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December 31, 1967
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MIRIANASHVILI, G.M.; KAVILAD7E, M.Sh.; ABASHIMP, I.V. Ion sourre for the exact measurement of lisotcpic rpdaticnB '.n it .'d- phase specimens. Soob. AN Gruz. SSR 32 no.21313-317 163. ,M I PLA 19: A! , .1. TbilAsskiy gosudaretvannyy universitet. Sutyd*.%ed Jfinuary i., 11R.). MIRIANKSHVILI-G,~Z. Height of rooms in southern 41stricts; data from micro- climatic atudies in Tiflis. SonbAN Gru.SSR 23 no-31 105-311 S '59. (MIJUL 13:3) 1. Otdml tipisatsit shillahchn v usloviyakh Gruzinskoy SSR NIIGI'a I AS k Kh SSSR I Moskoveldy Arkhttekturnyy institut. Predstavleno chlenom-korroopondentom Akadeall O.D.Onlashvili. (Tiflis-SwmIlings-Reating and ventilation) MIPJANASHVIU, K. A. 7901. MTRIANASWIILT, K. A. Lecheniye onikhomikozov. tbilial, Gruzmedgiz, 1954. 14 S. 20 am. 3.000 EYZ. Bespl.--Na gruz. yaz.--(55-3824) 616.5: 616.969 SO: Knizhuaja Lotopis', Vol. 7, 1955 WA KIRIANISHVILI. H.K. Relativistic magnetic moment of charged particles. Sq*b.AH Gruz. SSR 8 ne.9/10:613-618 147. (KLRA 9-7) 1 A)mdemlys mauk Grua I itakey SSR, I an t i tut f iz Iki i goof iz iki, Tbilisi. Prodstavloso doystvitellnym chlosom Akademii IoNsTekua, (Particles, Slemamtarf) (Nuclear moments) Category USSR/Taeoretical Physici - Quantum Field Theory B-6 Abs Jour Ref Zh-L~ - Fizika, No 1, 19'71 No 215 Author Ivanenko, D. and Mirlanashvil-I " ?4 Inst Moscow State University Title Nonlinear Generalization of the Dirac Spinor Equation Orig Pub Dokl. A17. S33R, 1956, 105, No 3, 413-j;14 Abstract Eiaumination of nonlinear effects in a classica.1 spinor field 41 caused by interaction, of a certain quantum spinor field 7. (x) with -jacuum The Lagranglan _.' of the interaction between the field is Bel ected in the form of it prf--Aduct of pseudo-scalar "cux-rents'*- L'- -g/l.rx tjfIr, where g is he "bare" couplIng constant. Ford, (x) one obtains by the usual method the Dirac equation, the right hal of which is of the forml) r ~' (x),, j- /,-/ > vac and is a non-linear functional of e (X). The average of the x -fieIA over the vacuum is calculated by the Scbwinger method in the first non-vanishing approximation and under the assumption that the gradients of the /-field are small. AE a result we obtain for VI(x) a nonlinear equation, with the role Ofjhe effective coupling constant being played by the quantity g2/ card 1/2 Category : USSR/Theoretical Physics - Quantum Field Theory Xc~s Jour ; Ref Zhur - Fizlka, No 1, 1",5 No 21~ where s_6 is a quantity on the order of the upper limit of the momentum spectrum of the virtualA -pa:,ticles. It Is noted that in this version of the theory, renormalization is possible only by In- troducing a certain '"D&re" nonlinearlty. B-6 Card : 2/2 I. I - I AL A S, i i' - . .;--o , ijoc- piljf--L th -ci-~ .,~ -,,: j " " 1-tLt:- - r , - ~ ., - ": % I rl , tiun of' ;,. V~I,GUO.Al., :,d th~ io.--iinenr ficl~ ~ I j ! ", . 1c) pl, ( .1 ~,ilivi ,it- -e, "', -41:. , -, (, (- " . . i , -1 - 1.7 t e ~ .,) Q ., t tj)( t ~ ?,,~ ,I , 1 ! - : , , 1 -, 1 , I I - i HIRIANOSHVILI, H. Know, protect,, and develop. On. nat. no.9:1-2 S 161. (MIRA 14!8) 1. Uohanyy "krdt4r' VAezidima Vserossiyakogo obahchastva okhrany pr1rody. (Natural re4curces-Study and teaching) MIRIANASHVILI, M.M., red. (FroblemB of gravitation; abstracts of papers] Problemy gravitatsii; tezisy dokladov. Tbiliai, Tbilisakii gos. univ., 1965. 273 p. (MIRA 18:12) 1. Sovetskaya gravitatsiormaya konferentsiya. 2d. Tiflis, 1965. 2. Chlen-korrespondent AN Gruzinskoy SM. L 25778-66 ENT(l) IJP(c) AT ACC NRt AP6016358 SOURCE CODE: UR/0251/65/039/003/0551/05~41 AUTHOR: Mirianashvili, M. He (Corresponding member AN GruzSSR); Gobedzhishvili, M. 'Q:'" ORG: Tbilisi State University (Thilisskiy gosudarst:vennyy universitet) TITLEt Emissio during hyperbolic motion of a charge S(YURCE: AN GruzSSR, Soobshcheniya, v. 39, no. 3, 1965, 551-5514 TOPIC TAGS:' electron;'motion v principle, electromagnetic field casualit. ABSTRACTs some author.a consider that during hyperbolic motion (motl6dat*oonstant acceleration) an electron does not radiate ,energy. Others, particularly Fulton and Rohrlich (classical :Radiation from a Uniformly Accelerated Charge, Annals of Physioss; Yol 9, 419 1964)9 in a detailed study of the question came to Afhe uonolusion that the hyperbolic motion of a charge to aooom-'! .panied by the radiation of energy. Fulton and Rohrlich studied -ithe motion of an electron in the Inertial system 6 in which no- it~pn. of., the partials is described with the aid .0 where r-t 0, -*>O)o 46+ (f0 enrel 1A L-25778-66 ACC NAt . AP6010358, (~O is a unit Yeator along the 41reatlon of the z axis). One .field potentialep oreated by the ahargoo are Myeonar-Vikhert(sio)~ ~Dotentlals (2) ,and the oondition of Casualty it I? > 0 guarantees that (2) is a delaed Ootential. q 'The fields obtained by Fulton arA Rohrlioh in aooordanoo with the ~casuallty condition are the region z 4 t> 0 but are unstable A-in Z 4 t = 0, sinoe the fields for Z 4 t = 0 should be' emitted when tgo;,;aa if the charge is moved along a light cone by z `2 440. er, motion of the partiole of the end mass along the Sight cone means that It has precisely the speed of light, but only In the physical sense. To eliminate this difficulty, It Is assumed that a particle In a definite Interval of time - V4 t""t' moves in a homogeneously constant field and that when t.> t', the fleld Is out off and It continues to move according to the Inertia or Its constant speed: I.e.j in the regl6n t*4 t-