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MILLER E E - BYALKOVSKAYA, V.S.v kand. ekon. nauks retsenzent; :'~ ~MOVICH,,V.G., inzh., red. [Economics,, organization andsfpsign of forge shops in macinery plants] Ekonomika, organizat is. i proektirovanie kuznecbnykh tsekhov mashinostroitellnykh predpriiatii. Moskvaq Mashino- stroenie,, 1964. 255 P~- (MIRA 17:11) .43- Z noc V~ t a ~ l 77 , r .105. if*. r,;3r-ft.WM gegaal equatfoa far the relocit .Wo- I [Wi 105 '-~Vuix 0 .(a) at jow of & Oqufd at which It *0 tuppmt a fmfi~craf ' hg or layer of grafm Is 4.PA(P - P. - Fs )P1 e d t 8 o m o ar w . an sp. F is emu soction (A su= ilid u m m p.. . 0 CO= at mk=l partkIC vjmdkutat W Oaw of W~ F&I am of 1(qvU baving a veWty less tk" t' i f d d th k k i a ht k er l e ta gra u n. u C Ity att v g duml panicte. &ad g gmirity. Ftv grams Oe f 1 hf h W f t 3 orm o o taw oW s ' 14~ I N r ~"l I / /c, k' z-- Z'/- 124- 19 57 -10 - 1179 3 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1957, Nr 10, p 87 (USSR) AUTHORS: Plaks in, 1. N., Klas s en, V. I., Ne s te rov, 1. M., M ille r, E. V. ------------ TITLE: Resistance of a Layer of Mineral Grains to a Liquid Stream Passing Through It (0 soprotivlenii sloya minerallnykh zeren prokhodyashchemu potoku zhidkosti) PERIODICAL: Tr. In-ta gorn. dela AN SSSR, 1956, Vol 3, pp 213-238 ABSTRACT: To compute the resistance of a liquid flow through a layer of mineral grains, the Navier-Stokes equation for laminar flow through channels with varied cross sections is solved. Shapes of cross sections similar to those prevailing between adjacent grains are discussed. The flow equation is solved by a method of finite differences. For an average velocity v the following equation is given: V= Card 1/3 124- 1957-10- 11793 Resistance of a Layer of Mineral Grains (cont. ) where xo is the radius of a circle having an area equal to the cross section of the channel; dp/dz is the pressure gradient; Ik is the viscosity; CX is a coefficient depending upon the shape of the cross section which is equal to 0.125 for a round section, 0.14 for a square or triangular section, etc. On the average 0< is assumed to be 0.13. An Average velocity through a layer con- taining a large amount of grains is computed. The pressure drop across the Jayer is determined by the equation: .1. Ive ( 1 -0) 0, (2) + L3 (L-A2 011012.+012.)( 1 - e2/ where 0 is the compactness of the layer and dl and dz are the dimensions of the largest grain and the smallest grain in cm. A formula for the computation of the velocity in poured and com- pacted particles (grains) was obtained. The formulas were tested Card 2/3 by experiments. The experiments carried out with magnetite I 124- 1957- 10- 11793 Resistance of a Layer of Mineral Graing (cont. ) (size O.Z - 0.1 cm) lead glance (0.16 - 0.1 and 0.0147 - 0.0104), and chalcopyrites (0.042 - 0.025), showed that formula (2) can be used for velocities v, < I cm sec - 1 . An analysis of results obtained shows that the formulae cannot be used without giving them a further, more accurate definition in the case of a low degree of grain compactness. Bibliography: 6 references. Ye. M. Minskiy Card 3/3 PLMIN, I.N.; XUBM, V.I.; NISMOV, I.K.; Water movement in a sinusoidal mottling Trudy Inst.gor.dela 3:247-254 056. (OrCdressing) KULER. N.V. cycle; quality evaluation. (KLRA 9:8) /Y L Av-. s!,-va); Effect cf 7i --atim tni Vne 5 t~lte of t*i,) artific .-,l of z-, jiggin'r macidrc. Izv. All 5310"". Otd. L-Yh. !,~ot. i to,-, no.l: 162-166 Ja-.' I &. (:.,I. A (0--e dro-diq) DEBERDEYEV9 I.Kh.; KLASSENj V.I.; MILLER, E.V. Effect of the vibration'of-th'e sedimentation of fine-grained minerals* Izv*AN UzeSSR, Seretekh.nauk no.2:79-84 161, (NIRA 14:3) I* Institut gornogo dela AN SSSR i Gornyy otdel AN UzSSR* (Sedimentation and deposition) NESTEROV, I.M., kand.tekhn.nauk; MILLER, E.V. , Nev methodology for exact determination of the specific weight of individual samples of the products of gravity concentration. Nauch. soob. IGD 16:52-59 162. OGRA 16:8) (Gravity separation of ores) W-10 K.P. "olif"Jan, 7,-g?ti Fhaxr,-,aceLlt,.lCC 6g' ir. -,ta `;IL--h Farmacja Pol 20 no. J! ;64* ilThr k.,,,~ric,~n Fall Ar,,-,a Drur P:3t (,n Cur Fo.Lii,-,-- Trctj." A Vol. 1, No. I, I~j52, i,raina.) voll. SO: Lontn-I.-v- -is~. of 04, -art L"-Ojj-,ari 4 /9 /V., CZECHOSLOVAKIA / General I)ivision) History, Classics, Personnel A-2 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biol., No 1, 1958, No 8o Author : Miller, Frant, Inst : Not Given Title :Corresponding Member of the Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences, Jesf Kratochvil Orig Pub :Zool. listy, 1956, 5, No 2, 188-i8g Abstract :A summary of the 1-ife and activities of the Czech scientist, Kratochvil, who is working on a nimber of fields of zoology, among which is applied entomology. Card 1/1 D17-11TI U17CTJ, Margareta; MILIER, Frantisek, dr. 1,essertiella dobrogica, n. gen, n.sp., an endex:L,:c spider of the cavern "Posters. Liliecilor dela Gura Dobrogei" (Aranea). Can entom 59 no.2:165-173 162., 1. Inatituftl do Speologle "Emil Racovita". Str. Dr. Capsa No.8j, Raion Lenin, Bucuresti., Rumania (for Dumitresou). 2. Vysoka skola zemodelskas, Brno., Zemadelska 1,, Czechoslovakia (for Miller), I MILLER, Frantinek, prof. dr.; VAL!"I"OVA, Pva, dr. Spider fauna of the limestoiie steppes of the Phuotin Valley in Central Bohemia, Cas entom ;'.1 no.2:180-188 164. 1. Institute of Applied Entomology of the Factilty of Agroporrvj, Higher School of Agriculture, Brno, Zemadelsim I (for Miller). 2. Entomological Department of the Central Research Institate of Food Industry, Prague 5, Na belidle 21 (for Valosova). CZECHOSIDVAKIA MILLSR. Frantiask [Affiliation not given] *Applied Zoology by J. KratochvilN Bratislava, �Jgj"U. vol 21, No 8, 1966, pp 632-634 Abstract: The author discusses the book Npouzita Zoologle" published by the statni Zemedel3ke Nakladatelstyl at Prague In 1966 in two volumes. The first describing invertebrates has 409 pages with 222 figures; the second dealing with vertebrates has 261 pages with 124 figures. The book Is written for reference purposes in agriculture, veterinary medicine, zoology, hydrobiology, ichthyology, parasitology, biology, and the study of natural drugs, So refervocese 1/1 - END - CSDs 2000-D - 107 - Name: Miller, F.A. 11 Author of book, "The Physics of Ultra-short Waves." This book contains methods of generating ultra-short .waves by triodes and magnetrons. This work is specifically designated for technical Institutes. REF: R. F. #lqj p.64, 1938 MILM, -- Strive for a higher mchinery output, Kolym 21 no.1:9-10 Ja '59. (KIRA 12:6) 1.Prilsk "Gornyg.m Onildozers) (Peat mchinery) M i LL t 1~, F-, K , vdftvd~ 40 mpkw " Not I" ft :X~=! SWML V. MMUM (Amo=~W. &Ili, It 12; lUm. Abs., IM, ft. M~ NAME . i1. :., ) ii i MILLER, F.K. Hechanizivg tire repair. Obm.tekh.opwt.n& &,wt,transp. no-18:33-39 160. (XM 13--7) (Tires, Rubber--Repairivg) MILLER. F. 1