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December 31, 1967
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k v -F J-v 'i Val. ri 1! r T X'@@ T 71 7, TS . The Pnhrein Islands. 7 . 1;@. Vol. 7, no. ', Sori'a, Buliaria@ (@Ieovrafiia, .-@ (: MDnthly Idst or gagt Fvirooo,in Ac eqinns (-. Al.) LC, Vol. 6, nr. I. , I,ctoler Y)1@7. Uncl MIKHAILOV, Tsonlo,; labor wages depending on the quality of production. Tekstilna prom 12 no.5:34-37 163. I& DIP mWataiiia", SLara Zagora. v! 3 1 f 7 n :fk@rla qrl fie v I-,.. ey of i :.I Ve7 bo I. w-in aqr,,x@q E, le 1 n s r,k, a ive r i n ,i ra n- t- o f f, s -- n ri po 9,N SLC.a!,T rpt Oct. 3, 1951 Following newspa@errien applied L.,,rough P-1 Sov neaa(,uurt4,-rs tiere Oct.. 3 for visit to SalzDurg Oct. 4-8, 1951 upon invitation Austrian Peace Councils I . MIMAIL-OV# Vladimir'- from Pravda with passport vp-lid for departure from USSR July 19 to Nov. 1; bfSYMaSKY,, Lev A. - passport valid departure U.SSR for East Germany and Austria July 21 to Sept. 1, 1951. T-1215p Viennap OctoDer 3, 1951 Jt/iJ 11/5/51 USSR-AUSTRIA MCIASSIFIED P-1 rpt Dec. 17, 1951 MIKHAILOV, Vil Pravda special correspondent, Vienna/wrote an article en=ed "Yankee in Austria". Pravda. December 17, 1951. mcs 2/20/52 EA:?T CERIANY U?JrLASfI: July 15, 1957 ,07ro!ircndcj.t of "Pnivdall torn 19V*. In Kalinin, Service Pamport No. 13(Y789 lli@ abnw?-mentionod corroapandent of "PRAVDA" intends to travel to 2-orn wlinm he wM replace aceredited eorroupondent NACWOV for a pQr1od of one month* USBET1 April .11, 1957 ACC NR: AP6034786 SOURCE CODE: PO/0045/66/030/002/0237/0250 AUTHOR: Mikhailov, 1. N. ; Jolos, R. V. ORG: Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow TITLE: A inetiiod for soliving the nucleon-phonon interaction problem SOURCE: Acta physica polonica, v. 30, no. 2, 1966, 237-250 TOPIC TAGS: nucleus, spheric nucleus, nucleon, phorion, nucleon piionon ;nteraction, fermion, Schrodinger equation, fermion state, excitation energy resonance, Tailor coefficient ABSTRACT: A method for solving the Schrodinger equation for fecrnions inter- acting with phonons in the case of a sufficiently small number of different ferm"on states is suggested. The problem of one type of scalar phonon coupling tije orbitals of two energy levels in a spheric nucleus is used as an exaniple. General- ing functions of a complex variable z were introduced, and the Taylor coefficients of the functions were related to the probability amplitudes of the n-phonon excita- tion in an eigenstate of the system. The solution of the Schrodinger equation is card 1/ 2 ACC NR: AP6034786 obtained by fnding the integrals of a system of first-or(-IL-r dfferer""a, eq";Ati I lons, which are gi ven by entire functions. Such solutions are found witm., tne :irnits of a weak and strong coupling, and ;n the special case of resonance between the phoron and nucleon excitation energies. The authors thank their colleagues at JINR for their helpful criticism, and particularly L. Zastavenko and E. B. Balbutzev. The author Mikhailov expresses his gratitude to j. Bang (N. Bohr's Institute, Denrnark) for the numerous discussions which helped to lay the groundwork for this study. Orig. art. has: 69 formulas. [Based on authors' abstract] [DR] SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: 16Feb66/ ORIG REF: 004/ OTH REF: 008/ :-Card- 2/2 xauiwv, V. Roentgenographic picture of the heart and medlastinum in pulmogary emphysema. Isy. nod. inst., Sofia 1 no, 6-7:179-192 1952. (GLKL 24:2) 1. Professor Doctor. 2. Institute of General Roentgenology (Director -- Prof. Dr. T. Hikhaylov) of Iv. P. Pavlov Medical Academy, Plovdiv. 1MrHAjrWV. V. ; POPKMAIIDV, D. Roentgenologic differenti&l diagnosis of defects of the greater curvature of the stomach. Suvrem. nod., Sofia 5 no.6:52-64 1954. 1. Zz Katedrata. po rentgenologiia pri Ked. akademita I.P.Pavlov, Plovdiv. Zav.: prof. V.Kikhailov. I YAtedrata po rentganologila, pri Ked. akademila, VulkorCharvankov. Softia. Eav.: prof. A.Hikolaev. (STOKACH, diseases. differ. x-raydiag. of lesions of greater curvature) KMA ILOV, T. Relation of chronic diseases of the appendix to hyperglycemIc states with spucial reference to diabetes mellitus: preliminary communica- tion., Sofia 6 no.1:47-51 1955. 1. Iz Xatedrata po rentgenologila pri Vieshita meditainak-I in- stitut 1. P. Pavlov. Plovdiv (zaveshtlashch: prof. V. Kikhailov). (APF M IX. diseanes, appendico-hapatic synd. in diabetes mellitus) (LIM. diseases. appendloo-hopatic synd. in diabetes mellitus) (DIARE'"NS MILLITUS. complications. appendico-hopatic synd.) IfIKHAIWV, Veselin, Prof. ............... Relation of chronic appendicitis of hyperglycemic conditions related to diabetes. Izv.medAnst..Sofia 11-12:175-206 1955. 1. Katedra po rentgenologita ( pri Neditainakata akademiia I.P.Pavlov-Plovdiv. (DIA3F.TNS f(MLITUS. physiology. relation to appendicitis) (APPMICITIS. physiology relation to diahaten mellitufl) 14IKKAILOV. Ves., Prof.; TLAKHOV, Kir. Radiographic picture of disphystal tuberculosis of long hollow bones. Suvrnm. mod., Sofia ? no.7:40-46 1956. 1. Is Katedrata po obshcha rentgonologita pri V14I *I. P. Paylovl- Plovdiv- (Zav. katedrata: prof. To@. 141khatlov). (TUMCULOSIS, OSTW)kHTICULAR, radiography diaphysial, of long hollow bones) KIKHAILOV. Y. , Prof.; YLAKHOV, K.; KARPAWT. N. Tomographic examin&tion of lung cancer. Suvrem. mad.. Soft& ? no.10:115-124 1956. 1. Is Katedrate. po obshcha rentganologii& pri VM I.P. Pavlov - Plovdiv (Zav. katedrata: prof. Yes. Mikhailov). (LUNG MPLASMS, diag. tomographic mxam.) MIKHPLILOVO Vop,,, prof,; ZOGRAFOV, D. Carboby,drate regulation disorders in carcinoma of the gastrointes- tinal tract. Inv. inst. klin. obaht. med. 4:365-374 160. (GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTZ- neopl) (BLOOD SUGAR) MIKHAIWV, Ves., prof;; ANM=V, VI. Xeroderma piguentosum in admlte. Sovrem. mad., Sofia 8 no.2:98-103 1957. 1. Iz Mauchnoiseledovatelskiia oukologichen inatitut -- Sofiia. (XEROMMIA PIGMT SUM, case reports. (Bul)) A- I @ '@ , -,77 - _L, MIXUAIIAOV, Wes.; RLICHMV. R. -. IURUKOV. Xr. Diagnostic difficulties in adenocqosis of the cervts uteri. Khirurgiia, Sofia 10 no.1:77-80 1957. 1. (Iz flauchnoizeledovatelskiia onkologichen institut). (INDOKZMIOSIS, diagnosis cervical adenomyosta. difficulties (Bul)) 3 .1 r ::,E @T "Il rtv. -4@.T . ' e a .4 e -rl I V Ly Ic u r 1 7 Z '-I-- Mn L J , r t fit: J,jfh-e . - . 'I c e ex-awt, c @-aclt -,.-ear C . A. b )Ias Ie%., i- ir ea . @ f r -r e 2' c n. n C i p in _@a -d dl 7 PA?4r,AROV, N. ; V. Texture of electrolytically tin. lzv Init fiz khim /,: 111-1,15 ",4. 1. Instit,itm ,!* ;@y31('Ill Clev,@L@O.ry )f t.-^ Pul,-r,rin - rl, I mmy of MIKHArWV, V.1 BOZDUGAIIOV, A.; TSANEV, K. Investigations of chronic gw=&-irmdiation of the heart, the liver, and the kidneys. Neoplasma (Rmtisl) 12 no.3005-313 165. 1. Postgraduinte Institute of Medicine, Cancer Research InstAtute, Sofia, BalgLria EIKOLOV, Em., inzh.; SUBEV, P. inzh.; t4IKPAIWV, Vl.pir,,zh. Standardized feeding units for metaj@--utting tools. Mashino- stroene 12 no.6:11-15 Je163. I.qKHAILCV, 1,TI"ILII VA-,IaVICH. Projektowanie aparatow elektrycznych wysodiego napiecia. Tlum.: J. Elbaum, Pl Glowacke. (Ksiazka zetwierdzona do uzytku szkolnego w charakterze ksiazke pomocniczej.) @@yd.2. narszawa, roland, kanstwowe aydawn. Techniczne, 1955. 2-19 Plonthly List of East Eurorean Accessions (hlAl) LC. Vol. no. 7, July 1959 Uncl. TRENDAMOV, D.; KBHIAILOVA, D. Studies of the triple salt system of sodium, cadmium and ammonium nitrates. Rauch. tr. vissh. mod. inst. Sofia 41 no.4:57-,66 162. 1. Predstavena ot dots. D. Trendafelov. (NITRATES) (SODIUM) (CADMIUM) ESAULERKO, L., IIESHFVA, 14., ir-L.; ir,".h. Bark of Solix viminalis az raw maTFria: for obla,*r.,ng tanning extra,-t5. (irdishr,"k .him tekh '0 nc,.2:4',-I,r, 16; [pilbl. 1631. MECHKARSKI, P., inzh.; STOIANOV, B., k.t.n.; KIMILOVA, E., inzh. The projection and constr-u-,tion of railroad lines over the ar.@as liable to subsidence due to mining. Stroitelstvo 9 no.6:14-16 @@- D 1 ('32. MIKHAILOVA, Ek. (Sofila); SIMONOV, R. (Moskva) Beginning of the D-ulgarian mathematical terminology. Mat I fiz Bulg 7 no. 1: 45-54 Ja-F 164. . 7 --1-, MrKHAILOVAP 1. TTJ.; NIKOLOVA, M.F.; STC)rANOV, D.P. Stud4ea on the effect of some druFB cz exT*r1apr.ta' atler- sclerosis. Suvr. med. 16 no.)lt667-673 165. 1. kauclino-izsledovatelski 0:',mko-faj-matsevtJchen `rt;.t7lt (direktor - prof. L. Zhe.' laskc;vj I Nhuchno-!zs!PdrvF'i,-F-.F'rl" tn r. t i til t P() e@ldemic'oglla i m1krrbiologlia (dilrektcr - St. Rnngelova . ITEDMLHEV, I..; MIKHATIDVA, K. Receiving tubes including low-power amplifiers. Radio i tele- vizlia 12 no.3t93 163. MIKHAILOVA, Lazarina Changes in the histological structure of the skin of crossbred fine-fleeced lambs raised at different levels of feeding. :zv Zhivotn nauki 1 no.2:57-70 '64. 1. 7ootechnical Faculty of Lhe G. Dimitrov Higher AgrJ- cultural Institute, Sofia. Mihallova, LIIjana(?-'-tkhaiIova, Lillanal A-Ibur-nus a-lburnus morpri&lacustrIs tteckei from bu-garla. Fragmenta 8&lk Sxopjo 4 no.20:157-168 '63. 1. Zoological Inntituto of Bulgarian Academy of' -zcivnoos. @-TKHAIUVA, L. " Attenpts to influence the development of golifish embryo, spPci-s Carassius avratus Linne, by magnesium chloride solution IkMgCI2). In Russian." DUKLADY, Sofiia, Bulgaria, Vol. 11, no. 2, Mar. Apr. 195". Monthly list of East Europe Accessions (EEAI), LC, Vol. 8.9 No. JAAa 5,,/ Unclas 1-r _jF,H,1j-7 -VAJ I. "Influence of magnesium chloride (MgCl2) on the postembryonic development and regeneration of the tail and fin in viviparous fish, Lebistes reticulatus P., family Poeciliidae. In Gxman." DOKLADY, Sofiia., Bulgaria, Vol. 11, no. 2. Mar./Apr. 19@)E. Monthly list of East Europe Accessiuns (EEAI), LC, Vol. 8, No. 6, J-jn 59 Unclas MIKHAILOVA, L. In Interesting specimn of rainbow trout Wao irideus Dibb. Izv biol red BAN 3 no.3:141-145 159. (EEAI 10:4) 1. Zoologichna gradina pri BAN (TROUT) (SALKO IRMEUS) MIKUILOVA, L., n. sutr. Transformation of a young female fish of the species Lebistes reticulatus into a male. Priroda Bulg 10 no-5:8&-82 S-C. 161. 1. Zoologicheski institut pri BAN. MIKHAILCYVA, Liliana The penguins. Frir i zrwnie 15 no.9:12-15 N 162. MIKRAILOVAI L. Air bladder in fiahes. Prir I snanle 15 no.10:18-19 D 162. 141 @ '-j A I ',OVA , ! ,-, I . - . 7. @ - , I . !, (I , - . . . , . . .. . , I I- :11 : ,!..! , I.., , .: @@ , , * @ , . I r. @,- 't "o '. , ," @ f.. qcp s , - 11 . - . 1, r @ . MIKHAILOVA, Mli&na 7he ling and gill-brr,,-,*r-tg fi3n. 1-1-rt.-- i znarle - 19 s 164. 1. Zoolcgical Instit.-ite of thF3 14':.Orian kcademy or Sr4-ences. @L ,4TKFAjIOVA. Lilana Blolo@7, of 'he --rer m,-Iet (I.euciscus 7enhiilus '.@ in --@e Struma River. Izv lool- BAN il-125-15( 6,.. MI MR 4 1 Ln'? AL The sea lamprey, Prlr I znan-i- A r.,o,1:21-22 ,a ACC NRi AP7003900 SOURCE CODE: rE/0030/67/019/001/0429/0434 AUTHOR: Mikhailova. M.P.; Nauledov, D.N.; Slobodchikov, S.v. ORG: A.F. Ioffe Physicotechnical Institute, Academy of Sciences of the 01-SSR, Leningrad TITLE: The effect of a magnetic rield on illuminated InAn p-n junctions 3OURCE: Physics. status eolidi, v. 19, no. l,'1967, 429-434 TOPIC TAGS: pn Junction, magnetic field interference, photoelectric effect, photosensitivity, P110 -,re-, @ i v C *,r/ b - P) t4 7-1 C &-rre 'r ABSTRACT: An investigation was made of the dependence of photoresponse variations on the magnetic field strength in unbiased and reverse-biased InAs p-n @Junctions. The specimens were illuminated along the p-rk junction and on the p- or n-sides. A linear photoelectromagnetic (PEM) effect occurred on unbiased p-n junctions. With the application of a reverse bias to 'illuminated InAa P-n junctions. a complex variation of the PEM voltage depending on the magnetic field strength tia's observed.- k finear-inver- sion-free region in relatively weak fields was due to variations in the saturation current through a p-n junction in the magnetic field. A quadratic PEM voltage in stirong mapetic fields was associat.ed.wit-h the-- ACC NRo AF"fUUJYUU distortions of'the'paths of minority carriers resulting from the geometry of the contacts and the specimen and from the Hall field of thermal -carriers. The drop and polarity reversal of the FFM voltage in strong .magnetic fields can be related to the reduction in diffusion length of -minority carriers and to an enlargement of the space-charge region in the lp-n junction. The authors thank A. A. Grinberg for discussing the Ireaults and N. P. Esina and N. V. Zotova for preparing the p-n junctions.. (JAI SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: 29Ju166/ ORIG REF: 004/ OTH REF: 0021 ATD PRESS: 5114 Card 2 /2 MIKHAILOVA, P. Studlea of tre percen-,sige com-,nilAor of iarl-,uB -,f Imucocytes in the ulood of rainorow tro--t lrilrus Gibbons) . Gcdishnilk b1ol 56 no.l.,-L-lo 161-16) (publ, 1641. 1. Chair of Invertebrate Zoology of the Fac.-ulty of Bloiogv, Geography, and Geology of the Unlvqrsity of Sofift, -)OfLa (Head of the Chair: F-cf. G.Kozarov), M:0iA:L0'iA, @'. . . 11 1 '. I , -,me ni, w BDe - ! p 9 '," : ixa;r : - !,lit#- , it : @ @.. , ' " r,rl Bu I g -u 1, a . i -9rn I K 6'@ @, ' 5" rIG. I .', ' , . . - . - I I I . Cha' - of Inver '.ebr a t,@ _,'IorIcv.'i ! ' ::1i @ F, " 1 . ' le ' @:.' . 0, ,, , , t I; - I ,oog-c-1-Y. rin@ '@- r,' I-1kr- " .- ; (, - @, - .; - : r -; f t n n i " r . r, r ri , - ' . @ @- ?@ -1 -- .1 . KOHNEYEV, V.M.; 14IKHAILOVA, L.I. (I&ninfrad) From the history )f native SuT. zcLrav. 22 no.@: 55-61163. (MIRA 10:9) ( OPIC ULO, Y ) ".k, P. he b@ ra(l @lji,' azl@, 1 3)71 MMAILOVA. P. Work of striateri mijsf@1@13 In the ''i gk,,. 1* the nZpotheaa of sliding filamenta. Rl,@l I khtm V nn. 30-6 1614. MIKHAILDVA, P. MliG[AILOVA, P. How to stop development of diseqses in the vegetable hotbeds. p. 20. Vol. 11, no. 12 Dec. 1956. K(XjPERArIVNU ZEMEDELITE. Sofiia, i3ulgaxia SOURCE: East European Accessions List (EEW Vol. 6 No. .14 April 1957 MIKHAIIDVA, P. Now concepts on striated muscles. Biol i khim 7 no, 2: 1-1-18 164. P" ? [iA:. I .'/' r . . n-/ b- -' @- " . -,. r . Z:. t " @@ - , @!:l I -,@ . - 3 "-. -- ne - f 'I'- r , : t . . . - , (-. &. :2- @ It R . ; . - . :1 .119'. 1 - . . Za@-.-, ras@- 3 : . MIKHAILOVA, T.N. Leptospira infection in white mice treated with cortisone. Trudy Tom NIM. 12:184-189 960 (MIRA 16:11) 1. Tomskiy medits3 If institut I Tomskiy nauchno-issled(>- vatellskiy institut .-xtsin i syvorotok. I U , SIJBEV, P., lnzh.; MIKI:AILOVA, V., lnzh. Typlf .4c at'. on of cne -arm d s,ispenn f Dn -!ri-nes . -_ m . 11 - 30- 33 1 64. 1. i-rstitute of Hoisting and Conveying Macliril@nery, Scf-la. KMWLOVA, V., inzh. A conference on pressure casting on nonferrous metala and allM. Masadnostroene 12 no.1:44,-45 Ja 163. MIKBAILOVA, V., inzh.; BOTON, Ii-, inzh-; SAVOV, "-I 'Lzh' S()ma problems in prestgure ca.9ting. MashinostrMnO 12 F 163 . k KAGAV,G.; MIKMIIDVA,V.S. Isolation of L-forms of streptococci from the blood of patierts with rheumatism and endocarditis. J.hyg.epidem. 7 no.31327-343 v63. 1. Gamaleya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, De- partmert of General Medical Microbiology, Moscow. MIKHAIIDVA NEIKOVA, Margarita, kandidat na. biologicheskite nauki Fauna and flora of the water bottom (benthos). PrIr i manis 15 no.20-8 F 162. IAI)MILDVA-NEIKOVA, 14. , kand. na biologicheskite nauki Epactophanes richardi I-razek in the Potanical Ilardens of the Sofia State University. Pr'roda Bulg 12 no. 4: 101-102 JJ-Ag 163. M,.KHA.LOVA-NElKO'lA, V.., lkqndlliat ria b[o':)gi@!hcskLte naiikt Now j9pe,-, @,-Atshnlk blol 56 nc.,- I Chair of o . )gy an I ?1 !3- t-lro of t lie .@qr t-i f Bi Gl Ogy , '@e',gr Phy, qnf-.' 'leol @-,gy )f * he ln ve., .9. ty .t3,R r@ f *.'.hp ', r si 1. r : @ I A. A,,,,7t- . v, ,;orla, Sof LF1 I .; I HIKOWV, A., dotsent; MIKHAIILVSKI, Ileus in pregnancy. Khirureiia. Sofia 8 no.3-210-212 1955. 1. Viesh neditainaki inBtitut V. Chervankov-Soflia katedra po akasherst,yo i Pjnekologlia zav.katedrata; prof. G. Boiadshiev inatitut za i3petsializatsiia i usuvurshostvuvane nu lekari katedra po akusherstvo i ginekologtia. Zab.katedrata: dots. N. Nikolov. (PREGNAIM , complications, 11sus) (PiTPSTINAL OBSTRUCTION. in pregnancy) ?IIKHAILOVSKI, Il. Protracted la)-)or as a cause of stillbirth. Khirurglia. Sofia 8 nn.4:io5-jio 1955. 1. Viash Meditainski Inatitut v Chervenkov--Sofia Katedra po ak-lisheretvo i ginokologiia. Zav.katedrata: prof. G. Boiadzhiev. (STILT.BIRTH. etiology and pathogenesis. protracted labor) (LABOR, complications, protracted la')or cansing i3tillbirth) TOSHIV, Goorgi, prof.dr.; MIKJIiIWTSKI, Ilarion.d-r; DUMBI'.WVA, Novena d-r; ViMLW, Bozhil: Ir. N Mnrl)idity and mortality of newborn related to birth injuries.,11-12:6sl-698 ig5s. 1. Klinika T)o akushorstvo i ginnkologiia (zav.katedrata: prof. d-r Veorgl Boiadzhtnv) pri visshiia meditsinaki institut T. Chervenkov-Softia. (DICLITM. corTplications. 'Arth inj.,nequelan) MIRRAILOVSKI, Il.,, dotsent Aaenarrheabugalactorrhea and lowered FSH level as a clinical syndrome. vr. zed. 13 no.3156-57 '62. (AMORRHEA) (LACTATION DISORDEM) (PSH) MIKHAI,,('V",I(I, !- ,-y-,,Ii,2 (,f (-.c,flia) I n.-.4.'53--6-' 1 @4 ';,I LoiSir I, T- 0',', 1; R4 t- Ka IM 5 1, . 3@. KLI KHA j;,aVUa p.,Ij . A case of 3Leer ar. I -j ,@ Isea Ese. A i@, an. glnex . ' -'C'f! ' F, '. : - . " : 14?-149 165. 1 '" Scif', I a, I, ', g 1. -@irn x I !r, ! ka -, r . (,--i -, i I !.,-, @ : , , ,,1.7 , A 1) @rof. . i. Sr. *,,;.-t:ti ev , . milU"; , ., - I , -, It - @ ri @,. -, , : - I , p - - . , . 11 . I I o . "'a --": , , " . ' . - , - @ F1 , , [I .,,,g! t . '. , - C, ", @ j.ii t@a rFt @ 0 9 r F 1" - I , q - @ ;n -cw r- -K ov . - " - c : . I - I . (@ . rl. 0 @ -,a , : . , MIKHAILIVSKI, M. St. "Education in mathema-i-Iral stat'stics by visual nethods" I by P. Lorenz. Reviewed by IM. St. Vikha`lovski. Fiz mat spisanie BAN 6 no. 3:223-224 163. 14IKHA,ILQVSUX,, V.S.,; NALIVAYKO, D.G., Changes in the temperature of the akin of the face in tri6eminal neuralgia. Vrach. delo no.8:60-63 A9163. (KDA 16:9) 1. Ukrainskiy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy inatitut neyrokhirur- gii i kafedra normallnoy fiziologii (zav. - prof. N.I.Putilin) Kiyevskogo meditsinakogo instituta. (NELJILAILIA, TIGU41NAL) (B(LY TEMPFRATURE) 141KHAILUSI, H.G. Normalizing pipus on the conveyer line. Metallux% 6 no.10: 30 0 161. (14ipj., 14: 9) 1. Bnergetik tsekha 11o.1 Yuzhnotrubnogo zavoda. (Annealing of metals) (Pipep- Steel) MIKHAL&P,.-9-9-- - Rodents of the Polasye Lowland (to r)e continued). Vestsi All BSSR. Ser.biial.nav. no.3:95-111 156, NIRA 10:1) (Polesys-4todentia) MWAP, 0. N Rodents of the Polesye lovland (continuation). Yestsi All BSSR. 59r. blial. nay. no.4:89-102 '56. (KIBA lOtO (Polasys-Rodentia) If ic PREOBRAZHEIISKIY, B.K.; KAIYAMPI, A.V.; NffKHAILHA, 1. Isolation ,,f 111! ai-I thalliwn from a complex mi-xture of ,-Iement.q by partition @."omatography. Radiokhimiia 6 n,-. 1:1111-112 '64. (WRA 17:6) KOITY.I. p I@ Tj [Konja, J. ]; D.'--%GCjPI!t!,SKU Sh. [Dragomirescu, S. 1; fT',- -@ , '. L-1;amul G.1; ',!TFJULC]Yi, V, rtranslatorl . .'.@rest and the Teleorman River. Vop. geog. --4 :1 L-1 I @, 162. (11'PA 15:9) 0 (Voro czh Province-Forests and forestry) (Te', c,-man River) (Names, Ckorraph'r-pl,) HDakLICUNKMA. N.T.v Some aqueous and phyalcal nroperties of sapropels. Torf.prom. 37 no.IiIS-20 160. (MIRA13:6) (Sapropels) KrKRAL'CHENKO, A. I. "The Agrotechnical Problems of Spring Wheat in Belorussia." Cand Agr Sci, Inst of Socialized Agriculture, Acad Sci Belorussian SSR, Minsk, 1953. (RZhBiol, No 6, Now 54) Survey of Scientific and Technical Dissertations Defended at USSR Higher Educational Institutions (11) SO: Sum. No.521, 2 Jun 55 .V.; A.S. I @:,AILic setup for studying t-re defo.-Taa,-ion relaya'I:7n in Zav.2ab. 31' nc.4#493-494 165* (M1RA lFil-Z) 1. -Inlet - V-,Fidimirskly riauchno-issledovatellskty inatl*-L*@ i @ I- @.hankikh amol. SULAKSHINA, G.A.; MIKHAL'CHENKO, B.F. Structural characterIntics and settling of loess in the western slope of the Tom'-Yaya watershed. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; geol. i razv. 7 no.2t93-98 F164. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Tomskiy politekhnicheakiy institut. MIKHAL'CFXNKO, B.F., geolog Mineralogichl ani 3truct-ira! of j-,- , 9 @ - r Bogashevskty areR. Trudy NEIZHT no. @-@:23-30 162. 'KIRA In-11- MMIALICHIDIKO, G. Rural builders strive for technical progress. Sell.stroi. 14 no.q: 3-5 S 159. (MIRA 12:11) 1. Zamestitell nachallnilm Belgorodekogo oblastnogo upravlenty'a sel'skogo khozyzystya. (BeIgorod Province-farm buildings) 3 3hbU 2j. 6000 AQ@8, A. AUTHM Mikhal'chenko. 0 A TITLEt Radi,,chemlcal delermlrkalion of '.he isef@i. sources PERIODICAL, Referativryy zhjrnal, Flzlka, no 12, 1961, 66 Laningr. tekhnol in-ta Im Lensoveta, 1961, r-, TEXTz An account Is given of the results of de*,,e-m1:-,1rg *ne w-7, sources under the condItion of @.,omp,ete absorp, lon cf te-,a oar- : - .- 7-,' @ '- ---, sulfate solution, or by a luminescen phosphor In a pho'@--@--hpm-a, i,-,. -r Sources with a power of the order 10 Mev/se-:% @an be cailtra*",@J '. n f case of absorption, with an error of 4-5% over a period of 2@-@ ia/4 second case, with an error of 10% over a period of 2 hc-@rs [Abstracter's note Complet-e translation] Card 1/1 S /120 /6 2/18?OjilD@-/100 3 /013 /0 4 8 E075/E436 .kUTHOi@S: @jjkhailchenko, G.A., Nichugovskiy, G.F., R o-zTi -ari-o v-s k--a y-aP TITLE: 7)lastic scintillators with the maximum luminescence in the region of 500 millimicrons Pribory i tekhnika ek8perimenta, no.3, 1962, 66-70 The authors describe preparation and purification of 1,2-perinaphthalene-benzimidazole (1) and 1,2-(perinaphthalene-3'- aCeLyloXy)-berizimidazole (11). The luminescent properties of the compounds dissolved in polystyrene were studied. T was obtained by condensation of naphthalic. anhydride with I orthophenylene diamine 0 C-D 0-00-0 11,N-11\ I + -:N 1, N A +211.0 II.N- C-0. Card 1/3 s/120/62/000/003/013/o48 scintillators E075/E436 II was obtained by the reaction C C-0 110'@\/\/!- Oil 1W r-1 11 P-a it lie S S1 IN 0- C"I I ,I I k: - C It was shown that the relative luminescent yield increased with the initial concentration of the compounds up to 1.0 x 10-2 to 1.5 x 10-2 g per lg of polystyrene. Maximum luminescence corresponded to the wavelength Xmax9= 495 m@. When the concentration of I changed from 0. 1 x lo- to 2.3 x 10-2 per g of polystyrene, the maximum shifted from - 490 to - 505 m)L. Card 2/3 _'Y S/120/62/000/003/013/048 Plastic scintillators ... E075/E436 rhe presence of para-terplienyl in the solution (2% weight) increas@d trie internal yield of luminescence by 2.8 times, whii-,t not changing the position of the maximum. The maximum luminescence given by the compounds corresponds well to the region of' maximum eye sensitivity (507 11114) under conditions of poor i11u;-,iination. The compounds studied can be utilized for the visual recording of ionizing irradiations. There are I* figures and 1 tabie. A.-@60CIATiO.N; Leningradskiy tekhnologicheskiy institut (Leningrad Technological Institute) SUBN!lTTED; October 20, 1961 Card 3/3 S/186/4i@07d04/004/003/004 EC,7 I/E 3 3 3 AUTHORS: Mikhal'chenko, G.A. and Kleirimann, I. TITLE: Measurements of sources of @-rarliation by the methods of chernical dosimetry PERIGDICAL: Radiokhimiya, v. 4, no. 4, -1962, 479 - 1,86 Te,XT: An investigation of' the conditions of measuring the energy radiated by flat @-sources of Sr 90 + Y go with an activity of the order of tens or hundreds of millicuries is described. The authors studied the results obtained using 1) a ferro- sulphate dosimeter, based on the oxidation reaction of Fe 2+ into Fe 3+ in a 10- 4 to 10- 3 1-1 solution of (NH lk)2soV FeSO 4' 6fi20 in 0.8 N It2so4which has a well-establiB hed radiation yield, and 2) a new dosimeter. based on the reaction of photo-dissociation of leucocyanide of cryst,' violet, dissolved in an equivolume mixture of dichloro ethane and ethyl alcohol. The following reactions take place in the latter dosimetric system: a luminophor substance KBr.T1 absorbing y- or P-radiation emits quanta in the ultraviolet region (kmx = 320 mI.O. Card 1/2 s/186/62/004/004/003/004 1@,Ieasurements of sources of .... E071/E333 Leucocyanide of crystal violet partly absorbs theme quanta (A. -"@ 330 mU), and dissociates, whereupon the quantum yield in the whole range i3 equal to 1.00 + 0.01. The intensity of the @ source is determined from the amount of the dye formed. The experiments were carried out with two flat @i-sources of 20 and 10 mm in diameter with activities of 237 and 19."t mcurie, respectively. The energy of the!je sources was determined by both dosimetric methods. It is considered that both methods are equally good for assessment of @A-radiation sources. In addition, a comparison of calculated and experimental curves, repreBeritiii,.r, the dependence of the absorbed energy of 0-radiation on the thickness of an irradiated specimen was carried out. The degree of agreement obtained indicated that dosimetric methods could be used for studies of the distribution of radiated energy of @-sources. There are 2 figures and 7 tables. S U BM I I'I'E DJune 29, 1961 Card 2/2 MIKULICHENIG, G.A.1 KLMV, I.K. Recoverable actinometric solution on the basis of leucocrystal violet. Opt i gpektr. 13 no-5t6"3 N 062. (MIRA 151l2) ilAveocryst&l. violet) (Chemical reactions) MIKHALICHFNKO., G.A.; NICHUGOV3KIY, G.F.; ROVIANOVSKAYA, L.P. Plastic scintillators with a maximm luminescence around 500 ntillinLicrons. Frib. i tekh. eksp. 7 no.3:66-70 W-Je 062. (KRA 160) 1. Leningrqdskiy tpkhnologicheskiy institut. (Scintillation counters) @UYMAIICHETIKO, G.A., KAh?-)V, I.K. Radiolumineseence of activated lithium iodide single cryst". Opt, i spektr. 15 no-4:490-493 0 163. (MIRA 16:11) IIt -tidu -pro au irectly give ids' to iltw -.lti"e86cu6,o b XRU 9,mecdnd --t Pe,whichAo luninesc, R 1- @radiai - a "turs- o eswbent4ii tas:no- -- t been suf f i ey are dud 0, 1 -a mt t1i --- -- -- @-@"c4p&:UW Difte: -porta. CO ii-, @dryvtal---su near; ,tjf6---jj6j-t or-Aar char t 6 f; Abt fttori4:@v Inartibast- epm,. an 44M SUB CCM., SS OP Lf @',-o Omit OW .,I.CardV2@