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0 ask emboo "*,:"OA' and (Leningradl ftys.-Tech. I 1. V. 10. 70*4209401).-1. V. (A Ne, 0, 4110M) hiss defined the itifidiffil ammould"m ift a CrYOW 40=4n by tb&&tmWt1Pm to wbkh It must be hated OW the evislatko Of the lot UIW- ins p1mm. abewvW between to akeh by their hirs. fringence. Udwg (kit crke". the authom IWASU"d IN the temp. rulp rmm -300. (O"m sk) to +301). tk Icads MArr which sMi"s plan" appeared I% rock salt prism of ercmww"~,erknted with their elonptiam per- 101 - It the direction I 1101 for the Osten- 'I'm , (1101 Includes an MMO of head I I 11. a ntf the cube fan ( I M) Inc lud" .1 " *net* of WovitlithetmW While tMallyanly(II(M4 known ma gliding plane ut "Not trolp.. A gliding on the Cube Platte. in the direction I 1101. tAkm place rather abraptlY ithow W. rhr Irmp. function of the Optical elastic hinit for this (Ilk)) - I 1101 gliding mechankilk skows a steep decrease Mine vrry -high valw- atrunm lemp. to6m than 210S./sq. nun. rAbnvt IMI. This tharActerioic temp. function it fundamentally different from that for (IM-11101 which shows a rather %low drrvimw a# Ihe elpticatolsade Ilanit froot IIII)II./sq. mm. t -211)', tis 50 il.Aq. nim. at +3000. The stmetural for the (10a)-il 101 gliding tVTW In NACI are not ~Tt W. FiteV *i***oeeoo*o*OOO***Ood 'i Im -W - - !0000*900000000*60004 06,1 0*111211WISUIPM a At 4a' x It 30 v m a m v a 0 L 41 aWW4 0 ILi s -A otmova 00 00 WA: jjqjIj UV. Tw EL Sw~. A. V. me , ! N ex so J~ w- i. EAW. MW. Atm. VSSA mc. t k ANIAM-pa AIMMS? (Iowa "a 0=a- (1;7= T ow *Am. (lot W. vw, 000' I 776-9~ 5~ ~ deva al' Im @NUNN of'of dbFmd MIMI obuiud b b"goilodm Im 00 ;-00 j-00 .40 .00 -,woo =o$ coo i'l goo .00 4*0 '00 tall goo 01 u s if a 0 0 1 w 0 9 40 41 0 0 0 o o o o o 4000.0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 : 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 h00000,00000000000000000 1000000000 000000004 '.' j ", M F'. A. -11.1KM 71, T Mix., 1.cnini!.r--.d Ph1.v-sico-Teci1-,,jCzl Tn.-,t., Acad. Sci., -cl911'- "Ont-ical [Anits of the Elasticity of Rock Crjst2ls for the Sliding Plane of Ctu,!," Z~-ur. Eksper. i Tvoret. Fiz., 18, No. cV, '19118; "The Mwnomerion of Artit'icj2l Slip Formation: III," Ibid. ,~. 09. lb"t - wd&M "ON" do, A. V. 9W"ov lm, wwwo 49 4" AL am-- raw. f1s. AND L A. M" rw se, AbW. OW (11 a ilia) 00 is dw 411womba III" of *0 00 ion sup oydob .1 Peak no by tow, "W" r,"empI in amd mom" poom "a OVA 0f& stmost tin Amot 40 *GWM an I -A tin Iia, ""w-k-. - -b, .." &a. ~- WA dow of Mrs* Mosmary to C" A. 9- MACUAY ciddic MA vA* WWNNWL S-49. IM Th olll~ a OWAM 06bumia. V. no lldkll~ d 1116111111 a wilM diotommobw A. V. OwPAWN AND boor IAVw. row. fle., It, 4" 13 (N... J. 141T Awfibm. NOMEMN rwft W 1 ow tin atim of a ow"m on the -I of a cfydW 0 ruck nk aftm do Wood6ft offamWintaftwolwooo(tMerrvia naeopwi. owds cominme dw d*IY dm-#*iod bY A. V. Supoeov I^ I%wr, ro-- ft,. 17, 40 (06% A rwTWh so MA& an the gm I i of ow O"d w" a I &#W - I wm app%W WAR " Ii bistom. LAym of varkno thkkow o= dkwhod of the ay%fal vitik-ft was wuwt"w in pohrwd 14M. A. 1. MMSAY BASINSKA, Halina; MILKE, Helena; ORYLSKI, Zenon; RYCHLIK, Wieslaw -WWA*.~- Studies on the adaptJ~io~-Of alkali ferrocyanide and ferricyanide in volumetric analysis. Studia Tor chemia 5 no. 1: 67-77 164. 1. Department of Inorganic Chemistry, N. Copernicus University, Torun, and Department of General Chemistry, School of Agriculture, Olsztyn. 'MILKS, Wa, mgr The limitation o: the liability of the carrier according to the new Polish bill of loading. T*ch gosp morska 10 no.9s294 S 96o. (EUI 100) 1. Polska Zegluga Norsk&, Szczecin (Poland--Karitim law) (Poland-Bills of lading) (Liability (Law)) MILKE, Wojciech, mgr (Akra) Navigation problems of West Africa and activities of the West African Lines Conference. Tech gosp morska 14 no.3:66-69 Mr 161+, MTLIKEWICH, O.L.; "Develoment and investig-ition of the problems of perfecting the technology of production of glued structures and parts". Mosccr4, 1955. Central Sci Res Inst of Industrial Stnictures. (TqNIPS). (Dissert--ition.; for the Degree of Candidite of Technical Sciences). SO: Knizhnavaletonis' No 44, 29 October 1955- Moscow- GUBWO,A.B., doktor tekhnicheekikh nauk, laureat Stalinskoy premii; MILOMIGH,O.L., Inshener; UMJEIN,N.T., Inzhener; KAZUR,K.V., Mechanical screw press for gluing wooden construction elements. Rate. i liobr. predl. v stroi. no.101:19-22 '55. (MLRA 8:10) 1. TsentralInyy Nauchno-imeledovatel skly institut prosyshlem- nykh soorushonly (for Gubenko and Millkevich). 2. Industroypro- yekt (for Babakin and Mazura) (Gluing) (Carpentry) MILIKEVICH O.L.1 FMCMMV, P.Z. inah.9 nauchnyy red.; PROKOFITEV9 V.I.p ==-~ ~r. lmd-on; FirAZABOV9 P.Ys. p tekhm. red. -. [Pamphlet on agOty measures for the plasterer] Famiatka po tekbnika bizopasnosti dlia shtukatura. Moskva, Gos.iad-vo lit-ry po strolt.9 arkhit. i stroit. materialamp 1960.. 21 p. (MIRA 14:6) (Plastering-4afety measures) ODINOKOV, S.D., kand.tekhn.nouk; KILIKBVICH. 0. lcand.tekhn.nauk; FILATOT. N.M., mladshly yy sotrudnike IGAPOVA, T.T., aladshly nouchuyy sotradnik; GNOT, I.I., uladshiy nauchnyy sotradnik; PAVLIDIS, Ye.K.0 Insh., nauchnyy red,'- KHLUBBYETA, TO.O., red.isd-va; MIDAKOVA, N.I., iAlbum of drawings of mchinery tools. implements and equipmnt for Indurtrial painting] Allbom cherteshei mashin. instrumentov, -PAsiosoblenii i inventaria dlig proisvodstva mliamykh robot. Moskva. Gos.izd-vo lit-ry po stroit.. arkhit. i stroit.mterialam. 1960. 101 p. (MIRA 13:12) ~A,-Akadeniya stroitallstva i arkhitektury SM. Inatitut organiss- -tall. makhanizateii i takhnicheakoy pomoshchi stroitallstvu. 2. kAko- voditell laboratoril krovelInykh i otdolochnykh rabot Ingtituta jrga- nizateii, makhe i ataii i takhn.pomoshchi stroitalletvu (for Odinokov). ?PIL02inting, Industrial-2quipwnt and supplies) MMIX.&VI.C.H.-.O.L.,-.kand.tekhn.nauk, starshiy nauchnyy sotradnik; FIUTOV, N.K.. mladshiy nauchayy sotmdnik; AGAPOV.A, T.T., uladxhiy nauchayy sotradnik; GWOT, I.I., mledshly nauchnyy sotradnik; PATLIDIS, Ye.K., lnzh.. nauchnyy red.; TTULAMA, L.K., red.isd-va; SHIMINA, V*T.,, [Alban of designs of mchines, instruments, devices. and Implements for conducting plastering operations] Allbom chertezhel mashin, Instrawntov. prisposoblenil I Inventarila dlia proisvodstva shtu- katurnykh rabot. Koskys, Gos.izd-vo lit-ry po strait.. arkhit. i stroit.materialam, 1960. 136 p. (MIRA 13:11) 1. Akademiya stroitelletva i arkhitaktury SSSR. Institut organi- sataii, ankhanizataii i takhnichaskoy pomoshchl stroitellstvu. 2. Laboratoriya krovelInykh i otdolochnykh rabot Usuchno-iseledo- vatel'skogo institute organizateii, mokbanizataii i takhnicheskoy pomoshchi stroitelletvu Akadenii stroitel'stva i arkhitektury SSSR (for KilIkevich. Filatov, Agapova, Oukov). (Plastering-Rquipment and supplies) MILIKEVICH# Oe, kand.tekhn.nauk Waterproof plasters. StroitelO rio-5330-31 Yi 061. (MIRA 14:6) (Plaster) MiLln,Wl inzh.; YILATCV, inzh. Mechanization of the preparation and transportation of mortars for finishing operations. l4ekh. stroi. 19 no.2:15-17 F 162. (MIRA 16:7) (Mortar) K ILI KH IKER,-H.A.. ?~,- Obnervatione of the totAl lunar eclipse of KRv 13-14, 1957, in Chorkmosy. Astron.tair. no-184:17-18 S 157. (MIRA 11:4) (Nalipses, 1junar-1957) MILIKHIKER. M.A. (Oberlassy) Equipment for photographing eclipses. Biul.VAGO no.25: 41-43 '59. (MIRA 13:3) (Astronomical photography) Palipses) MILIKHIM, !4,.,(Qherk&ssy) Results of observations of the solar eclipse of June 30, 1954, In Cherkasey. Biul.VAOO no.25s44-45 159. (MIRA 1333) (Sclipses, Solar--1954) KILIXHIUR, K*Ao; UbT"q K*A. (CljrnovtiW, MSM) Hurricane in Priroda no,6:116 Je '60. (MM 13:6) (chernovitsy-storms) MILIIHI13M. N.A. Observations of the partial lunar eclipse of March 24, 1959. Biul. VAGO no.27:32-36 160. (MIRA 13:6) 1. Noskovskays otdolonlys Yeemoyuznogo astronono-goodezichookago obahchastva, g.Chernowtoy. (Eclipses. Lunar--1959) MILIKMKF.Rj, M.A.; DASKALP M.A. (Chernovtoy). P'ungus in a sulfuric acid solution. Friroda 50 no. 3:111-13.2 mr 161. (Fungi) (KM 14:2) MlVKHllW,,K.A. Otwervatione of Perseids In 1961., Blul. VAGO no-33tn-12 163. (MIRA 1624) (Meteors-August) MILIKH7~% M.A. (Chernovtoy) - Progreso in aviation and space medicine. -Orir4xk 53 no-5:33 164. (KM 17:5) 1 26606--66 -rjp(o) TT/WW/JT/RD/$WaV- 01.02, 7XZ:F lat W6M732: -SOURCE COM UR/0026766/000/002/ AUrBOR:-; MI'khWr, ILG A. (Chqrnovtsy) none a iVac6 Peenh SbbRCE: Priroda, no P2,-1966, 102-105 no, ~~bPIC TAGS: urea, organic nitrogen compound, agronomy, agriculture crop, polyure closed ecology system, wAnned space flight/PFU-17 polyurethane ABST lti'i irib&l space greenhouse which was proposed to meet.increased y requirements for larger crews on Icing space flfght_j,~potatoes ol p and onions of superior quality were grown by hydreaeratioh using an -,artificial polyurethane foam substrate and human urine as the sourn 'of feeding substances. Use of the artificial substrate and of urine for the feeding solution eliminated the following problems of storin materials an the spaceship: .9 culties of accurate weighing and disintegration of soil substrate -particles under weightlessness, exhaustion of feeding substances in E arth soil substrates, and Y!eight and volume of necessary materials. The use 1--card 1/3 UDC: 629~19&5 T. 1044ar,_199 ACC MR, f urine 1rom which water can be obtained by dIstfilatLon and ~y electro- j9dmosis. with solar energy (scientists have designed a device for this) opermits formation of a closed biological cycle on the spaceship.. Complex Initr.ogenous compounds In urine may be used as nutritive sources for .-Plants. . Experimental use of a urea reagent for feeding solutions in green- ~houses of the Moscow Petrole er has demonstrated'its ability.. Ao. meet ~nitrogen requirements of plants. Pounting.the primary nutrients in the mineral salts of a daily output ,of wholeurine (1500 ml) showed that a 2 1 feeding solution should contain athe iollowing quantities of primary nutrients: N-0.322 g; P-0.062 g. K-0.858 g; Ca~-0.166 g; and Mg..!-0.048 g, provided a 0.1-m1 solution of certain trace elements (B. Fe Mn; Zn. Cu Co) is added. The o murii 0 0 0 Pti concentration of primary nutrients Is obtained by diluting 1500 ml of whole -.urine with 4500 ml of. water. Sodium and chlorine ions, unfavorable, for 'plant growth, are removed from the -Solution by a specially developed Idevice using silver Ions without changing salt, content or evoking acidifl- cation or alkalization.' Experiments in 1915-1919 by r. A4,'Toander demonstraf4d the success.6f acharcoal dust -from its'disintdgr4~ion Card 2/3 :,-t--266q6_66:- ACC NIts AP6006732 under flight conditions would Irritate cosmonauts# respiratory systems. The physical, chemical, and physiological properties of.gRy:17 ,Uolyure Ithane . foani make It the best prWicial substrate. It is lightwetglffj~ highly !compressible, 9616 elastic, sterile, porous,. ahd absorbs and retains -water and., f6od solution well. Polyarethane properties are unchanged by -~,j formalin and 100/6 phenol for one hour, and it does note ithe action of 100 Idispolve n-2rk.inic solvents. ared by.weavLng strips L The polyurethane foam aubstrate is prep ength of greenhouse) of fine:pore po x 2!y~xwe -frame -of plas'lid tubing. :06;i1Y mat which is attached to an inflatable Pipes for the. Irrigation and feeding systems and zIne fbiI electrodes to form qn'qlect .0~ctjvity (using magnetic filings ..rjcg field to Jpcr~~Oqq prp to form" * a.,permaneni' magnetic field for this purpose is also suggested) are placed In the substrate. - Scientists hope to develop a method toobtaln .,pblyurethane.f6am f1kom urine.. but at*present the substrates maybe con- -structed on Earth,or In space. Box- or cylindrical -form substrates rotated by electric motor are suggested as a means of increasing planting: 'arda and allowing illumination to reach all layers of leaves.,/ Observations of the P15MU; * iR -thii 'r~ode]:_~enhoiuse' took -a' _o`s_mio"_ i-adiation, air temperature, pressure, clou&I L. 'a Mumination, humidity, plant growth arA development, andXood substance 7m:nii into account*;. Orig. Art a has: - 2. figures and 1 table-i' LATD POSSs 422 SWCODEs 22i, 06o 020,67 SM DATFSt none GRtG REFt' 003 OTH REFs 001 Card mKIC, Z. Deciphering photos made by a rapid aerial camra. P-477 VAZDUROPLOVNI GLASNIK. (Jugoslovensko ratno vazduhoplovstvo) Zemun, Yugoslavia Vol. 11, no. 4, July/Aug. 1955 Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 8, no. 9, Sept. 1959. Uncl. 89407 P/034/60/000/004/001/oo7 A222/A026 4 00 r0lcol 2, C& 3 to -3 AUTHOR: Milkiewicz, Franciszek, Master of Engineering TITLE: 'The Use of a Selsyn as Induction-Voltage Transmitter in St/Ftems Met-suring Linear and Angular Shift PERIODICAL: Pomiary-Automatyka-Kontrola, 1960, No. 4, pp. 129 - 132 TEXT: The selsyn voltmeter system described translates mechanical magni- tudes into a voltage reading on a voltmeter linked directly with the selsyn. The system makes it possible to connect several indicating or recording voltmeters with a single transmitter. The symbols used in the figures are: M meter, Pr - germa- nium rectifier R P - resistor, tandem, Rk - resistor, series, S selsyn, SN - volt- age stabilizer: magnetic, Td transformer, additive, Ul'- voltage, selsyn feed, U2 - voltage, seco -ndary, Ud voltage, additive. Reotification of the secondary a-a voltage makes possible the use of a d-o meter with a uniform span dial. The additive transformer Td is used to maintain linear dependence of secondary voltage U2 at an expanded angular deflection of 11-he selsyn rotor. ThCvoltage-angle char- acteristics of the~circuit (Fig. 1) is shown in Figure 2. The Polish manufacturer of selsyns is Zaklady Wytw6reze G;6ohnik6w L-10 (Loudspeaker Mfg Plant L-10) in Card'r/46- A\ 69407 P/0:4/60/000/004/001/0()7 A222/AO26 The Use of a Selsyn as Induction-Voltage Transmitter in Systems Measuring Linear and Angular Shift Wrzefinia which builds the selsyns SN-1, 30-2, ST-3, ST-3a, SR-1. Among these, most suitable for the system in concern is the selsyn ST-3 which operat6s on 110 V, 50 ops,.at a current drain of 0.13a and a secondary voltage of 51 V. The voltage-angle characteristics U2 + Ud - f 00 of a system using the ST-3 selsyn as measured at U, = 90 v and at a load resistance of Ro, is shown in Figure 3. The system shown in Figure I way be used to measure optional mechanical magnitudes which can be re- duoed to an angular or linear shift, e.g. liquid level, valve position, etc. A air- ouit which makes it possible to measure several magnitudes by means of one single mqter in shown in Figure 4. The circuit consists of two identical systems shown in Figure 1, yet with only one joint meter and a selection switch PL. A system suit- able for measuring the difference between two magnitudes is shown in Figure 5. Transmitters S1 and S2 measure the magnitudes I and 2, r4speatively. The secondary windings of both solsyns are wired serially and bi-direotionally, so that the ad- ditive voltage U21 + U22 - 0 at equal rotor deflection of selsyne S, and 32. In all circuits, the parameters of transformer Td and resistor Rk are so selected as to ensure that voltage Ud complies in phase with U2 at 00