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MILIKOT. F.U.; KHATSKSL&VICH, L.M.. RIVINA. I.M., MALICHEVSKIY. G.N.Ceditorel. [Influence of topography on plant and animal life] Tosdeist-ie rellefa n& rastitellnost' i shivotnyi air. Moskva, Gos.isd-ve geogr. lit-ry, 1953. 162 p. (KIRA 7:2) (Geographical distribution of animals and plants) MILIKOV. Y.N. N.P.Wchkov and his geographical explorations In the Trans-Volga region. 1%v.AX SUM. Jl-A6 '53. (MLHk 6:8) (Wahkor. Nikolal Petrovich. 1746-1784) (Russia--Description and travel) MILIKOV, F. N. Taxonomy of Landscape Units and Certain Problems of Landscape Yapping For the Central Chernozem oblasts and the Russian Flatlands on the whole the author recomn nds a system of landscape units in which one ob- serves the principle of alternation of zonal and &zonal factors (belt, countryt zones province, subzone, region). Region (rayon) is the low- est unit of landscape regional classification. The basis for the land- scape subdivision of a region must be the search not for the lowest natural complexes but for the lowest spatical combinations of natural complexes (types of locality and natural landmark). In the landscape regions of the Central Chernozem Oblasts are noted the following types of localities: "Plakor'. watershed-riparian, lowlnnd, lowlnnd.-te"ace, The principal distinction in types of locality and landmark from reeions and other large landscape units is in the number of typological uAits of cartography# and not in units of regional classification. (RZhGeol, No. 4, 1955) Tr- Voroneqh--ek- un-ta, 28, 1953, n2-n4 SO: Sum. No. 744, 8 Dee 55 - Supplementaz7 Survey of Soviet Scientific Abstracts (17) MILIKOV, F. N. Problem of the Yultiplicity of Landscape Boundaries The multiplicity of landscape boundaries really exists in nature, one of its causes being the discrepancy of landscape regionalization (classifi-, cation) with particular ones (geomorphological. climatic. etc.). The task of the geographer landscapist is to uncover the variety in nature of land- scape boundaries on the basis of a critical exploitation of experiences from special regional classifications. (RZhGeol, No. 4, 1955) Tr- Vgrnmrh.-zk. un-tAo 28o 1953o 115-117 SO: Sum. No. 744, 8 Dee 55 - Supplementary Survey of Soviet Scientific Abstracts (17) Nature of central Chernoxem provinces nnd its transformation. Vop.geog. no.32:1-19 153. (MIRA 10:11) (Central Black Zqrth Region--Geography) 1. F. N. 14ILIKOV _ ?;IGF. 2. U35R (600) 4. Chkalov Province - Physical Geogrx)hy 7. Nature of one province ("Features of the physical geography of the Chkalov Province." Reviewed by Prof. N. A. Gvozdetskiy. Priroda 42 no. 1. 1953. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April -1953, Uncl. KILIKOV, r.N. Regional types and topographical districts of central chernozen provinces (division of regional and typological units in topographical geography). lsy.T~*&.geog.ob-va 86 no.4:336-346 Jl- Ag t54. (KLHA 7:9) (Physical geography) j I-V) KILIKOV, Y.N. "Basic problems of physical geography.0 A.G.1sachenko. Reviewed by FiN.Killkov. Isv.Ts~s.g*og.ob-Y& 86 n0-4:373-376 JI-Ag 054. (Physical geography) (leacheako, A.G.) . (UL" 7:9) MIL'OV, F, N' KAKYSnV, 11.8. "Influena* of relief cu plant and aaiml world..O 7-N.Millkay. 'JW- viewed by I.S..YmWsh*v. IsTo Tas~, s9oa. ob-va 86 no-4:376-379 JI:.AC 654. - (Milikov. F.1.) (Zoology) (ML" 7:9) VILIOT IGIA.-O KUMM# S.N., redaktor; SHCHUXINA, V.V.. redaktor; - WbRAbSTA, S.Wf., tekhnicheakiy redaktor rA.S.Krannov. geographer and traveller) A.N.Irasnov- geograf I putesheetyennik. Moskva, aos.izd-vo geogr.lit-ry 1955. 173 P. (OA B: 10) (Kr"now. Andrei Nikolayevich, 1862-1914) MIL'Ko\t, FW , IMA, &.T*. OMfe amd Cosa"bleal actlvity at P,-I.JtrdWksv.0 F,N.NllOkov. Rwlswod by J6]1.lsfa. lsv,AN SSOM. Sor.g~4. 0550 (UM 9:1) .(ftabkov, Petr Ivaalwlch. 1712-1777) (MIlIkov. P.N.) MILIKOT, V.I. 1-, -.4 Me genetic priuciple, its role and value in dividing areas into physloogeographical regions. I*adv TM 42 no-40-5 155IMM lls6) (Physical geography) MILIZOV, Y.N. N.M. xramov and the Idea of geographical complems (land form) In buslan geography. TrWly 1MU 42 noo'4:7-9 155. (NIU 11W (Physical geogrmphy)* (Emenow. Andrei Nikolmavloh. 1%2-1924) KILIKOV.Y.N., professor; KOVALU.Ya.K., kandidat tekhnicheskikh nauk Heavy shower and its consequences. Priroda 44 no-10:107 0#55. (KLRA 8:12) 1. Voroneshokly gosudarstvannyy unIveraltet (Rain and rainf all) MILIKOV.F.N. Knin problems In dividing the southern Russian Plain Into ph7sto- graphic regions. Izv.Vses.geog.ob-ve 87 no.5:429-440 S-0 155. (Physical geography) (KLRA 8:12) 1< 6- v) F Al. GVOZIBTSKIT. N.A.. profeasor- M;~1RUJA., professor; MIUUTLOV. N.I. doteent; GIAZOVSKAYAwT.M., p;,=T4-18,sor. redaktor* . I [Progrqu for "Physical geography of U.S.u.k.0 In geography departments of state wAversitles) Program= po fivicheskol geografti SSSR dlis, geograficheskikh fakul'tetov gosudar - stvennrp universitetoy. LNoskval. Isd-vo Mook.univ..1956- 19 P. (MIBA 10:6) L *Mai& (1923- U.S.S.R.) Ministerstvo vreshego obrasovanira. (Physical geography) qw -/Vy/- "Oe-t'l F/V 14-1-241 2ramiation from: werativa& 2nm&, Geograrlya, 1957,, Mr. 1. pr 17 (MR) ,.AMOB: Nil lkcwo FO N* r TlW: Oame Iftstablo QWotJL=o 1u Topologlea Geogrq*y (0 udwtorj*h diskuwaloenyWi vaprom".LandolmdUcy pogmfl:L) PZR3)OD.WAL: Topr. GsagmfU, 1956,, aboralk 39,, pp. " AWMAM: 2he article dean with r*giowQ,, t7polegIcal and musloglaa topological unlto and the problm of or-Arament, and blolpocoemosles, and their p1we In topolo4cal 1pognqft. A growing - 1 1 r or scientists Is becoming aware that In tagaloas a dletlactlom shoulA be amde between dUftivat tyWa4ea wdta, even though * clear-cut buls for awk a &I atlatlam Is stlU 0 Accmtjag to the author.. AU regional valts (the *rolpo- geognviblea area, the somi, the prarlmm,,,,the reglon) became IndIvIduallsed during the formetIve, Varied or the crust at the earth and an the outcome of Ito diSfeXentlatlem. A common aftla deuxulnes the other traits of regional ualtiv 1* &0. their terzttorial unity, theIr non-recurrence in space,, their relative lammos of also,, and their morphologima diversity. Ty~"I vnito (typ of area.. type of card 1/3 Saime Dabatable 4mastions In Topological - Cleogroyby 14-1-241 locaUty,, typ'or landscape) am of a dIfferent character; they comblue a eo~n mw~wody with a denetle diveralty. mw spatlal non-recurrunce and Ind1v:LdvA1 strmetuze or rwgLemal =Its requIre special IndivIftallsed research. Typologicol =Its are the result of generalization azA tberefore me studles mmirally the specifle characterlatlea of a gtve~ type. rn order to classify a large amsber of regional m1ts belonging to dUftivat types It Is use- essary to dLvIds tbm Into grvaps of emologns =dts. ra the ce of regional xadta analW can be two-foM, It can be external, re., , or Intezvol, Lee*, Oniet co Consequently, ve can speak of topological mgAipmes ai a norphologIcaL type.' an vall as groups of tqpologLeal smaagmes., bond an the almIlarlty of one or am of their principal topologleal elements. For examplep pbWsleo- geogrqp&deA1 regions rrveal two groups of anslo&es: the gtwV o1E mountainous regions #&A that of plelmse 3b the second of these grove one. finds two groups of analogoes: blgblmd platus and lowland plains. Each ~f these groups cwWrlses morpWagical and genetle topological ansloguies. Caz4 2/3 IA-3:-W Som Debatable %watIOUS In TOP0104ca G*Ogrq*Y In discussIng the torms wfats~ Wu"j, fmvlxmmt) mad whicipocomoslow Vw =Uor polnU.out that In MaIng th*Y Am Identle:l;o Alt*u& he prefers the term bdLopocoenools,, he fee1A It would be re c4rreat to use m1poccommalsO. lk Is of the a9ftion that geocasnools le nab a breach of Upology., bat a separste,, t cioselY related,, soleaft. Card 3/3 Z. R. KILIXOT Fedor Nikolayevich; KARGOLIV. Yak.. redaktor; KOSHILEVA. S.K.. "Z~S--- re-4-81vt i"a~r [The physical geography zone and its content, as exemplified by the Russian Plainj Fisiko-geografichookii ralon i ago sodershania; na, primore Rueskol revniny. Moskva. Goa. izd-vo geogr. lit-ry, 1956. 220 p. (KULA 9:12) (Physical geograpt7) RIKHTAR, G.D.. doktor geograficheskikh nank. otvetstvennyy redaktor; doktor geograficheakikh nauk. otvatstvennyy, reda~:tor; -VOLTNSXAYA, V.S.. redaktor izdatelletva; AUZAN, U.P.. tekhnicheskiy redaktor [Forest-steppe and steppesof the Russian plains] Lesosteal i step$ rueskoi ravniny.-.Moskva. 1956. 295 p. (141PA 9:9) 1. Akademiya nauk SSSR. Inatttut geografil. (Steppes) KILIKOV. P.N. - 'j-, ... ~ ~' -~ - .. I - 11 le'l- landscape regions of control Chernozom provinces. Trudy VGU 371.5-65 157. (min 11: 6) (Central Black Barth legion-Pbyvical geography) MILIKOV, Y.N. - I '.. ': I - 00.. Problems In the field study of types of lands and geographical features of central Chernozes provinces. Yank. sap. L'viv. un. 40:57-64 157. MU 11:6) l.Go*WwstvenWy univernitst, Voronezh. (Central Black Nartb region--Physical geography) TSYS', P.N.; XALESNIK, S.V.; SOKOLOV, N.N.; CROCHIA, N.S.; PROTOPOPOV, A.P.; ZAISLIN, I.M.; GVOZIETSKIY, N.A.; YL719EMOV, Yu.K.; KARA-MOSED, A.S.; XOZLCV. I.V.: SOLVTSLT, N.A.; ISACHENKO, A.G.; ARXAND, D.L.; MIROSHNICFMIKO. V.P.; PSTROV, K.M.; KAZAKOVA, O.H.; MIKEUTLOV, H.I.; PARNMIN. Yu.P.; GERENCHUK, K.I.; TARASOV, F.V.; NINDIAYNV. V.N.; SOBOLEV. L.N.; RYBIN, H.N.; bUMIN. B.Ta.; IGNATtYRT. G.M.; MELIKHEM, M.N.; SANE13LIDZE, M.S.; VASILIYEVA, I.V.; PIMAIOV. V.A.; RASALIKAS. A.B. Discussion at the conference on studying land forms. Nauk. zap. LIviv. un 140:2~1-267 t57. (miRA 11:6) 13 Yovskly goeudaretvennyy universitet (for TSys', Gerenchuk, Dumin). 2.Laboratoriya aerometodov AN SSSR, Leningrad (for Sokolov, Miroshnichenko, Petrov). 3.Inatitut geografii AN SSSR, Moskva (for Armand, Sobolev). 4.Gosudarstvannyy universitet, Voronezh (for Millkov, Tarasov). 5.Leningradaki3r gosudarstvennyy universitet (for Chochia, Isachenko. Kazakova). 6.Kjomissiya okhrany prirody AN SSSR, Moskva (for Protopopov). 7.Gosudarstvennyy universitet, Chernovtsy (Ifor Rybin). 8.Gosudaretvennyy universitet, Irkutsk (for Mellkheyev). 9.Go- sudaretvennyy pedagogicheakiy institut im. V.I. Iranina, Moskva (for Vasillyeva). 10.1fol'shaya Sovetskaya Intsiklopediya (for Zabelin). ll.Gosudaretvennyy universitet, Tbilisi (for Saneblidze). 12.Kookovokly gosudarsivennyy univ'ersitat (for Gvozdetskiy. Solntsev. Mikhaylov. Parmuzin, Nikolayev, Ignat'Yev). 13.Torgovo-skonomichoskiy institut, Lfvnv (for Perevalov). 14.Goeudarstvennyy institut im. Kapsukasa. Villnyus (for Basalikas). 15-MuzeY zemleve'denlya Moskovskogo go- sudaretvannogo universiteta.(for Yefremov, Kozlov). 16.Srednyaya shkola No.13, Kiyev (for Kara-Mosko)o (johysical geography) (r I F L.I-I/!- ,.- I- - MILIKOV. P.N. Sow wordm In "fens@ of the forest-and-stappe geographical zone. 1xv. Vbss. geog. ob-va 89 no.6t548-550 X-D 157. (NM M12) (Physical geography) Mike -a-War-likolayovich, prof., GVOZIIICTSKIT, Nikolay Andreyevich, prof.; KOY 0 - red.kart;; KOW313VA. KAIIGOLIN. Ta.A., red,# KA S.M., totho. red. [Pbysical geography of the U.S.S.R., genaral surveyOkiropesin part of the U.S.S.R.; the Gaucasus). A brief course of lectures] Fisichaskate geografita SSSB; obshchtt obzor (Swropoiskata chant' SSSR; Kovkmz). Kratkit kare laktaii. Koskva. Goo. izd-vo geogr: lit-ry. 1958- 351 P. (MIRA 11.11) 1. Voroneshokyy gosudarstvennyy universitet (for MilIkov). 2. Koskovskiy gosuderetvannyy universitet (for Gwozdetskty). (Physical geography) fill". t Jill a lux lit j 'e. MILIEDV. F.N. Two-stage structure of P~ain rellefs. NmT-ch.doklvye.shkoIy- gool.-geog.nauki no.1:144-1119 '58. (MIRA 12:2) le Toroneshokly universitat, geografichaskly fakalltat. kafedra fisichemkoy geografil, (Plains) MILIKOV, F.R. Aspen brushweed, its distribution and origin, Nauch. dokl. vyi. shkoly; gool.-geoge nauki no.3:150-157 158. (MIRA 12:1) l.Voroneshokly uniyersitet, geografichookly fakulltat, kafedra -fisichookey geografli, (Aspen) MIL"Xov F 1ji AvTHOR: Gvozdetskiy, N.A. SOV10-58-4-25/28 TITLE: An Inter-University Conference on Dividing the USSR into Economic Regions (Mezhvuzovskoye soveshchaniye po rayoni- rovaniyu) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR, Seriya geograficheskaya, 1958, nr 4% pp 146 - 149 (USSR) ABSTRACT: From 1 - 5 February 1958, the Ministry of Higher Education and the Moscow State University convened the above-mention- ed conference. The purpose was to discuss the results of the first year of planning for this division, and to plan further development. The conference heard the following reports: P.A. Letunov, N.N. Rozov and V.11. Fridland, vorkers of the SOPS and the Soil Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences on "The Division of the USSR into Eco- nomic Regions According to Soil and Climatic Factors"; S~D, CherenWshkin on the economic evaluation of the land; Professor F.N. Millkov on a physical-geographical scheme for an eco-n-om-i-e-Ti-vi-e-ron of the central black earth reg- ions; V.K. Zhuchkova on research work done by the Moscow Univergity on-ah-eco"nomic division of the black earth re- Card gions; ~ypf~_qssor V.P..Popov, O.V. Poryvkina and A.I. Lan1ko SOV-10-58-4-25/28 An Inter-University Conference on Dividing the USSR into Economic Regions on the results of the -ork done in 1957 on an economic.di- vision of the USSR according to physical-geographical con- siderations; Yjj,~ __ v and Ye.V. _nq~tqcL_,_,A.Ye. Matissen Ishe'rskaya (Saratov geographers)'g--I~-.A.--Chazov.(Saratov aiia Perm' University) and Professor_.G.G.__.Gr~gj9r (Tomsk H. L 11-1 University) on an economic d vision of the USSR according to physical-geographical considerations; M.S. Saneblidze, N.K. Keremov and K. Oganyan on a scheme for an economic division of the Tran3-Caucasian Republic; V.D. Bobok and N,Yj. Dzens-Litovskaya (Leningrad University), K.G. Raman (L-4tvian University), V.A. Dement!yev (Byelorussian Uni- versity), A.V. Stupishin (Kazan) University), B.A. Lunin (Kirghiz University) and Yu.A. Usmanov (Bashkir institute of Agriculture) on the economic division of their respec- tive regions; A.N, Rakitnikova (MGU) on "A 1"Iethod of Di- -viding the Country into Agricultural Regions"; I.F. Mujwl)on "The Experiment of Dividing the USSR into Agri- cultural Region"; G.A. Kocharyan on "The Economic and Agri- cultural Zoning of Armenia"; B.t. Perlin on "The Organi- zation of Leading Agricultural Branches on the Example of @;a Flax Cultivation in the Smolensk Oblast"'; S.I. Savenkov AUTHOR: Yiillkov, F.11., Profecoor 26-58-5-47/57 TITLE: Nature in a Republic on 'Uhe Volgr River (Priroda pri- volzhskoy respubliki) Ske6ches on the ueo-raphy of the 0 Tataria Republic (Ocherki po geografii Tatarii) PERIODICAL: Priroda, 1958, Nr 5, pp 120 - 121 (USSR) ABSTRACT: One new book is listed with a short description. AVAILABLEs Library of Congress Card 1/1 1. Tataria Republic - Geography ~- KILIKOT, ~edar.Nlkolayevich; MARGOLIN, Ta.A., red.; KONOTALTUK, I.K., mladahiy red.; KISZMA, Z.A., red.kart; OMM, D.A., [The riddle of pine forests growing on chalk outcrops] Zagadka mlovykh barov. Moskva, Gos.Izd-vo geogr.lit-ry, 1959o 34 p," (MIRA 13i.2) (Pine) (Paleobotany) . NZINOV, -h4Qr_)Ijko1L&yevich; VOLKOII, A.G., red.ixd-va; MVNICVA. YOU.,'-- (Main problems of physical geography; selected lectures] Oanovnp problany ftsichaskol geogrefil; isbranup lektall, Voronezh, lid-vo Toroneshakogo univ.. 1959. 167 p. (NiRA 14.2) (Physical geography) KIL IKOV, F. N. --I:Wn-d- `ford complexes and their study as a division of physical geography. Nauch.dokl.vys.shkoly; geol.-geog.naukl n0.1:15-20 1590 (KERA 12:6) 1. Yoronexhakly universitat. geograficheekly fakalltet, kafedra fisichaskoy geografti. (Physical geography) MILIKOV, F.H. Professor G.D.Rikhter; on his 60th birthday* Uuch.deklovyx. shkoly; gool.-geog.nauki no.2:223-224 159. (MIR& 12:8) (Rikhter, GavriAl Dmitrievich, 1899-) MILIKOOV. Ador Nikolayevic --VASIL17EVA, O.S.. red.: KONOVALYUK# I.K.p ---- h~ mladshiy red.; KISUZVA, Z.A., red.kart; TILIVSKATA, M.N.. (Dictionary-reference book on physical geography] Slovars-spra- vochnik po fizicheskoi geografii. Moskva, Gos.izd-vo geogr. lit-ry, ig6o. 269 p. (MIRA 13:12) (Physical geography--Dictionaries) MILIKOV, F.11. On the 100th anniversary of Jkluard AleksandrovicY, &ers=ann's death. Vest.Mook. un. 9er. 5: Geog. 15 no.4:62-63 il - Ag 16o. (Braremann, Jduard Aleksandrovich, 1794 - 1860) MILIKOV., Fedor Nikolaywrich f Plrj sic ogeographical zoning of central chernozer. provinces Fiziko-geograficheskoe raionlrovanie tsentra-IInykh chernc.- zemnykh oblastei. Voronezh, Izd-vo Voronezhskogo univ., 1961. 261 p. (MIRA 19-5) HILIKOV Fedor NikOlMtVich; STIUGIN, V.M., red.; KONOVAIZUK9 I.K.., - F- CI__ mIsdably red.; GOLIMN, A.V., red. kartj BURLAKA, N.P.,, tokhn. red. [Central region of the European part of the U.S.S.R.; studio of nat,"e) Sredniaia polosa. Evropeiskoi chasti, SSSR: ochark prirody. Moskvaj Goo. izd-vo geogr. 1-it-ry, 1961,,, 215 P. IRA 15;2) (Physioal geograpby) MILIKOV F N c- Geography of residual watershed hills in the Central Russian Uplmd. Vent. Monk. un. Ser-5: Geog. no.2:24-26 Ar-Ap 161. (MIRA 1/,:4) 1. Kafedra fisichookoy geografii VoronezhBkogo universiteta. (Central Russian Upland-Physical geography) MILILOWN F.K.- Present state of the *aching of geographical zones. Izv.Vor. otd.Goog.ob-va no*3:3-34 061. (MM 15:11) (ramical geography) MILIKOV, F.N. Results of dividing the Central Black Earth Region into physico- geographical region-c. Vop. geog. no.51:42-4-8 161. (MIRA 15:1) (Centr4l Black Earth Region--Physical geography) MILIKOV Fedor - prof.; GVOZDETSKIY, Nikolay Andreyevich, pmf.1 STRIGIN, V.M., red.; BELICHENKO, R.N.,, sladshiy red.; GOLnSYxV.AoV.,.r9d. kart; KOSHKLEVA, S.M., tekhn. red. [Physical geography of the U.S.S.R.; general survey, the 3uropean part of the U..S.S.R. and the Camoasus]Fizicheaksia geografila SSSR; obshchii obsor: Wropeiskaia chast' SSSR, Kavkas. Hoolva, Geografgis, 1962. ' 475 P. (MIRA 16:3) 1. Voroneshokly gosudarstvennyy universitet (for MilIkov). 2, Mookovskiy gosudarstyennyy universitet (for Gvozdetakiy). (Physical geography) MILIKOV-P-14- -- .L .0 Severa.1 general problems in plotitdng small-scale Ian3f :,it maps. Mat. Kom. po land. kart, no.2,,45-54 162. (MIRA 16,-10) MILIKOV, F.N. &-7r-TTI-Ivan,-v-ich Tanfillev and some problems of the geography of the Russian Plain. Trudy Od. un. 152. Ser. geol* i geogo nauk m.9.-29-42 162* (MIRA 17:6) MILIXOVI F. ff. 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Modernization of OK-35 and OK-66 debarkers. Der. prom. 15 no.l: 10-11 Ja 166. (MIRA 19:1) MILKGVj,-J!,."- ~ Ch the-treatment of traumatic hydrops and bemarthrosis of the knee joint vith hydrocortisone. Khirargiia 15 no.9/10:964-966 162. 1. Is khirurgichnoto otdelenie pri Voennata bolnitea - Sliven. (F.DEKA) (HYDROCORTISOME) (KNEE INJURIES) (HEMORRRAGE) F~ULCARIA 11aj (Maior) Iordan MILXOV and Maj Stefan BELOV, MC "Three Cases of Inva-Sination" Sofia, Voenno Meditsinsko Delo, Vol 18, No 2, 1963; pp 54-57.. -1 Abstract: Case reports of an infant aged 7 months with ileus, and of 2 soldiers with unspecific "acute abdomen" found to be due to intestinal invagination and treated surgically with success. bil -j MILKOVIC, Ivan, inz. News from-the Factilty of Civil Engineering. Gradevinar 16 no. 8%300 Ae 164. 1. Chairman, Council of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Zagreb, MILIKOV. K.; BLOKH. V.; AMBLICHANKO, M. Toward a radicalreorganization of management. Sote.trud 4 n0-7:106-115 J1 159- (MR& 13:4) 1. Nachal'nik otdola truds t sarabotuoy plat7 Karel'skogo sovnarkhoza (for Mil'kov). 2. Direktor Moskovskogo zavoda ovetotekhnicheskikh Isdelly (for Blokh)- 3. Nachallnik otdola truda I zarabotnoy platy Upravlaniya metallurgichookoy pronV- shlennosti. (Industrial nrgunization) OW NAVRODINOV, ff.; BWVq IU; POPNIKOLOV, S. Divauselen on our experience with patients with heart diseasie examined by classical clinical methods from the viewpoint of valyulotaW. Suvr. med. 163. (NITRAL STENOSIS) (RRSMTIC WART DISUSI) HURT SURMT) (MUff CATHCTMUZATION) TROCARDIOMM) (PHOWCARDIOGRAPErf) = MILKOV, L. Ye. Effect of intensive noise on the functional state of the nervous system. GigA san. 25 noo9s26-31 S 160, (MIRA 13 s 9) 1. Is nevrologicheskogo otdoloniya klimiki Instituta gigiyeny truda i professionalin7kh sabolevaniy AMN SSSR. (NERVOUS SYSTEK) (NOISE-PHYSIOLOGICAL EMCT) NILKOV, L.Ye. Effect of industrial noise on som functions of the nervous system. Sov.)bd. 27 no-7289-92 J1163. (Iff-RA 16:9) 1. Iz Instituta gigiyeny truda i professionallrqkh zabolevaniy AHi SSSR. (NERVOUS SYSTEM) (NOISE-PHISIOLOGICAL EMCT) WCES low MR: ~-AP5006981 S-/0140165/-060ZO02/0029/0033-~I -77~~ Y., ~1-7 ''AD W-t-, Lch fiia t~~ "GUWAiihisF~7 rMO TITIE,~-Chahges-iti;thim-bioelectric activity of the brain and certala vegetative vascular reactions under the influence of noise ff Ivy-ep. ~-san x-or ya-~,.!.noO 9-7 -L to 'ana yzer OP TAGS L ictivit tV c Yt ni_ no se 0 audi . ry ABSTRACT.,- The authors studied the effect of high frequency noise of UO decibels two groups of persons under laboratory conditions: individuals working in a .;noisy shcp and a control group. The indices taken included EEG, EKG, the critical A" ___#P action- of--the --ner-Vous, a -stax.-consLated 'y -a -'fall 44 ---the:i mobility.--of -the auditory analymir-_ --d cha in the-:bio- .. % . I,,funct onal an nges electric cerebral activity. In comparison with control gr*UP-,, workers in the noisy shops maintained more stable blood pressure levels; however, their pulse rates increased in response to the primary effect of noise. Orig. art. Mat 2 figures. L 44304-36 t ACC NR, AP6018225 OV) SOURCE CODE: UR/0391/66/000/006/0006/0010 AUTHOR: Metlina N. B. (Moscow)- (Moscow); Shatalov. N. N. (Pbscow); Ponomareva, N. 1. (Moscow) ORG: Institute of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Diseases, AM SSSR (Institut gigiyeniy truda i profzabolevanty AMN SSSR) TITLE: Soms clinical data on effects produced by vibrations of different frequencies SOURCE: Gigiyena truda i professional'ny-e zabolevaniya, no. 6, 1966, 6-10 TOPIC TAGS: human physiology, industrial hygiene, vibration biologic effect ABSTRACT: of 115 subjects aged up to 40 was studied to determine the com- parative effects of high- and low-frequency vibrations. The first group (36 subjects: was made up of workers with 5 years of service exposed to high-frequency vibrations (500-900 cps; 50 V (microns)). The second group of 77 subjects with 10 years service was exposed to low-frequency vibrations (12-20 cps; 12-14 mm). The two groups differed in the nature and degree of reactions to vibrations. Low-frequency vibrations affected the.sympathetic nervous system and Inhibited the cutaneous motor, vestibular, and auditory analyzers. High-frequency vibrations caused the premature development of the angiospantle syudrome in the hand, Vestibular analyzer function and pain sensitivity werealtered in this group. lit all likelihood, the angiospagdi SVqndrome was cau ed by the disruption of peripheral autonomic atructures.. SbB CODE: 06 SUFM DATE: 28Sep65/ ORIG REF: 005 Cord 1/101'e, UDC: 617-001.34-02:534.292 flRK(Wil fl-.. 20N/6 88-5.1, .sq NARODEN PARY, VITOSHA; PUTEVODITELI (-,ITOSHA PEOPlZS' PARKi A GUIDEBOOK, BY) D. SUGAREV, M. KILKOV I K. SHCPC)V. SOFIYA, DURZ[i:"tVDIO IZD-VO ZA FIZKULTUFI,'A I SPORTNO-TEKWITICHESKA LMJLNTUR.~') 1956. 145 p. ILLUS., MPS. 4#ft=I1rY, [ . ~Ikov M. Ijj. h. _jn7 Determining the moment of inertia of the flywheel of a machine unit due to forces depending on speed and position. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; mashinostr. no.12:5-14 164. (MIRA 18;3) 1. Leningradskiy politekhnicheakiy institut. dUhmf= Juice st low tmmgtm or Mvs= qt bod=Uon of. -A. W, Za morulld aild M. N..-Md'kov (SaAW, ~91 ~j R-W*- *1*111 _"M ~d.tekhn.nauk (Prefabricated wooden panels for ceilings in two- and three-storied dwellings] Derevlannye industriallnys paneli perekrytii dlia malo- etashnogo shilishchnogo stroitel'stva. Sverdlovek, Urallskii nauchno-leal. In-t Akad.komma.khoz., 195.9. 55 -P. (MIRA 12:2) (Ceilings) (Wood) $V CHUVA'fOV,, V.V.; BEREZIN, N.N.j METSGERq E.Kh.; NAGIN# V.A.; KARTASHOV, N.A., kand. tekhn. oauk, dote.; ~ 9 kand. tekhn. nauk; BYCHKOV, M.I., kand. tekhn.nauk, dote.; SUKHAMOV, V.P.9 SHLYAPIN, V.A.; KORZHENKO,, L.I.; ABRA?ffCHEVq TO.P.1 KAZANTSEV, I.I.; YARESIKO, V.F.; LUKOYANOV, Yu.N.; DUDAROV, V.K.; BALINSKIY, R.P.; KOR13TKOVSKIY, A.E.; PONOMAREV, I.I.; NOVOSELISKIY, S.A., kand. tekhn.nauki dots.; ILIINYKH, N.Z.; TSITKIKv N.A.; ROGOZHIKp G.I.; PRAVOTOROV, B.A.; ORWV, V.D.; RACHINSKIY, K.N.1 KULTYSHEV9 V.N.; SMAGIN, G.K.; KUZNETSOV, V.D.; MACHERET9 I.G.; SHEGAL, A.V.; GALASHOV, F.K.; ANTIPIN, A.A.; SHALAKHIN, K.S.; HASCI&TAYEV, I.M.; TISHCHENKO, Ye.I.; FOTIYEV, A.F.; IPPOLITOV, M.F.; DOROSIKSKIY, G.P.; RDZHKOV, Ye.P.; RYUMIN, N.T.; AYZENEERG, S.L.; GOLUBTSOV, N.I.; VUS-VONSOVICH, I.K., inzh., retsenzent; GOIDVKIN, 4 M., inzh., retsenzent; GUSELETOV, A.I., inzh., retsenzent; KALUGIN, N.I., insh., retmenzent; KRAMINSKIY, I.S., inzh., retsenzent; MAYIE, O.Ya., inzh., reteenzent; OZERSKIY, S.M.,, insh.,, reteenzent; SKOBLO, Ya.A., dots., retaenzent; SPERANSKIY, B.A., kand. tekhn. nauk, retsenzent; SHAIAMOV, KYe., inzh., reteenzent; VOTNIGH, N.F., inzh., red.; GETLING, Yu., rod.; CHERNIKHOV, Ya., tekhn. red,, [Construction handbook) Spravochnik stroitelia. Red.kollegiia: M.I. Bychkov I dr. Sverdlovsk, Sverdlovskoe knizhnoe izd-vo. Vol.l. 1962. 532 p. Vol.2. 1963. 462 p. (MIRA 16:5) (Construction industry) 137-58-5-9130 Translation from, Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 5, p 54 (USSR) AUTHORS: Lapteva, M. F., Mil'kov, S. P. TITLE: Increasing the P-r-o-d-u-ctivity of Electrosmelting Arc Furnaces (0 povyshenii proizvoditel'nosti dugovykh elektroplavil'nykh pechey) PERIODICAL: Tr. Nauchn. stud. o-va. Gor1kovsk. politekhnich. in-t, 1957, Nr 1, pp 64-68 A!~E`A.RACT: A presentation of results of an investigation of the operation of two 10-t electric furnaces employed at the Gor'kiy automobile plant. The furnaces operate with transformers rated at 1950 kva and 2250 kva and are primarily employed for superheating (by 1700C on average) of liquid pig iron from cupola furnaces. Opti- mal electrical control schedules for the furnaces were calcu- lated with the aid of a universal diagram for an electric-arc furnace installation. The maximum useful power of the arcs of the two furnaces amounts to 1767 kw and 1885 kw, respectively; the optimal effective power is approximately 1500 kw and 1690 kw. It is calculated that by employing operational control sched- Ca rd I /Z ules as recommended by the author the productivity of the 137-58-5-9130 Increasing the Productivity of Electrosmelting Arc Furnaces furnaces may be increased by approximately 24%, while the specific con- sumption of electric energy may be reduced by approximately 30%. V.T. 1. Iron--Production 2, E,.ectric arc furnaces--Performance Card 2/2 MILIKOV, V1. , --- 11--l.. I Club for young astronautao On- nat. no-5:22-25 My 163* (KMA 16:7) (Space biology) (Astronautica) 1. NOV.- -. wr %Rtidtabaun ikcc BULGII-1-1 _1,:j V, Y T a 4 0 r?!a yor), !,adicnl Cor,pc (Moditsinskata, "luzhba). "The Problem of tjIo Dc-ploymont of Divisional Firot-a-id Stations." i.0 Sofia, Vocn-no I.Teditsinsko IDelo, Vol 18, 5, October 1963, pp 3-8. Abstract: On the basis o-.-" eXperinent's norformod durin- the past two years with various alternatives of deployment among divisional first- aid stations for purposes of Maximum speed and effectiveness, the author makes sevoral suggestions for chango in existinG plans, viz., property should be loaded not by types but according to functional distinctions (to nrevent complotG breakdo;ms in work if one vehicle faiI3 or becomes unusable), nornonnel should be divided into working Uroups so as to cut down Dy one-quarter on the time needed to arrive at battle readiness, the sorting and evacuation sections should be consolidated in a oinale sorting-evacuation unit for greater efficiency in the evacuation and treatment of the wounded, Ono table, 12 Sovict-bloc references of recent date. 1/1 141LI OV, R.P.; GOLIDGOF, B.G. Standard secondary-commutation circuits for the KSO-2UM chamberse Prcm.energ, 16 no,9:40-43 3 161, (MIRA :L4:8) (Electric power distribution-Equipment and supp3ies) MILIKOV, Th.P. Battery powered radio center for schools. Fiz. v shkole 13 no.5:60-64 S-0 153. (MLRA 6:8) 1. Krasnosel'skaya arednyaya shkola Kirovskoy obl. (Radio in education) CZECHOSWVIJal,/Electronics - Semi-conductor Devices and Photoclements H-8 Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Fizika, NO 4., 1959., Ifo 6232 Author Milkova Eva Inst ~er i ~tute of Electrotechnical Physics, Prague, Czech- oslovakia Title High Power Transistors Orig Pub Slaboproudy obzor,, 1958, 19, No 71 423-428 Lbstract Brief description of the construction of high power transistcrr. and listing of the value of the principal parameters of power transistors produced in Czechuslovakia, and abroad. Characteristic curves are given for the most important alec- tric and teriperatirre properties and relationships for a transistor with a dissipation power of 10 watts. -- Authorls resume Card 1/1 61- AcC NR, AMN& AP6003696 SOURCE CODE: CZ/0039/65/026/001/0014/OM JJOR_ u T 4UTHOR:mAl lkova ,ko a Eva-MI Ye..(Graduate physicist) OIRG: A~_ S...Popov.Comunications Enginee--Lng Research Institute, Arague (Vyzk=W ustav pro sdelovaci t4chniku A. So Popova) TITIE: Cut-off frequency of transistors SOURCE: ISlaboprow1y obzor, v.'26,, no. 1,, 196% 14-18 TAGS: trazidistorp semiconductor researchi eignal-frequency ABSTRACT: The relationship between the reut-6kf ftequjency of transistors and thelk'dedIgn Is discussed. Transistors sic ith a.homoeeneous basep with a diffused base.. and with a diffused Ndintrin W V-n-i-p,transl ib stor) am discussed Me dependence Of the drift t e ar Mpon Ahe diffusion. layer's conflauration is:calcuUted# under certain sftplify- iins conditions.- For a special casep the dependence of hole mobility on the Con- ~centration of the doPing stms 15 cOnsIdereds and the maxb= concentration in tthe emitter region Is comLrxted vhich gives the otpingm I-Inquency behavior of the transistor It IS then shom that t&G configgratiou of the diffusion layer [.plays an.. ftortauit role In the p-w-j-p transistor) whereas the total thickness a speot t116 p.-n-L-p translator dif- of the base ia, of Mal I ftortanCe: - In thl Ze t:fers :ft= the other transistor tnws conclusions, the theoretical and eVe, mental.~results 4r6'.do#ared- 'Orig. art. has: 6 figures and 32 formalaso -~WB CODE: -Q9 SUBH DATE: 24Jun64 OM REF t 003. card 1ALC 0z UDC 621.3144 14- -C-7 T)X~ Z. , f' AUTHORS: Smirnova, 1. V., Topchiyeva, K. 76-1-6/32 L. P. TITLE: The Adsorption of Alkylaromatic Hydrocarbons From Solutions by Means of Industrial Catalysts. 1. (Adsorbtsiya iz rastvorov alkilaromaticheskikh uglevodorodov na promyshlennykh katalizatorakh. I.) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal Fizicheskoy Khimii, 1950, Vol. 32, Nr 1, PP. 43-48 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The question of the problem of the influence of the conjugated double compound in the side chain of an aromatic ring or the adsorption from a solution is treated by means of the example of isopropylbenzene and isopropenylbenzene adsorbed by industrial catalysts. The systems investigated here are infinitely intermixin.- liquids. The adsorption of isopropylbenzene from solutions in n-heptane and in carbon tetrachloride, the adsorption of isopropenylbenzene from solutions in n-heptane by means 0of industrial catalysts of Houdry and aluminum oxide at 2o C was inveotit;ated. The adsorption isothermal lines pass through a maximum and Card 1/3 cross the concentration axis in a Doint near to c. = l/Vm. The Adsorption of Alkylaromatic Hydrocarbono From 76-1-6/32 Solutions by Means of Industrial Catalysts. I. Vm - the molecular volume of carbon, cs - the concentration. Up to the concentrations correspondinj to the maximum the adsorption remains monomolccular. The authors shoyr that the selective adoorption of isopropylbenzone is essentially greater from a compound with n-heptane than with a compound with carbon tetrachloride. The authors stafed that the molecules of the al!,j- 'laromatic hydrocarborts investiL,,ated here are, with the benzene rinl- level, orientated parallel to the catalyDt surface in the case of an adsorption from solutions in n-heptane. The authors also show that the presence of a conjuSated double compound in the side chain of the aromatic ring at the transition from isopropylbenzene to isopropenyl-benzene esuentia'lly increases the adsorption potential2 This pr2ves the change of the molecular constant from 6o R to 56 R in the case of isoprenylbenzene. There are 4 figures, 3 tables, nnf. 29 referenceb, 11 of which are Slavic. ASSOCIATION: Moscow State University irieni M. V. Lomonosova (Moskovskiy Cosudarstvennyy universitet im. M. V. Lomonosova) Card 2/3 The Adsorption of Alkylaromatic Hydrocarbons From 76-1-61 '31 Solutions by Means of Industriul Catalysts. I. SUBMITTED: Angitst 3, 1956 AVAILABLE: Library of Con6resD Card 313 - MILIKOVA, L.P.; FORAY-KOSHITS, M.A. Lattice parameters, symmetry of crystals and main features of the structural pattern of some metafluoberyllates. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. fiz. 26 no.3:368-377 Mr 162 (14MA 15:2) (Fluoberyllates) iCrystallography) AFANASIYEVA, G.N.; VOLIF. L.A.; MFOS, A.I., GORBACHEVA, V.O.; MIKHAYLOV, N.V.; MILIKOVA, L.P. Thermoplasticization stretching of polyvinyl alcohol fibers. Khim. volok. no.5:16-19 163. (MIRA 16:10) 1. T-eningradskiy tekstilInyy institut imeni S.M. Kirova, (for Afanastyeva, Vollf, Meos). 2. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-isaledovatellakly institut iskusstvennogo volokna (for Gorbacheva, Mikhaylov, (Millkova).