32 in L:D=,L;lex diagnosis of cancer of Lhe facial skin. Med. rad. IC S 165. iMIR-A 18-10) 1. Kafedra rantgenologii I radiologii Nav. - prof. L.D.Lindenbraten) I Moskovskogo ordens. IanIna medttsim3kogc instituta imenil I.M. Sechenova. MELENCHUK, I.P.; TATSIYEVSKIY, V.A. Evaluation of the method of recording bremsstrahlung of F32 in the diagnosis of breast cancer. Med. rad. 10 no.11:39-45 N 165. (AURA 19:1) 1. Kafedra rentgenologii i radiologii (zav. - prof. L.D. Linden- braien) I Moskovskogo ordena Lenina meditainskogo inatituta imeni I.M. Sechenova. Submitted October 14, 1964. !--7ELETi'TTIC, V. New ll~ypes nf -refal~riratecl Pei ,nforr.-I 'nr--rcte '71unnnr+-, in t,~!,? Yin`nr Tn+isti-I nf the Rumanian 'Deonle's !~enllblic. Pevi!~tj .nf-107- (~'i.-.~ 'IF Jo' -1 T-T,. -4 11) , ~0:227: J,ily 55. %'-T 77 -7 ed. ~anuaiul maistrului -inier. (r'oja.-tjruj ia oial~orare al. ~:cdactaroa rcncrala ' nit,~,iciuc V. ..1ittira Telmica, ucure ti, t iiners. Mus.), .:ot i-n DLC TECHNOLOGY List of ELst European ~'.c~:ssims Mar `-.,.ar,-jh-cri!- for ,-,,astr-,r 3 F ~'EE,~,I) LC, Vcl. JInciass. MELERCIUC, V.,ing. Analytic determination of the optimum annual capacity of lignite mines. Rev min 13 no.2t62-66 F 162. 1. Institutul de proiectari miniere.