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ilo�evnlc vina. Sur un probl6me de P12a. Bull. C: "I Mac6dome 2. 25-29 (1951). (S4--d Croat French summary) Let SI(n, k) - 16+211+3*+ +nh, n and k being positive inte d let ,__~rs an r~ V 9; S,~.&, k) - S,(I, k) +S,(2, k) + - - - +3,(n, k). CD The author shows that Sp(n, k) is a polynomial in 4 01 ~'.egree J,+k. The formulas obtained are more involved and somewhat wore explicit than those given contemporane. ously for the problem of Pisa by Lesbard [Amer. Math. Monthly 58, 429-430 (1951)]. R. P A rsew Los!arronf, Carlo. Una catena di critad di coavergenza pw aerie a integrali a termini posWvL BoIL Un. Mat Ital. W (3) S. 218-22S (1950). The author shows how, starting with a particular case f Kummer's test for convergenot or divergence of series one can construct an infinite sequenem of tests each~mo;a; tive than the preceding. One such sequence has the ratio test, Raa*be's test, and DeMorgan's test for its first three membem In a similar manner one can construct sequences Pof tests for-convergence or divergence of improper integral& 0. Frink (State CoUege, Pa.). 0 Sur une Side mat"). Phys. M.#!.'~W6), 44-50. (Serbo-Croatian. French summnaT ) La sMe des euissances Y,'h- , (a _+ g_ I)d) llxk, jxj < 1, x entier, t s krir SOUS la forme x(I -x'-(*+')P"(%), oil Ps(.rlulnt des polya6mes en x. Pour ~; coefficients A- -- -1.-A-- - I .... .. ~nr~Qin" pvnlirit,. on so= vults 9~ mc~fiuim BuIL '-sw Soc. math. 1956), 111 (Serbo- Croatian Nuumary) Dam cette note nous appliquons une mithode du calmd_~-- alftsum fini" pour effectuer k wm=tWn I-expres" Op ob w, v sont des nornbm-naturels et is, s d6dgamt des nombres rdeb. Ces sommes ont fait igalement 1e sojet d'une note de D. S. Mitrinevitch Univ. B rad . PubL Elektrotehn. Pak. Ser. Mat, no IgZj. MR D; I j!ILDS!,-VIG, Lj. Production of grass seed in Metobija. p. 62. P01,TCHIIIIIIEDIA. (Drustvo poljoprivredn-Ih iri7enjerp I tehnicara Srbijf-) Beograd, Yui~oslavia Vol. 6, no. 6/7, June/juTy 1958 - Monthly list of Eastern European Acecssion index (FEAI) LC vcl. 8, No. 11 November 1959 Uncl. MiLOSEVIC, M. Equipment for telecommunication on ships. p. 1b9. RADIOAMATER. (Savez radioanatera Jugoslavije) Beograd, Yugoslavia. Vol. U, no. 6, June 1958. Monthly List of East European Accessionff (MI) W, Vol. 8, no. 8, Aug. 1959. Uncl. 0V MnMWIC, M.; TERZIC, M.; VASIC, B. ---------- Contribution to experimental studies on the cardiovascular effect of 5,,Nt-trimtbylonebis-(4-foraylp5rridinium bromide) dioxime (T0-4), Vojnosanit. pregI. 19 no.1:21-24 Ja 162. 1. Medicinski fakultet u Beogradu, Parmakoloski institut. (PYRIDDW pbarmacol) (ErDROXYLAMNES pharmacal) (VASOMOTOR SISTEM pharmacol) 5 MILOSMC, M.; TERZIC, M. Effect of cobalt-athylenediaminatetracetate and of some oxim a an experimental Tabun poisoning. Vojnosanit. pregl. 19 no./,: 259-;61 Ap 162. 1. Medicinski fakultet u Beogradu, Farmakoloski institut. PHOSPHORUS POISONS, ORGANIC) (OXIMES) ~KDATHAMIL) (COBALT) (ATROPINE) 5 MILOSMIC. Kilorad. prof. Dr.: PAVWVIC, Joyan, dr; ILIC, Lazar. dr. Treatmat and prevention of whooptag cough. Blbl.Hlg.iwt.Srblj9 no.5:142-154 154. 1. Infekttvm kliniks Nedicluskog fakultata u Beogradu. (WH OOPI NO-COUGH, prev. & ther.) MILOSWIG,Mllorad, prof. 1r; MOCIG, Mirjana, astat.dr; JIMIG, Sonja, dr. Diagnostic difficulties In & case of paralytic rabies. Srpski arkh.colok.lek. 87 no.11:1450-1455 Mov 54. 1. Infektivm klinika Modicluskog fakultata u Beogradu. Upravnlk: -prof. dr Kosta Todoravico. (RABIM, paralytic, diag.difficulties) MILOSLTIC, M. IB,, doe., Dr. General problems of acute " chronic diarrheal diseases. Glasn. Rig, Inst., Heogr. 5 no-3:61-66 July-Sopt 56. (DIARMU acute & chronic diarrheal die.. etiol., diag. & ther. l3roblems (Ser)) MILOSEVIC MQvidoprof., dr.; VASOJEVIC, Stevan; MANOK, Milorad; Aleksandar A case of a syndrome of exudative erythems. multiform (Stevens- Johnson syndrome). Srpski arh. celok. lek. 89 no.4.*471-475 Ap 161. 1. Infektivna klinika Medicinskog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beogradu. Upravnik: prof. dr. Milorad Milosevic. Dernatovenerolooka kliniks, Medicinskog fakulteta Universitsta u Beogradu. Upravnik.: prof. dr Sima Ilic. (WTHEKA MULTIFORME case reports) MILOSMC,, Milorad; VASOJMCp SWVIMI TAKIC, Cveta; MUSIC, Zivadin; Dragles, On a case of necrotic pblegam of the neck and thorax, Srpskl arb. celok. lek. 90 no.2M3-206 F 062. L Klinika si infektivue bolesti Xedicinskog rakultata Uni- versitsta u Beogradu Upmvnik,. prof. dr. Milorad Wilosevic. (NICK die) (THOW die) (PHL M ON case reports) 3 IYUGOSIAVIA Kninija WOWIC-ULENIC, Citnic for In,fectious bis"tes, -Medical r4culty (911nika,za inf6kcione bolasti Hedicinskog fakulteta)j He4d, (upravnik) Prof.Dr ad*. ItChanges of Sensitivity to Chloremphenicol and Penicillin of S. typhi Isolated at the Onset of Disease and During Recurrence." Belgrade, a_qski Arhiv *a CelohgM L&sr1tVo0 Vol 90, Vo 5, 111ay 1962; pp 529-533. Abstract &.nglish sumary vAodifi&47: Sensitivity tests of strainfi isolated from 10 patients with reciirrance of typhoid fever to tht two antiblotlest essentially no cbange with initial senaLtivity. Comprehensive reviev of literature and discu*ision of factors leadins to recurrence after chlorampheaicol~tbekapyz durction, dose# tissue forms of the bacteria. Eight Wastet and I Yugoslav reference. PERISIC, Z.; BUGARITIOVIC, D.; SUVAKOVIG,V.; GROZA, A.; MILOSEVIC, M. Water-borne epidemic of typhoid In Pristina in 1962. Vojnosanit. pregl. 21 no.6:373-379 Te 164 1. Klinika za infektivne bolesti, Beograd; Opsta bolnicap Prisitna i IligiJenski institut SR Srbije, Beograd. MILOSEVICp M. D. v 40dRoslavia (430) Technology Forest belts for protecting railroad tracks against snowstorms. p. 355, Zeleznice, Vol 8, No 11, November 1952. East European Lcc2ggions Listv Library of Congress, Vol 2, No 3, March 1953. UNCLASSIFIED MITOSEVTC, M. Formal green landscaping and needs for arrangement of station gardens. p. 221 ZELEZNICE. Beograd. Vol. 11, no. 6v June 1955 SOURCE3 East European Accessions List (EFAL), LC, Vol. 5. nos 2# Feb. 1956 NILOSKVIC. MoJa inz. Plant growth-and, propagation on railroad tracks. Zeleznice Jug 18 no.7/802-37 162. TER2.'1C, M.; MILDSEVICY M.P. Retention of N,111-trim-ethylene-his (4-formylpyridiniu= bromilde) dioxime (TMB-4) in the rat blood. Arh. hig. rada 14 no.2:87-94 163. 1. Farmakoloski inStitILt, Medicinski fakultet, Beograd. IULOSEVIGO M.P.; TERZICS I.I.; VOJNOVIG) V. Contribution to the toxicology and pharmacology of Phosphamidon (2-chloro-2-diethylearbamoyl-l-methylviny1 dimethylphosphate). Arh. hig. rada 12 no.2t85-96 161. 1. Farmakolooki institut Medicinskog fakultetal, Beograd. (PHOSPHATES tcmicol) (CHOLINESTEJWE sntag) MILOSEVIC, M.; VASIC, B. Pharmacological effects of polyphosphate3 on the intestine. Higijena, Beogr. 12 no.4:351-354 160. (PHOSPHATES pharmacol) (INTESTINES pharmacol) .HILCSEVICP M. Studies an twdo properties of residual Insecticides in food. Higijena, Beogr. 12 no,4055460 960# (INMTICIM toxical) (MW ahem) MILOSEVIC, Millen o.,doc,,, dr (Beograd) ~ ak Poisoning with organic phosphate insecticides. Med. glas. 15 no.4t 177-180 Ap 161. (INSECTICIDES toxicol) MILOSEVIC, M.P.; TERZIC, M. An attempt to protract the antidotal effect of 1,3-trimethYlone- bia..~(4-formylpyridinium).dioxime (TMB-4). Vojnosanit. pregl. 19 no.9:621-624 S 162. 1. Medicinoki Fakultet u Bqogradut Famakoloski insti"it. (PYRIDINES) UNTINEOPLASTIC AGENTS) MI,;.,OSEV1r, M.P.; TERZIC,M..- !~' *)~',AVL.J'CVI'(*.-~!lk'!F~.F.",Vi~'*, P'. Effect of die-thyl arLnc e-,h.vies ter oil acid (CFT 1201) on the t-oxic-Ity of 771,-;~fV'SpIlr~-ILMI.aF! OIAPA). Acta med. lugosl. 18 no.lz27--35 1U 1. Tnstitute of Pharmar~ology, Medi..-al Faculty, 'EV1I, I A1,1DELF r 4W Anti-eyanic effect of hyd-zox-ic%)b0 21 '635-638 0 264 I* Madicinskl fakult,t u B~,O[~~Adjj, ikl irs~ It, YUGOSLAVIA ANWELKOVIC, D Dr; ~~JILOSEVIC$_.DL..x Dr: institute of .2harmacology and ToxicologY9 filedic6l_79&~HY, Belgrade (Institut za farmallcolo- giju i toksikologiju Medicinskop falwltetat Beograd), Belgrade. "Reactivation of Phosphoryl Cholinesterase in the Rat's Cerebral Cortex Following Parenteral Application of Pralidoxime (PAJ-4-2)-and Toxogoninell Zagreb, Arhiv za higijenu rada i toksikologijii, Vol 17, No 2, 1966, pp 151-157 Abstract /-Authors' English summa Prom the fecently proved se- lectiVe-a-ffinity of pralidoxime V(A;1-2) to certain areas of thebrzCbi- it has been assumed that only by measuring the enzymic activity .: of brain sections and not homogenates,reactivation of the tholines-- terase inhibited by ortanophosphortir, compounds can be T)roved. A series of experiments performed on paraoxone poisoned rats treated vrith pralidoxime and toxogonine (LuH 6).respectivelyshowed a con- siderably higher cholenesteraoe activity in the cerebral ccrtex than in animalswhich received only the inhibitor. Contradictory results of various authors on the reactivating property of pralidoxime in organophosphate poisoning are discussed and explained. 15 Western references. Manuscript received 14 Dee 1965. 1/1 STOSIC, Darko, dr (Simir- 22ap Beograd); RUZICIG, Nikolas drp redovni profesor; j-ULWUjQ,-Eqr~isa ~, docent; PAIUC, Bozidar, inz,, asistent; RARTINOVIC, Borka, asistent Study of the degree of homogenization in the mixtures of livestock fodder by applying radioactive isotopes. Technical and economical aspects. Tehnika Jug 17 no.6:Suppl.: Radioizotopi zrac 1 no.6:1050-10%a Je 162. 1. Savetnik Savezne kominija za nu~learnu energijuv Beograd* 2. Poljoprivredni fakultet Univorziteta u Beogradu (for Rusicic,, Milowevic Panic), 3, Institut za, primenu miklearne ehergijo u poljoprivredi,, vaterinaretvu i sumarstvu, Zemun (for Martinovic). 4, NESKOVIC, H.V.j MLADENOYIC-STOJIMIROVIC~ Z.T.; BOJANOVIG, J.J.; JEVTOWJC, J.J.; MILOSEVIC, P.Pw; KULIG4APUNDZIG, I.; STEFANOVIGO LJ.S. Metabolic relations of proteins, lipids aW glucides. II. The effect of-the intravenous injection of glucose on the fatty acids of the blood plasma in'dogs during starvation. Acta med. iugosl. 16 no.2:201-242 162. 1. Biohemi4sloi institut i Hemijaki institut Medioinskog: fakultets. u IDeogradu. (GLUCOSE) (BLOOD LIPIDS) (FATTY ACIDS) (STARVATION) -MILOSEVIC R. "Rayon spinning in cotton-spinning mills." P. 37 (Tekstilna Industrija) Vol. 4, no. 2, Feb. 1956 Belgrade,, Yugoslavia SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) IZ. V01. 7, no. 4, April 1958 MIL40SEVIC I R. -- - - - "Rayon spinning in cotton-spinning mills.IV Flyer spinning." (to be contd.) P. 159 (Tekstilne Industrija) Vol. 4, no. 5, May 1956 Belgrade, Tugoslavia SO: Monthly Index of East Wropean Accessions (EEAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. 4j, April 1958 HILOSEVIC. R. - - "Rayon spinning in cotton-spinning mills." P. 379 (Tekstilm Industrija) Vol. 4, no. 11/12 Nov./Dec. 1956 Belgrade , Yugoslavia SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) IZ. Vol. 7, no. 4, April 1958 SOLDATOVIC, Svetislav; MILOSEVIC, Rajko; STANOJLOVIC, Zivojin Necrotomy of specific foci and osteop2asty of the roof of the aostabulum in patients with tuberculous osteitis of the super- cilium and pathologleal subluxation of the hip. Tuberkuloza 15 no.2t273-280 Ap-Je-$63. 1. Ortopedski odeek Hirurskog odeljenja Opsts bolnice, Nis Nacelnik odseka: dr Svetislav Soldatovic. TUBERCULOSIS, OSTEOARTICULAR) P DISLOCATION) (ACETABULTJM) M (SURGERY, OFERATIVE) SMIT, S.; MILETIC, B.; GIGOV, A.; BOGDATIOVIC, M.; DANW, J.; JANKOVE;, r?mINA., T.; ~~VIC, R.; JANKOVIC, I-,a; BWO.TrEVIC, R.; STMUC, S.; DRAKULIC, M.; MATONICKIIII, I.; PAVLETIC, Z. Review of periodicals; ~Iology. Bit! sc Youg 9 no.4/5:138- 139 Ag-O 164. -MILOSEVIC. Rqw-o#-inz. (Ul. JTA stj p Koper) Problem of the development of our industry of light motors and motor veh%jlets. Tehnika Jug 17 no-5:SupPl.: Masin~tvo 3-1 no.5:906-968 My 162. 1. Sef Projektantakog razvojnog biroa, I, Toverna motornih vosil *Tomos.0 Koper. MI LOSEVIC R_., ~ - __ ---1-- -.2-- Distribution of Azobacter in som sand soils with varlous vegetation. Zemljiste biljka 12 no.1/3:357-366 Ja-D f63. 1. Institute of Biology, Belgrada. 40V j W STEFANOVIC, Kovinka; MILOSEVIC, RadjAila Soil and microbial population in some forest association of Fruska Gora. Zemljiste blljka 12 no.1/3:367-375 ja-D f63. 1. Institute of Biology, Belgrade, MILOSEVIC S "The railroad route from Belgrade to Bar; variations for the route from Ravna. Rijeka to Kolasin to Titograd." P. 2 (Zeleznice) Vol. 13s no. 11., Nov. 1957 Belgrade., Yugoslavia SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC. Vol. 7. no, 4. April 195 8 VITOSEVIC, S MOST-VIC',- S. Rea3ons for t~e overburdenina of students in textile s&.ools. p. 49? Vol. 4, No. 5, May 1955 TEKSTIL TECH11OL0(-zf Zagreb So: MONTHLY LIST OF EAST EUROPEAN ACCESSIONS, (FEAL), Vol. 41 No, 9, Sept. 1955 SOURCE CODE: AUTHOR: Milosevics Sava (Doctor); Vidakovic, Dobrinka ORG: Federal Institute of Public Health/directed by Doctor H. Kraus/# Belgrade (Savexni. zavod za mdravatvenu zastitu) TITLE: YAdical center and its tasks SOURCEs Medicinski glasnikj no. 2-3, 1965, 69-70 TOPIC TAGS: wdical facility, medicine ABSTRACT: General review of organizational and administrative position and tasks of the Kedical or Health center In Yugoslavia according to recent ~legislative changest status and relationship with various communal authorities' and institutional cooperation; role in education and In treatment; monitoring by the.varlous personsand organizations involved of the Center functions's [JPRS1 SUB CODE: 06 SUBM DATES none / ORIG REF: 003 A) 77- YUGOSLAVIA Hospitals RADU-rtOVIC, Bogdan, Dr; BelpraueZf7o affiliation7. "Some Current Problems in tbu.Or!;anization and Activities of Hospi- tals" Belgrad~q Narodno zdravlje, Vol 22, No. 1, 1966p pp 13-18 Abstract ZTuthors' English stu=ary modifieV.- Ilospitalc; tend to extena-:Eheir activities beyond their normal boundaries and become a part of comprehensive medical care. Costs of hospital treatment increase annually due to uncontrolled duration of hospitalization and lack of criteria for hospital admission. A veinj important factor in the economical expenditure of funds is the planning and building of hospitals. In many casesq they have been built without proper re- gional planning and with a very uneven distribution of available hospital beds. In future planning a particular olace sh!--ild be given to special hospitalsq and due attention should be devoted to accommodations for chronic and geriatric cases. The development of out-patient services within general hoSDitals will guarantee the community adequate medical care under very favorable conditions. No references. MILOSLFVIC, Velimir Contribution to the )moviedge of the trilobitic fauna of Serbia, Olaf Prir mus no.13il8l-185 $60, (Yugoslavia-Trilobites) MILOSEVIC, Velimir Systematic list of original specimens from the paleonto- logical collection of the Museum of Natural Sciences In Belgrade. Glas Prir muz A 16/17:3-44 162. MILOSEVIC,-Y!4t~#.Y,,,--. Pannonian-Pontic microgastropoda of the environs of Belgrado. Glas Prir muz A 14/15 3-25 161. NIKULIN# Aleksandai, doc. dr.; BFBIROVIGp Zdravko, dr; 1-11 LOS ZVIC ..YQjislav-,-dr Pneumatosis eystoides intestinalis in pyloric stenosis. Med. arh. 15 no.5:61-66 S-0 161. 1. Insti-tut za patolooku anatomiju Medicinskog fakulteta u Sarajevu (Sef: doc. dr Aleksandr Nikulin) Hirurskog odeljenja Opste bolnice u Zenici (Sef: dr Zdravko Besarorvic). (INTESTINkS dis) (PYLOiUC STUMOSIS compl) MILOSEVIC, Djordje-, MILOSEVI- oAffa Generalized chondrodystrophy in children. Srpski &rh. celok. lek.-84 no-9:1031-1037 Sept 56. I.-Ortopedska kliniks Medicinskog fakultet& u Beogradu Upraynik: prof. dr. Svetislav Stojanovic. III DecJ1 dispanzer u Beogradu Sef: dr. Jelim -Tankov. (DYSCHDNMPLASIA, in inf. & child chondrodystrophia gener&lis&ta in child (Ser)) ZUJOVIC, Jovanim; MILOSEVIC, Vukosava. PETROVIC, Ljubisa DjrovitaminoBio A. Srpski arb. calok. lek. 89 no.3:285-294 Mr 161. 1. Dsoja kllnika Madicinakog fakulteta Univer2itata u Beogradu. Upravnik: prof. dr Borivoje Tasovae. 2. Clan Uredivackog odbora, "Srpski arhiv za colokupao lakarstvo" (for ZuJavic). (VITAMIN A DEFICIENCY in inf & child) ZUJOVIC, Joyanka; MILQ9nC. yukovAya; PETROVIC, Ljubica On a case of early rickets In a premature infant vith.calcium-deficiency tetwW, Srpeki arb. celok. lek. 89 no.12:1491-1499 D 161. 1. Pedilatrijaka klinika Medicinskog fakulteta Universiteta u Beogradu Uymvnik: Prof. dr BorvoJe Tasovic. INFANT"FWATURC din) (RICKETS case reporto) TETAff in inf & child) (CALCIUM defic) i YUCA)SIAVTA Proi Dx J. ZUJOVIV,,' DocenL Dr D. KORAC, Or V. MIU)SLYEG a4d Dr Lj. PEr.b)VICO Pediatric Clinic Medical Yacultf-(-P-ad-i-ja-t-rTj-sUa kliftika X*dL-:LnskoS fakultata) Read CUprsvn1k7 Dr A. TASOVAC, University of Bel;jrsdo. "Milk Proteins in the Treatment of Childhood Diarrheas and Dystrophies.,, Belgrade, Medicinski Glasnik, Val 16, Ko 9, Sept 1962; pp 390-391. Abstract Nallsh sumary modifle47: Study in 146 infants and in 5 'citSr-en aged I to 4 years and f-ed 1192% Hyperpro t I dine 'Gulfox"! or casein "Jugodijetetikall because of diarrhea or Intolerance to milk. Authors confirm that milk proteins are superior In such cases to ski,=ed milk, but state that hutritional reasons require change to sktamed - sami-skimmed - whole milk an soon as possible. Two tables, 6 Western references. MILOSMG V drj PETROVIC, Lj,o dr, Calcim in tbq treatment of hypocalconia and rickets in infants and emall children. Med. glas. 17 no.10:404-407 0 163. Is Decija klinika, Medicinskog fakulteta u Beogradu (Upmvnik: prof. dr. Be Tasavac). (CALCIUM) (RICKETS) (HrPOCALGEMIA) YUGOSLAVIA ZUJOVIC, Jovankat Drp MILOSEVIC, Vulcosava Dr PETROV IC I LjubicaDr; Pediatric Clinic, Fac Trf-rn'ie~i Se-,-Giversity of Belgrade (Head: TASOVAC, Borivoje, Drv of.) (Decja klinika Yiedicinskog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beogradu5r , Belgrade. "The Celiac Syndrome in Cystic Fibrosis of the Pancreas" Belgrade, Srpski arhiv za celokupno lekarstvol Vol 93, No 9 Sep 65, pp IM-851. Abstract: The authors described clinical histoxy of a child who Irom h showed symptoms of cystic fibrosis of the pancreas in the form of pathological jaundice accompanied by progressive res- piratory difficulties during the neonatal period. In the second and third years of life,celiac syndrome crises appeared as a result of intolerance to milk and gluten, and then as a result of bron- chial ectasia parenteral infection. Lack of gluten and milk in food and anti-infection therapy successfully overcame the celiac syndime and only the continuance of repiratory difficulties remained. 13 Western referencea. Manuscript received 1 April 65. 1/1 - 66 ZUJOVIC, Jovanka; PETROVIC, Ljubica; KRAGUJEVIC, Danica; MILOSEVIC, Yukosava. Proteus infections in infants and small children. Srpski arb. celok. lek. 91 no.7t661-668 JI-Ag'63 1. Decja klinika Medicinskog fakulteta Univer2dteta u Beogradu. Upravnik: prof. dr. Borivoje Tasovac. ---- MIIDSEVICP Z. - a- - "Washing woolen textiles." (To be contd.) p. 138 (Tekstilna Industrija) Vol. 4, no. 4, April 1956 Belgrade, Yugoslavia SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) 1Z. Vol. 7, no. 4, April 1958 MILOSHEV B. t r,.- Unusual case of associated Diphyllidium caninum and Hymenolepis diminuta infections., Sofia 6 no.9:94-96 1955. 1. Is Okra2hnata sanitarno-protivoopidemichna stantsila - gr. Kolarovgrad (gl.lekar: 1.3fremov) (TAPMORK INFWT ION, Diphyllidium caninum with Hymenolepis diminuta infect. (Bul)) MILOSH"' B. ....... ... Case of spontaneous rupture of pulmonary schinococcal cyst associated with pharyagonanal sylasis caused by Oestrus ovis., Softs, 6 no.10:106-108 1955. 1. Is Okrushnata sanitarno-protivospidemichna stantsits., gr. Kolarovgrad (gl.lekar: 1.3fremov). (WAGS, diseases, ochinococcosts. spontavqoils rupt. & assoo. with oeftrus ovis pharyngonagal 1wissis (Bul)) (ICHINDCOCCOSIS' lungs. spontaneous rupt. & assoc. with Oestrus ovis pharyagenneal a7lasts (Bul)) (MYIASIS, pharyagonanal caused by Oestrue ovis, pto.- of ".schinotoego (NASAL CAVITY, dt"e' VIM Oestirus ovis-'i nasal ortanis In spontaneous rupt. of pils.schinococcosto (Bul)) (PHARM. diseases, "me) WWSHW, B. Case of triple Infection wItb Notaqtronalus elongatus. Thasn4arhynchus saginatus and Interobius vermtenlaris. Suvrem. mod., Sofia 7 no.11:94-97 1956. 1. Is Okrushnata santtarno-prottvoepidesichna stantsita - gr. Kolarovgrad (Gl. lekar: A. Nfrewy). (NMUTODE INFICTIONS. complications. 11stastroafflus elongatus, Thaentarhynchus sagtnat 9 & Interobtue vermicularis simultaneous infect.4(M) (OXTURIASIS, Interobtue vermicularts. Metastroafflus elongatus & lbasnarbynchus saCtnatus simultaneous infect. (Bul)) MILOSHZV, B.lo5, Invasion of Anterobius vermicularis as a factor in the stio- pathogenesis of exzesatous diseases.,Sofia no.9/10: 150-155 '59- 1. Is Okrushnata bolnitsa 011hristo Botev* - gr. Vratsa. Gl.lekars Khr. Zdravkov. (CXYURIASIS compl.) (IKZ24A etiol. ) MILOSHF.V,,_Do,rja,-dok~or (Bolgarlya) Anemia in helminthlasts. Med. paraz. i paraz. bol. 33 no-11 99 Ja-F 164 (141RA 18:1) J-~ MILOSHWO Boris (Bolgariya) Case of Infestation in a child with Metastrongylus elongatusp Taeniarhynchua saginatuo and Ekiterobiuo vermiculariff. Med. paraz. i paraz. bol. 32 no.32354 My-Je$63 (MIRA 1783) MII'OsHF'I. 2- SURNAME, Given Name@ Countrys Bulgaria Academic Depmess not indicated AfflUatiMs not indicated SotVM3 Sofia, Khidrologiva i Neteorol6siya, No 49 19619 PP 28-31 Was "Tompe~aturo Stratification at the Upper and Lower Troposphere Over 60fta-" GFO "IM43 L*.,~Iw IMP. -OL ,,2 zta~', c U7) t;0 JQ --,W'~'! -I 47~ z T,~z; 1. Z~ &4vj~ UI jo vu-;inj; a,14 %T ~"Tt. jz Um.Z.- --imzt. :,z to Lb AUTHORS: TITLEt 41:176 3/16 62/000/009/095/120 D228YD307 KiloBhev, G. and Krystanov, L. Possibilities of altering the activity of condensa- tion nuclei PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geofizika, no. 9, 1962, 74, ab~ stract 9B451 (Dokl. Bolg. ANv 14, no. 7, 1961, 667- 670 (summary in Eng.*)) TEXT: Th6 work of forming an embryo -drop (A*) of radius r on a jk I k not quite moist condensation nucleus of radius r is always less 0 than that necessary for forming an equally large-nucleus in I~pmo- .geneous water vapore (AO) and-depende on the wetting angle is k (r. ) 3 k 3 (r0 coo T +,2 r 0 rk k Card 1/4 ;k S/i69/62/000/009/095/120 Possibilities of altering D228/D307 At values 04T4480121 the work necessary for forming an embryo- drop on a not quite moist nucleus (AW), is less than Aio for all va- k lues of the ratio r0/r k that satisfy the condition 0 4r 0rk04" If the wetting angles are less than the limiting,valuo. T = 48 , the almost moist nuclei act as embryos wh 'enever r0 4rk. dince function (1) in the interval of values O~ T,~900-has a minimum when ro/r 'I k coo y, it is possible to ascertain the' size of a given substance's nuclei that act most effectively at aknown value of C19and at any supersaturation. When extraneous matter is adsorbed on the-lining and on the surface of the liquid film, the specific surface energy of the lining (6cr ) and liquid (Acr) changes accordingly. This leads 0 toA change in the work of nucleusformation, y#ich is taken.into..-. account by the following relationships Card 2/4 Possibilities of aitering ... Za) 0 1 (7A k in 3/169/62/000/009/095/120 D228/D307 Ld-)3 Aa-0 3 or (c os T: (2) The analysis of relationship (2)'carried out in the paper indicates .that, in the case of adsorption of extraneous matter only on the lining, the work of embryo formation increases as compared with that when there is no adsorption. 'The activity of condepsati'on nu- clei, on the contrary, grows when their surface-is desorbed; and the limiting angle of wetting, the nucleds' Bize., and the criti- Ix cal value of the quantity rVr k increase. The work of embryolfor- mation diminishesp too, it extraneous matter is adsorbed on 'the -surface of the liquid film. In this case the limiting angle of wettinq and the sizes of the most effectively acting nuclei-re- main as they were in the absence of adsorption. The maximum de- Card 3/4 3/16 62/000/009/095/120 Possibilities of altering ... D228YD307 crease in the work of embryo formation occurs during adsorption on the liquid film's surface and during simultaneous desorpt16n from the condensation nuclei's sfirface. At values 6or/d- Ad~/cr>l - c6e79drops can form directly on condensation nuclei in.a known interval of the values of ro/rkv without any.expenditure of energy. in the formation of li uid phase embryos. /-Abstracteroo note: Complete translation Card 4/4 IdItL~O~SHEV jo -, KRYSTAIIOV , L. (Krustanov, L. ] . akde The most active dimensions of condensation nuclei during adsorption. Doklady BAN 15 n0-5:471-474 162. 1, Cblpn Redaktmionnoy konegii i *Wetstvezj7 redaktor, mDoklady Bolgarskay Akademii nauk' (for Krustanov). KRASTANOVI L. (Krustanovs L.11, akad.,- MILOSHEVs G. On the mechanism of condenstion processes in the atmosrhere. Doklaady BAN 16 no.3:261-264 '63. HIMSHEV, G. Formation of crystal gorms on the isomorphous. rmclei. Doklady BAN 16 no,5:505-5(77 163, 1. Noto pr4sentdo par ".Krastanov [Krustanovp L.1, membre do l'Acadgmies, membre du Comitd do r4daotion., "Doklady BoIWskoy Akademii nauks, Comptes rendus do l'Acad&ie bulgare des ScUsages.0 MILOCHEV, G. (Miloshev, G.) , Formation of cubic three-dimensional embryos on the condensation isomorphous nuclei. boklady BAN 16. no.6t597-599 163. 1, Note pr4sent4e par L. Krastanov [Krustanov, L.], meibre de l'Acaagnie. - w, )f -. IRYSTANOV, L. [Krl~tawv, L.1 (Sofiya, Bolgariya);-.MILQSHLV,.G, (Sofiya, Bolgariya) Machanim of condensation processes in the'Atiosphers. Meteor.'i gidrol.'no.12:&13 D 863, -(MIR& 17:3) MILOSH9V, Influence of adsorption on the formation of crystal embryos on Isomorphic condonoation nuclei. Doklady BAN 16 no.71 701-704 163. 1. Vote presentee par L.Krastanov (Krustamov,, U It membis de l'Academle. Membre du Comite de redaction et redacteur responsabla,, "Doklady Bulgarskoy Jkademii nauk*. MILCIULIX, ' ; - HIME, Alfredp dii,. [Lraw;Iatuorl . ~ivit,! of condensatiw, nucleai under natural conditions and J.uU 0 in case of adsorption. Idojaras 67 no-5:275-282 S-0 163. 1. "Idojaras" szerkeszto bizottsagi tagja. NILOSIEW, G.; LVKOV, L.; lQUISTJ"EVII, L.[ICrujtajwv,L.j Condensation nuchil insol'~T a.; -.-.-f-jrYoo are ready for ad3ortion of foreign substances. Du*ldady -i~ll 17 '64. 1. Submittod April 29, 1904. M I LOSO'-.V $0. Epitaxial growLh rjr, the isommorphir! hlwlei of corvionsation, and its niodificaLicin in aaoa of adsorption. Doklady BAN 17 no.6: 557- 560 164. I. 111)LO prt!,;entfe par L. KrarLanov [Krustarov, L.J, inembre da 11 A c a ~,- U' LTIlk . MILOSHEVY G.; LEVKOV, L.; KRASTANOV, L. [Krustanov, L.), Academician - Formation of crystalline embryos with tetragonal lattices on the isomorphic nuclei. Doklady BAN 1? no.8:697-700 164. 1. Chief Editor, "Doklady Bolgarskoi akademii nauk, Comptes rendus de l'Academie bulgare des Sciences" (for Krustanov). MILOSHEV, G.; IEVKOV, L. Influence of the adsorption on 1-he forn-Ition of embryos with tetragonal lattices on the isomorphic nuclei. Doklady BAN 17 no.8:700-704 164. 1. Not3 pre3entee par L. Kraitanov [Kru3tanov, L.], membre de I'Academie et rodacteur responSqblr:, "Doklndy Bolgarakol akademii nauk, rendii.i ie I'AcFirlemLe bu.1grare den rl~~itincfin% MILOSHEY, C.-. R,rmation of crystallization ruclel in ismorphic condensation muilei, Trudy GGO no.176:2.34-143 165. (MIRA 1818) !W110 L 34514-66 -AC-C NR--t-- AP6021,7/,2 SOURCE CODE: BUTOAWK510M01076OU70 AUVOR: Krastanov, Le; laloshey, G.; Ioevkov, Le A- OIG: Geophysical Institute, BAN TIM: Activity on the equilibrium-shaped faces of im SOURCE: Dulgarsks akademlya no naukitee DokWy, v. 18, no. io. 19630 911-914 ~n TOPIC TAGS: ice, Crystal latticO structuro, crystal surface, spitaxial grVdInge _4 2, formation heat ABS'LIACT: The equilibrium @hope of Ice crystnis is surrounded by besic (0061), priewtic (010Tjond pyramidal (1011) faces* The authors investigate theoretically the activity of theaq faces by .comparing the energy of formation of two-dimensional embryos from We gras phase above them. In the crystal models used the positions of the water .toolecules are assumed idontical with the position of the oxygen *tons in the lattice. CmIculotions took Into account the surface structure of the -base and the processes of' opitqxial deposition# Though the results cover the two-dimensionel too evebryo-lee case, they con be applied oleo to the Lee -formstion from the gas phase on foreign but 1co-slailor (in structure) 'bases such.*@ AgI and PH* In ell-the esseaq in presenve, oir superseturation the ria4itie fteq_o sepear to be the t Gotive ones. Or1g. art. hass 2 figures and ~ forwalas. LOrig-. art. In E'V7JA 3 8 3 4 - 9 &_ff _5 SUB CODi3t 20 / SM DATICt 01J, MIG REFt 002 / 01H REFt 002 Card 1/1 VAn c-, F FA-CCE-W, L. Doctor; President 3A!; Director); 1-alq~Lhqv, G.; Levkov, L. AUTHM: Krj-~ ORG: institute for Geophysics, BAN, Sofia TITIF,: Effectivenes f the surfaces of forms in the state of equilibrium s 0 -- - - I fn-ds paper was presented at the Symposium on Cloud Plrjsics, held in Budapest from 8 to 10 September 1965.j SOUIRGO: Idojaras, v. 69, no. 6. 1965, 321-326 TOPIC TAGS: ice, crystal grourth, cloud physics ABSTRACT: The formation of two-dinionsional nuclei appearing on the surfacer. of ice cryst,Us was investigated by studying the equations characterizing the forces in- volvocl in the growth. After determining the force nocded for the separation of the "half erptal" from tho hoxagon or prisn surfacost the force roquirod for nucleus formation as a function of suporsaturation was calculated. The prism surfaces ro- quired less force than the hexagon surfaces. The factors discussed are of importancel in cloud phyELics.14tri t h 2 figures and 16 formulas. fB-ased on authors' Eng. -a~~s~t. 34g,2*750 & as: SUB CODE: 04, 20 / SUBM DATE: none / SOV REFt 003 OTH M-F: 001 Card Ap6o26275 SOURCE CODE: BUTO-Off/I AUTHOR - 'Niloshev!G*,; Krastanov, ORG: Geophysical Institute, BA11 TITLE: Thermodynardcs of the heterogeneous formation of crystal seeds in super- coolod-water drops SOURCF: Bulgaralca akadondya na naulcLte. Doklady, v. 18, no- 7, 1965, 635-638 ,TOPIC TAGS: crystallization, supercooling, water, crystal structure I ABSTRACT: R. Kaishav et al, (Izv. In-ta po fizikokhtniya BHT, 11, 1962) investigated the formation of crystal seeds in a homogeneous liquid phase* The present paper deals theoretically with the formation of crystal seeds in su 0 29rcQQ2&d-drDRs, (at relatively high temperatures below 0 C) on solid particles (imperfectly and i6feotly vettable freezing nuclei) (Le Krastanov, Met. Zeitschr., 1940, 10, 357)- Mzpresaions aro given for four separate cases. Orig, art. has: 2 figures and 13 formulas. Lo-rige art* in Engje fJPRS: 33,54J SUB CODE: 20 / SUM DATE: 30Mar65 / ORIG REFt 001 / OM REF: 002 Card MILOCH&V G Miloshev, G.N.J; IESURW , E. [translator] Fffect of the absorption on the formation of crystal embryos in --comw of isomorphic condensation nuclei. Idojaras 67 m.6:333-- 338- N-D t63. 1. Institut de Geophysique de L'Academie des Sciences de Bulgarie, Sofia (for Miloshov). KOLEV, N.; BUDEVSKA.. Khr.; MILOSHEV, M. I I Synthesis of diphenylamine-4-sulfo acid, and a new method of controlling the process. Godishnik Inst khim, prom 2:91-9? 163. S/169/62/000/011/023/077 D228/D307 jUJTHORS: Kryatanov, L. and I-11iloshev, TITLE: Formation of droplets on nuclei during the adsorp- tion of extraneous matter PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geofizika, no. 11, 1962, 30-31, abstract 113192 (Dokl. Bolg. M, 14, no. 6, 1961, 575-578 (summary in Eng-.)) T`MT: When extraneous matter is adsorbed at a wetting angle the nucleus on a spherical substrate of radius r0 consists of a liquid layer having a diminished radius rka in comparison with the radius r1, of*a nucleus without ads9rption. The work of formation of this layer (t~ca) is equal to the sum of the work of the formation of a droplet on a nucleus in the dosence of adsorption, of the separ- ation of the arising liquid layer from the substrate, and of the transfer of the layer to the substrate with adsorbed matter: Card 1/3 Formation of droplets ... 4.a 3 3 k. (r 4.irr2c, [ 3 (Cos 'aLO) 3 0 Cr S/169/62/000/011/023/077 0228/D307 - 2 r. Fk" Here ZAT is the change in the surface energy of liquid on -adsorp- 0 tion. The following can be established by comparing the correlation obtained with that for: the work of formation of a droplet on an in- completely wetted spherical nucleus: 4 2 4 2 Vr rio- Tr r0 a- (3 cos (P - ;~Lo rk .1) When adsorption occurs only on the procipitatinca, liquid at wet- ting angles of 00 4 q) -,-~ 1800, the work of formation of a droplet during adsorption is lower than is the case without it. 2) At all wetting angles adsorption solely on the substrate impedes droplet formation. 3) The most favorable conditions for nucleus (droplet) Card 2/3 S/169,/62/000/011/023/077 Formation of droplets D228/L)307 formation arise if adoorption takes place on the precipitating liquid and desorption occurs from the surface of condensation nuclei. ,rAbstracter's note: Complete translation 7 Card 3/3 M -T L Os H C- '/) 1/, YUGOSLAVVVCultivated Plants - Grains m-.4 Abs Jour Ref Zh-,z-. - Biol., No 1, 1958, No 1477 Author y-c-Miloshou- Inst Not Given TLtle Experiments with Local and Foraign High Yield Winter Whe'..T, Varieties in Combination with FerUlizers During 1956..3.9,'r, (in Voivodina Region, Yugoslavia). Orig Pub Pcljop--. Vojvod., 1956, 4.1 No .10, 25-30 Abstract No alostract Card 1/1 XIMA, I&.; VASILEVA, T.; ROKAKOV. Ki; RAWHWA. A.; MIIDSHWA, 1. 19pidemic of serous meningitis and similar disease. mod., Softs, 6 no.11:46-51 1955. 1. Is I detska gradsks bolnitea, Soflia. naucben rukovoditel: prof. Br. To. Bratanov. (NUINGITIS. epidemiology. serous, epidemic outbreak in Bulgaria. (Bul)) .,,so MILOSHEVA., TS. "Under their cam thousands of decares of poplar forests have been grown." P.47 (Gorsko Stopanstwo, Vol, 14, no, 22 Feb. 1958s Sofiia, Bulgaria) Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EIKAI) LC, Vol. 7j, No. B., August 1958 POPOV, N.; MLOSMVSKI, A. Evaluation of flooding arsas in irrIgation. Khidrotekh i mlior 7 no.ls2S-29 062. 1i. MILOSIRINASO X. Develop the processing of blast-furuace slags In every possible way. Strol. mt. 3 n0.5:12-13 W 157. (WAA 10: 6) (Slag concrete) , /_ (I - - /i il /I V)01"i CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Chemical Technology - Chemical Products and H-28 Their Application - Food Industry. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Khimiya, No 3, 1958, 9727 Author Adam Inst Title Refrigeration of Meat Products. Orig Pub Prumysl potravin) 1957, 81 No 7, 34o-341 Abstract A continuous refrigeration method is proposed which eli- minates storing between operations in refrigeration and keeping of meat products until disposal. Duration of refrigeration is reduced considerably by the use of for- ced circulation of the cooling medium within tunnels or chambers. Losses in weight are decreazed substantially as a result of high relative humidity of the air during refrigeration. Card 1/1 ASS, Boris Abramovich; 2MOTA, Nine Kikhaylovna; BRASLATSKIY. D.A., kand.takhn.nauk, reteenzent; SMIN, K.P., inzh., retsenzent; KILOWATOW, D.A., lcaud.tekhn.nauk. red.; TUBUNMYA. F.G., isdaV.-ril.; _QbSkINA. V.1.-, tekhmred. [Parts and units of aeronautloal instruments and their design) Detall I usly sylatilonulkh priborov I lkh reschat. Koskya, Goa. nauchno-tokhn.lsd-vo Oborongis. 1960. 357 p. (KIRA 14:3) (Aarofiautical' Ins trusents) MILOSIAVOV9 L. Caw=i.sts like difficult assignments. Zhil.-kom. khoz. 11 no.l: 20-4 YA. (MIRA 21+:2) 1. Chlen partiynogo bywo'partorganizataii zhilishihno-ekspluatat- sionnoy,kontory Wo.23 Dzershinskogo rayon&,, g. Leningrad. (Leningrad-Apartment houses-Mairoftance and r*epair) MlLOSLAVOV, L. L. Filoslvaov, L. L. 11",mmer plantin,- of potatoes Jn virg-izia", P.,rulleten' po plodovor~sTva, vino7rarlarstira i ovoshchevocistri, No. 6, 190, f). 173-76. SC: U4002 110 Aurm.-A 53, (f-topis "ZI-jurnal. Inykh Statey, I'lo ?1, 1.949). U9,qR / Cultivated Planta. Potatoon, Vegetablea, Yalmm. m-4 Abs. Jour Ref Zhur - Mologiya, Ho 13, 1958, NO- 58587 Authbr ;Oitlosifavoa L.L., gr - Inat )n Title hon on Potato Oultifation Orig Pub S.-kh. Kirgizti, 1957, No 9, 31-32 Abstract It is possible to grow cropB of potatoes up to 1,50-250 cwt/ha in Kirgizia valleys) vhere a high temperature pre- vails in the summer, by using irrigation. To obtain these yields, it is necessary to sow early with vernalized tubers. Soving vith early ripening varieties is carried out to harvest the crop in June or at the I*g1nnIng of July. In order to obtain late potatoes utilized in the winter and far spring saving, soiring takes place in June- July. Seeds for s=Awr sowings --2zBt be grown and kept until sowing tim (June) in. mountainous regions. Seed Card 1/2 WSR / Cultivated Plants. Potatoes, Vegetables, Melons. M-4 Abs Jotir R&f Zhur - 'S!-0l0giYP-, No 13, 1958, 170- 58587 potatcea degenerate in the case of repeated reprcduction in the valley, even when sown in sil r. According to the author, this phenonenon to explained by the fact that the seeds are kept at high tenperatvx-3s (200). The degenerution of potatoGa is 61bser7ed in all varieties with the exception of the Epicur, Komsomolets and Rose Komersoni varieties. The degeneration of potatoes at the Przhavaltakiy base ard in other farms of the Issykkull region is caused by their prolonged stay in the fields (sawing in April - 'beginning of May; harvest in October). -- E. A. Okorokova Card 2/2 59 MILOSLAVOV, S. 141LOSLAVOV, S. Soviet experiment in preventIng erosion Is aidine, our practice. 0 p. 106 Vol. 12, no. 4, APR. 1956 GORSKO STCEA143TVO AGRICULTURE Sofiia, Bulgaria Mp.pEast European Accession, Vol. 6, No. 3, ";'arch 1957 MILOSLAVOTI, S. www-"W'~- - TECITTOLOGY Periodical: MIDROTEMIKA I I-C-LIOP-ATSII. Vol. 3. no, 4. 1958. MILOSLANOV, S. Hydraulic stability of complex pressure derivation systems with two watertowers. p. 110, Monthly List of East Eurppean Accession (MAI)., LG., Vol. 8, no. 2, February 1959, Unclass. MILOSLAVOV, Slavcho., dots. Stability of water level in two connected wqter towers at olight vibrationo., -which are fed-btr two pressure deriva- tions. GodUznik Inzh stroit init, 14 no,11:29-W62. (Publ, 1631 MIWSLAVOY, Y.K. "DruzhbaO developing machine. Tekh.kino i telev. 4 no.4:82-83 Ap 160. (MIRA 13:9) (China-Photography--Xquipment and supplies)