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I MIVISM, V. F Practices-in using punched cards In terminological work. 1471 no.12s22 f65. (MMA 19: 1) 1. Institut, tekhricheakoy i ekonomicheakoy Informatsil Chekhoslavatakoy Sotsialisticheskoy Respubliki. V 'CRAVU54 4T, Hatejks# B,j Tetiska, A. Zffeat of ro3ling on the fatigue lildt in alternatim torsion, p, 752, M?-GJDWISM* Pr". Tol. 4. no. 10. Get. 1954. W: KonthlY L13t or Cast guropean Acceaffims, (M&L), Lc, Vol. 5, No. 6, Jum 1956. Unal. - - J. achnical and economic analysis of the profitableneas of machineri. j).l)j7* (Strojirentnka Vyroba. Praha. Vol. 5, nos h. A+irlo 19~7*) 0: Yonthly List of East European Acces5lons (EM) LC*, Vol, 6, no, 7, July 1957. Uncl. P/05 /62/000/00/008/009. 1010/1210 AUTHORSt Halaag Andrzejg Momwo.Michako Ssretert Viroolriwt, Zdanowski, TITLE: The technolo,,7 of..the Modistron type digital. iadicator tube PERIODICAL: PrzealO L'Iektriniki, no.6, 1962t 336-338 TZXT: A prototype series of digital indicator tubes of the *Nixie" type has been prepared In the Dept. of Zlectronics of the Wroaaaw Palytqchnic. The investigations showed that constantan used as the material for the digits evaporates after i a long operation time of one digit and it deposits an the ceramic Card.1/2 -PF/0-53/62/000/006/008/009 The technoloa of the... spacers causing altortso P to- plec- ses'te'5 is n-w being examined in the Dept. of Slectronic Measurements or the Wroclaw Polytechnic, The wOrk was started in 19,59. There is I figure. ASSOCIATIONt Prt7emyslowy Insty-tut Zlektronik:L (Industrial Institute of z;lectronics Card 2,1'2 4-'~ -1. , - ..-- - BAWICZ, W.; BARYCKA, I.; HDRAW, M.; .37RETER, M. Better vacuum by using zeolites. i-Irzem Inst elektron prace f no.l: 77-79 164. 1. Submitted February 7, 1964. OR AWL r J I c-, t -I.: r .., c 1, t 1. o j r L r i i ~c, w-!. 'r-;- f:%~! SOME I'a c t t ior r C,U 11 A.-l"'. JOUR. RZ.Kh1m., NO. 21 77241 V7 .-Not- J~! v 0 : The Ftlymerization of Vinyl Hoaocers In the Crystalline State, Inittitted by kiassa Rays :':I E. : Cnem Pruxyel, 9, t4o 1. 41-4.5 (1951~) A3r,'l ~~LV, r: Tl~e polymerization of noli(i scrylamIde (1) under the ar*,-~-on of g&mwa xadi&tion aaa naer, invpsti- gotted. The faro&tlor of rixed cryetaIG of I wille., tte acetemitle and aside of bityric acid increaGea the riato of polynerit4ttion. A kinetic analysia of the pclyxerization of vinyl monomers in the crystalline is givers. Rate conotmnts for the polycerizetion reaction have been deter- ained. Changon in the degree of order in the lattice of the M4.Yed crystals affect tLe hinetics of the polymerization. From author's sum-ary ~AA-D: 1/1 350 KORLWICKI, L. Problems In denaturation of pro-telaso A4ta Ptqgial. polon. 3 WVVI. 3'e' 125-133 1952- (CUL 24: 1/ 1, Of the lnstit~mte of ftalologleal Chenistrr (Head-Prof. T. Uranow- ski, K.D. ) of Wroclaw Kedical Aca"xw* S/137/6Z/OOO/C,)2/083/14!_ A006/A1O1 AUIEOR, Morawlec, Henryk 'A1TLZj Roentgenostructural analysis of recry5tallization of bras!i PMIODICALg Heferativnyy zhurnal, Metallurglya, no, 2, 1G,62, r55, abstract 21354 ("Rudy i metale niciel". 1960, V. 5. no. 6. 246 - 249, Pclish; Russian, English, French and German su",naries) TECI The X-ray and metallographIc methods, and hardness measurement were Lised to Investigate the effect of the deformation degree (10 - 66%). ~temperature (650 - 80000, and holding time 0 sec - 20 min) during &=eallng,an the recr-is- *.alllzatlon process of 11,70 brass. Graphs are plotted showing IL, and grain size as finctlcns of the deformnation degree and holding tire at recrystallization, LI-0-1 temperature. The author discusses changes In the radiographs, caun&. by deforra- :;041 tion and annealing of the specimens. In X-ray analyses, the width of Interference lines was measured which served to determine stresses of II order; from the num- bir of siparate spots the size of recrystallized grains was dellermined. A com- Parison of riethods for the Investlgfttion of recrystallization &howed that X-ray Card 1/2 S/ 137/6 ~VO001002.1083114 4 RoentgenuatrActural analysis of... A006/A101 analycia to th,3 most censitive means to reveal a complete image of chlnge3 In the recryntallization process. [Abstracter9a not'at Complete translation) P. Par~lutik Card 2/2 ~. ~L~K_ S/275,/63/000/001 /034/035 D413/D)08 AUTHORS: Joazt Kazimierv. and Morawten -,lie nTyk 1Z ITU T ""'Ura-sonic testing of copper and its alloys PERIODIC.A1z Refe.rativnyy zhurnal, B,lektronika i yeye primeneniyeo no.-I* 1963t 20, abstract IV 146 (Rudi. i metale e1., v. 7, no. 6, 1962l 208-216 (Pol.; summarieu in Raa9# Eng., Pro and Ger4)) T~,;M. The wAthors give observations on the oelection. of a method of ulil-rasonic,inspection for nonferrous metals. They describe the reaults of ultrasonic.inopection of copper and-copper-alloy cylin- dirioal caatin(~,,,s,_barv and tubes, carried out using the pulsed echo tQclin.ique ao.6pplied J_n the Foliuh-produced DIBR dofectoseopo. The GIIIJ-1 strrUght probe (20 mm diameter, resonant frequency 4.5 Mc/6) n- was u6ed for 1-iiapoction of castings and bara, and the GST-1/70 i clined probo (iringle of introduction of tile ultrasonic beam 700, Tosonant frequonay 3 Hc/s)-for taboo. The castingo-were of copper, lard 1/'4. 8/275/63/000/001/034/035 T.'ae ultraaonic teating ... D413/D308 1- ra Wn. as, coppor-nicke-1- alloy CuNi 5 and aloo aluminum, silicon-man- and tin-phosphoruu bronzea; the baru were of the Sli;_~e metals-.' In the inspection,'firet of all the characteristics of +V'he probes were detormined, in the form of a relation between base pulne and frequency, and aloo the detectability of arti- .~icial de.l'octs, in the form of tho relation between the interme- diate, Pulf-to 11,,ind the diameter of the dafect. The artifical defects 'Y".'_111C 11'lat- bo t toned holes drilled out parallel to the longitudinal for castinga and bars, and normal' to the generators for tubC13. -~e Optiniu:.1 J Ie !rT 4 5 P103 for cautingsx 1.5 Me/s for t1requenc few e,,,. bar~j and 3 Mc/a for tu determination of probe characteris- ~ic-u and d tectaWlity-waa performed on cautinga and bars of alu- bronze kosseasing a fine-grained structure. Caotingn with a co.-arse-gralned u-,,ructure (copper, silicon-mangancee and tin-zinc hror-_z~_,,4 %Lr',tdcx' inq)ection conditions diaplayed a atrong attenua- 1--ion ol" the ultrasonic waves, which indicated tluit inspection of th-en was not P~'.oasible by ultragoirkic r..,-ano. In the process of pro- -tit!A,niary iniipoption of opecinens with artifical dofects~ It was provod oo3A.blit to detect elefo,,,ts with diameters less than 4 mM P 2/4 V275/63/000/001/034/035 ?4 aultrasonic testing ... D413/D308 in castingo, and with diametere of about 2 mm in bars and tubes. A,' " 4, :A.%Ir thia,preliminary inspection,, bars and tubes were inapected in which natural defects were prevent. The production inapection D-' theii~e articles showed that detection is offected not only by grain sit;e and frequency but also by heterogeneity of the struc- M!i p4loes are reflected from the transition boundary be- ,ieen one o~rueture and another just as from a defect,. and thlo ,~iindera the'deciphering of the picture on the CRT screen. Hence o.nalyait.t of~.the oe-cillograms muet be carried out with allowance .for the.6tmctuxe of the metal and its preparation prooen 0. Pro- C.,.ic-.ion-ti)ot,,,ing,donfirmed that ultritaonic inspection is possible .~.-or bava and~tu~ea of copper and all iti alloyla. Under production (.,ondition.i t1te only castings that" oaxi be reliably inspected by uj.%~ asonic m4tans are those of aluminum bronze. In order to check correctnevs, the results of induntrial ultrasonic inspec- ~ion wero compared -with tho reau3to of mietallographic examinationa.~ .,,uthors indicate the value of ultrasonic dofectoscopy for :Lr.!~Pection ot,nopper and oopper-alloy cautings-between operations. C~Ird 3/4 3/27',/63/000/001/034/035 T I ultrasonic teating D4 13;15 08 )Vnt~DW' the desirability, of using indlietrial ultrasonic in- zj.:-'oction_.-r6.r aluminuin and aluminum-alloy cautingo, 8 reforencea, /-;i.batra,.ter.In mote: Complete, tranclatiorl. -7 Card '~/4 W/s94/62/WO/01 2/06,1,/IKKI I wieaf Its and Joezts K. Hora T IT The influence of-the structure of copper and its al- loys on ultraaonic wave attenuation ill,U10DICALt Referativnyy churnalt Aytomatika I radioelektronikap no. 12# 1962t 15-16, abstract Q-5-50.ja (Praaa Inet, hatn., v. 141 no. 1, 19620 55-62 (Pol T,&XT: Existing th*aories of absorption and scattering of elastia wavea In crystalline bodies are reviewed. A general expression for the attenuation coefficient is given for th., case of Rayleigh and diffuuive scatter. The work of Zeeman and Bentz as well as Roth and Krautkremer on the effect of structure inhomogeneity on the attenuation coefficient in netals is mentioned. Experiments are re viewed which help to clarify the influence of grain size and of atructure inhomogeneity on the attenuation coefficient of copper and copper alloys. Ultrasonic attenuation, had been studied in pro- liminary experiments on copperg copper-ni-akel alloy, brass and Card 1/3 8/194/62/000/012/061/101 The inf lUenCO Of the ... D295/D308 silicon-manganese# tin-phosphorus and aluminum brouzes. In the first two bronzes, having a large-grain structure, strong ultraso- nic absorption was observed, as is evidencedon the osaillograme by the absence of bottom echo and by the preuence of multiply-re- peated pulses. A pronounced bottom echo was found to be characte- ristic or finely-grained aluminum bronze. An experimental metho4 is described for determining the attenuation coefficient by pro_ ceeding from the pulse-amplitude ratio of two subsequent reflea- tions. The object of these experiments was a more detailed atddy of the influence, on the attenuation coefficientf of the structure of copper and its alloys in the cast state and after mechanical treat.,.,iont under pressure. They were carried out at a frequency of 1.5 Hc/a using the DISR defectoscope of the Polish firm 'Radio- technikal. Copper$ brans and aluminum bronze were tested in the - cast state. A rapid increase of the attenuation coefficient with grain si--e was observed in copper and brass (especially in copper with a globular structure)* The example of aluminum bronze has served to show the strong influence on the attenuation coefficient not only of grain size but also of grain distribution. The posal- carI 213 8/194/62/000/012/061/101 T~,e influence of the ... D295/D30S bility of ualng ultrasonic defectoacopy to test ingots or this brc)nze has been establiahed. An Investigation of ultrasonic ab- surption in roda,made by extrusion from brass Ingots$ rods of alu- minum bronze and tubes of oopper-nickel alloy is described. As a rcuult of investigation of ultrasonic absorption in brass rads along their whole 1~ngth, it was observed that the increase of Ahe att"enuation coefficient is caused simultaneously by the increase in grain size and inhomogensity of grain distribution. In the pro- CeGO Of testing bronze rods, bumps were observed on the oaaIllo- grains at tbe places of separation of different struoturest similar to echo-eignals from defects. These tests have confirmed the pos- 3ibility of detecting hardened layers by ultrasonic techniques. Teuts on tubeo curried out at a frequency of 3 Me/s. using in- clined probeat have served to interpret oscillograme when inhomo- geneities exist in the metal. 9 fi ures. 10 references. Z-Abstrac- ter's note: Complete translati.on.~ C-rd 3/3 MCRAW=, Henryk; HOILhU, Zenon qmmm~ Roantgonakraphic studios on the strain b&rdeaizg of copper aM brans* Hichan'l- Gliwice no,16:111-M t62. lo Latedra Metalo-na stvap PolLteahnikap i Instytut Hetall Reatlasnych, Gliwice, HGUW=. Honryk., W inz.1 NMIZKlp Ryazard: mgr inzo Roautcl;uagftpEdl~ testing of the 'size of grein. Rudy i nat&U 9 noWU-M -Te t63* STOLARZI StaitiaUw, mgr inz.; M:XUWIFC. K--stryk,, mgr isz. Preparaticit oC mollbdomm dittilicide. Rudy I mat&U 8 Ro.lot 365-372 163. T.; ASINSKIj, F. FerArks on new rates for electric paver ror industry; also,, diacusedon by W. Bohosiewicz. p. 16h ELFRGETYKA (F4msterstko OwnIctwa I k4ergetyki oraz Stowarz:yazenie Elektrykaw Fdakich) Byt=, Poland. Vol. 13,, no. 6. June 1959 '~,nthly List of East European Accesainne (LEAI) 1,C,, Vol. C,, n,), 9, ~eptenber 1959 ~ ncj. RAMKP Tadauss. I., prof. agr Inz.;,MORAWIEC#.janp ngr int., isystent Synthetic ion exchar4jerc. Pt.7. Chaste Wroclaw no.10193- 91 164. 1. Heads DepartvAnt of Technology of Plaatics of Vrmlav Technical Uaivarsity (ror Rabek). 2. Institute of Physiological Chsaistry of the School or Hadicine, Wroclav (for Morawiec). gubaittAd March 1963. !~_ETULO_cr'.7 PP YY V_; NOWAK, Kornel, dr adiunkt; MRAVIEC, San, agr tax., asystent Symth4six of paptides. Viad chew 19 nc.ls19-36 -it 165. 1. Institute of Physiological Chowistry of the **--ftoal of Medicine, Wroclaw. Submitted October 6, 1964. MORAVIBU, Tozef by zinc phoem, hide. Polski tygwL lair. 13 no.511208.7- wag 22 Dec 55. 1. (Z Oddsialu Charob Wevustrznych 434 Szpitala WoJewodsictego w Opolu; Ordyrntors dr md. W. Pedich)o MITOO pots. zinc phnspht4a poin. (Pol)) hA 4-- MWRIIM 40 '14' 19 tv pelt 9 -99. 0 4 CIS -gg 0.4 -0,0- Id, ml Is as 9 j v vf z NK K. -6 ., tA c a A 0, PIDIGN. vajoigolq KCRAvrW', JOzRf XxtrarevAl effect of chlarothiazids' on water excretion. Palald tygod.lek. 15 no.14: pl-5u 4 Ap c6a. 1. Z Oddslalm B Chorob Wevustrinych SvpItala Vojewodzklggo v Opolm; ordXuator: dr mod, W. Pedleb. (CH=OTHrAZIM pharmacol.) nFAVIIFwCj--L--jI KPTq-k74,- F-~ Using cardboard produced by" machines instead of cardboard mami-factured by hand, p. M. (PRZEMO PkFEEPNICZr, Lodz,, Vol. 1l,, no. 1, Jan- IM-) 6 SOt Monthly List or East European Accesslonsp (EFAL),, LC, Vol. hg, M0.1, -Z~"-- 1955, Uncl* BAW., _j4jLrIIan, *jr inz.1 MORAWIEC, ladeues, mU inz. Orle h=dzv#A ffeventy-thret maters of cross headings in the Jastrzabis iine. Wladom- gorn .14 no. 12r 374-379 D t63. BANKk, Harlan, mgr Inz.; KMV7.Z, Tadeusz. mgr int. A croga=t of 483,5 m perf aramd in threa months in a hearill gadecas mine. Wladom g orn 15 no - Ut 3405-351 14 164. MMUK-UT72HUT, Viands; KORAi(IZCFA. Bronislaws Studies = the reginomt it W.~O iltw fro a insoluble proteim- Umnin aaVmmida. 11. Cartaim pr%mrtiss of ragen4ratod prottian demonstraW b7 meant of &.14olave from rabbit muscles &x4 acid phosphatase from potatoage Act& btochim.polon. 6 no.4:453-,465 159. 1. UkU4 Chealt fisjologiazA&j. Akademia Kedyesna. WraclAw. (PRMINS chen) (TAWINA chax) (ALDOrAM chow) (PHO.%"dL%LaS chow) MIjS=-UTZ=LLUBOQMt Wanda; KQRAW3(XAO, Brodslava,-, DOBRTSZTCKA, Wanda Study on the reCeneration of proteins frost insoluble protaim- tanuLm cowpounda* M. Proteins caluble in autfosalicTlic acid (glycoprotains). Act& hiochizopolono 7 00.2/3001-414 ~60. 1, ZskW Biochemill Univerartetu L Zaklad Chesil Y19jologictnej AKO Vrocl&w. (GLTGOPR=JTZ abou) (UUIIS chow) WUWIECKA.. Bronislawa Changes in proteins of yellov 1upine (Impinus lute= L.1 d=-Lne germination, keta. biochim; S no.3013-320 161. Is Department of Biochemistry,, University, Wr*clawv (LUPIIM) (MMIM.) mwowur, . NOW agents for preventing therml coagmIAtion of proteins. Act4m physiol. polou.3 %ppI. 3: 159-161 1952. (CUL 24tlj, I* Of the ructitutO Of PEWS10109IO&I Chsui&tz7, (Read-Prof, T. Baranow- sklo X.D.) of Wroclaw K4dlaal Acadsmq* P 0 L deasturalk-n 4 proteins. #-i (11-1-M). d. .11" CA. 46. d AIO 04 tht 0 m iilhumil. klifu- mlia, vul j;kAA!j!* at 75, wAa druL bp tflftm~fvlc tht tul- bidity d t%c Odil. (WIt'a Ino) sJux 141; 't PH 'I e;,-Iy .4 f,w vic-4. 14 ATP/m,'3 14 Pmtrin WIFIr. 0 Mcdd-d, khitzik,d Ge ATV itWody. llttow the hW-t, poLnt 4TP pr(AuutH t1re c-ca latkm at dc- PAtw*j TIrWirin, Z. Raitrt, - - :~ ~~ ~T - uwbwsm. -r. - Kauvncrr, A. t M&MUK-"TZMLTJlSOW, Ir.; POPMCZJ., LZSOVM, Atempte& puriflaMton of &attire peptido from bydrolysatec of aetA AGTH, Act& pb7sial. polon. 5 no.4:567-570 1954. 1. Z ZakWu Chadl rUjologtoxnej Akadsmit, Kedrexuaj we Wrocliwime Xisrovnikz prof, dr. T.Uranowskt. (ACTH. isoUtion of actiy* peptide from WroIrmates of acU ACTR)~ (PMIMS, datemination, tsols.tiott front b;rdrolysateg of &at& AOTH), MaRAVIECIr, Andrzej T- - Igz7vology a biachenistry of muscles, ?*staff, biachau. 2 no.4:449-46't 1956. 1. (Przeelad obrad welecji, IT t EX). (KUSOLM. vistaboliza, (?OM Studies, on phospbop7romeemic trans phosphor7las 0 (pyroraceak kinase). jLata physiol. polon., 8 nojt468-"~ L9574, 1, Z Daialm BiochemiL Instytiatm PAW im. Hiresfelda we Wroalawlu. D,rralctor Inatytimtu: prof. dr at. (TROSPROMOMIUSM. Phosphapyraraaamic rummlogii L Terapii Doewladcaalnoj Xisrovaik: prof. dr T. Uranowski. Slopek. (PoIll KMLWIICKI9 Andrzej Prmic icinage frou rabbit m%sclot. no.2: 243-26z f6o. 1, Zaklad Riocheuil Instytutu lamnologli I ferapil Dosviadctalaej PAI.we froclawiu. (TWSMOSPHORTLAnS chou) (KUSCLIS chew) MORUIRGIII. Andrsej Criteria, of the. hmogeaLtjr of proteins. Postepr bloobew, 7 na.lz 2.3-39 161., (PWMNS them) SUILMM9 Given-Names Comtryt Poland Aca'demic DeQTPA3tIn-, t iverI7 ZP" '~ r geo ~_Tdwik HIxWeld Institute of T.=unology and Experi- xffiliationtmenetai lWherapy (Ins tYt_t_iYT=_unologii. I Terapii Dosviadazalnel im. Ludwik& Hirs fe'da)t Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN--Polsk.- z -&ftreft Akademia Mauk) roclav-1 Direatort Prof., Stefan-=PEKI, Dr. Sources War3aw `P-4-v 44 1- M-dyeny DoswiadegAlnell, Vol XV$ No 4f -Bake'r 19611'W W7 Datat "Pyruvia Kinaso in the Muscles of the-Rabbit.* English abstract of article originally published in Aroh. I=unol. i TerapiL Dow. 1960t 8t 243.. C=ntryt Poland Academic Degreasl5ot iesumed veg ZP ~~` Lu ivik Hirszfeld Institute, of'Immunology and Ex Affiliationt mental Therapy (InstytUt Immu-n-ologii L Terapii Doswiadazalt im. Ludwika Hirszfelda, Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN--: ZvAiza~ Akaderia Hauk)j, Wroal Directort, Prof. Stefan SLOPZKI~ D1- aw Soureat Varsawt PpateQX Hirie V`01 xvt~ ?I( ax-1 Z"Al- 1961t pp 44d-449* Datat "Dissociation of Pyruvie Kinase! in Urea Solution," English. ab., of article originally published In Bioah, Biophys. kata, 1960f 441, 6C4. Are 141f iZo,- /081 6-3/0(70/002/024/08 w 0 A UT11 RO Kornal T1TLEt,-.',% Poesib-1t. iatttomeriem in earbolyensoxy Sr?~tpw of GaAObiizoxyam1na acida PERIODICATit ~,Raferafimmy,j zhurm&L, - XhiciYa't no -9 1963 16T -%S mbptra*f%ZZh4.(1oczn6 cheia.~# T-,- 36, rio; "50, 062o 9831986 p~wary in. 'L)' proline T-EXT11. 'Soluti6tii Jt:4&Aob'enOz7 '49"rrivailval, Ot t4Unlne L- lal"ine- (IV) wwro stciditd by' jmd L he spectropolqritzatry... Tfie ro 01.1 dtOei ion:: 9) curves - of I - In. methanol WA benzone:solu'tiona,are'nloae, 'and'in thc'Oa'i6,-of Il "thej, pi4a'o t i0ally coinoide, being lacited h ' '. n: O'f nag& 1n t ei Vesto 'ilys EU3A, valges- 'The rotatory dispersiona Tn) 'lot JI1 ani TV are, repri4eated 17 COV-100 Ibich ditf(!r substantially'' as a funiotion of the polar-ity,of ibe solventl, ~tha RD cuirve' of UT 1n 4iox"e ikid, that of IT in. C ties -ifthin Abe kediobL p0aitive tte a vh I' thc thrt,RD curve of nr in. co ox a, in ar MORAWIECKI.Judrsel The reaction of tannin with POlYax1OQ Arch. is==* there expe 12 no.I/2t139-1?1 163# . 1. Department of Biodwaistrr, Institute of Lumnology and Nkparimental ThempT. PoUsh AcadeW of Scienctor Wroclaw. (TARKINS) (CHMISTRY) (PEPTIDES) 1 ACC MR, PO/0039/651019 AUT11OR: Korawiecki, Andrzej (Wroolm) bR,G: Dopartimnt of Biochavistrr Ihaaded br Professor, Doctor N Baran_oypid/c PIX ImUtute f Tommology aid &cporimontal Therapir iza, Lo Hirsefoldt Wroclw (Zaklad Biochomil, rnstytutu Immanologii i Terapii, Doaviadczalmj PAN) T=c Structure of water in biological rystans SGURCEt Postapy higiarq i radiycrq dogwisdazalnej, ve L9. no. 4, 1965. 493-_e46 TOPIC T=: ceU physiology. dipole momnt. eloatron charge. water ABSTRILT: The subject its considered cm the basis of recent theorLeiv that water in Livtag calls is something more than & ism solvent;. it is ateo, a .biochemically active substance whose state and structure in the catle war in many cases regulate the vital processaso The cryataLILne structure of water is considered for the soltd(ice)p liquid and gassoug states of this substance in relation to the dipole moment and positive and negative charge& of the hydrogen and oxygen atomat and their affect on the vital functions of the--'4, organisa, i& discueWs * Orip art, hast 9- figwea and I Ublet LN-7 SUB COM 06 SUBM DATE:t OM6o6f+ OM REFt M1 Card 9 0 0 6 I, A. I A A 11 At If x w w IT AT or ww wvwplw~ dit A AA a A 04P c of c awipsors"a of ebovisu, 6L the PaU& M*W lodus"T. z 'An OW Mon f. hwmyd cum. A. C. X. A 0 '00 :91 .00 t em I w 0 r. a 't 10 0*0* eon* 10, 104 0 00 0 0 0 4 ;.0 0 0 9 0 00 0 6 et -,-v I k- C /T i,-,- MORAW19M, A.; P&WWW'SKI, S.; JELINSKI, A. "Raw Katerials for the Chemical Industry.t n.48 (PRZZGLAD GWWGICW Ko. 1/2, Jan./Feb. 1934 V&rszawa, Poland) SO: Month kLst qf Lask IkrqR2n Accesgions. LC, Tol. 3, no. 5, Kay 1954/Uncl. YOMKIECII. L. *Buildinc ston4c." P.49 (PRZIGLAD GEOLOGIC= Mo. 1/2, Jan./rob. 1954 Warczawm, Poland) SO: Monthly List of Sast Imropean Accessions. LC. Vol. 3. no. 5. gay 1954/Uncl. KGRAWIECKIt A. "Polish mv materials for productica of minerml clycs.0 PrzegIAA Geologiczay, Warazwe. No 6, June 1954. p. 213 SO: Eastern European Aacessions Ust, Vol 39 No 119 1954t L.C. I I A"-" 'In-n, 17IMI I A. "-Some remarks on quartz deposits in Hal& Gora in the region of Pozdroze Izerakie, 4 Przeglad Gwlogic2rgr,, Waratma, Fo 9j Sept. 1954, p. 30). SO: Eastern European Accessions List, Vol 3, Ho 11, Nov 1954, L.C. T, 77 all T PmMo ile~~.-~1,11:i~i"T!i="Zli!",~E-5i~'fil-Yii~~,~9M- c O'V toL WI ec, /Chile cdcmi 1,-. frota 1~,~ PilkA Valley. Poialld 19. ~16) Kj~ ok:-5 Pub. Usti mimtno~-I. - in It"i'matel tut 1!~ ~11 'c" i, "fijtm, Sit 11 ~v', 4 kfid-d Fk;-1wr i A T -7 Ar T - -ch 1"575, T'-Cl. 0 C C Sri of uncl. (qtoLwI( frqm lb.? PMC3 Valley. POTIM74- U51; summat~-)-T1w pr-lwr, 4!, -,~l ~1- co, indi.,Atei th.,t thc Oc~ i, twt!-kIv,-f mg. -rigin. Cl~-. A,mly~-.4 141 -oplt 1 tiik 'j, 71, ~- !3 rf r, 11hr 0v, t ':-,I y r-,, Xrh 1.95 5, U! c1 PER AF ;7't 1,101CITFI-I A. UTUPMf GEOLOGY PERIODICAL: FIJTITALI~ D', Vol. t-, No. 2,, 1~,5 MARAWIEKI, A. The re5lilts of i of Ii-rc,3tor.p fron th,,~, quarry 11, in Krasy nvar Opatow. P- 36 11onthly List of Ea.-.t ;European Accessions (FEAI) IZ. Jol. 8p No. 40 Arril 1'.59, Unclass. -7 j~ j"Q .12 i, it( I f -IT Country polani D Gata.zory Couwchwalstry. Gooohamial.-7. Hy4mche=i4try. .ib.-, Jr,ur : V41i . Av t ho r : M-)rz,,VLI Cki. A. :)WI 111i3t Itut : 143t gi-,,en Title : NOtf-' 011 tIt" frCC'. ~,Wi'!17-' L'q, 1! , 1) 1 b Arc~, Alrieral., -'I, No 1, iol-,-I,~ ~ Abstract TAP 31ithorr, I.ccrtl formations; o., r4 I.ICJfiej sandatorqa 4nd loamy roc',a )f var)in,.* ~artjfje size dictribution. Tye !iug~ettirn tts vivanced tn:,t thcoe rocks LLke depot-AtA, of tn.-. Mlorenq pnrloA. The ~,-~nilot uf L-rri- artz- f-ra`-rir, cem-nt-u with -helcelu!-y I-enoun a 'u , I and op.41. tcccrdIrg tc the ~~LtAirs-d from incomplete tW.Ic-.Lf- cheinte-al jilcrn~;copj,~ exnv,Inattorn, aeturmin,.0-orn of 'tic Coll %,CoLtion ann if te-hnI,-!r'L pro,ert;c-s SIII)wn t),At a numbpr o: vAriat.S!q cau te as raiv IL.At~--rials in the oro,luctl,w, of d9 go rl si 10i t. 140RAVIECKIS, Antoni Titanium-4ircon sands from Cape Varga in Guinea. rvartalnik geol 6 no, I:L49-2" 162, ]i. Zaklad Plervlastkow Promienlotworczych., Instytut G-,t)lo(,Irzny.. Warszawa. mu'lAWECKII AU%OnL I Ifigeria's miw=2 raw materials end their econ=ic utilization. PrzegI geol 10 ao.1:51-54 Za 162, 1. Instytut, Geologiezny,, Warazava. RORAW.ILCKI,. kntani Oca=rence of hoary minsrals in clastic formations cn rr-irre Island. Przegl goal 10 no.9t492-493 S t62* I@ rnatytut Geologimr,, Warszawa, - IPMAMIECKI. Antoni Senegal's geology and mineral resources, Przegl geol 10 no.10:545- 500 162, 1. Inetytut Geologiemys Warazawa. HMLWIECKI, Lntoai 'Occurrence of ultrabaxIc rocks in the KongoUan People's Republic, Frzegl geol 10 no.llt6U-615 N 162. 1. Instytut Geologiawyl, Warazawa, KCUW,ICONI,, AnUni The development of productive forces in Ustern Siberia; - Geology and mineral raw material bases; rion-astallia useM minerals, Re-viewed by Antoni Maraviseld. PrzeCI geogr 34 no.1:210~-212 162. FOYLU,, Karim; SZAWDIN, Jarzy Organisgtion of the pological nerri6 a and depoeit progpecting in underdeiplop-dd countries. Przegl geoi 11 no.3tl64-167 Kr 163. 1. D7rekcja Gornicza v Konakry (Gvinea),, Inatytut Geologiczrq,, Warszawa, Panstwowa Rmda Gornictwa, Varazawa. V-OUWIECKI, Latoni I J-alumohidlr'Z~~Mtte t'rom Nova Ruda. Kwartalnik geol 6 no.4: 539-570 162. 1. Tastytut Geologieznyg Warszawa. EXCER~ITA YED175, Sec.4- Vol.9/11 ~:icrobiology Nw 55 107z. MORAWIECKE J. Staatl. Inst, far fly . (Alit. far Bakferint. urvt cx;,. %tc-d. -Wa-riZ-a-*-a-.--miRrnWnI. [nat. (ter med. Akad.. Wrockw. ~ F:tn (4-ttrar ZLIr antibakteriellenWirkung des SpetchelFt. Contrthution an (fie anlt- bacterial effect of the saltva SCIIWLIZ. 7.. ALIZ. PATH. HkKT. 1955. 19/1 (39-40; E:xperiments showed that saliva and salivary bacterial suspensions had a consider- lable inhibitory effect on the growth of tylihoid bacitti. From author's summary I Studies on antigen and antibody precipitation in the corngs In vives Rospr.wydz. nauk %ad. 3 no,.U67-8~ 19560' 1. Z7 Eliniki Okmlistyesuej Akadeati Kedyesnej w laraxavie, Dyrolctort, prof. &r W.Re Kelanowskie Pezedatawil: prof. dr nauk made Anuat Sobanskis' (COMA. phyciologr.. antigen & antibody precipitation In vivo (Pol)) (ARTIGIN ANTIBODY, EXACTION, precipitation In cornea In vivo (Pol)) MORAWMKI, Arsyr BRZOSKO, Witold Studies on the precipitation of labeled antItens in the cars" of tho living eye. Polski tygod, lok. 16 no.179624--U5 24 Ap 161. 1. Z Oddsialu Okulistyemego Sapitala ffr 6F or4rmtorc doe. 4r -T. Noraviecki i x Zakladu Anatoxii fttologicsnej LA w Warssavieg dyraktort prof. dr X. DabrowskL. OORM pb"L.02) (Amaws) POLAND-HU1.7,ARY K.ETTLSY, A. , Ophti-ialmolwq/ ClInit; j-,f in Debrecen (Hun,;-ary) [Orl-Inal version not r'ranslatnd J L - by J,. Doco~t, Dr. med (Affiliation not j7ivan) "On the Retroretinal Componont of Optical RocognitIon." I" 'arsaw Polski T aodnik Lokarski, Vol 18, No 19-20, 6-13 .Nlay 63: U. Abstract: [Author's English summary] Experiments have pro- ven three stages of' optical recognition. 1) Elementary ob- sorvation, 2) relative recognition, and 3) absolute recog- nition. The effect of the retroretinal component on the reco -nition or vision is 33--130 percent. The Auber-Forster phenomenon is due to the relative recognition, and if the offect of the retroratinal component, the phenomenon dis- appears. The literature confirming these observations is cited in the body of thq text. _j - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - DOBRUCKI, Wladyalaw; Y4MIECKI, Marian Determination of the heating temperatures of roll iAble mechanism parts of hot rolling mills, Probleiq proj hut maazyn n no.8053-256 Ag 163. 1, Akademia. Gornicto-Hutnicza, Krakow, YORAW~ZA, Barbara Fertility of Vimba wimba L. in the Vistula Rivo-r rystem. Rocz nauk roln zootechn 94 no.2:315-327 104. 1. Laboratory of Ril"r Farming of the Institute of Inlptntl Wqto,,r Fisheries, Warsaw. !L4 Sj~L~ KLECZKOWSKL, K.; FUUFUt, 1. Ocatwrence and activity of arginaze in higher plants. Acts soc botan Pol 32 nool:191-198 163. 1. Department of Biochemistry,, Gentral College of lgrlmdt~:--o. Warsaw, and Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Scioaces, Warsaw. REIM, I.; MORAWSKL, Grazyna An arginase inhibitor from ffunflower seeds (Hollanthas snn=s). Acta. tdochim. pol. 10 no.4:413-4,17 t63- 1. Institute of Hiochemistrr and Biophysics, Follah kcadmq of Saiences,, and Csntml College of Agriculture, Warszawa. (ARGINASE) (ENZYME INHIBITORS) (PLINTS) Lf CT i 4~! tr 1 c Tcw~~r:,YStIWL G:,cjjc.;.,jc2.,~c.. "it C2. I:cn'"'12ly li'qt (f. EaE;t, _0r, r" N( Uncl. v S/169/62/000/012/059/095 D22,-,/1)307 T 17LI; Chan:~cz; in the cloudiness mid iii-solation at .",'r-lcow 'i"cferativiv pj zhurnal Ge fizilca, no. 12, 1962, 55, -0': alistract 123362 (-,szcchs-wiat, no. 6, 1962, 21-144 (1,0 1. ) ) '~"hc author discusnes thc results of a7i analyGis carried out at the artrononical o6servatory of the Y,.%cllon.,-.!.-iy un- Uni-7cr-dty) 1-n-t~racow, on thc cloudinec;s data Aflor 1B59-1953 and those of the sunshine over 1334-195"j. 'Aic analyzis was performeC.- by the ncthod o~' moving 10-yeLir averagea. Thc tcndency for, the general cloudincsG to increase after itG rdnii.- mum in 1905 is traced. -,,,ttcr dccadc:; are characterized by high cloudiness. In 100 years the nun')cr oZ c1car days decreased -ilmo:-,t by a factor of two. The number of ovcrcaat days has two cle-rly maxitaa (in thc GevcntinG of the last century and in the forties of this ccntvry) and one distinct -mi-nimuzzi (in the ninctics). Card 1/2 S/169 ,/62/000/012/059/095 Chati-es in the cloitdincnn D2-qa/d3O7 0 The curve lor the niijilocr oil f,,(,tAiClCar aIV GCMiOVC=Z'.:-,t C~,Y:; i_' ZI reLlection oil' the winlocr of overcast days. -L di ,strict re(*41.ictio-a j.1 the minber ol: hour:-. or' ~:unnhinl- -i-- notc('t, this lo-dn;~ 0~)SQI-VCLI 1"ith little change throu"hout thr -)criod under considerat-ion. .x the present "Lime the duration of ~--unshinc reaclicn scarcely 37., of the maxi-miLi, possible period. (~hangcs in the cloudiness and the ('.Ur.1- tion o9 sunshine are correlated uith Variations i-a tile circV.1,azion and climatic coaditionn, occui-rii-L(_1 in ':uro,,)c in the -)crio(1 ir~dcr r--view. The tendencier, in lattcr drcadns .-rc 'iu%xv-_r c1carly elur, 60 tlio_ influc-ace 0,_'~ local caun~.,r,, chi~,,'Iv to tlie izicrcasc(l -,)ollu- tion of the atmosplicro at 'Jrncow ')y rzrosols brou-1it fro-,-,i 1;1~.-)cr ,Ulesina clistrict 6y wcf;terly winds -zita a ~rc- quency of Li:,) to 1:0,,'?. ~5outh-westcrly winds, with a .1rce-uency o; bring aerosols fron the industrial _-rras of a-,id ca:-,terly wi-ndr. bring then Afro.:-a the -,-nearby con't)-ine of L.011a ~11;ta. C-n sta-iiant conditions, U'Lic, inch-strial im,)uritics duetto t-hc oaL-,irtlikc location of ~;racow Uccom,, sources of" condensation nuclei a-,6 cc-ease cloudincss to incrcasc ai-id thc number of ho~,irs of sunshine to 61c- crz:aGe. L/_~-_._Jstracter's no,,;c: ~;o-m,)Iete tra,.)r;l.a'xion2 Car"` 2/2 MDRAWSKL, VAria, Diurnal and annual course of sunshine in rr&kov (1859-1958). Prgagl goofis 7 no-0229-2" 162. 1. Panatwovy Inatytut Hydrologjasno-Nateoraloglasay, Krakow. MMUWSKA, Harft Comparison of the temperatures measured on the pGak of rasprowy Vierch with the corresponding temperatures of the free atmosphere. Prsegl geofiz 9 no.3/4t2gl-285 164. 1. State Institute of Hydrolo" and Meteorology, Krakow Branch. ",OURCEI FkQc Kft(AP7 OW 65 01: 0.181:: OU28'( X / 71: ,AUTHOR-, Morawalm 14.9,~qd. iORG: PIN%, krakow TITLE: Fog observations at Cracow (iM-196o) SOVACE: PrzeGlad geofizyaznyt no. 3, 1966, 171-181 ITOPIC TAGS: saiil~meteorology, fog, air 1poilution ABSTRACT: The city of Cracow has a high incidence of day* with fog. The 100-year average in 60 days per year with fog, and this figure has increased to 78 days In the past decade. This large increase is probably connected with the consid- erable progress In industrialization during that period. The 100-year period Included 14 years In which the number of days with foge exceeded 100; two such years occurred near the and of the period. During LSSS-19600 there was am annual Wfereace of 78 foggy days between the center of tho city and its outLyLag areas# A comparison of the curve.of the nuabor of days with fog 4nd the curve of dif- -Card 1/3 UDO;none I ACC Nk-AP70002aT farences in susuar and winter temperatures LnUcates quite good agreaviento This implies that under these coadftLoms, greater CoatinestAL ftfluence way contribute to a numerical Lacrease ta, the number of days wEth fog and greater oce&mLc LafLuamce, to a decrease im their nuitbar (gee Figs, L and Z), L -FLC, to Fr4quener of form- atLam (solid Lima) and dts- zipatLom (Urokam. line) of at Cracow CaLative to wind speed -C S 6 ACC Nite AP7000D3Y "ge 24 rr8qutucr Of fOg f0ructiam (COLEd Lima) and dissipation (broken LLtxe) at Cracow c*Lativt t0 ths difference t - td orig. art.. has: 2 f_l&ures and 3 tables@ LWA-50; CBE Roo 14J suB com 04/ .SMK DATEz ITJun6V ORICI RE7: 01 IV m 02 DERKO, H.; ~. yeasurements of the rate Cf rif t",gstn cathodes. PrzGm inst glektrm rrhcfj 5 no.2:1115-12~' ~;4- 1. Department of F.,minion llo3tlng Of ftv) "r Eliqctronlc3p Varcaw. Submittf~a 120 IV". KWOYA. 11~zlurcftid"* theraff of pleural expremL with open spontaneous Pneamothormo Pbdiat- PolOm 31 no.7031-835, gept 55. 1. Z OUsLalm Dateciscego OspitsU ist. 11abinskiego, we Wroolamim Drraktort Ospitalaa &r. not. K.Xotlevski. **uLtor OlWalmi dr. vied. RJW*Iia. Wroalaw,. ule Owarna It na.7. (NYALCROSIDAIM, ther. us* "Wrom, pleural, with spontaneous pumumothores) (XKMM. PLMMAL. complioations pusumothorax, open, spontaneous, th4r. bracrouidAce) (PMWNMOM spontaneous with pleural eMma, ther. b7almrontdase) MORAI(SU. UlKannot; MMENIOZOWA, Izahella 3ehavlor of 17-ketosterolds in urine during therapy cyf rhowlatic d1soaae with cadiam sallcylate. Pediat. polgia 34 no.StIO47-1051 lug 59. 1. Z 11 KlinIkI Pedtatrycznej A. H. we WrocInvitt.Xterownik: pro-f. dr mad. H. Wierzhowska. (SODWK SALICIUTZ. ther.) (RHEUMATIC YEM. ther.) (17-MMTKRO MS. urias) - MMAWSKA~ Zuzanna; TLOIXAg Janina TbyK=a infiltrating into the pericardium and sqocardiun In a 2-year-old child. Pat.polska 11 no.2:185-194 160. 1. Z II Kliniki Pediatrycznej A.K we Wroclawim KierawrLikv Prof. dr M.Wierzbowska i z Zakladu Anatomii Pat*logictnej Kicrownik: Prof. cir Z.Albert. (TRTK-KA in Inf & child) (WRT neopl) (PERICAMIUM heopl) RORAWSU, Zusanna Myocardial infarat in rheuwtia disea" LAA 9-T*&r-QId girl- POINki tygod. lek. 16 no.119401-403 13 Mr t6l. ' 1. Z 'EI ICUniki D%Le*Ieaej L.K. we Wroclavin; kierownikt Prof. dr Varta Viersbaw0m, mroamm INUXT in inf & child) mmmm nm COMPI) i KORkVSKL Zutanna rnterstitial iWocarditis in viral infections. Naat. Pablia 36 na.49401-406 '61. 1. S rX 91iniki, Chorob Dziect IM we V~roalawim Kierawmik: pref. dr ited. K. Viersbowebt. MrOCMITIS in inf & child) RUS DrSKASES in inf & child) M MORIWSXL,, ZusannfL---- -- Adrenal officiener in Upoid nophromis in children. Fal. t7t. l4k. 17 na.24z503-506 2 Ap 162. 1. Z IZ KIiniki Pediatx7esnei AX we Wroalavin; kierovnik Klinikic prof. dr mad. Karia 'Wiarzbovska. (NIPHROTIG S!rNDRCHE in inf & child) (ADFXUL pbystal) HOPNI'SKIA, 7iirinn(4 Yffeet of diuretics on the water-mtneral metabollm In 11pold naphromis. Pol. tyg. lek. 19 no.32tl227-1229 10 AC 164. 1. Z II KlIniki Dziecl Is cej we Wroclrwiu (kierownik Kliniki: prof, dr. med. Karl& Wiertbawaka). WIERZBMKA, Marlu, prof. dr, [deas"o4h KORAWK4, kum=a Mabetes in a chUd with 11pold nephroisia. Viad, lek, 18 nc,6c 535-537 15 Kr'65- Is Z 11 Kliniki Dxleciecej Akadeali Kodyc=oj we Wraclaviu (Kierounike profs dre K* Vlarsbovake, Cdec"sodj)o WRAMSKAt ~uzttnnm IWotter-electrolyte baldnae in lipolO maphrosle in children. pal. tyge lek. 19 no.33tl269-1272 17 6 164, 1. Z Ir Kl1niki Dstaclscej Akadeali Medycznej we Wroclawlu (kierowniki glinikit Prof. dr Varle Wiertbovske, (deas&sad]).