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MIZY-M-60Y. I.A. Testinp the performance of flange joints of welded g1rdarn at low temperatures. Nauch.dokl.v7s.shkoly; strot. no.1:147-1.52 159. (MIRA Vilo) 1. Rokosendovana krafedrny metallinhes"kin kongtrilk-tsly Leningrad- 91-ogo InzhAnerno-strottellnogo instituta. (Girdarn) MIZYU,%ISXIY, I..e- . lnzh. St,r,4ngth of inints cf trussel ~rlrlnrs. Prom.strci. -17 no .1;- : 0 ~0-51 D f5(). (AIRA 11:4) (Girders ) M I Zyli.-V.SX I Y , 1 . A., Car,e.' ~t:Cr. ~ C4 -- ( ~- i.- ,, ) "A cc i -- e! tL a i, - ~ C, I I -.r -- -- E: cf steel constructici.s ,,r. , aii ii.vtrt, aticr. i,,Ac, tnt: f t, breq r~down o f welded corner joir.t-~ . " Leni i-~ ra,i , I~U., .1~- [+ il- lustration.,4; (Vinistry of ari(i 6u-condar:y ST-eciRli: t I.,d~x-,tic'n PL;FSR, Leningrad Crd-~r of Labor ,~vd hnnrer ConE;truc, i~,i~ Tnst, Chair of Cor,struction Metrillurry"; 2-C copies; : r t civen; I , j I (KIU, 152) i -v,r., c re-'.n c3 11P )A1pjue'.'P? 10 jaqLunu e sj,q,qxa zaded aqi u, pasodoid poql,?Lu a )U PJ'S JJ JLJ I XU !LI I I I auun I III a up tui ad e uo ,aj n ss a-i d 141.J V a 10 1 u a U1.3.1 r,5;L' a W a L44 U Fe .) .1 ~j L4 PA ~ I ) I a w () w r? uA p I , o d 1 o ~; u p ) w ~ (j I U J LI I a j 1`1 g P .4 U1 f 0 p 0 q j a w U AN 0 111 11 a A., .3 Lj ja-o SA1Pjuv'%Pp j;,jn)!iipd Auu pjojje iou ,a,q) iadvd 4q-1 u, PAu-Luvxj Poqjow J114 'Au11jqLu i ~.iu_iodui,44 uo soirissaid LjI.1eJ JO LJOIJVLI!I.U.Iajap atjj ui jLqj Ino pa;w~)d si ~i SAUJ ) , Aj.).N u m , o1 p) qjd-)p v, it? piel sum putin) siqj. III ~ '- w jol.mis,q) j.)jt~o tji! iji!/y, I.mmil Alipin )ippid I? i,,j 'Nijikiij tj,).I' if-11) )JI ) if) stlixual 'j'v%j p.)tlddE? J!,.)l I)LA() )JS JqI 'Ll-1 ~ jo upd,; j.)ddri ijt~ sdu? , 1.1s J.)ULml Lue.)(A I ja.)js t)A%4 ',; a1PSSJ-Id qlJP:q Jo al4i joi pc,qjaV4 jejuawii-Ax3 A 0 S .)qi III .4 y. 1~ I ; d LIJ ~ )d x ) a 14a u1joijad _IJ .)L41 'I(If,eu w tLl,q ,,j p,) .2 q puno-03.1 APut' sJSPD OA%4 a%pq Aouj Aaql .119j,dr) ( aj(jvj().%Pjun Api-I-la-lixa -"Pull Sa'ApS q )rlg Iol SjUaLLI.~)-Iinbaj atAl "11'8 %:Ipi )adsa -1-IL, LUO.1] PLiv Ulejls J144 iluiului J." d d ns LI, P Uipaw Aq U()I- Isel PLIP S110 [)u,)Ujwj,)-)a.j j,)q;TIE )qi 1'"'T" o I) B " 0 18 U las a U u a q 4 Li 11) T) I' d T)(I'l ;SIT) Lil IV--) aLil a Ll _Uj ap Ay')J3A1 P-IP lp-I)dLijal K) slutod lej.-4 - IP doid inLooP -)'Ad J7 $3 1 ~A 0 L,4 I') idol.. - 1'(J4p\!juJ:I' Jad"~3j )'_),j vA,.uA,aj)aido qos)d~~ i"I"' U L~~ ___- 7- 11, 111-ILU 4 1 :"-JE?3 iLI.;ajAG aqj I,-); P-4o3IN V A LU" 'z I Vi V wo.11 f'0 IP[Sjl~l A 0 S GOLIDSMYN. M.N., doktor tekhn. nauk; MIZYUMSKIY, V.A., kand. tekhn. nauk Effect of soil creep on earth pressure. Tranap. strol. 9 no."i4~-44 Ap 159. (MIRA 12:6) (Soil mochanico) KHLKBIIIKOV, I.A., doteent, kand.tekhn.nauk; MIZTUMSKIY, V.A., dotsent, 'band. tekhn.nauk Determining the coeffici,ent of auction and capacity of dsllpoin~s by the mixing method. Trudy LIIZHT no.165:1'9-IR3 '59. (MITIA 13:6) (Draintige-Equipment and supply) GOL I , M. N. ; , - '. ; M '.'1.Tt?'-"F,!Y , V. A . Method of testing, :-,o.' 'a f( r and -as',inp stab` -'Ly. I , - - Vop geotekh no. 15:93-120 162. (MIRA l'?.5 I; MIZYUM.13KIY, V,A., kand.tekhn,n-auk Criterion for evaluatarig the degree rf 3~,aLili% -' -"!,,e . ., . I , ~ , a - t- 11 Trqnsp, stroi, 12 no,,4443-44 Ap loe.,, (~r .1% (Clay-Testing) ( ll,inne Is) MlZYUMSKIY, V.A., eand. *.ekhn. na,.i Deforwition,s and stresses of -~reca6t tunne: ~*ini.-Wu viL! Joint bondinr. Trans.. strop'. 15 3 '(5. M I. - I p : 1 , ~' - :'. ~ t- ; I - Z' ' ;'L '.-' z .: ~ ~. -z4- , -1 - XIZTURrN,_ IC ;. KUCHINSKIT, Ta. Tape tensioning mechanism with three electric motors. Radio no.4:34- 36 Ap 16 0. (KIRA 13:8) (Kagne tic recorders and recording) an,! vp -:n C p Ac c ro e I TI q If e-~a 0 PHASE I BOOK EXFLOITATION 'SC'V'/)1' Moscow. Aviatslonnyy institut N&KOtoryye voprosy teoril raboty aviatsionnyKh alektrichesKlKn mashin; sbornik statey (Some Problems in the Theory of Operation of Aircraft Electric MachInes; Collection of Articles) Moscow, Oborongiz, 1959. 125 p. (Series: Its: Trudy, vyp. 110) -,1- copies printed. A, I. Bertinov, of Publishing House: Professor; Ed. K. 1. G-1gorash; Tech. Ed.; V. P. Rozhin; Kanaging Ed.: A. S, Zaymovskaya, Engineer. PURPOSE- This book Is Intended for engineering and technical work- ers and students taking advanced courses in electrical machine construction. 'COVERAGE, The book contains several articles on the theory and de- sign of special electrical machines, such as: three-winding, bilateral feed transformers (phase discriminator), Induction motors with copper-plated ferromagnetic rotor, shielled induction Card 1/5 4:_-'~'_ t' J7' Some Problems in the Theory (Cont.) SOV/J185 motors with copper-plated ferromagnetic rotor and gener-:1 purpo3e electrical machines for ~iircraf-. in addition, sys-ma lp:~r -re stabilization of the freqx4ency of aircraft Inverted synchronous converters and their protection are studied. A purportedly new way of speed regulation of Induction motors Is also'exarrineo. References are gJven after each article. T TABLE OF CONTENTS-, Preface Bert1nov, A. I., and S. R. Mizyurin, Candidate of Technicn! Bilateral-~_eed- T-ransfomer as a Phase-senSIng Device. This article Is divided Into the following sections: Introduction I. Operating principle of a bilateral-feed transrormer as a phase-sensing device 2. Differential coupling Of two three-winding til~itera! feed transformers Dynamic Operating regime for a bilateral-feed 'rans- former 12 Card 2/F, t~7mq~m a Il Some Problems In the Theory (Cont.) SOV/Ji8l Induction motor stator Yoke of a direct current machine for aircraf, Bearing housings for electrical machlries for I rr r~i Conclusions V Dubenskly, A. A_ Candidate of Regulation of Induction Motors The article is divided Into Introduction System of synchronous shaft regulation Study of system Conclusions Techn1cal Sciences. )pee(! In a System of Electric Shafts the following sections: w1th wIde-range of spepd b'-) 66 76 Kalugin, B, N., and S. R. M17yurin, 33andidates of Technical .3c.lences, Stabilization of Frequency of Inverted Synchronous Converters The article is divided into tne following sections- Introduction Inverted synchronous converters of the first group with 4/1, Some Problems In the Theory (Cont.) 3 OV/ I Z~ frequency-stablllzatiori ac,nuracy less tMn,~ + 2 perrer,-_ Inverted synchronons converters of the second group w1in frequency-8tabIlIzation accuracy of + 2 tO 0-5 percent Inverted synchronous converters of tEe third group with frequency-stabillzatton accuracy of + 0.1-- to O.G1:7) percent ane. higher Conclusions M,..)',n, V. 5,, Engineer. Protection and Control Circuits of ,"!-rraft ln,ierted Synchronous Converters Protecting an Inverted synchronous converter against 11 racing" Protecting a single-phase Inverted synchronous converter from short-circuiting and breaks 1l-, Protecting a 3-phase inverted synchronous converter from short-oirculting and breaks AVAILABLE Library of Congress Card 5/5 AYos 3 2 2/6c; m2u MIZYURIII, S.R.~ kand.tekhn.nauk; KU7YE',-'-OV, Ye.A.; MAYOROV, S.V. Reciprocating parametric motor. Tmdy 14AI no.13311,13-119 161. (MIRA 14: 5) (Electric motors) ACCESSION NR: AP4018289 5/0144/64/000/001/0034/0042 AUTHOR: Dertinov, A. L; Mayurin, S. R. ; Avetisyan, D. A. TITLE: Dynamics of inverters supplied by a source of commensurable power SOURCE: 1VUZ. Elektronwkhanika, no. 1. 1964, 34-42 TOPIC TAGS: inverter, dc ac inverter, aircraft dc ac inverter, aircraft inverter dynamics. inverter supplied by weak source "STRACT: Dc-ac inverters used in aviation and rocketry are often supplied by a source whose power is comparable to that of the inverter. This fact may affect the inverter's automatic voltage and frequency controls. Hence. the dynamic behavior of the system source-inverter is theoretically analysed In the article; two independent controllers are assumed to be operating in the system (see Enclosure 1). Theme conclusions are offered: (1) Two reasons may be roe-,wn- sible for the unstable operation at the inverter: (a) half wambor ad the card 1/3 ACCESSION NR: AIP4018289 commutating poles in the generator which may bring about a positive connection between the generator voltage and the motor current. resulting ilk the system h-f cycling; (b) the positive feedback in the motor-control system which grows with the load; this may result in the system 1-f cycling; (2) With a specified supply source having its own voltage regulator, the system stability may be somewhat enhancJd by selecting motor parameters on the basis of the stability conditions given in the article. (3) Generally, the power source impairs the inverter stability; hence, an autonomous control system for the Inverter is desirable. Orig. art. has: 4 figures and IS formulas. ASSOCIATION: MAI Odoscaw Aviation Institute) SUBMITTZD: 17rob6a BUD CODZ: CG DATE ACQ: 23M"64 NO Rur sov: ow ENCL: 0 1 OTHZRt 000 Card 2/3 BERTINOV, A.I.p doktor tek~-n. pr)f.; V.7., J, Mrincipal design &,uatiun. of rolling rotor. Elektrcte~LniiA mr, elect-I th 3" Je AVETISYA,N, Dzl-..A.; hEWINOV, A.1.; M~ZYWUN, S.h. Effazt of the loaa on the voltage reguiat~on atabi~~-.jr of a synt,-hpon- ous generator in an automomous qy,3tem. Flektrichestvo no.7.57-.60 .71 '64. (K~TJA 17:11) 1. Moskovskiy avlaLsionnyy institut. % 'AP- r u s mc -io e,, tr -es t A '~A-'T I: '% ~ ~ 'if in('. *,Ahri. nauk; M I ~,YTTR IN, S.R. , Find. tekhn. nauk -e of thp r),qrqzre lprn -)f' s Ir; ri-tipe con* r,,' P!-!3 -,! 1~." 4ni7,i: q- v- loc 1- 0r d.c. motors. Elektrot--khriLka 30 no.'102-26 JI 1~,5. (MRA man MEMO- Wft-ft-= NIIZYUROVI Yu. Use of multipurpose attachments with interchangeable parts in plants of the capital. Mashinostroltell no-5137-39 My, 160. (MIRA .34:5) 1. Glavnyy inzhener upravleniya mezhotraslevykh prodpriyatly Mosgorsovnarkhoza. (Moscow-Interchangeable mechanisms) MIZTUTIN, G. Active workers in social inourance are u groat lf,)rce. Jkhr. truda I sots.ntrakh. no.7:25-28 J1 '59. (MIRA 1.-:11) 1. Zaveduyuehchiy otdolom sotviial'nngn Btrakiinvtkniyt, Kuybysheav- skogo Rovprofa, fr,.Kuybyohnv (Insurance, Social-"Mployees) MOISEYENKC, A.T., Inzh.j MUSKALEV, N.M., kand. takhn. nauki KOSHKIN, V.G., kand. takhn. nauk; YKERVkLI, f.P., Inab., red.; D'YACHKOV, G.D. , Inzh., r6d. ; -TEM"CV, V.M. , inzh., red. STRASHNYKII, V.P., red. lad-va; MOLCHALINA, Z.S., tekhn. red.; BOHOVNEV, N.K., tekhn. red. (construction specifications and regulations] Stroitellnye normy I pravila. Moskya, Goastroiizdat. Pt.l. Sec.B. ch.3. (Fundations and supports of piles and cylindrical shels; precast construction (SNIP I-B.3-62)] Fundamenty I opory Iz svai I tailindricheskikh obolochek; abornye konstruktaii SNIP I-B.3-62). 1963~ 7 p. Pt.l. Sec,V. ch.15.[Polymer- base materials &nd products ~SNIP I-V.15-62)] Ma rialy I Iz- deliia na oanove polimerov (SNiP !-V.15-62). 19r3. 26 p. (MIRA 16:6) 1. Faissia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Gosudarstveany-y komitet po delam stroitellatya. 2. Gosstroy SSSR (for Mkervali, Moiseyeako). 3. Mezhduvedomstvennaya komisaiya po pereamotru stroltellnykh norm i pravil (for D'yachkov, Moskalev), 4. GosudarstvewW institut po proyektirovaniya osnovaniy I fundamentom "Fundamentproyekt" Vinisterstva 8troitallstva RSFSR (for Yevdokimov). 5. Vaesoyuznyy nauchno-isoledovatellskly insti- tut novykh stroitellnykh materialov Akademil stroitel'stva i arkhitektury SSSR (for KoeWdh). (Concrete piling) ~Polymarsl KOBEMI 14.; IVANUV, N.; LEDLR, N., neshtatnyy korrespondent (Murmansk); MKERVALISHVILI.-J. (Ba*d; ; 14DRGAr,-z;GV, L., inzh. From the mailbox. NBst.prom. I khud.promys. 4 w.3:38 Mr 163 (~tIRA 16:4) 1. Direktor gorodskogo prombytkoiabinata, diyek, Altay8kogo kray (for Kobets). 2. 14ogi-lovskoye oblastnoye upravleaiye mestnoy promyshleanosti, Belorusskoy ;~R (for Morg"tsov). (Efficiency, Industria.1) 1 WMMaYAN , G. KH - I., - .~..,~O, DECEASED 196/1/2 cig6o SEE ILC "Kri C o I ~AN, M - 6 21(4) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION sOV/1441 Pavl0va, S.N., Z.V. Driatakaya, Z.N. Baranova, M.A. Mkhchiyan, N.M, Zhmykhova, and S.V. Zavershinakaya. Nefti vostochnykh rayonov SSSR; apravochnaya kniga (Oils of Eastern Regions of the USSR; a Handbook) Leningrad, Gostoptekhizdat, 1958. 506 p. 10000 copies printed. Sponsoring Agencies: USSR Gosudaretvennyy planovy komitet, Vaesoyuznyy nauchno-losledovatellskiy institut po pererabotke nefti i gaza i polucheniyu iskusstvannogo zhidkogo topliva. Edo.: Favlova, S.N.; and Z.V. Driatskaya; Executive Ed.: Ragina, G.M.j Tech. Ed.: Yashchurzhinskaya, A.B. PURPOSE: This handbook is intended for petroleum production personnel, refiners, scientific research organizatione,as well as students Card 1/22 f L444/4 ~ A PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/6246 Soveshchaniye po taeolltam. lat, Leningrad, 1961. Sintetloheskiye tseolity; poluchenlye, iselodovanlye I primeneniye (Synthetic Zeolitesi Production Invoetigation,and Use). No*- cow, Izd-vo AN sssR, 1962. 286 ;- (Series: Itat Doklady) Errata blip Inserted. 2500 copies printed. Sponsoring Agencyi kkademiya nauk SSSR. Otdalaniya khim1choskikh nauk. Komislya po tseolitam. Rasp. Eds.3 X. N.'Dublnin, Academician and V. V. Serpinakly, Doctor of Chemical-Saiences; 3d.t Ye. 0. Zhukovskayai Tech. Id.t S. P. Golub'. PURPWRI This book In Intended for scientists and engineers engaged In the production of synthetic zoolites (molecular sieves), and for chwdsta In general. Card 11W 11 Synthetic Zeol1tesj (Cont.) SOV/6246 COVMGEI The book Is a collection of reports Presented at the First Conference on Zoolites, hold in Leningrad 16 through 19 March 1961 at the Leningrad Technological Institute Imenl Lensovet, and is purportedly the first monograph on this subject. The reports are grouped into 3 subject areas: 1) theoretical problem of adsorp- tion on various types of zoolltes and methods for their Investi- gation, 2) the production of zeolites, and 3) Application Of zoolites. No personalities "s mentioned. References follow In- dIvIdual articles. TABLE OF CONTSM t Foreword 3 DubinIn, X. X. Introduction 5 Card 21A0 Synthetic Zeolites: (Cont.) 30V/6246 Pavlova, S. N.j Z. V. Driatskaya, and M. A. Mkhchiyan. Application of Synthetic Zeolites in Dete-rnIning the 253 Content of Normal Alkanes in Gasoline Fractions Galich, P. N., I. T. Golubchenko, A. A. GutYrYas V- 31 Gutyrya, and I. Ye. Neymark. Investigation of the Possible Application of Synthetic Zeolites as Carriers and Catalysts for the Dehydrogenation and Cracking of 260 n-Paraffins Palek, M., P. Iru, 0. Grubner, and G. Beyer- Synthetic Zeolite8 as Molecular Sieves With Color 263 Indication of Water-Vapor Pressure MalyuSOv, V. A., N. N. Umnik, N. N. Kulov, N. M. Zhavoronkov, G. I. Faydel', and D. 0. Zisman- Purifying Formaldehyde From Moisture and Formic' Acid WIth the Aid of Synthetic 2,',`7 Zeolites Card A~W ' PAVLOVA, S.N.; DRIATSKAYA, Z.V.; MKHCHIYMI,, M.A. Ci,-ide oils of the Mangyshlak Peninsula. Khim. i takh. to I i masel 8 no.6:1-7 Je 163. (MIRA 16:65 1 1. Vaesoyuznyy nauchno-laBledovatellskiy institut po perera- botke nefti i gazov i poluaheniyu iskusstvannogo zhIdkogo topliva. (Mangyohlak Penins-ula-Petroleum-AnalysIB) AIR* lmmclaoW are ' CODE SUB FP - OTHERt PR cm 17;:~' ACCESSION NR. AP4033098 S/0120/"/000/002/0019/0021 AUT14OR- Demirkhanov, R. A.; Poroshin. 0. F.; Selonsov. P. Ye.; Mkheidze.,-G. P. TITLE. Heavy-current injector of hydrogen ions SOURCE: Pribory* i tekhnika eksperiirAnta, no. 2, 1964, 19-21 1 TOPIC TAGS: injection, ion injection, hydrogen Lou injection. heavy current Lou injection ABSTRACT: A new hydrogen-ion injector (whose development is claimed to have been completed in 1959) operates continuously at a drawing voltage 50 kv or lower. The system uses a magnetic-type arc plasma source with oscillating electrons. The following operating data is reported: Lon-beam current, 27S ma at 45 kv (drawing); beam diameter at 250 cm from the source, 5 cnu aperture of the c onver ging beam. 2. S x I O"L - beam directivity, 7 acni**; current of the k-Y Card 112 ACCESSION NR: AP4033098 2. source, 500 ma; gas pressure in the source in the cathode re 'gion, 3x 10 torr; same, in the "intermediate -electrode -anode" region, 6x 10-;& torr; arc voltage. 220 v; arc current. 12 amp; magnetic field of the source, 600 oerst; magnetic field of the principal focusing lens, 1, 500 oerst; magnetic field of the auxiliary lens, ZZO oerst. "The authors thank Yu. V. Xursanov, T. I. Gutkin, N. -1. Leont'yev. and G. I. Bolislavskaya for their participation in the initial phase of the project; I. A. Chukhin for design work; and A. M. Absianidze. A. A. Kolodub, and S. I. Filatov for their practical help with the project. 11 Orig. art. has: 4 figures and I formula. ASSOCIATION: Fiziko-tokhalchaskiy institut GXAZ SSSR (Physico - Technical Iustitute, GXAZ SSSR) SUBMITTED: Z8Apr63 DATE ACQ: IlMay64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: NS NO REY SOV. 003 OTHER: 002 -Card 2/2 XMID23, P.A. Technic of artificial pneumoperitoneum. Prob.tuberk., Moskva no.2:72 Kr-Ap '50. (CLKL 19:3) 1. Of the Georgian Scientific-Research Tuberculosis Institute (Director-- A.l.Ushveridze; Head of the Division of Thoracic Surgery -- P.A.Kkheidze). KMIDZIC. P.A., kandidat meditain8kikh nauk Partie.1 eavernectom7 in giant caverns of the upper pulmonary lobes. Probl. tub. no. 3:55-56 My-je 154. (MIRA 7:11) 1. Is khirargicheakoge otdeleaiya (say. P.A.Wheidze) lauchno- lealedovatel'skogo inaltuta tuberkulss& Mintsterstva zdravookhrane- n1ya Grusinskoy SSR (dir. dotsent A.I.Ushveridse) MURCULOSIS. PULKONARY. surgery. cavernostomy) KHAIIME, P.A.; XIKHINA, I.B. Izercise therapy recommended for tuberculous patients between stages of thorneoplasty. Probl. tub. no-5:45-50 S-0 154. (MIRA 7:12) 1. It legochno-khirtLrgicheakogo otdPlentra (zav. kandidat meditsin- skikh nauk P.A.Mkhoidze) Reepublikanskogo nauchno-isoledovatellsko- go inatituta Kinisterstva edravookhraneniYa Gruzinsko7 SSR (dir. dotsent A.I.Ushveridze) (COLLAPSE THERAFT. thoracoplasty, exercise ther. between stages) (MRCISE TWUPT, in thoracoplasty between stages) NMI=. P.A., kandidat maditsinaklkh nauk Technic of one-stage superior "tended thoracoplasty. Xhirurglia no.12:46-48 D' 55. (KLRA 9:7) 1. Is khirargichookogo otdoloniya (S&T.-P.A.Wheidse) Nauchno.- Insledovatel'skogo Institute tuberkalssa. (dir. dot#ant A.I.Ushve- ridse) Ministerstys, sdravookbrwisniya Grusinskoy M. (THOUX, surg. thoraceplasty, one-stago superior extended.) KKULDZI.-P.A., starshiy nauohnyy sotruAnik Modification of two-stage apical dilated thoracoplaety. Probl. tub. 34 now3:45-4? MY-Je 156. (MIRA 9:11) 1. Iz legochno-khirurgicheskogo otdeleniya (sav. - P.A.Kkhaidze) Vauchno-lesladovatellskogo reepublikanskogo tuberkuleznogo Institute Kinisteretva tdravookhraneniva Gruzinakoy SSSR (dir. A.I.Ushveridze) (GOLLOU THOUPY thoracoplasty, two-stage modified) MMIDZE,, P.A.; mirdaNA, I.B. Use of-Awercise therapy in fibrous and cavernous pulmona-7 tuberculosis after thoracoplasty at the Abastumani Health Resort. Vop. kur., fizioter. i lech. fiz. kul't. no.6:552- 554 163. (~ff RA 1'/- 8) 1. Iz legochno-khirurgicheskogo otdeleniya (zav. - kand. med. nauk P.A. Mkheidze) Instituta tuberkuleza Ministerstva zdravo- okhraneniya Gruzinskoy SSR (dir. O.G. Batiashvili). SOV i Tran!;I~tiun trom: Rt-fcr,it~--rivy zh:irr-t: SSR AUTHORS- Khkikhtinavshvili, 1. A , Mkhvid/t- F A., A T I T L E: 111%c-Stigation of the Fct,,ibt:t*~ ot Cont cntraliw- r, r. t)rr From the ' Akhci,,kiv- Dcpt)~IL ( ' -' 21,1~11. '' rudy Akhey.,,kouo rnestoruzlidumv,J) I PERIODICAL: Tr, Gruz. pulitekhri. in 1, Nr 2 k~'41 pp ABSTRACT: As a re--,ult of the l't. I~Alwr~ dt."t. t,pt-ri ir-d mended a qualitati%v pruccdurk- by nicans of the OP-10 rcagcrii ind pur,l "ions for the initial (untentrate .k,lht,w iddmM rc,it),cill, The I T, rd t om ent rail v t (int-i i n s !W) o Hg, t he ic; d (if ( ut,, c,i! 0 -'r 'lw ~.jv id ()I mvt.i t I roti~ thi- wit t, tit r,c c14' o. ti, ,n~ t, ri! .I t t) C 172. N1 NI _j Lt ;j # 7 9 1 -A - - 4 P A u z 7 2 &E k. l Is f MMIDZX, T.; JEAT-A DOZE, L.P.. chlan-korrespondent. Now species of harvestmen, Opiliones, from Georgia. Soob.Al Gruz.= 13 no.9:545-548 '52. (xLRA 6:5 ) 1. Tbiliaskiy Gosudaretvennyy universitet im.Stalina (for Nkheidze). 2. Akademiyu Nauk Gruzinskoy SSR (for Kalandadze). (Georgia--Harvestmen (Opiliones)) XMIDZE, T.S.; KALANDADZS, L.P., chlen-korresinandent. New species of Opiliones from Georgia. Soob.AN Gruz.SSR 13 no.10:613- 616 052. (KLRA 6:5) 1. Thiliaskiy gosudarstveun" universitet im. Stalina (for Kkheidze). 2. Akudemiya Nauk Gruzinskoy SSII (for Yulandad2e). (Georgia--Opiliones) MKHEIDZE, V.N., inzh.; VAYNSHTEYN, B.Z., inzh. Means for increasing the operatIonal rellabil-ity of electrical equipment. Vest. ekeltroprom. 34 no.300-51 Kr 16~. (MIPA 16:P) (Electric Industrie"uality control) (Electric machinery) ImEID-Z. -:,Z. : . "The compositi(;li -Ti ixopertic of i"I'llus ur, 1-0 Alorri-7eL. IUL-b If t-lt! Georgia ri PucAshed by the ;(.--.rcnn .Cric-l-Itir~41 Zdu~;it.L'J.. JSii-,. Order )f ited r~- -f > I Ins t. Tbiiisi, i-)5ti. (DjL-95ert'~tl ':0 1"jr U'f~ iJCL I ". 1' 1 ": t I- ~ "' ,gric-,utjr,-L Sclence) So: i,~!t-,J-91, 1~~. -L-., -,)(, KKHEIDZE, To. A. Studying the comosition and z)ropartiees of humus in V~e Chernozon. sells of Goorgisa mountains and lowlands. Sooh.AN 3ruz. SSR 20 no. 4:475-480 AD 158. (MIRA 11:7) 1. Gruzinakiy ordena Trudovago KraRnogo Zoomeni sell skokhozyaystvoaUyy institut. Prodstavleno chlonom-korrespoadentom Ali GruzSSR D.P. Gedevanishvili. (Georgia-Humus) BUNTATTAN, G. Kh. , NMTAN, X. To. W.1h '. #1 Now dat& on the eonditioned reflex regulation of metabolism. Izv. 0 AN Arm.SM.Biol.i sellkhos. nauki. 4 no.4:295-315 '51. (KLRA 9:8) 1. Deystvitellayy chlen AN Armyanskoy WR (for Bunyatyan). (CCNDITICM RISPCINSI) (NRTABOLISM) MKHEYAN, E. YE.. "The Effect of Inhibitory Processes --)n Certain Aspects of Carbohydrate Metabolism D%wing Unconditioned Stimlation With Adrenalin. I Cand 14ed Sci, Yerevan Medical Inst, 30 Doe 54. (K, 19 Dec 54) Survey of Scientific and Technical Dissertations Defended at USSR Higher Educational Institutions (12) SO: Sum. No. 556, 24 Jun 55 USSR / Human and Animal Phyniology. Metabolism. Carbc- T hydrate Metabolism. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 22, 1958, lol653. Author )Gchpyan E Ye Inst A S R. rm Title The Influence of Inhibiting Processes on Some Aspects of the Carbohydrate Metabolism of an Un- conditioned Stimulant-Adrenalin. Orig Pub: V sb: Vopr. vyssh. hervn. deyat-sti I kompeneatorn. prisposobleniy, Vyp. 2, Yerevan, AN ArmSSR, 1957, 53-73. Abstract: After multiple introduction of adrenalin (I) to 11 dogs, substitution for I of physiological solution led at first to an Increase of the pyroacemic acid content in the blood and later to conditioned-re- flexive hyperglycemia. A similar effect was obser- Card 1/2 KMTAN. N. To. ; TWALTAN, G. To. I f-s-cT of chloroprene on the animal ormnism. Izv.AU Atrm. F SO-Biol.nauki 12 no.2:17-26 F 159. (KIU 12:9) 1. lafedra biokhimii Yerevanskogo meditsinBkogo instituta. (CHLOMWNM--TOX.ICOI"T) BUNYATYKN, G.Kh.; FaMYAN E.Ye. - Effect of unilateral extirpation of the superior cervical sympathetic ganglion on the absorption of glucose and pyruvate by the brain. Vop.biokhis. 2:53-60 161. (MM 15s12) 1. Department of Biochemistry, Medical Institute, Erevan. (Nervous system, Sympathetic) (Glucose) (Pyruvic acid) (Brain) PODMIrANY E.Ye ------ Absorptioia of glucose and pyruvate IV this brain in its various fmctiarisl stiates, Vap.bialihim. 2261-72 161. (KCRA 1542) 1. Department of Biochemistry,, Medical Institute, Erevan, (Glucose) (Pyruvic acid) (Brain) MKHEMY'All, H.Y,- S11ifts ill cf the bralia in wflite rata ,-au8ed by ad-renaline =tiunu~ition. izr. ALN L-m. SSR bic". r~auRi. i~,*r--.8:4'-,'4R Ag'63 (RI RA i 7:.4) 1. b~,J.I,Iinll ', til I,b - MKII- Y. I Ka f e, t ~t BUNYATYAN, G.Kh.; MKREYAN, E.Ye. Activity of brain cerebrosidase. Vop. bdLokhis. 30-9 163. (MW l7s12) 1. Department of Biochemistry, Medical Institute, Erevan. MEYAN,, E.Ye. Now data concerning the effect of the trophic action of the sympathetic nervous system on the brain. Vop. blokhis. 3: 11-18 '63. Quantitative changes in the cerebrosides of the brain of albino rate following simultaneous bilateral extirpation of the superior cervical ganglia. Ibid.tl9-25 (KIRA 17s12) 1. Department of Biochemistry, Medical Institute, Erevan. MKHEYAN, V. Ye., Candidate Med Sci (diss) -- "Experimental data on the effect of dichloro-l,.3-butene-2 on the organism of animals". Yerevan, 1959. 43 pp (Yerevan State Med Inst), 150 copies (KL, So 24, 1959, 151) luldAYMII, -e~ Iffect c-I dechlorob-itero, of. sr-ie 'r,~'::e5 of metaboliBii, morpholo,-Ical comwaltion of '-l()rjrt and different orgmns of unirvLls iin(ler :conditions of Inhalation und expoonre of the akin to the itction c-^ the poison. Izv . K11 lLrri.S&i.Blol.nuliJd 12 no-l-l"15-94 Mr '59- (MIRA 12: Q) 1. Kafedra. gigiyeny tri-,da Terevanskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (CHLORIME (AGtkJIC COMPOTIUDS-TIOXICOLOGY) SIMONOV, M.Z., doktor tekhn.nauk; SARKISYAN, R.R., kand.tekhn.nauk; MAINELYAN, D.S., inzh.; !*MKYAV, R.M., inzh.; GYLIRDZIffmi, A.R., inzh.; MALADZHYAP, P.A-.-- Manufacturing precast thin-valled articles by guniting. Mekh. stroi. 18 no.5:16-18 My 161. (MESA 14:7) 1. Armyanskiy institut stroiteltnykh-'materialov. (Reinforced concrete construction) (Gunite) SOV/1 24-57-5-6043 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. MekhanLka, 1957, Nr 5, p 146 (L;SSR) AUTHOR: Mkhitarov, G. M. TITLE: New Method for the Determination of the Flexural Deformation of Beams (Novyy metod opredeleniya deformatsit balok pri izgibe) PERIODICAL: Sredneye spets. obrazovaniye, 1956, Nr 8, pp 310-4" ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry Card 1/1 * 4 MOVNINF Mikhail S&v*I I yevich; IZRAELIT, A ron G-& . insh., reteenzent; LAUTNER, E.K., nauchnyy red.; SUMUK, Ye.N., red.; KRYAKOVA, D.M., 4&kbn. red. (Technical mechanics)Tekhnichookaia mekhanika. Leningrad, Sud- promgiz. Pt.l.[Theoretical mochani0o)Teoretichookaia mokhanika. 1962. 355 P. (MIRA 16.3) (Mechanics, Analytic) Mikhail Savpllye,,,ich; /~,,AYELIT, Arkin '.7--jri:~av'Arh; --'! ~"h. , r,?,..-~r.zent; -'kIL- , ~ .. ., 1 .1 ..,- red.; SIW"~AY, Yo.'-f [Theoreticai 'Ittor, tici.efikaia mr~x., grad, _3 15 , . - .") Doc Red Sc i MKHITAROV, G. V. Dissertation: "Functional Modifications of the Alimentary Tract and Water-Salt Exchange in Cases of Intestine Fistulas Formed Due to Gunshot Wounds." 24/1/50 Central Inst for Advancement of Physicians 80 Vecheryaya Moskva Sum 71 XMITAROV. 1.A. (Naudshikou). -- - - - - .R% a" 0 X.VW. A#4110w~ Independent work of students In the study of nmthematic@. Yat.v shkole no.6:52-56 W-D 153. (KWA 6:12) (Yeathematics-5tudy and toachiM) M ITAROV, I.A. (Ordzhonikidze) - -- - ~'. -,-- . ~- -- Reducing trigonometric expressions to legarithnic form. Mat.v ahkole n9.1:71-72 Ja-Y 156. (KLHA 9:4) (Trigonometry) PRON I MA, N. N. x t rF MKRITARYAN, A.D* 3lood picture in dysentery in chil(iren treated by antibiotics. -'edia- triin 37 no.5:36-41) V 159. (MII?A 12:8) 1. Iz infektsionnogo otdela (zav. - chlen-korrespondent ANN S&SR iasluzhennyy deyatell nauki prof. A.I. Bobrokhotova) Instituta pediatrii AKN SSSR (dir. - chlen-korre6pondent ANN SSSR prof. 0.D. Softlovs- Ponomarevs) na baze Detskoy klinicheakoy bolluitay imeni Husakovu. (DYSENTIRT. BAGILLAAT, in Inf. & child blood picturs after antibiotic ther. (Rua)) WITIBIOTICS, ther. ume dysentery in child., eff. oa blood picture (hus)) MKHITARYAN, A. D., Cand Med Sci -- (diss) "Clinico-hematoloi;.ical v-e,.,i of acute dysentery in children treated with artibiotics." Floicow, 18 pp; (Academy of Nedical Lcierices U66h, Order cf* Laboi- nie-i Inst of Pediatrics); 20C. copies; price not given; (Ki,, ~'41;) MKHITA.RYAN., A., inzh. Specialize the proaucl-ion of tne ;Ape fitting5 plan-.. Prom.Ar--. 6 no.10:17-18 0 163. (MIRA 17s1) MISIT&RUM, A.K. Seepage through earthen dans built on perimable foundation@ flanked by tail water. ImAN Arm.SM.Ssr.FIMT nauk 1 no.4:289-299 948. (NM 9:8) (Dams) 0oil percolation) 30'11-li -"WrLITARYAN, A. :11. Filltratsiya vody cnerpz zemlyanyya platin) na nepronitsayeVKr. oshovanlyakh (chastnyy 31,.iphay). 17.vpstlyo Akad. nauk Arm. f~,z-matpm., estestv. i tekhn. n2Lki, 1~01 )10. 2.) 'g. -- ""7ywne na a-M. yaz. -- -i- I.iop,,-r: 6 na7v. ; 1 3 41, ; , j r - J. ~! v?Iyr , v -1-7A v N 1, 3 11 , ' t j 1~ 41 ; Y-, , u" , , - 14 1 01 )jr3 j(, I I - I ~ , I , - . I , ~ v . , . N ~ " " 1. . j , I :, , I , - " 1 11 - AW - %, * v , , v )" v 7 1 i! ,, ! . .. I ~ 1. - I - i i I . . I y 7 : ". y , " - , ., ,~-l * v f fill.". , V A. M. , KHTTARYAN, Hydromechanics, Filtration of Liquids and 'lases in a Porous Medium (33,P) Inzhenernyy 3bornik, Vol 15, 19'1, Pp 169-176 Mkhitaryan, A. M. Calculation of Filtration Thr~)ugh an Earth Embankment With a rro3ve and a !rain Considers the problem o" filtr~~tion in an earth embankment with a groove. Abstractor mentions thtt this problem was solved b another method bv F. 9. Nellson- Skornyakov (Tzv. AN S31R, Otd Tekh Nauk, No 9, 1943, p 10) Ref-rativn,t- ~ y 'hurnal -- Mekhanika, No r, 1~54 (W-30976) MaTAUAW, A.K. Filtration of water through an earth dam with paving and apron on a permseble base and slanting Impervious level. Ukr. mat. sbcar. 6 ne.4: 6 154. (KLRA 8:5) (Dame) (Soil percolation) Allot A 11 Tbr itmlr-ady limblein of circulation ok 4 ~C, . .- _ __ f1954),33r-40. (Russian. Arms._-.,_; L'~iuteljr gtnrajl~e lids ri-sultals obtenu_q par Dnrodnitzin ca ifiLroduilailt IC Vl~jov, Mclit A grMldf "Chdit . Suf :Ili,~ sphere ;m lieu de la teTrf- platc) ei la forcc dt Cur;ohs I'atinrepht-re Mant const,14r6c curnme or. fluide barodifte -A vi5qucux (Pali~) Tahn. ?4a-uk, i A (I 955-J, 1 21-40., (Hussii%g. Aame ni'" suulmary~ L'MM-1117 171-Pit-nd lt~s formules de sciii cleuvre analys&. 1-110S~kl , dct:i;N corcernant 1'. (cunpe 0 W ITARYAN, k.H., professor, doktor tekhuicheskikh nauk. Results of the scientific technIcal conference extending &aelstance to the Xulbyshev hydroelectric construction project. Gidr.stroi. 23 no-5:42-43 '54. (KIRA 7-8) 1. Predsedatell Orgicomitsta. (Kuybyshev hydroelectric power station) 11A IV 74 / TA RY- +JV j 7;r-Af I USSR/Geophysics - Atmosphere pressure distribution FD-1709 Card 1/1 : Pub. 45-9/12 Author : Nkhitaryan, A. M. Title : t=ulation of the effect of near-ground friction in the problem of the distribution of pressure at sea level Periodical : Izv. AN SSSR, Ser. geofiz., 80-83, Jan-Feb 1955 Abstract : The author constructs a theory of pressure distribution at sea level that takes into account the friction near the ground (vertical turbu- lent exchange). He solves the problem in the framework of the linear theory and represents the solution in the form of series in spherical functions. Two references: Ye. N. Blinova, "Hydrodynamic theory of pressure waves and action centers of the atmosphere," DAN SSSR, 39, No 7, 1943; W. Ye. Kochin, "Simplification of the equations of hydro- mechanics for the case of general circulation of the atmosphere," Trudy GGO, No 4, 1935; The author acknowledges the help of I. A. Kibel'. Institution : Geophysics Institute, Academy of Sciences USSR Submitted : July 27, 1954 AID P - 3999 Subject USSR/Hydr. Eng. Card 1/1 Pub. 35 - 6/18 Authors Mkhitaryan, A. M., Dr. Tech. Sci. Prof. and V. Ye. Tfi-1i1ffdv9- Lp"g; Title Steel piling at the Kuybyshev Hydro Power Development Construction. Periodical Gidro. stroi., 8, 19-20, 1955 Abstract The process of driving in over 45,000 t of steel piling at the construction site is discmised, In detail. The equipment used Is listed. One diagram. Institution None Submitted No date MIUMN. A. K. on the theory of j&rlp-scals convectiou. Isv. AX Arm. S= Serjm nauk 8 no.1:21-40 J&-F 155. (KIM 8: 6) 1. Todno-energetichelkly in$tltut AN ArmVmskmJr SM* (Beat-Convection) Netssrolom7) KIKITARYAR. A.M. One meteorological application of the theory of large-scale convection. Dokl. AN Arm. SSR 20 no.3:75-60 155. (mm 8:7) 1. Vodno-ensrgetichosidy institut Akedemil nauk Armyanskoy SSR. Predstavleno H.Kh. Arutymayanom. (Beat-Convection) (Meteorology) 21. 11 tM'C~ 0 rtv4T.: 780ciq). Thc cq,~utio-~ .0- minx &-c ft4ditiv,4 Lem IMM "Th' -Witive-teim OYID LAI e equitlons at th Wcaiculnto~ E~ k6chinji. rdlik. obscrv,1935 no. 41, 0 thc ;tx5jimp., 'Con at v alizantal cq% th e Plan-tAry b6hetcht I yiho I- P, ve ex~ pt4.sscd by the in jhc At--6 vel aCity flipm; oboi6&1 (at the fi;rEzo W~amclfil. f0milAiii, to tradaforim the 7T NU ~,7~~ w' 7: :o ' -7 j j j,7~ N. i . ... ...... KnITARTAX, A.M. Distribution of atmospheric pressure on the surface of the earth In the case of nonsonal circulatiou of air. Dokl.Al Arm.= 21 n0.3:97-102 155. (KLRA 9:2) lJodno-energetichaskly institut Akadeall nauk Arwyanskay M. Predstawleno I.T.Teglasaro"u. (Atmosphere pressure) 19LgWYAbit A,,,#.. doktor tAhnicheskikh nauk, professorl CHUBOV. Y.Ye., "!Cr;Q~;r7 Metal cofferdams as used in building the Kuybyshev Hydraulic Power Station. Gi6r. stroi. 24 no.8;19-20 '55. (KLR& 9:3) (Piling (Civil engineering) )(Kuybyshev Rydraulic Power Station) SOVI 24`-7-4-447,~ Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Mckhanika, 1957, Nr 4, p i7i (USSR) AUTHOR: Mkhitaryan, A. M. TITLE: A Novel Method of the Computation of the Seepage Through an Earth Dam on a Permeable Foundation (Novyy fil'tratsionnyy raschet zemlyanoy plotiny na pronitsayernorn osnovanii) PERIODICAL: Tr. Kuybyshevsk. inzh.-struit. in-t, 1956, Nr 3, pp 43-63 ABSTRACT: An approximate hydraulic solution for the problem of the computation of the seepage flow through a homogeneous earth darn standing on a permeable foundation in the case when the embankment of the dam ~,,id the foundation have the same permeabil-ty, and the downstream S-ope of the dam is not equipped with a dra~.nage blanket, The dam is studied with a filled as well as empty tail water section. The author subdi- vides the cross section of the darn into three portions, namely, an upstream wedge, a center porPon, and a downstream wedge; he then utilizes a number of well-known and by now outdated computational assumptions regarding the shape of the flow lines within the dam por- tions indicated. Thus, the flow lines within the upstream wedge are Card 1/2 replaced by concentr:( circular arcs [see Uginchus, A. A., Raschet 50V,'! Z4- 57-4-4476 A Novel Method of the Computation of the Seepage Through an Earth Darn (cont.) fil'tratsii cherez zerrilyanyye plot-.r-, ~Calkulat:on of Seepage Through Earth Dams) Stroyizdat, lq40, p 571 without any reteren(t to existing technical publications. A solution by N. N. Pavlovskiy (formula 4. 1) and a by "Bit'dyug" (formula 4.2) are employed in the case of the downsticarn wedge, again no reference being made to the original sources. Thus the postulates (it (he "novel method of computation of seepage" conta'n notF. ng Yhat s nt-cl. 'rhe author arrives at sarrie very complex systems of equations requir.rg fht- plott rg of --pe( tal graphs. A. A. Uginchus Card 2/2 SOV/124-57- 3- 3274 Translation from: Referativnyy zhu rnal . Mekhanika, 1957, Nr 3. p q2 (USSR) AUTHOR: Mkhitaryan, A. M. TITLE: On the Calculation of Seepage Flow Through Nonhomogeneous Earth Dams Having a Permeable Foundation (K raschetu fil'trats1i cherez neodnorodnyye zemlyanyye plotiny na pronitsayemom osnoN.-anii) PERIODICAL: Tr. Kuybyshevsk. inzh~stroit. in-t, 1956, Nr 3, pp 65-7q ABSTRACT: A presentation of an approximate method for the computation of the seepage flow through earth dams erected on a permeable foundation and equipped with cut-offs of little or no permeability, the central portions of the dams have no drainage blankets on the downstream slope. The pressure losses between the upstream and downstream wedges are determined by the method of N. N. Pavlovskiy. The lines of flow at the entry and the exit of the permeable region of the base are assumed to have the shape of concentric circles (the Bil'dyug method). The Kozeny formula is employed in determining the depth of the seepage flow at the crest of the cut-off By consider- ing separately the seepage flow in the embankment of the dam and in Card 112 the permeable foundation (in accordance with the Dupuy equation), - I SOV/124- 57- 3- 32 74 On the Calculation of Seepage Flow Through Nonhomogeneous Earth Dams (cont ) the author obtains a number of complex relationships for determining the neces- sary elements characterizing the motion of the seepage flow. Owing to the employment of some very far-reaching assumptions tYe method proposed can be regarded as only a very rough approximation of uncertain accuracy. B:bliog- raphy: 6 references. A. A. Uginchus Card 2/2 SOV 124 ~7 -1 810~ Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Mekhanika, 1957 Nr 7(USSRI AUTHOR: Mkhitaryan A. M. T IT I F-: The Calculation of the Seupage 'rhrough an Earth Dam on a Pemicab:e Foundation With Different Seepage Coeffi(ients of the Dain Ervibankment and Foundation (Raschet fil'tratsii cherez zemlyanuyit phoirm na pro nitsayernom osnovanit pri razli(hnykh koeffitsiyentakh fil'tratsil tela i osnovaniya) PERIODICAL.: Sb n a u ( h r r K u y 1) ys hev s k. i n d u s t r i n - t, 11) 5 t, N r ?, b c iok I pp 187- 194 ABSTRACT: The author gives an approximate hydr.ul it method of k ;11( jl,i I ion u the seepage through dams built on perrneabie foundations for ( a';CS when the seepage coefficients of the dam embankment are differ(-rif from those of the foundation In the calculation of the scepage through the upstream and downstream wedges of the darn the author divides the seepage areas into Iwo parts assum:ng the foundation of the dam as a horizontal dividing line. This appears to imply the supposilion that the flow lines beginning at the upstream slope ( annot enter into Card I /Z the area of the permeable foundation It is of course impossible to 5 0 V 1 24 7 7, 8. 1) The Cah.ulation of the Seep4ge Thri_)agh ar, Earth Darn a Perrnca~,;e _F~- ~ agree with this conception expressed by the authur espe(idll~' In tho"t- La-,t." 'Ahcre the foundation is more permeable than Iht- embankment ut the dam. For 'he ,, lu 110r of he question of the lengths of the nivan pail, of water lra~vl ir. ht- totind,oiurs of the upstream and downstream wedges the author employs the old Illt-thL)d whILh t real s the path of water travel as a cir( ular arc. The calculation of the uppcir pdrt of the downst ream Wedge IS made in a( ( urdar ( e with the obsolete formula of N N pa-10% skly I I /m i , whe re m I is the tangent u1 the angle of the ;nt 11- c of 0.,- lower slope with respe( I to the horizon More ac( urate reldt ion,,hip-., flur ex.inipic Mikhaylov, G K_ Gidrotekhnika I niehorat.s!~a 19 ~ ' N , '~ are he..-.g !~ (L1" A~, a result the author obtains a L omplex sv~- leni at equat ur- .k I-( h he "'ggc'! " (Jl ,, I ng by the graphic method. Design graphs ar- (,tiered for a t a~t- vhv,i thc r,$' L) of the seepage coefficients equals 10. T..i, It,, it I,- t ur, idc rat L)!, I 1~v (, , - made in this fret iew it is hardly possible to E'Xpt'( ' d P1 ILtI( dl ~ippli~ 'itior W 'I t appr(,x, mation method suggested by the author When !:t-L t" ar~ ;, i, -,) ,u(1% the model on the EGDA (electro livarodynami( ,n.,io~,,) , cwtiplitcr A A Card 2/2 KKHIT~Mg-,"&.,_ Distribution of atmospheric pressure at sea level. Isv.AU SSSR Ser. geofis. no.7:831-834 Jl 156. (NZRA 9:9) l.AkeAsmiya nauk Aroyanskoy SSR, Vodno-energeticheskiy institut. (Atmospheric pressure) KIHITARUN. A.M. Distribution of atuospheric pressure at 9o& level in general atuo- spheric turbulence. Izv.AN AJM.SM.Ser.YW nauk 9 no.9:67-96 '56. (NLRA 10:2) 1. Vodno-snergotichoskAy institut AN Arsqanskoy M. (Atmospheric pressure) AHANYAN, Antik Urpovich; MWITARTAN. A.H., otvetatvanW red.; KAPIANYAN, N.A., - -- C]Pluid flow at the bond of a pipe] Dvizhanie zhidkosti na povorots vodovods. Brovan. Izd-vo Aked. nauk Armianskoi SSR, 1957. 361 p (Pluld dynamics) (MIRA 11:'5i --Tcrt4 , 5 ) PHASE I BOOK M~L,OITATION SOV/2208 Whitaryan, Artashes Melkonovich Gidravlika I gidromekhanika (Hydraulics and Hydromechanics) Kiyev, Gostekhizdat USSR, 1958. 374 p. Errata slip Inserted. 9,000 copies printed. Ed.: M. Pisarenko; Tech. Ed.: K. Gusarov. PURPOSE: This Is a textbook for students of polytechnical and power vuzes specializing in boilers and turbine manufacturing. It may also be used as a textbook for students of other vuzes. COVERAGE: The author presents basic information onhydraulics and hydromechanics for the course, Hydraulics and Hydromechanics. The book Is based on lectures read by the author aL Kuybyshevskiy IndustrialInyy institut (Kuybyshev Industrial Institute) and Kiyevskiy ordena Lenina politekhnicheskiy Institut (Kiyev Order of Lenin Polytechnical Institute). In addition to theory and problems the book contains a manual for laboratory exercises6 The author thanks Docent N. N. Shepelevskaya and assistants, V. Ya. Fridland Card 1/1-4- e__ KKITARYANg A.N. P-,.- - -- 42ant~itative analysis of the discontinuous solution of a problem on the determination of the characteristics of ste&d.7 wave tvalas in a rapid flow.' Isv. AS Arm, SSR. Ser, f Is,,-iot. nauk 11 no*lt47- 66 158o (an 11 W 1, Todn"nergetichaskly inatitut 0 AnqsnskW 3M (Wavle) (Wdrodynamics) WRITARTAN. A.M. 'i U"'Shing Slainam depth of Laka Sevan in relation to evaporation. Izv. AN Arm.SSSR. Ser.tokh.nauk 11 no.5:17-22 158. (KIRA 11:11) 1. Todno-anargeticheskiy Institut A ArmSSR. (Bevan, Lake--Physical geography) 3(7) AUTHOR: MYhitaryan, A.M. SCV/22-11-6-9/10 TITLE: 7i 'od e 7 o f a nUnsteally Monsoonic Zonal Atmospherical Cir- culation (Model' nestatsionarnoy zonallnoy mussonnoy tsirkulyatsii atmosfery) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii nauk Armyanskoy SSR Seriya fiziko-matemati- cheskik~ 11~ Nauk, 1958, Voi 11, Nr 6, pp 1-14 (US,3R) , ~ *4 p, ., ABSTRACT: In a former paper ZrRef 10- the author considers the free hi~at convection in the large and solves the instationary, non- linear, nonzonal problem of heat convection of a real barocline terrestrial atmosphere under consideration of the gravitational force and of the Coriolis-acceleration. In the present paper it is shown how to use this solution in order to construct the instationary model of a monsoonic zonal circulation. The problem is based on the following scheme : The spherical earth is separated by a parallel into a homogeneous northern con- tinent and a southern ocean, so that the motion is independent of the degree of longitude. The temperature distribution of the atmosphere on the surface of the earth is assumed to be known. Card 112 Several examples are numerically calculated. 12 Model of ar Unsteady onsoonic Zonal Atmospherical SOV/22-11-6-9/10 Circulation There are 14 figures, and 12 references, 10 of which are Soviet, 1 German, and 1 American. ASSOCIATIONs Vodro-energeticheakiy institut AN Armyanskoy S3R (Hydro- Power Engineering InstituteAS Armenian SSR) SUBMITTED: March 25, 1956 Card 212 10(2) PHASE I BOOK EXPWrWION SOV/2711 Ukhltaryan,, Artashes, Nelkonovich Gidravllka, i oenovy gazodinamiki (Eydraulies and Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics) kiyevj, Goatekhizdat USSR., 1959. 279 P. 5,000 copies printed. Ed.: M. Plearenko; Tech. Ed.: S. Matuserich. PURFOR: This textbook ir intended for students of specialized courses in heath power engineering at polytechnical and power engineering schools 4dd may also serve an a annual for courses of other departments in schools of higher tech- nical education. COVERAW: This textbook was written in accordance with the educational pro- grant for the course *Hydraulics and Fundamentals of Gas Dynamicam approved by the Soviet Ministry of Higher Education on June 9, 1955, and is the first to be polished according to this program. It presents basic information on hydraulic* and lmpo;tamt concepts of gas dynacdco. Examples clarifying the theoretical conclusions of the individual chapters am given. Chapter III was vr1tten by Assistants T. S. Maksimov and V. Ya. Pridlamd of the Depart- ment of Hydraulics of the Kiyev Order-of-Lenin Pblytechnical Institute. The Card ltIA3, 7- AUTdOR: TITM: On the, dave.:; in '_annelz ~O bystrotck:e ) PERIODi(;AI,:Izvestiya Akadeiaii 'iaulk Nau..K. .-I'nergetika i A-%rtoinatiza l.pp 9C,.-,1)9 ABSTRACT: Tile autiior descri'L',!~_ a II&HJ-'I, )~i :,i' trie roll wavez "Ref 1~~. Cne 1-j-.tu:e cf wa,,fes is snjwn in Fig i. wijere -,j - 4L_-Iination o~ tLe Lottom. wavelength, ~L~i,*.:i~,,~L f~eir t re5oectivel7. hi, arli .-' Prie denotati,,ns al-, iL3 fo.11cws: E - eaerKr. p - pres~;ure, -~,j and p2 - PIC-_35,Lre ~3a,:jcnents, F - density. ~1 hei6Lt of free s_rface, i inclination Of' tne bott".mil. .L Ve-L)'i~y of the &2 4c)/(:e - ol C - Chezy -,oeffi~;ient. he equation of motion along, the 'j(!JO(;4t',', of axis x is given as Eq (Ii-A) vine re (_ trave il ing wave,-, t r ime o'Lttii t-.,e transfo.-mat ion of the cc.-ordinates .1.,; the form Eq ii;us to f -a i X, hl.. n2, four Card 1/~ equations are r~q kfl.-)) a,-.d (1-6). N-iieri cne of 4- On the Waves in 'teep Caaranels these unknowns is assumea to be m-)wn ' f,3r examole, the wavelength W. then the prcfLle of the wave and the relation between the depth and its veioCity can be found from Eq (l.b) to (1.11) (Ref 6, 28) where the profile is determined for the 2 cases: continuous - Sq (1.5) - and interrurted --- Eq (1.6) -- trarel of the wave.. The conditions of the formation of the travelling waves can be defined from Eq (1.9) when the depth is determined b Eq (2,1) and u--'Puo (Eq 2.2). Thus the formula (2 3~ can b otz;ained, Whig-' shows that the velocity of the water particies is smaller than that of the wa,7e propag-atioa. If' Eq (1.10) and (,f.i) are subs-cituted iiito Eq (2.15) tae exprestiion -,C--,.5) is found., from which Eq (2.b) ~,) (2.8) are deberrii-ned. Thus ihe cGndiLion of formation of waves can 1)e expressed as -,,q (2.9). The specific eli-Lations of '.~ie wave profile (Eq 2.b) and of i-iie discont.Lr-uity Eq (1.6) can be defined as Eq (3.-1)" Pnen Eq c,,.,,: be written as Eq (3.2) and (~.3) ani Eq (1.6) as 1,,q (3.4). Thereftre the motion ~--an be deter-~,Jned only from I.ard 2/5 Eq (3.5) and the relation hi to ii,) from Eq ~'or On the Waves i-n 3teep rarzieis h and S,~ .I>h;:, and tLe 2ondit-i-)zi formulae (3.-)) to ( are toand a when is given, the cf n, f-an be c-~icu,atel frcm ~Srj (5.10) and h2 f rom t Le lie it~ht- E t r3m z~q ( 7-. Il) and the wave P' nof-Lle from c~q I? e values of uo. !i0; q0) -tions ct tne FA, FB, al a2 a ad a 4 a I-e, fx' C I . ji*1 be d. characterl~~t.,,,,. L I I e from i-,q (C'.--,. j 7 I.- , I - L anu `~b) for example, 110 C f 0 T. C) LO 0.1i.:.i. q,) 0. C 5') 1, finen tiie of Eq 5.10 aiA are --a-13u.2ated for X-+D and "Ases expressed `-)y the formulae (4.1) to (4.10) ~an be (~ , wni,---r, are sli-own -,n Fig 2 and 3. YL~~ ~ i--iiustrate,6. tLie ieiaLionship between the ma)r-~mum heigYit cf the wave and trie caaracteristics of the steep channel and the wave length I-,i hi (S~ ix); the cux-ves -orrespond-ing te. J-& z: O(A) ' 0.09 0.10., 0.15, 0. 20' 0.50, O-qO~ 0. 50 0.60 C.IJC and JL~ (2). Card 3/5 Fig 3 repnFsents the relat-Lc,.,,311~ip of' I-Jie Jf the On the Waves in Steep Channels discontinuity and the characteristics of the steep channel and wavelength 1-1 = H (1, ik); the curves corresponding to i-K = 0(l), 0.05, 0.100 0.15, 0.207 0. 30, 0.40, 0.50, 0.60, 0.80 and iX = 00 (2). The wave velocity is calculated from the expression (3.4) for qO found from Eq (5 1), the mean value of which can be obtained from Eq (5:2), (5.3) and (5-5). Fig 4 shows the relationship of the coefficient of the wave velocity and the characteristics of a steep cliannel and wavelength; the curves correspond to ik = 0(l), 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 and iX = 00(2). The experiments were carried out with models by the Institute of ".1'ater Power of the Academy of Sciences, Armenian SSR and by the Gyumush Hydroelectric Power Station, tLe results of which are shown in Tables 1 and 2 respectively (b - width of the trouGii, hmax - nr~Lximum height, h.% - critical neight, cO - mean ,ielocity of wave propagation). Some of these results are shown in riE, 5 (I - hN, 2 and 3 - calculated values for the model numbers 20 and 17, 4 and 5 -- the observed values for the Card 4/5 above model numbers). It shouid be noted that the On the Naves in -'Aee~) "'iianxiels . UV/,~4- `5 advantage of the metnod wtiere vie calcu"Lation is based on the wavelent_~th is tt-zt it (�~-ves tile L-LE;h accuracy in spite of the relative--Iy large error in riie determination of the wavelen6th.. there are 5 figures, 2 tables and 35 references. SUBMITTED: 10th May 1958 Card 5/5 OGMA, T.A. ; WMIYAN. &.K.; Vs&LFAYKII, A.A. Chm-radtoriatics of turbulent exchange in the boundary layer next to the surface of Lake Bevan. Izv.AII Arm.SSR-Ser.tekh.nauk. 12 ao.1:37-44 '59. N (MIRA 12:4) 1. Vodno-energeticheakly institut AN Arm.=. (Sevan, Lake) (evaporation) k I&.- . ------ -- - - - - - -- ARMOT, Pavel Pavlovich, prof.. doktor takhn.nauk; IMBITARYAN, A.M.. gp*tg,r~4d.; IMICRIM, I.Te., red.; RMATINA, A.L.. red.; YUNCTMIT, Te.B.,, ENydroolectric Power stationst principles of the utilixotion of water power] Oldroeloktrostantaiii oanovy ispollsovaniia vodnol energli. Xlev, Gos.isd-vo lit-ry po stroit. L arkhit. USSR. 1960. 452 p. (MIRA 13:10) (Hydroelectric power stations) P q, T~560 3/124/62/0- 12 101/~ 5 2 ~q,0/0 1) 23) 7 / :~ -,-' C I Au_,H~,R: MAh.L uaryan, A. TI:. , and Laoinov, S. D. T I :,evi ~.el.`.-ods of controil'-ng the :-aseo,,~s `Io~in P:', R I o L Reierativryy zh.u-nal, 1-:e-hanika, no. 3, : J5'2, 'jI_ 33656 Vses- , nauchio-tek...n. soves .:. c.., ya Do volozaborn. sourush, i ruslovym nrotsess;.-m, M loiiisi, 1960, )4 - 60) 'XI Genera! c-rs4.4_eratioi,s are presentea or. the -1,nfiuence electrostatic field on the ."low of ionize', Llas in t~`,e _-Y er, alone a -Equations of the an incorzDresiible ionized ---as ar e g ver. an d , a --:- o ir. E ~ 3 thors, t..eir solution requires t.,ie kno,.viedge of a number -,f tudes, w,iich they hope to obtain experimentally during -.i.e of a plane condenser. T,:isprints occur in the article. [Abstractor,s note: Complete translation]. Card 1/1 MKHI TARYAN, A. H. Determining evaporation from the surface of I"e Sevan. DDkl.AN Arw.3SR 30 n0.3--149-155 160. (KIBA 13:8) 1. Institut energetiki I gidravliki IL~dsmii mauk AroyanakcW SSR. Predet&vleno akad. AN ArWanskoy SSR U.1h.Arutyuryanon. (Sevan Lake-Jivaporation) WHITARTAN, & M. One solution for an equation on turbulent heat conducti-wity. DoILl. AN Arm.SSR 30 no.4:219-224 160. (MM 13:8) 1. Institut energetiki i gidrawliki AkademikIl nauk AriWanmkoy SSR. Predstavleno SSR. Predstavleno akad. AN AriMmalcoy SSE II.Kh. Arutyunymnov6 (Reat-conduction)