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December 31, 1967
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ROLNAR, P. Fundamental problems of crossbar exchange design. In English. P. 175. MOLNAR Pall The first EftLngariart crossbar central exchange. KcrtzaU kozI PCL 26 no.114:1655-167 160. (EUI 9tla) 1. Beloiannism Hiradastachnikai Gyar. (Hungary--Telephone) molme P.;KOTAGS, 1. Affect, of Oyms-extraat on traraplante& Brown-Pearco, cancer in rabbits, Orr. hetil. 93 na.2:33-@ 13 Fab 1952. (CIML 23.-2) 1* Doctora. 2. Staged Municipal General Hospital (Director -- Kea& Physiaian, -- Dr. Pal Molnar) an& Institute of Pathological An&tomW an& Pathological, Histology (Director - Prof. Dr. Bels, Urpasey), stage& Kedical University, HOIRa, P.;KOVACS, X,;TIBOLDI, T.;KMOSI, L.;-VARM, 1. .. Moscow, Sew contribmtions on the mallgnanc7 expediting effect of tbyxus on extract an the Brown-Pearce carcinoma. Orr. hatil. 94 no.24:659-661 14 June 195.3. (CLXL 25:1) 1* Doctors, 2, Institute of Pathological Anatomq anct Pathohiatology (Director -- Prok. Dr. Bela Korpaasy) of Szege& Medical Universitr anci Snege(I ftalaipal Gouncil Hospital (Dixector -- Dr. Pal Molnar), e4'1v@l If - @P- GWYARI, Nerqhirt; X01M. Pal; TIBOLDI. Tibor; KOVACS, ralman; KWASff, Aiterotransplaxitation of the Brovik-Pearce carcinoma from rabbits to white rate. Kiserletee orwostud. 6 no.5.:4&-A66- Sept 51@. (NIOPLASXS, transpi. Brova-Pearce careinoma from rabbit to rat testes, eff. of cortisqAp.& x-irradiation) (Rammm RAYS, eff t46ta3- bqd@r on. haterotrauspl. of rabbit Brown-Pearce careiribma to rat,teste) (AM. eff. on haterotranspl. of rabbit Brown-Pearce carcinoma to rat testes) TIBOLD.I, Tibo,r, dr.,; MOLUAR, dr.,-; DAVID, Hargit, dr..,-; KOVACS, ralman,dr. Affect of isonicatinic acid bydrazide on Brown-Pearce carcinoma in rabbits. Orr. hetil.,96 no.6-.151-153 6 Feb 55. 1. A. SzeVdi OrroetudomaxVi XareteMLXorbouctani es Xorssovettani ratesetensk (igaZgat0jL KorMsey Bela dr. sCret, tan- ) so a Varael, Tanacs Xorhazanak tigaigato: Molnar Pal dr.) korlemenye. (RICOTINIC ACID ISOKES, effects, am Brown-Pearce carcinoma in rabbits) (NEGPWMS, experimental,.L 'Brown-Pearce carainoMaL. eff. of nicotinie acid isomers), q -@ w o of robbitit @,T. Tibold l4i par" cattin -mg TAvid. K. , A jig' es b.,Ao" fonintionin Drom-Feup-0, " cs, to I . - 6f prom"R - ht - euce cart Qmt tot, grow-i Vith' Oki 'the INU--doses usv& er WA W -- t0nm Were wted. 7@7 NDLUARt F&I Baela principles of dimensionine 400-11ne crossbar sub- exchange manufactured at the Bbloianniez Telecommni- o&tioa Engineering Factory. @ir'-t echn. 15 no.9&257- 259 S 164, L. Belaiannies Teleaammunication Engineering Factory-, Budapest. MOLNAR, Pal I @ dgaiitic works of the Ermetnt Bridge. Geod kart 16 no.6: .405-414 164. Vitamia C and ovutadm- LAW& Sceptsi (Unly. Budapest). M I ix"19MI.-to 13 of 18 casts. nomW women 4,3voled tbe7 hithest. vitfunin ratentma Im MY gems an the 12-loth I fity. The date of owWatWu (a dowted by a W-Mft de- ca*t ot vitamk Ccwttat. rstvill play @ L fA P" f'@' The role of, roentgen examination in differential dUagnoff is. of appendicitis. Acta mod& hung. Sizppl. 6 no.1:101-1& 1954. 1. 1. Chiraigische Klinik und 11.,Prauenklinik der Kedizinischen Universitat' b4dapeat, APPM101VIS, differ. diag. X-ray-) 41fi 0,20 ZMOK Itant .1r.; MOLNAR, Rosso, c1r. Problems in. radiother&W of carvical e4weere NW& noorre IAP* 17 no. 3 -.16N-166 Kw_ 54,. 1.@A Badapeati Orrostudomanri j&wtem ir, ese Sabasseti. Ilinikaja (Ignsgato: Sedri Indre dr, agratemi tanar) Roantganoestal3rinak (foorroo: Zeebok Zoltan dr. kanditatus) as ir. as. noi klinikaJanak (icasgatot Zoltan Imre dr. eastemi tanar) kouleserqe. (MVEC' UMM, -neoplasms, ther..* radiol.) (RADIOTHEWIT, -in various diseaseal cancer of uterine cervix) ZSIBOK, Zoltan, dr.; MOLITAR,.Rezso, dr. Problems in radiotherapy* of cervical cancer. rr. Methods of radiotherap5r. Kh4nr,noorv.l&p.l7 no-5:276-288 Sept 54. L. A Budapasti OrvostudomaWi F47stem Ir. oz.' Sebeazati Klinikaja (Igazgato: Hadri. ihdredr. effetemi tanar) Routgenoaztalyanak (Foorvos: Zaebok Zoltan dr. candidatus) so rl. sz.116i klinikL- janak (rgAzg&tot Zoltan Imre dr. egFetemi tanar-) kozlemenye. (R&DIOTMMAPY, in various die. cancer of cervix, methods & results (Han) (MVIII UTIMINS neoplasms ra&iothar., methods & results) EXf'r,,PPTA ',.:MICA See 10 Vol.8 /10 Obstetrics Oct 55 '814 'NIOLN AR R. , MG0 J. and VER6 T. Budapesti Orvostud. E -tem It, szd- deg L@@. Kdglemdnye. Tapasztalataink a *Kov. -rdle @Ijlrlssal. '60 Experiences with Kovacs' in c t h o d MAG. RV. LAPJA 1934, 17/6 (355-368) Tables 4 -251- For interruption of advanced pregnancy the uterus is filled with 20 glucose 96lution extraovularly. This method was employed in 64 cases. In 42 cases the abortion was completed after a s1hgle filling of the.uterus. Administration of pituitary extract does not influence the duration of the abortion, In 17 cases the procedure was repeated after 48, hr.,, in two cases three times. In 6 patients the bortion had to be terminated by vaginal hysterotomy. Fever occurred in the uerperium in 6 cases (in 4 due to the illness, which indicated the interruption) P saff@ - :5zelze*d A ZSEBOK, Zoltan, dr.;,MTA6R- 11azzo, dr. V A.Iterations of the sigmoid flexure in relation to adnexitis. KaMr. noorv. lap 18 no.5*.257-262 Sept 55. 1. A Audapesti Orvosegretem 1. sz. Sebesveti Klinikaja (rgazgato: Iledri, Indre dr. egyatemi tanar) Rontgenoiaztalyanak (Tezato: Zaabok. Zoltan dr.' egyatemi docens) es IT. sz- Noi Klinikajanak (Igazgato: Zoltan, Tiara Ir. egyetemi tanar) kozlemenye. (COLOR. (liseanes sigmoiditis in adnexitis, x-ray diag.) (AD=TIS. comp'licatione sigraoiditis, x-ray- diag. EOIMF.. rare, di..; vAczr, Laszlo, (irj.; XOLIfAR, Rezoo, dr.,;S&NDCR. Tibor, dr.j;@XUM. 07-orgy-I dr. Our results in the therap7 of cancer of the uterine Cervix, an(i theoreti,cal problems of the therapy. Kea aooky. Up. 19- no.L-. JarL 56 1. A, Dadapes tj L Orwostudomaqg la to a7jbj@@ 13j. noi, klint k%janak koilemenye: (19"9&to-. Zoltw1we'dr., J&e'temi tanar) ther.,F follow-up & sure. problems (ffun)) ZXCLVrA MMICA Sec.6 Vol.11/2 Internal.Med. Feb-57 1291), MOLNAR R Budapesti Orvostud. Egyet. 11. sz NOi Klin. KozL., Budapest. vDia3etea insipidus 6s terhess6g egyUttes el0fordulisa. Concomitant diabetes inalpidus and pregnancy MAG.NbORV.LAPJA 1956, 1914 (239 -243) Report on a 28-year-old para-11 whose pregnancy was complicated in the 3rd month by diabetes insipidus. The complication may assume either of 2 forms: (1) the diabetes may exist before the pregnancy or (2) it nlay occur in the course of the pregnancy or the latent diabetes may become manifest during the pregnancy. Clinical, prognostic and therapeutic aspects In these.cases are discussed; the abundance of clinictl data on the condition from the literature is supplemented by the data obtained In this case, (X,6) GlaWN. Gyula. dr.; Maa,,.!Lz.9o.,dr RAROtborapir in female genital tuberculosis. Kaff. noorr. lak, 19 no.5:301-306 Sept 56. 1. k Budapeati.Orvostud. 11. al. noi klinikajanst kozl. ,(Igaz.: Zoltan,lmre dr. offetemi, tan .). (MB]MGMSIS,'FWALS GWITAL, ther. ratli'Other.. off. & indic. (Run)) (ROrOTIMOT', inwioua dia. tubere female geni-tal, eff. &_indic. (Run)) ZOLTAII. 1. VAGZT. L,4 NDLYAR R SAINDOR# T. KUM, Or* '"sults-In therapy of portia carcinoma, and basic problems of tberapr. Art& mod. hung. 10 zid-3:217-232 1957. 1, 11 -FrauenklInit der Nodi inischen Vnivergitatp Budapest. @GMVIX NMPUSMS. thers, radiother& & surg. in carcinoma, of portio, vaginalis Wer)) (RADIOTHERAPY, in Tarious dis. cancer of portio, vaginalis of uterine cerTiz (Gpr)) Functional pelrjmetr7, functional spatial diaproportionatness, Magy, noorr. lap. 20 no.6.367-376 Dea 57. 1,@ A: Bmdapesti Orvoatudomanyi Ikyeten IL as. noi klinikajann koslemenye (Igazgmto: Zoltan Imre). (PNLVDM?xr funet. pelvimetr7 & spatial diaproportiouatueen (Run)) VACZT, Iasz1o, ir.; KOLW, Rezaa, Dr.; CSILIAG, Miklos, Dr. 1--@- Effects of changes im hormonal ailiem on the radiation sensitivity of Guerin carcinoma. gagy. noory. lap, 21 no.2:65-71 Ipr 58. 1. L Budape sti Orvostudomanyi. Wetem. 11 sz. goi Klinikajanak Irozlemanye (rgazgato- Zoltan I mere dr. egyet. tanar). (;MC HORMNW, eff. on radiation sensitivity of rat Guerin carcinoma (Ikn)) (IIEOPIASMS. exper. eM of sex hormones onpadiation sensitivity, of rat Guerin (Rnwiow, eff. on rat Gumerin craiuomm, influence of sex hormones on radiation sensitivity (Hun)y m0im, Rem; ITAGY, Iva Role of the technic in obstetric x-ray diagnosis. Nagy. noorr. lap. 21 no.LP:211-214 Aug 5;8. I.-A'Budapesti Orwostudomanyl. Ygyeten II az* noi klinikzLjanak (IgExzgato: Zoltan Imre dr. egVet. tanar) ea I. sz. Sebeezeti. Klinikaja (Igazgmto: Redri Sadre dr. egyet tanar) Rontgenoostalyanak (Tezeto: 9sebok Zoltan dr. eg7et decens) koxlemerwe. (OBS71MCS obst. roentgenograpby, reduction of radiation dose by bard-ray technic (Hum)) (ROEMINGRAM in obst., reduction of radiation dose by hFLrd-ray technic (Hum)) ...... vNeRMS21MM'M -M4. Sea. 6 Vol 13/12 InterrAl red. De PTA 59 7561. PREGNANCY COMPLICATED BY DIABETES INSIPIDUS - Glefi-hzeltiges Vorkommen von Diabetes inalpidus und Schwangerachaft - 16lotad r R, 7 IL Frauealdin-, bted. Univ., Budapest: - GYNAEfZOLOGLkT=e1j -IM"nT. 146/2 (157-1531 7" Two types of diabetes insipidus are distinguished. (1) where diabetes Insipidus enfsts before pregnancy,, (2) where the disease develops during pregnancy, ora previously e latent condition. suddenly manifests Itself. The Ist type is very rar and its prog- nosis unfavourable, the condition being usually aggravated during pregns:ncy. The 2nd type has a more favourable prognosis, spontaneous recovery being quite com- mon., A description is given of a personal case of severe diabetes insipidus of the lit type, in which the pregnancy had to be interrupted because of the debariorating condition of the patient in the 3rd montfL With therapy, It is very import- ant to krow whether, In the patient's past history, an endocrine disease, an acute or chronic infection, a trauma, of the CKS, etc., existed. No great therapeutic result should boe expected froiu, implantationof hypophysis, nor from. parenteral. adminis- tration. of posterior pituitary extract. In the present case, only the administration extract in the form of snuff proved successful. postez4o;.,pituitar Gruz (X, 3, At L M a A IS L A X,A E a AX'X'X X AL A ME J 1, U 4 U it 13 3 V J1. 0 ,A 1 0 b M A lP70 IV19P F16CROM Ak* 0`4101#111[t WC41 M S OWD ND PILL 14I ING IN MOD ?IT 2 (B 733 is A AR N . . oInar, anyEsz. . Kohanz. Lapok 1949 Vol 6# 232-236; I V 920---t. 1949, 01 85 itorking starte main drifts at intervals of 80 to 0,0 si,,@from which sec@nary drifts are so started up at intervals of 16 to 18 m. Working and renoval a 0 0 to the conveyor belt is by hand. Air sy; ply is thrcugh air so j galle-ries and ventilators. The arch like trustj caused by the working,which change# as Lt progresses, is utilised. zoo The drifts are fixed uo that the thnset t@ose seams where t@o % roof and the floor are softer then the coal. In utilistrig this t1must, the fol -owing factors must be observed t porgrees in working must be in proporti-n to the Increase Z in thrust. As theincreass in tExust dope-do on the time, a poeteriorie conclusion can be &own an tb progreag of the working. A oomparison is made of bord.and pillor working with see long wall mining and its sphere of utilisation. The number of drifts and the mmber of necessary corseyor belts ;We I , , wxtent of preparatory working in mitable in thick seems. (1.50 to s* 2a) where the cdjacent strata are brittle or softer than ILA ait RITALLURGICAt Lff9#&7WI CLaSSWICATION stow S11"1111're 00.4-T MOW )ill OHV OVIL VILL11 W 4Xr Aft - . Q, I T q W A Aft L11 af.4 0 9 IN I W M 9 a 0 - at, K a . x a it $9 at 19 X X117.4 0 s s 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 010 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 Oslo * 0 0'.* 0 - W - W Q 0 C * 0 0 0 0 0 0 SZABO, Lajqo, dra; KOVACS,, Istvaral MUM-, Samwl The Peas confereum on transportation noise. Fecei mtwz szemX- 8 na.2t64 Ap-je, '63. L. Peas megy9i jaga varas Kozegempegugyi es Tarvanyugyi Allomas as. B&ranym Hqyei,KosrgeszsePgyi. as TarvanyugA Allows.. M Data on clinical mianifestatione of infantile, bLepeLtitia bgLaed on 50 cases. Oyermekgyogyastat 8 no.7-8:22&-234 4TU4-Aug 57- 1. Tas geaei Tama% OtfarkusovszkyO Xorhaza (rgazgato: Sf:voboda Jew) Gyarmekoaztalyanak (foorv'os: Prank Kalman) kozlemenyo. (, IMIRGTIOUS, in Inf. & ChILL clin. manifest., progn. & ther. in inf. (Hun)) EXCERPrA I-EDICA Soo 7 Vol. 11/9 Pcdiatrica SzP 57 2306. MO AR S. Kinderabl, Kom. Krankenh. 11%larkusovszky', Szombathely, LIN IT-ngarn. Mum klinischen Ablauf der SUuglingshepatitis auf Grund vor 50 F51- len.The prognosis of hepatitis in infancy; a study of so a a s e a MSCHR. K12NDERIf EILK. 1957, 105/2 (49 -53) Graphs 4 Tables 2 In the period of :1952-1955 56 infants suffering, from hepatitis were observed. Eleven infants died (180[a). Itis concluded that the duration of.the icterus is longer than in older children and that the prognosis is poor compired to the prognosis of hepatitis in older children. Stoppelman - Amsterdam (XX, 7) -J HOWAR, Saudor;, AMMOYSZKY, Barna Yollow xm of -oremature infants treated, at the premature warct of the hospital of szombathel:7 between. Jauuax7 1, 1950, and December 31, 1955. Gyerm&.gyog7as,xat 1) no.1-3:35-41 J'au-tkr 58. 1. Tasnegrei Tanace, garkusovazky korhaza. (Igazgato., Dr SzvobodEL Jeno) Gyermakosstalyanak (Ifoorvos. Dr. Frank Ulman) kozlemanys. (MANT. PRPXLTM I follow up, statist. (Han)) MOLMR, Sandor. Dr. Ifttrition. of infants in the chronic stage of diarrhea. Oyermekaogyanzat 9 no.4-6-143-149 Apr-jbze 58. 1. A Tastnegyei Tanacs Karkanovetky LaJoa rorhaza (Igasgato: radas Uzzlo dr.) Gyernekoaztalyanak (foorvonz Frank Iralman, dr.) kozlemanye. (DrApmu, in inf. & child. mxtrition, of inf. im chronla staea (Hun)) PML_Sandor, Dr.; PATAKT, Gyor , Dr. 917 Blood transaminases in infancy. Oyermekgrogyagzat 10 na.41105-113 Apr 59. 1. The megpai Tanacs Markasovsslgr rajos Korhaza, (IgazgEtto: ladaa Lazzlo, dr Wermokositalyanak (Foorvou r Frank Kalman dr. 69 Kow- ponti laboratoriuannak (Poorvost Solymoss Bela dr) koxlememys. (TUMMMSIS, in blood. glutamia oxalacetia &,gjutamia pyruvia transminaaes in various die, in inf. OWL)) BURGEa,..Tibor# dr.j MOLUR, Sandory dr. The importance of the determination of alk-allne phospbatase activity in the differentiall diagnosis of hemato.Iogical dioeaseas Or@, hetil, 104 no.8047-349 24 F t63. Pecsi Orvostudomanyi Egyetem., I. Belklinika.. (POLICYTHEM-TA VERA) (HODGKWtS DISEASE) (DIAWOSISp DIFFEMITIAL) (BLOOD ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE) (ENZYME TESTSI (HWATOLOGY) (90NE HOMW DISEASES) (Lm6aus) (BUSMYAN) Sandor, ardeszet'L eloado Renewal of the Debrecen Grand Forest, Park, F-rda ZZ ro.4,155-15 wi I Lp 163. 1. Executive Committees City Council,, Debrecen. Ji I t VOLNAR, Sandort azallitisi tariaosada Some probl.ems of gravel pm&actellon, d:Lstr:.btz-.4"*n a::d tran5-- portatica. Kazleked kczl 20 no.45@-72P-7211 8 11 1641. . .1. Cbief Lnapooll.-or of the Mogarlan 5tate Railways (Radired). FA _0f34'J9T_S(jU_ @GECO1171,'- HU/0005/65/071/012/05U/0521 Inzeltne. Gerber Edit: Urf nr AUTHOR: Nag, @a 4// I ORG: Pepartment of Physical Chemistry-an-Ma-Mlogy,, Eotvos LorandiUniversitY4 Budapest (Eotvos Lorand Tudomanyegyetem, Fizikai-K6miai as RadiologL4 Tanszek)* Fnectrochemical Research Group of the AcadeEC, Buda22sb (Elekbrokemiai Akidamial 1@_ ir 1. Cutato, Csoport) TITIS: Combined slit-collimator for the measurement or the distribution of gamma- J radiatina i3otoms SOURCE: Magyar kemial folyoirat, Y. 71# no. 12,. 1965p 511-521 TOPIC TAGS: collimator, radioisotope, gamma radiation 1,BSTFACT: A combined slit-collimator is described for the measurement of the linear distribution of g@Lmma activity, for instance in acapillary tube. Its efficiency in i.p:. an 1131 point source is 48 per cent, the width of the band B50 = 1-5 mmi, _A.@@rence to sp that measurements of considerable accuracy- can be carried out with the Betting scribed. -The amount of activity, needed-for the determinations is greatly reduced the high efficiency of the machine and thereby the expenses or radiation protection ckn be kept at a realistically low level. The authors thank Sandorjg9gyj9,_ffead of D@fttment, for support in this work- -Tozeef Ger ScientUTFINHoorj, for su ' on tne theoretical problems- for qVonliiicting men uring and reaear or. vin P@;`L tine her dissertation; and g val=%Ue support 2-n ud I at n a @gsearch work and numerical calm@d o 8, sed_on authorst Eng, abs Orig# art, hait 23 figures and 21 formulas* JMSt 3 154V, up @4 SUB CCDEz IS SUBM DATEt M064 OTH REFt 004 -er T21- /5 NEUROLOGY HUNGARY 110MA:?, Sandor Dr, AMIU, Va.%@da, Dr; Fedical University of Budapest, Neuro- 4L@. logical Clinic (@@ector: HORANYI, Bela, Dr, prof.) (Budapesti Orvostudomanyi yetem, Neurologial Klinika). On Sarcoidosis of the Nervous System." Budapest, Ideggyogyaszati Szemle, Vol XIX, No 8, Aug 66, pages 237-Z49. Abstractt (Authors' Hungarian summary] Two cases of sarcoidosis of the nervous system are reported. The nature or the pathological process was diagnosed by means of muscle biopsy in both cases. One of the cases involved meningo- encephalitis with psychic symptoms; the other involved recurring diabetes insipidus and changes in motor function, Deucription of the two cases is followed by the presentation of literature data concerning sarcoldosis or the nIervous system and some-, conclusions derived from them, 9 Hungarian, Za Western references. ONGRY HORANYI, Bela, Dr., MOL R Dr., and STIPULA, Magda, Dr., of the Neurological Clinic t t e University for Medical Sciences (Orvoscudoma- nyi Egyetem Neurologiai Klinikaja) (Director: RORANYI, Bela, Dr.), Buda- pest. "SarcoLdoais of the Skeletal Masculature" Budapest, Ideggyogyaszati Szemle,.Vol 20, No 2, Feb 1967, pp 60-66. Abstract: Two cases of the sarcoidosis of the skeletal musculature were descrLbed and discussed. Both were verified by means of muscle biopsy. One was the so-called aVopathic form; the second, the asymptoma- tic form (a partial phenomenon of general sarcoidosis). The authors dis- cussed the general clinical, laboratory, electromyographic, and patho- logic aspects of muscular sarcoidosis. 14 references, including 2 Ger- man, 6 Hungarian, and 6 Western. 1/1 kj 3@ I@Y/dhemical Tephno:116gy Che@cal Products,and Their H-6 'Safety Engineeringo:panitary, Abs Jour Ref Zhur- Khimiyaj...No@17'-1958,.57894 Author Molnar. Sandorne rnst Title Puril)dng Plant Air of ffulfhzr@ Dioxide. Orig: Pub 3' No 508i-27-320 t Munk:avedeldm,@.1957, Abstract the . air of the shops of a group of enterprises of the chemical- industry, the concentration.of 802 always i exceeds, the maximum. permissible limit (21 mg/i Artificial rosins were used. for combining 602 under laboratory conditions, which in a.moist mediiam contri- butes to ion exchange. Before being applied, the rosins swelled in water for 18 hours, after which they were treated with a .1-5 a- solution of 144CH for 25 hours and, in,-@onclusioa were washed with water. Card-1/2- TAUSINGER, A.. Dr.-, PAPP, K., dr. -, MOLM St.,, 'dr.; FFMKABN, A,, dr&; KOTAGS, B...' dr.; Gh., &r.; ULARIU. I., dr. Reduction of venaus circulation of the lower extremities in therap.r of refractory cardiac insufficiency. Ked.iat.,Rucur. ,a no.6:861-871 Oct 56. Lucrare efectuata, in sectiile de melicins. interum, chirurgis si carlioreumatologie ale Spitalului unificat nr. 1. Orasul Stalin. (COIGESTIVZ HEART YAILURN. surgery- ligation of Teias supplying lower extremities, indic. & results) (LEG, blood supply reduction in ther. of refractory cardiac insuff.) Hungary li- 27 C@ i.iT.H%GORY A'13!i. JOUR. : P.Milia. , INTO . 1959, ITO. 88183 A I Pi@i 0 R. : Koltat R.; Moinar, V. -- i-I., -@:; T . T IT-L Expe--rimental Use of Synthetic lon-Exchange ResLns in Wine Making i C1 PU B. T@Iemiszzervizsg. kozl,, 1959, 51 No 1-21 19-,( I e- , ABSTRACT Fo,, a partial lowering of acidity of wh-ie J use wa:3 made of anion-exchange resins Dowex 1, Dowex 2, Amberj4te ITRA 1+10, and Amberlite IR 4-B. As a resul- the content of tartaric actds phosphates and sul@ates was decreased to the la.-gest extent in the, W. Unaer Identical condit-lons no appreciable differences could. be detected In the acidity decreasing effect of the various resins. Of the cation-ex@h,inge resins teste,.' only Amberlite D-1 100 was e j, Tecti-,re iii. @artially lowering the Fe-content of W. At the same time them was observed a concurrent increase of tit rate a ble acidity of the W. -- Prom authors' sum-mai-j. ARD., 5 L 3 I wm.msl TQ,4t-,T@- 7,G* . I lw&siwd cabUv. Diul.t&kh.-*kcu.Info=.Gw., tokb.Wormm. na.gg3..4 Ag *65*- ("MA, 18,22) DEMEK9 L; -14OLIMARs,'Ye.; FLPZAS, Y'e* Virological studise in, Pleurodynia (Bornholms dLse) during an epidemic observed in Hungary in 1958 a&I during an outbreak of myocarditis in newborn infantB, Vop.vixuo. 5 no.3:321-327 Y,r-j'e 160, (MM 13:9) lt Gooudare-tvenW inatitat, Mravookhranerlya, Budapesht. (MWRODYNIAt EPnMC) (HEUT-DISEA (WANTS (MWWRN)-DISEAM) VAPAALO F," Z, r. L-- o@dit=j, putaoulctz@ a47 aLac7'twi cc-rAoat of U6 liver"arA. lAorA #Wua in iMto Ud--SubMuto OiToVfWrW ImilAtle lt,4,U:T. Acta A4allA4 oe4 M-m-6, 2S hovU It TrfaUutu at RVAWMG@10'ar tlrivoraltv@ Imical BabDat Pea* Subtlittod Peb&vax7 10t 196% &bIrar, Zdeftok, Zpraeovani nastroju za,tsplot p-ad bodemlmmlzu. (Pod-le sovetskyah @pMmanu zRracovalli.. Wenek 901na a- Jaose-;-L.Novak. Vyd. Fmha, P-mmyslove (Treattent o' Tools in Tam- vydavatelstvJ., 1951.64 P.- (IN"Ova technika., sv. 5) peratures Balm the Freezing Foint. Bibl., gmphs, subject undex) SO.- Monthly, List of East European Accessions, LC,,VOI. 12 no. 11, Nov. 1953, Un-al. Z@.; XDEM L. "Present. Situation and Prospective Developcert in TIC"Zting ,-aur-rials of Cparse Corstructirm by tire rmn in Hurgarylf,. 40s (GEP, T Vol. 6, No. 10, Octeber 1954, Ducian-t - hw. . t - , , SO: Monthly List of. East Evaropean Accessions (MAL), LC, Vol. 4, No. 3, March 1:955, Uncl. m 0 I m.-Aw"O""m D 0@ dltermIning irradiation factore. Epuletgepoozat I= 73/4-'112_ @ To 163. KDLNLR Tha first, unit ottha Ssrerd4 Chemical Works operates. Kagy,kez lap 19 no.7.-339-342,J3: t63. 1, Berentei, Togyimxvek, MOLNAR, Zoltan, dr.; MAKkiU. -AT7'.@r----;5@F?@@-'r' One of the asFects of no.5:158-159 0 '64. Gyori@@r develc,2.1-n- thermal Cent,,e7E. Epuletgepeszet 13 LIPTAKv Andrag; MUTAR, Zoltan, dr. Heat loss detemmination of elee-trically- heated radiant screens. Epuletgepeszet 13 no.6i216-222 D t64. OVIRk M12) 1. Postp Radio and Television Tect-mical Directorate, Budapest (for Liptak). 2. Chair of Domestic Englinearing ,of the audwoest Technical Universit-I (for Fo1nar), X NRz AUTHOR: Varga,, Ferenc; Malnar,, Zoltan 11-5 Institute of Pharmaq@qlqg3rj University Medical School,, Fees (Oryostudomanyi E t -C@r' AiixscezTte) 9ye em o-&Bze TITIE: Changes in sodiumt. potassium and calcium content of the liver and blood rserum in acute and subacute experimentalAe SOURCE: Academia scientiartm hungaricas, Acta physiologica, Y. 29, no. 40 1965t 389-398 SOURCE CODE-.,@ /03981 a TOPIC,TAGS.* liver, blood serum, injury- ABSTRACT: The first signs or liver injury, I af ter-a single dose Of CC14 And thiOacstamidO' (tk) are increased gerum .glutamia.oxalacatio transaminase (SGOT) activity and decreased ability of @liver to excretabromosulfophthalein. (BSP), Changesin sodium- and calcium !levels manifest themselves only later. A, decrease in potassium level takes 7place, and the sodium- and potassium content of the liver are again found !to benormal while the BSP test, SGOT activity 'and the histological findings .still indicate the presence of liver damage, The calciun level becomes nornal !With the functional restitution of the livervOie serurt potassium level 'exhibitstransient, elevation during both kinds of poisoning. When given iwice weekly for several weekst the same amount of CC14 and TAA leads to l th-o'gradual develo*ant of resistance to -the hapatotoxic action of these compounds, -Wi-- art. has, -2.fizq*eq'-a@d t 4 ableso LBased-on-authors' Eng. abs 'J96 1CFeb65 OTH REF: 015 JC SQK DATj:. t BONTIDEM. Rimim ingo, -Remptation- of- tha.-Ropublica- and J@rimipal mineral opeizgz --in-the-Boraeo-vatering places, He7 cailor fer 10 no,g.- is. Trutul Expi '@drii xiaere (for Molnar-Amarasela). 2. Direetia. Regionals Cluj jtrvieiul cong@ruotii (for Bontideamx), Hungary/Atomic and.Molecular Physics - Physics of the Atom, D-I Abs-t Journal: Referat Zhu-- Fizika, go 12, 1956, 34-271 Author: Gaspar., R., Molnar-lvanecsko, K. Institution: None Title: Eigenfunctions and Energy of the Electrons of the Ag Atom with Allowances for. the Electron.Ekchange Original Periodical-. Acta, phys,.Acad. sci. J:iung., 1956y. 61 1,, 105-118; German; Russian resumg Abstraett The eigenfunctions and the energy of the electrons of the Ag atom. are de- -termine& with the aid of the.universal,potential function.. Since the universal po- rential, taken as the basis, comtain@ also the "change energy, the eigenfunations. are consequently very convenient for the determination of the atomic properties. By using this potential, a calculation was made a the magnetic susceptibility of the Ag+ ion WO 7,21 x 10"6 cm,3 mol-1). Thia giYee suMciently good agreement with the empirical vaiues (-24.lo x 10-1) c@3 mol-1). Wy/""logy. of Plants Mineral Fertilizers. 1-3 Abq@- &Tou.r, Ref Zhur - Biol*, No 3 1@58) io4o4 Author Potapov, N.G., Molnar-Kere6ztesp I. Inst Botanical Garden,of Budapest University, and Alshoged , Biological Station.. -Title Forms of Phosphorous -Compounds -in the sap/juice fwok-&7 of Cultivated Plants. Orig Pub Agrokem. ea talaj, @956, 5, No.1, 2T-36. Abstract The experiments took place in-1953-1954 In, the Botanical Garden of Budapest University and. at the Alshoged Alsohe- , using- common squash, corn, pota- gy'?/ biological station; , to, sunflower) and tomato* The sap/juice 5%sok_a7 was col- lected.every five days during the vegetation period and analyzed for its.content of dry matter,, total.-- organic .. and inorganic -_,phosphorous,,7 and pH., The quantity of Card @1/3 MWARY/Physiology of Plants Mineral Fertilizers. 1-3 Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol. No 3, 1958,, m4o4 full ripeness at vhich time the total P was 224 ImL. WOSO Iaselop dr.. (Budapest); MOLNAR-PERL# 1. (Mrs.) (Budapest); SCHULEK, Elemerl prodef drr (Buda-p-es-T)- Determination. of periodate through formaldebyde formed'at the mddatim of ethylene glycol. Acta chimica Hung ZZ no.4.*475-478 160. (EW 10:2) 1. Institute for Inorganic and Analytical Dhemistry, Lorand Eotvos University, Budapest. @(Periodates) (Formaldehyde) (EtW.Lene glycol) MAROS, Laszlo, dre (Budapest VIII, Museum k,orut 4/b); MOLNAR-PERL, I.(Mrs) E 1im -er -rp r-o r.-I - -cTr-. (Budapest VIII, Museum korut 4/b SCHULEKt (Budapest VIIIp,Huseum korut 4/b@ Contributions to the analysis of 1,2-,glycols and polyOV compounds. V, Determination of glyceryl aldehyde through formaldehyde formed during the oxidation by periodate. Acta chimica Hung z4 no.1:67-72- 6o. (EEAI 10: 4) 1. Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry L.Eotvos Vniversityg Budapest. (Glycols) (Glyceraldehyde) @ (Aldehydes) (Hydroxy compounds) (Formaldehyde) (Cyanides) (Sulfites) (Periodates) (Periodic acids) MAROSO 14tsalo, dr. (Budapest VIII., Muzeur, Icorut 4/b),- PER (L' I, dr. (Budapest VIII., Muzeum korut, 4/b); (Badapest,VIII... Muzem korut.4/b) Periodate cacidation. II Dateimins-tion. of ethanolamine and ethylene diamine, with the aid of fonaaldebyde and ammonia. formed by Periodate cmidation. Aeta chimica H=g 30 no.20-19-126 t62. 1. Institut fur anorganische uud analytische Chemis der L.Botvos Universitat. 2 Editorial board member# "Acta Chimice.,Academiae Scientiarum, Zgaricae" (for Schulek). -0 -10p r Ct -Wu Xic,11:119 -t U-4, -6-u @ ifazj 4 Nr 7 MOTTARJI L.; MOLWIROVA, Osai2lopolarographic examination of the spliWW of lactona rings and the. isomerization of car"alca.-tive glpqooides. Pt.l. Chem zvesti 18 no.5/6-1355-362 164. 1. Institute or Pharmacology, Czechoslovak AcaddMIF of Sciences, Bratislava. BIJRMOK.; KOW,qMy.&,K.; KOMC,T.; KNOTZ.,Pp MMUCHOVA, ZY. Teminology of acid-base equilibem. Fb%fil. chir, 43 no.6.- 353-358 -Te'64 1. atmtne sanatorium v Bratislava (riacEitelt MUDr. J.Ruanak, CSC,); IC chirurgicka klinika Lekarskej fakulty UK [Univer- sity Komenskehol V Bratislava (prednostat prof. dr. K.Garskyj-, Chkologicky vyzkmmy uatav r Bratislave (riaditelt akademik To1hurzo); Klinika chirurrLe detskeho veka Lekarskej fakulty UK [University Komenskehol v Bratislava (prednostat prof.. dr. ff. Kratoobvil, Cgc,). CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Arial@tigal Cheniiat]6YL Anialysis, of E-3 Orgatic Substa cesi Abs Jo,ur: Ref Zhur-Khimiy6, No 0, 1959t 271686, Author i Molnar, L, and Molnarova, K. Inst Not given. Title The Polarographic-Oscillos copic Identification of Veratrum Alkaloids. Orig Pub: Chem Zvesti, 12, No 5, 287-303 (1958) (in Slovak with German and Russian summaries). Abstract: The oscillopolarographic curves of the veratrum alkaloids (glucoalkaloids, ethers, and alkamines) have been studied and values are given for the de- polarization potentials at a dropping (mercury] electrode of jervine (1), rubijervine (11), iso- rubijervine (111), protaceivine @IVJ, germine (spel- ling uncertain] (V), cevagenine V1 , aevine (VII), Card 1/3 CZ1r,HOSLOVAKIA / Analytical Chemistry. Analysis of E-3 Organic Substances. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 8, 1959, 27168. Abstract: pseudojervine (VIII), cevadine, protoveratridine, veratridine (Ix), germerine (XI, and protoveratrine (XI) in various media (2 N NaOH, 1 N UOH, 1 N LiCl, I N NH3-KH4Cl, 1 N ffa2SO4, I N H2SO , and I N HCI). The oscillopolarographic activity o@ I and VIII de- pends on the reduction of the oxo group in the 11- position and the activity of VI, on the reduction of the 4-oxo group. Since I and V111 differ only by the presence of a glucose residue in the 3-posi- tion, their oscillograms are practically identical. II and III differ only by the presence of an OH or CH20H group in the 12- and 18-positions but their oscillograms show marked differences. The differ- ences in the oscillograms of primary alkaloids and Card 2/3 CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Analytical Chemistrk. Analysis of E-3 Organic Substances. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No at 1955# 2ji684 f Abstract: their alkamines makes it trace the course of thealkaline hydrolysis of IX, X, and XI. The oxcillopolarographic Activity of IV, V, and VII ap- parently depends on the presence of oxygen bridges between the G atoms at the 4 and 10 and 4 and 7 Posi- tions, respectively,. -- M. Turkeviah Card 3/3;!IC41 Sll=k 4 Of &:-'44=49, ;&tat zr augr df rL@a C=;*u--dx of Xct* ccf; MI an& "Al or Chc.Lrtrr or ",ura subswicoff, .04C.111apal g.10 StV4 of tata, compounds (1). 4"Cr Alkyl-. Arl7i4lW,-, and ji4rrUstanc@,- bourcc. ACC NR AR7002212 SOURCE COM.- URj0271j66/0001oio/Ao24/A024 T U HOR: Mollner,. AG. A .@ -, M, I TITLE: Angle to digit converter SOURCE: Ref. zh. Avtomatika, telemekhanika i vychislitellnaya tekhnika, Abs. REF SOURCE: Tr. Moak. in-ta elektron mashinostr., vyp. 1, 1965(1966), 86-91 TOPIC, TAGS:. angle to digit converter, convdrter, angle converter, digital code, analog digital converter, digital analog converter, analog digital conversion ABSTRAM. The design and operating principle of the vernier-typ e'angle-to -digit converterAre examined. Essentially the converter is based on the same principle as ot4er eXisting.converters Which operate an electrosta tic generators consisting of a continuously rotating rotor -and stationary and non-stationary stators, with the non-stationary stator connected to the inpu@ shaft'(and the two rotor and both stator I aeks -having the same.number of teeth). Imthe present converter, however, the tr number of. teeth in.the two stators differ. by one. A permanent magnet is attached to the rotor. Each stEitor carries a magnetic head. The voltage picked up from 112 UDC: 62..-52.:68.1. 142.621 21 Z' qrd- C DOBIREAKU-MIESCU, Viorica, dr.; HARMGEL, P. dr.; TEODORINI, Sanda, dr.; Y4LIF-R, G. , dr, Glinical, modynamic and eleatrocardiographical effects of prolonged treatment with guanothidint- or with. guanethidina-@.-, foyclopeathlazide ia hypertensive disease. Ned inter 15 no. 5-- 619-624 W 63. (WERTENSION) (GUAII&THMIIE) (BENZOTHIADIAZINEZ) (DIUDIETICS) Lk MICU, D IM; RLUCAN, V., Lecturer; L11221.1LIESCUT, Eugenia, -,@-.ID; Stef-ania, :10; LUIRCK-1, C., LID; LC)Lil,@:?, C., LID; RAICA IsadGra., TechrAcalf ALssistant. -itute of Intemal L-T dicina of the Acaacv of the 1@mnniwq l ast Peoplat s Re ic ana the !.inist-- of HcalitIl and Public de medIcina.interna al I-.c-,ae=dei R.p.,R si N.S.P.S.) - (for Virector: Academicien I.T. Gh. Lupu. Bucl. est, qedicira. Interna, No 12, Doe 63, I)P 1457-146/;. UThe Value of certain New Uethods in the Stu&j of Megakaryppo4esis in Chronic Heloatitis. FAUX, R.; POPFSCU, I.Gr.;, GHEORGHIU, T.; OLARU, Cornelial BADANOW, A.; 90LMS.-Ja colaborare cut NICULESCU K.1 POP, E.; POPESCU, 1. Research.on hypersensitivity* to streptcmqcia in auxiliary-heaith personnel in. a tuberculosis hospital. Stud. cercet. med. intern. 163. 1. Spitalul Baloteati. (for 1. Popescu). (SMEPTCMIGIN TOXICOLOff) (ANTITUBMULAR AGENTS) (DRUG ALLERGT) (TUBEMULIN RUCTION) (TM)ERCULOSIS)