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SALGANIK, R.I.) KIKNADZE, I.I.; MOROZOVA, T.M.; GUBE14KO, I.S.; DREVICH, V.F. Nature of py-rcn@.n-stalned granules in a fraction of isolated cel-I nuclei. TSiioli:;glia 5 no.5t499-505 S-0 162. (MIRA 16: 5) 1. Laboratoriya nuKeinovykh kislot i Laboratoriya obshchey teitologii InstAt0a tsitologii i genetiki Sibirskago otdeleniya AN SSSR, Novosibirsk. i de. -nc 7@i@ y p r ya c:*. r f3 ic L',Gr,,OZDVA9 T.11. Cand L.od Sci -- (disa) "Tho liobophronic form, of tlib- sc*zophrenia". Lost 1958. 11 pp (!An of Iloalth USSR. Contml Inoti.4w4e forAldvancedTmining of @hyoicians). 200 copios. (13,, 37-58, 112) - 33 - KOROZOVA. T.M. Treatment of depressive states with lprazid. Zhur.n,3rv.1 palkh. 59 no.12:1480-1484 159. (KM 13:4) 1. XeLfedra paikhiatrlt (zav. - prof. A.V. Snezhuevskly) Mntrall- nogo Institute unovershenstvovanlya vrachey, psikhonevrologichaskaya bolluitea Iment Ganuxtshkina (glavuyy vrach V.1r. 14rbalka), Hook7a. (ISONICOTINIC ACID) (MUSSION, PMVAL) MOROZOVA, T.N. Treatment of depre3sion with imizin (tofranil). Zhur.nevr.i polkh. 61 no.2.*176-182 161. (PURA 14:6) 1. Kafedra psikhiatAi (zav. - prof. A.V.Snozhnevskiy) TSentrallnogo instituta usovershenstvovaniya vrachey i psMonevrologicheskaya bollnitsa No.4 imeni Gannushkina (glavnyy vrach V.N.Rybalka). (DEPRESSION, @MAL) (PIPERAZINE) NOROZOVA , T. N. Influence of aminazine therapy on the dynamics of the deepreasive- paranoid form of schizophrenia. Zhur. nevr. i psikh. 61 no.4:589-593 l6i. (MIRA 14:7) 1. K4fedra psikhiatrii (zav. - prof. A.V.Snezhnovskiy) TSentr&llnogo institute usoverrhenstvovaniya vrachey. Paikhonevrologicheskaya gorodskaya klinicheakaya bollnitsa No.4 imeni Gannushkins, (glavnyy vrach V.N.Rybalka)., Moskva. (SCHIZOPHRENIA) (CHLORPROMAZINE) S 248 62 000 001 002 003 1015 1215 Author Morozova, T N Title THE THERAPEUTIC FFFFCT OF PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGIC DRt (*S Periodical Akadennya Meditsinskikh Nauk Liestiva no 1. 1962. 59 0 Text Clinical changes in schizophrenic patients following armnoazinc therapy %%ere observed In a number of cases the schizophrenic process changed its course following treatment -.%ith this neuroleptic drug The changes varied and the difTercrit variations are discussed Fhe author concilides that the tMitniew must be chosen according to the stages of the illness which preceded the present status of the patient ('rider certain conditions, psychopharmacotherapy can be most efficient in the treatment of schizophrenia Further studies on the possibility of it therapy combining a number of psychopharmacologic drugs are desirable Association Kafedra psikhiatrij Instituta usovershenstvovantya vrachey i isslcdovatel'skaya gruppa pri chlene-korrespondente AMN SSSR prof A V Snczhnevskoni (Chair of piychjatr@. Institute for advanced training of physicians and the research group directed by prof A V Snethrie"Skly Fellow-correspondent of Academy of the I'viedical Sciences USSR) Card 1/1 NADZHAROV, R.A.; KOROZOVA, T.N.-, SKULMOH, A.B. Wniml psychopharmacology. Trudy Gos.nauch.-isal.inst paikh. 3503-62 162. MM l6c2) 1. NafMra psikhiatrii TSentrallnogo inatituta usovershenst- vo7aniya vrachey (zav. kafedroy - daystwitelinyy chlen 40 SSSR prof. A.V. Inezhnevokiy). (PSYCHOTROPIC M;MGS) MOROMOVAI ToNe Pharmacotherapy in depressive stateas Trvdy Gos.nauch.-isal. Inst.paikh. 35010-219 162. (KM l6s2) lo gaucbno-inaledovatellskays gruppa deyotvitallnogo chlena AMN SM professora A.V. Snezhnevokogo Gosudaretvennogo nauchno- iseledovatellskogo inatituta psikhiatrii. (PSYCHOPHAR4ACOLOGY) (DEPRMSION, HENTAL) MOROZOVA, T.N.; SHIRAEFI!Y, Endogenous --n,:, Z-,@-r. n--,-7. 1 v paikk. 6.3 no.iOI'i5..l521 10. ('' *1 -A ', - - r,) 1. Kafetira pF@eii4wrl' (zav. - ji(t. S)n,@z!-@!s,,.y -,in .! (I . '! )i@r Lnst 1, tul-FA uL-. vr@r. I I .-)vrLr,[y I vr-.,,, , MoskvA. t 365 -65 AOMSSTO0'*1MO1 AM0012 UR/0246/64/064/005/01.768/0770 AUTUOR -N. 0; Morozova, T N jopova-- Ao N. TITLE! Uae of Indopan in the psychiatric clinic SOURCE. Zhurnal nevropatologii i paikhietrii, Y. 64, no. 5, 1964, 768-77o TOPIG-TAGO.- drug treatment, nervous system dru,3 Psychiatry Aliit@act s '@ -1fido nthe hlorhydrate'. oir &lpfi%_met`h*ltrypt&m'ine, hai'been c !syntfiesizod - iia'the Al I -Union Scientific Repearch Institute of Pharmacen- Aicftl_chimistr@'by N. N. Suvoroy and 11. 14. Preobrdzhenskaya. The prepara- tion _wns-1-6und, to be a new active agent, chiefly stimulating in effect. :The, authors used., indopan in 1weating- 63 patients (41 men and 22 women), of whom 43 were in the ward and 20 In the dispensary. Based on indications of -.the Estiwulati%, action of the authors used- it to Areat patients lin-whont--edmitions'@ Of-'alinggillhhens apathyl -adynamia, reduced mental pro- @dudtl*l and also deprossOns determining-tho.-condition of the patients or. accampo'diedby other distarbances wer*-no-ted In tho clinical picture* *cordinglyl, pa -tients were d"i'vided into three principal groupst the largest :gro4o (27 Persons). represent patients with* a pronounced condition of - lasmri-_ - i@udej redu ed Veyehic-productivi 9'and also depression.. In this gr!@ 29 & _Z , OM2 8 AV3,M W-4 i@d- 4,r, o- ik, 66 -@ 4, -,o' 4chi Ohronia.-and--fivo-with' r6lonj6d to p 1paranofdat selhisoohreinia *nre ina State of remission. The second group 16-pat onis wit'h, paranoida.1 schitophr6ial' progressing :consistod or sluggishly, with effective fluctuations. In nine patients depression predominated with increased Migability, irritability, and a-loo distrust- fulness and suspicion. The group of patients with predominance of speci- fically* mr.1fective disturbamces numbered 20 (6 with circular schizophrenia, 3 suffering from psychothymia, 2 - depreasive-paranoidal schizophrenia, psychopathy,*3 -- organic disturbances of the central nervous system I of varied genesis with predominance of lassitude and asthenia, 2 -- reactive depressions, and 9 depressions resulting from aminAzine treatment). in- forut -the authors began with-2.5-5 milligrams, to with-Aradual in-ceease of dosage .5-20 milligrams, and in some cases$ up 'to 40-inilligrams. The dosage depends on the condition of the patients and itheir-sensitivity to the proparation, which was shown by the rapidity of changes in coMition. In those cases when the clinical picture was deter- Imined by &,complexsyndrome@(depression with deleriumg senesthopathies, -etc.)i indopan was prescribed in-v"bination with stelazinet aminazineq kand-other @euroleptics. 111.the Mrst group of patientsp the preparation @had a 0@ In'the second groupq indopan treatment re- _sfly,tonic effect h t%n-imvro:!ep"-k. q; -the, reductiqq-of tension,_ :--t- 3650&65 -16N NR:. P@010012 ACOFAS greater confidence, activity, and working capacity,. In patients of th thiiCj- dopreaiivq syndromes underiiitiC , r ed evelopment. Thi gro up, 4 occurred in-t.he-sam.e order as in the treatment with other antidepressant:0 linitially the motor inhibition was ameliorated, and then the psychic and @late@ theAwemsive effect disappeared. The following complications were I obse"ed-in*tho-course of theimpys during the first stage, a Pense of excitability, unpleasant sensations in the body, shivering trembling (2), I'tachycardia,-inereased arterial pressure, pain3 near the heart (1), dizzi- -ra ;ness, inting (3), and dermatiti3 (1). Also noted was intensified irri- 'tability,disturbance of a I leep (2 , and euphoria with lightheadedness. All these effects proved reversible. No toxic effact or indopan (dinturb- ances of functions of -the liver,__kidne of and hemopoietia. y lobserved.1" SSSR)t 1" _AASOLCTATIOR..-'- rafiltit@t ppikhiatrii AM SSSR-0-notitute ot -Paychiatry, AW @KaWra'psikhiatjrii Tsentralhogo-inatituta uaovershenatvovjtniya vrachey, Moscow rtiefit-ot-Psychiatry- Central.1natitute for the Advancod Training of 1.7 (DepbL D ;--X6Sep63 SUB CODE: PH _000- 'R: 000 IV, SOV f 110ROZOVA, T. P. "Pl:mells Local Treatment of Pyoderma and Some Other Diseases in Children with a Solution of Sulfidine," Pediatriya No. 2. 1948. Children's Consultation Clinic No. 1, Moscow, -cl948-. v "Ci PDSE I BOOK EXPLAOMMION SOV/4084 Leningrad. Arkticheskiy I antarkticheskiY nauchno-isaledDmtellskiy institut Problerq Arktiki I Antarktiki; abornik statey., vyp, 1 (Problems of the Arctic and Antarctic; Collection of Articles, No. 1) Leningrad, Izd-vo %rakoy'transport," 1959. 123 p. Errata slip inserted. 500 copies printed. KEROX COPY Additional Sponsoring Agency- USSR. Ministerstva morskogo flota. Glavnoye upravleniye sevemogo wrokago puti. Res Ed.: V.V. Frolov; Editorial Board: L.L. Balakshin, A.A. Girs,, P.A. Clordlyenko fieptity Reap. Ed.),, I.M. Dolgin., L.G. Kaplinskaya# A.A. KiriLlov, Ye.S. Kbrotkevich, V.V. Lavrov, I.V. Kaksimov, A.I. 011, 1.1. Poznyak, and B.7. Felisov; Tech. Ed.: L.P. Drozhzhina. PURPOSE: The publication is intended for geogmpherst oceanographers,, and readers Interested in the study of the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Card 1/5 .Problems of the Arctic and Antarctic (Cant.) SOV/4w" COVERAGE: This collection of 17 articles published by the Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Research Institute deals vith the follovingiice conditions in the Arctic Seas, ,tmospheric circulation and tuilmlence, the problem of albedo on drifting ice, the intensity of cosmic rays,, and the use of aerial photography in ice reconnaissance. Tables of instrumental corrections for reading deep- sea reversing thermometers are included. References follow the articles. .. @0 TAM OF COMMM: Morozova.. T.P. Fluctuation of the Southern Limit of Old Ice -Fn -the -L@@t@e@r Sea 5 Kudryavtsev,, N.F. Effect of Current on the L=ersion Depth of the. Recorders of Self-Contained Stations 11 Ryzhakov,, L. Yu. The Role of Turbulence in the Transfer of the Atmospheric Eddy 25 Bryazgin, W.N. 1he Problem of Albedo of the Surface of Driftirq Ice 33 Konstantinov, 1.0. Diurnal Variations of the Intensity Of COSMLC Rays in Tikhaya Bay 41 Card 2/5 Problems of the Arctic and Antarctic (Cont.) SOV/4084 Yanes, A.V. Estimation of &-at Currents in an lee Cover 49 Yakoviev,, G.H. Heat Current of the Evaporation From the Surface of Ice Cover in the Central Arctic 59 Nazintsev Yu. L. Experimental Determination of Thermal Capacity and The;;;l Conductivity of Sea Ice 65 Doronin,. YU.P. The Problem of Accretion of Sea Ice 73 Loshchilov, V.S. Use of Aerial Pbotography in Ice Reconnaissance for the Determination of the Kean Thickness of Ice Cover 81 Sychev,, K.A. Heat ftmillbrium. of the Active Layer of Permafrost in Sumer 87 Card 3/5 Problems of the Arctic and Antarctic (Cont.) SOV/W4 Korotkevich, Ye.S. Birds of Eastern Antarctica 91 Rom Shamontlyev, V.A. Tables of Instrumental Corrections for Readings of Deep-Sea Reversing Thermometers 109 Kudrysvtoev, N.F. The Accuracy of Current Measurement by the Navigational Method U6 IRFMO(MON Kuperov, L.P. Short-Range Radio Forecasting on the Mkson Island- Moscow Line During 1958 Navigation U9 Kozlov, M.P. Winter-Spring Expeditioas of the Arctic and Antarctic Institute in 1959 U9 Card V 5 Problems of the Arctic and Antarctic (Cont.) SOV/W84 BI=OaRAPSIC 9ZVM Romanovich,, Z.S. *Arctic Bibliography" of the Arctic Institute of North America 121 AVAILAM: Library of Congress Card 5/5 JA/rn/mas 9-6-6o S@GVP63/148/004/015/02 5 1@ 174 01) B102 B 186 AUTHORS: Stoyanova, I. G., Morozova, T. P. TI TL E: Investigation of the defects arising in electron-mioroscope objects under the action of the electrons PERIODICAL: Akademiya nauk SSSR. Doklady, v. 148, no. 4, 1963, 810-813 TEXT: The structural defects produced in polyethylene single crystals undergoing electron irradiation were investigated. Such crystals were subjected to electron beams of 15V diameter and the diffraction pictures obtained at different inatante of time were compared. The electron irradiation is accompanied by an increase in number of the lattice defects which causes a drop in intensity of the interference maxima. The diffraction pattern is photographed on nontinuous exposure during certain periods of time, starting right after switching on the electron beam. The diffraction pictures are evaluated by photometry. For comparing the pictures a factor is set up which characterizes the lattice defects: R = 1 -I(t)/I(t 0), where I(t)/I(t 0) is the intensity ratio of the interference maxima at t and to. R(t) diagrams are drawn for the objects Card 112 S/020/63/148/004/015/025 Investigation of the defects arising ... B102/B166 in air, in helium and in air plus helium, at various pressures in the range 50 - 2-10- 4mm Hg, and at varioun current densities (@10-4 _ 10-5a/cm 2). The defect concentration increased the faster the lower the pressure; in vacuo the R(t) curves are very stdep and R reaches the highest value measured after 10-20 aec. With V-100 kv and 3-10-5 a/cm3 after about 30 sec and with 50 kv after about 10 sec irradiation in vacuo the defect density becomes considerable. There are 3 figures. PRESENTED: August 17, 1962,by A. A. Lebedev, Academician @,SUBMITTED: April 26, 1962 Cny-d 219 KIDIN, I.N.; MOROZOVA, T,,S. Effect of phase relaticnehip on carbon alloys. Izv. vyn. ucheb. kinetics of the rapid heating of iroyl.- zav.; chern, net. 8 no.7%150-,154 f65. (14IRA 180) 1. Moskovskly Institut stali splavov. 1, y N 1 11 1) sir, Ki Jer, L- r, if f r f- d hj q 1 r p, r,.3 rr 9 t' 'I-u 4",' on ro VY5. 1 ..% e '@). 7 S 11 14c, s kovs k! y i a ta a-, --am., c v 16(1),16(2) AUTHOR Morozova.TY.- SOV/41-11-3-11/16 TITLE: Asymptotic Inequations Applicable to Problems of Statistical Mechanics PERIODICAL: Ukrainekiy matematicheakiy zhurnml, 1959, Vol 11, Nr 3, pp 321-328 (USSR) ABSTRACTz Theoreat Let the function (b(f,a4r) be defined in G and let it depend on cf- the point of a certain metric space n. Let p'*) be continuous and bounded in Grl. Lot fit ... 'fy (N--*co) be a series of points of the space 0 with a bounded distribution density Then it holds uniformly with respect toa&i N k-1 k G The author mentions I.Ya.Khinchin, and N.N.Bogoly-ubov, There are 5 references, 4 of which are Soviet, and 1 English. SUBMITTEDt April 1, 1959 Card 1/1 FILATOVP I.K. 0 inah.; STROGAMOVA, L. 1. . inzh.; T.V., insh. Insulating rail bond with inserts made with polymer materials. Vest,TSNIIWS 21 no,7:58--61 162. (MIRA 15:12) (Electric insulators and insulation) (Plastics) uvcl; lKGV @jcris Dmitriyuvich; 1.'01,,OZOVA, larillra V.Iktork--vi-,.a Lazare-,`@ch; FTLIFFOVA, L.S., rea.; red. (Ure of new polymeric fmterlahq ir. in;;-ulatini, roill J, -0 S.4itChPSj Frimenenie ric)vykh polimernykh rriate`-I@,v .zt @iruiuohchikh stykakii i strelocluiykh pere%-, ki.. okva, lzd-vo "Trarsiort," l9f@4. 2, 5 p -+111.ial -n iler@.-,- -3' '65. c. duyu ii t. )v PL); !,()Sl Va. MC) @Oeo vft I T @c E. (A.M. Severttav Institute of Animal Morphology. U.S.S.R. Academy of Sci. I. - I 1491fitance of sexual dimorphism In the multiplication of fish. S"-60 AkWM130 Valike 3,S.8 R., Ooklady Vol. 78, It, 3 ) I J'n MoRc4cvpi, T CTRSPL (A 14 ..... .. ...... Akademlys Houk, S.S.S R., Ooklady Vol. 79, No. KOROZOVA. T.Ts. - " Role of external and Internal factors In the sexual cycle in Pe-ca fluviatilis L. Dokl.AH SSSR 112 no.6:1129-1132 7 157. (14LRA lo: 5) l.Inatitut morfologit rhivotnykh in. A.M. Severtsova Akademii nauk SSSR. Predstavleno akademikom U.N. Pavlovskim. (Perch) L -55234.@-W` @l.BWO(O,)/EPA (s)-2/EIIT(m),kP-F(C)/EWP(i)/EPRAPA(w @-WZPA(bb @-2/tIPW 7t@ I@a iAcczssjO'H: Is _@,-AP5015563 UR/028-/-65/000/008/0120/0120 - -UL96,443T-5- 4-4, morot,cma I v 6780 pa, 11, to ic in I S", '103 72: IT __7 kh Llidl rat -4-loVaeny -ina ovi: no. -arallizing past 10PIC eiimic.@ metwilizatloni, m 4-11 -6s, --liplybden 4"1 Alithojt QV Al @'d 4 ulimmangal ir *AV 4i iWif'A FA@ Aw t h 6' -f-thi-jotut bet. the XA lopa a 5 uto I i ta Int d i t6: thc- pa ,Tio UCS 13 a- (ND) J Zj. Elm 'i @6v'jj CODRA MR$ MY KOROZ07A, V.A. Wrects of specI84 ILists on blood cholesterol in patients with coronary atheroscle---osis, Toppit. 17 no&5326-30 S-0 '58 (KMA 11: 10) 1, In sardechno-sotiudistogo otdolonlya (sav. - doktor itednauk V.Pe Sokolovskly) Ulnikt liechabnogo pitanlya Institute pitanlya AXN SSSR. Moskva, (CCRCHART DISEASE, blood in cholosterol in patients with atherosclerosis, off, of special diets (fts)) (XRTERIOS(;LEROSIS. blood in chol-vaterol in patients with coronary die.. eff. of Fq)ecial diets (Rua)) ((:HOLESTESIOL, In blood off. of special diets in pntients with coronar7 athe-roaclerosis (Rua)) (DrSTS, V2 various die. coro--inry atheroselerosiag eff. of gpectnl diets on blood cholesterol (Rus )) MOROZOVA, V.A. Effect of special diet and its individual components (proteins and carbohydrates) on Wcardial function according to data from electr44ardiograms of patients vith coronary insufficiency. Vop., pit. 20 no.3:16-22 My-Je 161. W RA 14: 6) 1. Ip serdechno-so;iudistogo otdoleniya (zav. V-.P.Sokolovskiy) kliniki lechebnogo pitaniya Initjt4ta pitaniya AMU SOR, Mosima. (EIMTROGARDIOGRAPHT) (HEART-INFIRCTION) (PRoTaNS) (CARBOHYDRATES) MOROZOVA, V.A. (Moscow) Effect of dieto of varying protein content of; !.he atat@q (if blood protein fractions and the clincal course of rheumaJ m. 7op.p' t. 24 no./,:63-67 ji-Ag 165, (Z.A jBi12)' 1. Serdeclino-sosudis-ioye otdelenlye (zav. - doktor med.nauk V.P.SokolovBkdy) kliniki lecliebnogo pitaniya (zav. - doktor mod. nauk prof. 1. S.!;avosh c lien ko) Instituta pitaniya AIMN SS-,;R, Monkva. Submitted February 3, 1964. @ Az , i. - UsSR/Chc:Astry - Wolf ramates J@@. 51 "Thcmodynw@lcs of i@Ara 1etals. !I. @@(i i-LiLr-*,z-- of U I@ydro.,,Cp," T. N. Razuldiina, Ya. 1. @erasimiov, @bro3o,-., @Ozco%. -tm@c imani '.!. V. 1,01,110110sov "Zliur Fiz Vol @D, No 1, '@3-99 .casurcc, equil const of reductior of m@angcxn-3sc wol-framate wit.. 11 at 10OCC. Calcd free enert;y and hf,-at of for:..atio,-@ of wolfrx,@dtc bot.. at tc:ap auid under std conditi,:,,s. Jata for :,iji tc:.,p viora (iui,.c ac@-urzi,.c xt iata for rtd tenp were only ap@xo.--, due to absence of data for i)cat capacit -)f ... vml-franatc. 1 r@'c Ti 8 USSR/Ch,jmiztry 'dolfram an:.' Cob%lt -l I'Therm,odynmics of 'Z,-xc I'atals: VI.. _`,,.,u_ilibriur1 of Cobalt @Iolfrur-"te .;-ith i@ylrc,;-en," P. Simancv, ?. II!. Rezu@@dna, V.A. Lorozova, "a. I". '@cr simov, .orco,,, O't,-Ltr@ U iE,.erd -.7. Lcmonosov "Zhur Fiz K"Ydn" Vol M, ".'o 3, i)p 357-361 X-ray @rvl cif -,rodll cts of @ducti@:n vdth il- cf C;oG 3 showed at 900-1, ICOOC 2 intermet;-,Ilic m-,--lds ,I@tjj I , a f C07;;C6 ( - j , I , ( :4 t at r,,xceso of Go) are forrned, reducticn con-,t.- cf co,l'o Ikc-I, Y(O 4 and set up ec foi- equil const. Calcd 'r..c 'It @tC-I,XCO and reaction: l 7C 07"16 "'7" 4 "C)"" '-:)';C4 105TI3 V14 IRV . I 0. 9 -@s PH i He ;j I - I 1 411: is "'g.,gUill i jAle ! I :b4 1 jv a I \A . J, I .!iu 11@ 0 r all 8 v se ILI Sig IN 1k v . , , - A 4 1, v . Eb. - Bill I Zj gig Id 6; 4C - id ad Jr 1 a -44 1 TUMULOV, Ya.Kh.; MOROZOVA, V.F. Enzymatic activity of the venoms of Central Asiatic snakes, Dokl. All Uz. SSR 21 no-9:52-55 164. (,W.RA 19. 1 1 1. Institut krayevoy eksperimentallnoy meditsiny AIIN SSSR. 2. Chlon-korrespondent AN IjzSSR (for Turakulov). MORCZOVA, V.F. Enzymatic activities of' the electrophoretic fractions of Centra' Asiatic serpent venoms. Uzh. biol. zhur. c, no.3:5-F 165. (M@f,A lp:R) 1. Uzbekskiy institut krayevoy medl',,--I*ny A"Ll. NIKITIN, V.-N.; MDROZOVA, V.P. Katerials on the ontagenettc physiology of the Chinese tusffah moth (Antheraea pernyl G.-M). Report 110-3: Changes In the dehydrogenaes acitvity. Uch.cap.KHGU 68:153-160 156 (MIRA 11:11) I 1. Kafedra, fitiolegit cbeloveka I zhIvotnykh Nmchno-taBledovatell- skogo Inatituta b1ologil I biologicheskogo fakul'teta Kharlkovskogo ordena trudovogo krasnago xnameni gosudarstvannogo univ@reiteta Imenl A.M. Gorlkogo. (SILKWORMS) (1NS]CCTS--DM1DPKW) (DlHrDROGZNASN) BERSENEVO I.I.; MOROZOVA, Va.; 6ALUN, S.A.; SOKOLOVA, P.N.; SOK111N, V.K. New data on the stratigraphy of Quaternary alluvial, alluvium- lacustrine, and lacustrine deposits in the Miritime Territory and middle Amur Valley. Sov.geol. 5 no.9:78-86 S 162. (14IRA 15: 11) (Maritime Territory--Alluvium) (Amur Valleye--Alluvium) ,,' -_,0'70V I "0. f, -, V. G. Mbr., Inst. Geological Sci., Acad. Sci., -1946-. "On the Age of the Lower Formaminiferous Beds -)f the North Caucasus," Dok. AN, 54, No. 1, 1946; "The bound@-r@v !-,et-ween Cretaceous and Tertiary Deposits in the Light of the Study of @ormaminifers,ll i@)id., No. 2, 1946; "Formaminifers of the Loiter Llhilk Deposits of the iayon .@Vound Sgcht Southwestern Caucasus," By-ul. liosk. Obsch. Ispytat. Prirody, Otdel Geol., 23, No. 3, 144i. , - , . ,..'. A871. moft(x/.Ovfkl V. (11. Strati,,Xallcrievkoye Harpredulerdye i"oruainJfer V Paleo,7enc - Turkinenii. Byi.lleten' ll-!cs@. O-Va I-pytateley Prij*'@ody, Ltd. @--(A., 19!.9, *-,'P- -@p r@ , 9inlimfx: 1@ Nazv. SO: Letopis' 'Jo. 33, 19h9 HDROZOVA. T.G. '%-AUV-k-Fg@ @- Kintature trays for separating and selacting aterofaunA. Top.olkropaloont. no.1:79-8? '56. (9WU 9:12) 1. Geologichaskly Institut Akadomit nauk SSSR. (Ktcrurgy,) SUBJEM USSR/Geology 5-2-30/35 AUTHORi Morozovao V.G. TITLEt Stratigraphic Subdivision of Intermediate Layers between Carb*n1forous and Palsegene Sediments (Stratigrafichookeye pedrazdaleneiye perekhodnykh sloyev meohdu melovymi i pales- gonavyal otlesheniyami) PERIODICALi Byullateal Hoakovskoge Obshchestva Ispytateley Prirody, Otdol Geologichaskly, 1957, # 2, pp 162-164 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Prospecting wells drilled in Northern Crimea, in the Azov- Kuban' depression and Sallsk-Yorgenin elevation crossed inter- mediate layers from the Cretaceous to the Eocene periods. The study of the vertical distribution of foraminiferas in thoes layers made it posetble to single out the sediments of the Danish formation, Paleocone and Lower-Eocene periods. The author enumerates all the rocks and sediments crossed by the wells and list@ the foraminiferas found in them. Card 112 No references are cited. 5-2-30/35 TITLEs Stratigraphic Subdivision of Intermediate Layers between Carboniferous and Palsegene Sediments (Stratigrafichookoye podrazdolonolyo per*khodnykh slayev methdu melovymi i palea- gonovyzi otlozheniyami) ASSOCIITIONj Moskva Society of Investigators of Nature PRESENTED BYi SUBMITTEDi On 21 December 1956 AVAILABLEs It the Library of Congress. Card 2/2 (7 20-5-54/60 "Tie a Z., o @-!Ie f, I to r, n t a t 4@ v f6 _IC "C'. vo r r r n ca ,i p (_@ rf* -i . ova i@c@; yc @o @ r -I i -,@us ia 11 ) F_,,JCjDICAL Dokladj Ak 'uu'r: 1)')_7,Vol 1%,:'r '2he Int-!,I clas.,ificat-4,.--no of ;)ulp-.,,ic forw:iinifera ar(@ bauc6 on t!ic :@,3t(,aaticf@ I)j Ci@jh_rin i,itL, ..odifications bj %;L3sner and :@vnts bL , oth-r aat@iors-'@_he (@escriptiona of new species an6 tjpr-s pi- 1 i-, h in r-cer t y ears , a@; w ell as data or. t@.e morphu lujry , variabi - lit@ strjti6ra_,@.@Ic cistribution of plankton fora;;.i:-.ifera in the ...esc,zoic aiid @;ainozcic sedi ents ex-)Iain in a T,.cvi the rvo- lation of t-is 6roup and c_,11 for a revision of' t`itir s,,.te:-..1z. th(_ @rocvss of aCuptation to the of thr,e tal ty:,es of' Sh 11 strAcl_irv L'.eveloj)ed.Thej ou:.-.bine the Lroa-) ..)f def.-_ntertly cev@_Iopine r,J:ited for:iis,every one of tho@;e din,,, to a fa::-,ily or a f-i::.11y Jroup.Thej ares 1) the dal type, from the Jarasoic,viith three families.It i2 c.--,aracteriz- ed b:( coilinE the curves an a low spiral and by the follo- in_@ po- sition of chanbers; aci:,cfor!a,Rabk,1obu1ar or inver.iely colic.Pn./lo- ;,(_-netic rel ttioriz3 of t1if are discussed. 2)FseudofIat-zpi- ral tjp@- hai3 oc@:.arr,@d -jinec- the Lov;er Cretaceous until now is distlinLaished by its flat-spiral structure of tne outgide carve. Card 1, '.he forner curves are .9-iirnl-trochiz)dal,at least in tl-ie 20-5-54/60 Th P Foraminifcra "ova and Some of It- c @-Tieration.Th@-- n3.iiittor, of chambers in t h -,. t n ha I If7 i no 1 1,4 t h e cc i es @;lobij-E.-ririella CuB 7 er Dart of the Lower Cretac,:cu@-. The species proba'bl d v It d t j t in 9 t h v -o F@ r . o ..,,ris o,,.Iy the 1 3,L_Lib@_linj,@ac family and is ciiaracterized by a ti heij@ht surpass es the dia::Lt:ter by 1 5-2 t izies . Po it :--n f c h 7 nb;! ir. 2,3 or 4 ro%rs.The cevelorment 'proceuded fro;i, t-oae itl-i over 3 to 2 ro---ws,a_v wr.-Il a-. to 2-row acinoform one .1!7 v.-_: @i F7 :nil ice -a nd d@_.vclo-ed a similar charactcri.-,tic cc--@;c of to @,linkton life: a porous wall i1th a @i_- I i IiEd construct ion ind sculpture (celln,pin,spine) 1rh-.*':h n: tht, 3uvi.ace c ' the z,'@ 11 and increase its swimmin@5 abil J ty . I I el 4 sm in the development of niany species groups le . -@ . f ormati'@T. a wide navel rith a deep orif ice) the stratigraphic dat,. I* @e t@ e total rese@.-.blence i:. shell structure (assytx.ictric @;frrtl O;cate from a (.o;.-,..,on soarce.1*ni6 is also indicated Ly coon jE-)arated from the ,ic for,-;,s had ir. thc coirz;e of the :enozoic 1@a ,ic Lra;-, Sach a 1@,n, s tory of 3 u-'arate e,.-i --it c i.c lu, c I im i na t i c n a e a a 1 - -i f - r f aiai ly G 1 ob i L; r ,ard 2,13 A diaE@ricsis j- Lial 'euturts are dvscribed ab-.v(.,' I 20-5-54/60 i:;, 1 1 j - 3 1 ob i ., eri n i da ee rfjm r, .; - -A ivec . r, f o I i p s r i r ci f t Y, f.- r,,2v, i es o f P I a n D r t a 1 i a tj - U ni -a a na r c n e r r f- tc -- r, -1:i o ff-, r..,.a. rve t-lr.@c r-ovlrl Species the Cr- t a,- 1., t`le e i a ru rs gria @:.,a n i -e of t,ie 1:. 1 1@ I I aof :_&nL7shlalk) .?larcrtalites v @jl A (frw.. t@e _,-Ocer.e of *hc. 1 @eri,.ella .-en..,.c:v for @Taati,-,@rinalla t r Ci, e tac cous of Texas A,;s t ir.-form-at i On il Acrideri,, of 3ciencescf the 3Y 1-T V r j T'1'@,L 17 Ili)" A71" LZ 1 r r,, , f -i i Card 3/3 BTKOVA. V.K.; BALAKHMkTOVA, V.T.; VASILEM. V.P.; VOWSHINOVA. N.A.; GRIGELIS, A.; DAIN. L.G.; IVAIFJVA. L.V.; KUZINA, V.I.; KUZN3TSOVA, Z.V.; MZTREVA, V.P.; 14DROZOVA, V.G.; WATLYUK. Te.T.; SUBBOTINA, N.N. - "' -'- -- Now genera and species nf Foraminifera. Trudy VNIGRI no.115:5-106 158. (19RA 11:10) (Foraminifera, Fossil) f '' " h@ , !-i V 3(5) PHASE I BOOK EXPIXTATIOB SOV/1,163 Akademiya. nauk SSSR. Sovet po izucheniyu proizvoditellnykh ail. Azerbaydzhanakaya neftyanaya, ekspeditsiya, lgko'-1948. Voprosy geologii Talysha (Problems in the Geology of the Talysh Range) Moscow, Izd-va AN SSSR, 1958. 151 P. (Series: Its: Trudy) 1,200 copies printed. Ed. of Publishing House: Illina, N.A.; Tech. Ed.: Novichkova, N.D.; Editorial Board of Series: Topchiyev, A.V., Academician (Chairman of the Board); Mironov, S.I., Academician; Aliyev, M.M., Active Member, Azerbaydzhan SSR Academy of Sciences; Akhmedov, G.A.; Varentsov, M.I., Corresponding Member, USSR Academy of Sciences; Dmitriyev, Ye.Ya. (Deputy Reap. Ed.); Dolgopolov, N.N.; Illin, A.A.; Mekhtiyev, Sh.F., Corresponding Member, Azerbaydzhan SSR Academy of Sciences; Mirchink, M.F.; Mozeson, D.L.; Pustovalov, L.V., Corresponding Member, USSR Academy of Sciences (Reap. Ed.): Rengarten, V.P.; Corresponding Member, USSR Academy of Sciences; Fomin, A.V. PURPOSE: This book is intended for field geologists, stratigraphers, petroleum geologists and related specialists. COVERAGE: This collection of articles was prepared on the basis of numerous field and laboratory studies of the Talyah Range area. Combined methods of simul- Card 1/4 Problems in the Geology (Cont.) SOV/13053 taneously studying stratigraphic, tectonic, volcanic and paleogeographic con- ditions where employed to ascertain the oil bearing possibilities of the de- scribed area. One of the parties,led by V.P. Rengarten, accomplished detailed traversing for a structural study of the TELlysh Range; a second party, headed by K.A. Alizade, completed a paleontological and stratigraphic study of the same area. Aa a result of this procedure the geologists were able to identify 9 stratigraphic unite ranging from the Paleocene to the base of the Middle Kiocene,inclusive. The units, with an accumulated thi0mess of 7-100000 MR constitute a genetically acceptable Pontic-Caspian tectonic zone. The main trends in the Talysh structural setting are expressed in the Talysh anti- clinorium, the Yardymlinskiy synclinorium, the Alashar-Buravarskiy anticlinorium, and the Astrakhan-Bazar synclinorium disappearing under the sediments of the Caspian plains. The stratigraphy of the entire complex is studied in detail. The articles are accompanied by tables, maps and diagrams. There are 656 refer- ences, of Vaich 64 are Soviet and 2 German. TABLE OF CONTEIM: Rengarten, V.P. Geological Structure of the Talysh Range 3 Intrx)duction 3 History of the geological studies made on the Talysh Range 4 Card 2/4 Problems in the Geology (Cont.) SOV/1363 General stratigraphic distribution 9 History of the geological development of the Talyah Range 24 Southern Talysh. Stratigraphy of Tertiary sediments 30 Conditions of deposition of Talysh Cretaceous sediments 38 Morozova, V.G. Stratigraphy and Certain Characteristics of the Geological History of Central Talyah 43 Configuration of deposited beds 43 Stratigraphy 45 Volcanism 92 Conclusions 94 Mekhtlyev, Sh.F., A.S. Bayramov. Geological Structure of Northern T&3vsh 96 Brief general description of the region 96 Stratigraphy 96 Tectonics 103 History of geological development 105 Kekhtiyev, Sh.F., K.M. Sultanov. Neogene of the Talyah Range 110 Miocene ill Pliocene 125 Card 3/4 Problems in the Geology (Cont.) SOV/1363 Alizade, K.A. Stratigraphy of Talysh Paleogene Sediments Based on Mollusk Fauna 126 Khalilov, D.M. Microfauna., stratigraphy of Talysh Tertiary sediments 136 Introduction 136 Stratigraphy of Talysh Tertiary sediments 138 General characteristics o-.L' Talysh Tertiary microfauna 147 Bibliography AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Mlsfm 4-3-59 15C Card 4/4 KOROZOVA, V. G. , Systecotice and morphology of Paleogene representatives of tha superfanily Robigorinidea. Yop.mikropaloont. no.2:22-52 '56. (MIRA 11:12) 1. Oeologicheakiy inatitut AN SSSR. (Foraminifera, Fossil) I KOROZOVA, V.G. Stratigraphy of Danian-Montian deposits of the Crimea based on their foraminiferan fauna. Dokl. AN SSSR 124 no-5:1113-1116 r 159. (KIRA 12:3) l.Geologichookly institut AN SSSR. Predstavleno akademikom N.S. Shatsklm. (Crimea--Geolog7. Stratigraphic) MOROZOVA, V.G.; b")ARIKOW. TuA. Zeresta, series of the upper Mocene In the Sal-Tergeni elevation and its stratigraphic significance. Dokl.AH SSSR 125 no-1:166- 169 Kr-AP 159. (KIR& 12:4) 1. aeologichaskiy inatitut AN SSSR. Predstavleno akademIkom A.L.Tanshinym. (Sal Valley--Ooology, Stratigraphic) (Tergent Hills--GeoloMr, Stratigraphic) 3(0) AUTHOR: Morozova, V. G TITLE: Stratigraphy ;:@f the Danllan ,Montian cn tl.-n Crime-1 According to tho Fornmin'.forn (Stratirr.,if ntskikli otlozheniy Krymn po fcraminiferam) PERIODICAlt Doklady Ikkademil nauk 333R, 1959 @ Vol '24, Nr @jp -.6 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The Danian ste-ge is widcspread anA well kno-an n T@.o Sonth of the USSR. especially in thc- mountains of the Cri7Ea (Rpf@ 3M It is wel. ch;iractprized by echiriteo and moli,-;.q@@s D,) e to this fact this stage San be separated and slil, divided into smaller stratigiaphic -anita The Montiar, staCt- -L ,3 separated on the Crimea, however, without paleontclogicpj. f@nndation (Refs 5,7)@ The problem of the upper boundary of the Dqrian stage and the ralations tn th@ 'L@ntian have nct yet been solved. On the basis of the investigation of the stratigrapny and the development of Foramin-ifera from natural Gxpoeure8 in the second chain of the Crimea mountains nn@i 'rom bore- holes in the steppe new dita oould he nbtfiiaed f nr tne solution of the problem menticned. On the TPrknr! rLk-u'-6V1,i pe,-- Card 1/4 insula the Danian-!Jontian 3ed4@:tent,-3 ir.- Stratigraphy of the Danian-Montinn Sedl,rents or, the 30V1120. 12 1- c", - A 3/62 Crimea According to the Forrm.1nifer,% into 2 szzatigraphic Therount'.s 5 smaller units (z,-nes) @ These sriitez and zones mriy lce ct- served also in the Crimea mountain,, (Table 2) Tr,e 1,oiindary between the Danian rxrd :"Iria,3tri-lit 9tagi, is here a@i 7.ell as in other parts of .ho 'Ac-di ter rarienr @Ref 4) d'.9tinct It is characterize(l, orl-itritr t@D tho disan-,@enrance 0,,C hltrhly specialized fami:iee of Fr,r.,-t,rin-'f2r,i genera and groaps of tne Upper Cretarenua riRrAton (Gloootrvn- cana, Rugoglobigerinn, Biplobigerine'lia. -@.Dopd ',ilemb(@lina) and by the develo 'pment of a new Tertiary family, the Globo- rotallidae with -rhe -enerc AcaTinina, Plinno rotr-.1-ites, ani Globorotalia (Ref 6) The @nvestigations carr,.ed !ut by the author make the following con@,Insions po-,sih1c .) T!"? Danian-Montian sediments may be subdiNided nccording to their lithological characteristic features and the Forimini- fera into 3 .1ndependent st7atlgraphic macrounitq. U y 1 1 n s k i s u b s t a i,, e Dn1 wit@ 2 znres: I. a m o o t h w a 1 1 e d Glot)igerin-i-1 Card 214 globigerina); Stratigraphy of the Danian-'@,)ntian Se4imen-ro 3C%, !2C, r ! 7 on the Crimea Accordini- to the Fora% -:.-- "c a II@ f i n q I j a I e I f r G i j7 a rt a P The M i c h u r i n a Dn,, contliins the I III zone, the r. rfi n a m n .1 A r i - n a, Tho ';! -D n T, i n n i. a g e Pj7 'cntains 2 zones: IV t h o a I -, e 1 r 13 1 ) .) i ,, e r i n i -i n C h 1 1 o g a c m e ,i a 3 we'll ai V t h e A n o m a i a e, o i a 1 -1 1 d a e, n n d M i I '- :) a a, Ttie o-,: r. d %:- 3- b -T@ twe e n t h e tw-) iubr3t,1jTe3 Dn 1 and Dn 2 witn re.-3pe:t to iq uj@jrn di")t'.n@t than with renper C tr, and It i--i C@.arr.--ter- Ized by the rapperirLari-:e i@" aovi fc,,rm.:4, wi.i-n hr@d JeveloT.ed or., the very place, -@F; well U7, ',y 114M.1grated @@e-ies The stratigraphic isolation of Pg, and th.@ oL,--uTrence of paleo- zcic mcliuscs herein F, Mcntip-n stage of BeIgtu:T and an ird,-pon"F-nre of 7K49 @,@tnpe. in c,)n- c.lusion@cnara3ter'k.,3tic PIIWIKt,@n fiom the -.,trita Card 3/4 mentioned in the title are deicrit,,-d - 2 new genern Stratigraphy of the Di?iian-',,(,n'.i,in Sedimont, on the Crimea Accordinp to +he G11 ii Sr, @, i ( T.,"- - - -- ,- @pecies G . ,e @Il I , . J Q gerina aub,-,%r. r@ f i Th c- r e a ru r are Sevic', n n l t f( ' r. find A, it i %ri ' rv! t@, n i-efclr.-@n @-e, c, I i ASSOCIATIM G e 0 ' 0 g I C'.'),) 6, j@ I.Vt 7) S 3 f@ o Ii r- n I I ns t tute of ti,c A @l USSR' PRESENTED, jl@l 1 ' 9 Ol N 3,1 t 34 1 -@n SUBMITTED Card 4/4 3(0) AUTHORS; /20 @?r,-' Yu A SOV Morozova, V. G , Sudarikov , ' T'ITLE: e Stratigraphic Significance of the Upper Eocene Keroatinskaya Suite, of the Sal-Yergent Uplands (Kareatinskaya evita verkhneeo eotaena Salo Yer&@-nilnakoy vozvyshennosti i yeye stratigraficheskoye znacheni@,e@, PERIODICAL: Do@lady Ad-ademii nauk SSSR '959, Vol '25 N- pp !66-.169 (USSR) ABSTRACT: By their studies (1949 - 1956) the auth@)rs have confirmed the opinion of F P Panteleyev (Ref 6) thtt the Beliglinskaya Suite of the upland mentioned -n the titir, is nuza older than the sedimentary rocks bearing the same name in the northern Caucasus. Up "a this time there has been much confusion in the stratigraphir nomenclature of both regi-@na (Refs I - 4, 7, 6) . The use of the nam-@ for two suites of different ageg is DbviDusly not allcwalole For this reason the authors prDposed a new name in for the marl unit of the Balaya Glina tunnel in the Kereatinskaya quite Thia now n@&me was &,,,@,epted j- the Card 1/3 unified scheme of Tertiary gtratteraohy of the US5R The Stratigraphic Signif:cance of the Upper E.Dcen-@ SCV, '-')C Kerestinakaya Suite, of the 3al-YerLeni Up2dndg (Conferen,@e in Baku 1955' The ent)r- .ln,-,t I rI q LI k: 91 4a thorou,-,hly described, Foraminifera samples wer,- ;ollected from speAfic beda and idcint@fie,i by V G .Jo rc zova Stratiaraphically c-he -3@ aja suit- corre3ponde to the foraminiferal zone. l1anti-enina alabamerisis Cushman as men*ioned in the title It is subdivided into two subzores a, the lower with H alsbamensig and Marginuill-iOP313 pSeard@'3PI.115a ap n and b the ippor with H alabamensiii alone T,, e f n i f - r a of the lqw-zr zone a are de5cribed; th-@ .3h-ll !s smaller in this zone The described spe,-ie5 belonC. to 4 Cr.-@-ipa I - characterist,,c species of the Korestinskaya 2, spe@@ies Whi'Ch appear here for the first t"I%,? ')ut, als': oc@:,ar higher in the series 3@ speiies of oider horizons which lived into the Kerestinsk-aya suite and 4 transLt,@ry species which are found above and below the Kereat,n@kaya suite- Moat -ommon was H.alabamenai8 with a wor'-i rjA,,-- di8tributi.:)n but a limited vertical ran6e Th, of the auite in neighboring regions is dia--as-@ Il@a extent speaks for it8 independence as a stratie.-raphi , Card 2/3 %init Tt. Ja then a reliably marked s,.i-,,,e whi-h -ar be The Stratigraphic Sienificance of the Upper Eocene SOV120 125 1-15/67 Kerestinskaya Suite, of the Sal-Tergeni Uplands ASSOCIATION: PRESENTED; SUBMITTED brou-ht into correlation with distant sections, Besides the above named species (Figs 1 a,b), the following are described and pictured: Discorbis ergenensis sp n, (Figs I v - d) and Acarinina kiewensis sp.n. (Figs I ye - Z). There are 1 figure and 8 Soviet references Geologicheskiy institut Akademii nauk SSSR (Geologic Institute of the Academy of Sciences, USSR) August 12 1958, by A. L. Yanshin, Aradern--,ian August 5, 1958 Card 3/3 MOROZOVA, V.G.; MOSKA"410, T.A. f.- Plankton foraminifera from boundary deposits of the Bujocian and Buthonian stages of central. Daghastan (northeastern Caucasus). Vop. mikropaleont. no.5:3-30 160. (MIRA 14:8) 1. Geologicheskiy institut AN SSSR i Institut geologii Dagestanskog6 filiala AN SSSR. (Daghestan--Fckaminifera, Fossil) KIRKLIM, R. L. ;_@@ZOVA, V. G. ; STOLYAROT. A. S. Blostratigraphy of Malkop deposits In southern Hang7shlak. Dok1.AN SSSR 133 no-3:653-656 J1 160. (KIRA 13:7) 1. Yeasoyusnyy institut mineral'nogo syrlya. Predstavleno akademikom A.L.Taushinym. (Mang7shlak Peninsula-Paleontology. Stratigraphic) MOROZOVA, V.G. Danian-MontiLn plankton foraminifers from the south of the U.S.S.R. Paleant. zhur. no.2:8-19 161. (MIRA 14:6) 1. Geologicheskiy institut Akademil nauk SSSR. (Russia,Southern-Foraminifera, Fossil) MOROZOVA. V.G. Stratigraphy of the Danian atage of the Russian Plktforn and several adjacent aroua, based on Fmaminifora. Tmdy VNIONT no.29:81-89 vol.3 161. (MIM .14:9) (Russian Platform-Foraminifora, Fossil) fir, i, "o:. i. r"l U 'JIG". ft :7. qo r :3 @i Tra,., 'iH vF " . I ZCNI !46HAYN 0 L.P.; BF!iT:-i,fll-?-bPUNSFJkYA, I.A.; SAFRONOV, V.S.; NTYMN, GFINDLER, V.Ye.; CFIJFIKCV, 11.6.; YFREMIN, N.I.; KMAN, H.6.; M.N.; LANGE, C.K.; KAEA"107, G.F.; MJMNFT@;M, Y,.!.; l5!X:l`7"'!-s;-, -.N.; SMIRNOVA, T.N.; VFNKATACHAUFATI, V.; W.SLAK07A, N.I.; Bp:'0Ul3CVA' Z..".11 1, YAKUBOVSKAYA, T.A.; YtPj:NA, A.L.; RYBAKOVA, N.O.; M.OR070VA, BARASH, M.S.; FOrJARFV, V.I.; NIKONOV, A.A. Activity of the Geollwir-il Secti-)ns or tt-- N',l'.3('.nw No- i- Society. Biul. @CIF. Otd. geol. 39 no.A:l N-' MOHOZOVA? KRINDHIKCIV, (,.@ ., I AVII 'ON, R.M. - I e; r, - cr. binctr'..@Iffrn" @ly -@f 1 L, - @-r- s---i ment-, '. r@ * @@, 7,@ ' ,r- I - ; @ I r Fii 11 . F . f7td . g (I r, I. 4.C' 1('c - (lx,;@.'. :! P V: @=0024 Life"" T. 1. WITZ9. coatt- ri-vatic. wea IY*vdlv4 of n.roerc"ims L .7-6.61-d Y. elt-4-d-I rMOVICAU Toolalk Lkadmil MUM 9332, 1"9. NY 2. pp 106-10a (USSI) AIGIUCTo The lostitut m1kroblologil Lk&4~ail muk SSSR (ItlenbialaeScal *081-4 3.1. 0 f A. door We 3"! : a Ot:,6 I; I . t . , I. , b 'be ,71 *1 5 1;;. 0001=1 hl 11 .1 :vite Is ble ;Iola as .811 so IZ .1th th: it ..... I.. ff-th.r I.S..d it 1C.U.. of the NY b..Isd .6 the .0tt'ity of .1.-C.Gieao. Me ..U-sa. ... %t#.d.d by -Y. the. 200 of oo.does* -d satentifte bremb res-h Institutes, .*%.,V@Ieo., 40 Im"I"Ise .,. "" .011 4. f-off. the " t X -*Yo, M 1.11.004 M. I . IL a. ty.- alt..kty ;. f the f ... 4.ti.. of t" S "o. br..dlog od &to of Ibe 4 or o .41M.. M iath Sivr bial.410:1 IIA1411y, .PpllofitI:R : . :. U. k. " , .. T ., RYY M- ae-atel-exly cart 1/4 khlebapokermay promy.hlenmett (LII-Volon Satentifle Ro"ero6 Irtit.t. of 1.4-try) d..11 Ith the p-bl.. the b-.41.6 f Y.46% 1. ..,talftleg I, AQu#r,Y F. @. - &ad wee"y-kii I" I "l-flim-spIrtoecy promybl.emett (All-Volem folestifia 94944rob Jamiltuts for the laimstry of K74"17619 OrA Immig spirit*) valuat.6 the 4.4 prooll.61 "rk in the field of .02ti N%ewd of -,a 1171- 179 IL too W14 Gulfit llqwr &0 "ll a their till..tloe : I., chtal-IW4 loiter F. Gt. JA @ ".a E, w ankly a t-11.1ty -4 (&- 1 Wy. do y K111- 4 on w LIVskal U4 101" '"y :: 4" " 1. M., of ; 1-. 4. or y..6% b".4tAg "4. it possible to Iad as the estro or yeast f"torive by too slaam. 0 A & UIPSSkO, TIOG41"IfY ; - I ; X4 Mi 4irfewor a Iskoft. T4,4l,&hAT & 11 19ios fatemsifts, lestorth 1"Ittato of ; tka, ff"tif. ults4of 84 2.4 fadco:cv). 1. a. , Softeb."mota" @ILGO.144144* 4141, *a" I&bqm%rljo (Iskshwookare saidstifis IsteeYeh, ubmtoy) ",.,"a .. the Ufa, t/4 expowl"St of applylve me SAU44, of essitummess Car- ..4 11-41- of I-re"" I-* 9OT/j0.5j.Z_AA/G* of the t.-hy ft. materiel " .7-J, Is the alcohol see 44.1-b.tomal S. A-__@ammjp.. All-qw.s Scientific of the AIC-hol. Llqo*cr 404 Imady 104-try reported a. the p tlea of ..ti-pti.. Is fichst.6 jf..jj.. A- 1. f-". m1krotWeell Lkaddell met VSO Institute of the AS MrSSR) reported a. as to'-ftlestle. of the worph.1.91-1 end p& Properties of yomel. A0. COTA.I&AKA. AnArmshowskly opirtevoy vowed (AvArm.hafta Di1111:1 . I% v 11*1o-Ti~kGvskly spirtavoy s4ve4 tZ! @ Y - rJAP. HAk4-,., Sol..ekly 5--colkh- 5c,-rbhc.) -prt.d - - -kIng moults obtainel by distilleries to the sMV forgentatiou by led th. of ... It once. fle.. 3. ImItayancu", Laniscradstly univerettot (Loslacmd UnITtrolty) chorectorl1*4 the eorreWics of reprGductiom pmesegoo an4 blechosio4l activity of wells scI4 bacteria to ,he hi Ch-opq.4 pm,f.otlom of neager. N*V. Is nove. luarobiol.fical Imatittto of the AS ULU IM -ijok. of th._V@ostbility of obt.ialr4 vitamin S,, by coati-mbf .41F4 of propl.ale "It b.owl. (PT.Plow ,I:Iyyv baktorli). S. L. Brintorg, 0.J-GxxMTAk&Z@# Toesayusrkry m chge- I @.I@ dove tilviall-yRaMT-urantl b tot I kov pl: 8% iff. Reasons lostit.q. of Antibiotics) reported so the applioatioa,of Ibis motimil in the produati.s of penicillin. T T TjalkLas, AII-Vol.. Sol.mlific Iss-mb tactile . of I Uqww . as4 brasty Isdustry tLaved that the method r, senti:ostims br*.4tv4 of Me fur4us AsiorgIllus alger ..* rat 8 1 re.61411so. I. T. Fortilljo.. tomingred University reported on the results ef tav*mItcati." of the satwrol ole"Clows b) the mat"4 of capillary alerosoory chick, to W daveloted. 4.trA.@ "IF luct.-Ity *~"trat.4 kI es. bt4kr bro:4 .4 of lcoorCeateno to M.-teiry creative. am L. 114 flUseeboolo.ols) 419"o"4 their :plate" *A the aotmets of goalima" bcvqAAmC of ula@ ret"ems. ft this Comferomme It " pstatId to the necessity of argantolog t1be laftecrial Wroduatles of oultora. for Card 4/4 -44atlowass to@statio@ REZRIKOV, V.M.j KHOLIKIN, Yu.I.; HOROZOVA, V.I. Chromatographic amlysis of furfurole. GidroUz.i lasokbim.- prom. 15 no.6#19-22 162. (MIRA 15:9) 1. Sibirskiy takhnologichaskiy institut (for Reznikov, Khollkin). 2. Krasnoyarokiy tsellyulozno-bumazhno-gidroliznyy kombinat (for Korozova). (Chromatographic analysis) (Furaldehyde) EWT(I)/En(m)/kWp(w)/EPF(n)-2/T/UF(t)/kW(b)/EWL'(C) UP(c) JD1 CESSION-M APS024050 MORI ;__- Ots., Z& No 1. t Hdrazoval V, Ke; Sidarava, T. A.t Fogel', A. A Y1 MEt 1 -5 rcanducting,all2y,in the Kb-G& Isystem URCEi- Zhurnal tekhulcheakay-ftzLki, v. 350 do. 9# 19650 1675-1677 'z- PIC TAGS:- superconductivity, superconducting alloy, nloblum gs-1-M!Tt STRAM, Results-are.pre ated of measurements of the i'a an M41 __ - I alloys in a Rb @C ,@em It a temperature of 4.2K and -magnetic - flelds up to 25 koes a alloys were prepared ITY-means of special equipment developed by the ME Labara-1 ry and described elsewhere (I. V. Korkin. Promyshlennoye primenenLye tokov vy8okor, astatyO ed. Go F, Golovina. Izd. "Haskinastr enlye," K-L, 1964, 269-275). The arting, materials. consisted of vacuum-refinedRalobLum and metallic gallium. The tter was additionally degassed at SOO-1000C In vacuum at W-4-2-10-5 mm Hg for riod of. 2"3 aitt* The transition from the superconducting state to the normal state. a recorded by a change In the Inductance of a call prepared fron the given alloy* chanical experiments showed the highest plasticity in alloys with 7-12Z as (by Ight).* Their hardness Aid not exceed 350 kg/mm2. whereas the hkrddess of alloys I-- ... ....... L USSR / Cultivated Planta. Fr,@It Trees. Small FruiL Trees. ADS Jour-: Ref Zhur-Birl., Author : MDruzova V. M Inst : Fu'@-arAgrl-c-u-TE-urai Itistitute. Title : Cultivation of Itrawberries at the "Agrnnom" scv- ho z . Ori,@, PuO: @cb. stud. nauchr.. ralbot. Kubansk. s.-kh. In-t, 195u (I)D-7), v,p. 1, Abstract: ",) abstract. C: a, 2880h k; S/138/6i/ow/orjq/r,i imi 1 A0511A12-2) AUTHORS: Barskova, M. P., Bresler, V. Ye., Morozova, V. M. TITLE- The use of butyl rubber In heat-resistant. rubbers PERIODICAL: Kauchuk I rezina, no. 9, 1961, 53 - 56 TEXT: Results are submitted from the Leningradskiy shinnyy zavod (Leningrad Tire Plant) on a thermo-resistant rubber formulation developed there, based on butyl rubber and to be used for boiling chambers and diaphragms of vljlcanization molds. An experimental batch of bicycle boiling chambers has also been produced under industrial conditions. The disadvantage of mixtures with paraquinonedioxime is pointed out as being the elevated tendency of the latter to scorching [Ref. 3: Polysar Handbook, v. 1, Sarnia Polymer Corporation, 1956; Ref. 4: Sinteticheskiy kauchuk pod red, G. 3, Ultbi (3ynthetic rubber edited by G. S, Uitbil G03khlmiz- dat, 1957, p. 848]. Phenol-formaldehyde resins-101-K (Soviet) and Super-Bs@kacite 1001(GFR) were used in the experiments as the vulcanizing agents and dehydrated, chemically pure zinc chloride was used as the activator. The latter caused a drop in the physico-mechanical properties of the rubber and elevated scorching due to unsatisfactory distribution of ZnC12. More positive results were obtained by using Card 112 28804 S1 138/6 1 /003/0(@9/(i i ! A, I I The use of butyl rubber in heat-resistant rubbers A051/A129 an " aqueous solution of ZnC12- It wr3 established that an increase In the ac- tivator dose increases the tendency to scorching. The optimum dose thus selected was 1.5 W.P. of ZnC12 to 100 w.p. of ru r. Rubbers based on butyl raw materiai and vulcanized with phenolformaldehyde iesins surpass ordinary sulfurous vulcani- zates in their heat-resistance and durability to repeated deformations. Their technological properties when atomizing the mixtures are quite satisfactory. A rational and convenient method for introducing the mixture of ZnC12 into the rubber mixer has been developed in the form of an 80% aqueous solution, which ensures good distribution of the accelerator in the mixture. Obtained laboratory results of the rubber tests and the wide application of the experimental batch of the boiling chambers indicates the future possibility of manufacturing heat-resistan" rubbers in industry based on butyl rubber and using phenolformaldehyde resins of the resol type as the vulcanizing agents. There are 2 tables and 6 references: 4 Soviet-bloc and 2 non-SoYiet-bloc. The references to the English-language publica- tions read as follows: Rubb. World, 129, no. 3, 348 (1953); Polysar Handbook v. 1, Sarnia Polymer Corporation, 1956. ASSOCIATION: Leningradskly shinnyy zavod (Leningrad Tire Plant) Card 212 DROZOHIMAJ.I.; LUZHINSX&YA.M.G.; MOR04"OVA,Y.H.; SHUR.U.S. Effect of nagnette texture of farronagnstic materials on the trend In the modifications of electric resistance curves in the magastic field. Trudy Inst. fiz. not. no.15:42-56 '55. (FerromagnetiaLl (RLRA 8:6) 50) AUTHORSs Tronov, B. V.,_Morozova, V. M. SOV/153-58-6-7/22 TITLEs Complexes of the Nitrocompounde With Phenolates (Kompleksy nitrosoyedineniy a fenolyatami) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uohebnykh zavedeniy. Khimiya i khimiches- kaya tekhnologiya, 1958, Nr 6, PP 39 - 41 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The authors carried out experiments with nitrobenzene, p- nitrotoluene, and m-dinitrobenzene on the one hand ' and with phenol-, p-cresol-, as well as with rA-naphthol- and 0- naphthol-sodium salts on the other hand. As all of the resulting complexes are colored, the investigation was made by means of colorimetric analysis. Absolute ethanol was used as a solvent. The 11 binary systems investigated, of the substances mentioned in the title, are shown in table (no numbers given, P 40). Figure (no numbers given, P 40) presents a comparison between the coloring intensities of the above mentioned compounds. The results of all these experiments fully bear out the assumption that the phenolate molecule,aa a complex, can attach itself only to a nitro-group. This also Card 1/2 proves the correctness of the previously (Refs 1, 2) derived Complexes of the Hitrocompounds With Phenolates SOV/153-53-6-7/22 structure formula (Patterns P 39) of the complexes mentioned in the title. Dinitrobenzene reacts with phenolatea also in an equimolar ratio. This phenomenon can apparentij- be explained by the fact that the anion (with a negative charge) formed after the attachment of the phenolate ion bars the approach of another phenolate ion. The coloring intensities of the resulting complexes probably also depend on the conposition and structures of the nitro-compounda. The qualitative comparison (comparison of solution concentrations) shows the coloring intensity to be significantly increased by the 2nd nitro-group. On the other hand, the methyl-group in a p-position rendered less active the nitro-group. Imong the phenols, p-cre8ol was least active; the naphthols were most active of all.ok-naphthol had a stronger effect than (Lnaphthol. There are I figure, I table, and 5 references, 4 cf which are 30viet. ASSOCIATION: Kafedra organicheakoy khimii; Tomskiy politekhnicheakiy in- stitut (Chair of Organic Chemistry; Tomsk Polytechnical In- stitute) SUBMITTEDs November 4, 1957 Card 2/2 TRONOV, B.V.; PERSHINA, L.A.;JITOZOVA, V.M.; KOVALF-MON, A.V-; GALOCHKIN, A.I. Thiophosphate derivatives ol hydrolytic lignin and their inegcti- cida.1 affect. Gidroliz. i lesokhim. prom. 14 no.5:10-11 161. (MIRA 16:7) 1. Tomskiy politekhnicheskiy institut. (Lignin) (Insecticides) SIKDYANKIN. I.I.; ZEFIROVA, L.G.; MDROZOV Nor~ sugar to the oulfite-alcohol vlants. Gidrolls. I lesokbim. prom. 10 no.2:19-20 157* NLRA 10:5) 1. Balakhntnskty toollyuloano-bumathrW7 koubtriat. (Sulfite liquor) (Alcohol) NIKIR)ROVA, Ta.P.; MDROZOTA, T.K. -,- V-.- Mew methods for the neutralicition of sulfite liquors. gidroliz.1 lasokbin.pron. 11 no.8:26 1 58. (MIRA 11:12) 1. Balakhninskiy tsellyulozno-bumshrqy kombinat. (Sulfite liquor) NIKIPOROVA. Te.P.; VOROZOVA. V.P. New methods for neutralizing sulfite liquors. Gidrolis I lesokhim. prom. 12 no-5:22-23 '59. (IGRA 12:10) l.BalakhnInskIy tsellyulozno-bumazhnyy kombinat. (Sulfite liquor) HOW)ZOVA, T. H. Colortmetric determination of tuWten by means of sodium hydrosulfite. Trudy LPI no.201:19-23 '59. MU 13:3) (Tungsten-Analyels) (Sodium sulfits) L 90@@ V410MY"T ACC NRc AP5027589 SOURCE CODE: UR10065/661000101110046/0050 AUTHOR:. V# so Morozova, V M. ORG: VfM NP TITLE: Thermal stability of lubricants 9OURCE:.KMmIjz' i tekimologlys topliv I masel no. -11, 1965, 46-50 TOPIC TAGS: thermal stability, lubricant property. oxidation kinetics .ABSTRACTs The thermal stability of lubricants can be determined from the rate of absorption ,of oxygen, or, if the substance does not react with oxygen, from the Increase in the vapor pressure- over the lubricant at constant temperature. A device based, on these principles and -equipped with a differential manometer wait used to determine the thermal stability (in the presence. and absence 6 f oxygen) of the following lubricants: PMS-20, PUS-10(l, d(decyl benzy1succInatei'V1111 NP-279, thiodivaleric ester, TsM.TU4-ZQl, ond AUG-10. The decom- position or oxidation rate of the lubricants was found to, vary exponentially with the temperature- The temperature at which a lubricant can be used to determined by, the nug9tude of the activation energy of the decomposition or oxidation, the servl6e time, and the amount of the lubricant. 2 is ghown that the curves of the decompoottim (or oxidation) kinetics at low temperatures can be plotted from data obtained at higher temperatures. Orig. aft. has: 5 figurest I taMe,' and 3 formulas., SUB CODE: 07 SUBM DAT. E: mme ORM RE F-_ 004/ GTH REF: 001 .1 c4rd -1 UDM621.992.-W.096 . -1 1.. 1. .@.. 1-11:1-1. 11 @@ I .. @ I -az_, - I I.. MIXIMIN. N.M.; _AQ9024OVA. V.H.: TOIaWV. G.S.; TITMV, B.D.; Bommov. PAWstic control of the depth of the case-hardened layer of cold rolls. Zav.lab. 22 no.1:52-56 156. (kLEtA 9:5) 1. Urallskiy filial Akademit nauk SSSR i Urallskty sawod taythe- logo mashlnostroyanta Went S. OrdshoulkAze. (Steel--Testtng) (Nagnatic testing) :SjL26/63/ol5/oo3/oo3/0?-5 AUTHORS t lfikheyev M.N. 14orozova, Vlm,'and klomortseva,, L.H, etLe TITLE. and eLectric-properties, of annealed and work-hardene&siael 20. PERIODICAL., Fizika.-metallov i metatLovedeniyet, v. L5, no. 30 ;@65.'345, - 5 46 TEXT: 7:1 arderto determine those -physical. properties which -are most' suitable Car' assessing the,degree of work- electrical mithods, the coercive forces the magnetL- --zation curve tor work-hardened and Annealed specimens with .:,extreme:coorcive-force values, the permeability and the specific electric,resistance were measured on steel 20 teasiLe-test specimens. 14"cin long. 0.09 cm wide. The magnetization cytrves B(H.)-asielL,a6.the parmeabiL:Lty curves 4(H of work-hardened siiectmens; Are. Lower than. the. respective, values of annealed -.@Specimeasa@ .,Tl~6~'::dLCCereace.but'ween-.thoi,inditetion, AB @ of annealed and: hai4eined.specimens, hair a @maximunt at 1300 Sauss in -a Cield of H 2.5. Va.: - The- coercive force-Iffc of work-hardened specimens, ie Alma S. @t twice as.high"as that of annealed specimenx4 The Card MOROZOVA, V.M.; MI M YEV, M.N. VALgnetlc properties of hypereutectoid 9Kh2 steel. Fiz.wtA imetalloved. 25 no.3046-351 Hr 163. (MIRA 16 r4) 1. Institut fiziki metallov AN SSSR. (Chromium steel-4%petic properties) MARTYNOV, V.M.,, MOROZOVA, V.M. Thermal stAbiltty of lubrIcants. KbIm, I " 10 no.ID46-50 N 165. (MZRA 19;1) 1. Vsei3oyilznyy nauchno-issledovatallskly institut pc pr-rerabotke nefti I g@xzov I poluchenlyu Iskusntvennogo zhldk(,go *cT,I',V-I. ZEW-jKOV, M.V.; IGIIATIYEVA, S.A.; MO-R.CZOVA, V.P.j.. STEPANOV, T.I.; ZHRAVLEVA, N.V. Yeaat-lnd,,---od production -of antib-Aiea, reslBtance and rlAs=bl-a5tl,- reaction in animls. Zhur.wlkrobiol., epid. i Immun. 42 no.3030- 133 Mr 16! . (MIRA 1816) 1. Voronezliskiv neditsinskly Institut. XOHOZOVA, V.P.; LWBW. A.L.; KURICHMO, A.T. Use of green (petroleum) nil in controlling larvae of flies. Ned.parat. i parat. bol.24 no-3:266 JI-S '55 (kLRA 8:12) 1. Is Kryaskoy oblastnoy sanitarno-opideminlogichookoy etantell ktvlavnyy vrach N.N.Zolotarevokaya) (FLUCS, larvicide side-product in petroleum indust) (PNMLZM PHDDUCTS, Fly larvicide, side-product in petroleum indust.) NCR ' OLKATOVA, A.V.. KIRICHIUKO. A.G.; ISTBRAN. A.L.; TAGUZOT, T.U. Organization of fly control in Yalta LwIth summary in Znglishi. Ked.paraz. i paras.bol. 26 no.1:17-20 Ja-F 157. MRA 10:6) 1.1s Krymakoy oblastnoy protivomalyariynoy stantaii, Instituta malarit neditainakoy parazitologit i gellmitologit Hintaterstva zdravookhraneniya SSSR. Taltinskoy sanitarno-epidemiologichealroy stantaii i Taitinakogo gorzdravotdole. (FLINS, control in Russia) MOROZOVA, V.P. Taccinal 1-mmity to leptospirosis in irradiated marmots. Nedorad. no.lOc67-69 161. (KMA 3-4: 10) lo Is kafedry mikrobiologii (zav. - prof. H.V. Semakov) Voro- nezbskon neditainsko instituta. LIMPIROSISIO (RADIATIMI.-PHYSIOLOGICAL ZMCT) (VACCIRATIOR)