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Rcrx P. P. lir, ha vf, j, l--. f-Drests. ;,I (MiRA le. MLITO, N.I. Effect of the root systems o' speckled -.1der stands on the hydrophysical properties of soils. Bot.; issl. ,Bal. otd. VBO no.6sl55-164 164. (MIRA 18s7) ANISUIYAN, A.A.; SHEBLO, I.R. Prinimuln u,,hast1ye 1,111-,T0, Yf.-.F'. Hydrogen reduction of natural phosphorites. Zhur. pr!.kl. khim. 37 no.11:2361-2367 N 164 (MIRA 18sl) KILTOV, L. Hard whftt and 96991HIttles for incre"Ing its Fw %~tloa. P013, (MONATIM ZBOMIN Val. 10. mo. 8. Aug. 1955, Saftya) 40 SO: Monthly Idet of Isat lkropftn Accessions, (=AL). LC, Val. 4, w0. 11, Nov. 1955. UNCL. PLEKHANOV, P.S.; GOWVANENKO, S.A.; KOBYZEV, V.K.; BULAT, S.I.; MILITO, JR.R.; RYAZANOV, D.G.; BARANOVSKAYA, M.I. M"tering the rolling of bimetal shapes for the agricultural machinery industry. Stall 25 no.10:922-927 0 165. (MIRA I8sU) 1. Kuznetakly metallurgicheskiy kombinat i 7SentralInyy nauchno- issladovatellskiy institut chernoy metallurgii in. I.P. Bardina. BULGARIA/Cultivated Plants - Potatoes, Vegetables, MelonsL M-3 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Bioll, No 3., 1958, 10793 Author : Angelov, A., ~Z- Inst Title Let us Extend the Cultivation of Early Potato! Orig Pub Ovoshcharstvo i gradinarstvo, 1957, No 1, 38-43 Abstract A short characterization is given of eight early varie- ties, among them two local Bulgarian varieties, and of the fundamental agricultural engineering techniques. There is a detailed exposition of the technique of grow- ing light shoots on tubers. The advisability of utilizing early potato as the second crop is indicated. Card 1/1 A_1243_~~ EWT(d)/EW~(1)/EZD-2 GV//JT/BC ACCESSION NR: AP5020912 UR/0006/65/000/008/0015/0021 .528-51T r 0. 1.; Sini A MalLtsevs B. AUTHOR: Borodulin. syna V. PoR~i - k. Plyushchev, A.~ N. 64q,55". 4,f 157 5' TITLE: Results of tests of a prototype of ihe TD-1 optical range finder _T~ SOURCE: Geodeziya i kartografiya, no. 8, 1965, 15-21 TOPIC TAGS: geodetic Instrument, range finder, geodimeter, TD I range finder, mining survey 12- ABSTRACT: Two prototypes of the TD-1 small optical range finder, originally developed in 1960 by the Vsesoyuznyy naucbno-issledovatel'skiy institut gornoy geomekhaniki~i marksheyderskogo dela (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Mining Geomechanics and Mine Surveyin measure distances in the 150-5000-m range with a mean square error *1. c ,;Vere produced in 1963 and field tested in 1964 by the 'Electronics Instruments Laboratory of the Institute. Simultaneous testing was carried out with a Swedish NASM-4B geodimeter. Comparative measurements were made against those of the Institubels field 'comparator, highly precise, traverse, second- and third-oider triangulation, and invar wires. Subsequent field tests "rd -L 1343-66 ----- - - ACCESSION NR: AP5020912 were made by an interdepartmental commission set up by the USSR Administration of Measuring Instpuments, of the.State Committee of Standard Measures and Measuring instruments.~~Aesults of these tests showed these instruments to be highly precise.1, The mean square error of a single measurement for the first prototype was ig mm and for the second 116 mm; ihe systematic error was +1 mm and +8 mm, respectively; and the mean value of the deviation of the number of waves computed from the total number of waves was.0.02 fo;r both prototypes. Orig. art, has,. 2 figures and 5 tables. [ER) ASSOCIATION: none SUBMITTED': ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: ESp OF 00 NO REF SOV: Or,=: 0 ATD PRESS: I.Card 2 2 - MIL I TSEVA, L. I. Advanced training of chemistry teachers. Kh" v shkole 16 no. 3:94,-95 MY-Je 161* (MM 14:5) 1. Belgorodskiy institut usovershenstvovanlya uchiteley. Chemistry-Study and teaching) KASPAROVA, S.A., kand* sellskokhoz. nauk [deceaaed)j NIKULINA, L.B,, kand. mallskokhoz, naukj MUITSEVA, L.V., agronom. MWaical and mechanical proportion of potato tubers. Trudy VISKHCK& no#32113-35 162o (MIRA 18:1) KASPAROVA, S.A., kand. sellokokhoz. nauk [deceased]; MILITSEVA, L.11., agi-onom. Investigating the technological process of har,.--cting potatoes by 0 stages. Trudy VISKHOVia no-32:153-166 162. (m[RA lp,.,L) 3-2-7/32 AUTHOR: Milltsin4 A,A , Secretary .f the i~arty Bureau of the Woskva bra-cl-Ene -Tool anl Tnstrun-.,!nt 1'n3t'ItUte iweni T.V. Stalin TITLE: The Plant - _iLrj Edu-at ional I'Oy St,.,dent5 (Zavod - odin iz vospitateley studencheskoy molodezhi) PERIODICAL: Vestnik vysshey shkoly, Feb 1957, 1i' 2, p 26-29 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The article asks for 1-iaison between the Collectives of higher educational institutions and the industrial workers, without which the recommenr!ations contained in letter of the Ministry of Hightr _'-ducation cannot be carried out. The existing tie could be stronger if the students as well as the professors and teachers were connected with the industrial enterprises. The Article states that the Committe,- of the VLKSM applied to the Mosccw Machine Tool and Instrument In- stitute to establish such conract. At the end of last year, the suggestion was dizcu3,3ed with the teachers, students and representatives of the Dlant and was warmly supported by the latter. The author suggests that first. and second-year students should maintain this contact by compulsory plant Card 1/3 tours, In addition, good techn4cal circles should be estab- The Plant an Educational Facl.".'ty f;lr 3-2-7/32 lished for second-year ntudtnts. The elder students, liAison should consist of well organizel practical training.. It is suggested that th(, students partlcipRte permanently in plant life. At the Yoscow "Frezer" Works ( 'Moskovskiy '~avod "Fre- zer"), at the Instrument Works, the First Ball-Bearing Works (1-yy Sharikopodshipniko-,7yy Zavod) and the Automobile Works imeni Likhachev (Avtomobil,nyy ZaYod imeni Likbacheva) and others, the elder students work as designers and technologists. Enumerating the benefits derived from the students: work, the article mentions that at Moscow Polishing Machine Works (Mos- kovskiy Zavod shl1fcval1-nyk'h stankov) students, in the course of training, developed 200 technological production flow pro- cesses and at the plant "Krasnyy Froletafty", 30 construction plans of various device3. The article-, further dwells on the insadficiant u%ilization of metal cutting machines which doibi- not exceed 30-35 '~ of the nominal capacity and points to the proposal of two s'cienti-ots (T.,V. Kharizomenov, -Doctor of Tech- nical Sciences and assistAnt 0,11. Mikhallov) of the Electro- Technical Chair to use the students for examining the extent of such exploitation, a matter of national importance, Dwell- ing on the students~ de3igning activity in the shops, the Oard 2/3 author tells of 3zudent 1. Lukoyanov who In cooperation with The Plant an Educational Far i Il" v *':, 3- ~A"W 3-2-71/32 V.I. Polo,skovyy, a ~,f thi! Yoscow Watch Factory (Moskovskiy chasovy,v zavodl) ~,!,LCnrd and constructed an auto- matic tap threading macn,ine Oiich inafle it possible for the first time to thread -cap; of small diameters. The student V. Voromtsov manufac-,urtd in 1955 A sperial_ dividing head for milling the screw of !t cutting too! (this device is now being used in production,! 5tudent Fan-Bey-! developed the basic principles -for desifsning a genr cutter with a pro- 20 r1', file an6e of 25-.., '!is work was awarded the First Prize at an All-Moscow Exhibition of Studental 5cientific Works nnd wag handed over to the 1,1ant for utili~!stion. At the request of the "Kalibr" Works t'-,~ -adpnt Yu. Astakhov elaborated on the theme: "Deaigning an6 wanufaL;,curing automatic control de- vices foi electro-erosion machining processes of parts". In conclusion th~e author confe-.sse~, that some Chairs of the In- stitute devote too little 1-nergy to this cause. ASSOCIATION: The Moscow Machine Tool and TnEitrument Tnqtitute imeni T.V. Stalin (Moskovskiy nvy in titut imeni I,V. Stalina) AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 3/3 :."ILT",Y V. Influence of the place of the neutral point on the operation of mechanical- ventilation machines. F. 43 (EpuLETGEP:.:s,,,---r) Eudapest, Hungary Vol. 6, No. 2/3, 1957. .1, SO: '.!,Onthly Index of East European Acessions (AE-T) Vol. 6, No. 11 ,ovamb,-~r 1957. MILUCKI, A. Cleanin.,- mine w9 --ons. p. 220, Vol. 11, no. 6, June 1955, PR2EMAD GOR-.qICZY SO:MONTHLY LIST OF MST EUROPZM ACCESSIO11S, (33AL), LC, Vol.4, no.9, Sept. 1955, Uncl. .-ILUCKY, Rudolf inz M 0 i:=~~ Effect of the concentration of loading and unloading in lesser number of stations on railway operation. Zel dop tech 9 no.7:196-198 161. It EXCERPTA MICA See 15 Vol 12/12 Che3t Dis. DEC 59 2794. DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS OF POLIOMYELITIS - Przyczynki do rozni- cdwego rozpatnanta choroby He inego - Medina - LW I I u k o w a k I W. u1. Bis - kupia 8. Krak6w - PEDIAT. POL. 1959, 3413 A (451 Mar- FUtau's fuchsin test was tried in 100 children and It was established that in tuber- culous meningitis It is negative In 100%6 whereas in poliomyelitis, encephalitis and tumours it is positive. In children 2-3 ml.. in adults 5 ml. of a watery solution of acid fuchsia S is injected I. m. or I. v. CSF Is collected after a lapse of 1-2 hr. A few drops of a solution of one part HC1 and 9 parts 95% alcohol are placed In a small porcelain bowl and the CSF to added. A pink colouration occurs it the test (a positive. Kukowka - Grelz (L,6.7,8,15) 5 7,1. -:Y' C C: Ter "Illk % JIK, ~- t Rorrvirks on tcrologic :-,ilr,,-cturc.-.,,.. -).36'1. Ceskcslove-At t.-dr-Inderie vA. Brnenska zakle PRItCh. Brno . Vcl. 21, no. 7, 1`55- SCUF,'~E: Latrt Lurcireen Ac-ess.:ons L;rt,, (Ei!l.-'-L), Librnr, of' Congress vo. ~ no. 72, December lc~16. BLEMVA, B.; DANZOVA. J.; _!iIIXqL ~!~~A A.; STOW, J. Inpus erythematosue or a disease simulating lupus arythemtosus developing following triantein therapy. Cesk. pediat. 14 no-7: 654-657 July 59 1. Detaka klinika hygienicke fakulty, predn. prof. Plearovicova- Giskova. krajs)m transfusni stanice. preda. J. Nestan, patologicko- anatomicky ustav bygienicke fakulty, predn. prof. doo. J. Stolz. (HTDLMIM, effects, Injuries) (UMM BRYTEMMTOSM, etiology) (spimsy, therapy) Atena SUMAI-Cip Givon- llarw Countr7t Czechoslovakia Academic Degmes s ND Affiliations Faculty Transfusion Station (Fakultni tranafusni. stanice), VraMW-10t-Di-rec-tort--j.--PMSTAN, MD. 30urc~l Prague, LEMlichi Lekart Vol 41t NO 14t 19610 pp 652-655-' Data# "Behavior of Titers at the Various Typw of Nunn plas",jo Tj CZECHOSLOVAKIA MILUNICOVAq A., MD Faculty Tranfusion Station UNZ NV (Fakultni transfuzni stanice UNZ NV), Prague Prague, Prakticky lekar, No 3, 1963, PP 114-116 "Our Experiences with AB Gamma Tests." KOUTSKY, I.; DEJMAL, V.; MILUNI OVA, A. Afibrinogenemia in labor. Cesk. gyn. 28 no.1/2:32-38 F 163. 1 Gyn.-por. klin. lek. fak. k*. KU v Fraze,, prednosta doc. dr. J: Padovec. (AFRIBRINOGENE24IA) (LABOR) (PREGNINCY COMPLICATIONS) C ZECT -OSLOVAKIA MILUNICOVA, A. t MD; SKAIIEINOVA, B. I BID. 1. Transfusion Station of the Cal,itol (Transfuziii stanice hl. mesta), Pra.,iie; 2. Second Laternal 1,1edicine Clinic LFII KU (II. vaitmi klinika LFII KU) , Pra6*11e P~~le, Vniti-ni le;.-JrStvi, 1,10 11, 1963, lip 1127-1129 "Blood Grou; s and Characteristics and Excretion of Grom, Substances in Diabetics and Obese Subjects." -MILUNICOVAp A. Group substance PAN in therapeutic sera and in vaccines. Cesk. epidemo 12 noe68356-362 N 163. 1. Fakultny transfusmi stanicep Praha 10. w V ILA IJ MILUNICOV~v A, i c k6j lj5eit MILUNICOVA,, Atena,, MUDr.; SUMER, Imbomir, MUDr., prom. biolog Phanylthiocarbomide taste test In blood dcoors in Prague and its environs. I. Vnitrni Isk. 3-1 no.2tl39-144 F 165 1. Transfuzai mtanice hl. mesta Pfthy (prednonta$MUDr. Jan mestan). i-:iIIINIGOVA) A.; ',Iochnicka opoluprace: i'lChniWiftGEROVill 'I. ABO ant-LbodleB In di.abotic paLients treatmont with imiulill. Vnitrni lek. 11 no.10:947-952 0 165. 1. Transfuzni stanice hl. mesta Frahy (prednosta Jan Mlestan). Endocrinology C Z E CIa"O 30 Vi iLk UDC 616. IL 312-008. 1 IL .41-006.011:'16 r I L IE i Blood Transfusion Station of the rDl U A JE1C, X Capital Ciuy of (Transfuzni Stanice Hl. I'lesta), PraRue, Head 1. _7' (Vodouci) Dr J. J:`,STAN; Surgical Clinic, Pledical Faculty of ,gione, Charles University (Chirurgicka Klinilca Lek. ?-ak. Ily- Hy ,"ienicke KU), Prague, Head (Prednosta) Prof Dr E. POLAK. !'FTC Test in Patients with Malignant Goiter." PraCue, Casopis LoIcaru Coslkych, Vol 105, NO 45, 11 Nov '06, pp 1227 - 1230 Abstract fiTa-lors, sui,-.-.,,inry nodified L,ii -, - - -7: Sensitivity to PTC (ph~;r_~Ylthiocarbariide) -.;-.sted in a group of 150 patien-ts after they undorwent sur[?ery -for rialirnant goiter-; in 121~ wonmen there was a si;7nil'icant d~`ference between this value and that in healt~rj in 26 nien '~-here ,.-as no signifilcant do- viat on from the value-s found in hoalthy men. Investigation of the rel!~tions nip bot-.:~,en ABO rrroups, the Rh/Hr genotype, and the incidence of malir-nant 701.ter showed that the E sign is found freqUently in womon. '!- Tables, 12 ',,Iestern, 4 Czech references. (Manuscript received Nov 65). IMUNO-VIC, Dr. Mirko "Inst. for Mcclical Research, Yugo Acad. Science & Art, Zagreb." Vet. 1 : 493-505, 1952 '1ILLMON'IC, Dr. Nirko "The Brucella, Abortus Rim Test in Diamgosiz & Control of Bovine Brucellosis." Dx,. Hirko Milunovic, - scientific collaborator of the Inst. for Norlical Eleasarches of the Yugo Acad. of Scienca &- Art in Zafreb. SOURCE: VET.. BROJ 5-6-7. P. 493. 1952 Milusek, J.; Kviz, Z. Luminosity function of telescopic meteors. p. 1. Bratislava. Univerzita. I'Arodovedecka fakulta. ACTA. Pratislava., Czechoslovakia. iio. 6, Mar. 1958. Monthly List of East European Accessions, (FEAI) LC, Vol. 8., no. 10,, 1959.-Octo Uncl, MILTjSaIV, A. ffVasil Kolarav Woodwork Factory", P. 51., (TESHM PROMISHLENOST, Vol. 3, No. 5, 1954, Sofiya, Bulgaria) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions, (1=Q, LG, Vol. 4, No. 6, June 1955, Uncl. MULUSHEV, A. ,0--- "In the city of the great Lenin." P. 2 (GeOErafila) Vol. 7, no. 9, 1957 Sofiia., Bulgaria SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. 4, April 1958 YIIL,U3ib.V, 1. "Breeding Cattle During Winter." p. 15, (KOOPERATIVNO ZEMEDELIE, Vol. 9, No. 10, 1954, Sofiya, Bulgaria) SO: Ylonthly List of East European Acceauions,, (EEAL).. LC,, Vol. 4 No. 5, Yzy 1955, Uncl. MILUSHEV) I. Moro attention to meetings on production. p, 239 Vcl. 6, no. 10, Oct. 1955 ELEKTROENLRGIIA Sofiya, Bulgaria So: Eastern European Accession Vol. 5 No. 4 April 1956 M-ILU"SHEV, YORDPIT, -- More atthntion to Production Meetings. Elektroenergiya (Electric Power), #10:23:Oct 55, Bulg. Publ. MILUSHEV, I. During winter months milk production is high. p. 19o Vol. 10, no. 12j Dec. 1955 KOOPERATIVNO ZEYIEDELIE Sofiya, Bulgaria So: Eastern European Accession Vol. 5 No. h April 1956 Mia, iutrudr-lk 1, 1 we igh ~::. m:thod.r, of checking irregular .1tatticnary,automrbIle, j Rnf,!3L~nalizatsiia 14 no.402-36 16-1. 1. Inatitute of StandurdlZdtion, Measures, and Measuring Instrummts. r Vt. rl ra c,, tw,, r 2 3-38 164. of I fird re 3, .'n MILUSHEV, U. M. Cand Med Sci -- (diss) "Surgical 4hwre" of Perforat4 Ulcer of the Stomach and Aft Duodenum." XANXEMX Len-Penza, 1957. 17 pp 20 cm. (Len State Order of Lenin Inst for the Advanced Training of Physicians im S. M. Kirov), 200 copies (KL, 26-57, 113) -12s- DADABAYEV, A.Yu.; MILUSFIEVA, M.A.; SUSHCHENKO, S.N. 7nallium recovery from Industrial solutions by ionites. Trudy Inst.met.i obog. AN Kazakh.SSR 11:129-136 164. (MIRA 18:4) GRIGOROVICH, A.N.; MHUSHEW, M.A.; PONOMAREV, V.D. Possibility of separating indium and iron on ion exchangers. Zhur. prikl. k-him. 38 no.1:59-66 Ja 165. (14IRA 18:3) 1. Institut metallurgii i obogashcheniya AN KazSSR. MUMMA, M.A.; DhDABAYEVI A.Yu, Chemical stabilit.,- of KU-1 and rd-2 fuition exc~anizers. Truiy Ir,3t. met, :L obog. V Mzakh. M11 12:105-108 165. (Mim 18,10) GHENDON, J.Z.; GENKINA, F.B.; MILUSHIN,, V.N.; %RJCHRIK; L.S. Comparative study of methods of evaluating the activity of smallpox vaccine. J. hyg. epidem. (Prahe) 8 no.3064-374 #64 1. Institute of Virus Preparations.. Moscow. tip GURVICH, E.B.; MraISIMI, V.N.; SHATKTI!, A.A.; USMANKHODMAY.'W, A.; ZAKSTIELISKAYA, L. Ya. Aid to virologist. Vop. virus. 10 no. 6:734-70 N-D 265 (MIRA 19:1) 1. Moskovskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy insti-tut r1rusnykh preparatov (for Ourvich, Milushin). Submitted Au(,,-ust 28, 1964. 2. Thstitut virusologii hneni D.I. Ivanovskogn A1,91 SSSR, Moskvf . (for Shatkin). Submitted November 29, 1964. 3. TnBLItut viruor~- logii imeni D.I. Iva-novskogo AM SSSR, Moskva (for Usmankhodzhayavp U-stel'skaya). Submitted Januarj 13, 1964. NLINEK. M.- i-Jelinek, Mj, inst. po matem. v MPK, Praga.; MILMEEVA, Khr. (translatorY Teaching mathematiesti Czechdslovakia. Kat i fiz Bulg 5 no.2:36-43 Mr-Ap 169 ABWI-fOVICH p D.L. MIWSHYIIA. R.Ye.; IfOSIYE11KOp N.A. Controlling runoff flowing into Lake Burlinskoye. TrudY TransP.- energ.inst. Sibs otd. AN-$jSR no..13:75-U 161. (141M. 15,.6) - (Burlinskoyev Lake-Runoff) BURSHPUN, I.D. . kand.tekhn.nauk (Kiyev); ROBAKIDZE, S.M. (Thili:i); KCKLEV, A.M. (Novosibirsk) LKILUSHINA,_A.Yv. (Novosibir k); RZIMMKITs B.M. (Moskva) Newsq events, facts. Priroda 51 no,,9:116-223 S 162, (MBA 3-5:9) (science news) MILUSHKIN, A., kand. tekhn. nauk Operating the GAZ-53F motortruck, Art. tramp. 41 no.6:21- 23 is 163. . IV (Krn 16t 8) . I A. i~aLUSHKIN, A. A. -- "Investigation of the Cohesion of Electrxilytic Iron Residues with the Basic Metal in the Process of Reconditioning of Automobile Parts." ~Un Higher Education USSR, Moscow Motor Highway Inst imeni V. vi. Molotov, Moscow, 1956. (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences) SO: Knizbn&va Letopis' No 44, October 1956 MILUSHIIN, A.,' Inzhener. Increasing the strength of cohesion In electrolytic steel facing of workplaces. Avt.transp. 35 no.4:27-29 Ap 157. (MIMA 10:5) (Steel, Automobile) MILUSHKIN, A. A., Candidate Tech Sci (diss) -- "The effect of surface prepara- tion of metal on the cohesion with electrolytic precipitations of iron". Moscow, 1959. 16 pp (Min Higher Educ USSR, Moscow Automobile and Road Inst), 150 copies (KL, No 25, 1959, 135) Ml~OSHKIN, A, A,q CANo TECH Scig "EFFECT OF PREPARATION -tp .4~ OFhMETAL SURFACE 4P COHESIVENESS WITH ELECTROLYTIC FERROUS DEPOSiTs.,, Moscowt 1960. (MOSCOW URDER Of LENIN AGR ACAD im Ko A* TImIRYAZKV). (KLj 2-619 210). -160- -MILUSHKIN,,_A., kand. tekhn. nauk Operating characteristics of the ZrI,164A and ZIL-157K notortrucks..Avt. transp. 41 no.3:27-30 Mr 163. (KMA .16:4) (14otortrucks) .00 I'h , Lu, ~m, H r\-, - t")-T, m1wSIMIN, I., insh. rlo*~~nlfrasound. lUn.tekh. 2 no.1:22-24 Ja 158. (MIRA 11:1) (Infrasonic waves) MILUSHKIN, -N. D. Grinding deep holes. Mashinostroitel~ no.8:18 Ag 164. (MI FU 17: 10) KIWSHKIN, S.T. 1, 0 4~-~, kAr -: ." , -, . I , - - t - . - In the invisible world. Morowle 1 no-8:3-5 Ac 155 (VTRA 9:5) (MICRO-ORUESMS) MILUSHKI . _ Course of the subacute stage of rhounation in children in samtoria. Pediatriia 39 no.2:4"f-51 Mr-Ap 156. (M1RA 9:8) 1, Is detskago sanatortim. (nach. N.P.Zolkina, konsulltant A.L. Robinovich) kinisterstva putey soobshchenlya, SSSR (mt. Kraskovo) (RHI M TIC FXVAR. in Infant and child. subacute stage (]he)) 5(2, 3) SOY/153-2-2-3/31 AUTHORS: Korenman, It Me, Kraynova, Z. V., Xilushkova, L. A. TITLE: Coprecipitation of Cobalt tith Copper Hydroxyquinolinate (Sooeazhdeniye kobal'ta a okeikhinolinatom medi) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Khimiya i kbimicheskaya tekhnologiya, 1959, Vol 2, Nr 2, pp 161-164 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Hydroxyquinoline is used in many fields of analytical chemistry, especially in the quantitative analy-siso.The problem mention- ed in the title has not yet been.sufficiantly investigated. In the present paper,-the authors.diacuss the influence of various factors on the procesa mentiongd in the title. A cobalt-salt preparation marked with Co 0 was used for this purpose. The precipitation conditions of cobalt were first investigated. It should be mentioned that the publication references on the pH-values, at which cobalt hydroxy uinolinate is precipitated, do not quite agree with each other Nef 1 versus Ref 2). To evaluate the P11-influence on the said pre- cipitation, the authors put forward-equation (1). By the Card 1/4 derivation of further equations (2) and (3), the authors SOV/153-2-2-3/31 Coprecipitation of Cobalt With Copper Ilydroxyquinolinate come to the conclusion that at PH 3 - 4 a complete cobalt- hydroxyquinolinate precipitation is brought aboutp whereas at PH I - 2 a considerable quantity of cobalt remains in the solution. This rule was confirmed by observations of the authors. Analogous computations for the precipitation of copper quinolinate show that this compound is completely precipitated, even from very acid solutions (PH around 1). Consequently, it may be asserted that copper and cobalt can be separated by precipitation by means of hydroxyquinolinate if the cobalt is not coprecipitated. The data shown in the figure (on p 162) demonstrate Oat the cobalt coprecipitation rises with an increase in the-pH-value. Table I showa the results of several experiments concerning the influence of the cobalt quantity on its coprecipitation. The figure, and table 1, show that at the pH-value mentioned the absolute quantity of coprecipitated cobalt rises with a rising C02+_concentration, whereas its relative quantity decreases. Table 2 shows the temperature influence on the coprecipitation Card 2/4 mentioned in the title. By a rise in temperature, the mentioned SOV/153-2-2-3/31 Coprecipitation of Cobalt With Copper HydroxyquizLolinate coprecipitation is practically not changed..The influence of a 3rd component, the lanthanum sulphate, was also in- vestigated; further# starch and gelatin.-All these substances were able to reduce the cobalt coprecipitation. to a small extent (by 4 - 5%). The cobalt-separation on a previodsly prepared pure copper quinolinate sediment can also decide the problem of the character of coprecipitation. It was ascertained that the cobalt main quantity is isomorphically coprecipitated, and only 4 - 6% of cobalt are absorbed by the sediment. The hydroxyquinoline ' method is recommended for the separation of copper from several cations including cobalt (Refs 5, 6). Table 3 shows that in the separation of copper from small cobalt quantities, up to 20a of the cobalt quantity present in the solution may be contained in the hydroxyquinolinate sediment. There are I figure, 3 table3, and 6 references, 5 of which are Soviqt, ASSOCIATION: Gortkovskiy gosudarstvennyy univeraitet imeni 11. 1. Card 3/4 Lobachevskogo; Kafedra analiticheskoy khimii SOV/153-2-2-3/31 Coprecipitation of Cobalt With Copper Hydroxyquinolinate (Gorlkiy State University imeni 11. 1', Lobachmkiy; Chair of Analytical Chemistry) SUBMITTED: January 23, 1958 Card 4/4 AWTHOR M _jAffIk_V.LS UBANOV A.N. 53-4 -7/7 TITIA nectrostatic Amlyser of Electron Velocity. -tromov (Elektrostatichookly analizator skorostey eleL -Russian). n2IODICAL Uspekhl Fix.Nanks, 19572 Vol 61, Itr 4. pp 673-69t$ (U.S.S.R.) Received-6/1"? Reviewed 7/1957 4WTRWT If we let electrons On6r behind the microscope through a fine diapbragm 'into the area of an electrostatic lens which Is distant from the optical axis of the lens# then. this lens operates as velocity analyzer because the diffraction In theIens, as result of its high chromatic errorin this area, is sensitive even to smallest*changes ofthe velocity (G.Moel- lenstedtq Optik 5. Nr 8/9,, 499,1949). The paper under review discusses different types that have already been constructedj, and gives the formulas for the dispersion and the dissolving power. Dissolving powers up to 5o,ooo are obtained (AV 0 0.75 V at U - 35 W). The &pproximate calculatiore de- veloped by A*S*ptier, CR 239, Nr 5o 399v1954v ad W*Lippert, Optik.12, 467, 1955 offer some practical indications for the correct construction of the law. In this connection, the'attempt is always made to reallse the tels- path of rays,, in order to achieve this purpose, MoellerAtedt and W.Dietrich Optik 12j 2460 1955 used a second aperture behind the analyzer lens.The applications of this device comprise experiments on the discrete energy los- see of fast electrons at their transition through different materials, ve- Card 1/2 locity analysis of electrons which are diffracted under large angles (elec- TEFT" A.L. [Tsefts, A.L.1; MILUMM,-" (Milyutim.. N.A.]; VASILIEVA, .1 V.A. [Taillyeva, V.A.] Bleaching of the Dzheakasgan compowd ores in chloride solutions. 40 Lots I. Awlels astalurgle 16 no.3:72-79 JI-S 162# '11 L T I II C I A r., aerlj 1-,~ ~-ia .cstic L,ccl-e-n it) 1953"1 !'ar Yugoslavia) 7. List of Fast 7`urc I i MILUTINOVIC,.DogoaIr,.dipl. hem. Analytic toobnique of taldn amn-wei' samples of viscous materials. Kemija u industrijL n no.9:53i?-539 3 1. Kadjaka iridusirija OR&donja*, Sif - JOVMOVIC, Rado3lav, inz.-, 1411,I]TINOVIC, Duann, in.,. Autrmation and mechanization of marshaling yards with lowering platforms. Zelezni--a -Jug 20 no.4-.14-24 Ap 164. fl, ILU TI NU!I~; , "'usan, dipl. Li. I . riadosia-:, ~ilpl. inz. Analyal.9 and practit-a-, --I' !.ne electromagnetic eff'--t of the,, slngle-phqse nurrent with 25 ~V.1550 c p.s. traction capacity Gn railroad transmission lines. Zeleznice Jug 20 no.10;10-23 0 164. STRASER, T., dr.; BOZINOVIC, Lj., dr.; CIRIC, D., dr.; MILUTINOVIC,, L.,; DORDEVIC, B.Se. profe dre -- - Biochemical changes in oWocardial infarct. Med.glasn. 14 no.4:21& 220 Ap t6o. 1. Interna klinika B Nedicinakog fakulteta u Beogradu (Upravnik: prof. dr. R.Berovic) (MYOCARDIAL INFARCT metab) B1,207f0p R.; KCSTIC,, Y.; ma,ji-mov t: I-- . 0 ,Dro,r:r - la bir 4 ~Z~' 4'~,L; . ~ t C,, - I ni,m!nation of - cleamace in oome dtflu5r! liver a-lzqp;tsea. ~-.iA -aEri. !tlgcL,I. 18 no.105-17 164 1. Interma klinika "B4 Medicinskoj f kulte-ta i Inst I`it 7,A medicinaka is trazivanj a u Beograth - BEROVICY R., prof. dr.; KOSTIC, K., dr.; MILUTINOVIC, L., mr. fame ~ Bromosulfalein liver functionzest. Med. glas. 18 no.6t!78-182 Je--.U 164. 1. Interna klinika B Medicinskog fakulteta u Beogradu~'U)ravniks prof. dr. Re Berovio) a Institut za medicinska istrifz-.~,vanja u Beogradu (D-4rektort prof. drs Ss Stefanovic). BEROVIC,, Radivoje, dr.; KOSTIC, Kosta, dr.; ROLOVIC, Zoran, dr.; MIWTINOViQ,--1APQaaVAL,, Comparative studies on the browsulphalein test and prothrombin complex determination in liver cirrhosis. Lijecn. vjesn. 87 no.4: 397--.1.02 Ap 165. 1. Iz Interne klinike "B" 14edicinskog fak-ulteta i Instituta za medicinska istrazivanja u Beogradu. 26 (4) YTJG/1-59-3-18/57 AUTHOR: Mil t*n vi6, Milan Chief Engineer (Nr 13 61ka LJub1na St., TITLE- ~~Lle Influence of the Compression Chamber on Fuel Combustion in High-Speed Diesel Engines (Uticaj kompresionog prostora na sagorevanje goriva kod brzohod- nih Diesel-motora) PIMIODICAL: Tehnika, 1959, Nr 3v pp 421-433 (YUG) ABSTRJI'~CT: The author discusses the effect of size and shape of the compression chamber on fuel combustion in high- speeddiesel engines, the influence of the compression chamber on silent running and ease of starting in cold weather and the best type of fuel-injection system. Leading types of Western diesel engines are analyzed from this point of view to show that the most- promising is the Ricardo or MAN type with spherical combustion chamber. When a system of direct fuel injection has been perfected f6r.this type of chamber, the problem Card 1.12 YUG/1-59-3-18/57 The influence of the Compression Chamber on Fuel Combustion in High-Spead Diesel Engines, of complete and regular fuel combustion in high-spead diesel engines will have been solved and thereby silent- running and easy starting under all external temperattire c?nditions achieved. Yugoslavia is building a. new high-speed diesel engine (up to 3,000 rpm with air-fan cooling), at present in the testing stage at the Zavod maginskog fakulteta(li~st'. of the-'Mach.,Eng. Dept) at !ih- Beograd. The designer'.is Engineer Professor Slobodan Dobrosavljevi6. There are 18 diagrams, 1 photo, 1 table, 3 graphs, and 20 references of which 17 are German, 190 2 Yugoslav and 1 English. ASSOCIATION: Preduze6e "Hladnja6a" ("Hladnja6a" Enterprise), Deograd. SUBMITTED: December 2, 1958 Card 2/2 ARSIG, Bogoljub, sanitetakI pukovnik doc. dr.; ZISOVSKI, Angel, sanitatski potpukovnik dr.; MIJU3FOVlC, Punisa, sanitetski kapetan I klase dr.; R,ADOVANOVIIC, 141rea-lav, sanitetaki kapetan dr.; NIKOLIG, Bozidar, sanitetski potpukovnik dr.; SOKOLI)VSKI, Borivoje, sanitetski kapetan I klaae dr.; DORDEVIC, Dusan, sanitetski major dr.; MEL, David, senitetski pukovnik dr.; JOKOVIC, Bozidar, sanitetaki kapetan dr.; MILUTINOVIC, Milan, kapetan dr. Clinical picture of acute bacillary dysentery in soldiers of the Yugoslav National Army. Vojnosanit. pregl. 22 no.6094-39? Je 165. 1. Zarazno odeljenje, Higijensko-apidemiolcoki adred u Skoplju, Vojnomedicinska akademija u B6ogradup Klinika za zarazne boleBti. Al 'o Y, ffm ostral servo" orm. X. Chahovitch F. Dal SAHOVIC. K; ARNOVL.TWIC, V: )LARINKOVIC,V.; MILUTINOVIC, P. Blood potassium in hypothyroidism is rats. Glas.Srpske akad. nauka, 215 no-9:1-4 1955- (HTPOTHMIDISM, experimental, blood potassium is) (BT'00D' potassium In exper.tWWthyroidism) (POTASSIUM. In blood. In exper.tWpothyroldies) SAHOVIC, K; ARNDVLJINIC, T; ItMMOVIC,V; MITMINOTI.C. P, Distribution of radioactive iodine and phosphorus in the organism In rats in experiinatal tumors produced with bazzopyrene. Glas. Sproke akad.nauka, 215 no-9:5-12 1955. 1. Institut de physiologie pathologique de l'Academie Serbe des Sciences. (10DINN, radioactive, astab. in exper.cancer) (PHOSM.RUS, radioactive, metab. In exper.cancer) (UDPLASMS. expmrimental, ra4ioloftip & radtophosphorus notab. In) SAHOVIC, K; AMK)VLJEYIC,V; KARIMOVIC. V; A!&F. M; HILUTINOVIC,P. Eow-:0~4r Studies on functional value of grafting of the adrenals into the eye In rate-, affect of grafting ondistributioa of radioactive phosphorus and iodine in the organism of adronalectomized rate. Glas.Srpske ak&d.mmuka, n0-9:93-100 1955. 1. Institut za patolosku fiziolog1ju SAN. (ADRENAL GLANDS. transplantation, intra-ocular grafts,eff. on radioiodine & radio- phosphorus metab. in rats) (PHOSPHORUS. radioac tive. metab.,eff. of intra-ocular adrenal grafts in rate) (IODINE, radioactive, metab.effl of intra-ocular adrenal grafts in rats) (WER. ph7siolo&v. aff. of adrnnal grafts in antmrior chamber on radio iodine & radlophospborus metab.) AILMVIJIVIC, V.; SAHOVIC, K.-;_MlLUTIlJDV'IC,. Stuilies on extrahapatic action of alloxan; modifications and distribution ot coneentration.of radioactive iodine in rate In allexan diabetes. Glas Srpeke akad. nauka. odelj. med. 217 no-10:25-28 1956* 1. Institut sa nedicineka Inotraslynja SAM. Odeljenje &a kliniku I eksportmentalum patologiju. (DIADEM MLITUS, e*perlmental, rediolodine metab. in alloxan diabetes in rate (Ser)) (IODINE, radioactive, metab. In alloxan diabetes in rate (Ser)) SAFrOYTC, K.; BATA, A.; MILUTINOVIC, P. Utilisatinn of glucose by individual organs In various stages of hypothermla. Glas Srpske akad. nauka, oqlj. sod. 217 no. io:29-50 t956. 1. Institut sa medicinsks Ingtrasivanja Srpske akademije nauka. Odoljonje s& klInIcku I oksperiventalnu patolog1ju I Institut sa, patoloska fixtologiju Nedicinskog fakulteta. (MOTHAMA, experimental, blood sagar levels In various organs In various stages of hypotherals. (Ser)) (BLOOD SUGAR, off. of exper. hypotherists, on blood sugar In various organs (Ser)) MIWTINOVIC,Petar 6.,dr(Beogratl) Use of radioactive iodine In the diagnosis and therapy of diseases of the thyroid glindo Ned. glamn. 14 no.2a:113- 120 7 ,6o. (TIROID GIAND dis.) (IODUM radioactive) BATAP A.; MIIZTINOVIC, P.; DIMIMIJEVIC, Katarina; CVETOJMC, Milica Contribution to the study of 11pid met4bolim. III. Functional and morphological changes in various organs during massive dietary lipid intake. 02as. ~pake akad.-nauk.[Medl no.15:43-49 '60. (LIPUS nutrition and diets) YUGOSLAVIA Dr Vladinir BOSOAKOVIC and Dr Petar MILU-TINOVIC -jnstitute for "edical Applications of Medical RE'search, Central Labo-ra-E-Oryfor 11 Pl.dioisotopes (Institut za nedicinska istrazivanja, Centralna laboratorija za medicinsku prinenu radioaMivnih izotopa), Head (direktor) Prof Dr B.S. DJORDJEVIC, Belgrade. 131 "Intermediate Phase of Thyroid Clearance of I Belgrade, Medicinski Glasnik, Vol 17, No 3-4, Mar-Apr 63; pp 112-116. AbstractCEnglish suanary modified]: Data in 70 patients confirm that 173T--~T-earance is one of the most precise diagnostic method to differentiate eu- from hyperthyroid conditions. Two graph, 2 tables, 8 Western and 2 Yugoslav references. 4000, IYUGOSLAVIA Dr retar HILUTINOVIC, magister Sonja STEINFL, Dr Vladimir BOSNJAKOVIC, Dr Olivera CIRIC an ligorije NOVICIC [same affiliation as above.] "In Vitro Fi-.mtion of Erythrocyte Tri-Iodothyronine-,131 as an Index of the Functional Condition of the Thyroid Gland." Belgrade, Medicinski Glasnik, Vol 17, No 3-4, Mar-Apr 63; pp 116-120. Abstract [English surnary modified]: Tests in 137 euthyroid (including 97 goitrous) and 122 hyperthyroid patients. Data on 237 patients are est ii; considered useful complement to currently given in detail. T accessible diagnostic methods.Four tables, 3 graphs; 4 Western and 1 Yugoslav (meeting) references. MILUTINOVIC,26tar, 4r.; STEML, Sonja, mr.; BOSNJAKOVIC, Vladimir, dn; CMOs Ou"s dr.; NOVIGIC, Oligorija In vitro fixation of triiodotbyronine-I-131 by erythrocytee as the index of functional conditions of the ~byroid gland. Yad. glas. 17 no.3/4:116-120 Mr-Ap 163. L.Institut za medicinska iftrasivanja u Beogradu - Centralna laboratorija sa mdicinska primenu radloaktivnih izotopa (V. d. direktorat prof. dr B.S. Dorde7ic). THYROID FUNCTION TESTS) MDINE ISOTOPES, DIAGNOS11c) (EMHROCYTES) (TRILODOTHYRONINE) BOMAKOft, Vladisir# dr.; MlLUTINOVICt_.Petar,, dr. Tbyroid clearwee of radioactive iodine 1-131 in the inter- mediate phase, Pbd, glaso 17 no.3/41112-n6 Mr-Ap 163. 1. Thstitut za medicinska istrasivanja u Beogradu - Centralna laboratorija za medicinsku primenu radioaktivnih izotopa. (V. d. direktorat prof. dr B.S. Dordevic), (THYROID FUNCTION TESTS) tjOVINE ISOTOPES, DIAGNOSTIC) ILIC, Ljubisa, prim. dr.; MILUTINOVIC, Radomir Tuberculosis in alcoholics. Srpski arh. celok. lek. 89 no.11-13-20 Ja 161. 1. Gradeks, bolnica za grudobolne na Bezanijokoj kosi, Beograd-Zemin. Upravnik: prim. dr Ljubisa Ilia. (ALCOHOLISM compl) (TUBERCULOSIS PULMONARY compl) NUG0101AVIA 7 ILIC, Dr Ljubisa, and Dr jjadonir 141LUTLIUVIC? City h0bTital '-Igrade for Chest Patients of the City of Be (Gradska bol- nica za. grudobolne grada Beograda), Zemun. "Our Five Years of Experience with the Rehabilitation of Tubercular Patients." Belgrade, Glasnik Zavoda za Zdr~,vstvenu Zastitu Aii &rbije, Vol 11, iios 3-4, 19621 rp 29-38. Abstract: The authors discuss the rehabilitation of tuber- cular patients throughout the world and then review their own work. They aie of the opinion that such rehabilita- tion should begin as soon as the disease is discovered so as to cut down the number of chronic tubercular persons and that rehabilitation should be adapted to thea:ge, sex, occupation, and character of the sufferer. The thors' hospital provides various forms of amusement and recrea- tion and a variety of handicrafts and hobbies to work on. No references. KOVACEVIC, M. I MILUTINOVIC, XONJOVIC, M.; ZIGIC, M. Our experience with the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis resistant to c2ansteal, tuberculoatatic drugs. Tuberkuloza 25 no,2:250-253 Ap-Je $63, 1, Gradaka bolnica za grudobolne grada Beograda,, Bezanijoka Koss - Upravnik: prim. dr Ljubisa Ilic. (TUBERCULOSIS, PULMONARY) (DRUG RESISTANCE, MICROBIAL) (ISONWID) (STREPTaKYCIN) (ANINOSALICYLIC ACID) (ANTITUBERCULAR AGEM) MILUTINOVIC, Radomir Glinical.and t tic culosis among alcoholics. Jl-D#63. considerations on pulmonary tuber- Tuberkuloza 15 no.3 Wl-405 1. Gradska bolnica za grudobolne grada Beograd&,, Bazaniska Kosa. Upravnlkt prim, dr. Ljubisa Mae 5 DIAGNOSIS YUGOSlAVIA ILIC, Ljubioa; MILUTINqVjC,,...Rad0~n4K; and VRANJESEVIC, Cordana; Hospital for Thoracic Diseas 'z1a`-grudobolne) Head (Upravnik) Primarius Dr Ljubisa ILIC, Bezanjska Kosa near Zemun, Belgrade. "Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of Serum Cholesterol Values in Pulmonary Tuberculosis." Belgrade, Srpski Arkhiv za Tselokupno Lekarstvo, Vol 93, No 3, Mar 65; pp 241-249. Abstract [French summary modified] Detailed data about serum cholesterol levels in 172 patients with lung tuberculosis: correlation with age, sex, severityt concurrent diseases. In general, a healing trend of the pulmonary lesions was accompanied by an increase, an aggravation of tuberculosis was accompanied by a decrease of the cholesteremia. Two tables; 4 Yugoslav and 13 Western references; ms rec 16 Dec 63. 1/1 STIFANOVIC, Brosidar, dr: MILUTIVOTIC, Slobodan, dr. AudiorAtry in workers in factors with noisy conditions. Mod. glasn. 9 no.2-3:98-101 FebvMar 105. 1. Otorinolaringolooks klinike Medicinskog falmlteta, u Beogradu (upravnik prof. dr. S. Podvinec) (HMMIG T ISTS, audloustry of factory workers) KnMMOVIC's S. 23st International Aeronautical Exhibition in Paris, P. 1207 TOMM2 Vol Jos No. 9v 3,955 30s EELL., Vol 5s, No, ?v JOY 1956 ,T I , -. :~, - -- - -11;l T11 - . - i ~j :.- ;-M i of 5urface Area of a Powder by thm Ion :lxchan.-,~! F--thod, v0. ~ J- it SO: Recueil de Travaux, . B~lgrvlm Juil-1--t 19r2 et) 9 - 6 V 1-4 IV C A '1M91.) 4090 MILUTINOVIC Velimir prof. dr. .. I . Economic and technological characteristics of integration in mining, Radar glasnik no~3:5-13 163. MiLUTINOVIC Wlimir dr, prof. (Beograd, Dusina 7) 1..... .?- General characteristics of integration in mining and metallurgy. TeWka Jug 19 no. 2:Suppl.:Rudarutvo metalurg 3.5 no. 2i257-263 F 164. 1. Faculty or Mining and Geology, University oC Belgrade.